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Kamal Hassan

Kamal Haasan (born 7 November 1954) is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, producer and director, considered to be one of the leading method actors of Indian cinema.

Tamil Nadu Paresh Rawal Shruti Hassan

This sick Muzzie is justifying beheading as punishment for crimes a…
Kamal Hassan to Mahesh Babu to chota heroes in sets and see him... Yes ,reason why PawanKalyan is totally different
Kamal Hassan campaign in RK Nagar constituency: Will he support Vishal?
The tragic bit is even a bloke like KAMAL HASSAN who perhaps is now embarking on a political career has to lean on manufactu…
Kamal hassan & Co where r u,See this act of Muslim terror. Next time, talk sensibly about Hindus.…
How many worthies stood with Kamal Hassan 4 Viswaroopam or for AR Rehman's concert in Delhi, dont…
No no no no. What are you saying? Credit goes to our JNU students, kashmiri ston…
I liked a video Unseen Imitation of Gopi | Sad to see Kamal Hassan in Bigg Boss | Madras Central Gopi
Where were you when the hypocrite Kamal Hassan muted scenes in Vishwaroopam after being mobbed by…
Was the fringe calling the shots when Kamal Hassan had to mute scenes in Vishwaroopam to appease Muslim protest mob? I guess not. 🙄
Lol! One fool with another. Miss Begum Jaan is with new Kamal…
Nov 10 1991 Saddam dismissed his son in law Gen. Hussein Kamal as Defense Minister and replaced him with his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid
Muslim majority countries r full of problems. They kill the minority, force them to convert…
Hi you both! Kamal Hassan is meeting Mamata Banerjee. Imagining him saying Hi to her.
Kamal Hassan would end his failed political career in a bitter way sooner than he wud start..Because he d…
"I want to change the culture of politics": says in an exclusive interview with |
It's great to have you in kolkata... My two favourite actors together here,,, Kamal Hassan and you sir ji...
Proud to be A Part of "- SRK. SRK Didn't Take money fr the movie"- Kamal Hassan... Marvelous Acting**
happy birthday padhmasri kamal Hassan sir wish u the best of everything and good health may success foll…
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon and Hezbollah, says Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.
Report reveals Mustafa Kamal allotted 1,200 illegal plots when he was mayor via
I am not as ignorant as Kamal Hasan to claim ownership of centuries old religious sites after self identify…
Velankanni shrine belongs to the catholic church and and it is not property of Indian Government. Babri had…
Madam, It is Kamal Hassan who is seeking funds, ₹30 Cr from TN people, to scold Hindus/Hin…
Kamal's brother Charu Hassan converted to Christianity and was active in proselytization
By meeting Chief Ministers one by one kamal Hassan has not added any value to become a CM.People r wise e…
What terrorism is this according to Kamal Hassan now?
What is happening with Mr. Sanjay Leela Bansali isn't that qualify for Hindu Terror ? What is wrong with Kamal Hassan ?
Hari: Appu Raja (1990) is one of the best movies of Kamal Hassan.. This is a cl…
Cheer up! Kamal Hassan has already selected his Office Bearers for his new Political party... If he st…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Your next big thing is direct with my KAMAL HASSAN SIR
Kamal Hassan sir twisted speech about Tamil Nadu politics.
Just think why Aamir is not there?? Even Vikram, Kamal Hassan have rejected it.. Becoz they know, it is not lead role..
😱 LAST CHANCE! 😱 Please vote today to send to SXSWEdu. Register then use my panel link…
Seeing what other top heroes do, the respect for Kamal hassan increases manifold! No fan movies at all ! Pure focus on quality!
Mr kamal ur daughter Shruti Hassan four times abortn how u father
*** man they taken superstar from North they can easily shoot in 3 lang. Even Kamal hassan shoot his movies in 3 languages
Modaks are basically modaks only , momos are like " kamal hassan in Bollywood "
Kamal Hassan on Actor Dileep's arrest in Bhavana molestati…
Bollywood blockbuster to Kollywood classic: Kamal Haasan picks his 70 favourite movies
Even celebrities like ,,can't stop the ! 😎💪
VINTAGE VISTAS- Kamal Hassan with the Triumvirate of Tamil Cinema-M.G.R.,Sivaji & Gemini in 1961, 1962 &1963, in th…
if every1 has to evaluate a movie based on actor's hard work, then vikram n kamal Hassan will only have blockbusters.…
Kamal sir & Kutty Hassan Akshara will be watching today.
In Hyderabad maximum area is not getting your channel missing out Kamal Hassan in big boss Tamil. Please take action
. I feel ever since Kamal Hassan said OVIYA GOT MAX VOTES...the most jealous are the females of the hous…
What happened to bjp padma Bhushan lollipop of Kamal Hassan
What a wonderful movie hassan sir head's of to u
have u seen kamal hassan's Hey Ram ? Showed reality of Rss
Big Congratz👏👏.. The Only Saddest thing is We couldn't see Kamal Hassan sir & Vivek sir on same Screen😥Hope it'll happen 🔜. 💪🙏🙌
"If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.". Kamal hassan.
Never been able to gather the courage to watch Sadma of Kamal hassan.
What a superb movie Vishwaroopam is! Everyone keeps praising Rajinikanth when he can't even act now. Kamal Hassan is the best..
If kamal hassan is ready to b in politics. ... rajini sir is substitute for me.
. I'm a great fan of kamal hassan. but still i wants rajini sir to be on politics...
Good project but before go to start it,my humble request to Mr.Kamal hassan please again read & fulf…
gorgeous figure appeals to pay a special interest to this model, to her appearance, her charm and tender manners. Mr,h…
Dr. Kamal Hassan is suitable for this tamilnadu politics
Now I get bizarre saving the world along side gun-wielding Kamal Hassan type dreams. It's fun! Life has changed, I suppose.
pombala broker do kamal Hassan kamal Hassan paying him to talk bad about Thalaivar👉
SRK to surpass himself and his FANs in Aanand L. Rai's next |
Shruti's father Kamal hassan declared that his daughter looks perfect with her Bf .
YES , I know THE TRUTH. When 16 SONGS MARKET COST going over 1 CRORE, KAMAL HASSAN forgetting pr…
Yes , GOT YOUR LETTER . Meeting going on for KAMAL HASSAN'S previous DUE PAYMENTS FROM CHENNAI on…
A lot more in store for I had the greatest honour of meeting Mr. kamal Hassan and…
So everyone who succeeds in Cinema is a 'Sombu Nakki'? Is Kamal Hassan a Sombu Nakki? Heard of the s…
I liked a video Kamal Hassan's 'Marudhanayagam' and Shruti's Sangamithra at the Cannes film festival
Yes super I am waiting this movie Marudhanayagam in Kamal Hassan
YES READING your letter IN MEDIA ROOM. You can KAMAL HASSAN, you need a ROLE . See , what he says.…
Thalaiva RAJEN KANTH SIR and kamal hassan sir today nadigar sangam new building
I bounced back after whopping loss due to Viswaroopam Ban : Kamal Hassan -
I thought there are some loopholes in judicial system but didn't know about whole system. Slap on parliament too…
Rajnikanth , Kamal Hassan together lays stone for the foundation for Nadigar Sangam building -
*Shruti Hassan is so lucky to have such an Amazing & HASSmukh family*. 1) Grandparents ne KAMAL kiya tha. 2) Aur us…
I added a video to a playlist Actor Kamal Hassan at Lay Foundation Stone of Nadigar Sangam Building
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
No doubt kamal hassan best nahi super best work is Shruti Hassan
Which is Kamal Hassan's best work till date?
Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth, Most Telugu Actors, etc.. Prithvi is good but not as good as others. Respect for learning…
R.I.P. Captain Kamal hassan Younis part of Third Division & from
assad regime Captain Kamal Yunis Hassan from Tartous killed Good news.
Wow great direction 💪💪 💪 whattey performance of kamal hassan.I wonder why he didn't win a national award. Background score of raja - ecstasy
Or the song in which I fell in love with kamal Hassan
Just watched each time i watch it i gain more learning points of the issue in it kamal hassan sir is just great
Tamil Nadu has 3 Living Gods ! One is Kamal Hassan, Rajnikanth sir, & CM Jailalitha !!! People love you ! Ha…
There are 3 living Gods in Tamil Nadu ! One is CMJailalitha, Rajnikanth sir, Kamal Hassan !
kamal hassan calls himself sakalakala vallavan but Bhanumathi deserves this title more..
We are not saying there's total victory, the TTP is no longer occupying our territory. .
I get carried away when I talk about my fans. unaku fans ah? Enga…
Also for the Islamophobic writer Manika Gupta's horrors, Kamal Hassan isn't a Muslim. This news-piece i…
I used to love Kamal Hassan's acting. Now... I also love Kamal Haasan's wisdom! is the man!👊   10% Off
I've never been a Kamal fan. But I like his comment. People who dislike Kamal Hassan(for various reasons), please t…
How can I schedule a phone call with a billionaire?
Congrats dude 👌👌👌. versatile actor after Kamal Hassan & Vikram in India .
Pranavananda Swami files complaint against Kamal Hassan over remarks on Mahabharat
Kamal Hassan 'Anbe Sivam' is self indulgent but Raju Hirani type film with good songs.
*** sure one day kamal Hassan going to get serupuadi
. Dr.Kamal Hassan As youth political Leader and mentor! .
Kamal Hassan and celebrity jokers going full on commie now. Opposing everything. Seem to be brainwashing youth
PSP Logic:. No sooner Mustafa Kamal came to know about MQM-RAW nexus, he quit it. LOL. Imran Khan had exposed that nexus i…
There goes the earliest recollection of Kamal Hassan. Remember singing it aloud and running around.
Will you accept if Kamal Hassan joins BJP and runs Government as per his wish (RT PLEASE)
We loved Dangal. What Mr.Kamal Hassan could not do, you are achieving easily. Congrats.
The only man who is consistently making sense in crisis times. At least until now.
Alhamdullilah! Good upbringing begets another. Hopefully my son, Muhammad Kamal Hassan will also be a pious son !
clearly he has mentioned his style is diff from Kamal Hassan and mental here sprdng fake news.
O Panneerselvam says | Kamal Hassan demanding re election is reflection ... via
Mustafs Kamal met Governor bc he wants Fed Govt to help Karachi in development. Obv he will praise PM also
Mustafa Kamal did the right thing. Sindh Govt doesn't spend fund on Karachi. Khi looking towards Fed Gov
Kamal Hassan is tamilan do Vijay Ajith gave guts to remake kamal Hassan movies fame for der growth dey know outcome will be zero
We are lost Nuriddzuan Abu Hassan, but we get a better free kicker... He is Hafiz Kamal...!
I agree with Mr Kamal hassan , my good friend, we need reelection in Tamil nad
Rajini is not Tamilan but I will use Rajini name film titles etc Thu thu if U r real Tamilan have guts use kamal Hassan films name titles
Shame on those Mustafa Kamal apologist vouching for him to get some share in KHI as he decided to lick balls of PMLN and governer KHI
Mustafa Kamal PSP laundery going for PMLN alliance , As simple as that
Would you make someone a co-founder of your company, knowing that he claims to cheat on his wife with escorts?
I added a video to a playlist Actor kamal hassan tel his point about the ban of Jallikattu. Its
I added a video to a playlist Why Kamal Hassan's MARUTHANAYAGAM movie stopped and Who is
only Kamal Hassan no other can replace him...
kamal hassan had mulled the idea of releasing the movie directly on cable TV instead of theatres. its worth a try !
Will you support Kamal hassan in politics?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
. No one can speak fluent Tamil like Kamal Hassan sir
I am really proud to live with Kamal Hassan.
I'm udai & see me to my all including Kamal Hassan
he says Kamal hassan is God of actors in India
Am very sure rajnikanth's acting in thalapathy was far superior to Kamal hassan in Nayagan
Vishal to contest as Presidential Candidate for TFPC - Kamal Hassan
How the news of this Dalit girl's rape and murder in Tamil Nadu went unheard via
How the news of this girl's rape and murder in went unheard | |…
Kamal Hassan is the Only Trouble for PETA- Says Poorva Joshipura: via
you mean kamal Hassan is dying for publicity?
Where r Jalkikattu supporters along with Kamal Hassan. No volunteers to fill Marina Beach ?
How do I approach American VCs and Business Angels being in Europe?
How do angel investors decide if an idea is worth investing?
What happens if a co-founder quits during an acceleration/incubation program?
Omg First time in history of Tamil cinema Kamal Hassan jalara Sathyaraj son,Sibiraj to remake Yday flop,movie Sathya
the Genie App, just guessed that I was thinking of Kamal Hassan via
now kamal Hassan spoiling all areas after spoiling his career in films
Kamal Hassan fans frustrated as der hero market is zero in boxoffice
thalaivar never do for any publicity unlike kamal Hassan
. Thats such an awesome movie!! Brilliant acting by Mr. Kamal Hassan, wonderfully supported by you!!
Hmm is Vishnu trying to act like Kamal Hassan in Iruvar? Staahp, cause it ain't working.
Is it ethical to go off and create my own company if I think I can execute on a new product concept better than man…
What theory is useful for a startup? What should I know to be ready?
Should a founder withdraw small amount as a salary if the startup has initial seed investment of 1M?
My precious moment with Dr.Kamal Hassan in December 2015.. I'd like to share it with you in 2016 ! Ha…
I don't believe in New year Eve. All days are same.I sleep early & don't wait till 12'clock - Kamal Hassan
uk, France, australia ley only tamil artist famous that is kamal Hassan and rajnikanth.vijay is known in tn
I liked a video from New Tamil Movie | Anbe Sivam | Kamal Hassan, Madhavan, Kiran |
I liked a video from Kamal Hassan Awesome Making video of Vettaiyadhu velayadhu- Rare
hey guys, invite Aamir to interview Kamal Hassan in unforgettable program...india's two best faces...latter being the big change
Hamilton Collection
2/2 who cares it is in MELBOURNE! A place I wanted to visit even b4 going for Sydney in '05 because I heard the name in Kamal Hassan movie!
Kamal Hassan would be perfect for Dangal remake..
"I don't need a god who doesn't feed a hungry child today, but promises you a heaven tomorrow." (Kamal Hassan)
Kamal Hassan also tried Hubbali dialect of Kannada in his Kannada remake of Sathi leelavathi.
I liked a video Shruti Hassan unseen childhood speech about kamal hassan
I added a video to a playlist breaking news about jallikattu!!! Actor kamal hassan suppor to
Nothing new..Kamal hassan has already done wide range of characters.He has not just acted,he becomes the character
Dangal,Bhaag Milkha, MS. Dhoni all have had some major body transformations. Except Kamal Hassan and Vikram any other actor with this feat?
Yeah bro & d 2nd best in South India after Kamal Hassan. His movie may fail, bit he don't fail. He is like SRK
Wake up to a Kamal Hassan classic, Ullaasa Paravaigal on New Year's Day, at 10am on
it was தமாசு :)) ... Can understand kamal hassan pain ☺
Post 2000, Kamal Hassan can be termed as Failed version of "present Aamir khan" .. . variations, Experiments.. . Aamir winning at BO too
Even if u add all,Kamal Hassan movies it wont reach 100 Crores
Kamal hassan to remake Mohanlal s . I missed it but now looking for to it
Thank you for trying to free Grandpa Kamal via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
After continuous disaster vishal may quit acting ll join as servant for kamal Hassan as full time job
The girl who played Kamal Hassan & Tabu's daughter in Chachi 420 is Geeta Phogat of Dangal.
I liked a video from Kamal hassan unseen drunk speech during virumandi Rare video
its fake ID of Kamal Hassan his original id is
parody of this song from Kamal Hassan film (feauturing mentally ill protagonist)
Its better for actor vishal to quit acting in films hopeless hero better he can join kamal Hassan unit for life time pension…
lol. I can't join DK. They have a policy of not allowing Brahmins irrespective of ideology. That's why Kamal Hassan couldn't
. Katharing...kamal Hassan have to settle permanently in hospital bed
. Kamal Hassan latest all three movies total collection is lesser than even Linga da. Haahhha
you are unable to sleep.even kamal Hassan admitted to hospital after hearing Kabali success
In a startup one has to perform more roles than Kamal Hassan.
so you should compare him with Kamal Hassan not Rajni sir.
Artist and calligrapher Hassan Musa. Yes, that's Tayeb Salih in calligraphy. Brahmin jr.ntr is my fav actor after kamal hassan
20 Phrases That Kill Innovation - So true in particular in large organizations.
Kamal hassan shocking comments about his health: via
You're lying if you say kamal hassan isn't talented 😌
Romantic Scene of The Day - Kamal hassan and Madhavi Romantic Song - Amavasya Chandrudu Movie
lmao its like to each their own .. But i find Kamal Hassan extraoridinary ..
What Happened to Kamal Hassan in his Office ?: Watch What Happened to Kamal Hassan in his…
Kamal Hassan'a wife and daughter lock horns
Kamal Hassan recovered from his injury?.
massage me marry buisness man or uday Chopra go you..Kamal Hassan is best father
My tribute to Ulaganayagan on his 57 years in cinema
I saw Defense Ministry ad in Vijay TV(Hindi) but Income tax ad is in Tamil (AR Rahman) & English (Kamal Hassan).BJP is full of Hindi bigotry
Shruti has no tiff with Kamal Hassan’s partner Gautami Tadimalla, says her representative
it’s from a movie. Search for Bheem boy kamal hassan on YouTube.
I have been a huge fan of Shashi K, Sr B N Kamal Hassan. @ Chikki Pandey's wedding, I touched KH N said, 'Can I touch you 2c if you r real?
in front of Kamal Hassan donot front of me you are welcome
Is there any new Kamal Hassan movie releasing, coz I have no clue??
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Happy Birthday Gift delivered by Kamal Hassan, kept at Bus stand of Pushpak Movie.
2 years from now,,, so fast my friend Hassan Kamal Shebokshe
Looking forward to the rare on-stage interview with Kamal Hassan this week
saw FAN..gud film..but feel u shud not go for too much makeover ( like kamal hassan) be u r self ( like rajani) like in chakde
Kamal Hassan is funny and a good actor. It's alright
ah, so you've heard about the famous Indian actor Kamal Hassan?
Damascus: Assad regime Brigadier Bashar Hassan Ghaswan assassinated! This guy was responsible for torturing & killing of de…
Kamal Hassan in chachi 420 was nominated in filmfare and should have won ahead of SRK. Others could have won too
After Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan, who is the biggest Tamil star today? (Alphabetical order)
Senior Bachchan, Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth in one movie...I shall watch this.
When we talk about Tamil Film Industry we will remember Superstar RajiniKanth, Kamal Hassan,...
u can't replace anybody in dasavatharam. Its only ulaganayagan kamal hassan for it
Even Kamal Hassan and Suriya Singham are known here but never heard Ajith.
Watching Avargal with mom. A 1977 movie that has Rajnikanth, Kamal hassan and Sujatha and my mataji is crying.😂
Happy birthday to gurunadar k.B sir 󾍛who gave us AND KAMAL HASSAN the two great pillars of tamil cinema we miss u sir󾌹󾍛󾍛
Catch Kamal Hassan's debut as a child artiste in Kalathur Kannamma, produced by A V Meiyappan and directed by A...
BIAFRA NEWS: Kamal Hassan registers vote with Gauthami and his daughter Akshara at Alwarpet | TN Election 2016 via
I added a video to a playlist Kamal Hassan Launches Wagah Audio
True.. Srk has taken kamal Hassan route by choice..
songs to be released by kamal hassan sir on 20 july. As per sources
dey ll say even Japan is Komali fort Japanese in reply who is Kamal Hassan
Our Prof Kamal Hassan's biological sister past away today in Kelantan. She was suffering from Stage 4 Cancer. Al Fatihah
& Kamal hassan mesmerized us by their brilliant performance in Sadma.
& Kamal hassan , legendary actors of Bollywood in iconic
with Kamal hassan & her best friend Hariprasad in the iconic movie .
Kamal Hassan, circa Nayagan, with a fishbone stuck in his throat. Best-u.
Pushpak is a great silent movie. Nice acting by Kamal Hassan.
While I was on my way to Philadelphia this day, I had a chance to see this shop, it looks…
I had a great time with my friend, Hani in Pennsylvania 😊 he is really nice, friendly, welcomed…
What is the best way to find a Chief Capital Co-founder?
Prestigious moment in my life with Padma shri Dr.Kamal Hassan 😍✨💃
I liked a video a conversation between Mr.Kamal hassan and Mr.Ramesh MD Pothys about Samudrika pattu
"Ulaganayagan is a powerful writer more than anything else". .
can't say again dwarf role has already been played by kamal Hassan so he has a reference point so I dnt agree with u
Kamal Hassan to reunite with Paresh Rawal after 18 years!
I gained 17 followers in the last week. You? Know your stats and grow with
Kamal Hassan urges the government to set up facilities for film archives!
Parul Goyal is following the Interest "Kamal Hassan Fan Club" on -
Kamal Hassan Member CEO talks about as key to innovation
Farah approached Nasiruddin then Kamal Hassan then Nana Patekar to play Raghvan finally that role went to Sunil Shetty.
How about this for a headline :) Kamal Hassan praises Adi Shankara, criticizes the Church for crusades.
it is but you must watch Sagar. Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia & Kamal Hassan
Others call it Faculty, we call it Kulliyah. Quoted by Tan Sri Prof. Dr. Kamal Hassan, ex-Rector…
I Never knew about This movie. WoW..!!!. Now I HAVE TO see it. !!. Kamal Hassan & Shahrukh Khan...!!
visits the For more details checkout the link below...
kind of like the Kamal Hassan and Dhanush movies unwashed Bollywood folks don't get.
After 18 Years, Kamal Hassan is sharing screen with this Bollywood Actor -
I liked a video Shruthi Hassan Finally Acting with his Father Kamal Haasan
When Kamal Hassan ‘googled’ up Google headquarters in India and paid a little visit!
a Dubsmash tribute to Ulaganayagan KAMAL HASSAN by LOYAL LOGESH . . please do watch-like and share
The Kamal hassan movie 'Kuruthi punal' has several dialogues how the GOI grinds down movements
The Sudanese man who performed the stabbing operation in Ashkelon today, is martyr Kamal Hassan, 32. https:…
Growing and engaging with the right tweeps - gained 14 new followers in the past week, courtesy
With my ever changing looks, I could drag Kamal Hassan to compete any day.
Watch back to back comedy scene by kamal hassan from tamil movie. Subscribe and Stay Connected - Also Stay Tuned...
My answer to How common is it for an angel/seed investor to ask for board observer rights?
always loved kamal hassan's acting in this. That was a looong oner take with just him acting(5:00-7:0?)
My answer to Are there any VC firms or angel investors you can directly pitch your idea, mine being an app p…
My answer to I'm only 15 and I created the next Youtube, and need feedback/funding. Where should I go next?
My answer to What are the least obvious ways that autonomous vehicles will change the world over the next tw…
Kamal Hassan keen to direct a Hollywood film:
Kamal Hassan keen to direct a Hollywood film
Nayagan - Mani Rathnam, Kamal Hassan, Illayaraja. A classic that can't be replaced.
Shruti Hassan and Kamal Hassan to Team for a Movie: Watch Shruti Hassan and Kamal Hassan to…
This old tamil song Hello My Dear from the movie Manmatha Leelai is a soft romantic song featuring Kamal Hassan...
Like that Kamal Hassan inside the jail cell in Singaravelan.
Cruel hangings continue under Hassan Rouhani's regime: 9 prisoners hanged in in 1 day
Who is Hassan Rouhani and what does he stand for? .
Hassan Nasrallah. A criminal of war besieging 40 Syrian civilian in civilians starving to death https:/…
Proud moment for cine lovers and kamal hassan fans.
My answer to If a second round of financing (first after angel round) values company at 3x angel round, what…
A2) Kamal Hassan 17 times and next is our Grammy award winner ARR !!
idea of "taming the bull" was propagated by Kamal Hassan in the film Singaravelan. He is a bull-whisperer in it
And what a script. Kamal Hassan should write more.
and will act together in a film. Read here:
Kamal Hassan and Shruti Hassan will act together in a film. Read here:
Because Mohan lal and Kamal Hassan do not have the same repute as Amitabh!
we shud have looked at Kamal Hassan as face too
I saw Thoongavanam its with Kamal Hassan and Trisha in theaters it was horrible will def check these out thanks 😊
Don't know where all these pseudo nationalists were when Kamal Hassan threatened leaving India?! .
Yes I love Ajith..Respect Kamal Hassan..SRK is my life n I wanna marry Prabhas ! 😂 So complicated ryt ?
Every Indian film is perverse . There are many songs that are not listenable there like Kamal hassan why are there not case?
Best Villi Award 2015 . Only two women who rival Kamal Hassan on screen: Asha Sharath and Remya Krishnan
Currently No one, But I like both Kamal Hassan and
Agreed Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan have Pan India/World Presence.Thy shd be given a chance.But will they agree ?
I added a video to a playlist Kamal Hassan's Latest Movie || allauddin abdhutha deepam Telugu movie
please contact Kamal Hassan and get all his movies here. Thanks in advance.
There's no film that made me cry my heart out the way sadma did... KAMAL HASSAN IS THE MOST TALENTED INDIAN ACTOR BYE
For me ji is the greatest actor of india and kamal hassan sir also .
MASS BEYOND Tamil Nadu for tamil actors.. to my analysing across the globe . 1 RAJINI. 2 VIJAY . 3 AJITH . 4 SURYA. 5 DHANU…
I have all movies of Kamal Hassan and Rajni.. All of them.. So, I know them well
Kamal Hassan? I don't like him, those plastic faces are so fake. He is a good actor but faces are awful
kamal Hassan movies no more competition he lost his fans base vimal jai karunas is competitor now
so UV and Thoongavanam 2 kamal Hassan movies utter flop in the year 2015 papanasam is average so he is unfit ulag…
Shruti Hassan works together with her father Kamal Hasan
Hey kamal Hassan is No 1 bro ..Please Unblock me
Must Watch: Even if GOD appears, I will not worship him : Kamal Hassan ... via
Grandpa Kamal on Channel 4 News tonight (probably) via
much better than kamal hassan transformation in Vishwaroopam,, Ajith expressions superb,,
Kamal Hassan is in a league of his own. Uttama Villain is just plain audacious just for the attempt at telling such a complex story!
looking for a state which is more secular and if I could not find,looking for country which is more secular where I could go : Kamal hassan
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