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Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga (Devanāgarī: , lit. age of [the demon] Kali , or age of vice ) is the last of the four stages the world goes through as part of the cycle of yugas described in the Indian scriptures.

Satya Yuga Golden Age Lord Shiva Iron Age

One of the Upanishads says that for Kali Yuga 'Devotion' is the correct method for attaining liberation and the mos…
She's one of Lucifer's minions, and will thus continue being touted as an expert on things she kno…
You are talking about Kali yuga only.Sanatana dharma is timeless extending over yugas & following al…
अवतार. That incarnation, through whose knowledge the atmosphere of Satyuga will be created in the middle of K…
Through the period of spiritual darkness known as Kali Yuga - the Truth was known as "Occult" & often considered to…
Trump is bringing the aliens here. The alien/Trump alliance will complete the circle of German Ideal…
And so he is a fallen god. He symbolises the evils of Kali Yuga in their eyes, something one must avoid. And so the…
And they very intelligently call Bhudebi his wife and the gada-nari his mother. “Look, he keeps his wife as everyth…
Nisha Baraha, the huge idol of Varaha (Baraha) as a parshwadebata in the Jagannatha Temple. People call him Kali-Ju…
I don't think we can come up with a fitting name for all of this until it's over. Kali Yuga, man. The age of quiet nightmares.
A beautifully evocative account of odyssey to discover authentic and unbroken magical traditions in t…
Told my mom that Doug Jones won rn, and she told me to thank God bc she did prathana this morning for Roy Moore to…
The dilettante Boomer was torn. between thinking of as the Beginning of Armageddon or. the end of the Olme…
The names impact pervades the four Vedas and the four ages particularly Kali yuga in which there is no other means of Salvation.
Thanks for this. So, at the root, Abrahamism is merely a perversion of polytheism. Mor…
Wouldn't be too surprised to see that crowd start screaming KALI YUGA!
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Utterly. Duty was the basis of samAja in the pre-Kali-yuga epoch. Sense gratification is today exa…
Beginning of ‘Kali Yuga’ based on astronomical reference captured in Indian science literature is dated to 18 Feb 3102 BCE.…
God *** it. We NEED Kings once again. We should demand it. The general populace is NOT competent to choose politicians…
And many traditions like mAdhwas for e.g have explicit prohibition in kali yuga. So each line can follow own tradition.
She forged a synthesis of Nazism and Hindu myth, in which Hitler was a "man against time" destined to bring about t…
Kabir was a fraud in the sense his beliefs were non-Vedic. Charlatans like him & his gullible followers abound in Kali-yuga.
Everything they are guilty of they project. Age of Kali Yuga read Bhagavad Gita Sri…
Dark metal bands and US RW radio stations roar about Kali Yuga, which Savitri Devi believed that Hitler was once destined to bring to an end
Duryodhan has been considered the most evil person of Dvapara-Yuga and we are in Kali-Yuga right now.
We left the Kali Yuga in the 18th century. We’re in the ascending arc of dwarpa Yuga now, or the atomic age
Are you a traditionalist? — Nope. I'm a starseed and we're living in the Kali Yuga, one of the maddest times of al…
Who will be the "allies" of Muslims in the End Times? Kali Yuga is an inversion of things. Judaism describes the natural order and heirarchy
The present age of Kali-yuga is known as the age of deterioration, quarrel and hypocrisy. Srimad Bhagavatam has...
Jahiliyya - ignorance - in Kali Yuga. The not-quite-wise leading the people astray. Gotdamn, the rishis were right about it.
This is about Rama the king and Avatar of Vishnu in Treta Yug being judged in Kali Y…
Who made you Chitragupta of Kali Yuga? Drunk on power? 70yrs of hangover…
That means assuming we r in the beginnings of kali yuga implies humans have been around 4…
YANTRA BUFFALO. Boom! There you have it!. Dharma on a t-shirt. Mysticism and Art in the Kali Yuga. ..also Free Tibe…
Dwapara yuga we r now in kali yuga. But then biology tells us human didn come about until…
yes, we are in the Kali Yuga, bottom of the cycle, not pretty. Thank Goodness, freedom is a…
After reading this, you'll not only become Woke but also realize the true despair of Kali Yuga. Abandon hope, guys!.
Will we become so removed from life that we have robots do puja? Kali Yuga? .
The Kali Yuga is over. The transition period is almost over. We are re-entering Dwapara Yuga, which last ended at the time of Kurukshetra.
Great article but we are past the Kali Yuga for sure. This is the Dwapara Yuga. We are slowly cleaning things up.
Unfortunately they will both continue 4 quite a long time. We are still n the middle of…
I loved this: GHOSTEMANE x CLAMS CASINO - Kali Yuga by on
"Brothers! This time is of Kali Yuga but religion is still alive by the grace of God. "
Oh Christ. It really is the Kali Yuga, isnt it?
When you attack Dugin you attack a man who’s sole life purpose is to fight the Kali Yuga, think about that heathens
Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga:
A year ago I just wanted to play video games and have a simple life. Now I recognized what Kali Yuga is from reading Julius Evola
It can b about ourselves in the mirror too, during Kali Yuga takeover, Axl, and our descent into nature kaka. *** is this. Who am I now? Bah
why does God want u all divorced? Ur women r corrupt kali yuga demon naginis who never did any good. Now is divine rule, Mario Wayne, wrong
At this point in the Kali Yuga I'm just glad to see both people depicted are white...
Kalki nemesis of demon Kali and the tenth avatar of Vishnu, foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga,
"In this Iron Age or the Kali Yuga, Name of the Lord is the support for a man to cross this ocean of Samsara.". - Swami
If you really knew the bottomless aparadhs and evil the vatican/jesuit has created thru ka…
In the Kali-yuga it is stated, even in the court of justice, you cannot get justice without money. That's a (cont)
trynna transcend this Kali Yuga. and go live in lavish and superiority with Krishna
Oh, Prabhu, so sorry to hear that. I didn't know that the acct was used to post. Crazy stugf happens in Ka…
We need to end the Kali Yuga so that I can stop listening to *** Town
I think you should go as yourself in the surf the kali yuga tank top.
Tears, Laughter, Compassion and Wisdom in the Kali-Yuga. - Interview with Marty Glass.
We live in the Kali Yuga. Better someone with a less than perfect past than being childless waitin…
Like the Hindus talk about, they also have a concept that we live in the Kali Yuga…
How's that Kali Yuga going for you, eh? All are welcome to come chant and meditate with us tonight for this...
Devas and Deities r tired of being soiled, tired from work of end of Kali Yuga and want to rest, heal, purify, move on. Diwali. Axl helps
Chiranjivi are permanent lived beings in Hinduism who are to remain alive through this Kali Yuga until the next... htt…
I thought they’d wait until 2020 to push it but 2018 is a good prediction imo. We really do live in the Kali Yuga.
Hmm … I thought the Kali Yuga was no respecter of *religions.* Now U say there are exceptions. BTW, what was *Hindu…
Who is guru in Kali Yuga?. A man whose followers accept as truth whatever rubbish he says & defend him ferociously when he…
That Louise Mensch is a public figure is a clear sign of unholy Kali Yuga we live in.
Hollywood returns the nadar family's chords from 1950,families which they broke to enjoy Kali Yuga.. they re coming back.nadars paying up !
in kali yuga, there are many souls that need handholding. Mother Teresa types damages the weakest among us
NEET's though are a specific problem. more widespread taking of taking the robe, even for a season, would help a lot. kali yuga.
So I'm not good at creating, but I'm good at destruction.
realize symbolically and powerfully expressed this situation of “splitting apart,” evil ascendant, Kali Yuga. .
r situation of"splitting apart"(hexagram 23) & Kali Yuga,w/evil people in power,conspiring to bring everything down.
Consider for comparison the meaning of the Kali Yuga, in Hindu mythology.
It isnt for a purpose that Kali Yuga is called the Age of Destroyer where Lord Shiva will be revred diety. A Cyclical transt…
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All we can do is chant/ dance, etc, and 'be happy'. That's all we can do in this age of 'Kali Yuga" the last of three stages. -The Vedas
Good fella, united we stand. We are legion. By the way, corruption is everywhere. hence, 'Kali Yuga'. U may not get…
I wasn't really convinced we were at that stage of Kali Yuga
It's the eternal cycle, the wheel of hatred that sustains the Kali Yuga
Everybody’s living in a Material world, transcending to a spiritual world. We are living in a Kali Yuga and I am an ascended Bodhisattva.
Kali Yuga is very dark. Abrahamic 'religions' are very popular. Trash culture is rampant. Meat eating is very rampant.
none of us is uncorrupted by Kali Yuga, we should be generous to those who strive against it!
this is the point of members of the Brahmin varnas. We have these, we just go ignored as usual in Kali Yuga!
This's bad world wid lot of population. Vicious nature of the world is like that in Kali Yuga. It's easier wid less no of people!
Hey Kali Yuga Yogis! Have you ever tried doing 108 sun salutations? Fall is a wonderful time to try something you...
I really liked this music on I Love Indie: Kali Yuga by Oceans on the Moon -
“The syndrome of Kali Yuga is marked by the fact... - WrathOfGnon
I do believe that we'll get there though. It's all karma/cyclical. Kali Yuga. Balance will be restored and Light will prevail :-)
"Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.". — Arnold J. Toynbee (1889-1975)
Nah, they're obsessed with the Kali Yuga
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As Evola_Frog88 dropped to one knee and presented a ring TradEmaWaifu began to sob, "Ema, will you spend the rest of the K…
We just *might* be able to win this thing. Or maybe I'm just being delusional, faced with the unstoppable Kali Yuga.
The amazing folks at Gear Gods just posted a guitar playback video courtesy of the band's front-man and lead...
I think this is what is happening with the Trump phenomena, the finalization of Spengler epochs, or the Kali Yuga.
Welcome to the Kali Yuga... it'll be 400,000 years - have a seat, learn.
we are in Kali Yuga , dvapara is past, Vyasa already divided. Anybody is free to divide the Vedas for further simplicity
+ preceding the present Kali yuga. Vyasa did so to make Vedic knowledge comprehensibly easier to understand
More so in this Kali Yuga India must be great for Sanatana Dharma to transform the whole world in the divine mould.
"No chad! I only date aristocrats of the soul. An undifferentiated man like you could never carry me through the Kali Yuga!
What i hate the most in Life ? Abuses of All kind . Violence . Disrespect , to get ripped off..kali yuga Time is here .We need more Light
For there are many losers in Kali-yuga including those rebel celebrities. Don't support that which doesn't help one.
Trump represents the Kali Yuga age we live in: deceit, anger, hatred, no morals Lets bring in the Golden Age with Hillary
3201 Beginning of Kali Yuga, the current (and most evil) age [hin].
Evola analogies are going from figuratively true to literally true. Kali Yuga has become Clown World.
r supposed to pay just d interest on that loan (so grand was d wedding, I assume). Loan period = Kali Yuga (2/2)
The "GAME" stage is what the Ancients called "Kali Yuga"; we are the mercenaries of the sexual apocalypse.
Those that live with me will live in Satya Yuga all others are destined to live Kali Yuga or worse
Thanks for review of Nightfall in the Kali Yuga. 6/25
Kali Yuga, The Age of Destruction is where those who are not even gods are portrayed and prostrated upon as God.
What do you and Ghost think of esoteric hitlerism, The kali yuga? People are talking about it alot.
,"show the world that u r the not only best batsman but u r also the best captain of this Kali Yuga.All the best for the final . .
This is truly Kali Yuga. Evil doers, greed invested humans suffering with a disease of the mind are taking over...
In Kali Yuga (current era) corruption is so rampant that dharmic thoughts are considered punya but adharmic thoughts are…
In Kali Yuga, wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man’s good birth, proper behavior, and fine qualities.
RECOMMEND: Entire Report~ Much in this report pertinent to us all as we navigate uncharted waters releasing Kali Yuga & embracing Sat Yuga!
I agree with Evola. There is no hope in the Kali Yuga. The only important thing to me is the preservation of the Aryan race.
...scripture a new Golden Age could occur at any time during the dark age (Kali Yuga). So it's both pessimistic/ optimistic.
I just saw Eclise's UBB and saw Kali Yuga and I was like: KILIK?. //SLAPPED
"All of what we might recognise as human history has occurred during the Kali Yuga, and yet it has barely begun."
Bad Dads of Kali Yuga. The ruler of that time was Kali Demon, the malevolent father from *** It is no one's fault but the times.
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yes, I am a little late. I was busy stopping Globalists and ending the Kali Yuga. Sorry. Have to begin at youth to today, long.
.rightly fears the end of the last age (Kali Yuga) but fails to realize that the Kalki incarnation of Vishnu will be his friend.
nice to see and meet and can melt the hearts of demons in Kali-Yuga. -Gauragopala Dasa
I liked a video Beginning of Kali Yuga (English Subtitles)
"The Kali Yuga wasn't supposed to be this bad. Sad!"
Earlier people used to leave for himalayas in search for truth.But in Kali yuga answers are right here. We just need to connect the dots
Not an oscillation leading to Kali Yuga, but perpetual Klein Bottle Penrose spacetime with entropy friction.
The Maya (Illusion) is stronger than ever. The Kali Yuga (age of the demon) is the last of the four stages. I think we are in it.
New tunes up on a mates page check it! Baboden - Kali Yuga by TechYES
Art Happening: Kali Yuga Zoo Brigade . in this clip:. Sculpture Activation with Sculpture;…
Kali Yuga also apparently means "the age of the wolf"🐺 this really supports the theories that Turkey will be a pivot point for the HAPPENING
Only a few of those humble beings are known in this world, in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga.
Also i think it has to do with the finishing touch of the KALI yuga cycle.
Says our Vyasa, "In the Kali Yuga there is one Karma left. Sacrifices and tremendous Tapasyâs are of no avail...
The Kali Yuga officially began when dueling was banned.
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The Kali Yuga is something I'll tell you huwhat
I added a video to a playlist THERION - Kali Yuga III (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
We could do worse than to simply structure our lives to maximize our opposition to the predictions for the Kali Yuga.
We are truly living in the age of Kali Yuga.
The signs of Kali-Yuga described in Srimad-Bhagavatam are already prevalent in many countries of the world and...
Merlin's ancient guard, the spiritual defender of K'un L'un, misunderstanding each other then teaming up against Kali Yuga. it WORKS
Around 3000BCE is when the world 'began'/Kali Yuga it was yesterday!
MSG is the greatest of all; He saved my honor in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga.
In kali yuga intelligence will will eventually be no better than dogs, hogs and camels but according to Lord...
"I no longer sense the threat of the Kali Yuga. I believe the 9th age of magic is safe."
it's the worst thus far and will continue to worsen in this Kali Yuga.
The oppressed have lost meaning in their lives.This accounts for the kali yuga outbursts of violence and deathas they lash out.
Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya: "We are currently residing in the Kali Yuga, the most decadent and materialistic...
Kali Yuga is one of my favs. The karaoke scenes were the best!
We can't go back to the "Vedic age" in kali yuga, whilst all r supposed to be in connect with the universal consciousness in Satya Yuga
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Likewise, it is understand that other modifications will be made further into the Kali Yuga.
Within Sanatana there is an understanding that different cycles require different rules/teachings,this is clear w/kali yuga
In spite of it, in Kali yuga, it is better to reduce our interaction with sinners
But in Kali Yuga, one becomes a sinner only by doing sins
(C)withdraw means, i move in my life, nor i said of i nor Raman & this world nor in of Ramayan in of Kali Yuga ok
Kali Yuga's attribute "Rulers (read State) will no longer see it as their duty to promote spirituality"
Shankaracharya Swaroopanand must already be aware of what is in store during Kali Yuga. He could have avoided the controversy.
TYVM! Honored to be here for this Grand Finale of Kali Yuga & the beginning of Satya Yuga AKA Golden Age!
Involution of the Kali Yuga...falling deeper and deeper into body-mind consciousness.
K RETURN OF KINGS Kali-yuga now showing on so don't miss out!
1-"Rama: We are seeing the end trails of Kali Yuga & moving into Satya Yuga. So important to meditate everyday!"
Ram Mandir# Ram was frm Thretha Yuga aftr tht Dwspara Yuga and now v r in Kali Yuga. Think abt the years and consider continental drift.
Are you tired of materialism, war and depression? Good news! Kali yuga is on the way out... Satya Yuga now beginning
We are truly living in the Kali Yuga.
. The Kali Yuga... an age of vice, an age of strife. . Laconians would call it something else: Tartarus
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Yugadi refers to start of d age we are living in now, Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga started the moment when Lord Krishna left the w…
Hindu Calendar goes back to 3102 BCE for Kali Yuga as part of cosmic time cycles extending into eternity. Not bound by…
The temple has a murti of Lord it is believed shall remain here for the entire duration of the present Kali Yuga.
“Kali Yuga is the only age in which property alone confers social rank.”. — Mircea Eliade
Kalki: The Next Avatar of God and the End of Kali-yuga:
these ppl should be ostracized and shown as example of how not to conduct oneself in society. Need a dharma sutra for kali yuga.
Hindu prophecy of 'Kali yuga'. the End of the Age. corresponds with Hebrew prophecy of the Antichrist/False Messiah. '666'. ignored by most Jews
War with the collective conscious of kali yuga, got me in a drug stupor...
Someone filed a case on Lord Rama because he send sita to forest without any reason !! KALI Yuga !!
Guys we may be in Kali Yuga right now but let's at least have some fun while we're in it. COME TO THIS!!!
I gave up Vortex for the 3 Leonadis, 1 Kali Yuga and 1 Caesar Ragnarok which wasn't terrible since I got my votex for $1.50 basically
lol. A girl will have to be soooper traditional to do such a thing. And it's the Kali yuga
"It is a common misconception that the Kali Yuga is named after the Goddess Kālī. Instead it takes its name from...
Krsna came again as Lord Caitanya to teach us the path by which to cross the ocean of Kali−yuga:
Wish I could rap with all my Gs but I ain't hood enough for some. Wanna do g collabs and I spit bars not dark Kali Yuga bars.
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There is already Parashara Smriti for Kali Yuga. How many even know and follow?
Where we go after this Kali Yuga is done being such a.
Mindless drivel from people like her on media passes for serious discourse. This is Kali-Yuga, on steroids
📡Live now: Australia's own bringing soothing vibes for troubled times:
ASTARIUM “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga” Symbol of Domination Prod. This is one of the most peculiar black...
Kali Yuga. This is the worst age. The age of wars, war on poverty, war on freedom, war on respect, war on equality, War for accolades.. War.
Me and Zayne a.k.a Merlin of Kali Yuga are a secret fashion Trenders ;)
I would venture to say that the root cause of all this violence is fascism and that the notion of Kali Yuga explains events better
it is a state and shall remain a backward state till Kali Yuga...that's 4 sure.
Critical advice in these Kali Yuga Times! From my people in the future I guess
Height of sense gratification. this is Kali yuga, everything now is focused just in gratifying your senses...
It is, indeed. *Our* normal. During the Kali Yuga, the Golden Age will not be televised: it will be the intermission.
All of this week's pics highlight Crane's twitchy hand thing. It's been a while. Kali Yuga
Part 2 of Episode XIII is finished and will be out this weekend. It's all about the Kali Yuga.
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10 amazing predictions of kali Yuga that are so true
must avoid the trap of religious parasitism of the Kali Yuga, respect each sampradaya, unite together for preservation of
Gnosis: I spy with my 3rd Eye, Kali and the Kali Yuga Dark Winter Age in the Cailleach.
In the Kali−yuga, Lord Krsna Is Worshiped by Chanting of the Holy Name:
Kali-yuga is progressing...Finish up your business here and Go to the Unlimited Spiritual Sky!!!
The dreaded Kali Yuga is very close to its final end.
meditation is not ascending process .. It is not suitable for kali yuga
Time for REAL CHANGE. I do believe that Cthulhu would immanetize that *** eschaton and end the Kali Yuga.
Hindu scripture talks of small Golden Ages emerging with the Kali Yuga as time is eaten...
You can't stop the Kali Yuga, the most you can do is hunker down and weather the storm
Kali Yuga: The final age. It is the age of darkness and ignorance. People become sinners and lack virtue. They...
'In the Iron Age, the Dark Age of Kali Yuga, You are known and accepted as Guru Nanak, and Guru Amar Das' GGS 1390.
"Gaian Tantra is the antidote to the male control disease that infects humanity at the close of Kali Yuga. If the...
These things have already come. All hat remains is the destruction of religions of punishing & cruel God.. 󾍃
All predictions have become a reality of today's world.
The signs of the ages, the kali yuga!
However, she didn't know it was called "Kali Yuga" and thought it was Japanese.
Normie colleague was trying to tell me about Kali Yuga today. luz.
I have a sneaking feeling that Trump is going to break the hearts of his WN supporters. This is the Kali Yuga afterall.
I'm a pretty pure light in Kali Yuga were in the age of information we can either ascend to Satya (Golden) Age or remain Dark as a society..
will return Feb 5. Until then we're watching one episode a day and today's episode is"Kali Yuga." https:…
ah how much fun to find a traditional girl. Oh well. Kali Yuga
In earlier times, a Rishi was one who thought outside the square. In Kali-yuga, Rishis are those who think inside...
Thanks for introducing me to the age of Kali Yuga. Odin willing it will soon pass! Merry Christmas my friend!
All are psychopaths and puppets of TDK. Kali Yuga.Many Swamys have to take birth.
wait don't most reckonings say that yeah now definitely is the Kali Yuga?
I have discovered some people couldn't stand the opening fiction. I am concerned that now is the Kali Yuga and humanity is doomed.
As a metaphysical war against the Kali Yuga and decedent Jewish Modernity (or the Occult War as Evola called it).
Happy Holidays from Kali Yuga Yoga!! Here is our holiday schedule. Christmas Eve-Closed. Christmas Day- Christmas...
Like the cow of Justice with one leg at the end of Kali Yuga
There will never be peace in this world esp now we are in the Kali Yuga or the age of quarrel & hypocrisy.
As we're transitioning from the Iron Age (Kali Yuga) to the Bronze Age (Dvapara Yuga), our bodies are being transformed.
I haven't yet found out how to actually make Kali Yuga yet. I always go into D'Arc lol.
don't worry. When the kali yuga comes to a close, I'll offer protection and blood contracts for cheap
99%of beings r not interested in spiritual life in Kali-yuga.Should i b helped?If nobody helps me, God will judge for not helping
PART8: The eighth release of 2015 has been OBESE "Kali Yuga" CD, massive...
Subbing today at 1130am for a kapha (restorative flow) community class at Class…
Law needs 2 be more practical rather than philosophical. V r not living in 'Satya Yuga' but unfortunately in 'Kali Yuga'. JJB is a hogwash.
In Kali yuga, about a thousand years ago, Lord Shiva appeared as Shankaracharya and preached the monistic philosophy all over India.
Our Constitution is like Manu Smriti but in reverse. The Puranas predicted that this would happen in Kali Yuga.
In The Kali Yuga, the quickest surest way to liberation is through Yoga.
In order to reach the in the Kali Yuga, the time of deception, it is a must to see or seek the truth within.
Subbing today at Join me for a Vata Style class from 430 to 6pm.…
NP! Really enjoy your work. BTW you posted on Kali-Yuga around same time I wrote Decadence Throughout The Decades (see my site)
now talking like AK420-he says the samething-he is honest from Sat yuga rest trom Kali Yuga-dishonest and corrupt-Join AAP pls
wat basis-when not saying anything like this on the contrary happy wid the outcome y you irritated- Kali Yuga
then dont accuse someone without knowing the truth. its Kali Yuga. harsh statements wake ppl up
OBESE "Kali Yuga" is mentioned as number 7 on Metal Nexus Editor's top 25 albums of 2015!
i see why they nerfed most of those for the kali yuga, some of them were so OP
The Kali Yuga is when Men are closest to Glory. This is a wonderful age to be alive!. Be worthy. Gott mit uns!
Colony Collapse!. Behavioral Sink!. KALI YUGA!. CHAOS!. Let us hail in the APOCALYPSE together and march into OBLIVION!
unfortunately we live in a nation where many *goonda* like figures are respectable # Kali Yuga
This is a bad depressing state of affairs for Men, who have boys in this "kali yuga" feminist society.
They claim this is Kali Yuga. The end.
I dont know it all because all those greater than I have demonstrated the limitations of text in Kali Yuga
Where your focus lies changes how you see! Thurs…
Contemporary urban survivors of the Kali Yuga face the mad deity that created and destroyed our world.
Shattering the eggshell walls of the world, Jae and Michèle escape the end of the Kali Yuga to confront the gods themselves.
Can you see the Kali Yuga is ending soon & ancient souls return to escape the Wheel's ending & the binding of the oneness?
All of recorded history exists within Kali Yuga. If you embrace Kali Yuga, you are a reactionary against 5000 years of politics & government
Mayan Calendar stuff When Will Kalyug End?: ... Mayan calendar, it is also believed by some that the Kali Yuga...
But seriously Kali Yuga look that up
deviated from the rigid path. In the Kali-yuga the whole atmosphere is surcharged with faithlessness.
this has also happened in the Kali yuga.
Trump is Hitler. Hitler was an avatar of Vishnu. Trump will end the kali-yuga.
In Kali the is full with demons:who forced a at 32-weeks
Whenever the forces of Kali Yuga threaten Hinduism, Rajan Zed wakes from his Hallowed Rest, and saves us all.
All the pain of this Kali Yuga, Shirdi Sai Baba takes. All the karma,he burns it. Approach Him with an open heart.
In Season 2, Kali Yuga he left at the end of the episode to hunt down his evil foster mother.
. Now Kali must understand before hand a list of calamities that may occur from Veda pandits and take steps.
Most words have twisted meaning today. Secular, Honesty, Intellectual, etc. Kali Yuga.
467) The deranged humanity live the last moments of Kali-Yuga's remnants.
I'm competitive so I started my own last night. Watching Kali Yuga now. I'll B there tonight
Some Manosphere named Kali Yuga Surfer said I was lying, well Tom Sunic said Taticus was right.
Yeap Kali Yuga=age of destruction (Dark Ages) in Sanskrit scriptures transcribed in Sikhism
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Vishnu sleeps on Ananta, the Serpent that lives forever. at the end 2012, was the end of an age of Kali Yuga as it was Known and a Lotus
I must say you have your calcuations of so wrong, infact absurd! Kindly edify!.
In Yuga everyone's until proved innocent. Because no one believes anyone is innocent. That is the nature of things.
Religion and Faith would be tantamount to perfect DHARMA during as against whatever adharma that was prevailing in Kali Yuga.
Lord Chaitanya, the Golden Vulcano of Divine Love..the Golden Avatar of Kali Yuga
you, I still believe you wishing the death of Kali Yuga Surfer's bloodline is...
Step 1-Successfully test ICBM, Step 2-India enters into UNSC, Step 3-Ensure no more wars for greedy reasons...Kali Yuga
surrounded me, I grew despondent. After reading history, Spengler and the Kali Yuga, was freed from the grasp of Whig History and understood
super human strength and immunity.. Like wolverine.. Unlimited money.. And Kali Yuga to be over
Here, have some Kali Yuga deathcore as a palate cleanser.
Hare Krishna. We have finished Our work, to take down all the old stuff from Kali Yuga. We won at last. We are GOD.
is just an inversion of morality; when they say that, it really mean kill all whites. Just another process of Kali Yuga.
Not sure how credible this is. If it is... it's incredible!
We're currently living in the Kali Yuga Age. Materialism, lust, intoxication, etc. Control your emotions, control your senses
Yup. But people today dont understand what Krishna did! kali yuga. featured in NBC s Science of Love
lol, but not, but lol. Why, because it's an accident. Kali Yuga: no sensis, just sensis lol
Exactly! Even though it is the Kali Yuga, I think we should try to do good things and strive for Moksha.
What is actually Dharma gets rejected as Adharma & what is actually Adharma gets accepted as Dharma in our modern Kali Yuga!
These two auspices are the only two things we should be seeking at this time in Kali-yuga.
Kali Yuga is the age of man/materialism. At the closest point of our sun and Sirius we enter the Golden Age, the age of God
also known as precession of the equinoxes or Yuga Cycle. At the furthest point we find ourselves in the Kali Yuga
Witness devolution in a corrupt and degenerate society. Embrace the Kali Yuga.
In Sikhism, Kali Yuga is metaphorically used to describe the state of the world as was commonly understood in the...
Had Viswamithra lived in Kali Yuga, asuras would not be needed to disturb his yajna. His own mind would have been corr…
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