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Kalabagh Dam

The Kalabagh dam , is a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District of the Punjab province in Pakistan.

Lahore High Court Imran Khan Indus River Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sindh Assembly Nawaz Sharif Federal Minister Asfandyar Wali Khan Kala Bagh Dam Pakistan Muslim League General Pervez Musharraf Raja Pervez Ashraf Yousaf Raza Gilani World Bank

What if PTI builds Kalabagh Dam in KP. Tons of power generation. Curtains for u:)
Kalabagh dam bnate to ye shortfall bhi ni hta
Kalabagh dam is the life line for Pakistan and this is why our enemies don't want this project to complete
these ignorants want kalabagh dam to be part of CPEC.
Kalabagh Dam in Pakistan Best latest new reports how its best for pakistan and effect in provinces: via
The elected assemblies of 3 provinces had rejected the construction of Kalabagh Dam &4nations - Sindhi,Baloch,Pakh…
Nawaz Sharif should hold a referendum over Kalabagh dam , im all for it
Kalabagh Dam should be taken as a mission: LCCI chief - The News International
u can play +ve roll in Kalabagh dam for cheap electfcty,water supply fof agfcltr&flood control.push each corner for this dam.
Gen PM sb ur biggest mistake was that u did not made Kalabagh dam announcement when u assumed CE office of Pak.
On 3 May 1997, Then President Farooq Laghari had offered ANP that allow them to make Kalabagh Dam & they would rename NWFP to KP.
If you change the name of Kalabagh dam into Kabba or Macca. Even not Acceptable. It's Death of 3 Province...
What about water treaty with india also should be raised & also water crises in pakistan aswell if we have dam of kalabagh pak out of crises
Dam isn't accepted by 3 provinces, its threat to our existence yet Punjab wants, linking it with patriotism & anti-india nonsense
Rulers are making commission, not electricity, answer to Modi’s water aggression is Kalabagh dam:
Kalabagh Dam referred as the solution to the Loadshedding and Water issues. Full details -->…
They r just playing Kalabagh dam game, they need to be more involved, ju…
Every patrotic pakistani with u on kalabagh dam's stance bcz this project is essential for bright future.…
: Clean Energy & Floods Control with KALABAGH DAM is the ideal solution. The commission Mafia will not let it happen. WHY??
dam is essential for Pakistani progress.
kalaBagh Dam is essential for pak without Dams we can't save water & improve agricultural .
why not to construct the 1 which r not controversial.Kalabagh is the last recommended dam of the Indus&Kabul rivers corridors
WE ARE VICTIM of consensus_ Military Govts had golden opportunities but failed to build Kalabagh Dam_ these too bec…
kalabagh dam must be built. Asfandiyar including a lobby from sindh receive funds from India for speaking against it.
Whats more important for pakistan. Kalabagh dam. Or. NS/ZARDARI NEXUS
kalabagh dam will consume billions of dollars ! Let's invest in renewable energy now
All those snakes like ANP, PPP who actively blocked Kalabagh Dam for decades & those who ignored water wars only deserv…
There is hardly any water left in two major Dams - Mangla, Tarbela & summers have not even begun. Curse of not making K…
Just remembered he did not initiate or work for Kalabagh dam nor took action against Jamote Shah who was on Indian pay role
Nowshehra drowned even without Kalabagh Dam. This is a bloody lie by ANP *** that Nowshehra would drow…
Even if KalaBagh Dam is politicised. We can always work to ensure that Bhasha Dam exists
Kalabagh Dam was a gift from God almighty to us but the leaders betrayed, traitors blocked it & nation auctioned its ***
I see PML Q interested to follow the Kalabagh Dam issue both inside and Outside the Parliment and submit request soon -
Kalabagh dam should be discussed in CCI: Senate chairman
Kalabagh dam: Rabbani advises govt to approach CCI.
Kalabagh dam: Rabbani advises govt to approach CCI
[Tribune] Kalabagh dam: Rabbani advises govt to approach CCI |
Kalabagh dam: Rabbani advises govt to approach CCI Details:
Kalabagh dam: Rabbani advises govt to approach CCI .
Kalabagh money: . Engr Shamsul Mulk has said that for the last 20 years we have been told to look for an alternate to Kalabagh dam. An...
Rabbani warns govt of advocating Kalabagh Dam: ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani has warned the federal government from advocat...
PPP leaders criticises govt over Kalabagh Dam issue.
Rabbani warns govt of advocating Kalabagh Dam Ary
Rabbani warns govt of advocating Kalabagh Dam
Rabbani warns federal govt to refrain from advocating Dam
Dasu dams will increase life of turbella dam by 50 years with power gen capacity mor than kalabagh. Sad it is not priority of Fed govt.
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PPP leaders express anger at govt over Kalabagh Dam, unjust distribution of funds
y to refrain??? Kalabagh Dam is a vital national matter & should be resolved soon for national interest!
Rabbani asks federal govt to refrain from “politicising sensitive national matters” like Kalabagh Dam
Rabbani warns federal govt to refrain from advocating Kalabagh Dam
If dam was completed which was issued by the later govt of pak then today we won't get this stereotypes graders to speak out at.
Why dont you demand construction of Kalabagh dam the ultimate answer
Why don't we step forward for free fair referendums on core issues e.g KalaBagh Dam More Provinces Direct Elections of President n Governors
Kalabagh dam is a sensitive issue & it's our lifeline. Pls expose culprits who are stopping this project.
It z shame 2 see such traitors who against success of Pak.crush all traitors. Kalabagh dam is need of Pak
Pakistan:All those who want electricity should demand construction of kalabagh dam in kpk instead of destroying public,govt properties
Karachi instead of agitation against non aval of electricity demand construct of Kalabagh bagh dam in kpk so that you should get elec.
History of KalaBagh Dam. Horizon is visible to most, few can see beyond.
similar scandals of traitory to Pak shall also b blown..delay of Bhasha Dam, shelving of the Kalabagh dam n agricultural reforms
This is the price of their Sever opposition to Kalabagh Dam .
Pti why are we silent on construction of kalabagh dam
true. We should also start our kalabagh dam
Silence moment for Genr Raheel Sharif and SC. They should hv to think to take action for kalabagh dam.
people who gets stipends from ENDia apposes"KALABAGH DAM" . , = Traitors,
If bills can be passed to escape from corruption accuses. For public interests Kalabagh dam is also need of hour
mubasherlucman: I wish one day the Parliament will get together and unanimously pass a bill to make Kalabagh Dam ASAP. Sadly they won't …
Jinnah Barrage on River Indus at Kalabagh. (Pic dated 27.4.2008). Proposed site of Kalabagh Dam is behind the hills. htt…
President shares his thinking on Kalabagh Dam: ISLAMABAD – President Mamnoon Hussain said that Islamic teachin...
What about & "Abid Sher Ali says, "If gives permission on Kalabagh Dam, they can build it."
Who is making it Kala Bagh & how it can b compared with Kalabagh Dam. People have the right to ask what is the plan?
. Dr. Moeed Pirzada 2/2. Amusing that these 'democrats' couldn't join hands to make Kalabagh Dam for a nation😂
Politicisation of KBD: May I point out that the issue of Kalabagh dam has been badly politici...
then no hurdles remains in the construction of Kalabagh dam
All are requested to talk about Kalabagh Dam
We request to lead Kalabagh Dam project for state of
.If you people have Guts, go ahead with Kalabagh dam
And Punjabi still demands for Kalabagh Dam to stop water 10 million acre feet water goes to see,, this water is life for Sindh
if you think Kalabagh dam & reservoirs & dams should be constructed bearing in mind water is life -comment if u dnt agree
kalabagh dam will take 2.5 years to complete. Basha will take 4 to 5 years. Plus there are many other possible resources.
Sir i am teacher in kalabagh dam really highlight a national issue.
Well done good program on Kalabagh Dam that is utmost need of the time.
Gen. Raheelsharif, Pl. Play a LEADING Role for construction of KALABAGH DAM.No future for our children bcz water is life.
We want Kalabagh dam to be built soon.
The slow and dangerous death of Pakistan’s Indus River delta. Say No to Kalabagh Dam..
Punjab wants control over Indus River under the pretext of Kalabagh Dam: ANP.
says "Punjab wants to dominate River Indus on the pretext of Kalabagh Dam" .
him good prize at least. $60 million he will say kalabagh dam is best way to save Pakistan
They are just rats with red hats eating the dirt of Kalabagh Dam.
Work on Bhasha dam already started and those who still advocate controver Kalabagh dam are not friends of Pakistan
This is what this traitor of KPK used to say about Kalabagh Dam, No doubt he is enemy of Pakistan
. Anp is always enemy of pakistan as he says no one can made Kalabagh Dam featured in NBC s Science of Love
Give KPK royalty from the electricity water to Sind and make the Kalabagh dam that would provide clean energy plus water for irrigation
Keep crying on kalabagh dam but they will never make other dams.
But the bald bros took Indian bribe for not building Kalabagh dam.
Kalabagh Dam could become the Three Gorges, Aswan and Hoover Dam of Pakistan only if Jahil agitators agree. .
This is the reality of Asfand yar wali who is the biggest opposer of kalabagh dam
Think about future of Pakistan..before criticizing on kalabagh would b dark
Worst load shedding ,lackness of water. Did you realise that how imp kalabagh dam is
Kalabagh dam is just like oxygen for Pakistan if it won't b constructed Pak Wl could b destroyed http…
Metro bus stand Isld. A wastage of money. Kalabagh Dam is the need of time, not flooded Metro bus stands.
Had people, now crying for electricity not opposed the Kalabagh dam the situation might have been different
Kalabagh Dam is the only project that benefits most of the Pakistani population
We need electricity . nd ... kalabagh is the key to made ... couse there will be 3600 megawatt buit through this dam. …
ur Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that they will not allow to build Kalabagh Dam
If we construct kalabagh dam we are not facing worst situation after rains in Punjab
Controversial project: Petition seeking construction of Kalabagh Dam filed in High Court
" Importance of Kalabagh Dam " ! ' THIS refers to the letter ‘Energy crisis and Kalabagh Dam’ (May 9)' Dr M. Yaqoob Bhatti rightly says that it holds key to progress in Pakistan. God knows how many millions we have already spent (wasted) on its feasibility study, but to no avail. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa says it will drown Nowshera, while Sindh says it will dry out the downstream Sindh river. This is an engineering project based on scientific analysis, yet it couldn’t be sold to the two provinces. There are reports that the opposition is prompted by India and our obdurate politicians are not sincere in opposing it. Although seemingly improbable, these reports get some credence when attention was shifted to he Bhasha Dam, a less advantageous project because of hilly terrain, only to be objected by India, being located in a ‘disputed’ territory. India by distorting the spirit of the Indus Basin Treaty goes on building dams on the rivers that belong to Pakistan, making itself self-sufficient both in wat ...
The Kalabagh Dam s a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District of the Punjab province in Pakistan. The project has been highly debated and deemed a necessity since its inception. If constructed with 3,600 MW electricity generation capacity, it will become the largest source of electricity for Pakistan. In December 2004, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, announced that he would build the dam in the larger interest of Pakistan. On 26 May 2008, Federal Minister for Water and Power of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf, said that the "Kalabagh Dam would not be constructed" and the project had been cancelled.
WHAT THE PEOPLE THINK ABOUT Kala Bagh Dam... (following post is describe the minds/thoughts of those persons around the country who are against for the Kala Bagh Dam) Why Kalabagh Dam (Punjab dam) is Controversial with solid reasons” Must read…. Specially for my friends from Punjab... Kalabagh dam is controversial since its inception 45 years ago. Kalabagh dam is purposed to be built in mianwali district on Indus River. I would likely to share the reasons why this dam is controversial and threat to federation of Pakistan. Engineering point of there is no problem, But problem is this dam is planned to be constructed on Indus River and Water distribution ratio will be completely disturbed and Punjab wants to hog the maximum share of Pakistan river water.Sindh will not get its share of water if kalabagh dam is built. Mistrust of Punjab administration is also a key factor likewise there mistrust in chasma Jhelum link. Federation requires equal rights among the provinces. Federation unity cannot co exist t ...
Sir, do you agree with my opinion on Kalabagh dam?
Sindh Province's Chief Minister Sayed Qayam Ali Shah said it was condemnable that old issues such as the Kalabagh Dam project were brought up.
"Who is behind the conspiracy to stop Kalabagh Dam project? .
Can some body tell me what is the stance of on Dam?
Watch the video «Kalabagh dam again become a hot topic in National assembly» uploaded by ARY NEWS on Dailymotion.
FSS Collin Powell had given India assurance that the US will use its influence on Pakistan and would not let Islamabad build Kalabagh Dam
Unfortunately Kalabagh dam now seems a far reality. Dumb n stupids cannot understand what they lost n what they would next.
It is sad that he never knew the total the storage capacity of site. A dam like Kalabagh can fit in a pocket of Soan Dam
Sad -- Political Leaders & Bureaucrats can steal $200 billion & stash it in Switzerland but we can't spend a few billion on Kalabagh Dam
I visited the site. It's a site Identified by my mentor Kh. Azim ud din Late to be a check dam to control&manage Silt for Kalabagh.
I think rather thn protesting IK shd 1st focus on tackle consensus on KalaBagh Dam, Law&order in KPK, eliminate What u say?
We need to start Kalabagh dam.not to worry about anp.they have no say in kpk now.
Update your maps at Navteq
Shared on a national TV channel page. Dam
Swiss Bank accounts & Kalabagh dam are 2 biggest political gimmicks of right wing political forces in Pak! Nothing will ever come out of 2!
Mind your language Nawaz Sharif.Kalabagh dam could not built until one Sindhi is alive. Ayaz Latif Palijo
Kalabagh is a natural dam A no brainer with rapid pay back but no political leader has the guts to say the truth on it So Sad!!
Soan Dam made me feel good about the future of our country,but how it can be a better substitute for Kalabagh? need supportive thngs
Writer says forget Kalabagh Dam, move forward, on crisis in . Sindhi Daily
Those who have never been united over national issues like Kalabagh dam, unanimously passed resolution to lift youtube ban!
Solar Energy for 1/5 of the cost of Kalabagh dam can eliminate
build a dam. Kalabagh dam to be exact
Mian Iftikhar Hussain deliberately misrepresenting PTI and its position on the Kalabagh Dam:...
Imran Khan plz start educating our KPK brothers and sisters about Dams including Kalabagh Dam for Pakistan only.
Shams ul Mulk - former Chairman of WAPDA who says that Kalabagh Dam would benefit every province and that opposition to it is orchestrated by hidden foreign hands
now long and lasting dream of KALABAGH DAM possible by one and only PARVEZ MUSHARAF and if he gets power once again whole world will pour funds for it as they knows he is most trusted person and will not utilize funds in corruption as ZARDARI and Nawaz Sharif are famous for
lunar sighting. Kalabagh dam. Or holiday on Friday. They can't agree. Can agree on Taliban?. Hassan Nisar in today's paper.
“We have decided to build this dam at any cost, even if it requires us to tighten our belts” said Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal. The Bhasha dam project, he said, was “as important as Pakistan’s nuclear programme once was, if not more”. “It is a matter of life and death for us now,” the minister said while explaining to an audience of US scholars and researchers at the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington. Is Kalabagh Dam more vital or Bhasha Dam? Or both? And Pakistan's nuclear programme was NEVER important. An economy that could not sustain itself went ahead with a nuclear programme so much so, as the mocking words go, 'we are still eating grass!'. Start questioning and break this culture of silently observing what the politicians do.
All purpose parts banner
Kalabagh Dam issue: PPP, ANP flared up at Imran’s comment via
The Mirani Dam ,which Musharref has constructed blessing for the people of Balochistan...I wish ,he cod have made Kalabagh too..
Read & Think: Who are opposing Kalabagh Dam & for what purpose ??
An off-river dam six times bigger than Kalabagh. 4 flood control agriculture&Power worth $90+ bn/year. MUST FOLLOW 2 make it possble
An off-river dam six times biggr than Kalabagh. for flood control. environment. agriculture&Power worth $90+ Bn/year.
WE get readily inflamed on being accused of being a failed state or failing society. But can we fathom the reasons or logic to explain even to a sympathetic observer our policies as a state or our priorities or reactions as a society? There is no denying the feel-good value of platitudes. To be told that you have tremendous hidden potential as individuals and untapped resources as a state, or that things aren’t as bad as they are made out to be can be uplifting. But are we not headed in a direction that is truly frightening? This is no prophecy for doom. It is meant to consider what we would say to our kids 30 years from now when they ask us what we were thinking while merrily pursuing our suicide mission. To love a country or society like you love your parents is one thing: unconditional love, gratitude for what they did for you, and lack of desire to change them. To love a country or society as you love your kids is another: unconditional love together with responsibility for the kind of people they b ...
We are being told now that we are almost out of water. Imagine a country of 270 to 330m without water. Are we building more water reservoirs to cater for our growing needs? No, we’d rather keep fighting about the poisoned Kalabagh dam. Are we writing laws to create catchment areas in rural and urban areas to harvest rainwater that we have in abundance, as devastating floods remind us each year? No, we’d rather unravel the conspiracy of the Indus Water Treaty first.
Surprise, surprise - Lahore Chamber of Commerce wants the government to re-open negotiations on Kalabagh Dam:
All those who were seeking my comments i must say that The entire patriotic narrative that RAW is backing up Khawarij, political traitors and terrorists in Pakistan has been most powerfully depicted while accepting the judicial collapse in the country which has failed to punish the terrorists. The dirty role of ANP and all those who are opposed to Kalabagh Dam have been most strongly exposed. Respect for army and anti-terrorist police have gone through the sky and the narrative that we should talk to the Khawarij has been totally destroyed. But the most powerful aspect which has come to light is that the nation was hungry for a patriotic media and the narrative of Geo and SAFMA has been most comprehensively defeated in the country. The entire hostile information war, Aman Ki Asha, SAFMA and GEO have been humiliated beyond repair now. alhamdolillah ! ARY has emerged as a patriotic voice which is willing to stand with the nation, army and the ideology. We would strongly encourage ARY to build upon this resp ...
Conduct referendum on KBD, privatise Discos: Mansha November 03, 2013 SALMAN ABDUHU Conduct referendum on KBD, privatise Discos: Mansha LAHORE - Nishat Group chairman Mian Muhammad Mansha has said that the PML-N government is moving in the right direction as it is taking correct decisions in spite of several challenges. He expressed hope that the positive results of government decisions will start coming in from Jan 2014. Talking to TheNation Editor Salim Bokhari in his programme ‘Insight’ on Waqt News, Mian Mansha said that PM Nawaz is doing a good and positive politics, as he offered KPK government to the PTI and accepted mandate of the Pakistan Peoples Party in Sindh. Nawaz even did not interfere in Balochistan despite majority and got Dr. Abdul Malik elected as the CM of the province with a view to pacify the angry Balochis, he added. However, he admitted that the issue of appointment of high officials is pending yet and it would be resolved very soon, he expressed hope. Mian Muhammad Mansha, who ...
the main concept was about terrorism in was i guess about kalabagh dam & ussnay waisay hi movie lambi bana di
Kalabagh Dam designing took 5 years by best world consultants but took only 5 min assembly resolution to reject without a…
Except for the Kalabagh dam and the occasional pushto words thrown in. That's bloody biased. Punjabi taliban ki history bataoon, billy boy?
Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline project is as important as Kalabagh Dam, says EX PM Gillani
This article is all about Kalabagh Dam which is most contravertial issue of the pakistan Even knowing this Imran Khan and Nawaz League leaderts raising this issue perhapes tring to make happy to punjab.
Kalabagh Dam issue: PPP, ANP flared up at Imran's comment - The Express Tribune
Do you support Imran Khan's campaign for the construction of Kalabagh Dam? Yes No Don't know
Kala Bagh Dam ki mokhalfat sirf dollars k liyay now this is the proof they also took dollars from India to oppose kalabagh dam...?
PPP members protested against Imran Khan's statement regarding a campaign for construction of the Kalabagh Dam (KBD).
Farooq Jan We strongly condemn Imran Khan statement regarding KalaBagh dam. We want to tell him that your intentions and anti pukhthuns agenda is becomming clear day by day.Pukhthuns have have now realized that you have been brought by Punjab,s army,ISI and their terrorist wing Talibans. This dream of your Kalabagh will never come true. This statement shows that you are still a cricketer and yet to learn politics.Pukhthuns will slap at your face and your fate will be a lesson for other anti pukhthun politicians.
29-10-13 Leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and the Awami National Party (ANP) during a Senate session on Tuesday accused the federal government of violating clauses of the Constitution by not providing gas to industrial units in the provinces of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.The session was being headed by Chairman Senate Nayyar Hussain Bokhari.Federal Minister for Petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi of the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) told the Senate that the federal government could not provide any gas in newer areas due to the acute shortage of the resource.He further announced the decision of implementing urgent fees of Rs25000 for the installation of new gas connections, adding that after obtaining approval from the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra), 10 per cent of all new gas connections would be installed on the basis of urgent fees.During the session, Awami National Party (ANP) leader Senator Haji Adeel said providing gas and water was the basic duty of the government.He said i ...
Non cricket Post : Waar is an excellent Movie ... Bilal Leshari nailed it ...India k jali pari hai... Pakistan k har Issue ko bht alla tareke s dekhaya specially the Importance of Kalabagh dam and Involvement of Raw in terrorist activities . Jis jis n nhe dekhe get ur ticket and watch it ... Specially wo jo Kalabagh dam k against hai (Aflatoon)
Mehmood Khan Achakzai, born in 1948, is the chairman of the the biggest Pakhtun nationalist party based in Balochistan province, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP). He is also the son of Abdus Samad Khan Achakzai, who led the now defunct Pakhtunkhwa National Awami Party. After his father was assassinated in a bomb attack in Quetta in December 1973 he was elected as the chairman and took control of the reins of the party. He completed his BSc in Engineering in 1971 from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Peshawar. Achakzai was elected a Member of National Assembly for the first time in the 1993 elections from Quetta’s NA-198 constituency with the backing of the then Pakistan Muslim League. He was the only party member representing Pakhtun nationalist interests during the 2002 elections from the province, which was dominated by Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) victories. The party has opposed the Kalabagh Dam project and Mahmood Khan Achakzai has vocally expressed his reservations over the pr ...
INDIAN SILENT WAR India is completing many Dams on Jehlum& Chenab Disputed 4 large &16 small dams are operational. India is building World's 3rd largest Dam KARGIL on River Sindh. A water tunnel is now working & taking huge water of River Sindh India has completed disputed BAGLIAR Dam on River Chenab & it is working India determined to make Pakistan Desert & its Nation on knees with out firing a single bullet by 2015 A WATER WAR. And we are simply fighting on Kalabagh Dam since decades.
Water Crisis in Pakistan and its remedies SOURCES OF WATER God has blessed Pakistan with abandoned water resources, with water flowing down the Himalayas and Karakorum heights, from the world’s largest glaciers, a free and unique bounty of nature for this land of alluvial plains. As a result of this natural resource, today we have the world’s marvelous and the largest irrigation system that irrigates over 16 million hectors of land, out of 34 million hectors of cultivable land available. Basically we have two major sources of water i.e. surface water & ground water. SURFACE WATER In surface water we have three hydrologic units. First one is Indus Basin River. (a) Indus Basin River At the time of independence, we had about 67 maf water available for diversion; this amount increased to about 85 maf by 1960. In 1960 Pakistan signed a water treaty “Indus water treaty” with India, which brought major changes in the sources of water for Pakistan. In that treaty the right of three eastern rivers i.e. Bea ...
LAHORE: Prime Minister in-waiting Nawaz Sharif has been urged to start work on Kalabagh Dam to get rid of the menace of load shedding that has pushed the industrial sector on the verge of collapse.
Pervez Ktk was asked by Saleem Safi today " What is PTI stance on Kalabagh dam, he replied that it will destroy Nowshehra, Mardan Peshawar charsada. Safi then asked that it means ANP stance is correct on Kalabagh dam, he replied that I dont know what ANP stance is on Kalabagh Dam, this is ridiculous he remained in politics for thirty years and doesnt know ANP stance...Politics apni jaga laiken insan ko itna blind be nai hona chahiye , shame on u Perviaz sataka ...U were part of that Govt which pass a bill against Kalabagh dam in pukhtoonkhwa and u are saying that u dont know ANP stance..lolzz (courtesy Muhammad Ayaz YousufZai)
Linguistic war on media. By Shafqat Tanvir Mirza Since President Zardari stepped in six months ago to show-down the Sharifs through full-throated support to Seraiki province supported by almost half of people’s traditional feudal representatives from south Punjab belonging to almost all parties, especially the PPP. This was the weakest point of Zardari’s anti-majority province campaign, which actually started with his declaration that the chapter of Kalabagh Dam had been closed forever and conversion of purely ethnic province formerly known as the Frontier. Incidentally, the Frontier was the bitterest opponent of Kalabagh dam and in 2008 the America for her Afghan policy was warmly wooing the Pushtoon parties, particularly the ANP headed by Asfandyar Wali Khan. The PPP now has the only way to show-down with the PML-N through a demand for partition of the Punjab on linguistic basis. PML-N’s performance in the process of 18th Amendment renaming of the former Frontier province, and water and power issu ...
Importance Of Irrigation  1.Most of the plain areas of Pakistan have been built by alluvial soil brought by the River Indus and its tributaries.But due to deficient rainfall ,agricultural activities cannot be performed without adopting some artificial means of irrigation.So the areas lying between the rivers have provided irrigation facilities through canals and various types of crops are grown in these areas.  2.The Rivers of our country used to take millions of gallons of water into the Arabian Sea.That water is being used for canal irrigation and a number of dry desert areas have become fertile and productive regions of our country.  3.The supply of water in our rivers remains irregular during the year.To regulate the water supply throughout the year the year the water is stored by constructing barrages,dams and weirs etc.  4.The slope of our country lies from north east towards south.This helps in the construction of canals and water can easily be distributed through canals from higher ...
To build the University in Hyderabad Sindh or not. Another Kalabagh dam in offing!
To built the University in Hyderabad or not. A new Kalabagh dam is in offing!
KP demands review of Ghazi Barotha project By Ali Hazrat Bacha | 2/23/2013 12:00:00 AM PESHAWAR, Feb 22: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Friday demanded the review of Ghazi Barotha hydropower project due to objection to its design. `Ghazi Barotha project should be revisited because its execution is not in line with the original design. The undue spanning of canal has caused severe water shortage in parts of our province. We`ll not allow anyone to steal our water,` provincial information minister told a seminar at the Peshawar Press Club. Watan Welfare Society (WWS) organised the seminar titled `Water Supply Scheme to the Twin Cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi` The minister said Awami National Party had strongly resisted the construction of Kalabagh Dam and would go all-out to get the Ghazi Barotha project`s design reviewed as per the original plan. He said the agreement of Ghazi Barotha hydropower project had been violated due to increase in the spanning of the relevant canal and therefore, water of ...
Division of Punjab is part of plan for disintegration of Pakistan February 17, 2013 Leave a Comment 7 By Usman Khalid, Director Rifah Institute of Foreign affairs (RIFA) In an article titled ‘A mutiny Grows in the Punjab’, Anatol Lieven (author of Pakistan: A Hard Country) wrote the following: “The U.S. strategy toward Pakistan has been focussed on trying to get Islamabad to give serious help to Washington’s campaign against the Afghan Taliban. There are two rather large problems with this approach. The first is that it is never going to happen because Pakistani strategic calculations and the feelings of the country’s population make it impossible…. except in return for U.S. help against India—which Washington also cannot deliver. “The second problem is that it gets America’s real priorities in the region back to front. The war in Afghanistan is a temporary U.S. interest, in which the chief concern is not the reality of victory or defeat as such (if only because neither can be clearly de ...
Power may be available but few people will be able to afford it in future. The already alarming high power rates are bound to shoot up by another 30-40%. Despite 18 hours of load shedding consumers...
They sold punjab waters in their 2 water Accords of 1991/1994.Compromised on KalaBagh Dam. Reduced its Federal Pool share, a permant loss.
Listen the oppostion of Kalabagh dam this is the result of your ill opinions and why media not exposing this factor
Lost to india once again feeling very low.
- Someone has to build dam to control wastage: not Kalabagh but Kishnganga!
& people against Kalabagh dam... they even dont want to listn experts... sense required
LAHORE PUNJAB Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said Kalabagh Dam should be constructed only when there is a consensus of all the four provinces as it has now bec ...
Lahore High Court should not order Kalabagh Dam, it can only be build with consensus
On Nov 29, LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial directed the federal government to construct the Kalabagh Dam in compliance with the decision of the Council of Common Interests taken on Sept 16, 1991. This is a bold and laudable decision by the LHC chief justice. His decision has been welcomed by the people with great joy. It assured them of the much-needed relief from continuing violation of their fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution, due to unbearable hardship of loadshedding, and water and food scarcity. In fact, the current government had contravened the CCI decision of September 1991 by burying the project in May 2008. The court decision has irked some politicos. Their contention that three provincial assemblies of Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan had passed resolutions against the construction of the dam was nothing but a house of cards. They conveniently forget that the decision by the LHC chief justice to build the dam was based on the fact that its construction was approved ...
EVENTS, THOSE OCCURED ON 10th OF JANUARY (PART - 2) 1971: PPP Chairman, Z.A.Bhutto, opposes India's participation in World Hockey Cup to be held in Lahore. Resents British Prime Minister's remarks on Kashmir and says that Kashmir dispute is the result of Britian's partiality. 1972: Wali Khan and other politicians demand lifting of the Martial Law and President & Chief Martial Law Administrator, Z.A.Bhutto is asked to promulgate an Interim Constitution. 1977: Bhutto annouces polls. It is one year before due time. National Assembly is dissolved and PNA is formed by opposition parties to face and to give touch time to PPP in next elections. 1989: PPP Govt. has not given up Kalabagh Dam Scheme, say Farooq Laghari, Federal Minister. 1992: Supreme Court sets aside Federal Shariat Court's verdict declaring the Prize Bond Scheme repungnant to islamic intuctions.
Kalabagh Dam is must for Pakistan economy.
Akhori Dam (600 MW with 6.0 MAF) while Kalabagh (3600 with 6.1 MAF). Y not make at least Akhori for reservoir in Punjab?
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If we don't have consensus on Kalabagh y don't we go for Bunji 7100 MW, Dasu 4200 MW (run of river) for reservoir y not Akhori dam (6.1 MAF)
If one judgment about karachi need implement so why othe judgment about kalabagh dam why not acceptable for implement --
Expected Essay topics 4 CSS 2013 English Paper: 1.Solution to Power Crisis-Kalabagh Dam or Alternative Sources of...
Wapda had hired the Chinese consultant to conduct a feasibility study for desilting the Tarbela reservoir to recoup over 30 per cent capacity lost to silting over the years.
threatnd to destroy / if KalaBagh Dam build but it also has no importnc in ...WHY ?
TOUR of Fields which are proposed area of KalaBagh Dam. These area of very rich for Oil nd Gas, from where we are getting huge revenues.
Due to opposition of KalaBagh Dam and Electricity shortage industries shifted on self generation on gas, now we are short of both
EVENTS, THOSE OCCURED ON 6th OF JANUARY (PART - 3) 1972: Sindh Industrial Estate (SITE) comes to a standstill. Workers lay seige of the respective bossesfor fulfilment of demands. 1977: The Prime Minister, Z.A. Bhutto announces Land Reforms. Maximum allowable holdings will be 100 irrigated acres. 1980: Soviet occupation of Afghanistan is a threat to Pakistan and Iran. Says U.S President . He is very much worried .! 1992: U.S ask Pakistan to furnish accounts since 1985. Suspicion of misuse of fund provided for anti - narcotics programme. 1988: Kalabagh Dam is essentail for development. It must be constructed as soon as possible, says Rais Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, founder of the NPP.
All Patriots must learn that an Evil Neighbour of Pakistan bribed in Millions some Sindhi & KPK's leaders so they will oppose KalaBagh Dam
wedding was great bro n yesterday I watched bnn for the first time I was all over the floor specially debate about kalabagh dam
A hilarious program on BNN, discussing Kalabagh dam, Excellent portrayal of our talk shows. :)
And Finally, Lahore High Court ordered to build Kalabagh Dam .
Lahore High Court orders building of Kalabagh Dam
MQM leader Farooq Sattar also demands court notices for those who reacted on LHC verdict regarding construction of Kalabagh Dam
Kalabagh dam project is dead, says Shujaat Even Punjab is divided on the issue via
Kalabagh Dam issue should be buried for ever: Shujaat: HYDERABAD: Pakistan Muslim League
Dam issue should be buried for ever: Shujaat
Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said the issue of Kalabagh Dam should be buried for ever
Kalabagh Dam should be buried as it cant be built. Chadury Shujaat. said chadhury Shujaat.
Why? Give me your punch line against Kalabagh Dam? Do we need another Mush to make it? Politicians dont have the guts?
Urged need for harmony/tolerance, start by stop politicising Kalabagh Dam issue already 'buried' as not doable, look at other energy options
Iftikhar inaugurates upgraded school in Nowshera Says Kalabagh Dam not to be built despite court orders
people who are in favor of building kalabagh dam must read this: Kalabagh: the other view:
No consensus on Kalabagh Dam in 30 years
Small dams be made, Kalabagh Dam cannot be made, those talking about consensus are telling lie: Ch Shujat Hussain addresses in Sindh.
No consensus on Kalabagh Dam in 30 years Newsdetail.asp?nid=67851
There will be no KalaBagh dam, no Bhasha dam. Those of you who can afford please move to solar. power crisis
DADU: PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Sunday said that Kalabagh Dam issue should be buried now and that focus should be on alternate sources of energy.
Burry Kalabagh Dam, focus on alternate sources: Shujaat
Kalabagh Dam rejected by 3 provinces, What is ur party policy about it?
dam - n Sindhi nationalist abused da very Judiciary, but y there isnt any contempt against em ? why only
can comment on Choudhary statement about Kalabagh Dam.
Kalabagh Dam was not PPP's plan: MPAs: KARACHI: The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) will come…
The Kalabagh Dam issue, a christian NGO worker died in Sweden and after medical treatment in Lahore. The Taxation declearance of political..
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos govt: PPP -
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos’ govt: PPP
KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution presented against construction of the Kalabagh Dam, sources said.
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos’ govt: PPP: KARACHI: The Pakistan People Party lawmakers in Sind...
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos’ govt: PPP
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos’ govt: PPP - Source: Geo News
Kalabagh dam never planned in Bhuttos’ govt: PPP | GEO Headlines
Kalabagh Dam Issue would pool votes for ANP, PML-N & PPP.
It is not work of court to decide Kalabagh Dam construction, says Aitzaz Ahsan
WTH punjab gov take Akhori dam frm wapda n construct it rather whining for Kalabagh? Its reservoir size is equal to Kalabagh..
If harsher criticism on Kalabagh dam could be tolerated why not that by Sindh urban?
Where is contempt of courts for all those speaking against "LHC" verdict against Kalabagh Dam?
Asfandyar Wali in response to LHC threatened either Kalabagh Dam or Now where is
SUKKUR: The rulers have divided Sindh with the SPLG Act and also destroyed almost all national institutions. Pakistan Muslim League chief Nawaz Sharif said this in his telephonic address to a large public meeting in Khairpur Nathan Shah on Thursday.He said the PML-N was against the SPLG Act as it has split Sindh while the politics of the PPP have divided Pakistan as well. At the onset Nawaz apologised to the gathering saying that due to the bad weather he could not come to the town. “Terrorism, target killings and robberies have become a routine now in Sindh and during the last five years, law and order in the province has deteriorated, instead of improving.” The PML-N chief said NAB has validated the report released by the Transparency international regarding Rs 7 to 8 billion of corruption daily.On the Kalabagh Dam issue, Nawaz Sharif said the PML-N’s policy was very clear that no dam would be contructed without the consensus of provinces. “the PPP exploited the Lahore High Court’s decision on ...
Although a number of apprehensions have been expressed both by upper (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and lower (Sindh) riparian provinces, most of these are based either on disinformation or there have been reservations in the mind of some quarters without any apparent reason. Pakistan may face a serious water...
Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan PML-N, Senator Haji Muhammad Adeel ANP and Senator Saeed Ghani PPP in fresh episode of Tonight with Jasmeen on Samaa TV talk with Jasmeen Manzoor.
Pakistan Farmers Alliance (PFA), a forum of nine organisations representing growers and the agricultural sector has urged farmers to vote only for tho
KARACHI: Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro Tuesday said that the ‘big brother’ must keep in mind that three provinces are opposed to the construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD)
On "Politics Today with Dr. Mona Kazim Shah" on 1110AM, FunAsia Radio (2-4PM, CST) TTP claiming responsibility of attack on Bannu Police Station, calling ANP and MQM "Secular" and warning the masses to not attend their rallies, Hakimullah Mehsud not being replaced by Waliur Rehman. Saga of Kalabagh Dam and the views of Shamsul Mulk (covering it since the last two shows) Guests are: Rasool Dawar, Journalist (AP) Waziristan on TTP Shamsul Mulk, Ph.D., HI, is a Pakistani civil engineer and a Technocrat. Shamsul Mulk also served as the 24th Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province under the Military Government of Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf. He also served as Chairman Water and Power Development Authority WAPDA of Pakistan. He was 3rd Chairperson of Board of Governors of Sustainable Development Policy Institute. He is the strong supporter of construction of the Kalabagh Dam. Senator Zahid Khan, Sec. Info ANP from Karachi Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui Patron in Chief of MQM North Americ ...
Will ANP be able revive its glory on the basis of Kalabagh Dam issue and declaring a head money of US monk? what is your say?
I wonder why the Lahore High Court is adamant in reconsidering the Kalabagh Dam issue when elections are just six months away? Construction of this dam now will achieve what? Have any of the previously hyped cases got anywhere? Article 155 (6) of the Constitution which specifically/apparently prohibits the court’s intervention in water-related matters or complaints dealt, or to be dealt with, by the CCI. Courts and zero vision politicians have no right to decide the fate of the project. It’s a question of simple math. For example if one million Pakistanies have to suffer, but two million of the population would benefit from the construction of KBD then it must be built and vice-versa. The overall direct benefits of the dam would be around Rs25 billion per annum, thus the investment cost of project would be repaid within 10 years. There is a need to create an awareness or a consensus among the people across country convincing them that the Kalabagh dam is vital for the country. But surely, is this the ...
Kalabagh Dam issue should be resolved with consensus: Yousuf Raza Gilani
Kalabagh (Urdu: کالا باغ), a town and union council of Mianwali District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.[1] It is part of Isakhel Tehsil. It is located on the western bank of Indus River. It is the site of the proposed Kalabagh Dam. It is also famous for its red hills of the salt range and scenic view of the Indus River traversing through the hills. It also produces handicrafts especially footwear and Makhadi Halwa
Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Supports Construction of Kalabagh Dam as its in Favor of Pakistan...
Kalabagh Dam INTRODUCTION Irrigated agricultural is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. At the same time with word’s fastest growing population estimated to touch 150 million marks by the turn of the century, there is a dire need to increase agricultural production. If nothing is done, there would e approximately 25% shortfall in food grain requirements by the year 2000, Judging from current (1997) two million tones import of wheat, by that time, Pakistan could be one of the major food deficit countries in the world. Due to complete stoppage of any sizeable surface water resources development after full commissioning of Tarbala Dam during, 1976, even sustainability of existing irrigated agriculture is in serious jeopardy. With a large arable land, Pakistan still has the potential of bringing several million acres of virgin land under irrigation. An important impediment in the way of this development is insufficient control over flood water of the rivers. With virtually no limit on availability of land ...
Kalabagh Dam Project: Delay in Implementation Problem overview: Integrating stakeholders: The construction of Kalabagh Dam involved stakeholders of local provincial governments whom expressed their dissatisfaction towards the adverse impacts of the dam. Hence, the project is still under consideration because it has not received unanimous support. Meeting information requirements: Construct impact assessment of the Dam has shown that the *** also has adverse impacts to environmental conditions, such as reduce in river flow of rivers downstream. It is always better to be aware of the impact ahead of time so that problems can be managed before it is too late. Background in summary: Shortage of electricity supply generated locally: The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) and Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) are the main producers involved in power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. WAPDA has not been able to cope with the demand that is growing at an average rate of ...
INTRODUCTION Kalabagh Dam Project was designed in 1984, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program; supervised by the World Bank, for the client Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan. Following the submission of its Project Planning Report it was put up to the Federal and Provincial Governments for approval of the launching of this gigantic project. In the meantime, the project team were asked to complete the Detailed Designs and Contract Documents for making it ready to enter into the implementation stage This task was completed in another two and half years and the project was poised for start of construction in mid 1987. It was estimated to cost US$ 3.46 Billion at June 1987 level and was scheduled to be completed in 6 years, with first generating unit to be commissioned in April 1993. But unfortunately, this programme could not be materialized due to opposition from some Provincial Governments, mainly on political grounds. In spite of a widespread realization of the urge ...
Indian involvement Experts claim India was sponsoring opposition to Kalabagh Dam project through various pressure groups. He observed that Pakistani politicians could not implement major national projects like Kalabagh Dam due to political compromises and lack of national consensus, terming it an unfortunate development
Stressing over importance of the Kalabagh dam, nuclear scientist and chief of Tehrik-e-Tahafuz Pakistan (TTP) Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on Saturday said construction of Kala Bagh Dam has become imperative at this critical juncture when country is facing
Kalabagh Dam construction without majority provinces agreement means death warrant to the country
President ANP has said that 3 provinces have opposed construction of Dam in the strongest words
What is your opinion about Kalabagh Dam Establishment in which HC has ordered for the Constructions ...Comments for Favour and Against below AJ
Afrasiab Khattak asked CJ to take note of the verdict of the Lahore High Court on Kalabagh Dam!
ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan to arrive at Nishtar Hall in Peshawar to attend party jalsa. He is expected to issue a clear statment on Kala Bagh Dam Issue. A while ago, he said his party will never agree to allow its construction.
MARDAN – PML-N President Nawaz Sharif on Monday said it was better for the democratic system that the current government was completing its tenure. He also called for consensus before Kalabagh Dam’s construction.
Are you in favour of Kalabagh Dam or not ? and also tell the reason...
Staff Report KARACHI: The Sindh Assembly passed a resolution against Kalabagh Dam amid uproar and exchange of harsh words here on Friday, SAMAA reports. Provincial Finance Minister Murad Ali Shah said the dam would not be constructed during the government of the PPP. Members chanted slogans and
ISLAMABAD: A resolution moved by the PPP in the Sindh Assembly to vent out opposition to the Kalabagh Dam comes thirty-one months after a similar motion approved by the same legislature.
Good morning Pakistanis!!! What are your views about Kalabagh Dam!!!
Ref the latest program on Kalabagh Dam, was that discussion helpful in understanding what divides us on this issue? and what can be the solution?
Heated debate on Kalabagh dam in Sindh Assembly, as treasury, opposition trade allegations
Lahore High Court ordered the building of Kalabagh Dam - - via
Ruling Pakistan People Party (PPP) lawmakers on Thursday tabled a resolution in the Sindh Assembly against the construction of the controversial Kalabagh Dam project, DawnNews reported. :-/
Anti Kalabagh Dam resolution tabled in SA -
Resolution in Sindh Assembly against Kalabagh dam -
Kalabagh Dam resolution likely in Sindh Assembly today -
Ayaz Gajani - If your arguments are technically sound then off-course you have a strong case, and we should all support you, causing hurt to people downstream is not our aim; but what if they are not scientifically true? you must allow for this possibility...what if a solution lies in better understanding of issues? could it not be possible?
Kalabagh Dam:- I have read every single comment and have written them down; in jotted points they can be summed up as: Sinking of Nowshera, Misuse of Chashma Jehlum Canal, Sindh will become barren, Sea water will turn inwards, Ecology will be disturbed in Sindh, Tarbella Royalty not paid to KPK, and Why not Bhasha Dam which is the solution to all problems..? However are you aware that both India and now even Afghanistan are making the arguement that if lower riparian ie Pakistan is unable to build dams and each year surplus water flows down to the ocean then they have the right to store and utilize that surplus water...once this argument is complete then Sindh will not get the water any way...Is this on your mind?
Kalabagh Dam? ..I understand many in the Sindh and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa have serious reservations to the Kalabagh Dam. I will however like to read what your fears, concerns and objections are? we will like to discuss it tomorrow and your input will be brought into the discussion.waiting!
No Kalabagh dam without approval of the people of Sindh: Nawaz -
AWP's statement on Kalabagh dam in Dawn
Quiz What is the name of first Battle of Islam? ANS in 8 mins -Osama
"Nawaz Sharif wants consensus on Kalabagh Dam construction
Nawaz Sharif wants consensus on Kalabagh Dam construction
In this day and age of techno­logy, we should speak on the basis of verifi­able data, not on the basis of hearsa­y.
Anyone who supports Kalabagh Dam expedites the disintegration of Pakistan. As usual, Lahore High Court & PML-N takes the lead.
The PML-N chief was speaking to a public gathering on the occasion of inducting former Federal Minister Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti into his party’s folds.
Staff Report QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani said on Sunday that matters of national importance could only be decided by the elected representatives of people, adding judiciary and other institutions had no authority in this regard. According to a statement issued by the
Punjab being the sole beneficiary of Kalabath Dam is strong enough to dictat Lahore High Court to give its verdict in favor of Kalabagh Dam!
Lahore High Court passes a legal but an explosive judgment: Kalabagh Dam
"Save Water Save Pakistan" Just by Kalabagh dam we can save major areas of Pakistan from flood every year , 3800MW of electricity will be available to use and more jobs to people of Pakistan.
"Going ahead with the execution of Kalabagh Dam project in the absence of a consensus of the federating units would be damaging for the country" - Imran Khan
WeSupportPMLN because it will liberate us from ppp govt versus throw us back into their disaster
Lahore High Court decision regarding the construction of the Kalabagh Dam would deepen chaos in Altaf Hussain
Real beneficiaries of Kalabagh Dam people of Sindh: Industry
Need to know from legal expert, Can Supreme Court take suo-moto on verdict of High Court or it require new petition against the verdict? Chief Justice of Pakistan should take suo moto notice over the verdict of Lahore High Court's (LHC) regarding construction of Kalabagh Dam (KBD). Mian Iftikhar Information Ministetr KPK
Criticising LHC's decision on Kalabagh Dam, Sindh CM said his province will never accept the contentious power project
Water War against -Constructing dams in India & on river kabul in Afghan so dy r blocking water 4m both sides Kalabagh Dam
Btw which law suggest/guide Lahore High Court judges that Kalabagh Dam could be built by changing name??
Debate: What do you think of the Lahore High Court's decision to approve construction of the Kalabagh Dam?
Lahore High Court (LHC) verdict on Kalabagh Dam stirs up hornet’s nest
OMG. Lahore High Court gave the order to construct Kalabagh Dam? Brilliant!
Newz : High court ordered to build the Kalabagh Dam ..
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