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Kal Penn

Kalpen Suresh Modi (born April 23, 1977), best known by his stage name Kal Penn, is an American film and television actor, producer, and civil servant.

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Has been teen movie actor kal penn makes meme's while collecting his welfare $$
Love Kal Penn and Designated Survivor but they need the right desk in the Oval.
This is what liberals are left with: Kal Penn mocks Kellyanne Conway’s couch photo
Kal Penn Hilariously Spoofs Kellyanne Conway's Viral Couch Photo! We love the Internet. Hopping on the train...
. Kellyanne Conway set the internet on fire when she was captured in an i…
Kal Penn mocks Kellyanne Conway in hilarious photo 👈 see here 🇺🇸 🔁
Kal Penn making fun of Couchgate when he was rumored to be part of Beardgate
Kal Penn spoofs that Kellyanne Conway couch photo on the set:
Kal Penn used the "Designated Survivor" set to spoof Kellyanne Conway and "Couch-gate."
Designated Survivor's Kal Penn attempts re-enactment of Kellyanne Conway 'couch' photo -
.spoofs Kellyanne Conway couch photo on 'Designated Survivor' set
Kal Penn raises over $500K for Syrian refugees in response to bigoted Instagram comment
Kal Penn Has Raised More Than $500k in the Name of Someone Who Told Him He Doesn't 'Belong in This Country'
correction. Kal penn gave $$$ to an organization that puts $$ in the pockets of JIHADIST HAMAS pockets and teaches to hate
I find it pure comedy but that someone would tell Kal Penn he doesn't belong in our country
All I got to say Kal Penn leave go to Canada with the rest of the flunkies. I never heard of you.
Tonight on : Kal Penn was in Toronto to talk about his fundraiser for Syrian refugees that surpassed…
Kal Penn turned a hateful trolls' message into $500,000 for Syrian refugees:
Told he 'doesn't belong' in US, actor Kal Penn raises more than $500K for refugees
Montclair native and actor Kal Penn raises more than $500,000 for refugees
Kal Penn is crowdrising for Donating to Syrian Refugees in the name of the dude who said I don't belong in America:…
Actor Kal Penn raises $500,000 for refugees after being told he 'doesn't belong in America'
Kal Penn slams 'reality TV celebrity' Trump for attacks on 'privileged celebrities': via
Kal Penn 'insulted' by Trump's travel ban
Kal Penn nails Trump fans who are upset by celebrities speaking out: You voted for a reality TV star
It's time to put our money where our mouth 💰💰
Actor raised over $300k for Syrian Refugees after receiving a hateful comment on Instagram h…
Kal Penn explains how he raised over $500,000 for Syrian refugees.
Kal Penn explains how he raised more than $500K for Syrian refugees — all thanks to a troll
Kal Penn raises $500K for refugees after being told he doesn't 'belong in this country'
Actor said he feels insulted as an American by the rhetoric Trump has used in relation to the travel ban   10% Off
The adaptation includes Liam James, Sarah Steele, Austin P. McKenzie, Kal Penn and Skylar Astin in the cast, plus...
Brown dudes guide: Aziz is Aasif Mandvi, Dev Patel is Kal Penn, I am Fisher Stevens & Dinesh D'Souza is just a bunch of eels i…
If Kal Penn can do 3 Harold&Kumar movies&become Associate Director n the White House Office of Public Engagement,then u can achieve ur dream
I'm also politically independent so I'm not a fan of either the Democrat...
The point of serving your country is not to do your own thing or to go r...
Cable news is more titillating to talk about who's up and who's down and...
Kal Penn constantly sounds like he has a stuffy nose.
Kal Penn... when you think about his big break, you wouldn't expect to see him in the roles (real life, movie, TV) he pops up in.
If Kal Penn had to quit making Harold and Kumar movies while in the White House, the Exxon CEO should have to give…
You mean the Kal Penn who's now the WH Press Sec on Designated Survivor?
It was all about integers today for as and did math and arts integration.
well sure, but Kal Penn was hardly the president
Kal Penn teaches about Integers on a number line! Go Turnaround Arts!
My folks are in Jersey. And I have a lot of friends and other family there.
'Tis excellent, but it's starting to get a little silly already. Sutherland, Maggie Q and Kal Penn are awesome :-)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
if we're going to do this right w/Bernie celeb surrogates, Kal Penn for her VP
kinda like Kal Penn Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement,but I respect Kal more
That's when you get when you have Kal Penn and Keifer Sutherland in the White House.
Nice. should make the ambassador to the arts like Obama did for Kal Penn. Graduation is still my favorite album
Is this THAT odd? Wouldn't be first celebrity involved in White House: Kal Penn...
Kanye has his eyes on Kal Penn's job.
Yes. And I can tell him apart from Kal Penn, unlike the Wall Street Journal's movie critic.
A stand off with Kal Penn and Tom would have been amazing, in my opinion. I loved the ending. Will there be a sequel film?
I just don't care enough about the conspiracy. I do think Maggie Q and Kal Penn were good though.
He hasn't filled all the Cabinet or ambassador posts yet, right? I mean, Obama hired Kal Penn...
please watch and review it's an Hollywood movie with kal Penn in it.
What I love about L.A. and Washington, D.C. is that they're almost the ...
Lots of peeps asking what to do now. Here's a short guide with some answers.
The water cooler conversation in every job I've had is sports, it's what di...
Pretty sure I see kal Penn at this random
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
highlight of 2016 for me was chilling with Russell Simmons and Kal Penn. Also finally meeting Cat Stevens.
picks Kumar actor kal penn for his member and people are complaining about picks
You are so right. The storyline about PS Kal Penn dating a journalist was maybe the stupidest thing I've ever seen on tv.
I refuse the development that Kal Penn works for Lex. *** Kal is never on the dark side
Hey Kal Penn is in this?so far I'm invested in this adventure
To the folks walking around the District of Columbia, I would say this:...
Met today, pick up a friend of his thru Uber. Cool guy. Sorry I thought you were Kal Penn.
The Wall Street Journal's review of Lion mixed up Dev Patel with Kal Penn & people got angry:…
The Wall Street Journal's movie critic confused Dev Patel and Kal Penn in his review of https:/…
In the real White House today with Bo & Sunny! What a brilliantly informative trip. Hugest thanks to Kal Penn
Liked Designated Survivor, but think there's a slightly more interesting version with a Jason Segel or Kal Penn in the lead. Bit of comedy.
no, it had McBrayer who was godly, Ali Wentworth, Kal Penn, Niecy Nash...oh Cheryl Hines & Mario someone (I liked him)
Kal Penn would love to work with Amitabh Bachchan - The Indian Express
Kal Penn, Roshan Seth Irrfan Khan, Om Puri (all done multiple big films), Aishwariya, Shabana Azmi etc just off top of my head
The execrable Van Wilder 2 spun off Kal Penn's character from the first film.
back when I had hair, people walked up to me thinking I was Sendhil Ramamurthy or Kal Penn; I resemble neither. I feel you.
Kal Penn explains just how much you should be
Fanfic: Follow the data to Kal Penn's house .
Fanfic: Kal Penn gives me the 'Big Picture' on butt stuff .
has a documentary series on DATA with
i was recently asked about my celebrity 5 and all i could come up with was "joakim+kal penn" and i TOTALLY forgot jeff goldblum
Also the ep where they took out Kutner because Kal Penn got a job at the White House. Always so awkward to have to write that stuff in
right now I'm watching the big picture with Kal Penn and it's SO INTERESTING
Also, I didn't realise Kal Penn is in this movie. And Noel Neil, the second TV Lois Lane.
Was anybody else wondering what the *** Kal Penn was doing in Superman Returns?
is up and running again, starting with The Big Picture with
If you need a distraction, I started watching this series , it's interesting w/a lot of statistics to get lost in❤️
and this is why I still love Kal Penn
Never mind Kal Penn is american.and quit working on "House M.D." so he could work for Obama.
Kal Penn is the brown man every average brown man should strive to be.
Kal Penn's on is full of some awfully myopic statistics. But hey at least it's dressed up as fancy infographics.
Big Picture with Kal Penn is pretty interesting
Big picture with Kal Penn has to be one of the most interesting shows I've seen in a long time!!
Thank you, Kal Penn, for your endorsement of Bernie Sanders!
While George Clooney and Brad Pitt coolly case banks, Kal Penn breaks codes five mins into movie. Roll end credits.
Let's welcome the king of White Castle Kal Penn to our family. . Penn's feature film debut came in 1998 in...
calm down now it's ok I liked kal penn better ask token "LOL WEED" guy
remember when kal penn thought he was important enough to weigh in on NYC's ban on stop-and-frisk policy
Go watch The Big Picture with Kal Penn it's a good documentary about drugs
Kal Penn talks the big picture of big data on his new National Geographic show via
The congestion in Kal Penn's voice is so distracting. I much prefer Lisa Ling as a narrator.
You're a mixture between Raj from TBBT and Kal Penn, so yes, you could do it.
If you are looking for something to watch today on your Sunday... Check out "Big Picture with Kal Penn" on Netflix.
Sports isn't just a part of life. It's not life itself. — Kal Penn
Wait, I dozed off for a second there. How'd he overcome the kryptonite issue? 20 minutes ago Kal Penn was able to whoop his ***
Kal Penn manages to survive a surprising amount of for a guy with no dialogue.
Wait, has Kal Penn said anything yet? We're half way through and I swear he hasn't had a line.
More fun with murder! EXCLUSIVE: Kal Penn Turns to Horror in Brutal 'The Girl in the Photographs' Trailer
Just one question, did Kal Penn smell like White Castle?
usually for ambassadorial or government positions a la Kal Penn a few years back
Kal Penn use to be the biggest Indian name few years ago ! Because of Harold n Kumar ,Van Wilder etc
The big picture on Netflix is pretty good but Kal Penn was not the right choice for a host imo
Can't be worse than when Kal Penn got written out of house because he got a job with Obama.
Kal Penn hosting documentaries now, it's genius
That new kal penn show on Netflix is pretty bad ***
You should watch this. "The Big Picture with Kal Penn" season 1 episode 1. Crime inc... Show Truth on US problems, Thank U.
The Girl in the Photographs Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Kal Penn, Mitch Pileggi ... -
I liked a video from Sex for Athletes: No Strings Attached (ft. Kal Penn & Zak Orth)
Kal Penn explains the difference between checking and savings accounts
Kal Penn explains the 3 different types of interest rates
John Cho and Randall Park would make a great buddy comedy duo. Although Cho had that covered already with Kal Penn
What a watch! Kal Penn, Rajpal Yadav, Martin Sheen! If you've not watched this one yet, do! — watching Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain
Kal Penn or Dev Patel. Whoever can do the most convincing South African Indian accent.
Has anyone ever seen Kal Penn and Zach Braff in the same place at the same time?
Beck resembles Anders Behring Breivik, ergo, according to Harris, we should arrest Kal Penn? I'm confused.
How Kal Penn changed careers to being a speech writer for Obama so they killed off Kutner
Can a brown person besides Kal Penn be respectable in western media without having to make an Indian accent
UMMM he looks like a white Kal Penn! 😍
The only time White Castle made vegetarian burgers was for 'Harold and Kumar' because Kal Penn is a vegetarian.
Everything is for everybody. If you have a pulse you deserve it. Because slavery.
Wait kal penn should be on the Mindy project
What? So sorry to hear about Soccer Gods. Hope they bring you back for election specials with Kal Penn. We love you Nando.
Hollywood all for Free Brainwashing, I mean , college.
I didn't know Kal Penn aka Kumar, aka Dr. Kutner worked in Politics now?!
"In the wise words of the great Kal Penn..."
Family Feud with Kal Penn. And then they're all going to try to find a White Castle.
They got Kal Penn to host the Family Feud? Wow.
But would they include an actual picture of you, or accidentally post a picture of, say, Kal Penn?
5 Things You Should Know About Kal Penn of THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS: If you're like most people you know Ka...
Zach Braff look like white Kal Penn no?
Now watching kal penn on national geographic.
So Kal Penn (Kumar) used to be the Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liason. What a career trajectory.
Watching National Lampoons Van Wilder. only watching it for Kal Penn. Caramel sex on a stick 😱
Just another typical Friday night, hangin with a camel and
"One of the key contributors to the invention of modern computer age was LSD" - Kal Penn (NATGEO The Big Picture)
I met Kal Penn at work today.. You could say I love my job
tell them to stop I love penn state
Temple is just outplaying penn state in all aspects
Vice President Kal Penn and the Aviator Fist Bump: Live from ... via
Actor/producer Kal Penn wants you to know a few things about
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Mark Shapiro: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay [Blu-ray]: Kal Penn and John Cho make a great comedy duo.
Love how Obama appeals to stoners w/ the Kal Penn ad, but does nothing to stop the intense crackdown on the dispensaries he said he'd allow.
Throwback to the paparazzi gettin' in on the action with Kal Penn 👍…
My ortho doc looks like Kal Penn. Also, I have a torn meniscus.
He looks like if Craig Ferguson and Kal Penn had a baby and that baby grew up to be the handsomest yearly presence in my life.
Wendi McLendon-Covey and Kal Penn cast in adaptation of off-Broadway play SILENCE & DEBATE:
I liked a video Interview with Kal Penn, John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris
u might be if u star in Harold & Kumar and you r named Kal Penn. And not Kalpen Suresh Modi. What a sellout!
Kal Penn with a colonial haircut on this episode of Buffy omg
Due to a scheduling conflict, Kal Penn will no longer be speaking at Lindenwood University on April 22.
(but on a real note, I've listened to the Live as SF Sketchfest & Kal Penn episodes so far tonight.)
Nat Geo's new show features with Kal Penn by
On Board with Kal Penn: Travels with President Obama in India: via // Love the cartoon @ end!
Kal Penn to star in modern thriller on Salem witch trials ‘The Sisterhood of the Night’
I had forgotten that Kal Penn was one of Lex Luthor's hapless henchmen in the god awful Superman Returns.
Kal Penn in Superman Returns is the funniest thing I've seen.
yep Beer Bad. Young Kal Penn is in it too! Not a great ep
Hold On playing in the hardware store. Picturing John Who and Kal Penn being completely adorable
That's actually what Kal Penn ate in the movie because he's Hindu.
Is this anything like when Kal Penn got mugged on his way out of DC after O was done with him??
remember when we took a picture with Kal Penn?! happy birthday to my dear sumiaa❤️
“I've been told I look like Kal Penn ;)”... No, no you don't.
I've been told I look like Kal Penn ;)
Remember when Kumar turned out to be a gross centrist shill who was into stuff like Stop and Frisk
restarting my obsession with Kal Penn in 2015 idcidc
Bunch of people pass by my brother whispering "That dude from Harold and Kumar!" He bears 0 resemblance to Kal Penn.
There is a character in Oggarane who looks like Kal Penn in drag :P
"Kal Penn, who plays Kumar, is a vegetarian, so technicians made veggie Castles for him."
Samuel L Jackson as Joseph Kony with John Cho Kal Penn for the "ha-ha's" Hollywood make this NAO !!
S/O to the entire Camp Hill senior class for cheering on East Penn tonight
domain names
lol you made me look this up. I woulda put my money on kumar though.
and Q could be Kal Penn's Taj Mahal Badalandabad character!
Kyle claims he'd be the valedictorian at East Penn
ik they killed him cause kal penn had to leave but WHY SUICIDE NO MY KID
The official trailer of the much anticipated movie ‘Bhopal A Prayer For Rain’ starring for the first time Mischa Barton, Kal Penn and Martin Sheen in an Indi...
Kal Penn raped an American Airlines ticket agent.
Ending the night with some Harold & Kumar. Been too long since I pulled out these DVDs, but Kal Penn & John Cho are awesome.
Now how about some MOC? : D John Cho, Denzel, Antonio Banderas, Kal Penn, and Urkel : )
Leonard Maltin category suggestion: Harold and Kumar Go to Doug Loves Movies. Movies with John Cho or Kal Penn.
.will be on Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. Also on the show: Kal Penn and Eva Longoria.
I’d like to work with Zoya Akhtar, do a buddy comedy with Saqib Saleem-Kal Penn
Miniature supervisor Leigh Took and photographer Stefan Lange have shared images of some beautiful work that Leigh’s company, Mattes & Miniatures Visual Effects Ltd., created for the upcoming environmental thriller, “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain.” The film, starring Kal Penn, Martin Sheen and Mischa Barton, tells the story of Bhopal, a small Indian town that, in 1984, fell victim to the negligence of a U.S.-owned chemical manufacturing plant built in its midst. Mattes & Miniatures built a scale model of the Union Carbide plant, and portions Bhopal, in its London studio. The model crew was motivated by the film’s subject matter and improvised techniques. “I think we spent a maximum of £200 on materials,” said Leigh Took. “We used lots of cardboard tubes, Red Bull cans and Christmas lights.” Motion control camera operator Boyd Skinner is pictured in the first image; modelmaker Chris Walker is in the second, wielding a small camera. Photos are by Stefan Lange. Revolver Entertainment will releas ...
Martin Sheen and Kal Penn were at the party at work, I died a little 😍😍 (@ Todd English Food Hall -
Kal Penn keeps snapchatting me without me actually snapchatting him first omg is this a dream
That was misdirected and meant for Reggie Love or Kal Penn.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Just realised Kal Penn don't smoke weed (never did) and he works for the White House as an Associate Director..
Wake UP BAKES! You know what I know cause of Kal Penn?? My mom lets it ooze out man!! You are not senial!! You are justice!!
checked out my snowing in August photo from tahoe yesterday I was so excited I showed my whole family lol Kal Penn is awesome
Just like the time I thought Kal Penn was emailing me, but really he was picking up campaign contributions for last election...
When I was 14 someone characterized me as kal penn's character from American desi and it became a self fulfilling prophecy
My geology professor sounds like Danny DeVito mixed with Kal Penn.
My professor made a movie with Kal Penn. It's his claim to fame.
Can't take Kal Penn seriously in House because of Harold and Kumar
Good morning snapchat from Kal Penn. Life made
~ Kal Penn at OFA North Carolina Volunteer and Register to Vote -
Kal Penn just added me on snapchat 😱😱😂
Does anyone know/remember that Kal Penn played a literal Neanderthal in a 1999 episode of
*patiently waits for Kal Penn to open my Snapchat*
~ First Lady Michelle Obama and Kal Penn Watch Live from Charlotte Tonight at 8 pm ET -
So I'm friends with Kal Penn on snapchat! This is on his story:
Because of how they handled Kal Penn committing career suicide...
hi guys Kal Penn replied to me on snapchat bye
Update on update: Kal Penn has opened my snapchat.
Holy crap, just watched one of my stupid snaps!! At least I hope it's the real Kal Penn.😒
kal penn works for the gorvenment in real life. thats the brown guy from Harold and Kumar
The real Kal Penn added me on Snapchat, so my night has pretty much been made.
Added on snapchat, better bust out those Kal Penn t-shirts we made back in 2002 CC:
Added Kal Penn on snapchat from 'Harold & Kumar get the munchies' and he's only added me back; awesome
why does kal penn STILL go by kal penn
You're Kal Penn.. You can make anything fun... Go for it
confession: i have a weird attraction to Kal Penn and Adam Scott oooHHoH
Kal Penn showing up for the last episode of House is great. Also why does the oncologist get cancer, that is just bad writing. But good.
"Can we re-make the party? Does brownface still play, or do we need to get Kal Penn or Danny Pudi?" - Hollywood producer spit-balling.
If we count David Shore, this is our third former this TCA. (Also, Lisa Edelstein and Kal Penn. And Penn is a part of BC.)
Kal Penn and John Cho had a table read for the upcoming 'Harold and Kumar' animated series recently:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Get ready for 'Harold & Kumar: The Animated Series': John Cho and Kal Penn reunite for new series' firs...
you know of John Cho and Kal Penn smoke in real life? .
Oh no! It's the season finale of Adam Scott & Kal Penn guest star >>
Neil Patrick Harris owes his entire comeback career to Kal Penn & John Cho.
Official interview of John Cho & Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar, respectively) for their new film, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D. These guys are just fun to...
First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first-ever White House Talent Show on Tuesday, and actor and former White House staffer Kal Penn attended the event. Penn joins Morning Joe to discuss. lists Jared Leto, Russell Simmons, Kal Penn & Michael Bolton on honorary board Eclectic, to say the least
reminds me of how some conservatives were basically writing Obama/Kal Penn slashfic as they theorized abt their ~relationship~
status: Kelly Ripa's movie starts of with a medicine dropper that looks like a Shiv ling. Kal Penn wears an OM symbol in American Desi. etc.
remember that one time Kal penn went to work for obama and his character on House had to die? because that ruined my life
CBS WILL BE INTRODUCING 9 NEW FALL 2014 TV SHOWS. Check them out and let me know which ones you will be watching!! 1. CSI: CYBER (Starring Patricia Arquette) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spinoff series revolving around Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) in charge of the Cyber Crime Division at Quantico, Virginia 2. NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (CAST: Scott Bakula, Paige Turco, Lucas Black, CCH Pounder, and Zoe McLellan) Set at the NCIS New Orleans office, which handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle 3. STALKER (CAST: Dylan McDermott, Maggie Q, Mariana Klaveno, and Victor Rasuk) Psychological thriller revolves around a pair of detectives who handle stalking incidents for the Threat Management Unit of the LAPD 4. SCORPION (CAST: Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Ari Stidham, and Ernie Hudson) American drama about an eccentric genius and his international network of super-geniuses who form the last line of defense against the complex threats o ...
I'm sad that Kal Penn quit House. Kutner was my favorite.
"& get new shows, but another promising American actor fired.
Kal Penn will run for office in NJ in _ years
E!: Yoo hoo, & coming back to network TV, but another American actor fired.
All purpose parts banner
did you guys know that Kal Penn is worth $15 million
E!: Groundbreaking network show for Americans cancelled. 3 others picked up. &
E!: New fall network shows to air featuring & but another with# Asian Am gets cancelled
E!: & to appear in new Fall TV shows, but another show with Asian American gets cancelled
Word? What did Kal Penn do this time? “TERRIBLE. But to be expected with the anti-Muslim Modi.”
Wow Vince Gillian has a new show with Dean Winters and Kal Penn on CBS? I'm intrigued.
Kal Penn, CNN's Don Lemon, Rosario Dawson, and journalist Laura Ling at in the past year.
Turned off beginning scenes of all Harold & Kumar movies & American Desi Movie. Worked on Kal Penn movies.
If Kal Penn comes to showcase I'm going to walk up to him and slip him a White Castle gift card to say thanks for coming
I wish Kal Penn didn't leave House. Kutner was my favorite.
UCLA students in Fiat Lux classs taught by Kal Penn meet President Obama at LAX
People are meeting Kal Penn and Obama in their fiat lux, and I'm just here, stuck in my thermodynamics class.
Woohoo! Judy Greer liked my photo, step out of the way Kal Penn, there's a new token Indian guy in Hollywood
Kal Penn and his UCLA class met Pres yesterday. The class? "Hope, Change, and Fist Bumps." Pics:
how did I not know that kal penn is teaching a fiat lux here?!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Some lucky UCLA students got to meet President Obama when he arrived at LAX yesterday. Learn how actor Kal Penn's Fiat Lux seminar got facetime with POTUS and Mayor Eric Garcetti.
From UCLA to the White House, and back: Kal Penn's Fiat Lux students greet President Obama.
Sounds like a tragedy to me :P Kal Penn, dei. Bloody awesome
The saddest part of my highschool life was Kal Penn commiting suicide on House.
Kal Penn & DePauw on List of 'Commencement Speakers to Watch Out For' - DePauw University
Kal Penn class is "Hope, Change, and Fist Bumps: Young Americans and The Obama Presidency." Students met POTUS today.
Um, I didn't get to do that in college. | Students in Fiat Lux class taught by Kal Penn meet
"can we be friends and hang out and skip and do fun things together?I feel like its bound to happen..." tbt ryan
I'm in a class taught by Kal Penn and he took us to the Airforce One landing.
Kal Penn talking to group of UCLA students he teaches. They get to greet the president, and they're…
I've been told that I remind people of Kal Penn...I don't mind.
I have an awkward crush on Kal Penn from Harold and Kumar
Lols. Kal Penn left House to work for Obama.
Movie made on 1984 Bhopal disaster in Madhya Pradesh, where Union Carbide Corporation killed nearly 16K people and injured 500K through what is thought to have been a hydrogen cyanide gas cloud. Weird casting Kal Penn, Martin Sheen, and Mischa Barton for it.
Kal Penn in Superman Returns..and now Danny Pudi in Winter Soldier. STOP with the stupid comedian cameos in movies they don't belong in
Imagine I'd Kal Penn was the Temple of Doom Priests son, and they interacted? Oh Man.
Kal Penn is an American actor, best known for his roles in House, Harold and Kumar movies and How I Met Your Mother.
How cool? "Kumar" of the Harold and Kumar movies, now a White House aide, is this year's commencement speaker? Nice.
I don't know why, but Andrew Garfield looks like a white Kal Penn to me...
You have to be especially talented to make pop music? Lmao, what? Yeah, and Kal Penn is some groundbreaking actor lmao ok
Of course it's trendy. And they're Americans, not Indian nationals. And seriously? PC is a better actor than Kal Penn lmao
New Vince Gilligan show set in Battle Creek and stars Kumar:
I want to see a remake of Some Like It Hot with Kal Penn as Tony Curtis and John Cho as Jack Lemmon
Photo: smittyroo: Kal Penn just called Olivia Wilde “Thirteen”. My life is complete
"Kenan and Kal (Penn)" just does not have the same ring to it...
Robin dated Kal Penn on the show! And Wayne Brady is Barney's brother! Jeez.
...great. Kal Penn just called Olivia Wilde Thirteen. nice :)
..especially post breaking up with Kal Penn. Also with Barney, the whole Nora Quinn thing. Sheeesh! So much toying with our minds.
robin dated 2 brown people! (kal penn and enrique iglesias) I'm p sure everyone Ted ever dated was white.
Got invited to an event featuring John Legend, Kal Penn, and a few other big names but it's $630 😩
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Kal Penn will speak at DePauw's 2014 commencement! Don't miss your chance to see him at 2014 this summer!
I need to revisit that movie! Kal Penn was so hilar as the thug Gujju.
1 more rsn to like Kal PennThere's not a dry eye on my couch. And I'm the only one on my couch. That was beautiful.
Kal Penn and Robin would have been better
Here's a one finger salute to all the *** tool celebrities who tried to sell us on ObamaCare "Get Covered".A partial list of the usual suspects: Taye Diggs, Kate Bosworth, Amy Poehler, Kal Penn, Jennifer Hudson, Olivia Wilde, Rosario Dawson, Pharrell Williams, Mia Farrow, Verne Troyer, Sophia Bush, Katy Perry, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Cera, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Ray, Connie Britton, Kerry Washington, Sarah Silverman, Lance Bass, Lady Gaga and many more.May there be a circle in *** reserved just for you!
You do look like Kal Penn, you also look like Michael Pena, but I'm sure your more awesome 😎You'll love Shooter!
Kal Penn was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thank you, netflix!
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