Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza

Kaizer Motaung (born October 16, 1944) is a former South African soccer player and founder of the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club, of which he is still chairman and managing director. Irvin Khoza (born 27 January 1948 in Alexandra) is a South African soccer administrator. Nicknamed Iron Duke / Squveve , he is the Chairman of Orlando Pirates Football Club, Chairman of the South African Premier Soccer League and by virtue of this, Vice-President of the South African Football Association. 5.0/5

Kaizer Motaung Irvin Khoza Patrice Motsepe Jomo Sono Kaizer Chiefs Dr Irvin Khoza South Africa Orlando Pirates Jimmy Tau Danny Jordaan Kaizer Motaung Snr Julius Malema Gordon Igesund South African Ellis Park Standard Bank Arena Robert Marawa Fikile Mbalula

SAFA should be dissolved... the likes of Danny Jordaan as well as PSL's Irvin Khoza and Kaiz…
The PSL was founded by Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Jomo Sono
Kaizer Motaung in class and Irvin Khoza is a teacher. KHOZA: Why do parallel lines never meet. KAIZER: Because no...
Jomo Sono with Dr Irvin Khoza and Mr. Kaizer Motaung are the pioneers of our soccer they must be honoured more in S.A#
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung,be reminded,future of SA soccer lying in ur hands,don't destroy it now ,please stop it.
This is not what both Kaizer Motaung & Dr Irvin Khoza has hoped for... Their legacy is under threat due to current crop of players
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung can learn a lot from Sir Patrice Motsepe about selflessness and running a team like a well-oi…
Can Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza open up their own insurance companies&all black people move their policies there? . Path to
For the sake of progression, Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung must take a back sit into the affairs of their clubs. Both clubs have stagnated
Kaizer Motaung , Jomo Sono, Irvin Khoza respectively these three gentlemen have done so much for football in this country .
What is the use of watching a Soweto Derby match when Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and know the result before the match starts?
The day that complicity between Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung made them agree to share Vodacom sponsorship the Soweto Derby died.
Kaizer Motaung, Patrice Motsepe unambitious club bosses must come to Irvin Khoza for lessons.
The contributions to football of Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Jomo Sono were honoured by the JSE today. ht…
SA legends Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung & Jomo Sono have been honoured for their contribution to football by the Johann…
Steve Komphela: "It's important to have our Chairmen's (Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza) backing and it allows us...
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Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung need to start taking us seriously.
Congrats to my Hero's Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza & Jomo Sono to open JSE Market on 27 Jan 2016
Dr. Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung Snr & Jomo Sono are set to be honoured for their contribution to football in Mzansi.
Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza are two sides of the same coin. Just that the other one is a sly crook, while the other on…
Kaizer Motaung is the founder, chairman & owner of Kaizer Chiefs 🙌🏻🙌🏻 who owns Orlando Pirates? It's definitely not bra Irvin Khoza
Kaizer Motaung, Jomo Sono did it. Own teams and now along with Irvin Khoza, they run the…
In an open letter to Irvin Khoza, Chairman of Orlando Pirates Football Club and Kaizer Motaung, Executive...
Today my speculations have been confirmed that Kaizer Motaung fears Irvin Khoza.
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung, they must call this tournament off,and consider what PUDEMO is advising them from,refrain peasee
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung claimed teams can't cope with busy off season schedule when they scrapped the Telkom Charity Cup. These goons
for Mayor? is this an early April fool's Joke. What next: Irvin Khoza or kaizer Motaung running for of Gauteng Premier?
did you forget about Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza, or is it only Danny Jordaan fault that our football is going nowhere?
Now that has been appointed mayor, I nominate Dr. Irvin Khoza to run the SABC and Kaizer Motaung to take over at Eskom.
I don't thing the like of Baxter, Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza, and many more knows what is happening ryt nowme either!!
The PSL has been in the control of Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung sofa nini Jesu
Great entrance by Irvin Khoza, recognising Kaizer Motaung especially for winning the League with Chiefs
If only Irvin Khoza was as serious as Kaizer Motaung...
Local football journos have sold their souls to either Irvin Khoza & Kaizer Motaung or to both, no integrity left in game
I wish I was an accomplished writer. We have so much stories. Lucas Radebe, Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung, Shoes, Dr.Khumalo...etc;
How Irvin Khoza lost his tooth??. Early in 80's Irvin Khoza cheated Kaizer Motaung with screamer Tshabalala.
That awkward moment when the navigator tells Somizi Mhlongo, Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung to go straight.
Irvin Khoza once gave Kaizer Motaung the Chairman's award, after receiving the award, Kaizer Motaung hugged and...
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung own the PSL "What is Pitso talking about?"
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung can call me anytime even with a private number, I will and answer no matter what! This Busisiwe girl is lucky
I'm looking at Kaizer Motaung and Irvin khoza and they are looking old. They look old but man the stories they can tell.
Irvin Khoza: They gave support to all of our players you see today as Kaizer Motaung , Jomo Sono, Amos Mkhari
It only a matter of years before Mamelodi Sundowns signs Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung and tell them to remain at their teams
Some people can learn a thing or two from Dr Irvin Khoza of Africa defines history please and Mr Motaung.
can u please invite Patrice Motsepe, Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung to analyze the World Cup final for us please!
Jomo Sono is supposed to be on the same level as Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza but he doesn't have the brains...
And so will the owners of Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, Motaung and Irvin Khoza. Tomorrow they are voting ANC.
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza would easily win elections though
Banna ke gore u wanna tell me hore Julius he is gonna lead Patrice Motsepe &Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung this is gonna b a joke.
ul neva hear Kaizer Motaung,Irvin Khoza or Patrice Motsepe a tshega Batswana are gaba supporte team tsa bone mo Bots ba supporta tsa S.A coz they knw how football is n they like it..baba buang jalo ke diparo hela tse di senang mosola...and having said dat SHAPA KHOSI SHAPA
"He had this facade of someone without any problems, he had an image that gave investors’ confidence." Irvin Khoza on Kaizer Motaung!
Dr Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung should continue hiring foreigners till SA coaches take themselves seriously we can't have interns 1/2
According to Friday's Cape Times, a strong delegation from the PSL, including chairperson Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and John Comitis, met ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and three of the ruling party's executive members to discuss Mbalula's comments and also the issues surrounding the release of Bafana players for the tournament.
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza play golf together while exchanging business ideas. They are friends socially and professionally. Chiefs and Pirates fans on the other hand gain nothing from stabbing each other in taverns!
Patrice Motsepe always attending events but You'll never see Irvin Khoza or Kaizer Motaung attending any event .
Jomo Sono has eyes to spot talent, Kaizer Motaung has eyes to spot good coach and administratos, what about Irvin Khoza.
Only in South Africa where clubs are bigger than national team.The day Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Patrice Motsepe support Danny Jordan then the national team will work Ndiyacinga nje
I hope that chairman Kaizer Motaung now knows exactly the kind of man that is Irvin Khoza. Talk about being blindsided!
Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Jomo Sono how good where they in thier playing days,
The most postively influencial people as far as i'm concerned are: Dj Sbu, T'bo touch, Rebeca Malope, Zola, Mthunzi Namba, Lucas Radebe, Mfundi Vundla, Nick Duradnt, Andile Galisiwe, Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza and Zahara. If all these people can continue doing what they do,empowering the lives of South Africans,i have no doubt in my mind that South Africa will be a great nation. God bless.
Igesund confident that Chiefs players will report for duty 4 January 2014 15:06 1 Bafana Bafana coach Gordon Igesund. Bafana Bafana coach Gordon Igesund is confident that the Kaizer Chiefs players who failed to arrive for national team duty will do so by tomorrow. “All the players are here except the Kaizer Chiefs players. There was a meeting yesterday, negotiations with Kaizer Chiefs took place,” Igesund said in Cape Town today. “Later on today, there will be a full statement regarding that. I would like to thank Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza for engaging in the negotiations and to try and assist where they can. “Everyone has come to the party and it looks like I will be having my full squad. The Kaizer Chiefs players will hopefully be arriving tomorrow.” Igesund has been battling for the past few weeks to try and make sure that the players he called up for the tournament are available to him. Bernard Parker, Siphiwe Tshabalala, Itumeleng Khune, Tsepo Masilela and Tefu Mashamaite are all part ...
Little Giant Ladders
"Sundowns will release all players in line with tele-conference meeting involving Jordaan, Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Patrice Motsepe."
I wish Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza were the politians with their own political party I was going to vote their party next year. Hayi ma hands are tired now
South African Football Association The South African Football Association (SAFA) would like to reiterate the agreement reached during the International Affairs Committee meeting which resolved the issue of player release for the CHAN tournament. The meeting which took place on 23 December 2013, and agreed to a caucus break for SAFA President and members Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Patrice Motsepe (who joined on the tele-conference), re-affirmed the importance of balancing the need to have a strong team for CHAN 2014 while allowing some PSL games to be played during this period. This meeting agreed that the match between Mamelodi Sundowns and Kaizer Chiefs scheduled for 28 January 2014 be brought forward to 23 January 2014, which is a rest period between the last round and quarter-finals of the CHAN tournament. This decision was reported to all members who endorsed it as the final decision of the Committee. The above mentioned parties agreed that playing this match in January will alleviate the congest ...
Chiefs forced to release players for Chan Safa president Danny Jordaan adds: “The meeting was cordial and was held in the pursuit of the best interest of football and the country. I want to thank Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Patrice Motsepe for their cooperation to ensure that South Africa’s best interest is served. Kaizer Motaung is aging to allow this nonsense
watching Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung with Robert Marawa chatting about Madiba Tata
The formation of PSL was Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza's brainchild.
Orlando Pirates Football Club have taken all their caf registered players to the the egyptian capital ahead of the final of africa's most prestigious tournament Irvin Khoza,Kaizer Motaung along with SAFA representatives will depart tomorrow evening
Fikile Mbalula,Irvin Khoza,Kaizer Motaung Snr&Danny Jordan will also be flying to Cairo for CAF Champions League...
People are so disrespectful.Okay fine kaizer Motaung,Danny Jordaan, Fikile Mbalula, Irvin Khoza, Patrice Motspe are at my grand dads funeral
Dear Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza. Please book 5 Flights to Egypt.for second-leg.for supporters to go rally behind ''Orlando Pirates FC''. . Thats all i'm asking.not too much is it.. Khosi-4-life.
Breaking news!Irvin Khoza have promised Kaizer Motaung at a press conference today that if the support is good from Kaizer Chiefs that the first star will be donated to the Khosis.it was reported today that all tickets has been sold out and 90 precent was brought by KC supporters!They really want their star.
What a Derby. Remember, Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza are friends.
Itz a known secret Kaizer is Khozas puppet or a YeS Man if u rather Khoza or Kaizer Motaung.
Such disrespect to Mr Motaung though :( "Irvin Khoza or Kaizer Motaung.
ISN'T IT TIME FOR CHANGE? I have come to realise that we as a nation are focusing on the battle of political power and its struggles. Whilst there are other spheres that need public intervention and thorough engagement like PSL and SAFA. Don't forget that soccer is one other sporting code that unites the nation and has the same impact as politics to a certain extend. Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung are the moguls or rather I say self-impossed gods of the PSL and they have been there even before the soccer league was changed into PSL (NSL,etc). If we really want change in the bigger part (politics), I suggest we start small. Everything and everyone has evolved from one position to the other, but the 2!!! Ignoring this issue is very dangerous, because these people will continue to do as they please everywhere in the country. E.G. Motaung Bobby's murder and fraud charges were thrown out of court and dismissed because of lack of evidence, even though the were papers and slight pieces of that. And this is what ...
South African football is controlled by Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung even though Jordaan won SAFA presidence but if they want they can make him fail in that hot seat.
Jordaan: I've worked with Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung for over 20 years. I will continue to work with them.
Majority of South Africans love soccer. Danny Jordaan, Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza and Patrice Motsepe are ANC members
The PSL is one of the richest leagues in the world due to Irvin Khoza & Kaizer Motaung. How has Khoza being PSL chairman harmed the league?
Irvin Khoza! Irvin Khoza! You think South African football is all about you sies!! Kaizer Motaung for your constant behavior
Moved. Watching Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung give R2m to SANDF
accordin to Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung is for children of soldiers who lose their lives on line of duty
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza sold out!!This Carling Cup doesn't have that 'ummmff'. Charity Cup had! And it was more accommodating!
Jimmy Tau thanks Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung for opportunity to captain Pirates & Chiefs. I thought coaches not chairmen choose captains
Jimmy Tau:"To Irvin Khoza & Kaizer Motaung thank you for the honour of allowing me to lead your teams."Tau has just an…
Jimmy Tau has retired from football on his 33rd birthday, he has thanked Kaizer Motaung and Dr Irvin Khoza for leading their teams.
"I know I served with loyalty and pride. Thank you to Kaizer Motaung and Dr Irvin Khoza, for allowing me to lead their teams." - Jimmy Tau
Lol bathi Kaizer Motaung borrowed Irvin Khoza the R500 000 they won on sunday to buy Kermit Erasmus
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza are greedy old men. Why are they isolating other teams?! Anything for money
Orlando Pirates signs Lennox Bacela a 30 year old who scored 6 goals last season half of those penalties.Irvin Khoza is clearly no Kaizer Motaung iKhosi always has a plan and vision us(Pirates)we are run by short sighted ***
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lied saying he met with Kaizer Motaung only for Irvin Khoza to say GI wasn't at that meeting
Irvin Khoza tells us that Igesund wasn't even at the meeting where he claims Kaizer Motaung gave him permission to pick Chiefs players
Somebody must just warn Gordon Igesund that in SA football you don't touch Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung on their studios.For the sake of stability in Bafana Bafana Gordon must apologize and withdraw KC players from his squad.
Motlatsi modumo wrote 1. Irvin Khoza (PSL Chairman), Kaizer Motaung (PSL Vice Chairman) 2. Irvin Khoza( Safa vice President)Kaizer motaung (Treasure) 3. We use Greyhound Buses (the number one luxury coach service in Africa), Chiefs use Springbok Atlas coaches 4. We won the African Champions League, they won the Mandela Cup (Confederations League) 5. We participated in the Afro Asian Cup, they played in the Korea Peace Cup 6. We own 21% shares in the Ellis Park sports complex (Coca-Cola Park, JHB Stadium & Standard Bank Arena), they have a veld/bush somewhere in Mogale City 7. We were the 1st SA soccer team to be honoured by the Iconic Nelson Mandela, they are still waiting for Julius Malema to be president & honour them 1st. My blood red My skin black My bones white Ayijiki Bucaneer by Birth.
Bosso ke mang between Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung???
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung have destroyed soccer in South Africa, I so wish Abdul Bhamjee could come back. Yes he stole money, I so wish Sticks Morewa could wake up, yes he stole some money. A Rich country with nothing to show for it, where everyone steals money for themselves.
The truth of the matter is that while Kaizer Chiefs may well be the new champions of the PSL,and while Kaizer Motaung may be the toast of the town in South African football,there is no doubt whatsoever that the man in South Africa African football who commands the most respect, who strikes fear into the hearts of those in the soccer industry, is undoubtedly Irvin Khoza!
WHILE speedy Orlando Pirates winger Tlou Segolela could rejoin Bloemfontein Celtic, Lebogang Manyama will meet Kaizer Chiefs tomorrow hoping to clinch a deal to join them from Ajax Cape Town. The contract of Segolela, who has not been a regular since the arrival of coach Roger De Sa last September, expires next month. "I can confirm the contract is coming to an end, all that I can say is that I will wait for a meeting with the chairman [Irvin Khoza] to discuss my future," said Segolela. "I would love to remain at Pirates because that is where I made a name for myself. This is my home but it's not nice because one is not playing regularly. As for Celtic, I don't know anything about that." Manyama's business manager Thabo Moloto said they will be meeting Chiefs general manager Bobby Motaung tomorrow. "There are discussions under way, the delay has been caused by the celebrations and media interviews done by Chiefs after winning the double." Via Soweten live *MALPHI*
Irvin Khoza was paid a visit by his old friend (Kaizer Motaung). As a good sport person Khoza offered Motaung a Tea. Khoza took a saucer and placed a teabag, added two spoons of sugar & poured milk all in a saucer. Motaung was amazed at this and he couldn’t hold himself and he asked Khoza!!! Motaung said Khoza why are you pouring a tea for me in a saucer??? Khoza Answered "Akere Chiefs took the Cup.
I hope Irvin Khoza and hs clueless management at da Rats are taking note from King Kaizer Motaung interview on Metro with Robert Marawa on how to make a team a BRAND. This man is a legend.
Fikile Mbalula sitting between in Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza AWARDS
Ok, so they are not gonna tell us what Dr. Irvin Khoza just said about Kaizer Motaung Snr?! O_o
Toya Delazy for peeps like Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza? PSL yona
First of all Congrats to Kaizer Motaung. A little bird tells me tht my chairman Khoza, hs been dying 0f embarrassment that hs frnd Bra Kaizer wz hvng sleplss 9tes as trophy after trophy eluded him. Chiefs fans r impatient so Khoza convened a summit @ whch a solution to his problem wz cooked. Thr wz lots of beer n meat @ de Chisa Nyama Summit held in Alex. 1 man said Bra Irvin Lts allw Chiefs to beat us!
Fred Khumalo must learn to respect people. His column about Kaizer Motaung,Irvin Khoza and Zuma is disgusting. He is myopic.
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The life story's of Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza are really interesting!! One can only give these men respect and props!!
This is very disturbing indeed, recently as Kaizer Chiefs lost 3-1 by Ajax, the Chiefs supporter shot the Pirates supporter who was celebrating the Ajax victory. Football is meant to unite people but here we still have real enemies. But on the contrary, Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza are great friends and respectable INLAWS. Doctor Khumalo and Tebogo Moloi shake hands after the game. Senzo and Khune are very close friends since at the juniour level. Football cant make them enemies. Why cant we as followers of football understand that football is a game of LOSES, WINS and DRAWS. Killing each other for a round speechless object wont help us.
PSL doesn't want Ajax Cape Town to play Liverpool. Irvin Khoza (& Kaizer Motaung Snr) we see y'all
Problem with Pirates is Irvin Khoza. The Great Kaizer Motaung said the job is too Big for a Local and he didn't listen to King Kaizer
So the Casanova bestowed the order of ikhamanga on Kaizer Motaung, he better keep an eye on Jessica Motaung.just ask Irvin Khoza
"Chippa United.Trending. Its so embarrassing to mention Chippa Mpengesi, Irvin Khoza n kaizer motaung in one Sentence.
20-30 years from now, who is going to be the Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung, Robert Marawa of the game?
ey abantu banamanga is it true dat Irvin Khoza whatsapped Kaizer Motaung I quote'bra k no match on strdy take ur *** 3points and leave me alone my
Game in hand FC I see a Maluti virus infecting them again Khosi until Irvin Khoza finds the missing tooth Rise khosi Rise And have a blessed day.
"Kaizer Motaung was a hustler, Irvin Khoza was a hustler, Maponya was a hustler, they never relied on tenders" Gayton Mckenzie
I think only ZCC Bishop Lekganyane nd Patrice Motsepe nd Kaizer Motaung nd Irvin Khoza if the can come up with a new Politic Party can bring down ANC...Ge ele makgogorane ba bareng kebo DA, COPE nd IFP etc... Basa tsameka bao bjanong...
What can happen if Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza, Jomo Sono and Patrice Motsepe are called into ministry by God
Friendly letter from Irvin Khoza to Kaizer Motaung. My dear friend please hold my spot in the mean time as I'm busy in Afrika taking care of some league clubs,I will come as soon as posible as I know you always blunder thank you!
Goodmorning, I have to appeal to Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung to relocate the Soweto Derby to Moses Mabhida, actually its a national derby when these teams are playing. Siyifuna eThekwini, Amen!!
Irvin Khoza (Pirates Chairman) and Patrice Motsepe (Sundowns President) are on the grandstand, watching the game. Where is Kaizer Motaung?
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PSL names committee members  THE Premier Soccer League has appointed 11 sub-committees in the wake of elections late last year to oversee the running of the professional game. Several of the individual appointments have been announced by various clubs but the full list has not yet been published by the PSL. Although the real decision-making­ power rests with the league's executive and its board of governors, the sub-committees serve to advise in various fields. PSL chairman Irvin Khoza is convener of four of the 11 committees. The sub-committees Competitions and compliance committee: Stanley Matthews (convener), Floyd Mbele, Jomo Sono, Khumbulani Konco, Jabu Khumalo, Jessica Motaung, Farook Kadodia. Finance committee: Kaizer Motaung (convener), Mato Madlala, Dan Simelane, Jason Raine, Mike Mokoena. Joint liaison committee: Irvin Khoza (convener), Kaizer Motaung, Mato Madlala, John Comitis, Stanley Matthews. NFD committee: Mato Madlala (convener), Jabu Khumalo, Pat Malabela, Pierre Delvaux, Errol *** . ...
I doubt Patrice Motsepe, Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza will let Wits *** Saha. Saha better sign for a big team
That'z coz Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza got familiez to feed,homie...That'z why I'd never play diski in S.A
So the PSL is also being strategically used by Irvin Khoza&Kaizer Motaung to usher in their children in its leadership thru subcommittees?
The saying "Once A Pirate, Always A Pirate" was started by Kaizer Motaung after Irvin Khoza said to him ...
At the same time Jomo Sono, Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza and Patrice Motsepe did the same.
And then we have Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza who took advantage of people's passion and established huge brands.
Irvin Khoza and kaizer Motaung must run SAFA. Those *** at the top aren't football ppl. U need football ppl running football
Congratulations to Mr Kaizer Motaung Kaizer Chiefs Football Club in its entirety would like to congratulate Executive Chairman, Mr Kaizer Motaung on being elected to serve in the PSL Executive. Kaizer Motaung one of the longest serving football administrators in South Africa is one of the founders of the Premier Soccer League. An international football icon, ‘Chincha Guluva’s passion for the Beautiful Game comes second to none and it is for that reason he is respected around world. This milestone is a follow on to the Special Award he earned during the 2011/2012 Absa Premiership Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Gauteng Sport Awards this year. The Club would also like to congratulate, Dr Irvin Khoza for retaining his position as the Chairman of the League. Congratulations are in order to the entire Executive that has been elected to spearhead the Premier Soccer League to the next level.
Kaizer Motaung with Irvin Khoza after watching movie at cinema, everybuddy left to go home as they were going to the exit door. Kaizer Motaung started collecting all the left-over pop corns that were eaten during movie! BLACK PEOPLE... EISH.
Don't say you don't have enough time.you have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Mandela, Patrice Motsepe,Duma Ndlovu,Julius Malema,Irvin Khoza,Kaizer Motaung,Kenny Kunene e.t.c so stop complaining about time and take your lazy *** off chair and start making it happen'' and be like them or be more than them the choice is yours''
What is the secret to the success of teams such as Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates? Simple, its the basics. Kaizer Motaung is a former football player himself sane as Irvin Khoza. Run your team like a business. The fact is that if you go into the business of sport looking at the monthly allowance from PSL like the Chippa coach you are screwed. BEE does not apply mo soccer papa.
Soccer legends and administrators who will play include Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza, Nelson Dladla, Thomas Ngobe,...
Bathi R.Kelly is cumin 2 South Africa 2 have a meeting with Irvin Khoza nd Kaizer Motaung. He want dem 2 sign down that the name "Happy People" must be used by Chiefs from now on. Let me hear from u friends... Do u think he's doin da right thing or not?
Methinks only Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza can end the miners' strike. They seem to be in KC and OP jerseys.
I welcome the appointment of Roger De Sa by Irvin Khoza as Orlando Pirates coach because he's a local guy...hope Kaizer Motaung will do the same one day because I strongly believe, that it is also a responsibility of the big teams to produce top coaches.
Yes the likes of Kaizer Motaung are just 'yes-men' to Dr Irvin Khoza... That's the TRUTH according to our friend
Irvin Khoza far more powerful than Kaizer Motaung "so soccerzone is a chiefs channel cos of hollard sponsorship"
So much pressure just to try & emulate your father? We all know that the real mafias in SA are Kaizer Motaung & Irvin Khoza
According to the finding of our Jr news reporter Khuthadzo Lebza Maleba here is the valid reason why Bobby Motaung will win his fraud case: Bobby is the Son of Kaizer Motaung, kaizer Motaung is Irvin Khozas best friend,Irvin khoza is Jacob Zumas father in Law, Jacob zuma is not jst a president of the country but olso president of Fraud and Corruption in Mzansi. Edgaro Libago SABC Luthuli House
Kaizer Motaung is sooo lethargic compared to bubbly and witty Irvin Khoza...no wonder my team KC is doing soo badly..Soccer zone!!
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza crack me zone
soccerzone: I dont lyk this 2 guys' ideas as they always do the best 4 their Teams. 4 instance they got rid of Telkom Charity Cup and came up with Carling Black Label which featured only their clubs respectively. no this mafia thing must come 2 an end. *angry* Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung!
Chiefs my fire the management, starting with Kaizer Motaung all the way to Kaizer Jnr & Irvin Khoza take over
A message Irvin Khoza left on Kaizer Motaung's Wall: "Kaizer how about we have a Tea party and since you don't have any Cups we'll have it at my place."
Kaizer Motaung went to Irvin Khoza singing Black nd yellow nd Khoza sang all i do is win win win no matter what
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung were chatting after the game. Irvin: Kaizer can I tell you a joke Kaizer: Ja Irvin: Carling Black Label Cup, lol Kaizer: I didn't get it Irvin: That's right Kwa
Kaizer Motaung went to irvin khoza singing black nd yellow nd khoza sang all I do is win win no mata wt
Ja Chiefs Lost but, Kaizer Motaung looks better than Irvin Khoza
and Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza must stop dictating South African soccer
"Patrice Motsepe is not a football person like Irvin Khoza or Kaizer Motaung" Mathew Booth
The only thing Kaizer Chiefs got from the awards is that box of shoes Irvin Khoza gave Kaizer Motaung...
Emotional moment when Kaizer Motaung accepted his award from Irvin Khoza
People don't understand; Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza are one thing.
Dr.Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung been running South African football.Awards!
Stolen and I remain Khosi fan for life : Irvin Khoza chatting to Kaizer Motaung. "Irvin" - Kaizer do you want to hear a joke? "Kaizer" - yes go ahead. "Irvin" -ABSA Premier Soccer League. "Kaizer" - HUH? I did not get it? "Khoza" - exactly. LOL
Morning everybody, eish yesterday night Kaizer Motaung invited Irvin Khoza 4 drink of tea,Kaizer send Dr Khumalo 2 make a tea, den Dr says "hey boss we don't have cups as they 're @ Orlando
Kaizer Motaung and Irvin Khoza contributed a lot in this country.They deserve good things because they make honest income; unlike these so called "politicians" who steal and benefit from the tax-payers' money.We need people of Kaizer and Irvin calibre in our society.Visionaries who are passionately lead by unbelievable visions,dreams and goals.People who create long-lasting brands and job opportunities for our fellows.People who write a history that will never be erased.Vodacom have done a great job by honouring these two non-political leading entrepreneurs with a huge sponsorship deal.Dream big,pursue,persevere and think big, then you will be rewarded.Your ambitions must revolutionalize the world.You only acknowledge your potential when you sail away from safe habour and hitch your wagon to something larger than you.I personally learn so much from these two soccer moguls.
Did you know that The Illuminati in South Africa comprises of Irvin Khoza, Patrice Motsepe & Kaizer Motaung headed by Barnabas Lekganyane lol...ngiyadlala shem
The PSL was founded by Kaizer Motaung, Irvin Khoza, Raymond Hack and Jomo Sono in 1996, Manning Rangers was the first team to be crowned as champions in 1997.
Kaizer Motaung want to release 10 players nd sign 6 more,I guess Jimmy Tau is number 1 in those 10.Irvin Khoza want to release 12 players nd sign 5 more,so it means those 2 Soweto giants want to Kill 4 next season,hm,while Mr Igursand want 3 more expirience players for Swai-Swai,Myb Killer Mphela wil hav Luck for Dube Birds.Don't 4get Saturday,we r going to Moses Mabhida for Cup collection.
Dr. Irvin Khoza, Pirates chairman was once asked Why he displayed Kaizer Motaung's picture in his office en he said tht Kaizer Motaung is a pirates property but he works for Kaizer Chiefs. So, Don't b surprised when he celebrates wth us ( Sea Robbers).
Say wat u may want 2 say, s me Gordon Igesund is a supa coach, saving a team 4rm relagation one season, dn d same team become a league title contender.wat more do u want Kaizer Motaung n Irvin Khoza? 2 build a team 4 a decade?
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