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Kai Leng

Mass Effect 3 Captain America Winter Soldier Illusive Man Troy Baker

Most satisfying guy to take down since Kai Leng.
Ok but he was Kai Leng and everybody hates Kai Leng so you clearly have him beat in every area that matters.
Kai Leng We where supposed to hate him It didn't work I would rather be him than Shep cant finish game now nvr do this agn.
I'd argue the 3rd act was the icing on the dumpcake but Kai Leng was the single most need…
Killing Kai Leng in ME3, that was a pleasure
There's an intersting paragraph about Kai Leng, he ties in with the Andromeda universe in an amazing way…
Give ME:A 2/5 stars or 6/10 grades all you want, but it's not the game in the series whose plot revolves around the exploits of Kai Leng
Vetra can eat my cereal anyday. Better her than Kai Leng >.>
my favorite and audacious moment was when Shepard killed kai leng
Ooh, ABC is having a piece on a famous Serial Killer, a shame it's not Kai Leng.
Finally getting to kill that annoying SOB, Kai Leng!
That moment when I beat Kai Leng on hardest difficulty, it took me so long, but felt so good!
One of the best moments in Mass Effect is when I got to take down Kai Leng in honor of Thane!
Kai Leng cyberbullying me via email in Mass Effect 3 is still one of my favourite moments
Best moment was finally taking out Kai Leng. So satisfying.
That moment when you finally get rid of Kai Leng, the cerberus ninja at the IM place ! :D
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I just remembered Kai Leng, the ME3 villain so hardcore he sends you a *** troll email
I don't think Kai Leng remembers who Kai Leng is. He sends pseudo-threatening email so you don't forget about him
I don't even remember who kai leng is
I can't take anyone seriously who praises ME3 because of Kai Leng.
what would a Mass Effect 3 that drew more on me2 have looked like? kai leng. kai leng was the MOST me2 thing in that game
"That assassin should be embarrassed. He allowed a terminally ill Drell to keep him from his target"—Thane dragging Kai Leng on his deathbed
The Kai Leng vs Thane scene during the Cerberus attack on the citadel ME3
Serving sweet vengeance on Saren and Kai Leng!
Why is KAI LENG in the Mass Effect coloring book?
oh wow. Saw a piece of Kai Leng on my dash for the first time in a year and it was like a sword to the chest.
Mass Effect Retrospective 46: Kai Leng Really shows my problem with Kai Leng, Illusive Man and other elements in ME
Honestly, the only bad things about ME3 were the faggy child, Cerberus going full retard, Kai Leng and the ending.
Kai Leng email: I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
Don't you even dare talking like that about Thane! Uugh Kai Leng, you are in trouble.
Kai Leng... You SOB. We WILL revenge Thane. Shepard will, trust me.
While ranting about how Kai Leng is self-indulgent on the part of the writer, I noticed my rant was over 4k words!. Pot, kettle, etc.
Turned it off and tried to check the casserole but Kai Leng showed up and started dancing in front of a helicopter for some reason.
I hadn't realised Kai Leng didn't make much sense in ME3 without reading the books till I listened to the on it.
-- I knew it was because I felt like I had lost everyone. First my parents. Then my long term lover... Then Kai Leng stole --
i've just learned that joel's VA is also kai leng i'm so upset
god I know the only one I respect is when you backhand Kai leng
Kai Leng will be the Theon to my Shepherd's Ramsey 💕
Promise me that you will disembowel Kai Leng for me ❤️
"THE ILLUSIVE *** - Bee describes Kai Leng.and my sex life.
Erice Soo Kai Yao Michael Chong Leng Kuan Seul is time to pull the trigger !
3 Kai leng is in the second and third one. (There is also a 4th book but it got retconned for being really bad so avoid it)
I added a video to a playlist Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack - Kai Leng
Kai Leng and the Winter Soldier are so similar.
Anonymous said: What would happen if the Kai Leng field spilled over into our reality?
I'm watching an episode of Forensic Files called "Cereal Killer" and it just makes me think of Kai Leng
Order Miche Bag Online!
Speaking of the he's gearing up to be the flattest failure of a villain to capture my interest since Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3
I'm not gonna say the Arkham Knight is the new Kai Leng, but they both went to the same school of cutscene supremacy.
On main account, thinking out loud that Kai Leng's death scene starts out as if it's going to be a re-enactment of Aeris' demise.
Gul'dan is voiced by Troy Baker, who is Kai Leng's VA. I couldn't even TELL. That's good voice acting IMO
Kai Leng was really cool in the novel though. I always pictured him in it wearing the Cerberus armour you get in ME2.
Speaking of which I just realised recently Kai Leng is basically the Winter Soldier.
But his character doesn't affect the plot. Originally Kai Leng was going to kidnap him cause he knew what the Catalyst was
What? played Kai Leng in Mass Effect 3!. Now I feel bad for stabbing him through the heart.
3. No more "writer thinks new character is so awesome and so this character makes the main character look dumb". *cough Kai Leng*
(re: the trailer protag) "it's Kai Leng. Cerberus brought him back so he could infuriate players across time and space"
Dammit, Kai Leng. Why did you have to fight Shepard here?
good -walks along with kai leng to the hanger- we're going to an N7 station, there you'll be better informed on the mission.
Oh, and I'm coming for you Kai Leng
But they listed Kai Leng, but not Kanji. Instant ticket cancellation.
"Remember: The villain henchman of ME3 (Kai Leng) was so diabolical he sent you hate mail after Thessia calling you a nerd."
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I think I have as much hate for Kai Leng as you do for Taylor. That sociopath embodied everything bad about Cerberus.
-punches kai leng so hard in the face he falls on the floor-I'm goons say this, if you do anything that stops~
-puts gun away- I don't trust you kai leng, but the commander does so I'll follow her word.
The renegade action against Kai Leng is badass, though.
Do you have a save where you shot Kaidan to save the Council from Kai Leng? We may need that.
Because I would have tortured Kai Leng >:D
I love kai leng so much my soul is going to leave my body
Dad is gonna leng me today. I can feel it already
and oh the person they thought was Shepard is actually a clone working with Kai Leng
Kai Leng is Mass Effect's Boba Fett: horrible at his job yet everyone talks about how he's pretty badass.
Mass Effect 3 update: Miranda and Kai Leng are officially the worst.
Renegade *for* Thane, that is. Kai Leng must die.
I hope I can see the Captain America vs. Kai Leng movie this week!!!
When she's napping I'm hoping to get some writing done. That, or playing Mass Effect 3 (I'm about to crash Kai Leng's party).
Somehow ended up on my tumblr archive, and I'm not looking at the art, I'm reading the essays and essays worth of rambling dissection and opinion I wrote about Mass Effect when I was super into the games :| I can't believe people actually read this stuff. lol 3 posts of angry rants about all the ways that Kai Leng is a horrible character. Man. Vidja gaems.
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Pls do not let Mac Walters near Mass Effect. Aria is so dumb. Kai Leng is so dumb.
Is Kai Leng related to Raiden? They at least shop at the same stores.
kai leng off Mass Effect 3. Took me a while to figure that one out
I did enjoy stabbing Kai Leng though.
I got the Kai Leng vibe from the Winter Soldier in the new Captain America trailer and I blame you exclusively!
To be fair, it's much more like 'Kai Leng was trying to look like Nightwing.'
Woman has child taken from her womb by social services - Telegraph - alex *** aeryn: kai—leng:...
Never played Mass Effect, but I'd seen Kai Leng's picture and thought "Dude looks like Nightwing."
If we keep seeing Kai leng in every masked ninja-esque superhero then we will be letting Bioware win...
Says something that I can not play that game and still have my day get a little bit worse every time someone says "Kai Leng."
Playing Arkham City and wondering why I'm irritated with Nightwing. Just realized why: He looks and moves like Kai Leng.
This final fight with Kai Leng... not a fan. Get halfway through it and everything falls apart.
you're kai leng, you know everything from TIM
I beat Kai Leng and the cutscene won't trigger. How badly did you screw up?
OMG! He kept his trigger finger ready as Kai Leng complied, ready to fire at any sudden movement; God help the...   10% Off
Photoset: countessnoir: padzi: Mass Effect Foundation 06; Kai Leng and Rasa/Maya Brooks Aww look at my crack...
And I couldn't stop Kaidan from being hurt. I have my limits. Kai Leng taught me that lesson.
So, after 6 years of having built up an emotional attachment with this game, I have finally achieved my goal of the Ultimate set up! As Sillanah Shepard - I grew up in the mean streets of the Earth. I survived the Skyllian Blitz. I became the first Human Spectre. I made sure I reach an amicable decision with Wrex on Virmire. I saved the Legislator from the L2 Biotic terrorists. Sacrificed Ashley on Virmire and save Kaidan. Saved the Galactic Council while sacrificing 11 human ships. I romanced Kaidan Alenko. I made sure Verner Conrad doesn't get himself killed. Nominated Anderson as the Human councilor to the Citadel Council. I am a Paragon. I recruited all the team members in a manner befitting the Commander of the most advanced vessel in the galaxy so I can take the fight to the Collectors. I gained the loyalty of all the team members. I flirted with my Yeoman, Kelly Chambers, shamelessly. I made a diplomatic resolution to the cat fight of Miranda and Jacqueline. I rallied the crowd during the Quarian h ...
I love your work!! Thank you for giving voice to Kai Leng, Joel, Jake, Booker, The President of USA, the Joker, Ocelot, etc...
Kai Leng, you *** I look forward to killing you later!
Original-cut ending was quite bad no question. but to me, Kai Leng is the biggest mistake Bioware has ever made
Kai Leng is the worst offender of Cut Scene Power. And yes, it gets worse.
Well, my name is Kai Leng and I rock the telly / I'm half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli
I didn't mind Kai Leng roo much. Though it would've been pulled off better if he was in all 3 games
Aand idk why but the villain reminds me of Kai Leng._.
No one told me Kai Leng was going to be in this movie! Damnit space magic.
um... SHIELD starts infringing upon civil liberties and then there's a dude who looks like Kai Leng and Cap is angsty. The end.
How'd they get Kai Leng to do the new Captain America movie?
Two things about the Captain America trailer. One, Robert Redford appears to be starting the NID. Two, Kai Leng is an ***
You have to wonder how awesome Kai Leng really is if he got his *** kicked by a dying guy w/ concrete for lungs.
"THAT WAS FOR THANE...!". Courtesy of Mass Effect Fans. Do you think Shepard killing Kai Leng was a good way to...
Too late. Also Carter Pewterschmidt as The Illusive Man, and Greased Up Deaf Guy as Kai Leng.
Lim Chee Seong Smallbang Smallbang Kai Leng Sim happy today== back hometown already…
thats hilarious. It was just before the part when Kai-Leng shows up. I must also mention that Thane is a BAMF.
At least Kai Leng got what was coming to him.
Headcanons re: Kai Leng in Skyrim - Leng is very disinterested in politics, and was at one point a Forsworn...
Kai Leng - Some Naruto reject who works for Cerberus. Completely out of place character who serves no purpose, other than being a whiny *** Sepiroth-wannabe who kills off your lizardbro Thane.
Okay people. I’ve decided to do something just a touch crazy. I’m gonna try to make Kai Leng in Skyrim. I’m...
kaieffingleng asked: I'm gonna ask two characters because why not. Kai Leng and Legion. Have fun.
I think Bioware might've taken a little more from that than they'd like to admit. *cough*Kai Leng
I attempted to kill Kai Leng from ME3 with 7 sniper rifle shots.
The Third Gif in your folder explains your sanity. - spadetheartist: kai—leng: actualbiologist: how is this...
Insert rant about Kai Leng here. Also about how Javik shouldn't cost extra, because he's NEEDED on Thessia.
Seriously, every time Troy Baker pops up, I'm like GTFO KAI LENG. Shouldn't have voiced him. Ruined your image in my head for eternity.
~flails and screams~ WHY IS KAI LENG'S VOICE ACTOR EVERYWHERE. And.wait why does he have a British accent. o.o He's from TEXAS.
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That last fight on Thessia is super frustrating. Not for difficulty, but because of BS cutscene resolution. Kai Leng is not a good villain.
I think you mean "by the way" that's what btw stands for. I just open thought is Kai leng chai pic. Up to you la
This Insanity run of Mass Effect 3 is proving easier than I first thought. Gonna hate the battle with Kai Leng though.
Photo: 30 day mass effect challenge ↳ day 20: Best Part of the Game → killing Kai Leng I hesitated between...
Reading a Mass Effect novel. It has got Kai Leng in it. I will not be drawing him again, you can't make me! Noo
i love how the boy texts I receive are about Thane and how big of jerk Kai Leng is :3
Freeze during the Kai Leng / Illusive Man scene? Reloading the autosave fixes that without replaying the whole mission.
My mind was just blown, learning that you were the voice of Kai Leng.
You know, Miranda, maybe I wouldn't hate you right now if you didn't work with Kai Leng
he was.uh.what h a ve you played KAI LENG so the ultimate trash but beautiful voice
I knew you're WWE fan because in one video of your Kai Leng reaction, you're wearing Y2J shirt... I'm a wrestling fan too!
Fighting Vamp reminded me of the fight with Kai Leng
changing it up a bit with Cerberus bad boy Kai Leng
now I feel the need to find multiple Kai leng pins...
Wow, so Kai Leng basically send you some hate mail after Thessia. What a ***
Photo: knightsister: thegreatshono: Connor vs Kai Leng on the next sketch cover.
The Kai Leng fight on the Cerberus station is just silly.
How about Kai Leng versus Ryu Hayabusa?Will the voice caster say"Me and I were both good"?
LOLLeng video.. You're a Jerichoholic and love the shirt! Yay another wrestling fan/gamer to follow.
Hi Schaly I just want to say thank you for that Kai Leng Video it really cheer me after catching a cold & feeling down :3
I'm gonna punch kai leng in the throat
Kai Leng likes getting beat up before yes?
I hate him for being Kai Leng but I love him for being Booker Dewitt :)) Oh Troy Baker xD
*Msgs* The Citadel? hmmm well be careful you'll never know if Kai Leng is listening in
Photo: kaieffingleng: Kai Leng portrait. Think I’m satisfied for the moment.
A...a Cerberus agent called Kai Leng. *sighs and turns around, showing you her scar on her chest*
Keanu Reeves is a vampire. - mar-er: kai—leng: i-love-luci: theblackship: Now, look at this: That’s “Paul...
Look at the bright side! Kai Leng won't be around to assault your therapist this time ;)
the only renegade interrupt I ALWAYS do in Mass Effect is the one where you kill Kai Leng
I feel like margarine is the Kai Leng of the culinary world.
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if you go renegade when kai leng is trying to kill you in the Illusive Man's base, you get the most awesome scene in any video game EVER
at least for two of the three, it benefits the future of the krogan and the geth, but man oh man fricking KAI LENG GETS ME SO MAD
I just remembered the stupid Kai Leng GIF I made.
Kind of. The N7 Shadow is a bit like a Phantom/Nemesis. She has Kai Leng’s powers.
The funny thing about Kai Leng is he's only a "bad guy" because his employer is a "bad guy." Otherwise, he just hates other species.
Kai Leng is a shark in a world full of minnows and goldfish.
In my canon, Isla + Kai Leng = All the love in the world and also
I love Kai Leng. I love that voices him. I love that Michael Kroeber is his model. I love that my lover plays him.
Yes, I love Kai Leng and the man who plays him with every beat of my heart. If you don't like it, keep it civil.
You realize you don't have a Leng to stand on in that regard, Kai?
Hi, I’m Kai Leng, and… …I keep getting distracted from my SP game by the compelling MP mode… >_>
you best be recording Kai's set on Friday or else I'm gonna have to fly home and leng you down
The irony of writing Kai Leng and being someone who hates racism/bigotry is not lost on me.
Now for what is possibly ME3 worst mission... Thessia. Stupid Kai Leng and plot armor
who are they refusing to draw, Kai Leng? *sigh*
Is it bad that I just pictured Kai Leng in shoulder pads?
isnt it a little racist how Cerberus made kai leng's eye slots small?
Something awesome. Not particularly Ash/ME related, but bonus points for Kai Leng.
that interrupt when you shoot Mordin/Legion just broke my heart. :'( So far, my favourite interrupt is killing Kai Leng.
There is no Kai Leng but and is his prophet.
// Wait...what if she was Kai Leng's replacement? OH MY GOD YES
You can't not stab Kai Leng irregardless of whether you're paragon or not - ***
yeah both Kai Leng fights were really bad.
How do Kai Leng and The Illusive Man have defensive stans? *** They're the evil bad guys. Rein it in yo. lol
Is it great working for Cerberus, Kai Leng? Yes it is, Other Kai Leng. Yes it is.
ikr? Though, I would seriously give up the URL if whoever has the KaiLeng/Kai-leng url gave it to me.
So now, to crimp Cerberus' style and hopefully execute Kai Leng with EXTREME prejudice.
Make sure Kai Leng and TIM go first...
SPOILERS: If you haven't beaten ME3 - darkoneelder: My reaction to when Kai Leng killed Thane
YES EXACTLY! Like he'll probably say a word or phrase and it will sound like Kai Leng sometimes and I'll be like
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
and then there is some roleplaying between Merit and some Kai Leng guy
That other Kai Leng with the ugly DP?
So I think that's me and Mass Effect 3 finished. Stupidly hard boss battle against Kai Leng. Ain't nobody got time for that.
that's true. But you don't really have any boss fight in ME besides the human reaper and Saren and Kai Leng...
What if Kai Leng was Shepards split personality and we were just battling ourselves the whole time.
I have to admit Kai Leng is a well written character in Retribution after my second read. He is poorly portrayed in the game.
Kai Leng never felt my sick burns either,
|I normally dislike any ship that goes against what we know about a character. I.e, Kai Leng could never be shipped with an asari.|
Okay the top comment on that video is funny: Thane: "That lung Kai Leng stabbed? I wasn't even using it anyway."
"Once again, Doctor T'soni, we see that there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away." --Kai Leng Bellocque
I liked a video from Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut: Death of Kai Leng
Reasons why Priority: Tuchunka is the best mission: 1- it's the last mission before stupid Kai "walking cliche" Leng shows up
nope ~~ i'm malay ~~ but i'm excited when i meet all the chinese XD chinese girls are leng lui xD
I've wanted to bang Kai Leng since Retribution tbh
Photoset: andrewartwork: Here’s my attempt at custom spectre armor (heavily influenced by Kai Leng and...
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it was on tumblr somewhere last night. If i find it I'll send it to you. Kai leng was totes on it
Kai Leng you're a little piece of...
It could be worse. You could be Kai Leng.
Better written and more relevant to the plot character than Kai Leng
If you think Kai Leng is a good character, your opinion is invalid. Gtfo and unfollow me. Then kill yourself. Don't procreate. Waste of food
You know, I was going full paragon in Mass Effect 3, right up until Mr. Kai Leng Assassin Altair Dudey Guy tried going all TF2 Spy on me.
Keith named his Ditto on this site Kai Leng.
Someone make a mod for Mass Effect 3 that replaces Kai Leng's model with a manta ray.
Pretty sure Gray Fox strongly dislikes me. I love all ninjas. (Disclaimer: Kai Leng doesn’t count as a ninja.)
Roses are red, Asari are blue, you killed my Thane, Kai Leng I'm coming for you!
hah more of a Kai Leng or Kaidan Alenko... :D
Her character added SO MUCH to ME, let me tell you. Just like Kai Leng and Hulk Hogan.
I chose Kai Leng over Ashley and I'm just laughing so hard omfg.
“*Runs around, set on fire by Kai Leng* ;~;” |I always hurt the ones I love. V.V|
*Runs around, set on fire by Kai Leng* ;~;
Animatic I made for Class ProjectSorry this isn't as cool as Kai Leng fan-fiction but we'll have to make due …
The real challenge: Did you think Kai Leng was a deep and engaging character?
Allers, Vega, EDI's body and Kai Leng. Because BioWare just loves to watch their fans burn.
Hey this is maddoxfanx from tumblr Just wanted to say I shat myself laughing when you classified Kai Leng as "good writing"
How many times do I have to whup Rodrigo Borgia & Kai Leng? Even partially Hopeless Boss Fights kill immersion
I hate your ninja ways. I hate your ninja friends. Kai Leng, I hate your Kyle Rayner aesthetic. I think your taste level is dubious Kai Leng
Kai Leng I'm sorry I keep shooting at you but it's because you're a jerk basically and when I see you I get mad because you get on my nerves
*** I completely forgot about this chucker Kai Leng you always act like you forgot about Dre Kai Leng I been sick of you since you got here
there ya go. Kai Leng isn't a match for Conrad verner! Not even in character depth, much less combat. Ha!
// Kai Leng’s shields are very strong because without them, tripping and falling on his face could kill him.
Nice picture but Kai Leng would be no match for Corvo:
Still a better character than Vega or Kai leng
I liked a video from Mass Effect 3 Kai Leng again - Thessia Falls
OMG :( Kai Leng or whatever his name is stole the data I wanted for the Crucible from Thessia! D:
She eventually stopped talking at all, and her cut scenes were black slides. She reappeared in time for Kai Leng.
Does she have muttonchops, or is this a rule 63 on Kai Leng?
hehe..know the feeeling. I know al proly suck at it. still cant manage to beat Kai Leng..2months down the line! XD
I’m not ashamed to say I’d totally make a Slayer Shep and impale Kai Leng on her sword ;)
Given Kai Leng, that sounds just as plausible.
At least we killed Lieutenant *** Kai Leng, I just hope we get to do the same for his general.
I know it's past the point of relevance, but the real problem from Mass Effect 3 was not the ending. Come on guys. Kai Leng was right there.
what mission is he doin now. ask him if hes met kai leng. (the Worst Character)
I swear Miraak is the Kai Leng of Skyrim. Annoying little ***
After stabbing Thane, Kai Leng turned off all the cameras in his room, poured a big bowl of cereal and watched My Little Pony.
Frankly, the only character in the ME universe who was worse than Kai Leng was Allers. If you define her as a 'character', that is.
No character's death could ever be good if it was by the hands of Kai Leng. It's just not right.
That kinda made me imagine Kai Leng eating potatoes and then flailing madly in panic before drinking water and panting.
[ The pics that Kai Leng and AJ are posting are making my night. Lmao ]
I actually can’t remember a boss fight that didn’t make me want to gouge out my eyes in ME1… Kai Leng’s fights were GODAWFUL tho.
start to finish, if not in the order. It's finally over forever, and I can move on. Mass Effect, screw Kai Leng!!! (2/2)
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Hello, you have reached the life model decoy of Kai ‘Effing’ Leng, please leave a message at the tone… um… TONE…
Kai Leng always *** me off because he's such an easy kill. The only reason he survives is because of cutscenes!
Kai Leng issue. Time to colour some hate-hate fan art.
True. I mean *** if Garrus can pull off that shot with a handgun… But then Kai Leng has that shield bubble. :/
Shepard and his Crew had a perfect opportunity to blast the *** out of Kai Leng when he fought Thane.
“Spoiler alert Kai Leng is a fgt eue” We are no longer friends.
Shepard kills a body double. Real Kai Leng was nowhere near Cronos at that point.
Let’s not. That would get horrible fast. First thing everyone would do is say Kai Leng and I’d have to ragequit.
don't know but we think grumpy cat is a shoe-in for Kai Leng.
*Nods as I remember Kai Leng slashing my back on Thessia*
And if Kirrahe was alive and you didn't talk to Thane in the hospital, Kirrahe would have fought Kai Leng instead.
I'm replying the Kai Leng fight because I wanted to do that renegade interrupt again and this *** isn't sitting still.
Killing Kai Leng and shooting Udina are the only renegade interrupts I'll ever do. Ugh, feels so good man. feels so gOOD.
Parallels could be draw b/t him and Kai Leng, but I don't think he's that bad.
“Kai Leng writes haikus in his free time. A blade shines brightly; A salarian cries out. Death was overdue.
Kai Leng writes haikus in his free time.
Kai Leng is RUINING the feng shui in this room.
Just realized I'd mentally blocked out Kai Leng until now. Ugh
Kai Leng: Biology teacher. Lots of dissecting... is first i think of.
Thanks for trying John, but saying "Snake" just makes me think of Kai Leng.
Kai "Jon" Leng has been wounded. Out for 4 days. Now the question: Extra medkit use, or smoke grenades?
I ended up calling her Leng instead of Kai Leng. Couldn't think of a name. xD
Apparently Kai Leng promotes walking for a healthier lifestyle. :|
// this freaking Kai Leng kid hates me for being rude lol, he probably misunderstood me like they all do, and his--
//Its based on whether or not you warn her about Kai Leng. So unless you do things in the exact right order she dies. :-\
You know, the Arkham City version of Nightwing kind of reminds me of Kai Leng.
I don't know how you guys did it, but you made Kai Leng my least but favorite character. Good Job.
Well, inspiration for original stuff. I think one of my favourite things will be men in dresses. Still have to finish Kai Leng in a Qipao...
Canon!Kai Leng sees Shepard as beneath him. Unimportant. Obsolete. In his mind, Shepard stopped mattering when s/he died the first time.
Either way. Not picky. But in Kai Leng’s case? Come on. He shouldn’t have bothered with that fight. Knowing what I know of his character.
Why did Kai Leng even bother fighting Shepard? Just call the gunship in and blast the temple apart from the beginning..
//Rev's sister just fought Kai Leng and after he took Vendetta away she's like " that supposed to happen?"
[msg] Remember what I told you when we first met? We have a Kai Leng. His fled to our verse, the Reapers won in his verse.
[msg] Leng? As in, Kai Leng? The one who killed the councilor in the Cerberus attack? Why the *** does he have a verse...?
IKR? Kai Leng totally should've been a choice for FemShep.
Everyone else suffered an aneurism after reading Kai Leng using the phrase “nerd *** ” You’re welcome.
Kai Leng works for a rival magazine.
>Kai Leng complaining Shepards are called John. Tell me, Leng, what's your writer's first name again~?
This is gonna *** a lot of people off... But I liked Kai Leng. Troy Baker beats Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, Keith David, and every other voice actor in ME ever. Period.
"You aren't a real Mass Effect fan if you don't like all characters." 'Fun' fact this person dislikes Kai Leng and Udina.
//I can imagine fapping to Kai Leng and then Raine whispers in my ear, "He's a man" as I finish
((The point is he was an Asian Cerberus agent. Almost like Kai-Leng. Except a spy.))
“A wild appears!” KAI LENG used EVISCERATE on the TIMELINE!
ME3 Q: I stopped playing right after the citadel kai leng mission. If I continue from there, would From Ashes & Leviathian...
I don't know why but everytime I read things like that I imagine a fenris-huge Kai Leng dog literally pissing on someone.
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What's the time lapse in between the two? It doesn't seem like it would be that long, what with Kai Leng being in the storyline, too.
>:( So it's Kahlee Sanders' fault that I have to deal with Kai Leng in I knew I didn't like her.
I'VE GOT IT. TIM cloned the original Kai Leng after he defected. WABAYUM.
I have this theory. A headcanon, if you will. The Kai Leng I fight in ME3 is actually my body double.
I meant victory is mine about Kai Leng
Emeli Sande will get the schlongy. Looking like some leng Supreme Kai.
can we please get more customizable armor DLC for Shepard. Some light armor like Kai Leng wears would be a nice change up
Yeah, Kai Leng is mirror Spock, logical and intelligent. You also have a badass goatee.
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