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Juwan Howard

Juwan Antonio Howard (born February 7, 1973) is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Love Jordan Howard's game.Get to know him! He,Phil Forte,Juwan Evans are going at it right now. Howard has 26. Fort…
my all Howard team: Moe, Curley, Juwan, Sprague and Cunningham
Special request. You need to do a Juwan Howard video
Dolphins might have juwan Howard in the locker room giving half time speeches
Josh Howard with a step-through on the right block for the layup, Brown out to a seven-point lead. Dad Juwan would be proud of that one.
which 3 should I start in a ppr format. Blount, Dion Lewis , Juwan Howard , Ty Montgomery, or Devante Booker ?
please tell Charles the reason he is watching Whiteside, is HOF Alonzo Mourning, Juwan Howard, &Pat Riley have moved him up..
ready. Sue them all for Millions if not Billions of Dollars. Juwan Howard anyone?!
ok. & you look like Juwan Howard. Fab 5 "We gon shock the world!" face ahh
I appreciate that bruh. Tell em I don't even need any minutes. I'll even get on my Juwan Howard if need be
I'm watching The West Wing because Election Day and Juwan Howard is on this episode. The sports world collides with everything, apparently.
I mean he was 40, he could've pulled a Juwan Howard. Still on the roster but not dressing out.
When you're oblivious to NBA stars and just realized you met Juwan Howard Friday night...
Seeing and recruiting others reminds me of Juwan Howard being the main recruiter of the rest of the Fab5
Horford? Not a ss but good player that can help a team like Juwan Howard or Antawn Jamison off the top of the head
Oct. 30, 2001: Michael Finley scores 34 and Juwan Howard grabs 10 boards as the Dallas Mavericks beat the Pistons, 94-87, in the opener.
Juwan Howard's ring should = soda pop top. David West merits a *** Jack prize ring. Durant should simply be ashamed.
I'm sitting about 20 feet from juwan howard
Even gave juwan Howard a spot helping lol
up the player option paperwork. He signed Juwan Howard to a max deal but him breaking the rules saved him from that...
him, eddy curry and juwan Howard man the keys to success
Was Juwan Howard on your team a la the West Wing
Scal really is the second best player ever behind Juwan Howard of course
I stopped caring about the finals when Juwan Howard stopped playing in them
Why are they bringing back Juwan Howard's son ? How many times will they cut him ? The Heat are really testing the limits of nepotism.
Juwan Howard called me. Here's what he said about the Bullets, playing with CWebb and what could have been...
Juwan Howard reminisced about the good ol’ days. has the story:
Heat bringing in three familiar faces for tryout camp.
When your ex is having a kickback so you come and crash it
Hood *** don't know how to pronounce "conjuring" . "Aye breh we out to go watch the Cunjering 2" . Not if you finna say it…
Imma do it for myself. The real *** can do it for themselves...if they real.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So it looks like Heat staff next year will be Dan Craig (lead), Juwan Howard, and Chris Quinn.
John wall over Jalen Rose anyday, Eric Bledsoe over Juwan howard easy, and webber and cousins is *** near a wash
dont forget Dexter Pittman and Juwan Howard and Jam…
I'll never forget juwan Howard clotheslining him and I think alertered his career
Enjoyed covering during his year w/ the Always had a smile... Unless Juwan Howard was around. 😬
No Juwan Howard means no rings for LeBron
The cavs are going to win this one, possibly the next one. So rating can go up.
the mane played in the finals 13 years ago, lol. he the new Juwan Howard
"RJ is playing well. Perhaps I should make a comeback." -Juwan Howard, probably.
and Juwan Howard making positive news trying to get on for the Miami Heat...ball out and rep the city
Guess Mozgov is in the Juwan Howard role these days.
They say LeBron carried the heat, but fact is Juwan Howard and Jay Sabol carried HIM
Is that the bar? Juwan Howard technically was on the 2013 NBA Champion Miami Heat & doesn't get points for just for being there.
Memphis paper confuses Grizzlies' new coach with Juwan Howard
Yardbarker: Memphis newspaper confuses Juwan Howard for David Fizdale via Oh how racist...or something.
⚡ Juwan Howard is not David Fizdale, despite photo evidence.
A Memphis paper confused Grizzlies' new coach with Juwan Howard
Memphis paper thinks their new coach David Fizdale is Juwan Howard. (via
We put photo of Heat asst. Juwan Howard instead of David Fizdale in print. Not good! But we DO know the difference. https:…
Juwan Howard always finds a way to be in the action everywhere.
Even with a suit on Juwan Howard is one of the 5 best players on the court for the heat.
add Melo to that list too! Even if Vince is like Juwan Howard was for the Heat just get that ring!
Is Kevin Garnett doing that thing Juwan Howard perfected where he's an assistant coach but it pays better to be on contract as a player?
Spoelstra pulled Whiteside out,, to sit on bench next to Juwan Howard and watch Udonis Haslem. All part of an ongoing p…
Can make an argument for Juwan Howard & Andrew Bynum. Both made ridiculous amounts of money & got titles out in MIA & LA.
What happened to George Muresan? That Washington Bullets team with him, Juwan Howard, Rod Strickland, Chaney and C. Webb was tough 🔥
Bruh, Rick Fox, Robert Horry and a old Horace Grant > Juwan Howard, Chalmers, and the remants of James Jones
Mark Buehrle was 16-8 for the 2005 White Sox and he pitched a 5 hitter in the WS. Peyton Manning won more like Juwan Howard.
"I work on post moves all day. Me and (assistant coach) Juwan Howard work on those for hours." . -
Hey Jalen Rose how was your day going? and How was Juwan Howard and Chris Webber going? RT
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When President Bartlett subs out of a basketball pick up game with Juwan Howard and Toby makes Charlie guard him. 😂
When we had Chris Webber and that overpaid bum Juwan Howard 😂
Doug Christie, Odom, Juwan Howard, Derek Fisher, Rondo and Chris Gatling - refused to give me an autograph at a restaurant
Hey Jenine is that Jalen Rose I remember I talk to Juwan Howard show the picture okay Jenine?
Hugs for Ryan Saunders from Dwyane Wade and asst. coach Juwan Howard. Classy move.
Niggaz ain't grow up wanting to be Jalen Rose or Juwan Howard lol
And for whatever reason Jarnell Stokes hasn't shown up in the box score. Must be trying to trade him for Ron Artest or Juwan Howard.
Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard rock the same exact taper fade and goatee combo
I hope Big Ben come back and Vick can get a bench riding ring like Juwan Howard
I found it! The "Juwan Howard Game" For one night in a uniform he wasn't a dumpster fire. Hit everything.
The most hated person to not really warrant it in this DC sports goes 1. Griffin III 2. Heath Shuler 3. Juwan Howard
When Juwan Howard was a member of the Washington Bullets
hidden finesser: Juwan Howard, got 2 rings for being old.
I did! I was screaming at Wade so much while Juwan Howard was coaching, he kept looking over at me and smirking. 😭😭😭
lol nah he has a ring after expending only a bit more energy than Juwan Howard
While Detroit does lose Juwan Howard Jr, Paris Bass the 6’7” sophomore sensation is back after earning Horizon League Freshman of the Year
Juwan Howard, coaching one of the teams, screaming for three-second calls
People, Juwan Howard is coaching his off right now
he's 3000 claps away from beating juwan Howard record
I hate Juwan Howard forever...please burn it
A Juwan Howard jersey was the last teal/rust thing I owned I believe...
Before you feel like you're not good enough to succeed just remember Juwan Howard has a ring.
I have a lot of these lol. What year did Juwan Howard play with the wizards? What year…
Just remembered I bumped into Juwan Howard at the airport
Is Juwan Howard a coach for the Heat, or is he just having a rest game?
You see Juwan Howard's hairline and you realize God does have favorites
Just saw Juwan Howard at sunset place.
It's amazing how fresh hairline continues to be. Only Juwan Howard comes close.
I would probably put slow internet at number one
"It was a freak thing" -- Tampa Prep's Juwan Howard tears his ACL again, will miss senior season vi…
Juwan Howard is tired of Chris Quinn's crap.
mitch richmond did as much as Juwan Howard did for the heat repeat lol
The bulls who won 72 games did it in a year that two expansion teams were introduced, Juwan Howard made all NBA & Vin Baker, Terrell Brandon
when I was growing up Antonio McDyess and Juwan Howard were our only hopes lol
Imagine Van Gundy with a staff of Lawrence Frank, Andy Greer, Adrian Griffin, and Juwan Howard. Would rival any in the league
Coleman hoaxer, the Chris Weber and Juwan Howard hoaxer, the Jalen Rose hoaxer, the Jerome Bettis hoaxer, the Larry Allen hoaxer
If only Steve Fisher had Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, and Ray Jackson right now.
Juwan Howard also won at life. He was light skinned in the 90's (automatic pass) beat the wiz for 100 plus got ring still …
Chris Weber was good. Jalen Rose was good. Juwan Howard was good. Jim Jackson was good. Ray Jackson was good. Apparently the Fab 5 was good.
Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard were the only 2 of the fab five from the streets.
all Jordan members lol. Gil really wore some Dolces tho. But, Juwan Howard old stealing money *** kicks were better. I gotta think
Here's a story on Juwan Howard's signing with the Heat in 96, which this Suh delay is reminding me of
in 1996 the Heat signed Juwan Howard, but deal was nullified by commissioner's office and Howard re-signed with Washington
What if the are about to get The Juwan Howard treatment RE Suh
I doubt Whiteside is doing any of that stuff. Beasley himself needs mentoring. lol Haslem sure. fantastic. Juwan Howard sure.
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sounds Juwan Howard keeps himself in good shape
I'm a tad younger, so sadly my NBA fanhood began with Grant Hill, Juwan Howard, and the Three J's.
I think Juwan Howard laid into him real good after the play. Hopefully he smartens up because he's a pleasant surprise this yr
Watching the on They captured the attention of a nation - had the honor of working w/ both Chris Webber & Juwan Howard!
did my *** Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard SOOO nasty
Never mind we good "Whiteside first Heat player to be ejected twice in the same season since ... his mentor, Juwan Howard."
You know Juwan Howard just gave it to Whiteside.
Heat has removed Whiteside from the game while refs review play. Juwan Howard standing over Whiteside on bench.
Hassan Whiteside (game time decision) warms up pregame with Juwan Howard.
he can when he is in his 40s like Juwan Howard
Juwan Howard is to Will Smith the same way Tyler Kennedy is to Sidney Crosby
Fab Five: A movie showing that at one time Juwan Howard was actually a good basketball player, not the 2012-2014 Miami Heat Bench Manager
I love how Juwan Howard was wearing a lot of Cavs gear in The Fab Five documentary
If they did a movie about the fab 5 Will Smith could so play the part of Juwan Howard
Juwan Howard hitting the cabbage patch after their elite eight win>>
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Watching Fab Five & wondering how Juwan Howard appears to not age
Every time Is on i gotta watch it. Juwan Howard & Ray Jackson changed the game forever
Juwan Howard really was tough in Highschool/College
Polytech up 64-52 on Howard 2:05 remaining...Juwan Gray showed up big time this game...Poly to big
Juwan Gray 28 and Devaughn Mallory 23 for Polytech - justin Cunningham had 17 for Howard
END OF 3RD: Polytech up 49-43 over Howard. Juwan Gray is puttin on a show for Polytech
Juwan Howard was only 1-11 from 3-pt range in college, but his son came up big from deep in a win tonight
I retired from drinking but I’m coming back for the super bowl like Juwan Howard
Aight folks, I gotta go Juwan Howard with the Mrs, yall drop 49 for me yea?
Meanwhile, fall to Wright State tonight, 64-53. Juwan Howard limited to 2-10 from the floor.
Juwan Howard Jr. is terrible. Just awful. Never looking at Detroit ever again
Or... Maybe Salmons is our Miami Heat's Juwan Howard. he's our human victory cigar.
Keep working with Juwan Howard you got the potential to be a great center/shot blocker 🏀🔥
.working with assistant coach Juwan Howard after this morning's team shootaround in Sacramento
You can't convince me that Juwan Howard isn't Will Smith's father.
Thanks to Juwan Howard, who started it all lol
do you have the updated record book? I wanted to see where Juwan Howard, Jr. sat but the record book online is two years old
lol they talk about bosh so much peep Juwan Howard
I've never understood how he hasn't been moved to a Juwan Howard role on the team yet.
Juwan Howard has to be richest assistant coach in NBA history. $151 million in career earnings, about $30m note than Ewi…
HASSAN WHITESIDE HAD 12 BLOCKS TODAY this kid might be a future all-star. Credit Juwan Howard for working with him a ton on footwork
Just collecting Rings and what not. “Juwan Howard still in the league?”
Gotta give some credit to Juwan Howard for Whiteside’s development.
Yes, my mom named me after Jalen Rose & Juwan Howard
Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and Chris Webber got the same hairlines they had at Michigan. Salute
Whiteside is coached by Juwan Howard though. Just saying lol
Much credit to Heat front office for finding Whiteside. But big kudos to Juwan Howard. In his ear all day working with him.
Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard will forever be my favorite players 〽️💙
Juwan Howard has been pimping since the beginning of time.
Detroit beats Md. Eastern Shore in game one and will play the winner of Toledo/Bucknell. Rockets would have to deal with Juwan Howard Jr.
Anthony Anthony said juwan Howard to lobby, trying to will his team-mates: Dwight Howard as…
takes on Juwan Howard Jr. the Detroit Titans in a few minutes. listen live on
KG just gotta retire man. Give him a job like Juwan Howard where he can sit at the end of the bench. Still let him talk trash too.
Juwan Staten and Ryan Boatright. Two great guards for the young guys to watch right now on ESPN2.
or is Haslem in 2011 Juwan Howard territory now? I know he's nothing like b4 the ACL in '11-. But I think he's still got plenty
depends how close he's sitting to Juwan Howard
Wade, Granger, and Napier are in the floor now during the shoot around. Juwan Howard and other ast. coaches are with them
i want to see CJ or Juwan with a FB in front. Howard Griffith busy?
You swear you something but in reality you just Juwan Howard in her lineup
Juwan Howard's son, at The Univ. of Det., leads a good group of basketball players at Univ. of Det. Mercy,and they should be a joy to watch!
INFOGRAPHIC: Juwan Howard, Jr. led Detroit with 8 points and 5 rebounds in the first half
That Denver 02/03-team was fascinating. Juwan Howard carrying the team!
Anton Wilson and Juwan Howard Jr get the Titans on a 4-0 run, as they elevate their lead to 29-20 with 59 secs left in the first half.
Starters for Detroit today are Anton Wilson, Juwan Howard Jr, Brandan Kearney, Matthew Grant and Pat Ackerman. The usual.
Juwan Howard Jr & the ready to go against South Alabama Jaguars.Pregame @ 2:50
Going against U-M isn't how it was supposed to go for Juwan Howard Jr. & Carlton Brundidge. And they're OK with that.
yeah...& Juwan Howard was hype after the game then he told them they was lying
Juwan Howard son plays college ball now
Got to meet Juwan Howard tonight, great guy.
Chuck Hayes on learning from former teammates Juwan Howard/Dikembe Mutombo and his advice for Jonas Valanciunas:
Juwan Howard, you the man you the man - that's the reason I'm a bullets fan!!!
Drew Gooden still in the league looking like a young Juwan Howard in the making.
"I was nominated for an Emmy the same way Juwan Howard won an NBA Championship."
Just discovered that Juwan Howard is now an assistant coach for the When did that McDonalds go from McMuffin to Burger?
that's depressing. Friend of mine says Juwan Howard's son plays for University of Detroit.
Nowitzki is 31st on all-time games played list with 1,200 and Shaquille O'Neal is 30th with 1,207. Juwan Howard sits 29th (1,208).
Juwan Howard Jr. Has game like that huh? Why isn't he at Michigan?
aye Juwan Howard Jr play for U of Detroit.. das tough
Juwan not Howard son for Detroit Juwan Howard J.r is raw he dropped 24 against Michigan I bet his dad was impressed
I would love it if Juwan Howard came back for one game to play against his son in a few years.
Juwan Howard Jr. drops 24 for My.UofD Titans in loss to My.UofM Wolverines. Yep got papers from both skools
Hold on, Juwan Howard's kid is college-aged and plays basketball at Detroit?
Juwan Howard was a moral advisor for tha heat a couple years ago...
Never forget Juwan Howard was part of tha fab 5 at Michigan.
Juwan Howard Jr. Hard but he a 5th year Sr
What does Juwan Howard do for the Heat?
Juwan Howard Jr. has scored 16 of Detroit's last 18 and they've tied 52-52, with 5:20 left.
Juwan Howard Jr had a day this was his look after i told him he could of had 30!!
Does anyone learn? Don't slap the floor against M. It seems to backfire. ... Juwan Howard Jr a good player in losing effort
"Juwan Howard Jr, son of Juwan howard" thank you ESPN.
Juwan Howard Jr. Looks exactly like his dad... genetics are weird
“Juwan Howard, Jr. — the son of Juwan Howard!” -a thing that was just said on espn. . Also, Juwan Howard’s son is in college.
Either juwan howard is still playing and is hurt or d wade is looking like an assistant coach i havent figured it out yet
Juwan Howard isn't really retired. He's just taking 82 DNP - CD's
When I grow up I want to be Juwan Howard Jr's Auntie.
Juwan Howard Jr. scored 24 tonight, which will please his dad. His Detroit team lost 71-62 to Michigan, which will also …
If there is ever a Fab 5 movie, can Will Smith play present day Juwan Howard?
. true but don't forget about Juwan Howard! He's the soul to that bench
you're an *** That's like saying just because Juwan Howard has more rings then Barkley he's better 😂😂
They got Juwan Howard and Vita playing Timbaland and Missy
channing frye is a liability if he is not draining 3's, was gonna say he might be the worst signing signs juwan howard...then remembered BBD
not everybody is going to hang around forever like Juwan Howard.
Why wont the heat release Juwan Howard?
starts with 77-54 win over Rochester. Juwan Howard, Jr. had 16 but Brandan Kearney only 6 in debut since transfer
Sleeper guy of the day at Josh Howard, Juwan's son, was impressive. 2016 WF had 18 pts, 10 rebs.
Goon with the ponytail for the cavs might be our juwan howard. Time will tell
I like Juwan Howard over Bron any day ! ?💯?
I always laugh at juwan Howard. He is so happy to be assistant coach lmao
he's playing the juwan Howard in Miami role I'm guessing. Longtime vet, doesn't play, keeps dion in line
Patrick Onwenu and Juwan Howard Jr collided on the rebound. Onewenu is on the ground in serious pain, appears to be a knee injury. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Juwan Howard Jr. with a nice stroke from the behind the arc, to increase the Titans lead to 7-5. 15:58 left in 1st half.
Last time I saw Josh Howard it was here at FCDS at the Havoc.Juwan's son isn't too shabby. Playing well vs Huntington.
Juwan Howard looks like he could play 14 minutes tonight.
Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and everyone else in the Fab 5 trend setters. They was the first few to wear longer…
Juwan Howard Jr always 1st on the floor. open thier 110th season of basketball tonight 7 pm on ESPN3
Juwan Howard beat Russell Westbrook in the NBA Finals, is it safe that Howard's better than Westbrook? -_-
No More Bullets! In early 1990's an important message (by Juwan Howard)
.forward Juwan Howard, Jr. Being interviewed for the first episode of the
Juwan Howard took the photo of layde_bee and I and he said "let me make sure I get the shoes." Then I…
Juwan Howard and in the background gioantico at event last night.…
Wait d rose for real hurt again? He might as well just go to the heat since he already got that Juwan Howard double breasted throwback.
Juwan Howard carried Wade's washed *** for most of his career
Kobe is gonna ball out wherever he goes no matter what. He will never have to pull a Juwan Howard.
Reminds me when Juwan Howard did the same garbage to Abe Pollin. $98 mil to stay, or $105 mil w/Miami. How much is enough?
never said he would but I'm 100% sure he won't ever be juwan Howard
not tryna bother you just stating facts. Lakers done for a long time. And kobe needs to pull a juwan Howard if he want a ring tbh
really? He was their starting PG for both title teams.. Don't try to minimize it. Not like he said Juwan Howard
In 2011 Finals the touchiest Heat player might be Juwan Howard, who averaged 38 high fives per 48 minutes" I'm laughing so hard at this.
Howard documentary “In the Moment,” includes great sit-downs/reflections with Stan Van Gundy. Howard was…
With 28 pts tonight, San Antonio PG Tony Parker passed Juwan Howard for 97th on the NBA all-time scoring list with 16,185 career pts.
Tony Parker (16,157) is just 3 points away from passing Juwan Howard for 97th place on the all-time scoring list.
A big thank you to those veterans - none more important than Juwan Howard.
Juwan Howard Jr is by far the best pure scorer in the league, but the lack of a frontcourt (Paris Bass?) is troublesome
Haven't been impressed with Shawn Marion thus far. Very Juwan Howard-like.
Alonzo Mourning and Juwan Howard are at my job rn👌🏀
The fat kid from Rocky V was E from Entourage, And Juwan Howard was >fab than Ray Jackson.
Carson got a torn ACL... He's taking the juwan Howard way out
Juwan Howard is the only player who can gradually end up as the assistant coach after being on the bench for so long
Somebody still hasn't had the heart to tell Juwan Howard to get off that Heat bench hey
Since the Thunder have been in OKC, Perry Jones has been by far the worst player to play for them. Bring Juwan Howard back into the league!
Juwan Howard doesn't think Chris Kaman is aging well.
I'm Hoping this is just one bad Game by Williams. cause if this continues, Juwan Howard needs to come out of Retirement
Chalmers just waived off Juwan Howard lmao
Juwan Howard just explained the whole game in his interview 😂😂😂😂
Watch Juwan Howard move up to head coach eventually.👀
Juwan Howard an assistant head coach? Still? Lol
I chat with Juwan Howard next on Heat Halftime and he drops a "head of the snake" reference on me.
Happy to see my Howard brother teammates, Eisley & Juwan both bench coaching for the Wizards and Heat
Kelly Okynyk reminds me so much of Juwan Howard
Wishing our all time favorite client NBA Assistant Coach Juwan Howard a great season his first year as…
Niecy Nash attends the Bloomingdale's Showcase in support of The Juice Foundation & Juwan Howard Foundation...
The fact that it's no juwan Howard on your roster and its Juwan Hudgins should have told you something 😑😑
My name is not no *** Juwan Howard, learn it or don't say it at all
is Juwan Howard still in the league? If so, you got one there
Won't someone think of the entire Michigan Fab Five, Juwan Howard would be first to win an NBA title.
Dwight ain't never winning a ring unless he pull a Juwan Howard and sit on the bench and get a free ring
Is it me or does Juwan Staten look like Dwight Howard?
is that not a nba team?? And was he not playing in the games?? U actin like he was Juwan Howard role
We live in a world where Juwan Howard, Ronnie Turiaf and Matt Bonner have championship rings...
Now if Miami would have won, Juwan Howard would have trolled 4 his ring, smh
People think Kobe is going to look like Juwan Howard with the Heat out there and I just dont see it.
I was a HUGE fan of the Bullets/Wizards back when they had Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, and Rod Strickland. Fun team to watch!
was better than Juwan Howard in his prime?
Xavier McDaniel tries to choke out Juwan Howard during a 1997 game:
lmfao looking like Young Juwan Howard, ball out this year
Juwan Howard in the 2013 nba finals washed“Jordan for the wizards washed”
up against Juwan Howard in the 1996 game.
Tonight Juwan & Jenine Howard hosted Fashion for a Cause. Some showed up to help out.
I just listed '3 card lot - Juwan Howard RC ROOKIE MICHIGAN FAB5 CLASSIC 4 SPORT NBA' on eBay with
I just listed 'Juwan Howard RC ROOKIE MICHIGAN FAB5 CLASSIC 4 SPORT Draft 1994-95 CARD ' on eBay with
Buy Miche Bag Online!
fantasy basketball draft tonight. Solid first round pick Juwan Howard, what do you think?
Guess what Juwan Howard purchase and get a $10 credit 😱…
Juwan Howard & his wife, Jenine will host Juice Foundation’s 4th Annual Fashion for a Cause. For tickets and info:
The Juice Foundation 4th Annual Fashion For A Cause: Two time NBA Champion, Juwan Howard, and his wife Jenine...
Raul Ibanez is to the royals what Juwan Howard is to the heat!
Juwan Howard Jr. and enjoyed their time Media Day!
Juwan Howard, Jr. shooting PSA's during the media day
Juwan Howard Jr. on taking the mantle of leadership: "I feel like I have to be that example -- first to practice, last at practice."
Detroit coach Ray McCallum, joined by Juwan Howard Jr., thankful and surprised to be picked No. 3 in the preseason poll
Good pic of and Juwan Howard, Jr. on
Media Day | Next up, it's Ray McCallum and Juwan Howard, Jr. of
Corey Petros of the and Juwan Howard Jr. of the named to preseason first team.
.forward Juwan Howard, Jr. named to the preseason first team
Sykes the PPOY, joined by Trey Lewis (CSU), Corey Petros (Oak), Juwan Howard Jr. (Detroit) and Peters on All-League First Team.
Rest of first team is: Detroit’s Juwan Howard, Jr., Oakland's Corey Petros, Clev. St's Trey Lewis, Valparaiso’s Alec Peters
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Watch and Juwan Howard, Jr. today at 6 PM ET on
fab five is just as great and on Netflix, its about the 90's Michigan team. Chris Webber Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard going hard af
If Herrera-Davis-Holland are KC's version of the big 3, then that probably makes Chen either Juwan Howard or Dexter Pittman.
he will be the cavs version of Juwan Howard
how old is he now? He might be able to do the Juwan Howard role lol
Would be super cool w/ Z as 15th man in Juwan Howard role, but 4 years is a ton of rust to shake off... Seems like a huge long shot.
He's 39. Think of it like Juwan Howard and the Heat. He sits on the bench and gets a ring.
Just saw Juwan Howard at the airport
Kobe had Shaq, Lebron won with Juwan Howard and Joel Anthony... G.O.A.T.
Gave a best man toast today and saw juwan Howard at the hotel del. separate instances but still.
Chillian at home, while everyone else at under the influence💀
When you hear you got the 1st pick in you can't help but bust out the Juwan Howard cabbage patch dance
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