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Justise Winslow

Justise Winslow (born March 26, 1996) is an American college basketball player who currently plays at Duke University.

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Kayla: "who is that". Me: "one of my favorite dukies justise winslow". Kayla: "I had one of my favorite dukies this morning in the toilet"
id rather Winslow not be able to shoot for…
Justise Winslow gonna be better than Paul George
to be fair Justise Winslow was an elite college defender.
If Winslow doesn't average 25ppg on 52% shooting in the first month of the season I'm gonna have to change my @
Add Winslow or Richardson and I'd do it
He's Justise Winslow 2.0. Has little to no bust potential but idk if he'll be a star or not. Lonzo a…
On June 3rd, Justise Winslow and Udonis Haslem will be in Miami for
Hindsight is 20/20 -- redoing the 2015 NBA Draft: take Justise Winslow at No. 8 (by
Justise Winslow, Udonis Haslem and Hassan Whiteside to appear at Dew NBA 3X in Miami
Winslow, Griffin, and Whiteside on the court at the same time sounds like a nightmare
I think you meant Justise Winslow instead of Stanley Johnson in here
Remember 2 yrs ago when sources said the Knicks were interested in JUstise Winslow? Good thing that didn't happen!
[Sun-Sentinel: Miami Heat Blog] ASK IRA: Where does Justise Winslow fit in Miami Heat big picture?
as baffling now as ever that they took him over Justise Winslow
Justise Winslow is going to be a great player
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Josh Jackson will be a bust. If the suns were smart they would trade for Justise Winslow
Also It me, noted justise Winslow stan
This is why I love Justise Winslow. No stat can prove he's good.
Thought this was Justise Winslow for a moment before I zoomed in.
Justise Winslow second best sf in the east Gn
Michael Jordan only played 18 games in his 2nd season. Justise Winslow also only played 18 games in his 2nd season. Coinciden…
. NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony to Heat for Justise Winslow and Josh McRoberts -
Never forget the time Stephen A Smith blasted Phil for drafting KP over Willie Cauley-Stein, Justise Winslow, and S…
Gerald Green got a vote. Justise Winslow got a vote. Dion Waiters got a vote. Mo Williams, who is missing, got a vote.
When we had Tyus Jones , Justise Winslow & Jahlil Okafor we played defense
Hassan Whiteside, Justise Winslow and Goran Dragic. Give the boosts to Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson, Willie Reed and James Johnson
Justise Winslow the next Michael Kidd-Gilchrist don't @ me
they just don't understand that Justise Winslow is properly tanking. He's loyal and fully committed.
I really, REALLY don't like watching Justise Winslow.
Don't want to judge Justise Winslow too soon but his offensive game is non-existent.
Justise Winslow and Stanley Johnson are both awful
Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, and Hassan Whiteside better be the only people on this roster still on the heat next…
Heat's Goran Dragic, Justise Winslow make it an OKC doubleheader - Sun S.. Related Articles:
I don't want to trade Goran Dragic or Justise Winslow
Is 20-year-old Justise Winslow ready to carry the Miami Heat? finds out from the man himself.
.Justise Winslow looking for bigger role in second NBA season
Goran Dragic, Justise Winslow & Keith Benson getting some shots up after Day 2 of training camp󾟖!
And Riley just compared Justise Winslow to James Worthy--- oh boy
SF-SG Justise Winslow, SG-PG Josh Richardson, PG-SG Briante Weber out for today's Summer League game to rest.
The last time Dwyane Wade wasn't on the Miami roster for a Heat game, Justise Winslow was 7 and Erik Spoelstra was the d…
If the deciding factor in Wade not getting his value was Justise Winslow, he better be Kawhi Leonard nothing less
Justise Winslow finished with 15pts 3rebs 3stls 2asts. He's likely played in his last Summer League game of his NBA career
Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow. Briante Weber, Rodney McGruder and Norvel Pelle the Heat's summer starters now in Orland…
ICYMI: Luol Deng moves on to Lakers, Joe Johnson to Jazz. Justise Winslow now a likely Heat starter.
yes but instead it'll be Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow, Greg Whittington, Willie Reed
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Jaylen Brown could be a "better offensive version of Justise Winslow". 😳
So is Michael Jordan. Yet he drafted Frank Kaminsky over Justise Winslow and Myles Turner.
How is going to feel if the starting forwards next year are Justise Winslow & Joe Johnson?
Heat fans depending on Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow to lead them into the future
My dude Justise Winslow is averaging 19, 2, and 6 but he only gets 17 MPG and coach won't start him over Gerald Green. ***
I love justise Winslow but wish he stayed at Duke
dude was rated higher than Justise Winslow coming out of high school
higher rated than Justise Winslow coming out of high school.
Justise Winslow: "I was so locked in on this. I wanted to play until July."
I'm also in love with Justise Winslow but what else is new🙄👀
"With the tenth pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, the Miami Heat select Justise Winslow from Duke University."
Think about it: Have you ever see Chris Partlow from The Wire and Justise Winslow at the same time? https:/…
I love Justise Winslow and fully believe that he was a plus rotation player last year. But MAN his numbers really are bad.
Justise Winslow face-guarding Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and boxing out Bismack Biyombo all in the same Game 7 as a roo…
Justise Winslow is probably the best rookie perimeter defender that I've ever seen.
This is why Justise Winslow should've won ;)
For a rookie, Justise Winslow playing big role for Heat: Game 7 of the Heat-Raptors series is Sunday afternoo...
Justise Winslow finished higher in ROY voting than Snitch Russell lmaooo
Justise Winslow is such a great young player.
Justise Winslow to get first playoff taste with Miami Heat...
If you're a Heat fan and you're anything less than super excited about Justise Winslow, you're a loser
Justise Winslow sixth in vote for Rookie of the Year. Karl-Anthony Towns wins.
Ranking Justise Winslow, Norman Powell and the best playoff rookies - NBA
Justise Winslow sixth in rookie of year voting. Seven third place votes for JW. One of 9 to get votes. Karl A-T wins it.
Assist of the Night: Joe Johnson: Joe Johnson finds Justise Winslow with the sweet no-look pass for the slam.
Justise Winslow is gonna be Draymond Green on steroids
Justise Winslow finishes 6th in NBA rookie of year voting. 🔥
Watched Justise Winslow walk slowly into locker room, head down. Dude played so hard.
So, like, within the first four minutes of the game, Justise Winslow has literally defended all five Raptors. This is incred…
We had Justise Winslow starting at center who might be 6'7" if his sneaks got air bubbles and we almost made the ECF. The East trash. featured in NBC s Science of Love
.rookie Justise Winslow on the Game 7 loss and his first professional season.
This is the look of a player who gave EVERYTHING HE HAD in defeat. . Can't believe Justise Winslow is just a rookie. https:…
Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic, Justise Winslow and Josh McRoberts are the only Heat players with a guaranteed contract for n…
Justise Winslow finished with as many threes against Toronto as Joe Johnson did in 93 less minutes and 16 less 3PA.
Justise Winslow is the Miami Heat starting center tonight and is currently guarding Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry
The more I see of Justise Winslow, the more I hate Michael Jordan and Kaminsky
Mentioned to Justise Winslow that the team seems loose. "We don't get tight. We've got a lot of guys who have been in i…
Justise Winslow or Dennis Rodman tonight? I can't really tell. This was such a fun game.
Justise Winslow was drafted and is listed as a Small Forward, he has been playing way more Centre this game.
Long talk with Justise Winslow about his play in G4 after not playing in G3. He was critical of his work against Terrence Ross.
Justise Winslow is literally the best rim protector on the floor for the Heat. They can switch on EVERY pick and roll. Evolution of the NBA.
Going to be so fun to watch Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow guard Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan
This is the 2nd straight year that Justise Winslow's team has eliminated Frank Kaminsky's team. (h/t nationr/reddit) http…
Kid runs to Justise Winslow, gives him a hug. 💯
stars Grayson Allen and Amile Jefferson hanging out after the game, assuming to chat with former teammate Justise Winslow
Kaminsky was decent this season. But the next four picks: Justise Winslow, Myles Turner, Trey Lyles and Devin Booker. Welp.
Joel Berry, Damion Lee, Justise Winslow, and other stars are all joining in on the
My mans went from Clyde Drexler to Justise Winslow 😂
Lol still can't believe Frank Kaminsky was drafted before Justise Winslow
Just picturing how great Duke would be if they still had Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Jabari Parker, and Rodney Hood...
What do you think of the latest NBA Rookie Ladder ranking 8th with Justise Winslow at 7th ahead of him?
Trevor Booker 34pts vs Miami & a -7 +/-! Justise Winslow wit 7pts but a +8 +/-! Miami did better wit Winslow on the floor but Booker BALLED!
What if the Clippers trade Blake Griffin to Miami for Chris Bosh & Justise Winslow?
They said Justise Winslow had an unorthodox looking shot but this is just ridiculous
Justise Winslow went on and on yesterday about what he admired about Jimmy Butler's game. Tonight, he locked Butler up …
Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is encouraged by Justise Winslow's recent improvement from beyond the arc.
I kinda feel bad for Frank Kaminsky because I think he's going to be a solid NBA player but he'll always be compared to Justise Winslow
Pacers' Paul George sees a lot to like in Heat rookie Justise Winslow: Pacers' Paul George sees a lot to like ...
Paul George says Justise Winslow has "a lot to learn" but praises his "great feet" & does compare him to himself & Kawh…
fact and that they had to rely on the defensive efforts of Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Chris "Birdman" Andersen,and Justise Winslow.
I wanted Justise Winslow as most Hornets fans did, but Kaminsky starting to have a bigger impact on the floor, maybe Cho got this one right.
Justise Winslow throws down the hammer!.
Justise Winslow considered donating to Wikipedia for helping him in school
Heat rookie Justise Winslow says what we all feel about Wikipedia
I wonder what Okafor's conversations with Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow are like.
Justise Winslow is how we imagined Michael Beasley would've panned out... had he not been so high all the time lol
Danny Ainge is sick AF. MJ took Frank the Tank over Justise Winslow
Deandre Jordan, Justise Winslow, Gerald Green, Jimmy Butler it'd be a good lil squad
LeBron is hot, 6/7 from the field to start against Justise Winslow. That's too easy for the King. Welcome to the NBA, R…
Justise Winslow is making the Hornets regret not drafting him by dunking on their entire team
Justise Winslow starts off his NBA career for the with a BANG!!!
Justise Winslow with the impressive one-handed flush in his debut
Josh Richardson and Justise Winslow together on defense... by the end of the season, Spoelstra will be going to that a …
Interesting that has Justise Winslow's closest 15-16 comparable at Luol Deng's rookie season.
I like how hes playing good, idk about Justise Winslow, or Tyus Jones.All gonna be amazing this year tho
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[For you lil boys] James Ennis has more potential than Justise Winslow. What can Winslow do that James Ennis can't do?
I think he's gonna end up as Justise Winslow
Can Justise Winslow have an impactful rookie year? Chris Bosh says his shooting will be key.
Chris Bosh says he doesn't think Justise Winslow is 19 and wants to see his birth certificate.
Chris Bosh on Justise Winslow: "He's big. I don't really think he's 19. I need to see a birth certificate."
Setting up the surprise twist when Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow suit up for Duke this year?
Dwyane Wade implied that rookie Justise Winslow will have a relatively small role with the Heat this season.
Bosh on Winslow: "He’s big and physical, strong and fast. He’s just that classic Miami Heat player Pat Riley loves".
Justise Winslow is gonna be the equivalent of Jimmy Butler in a few years. Go debate Jordan's statue outside the United Cen…
Don't usually watch for rookies but no doubt I'm watching Justise Winslow and Mario Hezonja real close this season
I like how Sam Dekker is good friends with Justise Winslow and Frank Kaminsky is good friends with Jahil Okafor.
Justise Winslow to St John's students: I don't know if y'all watched run to the title? They did.
Stanley Johnson, Justise Winslow, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook, Emmanuel Mudiay and Lafayette "Fat" Lever are the only players I watch 🏀
rookie SF-SG Justise Winslow is looking forward to learning from star SG-PG Dwyane Wade.
if Joe Young get burn I say him but I think Stanley Johnson, Okafor or Justise Winslow
So is Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Rashad Vaughn & Myles Turner more physical & athletic than Justise Winslow? Hmm..
Pat Riley, Andy Elisburg, Erik Spoelstra all in the Cox Pavilion to watch Justise Winslow -- who just made a J -- and the summer Heat
I need me a Derwin Davis in Justise Winslow
Justise Winslow + Stanley Johnson chop it up following their head-to-head battle in Orlando.
For our last picture of the night, congrats to Justise Winslow on being selected 10th in the by Miami Heat! h…
Justise Winslow offers a preview of his upcoming payback tour in Heat summer win over Johnson, Pistons (with video). http:…
Winslow, draftees get chance in Summer League: Barely a year ago, Justise Winslow and Myles Turner were high s...
Congrats to Justise Winslow on being drafted by the Miami Heat!
Greg Cote: Miami Heat expects Justise Winslow to be its next big star - Miami Herald (blog)
These players will do the best in their NBA careers; D'angelo Russell, Jahlil Okafor, Stanley Johnson, Justise Winslow, Jerian Grant.
Duke's Mike Krzyzewski thinks Justise Winslow is ... Dwyane Wade? And Gabrielle Union's welcome to him. Hyde5 blog:
Justise Winslow wore No. 12 at Duke. have had Bimbo Coles, Bruce Bowen, Mike James & Kasib Powell wear that numbe…
Random thought: Few projected F Justise Winslow and WR DeVante Parker would fall this yr to MIA teams. The and
Justise Winslow given the Ron Artest comparison. Curse is officially on.
The Heat will draft Justise Winslow at pick STEAL of the draft.
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The Miami Heat will select Duke's Justise Winslow with the No. 1o pick in the NBA Draft, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
With the eighth pick the Detroit Pistons select Stanley Johnson. With Justise Winslow on the board. First big mistake …
So there's no way that Justise Winslow falls to Miami right? I can hear Mickey Arison drooling from here if it happens.
Not surprised Justise Winslow is falling. Excelled as undersized PF at Duke. Must transition to wing full-time in NBA. Ba…
Justise Winslow just became the steal of the draft. Michael Jordan can't pass on him ... can he? What a fit
I like Justise Winslow, he reminds me of Josh Howard back when he played with the Mavs
Can't believe the Knicks just picked sam cox over Justise Winslow
I think Justise Winslow will be a terrific NBA player. To way player. Similar to Kendall Gill, Jimmy Butler, Kerry Kittles, maybe Scottie P.
Justise Winslow says he admired Kellen Winslow - at Miami. Obviously not the Winslow claiming he got "lost" in that NJ mall parking lot.
The Kings could end up having D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, and Justise Winslow by tomorrow night...
Justise Winslow is projected as high as 4 in tonight’s NBA Draft. Will he end up with the |
Coach K's advice for heading into the NBA via
We need Russell fam. I don't want Porzingis. But I will take Justise Winslow and be cool with it.
It's NBA Draft eve here in Oz and I cannot wait for tomorrow! Hoping the Magic pick Justise Winslow!
Justise Winslow might be the steal of the draft if he drops past 10.
You ain't lying. But Justise Winslow could be a solid pick as well. He can score, and plays good defense
Our Director of Analytics discusses Justise Winslow as the next Shane Battier:
Meet Justise Winslow, 19-year-old small forward out of Duke Universtiy. Know more:
Unilever's drafts Justise Winslow to reach fans on social - Mobile Marketer - Social networks
If you missed it this morning, Justise Winslow from Duke was in-studio with Mike, and he was allowed a brief touch. http:…
I'd be taking Justise Winslow later if available... Always weary of the European prospects.
Houston’s Justise Winslow gets suited up by GQ for NBA Draft
Duke coach says pencil in draft candidate Justise Winslow as elite shooting guard in NBA
PODCAST: Guests Jahlil Okafor, Fran Fraschilla, Emmanuel Mudiay, Justise Winslow & why Towns is best player
We spoke to Justise Winslow about his love of art and smashing video game controllers
How Justise Winslow's versatility sets him apart in the NBA draft (via
Unilever’s male grooming brand Axe is partnering with Duke University basketball player Justise Winslow on social...
NBA Draft tonight!! Lets do it Knickerbockers!! 4th pick but let's make the most of it n take. Justise Winslow
REPORT: Justise Winslow worked out for the Knicks today and clocked a 4.2 forty yard dash-the *** out-of-the-facility-a…
justise Winslow is going to be the steal of the draft
Watch sing D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha" and tell us which emojis he likes to send to girls http:…
The boy justise winslow is about to get drafted
Why is Justise Winslow down so far?, he is the second most complete player in this draft, don't pick big men off of potential...
Versatile Justise Winslow ready to make immediate impact ...
I liked a video Rapid Fire with Justise Winslow at the Foot Locker x SLAM 2015 Draft Suite
5.) Justise Winslow is gonna make an NBA team very happy.
Unilever's Axe drafts Justise Winslow to reach NBA fans on social:
Justise Winslow's versatility sets him apart from most NBA draft prospects -
Versatile Justise Winslow ready to make immediate impact in NBA
Justise Winslow on meeting Melo and how he could help the Knicks
The Knicks are concerned with Justise Winslow's basketball IQ after hearing him willingly say that he would like to play…
Justise Winslow, Willie Cauley-Stein, or Mario Hezonja will be a Sacramento King tomorrow. And more importantly, so will…
While in New York, Justise Winslow gets in one last workout before the 2015 NBA Draft:
ROY going to Justise Winslow to big.
Coach K told Jay Bilas that Justise Winslow is Dwyane Wade. Here's our profile of the 19-year-old out of Duke:
Here's my feature on Justise Winslow, and how he went from the baby of his family to soon to be high lottery pick:
Duke's Justise Winslow will work out for the Knicks on Monday, league sources tell Yahoo. New York is examining him closel…
Whom do you think teams will most regret passing on, a la Marvin Williams over or Pierce slipping to 10? Justise Winslow?
DeAngelo Russel, Emmanuel Mudiay, Kelly Oubre, Justise Winslow, Jahlil Beats or Karl Towns Jr are all gonna be good picks
NBA DRAFT COMBINE RECAP: Quinn Cook impressed in 5-on-5 as Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow met with teams in Chicago: ht…
Watching the NBATV interivew with Justise Winslow. He seems like a Rob Hennigan guy. He'll handle himself well in interviews.
National Champion Justise Winslow of Duke. Doing what he does best! (Vine by
I'll be crossing my fingers for pick. Pick Justise Winslow & play him w/ MKG at the 2.
But at the same time I think Justise Winslow could be the best player to come out of this draft.
My bold prediction for the draft is that Stanley Johnson will go before Justise Winslow.
Justise Winslow nice but he just seems so slow on The court
when we Trade Kawhi For Justise Winslow and save our money >>>
Carmelo Anthony has cameo role in new Teenage Mutant Ninja ...:
Top 5 small guards, small forwards in NBA draft
Over for Orlando if they don't resign Tobias Harris. . . unless they draft Justise Winslow
Carmelo Anthony was seen hanging out with Justise Winslow at a Yankees game.
superstar SF-PF Carmelo Anthony and SF-PF Justise Winslow were at the game hanging out together on Friday night.
Carmelo Anthony & future 2015 lottery pick Justise Winslow were hanging out at the Yankee game Friday night ---
Sixers and I got them picking D'Angelo Russell or Justise Winslow
Justise Winslow will be ideal for us if Harris doesn't resign with us just saying
Melo and Justise Winslow hang at Yankee game
Tyus Jones, and Justise Winslow eat in 2k
Orlando Magic should target Willie Cauley-Stein, Justise Winslow for interviews at NBA Draft Combine
Orlando Magic should attempt to interview Willie Cauley-Stein, Justise Winslow ...
I like d'angelo Russell justise Winslow, town n okafor so if Phil pick anybody out the 4 the draft was a successful for me
Possible targets D’Angelo Russell, Justise Winslow & Willie Cauley Stein will participate in the Draft Combine. No T…
Justise Winslow, Stanley Johnson, Kelly Oubre, and m hezonja are Pistons draft targets. All can potentially shoot and defend at high levels.
Duke freshman Justise Winslow has declared for the NBA Draft.
Breaking: Duke freshman Justise Winslow has officially declared for the NBA Draft
Looking back the Houston Hoops wing trio of Justise Winslow, Justin Jackson & Kelly Oubre, was more ridiculous than that E…
If 3 freshman go pro, here are some Player Comps:. Jahlil Okafor: Al Jefferson. Justise Winslow: Corey Maggette. Tyus…
Justise Winslow hair so nappy his hat don't fit
Justise Winslow is a stupid piece of crap Komodo dragon looking crapface pooper
Justise Winslow is gunna be a better Harrison Barnes
Final 4 reminds us part of why Rick Barnes isn't at Texas. Duke's Matt Jones & Justise Winslow, UK's Harrison twins all TX guys
True, but Justise Winslow isn't Devin Booker. The Matt Jones/Nigel Hayes match up is key to either team.
NBA,draft prospect justise Winslow will be the next big superstar in the nba. Mark my words.
How is Justise Winslow the Most Valuable Player of the tournament whn every game Sam Dekker made a huge three in crunch time?
Prediction: Duke wins by two possessions... Justise Winslow player of game...
Justise Winslow jumped over a guy while blocking him 😧 |
Quinn Cook, Tyus Jones, and Justise Winslow are gonna scorch Wisconsin
if you like this Justise Winslow edit!
yeah I want Wisconsin too..Justise Winslow nice tho😈
& the Lakers draft pick will Justise Winslow.
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Justise Winslow and James Harden are basically the same person. They both look and play the same.
I think they won't let that happen so we'll end up getting Justise Winslow from Duke...make him a 2-guard
Winslow Emerging as a Superstar in Duke's Run via
I can't think of somebody who can guard Justise Winslow. If he plays well, it'll be tough for Wisconsin to win
Duke’s new slogan: . “With Jahlilberty and Justise Winslow for all."
lol Duke too good Justise Winslow a beast
I'm sure I would have loved it. I'm also sure he knows Justise Winslow's name :)
I know Okafor is believed to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, but Justise Winslow is no slouch. Excellent player, seems like a better kid
Justise Winslow: excited to play Dekker. I love the challenge of facing a great player.
Justise Winslow says defense is where he's taken the greatest stride since December. Says he's moving better in pick-and-roll situations.
Winslow Emerging as a Superstar in Final Four Run (via
They're totally different players, but the way Justise Winslow handles the ball is reminiscent of James Harden.
The reason Duke is even in the national title game my main justise winslow
Duke fans hyping how good Justise Winslow has been playing haven't realized yet that Sam Dekker has been on a whole other level.
Assuming Justise Winslow was legitimately hampered by injury earlier in season, it may be time to put him in discussion for …
I haven't seen Mudiay but Justise Winslow is looking like the No. 3 pick behind Towns and Okafor. Does it all and play…
Also, this may be cocky, but: Justise Winslow was made in a lab and sent from the future to guard Sam Dekker
Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. ranks all of the Final Four starters.
Justise Winslow is my favorite Duke player and title for a Carl-centric Family Matters prequel
Justise Winslow had 5 points in their last meeting lol
The X Factor Justise Winslow will be the Difference Monday night!
Kentucky's story may be over, but Duke-Wisconsin is a rematch worthy of the nat'l championship htt…
From a mannerisms and playing style standpoint, it's uncanny how much Justise Winslow resembles James Harden.
As we've all noticed, Justise Winslow has done more to help his draft stock than just about any player in college:
Aaron and Andrew Harrison,Matt Jones and Justise Winslow all from the state of Texas begin in the Final Four. Great co…
Pistons need a SF upgrade. Who should we take; Justise Winslow out of DUKE or Stanley Johnson out of Arizona?
Justise Winslow had 16 points as the top-seeded Blue Devils advanced to the Final Four, where the senior Quinn Cook will h…
Emerging star Justise Winslow guided Duke past Gonzaga to the Final Four (via
How do Tyus Jones, Jahlil Okafor, and that third guy all have the same hair style? (Justise Winslow?)
20 of Duke's 29 second half points have been scored by Texas products Justise Winslow and Matt Jones.
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Imagine the lineup of Tyus Jones, Quinn Cook, Justise Winslow, Jabari Parker and Jahlil Okafor.
"The goal was still 10 feet." -Justise Winslow, getting all Norman Dale with it.
I like to think that Justise Winslow is the love child of Laura Winslow and Steve Urkel.
.freshman Justise Winslow is headed home for Sweet 16...Blue Devils take on Utah in his hometown of Houston, TX.
Winston Shepard and Justise Winslow sound like Houston royalty
Duke's Justise Winslow is very mean, catches a Robert Morris shot with one hand via
Starting lineup for Duke stays the same as past several games: Quinn Cook, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Matt Jones and …
Justise Winslow will be a better NBA player than Jabari Parker. I have no doubt.
And on the other hand, a great drive and kick by Justise Winslow. Smart to recognize how well Notre Dame had the lane packed, too.
Justise Winslow really just did a bruce lee kick while taking a layup
ESPN has both Stanley Johnson and Justise Winslow available when they pick. Yeah Vucci Mane is the key
if you had to choose right now between Justise Winslow and Stanley Johnson, who are you taking?
Nice spurt near the end by Duke to seal the win. Credit to Justise Winslow and Rasheed Sulaimon.
I'm a big Justise Winslow fan. He's a Rasheed Sulaimon minus the turnovers and better size
Justise Winslow leading the way for the Blue Devils with 9 points in the first half. Rasheed Sulaimon added 7 off the bench.
D'Angelo Russell, Kevon Looney, WCS, Justise Winslow, Kelly Oubre, my (out of order) players. I'd love to get one @ MIA.
Last night, Duke star Justise Winslow jumped over a player while swatting his shot.
VIDEO: Duke’s Justise Winslow jumps over a Stanford player to block his shot
Tyus Jones and Justise Winslow are back for Duke as Matt Jones and Rasheed Sulaimon head to the bench. Cook yet to sit …
Duke will trot out the same starting five as usual tonight—Quinn Cook, Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Amile Jefferson and…
Oh Captains, My Captains: New YorkJahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow, Tyus Jones. Those are the names that have…
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist made 13 3s as a freshman at Kentucky. Andre Iguodala made 9 at Arizona. Justise Winslow has 7 in f…
Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood went pro so they wouldn't have to play against Justise Winslow in practice.
Justise Winslow making himself big on the inside. Winslow collects the Tyus Jones miss and hits the putback plus the fo…
Quinn Cook, Jahlil Okafor and Justise Winslow have 10 points each to lead Duke at half. Valentine has nine for the Spar…
is Jahlil Okafor. It's also Justise Winslow, Tyus Jones and Quinn Cook. Secret's out after Champions Classic:
In the meantime, let me mention how special Justise Winslow is once again.
A change in the starting five. Senior Quinn Cook will start alongside Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow, Amile Jefferson and …
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