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Justine Damond

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Even Critics Say If Coulter's Views On Immigration Were Implemented, Justine Damond Would Still Be Alive; 'A LOT of people would be alive.'
Minneapolis police are making changes to their body camera policy in the wake of Justine Damond's shooting death:…
Day8of100RIP Justine Damond My head is trying to make sense of this: via
Mayor Hodges stance on death of Justine Damond.
Nearly every story of a police killing eventually gets to the “blame the victim” stage. It’s Justine Damond’s turn. https:/…
Justine Damond shot to death by Muslim cop because she ‘slapped police car’
MPLS mayor fired police chief who said the Somali cop was a bad cop. Apologizes to Somalis – Doesn't care that Just…
Why does Minneapolis PD shoot and kill innocent people?!
This is the sort of thing that happens when you incessantly tell cops that they have targets on their backs.
silence as outrage boils over in Australia &Minneapolis among Ms Damond's loved ones, the public &elected officials…
Justine Damond's house searched for weapons and drugs after shooting via
'Police Easily Startled' warning signs pop up around Minneapolis after Justine Damond shooting 2017
Why did investigators search Justine Damond's house for DNA, weapons, and drugs after she was s… via
Never seen anything like it.. Minneapolis Mayor chased out of her own press conference by protestors angry over death o…
When a police shooting victim is a white woman via
Attorney of Minneapolis Cop Hints Fear of an ‘Ambush’ May Have Led to Justine Damond’s Death
When Justine Damond slapped the police car because she was irritated that they had taken so long to respond.. (1/2)
Officer Mohamed Noor calls for unauthorized GoFundMe page to be taken down. |
BCA warrant in Justine Damond killing says woman 'slaps' squad car before officer shot her dead ☠️
Foreign coverage of the shooting of Justine Damond is giving Americans new perspective via…
When a shooting victim is a white woman. The sympathetic shows the relentless power of in
Mohamed Was Hired for Being In a week, the will airbrush from the story. https:/…
My Latest. Black victims of white cops simply do not get the universal support & justice afforded
BIZARRE, fake street signs have begun popping up around Minneapolis near where Justine Damond was killed, but their…
.Black victims of white cops should get the same love, support and justice as Justine Damond 
Why can’t society hurt for us as it does for Justine Damond?
Hear the ENTIRE story of Justine Damond and why it's even MORE racist than you'd thought it was. .
The entire media and police reaction to the killing of Justine Damond is a gigantic F U to the black community.. and they don't even see it.
Black victims should get the same justice as Justine Damond. And Police Must Get Better
Woman 'slapped' back of police car before Justine Damond was shot
So will they be arresred Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of fatal police shooting of Australian bride-to-be ht…
Justine Damond: Somali American police 'afraid' of backlash over shooting
Mohammed Noor is headed to prison for shooting Justine Damond. via
Signs are showing up in Minnieapolis and St Paul, presumably in response to the July 15 murder of Justine Damond by MN…
From Justine Damond slapped the police car -- apparently this was the loud that put officers on edge
Woman 'slapped' police car before shooting - Justine Damond, also known as Justine Ruszczyk, from Sydney,in 201...
It is sad she died. . It is also sad her death is considered more tragic than an equally innocent black man/woman. . https:…
Jack Dunphy: The Horrific Death of Justine Damond in Minneapolis: Regular readers of my work know that I often…
Foreign coverage of the shooting of is giving Americans new perspective | by
The killing of an unarmed AUS woman Justine Damond by the Minneapolis Police Department is so much more than sad..m…
If this isn't a devastating enough example of why America needs to reduce its gun use then I don't know what is.
07-25 A crowd gathers in memoriam of Justine Damond at...
Woman "slapped" back of Minneapolis police car shortly before an Australian was shot dead by officer, records show
Woman 'slapped' police car before shooting
Justine Damond dying wish was to be because grown white women don't get the same gangsta street cred as 12-yr-old black children.
The sympathetic reaction to Justine Damond’s death shows the relentless power of race in America:
Kind of makes me wonder if she had earned her wings and could escape this college campus called "life." Not that...
dying wish was to be Justine Damond because he wanted to be a grown innocent white woman rather than a 12-yr-old black boy.
Itchy finger.. or..protecting Somali sex attackers?.
"Our babies [Tamir Rice and Aiyana Stanley Jones] deserve the song of innocence the media never sang for them"
Minneapolis police union silent after Justine Damond shooting The fatal shooting of Justine Damond by a Minneapolis
- 'Warning: Police easily startled': Strange fake street signs appear in Minneapolis after Australian……
OK the industry is just getting their "AH HA" when yall all know why. The cops and ppl are D&C.
March for Australian woman murdered by cop . Hundreds of protesters march honour Justine Damond
Today we look at the police shooting of Justine Damond, public health crisis in Yemen & Iran nuclear deal. Listen: https:…
''Never been about race': black activists on how Minneapolis reacted to Damond shooting'
I struggle to understand why ppl can't recognize tht Justine Damond's death was a tragedy *and* tht black victims don't…
Justine Damond's friends tell policeman to 'have a heart' and come clean on shooting
Why there will be NO JUSTICE for Justine Damond in Minneapolis via
Typical of Fox's xenophobic narrative: focus on nationality, Somali-American, of the officer who shot Justine Damond
Mayor picks new chief amid shooting uproar via
All purpose parts banner
Witness: Somali Officer Mohamed Noor reached over his partner & killed Damond while she was speaking to his partner. htt…
I hope justice will be served against Mohamed Noor for shooting an innocent woman!
Justine Damond's father says there is an 'ugly truth' about his daughter's death via
EXCLUSIVE: Killer cop says he shot Justine Damond because he was 'startled' by her.
Great point there by Kalgoorlie-born, Sydney-based actor Meyne Wyatt, that the PM has addressed Justine Damond's…
The Minneapolis Police Chief:. Keeps job when Jamar Clark is killed. . Loses job when Justine Damond is killed.
Justine Damond's fiance says he regrets not staying on phone before shooting
What? Now media is posting official "RIP" for Justine Damond?. Where was this for Philando, Tamir, Sandra, Eric, Aiyana, & hu…
Hence why exists. This would have been a back page story if Justine Damond would have been a Sandra Bla…
Officer Noor had 7 Months training & was paired with another rookie. EPIC LIBERAL POLICY FAIL! How many more are out there? Justine Damond
People "on the right" looking for Black activists; I'm looking for justice for Black victims, too.
Minneapolis police chief resigns after shooting of unarmed Australian woman...
“It would have never happened here,” said a mourner at a vigil near Justine Damond’s childhood home in Australia
Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigns in wake of Justine Damond shooting
But Trayvon was killed by a white man and he was never convicted for…
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Betsy Hodges has Justine Damond's blood on her hands. She has turned Minneapolis into an Islamic City. Retwee…
THIS is why we need a FEDERAL AGENCY like to INTERVENE on this Justine Damond MURDER. P…
Philandro Castile gets killed by a white cop & nothing happens. . Justine Damond gets killed by a Somali cop & the Chi…
Lost amidst the reaction to Justine Damond's story: further evidence in support of Colin Kaepernick's protest.
Justine Damond: Australia waits for answers in 'American nightmare'
Philando Castile's mother comforts Justine Damond’s fiancé as they march to demand justice for their loved ones... https…
Chief Harteau's response to police killing of Justine Damond is rooted in white supremacy. Jamar Clark didn't have to die eithe…
Witness who rode past scene where Justine was shot dead by U.S. cop ‘caught the incident on camera’
@ all the white women protesting for Justine Damond
If Justine Damond didn't exhibit criminal like behavior, she would have been alive today. I support
The bonus episode was us discussing our disgust with wypipo and their response to Justine Da…
I wrote this before Justine Damond was killed, but the argument stands. Respectability won't end police violence.
Here's making the rational case for why he & Black people don'…
Minneapolis Police Chief Harteau resigns (but Sessions applauds his pigs); protesters shout down mayor at City Hall
The Blatant DISRESPECT of Philando Castile's Murder in Minnesota compared to the RESPECT given to Australian Justine Damon…
Friends, Here's an article in The Guardian that references the role that local black activists have been playing...
Damond's death helps black and white find their voice
“Finally the female chief of Minneapolis police came out and said Justine Damond should still be alive. She said... http…
BBC News - Justine Damond: 'Why did the police not use their cameras?'
In the case of Justine Damond, I wonder if the chief were a white male and not a woman, openly *** and Native...
The police chief of Minneapolis has stepped down after Justine Damond shooting
Anyone who doubts that racism is a deep and living thing in America: behold the swift action in the Justine Damond shooting.
"Australian holistic healer and former veterinarian, Dr. Justine Damond, has been shot dead by Minneapolis...
Fox News was unsurprisingly focused on the nationality of the Somali-American officer who shot Justine Damond:
Please don't use Justine Damond's death as a piece of social propaganda for BLM and instead mourn fo…
Yup! Sounds about right to me, he feared for his life right? right? She looked suspicious right?...
Source: Witness in Justine Damond shooting recorded part of encounter, is cooperating
The shooting death of Justine Damond may have far reaching consequences.
Justine Damond's family slam claims she may have been on drugs via
Nothings made any sense in Police shooting of Justine Damond.. miraculously a dude rode past on a pushy & filmed it.
'Justine Damond did not have to die': Minneapolis Police Chief pledges justice will be served - :
Memo to white people: all blacks believe white cops treat black people the way Somali cop treated Justine Damond (she was execut…
"Justine Damond: Protesters interrupt press conference to demand Minneapolis Mayor's resignation"
US🇺🇸 police chief is bad example police for the world🌎 JUSTICE NOW‼️ and i support, and i never for…
Protestors are celebrating their take over of Minneapolis Mayor presser.. much anger over body cams not being used in J…
If only we saw this kind of accountability after every unjustified police shooting, we might get somewhere.
Minneapolis police chief resigns over shooting death of Justine Damond via
Is it normal for officer's family to release statements in officer involved shootings?
I liked a video White Australian Justine Damond is Killed by a Black Cop --Suddenly No One "Backs the
Oh come on! I think they're just messing with me now.
Since WHEN do police chiefs PUBLICLY come out AGAINST a cop? . When the cop is BLACK and the deceased is white.
Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of Australian woman's shooting death via
The Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau has resigned over the fatal police shooting of Australian woman Justine Damo…
The murder of Justine Damond and police violence in America
US police chief quits after Australian bride-to-be Justine Damond is shot dead by cop.
Little Giant Ladders
Here's a timeline of events from the night Justine Damond was shot by a Minneapolis Police officer.
Is the police shooting of Justine Damond, a white woman, being covered differently than those of young black men like Philando Cas…
Minneapolis mayor's news conference disrupted as protesters demand she quit over police shooting of Australian woman
Police officer explains why he killed bride-to-be Justine Damond
Somali immigrant cop Mohamed Noor, who shot Justine Damond, was 'highly celebrated' by Minneapolis mayor in 2015 |
Protesters are interrupting the Minneapolis mayor's press conference on the police chief resigning following the shooting…
imagine a world in which black lives taken by police were valued as much as Justine Damond's has been
Hundreds of white ppl protested the unarmed shooting of Justine Damond. Things quickly escalated when they had to cross some intersections.
Wow, Justine Damond's family is getting justice quick! I'm sure it has nothing to do with race
Today, in 'White Privilege':. "Those who want to blame every single black person who has ever been shot by police...
Racism is hard to deal with. It's either blatant and in your face or sneaky and riddled with subtext.
The Minneapolis police chief says the shooting death of Justine Damond by an officer “should not have happened”
THREAD. Justine Damond was no angel. I'm hearing she had several run ins with the police over the years (1)
"She didn’t deserve to die. But neither did any of the others.".
This is murder.I believe this man needs to be arrested and charged. He claims he was afraid for his life so he...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A woman named Justine Damond. And all because she is white.
Black Lives Matter activists respond to the police shooting of Justine Damond
Now let me let y'all in on a secret. The attorney who said Justine Damond is the "most innocent victim"?
Attorney: Justine Damond Is 'The Most Innocent Victim' Of a Police… Oh Wypipo when will u get it?
Minneapolis police chief says Justine Damond's death has people afraid to call 911. I'm *** sure of it.
march held in honor of Justine Damond via
Hundreds attend Minneapolis march in honor of Justine Damond
The lawyer representing Justine Damond's family told the that she is "the most innocent victim" of a polic…
547 people have been fatally shot by US cops this year—5X the number killed by Australian police from 1989-2011.
This is a real offense not only to her but all her family
White-unarmed women in PJ’s killed. Where are the protests, working I guess If different color, would be *** to pay
Minneapolis police chief: Justine Damond didn't have to die -
Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau has spoken to the family of Australian woman Justine Rusczyk-Damond. https…
Hundreds march for Justice for Justine and nobody was singled out by race to 'get in the back' during this march.
Where are all the blue lives matter protestors now?
This is outrageous.Justine Damond's death 'should not have happened' - BBC News
If you shoot blindly every time you get startled you probably should not carry a gun! FIre and prosecute the cop!!!
Muslim police, Somali man Mohamed Noor who shot dead infidel white lady Justine Damond, refuses to talk to investigators &…
OUT: Everyone should be upset about Justine Damond. IN: Stop talking about Justine Damond's killer, racists!
THE lawyer for the cop who killed Justine Damond wants an autopsy on…
Steve Sack cartoon on silence from officer in Justine Damond case.
March for Australian Justine Damond, shot dead by Minneapolis police
Police officer who fired thru window over partner saying he was startled. Failure by Chief?
I've dissected the racial hypocrisy of the white media regarding Justine Damond. Uploading Part 1 now:.
For people looking for context in the death of Justine Damond: NJ, VA, TN, IN, MD, WV incomp…
Justine Damond's death 'should not have happened' - An Australian woman's shooting was caused by the "actions o...
Justine Damond's death 'should not have happened' -
Valerie Castile is standing shoulder to shoulder w/Don Damond, Justine's fiancé. Community stands silently to watch https:…
Minneapolis police chief says Justine Damond didn't have to die. Watch:
Didja hear? . 40-year-old Justine Damond, a white meditation and yoga instructor born in Australia and engaged to...
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Police chief Janee Harteau on body camera not turned on in shooting Justine Damond: “It’s not second nature to put those ca…
I stand with our Somali community. We can't compound the tragedy of Justine Damond's death by turning to racism.
Police chief: Australian 'didn't have to die'
A lawyer called Justine Damond "the most innocent victim" of a police shooting he's ever seen. Let's unpack that.
Police chief breaks silence on woman's fatal shooting
911 call transcript offers glimpse into Justine Damond's final moments before fatal shooting by Minneapolis police
Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau: Justine Damond 'didn't have to die'.
Understatement: Australian woman's death "should not have happened," police chief -
Justine Damond 'didn't have to die', says Minneapolis police chief
Justine Damond's death 'should not have happened'
Body cameras will not end police violence. Justine Damond's death is only the latest to bear out that truth.
See! bruh u on ur own wht happen to Minneapolis police union silent after Justine Damond shooting
A city torn apart by police brutality marches for healing and justice
Attorney for Justine Damond's family: Shooting 'clearly an improper use of deadly force'
Minnesota attorney for Justine Damond's family: She's 'the most innocent victim' of police shooting he has ever seen https…
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Justine Damond should still be alive, along with a bunch of other people we've written about who don't look like her
Police chief says Justine Damond should still be alive. Body cameras should have been activated.
Crazy f***king USA with their guns and paranoia. . Justine Damond's death 'should not have happened' -…
Minneapolis police chief says shooting of Australian Justine Damond "should not have happened"
Weak law is handy for all criminals.
"This is not what Minneapolis represents": Hundreds in Minneapolis rally and march to honor Justine Damond.
Statement from state Rep. on Justine Damond shooting
Going one on one with about the killing of Justine Damond by an MPD officer tonight only on
Why isn't officer Mohammed Noor arrested for the 2nd degree murder of Justine Damond?
We can change the script rather than waiting for another tragedy to wake us from our rote repetition https:…
Minnesota BCA gives account of fatal police shooting of Justine Damond. Mpls. leaders speak. Cyclist may be witness. https…
Minneapolis Police expected to address the homicide of Justine Damond 1 hour from now
In an hour, Mpls. Police Chief Janee Harteau is slated to speak as the investigation continues. |…
Miranda Devine selfishly exploits Justine Damond tragedy for her own ends:
Minneapolis officials release transcripts of 911 calls made by Justine Damond before she was fatally shot:
Minneapolis is not joining the dots on Justine Damond's death via
Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau will meet with reporters at today at 5 p.m. .
Lawyer for Justine Damond's family disputes officers' ambush fears as 'ludicrous
Justine Damond memorial march planned for tonight in Minneapolis
Clearly guns and cops are a bad mix.
The cop who killed that Australian lady thought he was in an ambush of yoga moms.
Minneapolis Police expected to address shooting death of Justine Damond, around 8am EST.
Minneapolis police had body cams that should have automatically recorded killing . But they didn't.…
Minnesota shooting shows underuse of police body cameras - MINNEAPOLIS — Police and protesters heralded the arr...
Minnesota shooting shows underuse of police body cameras
If a white cop killed this Justine Damond lots of folk would do their best to defend him, but Mohamed…
The US police officer who shot dead Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, is refusing to co-operate with investigat…
It's completely disgusting Miranda Devine is making MONEY off Justine Damond's death and using a families loss to push her…
911 transcripts released in police shooting that killed Justine Damond
Justine Damond: police lawyer claims officers may have feared an ambush
Minneapolis police union silent after Justine Damond shooting.
Cuz nothing says ambush like a middle aged lady in pajamas walking up to a police car...
The silence from the Mpls. Police Federation in Justine Damond's death is in contrast to other controversial cases |
Justine Damond's 911 call and the view from Minneapolis's Somali-American community
I hope we'll find out the truth of why he shot her soon...
The officer who gunned down Justine Damond has revealed to friends that he was "startled" by her seconds before he opened f…
Investigation says the cop who fatally shot Justine Damond was startled by a "loud sound." https…
Police release details of Justine Damond’s 911 calls, minutes before she was fatally shot by an officer.
Sanctuary City: Where those who protect the guilty kill the innocent... 😑.
911 transcripts released in police shooting that killed Australian yoga instructor Justine Damond…
The union is normally quick to jump to the defense of cops involved in on-duty shootings. But after the Justine Damond shoot…
Justine Damond was a woman who wanted to help others, police transcript reveals
Damond lawyer hits back at ambush claims, 911 tapes shed light on final moments - via
The . MISSING 2 MIN. Timeline of Muslim cop who KILLED pajama-clad woman leaves out 2 crucial min via
Before she was shot dead by a US cop, Justine Damond made two 911 calls to help a woman she thought was being raped…
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Not only did Justine Damond die at the hands of police, but she was one of the few brave folks who was an active bystander…
Holistic Healer/Dr. Justine Damond killed by police in Minneapolis via Nut News
Here's the women you shot dead, saving ducklings.
Australian Justine Damond killed by Minneapolis police: What we know.
Where is info on why Justine Damond was killed? Day 3 of appalling info blackout. No transparency, respect, integrity…
Pictured: US cop 'who shot dead Australian woman in her pyjamas'
Mohamed Noor speaks? If the Daily Mail is right, shooting of Justine Damond is worse than I thought:
The reasons why we have low numbers of fatal police shootings in Australia: (via
"I stand with our Somali community" -Betsy Hodges. This says all I need to know. You do not stand with Jus…
Damond timeline highlights two mystery minutes after police arrived
Justine Damond, who was shot, was a yoga instructor and teacher of Meditation in the Hindu tradition.
The MISSING TWO MINUTES: Timeline of Muslim cop who shot of pajama-clad woman leaves out two crucial minutes before… http…
Half a world away from Minneapolis, Australians wonder why a police officer shot a calm woman from Sydney
Hope you were safe while white America rioted, looted, & demolished businesses over this. Oh wait
Justine Damond expressed fear of guns before moving to US
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WATCH LIVE: Mayor Hodges, other officials provide update on fatal shooting of Justine Damond by MPD officer:
death: Mpls authorities are not joining the dots. . Aussies doing the work MN media won’t h/t a friend
BBC News - Vigil honours woman shot dead by US police How many more,in the name of freedom and our forefarthers
Justine Damond was murdered, give me a break 'startling sound' my foot
Unarmed woman who reported a possible assault near her home killed by responding Minneapolis police officer.
When did cops start shooting first and then asking questions. before pleading the fifth? RIP Justine Damond & shame on u Offi…
Affirmative action & Diversity lead to total incompetence.
I always give cops benefit of doubt, they have a difficult & dangerous job.but this case gets worse & worse.
Innocent women shot dead by police in Sanctuary City of Minneapolis. How's that sanctuary status working out? 😑.
Mohamed Noor had two complaints against him before he shot and killed Justine Damond
Did fireworks scare US cop into shooting Justine Damond dead? via Refusing to cooperate???
How can a cop who shoots some1 have a constitutional right NOT 2 answer questions? ht…
Justine Damond was shot in the abdomen by this Muslim cop "Mohamed Noor" after she called 911 for help. She was unarmed.…
Minneapolis officer who fatally shot bride-to-be was startled by loud sound, partner says
BBC News - Justine Damond: Minneapolis police 'heard loud sound' before shooting Lies,lies and more lies.Cover up
Blacks are laughing and dancing on the grave of Justine Damond bc she's white. These people hate you and want you dead.
Mayor wants to know why body cameras were off in the Minneapolis police shooting: "We all want answers."
I don't appreciate how some people are saddened by the murder of Justine Damond yet not saddened by the other murders conducted by police.
A powerful, no-nonsense call for overhauling Minnesota police, by a former law enforcement official
Justine Damond should be alive right now. But instead of using her death to interrogate policing, people are agitating agai…
Imagine the ongoing riots if Justine Damond had been a criminal, committing a crime. With tanned skin. .
My thoughts are w/the grieving family of Justine Damond. Family, city want answers after officer shoots 911 caller https:…
Minneapolis police shot an unarmed woman in her pajamas. It took days to give an explanation. via
Sad. Not surprising. No media outrage over the muslim Somali police officer who shot a white woman for no reason.
Justine Damond and the Somali policeman in Minnesota - Uncle Hotep chim... via
Minneapolis police released an official explanation for the fatal shooting of meditation teacher Justine Damond:
MN cop, Mohamed Noor, shot Justine Damond thru window from passenger seat, as Justine talked to cop in drivers seat https:…
Weeks before she was shot dead by police, Justine Damond was was filmed reuniting a family of stranded ducks near her Minne…
Killer cop who fatally shot Australian declines to be interviewed!
'At least 524 people shot by police in the US this year.'
Why did police kill Justine Damond outside her home? Here's what we know so far via
"Тhe officers may have been startled." Seriously, an officer gets startled, an innocent person gets shot.
Exclusive video: Justine Damond saving ducklings weeks before shooting death
Officer Noor's SILENCE regarding what happened to Justine Damond is DEAFENING!
Jacinta Tynan: Justine Damond changed the trajectory of my life via
Grieving relatives gather at dawn service to farewell Justine Damond shot dead by US police officer
Minneapolis officer who allegedly shot Justine Damond offers condolences
Knocking on the door of Mohamed Noor's apartment in Minneapolis to ask why he shot Justine Damond. Not home. Yet. http…
Killer US cop's partner was 'stunned when he opened fire on Australian woman' after hearing *** nearby
mayor wishes the police officer who shot dead Justine Damond would make a statement, but he can't be legally forced
Minneapolis mayor wishes officer who shot dead Justine Damond would make statement but can't be forced
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Justine Damond: Australian PM calls shooting 'inexplicable' -
In other words the officer feared for his life and the shooting was justified.
I'll give you a conundrum since you've asked 4 one!...Mystery surrounds homicide of Australian woman Justine Damond
The immediate defense of Justine Damond and then the immediate victim blaming of Charleena lyles is white supremacy in a nutshell.
Police officer who shot Justine Damond identified as Mohammed Noor
A man reacts near scattered flowers during a vigil for Justine Damond, who was shot by a police officer Mouhamad no…
Looks like you shamed them into mentioning Noor's name:. No mention of an update or…
Justine Damond's death by trigger happy US cop supports the theory humanity is loosing ability to recognized good from evil.
Minneapolis Shooter previously assaulted woman who ALSO CALLED 911, Fed. case.
With body cameras off, Minneapolis cop shoots and kills woman who called to report assault https…
"How can a woman out in the street in her pajamas seeking assistance from police be shot like that?"
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