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Justin Verlander

Justin Brooks Verlander (born February 20, 1983) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball.

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Justin Verlander was never really that good tbh🙄
After a lot of conversations with both D's and R's this week...I think Kate Upton is going to divorce…
"Meetings signal start of rebuild" ???. When you've traded Justin Verlander and JD Martinez and Justin Upton... When…
Everything you want to know about and Tuscany wedding at Castiglion d…
In 2006, Justin Verlander and Joel Zumaya rocketed the system up to
In the past year Al Avila has traded Justin Verlander, Ian Kinsler, JD Martinez and Justin Upton and the Tigers hav…
Unless we getting a Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander, or Chris Sale then trading Manny is the worst idea ever😡
Why does this keep happening to professional athletes?
well Russel is friends with Justin Verlander who has a championship ring yet Kershaw is Kershaw with no rings like Matthew
Justin Verlander has Kate Upton. Carlos Correa has former Miss Texas. And, now new Astro Joe Smith got broadcaster…
Kate Upton has to be nice to Justin Verlander for the Astros to have the same year” -
Cashman should have given the Tigers whatever they wanted for Justin Verlander. It would have made…
My new vacation bucket list Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco !
1: Verlander allows two over six frames has been published on Sports Headlines -…
Not so long ago, the acquisition of Justin Verlander was the big trade news. How are the three prospects Detroit got bac…
Ian Kinsler is leaving the Tigers and I’ve never been more upset 😭😭😭 (except when Justin Verlander left the Tigers…
Inside Kate Upton and Justin Verlander’s Whirlwind Wedding Weekend in Tuscany via
Take away one World Series and add one Justin Verlander and I'm with you! 😊
JUST IN: Houston-based Tristar Productions has signed Justin Verlander to an exclusive autograph deal. Was highly coveted…
I'm really looking forward to meeting Justin Verlander
We all know Justin Verlander is the real MVP here 😏😩
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander have been so cute together for years:
Dombrowski made the Simon trade and they were good then, so the philosophy has shifted a bit. I'm tor…
Yeah...To the head honchos you're making it very hard to stay a tigers fan. First, JD Martinez, then Alex A…
Curtis Granderson. Austin Jackson. J.D. Martinez. Justin Verlander. And now Ian Kinsler. All of "my" Tigers have be…
No one said that the Astros were buying a Championship last season when they picked up most of Justin V…
Bye to: Justin Upton, Justin Verlander, Justin Wilson, JD Martinez, and now Kinsler. Oh yeah, and Scherzer, Porcello, Cespedes, and Rodney.
Someone needs keep track of the times they broadcast Kate Upton s…
Kate Upton shares details of fairytale Italian wedding to Justin Verlander - KTRK-TV
Tigers now since July have shipped out J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson, Justin Upton, Justin Verlander, Kinsler, the rebuild continues
and I are so excited to finally share our wedding details with vogue! Check them out!
Hamilton Collection
You stress out about potential Winter Meeting moves then you check out Justin Verlander’s live Instagram video and h…
It's just about as gorgeous as they are as a couple.
I'm hoping to learn something new every day. It sounds corny, but I really do come in here every day, listening and ta…
Kinda like where they could have traded for Justin Verlander and chose Yu Darvish instead?
I would never ask the man who chose Jaime Garcia over Justin Verlander. It made all the difference in the World (Series).
They didn't, because Brian Cashman is an *** who traded for Jaime Garcia when Justin Verlander was available.
Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve weren’t acquired by tanking, they were pretty important in the World Se…
Justin Verlander had a pretty good week
It's official: Kate Upton and Justin Verlander tie the knot in Italian wedding via
Report: Kate Upton, Justin Verlander to get married after World Series win - WOAI
Model Kate Upton and Astros pitcher Justin Verlander to marry this weekend -
K News|Supermodel Kate Upton and Astros star Justin Verlander tie the knot in Italy
I can't believe people are mad that Justin Verlander missed the parade to marry Kate Upton, I would've missed it to the marry her too 😂😂😂
Justin Verlander lays a big ole kiss on Kate Upton after winning the World Series tonight.
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander's romantic wedding pics
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton look amazing at wedding
Congrats to Kate Upton and Justin Verlander on their marriage. A World Series ring and a wife. Just beautiful.
Justin Verlander wins World Series, then marries Kate Upton! When a supermodel wants you...who cares about attending some stupid parade?
'Thank goodness' for Kate Upton: The story behind Justin Verlander's move to Houston
Supermodel Kate Upton marries the Astros' Justin Verlander just days after the World Series:
Justin Verlander wins the AL MVP and Cy Young but loses the ALCS. Yuli is killing it in Cuba. Bregmans 17 and just won HS…
How is Kate Upton more famous than Justin Verlander?
Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton quietly married her boyfriend this weekend
Justin Verlander, Fastball, Curve, Slider and Changeup all have the same Overlay. This is disgusting 👀🔥.
Congratulations to Justin Verlander and Kate Upton, who saved themselves for marriage
Justin Verlander and Kate Upton officially marry in Italy
Congratulations to Kate Upton and Justin Verlander who got married in Italy yesterday!
Kate Upton and Justin Verlander got married in Italy on Saturday
Justin Verlander is skipping his World Series parade to get married to Kate Upton. I don't care how hot my fiance is I'm not missing that
Justin Verlander married Kate Upton in Italy today less than a week from winning the World Series. How was your Saturday?
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Justin Verlander missed the Astros parade to marry Kate Upton and people are mad:
BREAKING: and are officially husband and wife! https:…
Report: Justin Verlander and Kate Upton get married in Tuscany
They're booing in Houston. Unfortunately for Texans fans,Justin Verlander is not available to play quarterback. He's busy.
Good Day discusses after Houston Astros' Justin Verlander misses World Series Parade to be at his wedding in Italy.
Congrats are in order: Kate Upton has married Justin Verlander in a romantic Italian ceremony.
Kate Upton quietly married boyfriend Houston Astros’ pitcher, Justin Verlander, this weekend in Italy
Kate Upton & Justin Verlander are the Paulina Porizkova & Ric Ocasek of this generation: Beauty and the Disturbingly Ugly Guy.
Justin Verlander donated Game 6 jersey to the Hall of Fame. Also the HOF collected Alex Bregman's glove and Charlie Morto…
sending key items from Alex Bregman, Justin Verlander and Charlie Morton to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Coope…
Justin Verlander is living his best life winning the World Series and then flying to Italy to marry Kate Upton . https:/…
Congrats to former pitcher Justin Verlander on his first World Series ring! Looks like a wedding is coming💍. htt…
High key really happy for Justin Verlander and the Astros
What is wrong with the Tigers, giving Justin Verlander the golden ticket to a World Series ring, he didn't pitch that well in a long, time!
There are only a few butts we've all collectively seen and Justin Verlander's is one of them
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Tony Watson has more World Series wins the Justin Verlander.
wow Kate Upton is dating Justin Verlander??? I had no idea!
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher rev Dodgers fans at Game Six via
*shirtless Justin Verlander mirror selfie in jeans*
RECAP: rally and force Game 7 in the ��:
Justin Verlander is already a Hall of Famer but a complete game to win a World Series would be a good sentence on the plaqu…
Justin Verlander held the possibility of a lifetime in his big, right paw. Just like that, it was gone. https:/…
Honestly, all I can think about while watching this game is how many people also watching this game have seen Justin V…
Dodgers hand Justin Verlander his first loss in a Astros uniform
The Justin Verlander train runs out of steam just short of the finish line
Kate Upton cheers on Justin Verlander from Dodger Stadium suite
It’s settled: Dave Roberts makes too many pitching changes and shouldn’t have taken Justin Verlander out of the game.
If Kate Upton told Justin verlander that if he wins tonight he gets to put it in her butt the dodgers don’t stand a chance. D…
Justin Verlander slinging in a World Series-clinching game. Had to bank on it.
“Just shorten up and put a ball in play.” —Chris Taylor tells of his game-tying hit off Justin Verlander http…
In July 2007, Justin Verlander played in his first All-Star Game. The next month, Cody Bellinger played in the Little Le…
Game 6 was fun. Game 7 promises to be even better. It's only right for this series.
The rallied against Justin Verlander to beat the and force a Game 7 in the
Houston. You started Justin Verlander twice and we fought back, do you think Lance McCullers and your pen scares us? Yu,Wood,Kershaw
Whicker: World Series is up for grabs after Game 6 escapes Justin Verlander’s grip
Justin Verlander has been Amazing since he joined Astros but he has a no decision and a loss against in
Justin Verlander has spent his career touching, pinching, nudging, squeezing, throwing, dropping & scratching balls. Balls are his life.
(Newsday) beat Astros ace Justin Verlander to force 7 : After what took place in the first five..
All I can think of anytime I see Justin Verlander is the leaked pic of Kate Upton with his *** all over her back lmfao.
RECAP: rally and force Game 7 in the . 🔗:
LA solves JV! Dodgers find O to set up WS G7. Sent with At Bat
It is trending now in the whole world videos of many Muslim cats refusing to walk on the Holy Quran while they walk on other bo…
.grind out Game 6 victory to force a winner-take-all tomorrow:
Justin Verlander gets to pitch in the closeout game to win the World Series. Wouldn't want anybody else on the mound.
Justin Verlander could have been a Dodger, instead he can win World Series with Astros
Justin Verlander has chance to win World Series for Houston Astros (Brian Manzullo/Detroit Free Press)
Justin Verlander yells at Houston Astros teammates before World Seri...
George Springer talks to Ken Rosenthal about game-winning HR (VIDEO) Justin Verlander on WS Game 2 out...…
Clayton Kershaw or Justin Verlander? Corey Seager or Carlos Correa? We're grading every position
Yahoo! Sports - - Astros turn to Justin Verlander after Dodger pitchers give them whiplash in Game 1 of World Seri
Justin Verlander joins John Smoltz as the only pitchers to make three scoreless starts when facing elimination in MLB po…
I HATE baseball, but I would love to see Justin Verlander win the World Series
Last night, Justin Verlander had another memorable night as thorn in the side.
What a performance by Justin Verlander tonight. He deserves all the credit for shutting down this Yankees lineup.
The good news for the Yankees is that whoever starts tomorrow's game is not named Justin Verlander.
There will be an ALCS Game 7 because of Justin Verlander, a man who craves greatness in obsessive fashion. Column:
Jack Morris on resident throwback Justin Verlander: “Our generation is all smiling when we see him pitch.”
Luis Severino (21.1 Box-Toppers pts, rank 7th) did not earn Player of Game in Game 6 (4.2IP 3R 3K L)—
Last night in Houston, Justin Verlander held the door for the Astros writes
So losing a Game 6 to Justin Verlander is a choke job?
Stanley might throw harder than Justin Verlander did last night.
His good luck charm! Kate Upton rocks TWO different outfits as smiles from ear ...Daily MailAnd fiancee.…
Pitchers to throw 24 straight scoreless innings when team facing elimination (per Justin Verlander. Madis…
Justin Verlander is the first Astro (and 21st pitcher overall) to win four games in a single postseason.
Oops, he did it again. Justin Verlander's line tonight: 7 innings, 5 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts. .
The Astros were on life support. And then Alex Bregman drew a pivotal fifth inning walk (by Tom Verducci)
I am exactly as good at baseball as Todd Frazier facing Justin Verlander.
Column: are still alive and there's a Game 7 tonight in Houston because of Justin Verlander.
Justin Verlander deserves a World Series ring more than any player in baseball who doesn’t have one.
Justin Verlander since joining the at the very last second on Aug. 31 deadline:. 9-0, 1.23 ERA, 67 strikeouts, 11…
Oh dear lord somebody call the police Justin Verlander just killed a man in cold blood
Justin Verlander took care of business in the ALCS.
(WFSB) Verlander, Astros beat Yankees 7-1 to force 7 in : Justin Verlander remained perfect with..
Justin Verlander dominates Yankees again as Astros force ALCS Game 7 via
I just don't think it's fair Justin Verlander gets to have sex with Kate Upton and be so good at baseball
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Kate Upton convinced Justin Verlander to move to Houston - - Sports Illustrated
Some folks are jealous of Justin Verlander because of Kate Upton. . I'm jealous of Kate Upton because of Justin Verlander.
let's not forget the most impressive thing about Justin Verlander. The fact that he's with Kate Upton...
How come Justin Verlander gets to have sex with Kate Upton but I can’t even talk to women?
Normally I’d be jealous of Justin Verlander because he’s dating Kate Upton. But right now, I’m jealous of Kate Upton.
Michael Strahan believes that Justin Verlander can keep the Houston Astros alive in the ALCS. EarnHistory…
fans: If given the chance, would you have included Alex Verdugo in a trade deadline deal for Justin Verlander?
Justin Verlander is the fifth pitcher ever to punch out at least 13 Yankees in the playoffs. Erskine, Koufax, Gibson and Cl…
Justin Verlander has been so fun to watch pitch for so long. Don't know if he makes Cooperstown, but he'd be in the Hall if I ran it.
Something you thought you'd never say --- Justin Verlander just Fd things up for Charlie Morton.
Huh. Shoulda kept in Charlie Morton instead of bringing in... ((squinting at screen)) Justin Verlander.
Drew Robinson (2011) has homered in back-to-back games for the including today against Justin Verlander.…
Drew Robinson homers (6) to right center off Justin Verlander. . HOU 4 @ TEX 2; Bottom 5
Jim Leyland understands fans wanted Justin Verlander to finish career with "But who knows? Maybe he will."
Justin Verlander through three starts with the Astros. 21 IP. 0.86 ERA. 10 H. 26 K. 3 BB
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"Randy Johnson had a 1.28 ERA with Houston? Honey, please. Watch this.". --Justin Verlander, probably
prospect Daz Cameron, key piece in Justin Verlander trade, talks about adjusting to
Justin Verlander is about to start a Major League Baseball game for the Houston Astros...appointment television...
The Royals must sweep the Tigers. Tigers will not have Justin Verlander, Justin Upton, Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez or J.D. Martinez.
Scouting the strong prospect return in the Justin Verlander trade
Victor Martinez is mad at Justin Verlander. Maybe Verlander will actually get traded now?
In the span of 2 days we lost, for the rest of the season, Justin Upton, Justin Verlander, Michael Fulmer and Victor Mart…
.acquire Justin Verlander and PTBN or cash from for RHP Franklin Perez, OF Daz Cameron, catcher Jake Ro…
The Houston Astros have officially traded for Kate Upton.and Justin Verlander too I guess
New on editor's blog: donates Justin Verlander to Houston's recovery effort.
Supermodel Kate Upton, Justin Verlander's fiancée, also brings the heat to Houston .
"Justin Verlander is a great addition for the the short term." -ICYMI:…
In a deal that made too much sense, Justin Verlander is headed to the Astros (by
Justin Verlander is heading to the Houston Astros. This video is amazing ⚾️❤.
Verlander sent to Astros for three top prospects
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Justin Verlander deserves a ring, really hope he gets one with the Astros. I'm gonna miss him so much 😢
The Tigers donated Justin Verlander and Kate Upton to Houston. What a generous club we have here in Detroit.
Rosters expand in September, the who have AL's best record, will add Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers & Justin Verl…
In final moments, Verlander decides on Astros
Justin Verlander is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Astros acquire Justin Verlander at last second (Yahoo Sports)
We've acquired Franklin Perez, Daz Cameron & Jake Rogers from the Astros in exchange for Justin Verlander & a PTBNL or cash con…
Astros are World Series bound... Astros acquire Justin Verlander from Tigers in blockbuster trade
Justin Verlander has been traded to Houston. His girlfriend Kate Upton's *** can save the entire city.
The Astros’ last-minute Justin Verlander trade is a win-now move for a team in need of a rotation boost.
Justin Verlander has a 2.41 ERA in the 2nd half (3rd in AL). Astros SP have a 4.79 ERA in 2nd half (17th in MLB)
Like it or not, sports can lift a city. The Astros coming home is a boost, and bringing in Justin Verlander is a triump…
Transaction note: Justin Verlander traded to the Astros.
Well then, it appears there is a deal. . Justin Verlander is heading to the Astros, per
Justin Verlander since May 30: 3.24 ERA, 118 strikeouts in 111 innings. A big addition for the Astros for next 2 years, an…
Having Justin Verlander leave the tigers made me cry, man is an inspiration
Breaking: The Tigers have agreed to trade Justin Verlander to the Houston Astros. (via & multiple reports) h…
Astros acquire ace pitcher Justin Verlander from Tigers - ESPN
Good evening!. The have acquired RHP Justin Verlander and a PTBNL or cash from the Tigers. . Welcome to Houston,
Justin Verlander has been traded to the Astros. Kate Upton's *** will save the city of Houston.
Tigers deal Justin Verlander to Astros in last-minute deadline stunner
▶ Justin Verlander puts Astros back in World Series conversation - Eduardo Perez (ESPN)
[Yahoo Sports: Big League Stew] Astros strike at midnight, acquire Justin Verlander from Tigers
The Tigers have traded JD Martinez and Justin Upton. Is Justin Verlander next?
For sources say Justin Verlander, Shane Greene, Alex Wilson are all in play ahead of midnight ET deadline.
'El del Pinonal' delivers walk-off to beat Tigers: Justin Verlander and Miguel Gonzalez…
Justin Verlander had the perfect reaction to the brawl-filled Yankees game
Justin Verlander gives up a solo shot to former teammate, Curtis Granderson. No hitter on side is over.
Justin Verlander to Houston means Kate Upton to Houston. Let's make it happen
. Deals with Dan. Justin Verlander to the Rockies in exchange for tom murphy, Ben bowden and Jordan Patterson. Money to rockies
I would take a bullet for Jim Harbaugh, Matt Stafford, and Justin Verlander. That would be my contribution to society
Sonny Gray, Justin Verlander, Jose Quintana! All guys who could've helped if those…
Kate Upton engaged to Justin Verlander! See the huge ring she wore to Met Gala
announces engagement to MLB star Justin Verlander at Met Gala
Chicago Cubs Justin Verlander’s name continues to pop up in reports via…
Seriously doubt any thing gets done, As Alex Avila Sr has stated that he will only eat money on Justin…
Jerry Dipoto has traded for a starter and all he gave up was Steve Cishek. But the starter isn't Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander
Does Justin Verlander have a chance at the Hall of Fame in your mind?
[FRESH CONTENT]. makes sense of the possibly acquiring Velander.
reportedly are more focused on Yu Darvish than Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander.
Finally, the chances of a Justin Wilson-Justin Verlander package deal with any club between now and Monday are not good.
I just realized I might be seeing Justin Verlander's last start as a Tiger on Sunday...omg
Dodgers Dugout: Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander or Sonny Gray could be in Dodgers' future, but should they be?
Houston Astros need to beat LA Dodgers to the signing of Justin Verlander .
How desperate will Red Sox get for starting pitching? Could they jump into the Yu Darvish sweepstakes? Sonny Gray? Justin Verlander?
The Dodgers don't seem to be planning on letting Clayton Kershaw's health determine their postseason chances.
I would trade for Justin Verlander just so I could have his gf Kate Upton there every night.
Kyle Tucker is not worth a Justin Verlander or Sonny Gray.
Here's my bet. Price has been hurt for most of the season. Sox make a run at Verlander and reliever Justin Wilson.
If Detroit is willing to eat half of Verlander's salary and give you Justin Wilson, would you trade a package of promising prospects?
"Hello, Dave? Can I interest you in a gently used Justin Verlander?"
Justin Verlander throws his first career no-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers.
The Dodgers have backed out of getting a big-name starter at the deadline before, but 2017 seems different
The Dodgers expect to trade for Sonny Gray, Yu Darvish, or Justin Verlander | SB Nation
The Dodgers want a pitcher at the deadline, and they’re aiming high
Looks like Justin Verlander won't be traded. The L. A. Dodgers want Yu Darvish or Sonny Gray. Sonny Gray sounds like he's…
Los Angeles Dodgers focusing on Yu Darvish and not giving much of a thought on Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander. Darvish is t…
As the trade deadline nears, here are the best fits for the players on the trading block.
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal writes that "the odds remain heavily against" a trade of Justin Verlander.
MLB Bullets is getting ready to move
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According to reports the are more interested in Yu Darvish and Sonny Gray than Justin Verlander
Report: Dodgers confident they'll add one of Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray, Justin Verlander.
Sources: increasingly confident they will acquire 1 of Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander by Monday.
Who do you prefer? Yu Darvish, Sonny Gray or Justin Verlander?
Justin Verlander bids fans potential farewell as an uncertain future looms:.
Justin Verlander felt the love from Tigers fans. on what could have been his last Tigers start:
Justin Verlander gets standing ovation, thanks fans after possible final start as a
Justin Verlander and $20M from the Tigers to the Cubs for Thomas Hatch,RHP prospect,Jose Paulino,LHP prospect,and Jose Rosario,RHP prospect.
Justin Verlander is on the trade block, but is anyone interested?
Justin Verlander is 34 and is owed $28 million in '17, '18, and '19. It's a pipe dream to trade him for salary relief and top prospects.
If the trade 4 Justin Verlander, could he have the turnaround that Randy Johnson had in 98' after bad start?
Justin Verlander moved up in rotation to face White Sox on Sunday
Justin Verlander moved up in Detroit Tigers rotation
Nick Castellanos can't let that baserunner on. Going to cost Justin Verlander precious pitches, perhaps a run.
Marwin Gonzalez homers (11) to right off Justin Verlander. Evan Gattis scores. . DET 3 @ HOU 4; Bottom 4
Justin Verlander will start for the . .
[Michigan Live] Tigers Gameday: Justin Verlander vs Corey Kluber for 2nd time in 3 weeks
Justin Verlander asks for changes to PED rules after Dee Gordon tests positive
Justin Verlander on urgency of 2017 “Everybody sees the writing on the wall. If we don’t play well, we’re not going…
Justin Verlander ready to start for on Monday
Justin Verlander is one of the luckiest *** alive.
Kate Upton talks about in-season sex life with Justin Verlander.
Kate Upton talks about in-season sex habits with Justin Verlander 👀
Justin Verlander won't have sex before game, Kate Upton says - WCPO
24-year-old woman (Kate Upton) complains her soon-to-be husband (34) won't give her the D after a hard day of work…
According to Jon the "asked" about Justin Verlander this offseason but ultimately thought his price tag was too high.
Kate Upton explains why there's no sex before or after fiance Justin Verlander's baseball games: https:/…
Kate Upton: Justin Verlander won't have sex before games
Justin Verlander thinks the AL and NL should have the same rules, would ditch DH
discussed her sex life on TV last night and we are here for it.
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Justin Verlander: “I’d like to see the AL and NL have the same rules… I vote NL rules.”
I'm applying to be Justin Verlander's pre-game intern every fifth day, I'll even grow a stupid mustache and trash t…
Kate Upton's fiance may be a pro-baseball player but there are no (bedroom) home runs before or after his games:…
Justin Verlander's pre-game routine: not having sex with Kate Upton
Kate Upton talks about her in-season sex habits with Justin Verlander 👀
I also don't have sex with Kate Upton before or after Justin Verlander starts.
Upton: Verlander won't have sex before pitching (Yahoo Sports)
"MLB Rumors: Dodgers asked about Justin Verlander this winter but were turned off by $28M salary (via Jon Heyman)"
According to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports, the Dodgers "asked" about Justin Verlander this offseason but…
Well I'm not upset Justin Verlander chose Kate Upton instead of Alissa Violet if that matters.
Kate Upton graces Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover for third time: Fiancee of Tigers' Justin Verlander has three……
Tampa Bay's Chris Archer doesn't know the Tampa Bay reporter who snubbed Justin Verlander.
If Mark May had a vote for the Cy Young, he would have left Justin Verlander of his ballot. This guy's a joke.
Michael Fulmer is the first player to win Rookie of the Year since Justin Verlander in 2006 (5th Tigers player t…
Kate Upton goes on epic rant about Justin Verlander's Cy Young snub
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Kate Upton taking out her frustration on Justin Verlander not getting the Cy Young Award is just great.
Justin Verlander finishes 2nd in the 2016 American League Cy Young Award
Justin Verlander may of lost the Cy Young award but he goes home to Kate Upton so that's kind of a win win and better than a Cy Young.
Remember when Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and Rick Porcello were all on the same pitching staff?
Rick Porcello - Rick Porcello will win the AL Cy Young award, but Justin Verlander was more dominant
Justin Verlander had most first-place votes, but Cy Young went to Rick Porcello, so Kate Upton is...
Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer were all on the same team 3 years ago. 2 Cy Young winners and a second pla…
Curses! Kate Upton goes on explicit rant after Justin Verlander fails to win Cy Young
Kate Upton freaked out and went full savage mode after Justin Verlander didn't win the Cy Young 👀.
Cy Young voter who snubbed Justin Verlander ‘agonized’ over decision: ‘I did the best I could’ http…
Justin Verlander won the popular vote but Rick Porcello won the electoral college 😂
To leave Justin Verlander off thy Cy Young ballot is a sin. cc:
To the 2 voters that didn't even have Justin Verlander on your ballot for the Cy Young GET A FREAKING CLUE and maybe WATCH some baseball too
Justin Verlander may have not won the Cy Young award, but he still has Kate Upton and she has his back. He still wi…
Kate Upton lashes out at Cy Young voters after Justin Verlander doesn't win
Kate Upton had some NSFW thoughts on Justin Verlander not winning the Cy Young 😳
Kate Upton was not happy her fiancé, Justin Verlander, didn't win the Cy Young Award:
Justin Verlander's fiance, Kate Upton, wasn't happy to hear Rick Porcello edged him out for the AL Cy Young Award.
.pitcher Justin Verlander is in the running for the AL Cy Young Award. Sports Briefs:…
Upton holds hands with fiance Justin Verlander on date night
Kate Upton announces engagement to Tigers&Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander would join elite company with second American League Cy Young Award:
Justin Verlander clearly deserves the AL Cy Young award but got a feeling he gunna get robbed by Rick Porcello
Justin Verlander is on absolute post season form. Watch out American League.
Tigers 12, Indians 0: Justin Verlander twirls a gem in cathartic win over Cleveland
A pitching clinic put on by Justin Verlander ,then J. Wilson and Rondon tonite with 16 Ks thru 8.Still close 4-2 lead top of the 9th
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