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Justin Upton

Justin Irvin Upton (born August 25, 1987, in Norfolk, Virginia) is a National Major League Baseball right fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Angels acquire slugger Justin Upton from Tigers -
acquire RHP prospect Grayson Long from for All-Star OF Justin Upton:
The Tigers have traded JD Martinez and Justin Upton. Is Justin Verlander next?
Angels get slugging OF Justin Upton in deal with Tigers - The Los Angeles Angels have acquired slugging outfiel...
Los Angeles Angels finalizing deal to acquire Justin Upton from Detroit Tigers: The Los…
.to acquire OF Justin Upton from reports. Clubs have not confirmed.
Angels acquire Chesapeake's Justin Upton from Detroit Tigers, his 5th big league team via
.acquire OF Justin Upton, cash from for RHP Grayson Long, PTBN or cash.
Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel were 26 when Atlanta dealt them. Alex Wood was only 24 years old. That whole roster was basically under 30.
Justin Upton, Alex Wood, Craig Kimbrel, and Ervin Santana were all All-Stars. And all players Atlanta think they could build around.
Justin Upton with a huge play in right field. Turns an NL double into out No. 1 in the 10th. Andrew Miller is app…
First hit for Justin Upton in nine career at-bats against Steve Cishek.
Karl Ravech just said Justin Upton hit a flare to RF for a grandslam. That "flare" came off the bat at 100 MPH.
Sandy Leon out on a sacrifice fly to left fielder Justin Upton. Andrew Benintendi scores.
Justin Upton doubles (13) on a fly ball to left fielder Andrew Benintendi.
Andrew Benintendi flies out to left fielder Justin Upton.
Justin Upton singles, Nick Castellanos walks, Alex Presley singles to tie the game and the Tigers have the go-ahead run on third base.
Justin Upton seems to be enjoying his West Coast swing.
Justin Upton and James McCann homered, Mikie Mahtook singled in two runs and the Detroit Tigers beat the Arizona...
That hurts. Justin Upton just blasted a ball into centerfield for a home run at Chase Field.
So lets review..the only moved that has worked out long term in the 22 months of Al Avila is Justin Upton a move authorized by Mr. I
Justin Upton, Blaine Hardy react to racist taunts hurled at Adam Jones at Fenway Park on Monday.
Roto 5x5 who do you like best (1-3) - Maikel Franco, G Polanco, Justin Upton?
What do you think about Justin Upton & Jeimer Candelario for Nick Senzel & Jharel Cotton? (Dynasty League)
Kate Upton tucks into a donut DURING her gruelling workout
With K number 179, Justin Upton moves to number 3 on the Tigers franchise K season list. List per
Justin Upton solo HR gives the Tigers a 2-1 lead in the 7th!!
And Braves only gave up 1 year of Justin Upton, Phil Gosselin, and Bronson Arroyo for that.
Justin Upton with a great diving catch on a drive slicing toward the left-field line.
Upton sits against Twins with strained left calf
Touché... but I'd still put Justin Upton > any of those 3
Wedding bells on the horizon for Justin Verlander, Kate Upton...
Justin Upton: You can understand this when you're young and you should.
No Justin Upton in LF on that Turner Field deal is laughable. Langerhans? 😂😂😂
Justin Upton compiled 400 more PA in ATL than langerhans...also LOL when frenchy wins RF
Justin Verlander on PED issue: 'I have a problem with cheating'
Masahiro Tanaka and Justin Verlander aim to bounce back
Tigers notes: Justin Verlander works on 'flat' slider, curveball
Its amazing we got all that for 1 year of Justin Upton and Phil Gosselin. Plus some great drafting as well
Justin Upton did it again, Tigers beat White Sox 5-3 in extra innings
Justin Upton does it again, lifting to 5-3 win over White Sox
Tigers lineup: Tyler Collins back in lineup, Justin Upton out for 3rd day
the ultimate Justin Upton troll would be to have him suck in 2017, not opt out, and win the 2018 MVP
we would have been better off signing Jason Heyward or Justin Upton. I get your frustrated but DD is not the one to blame
Tigers lineup: Tyler Collins in outfield; Justin Upton out for 3rd day
You'll boo Justin Upton but cheer for David Ortiz
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Brad "not responsible for the offense" Ausmus had Justin Upton batting second for like a month or more before changing it
At a -0.6 WAR, Justin Upton is indeed costing our Detroit wins, just by being in the lineup.
Craig Monroe's OPS as the Tigers left fielder was over 100 points higher than Justin Upton's.
Since the All Star Break, Jason Heyward has a wRC+ of 15. Justin Upton's is 56. Free agency ftw.
I would rather have a 39 year old Craig Monroe in the lineup than Justin Upton right now..just brutal
You know the Tigers had a great night when Tyler Collins and Justin Upton homered tonight in their 14-6 win against the Astros last night.
Detroit's Tyler Collins, right, celebrates with Justin Upton, left, and Andrew Romine after a…
traded Adam Conley and Trayce Thompson for Justin Upton... Picked up James Shields... Grade my trade!!
RECAP: Nick Castellanos, Justin Upton homer in loss to Blue Jays:
Real life, I thought Justin Upton was a name the media gave Verlander to make fun of his relationship with Kate Upton. "the more you know"
I think Justin Upton should walk down the aisle with Justin Verlander and Katie Upton. Join them together.
@ T2-3o: Ryan Goins flies out to CF Justin Upton.
Just a day of rest for Justin Upton. Mike Aviles gets a third consecutive start, I believe. He's making good contact.
Justin Upton is not in today's lineup vs. White Sox. Mike Aviles will play LF. Cameron Maybin remains in 2-hole.
Kirk Gibson just compared Justin Upton's batting changes to a wife and husband trying to make changes.
Justin Upton just swung and missed a 3-2 pipe shot from Jhoulys Chacin. So, yeah. The Angels and Tigers are still scoreless in the second.
Hey Adam. 12 team head to head,offered Leonys Martin for Justin Upton. Currently have more power than speed
Heyward has great ABs and plays flawless defense. I think Justin Upton or Michael Brantley takes the cake in the outfield.
i traded Justin Upton and Yordano Ventura for Gerrit Cole in a dynasty league. Thanks for reinforcing my distrust of each.
Nobody won today's home run derby. Miguel Cabrera and Justin Upton each hit seven home runs. J.D. Martinez five, Victor Martinez three.
Matt Kemp is beast. Between him and Justin Upton = two scary bats (when Upton connects). Upton has a mad scary swing.
Luke: An easy nine-pitch second inning for Mike Wright, who caught Justin Upton looking at a nice changeup.
Cole Hamels works around the mental error by Elvis Andrus, though that second strike on Justin Upton was generous.
Justin Upton is a bust.he *** throws like a girl,send him and rod Allen to Houston or California.
Victor Martinez with a double to put two runners in scoring position for Justin Upton.
Victor Martinez won today's home run derby. He hit six home runs. Miguel Cabrera hit four, J.D. Martinez three and Justin Upton two.
Entering today, David Ross' 101 wRC+ was higher than Posey's. It was also higher than Justin Upton, Carlos Gomez, + Derek Norris. Combined.
Justin Upton is pulling his best Melvin Upton Jr. Impression
Justin Upton is hitting fifth tonight. Will it be like when Austin Jackson got moved down a couple years ago, or will nothing change?
Some of the players out of lineups today: Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Billy Hamilton, Yoenis Cespedes
Would you do Francisco Liriano for Justin Upton in a roto league, even though Upton is more expensive, points-wise?
Going to set up some time for Justin Upton with Richard Bernstein. That'll get him going.
I know reasonable people can disagree about Hot Stove League stuff, but I always thought we should boo Justin Upton instead
See as a Tiger fan I could hope for something amazing like Jordan Zimmerman and Justin Upton but as a Wizards fan I can't hope for anything
Justin Upton and Anthony Gose are the only Tigers' regulars who have an OPS below .800.
Justin Upton, top of Tigers' lineup hammer Pirate..
Justin Upton's HR was hit 111 MPH. Would have been his 6th hardest hit last year. Proj distance of 451 would have been his 2nd…
Jaime Garcia and Justin Upton for posey?. 12 team H2H points
ya, if you pay. Baseball Prospectus has good free stuff. They say he's Justin Upton, without the SB' there ya go!
Interesting to hear Kirk Gibson calling Tigers games involving Justin Upton. Wonder what Gibson's role was in that trade.
Justin Upton went to Detroit, they kept Melvin and Kemp… that game vs Dodgers yesterday was embarrassing for an Opening Day
I'll raise you a Faygo Rockin' Rye that Justin Upton will get the first dinger
Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton hit back to back home runs but Tigers lose a close one to...
bullpen battle update: Nick Goody serves up back-to-back homers to Ian Kinsler & Justin Upton.
Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton hit home runs in loss to Yankees...
Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton homer, fall to
The Jays lineup is ridiculous, but Ian Kinsler, Justin Upton, Miguel Cabrera & JD Martinez is also ridiculous.
Opening Day 2016 roster for the Montreal Expos. We got Justin Upton...and not much else.
Setup of team is similar. Locked up developed core. Lots of veteran plugs. Jacobs didn't spend on Justin Upton types either
First he hits Colby Rasmus in the face in Toronto then he takes out Justin Upton in Detroit!
Justin Upton leaves game after Anthony Gose steps on his ankle
Tigers' Justin Upton exits game after near-collision with Anthony Gose.
Justin Upton, because of age (28) and upside, always ranked as a better investment than Cespedes. Mike Ilitch. Strikes. A…
will Justin Upton have a better AVG and more HR now that he is playing in Comerica Park?
impossible since we didn't sign Jordan Zimmermann or Justin Upton
Besides - you have Jordan Zimmermann, Justin Upton, or Todd Frazier to choose from. All greatly impact rosters.
Cameron Maybin ready to patrol Comerica with old friend Justin Upton
: Justin Upton talks about joining the & the belief…
Larry Reynolds mentions that Justin Upton was looking for a seven or eight year deal or a six-year deal with an opt-out after two seasons.
IT'S OFFICIAL: The have agreed to terms on a six-year contract with outfielder Justin Upton.
TODAY we've got at 3p plus at 4:40p and we talk and the Justin Upton presser!
The Detroit Tigers' signing of Justin Upton proves they'll spend big, but will they win big? . column:
Justin Upton is only 28. Younger than Yoenis. If the rotation can step up, can easily content for the AL Central.
make team history with Justin Upton contract, but can they beat in AL Central? My column:
prove they'll spend big with Justin Upton deal, but can they win big? . breaks down the signing:
From Blog -- The Tigers are a huge threat in the AL Central again after signing Justin Upton. READ:
The Detroit Tigers were dead last in the AL central last year. They respond by signing Zimmermann and Justin Upton
if Alex Gordon was as young as Justin Upton he would have gotten that contract too.
With keeping Alex Gordon, getting Justin Upton, will pick up Yoenis Cespedes or other OF?
Justin Upton's stats are only slightly better than Lucas Duda's...
Justin Upton to the Tigers. They're expecting a Cespedes-esque player, but they'll get something more along the lines of Alex Gordon
The Tigers and Justin Upton have agreed on a six-year deal.
Justin Upton becomes third-highest paid free-agent position player this year behind Jason Heyward and Chris Davis, earnin…
THIS JUST IN: Detroit Tigers and OF Justin Upton have agreed to a 6-year deal. (via
If this is what Justin Upton is worth on the open market, can you imagine what Andrew McCutchen would get?
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Justin Upton will now make about $20M this year for Tigers. Starling Marte's salary for this season is around $3.3M
I enjoyed Justin Upton's two seasons in Atlanta. I more enjoyed the return ATL got from SD for him. Best of luck in Detroit, JUp.
Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, JD Martinez, Ian Kinsler, Jose Iglesias and now Justin Upton. Watch out baseball 😈
The are bringing back Tyson Ross, Andrew Cashner and Derek Norris. Good stuff A.J. Just need to get Justin Upton to come back
Justin Upton remains unsigned, but he's still seeking a long-term deal -
Wish I could be Justin Verlander for a day just so I could date Kate Upton :P
accurate description. I went up to where Justin Upton hit his 480 HR there few years ago. Looks more like 1,080 feet away
Listen to this cover of Justin bieber - what do you mean by &
Heard today from someone convinced Tigers are not done with the outfield and that it’s Justin Upton they’d prefer.
Essay writer reddit kate upton and justin
Who would be a better fit, Cespedes or Justin Upton for the Mets?
If the Orioles could get Alex Gordon, Justin Upton, of Yoenis Cespedes that would be great. While your at it resign Chris Davis
happy new year to you too. It sounds as if they're willing to pay for an outfield upgrade, yes. Justin Upton might also work.
Like I told few more days now until the Mets shock baseball and announce the signing of Justin Upton.
Only a few more days before the Mets shock the baseball world and announce the signing of Justin Upton.
My continued belief is the longer Justin Upton is on market, more like Indians can work a 1 year deal w/ him
Kate Upton, Justin Verlander create New Year's fireworks ... no, really
I believe the Chicago White Sox will sign Alex Gordon & Alexei Ramirez and not a high ticket OF like Yoenis Cespedes or Justin Upton
When they signed Napoli that killed our chances of signing Morneau. I want Justin Upton!
That would apply to something like Justin Upton, not Frazier.
Chicago White Sox should pursue OF Justin Upton or Grady Sizemore, pursue 3B Todd Frazier again he put up 35 home runs.
So if Cardinals sign Justin Upton, don't we just pretend we traded Shelby Miller to the Braves for Upton instead of Heyward?
TRADE: ESOM Receives David Price from OPS for Justin Upton, Michael Wacha, and a 19th (Via GM’s)
Sources: met twice yesterday with Boras on Davis. Also met with agent for Justin Upton. Have informed Boras the…
Sign Ces or Justin Upton and trade Harvey for Machado or get a packaged together for Todd Frazier
IE trading for Todd Frazier and signing Justin Upton, or something along those lines.
I hope the do trade Brett Gardner so Jason Heyward sign with us he only 26 years old. If not Justin Upton is plan B.
Which position player would you sign? Chris Davis, Justin Upton, or Jason Heyward? For Pitching Zack Greinke, David Price, or Jhonny Cueto?
Uhhh Indians instead of Chris Davis Daniel Murphy and Pedro Alveras I'll just take one Justin Upton and/or Yoenis Cespedes. Dolans. Please.
Padres extend qualifying offers to Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy
Padres make qualifying offers to Justin Upton, Ian Kennedy
So then you can debate other OFers, Justin Upton (friend of David Wright), Gerardo Parra, Jason Heyward, Dexter Fowler, or Colby Rasmus.
I just got excited for the Mariners offseason. Free Agents: Matt Wieters, Ben Zobrist, Justin Upton, John Jaso, Drew Stubbs, Dexter Fowler
Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Jason Heyward, Gerardo Parra, Colby Rasmus and Dexter Fowler. All FA's. The should look to sign one.
It's going to be really awkward when Dipoto gives Chris Davis and Justin Upton $150m+ deals and is all "Joke's on you, nerds."
Rymer Liriano batting .285, 13 HR 61 RBI, and not getting a look because we got Justin Upton and Matt Kemp
Chris Coghlan has the same fWAR (2.7) as: Russell Martin, Dexter Fowler, Brett Gardner, Justin Upton, David Peralta, and Kyle Seager.
Over the last year, Brad Miller has a 118 wRC+, tied for 69th (min 300 PA) with Justin Upton, Adam Jones, and... uh... Welington Castillo
OTD in 2014, brothers B.J. & Justin Upton set a new MLB record by homering in the same game for the fifth time.
sdn, 10, Justin Upton grounds out softly, third baseman Maikel Franco to first baseman Ryan Howard.
Looking at potential free agent targets for the tribe. Some interesting names: Colby Rasmus, Austin Jackson, Rajai Davis, and Justin Upton
Ian Kennedy returns from paternity leave to make start for at Milwaukee. Justin Upton (bruised hand) back in the lineup.
I know Justin Upton enjoys playing in San Diego, but tanking the season to decrease your market value so SD can afford you? My man!
Chicago White Sox should Target and pursue OF Justin Upton or Marlon Byrd.
Good morning target and pursue OF Justin Upton or Marlon Byrd.
LF Justin Upton has struck out three times today against SP Jose Fernandez -- on nine pitches.
You want Goldschmidt? We'll take James Shields, Matt Kemp, Tyson Ross, Justin Upton, and your minor league system.
Justin Upton: "We're going to do everything in our power to make sure that they didn't make the wrong …
All indications are the have nothing happening on Justin Upton. It appears he's staying put at …
Padres person this week on Justin Upton: "If we can't get what we consider to be good value, why wouldn't we make him a qua…
Come on Roch, Justin Upton for Bud Norris, Tommy Hunter, and Brian Matusz. They'd be crazy not to take that deal. :-p
Padres-Chisox...Chicago in play for Justin Upton..SD interest in Avisail Garcia and pitching...
So w/ the way he's playing & his flair for the dramatic, Greg Garcia for Justin Upton straight up sound fair?
Trade scenario:. Daniel Cabrera's potential sealed in a jar and some fake Old Bay for Justin Upton.
any chance of getting Justin Upton or Carlos Gonzalez or Jean segura or Jonathan lucroy
If I'm Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams I only trade Avi Garcia for Justin Upton not Cespedes though his bat is dangerous but it's a rental only
After 6.5 hours, the win!. Justin Upton's 3-run HR caps the Padres' comeback as they top the Mets, 8-7.
Justin Upton: Cleanup man on the field. Pat Murphy: Cleanup man in the dugout.
Jeurys Familia blows the save! Justin Upton hits a 3-run shot in top of 9th to give Padres 8-7 lead vs Mets. NY was up 7-…
UNBELIEVABLE!. were 2 strikes away from a win before a 45-minute rain delay... and now they're down 8-7 after Justin Upton'…
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Sources: & have discussed deal to send Justin Upton to Bal. Possibly could expand it to include SD starters …
Bought low on Justin Upton in one fantasy baseball league. I gave up Kole Calhoun & Gregory Polanco. I Received Upton.
Pat Murphy said there's a good chance Justin Upton will be in the lineup tomorrow.
Justin Upton is hitting .252/.331/.426 with a 1.9 WAR. Padres gave up Max Fried, Jace Peterson, Mallex Smith & Dustin Peterson to get him
Justin Upton will test his tight left oblique during BP before the game today. IM Pat Murphy said "he's taking well to treatment."
Justin Upton & Curtis Granderson are having basically the same season: Slight edge to Granderson
interested in Justin Upton, but they will prioritize an infielder if Jordy Mercer is out for extended period. Holdi…
I'll give you Grant Green and Efren Navarro for Justin Upton
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Upton both homered last night. Nice opportunity to prove your theory right today.
wanna trade Justin Upton, Craig Kimbrell, Will Venable, Ian Kennedy, and James Shields, and Joaquin Benoit. A big disappoint!
New York Mets are reportedly considering pursuing OFs Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies) and Justin Upton (Padres) to upgrade their offense
Today's Rumor Analysis by discusses the trade market for Carlos Gonzalez and Justin Upton.
Justin Upton gets first All Star Game hit and first Padre have hit in ASG since Adrian Gonzalez in 2008 (thanks Josh Ishoo)
Justin Upton, who is the first All Star to receive an at bat since Adrian Gonzalez in 2010, hits a single in the…
Justin Upton singles (current Padre) followed by Adrian Gonzalez and Grandal (former Pads) get out. rule.
An small irony to Justin Upton, Adrian Gonzalez and Yasmani Grandal batting back-to-back-to-back Well, mostly
Justin Upton is the 13th different player to get a hit in an and the 20th time overall. First since Adrian G…
Justin Upton and Matt Kemp almost have the same batting average now.
Matt Kemp is the new Justin Upton and Justin Upton is the new Matt Kemp
The Padres are now 13-2 when Matt Kemp and Justin Upton both drive in at least one run. Thought it would happen a lot more often.
sdn, 5, Justin Upton singles on a ground ball to left fielder Josh Hamilton. Yangervis Solarte scores. Matt Kemp to 2nd.
They ruled Solarte safe at 3rd. Kemp on 1st 1 out with Justin Upton up to bat
April 11-14 is the only time this season that Matt Kemp and Justin Upton had hits in 4 straight games at the same time.
Padres looking to rally here in the top of the eighth. Kemp doubles, which brings Alonso to third. Justin Upton up now.
Kemp with double to put men on 2nd and 3rd no outs. Justin Upton to bat next. This could be trouble
My Thoughts start with the sudden ending to the Padres' domination at PNC Park; notes on Kemp, Justin Upton, Norris:
Jarrod Dyson has a higher slugging percentage than Justin Upton and David Ortiz
should I do the Astros collection or get bryce Harper? I have Justin Upton in left, and rizzo at 1b??
Plot twist Tigers acquire Austin Jackson and Justin Upton for Rajai David and Cash Money
yknow it would be cool if Justin Upton could just trade contracts with Matt Kemp
Would you be in favor of trading for Justin Upton? Power hitting right-handed outfielder that Jon Morosi said could be avail
Preller made moves that should have worked, just haven't. KT sold Justin Upton for a box of scraps and signed Cody Ross with it.
If the Padres have to trade Justin Upton & Tyson Ross to SEA to get Ketel Marte i’m all for it. Marte is going to be a premier player in MLB
Justin Upton goes up the ladder and robs Andrew McCutchen of his 11th HR of the season.
Justin Upton just stole a home run, great play. Runner subsequently scored after Kemp had trouble fielding the ball.
Justin Upton. That man can play. Kemp, not so much
Matt Kemp follows up Justin Upton's incredible, homer-robbing catch in LF by slipping near a ball in RF. Kang gets an RBI triple. 2-2.
Justin Upton makes a *** of a play and then Matt Kemp blows it. Basically sums up the 2015 Padres.
Justin Upton's catch is everything that Matt Kemp's scoop wasn't
Justin Upton just went three rows into the crowd to top a home run. Matt Kemp can't field a ground ball.
Matt Kemp making up for Justin Upton momentarily making the Padres outfield defense look good.
Great leaping catch by Justin Upton high above the wall in left. But error in right by Kemp on ensuing by Kang ties the game at 2-2.
Justin Upton and Kemp are a combined 5 for 45 w/16 Ks over last 7 gms. Kemp is 0 for 11 vs. Liriano, Upton 1 for 10.
I really hope Preller is working on some deal to package Melvin Upton/Kemp with Justin Upton...
After that Justin Upton strikeout, the Padres' first four hitters (Norris, Solarte, Kemp, Upton) are a combined 0-for-12 with three K's.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My Five thoughts: need Justin Upton, Norris, Kemp; but they need their rest, too:
We have reached the point where Cameron Maybin costs more than both Justin Upton & Jason Heyward on
Norris, Upton, Kemp get much-needed days off: Left fielder Justin Upton and catcher Derek Norris didn't start ...
topic for the show, has Paul Goldschmidt already surpassed Justin Upton and Brandon Webb as the best player ever drafted by AZ?
In a perfect world, we'd get Justin Upton, Paul Goldschmidt, and Cole Hamels before the trade deadline.
My 5 dongs of the night are: Chase Headley, Ryan Braun, David Peralta, Ben Zobrist, and Justin Upton.
Prime Dan Haren, Justin Upton, Brandon Webb, Drew when he was good, Mark Reynolds when he was good
Laugh now but it won't be so funny when we use your GM's email to get Manfred to approve a Pete Kozma-for-Justin Upton trade
Justin Upton's HR a winner for Padres - U
they gave away 2 good players to the Braves in Jace Peterson & Cameron Maybin, not to mention Wisler, Justin Upton will likely bolt
Jace Peterson and Justin Upton are tied in WAR.
Padres take the lead in the bottom of the eighth on a Justin Upton solo home run. trail 2-1 heading to the ninth.
It took Walker, Nick Franklin, Stephen Pryor & Furbush just to get Justin Upton (until he said no)
Coming up on The Ford Leadoff Show at 5:55: chats with Fredi G. Plus, hear from Maybin, Peterson and Justin Upton.
not me but in my 8 tm h2h, Harvey and Braun for AJ Burnett and Justin Upton happened about a month ago
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ASG debate: Pederson gets edge over Upton |
MLB's top news: ASG debate: Pederson gets edge over Upton
Justin Upton scores a run on Friday via
. I will be with my dad and my nephews . Behind Justin Upton, and maybe. Yonder Alonzo?
Meanwhile that money could be used for a real slugger like Justin Upton.
Justin Upton got turned around on that ball -- twice -- but the Reds still have a long way to go.
What is wrong with Justin upton's defense
Justin Upton needs to be in this years
Anthony Rizzo & Justin Upton are only players in MLB this season with 10 HR & 10 SB
Danny does it all. He shoots a ball down the left field line, which lodges under the wall Justin Upton style . Runners on 2nd and 3rd
Chris Coghlan just pulled a Justin Upton. Are you f’n kidding me?
It's the Justin Upton play all over again! Coghlan claims ball stuck under LF fence. Ump agrees. Desmond, Espinosa have to go back to 2B/3B.
I didn't know Justin Upton joined the Cubs?
We call that one the Justin Upton… can't believe they haven't fixed that yet.
I feel that my OF is where I want it now. Cruz, Harper and Justin Upton
Who's it showing up when the batter -- in this case Justin Upton -- does a high-flying bat flip after popping out?
Wait when you spot Justin Verlander and Kate Upton in Birmingham
there's baseball players named Justin Upton and BJ Upton. Does that help
2005: Tulo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Michael Brantley, Justin Upton, and so many other allstars were all drafted in the same day. Ridiculous.
Padres' outfielder Justin Upton moves up in NL All-Star voting
dynasty.. trade Stanton for Justin Upton and Strasburg? Leaning toward accepting? Deep benched so could drop low level guy.
I'm not confident he's healthy. I wouldn't trade Justin Upton for him right now.
. My dad has tickets for field level behind Justin Upton.
ASG debate: Pederson gets edge over Upton
.is a force but is anyone better than right now? Who’s more
ASG debate: Pederson gets edge over Upton: The question of the day is whether Padres outfielder Justin Upton o...
Joel Sherman mentions Aroldis Chapman, Martin Prado, Ben Zobrist and Justin Upton as players he thinks the should ta…
Justin Upton pops out to shallow right field. deGrom is perfect through four. Santana was nearly perfect three years ago today.
Justin Upton and Jason Kipnis are the highest projected hitters for the late slate on tonight.
If the didn't make the trade for Justin Upton, would they be in last place right now?
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As Matt notes, if you want OF help via FA, you go after Justin Upton (28) or Jason Heyward (26), after this year.
Jason Heyward is better at baseball than Justin Upton, so this is probably very unlikely.
Upton's slam sets tone as rout recap via
Padres Offense Has Moment of Catharsis: LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 24: Justin Upton of the San Diego Padres hit...
Padres 11, Dodgers 3: Justin Upton has a big day
Justin Upton knocks in six runs to spark San Diego Padres to blowout win.
RECAP: unable to overcome early eight-run deficit in loss to Padres, 11-3. {
Tough loss to close out the series.
5/24: OutsidePitchMLB- Justin Upton is off to a blazing start for the San Diego Padres
Yeah, they sure got spanked. It started with Justin Upton and went from there.
Rather uncanny to me how Justin Upton has better Home stats in a difficult ballpark to hit in Petco Park than on the Road.
Justin Upton at Petco Park 2015: . 83 at-bats .349-9-22
Reddick?bHow about getting Noah &Matz their experience in 2015 &Harvey gets his arm strength back. 16'? Justin UPTON???
6 RBI performance by lifts over L.A. in series finale.
Justin Upton had a monster game against the Dodgers on Sunday, hitting a first-inning grand slam, doubling and driving in six.
Justin Upton ties a career-high with 6 RBI, including a grand slam, to lead over Dodgers, 11-3.
Justin Upton was straight fire for me.
I would give justin upton 200 million
Justin Upton is one of a kind. Perhaps the only player in it's 11 year history that seems to thrive at Petco Park.
Justin Upton hitting home runs at Petco Park at record pace
Justin Upton now has nine home runs at Petco Park this season. That's six shy of the ballpark single season record. It's May.
Justin Upton makes hitting homers at Petco Park look so easy.
Quite the contract drive by Justin Upton. That was his 11th homer of the year, all vs. RHP, ninth at Petco Park.
Justin Upton has hit 9 of his 11 homers at Petco Park. Only Bryce Harper (10) has more HR at home among NL players.
Justin Upton now has 9 homers at Petco Park this season. Last year, Seth Smith led the with 8 home runs at Petco...the entire year
Justin Upton is a wonderful human being
Justin Upton has seven home runs at Petco Park this season. Will Venable owns the ballpark record with 15 HR in 2013.
Rizzo, Mike Trout, Justin Upton are only 3players in Majors w/at least 7 HR &7 Stolen Bases this season My money is on 🔥
Ahh wait I've found it; Jason Kubel, not Justin Upton. ARIKubel cranks a two-run shot in the second via
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