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Justin Turner

Justin Matthew Turner (born November 23, 1984 in Long Beach, California) is a Major League Baseball infielder for the New York Mets.

Adrian Gonzalez Rich Hill Kenley Jansen Daniel Murphy Jhonny Peralta Yasmani Grandal Dave Roberts Yasiel Puig Matt Kemp Bowling Green Chase Utley Corey Seager Howie Kendrick Clayton Kershaw Andrew Toles Dexter Fowler David Freese

Due up for the in the bottom of the 3rd: Corey Seager SS, Justin Turner 3B and Adrian Gonzalez 1B.
Justin Turner's first baseball guru was Marlon Byrd, according to Ronnie
Guys like Murphy, Donaldson and Justin Turner are great examples of how to tap into more power. Better launch angle=more success
Nice first inning for Andrew Moore, despite hitting Justin Turner with a pitch. A groundout and a GIDP for a quick inning.
How much of a difference is there between Carpenter and Justin Turner, who's going 4 rounds later?
Thank you for understanding. Also, Justin Turner is an anagram of Scott Hairston But A Ginger.
Bringing home the bronze for the Dutch was Justin Turner and Brian Castro.
Justin Turner, Brian Castro, Corbin Choummaniving & advance to the semi finals in some deep brackets @ the
Welcome back, Today, the announced the signing of free agent third baseman Justin Turner to a four-year c…
Justin Turner deal official: 4M sign bonus, salaries of 12M, 11M, 18M and 19M. JT will donate 1 pct salary to club charity
Justin Turner's contract with is very backloaded: $12M in 2017, $11M in 2018, $18M in 2019, $19M in 2020. Signing b…
Arroyo Grande’s Ryan Teixeira visited by Dodgers star Justin Turner at hospital
You simply must watch this mesmerizing Hump Day-inspired clip of Justin Turner feeding a camel
Dodgers splurge on Kenley Jansen, close in on reunion with Justin Turner
Justin Turner agrees to return to Dodgers on 4-year, $64 million deal, source says
The Dodgers identified three targets for this winter: Rich Hill, Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen. Sounds like they'll…
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Dodgers get this Justin Turner deal wrapped up, go trade for Brian Dozier and Zach Britton, let Loria go all Loria on Kenley Jansen ...
"Whether you can move Jhonny Peralta or not, that shouldn't hold you back," - on Justin Turner.
I'm undecided on Justin Turner but I sure as *** don't want the reasons not to sign him to be Jhonny Peralta
No doubt. Jhonny Peralta is a SS, not a 3B. Justin Turner would intensify 3B D, and he wouldn't turn ice cold in 2nd half.
can technically go after Justin Turner without trading Peralta first. Jhonny can play LF. (But that doesn't mean I like him there)
The Cardinals are reportedly interested in Justin Turner, which could lead to a trade of Jhonny Peralta:
"Report: Cardinals are interested in 3B Justin Turner, STL would likely have to trade Jhonny Peralta to make move" oh i like tyhaat
are interested in signing 3B Justin Turner and currently are trying to trade SS/3B Jhonny Peralta in be able to do it Per Source.
Do not trade any SP yet. Extend Goldschmidt for Eleventy Billion $$$. Trade for Andrelton Simmons. Sign Justin Turner
Justin Turner was ninth and Yasmani Grandal 22nd in the voting.
When reports that the are interested in Justin Turner and you don't want to believe it!
Players that will be getting a Qualifying Offer of $17.2 mill. Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Kenley Jansen, Mark Trumbo, Justin Turner
(The Globe and Mail):blank Cubs to take 2-1 lead in : Yasmani Grandal and Justin Turner homered..
Dodgers shut out Cubs for 2-1 NL series lead - (The Sports Xchange) - Yasmani Grandal and Justin Turner homered...
Justin Turner is so underrated. Has Josh Donaldson type numbers w/o the flashiness
Another one! . Justin Turner knocks Jake Arrieta out of the game with a solo home run in the 6th. Dodgers up 4-0 on the…
Dexter Fowler again hits the ball to Justin Turner. One out in bottom of the 4th.
If Dexter Fowler wants to get on base, he should stop hitting it to Justin Turner.
Justin Turner’s .519 AVG is the best in history among hitters with 30+ PAs.
Justin Turner slashline in this series: 429/.619/.786 (MAKE THAT CAL STATE FULLERTON…
Don't go to bed yet! It's an 8-4 game thanks to Andrew Toles. If Chase Utley gets on, Justin Turner can make it 1-run game.
I thought it might be Joc Pederson or Justin Turner, but I think Andrew Toles will be the Dodgers player I inexplicably hate this series.
Justin Turner's jersey has had a stain on it last two games (same one, right over his name). Is it a thing?
Idk what's worse marrick telling some guy Justin Turner went to hono or the guy believing him
Justin Turner is a stud. It's sad how many people overlook his value. U could make a strong argument that he's da most important player 4 LA
Justin Turner is deceptively athletic at short.
We knew Justin Turner reminded us of somebody. .
I can't wait for Chase Utley and Justin turner to get rings
Breaking News! Justin Turner agrees to $100million contract to become official Notre Dame mascot !
Baseball is better with Justin Turner playing... BF hates him
I love watching Justin Turner hit. Such a competitor. Always works the count. Hard to believe he wasn't very good with the Mets.
I bet Justin Turner can sing a faithful cover of 'Wildfire'. .
And with that Justin Turner IF hit, the smell of goat now permeates Wrigley
I don't ever want to see Justin Turner again
Justin Turner does it again. making a move on
That's technically a fielder's choice, but when you're as hot as Justin Turner the official scorer tends to be on your side.
Justin Turner with a friendly nod from the scorekeeper.
Bryant can't turn the play! Justin Turner is safe on an infield hit!
Justin Turner w/an infield hit...loaded with no out, top 8..Chapman in for a 6-out save.
Why does Justin Turner always look like he just got out of bed
Well, we have quite the situation here. Justin Turner hits an infield single to load the bases. No outs. Eighth inn…
Infield hit for Justin Turner! Dodgers have loaded the bases. Nobody out. Corey Seager coming up...
Justin Turner produces an infield hit, really tough play for Bryant to make. Bases are now loaded with no outs.
Justin Turner gets an infield hit as Bryant can't beat Toles to third, and the Dodgers have the bases loaded with no outs!
Justin Turner's infield single loads the bases!! Great job by Toles to beat Bryant to third.
Wow. Infield hit for Justin Turner and the Dodgers have bases loaded, no outs.
Clayton Kershaw​, Kenley Jansen & Justin Turner talk with after the CRAZY win to advance to the NLCS.
Justin Turner joins Gil Hodges (from Gm7 of 1955 World Series vs Yankees) as only to record 2 RBI in a sudden death postseason game
Justin Turner & Daniel Murphy owning the playoffs .. Thanks
Lmao everyone rooting for Justin Turner has me dying
NLDS: Kershaw, Dodgers top Nationals in Game 1: Corey Seager and Justin Turner hit homers, and Clayton Kersha...
3rd base free agent options next year include Justin Turner, and Mark Trumbo. just saying
This upcoming off-season I want to see the Cardinals go after Charlie Blackmon, Justin Turner, or Carlos Gonzalez.
Pulling for the Dodgers the rest of the way, mostly because I love Justin Turner and Rich Hill's stories.
Justin Turner: “There’s a history there between those two. I guess looking at someone or staring in that direction might o…
Mets 2nd base superheroes for other teams: Jeff Kent, Justin Turner, Daniel Murphy... Hope Dilson is not another one
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner were among the players Roberts and Friedman spoke to.
true. I suppose we'll see, but in a world where Justin Turner and Dan Murphy are stars, clearly Walker will join them (elsewhere).
Rich Hill, Justin Turner lead Dodgers to 1-0 win over Giants
Rich Hill's pitching, Justin Turner's home run are enough for Dodgers' 1-0 win over Giants
Rich Hill is awesome. Justin Turner is awesome. Kenley Jansen is awesome. Dodgers with a 3 game lead is.awesome
Justin Turner's home run makes a winner out of Rich Hill in his debut [LA Daily News]
Hill Delivers in Debut as Dodgers Defeat Giants: Justin Turner hit a home run and Rich Hill threw six scorele...
Justin Turner: Edges out Giants with 24th homer -
Final: Dodgers 1, Giants 0. Three-game lead. It's a good night to be a Dodger fan. Justin Turner home run.
Justin Turner on lead in NL West: “Now is the time to put the foot on the pedal, keep going, and try to create s…
Hill solid, Turner homers and Dodgers beat Giants 1-0: LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Justin Turner and the Dodge...
Shutout!. The solo HR from Justin Turner was the only offense LA needed as the Dodgers take a 3 game lead over SF.
How good has Justin Turner been this year?
Rich Hill pitched six dominant innings in his first start with Los Angeles and Justin Turner hit his 24th homer…
Top 4th. Justin Turner singles on a ground ball to right field. 1 on 0 out. Josh Reddick walks on a 3-1 count.
Justin Turner lines out to left. Two down with Josh Reddick now batting.
I was not prepared for a season in which Daniel Murphy (21), Justin Turner (20) combined for 41 HRs -- in early Aug.
And the answer is a teammate of Kyle Seager's brother Corey-- Justin Turner.
Looks like if Eric Byrnes and Justin Turner had a baby. In other news, I like this deal a lot for NYY
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Need SP.Would trading Justin Turner for Kyle Hendricks be a good trade?I know Turner has been red hot but hendricks is solid.
I LOVE having Justin Turner back and following Corey Saeger. Them two and Adrian Gonzales are doing great.
Lucky Videographers Brad Watkiss, Justin Turner and David Ribeiro all got to dive and film Koh Tao's most famous...
Justin Turner's super washed hair is showing up on the LAX control tower radar screens right now.
Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner lead Dodgers over Nationals for 4th straight win
WALK OFF! Justin Turner hits a single to left in the bottom of the 10th to give Dodgers 3-2 win over Brewers.
Would you drop Justin Turner at this point to pick up Dae *** Lee?H2H 12 team(40 man roster)Dynasty league.
Better examples Hanley Ramirez, Javier Baez, Wilmer Flores, Justin Turner - how do they stack up defensively?
Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, Yasmani Grandal have all been major disappointments so far in 2016. Carl Crawford is no surprise
Justin Turner is about to Daniel Murphy the *** out of us...
Many Mets fans fairly ask why David Wright continues to bat high in the lineup. Do Dodgers fans ask the same about .677 OPS Justin Turner?
"And after giving up a 2-run single to Justin Turner, Bryan Price, in the inimitable words of Lou Pinella said, 'I've seen enough'."
.singles to right and scores Chase Utley and Justin Turner! . up 2-1, in the bottom of the fourth! 👏
Justin Turner is done puig is lost.. Bring up Sierra, Alex Guerrero at 3rd
May 13, AB 3: Yasiel Puig singles on a ground ball to left fielder Matt Holliday. Howie Kendrick scores. Justin Turner to 2nd.
he has more home runs this season than Justin Turner, Utley, Joe Mauer, & Jacoby Ellsbury
Justin Turner sits as Howie Kendrick gets his first start at third base since April 28. [LA Daily News]
Why Dave Roberts is starting Howie Kendrick and sitting Justin Turner today:
OF. Me Cabrera. OF. George Springer. OF Jacoby Ellsbury. U Justin Turner. How ya only in 8th in hitting ?
Dave Roberts hasn't decided who will DH in Tampa/Toronto, but mentioned Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez as two guys he'll talk to.
- 12 team mixed - Would u drop Justin Turner for either David Freese, Brandon Drury or Yunel Escobar?
Puig bare-handed the baseball off the wall, crow-hopped and hit Justin Turner square. Incredible.
Adrian Gonzalez greets Justin Turner and Austin Barnes after both score runs against…
rally in the 7th as Justin Turner hits an RBI single and *** Hernandez follows with a 2-run double and LA take…
See how Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner showed their respect on
you wouldn't want Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Corey Seager or Kershaw on the Giants?
Bowling Green is getting Michigan's top unsigned senior in Justin Turner. Here's his profile and progression
Detroit Renaissance 2016 guard Justin Turner stays close to home, at Bowling Green. 🏀📝. https:/…
2016 6'3 G Justin Turner of Detroit Renaissance has committed to Bowling Green!
Detroit Renaissance 2016 guard Justin Turner has committed to Bowling Green per his head coach.
are good as bargain guys, like Justin Turner and Puig
Is it just me or does Justin turner look like the vigilante on son's of anarchy ?
I think it's a *** shame Justin Turner isn't still around.
That run is because of JUSTIN TURNER!
How did Justin Turner get on? Fox Sports 1 aired two commercials instead of the rest of his at-bat
Did anybody else feed cut to commercial during Justin Turner at bat?
Justin needs to turn fastball out of the park
I forgot to start Justin Turner today, so this could go either way
Bases loaded for Dodgers. Casilla plunks Justin Turner. Adrian Gonzalez to the plate. Righetti to the mound.
Justin Turner can totally play left field.
Sergio Romo just clapped his hands really vigorously, hopped a little, and waved his arm after striking out Justin Turner...
If Justin Turner cuts his beard my dislike for him will be cut in half. Looks like a ***
Justin Turner is so ginger it hurts me to look at him.
Justin Turner has a Top 5 most punchable face in the MLB.
It's Justin Turner not even you would bunt him in the game situation. Your just saying that because he popped up.
Why would you have your hitter, Justin Turner, bunt with nobody out?
busta in round 7 selects Turner, Justin, 3B, lan
And snatches a pop up to get Justin Turner out
That reminds me when I see Justin Turner, are the having a troll doll giveaway?
i've enlisted my parents' dog to enact if Justin Turner ever becomes a Cub
I'm donating $100 for every hit I get this season to You can pledge any $ & help support
Justin Turner looks like a troll doll giveaway
I feel like it'd be fun to walk straight up to Justin Turner and drill him in the arm as hard as possible...Just because.
I've gotten 82 silver Justin turner n 83 silver David Wright that's it out of all packs
Justin Turner singles and now up to bat Adrain Gonzalez
Hunter Pence is not Yasiel Puig, and Justin Turner has a two-out single to right.
Chris Hatcher and Justin Turner need Lucille in their life😂😂😂
I seriously would love to french braid Justin Turner's hair
Justin Turner was built like Ed Sheeran when he was on the Mets. Now he looks a like a brick house since going LA. Hm.
Has anyone put Justin Turner and Heath Slater in the same room yet?
Justin Turner has to be one of my favorite players
Padres Video: Matt Kemp makes a spectacular diving catch in right field to rob the Dodgers' Justin Turner in 3-0 loss (ESPN)
" hangs a star on a great catch by Matt Kemp, robbing Justin Turner on at least a double
Highlight-reel stuff from Matt Kemp, lunging behind him to snare a long fly ball by Justin Turner
Pretty great catch by Matt Kemp in RF to rob Justin Turner of what would have been another double
Adrian Gonzalez hits a sharp ground ball to center field that scores Justin Turner to give the Dodgers 12 runs...
Prediction for NL MVP this season: good luck Justin Turner and Big Blue Nation from the other Big Blue Nation...Kentucky!!
to give red-hot Justin Turner ample rest during the regular season.
Dodgers: Dave Roberts reveals Justin Turner will bat 3rd on Opening Day, Adrian Gonzalez 4th; no decision on leadoff.
Justin Turner homers again, OK after getting spiked
I purchased MLB 16 the show today & already loving how this years Justin Turner comes with a beard included lol & graphic…
Justin Turner replaced at third base by Elian Herrera.
Ricky Romero, Justin Turner and Matt Kemp were all at the Lakers game tonight 😂
Final: Justin Turner stays hot but lose to Mariners, 6-3 [Orange County Register]
Haven't seen what are wearing this St. Patrick's Day yet, but I hope it's the Justin Turner tribute hat again. htt…
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Dodgers beat Brewers 6-2: Justin Turner hit an RBI double in his first spring at-bat and Mike Bolsinger threw four…
Nice and easy day for Mike Bolsinger, Justin Turner and the RECAP:.
Justin Turner's first game back when it comes will be as a DH, but he's taking grounders in drills, etc., says Dave Roberts.
Justin Turner (knee surgery) said he expects to play in his first game of the spring early next week.
Justin Turner earliest baseball memory? Kirk Gibson HR in '88 WS. He was 4.
VIDEO: Dave Roberts on Yasiel Sierra's first day at and updates the status of Justin Turner
This is how to cover Justin's 'Love Yourself'
Did you say you need a doctor? We recommend Dr. Justin Turner of Turner Care, LLC 601.398.2335.
Justin, next year get Beyonce and Tina Turner up on stage shaking *** !! Get milf and gilf fans shaking other parts!!!
Pick up for all the must-see moments from and Justin Scott's stunning wedding ❤️
tru, never thought Justin turner would respond 😭😿
dear Justin Bieber how are you so attractive when you're not even trying
Listening to the charts on spotify I might as well just listen to justin beibers album! ❤️
King DL Damani Green and Justin Turner meet at the QB:
After microfracture surgery, Justin Turner expects to be 100% ready for Opening Day...
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Bernie's got some great people endorsing him: Dr. West, Killer Mike, Nina Turner, Susan Sarandon, Justin Bamberg, AND ALL…
.Community Spotlight: hosts first charity golf…
Congrats to Zion Silguero, Justin Turner, Joesph RIvera, and Brian Castro on Placing 2nd in the OK Green conference tournament.
Hey lookie here: Does that pairing have your interest?
.Community Spotlight: hosts first charity golf tournament
Dodgers' Justin Turner optimistic he'll be '100 percent' for Opening Day...
Best Turner game as a Celtic, right?.
LeBron got blocked by Myles Turner & Evan Turner this year, see the correlation ???
Pete Rose should be game over. Justin Turner is our diversity & cultural history!
Today, the agreed to a one-year contracts with Kenley Jansen, Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal and Luis Avilan, avoidin…
Ron Darling asked who to choose on Kiss A Ginger Day fails to name Rusty Staub, Justin Turner, or Wayne Garrett. *** LGM!
Stealing from here, but this would also be a good nickname for Justin Turner.
Justin Turner drops his man and pulls up for two. Renni up 34-23.
Muskegon Showcase today. Tipoff at 3 includes state's top unsigned senior Justin Turner
OK, back to the Warning: Justin Turner does not have the legs to play 2B at this point in time. Not a good idea.
Miller for Kershaw, Gonzalez, Seager and Justin Turner? I'll hang up and listen.
Justin singing while drunk is so hot
do you ever just get sad that you can't marry Justin Bieber because me too :(
This sounds like a 1st in Where the Chefs Eat: Jewish Food with Justin Turner and Matt Marcus! Who Nu?
Tickets are now available! Get them while U can. Where the Chefs Eat:Jewish Food w/Justin Turner & Matt Marcus
Ben Simmons joins Evan Turner as the only players in the last 20 seasons to average 15, 10 & 5 in month of Nov.
Justin Bieber- love yourself is a cheeky banger uno
Can you chase this up for us Michelle? Justin Hesketh & Sam Turner said they would read …
If you're gonna sit here and tell me Justin Bieber isn't straight fire, you're living a life of lies, dirty lies.
Whoever marries Justin Bieber wins at life.
My Justin Turner comment from the 2014 Annual. Happens to the best of us.
Justin Turner can take a joke and is quick with a block I see. I thought it was funny.
Tbf Justin's Christmas album will always bang
OLB Justin Houston suffered a PCL sprain based on initial tests, source said. He's having tests, but believed to be m…
I think he's thinking of buying a book called "The History of Red Hair" for Justin Turner.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Dodgers 3B and former stud Justin Turner supporting on Saturday:
When the new Justin Bieber got you biebing 😂
Just finished book "The Forest" . A page turner with a cool and unique premise. Check it:
tis the season for Justin Bieber's Christmas album 👅
Would you be OK with Justin Turner playing 2B? (Something like signing Hwang to play 3B and moving Turner to 2B)
It's easy to forget that just four years ago, Turner Gill, Darrell Hazell, and Al Golden were Justin Fuente, Tom Herman, and Matt Campbell.
Hi ellen,my name is ellie turner& im justin biebers bigest fan , i love him so much and my dream is to meet justin help ellen
My mom dad and sister met Justin Turner at the USC vs UCLA football game
Jamming got Justin Bieber while getting ready🎧😎
all that's playing on music channels in Justin Bieber songs on repeat, starting to *** me off 🖕🏻
Please stop telling me that Justin Bieber's hot. I know he's hot. I've known for the past 7 years that he's hot while you ca…
"For his birthday earlier this year my brother asked me for 3 things: . . . . •Justin Turner jersey ✔️ • Tickets...
Justin Turner made the younger boy laugh when he asked, "Did you steal my…
With my pops at dodger stadium. Justin Turner is a cool guy
They're licensed by Turner - known for lots of mistakes... Fenway as Nationals Park, Justin Turner for Daniel Murphy...
any chance they sign David Freese and move Justin Turner back to second? I understand he can turn 2.
Also, had I guessed where Howie Kendrick, Justin Turner and Juan Uribe ranked on these lists, I would've been wrong:
its literally the same company that put Daniel Murphy on the 14 Mets calendar as Justin Turner.sigh
That double for Ben Zobrist was his 5th of this postseason, tied with Kevin Pillar for 2nd in 2015. First place: still Justin Turner, with 6
You're lying if you say you're not excited for Justin Bieber's new album
That's what happens when u sign Justin turner from the loser Dodgers to return punts as "Cole Beasley"
Well, that's what happens when you have Justin Turner returning punts.
At just 21 years of age, Justin Bieber is now the most awarded artist in MTV EMA history.
Love how Alice texts me to put a certain channel on because Justin is on 🙈😍
So I just realized I was eating breakfast right next to justin turner, interesting
My hatred towards Justin Turner is too *** high.
Xfactor usually has 1 stooge act - 1 in each category this year - a Tina turner act, a Justin timberlake wannabe and 2 blokes from the pub
Congratulations Justin Turner a strong run and 7th overall way to work.
Justin Turner leads Ken Foster at the 15k mark at the Marine Corps Marathon - Official Page. Photo by Steve Laico
Justin Turner, 30K, 1:43:10. Mission focus. Not too early to plan to again. Register for Historic Half May '16. Pace: 5:3
I know a guy who is running and could possibly win it. Justin Turner, he came in third last year
Justin Turner, 10K, 33:52. Helping you go the distance as a proud partner of the 40th MCM. Pace 5:27.
Justin Turner in the front it's USN vs US Army
Why can't the find a guy like Justin Turner?
Was better then both of them Before there was Justin Timberlake & Robin Thicke...there was this legendary dude. Jon B.
I feel like Justin turner has been on social media more today than the past year combined
in addition, regarding the productions between Justin Turner and David Wright in NLDS.
And my wife just said "I think Justin Turner would like Narcos"
30 for 30: The Story of how Former Met Justin Turner Killed the Mets in the NLDS . It's on SNY bro check it out. Solid watch.
Sorry, Justin Turner, but there's a new in LA!
Can I get Justin Moore, Chris Young, Josh Turner, and Brad Paisley all in one room?
. NLCS GAME 6 -- . get on the board with a solo blast from the bat of Justin Turner. 1-0, Mid 1st.
I seriously can't stop watching Justin Bieber's Sorry video, I want to be in it so bad
Sunday lineups: Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez out for Dodgers series final... http:…
He looks like he's related to Justin Turner!
that supposed to be Justin Turner or Zack Greinke?
same school as Justin Turner, right?
Tough loss tonight, but I'm so proud of Justin. Turner football is finally turning around. Thank you Coach&the team for an exciting season!
I feel like I should hate Justin Turner’s face, but there’s something aspirational about that red-headed monster.
What we've seen from Jose Bautista in a Blue Jays uniform is what Justin Turner has doing for the Dodgers the last two seasons.
Really looking forward to hearing the other songs on Justin's new album it's gonna be amazing ❤️
turner is singing along to justin bieber on skype. As if the world needs to get any worse -.-
I haven't read anything about it but it wouldn't surprise me if he's the reason behind justin turner
I think I may have to eat my words on 1 of my 2 draft busts. called hezonja and Turner busting but it dont look like hezo…
Both Yasmani Grandal's shoulder surgery and Justin Turner's knee surgery were complete successes and both should...
Head turner: The mother-of-one looked stunning as she gave a little wave to onlookers
Justin Turner to have arthroscopic surgery on left knee Thursday to clean up loose bodies, also expected to be set for Spring …
Hard not to agree. Brett Anderson throwing game 3 and Justin turner in the middle of the order
I can def see us not re signing Murphy (way too much $$) and bringing back Justin turner ! Ill love to bring him back
Bleacher Report - - Justin Turner Injury Updates on Dodgers Infielders Knee and Recovery
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The Dodgers were really not good outside of Kershaw, Grienke and Justin Turner for whatever reason. $300M. Ridic.
At the end of the NLDS Daniel Murphy got to add the power of Justin Turner to his own. Highlander style.
Justin Turner, Yasmani Grandal of Los Angeles Dodgers to undergo surgeries
The Dodgers took a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the first inning on back-to-back singles from Justin Turner and Andre Ethier. The Mets scored
Yeah, and Justin Turner is an overgrown Garden Gnome.
The are leaving too many men on base. Justin Turner is our best weapon. We keep letting Degrom off the hook.
If you're watching baseball for the very first time. Yes, Justin Turner is the Michael Jordan of this sport.
Justin Turner's 2015 NLDS reminds me a lot of Braves 2B Mark Lemke in the 1991 World Series. Seemed like he got a hit in every at bat.
Checking my closet for Justin Turner before I go to bed tonight
I don't know who is more annoying to the Mets Freddie Freeman or Justin Turner
Justin Turner reminds me of a grown up Junior from Problem Child
That was so dumb. I take back my previous comment about Justin Turner.
Justin Turner is too Comfortable at the plate Mets pitchers need to brush him back.
to that time Justin Turner was on the Mets. He's 2-2 with an RBI and stolen base in this decisive game.
Justin Turner: 1st Dodgers player with at least 9 hits in a postseason series since Steve Garvey had 10 in 1981 WS vs Ya…
Wanna throw a pie at Justin Turner so hard right now
Can we just intentionally walk Justin Turner every time?
Justin Turner is really good at baseball.
Every time Justin Turner comes to the plate, I think of Michael Scott going "BEARDY!"
Justin Turner is totally the Scott Spezio of 2015.
Second guessing definitely allowed on taking Justin Turner out of the game. Hopefully, it's a moot point at the end of this.
Justin Turner is the new Scott Kazmir for fans.
Remember that walk Justin Turner worked vs Heath Bell in the 9th inning of that game a few years ago? I think that was his Mets highlight
Justin Turner's four doubles in this series are the most ever for a Dodger in a postseason series. Turner, as of...
I’m so glad the Mets didn’t believe Justin Turner was good enough for them two years ago.
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