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Justin Turner

Justin Matthew Turner (born November 23, 1984 in Long Beach, California) is a Major League Baseball infielder for the New York Mets.

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On my way to Los Angeles for the NLCS. Justin Turner, Curtis Granderson and Bob Geren will be there. Maybe Dan Murphy and…
Dodgers take a 1-0 series lead behind 5 RBI from Justin Turner!. Yasiel Puig had 2 RBI of his own. Oh, and this... https:…
Sure is fun watching Jay Bruce, Justin Turner and Joe Smith in the post-season!
Players with more walks than strikeouts this year: Mike Trout (3), Justin Turner (3), and Joey Votto (51).
Right thumb contusion for Justin Turner. X-rays are negative. Day-to-day.
Justin Turner had X-Rays on his right thumb...They were negative.
Justin Turner is out of the game. . Forsythe to third, Taylor to short, Barnes to second, Utley to first and Bellinger to…
Justin Turner out of the game. Forsythe at 3B, Taylor at SS.
Jake Thompson walked two batters in the fifth. Corey Seager and Justin Turner grounded out to end the threat.
Only qualifying hitters with more walks than strikeouts in 2017:. Joey Votto - 127 BB, 75 Ks = +52!. Justin Turner - 56…
Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Carlos Gomez in 2014(Thank God we didn't give up Wilmer for him in 15), Justin Turner, Murph. WE KNOW THE STORY
Justin Turner and Dave Roberts mentioned that arriving at Nats Park today made them think back to the good feelings from the last time here.
Justin Turner and Dave Roberts commented on the slump:
Justin Turner on the Dodgers' woes: "Regardless of what the record says, right now we're the worst team in baseball."…
Chris Taylor is thrown out trying to steal second base. Justin Turner will lead off the fourth for the Still no score.
Ty Kelly is about to be the next Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner.
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Justin Turner reminds me of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.
.348/.442/.544. That looks like a slash-line out of the Hall of Fame. That is what Justin Turner is hitting this seas…
Justin Turner & Endy Chavez were 2 of best Mets roll players ever. Was really stupid to let Turner go. And Turner is not roll player anymore
Justin Turner probably should be on there actually but it's alright
Remember that time you guys released Justin Turner?
3rd sit for 8/4: Justin Turner on the road vs Jacob deGrom. Turner has struggled against the ace going hitles…
Just Bought first rows Tonight on the Dodgers on deck batting circle. I will ask Justin Turner and company do they…
It should b packed 4 all 3 games in CitiField this weekend. Again, Yu Darvish's NL debut, Justin Turner, the Dodger…
Justin Turner LA Dodgers is having a sp…
when I watch the all-star game I would like to see Justin Turner play so here I am casting my one vote.
In other words, Justin Turner's created 62% more runs than a league average hitter would have in the same number of plate appearances.
Justin Turner is having a better year than Donaldson and Machado.
Brandon Phillips makes a nice play at 3rd base to rob Justin Turner of a hit
Why does Justin Turner have that smudge on all of his jerseys?
for some reason my fellow clones I would like to baptize Justin Turner as "Santa's little helper " he has a baseball job in summer.
Justin Turner's sacrifice fly extended the lead to 4-1 in the sixth inning.
12 team roto My Dee Gordon, Hunter Renfroe and Miggy for Justin Turner, J Up and Billy Hamilton?
Now you have to be a fan stop fighting it.
Justin Turner is the best example of not molding players. Players became who they are…
Marwin Gonzalez has 287 AB, Justin Turner has 283 AB BUT Gonzalez doesn't have enough to be on ANY of the leader boards? Hmmm..?
lol Justin turner is batting .352 but instead bellinger is being mentioned on this 😂
Does Justin Turner have the worest beard in all of sports?
Justin Turner's song is blaring at SunTrust Park. Call it southern hospitality.
I feel as if I don't know who I'm marrying now lmao
Literally just found out my fiancé has never ate this has to change very soon! She's missing out on bomb wings
Gah them Eli Gold wings sound amazing to go with some football
Walk to Justin Turner brings up Cody Bellinger with the bases loaded. Not an ideal scenario for Newcomb, who's struggling with FB command.
Justin Turner walks on ball 5 to load the bases with nobody out for... Cody Bellinger.
Justin Turner isn't a real person, but I hope he hits into a real triple play here
Justin Turner has been so good defensively this year and I keep thinking hes going to win the gold glove but then I remember arenado exists
Justin Turner yukking it up in the clubhouse.
Screw that homeless looking Justin Turner that was strike 3
Justin Turner. It's just natural to him now. 🔥🔥🔥
Oh my gawd Justin Turner what a play!. Nice grab by belli!
There are no holes in a Justin Turner's game.
If the Mets don't take care of T.J. Rivera, he's going to Justin Turner them so hard
As I said yesterday- Justin Turner is ice cold and been that way basically since the break-dodgers go as he goes- offense slumping
Justin Turner is the best quote in the Dodgers clubhouse, apparently. Best beard too.
Saban made the right decision not suspending Da’Shawn Hand after his DUI arrest given the new information that Hand was not d…
Da'Shawn Hand didn't drive drunk and doesn't have a history of bad behavior. No problem with Saban's decision to let him…
Alex Wood returns to Atlanta looking for the series win
Does Justin Turner look in the mirror and roar like a lion?
Justin Turner or Corey Seager have a better shot than bellinger of MVP learn baseball
Josh Ravin and Brandon Morrow warming up in the bullpen. Justin Turner at the plate with one out.
Nothing against Justin Turner but he should have been a Dodger lifer
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Two spots that are black holes for the Mets are 2B and 3B. What positions do Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner play agai…
Justin Turner, Mike Trout, and Freddie Freeman have missed significant time on the DL, but are ranked 6th, 13th, and 15th in WAR.
1 change for NL in top 7th: Jake Lamb replaces Justin Turner at third base
Brad Hand into pitch in the seventh. Jake Lamb takes over at third for Justin Turner.
That's all for Justin Turner. Jake Lamb in at 3B.
Please tell me why Justin Turner is in before Jake Lamb?
Live blog: Justin Turner says the Cubs aren't the team to beat anymore via
If u are a ball fan find video of Arod and Frank Thomas talking to Daniel Murphy/Justin Turner abt hitting today on FoxSpo…
The only one of these that actually bothers me is Justin Turner. He's Jeff Kenting us.
Justin Turner, Nolan Arenado, Jake Lamb and Kris Bryant play his position. 3B is an amazing position in 2017.
Justin Turner looks like the Jason Batemon version of Teen Wolf
Justin Turner has done it again! His second homer of the day and 10th of the year! now lead 4-0, Kershaw is pit…
Now they can't say Justin Turner only has single-digit home runs at the break
Justin Turner hits his 9th of the year to give Kershaw a 1-0 lead!
Scott Alexander walks Corey Seager two runners on for Justin Turner.
Justin Turner is a huge Moose fan like the rest of us! They both say thank you! Baseball needs more redheads! 💪⚾️👑
And why did Justin Turner win? LA fans don't have an inferiority complex. It'…
Shout out Justin Turner. Kris Bryant can lick a ginger sack... ya I said it
Not only is Kris Bryant not as good at baseball as Justin Turner, he's also not nearly as hot as Chris Taylor
Why couldnt the mets just keep murphy and justin turner instead of David Wright
Justin Turner walked with two outs, Chris Taylor bloops a single into center field. Runners at the corners.
Justin Turner received a 20.8 million votes to punch his ticket to Miami next week.
My next Dodgers jersey is going to be Justin Turner.
Justin Turner is batting .384 with a 182 wRC+ and doesn't believe in bunting
Justin turner is having a much better year than Kris Bryant. Don't let those cubs fans over take JT
Mike Moustakas and Justin Turner nab the final All-Star Game roster spots
Hard to believe Justin Turner won the Final Vote even though the team isn't on TV locally for most folks.
this to give a vote to Justin Turner !
Justin Turner gave big props to for "being locked in a bunker for last 26 hours in front of computers voting."
THIS JUST IN: Dodgers 3rd baseman Justin Turner voted in to All-Star Game
And then Bryant loses the final vote to Justin Turner. No position players for the Cubs in this year's ASG.
[USA Today: For The Win] Justin Turner’s good dog was at Dodger Stadium to celebrate All-Star Game announce
It's apparently why Justin Turner was released from the Mets. :/
You're welcome Jansen 4 the 20 million votes Dodger fans got in for Justin Turner today. Get it 2gether & Spectrum ***
look at ALL STAR Justin Turner running out on the field
If not Rendon, so glad it's Justin Turner. Only MLB player I have met, and he was a super nice guy. Congrats…
Hey now, you're an All-Star. Justin Turner received a record 20.8 million votes.
Justin Turner and Mike Moustakas will be the last two players in the ASG, as each won the final vote in their respective leagues
Kris Bryant won’t play in All-Star game, Justin Turner will. Turner leads the NL with a .384 batting average
Justin Turner is hitting .386. If you voted for Kris Bryant over him you know nothing about baseball you hacks
Justin Turner’s very good dog was at Dodger Stadium to celebrate her owner making the All-Star Game 🐶⚾️
Congratulations to Justin Turner & Mike Moustakas as All Star Game Final Vote Winners - Celebrate the game in style ht…
Justin Turner ... currently hitting .384 with a .473 on-base percentage ...
Justin Turner: "I'll forever be grateful to the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans for what they did for me this week."
Anthony Rendon has reached base safely in 63 games this season…. Justin Turner has played in 61.
Dodgers' Justin Turner joins All-Star team as fan favorite in final vote
Justin Turner thanked the people of Kansas City for their support.
welp Justin Bour didn't get the final vote win but Justin Turner did
Mike Moustakas and Justin Turner are headed to the MLB All-Star Game.
Titan and Dodger great Justin Turner needs your vote is yet another reason is
Dodgers' Justin Turner wins fan vote, headed to first All-Star Game
Anthony Rendon loses bid for MLB Final Vote to Dodgers' Justin Turner
Justin Turner wins the NL Final Vote. Anthony Rendon comes in third.
Justin Turner has an OBP of .473. The last player to do that in the first half of a season was Barry Bonds (min. 250 PAs)…
notes: Justin Turner is taking his talents to South Beach after Kenley Jansen lit a fire under LAD fans.
Me when I heard Justin Turner became the final vote record holder.
Typo. Justin Turner. Though it is at least insight into the fact that I voted for a guy without really lear…
How does Justin Turner even qualify? He's played in like 60 games. That's why I don't think he should be an all-star.
This kid loves Justin Turner. He's 14 and says Turner is his favorite player.
About to start a thread with more deserving Final Vote candidates than Justin Turner
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Ahh the good ole leave the Mets and become a star tale. See: Nolan Ryan, Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner.
Nope this is a joke... Justin Turner is hitting .384 and isn't in the game he is battling to make it.…
fans -- won't it be fun to watch both Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner in the All-Star Game? Speaking of which:.
Mets messed up bad on Daniel Murphy and Justin Turner
Would be sick if Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy were still Mets but god *** how could u predict their ascension
Sandy let go of Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy. Two horrible decisions on his part. Turner was just fine in NY. He never added to the pen
In my lifetime (1990)?. + Jeff Kent. + OG Bonilla. + Justin Turner. + Daniel Murphy. I know I'm missing at least 5 more.
Justin Turner and Alex Wood did not make the All-Star team. I don't want to live in 2017.
I just voted to send Justin Turner to the 2017 Help him win the Final Vote!
Hey good call on Justin Turner & Daniel Murphy. Would be terrible to have those guys in the lineup for reasonable $$$.
Anthony Rendon didn't make the all-star team. He's 1 of 5 players in the final vote w/Kris Bryant, Justin Bour, Justin Turner, Mark Reynolds
Anthony Rendon is in the Final Vote against Kris Bryant, Justin Bour, Mark Reynolds and Justin Turner.
GTFO with Justin Turner not making the All-Star team. Alex Wood left off too
Justin Turner is currently batting .387/.464/.547 and David Wright is making $67,000,000 over the next 3.5 seasons
Since leaving the Mets, Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy combined are hitting .321/.387/.597 with 90 HR, 369 RBI and 21.8 WAR.
I have SUCH negative emotions about Justin Turner coming to bat to that Ed Sheeran song but the Mets will always deserve to be killed by him
Mark me and words: when the inevitably let TJ Rivera slip away, he will be the next Justin Turner. Ugh.
As God as my witness, Justin Turner, one day I will find you and I WILL shave that beard
Knowing the Mets, they will let him walk and he will be anotyher Justin Turner and Daniel walker.…
Video: Chris Taylor rips a double down the left-field line, plating Justin Turner to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead...
Chris Taylor hit a two-out double. Justin Turner scored, but Cody Bellinger was cut down at the plate. 2-0, Dodgers.
... SS Francisco Lindor to 2B Erik Gonzalez to 1B Carlos Santana. Corey Seager scores. Justin Turner to 3rd. Cody Bellinger to 2nd [2/2]
Chris Taylor's 6 HR are more than Justin Turner, Joc Pederson, Logan Forsythe and Adrian Gonzalez combined (4).
Alexi Amarista on May 24 2017 has more home runs than Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Logan Forsythe, Nick Hundley, and Chase Utley combined
I was under the impression that the Dodgers' mascot was Justin Turner. Am I wrong?
Justin Turner robs Nolan Arenado of an RBI base hit with a diving catch to his left. Arenado so upset he slams his bat and…
Nolan Arenado goes full bat smash, helmet smash after Justin Turner laid out to steal a hit.
Nolan Arenado was not happy with Justin Turner's catch. 😳
Due up for the in the Bot 6th are: *** Hernandez SS, Justin Turner 3B & Cody Bellinger 1B
Recently had chance to Interview former CSUF Titan and LA Dodgers 3b, Justin Turner. Please enjoy.
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snla is hilarious. Graphic titled "Top 3rd Basemen in MLB" comparing Nolan Arenado and justin turner. Delivered without…
Justin Turner The fastball registered at 92 mph when it connected with Dodgers third baseman...
Everything you know about Justin Turner is wrong.
Justin Turner had X-rays on his hand after Tuesday's game that came back negative.
Logan Forsythe and Justin Turner receive different x-ray results, both to be re-evaluated Wednesday.…
Hey , can someone keep track of how many times Justin Turner gets HBP this season? 😂⚾️
We get it... Justin Turner is a good player but that doesn't mean that he needs to be hit by a pitch in every game.
X-rays negative on Justin Turner's right hand. Ball hit knuckle of his ring finger or pinky. X-rays of Forsythe's big toe inconclusive.
The X-ray on Justin Turner's hand was negative.
Dodgers suffer scare when Justin Turner is hit by a pitch, then a loss to the Rockies, 4-3 via
Justin Turner should have tried to steal home from second base.
Seager booked it home, it's 4-3, Justin Turner has the tieing run and Gonzo is at bat
Justin Turner lets his hair and beard grow wildly but trims his mustache nice and neat, *** is that about.
Justin Turner slaps an RBI single by Reynolds! now trailing 4-2.
Justin Turner drives in Chase Utley with an RBI single. 4-2 Rockies. Kenley Jansen is throwing in the bullpen. A moribund crowd has life.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Justin Turner is the tying run with 1 out. 1st and 2nd. Puig on deck.
Corey Seager has himself a hit. Two on with one out. Justin Turner represents the tying run at the plate.
Adam Ottavino's fourth pitch to Justin Turner tonight could be the nastiest slider I've ever seen.
Is Justin Turner's dad named Gloin? (I don't know if anyone but will get this reference, but props if you do.)
that Adam Ottavino slider to K Justin Turner was filthy in
Otto gets Justin Turner on a 2-2 slider but the one he threw for a strike on 2-1 was absolutely ridiculous
Do you think Justin turner's walk up song is by Ed Sheeran cause he is an ugly red head, but with a better beard?
Justin Turner's walkup song is Shape of You? Massive L for him...
Justin Turner got smoked on the left hand. That could be problematic.
Justin Turner hit by a pitch and is down. You could hear him react to being hit.
Justin Turner has moved into the Dodgers’ all-time top 20 with 31 HBPs. Andre Ethier (58) is all-time L.A. leader.
Due up for the in the bottom of the 3rd: Corey Seager SS, Justin Turner 3B and Adrian Gonzalez 1B.
Justin Turner's first baseball guru was Marlon Byrd, according to Ronnie
Guys like Murphy, Donaldson and Justin Turner are great examples of how to tap into more power. Better launch angle=more success
Nice first inning for Andrew Moore, despite hitting Justin Turner with a pitch. A groundout and a GIDP for a quick inning.
How much of a difference is there between Carpenter and Justin Turner, who's going 4 rounds later?
Thank you for understanding. Also, Justin Turner is an anagram of Scott Hairston But A Ginger.
Bringing home the bronze for the Dutch was Justin Turner and Brian Castro.
Justin Turner, Brian Castro, Corbin Choummaniving & advance to the semi finals in some deep brackets @ the
Welcome back, Today, the announced the signing of free agent third baseman Justin Turner to a four-year c…
Justin Turner deal official: 4M sign bonus, salaries of 12M, 11M, 18M and 19M. JT will donate 1 pct salary to club charity
Justin Turner's contract with is very backloaded: $12M in 2017, $11M in 2018, $18M in 2019, $19M in 2020. Signing b…
Arroyo Grande’s Ryan Teixeira visited by Dodgers star Justin Turner at hospital
You simply must watch this mesmerizing Hump Day-inspired clip of Justin Turner feeding a camel
Dodgers splurge on Kenley Jansen, close in on reunion with Justin Turner
Justin Turner agrees to return to Dodgers on 4-year, $64 million deal, source says
The Dodgers identified three targets for this winter: Rich Hill, Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen. Sounds like they'll…
Dodgers get this Justin Turner deal wrapped up, go trade for Brian Dozier and Zach Britton, let Loria go all Loria on Kenley Jansen ...
"Whether you can move Jhonny Peralta or not, that shouldn't hold you back," - on Justin Turner.
I'm undecided on Justin Turner but I sure as *** don't want the reasons not to sign him to be Jhonny Peralta
No doubt. Jhonny Peralta is a SS, not a 3B. Justin Turner would intensify 3B D, and he wouldn't turn ice cold in 2nd half.
can technically go after Justin Turner without trading Peralta first. Jhonny can play LF. (But that doesn't mean I like him there)
The Cardinals are reportedly interested in Justin Turner, which could lead to a trade of Jhonny Peralta:
"Report: Cardinals are interested in 3B Justin Turner, STL would likely have to trade Jhonny Peralta to make move" oh i like tyhaat
are interested in signing 3B Justin Turner and currently are trying to trade SS/3B Jhonny Peralta in be able to do it Per Source.
Do not trade any SP yet. Extend Goldschmidt for Eleventy Billion $$$. Trade for Andrelton Simmons. Sign Justin Turner
Justin Turner was ninth and Yasmani Grandal 22nd in the voting.
When reports that the are interested in Justin Turner and you don't want to believe it!
Players that will be getting a Qualifying Offer of $17.2 mill. Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Kenley Jansen, Mark Trumbo, Justin Turner
(The Globe and Mail):blank Cubs to take 2-1 lead in : Yasmani Grandal and Justin Turner homered..
Dodgers shut out Cubs for 2-1 NL series lead - (The Sports Xchange) - Yasmani Grandal and Justin Turner homered...
Justin Turner is so underrated. Has Josh Donaldson type numbers w/o the flashiness
Another one! . Justin Turner knocks Jake Arrieta out of the game with a solo home run in the 6th. Dodgers up 4-0 on the…
Dexter Fowler again hits the ball to Justin Turner. One out in bottom of the 4th.
If Dexter Fowler wants to get on base, he should stop hitting it to Justin Turner.
Justin Turner’s .519 AVG is the best in history among hitters with 30+ PAs.
Justin Turner slashline in this series: 429/.619/.786 (MAKE THAT CAL STATE FULLERTON…
Don't go to bed yet! It's an 8-4 game thanks to Andrew Toles. If Chase Utley gets on, Justin Turner can make it 1-run game.
I thought it might be Joc Pederson or Justin Turner, but I think Andrew Toles will be the Dodgers player I inexplicably hate this series.
Justin Turner's jersey has had a stain on it last two games (same one, right over his name). Is it a thing?
Idk what's worse marrick telling some guy Justin Turner went to hono or the guy believing him
Justin Turner is a stud. It's sad how many people overlook his value. U could make a strong argument that he's da most important player 4 LA
Justin Turner is deceptively athletic at short.
We knew Justin Turner reminded us of somebody. .
I can't wait for Chase Utley and Justin turner to get rings
Breaking News! Justin Turner agrees to $100million contract to become official Notre Dame mascot !
Baseball is better with Justin Turner playing... BF hates him
I love watching Justin Turner hit. Such a competitor. Always works the count. Hard to believe he wasn't very good with the Mets.
I bet Justin Turner can sing a faithful cover of 'Wildfire'. .
And with that Justin Turner IF hit, the smell of goat now permeates Wrigley
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I don't ever want to see Justin Turner again
Justin Turner does it again. making a move on
That's technically a fielder's choice, but when you're as hot as Justin Turner the official scorer tends to be on your side.
Justin Turner with a friendly nod from the scorekeeper.
Bryant can't turn the play! Justin Turner is safe on an infield hit!
Justin Turner w/an infield hit...loaded with no out, top 8..Chapman in for a 6-out save.
Why does Justin Turner always look like he just got out of bed
Well, we have quite the situation here. Justin Turner hits an infield single to load the bases. No outs. Eighth inn…
Infield hit for Justin Turner! Dodgers have loaded the bases. Nobody out. Corey Seager coming up...
Justin Turner produces an infield hit, really tough play for Bryant to make. Bases are now loaded with no outs.
Justin Turner gets an infield hit as Bryant can't beat Toles to third, and the Dodgers have the bases loaded with no outs!
Justin Turner's infield single loads the bases!! Great job by Toles to beat Bryant to third.
Wow. Infield hit for Justin Turner and the Dodgers have bases loaded, no outs.
Clayton Kershaw​, Kenley Jansen & Justin Turner talk with after the CRAZY win to advance to the NLCS.
Justin Turner joins Gil Hodges (from Gm7 of 1955 World Series vs Yankees) as only to record 2 RBI in a sudden death postseason game
Breast Cancer Awareness
Justin Turner & Daniel Murphy owning the playoffs .. Thanks
Lmao everyone rooting for Justin Turner has me dying
NLDS: Kershaw, Dodgers top Nationals in Game 1: Corey Seager and Justin Turner hit homers, and Clayton Kersha...
3rd base free agent options next year include Justin Turner, and Mark Trumbo. just saying
This upcoming off-season I want to see the Cardinals go after Charlie Blackmon, Justin Turner, or Carlos Gonzalez.
Pulling for the Dodgers the rest of the way, mostly because I love Justin Turner and Rich Hill's stories.
Justin Turner: “There’s a history there between those two. I guess looking at someone or staring in that direction might o…
Mets 2nd base superheroes for other teams: Jeff Kent, Justin Turner, Daniel Murphy... Hope Dilson is not another one
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner were among the players Roberts and Friedman spoke to.
true. I suppose we'll see, but in a world where Justin Turner and Dan Murphy are stars, clearly Walker will join them (elsewhere).
Rich Hill, Justin Turner lead Dodgers to 1-0 win over Giants
Rich Hill's pitching, Justin Turner's home run are enough for Dodgers' 1-0 win over Giants
Rich Hill is awesome. Justin Turner is awesome. Kenley Jansen is awesome. Dodgers with a 3 game lead is.awesome
Justin Turner's home run makes a winner out of Rich Hill in his debut [LA Daily News]
Hill Delivers in Debut as Dodgers Defeat Giants: Justin Turner hit a home run and Rich Hill threw six scorele...
Justin Turner: Edges out Giants with 24th homer -
Final: Dodgers 1, Giants 0. Three-game lead. It's a good night to be a Dodger fan. Justin Turner home run.
Justin Turner on lead in NL West: “Now is the time to put the foot on the pedal, keep going, and try to create s…
Hill solid, Turner homers and Dodgers beat Giants 1-0: Los Angeles (AP) -- Justin Turner and the Dodge...
Shutout!. The solo HR from Justin Turner was the only offense LA needed as the Dodgers take a 3 game lead over SF.
How good has Justin Turner been this year?
Rich Hill pitched six dominant innings in his first start with Los Angeles and Justin Turner hit his 24th homer…
Top 4th. Justin Turner singles on a ground ball to right field. 1 on 0 out. Josh Reddick walks on a 3-1 count.
Justin Turner lines out to left. Two down with Josh Reddick now batting.
I was not prepared for a season in which Daniel Murphy (21), Justin Turner (20) combined for 41 HRs -- in early Aug.
And the answer is a teammate of Kyle Seager's brother Corey-- Justin Turner.
Looks like if Eric Byrnes and Justin Turner had a baby. In other news, I like this deal a lot for NYY
Need SP.Would trading Justin Turner for Kyle Hendricks be a good trade?I know Turner has been red hot but hendricks is solid.
I LOVE having Justin Turner back and following Corey Saeger. Them two and Adrian Gonzales are doing great.
Lucky Videographers Brad Watkiss, Justin Turner and David Ribeiro all got to dive and film Koh Tao's most famous...
Justin Turner's super washed hair is showing up on the LAX control tower radar screens right now.
Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner lead Dodgers over Nationals for 4th straight win
WALK OFF! Justin Turner hits a single to left in the bottom of the 10th to give Dodgers 3-2 win over Brewers.
Would you drop Justin Turner at this point to pick up Dae *** Lee?H2H 12 team(40 man roster)Dynasty league.
Better examples Hanley Ramirez, Javier Baez, Wilmer Flores, Justin Turner - how do they stack up defensively?
Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, Yasmani Grandal have all been major disappointments so far in 2016. Carl Crawford is no surprise
Justin Turner is about to Daniel Murphy the *** out of us...
Many Mets fans fairly ask why David Wright continues to bat high in the lineup. Do Dodgers fans ask the same about .677 OPS Justin Turner?
"And after giving up a 2-run single to Justin Turner, Bryan Price, in the inimitable words of Lou Pinella said, 'I've seen enough'."
.singles to right and scores Chase Utley and Justin Turner! . up 2-1, in the bottom of the fourth! 👏
Justin Turner is done puig is lost.. Bring up Sierra, Alex Guerrero at 3rd
May 13, AB 3: Yasiel Puig singles on a ground ball to left fielder Matt Holliday. Howie Kendrick scores. Justin Turner to 2nd.
he has more home runs this season than Justin Turner, Utley, Joe Mauer, & Jacoby Ellsbury
Justin Turner sits as Howie Kendrick gets his first start at third base since April 28. [LA Daily News]
Why Dave Roberts is starting Howie Kendrick and sitting Justin Turner today:
OF. Me Cabrera. OF. George Springer. OF Jacoby Ellsbury. U Justin Turner. How ya only in 8th in hitting ?
Dave Roberts hasn't decided who will DH in Tampa/Toronto, but mentioned Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez as two guys he'll talk to.
- 12 team mixed - Would u drop Justin Turner for either David Freese, Brandon Drury or Yunel Escobar?
Puig bare-handed the baseball off the wall, crow-hopped and hit Justin Turner square. Incredible.
Adrian Gonzalez greets Justin Turner and Austin Barnes after both score runs against…
rally in the 7th as Justin Turner hits an RBI single and *** Hernandez follows with a 2-run double and LA take…
See how Adrian Gonzalez, Yasiel Puig and Justin Turner showed their respect on
you wouldn't want Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez, Corey Seager or Kershaw on the Giants?
Bowling Green is getting Michigan's top unsigned senior in Justin Turner. Here's his profile and progression
Detroit Renaissance 2016 guard Justin Turner stays close to home, at Bowling Green. 🏀📝. https:/…
2016 6'3 G Justin Turner of Detroit Renaissance has committed to Bowling Green!
Detroit Renaissance 2016 guard Justin Turner has committed to Bowling Green per his head coach.
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