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Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker (born November 21, 1989) is an American football placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

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and Nick Saban, wanna prove you're the best coach? Take over as the KU coach and help us win
News Alarm: Justin Tucker (K - Bal) Justin Tucker was 1-for-2 on field goal attempts and converted five extra-poi...
Recommendation by : Justin Tucker hit five extra-points i...
Justin Tucker misses 57-yard field goal. Steve Smith would've made it.
Justin Tucker's 57-yard FG attempt is no good as the first half expires. Ravens take a 21-7 lead into the locker room.
you have a Justin Tucker Pro Bowl jersey? That's so different its actually kinda sweet
justin tucker jewed me outta 5 points today.. can't depend on anybody from Texas.
I remember you talking about how good Justin tucker is and I picked him up on my team and he hasn't let me down so thanks 😊
Justin Tucker's field goal is GOOD. Ravens lead 38-10 with 3:33 remaining in the game.
Justin Tucker kicked a 32-yard field as time expired, giving the Baltimore Ravens a 23-21 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.
Just got an ESPN alert saying that Justin Tucker kicked a game-winning, 32-yard field goal. Thanks, ESPN, you're only about 30 minutes late.
Justin Tucker connected on a 32-yard FG to beat the Browns as time expired. Ravens improve to 2-1. How about that drama!
Justin Tucker's 21-yard field goal is GOOD. Ravens now trail 21-20 with 5 minutes left. .
Justin Tucker with his fourth field goal of the night. 20 yards. lead, 26-6.
Justin Tucker is my FD kicker this week.
The two fan favorites on the Ravens are Jacoby Jones and Justin Tucker, the Ravens behind the giants and titans have the least exciting team
Debating if I should exchange my ray rice jersey now or not...cause I really want a Steve smith or Justin Tucker one...
Zac Stacy, Steven Ridley, Crabtree, Chiefs Defense, Justin Tucker, Alfred Morris, and Greg Olsen. Olsen was the only one w/ 10+
Mike Nugent and Justin Tucker have traded roles...
Why did I not start Mike Nugent on my fantasy team today? Oh yeah, because Justin Tucker is my starter. He has 0 points.
The Bengals are playing exactly the same as the Ravens did last season. Mike Nugent = Justin Tucker
NEW ORLEANS (AP) Justin Tucker hit five field goals and the Baltimore Ravens wrapped up a perfect preseason with a 22-13 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night. Baltimore (4-0) found the end zone only once on Tyrod Taylor's 8-yard
My WR’s: Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Crabtree & DeAndre Hopkins. My K: is Justin Tucker and I have the Cheifs Def.
Justin Tucker is GOOD from 38 yards out. Ravens go up 27-10.
Having a good time at Trapper Paul's Supply House Trappers Day with Justin Tucker and Shane Salmon
Justin Tucker accepted Torrey Smith's for today & challenged Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & the Harbaugh family! READ MORE about Torrey's challenge to his teammates here: Donate to the Brigance Brigade here:
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker feels stronger than ever & says he can kick field goals from 79 yards. Read more: -
15.11 and both are still FAs in a dyno startup. Justin Tucker, Owen Daniels, Steven Hauschka just drafted.
Grade my fantasy team: Peyton, Gio Bernard, Tate, Desean Jackson, Randall Cobb, Flex, Panthers D, and Justin Tucker.
This weekend has so much potential to be a good one.
A moment for you guys. I remember back in the day when I first got to Wichita, me Justin Tucker, Cyrus Jones, Sharrod Fomby and J'Dot Notchaordinary Ricks use to always perform that one Nsync song lol
All purpose parts banner
Meet Isaac Lufkin, a HS kicker who won't let his disability stop him from chasing his dreams. .
Justin Timberlake was the best host in history
Keith and Kyle are both out of town. Too bad I hate justin. Then I would have someone to chill with. fatties
I guess peanut allergy people are liars too...
dammit did you invite this Thot to our wing ding?!
FOOTBALL: Liverton put faith in youth as Yeates and Tucker aim high: JUSTIN YEATES wants to put the disappoint...
If the Purge was a real thing, I would totally purge the heck out of Liberty.
ICYMI: Stuart Scott gave an unforgettable and inspiring speech last night at the
Big Daddy is coming for you. The annual Purge begins July 18.
These girls ain't loyal. thats all I gotta say!! See y'all in a couple weeks
That Ravens/Lions game was pure ugliness, though. Justin Tucker kicking a field goal from 62 yards was insane
Saw a guy wearing a tee-shirt with Justin Beiber's smiling mugshot on it while walking on hawthorn today
I guess that's why Paul McCartney is considered one of the best musicians ever. Best show I've ever seen. Even better than Drake
Justin Tucker not nominated for best play?
Mason Justin Zane down by 8 come back and win it against payten tucker Ryan 21-20
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Guess who scored tickets to Eric Church in December
this is true! Justin Tucker always kicks it DEAD STRAIGHT! No hooks, no mas, no fuss.
Honestly. The only positive from it all was Justin Tucker taking over kicking duties!
Alane is in Canada justin has plans and Durf and Chandler are no where to be found..
Browns 1st Rd pick Justin Gilbert discusses his inconsistency and being in Johnny Football's shadow on today's...
Meanwhile Justin Tucker can randomly score 28 points and rob 1000s of teams a trip to the fantasy SB. How about we first?
Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs
Digging these holes rn reminds me of last summer when Zach and I made that extremely accurate slave history video on Instagram. Good times..
shut up, Kelsey and go back to working your white collard desk job.
Wasted, easily the best Lil Wayne song ever.
The downtime annoys us too. needs proper hosting, not Justin rebooting a linode all the time.
The only good thing about these 16.5hr days is getting paid to watch Paul McCartney and then Mr. Timberlake in 2 weeks
IDK about that last part but, Justin Tucker pretty much emerged from all this so, you know, positives!
YAY! I actually didn't end up with Justin Tucker as my kicker! Ended up with Walsh.
Fun Shoot today with Jimmy Smith & Justin Tucker, I love this,as they shoot me, shooting them. Let's go Ravens.
Justin Tucker and Jimmy Smith with MADD crew and Nat'l Pres
Ozzie Newsome: Ravens want to extend contracts for Torrey Smith, Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker: The Ravens are...
The want to sign Torrey Smith, Haloti Ngata, Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker to contract extensions.
I feel like I just watched Brad Lidge, Albert Pujols, Damien Lillard and Justin Tucker horsecollar Johnny Manziel. It's that bad.
They're all French. There's that Gallic charm. Giroud, Justin Tucker, Joe Hart, and Carl Jenkinson are my top 4 sportsmen.
Not having my car for a week got me feelin like
Justin Tucker ain't walking thru that door
“Who's gonna be the baseball Justin Tucker tonight?” 😂
Who's gonna be the baseball Justin Tucker tonight?
My dream is to marry a woman who is so beautiful that all the little high school kids will call her a milf. Thatd make me one proud husband
John Tucker, Justin Tucker I believe you both have this issue at times,
Seen the Justin Tucker field goal five times in the last 15 mins. Glad to see the Horns don't care about the rivalry anymore
I could watch that Justin Tucker field goal kick to beat A&M for the last time 10 times and still get fired up about it!
They just showed Justin Tucker's winning FG in the last A&M-UT football game in 2011. That was the FG that got Sherman fired, that got Sumlin hired, that led to Manziel named starting QB, that led to Johnny Football, that led to Heisman, that led to A&M being one of the highest profile programs for the last 2 years. So thanks Justin, nice kick.
I still love watching that commercial with Justin Tucker coming up clutch with the game winning field goal against A&M.
ESPN are *** for playing that Justin Tucker field goal. Bad memories :'(
Justin Tucker's game winner never gets old 😏 I'm sure all my Aggie followers enjoyed it as well 😎
I love how even though it's a baseball game, they show the highlight of Justin Tucker's game winning field goal against A&M!
Loud cheers (and some disgusted silence) when they showed the Justin Tucker kick at the Reckling Park Biergarten.
Hey, aggie. Did you see that highlight of the Justin Tucker kick? Does it hurt?
That Justin Tucker highlight reminded me to thank him for hitting that FG yet again.
Justin tucker will always be my favorite longhorn
Let's not forget that Justin Tucker was the one who kicked the FG that let Texas beat A&M once and for all.
They just showed the Justin Tucker kick...😐. Thank you, Justin Tucker. Thanks for the launching into a better era for A&M. . And Euck fSPN 😒
People act like that Tucker FG bothers me. Justin Tucker is my favorite horn...he got Sherman fired..
S/O to ESPN for showing Justin Tucker's field goal to beat A&M even though they're playing baseball. 27-25
Thanks to ESPN for reminding me of our liberation! Glory be to Justin Tucker and the joy he brings to all Aggies!
that Justin tucker kick never gets old!
They really didnt need to show justin Tucker's kick
random Justin Tucker kick clip...unnecessary but I'll take it
I never get tired of seeing that last second field goal from justin tucker 🙌
If they show that Justin Tucker clip one more time, I can't be held accountable for my actions!
Screw you ESPN2 for showing the Justin Tucker kick
Justin Tucker is close to a rookie he has been in for only 2 yrs
& since Eric looks like Justin Tucker just makes it 20x harder omg 😩
What are the chances of Justin Tucker coming out of the bullpen tonight?
When the hot moms you follow on Instagram decide to post selfies 😍
Alex & Jack hang out with Justin Tucker like it's no big deal... 🆗🆒
"Dude you should be happy people are asking for your're a kicker" -my dad to Justin Tucker
Softball is not justin Tucker's game
I just want to wish my nephew Justin Tucker a very happy birthday. I love you very much. Love your Aunt June
Some pics of yard saleing in MI and Justin Tucker in cap and gown. Great time
With my favorite buddy,my Son, Justin Tucker
No matter the scenario, just remember that, "no matter how flat the pancake is, it'll always have 2 sides"
I swear, my parents deciding to put a weight room in our house is a decision I'll forever be thankful for.
Hey hey hey --- We've got Justin Tucker performing onstage from 1-5pm and Shaun Michaels from 6-10pm. Come join...
I served wine to Justin Tucker today...and didn't even recognize him
2 Baltimore Ravens signed 8x10 photographs Justin Tucker and Kelechi Osemele dual signed for $35 Bernard Pierce for $35 Both for only $50 Inbox us to purchase!!
Well we had a successful night. Nicole got autographed Justin Tucker. I got good ol Iron Mike Tyson's autographed 16oz boxing glove.
TONIGHT at James Joyce in Harbor East at 7pm. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Orioles tickets will be raffled off to all in attendance (do not have to be doing trivia to be entered). Help raise money for medical mission trip to Zambia. Silent Aution items include Ravens items of Ray Lewis and Justin Tucker and Orioles items from Chris Davis and Adam Jones.
Have a question for Justin Tucker? Here's your chance! Candace Dold is getting ready to play football with the Baltimore Ravens Kicker and Super Bowl Champ. Post your question below! She will ask as many as possible. The segment will air tomorrow.
Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, visits Pimlico Race Course to kick-off the Preakness and cause a little trouble along the way. Justin lost his ticket...
Joining us now on C&C is Westlake HS, Texas alum and Superbowl champion Justin Tucker! Stream it at
22 years ago I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 7lbs11 1/4oz 20in Justin Tucker happy birthday son I love you!you make me laugh cry smile best of all your my son!!!you also made me a proud gam gam enjoy your day
Yo slim. Drank a fifth of vodka. Dare me to drive.
If you love justin bieber, magcon boys, and tallon and tucker.. We are now bestfriends
USA vs Canada on Friday. Loser has to keep Justin Bieber.
Unless you're Justin Tucker, get out of my face
Justin Tucker is the best kicker personality wise lol
how can u be that inconsistent . Justin tucker was un drafted and he's the best kicker in the league
“"Saw my first blue waffle and I didn't stop" - Arizona State” ?
Justin Tucker so gosh darn fine. Before yall pretended to love him this season though.
Anyone who wants to spend there hard earned money to make athletes wealthier go to the avenue for ONLY 25.00 justin tucker will sign for u.good luck with that.
I dressed snazzy today and everyone had to ask why i looked so snazzy. Maybe i just felt like dressing snazzy.
Last night I got the chance to stop by Deans Restaurant in Hampstead and meet Baltimore Ravens MVP Justin Tucker.
How did I forget I was going to a Justin Tucker signing tonight?! 😱
We hope everyone that came out to see Justin Tucker last night had a great experience. Thank You Baseball Card Outlet !
Just hanging out with Justin Tucker nbd
I've been meaning to ask what it means because I hear it all the time
I am meeting Justin Tucker tonight and I hope I don't get my Justin's confused and tell Justin Tucker that I love him and his legs.
It sounds like the Asians behind me keep saying the n word with a hard "er" must have a different meaning in China.
Justin Tucker is my flesh and blood.
"I want Eminem to win" "then again, I'd do Justin Timberlake" cheers mum
Justin Tucker Signing tonight at Great Moments!! Click the link below for details!
Chanelle might of met Justin tucker but Joe Flacco once called me an ***
So I just seen helping JUSTIN TUCKER at Returns YES the Ravens kicker!! Lls she tryna play it cool Lls awwwe!
Justin Tucker is gunna be at the Garden wow!
I feel like my friends are using me for I'm Shmacked...oh well!
YogaBiebs: Rebecca Tucker, National Post shares the news of a Toronto Yoga Studio that uses only Justin Bieber...
Here's what Mike Mayock said yesterday about the Chiefs
I'll use justin tucker as my qb and put 40 on that ***
Mind blown! 😜💨 how can I trump a week of Justin Tucker, SR-71 and All Time Low!!! My week is complete!!
1. 27-25 doesn't illicit anger. Justin Tucker is an Aggie hero. 2. Congrats on your run during the World Wars. Record even in schollie era
keep talking trash, Dobert. Im coming for your head this weekend
Unless of course they find the punting equivalent to Justin Tucker.
Mkay,we just had a whole lot of fun on 110 Nation Sports Radio interviewing Justin Tucker of NASCAR Race Talk We...
Bunch of handshakes from the fakes.
I have 12 entries for the season so far, they are listed below. If you sent me picks and your name is not here I must have missed them and you'll have to send them to me again. Michael Messier Ryan Spitza Justin Tucker Hunter Combs Robert Brooks Johnathan Rowdy Gators Ramey Jordan Hanisch Daniel Hussey Brian Wiggins Allen LaWalter Stephen McCall Preston Plourd
Told myself I wouldn't take a 9pm nap and now look at me, 1hr later and completely refreshed. 😒
fans, join us live as we feature Justin Tucker. Brief trip around the sports world before we land...
Update your maps at Navteq
New Arrivals Justin Tucker Metalic 3D Prints 16 X 20 with JSA will be on display this weekend, must see to really appreciate.come on in and get yours, we will have more on display this week and Orioles too,
this just proves that you're the better Buehler, Lindsay.
Just got back with my son meeting justin tucker at baseball card outlet awsome guy nice to my son
Lol the turn up with is about to be so real
justin tucker watched a video of you WHAT?? 😍
So my mom showed Justin Tucker the video of me crying when I got his signed jersey... I made him cry 😍😩😂
Justin- what's snap chat name?. Me- idk. Ask him. Justin- ehhh I don't really care. . Lol okay then
Tim is gone so you know what that means 😏
Gunnan Hu showed zero mercy on that calc test. Praying for a a nice big curve on that one.
student interviews kicker Check out the interview here:
Justin Tucker is even more attractive in person😍😛
IT Photo of the Day: Justin Tucker says bye to Texas A&M. (Will Gallagher/IT)
If my puppy was a boy his name would be Tucker for sure because it's a super cute name and Justin Tucker is also super cute
I'm extremely excited JUSTIN TUCKER is in Hampstead... But.. Main Street is *** and then I get stuck behind a PA driver.. They need to stay the *** in PA!
I just asked Justin Tucker how he was 🙈 I'm probably the most embarrassing person ever.
Raven @ Dean's: If you are in the area tonight stop by Dean's Restaurant in Hampstead to meet kicker Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens. He will be signing autographs from 5:30 - 7 PM to support my good friend *** Weaver, who is running for County Commissioner. I'll be there at 6 to support *** and meet Justin
For all the Hampstead area Ravens fans, looks like Justin Tucker will be at Dean's tonight.
On my way to the Justin Tucker signing.. letting my niece who has her learners drive me so at this point just hoping I make it there alive!!! :/ Chelsey Marie
Let's go! Justin Tucker will be here in an hour!
Off to meet Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker and support my favorite candidate for County Commissioner *** Weaver.
on my way to Deans in Hampstead to see Justin Tucker woot woot!
My entire family is looking forward to meeting Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker, and supporting Richard Weaver's run for Commissioner tonight at Dean's Restaurant in Hampstead!
Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl Kicker Justin Tucker today at baseball card outlet at 7502 eastern ave dundalk md 21224 from 730-830 tonight tickets are $35 each and are available at the door.
Don't forget, Justin Tucker will be at Baseball Card Outlet on Eastern Avenue this evening at 7:30 for a public autograph signing. We look forward to seeing you there
Well i am with Justin Tucker and i dont care who dont like it that we r together if u have a problem with it then inbox me and i can tell u what i think bout it cause i am goin to be happy with him as long as he is happy with me and dont lie or cheat on and especially dont cheat on me with his soon to be ex wife cause if i ever find out that it happened everything would be finished with us so i hope he dont let anyone or anything mess this up for us both
So i have been talking to this really amazing guy for the last few hours and his name is Justin Tucker and he has been helping me keep my mind off of what has happened for the last couple of days and helpin me throught it so i am glad that some of my family and friends aprove of him unlike from what they did with david cause they have known Justin for a long time and they really like him so that is and was a big plus for me and another thing he likes kids so i am thankful for that and i am excited to be goin to stay with him for a couple of days and get to know hime more and be with him so just wanted to say thank u Justin Tucker for making my night go by so fast and making it easier and happier
Come and meet Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl Kicker, Justin Tucker! Tickets are only $25 for an autograph on any ONE item!
Well i am finally with my best friend that is just like me and he is my best friend and my lover and we r finally giving in to our feelings for each other and our deep desires we have and when my divorce is final me and jermey pookie shell is gettin married and raisen this baby together and he is a good guy and will be a good father and husband and boyfriend and lover and a awesome friend so im sorry guys i am taken i love u glad i wised up and not hurt for what davidkarri barber did to me i am thankfull for it cause know me and jermey pookie shell can be together and happy so i am goin to go so me and him can cuddle and spend time with hollie lou talkin on the phone to justin tucker and gettin to know everyone and what we like and dont like so we all good good night sweet dreams and love everybody and even the ones that hate me
Please keep my son Justin Tucker in your prayers tonight. He's going to the hospital in the morning for tests. Thank you.
My race recap from the Sprint Unlimited Sprint Cup Race Recap: Hamlin Wins Wild Sprint Unlimited by Justin Tucker Denny Hamlin stayed up front early and stayed up front often on his way to claiming his second career Sprint Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday night. The Chesterfield, Virginia native survived a wild, crash filled night and got away from Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch in the closing stages on the final 20 lap segment of the 75 lap non-points event. It appeared that Keselowski and his Team Penske teammate Joey Logano were in prime position to secure a 1-2 Penske finish until Hamlin made a power move, making it three wide with three laps to go for the lead that he would never relinquish. "That was survival of the fittest for sure," Hamlin said. "With three to go, we were at the tail end of a very small pack. It's really hard to get runs, but this car was phenomenal. You saw it those last couple of laps." Hamlin would lead at the end of all three segments during Saturday ...
I say this to Justin Tucker all the time!!
Justin Tucker will be at Deans restaurant in Hampstead this Tuesday from 4 to 8pm. No charge for event just have dinner there! Autographs are $25
Give me Autogrpah from Italy plz , lol, have fun guys cya Justin Tucker
Sorry no crawfish but we still have good homemade food! Come out and enjoy Justin Tucker at 1pm! It's a beautiful day in Kemah!
To all the ravens fans. Justin tucker field goal kicker will be doing a autograph signing this Wednesday nite. Would be a nice birthday gift for a family member
Justin Tucker It almost time for NASCAR! Less than 2 hrs. to go!
Just want to say to my son Justin Tucker so happy to hear of your engagement to Rhenea Means. We all love you both, your such a great couple!!! Rhenea welcome to the family love Mom..
Valentines day never fails to bring about different joys and challenges all at once. This year was no exception as I had to say goodbye to my best friend, hero, and love. Deployment may be separating us for 9 months, but I am with you now more than ever Justin Tucker, I love you. I don't want sympathy, I just ask that you all keep my sailor and his work family in your prayers as they watch over us and keep us safe. And to deployment, as always, I say bring it on.
Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby Justin Tucker and his twin Jeremie Tucker! Payj Tucker I don't know what we r going to do with them! Lol love y'all especially my Tucker
Snow Day Share Contest- Share this status and ask your friends to tag your name in the comments. The person whose name is commented the most wins a FREE Justin Tucker autographed photo. One comment per person and the contest ends at noon tomorrow . Share away and don't forget our Snow Day Deals running until 10pm. Good luck everyone!
Big congratulations to my buddies Justin Tucker and Rhenea Means on their recent engagement!! 👏👏👏👏 so excited for you guys!!
Ravens Ladies, here are some Ravens Valentines. My favorite, of course, is the "you are my all pro". Just have to love Justin Tucker.
Congrats to the following 14U Eastside Select pitchers whom took D1 Driven Team Training development to new heights in just 13 weeks! Alex Gregory: 75MPH to 82MPH (7MPH increase) Justin Tucker: 58MPH to 68MPH (10MPH increase) Elliott Payne: 68MPH to 80MPH (12MPH increase) BIG TIME!! Aaron Davenport: 61MPH to 69MPH (8MPH increase)
Tight-bodied, blue-eyed Justin Tucker may be new at modeling, but the Atlanta guy's already a pro at teasing us with his abs, that smile and oh my, the booty.
Before the Storm Specials! WING WEDNESDAY! $5 Wings!! $5 Boom- Boom Shrimp! $2 Coors Lite Drafts! Crab Cake Dinner or Fried Oyster Dinner Just 11.95! Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches 9.95! All You Can Eat Broasted Chicken 13.95! Hot Homemade Soups! Come on in and relax before the shoveling starts again! We will be open TUESDAY Feb18 at 4pm with Justin Tucker Signing Session 5:30 to 7 pm. Come in for dinner,a ticket is not required to be a patron, just if you want a signed item. DJ playing till 7pm!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
First, a recap. I went 162-93-1 in the regular season. I went 7-3 in the post-season up to this point. As prognostication goes, that puts me in the middle of the pack, right there with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on XM-NFL.  And they get paid to do this.  I can work with it.    Second, a quick word on the Pro Bowl. In the most overblown game of pick-up football in US history, "Team Rice" beat "Team Sanders" by converting a two-point attempt to take a 22-21 lead. Of particular note: kickers Steven Gostkowski and Justin Tucker combined to go 0 for 3 on FG attempts. Meh.   Now, the preview:Seattle @ Denver (at Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ)   Weather:  Cold and dry, low 30s to mid 20s. Wind 5-10mph. No, there will be no Snow Bowl in New Jersey.   Seahawks advantages:  Overall defense, Passing defense Broncos advantages: Overall offense, Passing offense Even: Rushing Defense, Kicking Game, Return Game, Rushing offense.   Head-to-head:  Manning vs Wilson:  Manning                   ...
I just got to thinking, if Roger Goodell does away with the PATs, how will the Ravens win if Justin Tucker can't save them? Legit question. Lol. Candice Thompson
Yesterday was the Pro Bowl!! Rice: 22 Sanders: 21 ... "HONOLULU -- Jerry Rice has fresh bragging rights on Deion Sanders nearly a decade after both players retired from the NFL. Dallas running back DeMarco Murray caught a 20-yard touchdown pass with 41 seconds left and Carolina running back Mike Tolbert plunged into the end zone for a 2-point conversion to give Rice a 22-21 win over Sanders in the first schoolyard-style Pro Bowl on Sunday. "They called my number the whole way," Tolbert said on the field after the game. "Philip (Rivers) told them to give it to me. My old teammate, he told them to give it to me." SportsNation: Pro Bowl's time up? SportsNationDid you watch the Pro Bowl? Was the new format better? Should the game even be played anymore? Vote! » Baltimore's Justin Tucker missed a 67-yard field goal on the game's final play after missing a 66-yarder earlier in the game. The touchdown and conversion gave Rice a comeback after Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles threw a 12-yard touchdown to Cle ...
Ray Rice,Terrell Suggs, and Justin Tucker all from the Ravens in the Pro Bowl.
That loud chuckle in the background was Matt Prater watching Justin Tucker's 66 yard FG Attempt.
Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker says that with the wind he can score a field goal from 70 yards out.
Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker kicks field goals at the 2011 College Elite Camp before his senior year at the University of Texas. The NFL rookie kick...
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker named a first-team All-Pro selection. -
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker was named first-team All-Pro today, capping a stellar season where he made a 61-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions .
I'd like to thank Cam Newton, Chris Johnson, Ryan Matthews, Brandon Marshall, Josh Gordon, Julius Thomas, Jordy Nelson, Chiefs D/ST, Justin Tucker, and my bench players CJ Spiller, Percy Harvin, Randall Cobb, Tavon Austin, Delanie Walker, Cardinals D/ST, and Peyton Hillis for helping me win my Fantasy Football League this year! It was great! Regular season 11-2 and of course no losses in the playoffs.
CFLPA Presents: TOP TEN FANTASY CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK PERFORMANCE DISAPPOINTMENTS These are the players you were counting on the most, that burned you the worst in Fantasy Week 16 (based on standard scoring). They may have single handedly cost you a championship: 10 - Justin Tucker - ok, so you're not going to rely on your kicker to win or lose a game for you, but you would like them to at least contribute, to hold up their part to get you at least, hopefully close to 10 points for the position. Tucker seemed like a good bet, scoring double digits in 4 of his last 5 games including a monstrous 22 points the week before. The match-up looked good, too, playing at home, against a New England team with a beaten up defense, might not be a shoot-out, but he ought to be good for at least a couple EPs and a couple field goals, right? Nope. 1 stinkin' point! Good job Tuck! 9 - Adrian Peterson - All Day's nickname will now be All Day Except on Days vs Cincinatti. 46 yards rushing against the Bengals' def ...
I swear I'm getting a Brian Billick flashback only difference is Justin Tucker is kicking not Matt Stover
Should Robbie Gould have been in the Pro Bowl instead of Matt Prater or Justin Tucker?
Broncos quarterback Matt Prater set a new NFL record with a 64-yard field goal this season, and so it wasn’t surprising that Prater was one of the two kickers chosen to this season’s Pro Bowl, along with Baltimore’s Justin Tucker. But while it wasn’t surprising, it also wasn’t deserving. Prater...
The Ravens had four players named to the Pro Bowl on Friday - Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs, Justin Tucker, and Marshal Yanda. Did the voters get it right?
CONGRATULATIONS to G Marshall Yanda, DT Haloti Ngata, OLB Terrell Suggs and K Justin Tucker on their selections to the 2014 Pro Bowl!
I'd like to thank Justin Tucker for pulling me through to the Super Bowl, and shout out to Navarro Bowman for bringing me my first fantasy football championship! Preesh..
This episode of 2013 Packers football is brought to you by the number 9. Tony Romo, Matt Stafford, Justin Tucker, and Nick Foles.
Curious if Nick Saban will troll Justin Tucker for missing his field goal today?? :)
if you think the Ravens should try Justin Tucker at QB in the 2nd half.
Fantasy Championship Lineup Set. Going with Kaepernick, Peterson, C. Johnson, Spiller, Desean Jackson, Wallace, Vernon Davis, SF Def. and Justin Tucker. Yeah, I'm surprised too that this team got me to the championship!
The legend of Justin Tucker was born Monday night vs. the Lions. But did it spawn a fantasy legend as well?
🏈 kicker Justin Tucker has made 33 consecutive field goals. Former kicker Mike Vanderjagt holds the record with 42.
Every time Jim Schwartz is interviewed, it is more evident that he is incapable of leadership. He recently said, “I’ve said this before, you can’t change it, but if (Justin Tucker) misses that 61-yard field goal at the end, you know, maybe that is the confidence that you talk about (with Stafford),You have a drive late, go late in the end zone, score, take the lead, hold on for a win and then you get that confidence. You only get that from a win. It doesn’t matter what your performance is. Wins and losses are what you get judged on. Particularly when you’re a quarterback.” One decent drive, win or lose, doesn't make up for 5 games of horrible play. Be a man and take responsibility for your team. Stop making excuses and do something to help this team or leave the spot for someone who will.
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week after hitting 6 FGs on Monday. -
Jim Schwartz exhaled and gulped as he looked across the field at Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, whose 61-yard field goal with 38 seconds to go Monday did more than take the Detroit Lions' fate out of their hands.The 18-16 loss, sealed moments later by Matthew Stafford's interception, also ramped up heat on Schwartz in a season when his Lions were the only NFC North team that avoided losing its quarterback – yet again is falling flat down the stretch.REPORT CARD: Lions get tough grad
Justin Tucker is almost as good as this guy
Aaron Rodgers thanks Justin Tucker for match-winning kick
Aaron Rodgers sends his thanks to Justin Tucker:
Detroit Lions thought Justin Tucker's kick was short, wide right
Matthew Stafford wears number 9, Justin Tucker wears number 9, and Tony Romo wears number 9. Packer fans, we might be on to something here...
Alysea just came home tickled pink..she ran into Justin Tucker at royal farms lol
Welcome to today's late edition of the D LEAGUE week in review. Let's get started. All total scores were a combination of weeks 14 and 15. I will give the total scores and break down the score from week 15. If you wanna see how you did last week then go to last weeks recap. Starting with the consolidation brackets, it was those Bangers getting the win over E-DUB Boomboy Nation ( Terrell Downs) 439 -318. The week 15 totals was Bangers 235 the Nation 127.The Bangers got 39 from Brees, a combined 49 from Gore and BEASTMODE (M. Lynch), 30 from K Wright, and 38 from V. Davis while E-DUB got 36 from Dez (cry me a river) Bryant and 34 from kicker Justin Tucker. If I see Dez throw one more fit imma send him to Terrell Owens Psychiatrist!! In the next game it was Team Corum ( June Corum-Davis) all over the Moodchangers (Stephanie Williams) 543-219. Week 15v was June 292 Steph 134. Team Corum got 105 points from the man with 2 first names.Jamal Charles, 66 from Eddie Lacy, and 62 from Greg Jennings while Mooch got ...
If you were watching Week 15's edition of Monday Night Football , you probably learned an important truth. Justin Tucker is one ice-cold dude...
Packers QB Aaron Rodgers opened his radio show by thanking Justin Tucker for his winning FG vs Lions-via SportsCenter
Join the crew at Buffalo Wild Wings Bel Air tonight for "Strictly the Truth" hosted by Jameel McClain and special guest Jacoby Jones. Poured by Pinnacle Vodka and presented by Freedmont Mortgage, the show kicks off at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there on the heels of Justin Tucker's big kick in Detroit! Also thanks to ABC Rental Rosedale & Redmer Insurance Group, LLC for sponsorship! We also need your coats for our annual coat drive! Time is winding down for us to collect warm weather gear for those in need! If you bring coats, we'll get you to the front of the line to meet Jacoby and Jameel!
Was it me or did Trent Dilfer seem to have an issue with the fact that the Baltimore Ravens won last night's game with lots of field goals from Justin Tucker. Umm, really, he earned his Super Bowl ring off the leg of Matt Stover.
Fun fact: Justin Tucker has scored more points than Robert Griffin III. Also RGIII is
Skip Bayless just called Justin Tucker the most spectacular weapon in football. My hatred for Mr. Bayless just decreased just a little bit.
If a K could ever get in race, Justin Tucker'd be the guy. 53-+61-yarders in last 9 minutes. Accounted for every pt in ga…
Justin Tucker and Dan Bailey (22 pts) would have been the QB7, RB6, WR3 and TE1 based on fantasy points in Week 15.
Crazy Stat of the Day: Justin Tucker kicked 248 yards worth of field goals, 13 more than Matthew Stafford's 235 yards pas…
Accounting for all of the Baltimore Ravens' points, Justin Tucker's franchise-record 61-yard field goal with 38 seconds left lifted Baltimore to an 18-16 win over the Lions in a Monday night match-up with major playoff implications.
I like in the post game interview with the Lions coach Jim Schwartz he refers to Tucker as " that field goal kicker". His name is Justin Tucker and he just KICKED YOUR A
It's a morning to unreservedly celebrate Justin Tucker, because how often do we get the chance? How rarely is the kicker the one proudly jogging off the field with his helmet held high? Tucker--who appears to have wrestled the "Legatron" nickname away from Greg Zuerlein--accounted for all of the Rav...
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Legend has it, Justin Tucker also taught Nick Foles how to throw a spiral while at Westlake High.
Justin Tucker's 61-yarder & Matthew Stafford's late-game interception puts the Ravens in control of an AFC wild card. htt…
"Legatron" put on quite a show in Detroit last night. That's Ravens kicker Justin Tucker's new nickname this morning, after he scored all 18 points last night, including the 61 yard game winning kick with :38 seconds left. It's also because Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson, whose nickname is Megatron, didn't have the best of games. He was the focus of attention last week, after Ravens rookie safety Matt Elam called him "old" (Johnson is 28). But Elam sealed last night's win with an interception after Tucker's last field goal. What another crazy finish. Do you think Justin Tucker's 61 yard game winner will spark a Super Bowl repeat?
Ravens proved why they are Super Bowl Champions. That had faith in kicker Justin Tucker who hit a 61 yard Field Goal with 38 seconds left to give the Ravens a 18-16 lead. On Detroit's next possession Stafford gets intercepted by Elam with 30 seconds. Detroit has 3 times left. Once Ray Rice got a Ravens 1st down that killed Detroit and they elected to not use any of their 3 timeouts they had left. They just absolutely quit while the Ravens did not. The defending Super Bowl Champions will now look to take on the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Ravens are riding high and look to keep that momentum going on Sunday. Presently the Ravens hold the 6th seed in the AFC Playoff race. They Ravens can clinch that with a win on Sunday AND losses by Miami and San Diego.
1 foot. I just missed the finals in a $150 fantasy football league b/c of 1 foot. F you Justin Tucker. You look like Randy…
guy is quickly becoming my favorite NFL Kicker. Justin Tucker is the picture of consistency and this guy just DOES NOT MISS. (all props to Robbie Gould in Chicago) I'm not sure if the Elias Sports Bureau needs to add a new statistical category, but if they do, Tucker kicked for the CYCLE last night. Kicked for the cycle? :/ Yea, dude hit 6 out of 6 FG's including a monster 61-yard game-winner in an 18-16 Ravens victory. Scoring all of his team's points, Tucker hit kicks from 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, and 60+ (if that's not kicking for the cycle, what would YOU call it?) Dude's Awesome! =)
I feel so bad for Calvin Johnson. On the other hand Justin Tucker is automatic.
"Justin Tucker got more fantasy points than Calvin Johnson. That's amazing."
Hey Justin Tucker, thanks for giving the Pack a chance at the playoffs! And hey Stafford, thanks for being a ***
Justin Tucker hit the game-winning 61-yarder .. and he's happy for your fantasy team. FULL STORY |
"Fantasy owners around the world, I hope you guys appreciate the points as well." - Ravens K Justin Tucker (6 FG)
Justin Tucker thanking his fantasy owners now, hilarious!
Ravens' Justin Tucker delivers latest 'kick to the stomach' for long-suffering Lions
Justin Tucker's 61-yard FG was the longest FG in NFL history in a dome.
I'm not a Ravens fan but I'll give credit where credit is due. Justin Tucker is the absolute truth. In awe of that dude
Justin Tucker said this is his year..doing great on the field and he got engaged!!!
My 14-year-old son, in his fantasy semis, trailed by 22 and had only Justin Tucker left to play. Miracle.
Justin Tucker gives a shout out to all his fantasy owners.which includes him. Love it.
Tucker shouts out fantasy owners after huge kick
This was Justin Tucker's reaction after hitting a game-winning 61-yard FG, his 6th of the night.
Justin Tucker is the first player in history to kick FGs in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, in terms of yardage. (via
Jets should keep Rex Ryan after this season, but that would be hard to argue for if Jets lose final two games.
Justin Tucker just hit a 61-yard field goal to give the Ravens the lead with :38 left. WOW!
From now on, Baltimore parents when their kids act up:. "Don't make me put Justin Tucker's foot up yo *** "
If Ray Rice didn't gain those 3 yards. Justin Tucker would've tied the record for Longest FG.
Justin Tucker hit a 70 yard field goal in warmups! So I guess 61 was an easy decision!
Ravens remove Elite name tag above Joe Flacco's locker and put it on Justin Tucker's.
Justin Tucker to John Harbaugh before his 61-yard FG attempt: "I got this."
Justin Tucker is the 1st kicker in NFL history to make a FG from distances in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's.
Lmao @ Justin Tucker saying HIS Fantasy Football team is turning up tonight. How awesome is it to own yourself in a fanta…
Justin Tucker and Nick Foles played on the same high school football team. same as D. Brees
Hopefully, someone in the $1M hedge fund fantasy football league won their game on the Justin Tucker kick:
S/O to Justin Tucker and Nick Foles for leading my team to 160 points
Thanks to an improbable 61-yard field goal - and an even more improbable six field goals - from Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, and a Detroit Lions choke
via Now's a great time for this: Justin Tucker's Dad Saved Nick Foles' Friend's Life
Thanks to Nick Foles, Dez Bryant, Knowshon Moreno, and Justin Tucker. Heck of a ride Keeton Heisman Benjamites.
Ok so the Steelers are officially OUT of the playoff picture- and Baltimore COULD actually win the AFC North. I hate ESPN anymore because of that murderer Ray Lewis. He talks about how "good" the Ravens are. The only thing good about them is Justin Tucker's leg. They don't score touchdowns. It's not like their defense is that great either. They somehow squeeze these wins out. Megatron looked like Emmanuel Sanders tonight- he couldn't catch a ball when it counted. Stafford just looked like Stafford. I don't get why everyone thinks he's so great. And I like John Gruden- but tonight he needed to remove himself from Joe Flaccos ***
Justin Tucker had a killer game tonight. Sixty. One. Yards. Love how he makes the sign of the cross before each kick, got…
Ain't no swag like Justin Tucker swag, the Ravens kicker who's stock is soaring after a perfect Monday Night Football performance against the Detroit
The Great Justin Tucker goes 6 for 6 on field goals tonight for the Baltimore Ravens, including a 61-yarder to win the game. He scored all of Baltimore's 18 points. HOOK'EM!!!
That was sooo Alex Henery of Justin Tucker to score all of his teams points.
Justin Tucker, Nick Foles and Drew Brees all played football for the same high school
Oh, what's that? Justin Tucker scored more points than every player on my team other than Nick Foles? Cool.
Lifetime Longhorn Justin Tucker goes 6 for 6 and hits a game winner from 61 yards! Horns up for Justin! \m/
“Not that anyone cares but I had Jamaal Charles, Nick Foles and Justin Tucker on my fantasy team” 200plus points?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Justin Tucker's miraculous 61-yard field goal snuck inside the right upright with under a minute to play to give the Ravens 18-16 win over Detroit.
Thank you, Baltimore Ravens, from all Green Bay Packer fans everywhere. Justin Tucker is my new favorite kicker!
With all of this Justin Tucker buzz... How do you guys like our own kicker Alex Henery? -Philly
Justin Tucker and his six field goals, including the game-winning 61-yarder, led the Baltimore Ravens to an 18-16 victory over the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. It was all pretty awesome. Unless you're a Lions fan. Ravens are now 8-6 and hold the final AFC playoff spot. Will the reigning Super Bowl champs hold on and make the playoffs?
Baltimore Ravens 18, Detroit Lions 16 (box score) What started as a festive evening in downtown Detroit was thoroughly ruined by the Detroit Lions. The defense largely did their job, holding the Ravens out of the end zone all night. But six Justin Tucker field goals, including a 61-yarder with less…
Well done Justin Tucker. Treat yourself to a steak dinner.
Good job tonight, Matt Stafford. Because of you and Justin Tucker the Packers are only a half game back from 1st place in the div.
Justin Tucker is an honorary Green Bay Packer all week. Wow.
“"Justin Tucker: Best kicker in all of football." Matt Prater*” *Alex Henery
Inspiration coming from Calvin Johnson... Justin Tucker's new nickname; LEGATRON!
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