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Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker (born November 21, 1989) is an American football placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

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Help pls should I get a Steve Smith or Justin Tucker jersey?
Justin Tucker and Josh Scobee get their own DirecTV ad ...
Can I drop Justin Tucker and get Mount Juliet's Jacob Bailey as my fantasy football kicker?
Joe Flacco, Steve Smith Sr., Justin Tucker, and the Ravens defense needs to step it up cause I'm getting killed in fantasy..
I have Steve Smith, Justin Forsett, and Justin Tucker all starting in my fantasy I want them to do well...but still lose.
for my kicker position who should I start this week? Phil Dawson, Matt Bryant or Justin Tucker?
Kyle Stadium sure did look nice when Justin Tucker silenced 100,000 with one smooth kick
The Steelers just contacted the Ravens about trading for Justin Tucker, he'll be at the stadium in about 30 minutes. - Kyle
september 13, a playlist by Justin Tucker on Spotify
Balancing science and awe - can natural splendor help influence us to change?
Aladdin Cafe on Mass is to die for. The lamb was both perfectly seasoned and cooked.The lentil soup will have you wanting more
Tucker Knight looks like your Louisiana gym teacher from 1983 who got fired & you now see shouting at the interviewer on channel 3 wrestling
More of the guy who did the Vikings. Good get - Justin Tucker excellent value.
Drafted Justin Tucker in the 4th round. Fantasy Football championship here I come!
if you created acct. further action will be taken. *** slurs can get u in trouble Justin! Delete this now or else! Mr Tucker
can't wait to play y'all. Smh. Watch Justin Tucker goin be the difference...
Have you shared & re-posted? Another Justin Tucker commercial comes out tomorrow
missionary pilgrimage to Peru: authentic justin tucker mens jersey )Advice on removing brake pads from a Ford ...
I just kicked a 63yard field goal with Justin tucker with 5 seconds left I kick the ball off & Marcus wheaton breaks without getting touched
I always gotta pick the first kicker with Justin Tucker 🙌🐂
is now my favorite Fantasy team name of ever. I happen to have Justin Tucker in all 3 leagues. So I SHALL steal it!
All I want is for someone to be as happy as tucker is to see me
How should I order this lineup for week 1? (Justin tucker is my kicked )
love how people think a 2 for 1 somehow makes it an even if he'd have thrown in Justin Tucker...Maybe
That's a wrap on our 1st The Nest w/ Justin Tucker. Thanks to & for a great show.
Filming the weekly show now, The Nest with Justin Tucker
We're an hr. away from The Nest w/ Justin Tucker. Join us at Nick's Fish House, just off the Hanover…
Photo: My office for tonight- Nick’s Fish House. Hanging out with Justin Tucker and special guest!...
Getting ready for The Nest with Justin Tucker filming soon! Come have an orange crush or cold beer out on the...
We're getting ready for the launch of The Nest w/ Justin Tucker. is in the spirit...…
The Indian food at the underground isn't too bad. It could use more spices...but it's not bad
F this, you draft Justin Tucker or Dan Bailey in the 6th and you might as well start spending your winnings already
and JMatt. Im cutting Parkey for Justin Tucker tho.
I got Steve Smith and Justin Tucker and definitely plan to use them.
Ohio St is good...really good. Only way they'll lose is if KU plays them in the Playoffs.
My FF team . Stafford, Lynch, Morris, Dez, T.Y., Kelce, Bills D/ST, and I think Justin Tucker at K
Yes... I'll be doing it with Justin Tucker. We tape at 7p tonight at Nick's. It airs Sunday at 1130a.
Ravens' Justin Tucker likes to kick it old school
paisley_tucker: Look at this picture of Justin, naked! OMG!
I would marry Justin Bieber right now
here's mine. With Houston Def and Justin Tucker for K. Thoughts?
We interrupt this college football Monday to remind you that Andrew Wiggins is still Andrew Wiggins:
someone took Bradford before I took cam newton and they were taking kickers with like four rounds to go. I got Justin tucker
Justin picking K Justin Tucker prob for his first name
Drake wrote Hotline Bling about transferring from WJC to Mizzou
"I can't wait for the new batch of grade 9's 💦" ~ Alister tucker ~ 😂😂
on that list Justin Tucker would be my pick.
In keeping with my Ravens fanhood, I've drafted and named my team "Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker." Let's go.
You couldn't stop me from saying "take yo' *** to the SEC" after Justin Tucker made that GW kick.
preshow for Tanya Tucker and Texas Tranzplants concert will be kicking off at Great River Road Harley Davidson http:…
Q6 2016 SF Justin Tucker will take an official visit to Central Connecticut St on Sept 3rd...
Justin Tucker found his inner Matthew McConaughey and parodied his car commercial:
What do you think about this team Sir?. Brees, AP, Hyde, Julio Jones, Allen Robinson, Jimmy Graham, Mia Def, Justin Tucker.
I got Rashad Jennings, My backups are Lagarrette Blount, Andy Dalton, Malcolm Floyd, John Brown. And Justin Tucker and Josh brown as kickers
Needs to be said, besides Cody Parkey and Josh Scobee from personal bias, Justin Tucker by far is my favorite kicker. Booms them!!
Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker practices kicks with help of young fans
Stephen Gostkowski and Blair Walsh have signed extensions the last 2 up is Justin Tucker! Get him inked Ozz!
BAL [SB Nation: Baltimore Beatdown] - Justin Tucker should be the NFL's highest paid Kicker
2016 Dr. Phillips PF Justin Tucker has been offered by Central Connecticut State, per
I'm not even joking. Google "justin tucker Molotov cocktails" a video pops up of it. Even has a homeless man place holder
I just saw Southwest treat Justin Tucker the way guys do when you diss your current situation. Prime dirty mackin.
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Russell Wilson said that if you can love someone without sex, then you can truly love, everybody can learn from thi…
It's raining its pouring the old man is snoring. I don't gotta go to work...cause it's raining.
Soulja boy off in dis o Watch me crank it. Watch me roll Watch me crank dat soulja boy. Then super man dat o Now watch me u I gotta go to work
Locked in a closet with Justin Tucker. 😂 It's a new series. devinkatefrazier wpandrews
I said Justin tucker but I meant preston😂😂
best kicker? Justin Tucker is from Texas. Jamaal charles is better than Williams. Keep trying
Goals in life are to meet Tyler Moore and Justin Tucker.
Stars and Stripes. And chicken. And biscuits. Get 8 mixed pieces for $6.99
When everyone is beginning to learn how to ride the Segway at church...😂 .
We are young. Heartache to heartache we stand. No promises No demands. . Love is a battlefield. I gotta go to work.
Carli Lloyd's goal was from 54 yards out. Justin Tucker would hit that from FG range with straight ease in the NFL lol
this is Justin Tuck DE for the Oakland Raiders, not Justin TuckER the kicker
Justin tucker went to Texas . Had no idea
Joey Chestnut is the Kobe Bryant of hotdog eating. In 50 yrs Im gonna tell my grandkids how he was one of the best athletes of my time
Wishing everyone a happy and safe July 4th!
Research, educate and gain enough knowledge before you invest.
Fendi on my shoes, Fendi on my belt. I’m im the Fendi store, and I don’t need help. I gotta go to work.
Justin Tucker is in Italy the same time I am bless
Im proud to be an American where at least I know Im free. And I wont forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. I gotta go to work.
WALK-OFF! Lorenzo Cain scores in the 10th, 3-2
Really excited for the 4th.It should be a good time with good food, cold beer, and decent friends...but before all that, I gotta go to work.
National Football Leage...Justin Tucker a great player with his wife Amanda today at Mamma Agata Cooking...
Seriously in a depression over the fact that I cannot attend the Kearney Firework show tomorrow. My yearly tradition is b…
They're killing me with these Thanks for Nothing speeches The Justin Beiber, Chris Tucker & Kim Kardashian speeches were the best
Justin Tucker, Hello, please visit my bio and click my site to get a free xBox Live Gold Membership! Thanks
Happy birthday ! Sorry you couldn't celebrate it with me but I hope it's a good one anyways!
Use my invite code, justint2163ue, and get a free ride up to $20. Redeem it at
First turnover in the game committed by Stephenson before half. Quarterback Justin Holman picked off by Tucker DB Davan…
for sure. Who do you think the Ravens can resign out of Yanda, KO, and Justin Tucker? I hope we make Yanda and JT Ravens 4 life
Justin Tucker holding his YZ 250 Wide 👊🏼✊🏻 Wow it seems like all we ride in is mud here in N E 🙈 🎥
Meet Justin Tucker of Springfield in this week's World Games Edition!
F that guy that you love so bad. I know you still think about the times we had. I gotta go to work.
Askin Siri "what is 0÷0?" is pretty funny and all.. Try tellin her "112" and feel the rush lol
This is Mr Starns, and I think Justin might've passed out because of you guys : - /
Let's go USA. Do what the men couldn't do last year.
Justin Tucker is a key player on the Ravens roster via
So, players aren't worth more than a scholarship, but the NCAA Prez is worth $2M annually? Amateurism,…
From the bottom to the top, that’s a nice dream. How you make it out? I had a nice scheme. I gotta go to work.
Davy Crocket,Peter Pan Elvis Presley,Disneyland We didnt start the fire. It was always burnin Since the worlds been turnin I gotta go to work
Seriously? This guy really look like justin bieber lol. 😒.
cool? Mixed girl Monday has nothing on white girl Wednesday 😏😍🙎🏼
Brian Baldinger - who watches more football than you or I - says Justin Tucker is the best kicker he's ever seen.
Baltimore Ravens placekicker Justin Tucker has become a Premium player
Congratulations to DanceNL members Justin Power, Calla Lachance, Andrea Tucker and Lisa Porter on being awarded...
CottonEye Joe... Id been married long time ago Where did u come from?Where did u go?. Where did u come from,CottonEye Joe? I gotta go to work
Met Jim Harbaugh, invited us to kick with Justin Tucker over the summer
Of cornerback Jimmy Smith, kicker Justin Tucker and guard Kelechi Osemele, who gets paid this year? -
Another way to look at “Religious Freedom” laws, is that they give you the legal right to make less money.
I feel like I could pilot a star ship with the new work computer set-up Justin Tucker set up for me!
Obviously this kid is a direct descendant of Squints
Ravens working on Marshal Yanda extension, want to extend Justin Tucker, Jimmy Smith
Congrats & Amanda! . Take a look at the beautiful wedding ceremony:
Is it just me or does justin holiday look like Chris tucker with a fro?
Justin Tucker's wedding was simply adorable
BREAKING: Shaka Smart has accepted Texas' head coaching job. (via and media reports)
Justin Tucker is the ultimate human being. That's all there is to be said on the subject.
If you are in Mexico this week and see a guy that looks like Justin Tucker, it might be him!
Steve Bisciotti says the would still like to extend contracts of Marshal Yanda, Justin Tucker and Jimmy Smith.
“Oh my word 😍😍” my exact reaction every time I see
Justin Tucker to headline Harbor East fashion show: Justin Tucker will trade in his cleats for couture April 25,…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Justin Tucker to headline Harbor East fashion show
It's back to modeling (for a day) for newlywed kicker Justin Tucker.
Kick Start Your Career: A Night with Justin Tucker on April 23 from 6-8 p.m. RSVP details at
Great day for GBN baseball. JV defeats Montini HS (IL) on a walk-off from Justin Tucker. Score was 5-4. Varsity exploded for 18 runs (cont)
Debate Question of the Day: Who's the better kicker? Justin Tucker or Dan Bailey. Super Bowl Rings do count. I'll be making a YouTube Video
Surviving a night out with Ally is like going to class the next day.neither of them happen very…
Justin Verlander will be placed on disabled list, according to This is the first time he's been on the DL as …
Bisciotti tells PSL holders, the have offers out and trying to extend contracts of Marshal Yanda, Jimmy Smith, Justin Tucker.
Ravens working on extension for Yanda, want to extend Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker
Is Justin Tucker the best clutch kicker in NFL history? Your thoughts
Ravens owner wants to get deals done with Jimmy Smith, Marshal Yanda and Justin Tucker.
I made it this far, a fool with my foolish pride. Look at me, what you see? A fool and his foolish ride. I gotta go to work.
In other news a huge few weeks coming up for the Baltimore Ravens, trying to extend Justin Tucker, Jimmy Smith & Marshall Yanda's contracts
Austin Dunbar, Maddox Dunbar, Justin Smith and Dylan Tucker have entered the White Rock Spring Games as The Torpedoes.
On April Fools' Day, looks back at Sidd Finch, the Mets prospect from Tibet who was too good to be true.
Little Giant Ladders
By tendering two restricted free agents (K Justin Tucker and S Will Hill), salary cap space has dwindled from …
"The Ravens have reportedly made a move to keep Justin Tucker from hitting the market" TUCK YEAH
After Matt Stover and before Justin Tucker, Ravens kickers were talented, but didn't show much in Baltimore.
By Justin Tucker - Another staple of the fan experience during NASCAR race weekends will be soon a distant memory. Individual driver merchandise haulers will be replaced by a 65,000 square foot mal...
so did Justin Tucker tell you guys after the Ravens-Pats game that the kicking balls were deflated?
Justin Tucker didn't necessarily just dismiss the claim that the balls were deflated...he just dismissed that he complained about it
Pimps wear lots of gold jewelry bought at pawn shops to "re-pawn" for bail money — when arrested, cash is confiscated, but j…
7 pro pack and I get an 86 Justin tucker everything else 79 and below lol
it's not unlikely that they did. Justin Tucker said kickoff balls felt deflated.
Droppin the mixtape soon. Be on the look out
Justin Tucker is the only Raven imma listen to if he says the balls were tampered with...his kickoffs did look short all game lol
To the ravens fans saying that justin tucker kick were not going as far as usual. Thats on you guys. Each team kick and use their own balls.
I woke up hearing that Ravens players complaining about tampered footballs...unless one of those players is Justin Tucker, its pointless lol
Spurs G Danny Green honored the late Stuart Scott with some pretty sweet sneakers. »
All I heard is what I couldn't do, all I heard is what I couldn't be. Yet I'm still determined, just look at me. I gotta go t…
you need to get Justin Tucker or Sam Koch on the Subway Fresh Take today
. Sam Koch and Justin Tucker are excellent at what they do. Gostkowski is too, but maybe NE's punter just isn't up to par.
There may be some credence here...Justin Tucker had 5 kickoffs returned and only 1 touchback
Let me check Justin Tucker's kickoff numbers from 2 Sunday's ago...he usually is an automatic touchback
Justin Tucker's kickoffs were noticeably short all night. A guy who never kicks it short.
no use messing w/ the kicking balls in Baltimore, Justin Tucker will put 'em up and through no matter what!
I just want to date Justin Tucker is that too much to ask
Justin Tucker is at the Rudy's down 360 from my apartment. But I just got home. So. Hi Justin. I'm with ya in spirit.
Steak 'n Shake seasoning can be used on ANYTHING.
Tucker for sure gone is the best bears news of the day.
Giving up on guys until Justin Tucker realizes that he loves me
Torrey Smith, Justin Tucker, Owen Daniels, Justin Forsett, and Pernell McPhee are the key pieces I'm referring to.
I've "sniped" too many good players within the past night or two for you to reset me. (I've sniped Justin tucker 97 ovr...)
I know but I think it is Justin. Either him or Ron Jeremy.
(NEW PHOTO) Justin Bieber on a podium with Lil Ryan Friedlinghaus and Jaylan Tucker: its a cel... http:…
" If she got on leggins then I'm lookin" - Wayne Selden 😂
Street life ain't no game, you know what I'm saying. It's for my money, really, screw the fame, and I ain't playing. I gotta …
Justin tucker should be on the pro bowl.
If Justin Tucker doesn't stay in Baltimore I'll be absolutely devastated. I will actually cry.
nope, it's easy. You just aren't trying hard enough.
I got an A first semester, doesn't mean it's easy.
it's one of the easiest classes offered at LHS. Even I got an A
It's so freakin gorgeous out. This is ridiculous.
Thank god for an automatic kicker like Justin Tucker. I remember the cundiff days. Those were awful.
Useless facts:. Kicker records in Super Bowls with first team. Adam Vinatieri 3-0. Stephen Gostkowski 0-2. Justin Tucker 1-0.
Justin Tucker w/a 4th Quarter field goal to give the Ravens the lead in a big road game. Remind you of anything?
If not, isn't Justin Tucker a free agent this off season?
I'm able to grill out with my white friend, Tim, today.
Junior Justin Tucker had 8 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 steal in the DP 79-40 win over Timber Creek.
Thanks man. Still upset about the news though. Justin Tucker is now our most dangerous weapon
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wasn't it great when Justin Tucker beat them in College Station a few years ago?
Justin Tucker would've made that, just saying
Justin Tucker would have made that 😒
Congrats on being named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month,
Randall Cobb, Demaryius Thomas, Dez, Wes Welker, Jeremy Maclin, Torrey Smith, Hakeem Nicks are now all officially free agent WRs
Wanted to start Mason Crosby wk1 of fantasy playoffs but started Justin Tucker because UT bros. If I did Crosby Id have 48pts from him today
That ending was some of the most exciting football I've seen in a while.
he didn't give a scholarship to Justin Tucker either. Mack won a lot of games with kickers. How many G's MC win at CU?
““Crosby is the best kicker in the nfl” Justin Tucker.” gostkowski then tucker
Mason Crosby is not better than Justin Tucker tho
“Crosby is the best clutch kicker today.” You spelled Justin Tucker wrong
Justin Tucker, and Darren McFadden. Derek sure know how to pick the best jerseys
I'd like to thank Justin Tucker, Jimmy Smith, Eli Manning, Mario Manningham, Richard Sherman and Jermaine Kearse for the many great things
That's why I love Justin Tucker. He's so reliable, like I think he is one of the most irreplaceable players on the Ravens
“Justin Tucker's 52-yard field goal is GOOD!!” And billy cundiff couldn't even make a 32 yard FG to send them to the Super bowl lol
Justin Tucker is the best kicker I've seen since David Akers
Justin Tucker's kick is GOOD. . Ravens take a 3-0 lead in the second quarter.
Not gonna lie, there have been Christmases in the past when I watched Justin Beiber's Mistletoe music video on repeat. . Embarrassed of that.
My goal in life is to honestly have Justin Tucker's style
I'll tell ya what man, with reindeer like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, this would be a guaranteed touchdown.
When you see that your ex downgraded...
def seems like a surly dude. I wouldn't have said anything to him. Saw Justin Tucker shopping one day didn't say anything.
Leave it to Kelsey to name our group chat respect for people who force atheism on people like me and JO
Go after Justin Tucker or draft a kicker this offseason? I love Tucker, idk if the Ravens will resign him.
“'Tis the season. Order your copy now: I love Justin Tucker.
About to be in a church because my mom wants me to. Hopefully I don't burst into flames when I step through the front door.
If anyone can find me a video of Justin Tucker singing "O Holy Night" you'll be my favorite
The drop some classic tunes on their Xmas album. That Justin Tucker falsetto is, something. .
Girls will post a picture of Eggo waffles and non cheesy eggs with the caption "wife me"...who the *** wants non cheesy eggs?
Breaking down the Ravens' Pro Bowl selections and snubs. Spoiler, Justin Tucker was not snubbed.
Altercations breaks out between police, protesters at scene of shooting in
ICYMI, Here's the on feature on Justin Tucker
I'm a true hustler, it's all that I know. So, I can make it, anywhere I go. I gotta go to work.
nice work for Big Ben, Luck, Forsett, Justin Tucker, & Mike Evans today. 2 championship games, 2 losses. FML!
Is it just a coincidence that Justin Tucker was in the neighborhood? ... Video: Kyle Field west side implosion
I want to go back to watching/caring about my teams. I don't want to have to care about Terence West or Justin Tucker.
Justin Tucker might be the best kicker.
Dang. Didn't get the touchdown, but we'll take a 21-yard Justin Tucker field goal. lead, 13-7.
Justin Tucker lives to be "better than the moment." Learn more about the Pro Bowl kicker.
It's been said before but bears repeating...Justin Tucker is Matt Stover with distance!
"Justin Tucker is still the most fun kicker anyone could ask for," Childs Walker writes.
“Justin Tucker & Phil Dawson are only kickers with at least 4 FGs of at least 50 yds in each of last 3 sea…
Justin Tucker is now 12 for 12 kicking indoors in four career indoor games
My friend had a choice of a Justin Tucker jersey and a Joe Flacco jersey. He picked Tucker . I mean really
Joe Flacco and Justin Tucker's autograph today
I have Dan Bailey and Justin Tucker..and both have Week 11 byes. Who do I drop?
Tb to when I met Jacoby Jones and Justin Tucker on the cruise...
I'm up by 67 in fantasy game, but they got Justin Tucker going tonight. Should I be worried lol!
Big Ben or Andy Dalton? . Mike Nugent or Justin Tucker?. Jerick McKinnon or Justin Forsett?. James Jones or Torrey Smith?
Can't wait to go to the Ravens game Sunday with and wear my new Justin Tucker jersey!!!
I saw Chykie Brown, Jimmy Smith, Justin Tucker, Jacoby Jones, CJ Mosley and there were more
Should i take a chance on Matt Prater this week or should I roll with Justin Tucker for at least another week?
Justin Tucker's 52-yard field goal is GOOD. . Ravens cut Colts lead to 6-3 just before halftime.
Set my fantasy football lineup for week 5 early. This week I still have Drew Brees,Jimmy Graham, and Justin Tucker. But this week I'm gonna have Marshawn Lynch and Demarco Murray and Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson. Also using Seattle's defense against Washington since RG3 is still hurt.
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker recorded his 77th field goal today, an NFL high, since he entered the NFL in 2012.
right. And I dont like white girls 😏
.my kicker is Justin Tucker and Defense is St. Louis
hey man, just keep faith in God and he will help lead your team to a victory.
And no. Justin Tucker is the best Kicker in the League.
Justin Tuck / Justin Tucker finishes with eight points in Week 4 win
and Nick Saban, wanna prove you're the best coach? Take over as the KU coach and help us win
News Alarm: Justin Tucker (K - Bal) Justin Tucker was 1-for-2 on field goal attempts and converted five extra-poi...
Recommendation by : Justin Tucker hit five extra-points i...
Justin Tucker misses 57-yard field goal. Steve Smith would've made it.
Justin Tucker's 57-yard FG attempt is no good as the first half expires. Ravens take a 21-7 lead into the locker room.
you have a Justin Tucker pro bowl jersey? That's so different its actually kinda sweet
justin tucker jewed me outta 5 points today.. can't depend on anybody from Texas.
I remember you talking about how good Justin tucker is and I picked him up on my team and he hasn't let me down so thanks 😊
Justin Tucker's field goal is GOOD. Ravens lead 38-10 with 3:33 remaining in the game.
Can someone tell Bryant umm I mean Greg Gumble that our kickers name is Justin Tucker not Graham Gano
Justin Tucker kicked a 32-yard field as time expired, giving the Baltimore Ravens a 23-21 win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.
Just got an ESPN alert saying that Justin Tucker kicked a game-winning, 32-yard field goal. Thanks, ESPN, you're only about 30 minutes late.
Justin Tucker connected on a 32-yard FG to beat the Browns as time expired. Ravens improve to 2-1. How about that drama!
Justin Tucker's 21-yard field goal is GOOD. Ravens now trail 21-20 with 5 minutes left. .
Justin Tucker with his fourth field goal of the night. 20 yards. lead, 26-6.
Justin Tucker is my FD kicker this week.
The two fan favorites on the Ravens are Jacoby Jones and Justin Tucker, the Ravens behind the giants and titans have the least exciting team
Debating if I should exchange my ray rice jersey now or not...cause I really want a Steve Smith or Justin Tucker one...
Zac Stacy, Steven Ridley, Crabtree, Chiefs Defense, Justin Tucker, Alfred Morris, and Greg Olsen. Olsen was the only one w/ 10+
Mike Nugent and Justin Tucker have traded roles...
Why did I not start Mike Nugent on my fantasy team today? Oh yeah, because Justin Tucker is my starter. He has 0 points.
The Bengals are playing exactly the same as the Ravens did last season. Mike Nugent = Justin Tucker
NEW ORLEANS (AP) Justin Tucker hit five field goals and the Baltimore Ravens wrapped up a perfect preseason with a 22-13 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night. Baltimore (4-0) found the end zone only once on Tyrod Taylor's 8-yard
My WR’s: Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Crabtree & DeAndre Hopkins. My K: is Justin Tucker and I have the Cheifs Def.
Justin Tucker is GOOD from 38 yards out. Ravens go up 27-10.
Having a good time at Trapper Paul's Supply House Trappers Day with Justin Tucker and Shane Salmon
Justin Tucker accepted Torrey Smith's for today & challenged Kim Kardashian, Kanye West & the Harbaugh family! READ MORE about Torrey's challenge to his teammates here: Donate to the Brigance Brigade here:
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker feels stronger than ever & says he can kick field goals from 79 yards. Read more: -
15.11 and both are still FAs in a dyno startup. Justin Tucker, Owen Daniels, Steven Hauschka just drafted.
Grade my fantasy team: Peyton, Gio Bernard, Tate, Desean Jackson, Randall Cobb, Flex, Panthers D, and Justin Tucker.
This weekend has so much potential to be a good one.
A moment for you guys. I remember back in the day when I first got to Wichita, me Justin Tucker, Cyrus Jones, Sharrod Fomby and J'Dot Notchaordinary Ricks use to always perform that one Nsync song lol
Meet Isaac Lufkin, a HS kicker who won't let his disability stop him from chasing his dreams. .
Justin Timberlake was the best host in history
Keith and Kyle are both out of town. Too bad I hate justin. Then I would have someone to chill with. fatties
I guess peanut allergy people are liars too...
dammit did you invite this Thot to our wing ding?!
FOOTBALL: Liverton put faith in youth as Yeates and Tucker aim high: JUSTIN YEATES wants to put the disappoint...
If the Purge was a real thing, I would totally purge the heck out of Liberty.
ICYMI: Stuart Scott gave an unforgettable and inspiring speech last night at the
Big Daddy is coming for you. The annual Purge begins July 18.
These girls ain't loyal. thats all I gotta say!! See y'all in a couple weeks
That Ravens/Lions game was pure ugliness, though. Justin Tucker kicking a field goal from 62 yards was insane
Saw a guy wearing a tee-shirt with Justin Beiber's smiling mugshot on it while walking on hawthorn today
I guess that's why Paul McCartney is considered one of the best musicians ever. Best show I've ever seen. Even better than Drake
Justin Tucker not nominated for best play?
Mason Justin Zane down by 8 come back and win it against payten tucker Ryan 21-20
Guess who scored tickets to Eric Church in December
this is true! Justin Tucker always kicks it DEAD STRAIGHT! No hooks, no mas, no fuss.
Honestly. The only positive from it all was Justin Tucker taking over kicking duties!
Alane is in Canada justin has plans and Durf and Chandler are no where to be found..
Browns 1st Rd pick Justin Gilbert discusses his inconsistency and being in Johnny Football's shadow on today's...
Meanwhile Justin Tucker can randomly score 28 points and rob 1000s of teams a trip to the fantasy SB. How about we first?
Hey I want you to come slide in my DMs
Digging these holes rn reminds me of last summer when Zach and I made that extremely accurate slave history video on Instagram. Good times..
shut up, Kelsey and go back to working your white collard desk job.
Wasted, easily the best Lil Wayne song ever.
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