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Justin Trudeau

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, MP (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician.

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This young Justin Trudeau looks like he would've been the perfect adversary to Zack Morris and AJ Slater
Dear Canada, could we possibly borrow Justin Trudeau? Sane, humane leadership looks so good, signed, The World
Me: Why is everybody posting photos of Justin Trudeau's butt, it's just a butt, c'mon. Me, five minutes later: What is thi…
Justin Trudeau looks and acts like a moron, His father Pierre was a mature and smart Prime Minister of Canada. Just…
On the left, Justin Trudeau helps a disabled man down the stairs. On the right, Trump mocks a disabled man. The US MUS…
I totally looked quick at the TV and though Zach Braff was Justin Trudeau.
Some thoughts of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, and the current PM Justin Trudeau's...
Justin Trudeau is the poster boy for performative allyship.
Canada: Save the bees. To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and all world leaders & agriculture ministers:. "We call on.…
All I want in life is a woman who looks at me like every woman on earth looks at Justin Trudeau
can't be the blue print. It is imbalanced! Corps shldn't dictate workers’ rights & public services
Why can't we have a Justin Trudeau type as our Prime Minister?
So what's the plan to kidnap Justin Trudeau and make him our President
O Canada this is how a real Prime Minister Protected Canada. Why we grew up in a safe tolerant society. Justin Trudeau wants to destroy that
The definitive analysis of ‘The Handshake’ between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau:
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau laying a wreath at the memorial for murdered Jews in Berlin this morning
Justin Trudeau addressed the European Parliament and the predictable happened
Sean Spicer mistakenly refers to Canada's PM as Joe Trudeau. Coincidentally Justin Trudeau mistakenly refers to Spicer as…
Did Justin Trudeau just school President Trump in the most subtle way possible?
Many have started referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as PM Steal Your Partner. But the tables have turned: https:…
Proof that Justin Trudeau charms every man, woman, and child he meets
Amazing isn't it, the difference between an articulate world leader - like Justin Trudeau - and the 25-word-vocabulary Orange…
do a video on PC culture and Justin Trudeau
Donald Trump's strange handshake style and how Justin Trudeau beat it – video explainer
Highlights from Justin Trudeau's welcome to the White House via
Riley: "Last night before I went to bed I watched a ton of videos on Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. I'm in love."
Fear has never created a single job or fed a single family - Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau just schooled President Trump in the most subtle way possible.
Justin Trudeau's impressive core strength will make you say 'namaste'
[White House]. IVANKA: Is Justin Trudeau visiting again today?. TRUMP: No, today is Netanyahu. IVANKA: And Justin tomo…
Justin Trudeau: Canada: Make all bestiality illegal - Sign the Petition! via
For all the Canadians wondering who Joe Trudeau is, he's Justin Trudeau's evil twin. Goatee and all.
Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel had a candlelit dinner and the internet lost it
The way Donald Trump shakes hands is terrifying | indy100
Justin Trudeau's face when shaking Trump's hand speaks for the world | indy100
Canada is asking for trouble. European countries regret radical Muslim
Such a *** for Justin Trudeau. So much logical thought, intelligence and humility comes across when he speaks.
Justin Trudeau was jokingly asked to explain quantum computing to a room of physicists. His answer blew them all away. ~…
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump are playing nice, but they don't exactly see eye to eye.
How to give a proper handshake, according to experts, Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau |
This is hilarious. Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump on Quantum Computing and Uranium respectively.
I'm glad Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau had a nice date
aka find someone to look at you the way married women look at Justin Trudeau.
Please sign and share our petition with all your contacts. . Canadian Prime Minister stop selling weapons to Saudi... h…
Justin Trudeau tackles questions on electoral reform and ranked ballots
😍 that video of Justin Trudeau handsomely explaining quantum mechanics over the sound of drilling on the pipeline he a…
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Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau are the leaders of the free world
Whenever see pictures of Justin Trudeau, my brain has to remind itself that it's not Ezra Koenig.
BREXIT BOOST: Justin Trudeau hints at EASY trade deal after CETA signed:
One photo that shows how Justin Trudeau feels about Donald Trump
Lmao Ivanka Trump looking at Justin Trudeau is me like yup, me too gurl. Me too.
Ivanka Trump becomes a thirsty AF meme when faced with Justin Trudeau
Get you someone that looks at you the way Ivanka Trump looks at Justin Trudeau
Spicey who the heck is Joe Trudeau !? Its Justin ! Justin Trudeau ! 🍁
Justin Trudeau must've been watching John Oliver's piece on Trump handshakes
Trump’s press secretary just called Justin Trudeau ‘Prime Minister Joe Trudeau of Canada’
Same as the old boss: Justin Trudeau ready to sign Harper's EU free trade deal
Everybody loves Justin Trudeau. But his policies are bad for workers, the environment, and people everywhere.
As Trump & Trudeau discuss women in the workforce their cabinet picks show how far apart they are on gender. My post
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to focus on jobs and the $545bn in trade when he meets Donald Trump
I love how for conspiracy theorists, Justin Trudeau has replaced Barack Obama as chief crypto-Muslim.
Justin Trudeau had to be wondering where that hand had been. Urine trouble Mr. Prime Minister!
President Trump will meet for the first time Monday with Canada's Prime Minister... by via
Justin Trudeau just showed the world how to shake hands with Trump. Thank you Trudeau! via
A tale of two U.S. presidents meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
"I don't know where that hand has been." - Justin Trudeau, probably
As Trudeau meets Trump!!...😩sigh!. Justin looks like a scolded school girl.!Canada needs a do a man's job. Not a…
Justin Trudeau looking at Trump like, "I read about that dossier, I ain't touchin' you"
Best. Picture. Ever. Justin Trudeau is all of us.
Since Justin Trudeau is visiting DC today, let's bring back some pictures of him with true American leaders ht…
Justin Trudeau visits the White House for meetings with Donald Trump
Justin Trudeau is doing everything to make Canada a third world country.
Trump and Trudeau couldn’t be farther apart when it comes to women in the workplace
Trump tried and failed to pull his strange trademark handshake on Justin Trudeau
Trudeau Sr. looks just about as comfortable as Justin does here
Justin Trudeau is looking at Trump's hand like he just read the Russian Dossier
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"By signing CETA with Justin Trudeau, the EU isn’t undermining Donald Trump – they’re helping him" | The Independent
Ivanka Trump joins women business leaders for a meeting with President Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
Pres. Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau shake hands in the Oval Office
Trudeau must defend Canada's progressive values from Trump, by
Donald Trump hosts Canadian PM Justin Trudeau - trade, immigration will be main talking points…
There's no escaping the fact that the real reason Justin Trudeau doesn't want to scrap FPTP is because the Liberals benefit from it.
Liberals, your hero Justin Trudeau used the Conservative party to justify keeping in place Conservative endorsed el…
Tonight at 10 on Comedy, will Justin Trudeau's Liberals finally pay a political price for breaking election promises? htt…
This picture of Justin Trudeau and Gord Downie hugging was not taken by the media. Does it matter?
Emotional Gord Downie honoured by AFN - They had to turn away from Justin Trudeau's dark energy. via
A little bird told me.'Justin Trudeau is not Prime Minister of Canada... just a spokesman for LPC. It…
PM Justin Trudeau will address the European Parliament in France and visit Germany on February 16 and 17:
I will watch David Brent on Netflix if you say something nice about Justin Trudeau :) (I'm Canadian!)
So disappointed that Justin Trudeau broke his promise on electoral reform. I thought he was better than that!
In the world of Jokers like Nawaz Sharif, Narindra Modi & Donald Trump . Be like Legends Imran Khan & Justin Trudeau https:…
Justin Trudeau is trying to do a Digvijay Singh on Canada. White Terrorism!!!
Justin Trudeau's father and our former Prime Minister said this many years ago and what I have always thought to be…
Angela Merkel has spoken out. Justin Trudeau has spoken out. Pope Francis has spoken out. Even Theresa May has spoken out.…
Last year, I wrote about why it's bad to omit Jews from Holocaust memorial statements when Justin Trudeau did it: https…
compare with Justin Trudeau's response and decide who is the true statesman.
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau responds to Trump's by offering a safe place for refugees to go
Theresa May: "The United States is responsible for the United States’ policy on refugees.". Justin Trudeau:
it's been updated, look. Justin trudeau has confirmed it
. At least Justin Trudeau has more Integrity than Trump will ever have
For anyone still looking to leave Canada will take you. Bye! .
Need to be banned asap in order to be welcomed and hugged by Justin Trudeau.
In the world full of Donald Trumps be Justin Trudeau.
This is the path Canada is heading down under the leadership useful *** Justin Trudeau. Shame!!
Thank you Justin Trudeau for modeling leadership with a conscience.
Justin Trudeau takes on Trump with a perfectly timed photo   10% Off
Justin Trudeau supports Israel and Obama deported nearly 2.5 million people + dropped nearly 30,000 bombs in the Middle Ea…
President Obama!!. You and Justin Trudeau are the two finest men.we need you both. Help!
I think the Libs should keep the "Watch Justin do nothing tour" going for a few more months. . Libs less popular-. https…
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has message for refugees rejected​ by Pres. Trump, "Canada will welcome you"
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada restated the country’s open-door policy: "Diversity is our strength."
Justin Trudeau is willing to accept refugees from ISIS, but not to contribute to this fund also although budgets are still being discussed.
Trudeau will have to talk about Trump now via
In Canada, Justin Trudeau says refugees are welcome
Trudeau: "To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith"
Justin Trudeau: Shame on you. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Justin Trudeau pressed on Indigenous support at Saskatoon town hall Trudeau got an earful during town hall tour: Here are the top concerns Justin Trudeau heard plenty…
Justin Trudeau, Christy Clark and the Liberal party are short-sighted, science denying corporate stooges.
Justin Trudeau in Saskatoon: PM hosting town hall on campus as part of cross-country 'listening' tour…
Chris Selley: Oh no… It really looks like Justin Trudeau truly, deeply believes all those silly Liberal myths:
Justin Trudeau speaks only French at Sherbrooke town hall, despite English questions. Intvu w/ Judy Ross at 6:30pm
LISTEN NOW: Bill chats with Evan Solomon about Kevin O'Leary, and Justin Trudeau's use of the French language
It's official, I'm in. The Conservative Party of Canada needs a candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau and bring back job…
p From January 2016. Bang on!!! Oilpatch worker urges Justin Trudeau to help Alberta in widely shared...
Justin Trudeau becomes the first sitting Prime Minister to be investigated by the ethics commissioner.
"Justin Trudeau's vacation with Aga Khan under investigation in United Kingd…
Top story: Justin Trudeau's vacation with Aga Khan under investigation - BBC Ne… see more
Justin Trudeau's family vacation on Aga Khan's island is investigated by Canada’s conflict of interest office
Justin Trudeau's vacation with Aga Khan under investigation: Probe into Canada PM's…
Justin Trudeau's vacation with Aga Khan under investigation
Justin Trudeau's vacation with Aga Khan under investigation by via
Bill Maher and Justin Trudeau both have the same giant weird trapezoid head. Do @ me, to tell me I'm right.
What happened to the woman who threw pumpkin seeds at
The previous Conservative government agreed to match a donation of 30 million Canadian dollars from the Aga Khan...
The town hall in Dartmouth, N.S. getting underway soon, you can watch here:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Justin Trudeau backs controversial medical marijuana shop in Winnipeg
What CEOs can learn from Justin Trudeau’s cross-Canada “listening tour”
The multiple ethical breaches committed by has caught the attention of the foreign media.
"I'm a feminist and let me say that Muslim Canadians are an essential part of of the success of our country." Justin T…
Canadian PM under investigation for possible ethics violation
Read this beautiful interview. I wish Justin Trudeau has put even a token effort into building a relationship with the next…
Snapchat is great for engaging younger audiences, with tremendous opportunity to tell authentic stories.
I'm already tired of apologizing for Justin Trudeau to the international community. I want Liberal voters to start apolog…
Tiny Tim: [cough cough] Yes m'lord, me whole home fell down and I got rickets. Justin Trudeau: That is very tragic. I live…
Ethics czar investigating Justin Trudeau for his vacation to Aga Khan’s island
PM Justin Trudeau of Canada is blurring the lines after Family Trip and Aga Khan’s Private Helicopter via
CBC tries to couch Justin Trudeau's corruption and servile support for foreign billionaires as an "ethics" issue:.
Canadian PM JustinTrudeau under investigation for possible ethics violation
Not sure if Justin Trudeau has courage so much as security of extreme privilege. He can skate with his head down becaus…
Justin Trudeau’s grandfather, the man who taught him the “immigrant experience” was a member of the friggin House commit…
Justin Trudeau believes that laws don’t apply to people like him. He’s wrong. It’s time he starts putting ordinary Canadia…
Screened Immigrants are good for Canada! Justin Trudeau Liberals bring refugee immigrants BUT neglect our homeless people an…
Justin Trudeau's Bahamas trip is being investigated by Canada's ethics commissioner
Oh, well then: Trudeau says ethics concerns over Bahamas vacation will be 'ironed out'
Trudeau hoping question doesn't come up "PM confronted by emotional Ont. woman upset over cost of hydro bill
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, is 45 and still hot af. This is what being an unproblematic white gets you. Start…
Justin Trudeau identifies with immigrants because his maternal grandfather was an immigrant via
It seems Canada's Justin Trudeau has lost that new Prime Minister smell.
More on Clinton, Podesta & Justin Trudeau. Canada needs your help.
On his tour across Canada, Justin Trudeau will eat 9 burnt paninis from Tim Hortons and go through 3 bottles of hand sani…
Ashley Csanady: Did Justin Trudeau just send Maryam Monsef back to the kitchen?
Jane Fonda says Justin Trudeau has betrayed his promises on climate change
and Canada keeps fracking and building new pipe lines, come on Justin Trudeau, get with the program (which you...
If you haven't had a chance pick up a copy of Justin Trudeau: the Natural Heir. On Hill Times best book of 2016 list
Justin Trudeau is worse than a "lightweight". He's a jihad-complicit tool who puts Islamic Supremacists above his own people.
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Justin Trudeau is the spitting image of Dave from Alvin & The Chipmunks.
Justin Trudeau is what would happen if we gave Boris Johnson a makeover but gave him the same oratory skills.
Justin Trudeau is working for the other side, same as Obama and his rating is 20% after all damage is done. Lets ha…
Suggestions recieved so far - A sunny day, Russell Peters, CN towers, maple syrup, Justin Trudeau and a moose! :)
I love this guy, ha. Stephen Collins on Justin Trudeau – cartoon
'Why does my daddy have so much work': ex-Mountie recalls Justin Trudeau, the boy
Justin Trudeau: Omar Khadr should be treated like 'any Canadian' | Canada | News
Like German chancellor Willy Brandt did to Warsaw for WWII and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did to Indians for Komagata Maru.
The Commissioner of Elections needs to look into these claims. Justin Trudeau has brought his office into disrepute. https…
One of Justin Trudeau's muslim migrants charged for killings his two sisters in an apparent islamic honor killing. htt…
Justin Trudeau and his Libtards live in a fact-free world, period!
I can't agree more . Justin 'isn't working for ordinary people'
>Justin Trudeau: 'Globalisation isn't working for ordinary people'. so it begins
Bashing on globalization is apparently trending -
Globalisation isn't working for ordinary people, says Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Ethics commissioner to question Justin Trudeau about cash-for-access fundraisers:
Justin Trudeau: 'Globalisation isn't working for ordinary people'. Obvious but good to put it out there.
for once Boy Blunder says something I actually agree with. .
Justin Trudeau on climate change, the economy and Canada's future – video
Justin Trudeau meets with Indigenous leaders 1 year after Truth and…
In which Justin Trudeau boasts that his woke neoliberalism protects business interests from populism:
And in Canada Justin Trudeau is trying to explain where the pizza fund money went.
Oh, and don't forget there's no connection between Justin Trudeau and Trudeau Foundation either.
BREAKING: Justin Trudeau gets off on wrong foot with Ethics Commissioner when he charges her $1,500 to investigate him.
Globe editorial: Justin Trudeau’s latest cash-for-access explanation is worse than the last - The Globe and Mail
They just have to analyse the value of PET's fund before vs after PM Trudeau election...
This is our land not his, not Kinder Morgan. He has no right to put it at risk..time to start a political...
Justin Trudeau: Don't Close the Comox MCTS Station - Sign the Petition! via
We've been so busy criticizing Justin Trudeau for being a clown that nobody noticed he's also corrupt.
War wages on in innocent citizens are being killed Canadian Gov't must suspend arms deal with featured in NBC s Science of Love
Liberal campaign set up volunteers in office rented from Canada 2020 -
Ethics watchdog to question Justin Trudeau on 'concerns' about fundraising events -
Ethics watchdog to question Justin Trudeau on ‘concerns’ about fundraising events
Canada's ethics watchdog wants to question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his…
Justin Trudeau: 'Globalisation isn't working for ordinary people' via /r/worldnews
Globalization is the problem AND the solution, says Canada's deep-thinking PM
“We’re actually able to approve pipelines at a time when everyone wants protection of the environment": Cdn PM
Justin Trudeau will be formally questioned by the Ethics Commissioner over his cash-for-access program:
Justin Trudeau: 'Globalisation isn't working for ordinary people'
'Ordinary people'? To what master race does Trudeau belong?
CUCKS BTFO: Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister, is being called to resign after accepting $1,000,000 from "bi…
Rona Ambrose: "Now [Justin Trudeau] brags openly about discussing government business at fundraisers."
Former BC Environment Minister Rafe Mair tells Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley where to go with... htt…
Every day I'm going to remind Justin Trudeau of his promise to end the for *** bi & trans men!
Justin Trudeau on Fidel Castro sounds like his father's son Doesn't it?
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My great aunt Inga - "If there's any justice in the world Justin Trudeau will be reincarnated as a female in Saudi Ara…
Pictured here is Justin Trudeau's mother and father with Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son.
You'd almost think Fulgencio Batista was some combination of Justin Trudeau and the owner of that cat sanctuary in Aleppo...
Justin Trudeau,never. Mr. Rhodes has played a leading role in crafting the normalization policy.Vladimir Putin and Theresa May,no cuba-fidel
Too bad President Obama & Justin Trudeau are too weak to tell the truth about Fidel Castro. I'll do it for them.
Justin Trudeau will not attend Fidel Castro's funeral
Unhappy with Corbyn, Justin Trudeau etc feeling sorrow for Castro? What about Tory sorrow for Saudi dictators death? https:/…
The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has one. Ask him to take a spi…
Did Castro have an affair with Justin Trudeau's mom?
"Raúl is still going strong...His forces violently arrested a slew of human-rights advocates the other day." .
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Fidel Castro was a dictator and he did not intend to minimize the former...
Trudeau don't you dare walk back any part of your tribute in response to Fidel Castro'd death!
Sydney Herald: CAN PM: My father was very proud to call Castro a friend...He should have had less murderous friends: h…
Fidel Castro holding the current New Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau. (pic v…
We have CNN berating Canada's Prime Minister for failing to trash our nemesis in his condolence statement.
Although still with us, today we mourn Justin Trudeau, whose beatification of brutality inspired 2016's most fun hashtag.
World leaders fawning over have 1 thing in common: they've never lived under a dictator.
Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister, is criticized for praising Cuba's Fidel Castro as a "remarkable leader"
Justin Trudeau wasn't a smart man but he tried his best to spread poverty equally amongst all Canadians.
YOU: Fake news is bad and destroying democracy and society. ME:
Justin Trudeau has caused outrage following his comments about Fidel Castro
The internet's honeymoon with Justin Trudeau comes to an end after he praises Fidel Castro via
Justin Trudeau possible love child of the dictator?
Here's a young Justin Trudeau with his mother & two brothers. Notice anything?
Castro is a communist through and through and seeing powerful left wing leaders like Obama and Justin Trudeau praise him is sickening.
The is not happy with PM Justin Trudeau
Castro has died in bed at a very ripe old age: 90...a fatehe denied to many, many people, who were his victims. .
"After Mr. Trudeau fires his speechwriter, he should take a long look at himself. Yes, he is a Trudeau, whose...
The internet's favourite conspiracy theory right now is that Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son.
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get real. that baby was Michel, Justin's baby brother - that is the 1st time Margaret Trudeau met him
IMAGE: Fidel Castro carrying Michel Trudeau, the brother of current Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, in 1976.
On behalf of Canada, I apologize to the planet Earth for giving you Justin Trudeau, *** e…
.Justin Trudeau is 45, Joe. Do you make up all your "facts" & how do you do that w/your head so far up your own tuchis?
2 straight minutes of Justin Trudeau declaring he will end first-past-the-post:
Justin Trudeau is criticized for praising Fidel Castro as a ‘remarkable leader’
With great sadness that we reflect on the life of Justin Trudeau. Though a drama teacher he knew so much about history.…
Once beclowned, always beclowned: Ninny Canadian PM Justin Trudeau attempts to extract his head from *** of dead dictat…
"What kind of regime would rather kill people, in cold blood, than see them leave?" https:…
As an American I'm embarrassed that Canada elected such a naive and idealistic leader in Justin Trudeau, such a joke!.
Why does Justin Trudeau have to intro the teams for now? What's next? Half time duet with Sophie?
Hey! - is MAJOR reason why elected. You are my MP. Going to do anything about this? htt…
Trudeau faces international criticism for his glowing review of a murderous dictator who sent homosexuals to camps. htt…
It is difficult reading Justin Trudeau's statement on Castro without being sickened by his worship of an evil man.
Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio criticize PM Justin Trudeau for Castro praise. Trudeau should tell them Fk off.
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Thank goodness for Justin Trudeau: moves Pres Higgins further down the 'most deluded/I don't want to miss a good funeral' list.
"We need to stand against and video games misogyny" - Justin Trudeau. "Fidel Castro was a remarkable leader" - A…
Obama only did a mediocre job praising Fidel,He is pathetic compared to Justin Trudeau and Jeremy Corbyn in praising dictators
Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau, Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingstone. All who we thought they were.
Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau, Jean Claude Juncker; your morals just took a helluva beating.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un extends invitation to Jimmy Carter, Justin Trudeau and Ken Livingston to praise education and hea…
Justin Trudeau: Ban Conversion Therapy on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Cana... via
Photo: Yakubu Gowon shaking a young Justin Trudeau, (the present Canadian PM) in 1973.
No, I voted NDP. | Ages ago, I was shown, memetically, online, that Justin Trudeau was with the European Union. | TVBL | So that's great!
The Mayor of Vancouver is Justin Trudeau's buddy. Hope Trudeau suports what is best for all Canadians. Not buddies
.When Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne, Louis St. Laurent was PM. Now she has Justin Trudeau
Labour should consider Justin Trudeau's tactics says ex-Brown adviser - seems sensible and deliverable to me.
Justin Trudeau begins a visit to Cuba today. His dad Pierre visited in 1976 and went skin-diving with Fidel Castro: https…
Canadian president Justin Trudeau vows to build wall to protect his people from invasion of panic-stricken American refugees…
True, Justin Trudeau now BUT...right wing nationalism waiting for another chance in Canada too.
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Leonard Cohen dead at 82: Justin Trudeau, Bette Midler and lead tributes ❤️
Justin Trudeau, Jennifer Hudson and Bette Midler mourn the death of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen via
Bette Midler, Kristin Chenoweth and Justin Trudeau lead tributes to Leonard Cohen
Right On Karen ! Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, the best low life politician in Canada. Justin Trudeau tied in 1s…
Justin Trudeau is the first, second-generation Prime Minister of Canada and the youngest ever in Canadian history
Fun interview today with Genie & discussing Justin Trudeau, Kim K, instagram & promoting
Jody Wilson-Raybould is so incompetent, Justin Trudeau had to use Kim Campbell & Anne McLellan to do Jody's job for her.
With cash-for-access, Justin Trudeau picks up where Kathleen Wynne left off
PM Justin Trudeau my concern over Pumpkin Seed...gate -who does the roasting? Canadian or foreign roasters? Imported or local salt?
VIDEO: What grade does Conservative MP give Justin Trudeau after one year in office?…
The phenomenon that is Justin Trudeau continues to soar one year after his landslide election. On the eve of ...
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada: Create an animal law modeled after Luxembourg's newly pr...
Everyone who participated in Model United Nations has at least one picture with Canada's PM Justin Trudeau. Here's…
"There is no hiding from climate change. It is real and it is everywhere," said Justin Trudeau.
"Let's just get this over with," says Justin Trudeau during meeting.
Justin Trudeau: Campaign Confessions: Tales from the War Rooms of Politics: A National Bestseller! Canada’s Only Fu
Justin Trudeau: Changing My Mind: Canadians fell in love with Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s beautiful and high-spirited
How do u keep composed after Justin Trudeau,Emma Watson,Thuli Madonsela,Kofi Annan and Meghan Markle walk past you in the space of 30 mins😳
New clear mantra for Justin Trudeau and Jim Carr :. "No Reconciliation without Free, Prior, and Informed Consent."...
Justin Trudeau is the Dorian Gray of politicians. Meanwhile, Prince William resembles his dad/granddad…
Justin Trudeau's office confirms Canadian-Iranian professor Hoda Hoodfar has been released from Evin Prison
Prince George declines to high-five Justin Trudeau, makes international news.
Prince George meets Justin Trudeau as the Cambridges arrive for Royal tour in Canada
Justin Trudeau (to CNN's Christiane Amanpour): we've done some really big things.. including "fixing Canada's pension plan.." (really; how!)
LOOK: Prince William, Kate and kids meet PM Justin Trudeau in Canada
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