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Justin Trudeau

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, MP (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician.

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Justin Trudeau prepped for political debate by watching "The West Wing"
I wish I was like Justin Trudeau, whose dark hair is a color found in nature. mine is a forbidden color our rods and cones c…
Chippewas of the Thames slams Justin Trudeau, Supreme Court over Enbridge pipeline ruling
Former U.S. vice-president calls Justin Trudeau a "breath of fresh air," but sees room to improve on climate htt…
Kevin Swanson declares that "Canada is under the judgment of God" because of Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau masters the Trump two-step Just not ready, Hardly.
Thanks to Justin Trudeau, their citizenship can't be revoked.
Justin Trudeau said: "Christians are the worst part of Canadian society" |
Canadian veterans fought to defend Christian values & traditions. Justin Trudeau is fighting to defend Islam and Musl…
Here's what Pope Francis and Justin Trudeau talked about
Justin Trudeau is Working Hard to See if He Can Break Obama's Record for Money Given to Terrorists
I wonder if Justin Trudeau will reward Jian Ghomeshi with $Millions for treating women the way he did? Cultural Div…
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, today in Ottawa.
Justin Trudeau met his younger Syrian namesake
Emmett Macfarlane is an advisor to Justin Trudeau on constitutional matters. Just think about that.
marieclaire: All the Justin Trudeau controversies you've conveniently forgotten:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Baby Justin Trudeau meets Canada's Prime Minister -
So Trump is making amendments to NAFTA while Justin Trudeau ...just... released .a spotify playlist. Is Canada a jo…
Justin Trudeau, nothing more than pot head & thug who rides coat tails of Pierre Tr…
Justin is the most fraudulent feminist there is. Canadian kills a medic and doesn't reach out.
That is NOT news photo op puffery, Justin Trudeau is much HATED in oil & gas reliant Western Canada as w…
Justin Trudeau met the baby named after him by parents who fled war-torn Damascus to Canada
Justin Trudeau meets namesake, his parents are Syrian refugees in Canada.
offers strongest defence yet of settlement at Stampede
Justin Trudeau meets Syrian baby named after him
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met his 2-month-old namesake, the son of Syrian refugees
Justin Trudeau shared a playlist of his favorite Canadian artists, and he loves Drake as much as we do…
Flapjacks, rodeo and Indian Village on itinerary for Justin Trudeau at Calgary Stampede
Thanks PM Justin Trudeau, and thank you Pres Carter for two classy, men who have integrity and compassio…
Also how weird is it that Justin Trudeau and Mike Pence and Brody Jenner are all in RI today? Really wish I hadn't canceled that NYC visit.
Justin Trudeau looks just like a young Fidel Castro... — Ooh maybe reincarnation!
Charlie Angus just said Justin Trudeau wasted his money on "Rubber Duckies" lmao
We have to fight Islamic terrorists in Canada but we also have to fight their financiers and enablers Justin Trudeau, Goodall…
Stellar graphical take of newfound fiscal conservative Justin Trudeau's payout to Khadr by
PMJT decides to attend Calgary after all:
Canadians are shocked by Justin Trudeau’s decision to give a $10.5 million secret payout to the Omar Khadr. Now it’s up t…
Caroline Lucas: “I think what Justin Trudeau did was absolutely outrageous”
What is wrong with Justin Trudeau, & terrorist sympathizer?.
Oh, it looks like Trudeau had a change of heart and ran out of excuses not to come and visit us after all!
PLEASE HE IS DISGUSTING! Governor General of Canada: Remove Justin Trudeau as PM - Sign the Petition! via
Yup. Justin Trudeau and his criminal organization. Know as the CRA. Takes our money and gives to terrorists and…
Justin Trudeau is putting on his cowboy hat and coming to for
David Suzuki: when it comes to the battle against climate change, Justin Trudeau is a proven liar:
A must watch. Anonymous sends message to Justin Trudeau.
Former U.S. special forces soldier blinded in one eye during firefight calls Justin Trudeau an Omar Khadr 'groupie'
Special Forces soldier blinded in attack by Gitmo detainee who was given $$ by the Canadian gov. says Justin Trudeau is gui…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Justin "bae" Trudeau is considered progressive since he's handsome and affable, but he's as far right as Trump on o…
Canadians can’t complain. They voted for this *** Time for another selfie, Justin. Weakness is our strength.
Justin Trudeau, to get charged with high treason under section 46(1)This issue won't go away!
Activists say Trudeau not going far enough on marijuana legalization.
Council of Cdn Innovators pitch: for $10,000 annual fee, you can meet Catherine McKenna's chief of staff monthly
Gah! 😷 Watch him find some cowboy socks for a photo-op 🙄
Resignation letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says she can not perform duties in 'current structure' .
Justin Trudeau: Omar Khadr to be charged with High Treason - Sign the Petition! via
Canada's Trudeau takes 'race politics' to new depths. Talks of 'blood' of Canadians being 'French' while Germans ... https:…
New fav conspiracy: Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castros love child.
Trudeau Bashing French Cdns? 'It sounds like Trudeau thinks Canada's French and Latin heritage is holding us back'
Lobby group led by Freeland's campaign manager charging $10k/yr for monthly access to McKenna's CoS
While Alec Baldwin presses on as Trump, US Thomas, Joseph May, is taking on Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in Channel...
PM Justin Trudeau will deliver the keynote address at the Summer Meeting of the on July 14th:
Justin Trudeau is proud to celebrate multiculturalism in Canada through the festival!
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is giving the keynote address at the meeting of the US National Governors Association next week.
where is the Money for our Canadian Veterans? Since you and Justin Trudeau and the liberal government can pay Omar Khadr1/2
James Comey a tower blocks which is due in the US President Michael D Higgins presents Justin Trudeau and becomes Fine
The settlement is a choice made by Justin Trudeau and he is hiding it from Canadians. It's a slap in the face to men and…
Just saw clip of Candice Bergen denouncing the want to be dictator Justin Trudeau she was powerful
Today I met with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. I can confirm Canada will remain a constitutional monarchy…
In light of his sickening decision to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million, do you think Justin Trudeau has any loyalty to Can…
What ever you decide to do, do it well, do it with your whole heart, do it with purpose ~ Justin Trudeau...
Woolly-headed Canadian fop Justin Trudeau amuses himself with sweater wearing unicorn puppet, whilst his nation writhes in e…
Justin Trudeau lobbied at recent fundraising event, critics raise flags about new rules - National | htt…
It’s time Justin Trudeau takes responsibility for his failed policies that hurt the very people he claims to help: https:…
I swear that broad looks like Justin Trudeau in drag.
A real leader looks after its peopl…
Justin Trudeau's photographer Adam Scotti snaps candid portrait of the Queen
Some wild speculations as to what Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth could've talked about in 20 minutes.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Do not blame PM Justin Trudeau, that's Supreme Court Canada decision, PM has no power overturning decis…
We now know the real reason why Justin Trudeau isn't attending the Calgary Stampede.…
Justin Trudeau was beaten at his own game by Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Prime Minister
These photos of a young Justin Trudeau will make your day
Ban Testing on Innocent Dogs in Canada! Plz sign: Look at this:
Justin Trudeau’s son steals show as leader arrive at G20
Justin Trudeau is set to speak at the Global Citizen concert. About 12,000 people here. Trudeau gets big applause. Btw local…
Justin Trudeau better be giving his maple syrup coins to my girlie Demetria on the 11th...
In Dublin Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would not confirm the settlement. Jul 04, 2017, 3…
.Justin Trudeau's father in 1992 called Bill Clinton "a Republican". He was. R's are no…
Not in Justin Trudeau's vision of the world around him with flowers and pink unicorns
Stay with ⚡️ “Justin will miss Calgary Stampede because of scheduling conflict”.
Justin Trudeau: Stop Omar Khadr and his lawyers from getting $10.5 Million Canadian taxpayers mone... via
Justin Trudeau delivers a powerful statement about gender equality at the Global Citizen Festival
Justin Trudeau talked to Global Citizen – and he has an important message for Americans.
Pretty *** sick. Justin Trudeau you are the scum of the EARTH and so are the scum bag lawyers representing that te…
What is Justin Trudeau’s secret weapon for charming Donald Trump? It helps to look the part
Justin Trudeau met with the Queen and people's hearts just couldn't cope
All the Justin Trudeau controversies you've conveniently forgotten:
And Justin Trudeau's ready to make it so.
Justin Trudeau’s son steals the show as leader arrive at G20 via
Justin Trudeau chose July 4th as the day to announce he'll pay $10,000,000 to an unrepentant Al Qaida terrorist who killed…
You all elected Justin Trudeau, a man who wore Islamic themed socks to a *** rights event. You m…
More violent criminals entering Canada from Mexico after TRUDEAU decision to lift visa requirements - Globalnews
Justin is Lead Puppet in the Globalist Puppet Show! Upside? Each time he opens his mouth, people cross to the Right. htt…
I wish Trump was my President. So ashamed of Justin Trudeau (37%), our Prime Minister. At least I didn't vote…
President Trump didn’t get invited to hang in Germany with Shakira, Coldplay and Canada’s Justin Trudeau
Demi Lovato is out here discussing mental health with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau & his wife Sophie. Trump…
Queen Elizabeth II is hosting Justin Trudeau at Edinburgh. How nice Canada has a smart, respected leader, unlike you.
Justin Trudeau casually hung out with Queen Elizabeth II, to the internet's delight
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
hey Justin Trudeau has met Queen Eliz 2X - How many times have you? 0? He's the 🇨🇦PM- you are only an insignificant POTUS
The Queen welcomes the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, during an Audience at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
Justin Trudeau: Canadian PM takes swipe at UK over Brexit and argues it is 'turning inward'
Ireland's new PM unveils special Canada socks to welcome Justin Trudeau to Dublin
Justin Trudeau just took down Britain over Brexit
Justin Trudeau should be calling on every penny of this to go to Christopher Speer's widow.
ESPN's hot dog eating contest color guy just compared the crowd's love for Joey Chestnut to "Justin Trudeau at a women's marc…
Justin Trudeau should be at home fixing the crisis facing Canadian youth and children
This is where journalism is in 21st century Ireland. Did Leo Varadkar outflank Justin Trudeau in battle of the socks?
Justin Trudeau has a challenger in the funky sock stakes: Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar - -…
Justin Trudeau: EU-Canada trade deal is 'model to the world'
Lovely picture of Leo Varadkar being introduced to hurling by Justin Trudeau
Trudeau's sock-wave is spreading fast! . Irish leader shows off socks with maple leaves, Mounties to Justin Trudeau .
Our first bow tie photo! Don't we both look dapper! I do so hope we meet Justin Trudeau this week 😻. [Photo via
In honour of Justin Trudeau's visit to Ireland I've gone all SEXIST AGAINST MEN and objectified some politicians https:…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A political love affair: Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley: Steward
We are asking for those that have done well to do a little more for those who need it! Justin Trudeau 🇨🇦
Shabua Tob & Mazal Tob Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was one of no more than 3 heads of state to...
'Got too excited': Justin under fire for forgetting province during speech http…
Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with Prince Charles
Does he realize that the Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau are the same person?
See America, our leaders aren't so different - they are both morons... .
It's a real photo, it's a Trudeau, but it's not true, tho. (Michel Trudeau, not Justin.)
Happy Canada Day have some Justin Trudeau
Help to stop the Canada commercial seal hunt! Plz sign:
It's Justin Trudeau who has no core identity. He's projecting his drama onto the whole of Canada
Instead of sending them emoji's,let them know that their so-called leader Justin Trudeau is a New World order traitor t…
Looking forward to welcoming Justin Trudeau to Edinburgh on July 5 🇨🇦🇬🇧
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrates with thousands of Canadians on Parliament Hill.
Justin Trudeau is selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Emmanual Macron is fighting unions. And Merkel is a homophobe. Libe…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Justin Trudeau perfectly articulates the value of diversity in childhood, not
Teen Vogue seems like one of the few US outlets doing critical journalism around Justin Trudeau.
Ana, your the very Best!! We can lend you our Justin Trudeau to fix it all, and become CANUSA. Free Health…
Great party in Ottawa. Bone, the Edge, Deadmaus and Gordon Lightfoot! Ooops I forgot Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau fails to mention Alberta in Canada Day 150 speech
Now you know why Justin Trudeau is Prime Minister.
Justin Trudeau does not think Alberta is a Canadian province so we don't get Canada Day so Justin Trudeau is *** so he must be deleted
Justin Trudeau restarts 'neglected' relationship with Canada's mayors
Not feelin this only bcos Canada& Justin Trudeau strikingly remind me of USA& Obama over the past decade. Don't trust Tru…
It's Canada Day! Let's take a minute to celebrate Justin Trudeau, that guy who helps us forget about THAT OTHER GUY
Justin Trudeau surprised Peter Mansbridge during his final CBC broadcast, and the crowd gave Peter a special sendoff ht…
Justin Trudeau declares Ottawa to be Algonquin territory and erases Alberta in the same speech. What a champ.
Globalist Puppet, Justin Trudeau, is working for George Soros & increasing the flood of Muslim invaders into Canada.
Fidel Castro holding the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.
Brothers in arms- Justin Trudeau got Bono on stage who is a symbol of modern day colonialism. Whitewashing of Indi…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I can't believe I saw Justin Trudeau in an anime today, it's pretty ironic. Studio Trigger must love their Prime Ministers
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to meet the Queen on Edinburgh visit… via
AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde won't respond. He wants Justin Trudeau to appoint him to the Senate.
Justin Trudeau took zero responsibility for his majority govt's shortcomings today.
Has anyone told Justin Trudeau that he's CANADA'S Prime Minister? Doesn't seem to understand that using us as stepping stone…
Justin Trudeau is Derek Zoolander level stupid. Liberal housewives impressed that he can rehearse a planted que…
I feel like Justin Trudeau is more fit to play Derek Zoolander than to lead a G8 nation.
Justin Trudeau is the prettiest. Every time i look at him, he reminds me of Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid .
Whoever is in charge of crafting Justin Trudeau's public image is far better at his or her job than I will ever be at mi…
is that really justin trudeau in the call sign? Man you all have hit the big time!
Justin Trudeau has a higher favorability rating in America than Trump:
Simplicity of Canadian and Belgian PM having lunch together in Canada. Belgian PM was invited over the lunch by Canadian…
Wait for the gorgeous moment when Justin Trudeau high fives a tiny Wonder Woman at Pride
It’s one thing to be foolish and irresponsible; quite another to be proud of it: . “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Pride for 2nd year in a row since taking office
Justin Trudeau is too good to be true sometimes
To all you wondering which article I was talking about:
Oh looky here PM Justin Trudeau, a real leader, a real man. Everything you are not. 🖕. ht…
Please stop sharing photos of Justin Trudeau at Pride, it's making the world jealous via
Justin Trudeau has brought a new tactic to the political playbook. calls it sock diplomacy.
pmTell Justin Trudeau to get rid of feminists' no-fault divorce
Gotta admit I'm a little weirded out that Justin Trudeau did a bumper for
Really sad what the Trudeau kids were put through at this so called pride parade by their perverse parents Justin+Soph…
Justin Trudeau says review of Chinese takeover bid for Canadian tech firm showed no risk to national security
Justin Trudeau hung out with the cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix
Canada: Muslim opens fire on car full of women, outside nightclub. Oust Justin Trudeau! Policies not working.
Who was the smartest despot. Justin Trudeau knows He is a follower
good morning to everyone ESPECIALLY Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau graces the cover of July's Delta Sky Magazine
Unbelievable clear evidence where Globalist Justin Trudeau puts his and China's interests over Canadians. . Can't put this…
I want justin trudeau to fist me I love him so much
Justin Trudeau's Pride socks had a not-so-hidden message
And there he is "LEADER OF THE BAND" showing his real colours your leader pos Justin Trudeau . How can anyone take him for…
justin trudeau was grown from stem cells in a vat with the express purpose of appealing to the This. Is. Everything. crowd. http…
In an alternate universe, Justin Trudeau's campaign promise was to implement a ranked ballot.
Wow wow Justin Trudeau is just I'm just
Justin Trudeau, for the second year in a row, marched in Toronto's pride parade. He is the only sitting Prime Minister to…
PM Justin Trudeau and First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde to march in Toronto Pride Parade
If only we had a president like Justin Trudeau
We will gladly trade you Trump for Justin Trudeau please please!
Justin Trudeau is really giving Emmanuel MacRon a run for his money in my "Biggest World Leader Crush" race. 😍
I do love and admire Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon, the new President of France. They are the…
Hope you get rid of madam Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
It always upsets people that don't like us when I post these, so I made a collage. Justin Trudeau, Prime Mi…
I took this picture yesterday at the. Yonge/Dundas Square. . When I zoomed in--. Justin Trudeau photobombed the pictur…
Is this Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau running things on Parliament Hill?: Hébert via
"All end up moving in the other direction, and Justin Trudeau is no exception." 2/2
CANADIAN/ISLAMIC Peel District School Board EXPOSED!. Justin Trudeau's Canada it's going to be an interesting ride
Justin Trudeau is a video game nerd, Lee Hsien-Loong is a Haskell programmer, but we get Donald Trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sad, PM son Ben Mulroney is a respectable TV presenter. PM son Justin Trudeau is the PM. The antithesis of logic.
Barack Obama had dinner with Justin Trudeau, and we are HERE for it! 😍 (via
- Posts | has made battling climate change a.
I want a man who looks at me the way Justin Trudeau looks at Obama... lol
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau discuss leadership over dinner
The Meaning Behind Obama and Trudeau’s Dinner Photo in Montreal via
Photo: Obama and Justin Trudeau having dinner yesterday in Canada.
Hey, if you can tell Justin Trudeau apart from Stephen Harper, you should write a column. BTW, socks and Syrian refuge…
Barack Obama dines at Montreal eatery with Justin Trudeau
Barack Obama has private dinner with Justin Trudeau in Montreal.
Obama and Trudeau met up last night to discuss 'new leaders'
Hamilton Collection
Unfortunate after a week of avoiding me in QP, watching US daytime TV was the only place I could find Justin Trudeau http…
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau definitely talked Trump over dinner:
I've never had the urge to sit on Justin Trudeau's lip.
Justin Trudeau went paddling in a river for World Environment Day. But his environmental record isn't as clean as you might thi…
QP LIVE: overspending, ethical lapses and the sex offender registry - Justin Trudeau has a lot to answer for today. https…
Justin Trudeau pulled an adorable PR stunt for World Environment Day. But his environmental record is far from perfect. https:/…
EXCLUSIVE: We caught up with Canada’s PM to talk all things
Interesting that my PM, Justin Trudeau, is on the list - way to go Justin!
Does it matter if Justin Trudeau and get along?...
Joe Beef was 1 of my best restaurant experiences, Obama & Trudeau's date was at its little sibling:
I love how people are shipping Justin Trudeau with basically everyone. You guys crack me up. 😂😂
Former President Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau bring the bromance back with a candlelit dinner in Montreal
"We’re actually closer than friends. We’re like siblings." and go to dinner in Montreal. https…
Justin Trudeau should be added to the Terrorist watch list. He sounds a lot like that Al-BabbaGooghuDaddi guy.
A photo of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau's dinner has the Internet "yearning for an alternate universe."
Globalist Brothers Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama reignite ‘bromance’ over dinner in Montreal | Toronto Star
To Justin Trudeau and Christy it would be, people just love Canada!
Trudeau's 'phase out' oilsands comments spark outrage in Alberta
Obama visited Justin Trudeau tonight to discuss how to get young leaders to take action in their communities.
Justin Trudeau just kayaked up to my house and talked to my parents? classic
The Internet is swooning over Obama and Justin Trudeau's casual dinner engagement photos
Obama and Trudeau's dinner date is a perfectly served attack on Trump.
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau shared a brief hug after meeting up for dinner in Montreal
It’s disturbing that Justin Trudeau wouldn’t give a straightforward answer to this simple question:
Canada's marijuana proposal: 5 things to know - ➜…
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau rekindle bromance over dinner via
Justin Trudeau casually kayaks over to talk to his constituents.
I love this dude. I love Angela Merkel. I love Justin Trudeau. I love everyone but Trump.
Sask. man accused of threatening Justin Trudeau supported by Heaven’s Hellions...
Justin Trudeau needs to close this loophole: notorious serial killer Karla Homolka volunteers at a school:
Earlier today, Justin Trudeau stood by the pipeline and said it should proceed…
PM Justin Trudeau asked Pope Francis to apologise for abuse of indigenous children by Catholic church.
Justin Trudeau invited Pope Francis to Canada to apologize for the Church's treatment of aboriginal children
Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis: Justin Trudeau says he told Pope Francis it’s important for all…
NDP and Green teaming up to push for electoral reform , Justin Trudeau's ultimate nightmare
Justin Trudeau shared Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada's video. 5 hrs · . We will never stop...
Tensions flare in Canadian parliament after Justin Trudeau appears to lo... via
Here's hoping it's Mad Max Bernier standing up in Parliment during the next QP to hold Justin Trudeau's feet to the fire.
The internet's two favourite leaders met and it was incredible
Not even Emmanuel MacRon can stop himself from gazing adoringly at Justin Trudeau.
Remember that time Justin Trudeau destroyed Trump's handshake with his dreamy Canadian god hands?
Find someone who looks at you the way Emmanual Macron looks at Justin Trudeau's left cheek
"Dear Jesus, please forgive me but all I can see at NATO is Justin Trudeau.😍. Please send him to save America. In your name, Amen." 🙏🏻
I just want a man to look at me the way every world leader looks at Justin Trudeau
Is there a budding bromance between Emmanuel MacRon and Justin Trudeau?
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Stop running from the truth: Justin Trudeau is playing us with his PR stunts
If your heartbeat isn't raised already, let's not forget they spoke in French the whole time via
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fellow leaders discuss economic growth opportunities that can benefit everyone.
Heartbroken Justin Trudeau finds new love with Emmanuel MacRon in Sicily post-Obama bromance
5-year-old becomes Canadian P.M. for the day, orders Justin Trudeau to build her a pillow fort via
The Internet thinks that Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon could be the next political bromance
This is Justin Trudeau. He used to be a camp councilor and drama teacher. Now he spends most of his days larping as a world…
Best part of G-7 Summit? All the catty things Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon will say about Trump — to Trump — IN FRENCH!
Justin Trudeau looks like The Bachelor and Macron has just stolen him away for a second.
Justin Trudeau is a Radical Islam sympathizer. How does Canada Tolerate Him?
Two of the most popular world leaders went for a walk and the pictures are incredible 🇫🇷🇨🇦
The Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon bromance is in full bloom, and we are swooning
Show up guys to protect our beautiful Canadian women from th…
"Canada's PM is playing us with his PR stunts," writes Kassam in the
Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon's bromance has us feeling like the jilted ex
takes flak from media for stunts. A certain comes to mind, no questions asked here:
I just want to look at Justin Trudeau 😄😉
Proud of our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Liberal team..
Apparently Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon flew to Sicily for their wedding photoshoot.
When you're Prime Minister but also very good at 🇨🇦 🤳…
Justin Trudeau has more parliamentary experience than many Prime Ministers had (including his dad) ht…
Justin Trudeau is Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation plus Mr. Peanutbutter from BoJack Horseman.
Justin Trudeau waving to prom goers gets the Photoshop battle we've been waiting for
Justin Trudeau runs past group of prom goers, stops for the ultimate selfie
Yeah but did Justin Trudeau photobomb your prom? - Montreal Gazette
Alison Azer’s children were taken from her. You can help bring them home — ask Justin Trudeau to
Justin Trudeau looks so much like Patrick Sharp
. Is Preston Manning Canada's version of Bernie Sanders?. Is he the only one that can beat Justin Trudeau in the next election?
Justin Trudeau won in Canada through strategic voting - it can work here in the UK - . Eloise Todd blogs
idk why some of you like Justin Trudeau so much??? i mean Canada ranks 2nd in arms exports to the Middle East so, un-stan him
Justin Trudeau is both a winner and a loser because of Macron’s win, writes from France…
There's one area in which Justin Trudeau is no progressive, writes
"Can we stop objectifying women!" . - says the women who objectify Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau and the Case of the ‘Star Wars’ Socks
Shinzo abe,Angela Merkel & Justin Trudeau . Best leaders we have today.
Justin Trudeau, the 2nd biggest Con to be pulled over on Western Civilization, just behind Barack Hussein Obama.
Justin Trudeau, son of Fidel Castro?. Barbara Bush, daughter of Aleister Crowley?.
I'm with — he's the best person to lead the Conservative Party and defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.
zanabism: Justin Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline which will run from Canadian oil sands to the...
Would the celeb couple name for Natalie Portman and Justin Trudeau be portmanteau?
So this hunk, AKA Chris Watson, was declared Prime Minister of Australia this day in 1904. I guess Justin Trudeau wasn't the f…
Justin Trudeau says his ex-Prime Minister father helped his brother dodge marijuana charges
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