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Justin Trudeau

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, MP (born December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician.

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Please stop sharing photos of Justin Trudeau at Pride, it's making the world jealous
Justin Trudeau, for the second year in a row, marched in Toronto's pride parade. He is the only sitting Prime Minister to…
If only we had a president like Justin Trudeau
We will gladly trade you Trump for Justin Trudeau please please!
Justin Trudeau is really giving Emmanuel MacRon a run for his money in my "Biggest World Leader Crush" race. 😍
I do love and admire Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon, the new President of France. They are the…
It always upsets people that don't like us when I post these, so I made a collage. Justin Trudeau, Prime Mi…
I took this picture yesterday at the. Yonge/Dundas Square. . When I zoomed in--. Justin Trudeau photobombed the pictur…
Is this Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau running things on Parliament Hill?: Hébert via
"All end up moving in the other direction, and Justin Trudeau is no exception." 2/2
CANADIAN/ISLAMIC Peel District School Board EXPOSED!. Justin Trudeau's Canada it's going to be an interesting ride
Justin Trudeau is a video game nerd, Lee Hsien-Loong is a Haskell programmer, but we get Donald Trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sad, PM son Ben Mulroney is a respectable TV presenter. PM son Justin Trudeau is the PM. The antithesis of logic.
Barack Obama had dinner with Justin Trudeau, and we are HERE for it! 😍 (via
- Posts | has made battling climate change a.
I want a man who looks at me the way Justin Trudeau looks at Obama... lol   10% Off
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau discuss leadership over dinner
The Meaning Behind Obama and Trudeau’s Dinner Photo in Montreal via
Photo: Obama and Justin Trudeau having dinner yesterday in Canada.
Hey, if you can tell Justin Trudeau apart from Stephen Harper, you should write a column. BTW, socks and Syrian refuge…
Barack Obama dines at Montreal eatery with Justin Trudeau
Barack Obama has private dinner with Justin Trudeau in Montreal.
Obama and Trudeau met up last night to discuss 'new leaders'
Unfortunate after a week of avoiding me in QP, watching US daytime TV was the only place I could find Justin Trudeau http…
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau definitely talked Trump over dinner:
I've never had the urge to sit on Justin Trudeau's lip.
Justin Trudeau went paddling in a river for World Environment Day. But his environmental record isn't as clean as you might thi…
QP LIVE: overspending, ethical lapses and the sex offender registry - Justin Trudeau has a lot to answer for today. https…
Justin Trudeau pulled an adorable PR stunt for World Environment Day. But his environmental record is far from perfect. https:/…
EXCLUSIVE: We caught up with Canada’s PM to talk all things
Interesting that my PM, Justin Trudeau, is on the list - way to go Justin!
Does it matter if Justin Trudeau and get along?...
Joe Beef was 1 of my best restaurant experiences, Obama & Trudeau's date was at its little sibling:
I love how people are shipping Justin Trudeau with basically everyone. You guys crack me up. 😂😂
Former President Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau bring the bromance back with a candlelit dinner in Montreal
"We’re actually closer than friends. We’re like siblings." and go to dinner in Montreal. https…
Justin Trudeau should be added to the Terrorist watch list. He sounds a lot like that Al-BabbaGooghuDaddi guy.
A photo of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau's dinner has the Internet "yearning for an alternate universe."
Globalist Brothers Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama reignite ‘bromance’ over dinner in Montreal | Toronto Star
To Justin Trudeau and Christy it would be, people just love Canada!
Trudeau's 'phase out' oilsands comments spark outrage in Alberta
Obama visited Justin Trudeau tonight to discuss how to get young leaders to take action in their communities.
Justin Trudeau just kayaked up to my house and talked to my parents? classic
The Internet is swooning over Obama and Justin Trudeau's casual dinner engagement photos
Obama and Trudeau's dinner date is a perfectly served attack on Trump.
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau shared a brief hug after meeting up for dinner in Montreal
It’s disturbing that Justin Trudeau wouldn’t give a straightforward answer to this simple question:
Canada's marijuana proposal: 5 things to know - ➜…
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau rekindle bromance over dinner via
Justin Trudeau casually kayaks over to talk to his constituents.
I love this dude. I love Angela Merkel. I love Justin Trudeau. I love everyone but Trump.
Sask. man accused of threatening Justin Trudeau supported by Heaven’s Hellions...
Justin Trudeau needs to close this loophole: notorious serial killer Karla Homolka volunteers at a school:
Earlier today, Justin Trudeau stood by the pipeline and said it should proceed…
PM Justin Trudeau asked Pope Francis to apologise for abuse of indigenous children by Catholic church.
Justin Trudeau invited Pope Francis to Canada to apologize for the Church's treatment of aboriginal children
Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis: Justin Trudeau says he told Pope Francis it’s important for all…
NDP and Green teaming up to push for electoral reform , Justin Trudeau's ultimate nightmare
Justin Trudeau shared Liberal Party of Canada | Parti libéral du Canada's video. 5 hrs · . We will never stop...
Tensions flare in Canadian parliament after Justin Trudeau appears to lo... via
Here's hoping it's Mad Max Bernier standing up in Parliment during the next QP to hold Justin Trudeau's feet to the fire.
The internet's two favourite leaders met and it was incredible
Not even Emmanuel MacRon can stop himself from gazing adoringly at Justin Trudeau.
Remember that time Justin Trudeau destroyed Trump's handshake with his dreamy Canadian god hands?
Find someone who looks at you the way Emmanual Macron looks at Justin Trudeau's left cheek
"Dear Jesus, please forgive me but all I can see at NATO is Justin Trudeau.😍. Please send him to save America. In your name, Amen." 🙏🏻
I just want a man to look at me the way every world leader looks at Justin Trudeau
Is there a budding bromance between Emmanuel MacRon and Justin Trudeau?
Stop running from the truth: Justin Trudeau is playing us with his PR stunts
If your heartbeat isn't raised already, let's not forget they spoke in French the whole time via
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fellow leaders discuss economic growth opportunities that can benefit everyone.
Heartbroken Justin Trudeau finds new love with Emmanuel MacRon in Sicily post-Obama bromance
5-year-old becomes Canadian P.M. for the day, orders Justin Trudeau to build her a pillow fort via
The Internet thinks that Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon could be the next political bromance
This is Justin Trudeau. He used to be a camp councilor and drama teacher. Now he spends most of his days larping as a world…
Best part of G-7 Summit? All the catty things Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon will say about Trump — to Trump — IN FRENCH!
Justin Trudeau looks like The Bachelor and Macron has just stolen him away for a second.
Justin Trudeau is a Radical Islam sympathizer. How does Canada Tolerate Him?
Two of the most popular world leaders went for a walk and the pictures are incredible 🇫🇷🇨🇦
The Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon bromance is in full bloom, and we are swooning
Show up guys to protect our beautiful Canadian women from th…
"Canada's PM is playing us with his PR stunts," writes Kassam in the
Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon's bromance has us feeling like the jilted ex
takes flak from media for stunts. A certain comes to mind, no questions asked here:
I just want to look at Justin Trudeau 😄😉
Proud of our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Liberal team..
Apparently Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel MacRon flew to Sicily for their wedding photoshoot.
When you're Prime Minister but also very good at 🇨🇦 🤳…
Justin Trudeau has more parliamentary experience than many Prime Ministers had (including his dad) ht…
Justin Trudeau is Chris Traeger from Parks and Recreation plus Mr. Peanutbutter from BoJack Horseman.
Justin Trudeau waving to prom goers gets the Photoshop battle we've been waiting for
Justin Trudeau runs past group of prom goers, stops for the ultimate selfie
Yeah but did Justin Trudeau photobomb your prom? - Montreal Gazette
Alison Azer’s children were taken from her. You can help bring them home — ask Justin Trudeau to
Justin Trudeau looks so much like Patrick Sharp
. Is Preston Manning Canada's version of Bernie Sanders?. Is he the only one that can beat Justin Trudeau in the next election?
Justin Trudeau won in Canada through strategic voting - it can work here in the UK - . Eloise Todd blogs
idk why some of you like Justin Trudeau so much??? i mean Canada ranks 2nd in arms exports to the Middle East so, un-stan him
Justin Trudeau is both a winner and a loser because of Macron’s win, writes from France…
There's one area in which Justin Trudeau is no progressive, writes
"Can we stop objectifying women!" . - says the women who objectify Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau and the Case of the ‘Star Wars’ Socks
Shinzo abe,Angela Merkel & Justin Trudeau . Best leaders we have today.
Justin Trudeau, the 2nd biggest Con to be pulled over on Western Civilization, just behind Barack Hussein Obama.
Justin Trudeau, son of Fidel Castro?. Barbara Bush, daughter of Aleister Crowley?.
I'm with — he's the best person to lead the Conservative Party and defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019.
Order Miche Bag Online!
zanabism: Justin Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline which will run from Canadian oil sands to the...
Would the celeb couple name for Natalie Portman and Justin Trudeau be portmanteau?
So this hunk, AKA Chris Watson, was declared Prime Minister of Australia this day in 1904. I guess Justin Trudeau wasn't the f…
Justin Trudeau says his ex-Prime Minister father helped his brother dodge marijuana charges
last night my partner accidentally said Jean Chretien when she meant Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau and Jodie Emery square off on pot laws
Justin Trudeau looks like someone started drawing Sylvester Stallone but messed up the face so they drew David Schwimmer's instead.
Not as bad as Justin Trudeau who said there were no such things as the Baltic States... But progressives thin…
Tina Brown on Women in the World, Justin Trudeau, and the War Against Reproductive Rights via
Justin Trudeau delivers marijuana legislation dressed as Easter Bunny
OMG, just got back from town. I have to share with you guys!. The official Justin Trudeau doll!
"The scale of Trudeau's lying is troubling enough, and the consequences could last a generation"
one of the issues we'll be broaching with Justin Trudeau next week.
The appearance of progressivism is not enough to save our planet. tears into
Canada eyes plan to legalize marijuana by 2018: 5 things to know
Unlike Trump, isn't unpleasant to look at but he’s a stunning hypocrite on
This is very concerning. . Tell Justin Trudeau our laws need to be enforced! Sign here:
A "Liberal" who talks Canada's Trudeau is a sellout to
"Stop swooning over .The man is a disaster for the planet" No one buys it anymor…
Canada is a big country. It desperately needs more terrorists and rapists to bring it up to speed. Justin Trudeau means to…
People find hard to believe that you can be a charming nice guy and still a neoliberal enemy of the environment.
It appears the Dems are going with "Justin Trudeau" strategy.
says, "The world's handsomest leader has an ugly climate record.". From this...
Hoping Justin Trudeau gets "shot down in flames" at the next Election in 2019. but sooner would be better for Canada and…
This man is in Trudeau's parliament. He wants sharia law for Canada. Justin is not a good judge of character.
Now do a story on PM Justin Trudeau who doesn't wear a Canada flag pin when he's out of the country representing…
Here is Chandra Ayra another of Justin Trudeau's parliament that has anti-Canadian views
Why is it cute if women swoon over Justin Trudeau's looks & sexist if men did the same over a good looking female politici…
Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. The man is a disaster for the planet | Bill McKibben
Is Justin Trudeau the smiling, post-fact face of fascism? by via
Justin Trudeau a "stunning hypocrite" on climate change, says top environmentalist # via
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has joined the Marvel comic book universe
ICYMI, Justin Trudeau and Prince Harry hung out this week.
minister Justin Trudeau really is a good looking hunk of a man
Justin Trudeau gets caught in a lie, if enough Canadians share this and make people aware that the Prime Minister...
Prince William, Prince Harry, and Justin Trudeau came together to honor fallen soldiers at the Battle of Vimy Ridge:
Justin Trudeau and French President François Hollande lay wreathes at the Canadian National V…
I expect better Stephen P. Roberts who was a federal Liberal candidate. Can't imagine Justin Trudeau approving of t…
Justin Trudeau is looking a lot like Stephen Harper with a smile and a better haircut, says
Justin Trudeau is dressing like Ryan Gosling now
Brother Kevin/Donald Trump needs to take a flight to Canada & slap a wake up call to jihadi Justin Trudeau the wors…
Justin Trudeau is like an effeminate, white Barack Obama. Canada needs Kevin…
Very honourable for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to show his support and sympathy for Gilbert Baker and members of…
In case you're having a bad day, here's a pic of a young Justin Trudeau.
2017 Juno Awards: Spectre of loss overshadows the wins
Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to school fight rematch.
The meanings of Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau side by side on Broadway:
Justin Trudeau admits the truth for once. via
Justin Trudeau wants a rematch with Chandler Bing
Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to fight 'rematch' -
Justin Trudeau challenges actor Matthew Perry to fight rematch
Justin Trudeau offers rematch fight to Matthew Perry: In the history of great fights, the names of a few trul...
Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to 'rematch': Matthew Perry, you opened up a can of worms when you admitted…
Justin Trudeau offers rematch fight to Matthew Perry
Justin Trudeau jokes he'll fight actor Matthew Perry in a rematch via the app
Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to a rematch of their elementary school…
am I supposed to be able to tell Justin Trudeau and Paul Ryan apart
Unfortunately HRC was more of a Paul Martin than a Justin Trudeau. It's time to look forward and elev…
These two South Asian - Canadian kids do not agree with Cdn PM Justin Trudeau. They think Kevin Johnston is a cute,…
So this is a thing. Justin Trudeau -- Patrick Brazeau Charity Boxing Match via
I think Stephen Harper has more to do with where Patrick Brazeau's life went than Justin Trudeau.
Given how Patrick Brazeau's life has gone since, fond recollections of Justin Trudeau beating him up aren't really doing it for me.
Over here in Canada we have Kevin O'Leary who is attempting to run Justin Trudeau out of o…
Justin Trudeau called 'scumbag' while touting federal child-care plan in Winnipeg on
Please watch this quick video Canada.Justin Trudeau has to go!Demand his removal from office. Its Obvious.
"A life-size, two-dimensional cut-out is probably a perfect metaphor for everything that Justin Trudeau...
Justin Trudeau blames Christy Clark, Christy Clark blames Gregor Robertson and round and round they go. .
isnt that correct Justin Trudeau and Christy Clark.
Young Neil Young looks like Jim Carey and young Rick Danko looks a little like Justin Trudeau
Opposition MPs want Justin Trudeau to sanction Liberal MP accused of sexist remark Opposition MPs want Prime Mini…
Why do always have their values reversed? Say 'No' to M-103! Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau: Canadians, Say NO to declaring the two Muslim Eid festivals as National Holidays i... via
Justin Trudeau's family trip to the Bahamas cost more than $127K
I'm convinced that our PM is actually Stephane Dion wearing a cardboard cutout of Justin Trudeau. 😅
"Other than Justin Trudeau wearing his underwear outside his pants... he seems okay, maybe?" thinks Ivanka.
CNN: VANKA Trump wants to a play with Justin Trudeau.
How about a modern day rematch between Matthew Perry and Justin Trudeau. Bet Justin wins this time !
So apparently Matthew Perry once beat up Justin Trudeau...
Matthew Perry beat up Canadian PM Justin Trudeau as a kid (News)
Matthew Perry has a story about Justin Trudeau that he’s not particularly proud of:
Matthew Perry reveals he once beat up Justin Trudeau out of 'pure jealousy'
'Friends' actor Matthew Perry says he beat up Canadian PM Justin Trudeau in 5th grade. "It was pure jealousy."
Matthew Perry says he beat up Justin Trudeau in elementary school:
ICYMI: Matthew Perry tells Kimmel he 'beat up' Justin Trudeau in grade school
Matthew Perry says he once beat up Justin Trudeau at school (he regrets it):
⚡️ “Matthew Perry beat up Justin Trudeau when they were kids”.
BBC News - Matthew Perry tells Jimmy Kimmel he 'beat up' Justin Trudeau
Matthew Perry confesses to beating up Justin Trudeau in the fifth grade
Look l'il Justin Trudeau. See that *** of a Mom? Did she do me? Or did she do The Rolling Stones? Or both?…
how I feel about justin trudeau after seeing that he took Ivanka Trump to a musical?
Just realized Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Prime Minister & not Jen Aniston's husband Justin Theroux & news stories make a lot more sense
.: "We've got auto parts criss-crossing the border six times before they end up in a finished...
My good friend Wikipedia just explained to me that Matthew Perry's mom worked for Justin Trudeau's dad, which adds…
Good to see real news like Matthew Perry beating up Justin Trudeau is getting traction.
Trudeau reminds you that NAFTA is good for US jobs. You need to listen to him
per Canadian PM warns that Trump's NAFTA plan could hit 'great jobs' in US
Justin Trudeau brought Ivanka Trump to a Broadway show that celebrates generosity towards foreigners in need
Imagine bragging that you beat up Justin Trudeau?
Justin Trudeau grew up with a Butler and Maid, vacationed with Communist Dicktators, never had a Job, yet *** voted fo…
Friends star once beat up Canadian PM, fact
Trudeau says NAFTA is good for US jobs. He's right. Pay attention!
Matthew Perry: I 'beat up Justin Trudeau' in 5th grade
Matthew Perry is two years older than Justin Trudeau. That wasn't beating someone up when they were kids, that was mindless bullying.
Any Canadian with something to promote is desperately trying to figure out if they knew/beat up Justin Trudeau as a kid.
Canada's PM warns that Trump's NAFTA plan could hit jobs in the U.S. via
The one where 10-year-old Matthew Perry beats up Justin Trudeau
Chandler Bing beat up young because he was jealous
Justin Trudeau hosts Ivanka Trump at a Broadway show about Canadian hospitality
Bad day for Jared too, Ivanka is at a NYC play with Justin Trudeau
Yo can someone write a Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump fan fic?
Governor General David Johnston : A vote of non confidence in Justin Trudeau and his liberals - Si...
The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, writes for the Huffington Post. I'm not kidding:.
If it were not for Justin Trudeau, Can $ would be 85 cents U.S. It is tanking toward the 60 cent mark. No vacation, unaffo…
NDP leader Tom Mulcair is again calling on Justin Trudeau to denounce the U.S. travel ban.
I am rather sorry, for Justin Trudeau slandered the Chateau Frontenac.
screw John Tory, Mark Saunders, Kathleen Wynn and Justin Trudeau for allowing this to happen - you're all going to be jobless
Found an excuse to put a picture of Justin Trudeau in my conference paper.
This is a direct result of the high treason of Justin Trudeau and it's only going to get worse!…
PM Justin Trudeau set to discuss crisis with first responders in Vancouver
Photos of a young Justin Trudeau have emerged, and they're sending the internet into meltdown
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada: Create an animal law modeled after Luxembourg's newly propo... via
.program news: We are pleased to welcome Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, to CERAWeek 2017.…
CANADA’s stealth Muslim Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will end all military action against ISIS and
but the Internet needs to tone it down on the shirtless Justin Trudeau photos. He's Prime Minister, not som…
12 year old me felt about Gilbert Blythe as adult me feels about Justin Trudeau.
Step aside young Biden. These photos prove young Justin Trudeau is who you should be hitting with a 1:37am "u up?" https:…
What exactly does this man do for us, other than travel?
Everyone is freaking out over these photos of a young dreamboat Justin Trudeau:
if this gets 10 notes my dad said he'll buy me a Justin Trudeau
How I Failed My Midterms by Spending an Entire Day Doing Literally Nothing Besides Staring into the Eyes of Young Justin Tr…
Justin Trudeau should put a carbon tax on Italy for that volcano, yeah that'll stop the pollution.
Enough bad news . Here's a picture of Justin Trudeau's butt. You're welcome.
Forget young Biden and Obama, look at young Justin Trudeau
Meet the unlikeliest couple at Justin Trudeau's state dinner
Young Justin Trudeau is the lead singer in my fantasy league grunge band.
Photos of young Justin Trudeau go viral
I must be one of the only women on earth who think that Justin Trudeau is creepy. Mark my words, some scandal will…
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau coming to B.C. for first-hand look at opioid crisis
I am in actual pain over young Justin Trudeau
Internet goes wild over a young, shirtless Justin Trudeau
URGENT: Justin Trudeau will be Victoria BC tomorrow. Tell him that we say
I'm just gonna look at this picture of young Justin Trudeau every time I need some more testosterone
Young Justin Trudeau could leave me on read for twenty years and I'd thank him for his time.
Trudeau isn't a progressive, he just plays one on TV
Photos of a young Justin Trudeau are taking over the Internet
PM Justin Trudeau & his Libs are blithely collaborating w Trump to crack down on asylum seekers. 😡
People are thirsting hard over young Justin Trudeau
Lots of boos here for Justin Trudeau tonight when it's mentioned he's in town for a Liberal by election rally
Young Justin Trudeau could leave me on read at 4:30 and text at 8:47 and I would reply at 8:46.
Young Justin Trudeau could run me over with a semi and I'd say thank you
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
good morning to everyone, especially young Justin Trudeau
These photos of Justin Trudeau when he was young are burning up the internet - The Morning Herald
Albertans fed up of being taken for granted: Prime Minister Trudeau -
Watching YouTube videos ruined Justin Trudeau for me. He isn't as awesome as we think. Very pretentious.
Justin Trudeau took a break to dab with schoolchildren
Justin Trudeau is the Obama we need right now.
Everyone is a Nazi now, even SJW queen Justin Trudeau.
Young Justin Trudeau looks like the camp counselor your mom warned you about who got that girl pregnant last summer but…
I wish a video of Justin Trudeau throwing kittens into a river would surface so Liberals would stop giving him a slobbery tongue bath.
This young Justin Trudeau looks like he would've been the perfect adversary to Zack Morris and AJ Slater
Can I just say, young Justin Trudeau would have made the perfect Gilbert Blythe. What with being a dark haired Cana…
Justin Trudeau kinda reminds me of Peter Facinelli 👀👀 both of them are 🔥😍...😉😋❤
Dear Canada, could we possibly borrow Justin Trudeau? Sane, humane leadership looks so good, signed, The World
I agree with Grand Chief Stewart Philip, Justin Trudeau is a liar. Broken promises = lies.Betrayal. Worse than Harper
Me: Why is everybody posting photos of Justin Trudeau's butt, it's just a butt, c'mon. Me, five minutes later: What is thi…
Justin Trudeau looks and acts like a moron, His father Pierre was a mature and smart Prime Minister of Canada. Just…
On the left, Justin Trudeau helps a disabled man down the stairs. On the right, Trump mocks a disabled man. The US MUS…
I totally looked quick at the TV and though Zach Braff was Justin Trudeau.
Some thoughts of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, and the current PM Justin Trudeau's...
Justin Trudeau is the poster boy for performative allyship.
Canada: Save the bees. To Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and all world leaders & agriculture ministers:. "We call on.…
All I want in life is a woman who looks at me like every woman on earth looks at Justin Trudeau
can't be the blue print. It is imbalanced! Corps shldn't dictate workers’ rights & public services
Why can't we have a Justin Trudeau type as our Prime Minister?
So what's the plan to kidnap Justin Trudeau and make him our President
O Canada this is how a real Prime Minister Protected Canada. Why we grew up in a safe tolerant society. Justin Trudeau wants to destroy that
The definitive analysis of ‘The Handshake’ between Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau:
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau laying a wreath at the memorial for murdered Jews in Berlin this morning
Justin Trudeau addressed the European Parliament and the predictable happened
Sean Spicer mistakenly refers to Canada's PM as Joe Trudeau. Coincidentally Justin Trudeau mistakenly refers to Spicer as…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Did Justin Trudeau just school President Trump in the most subtle way possible?
Many have started referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as PM Steal Your Partner. But the tables have turned: https:…
Proof that Justin Trudeau charms every man, woman, and child he meets
Amazing isn't it, the difference between an articulate world leader - like Justin Trudeau - and the 25-word-vocabulary Orange…
do a video on PC culture and Justin Trudeau
Donald Trump's strange handshake style and how Justin Trudeau beat it – video explainer
Highlights from Justin Trudeau's welcome to the White House via
Riley: "Last night before I went to bed I watched a ton of videos on Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. I'm in love."
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