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Justin Sullivan

Justin Sullivan (born 8 April 1956, Jordans, Buckinghamshire) is an English singer and songwriter, born to Quaker parents.

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images New Ford F-150 pickups are displayed on the sales lot at Serramonte…
Justin Sullivan/Getty Effigy An airy belief of the fresh Apple office, Apr 28, 2017, in Cupertino, Caliph best computer processor for...
Burned wine bottles at the Signarello Estate winery. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Here's how soon you could actually be riding in a self-driving car - -. Justin Su…
Mike Sullivan said Justin Schultz left tonight's game with a concussion.
Mike Sullivan announces Justin Schultz is in concussion protocol and Carter Rowney will be out for about 4 weeks fracture in hand.
Apple is ticking higher despite reports of continued iPhone X supply issues (AAPL) -…
This conspiracy theory makes more sense than the Kevin Sullivan one.
“Justin Bieber sings like a girl.”. First of all, he stole your girl.
Very few albums I rate as perfect, but Justin Sullivan's Navigating By The Stars from 2003 is definitely one of them.
I was just in a Gauntlet match at with Tito Santana, Shane Douglas, Kevin Sullivan, and Justin Credible... .
New Model Army´s Justin Sullivan about success and failure and moving on. via
Just realised tickets have sold out for Justin Sullivan of at The Musician whilst I was too stressed sorting out other stuff :/
Burned out cars sit next to a building on fire in Santa Rosa. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Caroline, not far from VA and a little south and east.We got. Justin Sullivan of Morganton, N.C & Michael Christopher Estes.
Apple hit with trademark lawsuit over iPhone X 'animoji' feature - -. Justin Sull…
Justin as the Green Arrow and Chloe Sullivan please 😁
Goldman Sachs just signaled a terrifying turning point for Nike (NKE) - -. Getty/…
How the Will Ravage the Weed Economy. via yahoo
“In Justin Verlander’s first full season,in 2006,his average fastball was 95.1 mph. This year: 95.2. That is unbeli…
Only 30 tickets remain for Justin Sullivan of in Calstock on Thursday 16 November!
Justin Sullivan of is heading to CALSTOCK in November!
🎩 Justin Sullivan, of New Model Army, to collect cheque for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation at ...
Image: Getty Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Amazon customers now have a growing list of options when it comes to...
So looking forward to Justin Sullivan at The Underground in Bradford - Musicians Against Homelessness.…
Hey Justin. Could you help us out down here?
I just spend money on tickets for some Justin Sullivan chap, that was a waste then !
Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images A job well done deserves a reward. And a job well done at the world's most...
Pleased to announce I'll be supporting Justin Sullivan (from ) at John Peel Centre, Suffolk on 8th Nov.
Mikey Hohensee, Justin Hall, Sterling RB Nyrell Sullivan great games last night
An old photo of me and Justin Sullivan, a songwriter that always touches a nerve. A true 'great' . . featured in NBC s Science of Love
I'm going to Justin Sullivan at Duke of Wellington in Shoreham By Sea, United Kingdom - Nov 14
5 ways Apple's iPhone X is catching up with Android phones - Justin Sullivan/Getty That new iPhone X sure looks...
Will Kris Letang or Justin Schultz run the top power play? I asked around. Read about it here:
Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Apple's next iPhones are almost here. We're just days away from what will be...
The people are crying Can you hear them? . (Pic credit: Justin Sullivan)…
Justin Sullivan solo shows announced! Limited tickets - for more details, see
Justin and NL tourists...Welcome to St John's but hold your breath because the landfill stinks
Snyder: "Justin (Hughes) is not quite as far along as Sullivan is ..."
Tickets going fast for Justin Sullivan of - don't miss out on great solo acoustic show…
Partner Scramble Match at Sullivan 🏌️ | Justin Hoffman & | 9 over through 10 |
Partner Scramble Match at Sullivan 🏌️| Justin Hoffman & | 5 over through 5 |
Partner Scramble Match at Sullivan 🏌️ | Justin Hoffman & | 3 over through 3 |
"Fans need to be cut. They just don't care" - Jerry Sullivan
The guy on the left gets money from a Ukrainian arms dealer:
2 years of a beautiful friendship & bonding over our love for Justin Timberlake & in n out burgers 😂…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Today I have mostly been listening to Justin Sullivan
ICYMI earlier... New podcast with JUSTIN SULLIVAN of
On days like these I just need to listen to Justin Sullivan
no Justin...nobody has stolen ur money😏
Justin McCarthy opening Ag Tech conference. Great range of speakers showing scope of Ag Tech in Ireland
For the early risers on this dreadful day of Brexit. JUSTIN SULLIVAN of guests on our newest podcast.
Uber's diversity report has some interesting puns in it.Image: justin sullivan/Getty Images By Emma...
getting up close with Justin Beaver in Canada 🍁.
Unchained Now playing 'here comes the war' up next my recent interview with frontman Justin Sullivan & 'winter'
Mark Cuban says healthcare 'should be a right' - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Billionaire Mark Cuban said in a ...
Listening to Justin Sullivan moderate a power lunch
Power lunch : Talking with Justin Sullivan talks what does this mean in reality with…
Justin Sullivan would do worse in girls lacrosse then he already does in boy lacrosse
Coach Sullivan has challenged the play for goaltender interference. And now we wait... Once again.
Justin sullivan can't dodge so all he does is lay the stick
Lakeland man facing charges because of pancakes! Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Staff
Getting all nostalgic listening to N.M.A's 'Justin Sullivan' with the old man. 😩😭😂
For the madness, for the memories and for all the Ws.
Justin Sullivan of. N E W M O D E L A R M Y. You know, the feeling you get when you knew you…
Hillary Clinton: 'Today was a victory for all Americans' - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Former Democratic presi...
No surprise here as the Bay Area tops the U.S. in homebuying bidding battles. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Farewell, SF -- it's been swell and expensive.Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2017-03-22...
People are paying attention to diversity in 2017.Image: justin sullivan/Getty Images By Emma Hinchliffe2017-03-22...
Daughter attacks her mother with a cheeseburger, you got to hear this Photo Credit: Justin…
Image: JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES By Kerry Flynn2017-03-21 21:59:53 UTC Uber opened up its phone lines to the...
Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the 2015 Google I/O conference in San FranciscoImage: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images...
"OH, TENNESSEE" JUSTIN MARK SULLIVAN via the best uncle sang a beautiful song
An inspired is about to hit store shelves ... because why not! --> Justin Sul…
Check this out: America's affordable housing crisis has reached a new milestone - -. Justin Sullivan/Getty. The af…
I gotta say what's up to Justin Sullivan
7 awesome features in Google Maps you may not have known about (Justin Sullivan/Getty Image…
In notebook from Olli Maatta out with hand injury; Justin Schultz out with concussion >>…
Here's the latest on Olli Maatta and Justin Schultz, with quotes from Mike Sullivan:
Penguins coach Mike Sullivan tells reporters that D Justin Schultz has a concussion.
Coach Sullivan says Justin Schultz has a concussion and is undergoing concussion protocol.
Devastating. But excellent images from photographer Justin Sullivan
Thanks to Justin Sullivan for these images of our team at work. . Western Cape Government has contracted NCC to...
Looking good for the 2016-17 Dungeness crab season to start on time. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
I'm already jealous and I already know she loves her bf way more than she loves Justin 😩😩😩
Imma need for Kyrssie to stop calling my husband Justin cute real quick
She should control who goes home. I dont trust Justin.
Come on Danielle, Justin and Jason I love you fools
Justin you is so close to me deleting you from my bio I swear
Justin Bieber is currently in Sheffield. As a direct result, I'm currently heading south on the M1.
Justin is the Patrick O'Sullivan of Leafs bloggers
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Aetna's CEO laid out just how Obamacare could collapse: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesMark Bertolini, the CEO o...
Prison is supposed to change people, but I guess not Sullivan.
Senators Ian Macdonald and Barry O'Sullivan - The members for boof-head and dunder-head:
Growth will take off in 2017, Salesforce billionaire CEO Marc Benioff predicts: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)...
That whole Justin Ryan/Gemma Sullivan situation is equally depressing as it is disturbing. How can people bully them and laugh at them
The plastics def have these "Justin is not playing the game sessions" every time they find out he's not as dumb as the…
I swear if Justin flips I'm gonna cry
Jazmine Sullivan tonight and then Young Thug tomorrow!
Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and why he still has his job at Apple (AAPL): AP and Justin Sullivan/Getty Imag...
Justin taking about the game kill the white kid: "I'm just light-skin you guys." 😂😂😂😂
I don't know if Plastic fans heard it but Scott is coming after Morgan and Whitney before he goes after Justin or Jason
Justin is so lucky he is good looking cuz if he looked like Scott everyone would be going crazy at his POV performance
How Justin gon say 13 is too high then put 17 up ?
Justin is so silly 😂😂 I wish he watched at least one season before he came on this show
At least Justin isn't moaning on that *** wall
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If Justin said to the Monte picture "ahh dirty Monte we meet again." I would've died
I really want Justin to beast this comp
Kryssie may need Justin's asthma pump after this
not a Gilbert and Sullivan fan then?
Justin in yoga room saying, that everyday you should stay positive in the midst of negativity
An apology to Medarex CEO Howard Pien, 7 years in the making Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Seven years ago, when …
No wonder SG resigned what an absolutely disgusting display of bullying by MacDonald O'Sullivan and Reynolds!
We will never forget September 11th 2001. Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Donald Trump on 15th anniversary of 9/11: 'Today is a day of sadness and remembrance': Justin Sullivan/Getty ...
15 years later, we still remember. 9-11-01 (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
New Model Army. because, justin sullivan is an insanely talented poetic lyricist, and their rhythm section is always fantastic.
you may be cool but you'll never be Justin Sullivan wearing a shirt with his face on it cool
Hillary Clinton on some Donald Trump supporters: 'a basket of deplorables' . (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images). Even...
Hillary Clinton pegs half of Donald Trump's supporters as a 'basket of deplorables': Justin Sullivan/Getty Im...
Justin Bieber is letting a new single out.
Islam convert Justin Sullivan robbed & murdered his 74y/o neighbor & planned to kill more.
Ryan Sullivan (became the all time RBI leader last night with 92 career RBI! h…
Justin tucker is a top 3 kicker in the league easy.
"We live with so few troubles but with so many, many lies.". Justin Sullivan
I've long argued for for - his stats are a slam dunk and he has strong community contributions:.
Answers to today's from Andy Sullivan (-4), Justin Rose (-3), Andrew Johnston (-2), Tyrell Hatton (-1).
Is Andy Sullivan about to take something out of the oven or is it raining in Scotland?
Life is worth a living by Justin Bieber makes me cry every time I listen to it and idk why.
Andy Sullivan, Justin Rose raise English hopes after first round of British Open...
Justin Rose and Andy Sullivan currently at -3, 3 shots off lead in No English player since Faldo in '92 has won.
The 9 biggest reasons people get fired by companies they founded: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Being a founde...
There may finally be some relief for the 'new housing crisis': Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThere may be hope ...
Thank you everyone on my snapchat for the Justin Bieber experience. Even if I don't like him I guess he has a few good songs. 😂
I found Justin Sullivan while walking through the Barnes and Noble parking lot 👫
I just cried at Justin Bieber crying singing a song. Wow it's been a long day. 😩💔
Justin looks like he's hitting some form 👌🏾 Sullivan for e/w?!
Sullivan, Stenson, Garcia or Grace for the win, Justin Rose + Westwood leading after day 1/2, what do you think ⛳️
A new favorite: Justin Sullivan von New Model Army bei FluxFM Spreeblick by on
First American ISIS convert in custody, Justin Sullivan, to face the death penalty
Salesforce put a meditation room on every floor of its new tower because of Buddhist monks: . Justin Sullivan...
Justin Sullivan (the Kelly Clarkson fanatic) drinking honey on American Idol was epic.
And another by captain Anthony Funicella assisted by Justin Sullivan
Last night’s was the least-watched in the election so far: Justin Sullivan/Getty…
*** yea . The brute will be looking good her self ! 😎
Come on 12 o'clock tomorrow I'm ready to tear up some mud !! You ready son ?
MSNBC: 3 huge takeaways from the 3rd (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty)
All of Donald Trump's attention-seeking quotes from the GOP debate: Image: Justin Sullivan…
: Some shots of candidates and family members tonight (Andrew Burton, Justin Sullivan/Getty) …
Citigroup is testing a futuristic ATM that scans your eye before dispensing cash Justin Sullivan/Getty. Withdrawi…
Walgreens in $17.2B deal to acquire Rite Aid. Photo: Getty/Justin Sullivan
I wish people could understand my love for Justin Bieber
Twenty months ago I started my OH&S program. Today is my final day of in-class training and I graduated the...
I'm sick of hearing The same Taylor swift and Justin bieber songs on the radio.
jamin to old Justin Bieber makes me so happy
I will love Justin Bieber until I die probably it's whatever
Can't stop listening to Justin Bieber's new song🙌🏽
Kindly subtract FKA Twigs & Justin Bieber from that list and input Jazmine Sullivan and Alessia Cara.
Alt (and equal!) The Voice judge lineup: Joolz Denby, Justin Sullivan, Siouxie Sioux and Bob Geldof. Would watch.
Parents of Morganton teen Justin Sullivan in federal court for son, father says doesn't regret calling police says "Am an American first"
They just today charge 19 year old Justin Sullivan with terrorism.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Justin Sullivan on their new arrival! Chloe Margaret Sullivan was born 9:00pm on...
Starters for Cl. South: Justin Rivera, Dan O’Sullivan, Tommy D’Anna, Andrew Bunyan and Conor McGuinness (you may have heard of him).
As of today Justin Bieber can legally go to a bar and drink away the pain of knowing he'll spend the rest of his life be…
101 Facts on Justin Bieber you may didn't know!
Justin got 30k+ RTs for saying thanks! But I don't expect any for this! I just want to say thanks to all my goal mates & followers for 200k!
well it sure beats any photo of u waiting tables at Sullivan's. u r so kewl btw my name is Robb a friend of Rudy's n Justin's
since my flight got canceled , i'm gonna go support my boyz tomorrow Saagar Prankstisci Justin Sullivan Jae...
Revolution for ever succes. of the seasons. Within the blood of nature all raised to rot and die. This purity,purity is a lie . Justin Sullivan
Thank you Justin Sullivan for being an über to Amanda , DT Nguyen, and myself last night. FIVE STARS!!
Spring forward! Apple Watch expected to drop March 9: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty)
Check out Kate Sullivan's feature story on Justin Burrell.
"I work right above the finest coffee shop in San Juan, Cuatro Sombras" Justin Sullivan
"In San Juan I found easy to meet people and make friends" - Justin Sullivan, Founding Member, Auramet Trading
How ta optimize yo profile so recruiterz come ta you: Justin Sullivan…
The Grainger/Greeneville girls game at Sullivan East has been moved up to 3 pm per Grainger coach Justin Combs
Also im listening to gilbert and sullivan's "the mikado"
What a great conversation between Justin Bieber, Erik Griffin and Chris Sullivan
welp , this is happening. i'll be tending bar tonight at Dancers Royale . with Justin Sullivan and Chris Shirley...
This is why want but don't agree with "Jeb Bush: (Justin Sullivan/Getty)
My radiointerview with Justin Sullivan is now online.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
BuzzFeed - Food. Food critic Marilyn Haggerty is back and better than ever. Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty. Vi...
justin Sullivan a gent and one of the greatest living poets today
WINNER of our competition, Justin Sullivan, is pictured here with his winnings...Congrats!
“ALERT: and Justin Sullivan are now suspended from the Dog Bone classic due to the fact they don't lose”
MassLive Athlete of the Week: Co-winners Justin Perez, Connor Sullivan share honor | masslive
HOLY COW WE HAVE A TIE! 663-663! Justin Perez and Connor Sullivan are co-MassLive Athletes of the Week | masslive
Im sure Justin has already listened.whatcha waiting for?...
Enjoyed hosting a fun Q&A after the doc last night, with Justin Sullivan, Matt Reid and Jonathan Green, all gents!
Justin Sullivan named Coach of the Yr in his soccer conference. 12 victories and the program's first regional ranking. Nice work.
Five players earn All-HCAC honors. Justin Sullivan named Coach of the Year.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images file No, it’s not just your kids. A new poll from Gallup confirms that young...
Justin Sullivan the lead singer was from Chalfon st Peter
Mark Zuckerberg reveals why he wears same T-shirt every day: . Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg wea...
Viewed the dress rehearsal of Debonair last night at the McCaw Hall last night. Breathtaking!
JGA would like to say a big Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Justin Sullivan. Our very own Ashley Peyton was married...
in Athens with Justin Sullivan and Dean White and New Model Army, Baildsa and One Hour before the trip
ready for some bangerz . Steven Brill Justin Sullivan
Photoset: ralphsmotorbike: staceythinx: The drought in California in pictures by Justin Sullivan / Getty...
Yeah!!! Go Greyhounds! Lots of great memories watching former Greyhound Justin Sullivan on the Field.
Justin Sullivan I am waiting on the good news!!
13:00 Liz Kershaw: Liz chats to Justin Sullivan, founder, frontman and main songwriter with New Model Army.
I want to thank my coaches James Cox, Homer Matlock, Jeff Potter , Justin Sullivan and teammates at Premeir...
6.0 earthquake at 3:20 this morning in the Napa area. Lots of structural damage in the downtown area. -Liz (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images news)
Governor Brown declares state of emergency after 87+ people were injured, taken to the hospital. Also hearing the earthquake caused fires. Photo courtesy of Justin Sullivan, Getty Images and Derek Moore.
Californians north of San Francisco awoke to a magnitude 6.0 earthquake on Sunday. The wine country destinations of Napa and Sonoma were some of the hardest hit areas with damaging fires and tens of thousands of residents cut off from power. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Read the full story on here:
This is a fun one from Doylestown native and resident, Justin Guarini.
How extensive is Californias drought? Compare the photos: Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesA...
One of musical heroes of the 80s & 90s An interview with Justin Sullivan -
The Cheap iPhone Is Already Here - Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Mexico, the economic dynamo of 2013, has some...
69 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Pixar 1. Pixar was originally started as a division of Lucasfilm in 1979. 2. The division was generically named Computer Graphics Division. 3. In 1986, Steve Jobs bought Computer Graphics Division from George Lucas for $5 million and renamed it Pixar. 4. In 2006, Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion. 5. The deal also made Jobs Disney’s largest individual shareholder. Justin Sullivan Getty Images News 6. Pixar’s first animated short The Adventures of André and Wally B. was produced in 1984. 7. Pixar’s iconic lamp mascot is named Luxo Jr., and it is named after a 1986 short of the same name. 8. Luxo Jr. was the first CGI film nominated for an Academy Award. It was nominated for a Best Animated Short Film. Pixar 9. As a way to both market its animation software and generate money, Pixar produced commercials for various companies including: Tropicana, Listerine, and Lifesavers. 10. In 1991, Pixar signed a three-film contract with Disney. The first movie they were ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Im about to make tacos. Enjoy this cable and my lovely little apartment it feels so good to be children free. Loving my life and the people in it. Cache Stillwell Justin Sullivan
Justin Bieber’s Indiana Jones Problem: by Kevin P. Sullivan 05/13/14 For the men of the world, Indiana Jones i...
it's usher justin Timberlake, Jasmine Sullivan and other amazing artists!!!
Writer and editor John Jeremiah Sullivan is guest-editing this year's Best American Get stoked,
Song of this beautiful spring evening: Green by Justin Sullivan.
We are our deeds. I am my deeds. That is what matters in this life. My hero Justin Sullivan once told me that...
Justin Sullivan on what inspires him & New Model Army's 2013 release. Older stuff:
Great night of future preparation with : Allison Morris Clark Brewer and Justin Sullivan Brown
MUST READ: Amazing sendoff for Reggie Witherspoon by Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News...
Whole Foods Shares Are Crashing (WFM) - Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesWhole Foods just put out an ugly Q2 earnings...
Just watched Beatles on Ed Sullivan and would officially like to nominate Justin Bartha / to play Ringo for the biopic.
Yahoo News shared the following link and had this to say about it: PHOTOS of the show dogs from Westminster created and digitally altered with a smartphone by Getty photographer Justin Sullivan. The annual dog show showcases the best dogs from around world in New York City. View the Westminster: Best In show photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news...
NICE FBERS.LOVELY FBERS.Does anyone have Justin Sullivan's BIG GUITARS IN LITTLE EUROPE they would like to donate to me.WITH THE CD IN IT PLEASE.
The Beatles 50th anniversary Ed Sullivan appearance salute was on CBS while the Justin Bieber 50th anniversary of peeing will be on YouTube.
Justin Bieber changed his name to Bizzle? Oh.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Potty-breaking youngsters love their social networks: (Credit: Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/G...
A little while ago I was walking back from a dentist's appointment, when I passed by the town library in Stratford, CT. Stopping in to warm up, I was browsing around the 'popular music' section of the non-fiction room, and a book caught my eye. I forget the title, but the subtitle was 'An Oral History of Punk Rock'. Seeing as though I was trying my best to waste as much time as possible before returning to the 1/2-way house, I opened it up and turned immediately to the index at the back of the book, to the "N" section, specifically. I was pleasantly surprised to find you-know-who listed there, even if it indicated only one page. So, eagerly I searched out page 563 and found an entry with the title " 'Slade the Leveller' (Justin Sullivan), New Model Army". It was only about four paragraphs long, one of them being a quote from Justin in which he comments on (neo) Goth music and culture of the time. The author of the book then goes on to describe a very early performance, and then spending the night on (Just ...
"We cry out in our fury to the gods of fate - Come on and get us if you can" Justin Sullivan
22-we have English and math together and we went to Sullivan together. You love justin bieber
On this day in 1964, made their iconic debut on The Ed Sullivan show: |
&my grampy is like "I remember watching them perform on the Ed Sullivan show when I was 15 & it was a bigger deal than Justin bieber is"
50 years ago the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. 15 minutes ago I had some French Fries.
I have the whole Ed Sullivan Show with the Beatles on DVD. If I wasn't going to Justin Timberlake I would be watching it.
Justin Sullivan and I are going when he gets back from the store. You can join us if you want
50 years ago today, The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, more than 73 million Americans tuned in.
working out my body, cuz it makes it sexy, let's go do some bicep curls oh oh 🎤. Music and Lyrics by Justin O'Sullivan
dear Justin Bieber, 50 years ago today the Beatles first rocked America on the Ed Sullivan show... beginning a...
50 years ago today the British invasion took place. The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show... and the rest is history
It's the 9th February 1964. Ed Sullivan introduces the USA to
hi Bertrand I know Justin Sullivan of New Model Army is a fan of your music do know them aswell?
Nobody in the world says *** as well as Justin Sullivan out of New Model Army. NOBODY. And that's a scientific fact.
Great show in Clarkston tonight with Gordon Bigg Dooley, Justin Sullivan, and Ruben Ruben! Those people came to laugh and laugh they did!
How long before this never ending Beatles-gasm is over with? We get it, they went on Ed Sullivan and had a few hits. The Stones were better.
Following Estelle Liebenberg Fritz, but with a few additions: 15 albums that have stayed with me over the years in some way. I have tried to list only albums that I have had attachment to for twenty years or more. 1. The Angels/ Angel City: Dark Room. Sure, it's basically bar band rock, but I loved this album in junior high school and still love it now. Doc Neeson continues to receive cancer treatment, hope he's doing well... 2. The Kinks: Give The People What They Want - I know it's from their arena rock years but it was the first Kinks album I owned and I still have great fondness for it. (I love Muswell Hillbillies, too, and have known it almost as long, but somehow Give The People... feels more mine). 3. Motorhead: Iron Fist. Lemmy told me during an interview that there were a bunch of songs that weren't supposed to be on this album and that he still doesn't like it very much, but it remains my fave early Motorhead. i never really liked Ace of Spades! 4. Nomeansno: Mama. My first Nomeansno album... wa ...
Man cave log- day 287 Today Nolan Skidmore and Justin Sullivan will be apprenticing under me. They will lean the basics of man caving as those are the only skills I poses..
Justin Sullivan (born 8 April 1956, Jordans, Buckinghamshire) is an English singer and songwriter, born to Quaker parents. He is also the frontman and lyricist of the British rock band New Model Army,[1] which he formed in 1980 together with drummer Robert Heaton and bassist Stuart Morrow in their h...
Magic just beat the Thunder in a last second win. Let's Go Magic with Justin Sullivan, Marti Alejandro Ruiz, Tahnee Caudill
I'd be so hype if I wear a cop and I arrested Justin Bieber
Justin Sullivan - Ghost Train. Utterly brilliant, utterly beautiful, utterly inspiring. Listen to it today people, and pass on the karma.
Waiting for Justin Sullivan Brown to upload his video on YouTube! Y'all be sure to check his new video "WINNING" out here in a few.
I wish we did more ab exercises. my boy Justin Sullivan said you have a killer ab circuit. Maybe you can talk Cochran into it!
BREAKING: The job market made another weak gain last month as employers added 113,000 jobs, though weather may have distorted the employment picture for the second straight month: (Photo by Justin Sullivan Getty Images)
Justin Sullivan would like to invite you to celebrate his birthday with him tonight. He will be at the bowlarena at 9:00 pm. Please bring $12 for unlimited games and shoes. Happy Birthday Justin!
Can't take Justin's fake laugh anymore!!! U replaced Mary Ann Sullivan get rid of him
To: Justin Bieber if I see one more video of u thinking u can skateboard I will have u arrested again Ok
I'm seeing Justin Timberlake, Jazmine Sullivan and Janelle Monae this year. I hope to add Miguel and Paul McCartney to that list.
Wearing my canes tshirt to represent all the canes players in the winter Olympics tonight especially team USA and Justin Faulk ❤️🇺🇸
“Justin Bieber on his way out of prison
1 of my fave songs off 1 of my fave LP's. Justin Sullivan - Tales Of The Road: via
Both times I had my party at the skate castle they announced my name over the mic as Justin Sullivan, and im forever scarred.
😂😂😂 "this is the best pick up line. What's your number yet? They're like oh uh no it's 555.." - Justin Sullivan.
Moving day.. the day when you can really tell who your true blue friends are... the ones who answer the phone.. thank you so much Carlee Paris Brittany Justin Sullivan And my love Steven Maxson! Y'all rock. And sorry
Can justin be more like Kayne West around paparazzi's?
Honestly cannot stand Justin Bieber and his baggy pants
I find it VERY interesting that Justin Bieber hasn't weighed in on Woody Allen's silence over the Beatles' Ed Sullivan Show anniversary.
"When the power of Quinn Sullivan overcomes the love of Justin Bieber the world will know music"
Out w the old, in w the blowed ... So Long, Cigs: CVS Pulls Tobacco (Photo: Justin Sullivan) …
Makenna Sullivan will be signing to play soccer at Eastern Kentucky & Jessica Justin will be signing with Sioux Falls for track
Just an edit of SCNDL team riders Hill Sullivan Gardner (old edit but a good edit)
First Justin now the Sullivan's, is this a sign of the apocalypse?
Relationship like mila and justin in this film please😍
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News / Getty Images. This car was found at the bottom of the Alamedan Reservoir.
Beat justin and Tyler Sullivan aka soccer is life in a game of crossbar/upper v pig
is justin still our manager and is Bernie gunna b team lead
Today brings this song to mind. Justin Sullivan & Dave Blomberg "Turn Away". .
so we gave it to Justin's ungrateful ***
The latest from Justin Sullivan (I play the guitar and tell jokes...sometimes at the same time...I think. Detroit Rock CIty, Michigan
Stevie Jones and Mark Gill supported Justin Sullivan and Dean White from New Model Army at The Musician, Leicester 09/05/11 - here's some footage from their ...
West Torrance senior Justin Sullivan singing the national anthem before West hosts Peninsula in girls basketball.
My god, you fools. "3D printer creates likeness of Bruce Willis at CES in Las Vegas" (Photo: Justin Sullivan)
Asking for your prayers and positive thoughts today. I have both my boys on the road. Ian Robertson and Bruce Robertson are on their way to Sacramento to pick up Stevie Walton, Richard Larsen III, Nichole, Easton, Justin Sullivan and Brook from the airport. And tomorrow heading up to Lake Tahoe!!! My little George and his dad are on their way to Savannah, Georgia to visit friends. And then heading to Parris Island, South Carolina, (Marine Corp) so George can see what his daddy did as a 1st Sergeant.
I AM SO TIRED ... But had a great full day of belt testing at both our locations, Premier Martial Arts in Abilene & in C. City! Congrats to all our wonderful students for getting one step closer to Black Belt Excellence. Proud of ya, keep it up! You all really shined today with a variety of MMA skills from the real world self-protection, to practical fighting, with complete physical fitness, and all those priceless life-skills! Special thanks to our instructors & AMAZING leadership team: Homer Matlock, Jeff Potter, Justin Sullivan, Ashley Milligan, John Reynolds, Logan Cox, Cody Blake, Dalton Couch, Kaden Potter! Goals we set are goals we get, c ya on the mat!
My brother Brian posted "Beetles, Stones, Who, Zeppelin, Hendrix", and after writing my comment I thought that it said quite a lot about me and decided to post it publicly. I went through my Beetles and Stones phases in about a week each. I'm all done. Who and Zeppelin a few years, and the Who wrote the best rock-operas ever, save Floyd which will eternally be my 1st or 2nd favorite band ever. The contender is a band called New Model Army, a band with a traveling cult following throughout Europe but never caught on in the U.S. I love a song writer who is less concerned with rhyming and more into writing intelligent, provocative, thought-provoking lyrics in addition to killer musicianship. Justin Sullivan, founder and songwriter of NMA has written well over 200 songs (published, I can only wonder how many have never made it onto an album or single) and edges out Roger Waters by a nose. That's my take on secular music. I'm more into Worship music these days. ("Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll" have pretty much al ...
Snowden: Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped Get short URL Published time: June 17, 2013 15:30 Edited time: June 17, 2013 21:29 Graffiti that is sympathetic to NSA leaker Edward Snowden is seen stenciled on the sidewalk on June 11, 2013 in San Francisco, California (AFP Photo / Justin Sullivan) Share on tumblrTrends NSA leaks Tags CIA, Hacking, Intelligence, Internet, Politics, USA The threat of imprisonment or murder will not stop the truth from coming out, Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who blew the lid on the massive National Security Agency surveillance program, told the Guardian in a live Q&A. The 29-year-old former NSA contractor in conjunction with Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian journalist who broke the story on the NSA’s two controversial data-collection programs which targeted Americans and foreign allies alike, took questions online regarding the fallout from the massive intelligence leak. Edward Snowden kicked off the session by describing the targeted campaign by the US government t ...
Happy Fathers Day to my husband Daniel Sullivan Sr. who didn't have an easy time at the start of fatherhood but became a wonderful and loving Dad. To our sons Erik Erik Armstrong and Daniel Sullivan who are fantastic Dads and great men. To my nephews Travis Brown, Brian Olson, Justin Olson, Jonathan Thompson, Chris Thompson who grew to not only be phenomenal Dads but men as well. To my bro-in-laws Justin Sullivan and John Sullivan, you are truly a blessing to your kids . To my big bro Vito Janie Olson who is now the man of the family. Thank you for everything you do. I know life has dealt you a terrible blow but God is guiding you through survival. To all my other friends and family, may your daddy's day be blessed and filled with love.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Update from Justin Sullivan for the Shockers Black. The Black team drops game one vs OKC Sandlot after leading 4-2. The night cap verses Wichita Rangers proves to be another wild one. Shockers draw first blood scoring 3 in the top of 1 holding the Rangers scoreless. Shockers added 5 in the second then headed to the bottom of 2 with an 8 run lead. That's when something happened! When we headed to the top of 3rd tied whatever it was ended too. We score 1 in the top of 3rd and hold them. Both teams go scoreless in the 4th. Shockers score again in 5th but relinquish the lead when the Rangers score 2 to tie it in the 5th. Both go scoreless in the 6th & 7th. In the top of the 8th leadoff Seth Hilliard gets hit by pitch. Advances to second on pass ball with Braydon Albert at the plate. Albert takes a pitch deep down the line just a few feet inside the foul pole. HOMERUN! We go back ahead 12-10 we hold the Rangers scoreless in the bottom of 8th to win. They return home for a nap before returning to play Waco Stor ...
Bay Area home prices keep going up, hit 5-year high Bay Area single family home prices continued a skyward climb in May, reaching their highest level in more than five years, according to a report Thursday. Median sales prices in the sizzling market were given an upward nudge in the East Bay, Peninsula and South Bay by multiple offers for a scant supply of houses for sale and by a change in the market mix to favor higher-priced homes, said real estate information company DataQuick. Sales still are well below their year-ago levels, although they rose by double digits from April to May in Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and 8 percent in Contra Costa County, the San Diego company reported. "The housing market here is very hot," said Remy Weinstein, A sale pending sign stands in front of a home for sale on February 21, 2013 in Larkspur, California. According to the National Association of Realtors. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) (Justin Sullivan) a real estate agent with Highland Partner ...
Justin Sullivan of New Model Army is now on Instagram as justinnma. Show some support, people :)
Had a great time tonight at Joeys ComedyClub alot of funny comedians. Bill Bushart, thanks again, for letting me emcee tonight. Dawn Caram-Schleicher, you are one funny chick. Don't give up your dream so you can live out somebody else dream. Do you boo. Funny man Justin Sullivan, likes black silk..that's classy. Kent Tucker, you are... you are... I don't know what you are, but whatever you are, you're good at it. Thanks everybody, who came out to see live Comedy.
Justin Sullivan just shook hands with me after shaking hands with Kal Penn (Kumar from Harold and Kumar), who has also touched Neil Patrick Harris, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.
Derby day with Justin Sullivan and Greg miller
Prayers for Kolton & Glenn as they are on the last leg of their flight to the Dominican Republic this morning. The Ambassadors were able to share the Justin Sullivan story with Daquan Cook & another MBA player from the Oklahoma City Thunder this morning on their flight from Oklahoma City to Atlanta! It's going to be an awesome week In the Dominican . I cannot wait to see how many lives will be touched & all the many wonderful things that our GOD has in store for this mission trip!!!
Ivy League News: Ron Paul supporters plan a PaulFest in Tampa just before GOP convention: (Justin Sullivan / Get...
Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images “Pink slime,” a cheap meat filler, is in 70 percent of the ground beef sold at supermarkets and up to 25 percent of each American hamburger patty, by some estimates. “It kind of looks like play dough,” said Kit Foshee, who was a corporate quality assurance ...
i gave my whole highschool career to play soccer and contribute all i could to my team. Now it's all over and i'll never play another game with those guys, but i loved every second of it and i can't imagine a better way to end my highschool career. love to all my fellow champions Aaron St John Alex Hwang Nicholas Alexander Retterer Bradley Nicely Steven Jones Adam Cate Timothy Ceausu Justin Sullivan, Matt Johnson, and Mang Thang. i'll never forget you guys.
Romney promises ‘better America’ Click image to see more photos. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Coming off a clean sweep of all five
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