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Justin Smoak

Justin Kyle Smoak (born December 5, 1986 in Goose Creek, South Carolina) is an American Major League Baseball first baseman for the Seattle Mariners.

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Think they might look at Bautista for 1B? I'm grasping at straws to not see Justin Smoak get any significant ttime at 1B.
I mean he's a better 1B option than Justin Smoak
Lackey for Justin Smoak and Mike Boslinger is the offer
Justin Smoak will crush 50 homers and shock the world. Trust me.
Chris Collabello's tender must have been tainted by Justin Smoak
don't forget the Justin Smoak bobblehead lol
couldn't offer up a high A pitcher for a complement to Russell Martin /Justin Smoak?
Yes, Justin Smoak likely would've been non-tendered by today had he not signed an extension, but since he did, I'll defend him.
'Complement for Justin Smoak'.. Ridiculous looking to complement a guy you sat out the last 3rd of the season
All I want for Christmas is someone other than Justin Smoak playing first base for the
Why not get Justin Smoak to do it...then we can re-sign Edwin!
Kevin Pillar and Justin Smoak Deer Hunting in South Carolina. If Smoak shoots like he hits, the Deer will be safe.…
Did Ross Atkins not watch Justin Smoak bat last season? To suggest Morales & EE are essentially the same player could mean a lot more Smoak.
Blue Jays have traded Justin Smoak to the Diamondbacks in exchange for cash
Yes. I don't think the Jays feel like Justin Smoak is an everyday 1B, so they need to fill a hole there
Don't worry we still have Justin Smoak.
at least Justin Smoak being on the roster gives Rowdy Telez a much quicker route to the majors
Justin Smoak, Melvin Upton Jr., and Kendrys Morales for Andrew McCutchen, who says no
When Edwin signs in Houston tomorrow will Jays land express the shock of a team that didn't just sign Kendry's Morales and Justin Smoak?
Readier than Justin Smoak! He raked in Double-A at 21; lots of players have made the jump with worse numbers.
and that your opening day first baseman is Justin Smoak
That's like saying Justin Smoak has fans.. 😂 😂 😂
the Jays will give you Justin Smoak and we will even throw in Ryan Tepera
what are you smoking. A fair pay would be justin smoak.
Who needs Eric Thames when you have Justin Smoak
The Justin Smoak extension is just "0 WAR players aren't free"
I like Justin Smoak and comfortably predict that he will smack many trees in 2017 (as long as there isn't a strike).
Guess it would have been a gamble to think he'll be worth that commitment, better to go with a sure thing like Just…
I'd take that Thames contract over Justin Smoak's anyday.
I'm kinda on the sign Chris Carter, punt Justin Smoak into the ocean bandwagon.
I see you with the sneaky fave . IDK if you follow baseball but the Justin Smoak comparison was a compliment, I swear!
(Also I hope he understands the 'Justin Smoak type' thing is a compliment, he might not be decent at bat but he's decent with the face)
just frustrating we are talking about Justin Smoak or Chris Carter as regular (even if platoon) players
to me, the 26th spot would make Justin Smoak's inclusion on the team make some logical sense.
Nothing says Blue Jays more than a guy who's older than 30, hits bombs, and strikes out more than Justin Smoak. You…
Chris Carter is actually better than Justin Smoak in every way, but probably costs more than 4M.
Also how typical of me is it to not even let Justin Smoak be the poster boy for his own 'type'
There's a security guard at my school who looks like Justin Smoak and this guy had a baby
He played a guy named The Beaver on Greek. . He's also the poster boy for what I like to call 'the Justin Smoak type'
Trade: Blue Jays acquire Joey Votto from the Reds in exchange for Justin Smoak, Ryan Goins, and every Goins fan account.
Sweet scenario and about as likely as Jake Gardiner learning to play defensively or Justin Smoak hitting a curvebal…
Blue Jays free agency: Exploring the "other" 1B/DH available: Kendrys Morales and Justin Smoak currently make……
Carrera gives it a good poke, but flies out. Justin Smoak will pinch hit for Goins.
I wonder how many Giants fans would prefer Justin Smoak over Brandon Belt. I'm sure the number is not zero.
PRunner Dustin Pompey + UIF Ryan Goins in. P Scott Feldman + UIF Justin Smoak out. As I guessed, we went with 11 Ps. Liriano ACT
Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak not on the ALCS roster for
Blue Jays add Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey to ALCS roster at the expense of Justin Smoak and Scott Feldman.
So, Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey added; Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak deleted.
Ryan Goins and Dalton Pompey are on the Blue Jays ALCS roster; Scott Feldman and Justin Smoak left off.
The Orioles' Matt Wieters and Justin Smoak played ball together in high school in Goose Creek, SC.
Justin Smoak is from Goose Creek. Is that like Duck Lake? ⚾💙🍁
Me: Hey Rogers go get Joey Votto . Rogers: He's too expensive & we have Justin Smoak. Me: .
Yankees: Yankees, Blue Jays brawl after Luis Severino throws at Justin Smoak: Tempers flared in...
Justin Smoak robbed by leaping Brett Gardner catch at LF wall. lose 7-6 to in a crazy-pants game. Details…
Justin Smoak: “I felt like I hit it decent, barrelled it, thought it might have had a chance. Gardner made a great play on i…
Breaking the Dioner Navarro news to Justin Smoak gave Barry Davis a ***
do you think he is more Chris Davis or Justin Smoak?
Ross Atkins on Justin Smoak signing: “It has no impact on our ability to sign Edwin Encarnacion, or anyone else for that mat…
.1B Justin Smoak agree to 2-year, $8.25M contract extension with an option for 2019.
@ B2-1o: James McCann grounds out, SS Ryan Goins to 1B Justin Smoak.
Travis Shaw grounds out, shortstop Ryan Goins to first baseman Justin Smoak.
@ T5-3o: Justin Smoak pops out to 3B Travis Shaw.
Travis Shaw grounds out, second baseman Devon Travis to first baseman Justin Smoak.
@ B4-1o: Travis Shaw grounds out, 2B Devon Travis to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B2-1o: Jackie Bradley Jr. grounds out to 1B Justin Smoak. Travis Shaw to 3rd.
Justin Smoak pops out to third baseman Travis Shaw.
@ T2-1o: Justin Smoak pops out to 3B Travis Shaw.
@ T7-2o: Aaron Hicks grounds out, 3B Josh Donaldson to 1B Justin Smoak. Didi Gregorius to 2nd.
@ T3-1o: Didi Gregorius grounds out to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B3-3o: Aaron Hicks grounds out softly, C Russell Martin to 1B Justin Smoak.
Cheap sleepers I love today - Mitch Moreland, Trevor Brown, Matt Duffy, Justin Smoak and Franklin Gutierrez.
@ B4-3o: Robbie Grossman strikes out swinging, C Russell Martin to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B2-3o: Juan Centeno grounds out, 1B Justin Smoak to P Aaron Sanchez.
Network Pre-Game begins at the bottom of the hour! Jack Morris with Jerry, Justin Smoak with Joe, also me and
@ B2-1o: Justin Smoak grounds out softly, P Jake Odorizzi to 1B Logan Morrison.
@ T2-2o: Brandon Guyer grounds out sharply, 3B Josh Donaldson to 1B Justin Smoak.
Andrew Faulkner takes over from Cesar Ramos with bases full, 1 out T5, gets Justin Smoak on a 6-4-3 DP. 1-for-11 with RISP
Justin Smoak, Brett Cecil, Jonathan Broxton, Welington Castillo, Ryan Hanigan are just some of the 300 MLB'ers making more than Jose Altuve
Two big plays took over Toronto! Kyle Lowry sends Game 1 to OT a minute before Justin Smoak walks it off. WATCH:
@ B9-1o: Kevin Pillar walks. Ezequiel Carrera to 3rd. Justin Smoak to 2nd.
@ B9-0o: Justin Smoak walks. Ezequiel Carrera to 2nd.
@ B9-1o: Logan Morrison grounds out, 2B Ryan Goins to 1B Justin Smoak.
The Blue Jays 1B options right now are Justin Smoak, Jesus Montero, and FA Michael Morse.oh my god this is so funny to me.
In case you missed it: New Story: Alumni Spotlight: Matt Wieters & Justin Smoak
Justin Smoak thus far: 12AB, 11K, .389 OBP (2nd highest on team). Baseball stats are so weird and wonderful.
Steven Wright pulled after 5 2/3 w/ runners on the corners. Robbie Ross Jr. in to face Justin Smoak in a 2-2 game, bot 6th
@ T5-2o: Tyler Goeddel grounds out, 1B Justin Smoak to P Jesse Chavez.
Justin Smoak sends Matt Boyd fastball deep to LCF for HR leading off 2nd. 2-2 game.
Justin Smoak, batting right-handed vs lefty Matt Boyd, opens B2 with solo drive. and 2-2
Stadium radar gun said 95 mph. Not sure if that was on the way in (Bobby Parnell) or on the way out (Justin Smoak).
@ B4-1o: Jarrod Saltalamacchia grounds out to 1B Justin Smoak.
Just turned on and 2 former Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders now with the Fanned! Some things never change!
@ T6-3o: Brock Holt grounds out, 2B Darwin Barney to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B4-1o: Justin Smoak lines out to SS Brock Holt.
@ T3-3o: Brock Holt grounds out, SS Jio Mier to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T3-1o: Deven Marrero grounds out, 3B Matt Dominguez to 1B Justin Smoak.
Justin Smoak seems like the perfect knuckleball hitter
@ B2-0o: Justin Smoak singles on a line drive to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
He walked in as a known hockey player using his real hockey name at time to sign authenticate medicine orders but was really Justin Smoak
The immediate doctor in the all volunteers hospital was Justin Smoak a baseball player NAME that like Linda has many persons anonymous using
New photos of Paramore on Parahoy by Justin Urban.
@ B4-3o: Pete Kozma grounds out softly, P Jesse Chavez to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T4-2o: Justin Smoak strikes out swinging.
@ T2-3o: Justin Smoak grounds out, SS Tyler Wade to 1B Mark Teixeira.
Read Trade Retrospective on the Cliff Lee swap: Then check out the series:
SBN Trade Retrospective: Mariners move Cliff Lee to Rangers for prospect haul
Retrospective: Over five years ago, sent Cliff Lee to for prospects.
7-1 Rays. Justin Smoak doubles off the wall as two runs score,
@ T5-2o: Eduardo Nunez grounds out to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T4-2o: Eddie Rosario grounds out, 2B David Adams to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B3-2o: Justin Smoak grounds out to 1B Byung *** Park.
@ T3-2o: Wilfredo Tovar grounds out, P Gavin Floyd to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T2-2o: Eduardo Nunez strikes out swinging, C Josh Thole to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B1-1o: Domonic Brown walks. Michael Saunders to 3rd. Justin Smoak to 2nd.
Jays have four hard hit balls in the first inning, including an RBI single from Justin smoak - they lead twins 1-0
And the Jays are in flight! 1-0 lead on a INFIELD single by Justin Smoak. Saunders hustle kept it alive for them.
I think he will hit like Justin Smoak but with worse defense and never be more than a bench player He's got a role, even if it's not entirely what he'd like, and Justin Smoak is settled w/
"Switch hitter" the likes of a Justin Smoak..who couldn't hit from either should def stick to one side lol..but this kid
Oops. Justin Smoak just launched a ball off Triggs that may have put a dent in the International Space Station. Jays now u…
@ T7-0o: Justin Smoak walks. Darrell Ceciliani to 2nd.
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@ T5-1o: Justin Smoak flies out to RF Eury Perez.
@ T2-1o: Justin Smoak grounds out, 2B Jose Altuve to 1B Jon Singleton.
@ B1-3o: Luis Valbuena grounds out, SS Richard Urena to 1B Justin Smoak.
I just saw a kid wearing a Justin Smoak shirsey. I wonder why his parents hate him so much. Poor kid.
Forgot that another former Gamecock great is in this game too, Justin Smoak is the starting 1B for the Blue Jays.
Back-to-back home runs for Russell Martin and Justin Smoak 🔥🔥⚾ lead 3-1 over the Orioles!
RECAP: Justin Smoak goes deep as the beat the Pirates:
Russell Martin and Justin Smoak are so underrated for this Toronto Blue Jays team
Justin Smoak took his back I see. Might have hit the shed today over the fence.
As Drake might rap, Russell Martin and Justin Smoak going Back to Back. 3-1 over
Russell Martin and Justin Smoak went back to back during today's win over the O's! NOTE: I do…
Justin Smoak can lead off who cares. The takeaway is the Jays just bolstered a pretty thin bullpen ya dummies.
except that Cook never helped us get Justin Smoak so.I forgot where I'm going with this...
I would say they want an upgrade over Justin smoak.
ALERT: Justin Smoak has changed his number back to after appearing as during the David Price Era.
updates Justin Smoak for jersey 13 to 14
"Dec 5: Justin Smoak changed number to 14. Full circle. I like it.
Every time I hear Matt Weiters name or Justin Smoak it's just
Justin Smoak can belt out that long ball when he wants
The Blue Jays could use a first baseman who isn't Justin Smoak.
With all due respect to defensive stalwart & possible future fictional brother-in-law Justin Smoak, should start …
remember that time I called the Justin Smoak grand slam?
Justin Smoak and Steve Delabar harmonize like egg drop soup and hummus, however not Chris Stratton.
to help us wish Justin Smoak a Happy Birthday!
Last year was the worst year since 2008 for shopping in the non-tender market. Kyle Blanks (.8 WAR) and Justin Smoak (.6) only players >.5.
25$M could be spent on Justin Smoak, Marco Estrada, Ben Revere and Michael Saunders.
Other who could be non-tendered: Justin Smoak, Josh Thole, Aaron Loup or Drew Hutchison. You can't let everyone go. U never know.
So both Justin Smoak and the reanimated corpse of Michael Saunders made it to the ALCS before Felix Hernandez.
It's horrible that the Blue Jays still insist on playing Justin Smoak over Chris Colabello. COLABELLO IS BATTING 100 POINTS HIGHER
Robinson Chirinos grounds to Cliff Pennington, who throws across to Justin Smoak to end the top of the ninth inning of a playoff game?
@ T9-3o: Robinson Chirinos grounds out softly, 3B Cliff Pennington to 1B Justin Smoak.
WHY is Justin Smoak playing over Chris Colabello...c'mon Gibby!
@ B8-1o: J. Hardy grounds out softly, C Dioner Navarro to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ T8-1o: Justin Smoak grounds out softly, C Matt Wieters to 1B Chris Davis. Ryan Goins to 2nd.
Someone get Justin Smoak some rum and a cigar for Jobu this weekend? Straight ball he hit it very much. But curve ball...bats are afraid.
Players I expect to leave the this off-season. 1. Justin Smoak. 2. Chris Colabello. 3. Matt Hague. 4. Latroy Hawkins
@ T3-3o: Gerardo Parra grounds out softly, P David Price to 1B Justin Smoak.
@ B2-1o: Justin Smoak doubles (12) on a line drive to RF Gerardo Parra.
Cody Allen strikes out Justin Smoak with bases loaded and the 8th inning is over. Indians lead 3-2
Indians still lead Toronto after 8 3-2 as Cody Allen fans Justin Smoak with the bases loaded
Cody Allen strikes out Justin Smoak with the breaking ball... we will head to the 9th trail Cleveland 3-2
Justin Smoak and the are having a grand ole time in New York.
Justin Smoak hits into 4-6-3 twin-kill, but tying run scores. Russell Martin up with two out, man on third in 6-6 contest
Has there been a decision yet as to what jersey number David Price will wear? Justin Smoak currently has the
Justin Smoak gave his No. 14 jersey to David Price. Smoak will now wear No. 13. Will you b…
The acquisition of David Price means Jays have two Justin Smoak will give up his and now wear 13.
LHP David Price (will wear number 14. 1B Justin Smoak switches to number 13.
David Price has worn No. 14 every day of his major league career. So, Justin Smoak is about to get a new jersey.
Prospects will be prospects… Justin Smoak, Blake Beavan, Mike Olt, C.J. Edwards, half on Justin Grimm...
See...Justin Smoak, Justin Grimm, Mike Olt. The list goes on and on...
Jerry Howarth talking about Justin Smoak: I'm tired of this shift"... That's not what I heard at first.
Seconds before his bogey on 17, I said, "Wow, Jordan Spieth looks like Justin Smoak." 😳sry brah
Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Jesus Montero, Austin Jackson, Chone Figgins, Robinson Canó. A whole gaggle of hope at one time.
Dustin Ackley, Levi Michael, Kyle Seager, Justin Smoak, James Darnell, Reese Havens. Seager was the last one drafted.
The real Franchise Four in the Kingdom of Zd:. Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, Jesus Montero, Casper Wells.
Justin Smoak does the Bill Buckner for the error at first
Justin Smoak: 2 HR of 430+ feet today . 3rd player to do so in a game this season (Bryce Harper - May 6, Miguel Cabrera …
Justin Smoak joins John Olerud and Jesse Barfield as the only to hit 2 Home Runs in a game on
It took a long time, but letting Chris Davis and Justin Smoak go is finally starting to look like a good move.
Mitch Moreland was a fringe OF in Frisco when Chris Davis and Justin Smoak were both next big things.
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Justin Smoak, Kendrys Morales, and Chris Denorfia all having great seasons for other teams.
RHP Steve Delabar to pitch B8 for Munenori Kawasaki into game for Justin Smoak, playing 2B.
Sometimes you get Adam Jones, Chris Tillman and George Sherrill back in the deal. I know, and sometimes you get Justin Smoak.
Also Justin Smoak is not hot garbage anymore despite tons of opportunities in Seattle, maybe the Yankees really should trade for Ackley
I do really enjoy when Goins fields a grounder and throws to Justin Smoak. No suspense.
If you were Justin Smoak, you'd be .256/.347/.453 with good defense. If you were Mike Napoli, you'd be .208/.309/.396 - bad but much better.
in the Pros - Justin Smoak 2-for-4 with a HR & 2 RBI in a win yesterday for Toronto over Miami
Did anyone else see Justin Smoak's homer?
Marlins: Blue Jays beat Marlins, stretch winning streak to eight games: Justin Smoak hit one of ...
Justin Smoak has been a surprisingly solid addition to the Blue Jays.
just like Justin smoak winning the MVP right? 😂
Roundup: Blue Jays Surge to 8th Straight Win: Justin Smoak hit one of four Blue Jays home runs, Scott Copeland won in his first major...
Blue Jays beat Marlins 7-2. Justin Smoak had a homer and a double
Justin Smoak really crushed that home run. That should buy him another couple years of fan sadness and disappointment in a new city.
Was at the game today, so I didn't get to hear with the "murdalize" call on Justin Smoak's homer. Love it.
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I’m assuming we’re all now aware Justin Smoak has been awesome this year?
Tack Justin Smoak on to the list of awful Mariners who only start becoming great once they concidently leave Seattle
is Justin Smoak available at all? Blue Jays need some pitching I'd imagine? Maybe a Cooney or Lyons?
Forgot Justin Smoak was with the Blue Jays
Admittedly in order to properly Edwin Encarnacion you may need to be traded to Toronto (Justin Smoak is OPSing .800)
he's got a contact problem. He's like if Justin Smoak played the outfield.
Thanks. Feel bad for not doing it a year ago. Too busy writing about Justin Smoak, I guess.
boy, that Justin Smoak worked out for the Mariners. What about others in your top 5?
He's in my Top-5 guys I've seen in the last 8 seasons. Trout is # 1, but I must admit, Justin Smoak is in there too!
AJ Burnett and Justin smoak look like some mouth breathers Fasho
Justin Smoak will not be in the starting lineup for Monday's game vs Boston.
@ Al SAHIM what's next? You are going to bring back Jean suits? are you dark 2000s Justin Timberlake? Let me live.
BlueJays player of the game is Justin Smoak. Justin was 1 for 4 with the Jays lone RBI
RBI single by Justin Smoak with two out T9 cuts lead to 5-1
Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders report: . Both 0-2, both due up in the top of the 7th. If you have MLB package tune in!! .
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I'm thinking Zunino is no worse than last, just there is no Justin Smoak to look worse.
Justin Smoak is one strikeout away from a
it brings me a lot of emotional closure to see Justin smoak in a Blue Jays helmet
Justin smoak has pretty terrible pitch recognition sometimes
Justin Smoak batting in the 5-hole. Actually, Justin Smoak batting, period.
Edwin Encarnacion struck out swinging. On the play, Josh Donaldson stole second. Runner on second with two outs and Justin Smoak due up.
Justin Smoak will always be my love
After 3 innings, it’s deadlocked at 1. Justin Smoak and due up for the
MT: The strikeout of Justin Smoak was Erasmo Ramirez's first since the bottom of the third inning of his April 15th start at Toronto.
So Justin Smoak has 1 more HR, 1 more 2B, & 4 more RBI than LoMo in 27 less AB's? 😑. TORSmoak goes deep in 9th.
Justin Smoak will start at 1B and bat 5th vs Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday.
The beat the 12-3; Justin Smoak went 1-1 with a solo HR yesterday for Toronto in the loss to Tampa Bay on the road. ⚾️
Justin Smoak homers & gets the call in the Lowcountry MLB MiLB Update,
Justin Smoak, 1-for-15 in his career vs Ubaldo Jimenez prior, hits his first homer with two-run shot ties game 2-2 vs B4
(Top 9th) Well done Justin Smoak & Danny Valencia, but I'm still thinking I should have turned this off after inning 4.
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Justin Smoak smashes a home run in the 12-3 loss to the Rays on Friday in Tampa.…
Justin Smoak hit his first home run for the this week. Get to know him a little better
Stratford alum Justin Smoak yaks his 2nd homer of the year for the
Logan Morrison is the Justin Smoak we never had.
Justin Smoak destroys a pitch from Matt Andriese
Stratford grad Justin Smoak homers (in his only AB for the Blue Jays in a 12-3 loss to the Rays
The Jays may be getting blown out, but Justin Smoak gets a hold of an impressive opposite-field home run
The one year I dont draft Mark Teixeria and Justin Smoak of course they are off to good starts
Justin Smoak scores the first run since the 4th inning with a solo shot to LF. 3 - 12 in T9.
Justin Smoak went boom to the opposite field to score the third run of the night, and Valencia went to his opposite field for the 2B.
Justin Smoak hits an opposite field HR. Smoak's 2nd HR of the season. 12-3 Rays.
Justin Smoak goes deep, his second HR of the season. Another oppo taco job for him. trail 12-3 top9.
Justin Smoak hits an oppo HR, only down 12-3 now in the 9th. His 2nd HR of the season.
Chone Figgins and Justin Smoak embracing was one of the most touching moments in franchise history.
Today's big read up on Justin Smoak & Edwin Encarnacion
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Corey Hart, Abe Almonte and Justin Smoak all starting in this May game on But yeah, shame they only added Cruz.
2 names that come to mind this year are Justin Smoak and Brandon Morrow
Marco Estrada will be wearing and Justin Smoak will be wearing
so you swap Lind and Melky for Russell Martin and Andy Dirks or Justin Smoak. Is your offence better?
"a wizard approaches and asks whether the Mariners would rather have Justin Smoak or today's John Olerud. also the wizard is John Olerud"
To be fair, Justin Smoak is a much bigger name than Colt Hynes, Matt Hague, Cory Burns, and Bo Schultz.
Bye bye Justin Smoak. That completes the list of of Seattle sports teams from my year out there leaving! Edwards, Montero & Smoak!
Well perhaps we'll see Justin Smoak in the next episode of "House Hunters International"?
So Dan Bailey can kick a 56-yard FG in this marine air like it's no big deal but Justin Smoak can't hit a ball past the warnin…
Would anyone swap Jon Singleton for Justin Smoak in the offseason? How about Robbie Grossman for Dominic Brown? Just wondering.
Justin Smoak in for Kendrys Morales at 1b. James Jones replaced Stefen Romero in RF in 7th
Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders aren't even on the active roster right now but they're here in the baseball museum
Logan Morrison, Corey Hart, Justin Smoak, and Kendrys Morales have combined for -2.7 WAR this year.
Josh Lueke Joshua William Lueke (born December 5, 1984) is an American professional baseball pitcher in the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Professional career Lueke was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 16th round of the 2007 Major League Baseball Draft. On July 9, 2010, Lueke was traded to the Seattle Mariners along with Justin Smoak and fellow prospects Matt Lawson and Blake Beavan for Cliff Lee and Mark Lowe. On April 3, 2011, he made his Major League Debut for the Mariners against the Oakland Athletics. He threw two-thirds of an inning giving up four runs on two hits. He also had two walks and two strikeouts. On November 27, 2011, Lueke and a player to be named later were traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for John Jaso. On March 16, 2013, the Rays optioned Lueke to their triple A team the Durham Bulls. On May 10, 2013, Lueke was recalled to join the Rays major league club. He pitched 1 1/3 innings in his season debut against the San...
hope to have 1B Justin Smoak playing in Triple-A Tacoma on Wednesday; OF Michael Saunders and 1B/OF Corey Hart by the weekend.
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Buster Posey, Justin Smoak, Pedro Alvarez, Eric Hosmer, Ike Davis, Yonder Alonso and the other 20 guys over Timmy
Tell that to Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Robinson Cano,.oh wait.
I want to see Christian Walker make it, since Justin Smoak he was the best hitter I saw come through Columbia
It's nearly June, 2014. We know who Justin Smoak is. I think we know who Dustin Ackley is. We probably know who Jesus Montero is.
sea, 5, Justin Smoak grounds out, second baseman Brian Dozier to pitcher Ricky Nolasco. Robinson Cano to 3rd.
(19-17) Mariners top hard-throwing rookie with two homers Smoak's two-run shot, Ackley's solo blast back gem from Young SEATTLE -- First baseman Justin Smoak and left fielder Dustin Ackley supplied the power with home runs off hard-throwing Royals rookie Yordano Ventura, and veteran right-hander Chris Young won his third straight start as the Mariners topped the Royals, 3-1, on Saturday at Safeco Field. Ventura, a highly regarded 22-year-old right-hander, had allowed just two home runs over his first 39 innings this season until Smoak turned around a 96-mph fastball for a two-run shot in the fourth inning. Ackley added a solo shot in the sixth for the final 3-1 margin, which was plenty of cushion on a night Young was so sharp. While the 6-foot-10 Young was holding the Royals to three hits over eight innings with his array of 70-86 mph pitches, the Mariners managed to successfully counter the upper-90s heat of the 6-foot Ventura, who touched triple digits several times on the Safeco Field radar gun. "That ...
Show-Me State baseball teams show very little Saturday Chris Young strong in Mariners' 3-1 win over Royals SEATTLE (AP) — Chris Young pitched eight efficient innings, Justin Smoak and Dustin Ackley homered, and the Seattle Mariners beat the Kansas City Royals 3-1 Saturday night. Young (3-0) allowed three hits, while striking out three and walking none. The tall right-hander needed just 96 pitches, setting down the lineup in order in five of his eight innings. It is the first time Young has thrown at least eight innings since he tossed a complete game for the San Diego Padres in 2008. Young didn't play last season and pitched sparingly from 2009-12. Fernando Rodney pitched around a two-out single in the ninth inning to record his 11th save in 12 attempts. Smoak gave the Mariners a 2-1 lead in the fourth, hitting a no-doubter into the seats in right field for a two-run home run. Ackley added a solo shot to right in the sixth inning off Royals starter Yordano Ventura. Ventura (2-2) allowed three runs in 6 ...
Justin Smoak has been on fire this season he actually looks like a viable first baseman
hou, 3, Jason Castro grounds out to first baseman Justin Smoak.
hou, 1, Jason Castro grounds out softly to first baseman Justin Smoak. Jose Altuve to 2nd.
VIDEO: Justin Smoak comes to the rescue with the Rangers threatening in the ninth.
Tristan H. Cockcroft would you drop Nick Swisher for Justin Smoak? Dee Gordon for Chris Owings
Jeff Rickard and Steve Phillips want to hear from YOU on SiriusXM Fantasy Baseball! Who will have better statistics this season between Justin Smoak and Brad Miller and why? POST RIGHT HERE!
Back-to-back jacks! Corey Hart follows Justin Smoak with his first home run in a uniform. Make it 8-0.
The beat the 8-3; Justin Smoak went 2-4 with 3 RBI's for Seattle over Anaheim & Raul Ibanez went 2-4 in the loss.
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8, 3. Brad Miller homered twice for Seattle, Justin Smoak drove in three, C.J. Wilson got beat up.
That double in the 3rd was Justin Smoak's first career extra-base hit with the bases loaded, according to Angels broadcast.
Today's trivia tidbit from MLB's top PR staff: Justin Smoak is the first player in history with 3+ runs and 3+ RBIs in an opener.
So excited to be pregnant with my best friend Kristin Bevacqua Smoak and her husband Justin Smoak who killed it last night at the Seattle Mariners Opening Day Game! Yay for babies and home runs ;)
Justin Smoak hit his first home run of the season in the Mariners' 10-3 win over the Angels.
As depleted as the Yankees opening day lineup was last year, Justin Smoak is currently batting fourth, protecting Cano for SEA.
There's 4 days until the Orioles Opening Day! Time for team's in my OFFICIAL Power Rankings. 20. Seattle Mariners I know what you’re thinking, how could the club that signed the most coveted free agent this offseason, 2B Robinson Cano, be as low as 20th? The answer is pretty simple, he’s just about all they’ve got from an offensive standpoint. Sure, the addition of OF Corey Hart will give Cano a bit of protection in the lineup, but other than that, this lineup is pretty barren. This is a crucial season for CF Dustin Ackley, who will attempt to live up to the billing that led to him being selected 2nd overall by the Mariners in the 2009 draft. Ackley has failed to hit above .255 since his rookie season in 2011. In an extremely similar situation is 2008 first round selection, 1B Justin Smoak, who was acquired from Texas in 2010 to subsequently hit below .240 in every season since. These two are under a lot of pressure on a Mariners team that is trying to win now. If they can find their stroke, it woul ...
If it weren't for Justin Smoak, that throw from Brad Miller might have killed a fan. Didn't realize he had that kind of arm.
Here's the right link to the Justin Smoak story.
"Justin Smoak has good power but needs to put the ball in play more." His OBP was .334 last year. Not sure why he needs to make more contact
Justin Smoak and Dan Uggla will be this year's AL and NL MVPs
Robinson Cano scores from first on two-out double by Justin Smoak. Mariners lead 2-0. Still batting. Looks like a pennant.
Billy Ray Cyrus came to see me & said "Is your dad here cuz I need to speak to someone like a guardian of yours". So I said that my guardian is Alex Rodriguez & he said "No that wont do Bud Selig is already leaning on him" And then he said "we have a situation because Miley got a little ahead of herself & signed you on as a homosexual because your name is Michael & your soon to be substitute for Justin Smoak is named Robin so he's the girl in this.
Justin Smoak from found out about Rose's son Justin Smoak & swore to me that he's never been to this side of the world where I am now that he was never Diane Gambino; but he is Alex Rios which is considered central part of the world. He told me that he raised his own children & had been asked to adopt more to be raised in the Catholic Religion. The one on this side has no children. However, Aquista House on this side (this block) put in for the Ken Griffey deal stating that if I was managing that Morse could play as Griffey & I said no. Then I realized that since my name JESSICA ETABLY was on that marriage license, Justin Smoak was legally married to me. I also realized that in the chapel with the photos we were married in a Christian Interfaith Chapel. Christian up here is considered highly different from Catholic. Catholics should believe that there is nothing that will kill them whereas Christians need Christ to resurrection them.
The Mariners better make a few more moves. I like the Logan Morrison trade. He's 26 and was one of baseball's top prospects a few years ago. He is very similar to Justin Smoak just faster. I'm not as big on Corey Hart though. He has Richie Sexson Jr. written all over him. He adds depth though and he does have great power. Next step? Trade Franklin and another prospect or two for Brett Gardner. The Yankees need a second baseman badly. You need a solid lead off hitter and I don't think Brad Miller is ready yet. I would prefer him in the nine whole. They also need to sign either Morales or Nelson Cruz. Maybe both? Morales isn't a prototypical cleanup hitter but he is better than what they have now. If they think Corey Hart is going to protect Cano in the lineup, the front office is even more messed up than I thought. I'm actually pretty excited about the season though.
Free-agent reliever Fernando Rodney is said to be seeking a deal of at least two years, at $10 million per year. The Indians, Padres, Mariners, Cubs & Yankees are interested in free agent RHP Joaquin Benoit. As posted earlier, the Orioles are still in discussions with Benoit as well. The Seattle Mariners are not expected to drop out of the bidding for free agent outfielder Nelson Cruz. The Mariners have penciled Justin Smoak in as the starter at first base, & the Mariners could opt to play Cruz in right field, Logan Morrison in left field, & Corey Hart as designated hitter if Cruz was to sign with the Mariners. Toronto Blue Jays agreed to a minor league deal with knuckleball pitcher Tomo Ohka. The Blue Jays may decide to start Ohka in Double-A New Hampshire in 2014. The Winter Meetings will close Thursday without the Dodgers concluding a significant deal, General Manager Ned Colletti predicted. Agent Scott Boras confirmed that the Twins are still interested in RHP Mike Pelfrey & that he's met with General ...
Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports has reported that the Mariners have made 1B Justin Smoak available.
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