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Justin Roberts

Justin Jason Roberts (born December 29, 1979) is an American professional wrestling ring announcer, currently working for WWE appearing on its Raw brand.

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Justin Roberts talks about WWE's bullying culture and what a phony *** Triple H is off-camera:
First thing i thought of was Justin Roberts interview with you, getting heat for getting himself over.
Congrats to Ethan Roberts and D'Airrien Jackson on being named the Regions Athletes of the Week! ht…
What... So Mauro, Justin Roberts etc are MAKING IT UP? Because he likes Roman Reigns... What Universe are you living o…
JBL AGAIN... Some of the bullying listed in Justin Roberts' book is shocking via
Booker T saying he had the best seat in the house WWEs way of taking some sort of dig or acknowledging Justin Roberts?
Justin Roberts on if JBL should be fired from WWE
corporate culture is apparently atrocious. Wouldn't invest in a company like, them Boycot…
Did Booker T just make a subtle dig at Justin Roberts?
I'm sure there's plenty of books lined up to be read already by u but if you can - cop that Justin Roberts book. It blew me away
Justin Roberts on why JBL should NOT be fired, the member of management who is most "insecure" person he's ever met. https:…
Thanks Justin Roberts 📸 for the follow! Please subscribe to my Rihanna based Youtube channel. A link is on my bio
Justin Roberts interview, Shelton return date set, and more.
Justin Roberts continues to speak out against
Stevie Williams growing up skating Love Park in Philly, getting sponsored at 12, how riding for Chocolate changed … ht…
TOOL VIPS STILL AVAILABLE. Why they might be your best bet - info at Also news about Justin Roberts at VIP EVENTS.
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From the archive: Justin Roberts found the kernel for his essay on Barbados by reading state papers abstracts.
Malcolm Roberts is almost as pretty as Trudeau, and equally deluded.
I liked a video Justin Roberts shoots on JBL Bullying Him
Hi, my name is Justin Roberts and this is my life through my lens as I try to make something of myself!
Everything we've seen of and how interacts with all the young guys is completely counter to Justin Roberts' claims.
I'm already getting sick of seeing Justin Roberts interviews on websites every day.
"Similes and Metaphors" is the only song that the Bazillions did with Justin Roberts and Laurie Berkner
Justin Roberts says Triple H once made fun of independent wrestlers he now takes photos with,
Justin Roberts is definitely burning bridges with WWE, he's been saying some things that are hard to argue with but should be kept personal
Just listened to a really good Justin Roberts interview on WOR 😃.
Justin Roberts speaks out about JBL being a real-life bully
Justin singing his verse in deja vu should never die
It's AP bio so you know I need help
I uploaded a new song called, Would You Return? by Justin Roberts & The Simulations on
When I look at some of the screenshots, I seriously thought Justin Roberts looked like a Q-tip.
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Yeah, they'd have been cooler if they didn't fire Bryan for choking Justin Roberts with his tie. And Cena burying t…
Nice steal and hoop for Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts with two 3s and has 12 of Findlays 36 points.
Like how Justin Roberts wasn't afraid to attack Marvin Bagley
Findlay Prep starters: P.J. Washington, Justin Roberts the guards, Lamine Diane, Ador Athuai and Reggie Chaney are the forwards
Instead of matching their teammates, PJ Washington (Kentucky) and Justin Roberts (DePaul) came out in their college warm-ups.
On page 157 of 530 of The Policewoman, by Justin W.M. Roberts
"Children" Justin Bieber via David Roberts. What about the children?. Look at all the children we can change. What...
Free: Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players - Jan 21
I never really cared about exams untill about 20 mins ago
Coming up this afternoon from 4-6pm on Drive Time 380 with Justin Roberts & Dan Egger:. 420pm - Betsy Potter from...
Man I miss Justin Roberts, Lilian Garcia and Tony Chimel as ring announcers
Who the *** is this ring announcer, he's no Tony Chimmel or Justin Roberts 🙄.
do you think a guy should be stashing Justin Houston this week? Say at the expense of E. Roberts?
Just played: This is How We Bring in the Sun - Justin Roberts - Lemonade(Carpet Square)
Nice & mild today with sunny skies! Great weather ahead for Friday Night Football too:
Here's a look at current conditions this morning:
Musician Justin Roberts says Cane by Jean Toomer opened the eyes of an Iowa youth - LitWorks A Book…
Wrong Justin Roberts...Here's the kid/adult song master I want to be like...
. featuring future Blue Demon guard Justin Roberts is ranked 7th in the nation by USA Today
Congrats to Justin Lea, Dalton Campbell & Joseph Roberts on earning Academic All-District honors from CoSIDA!...
Justin Pugh: My best friend has an Eagles tattoo. I don't give him tickets anymore.
A foggy morning for parts of the viewing area:
if your name ain't Gracee Barber or Justin Roberts you shouldn't be worried abt me, it's that simple.
Based on what I'm seeing, it's safe to assume the Liberals will make Malcolm Roberts prime minister by Christmas.
Say what you like about Malcolm Roberts, it can't be easy making David Leyonhjelm look like only the second craziest nu…
SHARE Police are looking for this suspect in 2 deadly metro police shootings:
Cloudy skies with morning storms; more developing after lunch time today:
Grateful to & players Justin Ellis, Reggie Nelson, Seth Roberts for thrilling our patients, families, staf…
75 PENALTY!!! Dembele fouled by Korb as he races onto Roberts' pass and the referee also sends off the Borussia defender!
Roberts return game. Blocking has been good and Roberts has impressed.
Get ready for a mild day with showers later tonight into Wednesday:
Here's a look at a mild start to our Tuesday morning:
facts. They're saying it's going to be crazy and unexpected. I can't wait 😭😭
that'd be a crazy twist, I just want the next episode to come out already 😔
I saw star wars talk I had to pull up... but if she was his daughter she'd be older than luke so idk :/
exactly and then they could make her turn to the dark side and Kylo give in to his pull to the light
TRU YO I hope they do this, her being sky walker is to basic
my personal favorite announcer is Howard Finkel. Followed by Justin Roberts. Justin for the new generation obvi.
number of guys who can do it. Roberts/Washington in play with Abdullah. Also, maybe 5th WR added tomorrow.
I take it Roberts is the same thing?
any thoughts of keeping Roberts over Jones at WR? Roberts hasn't shown much... has he?
Anyways, gun to head, you can only have one, Darryl Roberts or Justin Gilbert?
my beef is they gave andre Roberts all these touches didn't play Tj seems like favoritism he not better
he brings is Howell and Chavez with risp lol just not smart moves by Roberts tonight
Lib was good first half but has been horrible since his dl stint and Roberts still uses him smh
First look! Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay will melt your heart in
Looked like Justin Clifton lost Michael Roberts in the back of the end zone. Caps a 12-play, 75-yard drive to give Toledo a 7-3 lead.
Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner were among the players Roberts and Friedman spoke to.
Dave Roberts confirms that will start for Dodgers on Sunday.
slightly crushing on Justin bieber rn I can't lie
Those...may not have been Hawkeye bars we suggested to while he's in San Diego... 🤐
Best movie theater experience ever, messes with and guess who's a celebrity judge for the new UI Golden Girl?
As a person that dabbles in Justin Roberts impressions, it's impressive!
justin looks like he's about to burst out laughing. And Roberts face is like "jake did you just fart".
Justin Roberts hits Malcolm Moore in the end zone for a Loper touchdown! - 44, - 21
Justin Roberts now coming in at quarterback with less than four minutes left
Barkevious Mingo's strip-sack is negated by an Elandon Roberts penalty.
there is a Hawkeye bar down by Joe's crab shack on the water front and piers. Have fun.
Looking for suggestions for a good Hawkeye bar in San Diego...
Coming up next hour on Drivetime 380 with Justin Roberts & Dan Egger:. 4:20p - We'll continue our countdown to...
Havin a dream that Justin Bieber fell in love with me has honestly caused me to be a belieber all over again 😩❤️
If Justin gets mad at this hashtag, we can just say "it was an accident" since it's an easy excuse to repair 💁
I think Marvin, TJ, Roberts c/b enough outside. I wouldn’t keep 6th, but I like Jace best in vacuum
"Wow Kylie, this popcorns almost as salty as you" -Ruth
sorry I'm late. traffic was bad. let me just end justin w/ this move. new king of pop. https:/…
BrisbaneBroncos on GoogleNews : NRL 2016: Ex-Broncos skipper Justin hodges says James Roberts is 'not happy' as clu…
Stephen Roberts is officially suspended for Clemson game and will be "week to week"
It's certainly a warm & muggy morning. Temps will rise to the low 80's with plenty of humidity & rain chances. http…
Cloudy skies with passing thundershowers throughout the day, clearing later tonight:
Cloudy skies with passing thundershowers throughout the day:
If I didn't have Justin on my profile, it'd be Nicola Roberts instead lol
Well Smackdown ain't topping raw this week, unless the Miz brings up Justin Roberts and neckties.
maybe I'll hound them with demo tapes like Justin Roberts did. That all worked out in the end 😉
Doubtful. TJ Jones and Andre Roberts are ahead of him, and it appears to be by a wide margin.
It's a warm, muggy & hazy morning across eastern That'll continue into this afternoon with low 80's expected. http…
A few clouds this morning otherwise partly sunny with areas of patchy fog, muggy:
Another video of Justin Bieber spotted doing karaoke out in Los Angeles, California earlier. (August 28)
Dave Roberts is a certain special kind of special.
Hi Justin! We understand how important signal is for DIRECTV! This link will help! ^RobertS
Shoutout to my bro skydiving for the first time 👌👌
Appreciate the insight. I like Roberts better than Kerley too.
Kerley is a slot, other guys are outside receivers. This is more about Roberts.
Greg Hamilton reminds me of Justin Roberts, he is great
Big day for DePaul! . Locked up transfer Austin Grandstaff And recruit Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts, Chris Giles & Gary Trent, Jr. will be a monster backcourt at next year.
Findlay Prep gonna have a killer backcourt with Gary Trent Jr. and Justin Roberts
Former Pike guard Justin Roberts says he will attend Findlay Prep in Nevada.
Butler targets Kyle Young, Jayvon Graves, Jaren Jackson and Justin Roberts make the Peach Jam.
Howard Finkel, Tony Chimel, Justin Roberts & Lillian Garcia are the best 4 in ring announcers.
domain names
give Justin Roberts his announcing job back.
The fact that we still have Eden Styles but Justin Roberts was let go makes me depressed every time she speaks
Taker lost his luster, not after the loss at 30, but when Justin Roberts was let go.
Indianapolis (Ind.) Pike 2017 point guard Justin Roberts talks interest and more.
i get it but even if Roberts cut and we keep Ross we got same amount of WRs as last yr so why would he be cut
Roberts is def. Gone. I'm not a big Grant fan but Gruden loves him
Spiece dominated most of weekend at 17u and beat Louisville Magic in final at Run 'N Slam 55-46. Justin Roberts 15. Roberts great weekend.
Dave Roberts hasn't decided who will DH in Tampa/Toronto, but mentioned Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez as two guys he'll talk to.
Julia Roberts saying she would gift this to Jennifer Aniston😂 . -. Imagine her using it with Justin🔥😂
When Daniel Bryan choked Justin Roberts with his own tie.
Fire Roberts this is really embarrassing 6 in a row at home against the Marlins and Padres wow
Congrats The are getting a FANTASTIC player and leader! .
What do you think of Justin Roberts? The kid says UM is on him a lot.
Jaren Jackson, Xavier Tillman, Justin Roberts key down the stretch but was decision making from Tyger Campbell that won out for Spiece
2017 point guard Justin Roberts had a really nice game. 20 points, passed it well as Spiece rallied from 30-10 deficit to win 62-60.
Justin Bieber showed up at Drake's album release party last night in Toronto
Spiece 2017 PG Justin Roberts was looking to dish early. Got it cooking scoring in second half. Underrated Midwest PG bringing Spiece back
Spiece Indy Heat PG Justin Roberts having a big day. Has speed in the open court, plays hard and is being a facilitator.
Justin Roberts had a big Friday night at the Spiece Run N Slam --
See Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players at 11am on 7/23 at
Lmao poor announcers feel bad for them. I want Justin Roberts back tho ngl lol
Justin Roberts had a good night one at the Spiece Run N Slam
Justin Roberts sealed the win at the line for Spiece Indy Heat over Team Final. Jaren Jackson had another good game as well.
Now we have Spiece Indy Heat with Jaren Jackson Jr. and Justin Roberts vs Team Final and Lonnie Walker. Mokan Elite next court over
A big congrats to Lawrence High's Justin Roberts & who both signed today. You left your mark!
Justin Roberts is officially a Toledo Rocket. PG from Lawrence, Kan. joins James Gordon IV in C/O 2020. He'll be at UT in late June.
Just nobody could announce EDGE like Tony Chimel, or John Cena like Justin Roberts, Eden has got Kevin Owens locked down.
Lilian Garcia should never announce big matches ever again. Bring back Justin Roberts
This stephanie segment is worse than Roberts and Warrior in the graveyard. Get a clue!
He was out there to say the attendance record. Justin Roberts did it in literally a minute .
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Justin Roberts is gone man, get over it
It's times like these that I miss Justin Roberts
Just hit the Pennsylvania state line headed to my good friend Justin Jrromeo Roberts house to watch WWE...
Misogynist Male Members just do not know one end from the other.
I know Willets Point .. and is spot on.
How are all you college kids getting tickets to see Justin Bieber you're supposed to be broke
Justin Roberts (2017) from Pike will run with our 17U EYBL squad.
WrestleMania Weekend Snapshots!!! . Former WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts hanging out with the greatest...
'Purpose' by Justin Bieber is now certified 3x platinum in Australia.
Is that Justin Roberts in the back right?
It's funny Justin bieber's mum has more followers than drake bell 😂
I added a video to a playlist WCW2K16 Justin Roberts Interviews Ric Flair!
Looking forward to 17U EYBL season and with & Justin Roberts w
I'll take Justin Roberts or Bobby Cruz over the Fink any day and twice on Sunday
to give red-hot Justin Turner ample rest during the regular season.
Check out Director Justin Roberts live in a few minutes. Thanks to LIFF! See U in April
The photo arrived today with letter for Jaxon. Will do my best to get Justin to see the drawing.
So my good friend Justin Jrromeo Roberts is having a WrestleMania party at his house on Sunday from about 2 p.m.
Tim Cross, Justin Roberts and Ross Scherff doing a press check on the programs.
We want to wish our Urbandale agent, Justin Roberts very Happy Birthday! We hope Justin has a wonderful day and a...
Had a great time with my buddy Justin Roberts on this morning
me too. You know after you date Justin, its hard to upgrade. But I didn't expect such a downgrade
Great 3 way battle with Mark Buxton, Justin Roberts and Ralph Fernihough.
Justin hodges to come out of retirement. James Roberts to be sent to QCup for remainder of season.
Is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman really an upgrade on Dimbleby and Question Time?
I liked a video from Roddy Piper and Jake Roberts bash on the British Bulldogs
Dodgers: Dave Roberts reveals Justin Turner will bat 3rd on Opening Day, Adrian Gonzalez 4th; no decision on leadoff.
didnt Daniel Bryan get fired for doin the same to Justin Roberts (any1 remember him) when nxt went berserk?
My favorite Daniel Bryan moment is when he went Chris Benoit on Justin Roberts
I hope there's a highlight reel where they show Daniel Bryan choking out Justin Roberts and getting fired
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A quick start from Justin Roberts & Anthony Harvey sparked Lawrence to 63-44 win in opener.
End 3Q: Lawrence High boys hoops are up 50-33 at Emporia. Justin Roberts has 17 points, Price Morgan has 14 points and Anthony Harvey has 13
I have no experience announcing just around the house influences obviously Justin Roberts but also jimmy lennon
Indiana State, IUPUI and Purdue were at Pike (Ind.) today to see 2017 point guard Justin Roberts.
Random WWE thought: If Edge can make WWE get Tony Chimel to do his introduction, why can't Undertaker make WWE get Justin Roberts to do his?
6/10 Justin Roberts in announcing duties the graphics look very true to real life as far as ring crowd wrestlers etc.. There is now an
Justin Roberts got it. The right intonations when needed. You knew who the good and bad guys were just by his shift in...
I am kinda surprised they didn't but then Justin Roberts would say how they exploit kids.
well I will miss Justin Roberts. He was the best announcer since finkle. I just hope they give commentary and announcing
Today is Justin Roberts Day! will be for a bedtime pj concert. We can't wait!
. Justin, we're looking at two different articles. Here's a link to what I'm looking at.
I know Justin Upton enjoys playing in San Diego, but tanking the season to decrease your market value so SD can afford you? My man!
so our slot wrs can't get open against Justin Rogers or Kysheon Jarret? How good can crowder or Roberts be?
really think Roberts role diminishes as the season goes on & Grant/Crowder completely replace him next year.
Guys, squats are like a billion times easier when Justin Timberlake is singing to ya.
New CardioMEMS technology is helping patients with heart failure. Dr. Justin Roberts explains.
iconic, Justin Bieber turning up to Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
Watching Summerslam 2011 and I can't take my eyes off Justin Roberts sorta white suit
Andre Roberts uses his hands to beat Justin Rogers.. Probably would have been OPI though.
Justin Roberts' hair always looks so greasy.
maybe the nasty boys or matt striker or stevie Richards or scott hall or Justin Roberts to announce or sandman
how is Justin Hardy looking so far? How is Ricardo Allen doing at safety?
It's 2015 and I'm still jealous of her. Justin Bieber
Proud to say we're the cause of that smile . Justin Bieber
Every single belieber attending spread the word, make Justin remember this one 💜
Two years ago today Justin received the Diamond Award for 'Baby'. Do you remember? Justin Bieber
Congrats to this week's Orientation Honor Roll student, Justin Roberts!
Justin Turner doesn't think that's funny.
new americana. sushi . emma roberts. keep up with the kardashians. avenida brasil. Justin Bieber
Padres person this week on Justin Upton: "If we can't get what we consider to be good value, why wouldn't we make him a qua…
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Lillian Garcia replaces Justin Roberts as the main ring-announcer.
2 articles with exclusive content, Justin Roberts & Diana Hart and
Happy Birthdays today out to Andy G. Freeze, Bob Mueller, Bruce Holiday, Carl, Dusty Wipf, Ed, John Bret Simmons, Justin Roberts, and...
Lawrence High PG Justin Roberts is focused on making a big comeback after tearing his ACL. http:/…
Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Zack Ryder, and Justin Roberts on one side! Fandango and Curtis Axel on the other!
Pike's Justin Roberts looking to build off solid sophomore season; Hyron Edwards signs.
Father of responds to Justin Roberts' controversial blog. Story:
Justin Roberts makes the first point for LHS with a free throw. 1-0 lions.
First point of the game scored by Justin Roberts off a free throw
Justin Roberts introduces Adam Jones from Tool, who will play our national anthem.
Reaction to Justin Roberts gone from Will Stone Cold ever have 1 more match?
Chris Jericho speaks with The Miz and Justin Roberts and then chats with Run-DMC’s Darry McDaniels on the second...
WWE is currently planning to have Eden replace Justin Roberts as the RAW ring announcer. Lilian Garcia will...
After the releasing of Justin Roberts, Lilian Garcia should return to and Eden Rhodes could be an announcer on SmackD…
also if I had the choice between the two I'd go with Justin Roberts over Lilian Garcia. I like Lilian but she's not good.
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Describe : releases passionated guys like Justin Roberts or Evan Bourne, makes a guy Champ who wrestles 5 times a year
WWE pulled a stupid move by releasing Justin Roberts. Really enjoyed how he introduced superstars. Reminded me of Bruce Buffer.
Also it was Justin Roberts who brought Connor backstage the 1st time to meet WWE Superstars and kept in contact with him.
Yo: Justin Roberts on a 1-yard TD run, Pomona heads Bear Creek 34-7, early in the 4th.
Justin Roberts (QB) and Miles Matulik (WR) sitting together on the bus to jeffco stadium to take on Bear Creek
Dance and sing with Grammy-nominated Justin Roberts & the Not Ready for Naptime Players on Saturday, September 27...
Justin Roberts KGAN has your Tuesday morning On-the-Go forecast For more:
From today's Book Report with Jarrett J Krosoczka: "The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts and...
Chris Jericho goes flying against Bray Wyatt on Raw: From ring announcer Justin Roberts, who had his camera ro...
Does Justin Roberts do weddings? I feel like I want him to emcee mine.
Justin Roberts introducing Randy Orton and Roman Reigns definitely gives this match that Big Fight Feel.
I laugh every time Justin Roberts says "Rrrranday Oton"
I never get tired of Justin Roberts saying "From St. Louis, Missouri." Ever.
Why is Justin Roberts announcing this match like it's a PPV Title match?
Oh this match is important cause Justin Roberts is announcing the guys after they've entered the ring.
Match getting the special 'announcer' treatment. Justin Roberts. This ain't no title bout!
I still say Justin Roberts is the worst ring announcer in wrestling.
UR too kind but Justin Roberts is great as his job!
Wow. The Bellas are Oscar-worthy in comparison. Almost. Not quite.
If you don't follow Justin Roberts on Instagram, you're missing out. Seriously. Just look at what he posted today.
Should be an interesting reunion for Justin Roberts and Jerry Springer don't you think?
This Jerry Springer segment will be worth it if he looks at Justin Roberts and says: "You look familiar."
Can we get Paul Heyman to replace Justin Roberts?
Can we PLEASE have Jerry Springer tell Justin Roberts that he looks familiar! Make it worth it!
Justin burger don't eat my fave food
Video of Justin Roberts on the Years ago.
There is a children's music artist named Justin Roberts who sounds just like
Join for the launch party of Justin Roberts new book on Sept. 12!
We've hit over 5000 loops on Josh Dugan Vs Tyrone Roberts on Vine! Check it out- & also follo…
Raw featuring Nexus debut is on WWE Network. Notable that Daniel Bryan choking Justin Roberts with his tie was edited off.
Justin Roberts looks to follow Mentor’s footsteps - Allmetrohoops
lol Justin Roberts posted the Picture he took of us all lol I am on the left hand side!
Impression of WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts via
we all were except you and Olivia😏 but I was talken about before that😂
Found this picture of Justin Roberts at a WCW Nitro in 1995
I did that this year :-) met Bully Ray, ODB, EY and Edwards at TNA and Justin Roberts at WWE
Photoset: "Here are your winners,Dean Ambrose and (Y/N)!" You heard Justin Roberts. Your boyfriend Dean...
I definitely thought Justin Roberts was about to say Ravishing Rick Rude, and I was so confused.
Here are the results from the WWE Live event in Liège, Belgium. Not sold out but I estimate around 5000 people in attendance. Justin Roberts was ring announcer for the entire night. * 8-man tag-team match The Rhodes Brothers, Big E and The Miz def Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and Titus O’Neil Big E hit the Big Ending on Gabriel for the win * Rusev w/Lana def Zack Ryder * Match for the WWE Diva’s Championship Paige def Natalya & Tamina * Last Man Standing Match Big Show def Kane After the match Kane chokeslammed Brad Maddox * Mixed Tag-team match Santino Marella and Emma def Fandango and Layla * Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship w/ Pat Patterson as special guest announcer Bad News Barrett def Rob Van Dam * Main Event The Shield def Rybaxel and Randy Orton Reigns hit a spear on Ryback for the win Biggest pop : The Shield, Randy Orton, Big Show Read more:
Justin Roberts has your Wednesday morning On-the-Go forecast For more:
OH, Justin Roberts just called him by his full name. A mistake or…
Justin Roberts has your Friday morning On-the-Go forecast For more:
Happy Wednesday! Wake up with CBS 2 This Morning! Joy Howe and Trei Johnson show us how Cedar Rapids city leaders are feeling just a day before the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission decide whether or not the city gets a gambling license, Marcy Jones tells us why some Corridor shop owners are worried about sales this time of year and Justin Roberts explains when we can finally expect to see some 70's!
if you are referencing the Andre match, Warrior was goin all Daniel Bryan on Andre/Justin Roberts... Minus the tie.
WWE RAW RESULTS (4/14) – EVOLUTION REUNITES & MORE! Welcome everyone to tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Tonight’s show begins with every superstar and diva on the roster standing on the stage honoring the late Ultimate Warrior. Jerry Lawler asks everyone to join them as they honor Ultimate Warrior. We are then shown a video package highlighting the life and career of The Ultimate Warrior. Back in the arena, everyone gives a moment of silence and and 10 bell salute to The Ultimate Warrior. Everyone then joins together in giving him a standing ovation as his music plays over the arena. After the commercial break, Rob Van Dam will go one on one with Alberto Del Rio in the first round of the IC Title Contender’s Tournament. -Commercial Break- Back on Raw, Alberto Del Rio is already in the ring. He is formally introduced by Justin Roberts. His opponent, Rob Van Dam, makes his way to the ring. Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio Del Rio starts off quickly with kicks and stomps to Van Dam. Del Rio get ...
Was really awesome to see so many of my road buddies this past weekend in New Orleans at WrestleMania 30! Robby Brookside, Dusty Rhodes, Fandango, Alicia Fox, Normal Smiley, Tyson Kidd, Ziggler, The Bellas, Mauryse, Spears, Bray Wyatt, Justin Roberts, Slater, Sandow, Christian and tons more! Flattered to speak at DDP's surprize birthday at House of Blues with Scott Hall, Ric Flair, Big Show & others...And totally Super proud of my big brother Jake the Snake for going into the Hall of Fame in front of his family, friends and fans!
Justin Roberts says it that way literally every single time.
I should try to get Bruce Mitchell to say "Goldust" like Justin Roberts does. "Gohhhld...dustah!"
Photo of John Morrison, Zack Ryder, Miz, Justin Roberts, Dolph Ziggler, and Alex Riley down in the Bahamas this...
John Morrison, Zack Ryder, The Miz, Justin Roberts, Dolph Ziggler & Alex Riley on the beach in the Bahamas during Miz & Maryse's wedding shenanigans.
John Morrison, Zack Ryder, The Miz, Justin Roberts, Alex Riley, and Dolph Ziggler from Miz/Maryse's wedding in the Bahama's
– Above is video from Stephanie McMahon’s “4 Minute Workout” shoot with Prevention Magazine. – The band Tool is back in the news this week after inviting 3MB to a private concert before last week’s Raw in Los Angeles. Now, they have asked Raw announcer Justin Roberts to introduce them at a...
i want Justin Roberts to say " Here is your winner and neeww Divas Champion, Kharma!"
LHS boys up 40-33 at the half. John Barbee with a team-high 14 pts/3 rbs. Justin Roberts follows with 10 pts, Connor Henrichs with 9 pts.
It must be a weak economy in town as there were chunks of empty floor seats and lower bowl seats at Nationwide Arena. Only a fraction of the second level seats were filled and the third level was totally unused. Before the action, the Mae Young tribute from Smackdown aired on the arena's overhead video board. Justin Roberts was the announcer for the evening and started the festivities asking we all rise during the National Anthem. Special guest Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer was announced as a Block O was displayed on the overhead video board. 1. The Primetime Players defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel in a less than perfect match. During the match, the bizarre Columbus crowd chanted "Feed Me More." A spot was botched in which Axel came off the second rope for a missed axe handle and his legs fell on top of a prone Darren Young. Young made the hot tag to Titus, who cleaned house and after Ryback took himself and Young over the top rope with a clothesline, Titus hit his spinebuster on Axel for the win ...
Well just finished touring Greensboro College with Justin Roberts and my dad!! Nice school and coaches! Decisions decisions!!! At least we have a little time to way out different schools!! Nice time spending with my dad n oldest son - priceless !!
This amazing Slidely® was created from the favorite photos & music of Justin Roberts - Powered by Slidely - Create & experience your photo collections as beautiful slideshows
Merry Christmas to some special guys in Okinawa Japan. . Corey Brazile, Hansel Grant, Justin Roberts... hope yall have a good day..
Justin Roberts 6'0 PG at Pike is very good. Visiting Kentucky. Calipatria knows about these kids early.
Justin Roberts has your Tuesday afternoon On-the-Go forecast.
Nominees for Emerging Athlete of the Year: Dylan Carter, Marisa *** Shanntol Ince, Nicholas Pooran and Justin Roberts.
I still don't understand why Justin Roberts isn't wearing white and red suite in spiriting of Christmas?
Don't tell them what the present is, Justin Roberts!
Hey Justin Roberts, you're not supposed to tell people what the gift is, dummy.
Some in attendance here tonight include Eron Gordon, Devin Davis, Zavier Turner, Justin Roberts, and Trevon Bluiett. Pick up game after?
"Cody Rhodes and GOLDDDUUUST" gotta love Justin Roberts announcing
- Renee Chester and Asa's song request for Justin Roberts during some playful Family Yoga at Bloom Yoga Studio.
Hey! I just remembered I took a pic with Justin Roberts. LOL. It's saved on my Dad's phone.
Congrats to WR Justin Hardy, set new school record with 3,008 career receiving yards
Justin Roberts has your Monday afternoon On-the-Go forecast.
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