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Justin Morneau

Justin Ernest George Morneau (born May 15, 1981) is a Canadian Major League Baseball (MLB) first baseman for the Minnesota Twins.

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Justin Morneau and Jimmy Rollins weren't even All-Stars in the year they won MVP
8. Back to RPF: Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau. The only pairing on my signup I did not receive anything for this year (or ever, lolsob)
Comedian Jimmie Walker and MLBer Justin Morneau in the TSA screening line with me.
do you know where Justin is? How many vacations is this now? How much is it costing the tax payers?
"Morneau celebrates alone after hitting his first in 2 months."
Former AL MVP Justin Morneau rehabs with the Barons prior to making his debut in July.
Not like 1B/DH will be a problem for Canada - between Freddie Freeman and Justin Morneau - it should be covered
I don't really see a reason why Justin Morneau wouldn't.
Do you think the Prime FB Justin Morneau is under rated? Over rated?
Justin Trudeau and his Libtards live in a fact-free world, period!
YOur favorite! Nick also told me they were looking at our buddy Justin Morneau as well.
Adams is an alternative to Adam Lind, Brandon Moss, Justin Morneau and Pedro Alvarez -- some of the lefty 1B/DH bats on free agent market.
oh hey, the derby that Justin Morneau won.
Fun Fact: Justin Morneau won this derby... Not that you would remember it.
Free agent Justin Morneau will be out until mid-season after under going surgery on his elbow.
Thanks Joe. Compared to past winners, this is like that time Justin Morneau won the MVP
Rumor Central: Justin Morneau on radar? - via App
2006, Derek Jeter was robbed of the AL MVP award by Justin Morneau. I think about this every single day.
Getting a "Indians are interested in free agent Justin Morneau" notification means it doesn't look good for Encarnación or Napoli 😕
Justin Morneau is as old and decrepit as Brando was as Dr. Moreau. Pass on this one,
The Indians are interested in Justin Morneau, unfortunately that'd only be interesting if it was 2008.
I'm not a big fan of signing Justin Morneau in all honesty. He'd come cheap but wouldn't bring nearly enough pop to lineup.
Now the Indians are interested in Justin Morneau...
vía Rumor Central: Indians said to be interested in free-agent 1B/DH Justin Morneau - Cleveland Plain Deale…
I'm also not convinced that Justin Morneau and Dustin Garneau are different people and not one guy getting two paychecks.
"Yeah Edwin. We got other plans. Justin Morneau plans."
Not a big fan of adding Justin Morneau, even on a cheap 1-year deal. So many better options out there for .
Justin Morneau to the Indians got me like
(Pluto) Indians have expressed interest in Justin Morneau. Also, Indians received offers during WM for Yandy Diaz
This is not, of course, unlike Justin Morneau's 2014 batting title, when he got 1 AB in last 2 games. He won by 4 points over Josh Harrison.
Justin Morneau singles off Austin Adams, Cleveland's 7th pitcher, to start T8. up 4-1.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ubaldo Jimenez gets Justin Morneau to ground out for the final out of the g.. Via MLB
what about Delmon Young, Aaron Hicks, Justin Morneau, Matt Garza? Seems like more of a poor Twins development technique.
Justin Morneau ran into an out to end T4. Mighta cost Todd Frazier an infield single.
Justin Morneau's sac fly gives the a 1-0 lead, T1. Two on, two out for Todd Frazier.
Last night, Max Kepler joined Bob Allison, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, and Justin Morneau as the only Twins to hit 3 HRs in a game.
There has never been a 4-HR game in history. Justin Morneau and Tony Oliva have the last two 3-HR games. https:/…
Last four 3 HR games by by country of birth. Germany (Max Kepler). Canada (Justin Morneau). Cuba (Tony Oliva). USA (Harmon K…
Max Kepler joins Bob Allison, Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva & Justin Morneau as only other to hit 3 homers in a…
First, Justin Morneau wears a Sox uniform, now Joe Nathan resurfaces in Chicago, too. Got a win in his Cubs debut. https:/…
White Sox call up former top pick Carson Fulmer, reinstate Justin Morneau
As fan I always root against the but I'm always going to be a Justin Morneau fan and will cheer him on. Good luck Justin!
White Sox add Justin Morneau and Carson Fulmer to 25-man roster. Option Jason Coats to Class AAA Charlotte.
Carson Fulmer joins today as had 1st. Also heard Justin Morneau in town. Was healthy scratch at Double…
Justin Morneau has been activated from the DL
The wasting no time to see if they can get back in race; Call up pitching prospect Carson Fulmer and reinstate…
All purpose parts banner
Jeff - per one of your recent shows, happy to see ChiSox activate Justin Morneau today.
Justin Morneau also comes to Anaheim this weekend for White Sox debut. Jason Coats optioned to AAA Charlotte.
The activated from the DL today. He is likely to be in the lineup at the tonight.
Updated roster: RP Carson Fulmer has contract purchased, 1B Justin Morneau activated from DL ...
Justin Morneau and Carson Fulmer promoted to the Wh Sox 25 man roster
White Sox activate Justin Morneau and will make him wear a White Sox uniform and White Sox hat and everything. 😢 https:/…
July 14, 2008: The Justin Morneau wins the at Yankee Stadium, beating out Josh Hamilton.
to open second half with Carson Fulmer, Justin Morneau.
Carson Fulmer and Justin Morneau comin up for Should be interesting.
Canadian slugger Justin Morneau is set to become the 10th Canadian to appear in the big leagues…
Which is weirder Justin Morneau on or John Starks on the
Let’s check in to see how Twins fans are handling the Justin Morneau news...
Justin Morneau back in today, as he's activated by Of note, he had .894 OPS with in part-time role…
promote Carson Fulmer, activate Justin Morneau to bolster roster: (
BREAKING NEWS: activate Justin Morneau from the DL, and send Jason Coats down
Good luck to Justin Morneau with the We enjoyed having you in https:…
ICYMI: Carson Fulmer and Justin Morneau will be with the Sox as the second half commences in Anaheim. .
Of course, that is our friendly face know in - Justin Morneau! Good to see him again!
MLBSponge: When you are so desperate that you have to sign Justin Morneau out of retirement:.
What is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's response 2 this? Continued tax breaks 4 the rich!
Well at least there's hope for 84 year old Justin Morneau to come back in July and save the season.
Don't forget ,Justin Morneau is awaiting his chance to reclaim his magic!
White Sox Morneau on Seven Game Road Trip: Justin Morneau is traveling with the White Sox on their seven-game road…
Justin Morneau accompanies White Sox on road to familia... via
The other 3 Canadian player with 3 HR games that Michael Saunders joins are. Joey Votto, Justin Morneau & Larry Walker.
csnchicago​.com >> Justin Morneau accompanies White Sox on road to familiarize himself with new teammates
Justin Morneau / Morneau aiming to join White Sox after ASG
Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Larry Walker. Very solid company to be in.
Saunders is only the 4th Canadian born player with a 3 homer game (Larry Walker, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto)
The Twins went from Kent Hrbek to Justin Morneau without a guy who hit 30 homers. Arcia is a systemic franchise problem.
[Chicago Tribune] Justin Morneau takes step on return as he gets to know White Sox on road
Let's throw some stuff at a wall & hope it sticks. I see your Mat Latos/Justin Morneau & I'll raise you a Rick Aguilera/Jeff Blauser.
*travels in time to July 6*. “Man, I can’t believe adding Justin Morneau and Carl Crawford has led to a 15-game win streak."
Rumors: According Multiple Reports, The are considering signing former and 1B Justin Morneau.
Could be something along the lines of Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau. Post concussion effects lingered for years.
8 years ago, Joey Votto becomes 3rd Cdn to hit 3 HRs in MLB game. Larry Walker & Justin Morneau other CDNs to do so.
Just in time to sign Johan Santana and Justin Morneau. Plus who knows maybe Jason Bartlett has the itch to play again.
Justin Morneau to undergo offseason elbow surgery...
Now if we limit it to players born in British Columbia, Tweaker is 4th all time behind Larry Walker, Justin Morneau and Jason Bay.
seems neither Trudeau or Morneau know how to use a calculator, but Justin can quantum compute!
So when people say this is Justin Trudeau and Bill morneau's not just Cathy Bennett and Dwight ball, that's what is meant
how about Justin Morneau on a minor league deal
I guess he missed Justin Wilson for Cervelli, Hanrahan for Melancon, Alex Presley for Justin Morneau, etc.
Being a superstitious weirdo about Mauer is just me channeling Justin Morneau.
.Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, and Russell Martin are all Canadian MLB players
Something about Cdns that wear No. 33 vs New York Yankees: Larry Walker .474 BA in 6 G & Justin Morneau .433, 7HR in 16 G at Yankee Stadium.
Justin Morneau is now 1,721 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
Justin case, it's probably best not to give them any Morneau ammunition.
Justin Trudeau claims to be a fiscal…
I miss the story about how Torii Hunter tried to punch Justin Morneau but hit Nick Punto instead.
I think there was a game in 09 where Phil Coke gave up a HR to either Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau. Next night he struck one of them out.
Sox got the 13 million from Laroche contract. You can't spend that on Justin Morneau or a pitcher ? Or both 😏
1/2 First, only French guys were going to sign. Then, Justin Morneau was at table next to us at Reid's. 1 thing led to another.
two takeaways from this game: Carson Fulmer and Justin Morneau
and Canadian Justin Morneau could come free agent & 1b and Chris Colabello could back up OF with Carrera!!
Justin Morneau is available and his kids way to young to be a bother in clubhouse.
I disagree with him on Justin Morneau & concussions & he was also sick at the time & I was blocked
The Rockies, saddened by the loss of Justin Morneau, have added a guy named Dustin Garneau
moved down on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "-14". know Y? Goto & tell “Justin Morneau's fans
Justin is too much a try to please everyone type that he will end up pleasing no one & he & Morneau can't control spending!
I'm having a very hard time discerning between Matt Wieters and Justin Morneau
Video: View of Camden Yards from the Justin Morneau marker on Eutaw Street.
Alright, here's one for you. Get rid of Brandon Moss and sign Justin Morneau. Please.
Spoke to a friend of Justin Morneau today. Said Morny had half dozen MLB offers this offseason. Declined due to elbow injury.
I'm going to say the White Sox sign Justin Morneau around June
I feel like baseball might have a lot more Justin Morneau injuries if these proper new slides in baseball continue.
I just want Justin Morneau and Tim Lincecum to get signed by teams. I don't care where they land just somewhere they can play.
You know who would be a great fit for the ? Justin Morneau. I'd take him a second over Moss.
In some scenes Sam Heughan resembles Justin Morneau. Particularly when Jamie leaves Claire at Craigh Na Dun.
We don't have Justin Morneau or Gardy anymore, but this is still a great song to listen to today.
Justin Morneau is a free agent rehabbing from December elbow surgery, with the aim of signing once healthy. And Jeff Francis retired
I really think that the Cardinals should look into signing Justin Morneau. I'm surprised he is still on the market. Would be a good signing.
Has Justin Morneau retired or has he been signed by another team?
I want to go see Justin Morneau's brick out there
I dropped Justin Morneau one month into his breakout (MVP) season. In my defense, he started slow 🤕
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Women stood behind sexist JT and smiled sweetly/giggled like good little girls as "old white men" Justin Trudeau & Morneau announced news.
Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau are so sexist. They're fake feminists and using women for political gain.
Justin Trudeau & Bill Morneau used women as props 2 announce that a woman will be on bank notes when a woman should have announced it.
Some feminist. Justin made women stand behind him while he & Morneau announced it. Didn't let a woman announce it.
Canadian bank note will feature a woman in 2018, Justin Trudeau says: The PM and Finance Minister Bill Morneau...
Justin Trudeau annces Cdn woman to be on new Cdn bills in 2018. FinMin says 150 years since not had Cdn wmn on bank notes
Is Justin Morneau still a free agent?
As a reminder, free agent Justin Morneau remains unsigned. Hope it's not over for him.
Came across a dude from Vancouver that said he's Justin Morneau's cousin.
Unusual reserve strategy...I took Marlon Byrd, Alex Rios+Justin Morneau as 3 of my 6. Need them sign with AL
there's a couple of former Trappers (Scott Downs and Justin Morneau) that are currently FA's but haven't officially retired yet.
Justin; like daddy but more evidence less plausible deniability
I would have said Justin Morneau would be the best since Puckett, but his career was derailed with concussions.
& I do mean JUSTIN needs to inform us not Morneau
and Morneau have no concept of other people's money.
Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau belly up to the craps table: Tim Harper...
Notable free agent batters still available include Austin Jackson, Pedro Alvarez, Marlon Byrd and Justin Morneau
Just realized that Justin Morneau is still a free agent. That makes me sad.
COLMorneau gets hit in face, later exits game - 4/7/15: Justin Morneau is banged up after sliding into th...
still unemployed-list: Austin Jackson, Pedro Alvarez, Justin Morneau and more.
Makes little sense for the Padres to talk about having money to add talent at the deadline, when they could add Justin Morneau now!
This is a good comparison. Because Justin Morneau "won" that year and literally no one besides me & his family remembers that fact
Feature on Justin Morneau & his love for hockey Cameo by head coach Patrick Roy.
Wow !!! What a story on player Justin Morneau
WATCH: My Hometown presented by Justin Morneau, between a ball and a bat.
Justin Morneau, one of my favorite MLB players, being featured right now on
Aaron Gordon not winning the dunk contest was like Josh Hamilton not winning the 2008 HR derby. So Zack LaVine = Justin Morneau
any thoughts on bringing in Justin Morneau to spell 1B and DH? Gold glove vet wouldn't be bad for or rising stars
Zach LaVine beating Aaron Gordon in the Slam Dunk Contest is like Justin Morneau beating Josh Hamilton in the 2008 Home Run Derby.
This dunk contest is like the 2008 home run derby, Justin Morneau got the trophy, but we all know Josh Hamilton won.
That dunk contest was like the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium when Josh Hamilton hit 763 home runs but Justin Morneau won.
This is like when justin Morneau beat Josh Hamilton in the HR derby. Everyone knew Hamilton won. Aaron Gordon won
No one even remembers that Justin Morneau won that 2008 Home Run Derby after the show Josh Hamilton put on.
I think this is like when Justin Morneau won the home run derby over Josh Hamilton in Yankee Stadium
Head Injury Justin Morneau - "I hope he gets better.". Head Injury Joe Mauer - "It's always something with this guy."
what about Astros getting Justin Morneau to help at first base? Or Ian Desmond?
Have not heard much about Justin Morneau. In your mind is he still a starting first baseman?
Justin Morneau won a batting title after his concussion.
A side of Justin Morneau you've never seen before. Sunday on Rogers with 7:00et/4:00pac.
Justin Morneau won a batting title in his 3rd year after his concussion. Span competed for one in his 3rd year back.
The last guy to play more than 162 games in a regular season was Justin Morneau in 2008. He played all of MIN's 162 plus 1-gm playoff vs CHW
Is there any RUMINT on interest in Justin Morneau?
Why not bring in Justin Morneau to mentor young 1B and spell Gattis at DH? LH Bat w/ avg
The ultimate-Justin Morneau, '06. He batted .208 that April after batting .239 in '05. I dropped him May 1. MVP.
Justin Morneau is sitting next to the phone waiting for you to call him. He needs to be with your team and prove he still has it.
PM Justin Trudeau (right) & Minister of Finance Bill Morneau ready to depart for Turkey 11/15. S Kilpatrick/the CP
Pellegrini never had the guts to move on. We accidentally won the title 2 years ago Justin Morneau derby style and it held us back
Some of 1B FA market (gulp) - Pedro Alvarez, Casey McGehee, Justin Morneau. Juan Uribe backup 3B, Headley to 1B, if LT injury to Tex?
If we could just grab Tyler Clippard and Justin Morneau id say this offseason was a success
8 years ago, the Twins signed Cdn Justin Morneau to 6-year, $80-million deal. Largest deal in Twins history at time.
Also mentioned that former 1B and current free agent, Justin Morneau could be destined to head back to
Justin Morneau shoot today for Hometown Hockey. AL MVP who may love hockey more than a lot of…
was on Canadian junior national team with the likes of Jeff Francis & Justin Morneau
They'd never do it of course but one way to get hitting here in a hurry would be... Justin Morneau. Do a straight platoon at 1b.
always one of my fav articles. Justin Morneau's pregame superstitions reflect his hockey roots .
has he caught live pitching yet? I think Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau have spooked people at the legit long term effects
Justin Morneau autographed MN Twins jersey size 54 new with tag.
Justin Trudeau said it's up to Finance Minister Bill Morneau. From Globe Politics
Morneau offers help for Very light on details. Albertans not impressed:
ICYMI: Why out of everything imaginable, I had Justin Morneau sign this:
NEW POST: Why the item I had Justin Morneau autograph sent us both down memory lane.
Minnesota Twins Apparel & Memorabilia - I have the following Twins items available for sale: *Justin Morneau au...
Former AL MVP Justin Morneau and wife Krista honored at game for their community work in the area. h…
When they signed Napoli that killed our chances of signing Morneau. I want Justin Upton!
Justin Morneau would look great in a uniform.
John Jaso is nice complimentary piece but id much rather have a proven player like Justin Morneau playing 1b who is only 2 yrs older
they are better off signing Justin Morneau.
Why not sign Justin Morneau as a first basemen and put Belt in the Outfield?
Justin Morneau and would've looked at Wilin Rosario
Not sure. Ware were they when the Justin Morneau news came out?
Justin Morneau is here got him tickets for Vikings v Cardinals last night.We talked on my way to press box.Wild v Coyotes!
Here we go from Arizona, and Lots of Wild fans here, and Mike Modano, Justin Morneau & ... Paul Deutsch!!!
New Liberal government says it 'inherited' $3B deficit from Tories
That's quite the return on your investment... Justin Morneau. Smh.
It weirds me out that when I google "Justin Morneau" News I get a bunch of stuff about Justin Trudeau
Justin Morneau might be cheap option (1-2yr + incentives) to consider as a ST stopgap until Reed is ready to take over full-time.
we may not get Chris Davis, but how about Justin Morneau until AJ Reed is ready?
Pirates are gonna bring Justin Morneau back.
its Justin Morneau, Kyle Kendrick, Jeremy Guthrie, Boone Logan, Jamie Moyer, Descalso, etc all over again
Bill knows this. It's Justin who doesn't. But Justin knows that taxpayers are paying for his nannies.
Former Twin Justin Morneau Returning to Mpls. for Arthritis Event - -
Justin Morneau / Red Sox notebook: Mattingly hits on good Hanley
*** Justin Morneau might be a steal this FA season, if the Jays didn't already have three starting first basemen)
Have the Astros shown any interest in a guy like Justin Morneau? They could use an upgrade at 1st.
do you think the Cubs have a shot of signing Justin Morneau
The other guy I could see as a bridge to Josh Bell, is Justin Morneau.
Not likely for but FA 1B available include Justin Morneau, Mike Napoli and Mark Reynolds. Those would all be stop-gap and costly.
Former 1B Justin Morneau's market has been seemingly quiet. Haven't seen much there.
Justin Morneau, whose 2010 OPS+ of 187 was the best ever by a hitter, is the PotD
I think Justin Morneau would be a good fit or Mike Napoli
Have Mariners shown any intrest in Justin Morneau?
why aren't there any talks about Justin Morneau?
Some reporters went down to scrum Morneau. Lots followed. Full scrum with him and Leblanc.
1B that fit my platoon theory include Adam Lind (trade) Justin Morneau (FA) and Mitch Moreland (Trade)
I voted 4 you, Justin. Can you take off your politician hat and answer the questions.
Bill, how much longer can you carry Justin's water and say things you don't believe in...
If the Mariners were to sign Justin Morneau, then a lineup where Morneau at 1B, Cruz In RF, Aoki in CF and Montero DH vs LHP is near elite.
lol I wish.. More like JUSTIN Morneau or Mark Reynolds
Justin, The next 4 years will gray and thin your hair... gonna be fun to watch. No selfies next time, Justin!
maybe a 1 or 2 year deal with Mike Napoli or Justin Morneau, vet guys with good D that get on base
Mr Morneau does... about as well as Ms Ambrose.
Bill Morneau does not speak French, it seems.
Lisa Raitt: Will you admit your whole plan *** and that you're not very good at this. Bill Morneau: The middle class gonna be a-ok.
For Christmas, I would also like security at 1st base, preferably Justin Morneau, and to resign Tony Sipp
Top MLB players-teams have a secret. What makes an MLB All-Star? Ask Justin Morneau, first baseman for the...
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cool. I think that will be cheaper than justin morneau which is the best mlb FA 1b besides chris davis.
I'd rather have Caleb Joseph and Steve Clevenger over Dariel Alvarez and Justin Morneau.
Intelligent will forever reject myth of Conservative stewardship: books now expect $3B deficit http…
Could the Indians realistically trade Bauer to Marlins for Marcell Ozuna, then sign Justin Morneau
Could the realistically trade Bauer to for Marcell Ozuna, then sign Justin Morneau?
Last chance to get Justin Morneau’s Casino Night tickets at the early bird price before they increase on Nov. 21!
More Finance minister says Tories left $3B deficit, not a $2.3B surplus.
.on Bill Morneau, the rookie Toronto MP responsible for Justin Trudeau’s high-profile campaign promise:
just one more question. What about Justin Morneau and Austin Jackson?
Anyone still care about Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau?
Collective response to today's Indians chatter (Juan Uribe, Justin Morneau, Shane Robinson, and the ridiculous Edwin Encarnacion "rumor"): 😒
Per sounds like former 1B Justin Morneau could be in play for
By signing Justin Morneau? The team is extremely cheap. He will be replaced by someone worse than him.
From chat today: Indians would "love to sign Juan Uribe, and are interested in Justin Morneau."
Justin Morneau used to do a coat drive, too. But what happens when those star athletes leave? Where can I donate gently-used coats?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Finance Minister Bill Morneau comments on the need to address youth unemployment on our path to a successful...
Our grandchildren will never believe Justin Morneau won MVP in 2006.
Justin Morneau could be a good fit but we like players 2yr+ removed from their prime.
Pros and cons: Justin Morneau a good fit for A's? (
Justin Morneau won MVP in 2006, which was Ortiz's best effort towards one in his career.
Justin Morneau has more 2nd-Place and higher MVP finishes than Hank Aaron.
Justin Morneau would be a good fit for Orioles
The decline their end of mutual option with 1B Justin Morneau for 2016.
ICYMI: Could the Blue Jays kick the tires on Canadian first baseman Justin Morneau?
Do you think the Twins will have any interest in Justin Morneau?
Justin Morneau's option not picked up by Colorado Rockies - The Denver Post
Angels need to swoop on Justin Morneau 👀
The Colorado Rockies have declined a $9 million mutual option on Justin Morneau and bought out the first baseman for $750,000.
Colorado Rockies decline to pick the option on former player - Justin Morneau.
With Justin Morneau available, would Nationals have interest in veteran's ...
Rockies send Morneau to the open market. writer Adam Salas covers the news.
Colorado Rockies All-Star first baseman and 2014 NL Batting Champion Justin Morneau is currently a free agent,...
Blue Jays: Justin Morneau an intriguing, risky free agent option
First baseman Justin Morneau, 34, will be a free agent this winter after the let him loose.
Or... Andrew Wiggins is to Joe Mauer AS Karl-Anthony Towns is to Justin Morneau, circa 2006.
decline their half of Justin Morneau's $9M option. He will be paid a $750K buyout and hit the open market.
Rockies just declined Justin Morneau's option. Would the tribe take a look at him? Good guy near the end of a career
Rockies decline to pick up first baseman Justin Morneau's option
Rockies decline to pick up the option on veteran first baseman Justin Morneau:
The have declined their end of the mutual option with 1B Justin Morneau.
The Colorado Rockies decline their end of the mutual option with Justin Morneau
decline to pick up option on Justin Morneau... via
No Morneau. Time to move on. Torii was a sure thing; Justin is a nice guy but too high risk. Stick with youth, deal in July.
Listen, Justin Morneau was great for the and nostalgia is fun, but there's zero fit for him now
The asks if the should bring back Justin Morneau. What do you think? Yes... or Neau?
Colorado Rockies decline option on first baseman Justin Morneau
Rockies decline to pick up Morneau's option
Justin Morneau has 2016 option declined by Rockies
Love ya, Justin Morneau. Great career. Let's probably pack it in now though okay
Sad to hear that Larry Walker, Ferguson Jenkins, Justin Morneau, Russell Martin and Bret Lowery never played baseball …
What do Fergie Jenkins, Larry Walker, Joey Votto, Russ Martin and Justin Morneau have in common?
Do you know if Russell Martin, Joey Votto, Freddie Freeman, Justin Morneau, Larry Walker or Ferguson Jenkins can catch baseballs?
Tickets for Justin Morneau's Casino Night are now available!. Join the Morneaus for an evening of fun. Register now https…
Justin Morneau See today's top ranked MLB Players or add your Favs
Ryan, thanks for another year of great coverage. I would love for us to sign Justin Morneau and Tim Lincecem.
Morneau caps season with clutch hit in victory: If it was goodbye, at least the Rockies' Justin Morn...
Justin Morneau​ likely played the final game of his Colorado career:
>> Justin Morneau bows out with big hit for Rockies
Dickerson, Morneau, Rockies rally for 7 in 9th, beat Giants (The Associated Press): Justin Morneau, in what co...
Corey Dickerson, Justin Morneau, Colorado Rockies rally for 7 in 9th, beat San ... -
Little Giant Ladders
Corey Dickerson hit a three-run home run in the ninth inning to tie the game and Justin Morneau ad...
Giants lose due to back to back hits from Dustin Garneau and Justin Morneau
Justin Morneau drives in two, and the Rockies take a 5-3 lead.
Two-run single from Justin Morneau puts the ahead 5-3.
"Dustin Garneau" sounds like the fake name Justin Morneau would give at a hotel.
Excuse me, the Rockies have Justin Morneau and Dustin Garneau? I don't buy that for a second.
best value plays of the day: Ryan Raburn, Mike Aviles, Mark Trumbo and Justin Morneau
Justin Morneau tripled and went 2 for 5, and the Rockies squeaked by the Dodgers, 5-4.
Justin Morneau's first triple of the season gives the scoring threat. This game has spunk.
Justin Morneau just hit a triple because ex-Red Chris Heisey fell down in CF. This game can't be real, can it?
You just let Justin Morneau hit a triple 😑
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