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Justin Lin

Justin Lin (born 1971) is a Taiwanese American film director, best known for his work on Better Luck Tomorrow, The Fast and the Furious franchise and the television show Community.

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Lin Manuel, Justin Timberlake, and Jimmy Fallon were all at the US Open while I was working at the polo store. Plz come back so I can hug u
I was less than a mile away from Justin Timberlake, Lin Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon all at once yesterday.
Same. I hope they get Justin Lin back as a director.
However, bc our school generously loaned quality equipment to students, many student films…
Exactly in 6 months Justin will turn 24, our baby grows so fast!.
Why does Justin look like he was posing for a homecoming pic with the girls
to make it clear to some ppl user BrooklynYSMG is NOT justin Bieber this is the before and after screenshots of the account ht…
Justin to appear like this in front of your house looking for you! OMG! Istg my front door will not exist!.
I can't believe there's like 10k+ people following this thinking it's really Justin
Justin Bieber is ranked at number 1 for Spotify's Todays Top Artists with 11.1 million streams! Keep on streaming.
Justin is a very precious human being, it's so sad to know that there are still people who hate him who judge him without even…
we love tea! there was even a point where they blocked Justin Bieber from trending bc it would legit trend everyday lmao…
This isn't Justin... a verified account is pretending to be Justin to get more followers! Justin only has one account. h…
Wow! "2U" by David Guerra featuring Justin Bieber has gone Gold in the U.K.
Justin being attacked today by haters more reason to trend this and let our boy know. Justin .
Justin Bieber loves his fans thread 👇🏽
ok watch something lighthearted like Better Luck Tomorrow, a movie by Justin Lin, the director of many…
I thought the Justin Lin one was pretty good compared to the other two. What's crazy is…
Eh. Closer to Justin Lin in S2 than Fukunaga. Splashy director for the first couple episodes but not…
I think the first two justin lin directed eps are good, then it falls apart
just as long as Justin Lin doesn't direct it again
Welcome aboard, Justin Lin. He will officially be directing Grand Theft Auto 2: The Movie, can't wait to start working with him on Sunday!
*bad directing. Same writer as season 1 but instead of Cary Fukunaga directing they got Tokyo Drift's Justin Lin to do season 2
Wow U really iced on Justin Lin dammmn
The worst thing about True Detective s2 was giving the first two eps to Justin Lin, who can direct cars, but not traffic
Justin Bieber's record breaking & album 'Purpose' now has sold over 6 MILLION copies worldwide.
According to HDD, 'Despacito' (remix) by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber was the most played song on Globa…
It's getting dangerously close to justin bieber's christmas album time
Not to hate on Justin Lin. But Jeremy Sauliner doing True Detective is a massive get.
For us is & We have no idea why. It's messing with this list:
justin literally said he would never vote for Trump and people still believe he supports him? He was asked to sing dor…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Just wanted to remind you how Justin has expressed his opinion about award shows & how true words were spoken.
Jungkook posted his cover of David Guetta's '2U (feat. Justin Bieber)' on Soundcloud.
I think we can all agree famous and non famous creatures all use the name Justin to gain extra atte…
haters can't even get likes or rts when they talk about their own faves but as soon as they mention Justin... LMAOOO ht…
justin is 23 and has accomplished more than any artist has ever. just thinking about the future is making me go crazy. IM SO P…
Justin & Polaroids of him is my new weakness 📷
Sign up for last places left nxt week we host former Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin book launch
I just saw that we have a hashtag emoji & that Justin finally hit 100M followers here. We are famous now & trending. Hiii f…
i remember when i had the app and Justin would always wake me up😭😭😭
Justin's the only celebrity who loves everyone even if they trash him and promotes his peers like crazy tea we love th…
17 year old Justin was the best thing to happen to us.
New SET report ahead of exciting book launch on 5 Sep at w/former Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin
I watched Beyond last night with the Justin Lin commentary; they get Kirk & Spock wrong. Bones and Ki…
If it were up to me, I'd have went for Patty Jenkins or Justin Lin. They have style and substance.
Big announcements were IMAX is partnering with Warner Bros. ; Justin Lin, and Russo Brothers' Bullit company
Justin Lin, an Asian American, gave us Tokyo Drift (perfect), Fast And Furious (ew), Fast Five (GOAT) and Fast And Furious 6.
I feel bad, as I've been meaning to watch that film for ages because it's Justin Lin and Sung Kang.
Justin Lin has movie in production called TOYMAGEDDON abt toy soldiers. Shouldn't it be TOYPOCALYPSE NOW? TOYMAGEDDON is Lego oil drillers.
Justin Lin directed Tokyo Drift, F&F, F5 and F&F 6. The first was directed by Rob Cohen.
Tom Hardy, Justin Lin movies join the Netflix Originals line-up.
We’ve reimagined the world of The Jetsons with the help of engineers, futurists, and filmmaker Justin Lin.
HEY BEAUTIFUL WENDY LEE put my question. Would you like Justin Lin to direct a STAR WARS MOVIE?
Must have been at the time when Juan Carlos Fresnadillo or Justin Lin were in the director's chair
Just finished Star Trek Beyond. Definitely the best of the new Trek movies. Well done, Justin Lin and Simon Pegg. Well done, indeed
‘Knight Rider’ is getting another reboot, this one from ‘Fast & Furious’ director Justin Lin:
Diversity and 'Beyond': How Zoe Saldana, John Cho and director Justin Lin pushed the conversation in the latest... htt…
Yeah, same! I think Justin Lin was trying to do his best JJ impression in a lot of it.
smartest move WB could make is hiring Justin Lin or F. Gary Gray to direct
Justin Lin takes over from Abrams and I felt the difference. Fun and light but also bland.
- THIS is the Star Trek movie we've been waiting for. Miles better than Into Darkness. Thank you Simon Pegg and Justin Lin!
We hung out with John Cho, and Justin Lin to talk
John Cho & Zoe Saldana talk diversity and the final fronitier with director Justin Lin.
Set phasers to FUN! We hosted Justin Lin + John Cho from Star Trek Beyond for an AMA at HQ.
Star Trek Beyond review: 'Justin Lin proves to be a safe pair of hands for the Enterprise.'
Justin Lin delivers a lighter and funnier than J.J. Abrams
Critical Roundup: Reviews praise Justin Lin’s take on the space franchise
George Takei reveals the full story on his reaction to Sulu being a *** character in the new movie:
JJ Abrahms announcing that because of the efforts of Justin Lin, Paramount was dropping the lawsuit against Axanar http…
Want to win tickets for you and a friend to a Star Trek event in Hollywood with director Justin Lin? Enter here!
.and creator Miranda have this totally legit gripe in common
Justin Lin is absolutely the right man for the prices were a bit worrying.
"I embraced what JJ has brought - without him this whole group wouldn’t be together at the same time, do we address it? No" t_amo_justin_lin
New director Justin Lin seems set to remind viewers of what they loved from the first Trek films." via
Curious what some of Justin Lin's favorite movies are? Here are 8 that are available for viewing on Xfinity!
Will China Continue to be a Growth Engine in the World? | Justin Yifu Lin, BGSE Lecture
Fans concerned that will be more action & less character, ask Justin Lin
Good God in heaven! They're seriously considering a Space Jam 2! They've hired Justin Lin to direct! Looking to your WHM take.
You could win tickets to see the new trailer, meet Justin Lin, & more at the Paramount Lot!
225: Justin Lin – The "big studio" business model for photographers: Episode of the podcast featu..
Very cool..Take a look putting their 360 degree technology into action with this live action short
I have advocated recently for Justin Lin to direct an X-Men reboot.
It's validating to know some of my favorite humans are on list of Most Influential People: Justin Trudeau, Lin-Manuel, Tim, Pope!
Justin Lin gets a forever pass from me for F&F, but I'm worried he fits Star Trek like Martin Campbell fit GREEN LANTERN.
yea directed by Justin Lin which is a good thing imo
I have always thought Justin Lin would be perfect for an X-Men movie.
I think Justin Lin is capable enough to not make it a train wreck. I think (read: hope) it might be a case of bad marketing so far
Yeah, but Justin Lin is making Space Jam 2, so I automatically don't want him making any movie ever again.
The way I see, nothing against Singer but maybe Justin Lin should direct the next X-Men film?
he fighting against Isis that's a plus.
Check out Help, the first digital live-action short that fully uses Google's 360-degree technology. Learn more:
Little Giant Ladders
Not surprised whatsoever Tax evasion is just the beginning
Fast And Furious and Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin will direct Space Jam 2!
FAST AND THE FURIOUS films have always been dumb fun but by the 5th film, justin lin switched things up and wasn't just another race film.
Justin Lin directing in the sequel might just be a slam dunk:
“Sharing the fruits of growth and globalization equally between men and women is essential to meeting key development go…
Breaking News: LeBron James to star in Space Jam 2!. (Justin Lin to direct)
How are we validating SPACE JAM with the talent of Justin Lin?
Star Trek Beyond dir. Justin Lin is in talks to direct Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James 🏀
LeBron James will reportedly star in Space Jam 2, directed by Justin Lin from the Fast & Furious series.
'Space Jam 2' with LeBron James tags Justin Lin to direct:
'Space Jam' sequel starring LeBron James to be directed by Justin Lin
Justin Lin in talks to direct 'Space Jam 2' starring LeBron James
Exclusive: Justin Lin to direct sequel starring LeBron James
Finally, the Space Jam sequel starring is happening. Fast & Furious' Justin Lin will direct.
I have reasons to worry about Star Trek : Beyond. 1) the trailer. 2) The director is Justin Lin, the one who ruined True Detective season 2
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This... Actually sounds like Star Trek. I'm starting to get excited about this. Simon Pegg and Justin Lin are big …
I am stoked for the new Star Trek because Justin Lin destroyed the Fast And Furious franchise only to reconstruct it into something great.
like Justin Bieber too Lin ? if yes, you'll like Something Like Kites. watch here:
Lin, Justin Bieber Love Yoursef, ha lehet :) (live at
A chat with Jeremy Lin about his grand hair experiment
Justin loves buying Lin new puppies when I'm in another state and can't see them 😢
21 Chump St made me fall in love with Justin and ripped out my heart in 14 minutes. Well played well played.
Even Pegg said that trailer was kaka. Justin Lin can work a mythology and Pegg's theoretically one of us so... maybe we're OK?
OK, the future for Transformers needs a story and Unicron! How about Justin Lin? The fans demand it!!
OK, how about Justin Lin? Transformer fans need a story and Unicron!
Su-Lin Macdonald of Ernst & Young Sydney is really keen on Justin Timberlake. Please get the message out - spread it far and wide.
reasons to smile: Justin Bieber's smile
Justin Trudeau sparks debate over where to sell pot: submitted by /u/SeayouNtea [lin...
Furious in space, and I'm also like slow claps because Justin Lin is an Asian director and how often do we see that?? I
Justin Lin on the Lucas Paradox. Read his full presentation here:
Justin Bieber's nominated for a Brit Award and is also performing - he's been given his own emoji!h…
Did white people complain and boycott Justin Bieber when a video of him singing "One Less Lonley *** surfaced??? htt…
Hey movie talk ! Who do you think has the harder job going forward? Rion Johnson or Justin Lin . . Ashley is bae
having watched all his Fast & Furious movies recently, I can guarantee you're going to love Justin Lin's Star Trek.
Justin Lin on Star Trek Beyond's villain and pushing the franchise further
Justin Lin has turned Star Trek into one of his overdone dirty sock franchise films
Thank you Justin Lin for transforming Star Trek into something almost as bad as any Fast And Furious after Tokyo Drift
Best ever. . "Hey Rachel, you're a woman now, why don't you get your friends to come dance." . -
buy or sell Justin Lin directing a F-Zero movie
Do you guys think the Jeremy Renner Bourne Sequel from Justin Lin will still happen after getting delayed?
Joe Carnahan directing Bad Boys 3. If we can't have Michael Bay...I'll take him, but Justin Lin would have been perfect.
Jeremy Lin legit listens to Justin Bieber. Date me, please.
A Justin Lin directed Star Trek: "I live my life a quarter lightyear at a time."
Justin Bieber's last name is Bieber because his father's last name is Bieber.
.& make Biggest Breakouts of 2015 list: ht…
.& make Biggest Breakouts of 2015 list:
if you're going to see Justin Bieber during his Purpose Tour
Director Justin Lin gets his first Oscar ballot today!
Bless his heart, Justin Lin thinks putting motorcycles in is bold. He's in for a major shock, if he ever comes across DS9.
Justin Lin's response to criticism shows he know nothing about nor did he bother to learn.
On the plus side, Justin Lin didn't curse those criticizing the trailer. Yep, that's what we have to be thankful for!
If Star Trek Beyond is a huge success then justin lin will be into next sequels
grande goodmoviesbad: Justin Lin defends first Star Trek Beyond
I rewatched Community — "Modern Warfare" last night and still kinda can't believe how good it is. Justin Lin what's UP
That dude JUSTIN LIN directing the new Star Trek whattt. So many nerd birds furious right now!
IDK if you trolling but there are a ton: Ang Lee, Justin Lin, Cary Fukunaga, Joseph Kahn, Jon M. Chu, John Woo
Regardless of the trailer, Justin Lin is a Star Trek fan, as is Simon Pegg, & this film seems to have more focus on society & exploration.
Simon Pegg and Justin Lin said the trailer was out of their hands and was put together to appeal to as many ppl as possible.
I hated INTO DARKNESS so much that Simon Pegg and Justin Lin are a huge step up.
is directed by Justin Lin from a screenplay by Simon Pegg, Doug Jung, Roberto Orci, John D. Payne & Patrick McCay.
I can only really hope that F. Gary Gray can do something great with Furious 8. Or hope that Justin Lin returns for films after 8.
Debut trailer for ‘Star Trek Beyond’ - Directed by Justin Lin, from a screenplay by Doug Jung and Simon Pegg, S...
It looks exactly what you'd imagine a Star Trek movie directed by Justin Lin would look like.
New has never looked this good in new Star Trek Beyond trailer! Justin Lin, you rock, Sir!! +++
New Oxford Handbook on economics launched today by Justin Lin &
Good power point from Justin Lin with ideas on how to pursue a new wave of industrial policy for Africa
Congrats to Director Justin Lin, co writer Doug Jung, and Actor John Cho on wrapping Production on Star Trek:...
Literally nothing makes me more angry than jealous people messing with the things that people worked hard for
Every time I try to do something cool
Mark Reilly was kidnapped by Justin Lin and James Wan for his comments last week?
I'm real excited for Star Trek Beyond. All because of Justin Lin.
Spent the day today filming with Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto and Justin Lin on set of Star Trek Beyond. Incredible experience!
Santos now wake up and realize they got raped...but it wasn't Barca rape them is neymar agent/father
So you're saying Suarez is now the least controversial Barca man?
Football. 'Being more physical': Auburn gears up for Kentucky: Justin Garrett says he's comfortable at his lin...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Justin Lin confirms that the title of Star Trek 3 will be Star Trek Beyond
CR Jr asks his grandmother about Messi - Presentation of Golden Shoe (RE... via lol
like B.I.G. say either you're slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.
I would say something about Justin but I'm just too nice 😉💓
Justin lift at lunch tomorrow.. We clean down from 3:40-6:30 them you're with Lin... Practice ends at 8:30
. i delved into this VR topic at Immersed Europe. deck:
The level of movie references alone in the episode 'Modern Warfare' is insanely awesome. Kudos to the writers and Justin Lin.
How 'Furious' director Justin Lin is helping Google put a movie theater in your pocket
Yes.. Fukunaga was great in S1.. should have been retained rather than Justin Lin..
Why is everyone speaking of Justin Woods?
Cute asian evelyn lin hammered by justin magnum
BREAKING: Oscar winner JOHN RIDLEY replaces JUSTIN LIN as director of L.A. RIOTS movie for & Imagine... http:…
Quinnipiac SigEp, famous for carrying their wheelchair-bound brother up a mountain, just raised ~$25k for charity: http:…
He tried to give me Justin Bieber concert tickets for my birthday
So please CBS, Simon Pegg, and Justin Lin...make this happen!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A player in a Asian-American improv group went into a martial arts stance during a game of genre rollercoaster when Justin Lin was called
Dan Harmon just teased a Community movie again, and he wants Justin Lin to direct it
"The studio finally settled on Fast And Furious mastermind Justin Lin.". -Ross Lincoln, Deadline Hollywood. Did I really just read that?
Justin Lin has a bit of Lynch on his palette. Loved his directorial debut & Cary Fukunaga as Exec Producer of season 2.
"Why do we have to get Justin Lin to direct the new Star Trek movie, just get Jonathan Frakes!"
Happy Birthday John Cho!!! Looking forward to 3 with Justin Lin directing, and in the meantime!
And we're getting A list directors like James Wan, John M. Chu and Justin Lin doin' the *** thing behind the camera
Directors I'd love to see do a Marvel: Marjane Satrapi, Ava DuVernay, Mary Harron, John Singleton, Ben Stiller, Justin Lin, Duncan Jones...
Are you prepared for a reunion tonight?
Remembering defending Justin Lin and the depiction of Asian-Americans at 2002:
“when Ed takes u into his loving arms
JUSTIN! Hey love💕 follow me please,follow me. Please JUSTIN. 👉TE AMO👈
Michael Bay is ten times the director of Justin Lin. That guy is blockbuster bland.
I like to cover myself in cinnamon and sit in the bathtub. I become a bath bomb.
Westboro Baptist Church comes to SCV. Please tell me this is real.
Are you medusa? Because looking at you is making me hard.
What you need to know about China's five-year plan to keep its economy growing
Why is Justin Lin still obsessed with 8% growth for China? And why he may not be right.
Justin Lin is great at action sequences, not much else. Five is the turnaround for the series when it became 'self aware'.
My great fear for True Detective and Star Trek is Justin Lin. I don't really like him.
I disagree. And I also think Justin Lin is a poor director. Although I really dig Fast Five.
Fast & Furious 6 - Justin Lin | | Action & Adventure top horror movies of all time
Follow Me Justin Guess what? your selected Go to our profile link
Chrishell Stause​ (& Justin Hartley​ (support the freedom to marry for all couples! http:/…
Star Trek 3: Director JJ Abrams out, Justin Lin in. Writer Roberto Orci out, Simon Pegg (!) & Doug Jung in. (Jan 21)
Justin Lin: Multiple reserve currency system ‘less stable' than one based on dollar
I still can't get over that JJ Abrams is not directing 3rd movie. Praypers for Justin Lin via
I get "You've got the weirdest tastes" all the time. Because I get equally excited about Jeff Nichols and Justin Lin.
Aye Justin did your friend come over 👀👬😂💀 ?
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift - Justin Lin | | Action & Adventure
Hamilton Collection
Star Trek: Justin Lin to direct film franchise′s next outing on
Where do you think justin bieber is?
Justin,please. Follow me! I love you so much. It is very important to me
Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and director Justin Lin on the set of Fast & Furious, 2009
One that's close to the project. It's warp or die since Justin Lin took over directing duties on Star Trek 3. After Paramount dropped Roberto Orci from the
Simon Pegg Set to be a co-writer on "Star Trek 3,' which Justin Lin will be directing
EXCLUSIVE: Simon Pegg has been set to co-write Star Trek 3, the film that just got Fast & Furious director Justin Lin aboard after Roberto Orci exited the helmer chair. He will co-write the scr...
It was just confirmed by Deadline that Simon Pegg (JJ Trek’s Scotty) and Doug Jung (creator of the TNT series Dark Blue) will co-write the script for the next Star Trek film. This comes on the heals of the exit of Bob Orci and the announcement that Justin Lin (Fast And Furious 6) will take on the di…
Simon Pegg and Justin Lin are an intriguing duo for the creative development of
Simon Pegg and Doug Jung have taken over scripting duties for Justin Lin's 2016 Star Trek movie...
After the departure of Roberto Orci and the arrival of new director Justin Lin, Simon Pegg has been tapped to work on the Star Trek 3 script.
The Starship Enterprise begins its long-awaited mission into deep space this July, with Justin Lin at the controls:
Lin to direct next Star Trek outing: Film-maker Justin Lin is to direct the next instalment of the Star Trek m...
oh, if only there was a FF bundle. btw, Justin Lin directs Star Trek 3! I want Captain Vin Deisel to say 'engage!'
Justin Lin will direct the third Star Trek movie
"Fast & Furious" director Justin Lin is taking the helm of the third installment in Paramount's "Star Trek" franchise. Orci will still serve as a writer and producer on the film.
Justin Lin to direct third 'Star Trek' film - SFGate
Congrats to Justin Lin who is set to direct Star Trek 3, filling the biggest open directing assignment out there with the filmmaker credited with reviving the Fast & Furious series. Lin helmed four of the films that grossed $1.9 billion in worldwide box office.
We have named the new Trek movie:. STAR TREK: THE FANS ARE THE FURIOUS.
It is official. The new director of Star Trek 3 will be Justin Lin. After a brief search by Paramount Pictures (Viacom Inc.) to replace the departed Roberto Orci, which allegedly included names like Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, the studio has decided on the man best known for re-energizing the Fast…
Justin Lin will attempt to resurrect the Star Trek franchise from the Lindelof/Orci/Kurtzman pit of despair in which it currently lies.
Its official, Star Trek 3 has lost me.Justin Lin? Star Trek is not The Fast And Furious. They just even further away from Star Trek than before.
Getting the Star Trek 13 subtitle jokes out of my system right now: 2 Bold 2 Go, Qo'noS Drift, etc.
Justin Lin, director of four Fast And Furious movies, will now direct Star Trek 3, set for release in 2016. Read the Justin Lin Star Trek 3 news here.
Deadline revealed Justin Lin to be the director of choice stating Lin was available as a result of his Jeremy Renner Bourne movie getting delayed due to Matt Damon returning to the franchise. Regarding whether or not Lin will do more Fast & Furious movies is unknown as it's said he was wanted for an…
In case you missed it, Justin Lin will direct 3: To Fast And Furiously go...
It's official: 'Fast & Furious' franchise director Justin Lin has signed on to take charge of the third 'Star Trek' movie!
Justin Lin, eh? It’s safe to say that Star Trek has moved from being in really bad hands to still being in really bad hands.
Justin Lin director of 'Fast and the Furious' WILL be directing 'Star Trek 3'. Thoughts?
Justin Lin to direct third 'Star Trek' film (from
Why Justin Lin makes sense as the new director of 'Star Trek 3' - HitFix
Why Justin Lin Is A Perfect Fit For Star Trek 3... via by Great article by Scott. Read it.
Well, that's the next Trek film in the crapper already... Justin Lin to direct Star Trek threequel
Since Roberto Orci stepped away from directing Star Trek 3 a few weeks ago, Paramount Pictures had been searching for a director to replace him; now they've found the one: Fast & Furious franchise director Justin Lin. Lin did a great job on directing the Fast & Furious films, so this film would be a…
Justin Lin tapped to direct 'Star Trek 3' via Thought this was cool. ya hi. Merry Christmas🚇
Time to start a new captain's log: Justin Lin is set to direct the third film in Paramount Pictures' rebooted "Star Trek" series, The Times has confirmed. Deadline Hollywood first reported the news that Lin, a veteran of the "Fast & Furious" franchise, is stepping in to replace Roberto Orci, who was originally to make his directing debut on "Star Trek 3" but recently vacated the job. [ 182 more words. ]
Alright, this is better- my poster for Justin Lin's Star Trek 3: Fast Five YEAR MISSION
The Fast and the Furious hits warp speed as Justin Lin is now set to direct Star Trek 3...
any decent overview of Justin Lin's career would include 2500 words on Better Luck Tomorrow, 1500 on Tokyo Drift and 50 on the rest
Justin Lin directing Star Trek 3. Drag race for the Enterprise please!
Overview of Justin Lin's career only spends three sentences on Better Luck Tomorrow and is thus insufficient
I hope Justin Lin can do for Star Trek what he did for The Fast and the Furious franchise. Make it better in D-Box!
Star Trek 3 to be directed by Fast & Furious filmmaker Justin Lin
Justin Lin to direct third 'Star Trek' film
Fast And Furious director Justin Lin to helm third Star Trek movie via
LOVE this. Justin Lin is the best action director working today.
to Direct Third Star Trek Movie: Lin is best known for directing several of the Fast &…
Over the past couple weeks, we have been extremely curious who Paramount Pictures would find to replace Roberto Orci at the helm of the upcoming Star Trek 3 , and now it seems as though they may have found their guy. Justin Lin is now the man attached to follow J.J. Abrams as the director of the reb…
'Fast Five' director Justin Lin has been tapped to replace Roberto Orci as the director of the 50th Anniversary 'Star Trek' movie.
Justin Lin (four of the "Fast And Furious" films) will helm the third entry in the newest "Star Trek" franchise
Ok Trekkie fans it looks like the long wait is finally over as it looks like Paramount have got 'Fast And Furious' and found themselves their new director for Star Trek 3, Justin Lin. After successfully re-energizing the fast & Furious franchise Lin will now step in and take over the helm from JJ Abrams as we know is feeling the force moving to Star Wars franchise. [ 299 more words. ]
‘Fast & Furious’ Director Justin Lin Takes The Wheel on ‘Star Trek 3′ Posted December 23, 2014 News is breaking this evening that Justin Lin -- director of the last four Fast & Furious films -- has been tapped by Paramount Pictures to take the wheel on 2016's Star Trek 3 in the wake of Bob Orci's de…
Justin Lin, known for helming ‘Fast And Furious 6′ will take over the director’s chair for Star Trek 3, Deadline is reporting. The announcement comes soon after word that Bob Orci, co-writer of JJ-Trek 1 & 2, stepped down from his directorial debut of the third installment of the franchise, which he…
The search for a Star Trek 3 director is over. Justin Lin, director of multiple Fast And Furious films as well as True Detective season 2, will helm the sci-fi sequel, tentatively set for release in 2016. He replaces Roberto Orci, who remains attached as a producer. Read more about the Justin Lin St…
Deadline's reporting (and The Hollywood Reporter's confirmed) that Paramount's found its replacement for Roberto Orci: Justin Lin, best known for a bunch of the Fast And Furious movies. Oh, and Community's "Modern Warfare."
Justin Lin will direct Star Trek and new season of True Detective.Maybe he should do another MiddleEarth movie that nobody needs too
Justin Lin to direct third 'Star Trek' film.
Fast And Furious 4,5 and 6 director Justin Lin has been given the almighty task of following in the footsteps of JJ Abrams as Paramount have hired him to direct Star Trek 3. Read more
Fast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin will take on directorial duties for Star Trek 3 following [...]
"Star Trek 3" has found a director in Justin Lin. The "Fast & Furious 6" filmmaker will take over the project from Roberto Orci, who previously had signed on to direct the third installment in ...
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"Fast & Furious 6" director Justin Lin has replaced Roberto Orci as director for Paramount's anticipated "Star Trek 3."
My secret fantasy: that Justin Lin directing the next STAR TREK means that John Cho as Sulu will be the main character.
'Fast Five' director Justin Lin is lined up to helm the next 'Star Trek' movie for Paramount - good choice?
The Fast And Furious franchise's Justin Lin is set direct Star Trek 3.
Following the somewhat disturbing news that Paramount want the next installment of Star Trek, number three to be exact, to be more like Guardians of the Galaxy the latest development has Fast & Furious helmsman Justin Lin now sitting in the driver’s seat. There appears to be a story that J.J. Abrams…
Justin Lin is boarding the USS Enterprise and will direct the third installment of Paramount Pictures’ “Star Trek” franchise. The hiring of Lin came two weeks after Roberto Orci backed away from th...
Justin Lin to direct the new Star Trek... Well that's a shame
'Fast & Furious' (and soon to be 'True Detective') director Justin Lin is to take the reigns on the new 'Star Trek' film after Roberto Orci's departure. A curious choice.
The dumbing down of Trek continues: “Justin Lin to direct Star Trek threequel
Justin Lin to direct third 'Star Trek' film via
(Here I'm referring to Gareth Edwards and Rian Johnson.) Anyway, I'm sure Justin Lin will make a fun movie that will make a lot of money.
*** Justin Lin as director. Yeah is just like Was Michael bay too busy?
Justin Lin is a great pick for directing Star Trek 3 if they're going to have tanks parachuting out of the Enterprise.
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