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Justin Lee Collins

Justin Lee Collins, commonly known as JLC, (born 28 July 1974) is an English comedian and television presenter, known for his strong West Country accent, shaggy appearance, and colourful shirts.

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'She' looks like Justin Lee Collins, how unfortunate.
before disappointed game at wembley stadium, I had really good time with friends in the pub, when we met Justin L…
Despite genitals injuries, Justin Lee Collins been caught on camera taking a dump on Big Ben!
TFW when you use the filter and it turns you into Justin Lee Collins
Bring back Justin lee Collins, and the Friday night project!!
a double act with Justin Lee Collins
So a poor man Justin Lee Collins then??
Turns out the replacement Justin Lee Collins is just as bad...
Have just wondered to myself "what has Justin Lee Collins been up to lately?"
At Zizzi's in Brum. Dead ringer for Justin Lee Collins in here. Luckily *this* guy isn't subjecting any women to psychological torture.
Future of South Korea Justin Lee Collins has deliberately walked in on Harry Potter book getting changed!
True. Justin Lee Collins did that to me in Somerset House in Clifton Village. Not his worst crime, I agree, but you know. . .
Justin Lee Collins wants to do it. He needs a new tv gig and we…
Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages. The retired godmother of milf has hidden 3 villages around the UK. Justin Lee Collins has to find them.
there was a Justin Lee Collins prog (where are they now) . Valerie Lindbergh lives in LA somewhere.
Tonight from 7-10 Justin Lee Collins and Matty Oasis White on GOOD TIMES 👍👊
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This campaign is more underwhelming than the time Justin Lee Collins tried to reunite the cast of Grange Hill
what's with the looking like Justin lee Collins these days?
there used to be one of Justin lee Collins too but they took it down
you gave us Justin Lee Collins, thanks.
couldn't Justin lee Collins to do a bring back special
Spotted at Manchester Piccadilly today: hairy has-been and loathsome domestic abuser Justin Lee Collins. Grim.
So many people in Piccadilly catching Pokemon. also saw Justin Lee Collins. He was not sadly catching Pokemon.
If there's one guy that deserve to be back on tv here in the UK it's Justin Lee Collins...
Just remembered how gas Justin Lee Collins is and simultaneously remembered he severely harassed one of his exes and now I'm sad.
Remember when Justin Lee Collins had a career?
Well, yeah. But crucially you don't want to find out you've just shacked up with Justin Lee Collins.
That's weird. Shamed Justin Lee Collins replied to bbuk about a rule break
Cheers for advice ordered THE HATCHING on reg1.Loved The Justin Lee Collins show bk in the day and when you learned darts on tv.
ha,happy anniversary pal. Great day. Best/worst best man speech ever. "Justin Lee Collins!"
Joe allen in that welsh kit like a young pirlo, in a liverpool kit however like a brunette justin lee collins
All purpose parts banner
can we bring back Justin, Lee and Collins?
Justin Lee Collins has really ruined Pukka Pads for me.
Also: Justin Lee Collins, Russell Howard, and Alan Carr. What a terrifying army of *** we're building here.
You're as funny as Justin Lee Collins and he hit birds
BREAKING: Bradley Wiggins, Justin Lee Collins and Viennetta inventor Kevin Hillman to be awarded knighthoods in New Year's Honours.
It was nice of Justin Lee Collins to vanish off the face of the Earth.
I'll never forget the time when Canibus produced Justin Lee Collins' Pukka Pad during a rap battle.
Team behind TV drama 'OJ Simpson vs the People' to begin work on new series about Justin Lee Collins's fall from grace.
Oh, it's that band Justin Lee Collins probably pretends to like
Justin Lee Collins show tonight on Fubar Radio 8-10. Plus now on Friday evening 8-10. The man is back and on fire.
I'm like 90% sure I met Justin Lee Collins at work today
Justin Lee Collins kept a graphic dossier of his girlfriend's sexual history, a court hears
It makes no sense: Justin Lee Collins signed a deal out terms for Wikileaks.
Why is Ben Miller dressed as Justin Lee Collins dressed as a magician?
I've just seen Justin Lee Collins having a *** in the street. Then he ate a pie without washing his hands.
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Looking forward to heading back to the home of Justin Lee Collins on Friday. I lurve Bristol.
I missed out on meeting Justin Lee Collins last year.gotta meet you this time around
Today I am mostly in Bristol with Justin Lee Collins. People keep coming up to us and congratulating me on my son's success ??
Plan to introduce wife beater Justin Lee Collins into 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' shelved after rats complain he is too horrible.
Justin lee Collins is the best presenter on this station!!! Fact!
Justin Lee Collins new show on XSManchester is brilliant.
Check out this cool episode: For all the out there. This one's for you.
Saw Justin Lee Collins at lunchtime...isn't he another one from the Collymore School of Relationship Management?
Talking about Justin Lee Collins reminds me of the time he was in FHM talking about Lilt
Justin Lee Collins (says was one of his favourite guests. 'Just a lovely lovely man'
watching finding a- team with Justin lee Collins this man is a superstar!! And I see big things coming for jlc we love you!
Check out this cool episode: It's last nights show in all it's heavenly glory!
Justin lee Collins for Luke, Paul Rudd for Marcus, Louis Theroux for Jim and Tim Roth for Pete
Justin Lee Collins Interview – it’s here!!!: I recently had the genuine pleasure of chatting to a man who love...
Imagine for a second if you will: you are Justin Lee Collins
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LOL at the legend that is Justin lee collins
The Justin Lee Collins Show 8-10 tonight on Fubar Radio. If this Don't rock you nothing will.
since when have you looked like Justin Lee Collins 😂
. Please stop looking like justin lee Collins!!
thought it was Justin Lee Collins for a minute.
Check out this great Podcast: There you go brother!
Check out this cool episode: In case you missed last nights show.
Check out this cool episode: Hear me now rude boy!
Look who's now that good he has two radio shows. Justin Lee Collins doing what he does best. ENTERTAIN. THE DUDE IS BACK 💪👈👊
BREAKING: Justin Lee Collins accused in unexploded holiday hiccup.
I think I went to uni with the comedian guy on I told him he looked like Justin lee Collins once and he got offended.
Surely the only person thinking that would be Justin Lee Collins..
Some bloke banging on about how awesome being on stalker creep Justin Lee Collins radio show is going to be.
Well ram them *** Cheese Nachos in my face Justin Lee Collins back on the screen where he belongs. Zoe 😏 Pass the popcorn 😋
Classic cheeky selfie had Justin lee Collins as our guide -ta Liam-well worth the trip
Thanks, Justin Lee Collins! Last few days I've been humming Why? See our Interview with -
Interview with Justin Lee Collins now live on 80sNostalgia! .
More celebrities heading for Justin Lee Collins filming on the Promenade today
I liked a video from HANGING WITH JUSTIN LEE COLLINS (Vlog)
hey merry Xmas. Didn't realise you was on the Justin Lee Collins podcast back in 2011
Have we all forgotten that Justin Lee Collins is a terrible human being?
I hate it: Justin Lee has called off recover sexism swallowed by sinkhole in Istanbul.
BOOM! Justin Lee Collins has directed a comedy documentary the story of Sunday morning TV!
F1 presented by Davina McCall, Justin Lee Collins and a big brother runner up.
What's Justin Lee Collins doing now a days? Haven't heard that name in a long time
Managed to meet Justin-Lee Collins though so that was a plus side
It can't be that big at seen TV's Justin Lee Collins again today!
Being stalked by Justin Lee Collins firstly in our hotel at Disney and now at the airport !!!
ironically, it's the best thing Justin Lee Collins has been connected to
I've heard that Justin Lee Collins made a guest appearance in The Brittas Empire, as an expert of the festival.
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As much as I love I can't help but miss the duo of him and Justin Lee Collins. Friday night project still smashes it!!
that means if I say "Justin Lee Collins is a complete knobber", he'll read it?
This looks like Justin Lee Collins spent ten hours with Gok Wan in preparation for a starring role in The Lion King.
oh wow, i didn't realise Justin Lee Collins was in strictly
BREAKING: Justin Lee Collins amazed by charity corruption investigation.
but would Justin Lee Collins have been better though
I liked a video Billie Piper on The Justin Lee Collins Show
Life plan is to be enthusiastic and bubbly for a short while and then disappear completely. Like a vitamin C tablet. Or Justin Lee Collins.
Chewbacca is, and has always been Justin Lee Collins in the most elaborate, greatest ever punk'd
Nice to see Justin Lee Collins putting the pukka pad unpleasantness behind him with a session on bass for Jimmy Page
On the plus side - he's not Jimmy Carr or Justin Lee Collins.
Surely Justin Lee Collins and Paul Daniels deserve a go.
Justin Lee Collins is Live till 10. We're all about the camaraderie. Listen Live >
Wonderful news: Lee Collins has won an award for linking a Wii an
They seem quite adamant that he was. A church in my road also thinks he was Justin Lee Collins.
Just think, if he hadn't disgraced himself, Justin Lee Collins would be presenting this show 😕
All Keith Lemon's Back to the Future Tribute is missing is Justin Lee Collins.
Yesterday I mixed up Justin Lee Collins and Jamie Lee Curtis, for a full conversation. It was a long day.
Check out this cool episode: Just to wet your appetite!
You should be ashamed you haven't stuck by Justin Lee Collins. Without him you wouldn't have a career.
2/2 a documentary type show were the A-Team (actors) have to try and reunite Justin Lee Collins with his old TV career.
I remember on the Bring back Star Wars thing with Justin Lee Collins, he managed to interview everyone except him, he demanded
My most recent unfollower was Justin Lee Collins. Why he was still following me in the first place, I have no idea...
She can't be. Watch 'Bring back Dallas' It was with Justin Lee Collins. Probs on Youtube. Dead funny. Hunts down former cast.
No *** but a thick bush that looks like Justin Lee Collins blowing a raspberry.
Come Jamie. Come here to Bristol. Justin Lee Collins doesn't live here anymore so it's ok.
Justin Lee Collins is slowly dying unlike his career which died a long time ago.
Check out this cool episode: The one with...The first ever Lovell or Lightbody!
When I'm should I look at you or the floor??. Will I have to give you a back rub?...
Justin Lee Collins is an absolute disgrace - I can't believe you have even considered having him!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
DID YOU KNOW? Disgraced broadcaster Justin Lee Collins now allows hen parties to beat him up for £125 an hour
Check out this cool episode: Cucumber!
like a dolmio puppet Justin Lee Collins
You don't hear of Justin Lee Collins much.
Justin Lee Collins just popped round for a cup of tea.
Justin Lee Collins at Wales Comic Con? Jesus. You geeks really do hate women.
Was that you I saw meandering Venice today? My wife got you confused with Justin Lee Collins. I can only apologise
the Justin Lee Collins one might be a nice ironic one.Seeing as how he made a career out of getting people to do videos like that
I was just going for hatefulness. Justin lee Collins … Conal gallen .. Etc etc
Just got reminded that Justin Lee Collins exists/existed :(
iam_jlc: Check out this cool episode: It's the one wi…
Really great: Justin Lee Collins has returned from Venus. There, he found Big Ben!
what does Justin Lee Collins do nowadays? I saw him shopping in The Mall tonight...
Susan Ann Adams Hi hope you don't mind we had Justin Lee Collins at the pier today gave him one of your CDs to listen to
Well this is bizarre. I'm at LaserQuest pretending to be a space marine and Justin Lee Collins has just turned up. Really.
can anyone brink Justin Lee Collins back? Does anyone want to?
UK TV show, "Bring back... Star Wars", can Justin Lee Collins bring the Star Wars cast back?
Stop him! Justin Lee Collins has fallen in love with jellyfish, and has offered it a whopping of drugs as a gift.
saw Justin Lee Collins today at Cribbs looking happy and chilled with his boys.
Justin Lee Collins came into the store today, everything got very exciting😎
Sam the beaver hunter. Justin Lee Collins the bearded warrior. And Right Said Fr…
Justin Lee Collins just walked past me on the Northern line platform at London Bridge Station.
I liked a video from Philip Glenister, Ulrika Johnson and Justin Lee Collins on Chris
I always get Justin Lee Collins mixed up with Jeremy Forrest
I wonder what Justin Lee Collins is up to? 😀
Justin Lee Collins can't get a second shot in his career because he was insecure. Chris Brown beats up a woman and continues at no.1. Sigh
at least Justin Lee Collins threw it all away to be true to himself!
Is a dating programme really the smartest move for Justin Lee Collins' big TV comeback?
Justin Lee Collins has been piling on the pounds. But he looks better with his hair up.
What was it Justin Lee Collins did again, it was something bad
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Pretty sure I've just seen Justin Lee Collins walking down Tooley Street. Well there's someone I didn't expect to see today.
Careful about insulting Justin Lee Collins sounds like a sinister horror movie child when she sings?
why is Justin Lee Collins your avatar?
My friend did a Justin Lee Collins parody for three days. He got 40,000 followers but stopped because "it was so depressing".
Just got really excited about seeing Justin Lee Collins... then I remembered. No high five for him...
The student beard craze needs to stop. Guys walking round thinking they look class, when in reality they look like Justin Lee Collins
If you enjoy Justin Lee Collins, you're sure to enjoy Printing Shirts!
A watching Justin Lee Collins cries into his real ale and hits someone.
So that's what Justin Lee Collins does now! I did wonder. A long time ago.
After months of preparation, Justin Lee Collins has Egypt's for the son of Jesus.
Having lunch on table next to Justin lee Collins, he still looks like a right belter
So Justin Lee Collins is on the but he has nicked the seat with extra leg room. But doesn't need it!
Justin Lee Collins, reduced to "unspecified" career and going on about Lilt in a vox pop in FHM. Serves him right. http:/…
I imagine Justin Lee Collins isn't exactly coining it in at present either
didn't both RH and our saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ predate exasperated wurzel Justin Lee Collins?
Justin Lee Collins is now his own poor man's version. Here he is in a vox pop.
Considering this is the third time in recent months I've seen Justin Lee Collins on my road I'm presuming he lives nearby. Ah dear man
Hm... 24 hours later, still trending. Maybe it could become a Justin Lee Collins' comeback special. Humanity is doomed.
Bring Back Fame with Justin Lee Collins... er Bring Back Star Wars with Justin Lee Collins er... I see what you mean :P
ooft, a wee lizard just crawled out my bum bum. what's been happening since 2008 guys, is Justin lee Collins still on tele
Justin Lee Collins must be gutted that is a show neither will be allowed to participate in, ever.
I might nick this pic to use whenever Justin Lee Collins makes his inevitable Channel 5 comeback.
If Justin Lee Collins isn't hosting "Bring Back Clarkson" then I don't want to know.
*Justin Lee Collins dusts off his old suit*
You do realise you featured abusive, intimidating, formerly funny *** Justin Lee Collins in your March Issue?
Saw Justin lee Collins in Truro today, random
BREAKING NEWS: Justin Lee Collins in call for new erection campaign.
Served justin lee collins at work the other night i didnt even notice! Only got told today 😂
do you still keep in touch with Justin Lee Collins ?
Justin Lee Collins April Fooled with *** Hucknall prank by his new colleagues on Fubar Radio featured in NBC s Science of Love
Debenhams in Harrow has got loads of copies Justin Lee Collins' book Good Times in the sale.
Head over to Tottenham Street now to watch an irate Justin Lee Collins shouting down his mobile phone.
Hyde manager Justin Lee Collins has been fined �40,000 for showing a series about his local juice joint before the 40:00 ...
cool, I thought it was just me and Justin Lee Collins that used it.
super productive first write with the really talented Nevada Collins-Lee and Justin Moes
Just rediscovering 's reworking of All I Want For Christmas is You with Justin Lee Collins on Five. - It's Wiley Showa Eski
I used to really like Justin Lee Collins...
McFly's interview with justin lee collins will forever be my favourite interview
Leave me alone: Justin Lee Collins has injected heroin into the eye socket of a frothy cocktail glass of Coca-Cola!
That's nothing. We sat next to Justin Lee Collins on the train to Bristol yesterday.
nice 2 c the celebritys making an effort today I.e Justin lee Collins etc... Can't wait to see em on a Tuesday night vs a nobody
Well, me & Mum sneaked in to see the West Ham game today, alongside Justin Lee Collins. Mum was upset at the songs though. Not nice at all.
Justin Lee Collins was in the Williams Stand today. I can't really add anything more than that.
I've already got Dave Lee Travis, Justin lee Collins and Michael Barrymore signed up
He's putting Bristol back on the map after the madness of Justin Lee Collins
Saturday is the comedy of Justin Lee Collins, the writing talent of Dan Brown with the political awareness of your average Briton.
Radical cleric Justin Lee Collins has been playing with a Dalek's
I'm waiting for Justin Lee Collins to do a show to ask me to bring it back
is huge these days. But can someone answer this for me, whatever happened to Justin Lee Collins?
Well done you deserve that...loved him since I was intro'd to him on his show with Justin Lee Collins.Gutted for tho!!
Bruce Dickinson & Iron Maiden at Classic Rock Roll of Honor - Inside Arrivals
"Excuse me, do you have a dirty tampon that I can suck?" Or maybe Justin Lee Collins
"One of the most shocking stories of that period was the revelation that Prince Charles's wife Camilla turned out to be Justin Lee Collins."
Almost sure Justin Lee Collins walked by me in union square today
Pretty sure I served Justin Lee Collins in work today.
I'm watching on old Top Gear. Justin Lee Collins was the star in the reasonably priced car. Oh Justin, you jealousy ridden mad man.
Justin Lee Collins on Top Gear now on Dave. Like a dodgy DJ TOTP episode getting through the net
is Justin Lee Collins still a thing or?
• Bermondsey Spa Gardens, where we saw Justin Lee Collins walking the streets like a normal man.
I just got compared to Justin Lee Collins this is the best day of my life
new housemate tomorrow? I want Justin Lee Collins or Dave Lee Travis
He's doing a tv show with Justin Lee Collins and Brendan Rodgers.
what happened to justin lee Collins his tv partner
branham cause del mar only has justin and we have Jarrett and socko
I say more Justin Lee Collins than Brad Pitt.but I wouldn't wanna pop his ego lol
Lorriane Crosby on the Justin Lee Collins Show - Big Foot Events: via
I wonder what Justin Lee Collins is doing these days? He was always on TV about five years ago until he harassed his ex
Good answers all. To my shame, I wasn't thinking politics. I had Justin Lee Collins in mind
Just noticed how Justin Lee Collins has completely disappeared from being a celebrity. Probably on the dole or something
I've met Amy Willerton and Justin Lee Collins in the space of 4 days whilst working in game🙊
Sleeping with the enemy but with Justin Lee Collins.
Can't wait until they cast Justin Lee Collins as an awkward gangster in
It's almost tradition now that every time I come back to Bristol I see Justin Lee Collins, every time
Justin Lee Collins has been quiet recently
I heard the Justin Lee Collins abuse tapes for the first time this morning. They are very disturbing:
domain names
Non-violent domestic abuse: Anna Larke speaks of ex-partner, Justin Lee Collins', 'immense' control over her
We're reports that Justin Lee Collins has set sail in hope of discovering
i can't believe that any woman would ever look at Justin Lee Collins again after hearin that audio.of they do then I'll eat my hat
Compelling interview on with the woman who suffered abuse from Justin Lee Collins, delaying me slightly this morning
was your interview with Justin Lee Collins ex gf in the public's interest or if interest to the public? I think it was the latter.
Women need protecting from Justin Lee Collins! Only the state can do this
Dave Lee Travis, Justin Lee Collins, Josef Lee Fritzl...what is it with people who have 'Lee' as a middle name?
For a minute I thought Justin Lee Collins was called Justin Davis Smith. That's what the voluntary sector can do to your brain.
I love watching anything with Justin Lee Collins in because his eyes are just so dead because he knows how dead his career is,
We're both on about Justin Lee Collins, right?
saw on Friday in Liverpool fab 2nd time saw it in West End with Shane Ward and Justin Lee Collins in 2 yes ago
you're beginning to morph into Justin Lee Collins
Urgh. God no. Last guy who asked me to do that was Justin Lee Collins. B'mouth is my hometown. Treat her well.
Now I am sat on the train in the same coach as Justin Lee Collins!!
worked it out. Justin Lee Collins with a clean shave.
The girl presenting Glastonbury on bbc 3 looks like a female Justin Lee Collins.
This woman interviewer on BBC Three, is it Justin Lee Collins trying to work his way back into show biz?
Am I the only one who thinks that Justin Lee Collins got off lightly?
I saw in London with Shane ward and Justin Lee Collins. Ended up with massive crush on Shane in blonde wig and eyeliner! X
I just uploaded "Justin Lee Collins and Pete Slennett Co-host a show on Fubar Radio" to Mixcloud. Listen at
All i want for xmas is Steven Seagal vs Justin Lee Collins on dvd,signed by Timothy Dalton.
Whatever happened to Justin Lee Collins? I loved that guy!
I've just rediscovered my favey McFly interview with Justin Lee Collins.
Funny documentary following Justin Lee Collins as he heads east and attempts to get to grips with Japanese culture.
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I'm doing my first radio show with Justin Lee Collins tomorrow afternoon 4-7pm on Fubar Radio! Get involved!
You know what Channel 4 should do? Make another series of Bring Back... and make the first one Justin Lee Collins. See how he likes it when some wanker comes round to his house unannounced and tries to rope him into doing a reunion he has no interest in.
I think Justin Lee Collins just said hiya to me.. Or it might have just been a random bearded man who said something because I was staring
Justin Lee collins presents prize *good times* Justin Lee Collins presents forfeit *bad times*
I think it's more noteworthy that we're STILL employing Justin Lee-Collins.
I wish Justin lee Collins was still popular, I'd use it to my advantage as I get mistaken for him every time I go out
I assume Justin Lee Collins has already done it.
I just remembered that when I had blonde highlights my step dad nick named me Justin Lee Collins and now I'm laughing.
Please to work with Justin Lee Collins! Lovely bloke
Justin Lee Collins didn't physically beat up a woman! You must be so proud!!
29 April: Disgraced mental-abuser Justin Lee Collins on Caledonian road. His bag had Tony the Tiger on it.
Who's named more people - Ed Woodward or Justin Lee Collins's girlfriend?
Just one question , do you call Justin Lee Collins out at work for his section 4 conviction? Your work colleague.
Dear , don't you broadcast for the same company as Justin Lee Collins. A man who served 140 community service recently?
so I guess you are utterly against Justin Lee Collins who is also on Fubar. You bitter mess.
Just bumped into Justin lee Collins outside my flat - remember Friday night project loved that show,bring it back!
Justin Lee Collins doesn't get much TV work so he should invest his money in manufacturing park benches for downtrodden wives to stare at.
It's a thing they do. They're like the Justin Lee Collins of retail.
He's probably made her write them out on a pukka pad, a la Justin Lee Collins.
From Richard Scudamore to Justin Lee Collins, why do misogynists get the “privacy” the women they abuse are denied? http:…
All I want for my 30th is Justin Lee Collins to comeback with a chat show with Brian Harvey as his band leader and Paul Danan his sidekick.
Is Justin Lee Collins a thing again now? People actually employ him to do comedy?
I'm listening to Justin Lee Collins on Fubar LIVE's iPhone app. SEGA
Justin Lee Collins, Jon Gaunt and Amy Childs? Finally time to get a Fubar Radio subscription I think!
Justin Lee Collins is a kind of Boo Radley of Tower Bridge Road, leaving a trail of incredulous Uni Lads wherever he goes
A very fascinating discussion about why Alan Carr has done better than Justin Lee Collins
Shock in the courtroom as Pistorius calls Justin Lee Collins as a character witness.
My dad bumped in to Justin Lee Collins earlier.casual
Today Januzaj is getting both physically an mentally abused like one of Justin Lee Collins' old birds.
no thanks. Might give you a try after you get rid of Justin Lee Collins.
Justin Lee Collins popped by for a pint yesterday 🍺
This guy looks like Justin Lee Collins. Can't even take a photo on the sly
I it: Mike Reid has mauled Justin Lee Collins fiends.
You're the one that wants Justin Lee Collins.
So, my assistant brought me two books: Justin Lee Collins biography and the Nazis conquest of France. Err.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
In an interesting twist of irony, wouldn't it be cool of Justin Lee Collins did an episode of "Bring Back Justin Lee Collins"?
Forgot to mention last week - Saw Justin Lee Collins in Selfridges...again
In the season of good will I want it known that I have forgiven Justin Lee Collins and would welcome him back on tv. Not my tv, obviously...
Hey! Justin Lee Collins has a Hanukkah card to the Olympics!
An animatronic model of Justin Lee Collins has halted Australia's path to joining the EU due to ruins of Troy.
bradley parker asking the important question of 2013 WHERE IS JUSTIN LEE COLLINS??
Justin lee Collins came into clintons today. :)
Yeah he did a bit of a Justin Lee Collins
Definitely used to look like Justin Lee Collins
I hear he's a nice man. But then Justin Lee Collins said he was rude. But then JLC was a bad man. So then... Oh I'm so confused!
Justin Lee Collins was my first customer today, I've actually achieved something this week
Justin lee Collins and Alan Carr are the best duo of all time, never ceases to make me *** myself laughing
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