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Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin (born February 10, 1982) is an American sprinter. He is an Olympic gold medalist, with a 100 m personal best of 9.85 seconds and two-time World indoor champion in the 60-meter dash.

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I think we're done here, actually. Your argument is completely illogical.…
Congratulations to Rekortan spokesperson, Justin Gatlin, for being nominated for the 2017 Jesse Owens Award. Read t…
Me neither 😭. I’m also Justin Gatlin with the block the minute one of these weirdos is sniffing aro…
The real ones who lineup, they wanna win. . -Justin Gatlin
When the World Boos you... You Give them a "Justin Gatlin". You run your race and win it...
How did a down-and-out sprinter who was seemingly years beyond his prime recapture the claim of world's fastest man…
To boo or not to boo, that's the Justin Gatlin question - BBC News ➜
Just listed by Justin Gatlin at Five Guys right now. Here's The 8th
World Championships 2017: Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin in 100m final.
An INSTANT way to spot a bad sprint coach - one who shouts "get your knees up!".
American sprinter Justin Gatlin has been subject to drug bans twice in his career – first in 2001 (though this was…
One of the fastest men on the planet sees a common problem in young athletes.
Ebube's like Justin Gatlin while Idyl's the Usain Bolt of The Voice Nigeria Show. Music won in the end!.
Anybody else hear that Warren Gatland got the gold medal, instead of Justin Gatlin? No wonder they booed, wrong guy! 😂
USA’s Justin Gatlin beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash World Championships! His story with
[Sport] Usain Bolt beaten in final solo race as Justin Gatlin gatecrashes 100m final
Justin Gatlin is 35, Kim Collins 41, they both beat Bolt in 100m despite their age.…
Sebastian Coe thinks Justin Gatlin should have been banned for life
Justin Gatlin: Sprinter issues 'official apology' for doping after beating Usain Bolt via
David Beckham, Mo Farah and Justin Gatlin pay tribute to Usain Bolt
Was what Justin Gatlin 'achieved' was brilliant? How bout Ben Jo…
I lose sleep at night trying to decide if I dislike Steph Curry or Justin Gatlin more.
Justin Gatlin finally defeats Usain Bolt . And then did this . Respect 🙌
Michael Johnson and Steve Cram went head-to-head over "the villian" Justin Gatlin. Whose side are you on?. Watch:
I wanted Justin Gatlin to win just to annoy Steve Cram😏
Is Lord Coe, who's ignored corruption & lied about it, really morally justified to look down on drugs cheat Justin Gatlin?.
Justin Gatlin gold was not the perfect script, admits Lord Coe
Justin Gatlin should have been banned for life after he was convicted of being a drugs cheat - Lord Coe -…
Justin Gatlin's 100m victory at the World Championships in London was "not the perfect script", says Lord Coe.
Justin Gatlin stuns the world's fastest man to win the 100m at the while Usain Bolt ends in third.
This is well worth a read. . Justin Gatlin .
Here is how Justin Gatlin stunned Usain Bolt and the world to capture the 100m title at the in London. https:…
BREAKING: Justin Gatlin stuns Usain Bolt in final 100m race. Bolt finishes with bronze and time of 9.95 seconds https:/…
The age of Usain Bolt is almost over. Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Justin Gatlin, Anthony Joshua & Pelé put the "legend" in…
Red white and blue through and through but Justin Gatlin is fraud as ***
I'm so happy for Justin Gatlin. His unfair treatment has been disgusting to watch
World athletics championships: I've done my time, says 100m champion Justin Gatlin (News)
Drugs cheat Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in the 100m. Is this a bad day for Athletics? . 📻
Justin Gatlin has been banned 3X for doping and is running faster than he did 11 years ago? Something doesn't add up t…
Photo of the night... Justin Gatlin & Usain Bolt
Justin Gatlin causes shock in men's 100m at IAAF World Championships as Usain Bolt has to settle for bronze. Full...
Fans -- and winner Justin Gatlin -- bow to Usain Bolt in his 100 finale
Justin Gatlin defeats world record holder Usain Bolt in the 100-meter final in London. It was Bolt's last solo race
"The first thing he said to me was congratulations.". Justin Gatlin says beating Usain Bolt was surreal.
Usain Bolt finishes third in his final race as Justin Gatlin wins gold in the 100m. .
Americans Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman defeat Usain Bolt in his final solo 100 meter race.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
WATCH: VFLs Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman beat Usain Bolt in his final individual race
JUST IN: Jamaica's Usain Bolt places 3rd in the final 100m sprint of his career at the World Championships. USA's Justin Gatlin w…
Justin WON. He finally beat . ... and ... THEN ... he did this ... . which basically explains it all.
Justin Gatlin's bow to Usain Bolt is the definition of Humility 🙏. Respect, Spirit of Sportsmanship, Champions, so much…
Of the 30 fastest 100m times ever, only 9 were achieved by a clean athlete- & all were run by . http…
Even after Justin Gatlin won, he still bowed down to Usain Bolt! Legend!!!. Moral Story: give respect to whom respect is due!…
Usain Bolt shocked by Justin Gatlin in farewell World Championships - NBC Sports
loses his last final instead of Justin
The men's 100m world champion is Justin Gatlin.
So it's safe to conclude that the Brits strongly dislike Justin Gatlin then?
Breaking: Usain Bolt beaten by Justin Gatlin at 2017 World Championships in final 100m race of career
In his final 100m race, Usain Bolt was defeated by Justin Gatlin
I know how Justin Gatlin feels though. I regularly get booed by women for finishing in under ten seconds.
Justin Gatlin beating Usain Bolt is like when Ricky Bobby beat Jean Girard, so Girard could retire.
They say Justin Gatlin shouldn't even be there. But the likes of Maria Sharapova are playing like nothing happened…
Quote with who's takin home the 100m title at Worlds between these two: Justin Gatlin or Christian Coleman
Kim Collins attempt beats Justin Gatlin on 100m: via
Justin Gatlin and Andre de Grasse were beaten by South Africa's Akani Simbine in the 100m at the Diamond League.
Bro imagine if Justin Gatlin, bromell, de grasse or yohan Blake ran the 40? I think it we'll be lower than 4.12.
City are like the Justin Gatlin of PL football, flying off the blocks, beast for like 40m but finish 3rd. (not saying they will. an analogy)
Usain Bolt arrives to lift the Rio fans but finds Justin Gatlin has the legs
Shout out to Justin Gatlin coming out with a Jouvert band called Dirty Medics lol.
Justin Gatlin, I'm all about the tragedy in Charleston, SC, my classroom.
Drug cheat Justin Gatlin is the face for a T&T Jouvert band called Dirty Medics. . Can't make this stuff up.
Justin Gatlin once equaled the 100m world record at this venue
here's the picture if you guys need it @ Russia and @ Justin Gatlin
I liked a video Justin Gatlin Speed Training with VertiMax
Saw Justin Gatlin endorsing a local jouvert band, if that pic was to go viral the media will crucify him.
🇯🇲 Usain Bolt surged late to win the men’s 100 meters for the third time in a row.
Justin Gatlin and Tyson *** are definitely Salieri to Usain Bolt's Mozart. Good reference
.talking to Andre Johnson about ‘The U’ and running track against Justin Gatlin was all I needed.
Justin Gatlin is ageless. And why Tyson *** (lane 7) arms working harder than his legs.. He gotta relax
a speech for the mentally impaired . Bolt isnt even american. Try..ummm Justin gatlin - the american drug cheat
With one of the fastest guys on the planet Olympian Justin Gatlin at Special Olympics Champions…
Justin Gatlin says he has no retirement plans for the next three to four years, apparently implying he's aiming for one more Olympics.
I added a video to a playlist Justin Gatlin Talks Olympics, + Usain Bolt Being
Justin Gatlin says ''Hasely Crawford '' is the greatest athlete ever from Trinidad and Tobago O_O shows how little he knows.
American Sprinter Justin Gatlin is in Tobago. Here he is posing with Magdalena staff employee Rece Fraser.https:/…
Justin Gatlin Coach Dennis Mitchell on the Art of Speed -
Graham owned Sprint Capital in Raleigh, where he coached elite sprinters (and dopers) like Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery.
The only way I can explain that cleverley fight is like Justin Gatlin beating Oscar Pistorious cause his leg fell off then gloating
So do you think Ryan Lochte should be banned since you had so much to say about Justin Gatlin???
Bronze gone? Another race, another miscue for US relay team - Justin Gatlin, Tyson *** and Mike Rodgers were al...
Usain Bolt qualifies for men's 200m final but Justin Gatlin and Yohan Blake crash out: Team GB's Adam Gemili ...
🇬🇧Team GB's Adam Gemili joins Usain Bolt in the men’s 200m final as Justin Gatlin crashes out
Usain Bolt and Adam Gemili make Olympic 200m final - but Justin Gatlin is OUT
Well well Justin Gatlin is out! Off 200m men's final, great stuff, come on champion BOLT and GB Adam Gemili# get IN.
Someone said that 'Justin Gatlin has enough silver to betray Jesus Christ.". Eish.
34-year-old Justin Gatlin takes silver for becoming the oldest Olympic medalist ever in the Men's 100m.
Little unknown facts Justin Gatlin, Home town Pensacola,FL us FL people stick together, Silver shine just as bright.
Congratulations to Florida Panhandle home boy Justin Gatlin on his Silver racing Usain Bolt. Both excellent athletes!
He was behind Justin Gatlin for half the race lol
Has anyone seen Delroy Lindo and Justin Gatlin in the same room together?
"Justin Gatlin is also there". --> possibly the best thing Scott Russell has said so far.
Day 9: Highlights From the Rio Olympics - On Day 9 of the Rio Olympics, Usain Bolt races Justin Gatlin in the 1...
I truly believe that Justin Gatlin is the long lost brother of Lance Gross
Lance Gross and Justin Gatlin gotta be 3rd cousins or something
Justin Gatlin worked out for the Houston Texans
We got Simone biles, Aly Raisman Michael Phelps, Justin Gatlin, Katie Ledecky, and the US basketball team. Who ya got @ world?
Justin Gatlin will win gold in the 100m this Olympics and would beat Usain in doing so
Bubba Watson defends disgraced U.S. athlete Justin Gatlin: "We’ve all had issues."
Ain't rooted for a US track member since Maurice Greene and Justin Gatlin. Probably still won't.
Swimmer Lilly King says Justin Gatlin shouldn't be in Rio ->
Marvin Bracy, Trayvon Bromell, and Justin Gatlin, the US 100m team,
Russian journalist asks Coe if it's fair that Justin Gatlin will be in Rio while Isinbayeva will not.
when do Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin compete?
2016 Usain Bolt vs 2016 Justin Gatlin at 100m. Ready for the Usain Bolt show via
Speaking of the Olympics, watch my boy Justin Gatlin make history 💯 he's going for the gold in the 100
Justin Gatlin defends himself against Olympic criticism: 'The time has been served' via
What's up with Justin Gatlin? I'm not seeing anything about him on social media or in the sports news.
Justin Gatlin for the upset against Bolt will happen
Michael phelps continued from where he left swimming the last time. Justin Gatlin tried it in sprints, LOL. You know the rest!
Just imagine you hear almost daily about Justin Gatlin and drugs but not one word from the media on when Micheal...
Just don't cheer too hard for Justin Gatlin in the 100 meter dash ;)
Reading all of the comments from uninformed jerks about makes me sick. Don't cheer for Justin Gatlin next week, hypocrites.
Tbf Can't wait to see the Americans bashing efimova praise Justin gatlin when the athletics starts lol
I hate when they show Justin Gatlin or Lashawn Merritt… doping really shouldn’t be allowed, no matter the country.
.defends past doper Justin Gatlin: "We’ve all had issues."
In light of the Track & Field events starting soon...Justin Gatlin has been caught doping twice 📝📁
Tyson *** Justin Gatlin convicted of doping - go to Rio. . Isinbayeva & Shubenkov NEVER doped - BANNED. Nothing poli…
Banned drugs found in Justin Gatlin -
Here are my predictions for the men's sprints & relays. 100m-Justin Gatlin. 200m-Lashawn Merritt. 400m-Lashawn Merritt. 4x100m-USA. 4x400m-USA
I can't wait to see how many Lilly King fans root for Tyson *** and Justin Gatlin. Don't be hypocrites. Go Bolt!
American sprinter Justin Gatlin is under attack in Rio. In an interview, defends him.
Bubba Watson defends Justin Gatlin after doping criticism from U.S. swimmers
Justin Gatlin taking the gold this year 🏅
Prediction: Usain Bolt is gonna merk Justin Gatlin in the 100m and run a sub 19s in the 200m
Wait---Usain Bolt IS in the He had a hammie tear a month ago. With Justin Gatlin age 34, this is gonna be t…
We need more athletes taking a stand like she says Gatlin +others who've tested + should NOT compete.
I'm calling it right now, Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt in the 100m dash on Sunday 🇺🇸
"I'd be devastated" comments when we asked how he'd feel if Justin Gatlin was to win the 100m final and beat Usain Bolt
I just don't like Justin Gatlin. I'm pretty sure it's his voice. Lmao
Justin Gatlin defends himself against criticism: 'The time has been served'
I liked a video from Justin Gatlin: Michael Johnson & Steve Cram hit back at bias claim
Usain Bolt beating Justin Gatlin is not going to save athletics, says Michael Johnson
Meredith Viera, "there's Justin Gatlin. He's known for the sprints." Seriously?!? Guess that gold in '04 slipped your mind, Meredith 🤔
Usain Bolt approaches peak to pump up pressure on Justin Gatlin
What a day at Hayward. Bernard Lagat in the 5k, Devon Allen in the highs, and Justin Gatlin in the 200!!!
Justin Gatlin takes cue from Bernard Lagat, then takes off: Waiting for the start of the 200-meter dash final…
in the 200m Semi-Finals tonight at 530pm. He will be in lane Justin Gatlin lane
Justin Gatlin runs 9.8 in 100m, qualifies for Rio
Don't use that language representing Athletics Illustrated. But nice one,
Mr. asks Mr. Justin Gatlin to show some humility, man!
Trayvon Bromell over Justin Gatlin you heard it here first on Tonio News 7 😂😂
Former Vol Justin Gatlin will race alongside current Vol Christian Coleman (in the US 100 final at 8:53 ET
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Justin Gatlin, Allyson Felix, LaShawn Merritt all win at track and field trials: The thre... (via
Trayvon Bromell equals career best and finishes 2nd behind Justin Gatlin at US Olympic Trials in 9.84 in 100. Will run fo…
sprints onto another Olympic team with world-best time via
Justin Gatlin runs 9.80 for the fastest time in the world this year... Study up my young athletes!
Justin Gatlin clocked the fastest 100m of the year, 9.8 seconds, to book his ticket to at the US trials. https:/…
Gatlin, Felix take different paths to same result: a berth in Rio (by
New post: Allyson Felix, Justin Gatlin big winners at US trials – ESPN
Justin Gatlin (9.80) is headed to Rio as the top overall American in the 100 meters. UT's Coleman finishes 6th (1…
Justin Gatlin lost to Usain Bolt at the 2015 IAAF World Championships. Now he's ready for a rematch at https:/…
Justin Gatlin wins 100m in 9.80 (1.6)Trayvon Bromell in 9.84 Marvin Bracy in 9.98.All from the Great State of Florida.P-…
Justin Gatlin speeds up in Eugene, but another gear needed against Usain Bolt
Gatlin, Felix: Different paths, same team in Rio via
Justin Gatlin was fastest in the world on Sunday, but will he be No. 1 in Rio?
Felix and Gatlin, once linked together as the future of track in the USA, take very different paths to Rio.
Trayvon Bromell was only 8 when Justin Gatlin won his first gold. Both are going to Rio.
Justin Gatlin's start might be the key in Rio. He probably gets out the blocks the fastest amongst the top sprinters. Bolt's the slowest.
Gonna write a movie called "From Roids to Riches: The Justin Gatlin Story"
.wins the 100M in 9.80 to qualify for Rio.
Is it when they had to run against and get beat by Justin Gatlin
There are other drugs cheats at so why is Justin Gatlin taking all the flak?
Who will win men's 100m and 200m races in Can Justin Gatlin stop Usain Bolt? Predict at
I don't watch any race that has Justin Gatlin in it, so thanks for ruining one of my passions for 40 yrs. Same applies to all
Who is your favorite doping athlete? I want to say Carl Lewis but Justin Gatlin is really holding it down for the gen x/millennial bridge.
Justin Gatlin led wire-to-wire to capture the 100 metres at the Prefontaine Classic as Kendra Harrison delivered the biggest surprise with
Via Sheraton gatewaw Los Angeles hotel, Greeting to Justin Gatlin more support/prayers to win the 1oo/200 at Rio Olympic.
Even when he stumbles he wins! . In 63 days, Justin Gatlin is going down!
"Gatlin calling his scientists right now... Justin chemically castrated Gelding you mean
And I think Justin Gatlin should be banned from the sport for life he has been tested positive for drugs more than once
I don't even think Tyson *** & Justin Gatlin can beat Yohan Blake
NIKE is now a shameful symbol in world sport. Continuing to sponsor drug cheats Maria Sharapova & Justin Gatlin is an utter disgrace
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Good interview by Gatlin. Spoke his truths.
Here you go: and also He did not intentionally take a banned substance.
Justin Gatlin inspired by Kim Collins to prolong career past Rio Olympics...
Justin Gatlin discussed Olympic goals and competing against Usain Bolt (by
Q&A: talks goals, competing against Usain Bolt and more
Justin Gatlin on Olympic goals, Usain Bolt rivalry via
Q&A with Justin Gatlin on recovering from Beijing's losses, beating Bolt and (via
100m Justin Gatlin beats Asafa Powell and Tyson *** @ Eugene Diamond League 2016 after false start from Lane 7
Justin Gatlin and Asbel Kiprop ride the Hayward Field love to Prefontaine Classic victories: Renaud Lavilleni...
Justin Gatlin takes the lead, winning the 100m in 9.88, with Asafa Powell in 9.94, Tyson *** in 9.98 and Michael...
Some of the world's top sprinters, Justin Gatlin, Tyson *** Asafa Powell, Andre De Grasse, Canada,Michael Rodgers,USA today in Eugene,Ore
before I turned into Justin Gatlin and ended up like Sol Campbell💨💨
Really, Justin Gatlin and Lance Armstrong in the same sentence here?
‘Smarter and wiser’ Justin Gatlin out for Usain Bolt revenge at Rio Olympics.
*Not that I disagree* BUT when it was Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Dwain Chambers.
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Please tell us what Andre Greipel and Justin Gatlin might have in common.
And gave Justin Gatlin a new deal after he served his SECOND doping ban.
Justin Gatlin: I should not be called two-times drugs cheat despite two bans | Sport | The Guardian
Welcome to Queen Phillips's Blog : Justin Gatlin is the fastest man not Usain Bolt !!...
Lance Armstrong, Mark McGuire/Sammy Sosa/Alex Rodriguez, Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin. Some people do anything to win.
Gatlin said sorry for doping - agent. . American sprinter Justin Gatlin has said sorry for previous doping offences, according to his agent
[Star-Herald]FILE - In this Aug. 4, 2012, file photo, Justin Gatlin of the United S…
Not everyday Justin Gatlin runs right by you
Bolt beats Gatlin to complete double: Usain Bolt beats Justin Gatlin to win 200m gold and complete the sprint ..
Bolt and Gatlin headed to Brussels, but will not meet. . BEIJING (Reuters) - Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin will race again in Brussels next m
Usain does it again for Beijing sweep. . BEIJING (Reuters) - Usain Bolt delivered Justin Gatlin a second knockout blow in five days to win h
VIDEO: Gatlin agent v Cram & Johnson. . Watch as Michael Johnson and Steve Cram hit back at an interview with Justin Gatlin's agent Renaldo
Usain Bolt makes IAAF World Relays debut to set up season against Justin Gatlin.
They just raced who was at the time, the fastest man in the world. Justin Gatlin.
Really happy for this young man. That he's a worthy challenger to my fav sprinter, Justin Gatlin, is even better.
Bolt-Gatlin II on after duo top times in 200m semis. . BEIJING (Reuters) - Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin looked in fine form as they ran the
Gatlin 'taking brunt' for cheats. . American sprinter Justin Gatlin is unfairly carrying the burden of all drugs cheats, according to his ag
I liked a video Michael Johnson compares the different running styles of 100m rivals Justin Gatlin
Usain Bolt says 'I'm more focused' than Justin Gatlin ahead of training for ...
Gatlin no indoors. ORLANDO (USA): Twice World silver medalist and World leader 2015 at 100 m Justin Gatlin plans...
I liked a video from Usain Bolt beats Justin Gatlin at 100m Final WC Beijing 2015
BE Active - Usain Bolt says ‘I’m more focused’ than Justin Gatlin ahead of training for 2016 Olympics: The six...
Gatlin not the problem - Johnson. . Criticism of Justin Gatlin is masking the issue of doping within athletics, says sprinting great Michael
Tired Bolt and Gatlin cruise into 200 meters semis. . BEIJING (Reuters) - A tired Usain Bolt and an emotionally fatigued Justin Gatlin progr
over the counter wink wink.And Justin Gatlin took cold medicine.
Voting for 2015 IAAF Athlete Of Year is underway. But past doping offenders aren’t eligible due a new "Justin Gatlin" rule from last year!
I liked a video from Justin Gatlin Beats Usain Bolt in 100m Race
I would of thought a prime Dennis Mitchell (notoriously fast starter) or even Justin Gatlin would be closer to 4.
VIDEO: Bolt stuns the world to take gold. . Watch Usain Bolt beat Justin Gatlin by one hundredth of a second to win 100m gold at the World A
Lewandowski has recently been spotted with Justin Gatlin. Look at his form. Do the maths.
Gatlin the form horse but don't write off Bolt: Greene. . BEIJING (Reuters) - In-form American Justin Gatlin should beat Usain Bolt to win b
* Usain Bolt beats Justin Gatlin to win world 100m title on
Bad guy tag does not bother Gatlin. . Justin Gatlin is not bothered if people see him as the bad guy for his World Championship sprint showd
USA's Justin Gatlin, Tyson *** AND Mike Rodgers test faster times than Usain Bolt.. Come to the 100m Final, and BAM! Usain smokes em' all.
An 8-year-old boy did what Justin Gatlin has broken a record by beating Usain Bolt in a foot race.
this is Justin Gatlin. American champion in the 100m.
.Proof that Age is just a number. Even for Justin Gatlin.
How close was Justin Gatlin to taking gold before being beaten by Usain Bolt in Beiji
You think 1/100 of a second is insignificant? This should give you a rethink. Usain Bolt - 9.79 . Justin Gatlin - 9.80 http…
Usain Bolt beats Justin Gatlin to 100m sprint title at World Championships in Beijing
The name 'Justin Gatlin' is to Brian Whittle what the word 'sleep' is to a Paul McKenna stage guest.
Manchester City are the Justin Gatlin of the football world. The Premier League needs a Usain Bolt to challenge cleanly.
Justin Gatlin hoping to be portrayed in another light after World Championships: Justin Gatlin hopes the public…
Pressure buss pipe - and tune: There have been many chuckles and imitations of Justin Gatlin's bre...
..Any truth to reports Justin Gatlin ran over Usain Bolt with a Segway dressed in a Chinese fat suit after a bout of roid rage?
When you've stuck a few quid on Justin Gatlin in the 200m...
OFT. Usain Bolt just creamed Justin Gatlin in the 200 metres. 19.56. Legend.
well done Steve Cram for standing his ground he is wright Justin Gatlin never said sorry for cheating the sport
Great debate about whether we need to be less harsh on Justin Gatlin. What do you think? Use
MATT LAWTON: Seb Coe has said he will feel ‘queasy’ should Justin Gatlin, or any other convicted drugs cheat, win gold at the World
Don't need to Karen . Even a jacked up Lance Armstrong or Justin Gatlin couldn't touch me in this event!
Justin Gatlin's 19.87 in the men's 200m semi tonight was the second-fastest semi final time ever at the World Championships
Justin Gatlin is into the men's 200m final after winning his semi.
'I can't stand Justin Gatlin on the start line'. Watch:
IAAF World Championships - BEIJING, CHINA. Gatlin in the hunt for more hardware!. Justin Gatlin (Pensacola,...
Is it ever okay to root for sports cheaters?: The curious case of Justin Gatlin.
Lord Coe talking about drugs cheats moments after the BBC give Justin Gatlin gets hyped up
Justin Gatlin set to boycott British media and BBC to 'maintain his dignity' as drugs cheat slams 'biased' 100...
US silver medallist Justin Gatlin boycotts BBC over 'biased' race coverage at
Usain Bolt edges Justin Gatlin to win 100-meter final at the World Championships in 9.79 seconds. http:/…
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Usain Bolt says his win over Justin Gatlin was the "hardest race" of his career.
I swear Justin Gatlin is coming for Bolt in Rio!
BREAKING: the legendary beats two time drug cheat Justin Gatlin in 9.79 to win World Championship Gold !!!
Beijing Diaries, Day 7: Finally, a race lives up to the hype: Usain Bolt over Justin Gatlin, 9.79-9.80! by Larry...
Well done "Usain Bolt retained his World Championship 100m crown by edging out Justin Gatlin:
How great is this photo of Usain Bolt with Justin Gatlin in the background?. takes gold
STILL THE ONE: Usain Bolt claims third 100m world title in 9.79 seconds ahead of Justin Gatlin
Lord Sebastian Coe must be overly relieved to see Usain Bolt not Justin Gatlin win the 100m gold
Justin Gatlin makes it four drugs cheat winners of the first six 100m heats at the world champs. 9.83sec slowing down.
David Oliver: 'Justin Gatlin does not deserve criticism'
Thomas Bach: 'Justin Gatlin is entitled to compete in Beijing'
Justin Gatlin has the right to compete, says IOC chief Thomas Bach.
Usain Bolt discusses Justin Gatlin, return to New York (video) via
Should we be looking at Justin Gatlin with a less jaundiced eye?
Justin Gatlin and a Run for Redemption, by Alan Abrahamson, for used with permission,...
a hill or mountain before the finish. To me that's not a pure sprinters race. When Bolt(jam) & Justin Gatlin (USA)
My pick for the 100m Men and Women winners at the 2015 Athletics World Champs : Justin Gatlin and Shjelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Separated at birth Henry Speight's double: Justin Gatlin is playing for the today
Justin Gatlin & Galen Rupp in US team for World Championships
Justin Gatlin leads 130-strong US team at World Championships, a team including Galen Rupp
Why are the athletics commentators continually heaping praise on Justin Gatlin anfd Tyson *** when they are drugs cheats ?
Justin Gatlin deserves to be on 'athlete of the year' ballot Interesting read about a lack of forgiveness in sport
Justin Gatlin just KILLED the 100m last week - Congrats!!!
Do you think Justin Gatlin really cares about not winning IAAF athlete of the year? Some punishment . . .
Olympics: Justin Gatlin ineligible for IAAF athlete of the year award after new rule excludes convicted dopers (ES…
Justin Gatlin ineligible for IAAF award after rule change
New doping rule changes award criteria: An IAAF doping rule passed in November will prevent Justin Gatlin from...
can someone tell Justin Gatlin to stay home with his wife and kid becus bolt is training and he runs as 9.60s please stay home with your kid
Justin Gatlin, Tyson *** and Trayvon Bromell in Monaco 100m on Friday? That'll be interesting.
Rule change means Gatlin ineligible for athlete of year: LONDON (AP) — Even if Justin Gatlin manages to beat U...
There should be a "You're kidding me, right?" Option for the survey re: receiving AOTY Award.
American sprinter Justin Gatlin is ineligible for athlete of the year award ->
This is so inconsistent. He can run, but he can't win prizes. via
Tyson *** now confirmed for 100 m against Justin Gatlin and Jimmy Vicaut.
What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the reported change in IAAF Athlete of the Year award selection criteria? -
Justin Gatlin could be ineligible for IAAF Athlete of the Year award, following a reported rule change -
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