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Justin Biebers

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.

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I forgot how great the Comedy Central roasts are. It's Justin Biebers roast and Shaq had me *** near in tears from laughing so hard
10 minutes left in the game, and Glenn Murray is on the bench. To the tune of Justin Biebers 'Sorry'.
In a world full of Justin Biebers be a Johnny Cash
The highlight of my night was when they showed slideshow pics in the club of Justin Biebers mugshots
Justin Biebers old songs will forever be my favs 😍😭
Justin Biebers new Company music video is doope👌🏻
Little Mix talked about Justin Bieber's 'no-photo' policy.. Yaas girls! 👏🏼
I'm the opposite of Justin Biebers mom: I liked this podcast and I don't like anything
Justin Biebers part in juke jam is literally so good😍😍
Read what Boston Bowling Alley had to say about Justin Bieber |
Boston Bowling Alley defends Justin Bieber's new "no pictures" stance
Whenever I hear Justin Biebers voice I think of Christmas lol
The merch for Justin Bieber's new tour is here and it's actually pretty slick
DH: zelo. will not. stop singing. Justin Biebers. Love yourself. HC: HE'S SO ANNOYING 😤. ZL: u kno what. ZL: this is why my ma…
Here's a sneak peek at road to the episode only on
You can finally get merch online! We're celebrating by reliving his pop-up shop:
Justin Biebers part in juke jam was hard 👌🏾
We'll mostly be spending all our wages on Justin Bieber tour merch today
When Justin Biebers dancer is 30 minutes away from me
Justin Biebers dreads look like string cheese
Justin Biebers album is pretty legit. Way better than the noise that he used to make.
"Baby I had the weirdest dream ever... Me and Justin Biebers were bffs."~tucker t.
I secretly love Taylor Swift and Justin Biebers latest projects.
Try not to get too caught up about it. Tues night edition of newsnight was Justin Biebers hair do! Doing well!!
Justin Biebers' 'dreads' aren't even dreads. They're just confused pieces of hair edge controlled together. that's what it looks like
Dom put Dans number on Justin Biebers page saying it was him and a girl with Downs Syndrome called Dan asking if it was him...
My cousin that's a sheriff had to break up Justin Biebers party in Los Altos hills after his concert lmao 😂
Justin Biebers murder feat Brian Webster and Wade Robson. Ryan Stuart had Wade executed by fire.
Dear Justin I congratulate you with your Birthday wish you all the best And just know I'll be with you until the end h…
"Justin Biebers new music is actually not that bad"
."Company" will blast into pop radio's Top 40 this week.
5x JUNO winner took home a last night! Watch his performance with & http…
Okay but Justin Biebers new music is actually kinda good
I just stole Justin Biebers socks from out side the cabin he was at
Is it just me or is Justin Biebers songs back then were about love and loving one girl now his songs are mistakes he made and sorry.
Do you want to Be Justin Biebers New GirlFriend Go Here to Sign up
from the archives.. Why You Should be a Justin Bieber Fan
I Love you so much Baby 😍❤👊 I'm Belieber 💕 Justin you are my world... my idol... and my Prince 👑
"Justin Biebers new music or his old music?" Omg his new music are more better
Thomas Rhett's cover of Justin Biebers "Love Yourself" is to die for 😍
Florida Georgia Line are the Justin Biebers of the Country World.
1k RTS and summer grabs Justin Biebers *** when she meets him
Because before your Justin Biebers and Miguels were doing it... Michael Jackson and Prince were doing it, lol.
Justin Biebers life is what everyone dreams of.
🙋🏻 Hello my name is Dolly. Today I paid 99p and downloaded Justin Biebers "Sorry" so I can throw some shapes around the kitchen. I'm 54. 😌
Just sayin Justin Biebers new album is lit😂✔️
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
My biggest regret of this year is not going to Justin Biebers concert in Houston 😫😞
When you're at a b day party and they're playing Justin Biebers new album 🔫🔫🔫🔫
I've listen to Justin Biebers new album maybe once or twice and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple hundred times
Justin Biebers new album is fire, but I'm still waiting for that riff raff and JB
Tell me how this kid called me to talk about Justin Biebers new album. I found a boy belieber in cape 😩🙏🙏
I just got a mail that i have access to the pre-sale of Justin Biebers tour but i'm not even a fan 😁😁
I think Justin Biebers' new music might be brainwashing me because I LOVE every song he's put out from Purpose
Keep your Justin Biebers, Taylor Swift and One Direction, give me Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd and Chris Rea anyday
-puts money in my account for the sole reason to order Justin Biebers new album-
her at all; Franklin Beaufield (former Michael Morse player who played with me on Sandy Harris (called Justin Biebers aunt);
Justin Biebers new album comin November 13th 😍
Justin Biebers new hair looks like he's tryna be Shirley off Eastenders though
Not gonna lie but Justin Biebers new song is unreal!
I actually like Justin Biebers new song? What is happening
I can't listen to Justin Biebers new song bc the beginning reminds me of the bear hunt
I remember when I went to Justin Biebers concert, jasmine Villegas came out cocky af talking about "all the boys want me" y no se que
Shawn better be using Justin Biebers wings he used at the Believe tour to enter to the stadium if he's running this late
since when Fredo has dating rumor with Justin and since when Fredo has a *** and since when Fredo is…
ok. Don't forget to buy Justin Biebers single What Do You Mean on iTunes on August 28!
for the 'What Do You Mean?' countdown for Justin Biebers new single!
a fact: if 5h is part of Justin Biebers countdown no one will say "oh justin promoting 5h" , I don't understand the hate towards little mix
hi can you give me a uwheels for free I'm Justin Biebers girlfriend
I have Justin Biebers nudes my life is complete
Taylor and Kevin are literally arguing over Justin Biebers height 😂
my self esteem is lower than Justin Biebers pants
I just hate how her manager is Scooter Braun 💀 Justin Biebers manager.He doesn't promote her as much as Ari Grande or Bieb
Kyle Korver and his brothers looks like three Justin Biebers
I remember the first time I tried Sour Patch Kids was when I read in a magazine in 7th grade it was Justin Biebers fav candy.
just went to west coast customs saw Justin Biebers car, and Tygas
I was around Madonna and Jenna Elfman as Kelly Bundy and Next Door neighbor Joan Crawford hart for Justin Biebers san Richard Eden Lehmfeld
Judah smith was at Justin Biebers roast 😂😂
Scooter Braun on Michael Jackson being Justin Biebers only competition, or the person Justin aspired to be:
My sister went to Justin Biebers house last night and took shots with him, Chris brown and Kylie Jenner in his kitchen.
When your college tuition is on Justin Biebers wrist
A good Sunday laugh. Gordon Pinsent reads from Justin Biebers memoirs.
Got a first listen to Justin Biebers new album yesterday wowww big songs!!! Its gunna be a smash,,, Expect the unexpecâ
Justin Biebers music isn't so bad anymore now that he's grown up
(NEW GORGEOUS PIC) Justin Bieber posts new selfie on Shots!:
I forgot how much I love Justin Biebers voice
It's weird how I'm Justin Biebers wife and I'm reading one direction books guess I like 1D books
Check it out Justin Biebers in the gutter. In my book and in life.
prettygayboys: Justin Bieber's jail photos (taken to record identifying marks) have been released by the Mia …
Don't understand Justin Biebers profile pic on instagram.
why tf is Justin Biebers icon mona lisa
Comments on Justin Biebers insta be like
I'd love to see Justin Biebers answer to the question...who painted the mona lisa
Justin Biebers Real Voice without autotune 😂 This is a joke don't kill me!!
it's never too early to listen to Justin Biebers Christmas album 😍👌
Justin Biebers instagram pic makes me smile like this 😀 everytime I see it
The whole fandom when Justin releases new music.
Petition for Justin Bieber to release these three songs from Believe movie.
Exclusive preview of Justin Biebers first ever full collaborative album.
Justin Bieber singing One Time at six flags new england. IMPORTANT: thanks to all of you, this video will be in Justin Biebers new 3D movie called "Never Say...
why did i think of Justin Biebers song Baby when i saw this idek
Kinda wish i was Justin Biebers layer just so i could say this to him.
I'm about as interested in Sarah Palins thoughts as I am in Justin Biebers. Actually,,,probably a little bit less.
And whatever "Whitney Houston can't do, "Justin Biebers" beautiful voice and talent will take the cake, or "Nicki Minaj". (NAHHH) BYE BYE
OMG! Subliminal message when you play Justin Biebers song "baby" backwards! Take a listen! Please like and share!
So I found out that Luke Bryan and all these "country" shows that come to Pittsburgh are the Justin Biebers of the country world... Ouch.
People are amasing In this generation. They are the Justin Biebers of Parkour simply because they can do big movements, tricks but finally you realize they have forgotten that Parkour is first to work physical training and endurance when you see them they have some difficulties to breath after 1 minute to run lol. Disconcerting... Les gens de cette génération sont surprenant. Ce sont des pop stars, des Justin Biebers du Parkour simplement parce qu'ils savent faire de gros mouvements ou acro mais tu réalises que les gens ont oublié que le Parkour, c'est d'abord de l'entraînement physique, de l'endurance, quand tu les vois galérer pour reprendre leur souffle après 1 minute de Parkour non stop lol. Pathétique...
Hamilton Collection
Only me who thinks Justin Biebers racist joke on camera is hilarious?
The only other video in the billion-view club on YouTube was Canadian pop singer Justin Biebers "Baby", which has now taken second place.
Justin Biebers management team want Selena Gomez to try to keep him out of bad habits, claims her grandfather.
“I love all my BELLievers!!!” You wanna be Justin Bieber so bad bruh
Justin Biebers earrings and facial hair make me wanna vomit
Justin went from a homeless person to a french billionaire what a transformation
Justin Biebers' "boyfriend" is playing at the gym whilst the playoffs are on tv.
WHAT is UP with Justin Biebers creep stache I mean seriously SHAVE
+ bedroom door. You covered your face in embarrassment, Justin just laughed it off pulling you into him, kissing your sho…
+ eyes widened. "Are Ryan & Chaz still here?" You asked Justin. His eyes widened to. "Yup, we're still here" you heard fr…
"I love all my BELLievers!!!" you cool and all but you always on Justin Biebers *** 😂😒
+ back a moan, before he started pounding into you. Your skin slapping together with every thrust. Justin rested his hand…
"Selena Gomez is pregnant with Justin Biebers baby"
Falling asleep to Justin Biebers acoustic album 💙
+ response, your fingers running through his hair, pulling it back. Your breathing accelerated. Huffing & puffing as Just…
+ of him. "You're so beautiful." He said. "I want you Justin." You begged. He slowly laid you down, kissing your ne k bef…
+smooth back, & started to fondle with the clasp of your bra. You pulled away quickly taking off your shirt. Justin helpi…
The girl I babysit thinks Justin Biebers been so "mean" bc he missed Selena Gomez. 😒🔫
Forever got Justin Biebers confident song playing in my head...
Kirsti needed Instagram followers so she followed Justin Biebers followers.
Just got told by a customer I look like Justin Biebers dad...what does this mean?!
Justin Bieber's 'friend' Yovanna Ventura shows off her assets
+your sides, tickling you as you let out a fit of laughs."Justin please stop." You begged."You're not mad at me anymore?"…
I'd pipe Justin Biebers mum you know..
All Time Low had to go on hiatus because the press was too much to handle after Alex and Justin Biebers sex tape was leaked.
Justin Bieber Jokes: What's worse than finding a Justin Bieber CD in your boyfriend's bedroom? A: Finding a box of tissues next to it. Q: What’s the difference between a water bottle and puberty? A: A water bottle has already hit Justin Bieber. Q: Why is Justin Bieber so pale? A: Because theres no light in the closet! Q: How do stories from Justin Biebers early childhood begin? A: "A few months ago" Scientists have discovered a disease that lowers your intelligence by 90% Bieber Fever Q: Why doesn't Justin Bieber eat bananas? A: He can't find the zipper! Q: How did Justin Bieber hurt his head? A: He fell off a ladder trying to reach puberty! Q: What does Justin Bieber and a Christmas tree have in common? A: Their balls are just for decoration. Did you hear about Justin's cellmate new sextape? Its called "Leave It In Bieber" Q: What does Justin Bieber and the New Years crowd at Time Square have in common? A: They’re both waiting for balls to drop! Q: What will happen if you call Justin Bieber *** A: H ...
Would love to share an article on "The thing called Justin Biebers. The Thing Called Justin Beiber What should we do with “the thing called Bieber”? Tried ignoring it, it did not go away. Why do people care about this artificial construct of a talent (?)? Because they’ve been insidiously programmed by the star making engines of media and marketing to actually have interest in a “celebrity” with the talent that only 2 or 3 million other teens possess. When I think of the “Biebs”, I think of a bird with *** Fascinatingly absurd (for about 45 seconds) and completely impractical and useless. I’ve quit wondering about the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe and started questioning whether there’s any right hear on earth. What will the kids and fans think? I’ve got a funnier one for you, “should a child celebrity be a role model?” I laughed so hard at this one I spit up my breakfast. Name a recent child celebrity role model over the last 30 years that’s not had drin . ...
Is it sad that Justin Biebers song 'Die in Your Arms' sounds like a bad cover of this amazing version?
I distinctly remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard Justin Biebers song one time for the first time!
My family friend is the judge for Justin Biebers court case in Miami.. I should tell her to throw the book at him
Okay so I'm woken up at 4 in the morning with an email telling me that Khloe Kardashian, or however you spell that brats name, bought Justin Biebers house.. Okay this isn't news America. I could care less if a spoiled woman bought a ignorant *** house. Get your priorities straight America.
Alex Constancio, Austin Mahone, Robert V, Zach D, Tyler S, Connor H, Frankie R, Jackie V, Ivan B and Reagan R all doing a re-make to Justin Biebers call me ...
“If you're ever feeling stupid just go and read Justin Biebers captions on Instagram
The Madness is back and back at its best as this week Luke & Wayne talk about BIZZLE (aka Justin Biebers new name), Police find pig orgy, A Man who is harrassed by a frog, Cows blow up shed with farts and What if DOC BROWN from Back to the Future was Muhammad Ali? Plus loads more www.dragonandth...
Hello world...I am back!! I was in jail for 34 days for not scheduling my LSI...the problem I was running into was getting a ride to Stillwater to hand over twenty bucks and fill out five minutes of paperwork to have to schedule an appointment to go back and do the actual LSI. It costs me forty dollars for gas and that's if I can find a ride. Well, my bond was $10,000 which is more than Justin Biebers four times over. So, with my next court date not until May 2nd I was looking at long...long stay in hotel de Payne...of course in walks my Prince Valiant to rescue me...with his trusty sidekick...Ambur Bierig to rescue Princess Buttercup yet once again!!! To everyone who offered help in my rescue..THANK YOU!!! Free at last, free at last. I love you Eric!!
This is why I don't watch television. Posted February 6, 2014 at 1:15 pm by Eddie Scarry Comments (3) Great column by the Wall Street Journal‘s Daniel Henninger who, while somewhat a prude, pretty much nails it on how the modern media environment makes it nearly impossible to escape the Justin Biebers and Miley Cyruses of the world: Some will say the technology that dunks you in a river of electronic slop also creates access to a virtual Library of Alexandria of great music, movies and books. And if you’re really afraid your life is going down the digital drain, you can get out into the real world and do some good, with real people. But even if you turn yourself into a human spam filter, there is a sense that a gale of sleaze is blowing through American life day and night. … Yes, you can hide, but eventually the scuzz squads will find you and erase your tiny Kindle Paperwhite. … The postmodernists who can explain away anything would reassure us that this is all hardly different than the traveling ...
I recently had meeting with a very reliable, anonymous source that informed me that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Justin Biebers biological father. I guess that answers a few questions.
It's kind of true. Not that Justin Bieber is Hitler. But the Jews weren't the only persecuted people in the world. Just as Anne Frank hid in an attic because the world dismissed the holocaust as the Jews problem and had other things to care about, so too do many people today, hide wherever they can, from the genocides taking place in Sudan, in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq, in Nigeria, in the Congo, because we choose to infatuate ourselves with, with the Justin Biebers of the world, and dismiss the problems of the world, as the problems of the world. As Dennis Prager always says, 49,000,000 other people died due to the Nazi's, because we dismissed the holocaust as being someone else's problem.
Idc everyone can have their Justin Biebers, One Directions and Ian Somerhalders, I'll have Rafael Nadal.
Troops still in the middle east, Japanese reactor leaking radiation into the atmosphere, global warming, terrorism, super stds, so on so forth etc etc... but yet the only thing I've seen or hear on the "news" is about Justin Biebers arrest...fry him, throw him in jail, deport him to Guantanamo whatever problem solved onwards to more important things that effect your daily lives smh end rant
Selena Gomez says it is instinctual for her to care about her ex-boyfriend Justin Biebers welfare.
I had a chance to audition for Justin Biebers band : )
Is anyone watching Fox News right now! Justin Biebers house was just raided cops and it was full of drugs! Lol
We cannot take ourselves so seriously. In a world full of Justin Biebers, Shia LaBeoufs, and Kanye Wests, it is easy to forget that we are only as good as our fans. We are only as important as our people. And without the support of our people, we aren't going anywhere. I "retired" to make light of American popular culture's endless celebration and mourning of fame. I did it to poke fun at ego. (Like…who do we think we are? Seriously.) We endlessly consume celebrity news to the point where it dictates our lives. When an actress picks her nose, it's the top story on Yahoo. And then that actress's publicist issues a statement announcing that she was actually "scratching the outside of the nostril, not picking it". Right. I thought it would be interesting to parody Justin Bieber's early retirement from music. First off, why is the kid retiring? He's 19. My Greek immigrant grandfather worked in a steel mill until he was in his 80s. I wasn't even fully sure who I was as a person at 19 years old. My creative v ...
We live in Downers Grove. New Years Eve parties are like Justin Biebers music career. Nonexistent.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Kellin Quinn sounds like a girl? Oh,nnd tell me all about Justin Biebers "manly" voice.
And I don't mean like Justin Biebers old hair. I mean like Jared Padaleki from Supernatural and Tyler Hubbard from FGL.
They said brought to you by: Justin Biebers new fragrance...The Key. OMG
I hope our generation produces Nelson Mandelas and Amelia Earharts and MLKs no more Mileys and Justin Biebers
Justin Biebers new music video is pretty scandalous for him.
- Justin Biebers new album just makes you wanna "slow down..grab..the..wall"
My brother thinks Justin Biebers real name is Justin Beaver... Oh my... 󾌴✋
"buy Justin Biebers new single on itunes tomorrow at midnight THANKS" "no suck my balls" well omegle is full of nice people
Can't wait for Justin Biebers new music
Justin Biebers legs are so damb hairy
I swear I watched Justin Biebers YouTube videos before he was famous
Justin Biebers my idol aswell let's go and bum him together bender ;) :L — alrigjt sure I love justin
STOP IT, the picture on Justin Biebers website is from the july 31st concert when he took the girls phone that 5 people away from me
Justin Biebers new perfume smells amazing 😍😍😍
I don't care that Justin Biebers new CD is coming out.
Justin Biebers song 'Lolly' is live!
I Love the fact that Justin Biebers KEY is recorded in Copenhagen!
Waait Justin Biebers singing the national anthem at the leafs game tnt???
Germany took Biebs' monkey! Yeah well death will take away everything I love someday & you don't see m…
How is Gizem forcing me to buy Justin Biebers new album? Okay😶
No way in *** am I buying or getting Justin Biebers album
educate yourself buy abbey road then come back and say Justin Biebers better than the Beatles :/ ;) xx
Photo: bieber-news: Justin Bieber’s workout routine all about upper body
If I were Justin Biebers OLLG holy moly I dunno what I'd do..what be a total dream come true
please tell me you are NOT giving out flyers to promote Justin Biebers new single...
Justin Biebers bestfriend goes to the same college as my sister oh.
"Justin Biebers coming Halifax cause his from Nova Scotia" - 😂😂 sometimes I wonder if she's all there
Gratitude is never hidden or silent, ~ Steven Furtick dolls were on the shelf, and Justin Biebers doll
Such a legend.right up there with Saddam Hussein.Oprah...and Justin Biebers sex doll.
You decide to watch some tv "teen pop sensation Justin Biebers neighbors moved out of their house because of all the parties and noise made
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Idk I'm obsessed with Rascal Flatts and Justin Biebers "that should be me"
My dad just updated me on Justin Biebers relationship he walked away from me he started singing Selena Gomez "come and get it" lol i think he has been watching to much tmz and hanging out with his 2yr old grandson to much, since its his fav song! lol
Anybody online up for a chat C.R.I.$.I.$ said Jay-Z new album is good .My Opinion This album sounds too poppish as if he is not from New York .My fellow Admin Pinky told me that he makes records for the Justin Biebers ,brag a lot .I think Jay-Z is somehow overrated by the media due to his heavy pockets .He is nolonger the mc he was .DMX said he has never heard of Watch The Throne album ,i undestand him.Are those songs representing Brooklyn .Nas is still the king of new york Life is Good was good lyrically and sonically ,Jiggaman has failed to run the tradition he is bussines emcee [Samsung]. Jay is jumping on dirty south sounds when he was criticizing them a few years ago .There are good tracks but overall its average probably the worst album he has ever done .Run The Jewels by Killer Mike is better but none will talk about it because money rules everything around me .Come next year Jay-Z wil be winning awards with pop records thats how Hip Hop has changed .3/5 thats just my opinion -K.O Starring
Justin Biebers new fragrance nennt sich: "The Key".
you don't know about Thomas Paine, Horace Greeley, John Jay, Noah Webster, but you know Justin Biebers room mate
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