Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman. 5.0/5

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music just went from Michael Jackson to the Lion King to Justin Bieber.. I’m crying😂😂
Michael Jackson only beat Michael Jackson on the charts. Justin Bieber only beat Justin Bieber on the charts. Great music re…
I liked a video from Javon Johnson - "Letter from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber"
Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson song 'Slave to the Rhythm' leaks ...: Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images…
He's not the next Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake, he is the first and only Justin Bieber.
Michael Jackson was the first and the last Michael Jackson as Justin Bieber is the first and last Justin Bieber bye htt…
Look at Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey when she had her meltdown, Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber, Kanye, Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, etc
Justin Bieber now ties Michael Jackson for the most at the category "Favorite Album – Pop/Rock". They've won 3 a…
"Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are more iconic than Michael Jackson"
Justin Bieber wouldn't be here without Michael Jackson. A majority of your faves wouldn't either.
Anytime someone asks me what kind of music I listen to I tell them that I have Cher, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, and KPOP on one CD.
Its a scary thought to imagine Justin Bieber might become the next Michael Jackson.
if Michael Jackson was still alive, he'd be taking home all the Grammys. forget about One Direction, Justin Bieber and A…
People are really comparing Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson is simply better than Justin Bieber, it's a fact
Sorry but Michael Jackson will always be the king of pop, not Zayn Malik and espically not Justin Bieber.
Are people really saying Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson?? I never knew that level of stupidity existed 😂😂😂
Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber are the only acts in history to have 3 songs in the top 5 of the hot …
Justin Bieber isn't king of pop, Michael Jackson is. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Lady Gaga aren't Queens of pop. Madonna is …
"Man if only Michael Jackson was still alive. He'd be doing sick collabs with Skrillex and Justin Bieber." -
Photos of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber holding their Grammys
When your textbook was used by Weiner, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Your Mom, Chuck Norris, Lance Armstrong, and Britney Spears 👌👌💯🙌
He may not be the second Michael Jackson, but he's gonna be the first & only Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber …
My favourites from the wax musuem: ET, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Michael Jackson
Saw Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Zach Efron and many more houses. It was just fabulous
Michael Jackson's father says who he sees as possible michael successor is Justin Bieber (in Portuguese
If i can do just one tenth of the good Michael Jackson did for others, i can really make a difference in this world- Justin Bieber
"He seemed like he was hiding and I think that had to be *** him." - Justin Bieber on Michael Jackson.
Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson? Eagles players debate who is more well known -
"Justin Bieber wraps band-aids around his fingers because Michael Jackson used to do that."
Luke Bryan beating Garth Brooks for ACM Entertainer of the Year would be like Justin Bieber beating Michael Jackson for Grammy Award.
Media, you should know that. Michael Jackson- 1997, Justin Bieber - 2013 (Vine by
Michael Jackson's ghost looks at Justin Bieber and says - "you're real weird but i would still tap that"
I leave the hip thrusts to Michael Jackson. -Justin Bieber
God take Justin Bieber and bring us back Michael Jackson 😩😩
The Simpsons: best musical guests In 2000, The Simpsons featured British rock band The Who making guest voice appearances as themselves. Jackson Browne says it's fun to be parodied as a music guest on The Simpsons, a show that also featured Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber Music is one of the key elements of The Simpsons, from the parody songs (remember You Don’t Win Friends With Salad?), to the guest musicians and the use of a full live orchestra. It's something of a rarity in modern television production. Some of the world's most famous musicians – including former Beatles star Paul Mccartney, Elton John, James Brown, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton and Justin Bieber – have had guest slots, but the best musical episodes have tended to be the quirkier ones. One such show was Brake My Wife, Please, the 20th episode of the 14th season in 2003, which featured an animated Jackson Brownevoiced by the singer. "I'm here to serenade you with a song,"Browne told Homer and the crowd assembled at a backya ...
Q by Kat Daniels: What kind of music/band(s) do you like to listen to?? A: I have a very diverse musical taste. I can go from singing along to West Side Story to humming along to some Katy Perry or Ke$ha and then still go for some Blood on the DanceFloor or Hollywood Undead all in the same day. As for bands, there is no band or singer I outright hate, I've listened to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Cascada, Jessie J, 30h3, One Direction, (old school) Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Beatles, Fall-Out Boy, Falling in Reverse, Hollywood Undead, Blood on the DanceFloor, Jeffree Starr, Prices the Veil, Black Veil Brides. And that's not even all of them, most of the major ones and some background ones for me, but not all - John's admin
Get rid of media, there will b no more hatred, no brainwashing by the warmongers, people won't waste money for new fashion and style, women will start respecting nature for the natural beauty they're possessed with, people will respect their parents, thier ideals will definitely be prophets, scholars, social workers etc; not Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Rihanna, 2pac, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, C. Ronaldo, Messi, Oprah Wilfrey, Bill Gate, etc."Media doesn't show you reality.Media constructs reality. Assalam alaykum.
Usher on Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and the struggle to stay a superstar - The Guardian
"He's not the next Michael Jackson, he's the first Justin Bieber.
D.I.Y.A (Justin Bieber) // My Girl (Michael Jackson) - I see what you did there, Justin. 😏
Plz Must Watch & Share :) "We Are The World 25 For Haiti" [Justin Bieber:] There comes a time When we heed a certain call [Nicole Scherzinger & Jennifer Hudson & Justin Bieber:] When the world must Come Together as one [Jennifer Hudson:] There are people dying [Jennifer Nettles:] And it's time to lend a hand to life [Jennifer Nettles & Josh Groban:] The greatest gift of all [Josh Groban:] We can't go on Pretending day by day [Tony Bennett:] That someone, somehow will soon make a change [Mary J Blige:] We are all a part of God's great big family And the truth, you know love is all we need [Chorus:] [Michael Jackson:] We are the world We are the children [Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson:] We are the ones who make a brighter day So let's start giving [Barbra Streisand:] There's a choice we're making We're saving our own lives It's true we'll make a better day Just you and me [Miley Cyrus:] Well Send them your heart So they'll know that someone cares [Enrique Iglesias:] So their cries for help Will not be i ...
Sean Lennon imagines the ultimate concert, including a Beatles reunion, Michael Jackson moonwalking on the moon, and Justin Bieber being offered up as a huma...
This reminds me so much of Michael Jackson omg Justin Bieber
Jay-Z compared to Nas is like Justin Bieber compared to Michael Jackson. HUGE difference.
Oprah Winfrey is a two faced Bi**She said Justin Bieber is better entertainer than MJ Oprah Winfrey believes there has never been a star like Justin Bieber, even comparing him to the likes of Elvis, the Beatles and even Michael Jackson. But i think no one will be able to achieve what Michael achieved within 40+ years of being in the business. I will be extremely surprised if JB last's another decade, even five years. Michael is iconic, and will be regarded as a music legend for the rest of human history, Justin won't.
Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Amy Winehouse, Chris Brown, Kanye West spring to mind. Not that some of them don't deserve to be crucified..
"Justin Bieber's racist!". His fave entertainer of all time is Michael Jackson. . His best friend & big brother is Usher…
Justin Bieber was supposed to perform with Michael Jackson last night at the
Justin Bieber will always be the Prince of Pop, and Michael Jackson will always be the King.
Trivia He is 4.5 feet tall (1.35 meters).[1] His favorites sports are baseball, football, lacrosse and soccer.[18] His favorite color is blue.[19] He is a big fan of Michael Jackson.[1] His fans are called "BBoys" and "BGirls".[20] His family has a music recording studio right in their house.[1] He's taking voice lessons from Lisa Rosemond, the same voice coach that taught Justin Bieber and Usher, at Jam Smith Studios.[1] He would like to do a song with Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars.[1] He is friends with Christian Beadles.[1] His big cousin Mars produces his music and videos, who is also a rapper.[1][8] His mom says he's still to young to tour or make a record.[1] Wore braces from 2011-2012.[1] He calls his iPod "iTouch"[21] He has 1.700.981 subscribers, and a total of 659.091.860 views in his YouTube channel, as for today, September 26, 2013[22] His father was his manager when he begun his career, then Perez Hilton between 2011-2013[23] and currently is managed by his mother, Tawny Morris.[24] He was ran ...
L.A. Reid says a Justin Bieber/Michael Jackson collaboration is in the works:
A collab from Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson is coming. What are your thoughts?
1. Michael Jordan is the best basket ball player ever! 2. Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper Alive! 3. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors known! 4. Oprha Winfrey and Bill Gates are Billionaires! 5. Chirs brown is the most talked about dancer around! 6. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop! 7. Beyonce is the best Female R&B artist! 8. R. Kelly is the best R&B singer! 9. Barack Obama is the best president we ever had! 10. Derrick Rose, Kobe and Lebron is the best basket ball players right now! 11. Miley Cyrus is so awesome! 12. Justin Bieber is doing it up right now! 13. Floyd Mayweather never lost a fight.! 14. Beats are the best head phones! 15. PS4 is the best game station we have! 16. My girlfriend's so awesome, she bought this and bought me that! I lover her! 17. My Husband/Wife is my world! 18. My friends are all I need! 19. Lambos and Rose Royce are the best cars! 20. The Pacres are going to win it all! 21. Derrick Rose has to come back! He is! Can't wait until next year! 22. OH Terrence Howard ...
Epic Records chief LA Reid has revealed that a super exciting duet between the late Michael Jackson and pop superstar Justin Bieber will be unleashed soon. When asked, the music mogul confessed that he is “pretty sure” that Michael and Justin will be singing together on a future release and said the…
Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid says a collaboration with Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson is likely coming. 
Why did all the good musicians have to die? Like I would much rather Biggy Simmons & Michael Jackson over Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj.
Popular Music has reached an all-time low recently, dominated by simon cow ell snuff bands like 1Direction and Justin Bieber. Total Crap. I tuned in randomly to hear the song last week by One Republic, and I was shocked by how completely lifeless and unoriginal it was. Garbage force-fed 2 kids by an Evil Record Industry. I couldn't listen for more than a minute. All my friends have stopped listening to Top 40. Such a Far Cry from Michael Jackson - THRILLER.
Why anyone in their right mind thought Michael Jackson's new song should feature Justin Bieber is beyond me
"Justin Bieber got to the cover at age 16. Beat that. Jackson got to the co…
[+197, -12] Calling A Pink is like calling Justin Bieber the Prince of Pop over Michael Jackson. . :D
Checked in with Rep. Pete King to see what is comments are on Justin Bieber - the same guy you saw on Youtube on Michael Jackson.
Lindsay Lohan is drinking again and is dating a married man, Michael Jackson had secret meetings with women, Jon Hamm is not a fan of Justin Bieber
As I only have 2 teenage days left on the planet this post seems appropriate. I've been in 2 milleniums, 2 centuries, 3 decades and witnessed the election of the first black president of the USA. I was around when Nelson Mandela showed the world what it meant to forgive, when the twin towers fell, and when Bin Laden was killed, Michael Jackson died, and a royal wedding between a prince and a commoner took place. I saw Usain Bolt break his own 100m world record, Genocide in Rwanda and Darfur. I've seen: 9 planets become 8, halley's comet, and a Blood moon. I've seen storms like Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami in East Asia, earthquake in Haiti, and a Nuclear power plant meltdown in Fukushima Japan. I was born in the same year as: Dakota Fanning, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles. And in the same year that these movies came out: The Lion King, Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption I've raced at a National level in three sports, traveled to 3 different Continents, and 5 different countries. Bungie swinged, .. ...
Who heard that Justin Bieber song when he say "You're all that matters to me" and then he say "Yeah Yeah!!!" like Michael Jackson on my mama that white boy can sang...
Michael Jackson died at 58, Whitney Houston died at 48, John Lennon died at 38, Amy Wine house died at 28. How old is Justin Bieber? 18? Champion!
Queens of Pop: Lady Gaga and Madonna. Kings of Pop: Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. Princess of Pop: Britney Spears & Katy P…
Dear God, please give us back Michael Jackson and in exchange we’ll give you Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Bros. Sincerly MHEE
I'm so proud of Justin. . He's not the next Michael Jackson, but he's definately a legend. He's the first Justin Bieber.
He's not the next Michael Jackson he is the first Justin Bieber
Dear God Can you please give us back Whitney Huston back in exchange of Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson in exchange of Justin Bieber. Regards real music fans
“: I'm saddened by the fact Michael Jackson never had a chance to molest Justin Bieber.”
Yes i love Justin Bieber. Yes i do listen to Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Zendaya Coleman, Little Mix, Emblem 3, One Direction, and Ariana Grande. But i also listen to Tyga and all them rappers like Eminem and etc. Yes i also listen to Michael Jackson, Prince, the Spice Girls, TLC, and all them. Yes i listen to amazing Country singers, as well as Rock. If ya'll got a problem with that then don't talk to me.
Michael Jackson sold out Madison Square Garden in 2 days. Taylor Swift did it in 4 days and Justin Bieber in just 30 seconds .♥
Did I see a picture of Justin Bieber waving side by side from a picture of the King of Pop Michael Jackson waving on his Instagram?
Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson after his arrest. SERIOUSLY?! LOL
America this dude on the Today show just said that Justin Bieber needs to stop hanging with Monkeys, ,, and then went on to say Michael Jackson had a monkey but yall know what he meant,,,
Justin Bieber has made his first public statement since being arrested for drag racing—an Instagram post comparing him to late pop star Michael Jackson. Bieber wrote [...]
Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson, Young the Giant talk about their second album, Phil Collins on working with Adele and what Michael Bay's new pirate show, Black Sails, may have in store. All this and plenty more news over at www.rollingstoneme.com
LAST PART OF HOLLY'S FANFIC. November 12, 2012 at 9:43am  I woke up to smell the wonerful 'Tommo pancakes and bacon'. I ran downstairs faster than an elephant who spotted a peanut. Soon, we would be off and on the road to start the 'Take Me Home' tour. After the tour, we allhad settled back in to our flat. And all went home for a holiday off from work. I now have an album out, which I wrote all the songs for while I was on the tour with th boys. The tour was amazing and I still see many to come in the future. I also am working on a few collaboration songs with people such as One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Ludacris, Justin Bieber, and Maroon 5. Me and the lads are actually working on a tribute album, with a bunch of older songs that we will re-record and publish from songs that Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Guns N Roses, Elton John and Etta James have come out with in the past. And I'm extremley proud of how far I have come, in just a years time. I'm loving life, if its not pretty o ...
Modesty may not be his strong suit. Justin Bieber broke his silence after his DUI arrest by posting a picture of himself side-by-side with Michael Jackson on his Instagram account. More:
After recovering from a little legal scuffle that made some headlines here and there, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to express how he feels to his fans. Yes, that there is a photo of Michael Jackson juxtaposed against Bieber. (Also note the possible Jay Z reference in his caption, "What more can
Justin Bieber wants to be the next Michael Jackson, but instead he is becoming the next Lindsay Lohan/Vanilla Ice
"Justin Bieber is our generations Michael Jackson though" be easy
Not sure if I'm more disturbed that Justin Bieber thinks he's Michael Jackson or that Huffington Post thinks Lance Bass
Justin Bieber posts photo comparing himself to Michael Jackson
Justin Bieber: Comparing Himself to Michael Jackson in Instagram Photo? - It was an unforgettable...
"Pic: Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson after DUI arrest: NO.
Justin Bieber breaks his silence, compares himself to Michael Jackson... Thoughts?
Justin bieber comparing himself to Michael Jackson lol. Back the fck up. 😂
Speaking out for the first time after his arrest, Justin Bieber posted a photo on Instagram comparing himself to Michael Jackson, sharing a pic of Jackson following his child-molestation case ten years ago
Justin Bieber instagrams Michael Jackson comparison after arrest! "What more can they say" One day after making headlines for getting arrested in Miami,
Music shouldn't have an expiration date like how it is 95% of the time in most modern music's case. Classical, music from the 50s, showtunes, certain musical arrangements, certain styles, they will never die. Gangnam Style, Eminem, Justin Bieber, and even Lady Gaga will go rotten and in 100 years nobody will remember they even existed. This is because this music was meant to be FASHIONABLE for only a short amount of time and will go out of style like denim and scrunchies. Michael Jackson, Queen, The Beatles, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and even Weird Al will live on.
The "Justin Bieber got arrested" phenomenon is on day two and the Pop singer just added more fuel to the fire. The Biebs took to Instagram and basically compared himself to Michael Jackson. After l...
What's one of the first things Justin Bieber did after getting released on $2,500 bail following his arrest for driving under the influence without a valid license? Post this Instagram equating himself with Michael Jackson, of course.
With mad props to PAGE SIX... Justin Bieber compares himself to Michael Jackson with possibly the most ludicrous Instagram image ever.
Drugs & Alcohol have combined to kill quit a few "Celebrities". And I'm sure they said; That will never happen to me." And their family & handlers probubly said the same thing. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Dee Dee Ramone, Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith, etc. When will we add Justin Bieber to this list?
Michael Jackson made a campaign on drunk driving And received an award by Ronald Reagan. Maybe Justin Bieber should take …
If you hate Michael Jackson I hate you and your idol (especially If he is Justin Bieber)
He's the not next Michael Jackson. He's the new Justin Bieber
One Direction are not the next Beatles. Justin Bieber is not the next Michael Jackson . These are facts.
Here's a couple facts bout me. My favorite actor is Adam Sandler My favorite movie is Toy Story Still in love with a girl I haven't talked to in months I love the word boob I can play 6 instruments I love to sing/rap I find it annoying that everyone's a followers and not a leader I dislike people who use improper grammar purposely 24/7 My top 5 idols are Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, R. Kelly & Big Sean. I love writing poetry and short stories I Love drawing And etc.
My music playlist. Banga! Banga!-Austin Mahone. Slave to the rhythm-Michael Jackson ft Justin Bieber. 5 seconds of...
I hate it when people say stuff like 'Justin Bieber is the next Michael Jackson' or 'Ariana Grande is the next Mariah Carey'. Just STFU.
“I don't want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it Comparing Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber is
So all cool people now went home, to heaven. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Paul Walker & Nelson Mandela. God left us with Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber. ™
I'm reversing my earlier poll question. Of Tanya Tucker, LeAnne Rimes, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, or Justin Bieber...all childhood music stars...which one had/has the LEAST talent?
I guess that those people who are obsessed with One Direction and Justin Bieber,never heard of POTF,Michael Jackson or Bri…
Justin Bieber full name is Justin Drew Bieber.He was born on March 1st 1994 (present 19 years)His nicknames- J-Beebs, Justin, JB, Biebs, Bieber, Beebs.His mother's name is Pattie Mallette.His father's name is Jeremy Bieber.His dad plays guitar and his mom sings.His grandma was a great piano player.His dad remarried.He is very protective for his little sister.He wanted to buy a house for his mom when he first earned $1,000,000.He is not into bling- bling.He started dating when he was 13.His first kiss was when he was 13.His favorite TV show is smallville.His favorite video game is nba 2k.His favorite colors are blue and purple.His favorite food is spaghetti.He speaks fluent French.He is claustrophobic-fear of being in narrow or enclosed spaces, eg:closet, elevators.He prefers Macs for PCs.His favorite number is 6.His favorite music is R&B and pop.His favorite artists: usher, Michael Jackson, Bysmenllmen, Stevie Wonder.His celebrity crush is Beyonce.He likes vitamin water.His favorite drink is orange juice. ...
NEVER compare Michael Jackson with Justin Bieber because Justin Bieber will NEVER be as good as Michael
Okay someone compared Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson. Ummm... What? Sorry, no. Never again.
In 1994 Michael Jackson said: "This year someone will be born who can replace me" 1994 Justin Bieber was born.
"Michael Jackson is the King of pop but Justin Bieber is definitely the prince of pop" Justin Bieber
people do u like Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson?
I just had the realization that kids listening to 80s music (Michael Jackson, Guns 'n' Roses) today is akin to me listening to 60s music (Beatles, Hendrix) when I was growing up. Which is like my parents listening to 40s music (Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra ) when they were kids. Are my kids going to look at Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber like we look at other artists on this list?
is it by Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Mackemore, Demi Lovato, The Beatles or Taylor Swift???
got a rough bio for you of School of the Dead School of the Dead is an upcoming flash series that consists of a study group with people's looks based on Marty Mcfly, Angus T.Jones, Dave Franco, Alison Brie, Kaley Cuoco and Chloe Grace-Mortez. Drawing is so far being done as too the script but I am doing animation tests to see what I can achieve while animating the show Several Actors, Comedians and Singers are going to be animated into the show such as Charlie Sheen, Joel Mchale, Jim Parsons, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson but they will only get small roles. The Study Group has to make it past the zombie apocalypse and make it to the safe zone. Even though the youngest Chloe Grace-Mortez is in charge of leading the study group there but they will be several obstacles in there way. Also there are several references including a zombie Michael Jackson singing thriller which I am taking animation classes and tutorials on how to do it. Subscribe to the MasendanX youtube channel for all the news and also lik ...
Swap 1D for Michael Jackson. Swap Justin Bieber for Barry White. Swap Miley Cyrus for Pauline Fowler. Swap Miley for anything actually.
LISTEN: Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson collaboration 'Slave to the Rhythm' - New York Daily News
Michael Jackson sold out MSG in 2 weeks. Justin Bieber in 22 minutes & Jonas Bros in 10 minutes. Taylor Swift 59.6 seco…
So will Justin Bieber grow up to become Michael Jackson or Donnie Osmond? . Place your bets now, please.
Dr. Buster Brown said Michael Jackson is quite potent to fans verse like a Justin Bieber - not much of a affect at all.
I'm sorry if you will like it or not but I read about the world religions and every religion i read about had many similarities. There is one fallen angel named the satan who is tempting the mankind into drugs, drinking, smoking, cheating, murder, theft, robbery, jealousy, rape and many other evils. He has a boon that he can freely roam the earth and deviating the mankind from the holy path of the Almighty Immortal God. So lets be true to ourselves and not leave the divine path. CM Punk, John Cena, Kane, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and many others joined a secret society called The Illuminati Order (Enlightened). Not only them but many famous singers including Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are said to sell their souls to the devil for fame and money for lifetime. But when they will die, their souls will burn in *** with everlasting pain. Even the legendary, 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson joined Illuminati. But then he realized how dangerous Illuminati was to the mankind. So he left the Illuminati, the NWO, an ...
10 Reasons why growing up in the 80s/90s was pretty legit: Music: We listened to Michael Jackson and not Justin Bieber. I could probably make my point right there and be done... Sports: Michael Jordon, Ryan Sandburg, Magic Johnson, Belfour, Chelios, Jack Nicholas, Carl Lewis, Andre Aggasi, Wayne Gretzky, the Magnificent Seven (1996 Gold Medalist Female Gymnastics team, Kerri Strugs vault!!!) Jackie Joyner-Kersee, the list is endless guys. America: Ronald Regan. The end. Games: Were played OUTSIDE and not ONLINE. Sharks n Minnows, Night Games, street hockey, home run derby, tackle football, kickball, pick up basketball games in the street. Life Lessons: Oh you didn't make the local baseball team, that's OK. Go practice harder and try out next year! No awards for 'participation'.seriously that's hilarious to any serious athlete. School: If you got bad grades, it was your fault, not the *** teacher's. We had ownership, not excuses. Clothes: Hyper-color, Umbros, Sambas, snap-bracelets. Girl ...
"Michael Jackson Died at 58, Whitney Houston at 48, John F. Kennedy at 38, Amy Winehouse at 28. How old is Justin Bieber again? 18 Right?"
Stars turn out for 'Michael Jackson One' premiere Las Vegas, July 1 (UPI) -- Justin Bieber, Neil Patrick Harris, Spike Lee and Berry Gordy turned out for the premiere of Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson One" show in Las Vegas. Other attendees at Sunday's show at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino were David Arquette, Allison Janney, Dule Hill, Ryan Kwanten, Alfre Woodard, Roberto Cavalli, Pharrell Williams, Dot Jones, Rex Lee, Ian Ziering, Jon Secada and Jennette McCurdy. Jackson's mother, Katherine, sons Prince and Blanket, and brothers Jackie, Marlon and Tito also attended the event. "Directed by Jamie King, this entirely new show is the second creative project to be developed between Cirque du Soleil and the estate of Michael Jackson after the top-grossing 'Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour,' currently playing arenas in Asia as it travels the world," a news release said. Michael Jackson, the Grammy Award-winning pop star, died June 25, 2009. He was 50. Copyright 2013 United Press International ...
MattyBRaps Matthew David Morris is called. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and its height is 1.35 meters and a fearsome phenomenon in social networks. Matty B is the name of a child who is the YouTube sensation, the boy hung several videos performing songs from famous artists such as Eminem or Justin Bieber, on the web and has a good amount of visitors. As we know, Justin Bieber's career began in the same way, the number of visits to Matty B's videos make probably the closest competition by Justin Bieber, so he compared the blogger Perez Hilton- The U.S. small state is Atlanta just beginning in the music world ensures that its musical tastes this Michael Jackson. By the way, Matty B's mother, Tawny Morris, believes that his son is too young to consider doing some touring recordings or Matty B. writes his own lyrics and make your own videos like the one made of Willow Smith's song, 'Whip My Hair' Its director is Blake, who is her father. He has three brothers, the oldest named Blake Jr. (like his f ...
MORE ON SONNIE BADU: Musical greats who have performed at the Wembley Arena in England include Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Barbara Streisand, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Madona, Justin Bieber, Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, Tim Mcgraw, Spice Girls, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Taylor Swift.and who else? AFRICAN BORN SONNIE BADU. (The first African to perform there.). He is coming to St Louis. The Tabernacle of Worship. St Louis just cannot be the same. 25th-28th July. 5 shows! What a blessing. And it is free at the gate! Wao!!!
Elvis . The Beatles . Led Zeppelin . Michael Jackson . Justin Bieber? ... yeah you're probably right...Popular Music definitely hasn't declined at all.. I was intrigued a couple days ago when I was eavesdropping at a local coffee spot. I heard two guys giving another guy hassle because of the music he listened to exclaiming "you're just being a poser who won't listen to TOP 40" I'm sorry but did I just wake up today and step outside into the FU**ING TWILIGHT ZONE... when did listening to shallow dance music and 3 minute long ringtones move from being a guilty pleasure to the status quo. I get it... everyone likes their own music, and people can like Nikki Minaj or Chris Brown or any other cross dressing woman beaters they want, but if you are really too naive to think that the McDonalds music you are being fed is all the world has to offer, then you're missing out and only have yourself to blame. Parents pretending like the music their kids listen to doesn't shape who they become? We all eat fast food bec ...
If you missed Hollywood Headlines this morning, let's get you caught up! - Today marks 4 years to the day of the sudden passing of The King Of Pop... Michael Jackson - Beyonce' has added more dates to her Mrs. Carter Show tour... She'll be in Louisville now Dec 12th - Demi Lovato saying Thanx to her fans for all the kind words after her father passed away - Mariah Carey says her new album will NOT be ready by July 23rd... Pushing it back for a late summer release - Paula Deen has agreed to sit down over some deep fried butter and talk 1-on-1 with Matt Lauer - Banned For Life! An indoor skydiving company in Las Vegas has banned Justin Bieber from ever returning... Ever! - 3 more guys were left roseless on The Bachelorette... Bryden, Ben, and Mikey T were all sent packing
I just got home from working the Justin Bieber concert, and it was stamped all over the place.I had to get out of the way. Ladies were running all over the place, wasting their food and drinks, thinking that they were going to mist out on seeing Justin Bieber. There were women waiting outside of Staples Center for hours to get in. Justin came out doing Michael Jackson moves. Of all the shows that I seen over the years, I can say one thing that is for sure. That is R&B Music has had its influences on the old, and upcoming artist.
Is there a bigger *** in the world than Kanye West? He leaves Justin Bieber and Chris Brown far, far behind. It’s not where he calls a song “I Am A God”, or refers to himself as “Yeezus”. The thought process behind his religious beliefs for these titles mean I can let him off with that. Kind of. But he believes he has “complete awesomeness at all times”. At all times? He compares Steve Jobs’ passing to that of Notorious B.I.G, where “Jay-Z was allowed to become Jay-Z”, like he’s glad he’s dead or something. He also says “I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump.” He compares himself to Michael Jackson, and along with his friend Jay-Z (sorry Zee), Michael Jordan. Has offended Ethiopians and people wth Parkinson’s disease in his songs. Then we have the Taylor Swift incident, and when he lost to Justice vs Simian in a Best Video category, feeling it was unfair because “I jump across canyons” and “If I don’t win, t ...
Lady Gaga is not Madonna. Justin Bieber is not Michael Jackson. 1D are not The Beatles. Selena Gomez is not Britney Spears.
Joining in the prayers for Kanye West. When you are exposed to so much and given so much "power" to see the world and people from so many perspectives, that power will either humble you to God's supreme divinity or humiliate you into thinking you are God yourself. Kanye is just one of the more recent victims of what our society does to young people, particular Black Men (I would include Michael Jackson, Michael Vick, Vince Young, and even Justin Bieber in this group, Cf. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on his commentary on Kanye and other famous Black Men). The sad part is that in all his freedom he can still remain a "brother in coupe (coop)" and have to live with that consciousness of thinking you are forever trapped. While Kanye speaks to larger themes of economic and spiritual oppression, his music denies the truth that we have freedom in Jesus Christ to rise above those structures. Children of God, do not let half truths (lies) leave you empty. Pray for Kanye and the spirit of discernment and all that we do. ...
I like watching the talent of the "little'uns" on BGT but I wonder what beast will be created at such a young age. You only have to look at Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Gary Coleman, Tatum O'Neil, Macaulay Culkin, I don't really have to go on
When other gils fall in love to Justin Bieber,Greyson Chance,Austin Mahone.And here i'm fall in love to Michael Jackson and Paul The Beatles
They hated on Michael Jackson because they said he was a child molester and because he was talented and rich. They hated on Whitney Huston because they said she was a drug addict. Now they hating on Justin Bieber saying he's *** They hating on Nicki Minaj saying she fake. They hating on Miley Cyrus saying she's a *** They hating on err'Body! They even hating on me! Fa what idk and idc. Fuqq all haterz!!! Get a life !
I'm sitting here watching the Michael Jackson 30 year celebration. Say what you want, to me this man had talent. If there was no Michael Jackson, there wouldn't be no Chris Brown, Trey Songz, R-Kelly, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Miquel, Tank, Joe and many others you see today. Now it has been said that Chris Brown is the closet thing to Michael of today. Hmmm Not sure about that. Now another talented person was Prince. I would have love it if Prince and MJ did a song together. It would've been weird but most likely a hit. Also if there was no Prince there wouldn't been no Roots, which has become one of the badest bands of our time and is still going. For those that are parents and grew up in the area where music was music. There was no samples, no loops. Musicians played their parts. I hope that you let your kids listen to a lot of the old hits. Like Jackson 5, The Isley Brothers, Luther Vandross, Steve Wonder, The Temptations and a lot of others. Don't for the ladies. Patti Label, Whitney Houston, ...
Everything you ever need to know about a person can be learned by how they drive, and how they treat a waiter/waitress.  Music is one of the greatest experiences in life. (Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Otis Redding) Music is one of the worst experiences in life. (Justin Bieber, Pit Bull, Kesha) We have instant everything these days. Instant coffee. Instant information. Instant entertainment. Because of this, even the good stuff, no one has patience anymore. Example, last night my brother and I took our father out to dinner, and the place we were eating at had a big sign explaining they are not a fast food place, so please give them time to cook your food. Well, a lady that ordered right behind us went up there to pitch a fit wondering where her food was.after waiting no more than 10 minutes.10 minutes.no more patience  You're kid doesn't have ADHD...they just need to be slapped upside the back of their head.  I have a beard, and it is made of awesomeness  Almost everyone on this planet is cool. The ...
Michael Jackson sold out Madison Square Gardens in two weeks, Taylor Swift sold it out in four days & Justin Bieber sold it out in 22 min
Interesting how Justin Bieber is becoming a mashup of Michael Jackson, Jason Russell, and Snoop Dogg.
There's Brandy & Lemonade, Rum & Coke and Blog & Tonic! Yes folks another blog is up on my site, should want a nice read! 'Appy days! *** *** talks about, being back in the heart of the family, security at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv Israel, the cursory words of Cardinal Keith O’Brian, Michael Jackson's kids reality TV, A drunken car thief, Bonny Tyler representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, Brian May, Alvin Lee and Kenny Ball. He also discusses road works, the benefits of red wine, talking shoes, Justin Bieber, and major Record Labels winning a multi-million pound High Court battle. He also talks about, Sheila in Austria for a wedding, Romeo's trip to the Globe Theatre, his School Rugby 7's game, and Spurs win, win, then lose to Liverpool, and Romeo's guitar lesson.
I will paraphrase my old pal Liz Smith’s line about Michael Jackson and apply it to another big rock star who had kind of a bad week in London: Who do you suppose Justin Bieber thinks is acting weird these days? Mike Lupica
Musicians of the 20th Century - Janis Joplin, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston (the list could go on) Musicians of today - Justin Bieber, Tulisa, One Direction, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Little Mix etc. I think you catch my drift.
013 - Members Of Illuminati 2013: Celebrities, Famous People Believe it or not, Illuminati sure do exist and it’s real. They have plans and agenda to take as many soul as they can through sudden wealth and spiritual connection. They’ll illuminate you (make you rich, famous and popular) but in return you must sell your soul to satan their grandmaster. Most of the sect members who left the group in the past have been assassinated which include Notorious B.I.G, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and many others Famous Celebrities Illuminati Members In 2013 Popular Illuminati Members in 2013 includes * Beyonce * Bob Dylan * Bob Marley * Britney Spears * Cypress hill * David Bowie * Dr dre * Eminem * Jay z * Dbanj * Madonna * Nicki Minaj * Aretha Franklin * Paris Hilton * Jim Carey * Justin Bieber * Kanye West * Lady Gaga * Lil Wayne * Madonna * Marilyn Manson * Michael Jackson (turned against them) * Nas * Notorious B.I.G * Rihanna * T pain * Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them) BY DJ LACE
And right now, Justin Bieber is quickly riding down Michael Jackson road rather than the Drew Barrymore road. And that should scare people.
Michael Jackson, Selena Quintanilla Perez, Justin Bieber, and Romeo Santos are my all time favs ✊👌😎😏
☞♫ Dear God☀ if you give us George Harrison, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson back, we'll give you Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Willow Smith ♫☜ . :v
for Justin Bieber for Taylor Swift for Michael Jackson for Rihanna Muffin for Little Mix
Justin Bieber Fans : OMGZZZ Justin Bieber iz a musical genius! Austin Carlile: lol Michael Jackson : lol Tom DeLonge : lol Mark Hoppus : lol Alex Gaskarth : lol Vic Fuentes: lol Travis Baker : lol Kurt Cobain : lol Mike Shinoda: lol Bob Marley : lol Patrick Stump : lol Matt Tuck : lol Mitch Lucker : lol Gerard Way : lol Frank Iero : lol Ray Toro : lol Mikey Way : lol Oliver Sykes : lol Jared Leto : lol Billie Joe Armstrong : lol Mike Dirnt : lol Tré Cool : lol Dave Grohl : lol Chester Bennington : lol Paul Mccartney : lol George Harrison : lol John Lennon : lol Ringo Starr : lol Brendon Urie : lol Ryan Ross : lol Damon Albran : lol The Rev : lol Zacky Vengeance : lol Johnny Christ : lol Synyster Gates : lol M. Shadows : lol Andy Biersack : lol Jake Pitts: lol Chris Motionless: lol Ricky Horror: lol Joshua Balz: lol Cliff Burton: lol Kellin Quinn: lol Pierre Bouvier: lol Freddie Mercury: lol Ashley Purdy : lol Christian Coma : lol Jeremy Ferguson : lol Mike Fuentes : lol Tony Perry : lol Jaime Preciado : ...
Oh no, Harry Snape has another rant! Everyone hide!!! OK; so apparently girls are not MEANT to listen to metal and screamo music. Apparently we're meant to sit in our rooms, painting our nails pink while listening to One Direction or Justin Bieber. P*ss. Off. Look. I listen to loads of things, metal and screamo included. Here's some of my favourite artists; (don't judge me yeah?) - The Dirty Youth - Evanescence - Linkin Park - Skrillex - RED - Pink - Imagine Dragons - Dido - Simple Plan - Three Days Grace - Skillet - Breaking Benjamin - Avril Lavinge - Britney Spears - Michael Jackson - Pixie Lott - The Smiths - Dexys Midnight Runners - David Bowie - Good Charlotte - Lily Allen - Escape the Fate - Black Veil Brides - Get Scared - Picture Me Broken - Woe, is me and so much freakin' more. And apprently we're; not meant to swear meant to wear pretty skirts and nice shoes have long hair And so on; then there's me; 1. Swears in every sentence. 2. Wears pants all the time with a leather jacket and trainers. 3. ...
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RIP Ronnie Van Zant. I know you’re up there with all the other great musicians who also died way too young: Duane Allman, John Belushi, Jerry Garcia, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury… Meanwhile we’re stuck down here with the likes of Justin Bieber, Barry Manilow and Nicki Minaj. :-(
I've got many role models in my life who always inspire me to do my best and more...they are My DAD and MOM,George Benson,Marcus Miller(bassist),Victor wooten(bassist),Justin Bieber and last but not least,king of pop,Michael Jackson. These people always inspire me. God Bless.
David Bowie, Michael Jackson, RuPaul, Prince, Ellen, Marilyn Manson, EVEN Justin Bieber have the perfect balance of male and female features to an extent that their facial features can't be defined by one single gender. Trippy. lol
12 Weird Facts About Popular Music 1. Creed has sold more records in the US than Jimi Hendrix 2. Led Zeppelin, REM, and Depeche Mode have never had a Number One single, Rihanna has 10 3. Ke$ha's “Tik-Tok” sold more copies than ANY Beatles single 4. Flo Rida's “Low” has sold 8 million copies – the same as The Beatles' “Hey Jude” 5. The Black Eyed Peas' “I Gotta Feeling” is more popular than any Elvis or Simon & Garfunkel song 6. Celine Dion's “Falling Into You” sold more copies than any Queen, Nirvana, or Bruce Springsteen record 7. Same with Shania Twain's “Come On Over” 8. Katy Perry holds the same record as Michael Jackson for most Number One singles from an album 9. Barbra Streisand has sold more records (140 million) than Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, and Tom Petty combined 10. People actually bought Billy Ray Cyrus' album “Some Gave All…” 20 million people. More than any Bob Marley album 11. The cast of “Glee” has had more songs chart than the Beatles 12. Justin Bieber e ...
Cody Simpson,Alli Simpson, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson are my idols
I don't get why everyone dogs on Justin Bieber. I'm not a fan, but I don't hate him or his music. In our teenage years we had Menudo, New Kids on the Block, New Edition, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, 'NSync, 98 Degrees, etc. *** we even had pictures of Michael Jackson all over our walls! Sure he's a good musician, but that dude was just a plain CREEPER! I seen on Bret Michaels FB he was taking his daughter to his concert and someone posted, 'you lost all my respect for you'. WHAT!?!? He's just a famous singer. He's not marrying into the family. I would much rather my young girls go crazy over him than Eminem! Geesh, get over it! You jelly because you don't make bookoo bucks and have girls drooling over you? Stoopid children!!
Summer 2013 Themes! Session 1: MUSIC THROUGH THE YEARS- Dress up as your favorite rock star of all times. Examples: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga. Just remember, the costumes must still abide by camp’s dress code. Session 2: DANCING THROUGH THE DECADES- Pick a decade and dress up like it! It can be prehistoric, Victorian, Medieval, the 1920s, 1940s, 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, etc. Session 3: COLOR WARS/CAMP PROM- This is a favorite week for many campers. We have the annual color war games during the day, and for the camp dance, you dress up prom style! Session 4: DISNEY DREAMS- Dress up in all things Disney! You could be one of your favorite Disney characters or you could pick your favorite Disney animated movie and dress up as a character from it! Session 5: Super Hero/Star Wars- Dress up as your favorite Super Hero or Star Wars character. Last year we had people create their own Super Hero and that was pretty awesome too!!! S ...
Went to the Justin Bieber show last night Katie Schell Gaddis for a date night and here are my conclusions: -He's an amazing talent. No joke. Girls were fainting from excitement all around us. It reminded me if the footage of the Beatles in Ed Sullivan or Michael Jackson in Prague. -15,000 girls under the age of 16 make a lot of noise, especially web taken with Bieber Fever. -Katie and I sat next to Missy Franklin at the Blue Sky Grill and she is one of the finest role models a kid could have, getting interrupted during dinner tens of times and being gracious and kind every time. -Joe Sakic is short, and not immune to Bieber Fever. Katie Schell Gaddis makes me feel 18. Now off to workout because I am no longer 18.
I'm not really a fan of Justin Bieber, but I have been wondering for sometime now how long it would take for the "media" to turn on him. It does sicken me. Haven't they learned from what they did to Michael Jackson and others. I will believe nothing negative they report about JB. I do congratulate Fox News for reporting his visiting the sick child in the hospital. Kudos to them. TMZ, Nancy Grace, Jane whatever her name is and all the other gossip mongres and programs should be removed from TV and any other media conveyance.
I am no longer a very big fan of Justin Bieber's. He copied Michael Jackson in a song. The beginning of First Dance by Justin Bieber is very much like You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. I'm sorry, but nobody copies THE Michael Jackson. NOBODY.
First of all, I am a true Belieber. And this is what I feel. No hate. People say "Justin Bieber is *** " "He's only dating Selena as a cover-up" "He sounds like a girl!" Well excuse me, but he is just living his dream! He has accomplished something in life, which you will never do. You shouldn't hate him for doing what you can never do, so stop being jealous. He's got millions of girls around the world drooling over him and some of you people don't even have one! You are an ugly potato for saying that. He is sexy, which you are not. He has sold out Madison Square Gardens in 22 seconds, the only other person that has done that is Michael Jackson. And he has won 4 Grammys, you don't even own a glass of milk.
Retrospective of 2012 from Justin: January: - Began recording the album "Believe" - Justin was spotted with new hair color. - Participated in the ceremony of homage to Michael Jackson in which Bieber sang a snippet of one of the hits of Michael, "Rockin 'Robin". February: - Intertwining the song "Live My Life" by Justin Bieber in partnership with the band Far East Movement. - Justin Bieber has recorded a cover of the song, Call Me Maybe, with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez and his friends, Carlos Pena, Samantha Droke, Alfredo Flores, Ashley Tisdale and others. March: - Justin Bieber celebrated in a big party that was held in Los Angeles his 18 years in the company of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez and coworkers. - Justin won new statue at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Berlin, Germany. The actress and model Sila Sahin Turkish posed for a photo beside the sculpture, which had their costumes inspired by Michael Jackson. - Launch of the first single from the third album by the singer, Boyfriend. - In an interview ...
'I am Filipino,' Bruno Mars says on 'SNL' MANILA, Philippines - "I am Filipino," international singer-songwriter Bruno Mars declared on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last month. Mars, who is Peter Gene Hernandez in real life, said "I am Filipino", in one number at SNL where he served as both host and musical guest, an Associated Press report said. The singer was born in Hawaii to a Filipino mother and Puerto Rican father. In the AP report, Mars said he had so much fun doing the SNL show and would be glad to do it again. The report also added that Mars' October 20 appearance gave the NBC variety show the second-best ratings this season. In the show, Mars showcased his singing and acting talents in the comedy skits where he impersonated other musicians like Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Steven Tyler. Last April, the Grammy winner visited the Philippines for a successful two-day concert in Manila and Cebu. Among his many hits songs are "Just The Way You Are," "Grenade," "Marry You" and "Nothin' ...
That awkward moment when you realize Justin Bieber probably stole the idea for "Maria" from "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson...
If u dislike Michael Jackson or Devon Bostick,or you just like Justin Bieber, and I'm following you,let me know.So I can unfollow right now.
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The World is losing it's best singers, Freddie Mercury died, John Lennon is assassinated, Luciano Pavarotti died, Michael Jackson died, and one big tragic in music industry, Justin Bieber is alive. -Wacko
Justin Bieber has 3 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Michael Jackson has 0. So justin is better.
Justin Bieber watched from a Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson. Documentary about Justin Bieber "Never Say Never" made in the USA superrekord, ASN forward. Ribbon outperform revenue for Michael Jackson movie "This is", and became the most successful concert in history. Revenue from theaters only this Sunday are calculated on 72.2 million dollars. History of Jackson garnered 72.1 million in the U.S., despite the massive hype around the death of the great artist. Globally, however, the film Jack still holds the record - a total tickets sold worldwide to 189.1 million dollars. Yesterday Justin Bieber has revealed that he grew up in terrible poverty. "Mom lived in a dirty house with mice. After my father left us, even if we had a comfortable bed to sleep and slept on the couch," says 17-year-old tiynidol. Before "Dream" Bieber said it would gladly played the role of poor Oliver Twist remake of the classic musical by 1966 his mother repeatedly was concerned that if the fame had not overtaken her son, his life ...
We already know that Bruno Mars can do amazing impersonations of Michael Jackson, Billie Joe Armstrong and Justin Bieber.
Repost. Did Justin Bieber Make Fun Of Manny Pacquiao On Instagram? MANILA, Philippines - The Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight has seemingly given rise to another bout of sorts, online this time; that is, between Justin Bieber and hordes of netizens who got offended by his recent posts on Instagram featuring the Filipino boxing champ. [No Grammy love for Bieber, One Direction] The pop superstar posted a few memes on Instagram on Dec. 10 that features Pacquiao's flat-on-the- stomach photo apparently captured after El Dinamita knocked him out in the sixth round of their fourth fight held Dec. 9 (Philippine time). In the first photo , Pacquiao is made to appear doing the Michael Jackson "lean" -a signature dance move by the King of Pop. Pacquiao's cropped photo was also edited to appear beside the pop icon. As caption, Bieber wrote, "Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ .. Classic moment." The post has generated nearly 200,000 likes as of this writing. [Related: Justin Bieber 'knocked out cold'] As expecte ...
This is like if Vanilla Ice, Andrew Dice Clay, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber had monster twins.
Sunday night on "Oprah's Next Chapter" on OWN, Oprah sat down with Justin Bieber and dug deep into the life of the pop sensation. While the young star admits he admires Michael Jackson, does he want to emulate him?
if you see your idol Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, 1D, Taylor Swift, Jessie J
Directed by Spike Lee. With Michael Jackson, Glen Ballard, Justin Bieber, Rubén Blades. A documentary on Michael Jackson and the legacy of his record Bad.
"Conor Maynard vs. Justin Bieber" - what about Michael Jackson vs. Drake Bell?
I'm pretty sure the "When a person appears in your dreams its because they miss you" theory is 120% false. I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber, Ben Affleck, Michael Jackson, and Dylan Sprouse do not know and do not miss me.
Who is your idol? — Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Conor Maynard, Beyonce and Tayor Swift :)...
Trudy and I began our trifecta of concerts that we'll be seeing over the next ten days by seeing the maestro of shock rock at the venerable Queen Elizabeth Theatre last night. It was an evening to "Raise The Dead", and Alice Cooper put on an amazing theatrical production that had the sold-out crowd standing from the moment the band came on stage. Every song was a classic, through Welcome To My Nightmare, Hello Horray, Feed My Frankenstein, I'm Eighteen, Caffine, Billion Dollar Babies, Poison, to the finale of School's Out, the entire evening was a kick start for the heart. I weep for the youth of today that have to grow up listening to Justin Bieber and American Idols! Alice has a stunningly beautiful lead guitarist who is a Greek Australian named Orianthi Panagaris. Very talented, she was Michael Jackson's lead guitarist on his "This Is It" concert series, and she has also played with Carlos Santana, Prince, Steve Vai and Carrie Underwood. She certainly provided an additional focal point to the st ...
"Justin Bieber is the knew Michael Jackson".not even on April Fools Day kids.
What do Michael Jackson, Outkast, Stevie Nicks, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Cole, Indigo Girls, Madonna, and Justin Bieber all have in common? They are superstars who have had the pleasure of performing to guitar played by TOMI MARTIN. He's our special guest this Sunday, Nov. 11 at Adrenaline Productions. www.gmia.org
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A young talent kid who started on YouTube at the age 12 by singing all songs from Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo and Usher. Now that he's 19 years old, he is now traveling the world across Canada and America! He took this dream for all of seeing Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice and much more artist become. He also took that passion with playing Guitar and Piano. Nick was very glad in becoming famous. His whole family was exited with joy! Once he official got signed, He followed the steps how Bieber started and moved to L.A. and start recording all those other stuff! At first he was having trouble in what song and video to choose and do... Then Nick figure it all out, and finally he made it. He started uploading around May 1, 2011, Then moved on in all those other stuff. The young Canadian at age 12 told himself, "I've got to stop all this Bullying and Telling On, So I moved on and had to upload videos on YouTube for my friends and family in Canada and Chile! At the age 15, He went t ...
Artist Bio No Sleep Wesley G is a Musical Artist (Hip-hop and Pop) from Miami-Dade County, who believes that the creation of great music will elevate human society as a whole. He also believes that artistic expression is the world's greatest gift to man. His musical inspiration comes from a wide variety of Genres. He absolutely loves the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Boys ll Men, Az Yet, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, N Sync, Justin Bieber, Carl Cox, Skrillex, Jay Z, Eminem, Nas, Avicii, Celine Dion, Tim Mcgraw, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and many others. No Sleep Wesley G has a marvelous ability to freestyle lyrics and write songs. He truly speaks from the heart. If it is not a problem, party, or something he or his friends noticed or observed, then that is not a song that he is writing. He has written over 70 songs in 3 years. His "Never Been the Cool Guy" music video is a pure classic. No Sleep Wesley G has been performing Hip-hop and Poetry live since June 15th 2008 and has been ...
Michael Jackson died at th age of 58 Whitney Huston died at 48 JF Kennedy died at 38 Amy Winehouse died at 28 OMG dnt tel me Justin Bieber is 18
At the end of the day, Justin Bieber has more Kids Choice Awards than Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain.
We went to King's Cathedral to watch the production of HOTTER THAN *** It was awesome! It was like watching the famous singers of past and present. It included late stars like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury, Elvis Presley, etc. There were also Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Kelly Clarkson, etc. Young members of the church portrayed these stars, both living and dead. Rylan Baldonado is the only son of Marylou Delara, and a young man who received his pastorship early this year. He portrayed Chris Brown. He and his backup dancers were dressed in suits and ties and did a choreography which combined hip hop, jazz, and break dance. He and his backups looked so handsome. They reminded me of those KPop dancers. I was blown away.Unfortunately, we were prohibited to take videos or pictures of them. At any rate, the purpose of this production was to show the audience that the lives of these late stars were cut short due to drugs, alcohol, and sex ...
Bruno Mars' impressions of Billie Joe Armstrong, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber are way too accurate.
O. M. G. I liked Bruno Mars as an artist before, but just saw his SNL skit where he imitated Billie Joe Armstrong, Steven Tyler, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, _Louis_ Armstrong and Michael Jackson and he pretty much nailed all of them. I'm way too old to be a fanboi, but "Death is easy. *Comedy* is hard."
Bruno Mars does, Billie Joe, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, & more on SNL! VIDEO :)
Bruno Mars singing Green Day, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Louie Armstrong, and three Michael Jackson songs as a Pandora Radio Intern to save the website during a power outage. This SNL is pretty awesome so far.
If you totally believe in the phrase "Never Say Never", then allow me to prove it wrong with one of an infinite figments of my imagination (you know, because it's not real): Eduard Khil (the Trololo Man), Michael Jackson, Curly Howard, and Redd Foxx, all jump out of their graves once a blue moon shines over the North Pole, and starts dancing to PSY's "Gangnam Style" for 6 hours straight... ...and you thought Justin Bieber shed some light on you fellas!!
Dear God We'll trade you Kesha, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga for Michael Jackson.
Q: who is/are your inspiration? xx A: Joey Diamond, Charice, Jessica Sanchez, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber
So one of my international Chinese students was watching 'My Best Friend's Wedding' with me last night, and i asked her if she knew who Julia Roberts was. "No" Cameron Diaz? "No" Michael Jackson? "Of Course!" Jennifer Lopez? "No" Whitney Houston? "No" Pink? "No" Justin Bieber? "Yes" Angelina Jolie? "Yes" Brad Pitt? "No - oh yes, Angelina's husband right? lol
Madame Tussauds NYC features some of the most iconic music figures such as: Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, Elvis, BB King, Little Richard, The Beatles, Brittney Spears Ozzy Osbourne, and Frank Sinatra.. But I can't help thinking they forgot someone.. Oh I don't know maybe Nicki Minaj! Come on people, make a Nicki Minaj wax figure and take out Justin Bieber...
Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" is on Radio Disney this week, Michael Jackson or Beatles never had a th ...
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I'm in my Chris Brown and Trey Songz and Rihanna Usher and Toni Braxton and Beyonce and Maxwell and Avant and Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and Fantasia and Alicia Keys mode and filling very good right now. Join me!!! And missing my babe. He on his way home. Yay!
Justin Bieber talks to Ryan Seacrest about Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez date (via
On September 13, Justin Bieber sat down with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his dream date with Selena Gomez, the influence of Michael Jackson and his new book ***
Here's a pic of my good friend/engineer Tim Smith at The Soundscape Recording Studio with LEGENDARY producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins (who has worked with Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, etc.). I ain't trying to name drop but I know some people who know some people who worked with Beyonce. Peace.
Dear God, I would love to say dat can we scrafise Nikki Manji, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and all these overrated today's crap musical artists to bring back our beloved James Brown, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Whitney Houston and all da legends? Today's mainstream iz overrated
If you consider One Direction, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Soulja Boy or any other overrated "talent" in the music industry an artist, you are a disgrace to any real performer who paved the way and set standards for new artists. You think The Temptations would consider One Direction artists? You think Michael Jackson would consider Justin Bieber an artist? You think Beyoncé truly thinks Rihanna is talented? How about Tupac? Would he buy Soulja Boy's album? I am sure we all know the answers. How did we go from MJ, Beyoncé, Prince, Aretha, Diana Ross, Etta James, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, The Beatles, Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Aaliyah etc. to Justin Bieber, 1D, Rihanna, Hanner Montaner, Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, JLo etc.? What went wrong that all the songs on radio are about sex, money, drugs, birthday cake, hopping out of bed and turning your swag on or just sound like they came from Disney Channel? Can we fix this or are we doomed?
Ed Sheeran & Michael Jackson my kings, Rita Ora my queen, Justin Bieber & Conor Maynard my boyfriends, One Direction my paydays. Be jealous
Dear Lord. Can you please send us back Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury & John Lennon. In return you can take Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaij, Marilyn Manson, Drake & for an added bonus Mitt Romney too! Happy B-day MJ
Each August since 1998, Beloit College has released the Beloit College Mindset List, providing a look at the cultural touchstones that shape the lives of students entering college this fall. THE Mindset List FOR THE CLASS OF 2016 For this generation of entering college students, born in 1994, Kurt Cobain, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Richard Nixon and John Wayne Gacy have always been dead. 1. They should keep their eyes open for Justin Bieber or Dakota Fanning at freshman orientation. 2. They have always lived in cyberspace, addicted to a new generation of "electronic narcotics." 3. The Biblical sources of terms such as "Forbidden Fruit," "The writing on the wall," "Good Samaritan," and "The Promised Land" are unknown to most of them. 4. Michael Jackson's family, not the Kennedys, constitutes "American Royalty." 5. If they miss The Daily Show, they can always get their news on YouTube. 6. Their lives have been measured in the fundamental particles of life: bits, bytes, and bauds. 7. Robert De Niro i ...
Michael Jackson, Paul Mccartney, U2, 50 Cent, the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Lady Gaga and James Brown. And now, Justin Bieber.
The next person to say something bad about Justin Bieber, I will punch in the face. Most of you are just scared to say this musical prodigy is better than Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose. Gun to my head, I would even be so bold to say that he is a better singer than Brittany Spears. So leave Justin alone! It's easy to criticize, but it's hard to be the perfect musical artist.
My video for Justin Bieber's Believe World Tour. Performance: "Come Together" by Michael Jackson - choreography and performance by Colby...
Um... On the Billboard's top 100 musicians of all time... the top 3 is the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis? Why? Because they have won respectable awards and not (What the frick did she say?) oh yes... Not Teen Choice Awards and Kids Choice Awards. No, Michael didn't have Madison Square Garden sell out in seconds, but Michael's worst album has still done better than Justin Bieber's best. Someone ask Amanda how many Grammy's Bieber has? 1? 2? Hum. Now ask how many writers was on Bieber's songs? 10? For Michael, it was Michael, Quincy Jones and Rod Temperman (I spelled his last name wrong) and one other guy on after Dangerous. It wasn't all four together, it be 1 or 2. Seriously, I can go on all day why Michael is hands down one of the best musicians that's ever lived!
Had a fun afternoon with Mark Carter and Todd Murray at Memorial Hospital for our Songs For Kids Foundation visit! We played lots of Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber today (who knew that Bieber Fever was still so strong?!) I think the highlight was hearing Todd's goat impression in Old MacDonald. I don't think that song will ever be quite the same :-)
"Justin Bieber has Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Beyonce, Kanye West and Selena Gomez on his playlist." MJ, R. KELLY, B, YEEZY. and Selena.
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Justin Bieber: 'Michael Jackson inspired new video' - Digital Spy: BernamaJustin Bieber: 'Michael Jackson inspir...
I hate to even admit this but, I watched Justin Bieber on Letterman. All I could think about was he looked like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell and Michael Jackson's legacy is living on.
Donny Osmond, Justin Bieber, and Michael Jackson the roosters at Edgar`s Mission sanctuary in California!
Justin Bieber is better than Freddie Mecury, Kurt Kobain, Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, the Beatles, and anyone else in the world combined
Justin Bieber sat down with us to talk about his work with Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj on "Believe," and the Michael Jackson collaboration he wished could have...
Okay so. Ringo Star has more talent on his LSD trips then Justin Bieber will in a life time. Freddy Mercury has more talent in his vocals snoring then Justin Bieber ever will. Kurt Cobain has more talent in his foot tapping from the music video "Smells Like Teen Spirit," then Justin Bieber has in his entire body. Though I do not like Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber will never ever come close to ever being as talented has Michael was when he was still in the Jackson 5.
New Spiderman is HORRIBLE. It made Daredevil look like the Avengers. Seriously, the only good thing about that movie was the new suit. I couldnt tell if this Spiderman was trying to compete against Twilight or Batman. And who ever wrote the screenplay for it should never be hired again. I get it that it was a relaunch and things change but would you let Justin Bieber relaunch Michael Jackson's "Thriller" by letting him recreate the beat to do it entirely? Exactly. Oh and *Spoiler alert*, Spiderman reveals his identity not once but twice in the movie and he creates gadgets to shoot his webs. The only thing that they did get right was Uncle Ben dies. (Spiderman fans will laugh at that joke.) Michael Bay could've done a better job with this movie and he's wanting to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a movie about aliens. How could the Great Stan Lee approve of something like this?
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