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Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.

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If u're reborn, what would u wanna be? (151107 LIVE DAY). SJ: God, movie director. J: Justin Bieber. YK: Rock, mountain. WP: Anteater. DW: Eagle
Justin Bieber // sorry & say something. This broke my heart watching this 😖😫 love you Justin from 💙✨
Justin Bieber and Best Friends Snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado 18-19 Jan... via
Saya suka video What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber (Acoustic Cover with Looping Pedal by 15 Year Old
"Despacito - Remix" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber was released last week & has 75M views on YouTube! https…
Justin Bieber shares old mugshot on Instagram - Hamilton Spectator
The stage is going up at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel for the with Justin Bieber in May 3rd!
IM THE ONE song by DJ Khaled, featuring: Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. .
Justin Bieber has bumped up 1 position to number 11 on the Global Digital Artist Ranking with 1406 points!
Waiting all party for Justin Bieber music and hearing only 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN' at the end. Pure happiness. 😍💗
If you had to choose one, who would you rather be? Pee-Wee Herman, Carrot Top, or Justin Bieber?
okay so when are Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber making a song together
Justin Bieber, 1 Direction, Zach Effron, Channing Tatum... Just to name some... . Get back in your hole, rat
The 'Despacito' remix by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber has entered the Top 5 of the Global Top 50 Chart on Sp…
If you're not Justin Bieber singing Despacito to me in Spanish today I don't wanna hear it
Preparations are already underway at the Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru for Justin Bieber and his
A beautiful concept: Justin Bieber singing in Spanish
I'm not a fighter by nature, but, if I believe in something, I stand up for it - Justin Bieber
Can't get over how Justin Bieber sings Despacito 😩🔥
Tomorrow I'm warm up leader for my acting class and I hope my teacher Emily lets me play my Justin Bieber playlist as I lead the warm ups
Justin Bieber onstage performing at the show in San Juan, Puerto Rico tonight. (April 18)
It's the bilingual bedroom anthem you've been waiting for! is on the remix of "Despacito"
Justin Bieber singing in Spanish is so sexyyy😩
i really consider Justin Bieber a friend of mine 👦🏽👦🏼
Justin Bieber with the 'Purpose era' sold more records than Selena Gomez did in 8 years of career.
Raptors mascot goes full Justin Bieber for NBA playoffs
Raptors mascot goes full Justin Bieber for playoffs
Patrick Kane on Justin Bieber: "He’s got a lot of good songs. I don’t know if I could say that around the locker room, but…
Justin Bieber: " Cross the road and I'll release Journals 2.0" . Me:
10.Hand to myself - Selena Gomez. 11.Same old love - Selena Gomez. 12.Boyfriend - Justin Bieber. 13.Twerk it like miley - Brandon beal
Katy Perry looks like Justin Bieber dressed as a tough mum in the 90s
I'm Maeva, I'm french and I love music. I did a couple of cover like Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and Katy Perry :)
Alan Walker Will Join Justin Bieber on Purpose Tour in India.Justin Bieber is no stranger to the dan..
Here's WHEN and HOW you can get tickets for Justin Bieber's India concert this May! | Latest News & Updates at Dail…
Today I've listened to Justin Bieber, Avenged Sevenfold, Zac Brown, Carnage, & Bill Withers. Safe to say I like all kinds of music
Justin Bieber needs to come out with new music real quick.
My younger brother who likes me, Justin Bieber, Cameron Dallas, Jake Paul, Liam Clifton and Taylor Caniff is working on a project
Me and Raychel were walking home from dropping her friend off at Penn Station and I find out there's a Justin Bieber concerts
Sources say that Alan Walker will accompany Justin Bieber to India!. .
One day I want to be like Justin Bieber, crossed with Gordon Ramsay. 😂 Anyone else watching Master Chef Junior?? B……
If Selena Gomez can get over Justin Bieber then I can get over you
I kinda look like Justin Bieber a little bit
(19) Another video of Justin Bieber onstage performing at the in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tonight. (Mar…
She was pregnant at 17 and forced to about the baby but she didn't. Today that baby is known as Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's 7 best posts since returning to Instagram
'Let Me Love You' by DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber now has over 700 MILLION streams on Spotify.
We do not need another Justin Bieber, please do not let her win.
We don't all get into Justin Bieber. Do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs?
People forget that Chris Brown was as huge as Justin Bieber during 2005-2008. Stop comparing CB to Drake.He already did wh…
Come back to find Liam and Jordan singing Justin Bieber on skype
Justin Bieber is mine so just give up sweet cheeks
Remember when Jordan o Gorman was in the news for been Justin Bieber's look a like🙃
so Justin Bieber being mobbed is "hilarious" but when it's any other celebrity it's taken seriously? noted.
Anyone who isn't Justin Bieber looks good. (Yes I stan Justin kdndjdndnc)
If given the opportunity to collaborate, who are you choose. JUSTIN BIEBER or BRUNO MARS?
Big Update : Justin Bieber has quit his singing career to become a FULL TIME ZOO KEEPER. . Source : Me
like I personally don't like Justin Bieber but if someone's a fan of him I'm still gonna give them the same respect I'd give a tøp stan
Wow! Check out the crowd at the Apoteose in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil waiting for Justin Bieber and the
Congratulations and good luck to my friend on opening for Justin Bieber tonight
Today is the day! Justin Bieber and the hits the Apoteose in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it's going to…
Exclusive: Here's how is feeling about opening for tonight in Brazil. Congrats, Rudy!
I can't believe Justin Bieber just liked my photo
Another photo of Justin Bieber spotted out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil today. (March 29)
Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber rumoured to be collaborating on new track - via
Can you believe it's been 7 years since the release of Justin Bieber's debut studio album "My World 2.0"? Time flies when…
Selena Gomez just reacted to a joke about Justin Bieber and The Weeknd...
Justin Bieber's luxury rented Mosman mansion had to be 'de-odorised' - via
"I'm not Justin Bieber my name is Derek"
Q: Which artist do you wanna collab?. Jungkook: Justin Bieber. Somewhere Shirley Booth is crying in a corner.
Beliebers! Keep voting so Justin Bieber can win big at the RDMA's. You can submit 100 votes per category daily.
last time i was at the pepsi center i snuck into a Justin Bieber concert
Not until you take back Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.
I added a video to a playlist Justin Bieber - Company (Stephen Murphy Remix)
Bowie Bonds are genius. I'm starting a mutual fund with Justin Bieber and an emerging indie band out of Brooklyn
Cold Water is an actual city in MS And Cold Water is a Justin Bieber son…
Beauty And The Beast as a musical using Justin Bieber songs, this is so good.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Video of Justin Bieber spotted at the airport in Auckland, New Zealand today. (March 19)
Justin Bieber - Silent Night on Radio Santa Claus - Listen now!
Bruh I wake up and Justin Bieber a reptilian and Lily Allen trying to win a debate with Myles smh
36. Hero - Sterling Knight. It's obvious Disney wanted to do a Justin Bieber inspired type of film with "starstruck"…
Photos of Justin Bieber onstage with Martin Garrix tonight at the show in Auckland, NZ. (March 18) ht…
Brazil, where the rich send their employees to camp out in line for their daughters' Justin Bieber tickets.
I wonder if Justin Bieber knows how to be alone.
Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith taught me never say never
18. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney. Before we had Justin Bieber, we had teen pop sensation Jesse McCartney.
I'm watching beyond scared straight and the man told the little boy he'll be waiting for his cute *** with his Justin Bieber haircut 😂😭
Frantic search for private home hideaway before Justin Bieber's concert - New Zealand Herald
Liam Payne gave troubled Justin Bieber his number and told him to call any time to 'chat'…
Kyulkyung - As long as you love me . cover Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is currently onstage performing "As Long As You Love Me" at the in Brisbane, Australia.
As Long As You Love Me is my favorite Justin Bieber and I also have a toothbrush that sings Baby
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"I wish I was a koala...get to sleep that long." - Justin Bieber via IG Livestream.
Clayton Moore and I just killed some Karaoke, "Baby" by Justin Bieber and got everyone excited for the night. Let's go!!!
Justin Bieber via Instagram: . SORRY BEN - If you don't get the context it's from an Australian TV show called "Summer Nigh…
Scooter Braun shared Justin Bieber's recent Instagram video with the following caption:
I like Maddow, but he's no Justin Bieber or Ricky Fowler.
Another photo of Justin Bieber with a fan backstage at the in Melbourne, Australia. March 10th. .
Video of Justin Bieber on a boat in Melbourne, Australia. (March 11).
Justin Bieber tells photographers to 'f--- off' as they invade his vacation - Owen Sound Sun Times
Lets go to the beach and sing a long to Justin Bieber throwbacks yes
BTS became the artist to stay more weeks at on Billboard Social 50. 1- Justin Bieber. 2 -Taylor Swift. 3- Rihanna/Mi…
She is simply sorry that Justin Bieber infected the Chateau Frontenac.
Take a look at the range of Justin Bieber merchandise on-sale at Saga Falabella.
Justin Bieber is staying on the Sunshine Coast - The Queensland Times
Congratulations, You have won our Justin Bieber 2017 calendar giveaway with Make sure you DM th…
Our Giveaway to win a Justin Bieber Calendar ends tonight at midnight! Have you entered already?
Justin Bieber commented on his own Instagram post.
I liked a video Secret Handshake with Justin Bieber
Wife:You'll never believe who we saw at lunch? Me:Who? Wife:Justin Bieber. Me:Do we have cheesecake for dessert?
I ain't a fan of Justin Bieber but aye my classmates are going to JB's concert tonight bruh
looks like is trying to get the justin bieber 2010 hair flip! tbh I see no difference between them
INSANE! Justin Bieber performing with his at the in Melbourne, Australia. (March 10…
"When you nod your head yes. But you wanna say no. What do you mean? "- Justin Bieber. BNSyamNaBuwanNa RITA
It's almost that time! Who's excited to see Justin Bieber and the show in Brisbane, Australia…
Justin Bieber's protege Madison Beer wows in skimpy bikini as she shares a sweet kiss with beau Jack Gilinsky - Dai…
I love Justin Bieber's voice so much
(6) More photos of Justin Bieber spotted out in Melbourne, Australia a couple days ago. (March 11)
Check out these adorable goodies made by especially for Justin Bieber's show tonight i…
Justin Bieber via Instagram:. I love you mikey
Justin Bieber is sick overeager fans, and he ain't afraid to say so via
Check out the audio of Justin Bieber thanking fans in Brisbane for waiting to see him.
Justin Bieber performs on stage during his concert in Mexico City in February.Image: OCESA/CHINO LEMUS...
Taking a stand! Adele defends Justin Bieber, asks fans to 'shut up' when they boo him at concert - Economic Times
Justin Bieber comentou a foto do Kenny Hamilton no Instagram:.
I can't tell if this is Halsey, Justin Bieber, or Kristen Stewart
Note to myself for next time avoid Southern Cross Station when a Justin Bieber concert is next door. Crazy busy earlier tonight.
University prof Gordon Chalmers, who allegedly posed as Justin Bieber, charged w Hang him
Grammy Awards 2016: Complete list of winners; Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran win big!
The only reason I want a job is to spoil myself and buy me Justin Bieber tickets
When you're determined for Justin Bieber tickets but still fail 😭💔
Alwicempaka 1.Justin Bieber_Cold water 2. Martin Garrix ft bebe rexha_ in the name of love
Justin Bieber copying the Vetements titanic hoodie and Vetements responding back by copying the tour shirt
Very cool aerial view of Justin Bieber's at Nib Stadium in Perth, Australia. (Muted due to copyright…
Ah Justin Bieber why you gotta be so good looking
I'm mf grown & I am so obsessed with Justin Bieber. Will it ever stop?!
The most stylish non-fashion guy outfit you can wear right now
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Man who pretended to be Justin Bieber charged with more child sex offences
Man who pretended to be charged with 900 more child sex offences
Photo's of Justin Bieber with a fan with Make-A-Wish backstage at the in Perth, Australia tonight. (…
Old Justin bieber/one direction/5sos puts me in my feelings. But so does everything else
Australian man who impersonated Justin Bieber online has been charged with 931 child sex offenses
Justin Bieber has taken a ride on a motorbike to enjoy some Perth beaches, starting at City Beach - last seen headed toward…
Justin Bieber via Instagram Stories: Me when I see food.
'Justin Bieber impostor' on 931 child sex-related charges
Novi priell_Martin Garrix bebe rexha - in the name of love, justin bieber - cold water_
.talks his come-up, DJ apps & the craziest tour moment with Justin Bieber
(3) More photos of Justin Bieber spotted out today in Perth, Australia. (March 8)
My dad said he can afford Justin Bieber tickets but not (pt1)
Can do the thing Justin Bieber used to do and give out free tickets??
Saving was going so well until I accidentally just bought Justin Bieber tickets for next Weds
when are you giving away Justin Bieber tickets next? I got through before but you didn't hear me and hung up!! 😭
SURELY you guys are giving away Justin Bieber tickets today?
Tickets are available to see Justin Bieber & the in Perth, Australia. Get 'em while they last! https…
cameras exclusively capture megastar Justin Bieber soaking up the sun and enjoying our Swan River, ahead of tonight'…
Justin Bieber driving a Volvo around Australia wearing khakis and Jeffrey Dahmer glasses.. lol what is going on here
Perth is blessed. Visits from Pauline Hanson and Justin Bieber in the same week, and I arrive tomorrow.
Can we talk about how Ed Sheeran cracked Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club? 😂
More photos of Justin Bieber spotted out in West Hollywood, California. February 22th. . htt…
NHS choir pips Justin Bieber to secure Christmas number one spot...
Photo of Justin Bieber spotted out hiking earlier today. (February 26)
Happy Birthday to take a look at his top songs
Justin Bieber via Instagram: Making beats in my studio
I've never met a bigger Justin Bieber fan than my sister😂
was this her talking about Justin Bieber 😂
Happy Birthday to this beautiful legend, Justin Bieber
I just realized Me Justin Bieber and Earl Sweatshirt are like the same age. We're gonna be like bffs😅
Meet Black Singles 300x250
DJ Khaled is up to something with Chance The Rapper, Justin Bieber, and Migos. 👀
03-01 Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer compliments Justin Bieber after
Justin Bieber in hot water for graffiti promotion #
03-01 Shirtless Justin Bieber rides on banana boat while Hailey Baldwin watches in
He won you with 'Justin Bieber' but he won me with 'Kidrauhl'. My Kidrauhl is almost 23😭💘
See the shorter version of Justin Bieber's SoftBank commercial for his SuperStudent campaign. (Muted due to copyright). h…
03-01 GQ presents nuanced view of Hillsong, Justin Bieber and the cool cult of celebrity
Friends are the best to turn to when you're having a rough day. -Justin Bieber
Tickets to Purpose India Tour India are now live!. Book NOW before they run out:
Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber. We still think about your sexy British accent from 2010.
Happy Birthday to the handsome and multi-talented Justin Bieber. The Grammy winning chart topper turns 23 today!
Video of Justin Bieber spotted out in California yesterday. (February 28)
Happy 23rd birthday to the 1st artist to surpass 10B total video views on Vevo...Justin Bieber! ~
Justin Bieber has 17 songs on the Hot 100 -- a record that surpasses even the Beatles
Take a look at these cute screenshots of Justin Bieber from recent Instagram video.
I don't think I've ever loved someone the way I love Justin Bieber. Like I am giddy thinking about him.
Justin Bieber, 23, singer, composer, producer, model. Can play the drums, the piano and the guitar, a talented man. htt…
Check out Justin Bieber's newest commercial for his SoftBank SuperStudent campaign! (Muted due to copyright).
Check out this video of Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun the other day in California.
Cute! Check out recent Instagram caption for Justin Bieber's 23rd Birthday.
Happy 23rd Birthday to the amazing & talented Justin Bieber ❤
Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! Here's a look back at his evolution to pop superstar
Happy Birthday May your 23rd year be as varied as your hairstyles.
Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎉. Thanks for letting us come to your house that one time 👉
See just how real the Bieber Effect is here:
Take a look at Rory Kramer's Birthday message for Justin Bieber. Adorable.
Video of Justin Bieber spotted out hiking the other day in Los Angeles, California. (February 26)
it reminds me of when Justin Bieber said Anne Frank would've been a belieber
.Which award did former Prime Minister Stephen Harper give Justin Bieber in 2012?
I liked a video Michael Le Choreography | "Christmas Eve" by Justin Bieber |
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So cute! Check out Kim Kardashian's recent SnapChat video of her son, Saint, jamming to "Baby" by Justin Bieber!
I liked a video from Justin Bieber love yourself karaoke (cover)
I liked a video from Justin Bieber - 'Love Yourself' (PARODY)
Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the release of "Where Are Ü Now" by Jack Ü featuring Justin Bieber!
Justin Bieber with DJ Khaled on set of a music video in Malibu, California - 27 February 2017: przez
Justin Bieber and Halsey - The Feeling (live cover with interview on 11... via
I could watch Justin Bieber sit on that red couch and sing to me forever 😍😭
Justin Bieber performs with SGM Q-7s at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida. Read more:
FLOYD MAYWEATHERS CELEBRITY 40th BIRTHDAY BASH ( from Bobby Brown to Justin Bieber): via
Justin Bieber performed at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday bash!
"I'm about to turn 23 years old. I'm gonna stop being a kid to become a man." - Justin Bieber, tonight in Mexico City.
I liked a video from Javon Johnson - "Letter from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber"
I wanted to add more like Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, Adele… issa bunch of cool kids
the list. Hyuk: Justin Bieber. Ravi: Chris Brown, most the rappers he collabed w(sanE, donutman, etc)
Another video of Justin Bieber spotted out in Los Angeles, CA, today. Feb 23th. .
Video of Justin Bieber at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA. (February 23). https:/…
I liked a video from El Roast de Justin Bieber - Natasha Leggero
BREAKING NEWS! Justin Bieber is collaborating with Kim Jong Un to perform everyone's favorite, "It's Nacho Business"
Do you ever think about how Justin Bieber is to thank for the LGBTQ icon that is Carly Rae Jepsen?
Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan to jam with Justin Bieber at Navi Mumbai concert - Mid-Day
Students of Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt Sidharth Malhotra to perform at Justin Bieber concert?
Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra to be a part of Justin Bieber's concert?
Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber raise money for troubled Detroit...
Justin Bieber raise money for troubled Detroit...
YouTube star to tour with Justin Bieber: Inside their ‘close friendship’ and how he'll open the show
Let Me Love You by Dj Snake ft. Justin Bieber on Z102.9. Listen live at:
Vote for Justin Bieber to win the Fan Choice Award at the upcoming 2017 Juno Awards. Use the hashtag https…
hey there,this is my Justin Bieber cover hope you'll like it.
I thought only me think he's look like justin bieber in this pic. But to be honest Jimin more handsomeee 😚
Justin Bieber's brightening on stage is a concept
Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes battle on the greatest Christmas song of all-time.
Mistletoe by Justin Bieber is one of the best Christmas songs of ALL TIME 🔥
Excited to announce that I'll be opening for my friend in Brazil. Dream come true
Okay I love Adele, but Justin Bieber should have won Best Pop Vocal Album!!! *** is going on right now!
Beliebers! Don't forget to pick up your Justin Bieber tickets before time runs out.
See nominated artist, Justin Bieber, live in SA this year. Tickets from
Alfredo Flores loves to such Justin Bieber's balls. Pass it on.
Justin Bieber trolls stans and hangs out with Alfredo Flores. Plus, why did Selena Gomez NOT attend the http…
I can't believe I just watched Justin Bieber joke about getting "Make America Great again" tattooed on his chest
For all you 'Justin Bieber's modified Ferrari 458 is going under the hammer' | via AOL |…
Everyone go and follow Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Cover by Tyler Simmons)
In the old days, artists like Justin Bieber, Drake, even Taylor Swift wouldn't even be nominated in the main categories.
Justin Bieber Abandons Puppy Todd, Who Requires An $8k Surgery could he do this !? So sick :((
Idea by :. Put this as your icon and changed your name ( NOT as Justin Bieber !.
.makes his return to Instagram known with 'SOO MUCH CONTENT' (his words) >>
.talks on the and reveals his advice to More Gretzky on Bieber → ht…
VEVO ran a campaign and Justin Bieber's "Purpose" album is the fan-favorite to win at the 2017 Grammy's for "Album Of The…
A new/old video clip of Justin Bieber backstage during his earlier last year.
The producers have been working really hard to get Justin Bieber to attend the show on Sunday, so he might be…
I'm justin bieber and i love my beliebers. .
Young Kiwi producers nominated for Grammy for Bieber album - SEE MORE:
When I saw Justin Bieber on tour who was his opening act?
When you search up the word PERFECTION, 'Justin Bieber' will come up ! 🙌🏼. . .
Untagged photo of Justin Bieber and Poo Bear at the Grammy's party tonight. (February 10)
People STILL think that "stanning" Justin Bieber is an embarrassment lmao, yes chica I stan a millionaire, records breaker.
Leaderboard. Fifth Harmony won't let go, but Justin Bieber is gaining a lot of speed in this category.
Photo of Justin Bieber spotted out in California today. (February 4)
Six years ago today Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" movie was released! How many times do you think you've watched it s…
Justin Bieber win tomorrow i heard awards I wish you , good luck 👍
Jake just turned the radio station from Ozzy to Justin Bieber and left it y'all have some work to do
Photo of Justin Bieber spotted out tonight in Los Angeles, California. (February 11)
for Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber. LIKE for Selena Gomez & The Weeknd
Ashley just compared Justin Bieber to Justin Timberlake and I can't believe her rn...
(9) More photos of Justin Bieber spotted out last night in Beverly Hills, California. (February 8)
Justin Bieber is nominated for Crossover Artist Of The Year at the Latin Billboard Music Awards!
I really wanted to go to Justin Bieber's birthday bash but I'm too busy doing charity work today!
Justin Bieber getting his Instagram back makes me worlds happiest girl rn
When it comes to annoying, brain-death music, Paramore, Black-Eyed Peas/ e Justin Bieber represent the Holy Trinity.
Justin Bieber just followed me do you reckon you could follow me back?
has reminded me tonight of how much i love Justin Bieber
Now that Justin Bieber's commercial played I can stop watching the Super Bowl
Sorry by Justin Bieber is number 2 in Mozambique top 100 songs
Photos of Justin Bieber out in California recently. (February 2)
There's less than 2 weeks left until the 59th Annual Grammy Awards and Justin Bieber is nominated for 4 awards!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Video of Justin Bieber after scoring the last goal of the match at the NHL celebrity shoot-out in California today. (Janu…
Justin Bieber has been nominated for Favorite Male Singer at the Kid's Choice Awards! VOTE NOW
Sam Hunt and Ed Sheeran are both putting out albums and Justin Bieber is back on Instagram. 2017 is in fact going to be my year
Selena Gomez likes more videos shading Justin Bieber.
What happens when you don't eat for 2-3 days? Find out from the Justin Bieber of Crossfit, Dr. Kelly Starrett.
Chris Pronger jokes about heroic hit on Justin Bieber - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
it's ok I feel u. That's gonna be me sep 5th at Justin Bieber
I voted Justin Bieber as the AP40 FAN FAVOURITE of 2016 | | Live stats: |…
The Power of Justin Bieber! Social media went on fire yesterday with the launch of Justin's Super Bowl commercial for T-M…
If you vote for Justin Bieber using the iHeart app, each vote counts as double, up to 50 daily (equals 100 votes). https:…
Justin Bieber is also nominated for for at the so make sure to vote for that too! https…
Check out this photo Madison Beer posted on IG. One of her fans is wearing the satin bomber from Justin Bieber's
Congrats Justin Bieber on your Kids Choice Award nomination! Vote now using and
Check out this short clip of Justin Bieber that T-Mobile posted via IG Stories today.
yall r literally no different than the delusional JUSTIN BIEBER fangirls who used 2 bash Selena Gomez. wow
for a solo dm with Justin Bieber. Read my bio // February 03, 2017 at 08:00PM ✔
A bit of Juno Awards trivia...Justin Bieber has been nominated 19 times with 7 wins putting him at out of 100 biggest…
Another photo of Justin Bieber spotted out in Tokyo, Japan yesterday. (February 2)
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