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Justin Bieber

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.

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Cheer up, my Justin Bieber was named David Cassidy. :)
Video of Justin Bieber spotted out in Beverly Hills, California yesterday. (August 14)
2017 has been a great year; Justin Bieber, Jack Whitehall and soon Ed Sheeran. .
Justin Bieber slid into the DMs of a gym with only 70 followers to holler at an employee.
I liked a video Meet the pastor mentoring Justin Bieber, Kyrie Irving
Who is Carl Lentz? The Hillsong pastor who is close friends with Justin Bieber via
Me waiting on Justin Bieber to come out as *** with his pastor:
"I'd like to thank not only God, but also Jesus. - Justin Bieber" - Lance Johnson
Shame shame on Justin Bieber and so-called 'Pastor' Carl Lantz for this egregious behavior.
The most important entrepreneurial quality Justin Bieber, Fred Smith, Jeff Bezos, and Henry Ford have in common
Video of Justin Bieber spotted out in Charlotte, North Carolina (August 8)
The only artists to have multiple videos with over 1.5 BILLION views:. •Ed Sheeran. •Justin Bieber. •Katy Perry. •Taylor Swift. •…
WATCH: Justin Bieber drops by PGA Championship, sings with Tour pros -
You're my sunshine in the darkest days Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber spotted out in Charlotte, NC. (August 8, 2017) via
(2) Another video of Justin Bieber spotted out in Charlotte, NC today. (August 8)
Photo of Justin Bieber out in Charlotte, NC yesterday. (August 8th 2017)
Justin Bieber spotted at Quail Hollow with PGA pros via The Bieb at PGA.
Im proud of Justin and all Beliebers!❤ Justin Bieber
Picking up lunch and they are playing Justin Bieber - Favorite Girl. Having flashbacks of playing Bieb's entire career otw hm from Vegas
Take a peek into my channel here 👀 Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix ,Joe badass,Machine Gun Kelly and more.
So Bubba Watson and Justin Bieber just walked into the chic-fil-a I was at.
Everyone go follow The original acct was suspended but hopefully will back soon! Justin Bieber
Baby Jazzy playing with her big brother . Justin Bieber
More photos of Justin Bieber spotted out in Los Angeles, California today. (August 5)
Latest: David Beckham Brooklyn bound and Justin Bieber gets off
Gud night love yahoo Tomorrow is our weekend I'll vote for you tomorrow Inshallh Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber's note is kinda.. yeah, I'll take it all
Justin Bieber's stylist launches the perfect Bieber-approved white tees
Now this photo will be the main profile picture of the majority of Beliebers!. I am sure of that!. Justin Bieb…
Here is your first look at new line of white T-shirts, inspired by her work with
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Ok Justin is beautiful but u most think about us too, your Beliebers. For us is too much babe. Justin Bieber…
Justin performing Take You at the BBMAs will forever be iconic. Playback Bieber is SHAKING
Exactly, don't touch our Bieber even with words!. Justin Bieber
I started a drawing about Justin, hope to do it well. I will show u the final result when i'll end it. Justin…
Another photo of Justin Bieber from his official photoshoot for Karla Welch's Hanes x karla collection.
Too much long time to take it off, lol. Justin Bieber
THIS is Justin Bieber. You should learn to know who a person really is before attacking them.
just another level of beauty. Justin Bieber
I am so in love with this introduction of "SORRY". Justin Bieber
I'm so proud of him. . Justin Bieber
What can I say about this amazing person!. I have million words to say about what u did & proud is the perfect word.
Who says Justin doesn't care about his fans, how can u explain this?. Justin Bieber
The Hanes x karla white t-shirt collection has been added to the store on Justin Bieber's Bkstg fan page!
[CBC] No citations for Justin Bieber for hitting photographer with truck
Who replaced Boyfriend with Flatline?? I wanna say thank you in person. This is amazing!!. Justin Bieber https…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Justin Bieber breaks silence on tour cancelation in letter to fans: "I want my career to be sustainable"
I'm basically as famous as Justin Bieber no?
Justin Bieber is like three weeks away from recreating Donald Glover's 2013 Hotel Note Instagram moment.
Louis Tomlinson calls out Justin Bieber for canceling tour: "It’s the people who are buying the records that are putting you…
"Gene Simmons tells Justin Bieber to 'get a life'" via FOX NEWS
Today, Justin Bieber's remix of Despacito spend the 70th day at on US iTunes without any promo, music video or perform…
"Is not a phase mom". Justin is more hot when he's drunk, don't u agree?. Justin Bieber
I've never been so offended as right now... *** is Justin Bieber doing in my Juan Gabriel station??
Now playing: 2U (Single) (Clean) by David Guetta ft Justin Bieber at
I liked a video David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber - 2U (Bars and Melody Cover)
Wow! Check out the cool new remix of "2U" by David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber with Afrojack! What do you think of it?! https…
I liked a video Justin Bieber shadowboxing at Earth Bar in West Hollywood, California with Chad Veach
list of people that have collaborated with Quavo:. - Katy Perry. - Justin Bieber. - Drake. - Liam Payne. - Halsey. - Kanye Wes…
I's not every day that I see myself with Justin Bieber, and Bob the Tomato as Teenage Mutant…
I'm seriously laughing so hard at the fact that Justin Bieber cancelled his tour to start a church and then ran someon…
if you can go from Drake to Guns N' Roses to Justin Bieber to Josh Turner to Metallica ur for me and ima keep u
"2U" by David Guetta and Justin Bieber is on the world chart on ROCKOMANIA TOP 40 this week.
6 - 2u do David Guetta com o Justin Bieber
the ppl that support this whole Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber thing believe in "god" ,quote scripture,take lewd self…
Full video of Justin Bieber on the Hillsong Channel with Rich Wilkerson, Carl Lentz, & Chad Veach (Hillsong Conf.) https:/…
Yo we gotta win this voting Justin Bieber
He is so talented! And thank you Flatline. Justin Bieber.
Photos of Justin Bieber spotted out in Malibu, California yesterday. (July 28)
Justin being Justin moments: "Oh gosh this is the only thing I had to remember". . Justin Bieber.
Also voteing up to 100 times a day for each device you use Justin Bieber is currently behind Louis Tomlison, we have to…
I don't know how... But he can look good with every outfit!. Justin Bieber
This is the smile I'm living for. Justin Bieber
And this performance deserves every type of recognition: oscars, grammys, nobel!. Justin Bieber
"I'm Latina and I think it's important that we bring different cultures into pop music. Good on Justin Bieber for doing it…
Justin Bieber is the only artist in UK chart history to have two songs hit on three different occasions.
'Despacito (feat. Justin Bieber)' has passed Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' and now is the song with more days at on Spot…
Check out these awesome photos of Justin Bieber by on his new website.
New post (Meet JonBoy: The tattoo artist who’s tattooed Justin Bieber and many ...) has been published on Ce ... -…
There's gonna be times when people tell you that you can't live your dreams, this is what I tell them, Never Say Never. - Justin Bieber
“There is no success without a sacrifice and there is no success without hardness." -Justin Bieber . http…
Photo of Justin Bieber spotted out in California today. (July 29)
He was very cute when he was with his family. ❤ Justin Bieber
I don't know how some people hate this lovely person, it's so sweet, do sensational and emotional and gentle.
Justin Bieber keeps a close check on his package Nobu tour
Things you would only hear at el empaque... . "Yo no mas eschucho a banda y Justin Bieber"
It's cool when fans spend so much time making things for me. It means a lot. -Justin Bieber
Love Yourself was on the Billboard Hot 100 making Justin Bieber the youngest male artist to replace himself at htt…
Justin Bieber stans . - intimidating . - don't fight with them. - gets mad if you only know the singles. - will defend, no…
by David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber is still in the Top 10 charts in over 8 countries! Keep streaming & sharing!. https…
"They're amazing. They're so strong and they're very forgiving and understanding with him." - Madison Beer about Justin Bi…
"I think his fans are the most understanding. The Beliebers are the best fan base.". - Madison Beer about Justin Bieber.
My favorite albums of Justin Bieber will always be "My World 2.0" and "Under The Mistletoe".
I don't even know how Sehun ended up going against Bieber but vote Sehun. LMAO.
Who is Justin Bieber's hot, shirtless pastor? Details emerge on their relationship: via
Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber drinking at a bar?? WHAT the WHAT???.
Justin Bieber's taking SHOTS with his Pastor Carl Lentz (Hillsong NYC) via
Kyrie Irving's decision to request trade was reportedly influenced by Justin Bieber's pastor
Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz seen taking shots with Justin Bieber in New Zealand. Bieber is then seen undressing in... http…
Photos of Justin Bieber spotted out in West Hollywood, California last night. (July 25)
Dear USA, Justin Bieber is about to destroy a musical legacy and it must be stopped .
Watching old Justin Bieber videos got me wondering what Christian Beadles and Ryan are up to in 2017 😂😂😂
Justin Bieber struck a paparazzo with his truck while trying to leave a church meeting in Beverly Hills, police say
⚡️ Justin Bieber involved in car collision in Beverly Hills .
Justin Bieber hits paparazzo with pick-up truck
Justin Bieber offered assistance to paparazzo he accidentally hit with truck in Beverly Hills, video shows
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Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident outside Hillsong Church, according to Beverly Hills police.
Justin Bieber struck a paparazzo with his truck after an event in Beverly Hills Wednesday night, police say
A paparazzo in Beverly Hills got Justin Bieber with the ill
BREAKING: Witnesses say Justin Bieber hit a photographer in Beverly Hills on Wednesday evening. Police say it appears to be an…
1. Justin Bieber ran over an old old old man with his truck on accident. 2. Please Jesus God let Sean Spicer accept Dancing With the Stars
no mention of Kenny Shields passing? He was a great singer from Canada. Justin Bieber cancelations more important ??? 👎👎👎👎
How to get a refund for Justin Bieber's canceled
SKYCAM : Justin Bieber apologizes to fans after abruptly canceling 'Purpose' tour |
Soft ticket sales at the end of Justin Bieber's made canceling easier
can't believe i was at the last ever show of Justin Bieber's Purpose World Tour
Fans have mixed feelings over Justin Bieber's Purpose World Tour cancellation
I'll miss this kind of moment that Purpose Tour provided us. Justin Bieber .
Justin Bieber says sorry for cancelling his Purpose world tour. from Blogger Justin Bieber says sorry for cancelling…
What is the real reason behind the cancellation of Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour? Find out Entertainment Tonight...
Purpose Tour is full of memorable moments. Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has been doing Purpose Tour for nearly 2 years and has done over 150 shows he deserves a break guys his heal…
Here's how many days off Justin Bieber has had since his Purpose Tour began
Justin Bieber has scored 2 nominations at the 2017 MTV VMA's - Best Dance Video for "Cold Water" & Best Hip Hop Video for…
MY DAD WAS LIKE "why don't they deport Justin Bieber already" AND MY MOM WAS LIKE "why don't we deport you instead" O KILL…
Congratulations great JB for reaching 90 MILLION followers on instagram!. Justin Bieber
justin didn't add these dates, scooter or team bieber didn't either. AEG live did. they did this wth mj too. do your resear…
Welcome to the world of elevated concert merch
My hero, my idol, my king is Canadian . Justin Bieber
⚡️ “Justin Bieber cancels the rest of his Purpose Tour”.
"An inside source revealed Justin Bieber will start his own church". me: *suddenly becomes a Christian*
Justin Bieber says "everything's fine," apologizes to fans after canceling https:/…
Regardless of anything we will always be with you and support any decision you make. WE LOVE YOU JB.
Justin Bieber apologizes for abandoning tour, says needs rest
OMG! Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour' 😱 
Justin Bieber's response to the cancellation.   10% Off
Justin Bieber ruined the word soon for me 😂
"Despacito" by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber spends a TENTH week at on Billboard Hot 100. https…
China bans teen heartthrob Justin Bieber from playing gigs because he is a 'bad boy' of rock:
We can also claim Justin Bieber, Dan Ackroyd, and Winnie-the-Pooh. (The actual bear, not the books.)
Has 'bad boy' Justin Bieber been banned from China?
It's momentarily satisfying to me that Kenny Shields is trending higher, longer, than Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber banned from China over his "bad behavior"
Everyone knows the real reason china banned Justin Bieber is because they got tired of despacito
Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in China because of 'bad behavior': via TV http…
Is THAT all you have to do? Justin Bieber banned from China in order to 'purify' nation via
Justin Bieber has been banned from China: "It is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers."
Justin Bieber banned from China for "bad behavior.". Who said censorship was all bad?
Chinese government says it's 'not appropriate' for Justin Bieber to tour China via
So China's ministry of culture has banned Justin Bieber.An excellent exception to the rule that censorship is a bad thing.
Justin Bieber . "Shoutout to the coolest kid on the planet"
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China bans: Justin Bieber, allegedly because he looks like Winnie the Pooh. I mean because of his "bad behaviour"... https:…
U2 - David Guetta feat Justin Bieber is my fave song today...😬
I've never related more to a Justin Bieber Album
GFRIEND's song, 'Life Is A Party' composed by Hyuk Shin, the Co-producer & co-writer of "One Less Lonely Girl" by Justin…
'Not appropriate' for Justin Bieber to tour China because of 'bad behaviour'
Video of Justin Bieber talking with Rich Wilkerson Jr., Chad Veach and Carl Lentz at the Hillsong Conference. (Part 2) htt…
Canada's bad boy - Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour'
Justin Bieber banned from China for 'bad behaviour'
Pop singer Justin Bieber has been banned from performing in Beijing for “bad behavior,” the Bureau of Culture says.
China won't let Justin Bieber perform there because he's been a bad boy
Aaron Carter looks like a combo of MGK, Chris "Birdman" Andersen, and Justin Bieber...
I love Justin Bieber, I love Lawson, I love Niall Horan, I love Tom Daley, I love Gary Hooper, I love James Forrest, I love…
I saw him in Des Moines on tour with Justin Bieber last year!! He's amazing 😉
Christian pop star Justin Bieber reveals growing faith in Jesus in Hillsong worship song vid on Instagram
"Justin Bieber" is a weird way of spelling Luis Fonsi
Luis Fonsi talks about Justin Bieber and his contributions to "Despacito" and keeping true to the original version of the…
Um why is there a picture of Justin Bieber.? Where's Luis and Daddy Yankee???
Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber's Despacito is officially the most streamed song of all time with 4.6 Billion co…
"Obviously you add Justin Bieber to it, and it brings a whole new angle to the popularity of the song." - Luis Fonsi abou…
"Despacito Remix" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber just broke the global streaming record with 4.6B streams…
A Puerto Rican hit has dethroned Justin Bieber to become the most streamed track ever
We're one Justin Bieber and Francis and the Lights collaboration off the song of the decade.
I liked a video Justin Bieber: Father, I need your advice (Justin and Jeremy Bieber)
Justin Bieber visiting a fan in the hospital in Los Angeles, California. Such a loving and caring soul. ❤🙏
Trump's America is really going to let Justin Bieber hop on a Spanish track and beat Mariah Carey's record. I CANNOH. ht…
Love a good news story! So nice of Justin Bieber to pay a visit to CHOC Children's!
I need a Justin Bieber wig by October
Aw, she really likes talking to Justin Bieber 😊
Next on celebrity death match: The muppets vs. Justin Bieber
Another photo of Justin Bieber visiting a fan in a children's hospital in Orange County, California today. (July 17) http…
please play more Lover D and less Justin Bieber
I don't know how to tell my bf that Justin Bieber doesn't say Khino but "Key,know..." in that Despacito song 😭😭😭 He was so excited lol 😭😭
throwback to when Andrea Mitchell interrupted a congresswoman talking about NSA surveillance bc "breaking news: Justin Bieber arrested"
The day lawrence asked me out, over a year & a half ago, we listened to Justin Bieber's newest album almost that whole weekend...
A Chevy truck was totalled in a car accident. It hit black ice, then hit Justin Bieber. You tell me what did the damage.
And it seems like Taylor is on way better terms with The Weeknd then she was with Justin Bieber:
(2) Congratulations to Justin Bieber for nabbing 7 nominations among the final wave of 2017 Teen Choice Awards!
I added a video to a playlist Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee - Despacito ft. Justin Bieber (french cover by
Whats wrong with Shia...He is outta control...He is like an older Justin Bieber
The only artists to have three or more videos with over 1 BILLION views:. •Justin Bieber. •Calvin Harris. •Taylor Swift. •Katy P…
my playlist goes from Thomas Rhett to Kodak Black to Justin Bieber and then back around to Luke Combs, and i'm not even mad ab it man
Chris Evert is shading Justin Bieber on air. What did Canada ever do to her?
Steve Patterson on what bugs him about Spandex bike shorts, hot yoga, Justin Bieber and more:
It's already a great crowd at the stage at BST Hyde Park to see Justin Bieber's headline at approximately 8:…
Actor Kevin Spacey was spotted enjoying Justin Bieber's tonight at BST Hyde Park!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Great backstage video of Justin Bieber tonight after his show at BST Hyde Park!
(2) Another video of Justin Bieber onstage performing at British Summer Time Hyde Park in London, UK. (July 2)
Another video of Justin Bieber performing "U Got It Bad" tonight during his at BST Hyde Park!
I want a Beauty and the Beast inspired panto where Gaston sings Boyfriend by Justin Bieber to Belle. She replies with No by Meghan Trainor.
(Justin Bieber - Company - Choreography by Alexander Chung - Filmed by has been published on. DizzBee...
Me gustó un video de BTS Jimin playing guitar Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
Another video of Justin Bieber and Carl Lentz Backstage at the 2017 Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia today. (July…
Beliebers! It's almost time! Get over to the Great Oak Stage at BST Hyde Park because Justin Bieber and his ar…
you: JB = Justin Bieber . me, an intellectual: JB = Jolene Bennett
what's your favorite song from Justin Bieber?
This girl's ear while Justin Bieber dances behind texts from Google now
Dreamt I met Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Dream big Sarah, dream big 😒😏🙈😂
Justin Bieber has been nominated for the 3 awards at the 2017 NRJ DJ Awards! Best Collaboration & twice for Best Music Vi…
Congratulations, Justin Bieber for your recent nomination for the 2017 NRJ DJ Awards for Best Music Video of the Year for…
Justin Bieber: How he hypnotised London's Hyde Park at BST gig.
Justin Bieber at Hyde Park has just told us all he has accidentally rammed Vicks Vaporub up his nose, and is in pain.
Justin Bieber's drug of choice involves soda and a Woody Allen response in the middle of the night.
Check out these photos of Karlie Kloss rocking her Justin Bieber merchandise recently!
On a frosty evening Justin Bieber, the noble bard, smoked a pipe with Jay Z, the hermit cleric. It shook the kingdom to its very core.
"Justin Bieber on how Carl Lentz and Judah Smith helped him through a difficult time:
More photos of of Justin Bieber spotted out in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France yesterday. (June 29)
Justin got a splinter in his hand..
Why is Justin Bieber trying to kill John Wick 2?
Believe by Justin Bieber. This song never fails me. ♫
A new chart week and a new peak for and Wild Thoughts - it's the UK's Number 2 http…
never have I ever liked Justin Bieber's music 👀
Justin Bieber concert scare as police tackle man "with machete" near Cardiff stadium...
I still be listening to Justin Bieber idc 💀
Is this the one with the Justin Bieber haircut?
[VID] 170629 yuseoungbum's Instagram Update - Sunggyu's cover on Justin Bieber "Beauty and the Beast". ▶
Photos of Justin Bieber with the kids at that he visited today. (June 30)
What a great photo of Justin Bieber with one of his guest "Children" dancers at tonight's in Cardiff, UK! ht…
Part 2: We challenge to create their own medley with songs by & more! htt…
OK for the third time, we will give you back Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and Pamela Anderson if yo…
FULL STORY: Justin Bieber coming back to Manila for concert
Next 2 you ~ Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber after a fat J is zee best 🎧
Police say the arrests are not linked to the Justin Bieber concert.
Justin Bieber makes your food taste like crap and here's why
Click the 🔗to learn everything you need to know for the Justin Bieber concert
The way Justsul stans for Justin Bieber it's creepy af. He needs to pipe down on those estrogen supplements.
Justin Bieber just followed my aunt on Instagram 😂😩 . IM DEAD
Justin Bieber will perform in Philippine Arena. Wow. Iba din talaga.
Justin Bieber is returning to PH. Mark your calendars September 30, 2017 - Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Ticket sell…
Listen to 'Despacito,' Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi's megahit song, in Hebrew - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
If you can't go from Brantley Gilbert to Migos to Justin Bieber to Ed Sheeran don't get in my car
Video: “The one thing we know about Justin Bieber is that in all senses he has the worst taste imaginable!” – Tatt……
Justin Bieber look like amber rose in the last pic 💀
According to Justin Bieber and Anitta (brazilian pop singer) recorded a song together and it will be released soon.…
Justin Bieber via Instagram: STYLEGOD coolest cat I know
Last night Justin Bieber tossed his Yeezy's into the crowd during his show at the Wireless Festival. This lu…
47. Justin Bieber doesn't hate his fans. He actually loves them and he loves having real conversations w them instead of takin…
It's already a week ago that I could thank Justin, that he thanked me, that he gave me a round of applause and that we hugged. 😭❤
Justin Bieber gave away his Yeezy's after he sang "Purpose" last night so he came back out to perform his encore song, "S…
Shawn Mendes has 10x more talent than Justin Bieber but gets barely half the recognition Justin does
"Kill yourself", "ugly", "peasant", "you should be crucified", there is no cleaning this up you Justin Bieber wanna be
"Cause if you like the way you look that much Oh baby you should go and love yourself" - Justin Bieber
I really wanna suck that justin bieber ***
"lmao you should've seen the way he ran to jump on the hood of his car!" - fan who met Justin Bieber at the airport today…
Justin Bieber's has only 13 shows left, completing their 150th last night in Frankfurt! Who's attending one…
"He's so kind I really can't describe my feelings to him...he's such a good person!" - fan who met Justin Bieber today in…
Hamilton Collection
OMG!!! According to UOL (brazilian website) Anitta will be making a song with Justin Bieber! h…
Another photo of Justin Bieber and Travis Scott onstage at the Wireless Festival in Frankfurt, Germany last night. (June…
"He greeted us with a high five and he hugged some of us even though he was in a rush." - Fan who met Justin Bieber in Fr…
Audio clip of Justin Bieber & a few fans at the airport in Frankfurt earlier today. You can hear him jumping on the car t…
Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Little Mix backstage at the benefit concert earlier this month.
"It was so great to be so close to him for the first time. It was like a "good bye" with great memories!" - fan who met J…
Join me, Iain Rose at 6pm tonight for 2 hours of Summer Feel Good Music: Artists include: Justin Bieber, Rick...
I nervous to meet Justin Bieber because I may call him Ruby Rose.
Fr fr who wants to go see Justin Bieber august 5th at the Rose Bowl
& Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, R5, Harry Styles 😭the one concert i'm going to isn't on my list 😭😭 but a concert is a concert
what's with the emoji tho ㅎㅎㅎ it's gooOd. i could breathe the same air with Justin Bieber and John Legend now. i'm proud
Drake (1) , Nicki Minaj (2) & Justin Bieber (3) are the three artists with the highest debut album sales of the 2010s. h…
Congratulations! "I'm The One" featuring Justin Bieber has just been certified Double Platinum by the
Rihanna is a Pisces. Erykah Badu is a Pisces. Steph Curry is a Pisces. Justin Bieber is a Pisces . Jhene Aiko is a Pisces. getchu…
I want Matthew Koma, MØ, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber to be my vocals if I will be producing a song or collab with Martin Garrix 💗🤘
not ashamed to say the Justin Bieber + Rascal Flatts collab on 'That Should Be Me' was a highlight of my childhood
Mainstream music like Justin Bieber, Ariana, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is like the equivalent of kp…
Jay Park laughing his *** off at his friends playing 'Baby' by Justin Bieber in the car is my new favorite thing
Check out the guitar that Justin Bieber wrote on last week - small positive words of encouragement and faith, constant re…
Justin Bieber becomes the first artist in HISTORY to have the Top 3 most downloaded songs in the US in the same week. https:/…
"We didn't take any pictures or video, we were showing him respect and he loved it." - fan who met Justin Bieber earlier…
Comente sua fase favorita do Justin. Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing ''Love yourself'' at the
Justin drew bieber. My for is Despacito
Justin Bieber is now the first and only artist to occupy the top 3 spots on the US sales chart in the digital single era.…
LOOK: never wants to go to jail again!.
Justin Bieber has surpassed The Beatles as the artist with the most weeks having two songs in the top 3 of the Hot 100 (1…
I wanna go to a Justin Bieber concert :-(((
Congratulations, Justin Bieber for your 2017 Teen Choice nominations! and for "De…
Can Justin Bieber sing me to sleep every night
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
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