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Justin Beiber

Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian pop/R&B singer, songwriter and actor.

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and recently he dropped deja vu with Justin beiber and surprisingly that jawn is flames
"We weren't exactly put in the best positions to make the best decisions". ~Justin Beiber
did you know justin beiber will be in london in October, come meet your fave
On the phone with da plug, im talking Justin beiber..
Isn't it funny how the best musicians begin with a J:. •Justin beiber. •Jason Derulo . •Justin Timberlake. •John Cena. •Jedward…
Kim: are you sure you're a butch ? Because you like Justin beiber . Me: I'm heart broken okay 😂 . HF I miss Kim 😭😭
Wow!! Up to 209k listens on the remix of DJ Snake and Beebs with pretty stoked about that!! h…
"That should be me holdin' your hand. That should be me makin' you laugh. That should be me - this is so sad." - Justin Beiber
Zayn malik is probably the 2nd biggest heartthrob of my generation after Justin Beiber
Clearly you haven't heard of Justin beiber or Zayn malik
Papa John is worth more than Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift and Adele combined
Went out to a bar last night...lots of Justin Beiber played. Probably not going back to bars for a while. Unless they change their music.
NOW PLAYING!. Dj Snake ft. Justin Beiber - Let me love you Requested by Dedicated to:
"Justin Beiber *** and Justin Timberlake is cool but he just feeds off his relationship with Britney Spears."
hooray! It's not Justin Beiber's cousin wining! And I like Adams song better
were you at Justin beiber's concert tonight because apparently everyone else was 🤔
*listens to Justin Beiber all night...*
Iceland remind me of the pop puppet Justin Beiber. . Little talent but somehow successful :.
Would you rather listen to Justin Beiber for 3 days straight singing 'Baby' or have 2eat 4 gallons of Miracle Whip?
I wonder if there was a Justin beiber concert tonight
Ok so I haven't listened to Justin Beiber in AGES, but thanks to Spotify I did and I LOVE his new songs! So soulful, so swag! Boy grew up!
Very annoyed with the Justin Beiber snapchat stories. We get it.
So Justin beiber got that much juice ? Lol
I really loved Justin Beiber before but now.omg he's perfect
PSA: ladies no one cares if you are at the Justin Beiber concert, we don't envy you and we could seriously care less
Anyone who says Justin beiber purpose album is bad I just assume think lil yachty is good
While some of y'all was at Justin beiber. I spent my night with a beauty
Justin Beiber concert in my bedroom via Snapchat.
Thomas Rhett taking his wife to the justin beiber concert is the cutest thing ever
Yo every song on this Justin beiber purpose slap 😂 Pass me the aux I'm playing it all summer
I swear girls would rather meet Justin beiber than continue living life
Am I the only one who literally has not one single desire to go see Justin Beiber?!
Sharks are all myths. Just like mermaids and Justin beiber.
wishing I got tickets to see justin beiber😭😩
I love hannah sm. she's at a Justin Beiber concert rn and called me during my favorite song.
I just seen like 5 Justin beiber look a likes at navy pier 😂
If you don't blast fetus Justin beiber and sing your little heart out in the car with your friends who are you
*turns off radio*. *pulls out Grimoire*. Just a little black magic for a good cause... *Justin Beiber vanishes*. THIS…
omg that Justin beiber concert looks lit
I have yet to understand how people actually like Justin Beiber
Quote of the night towards from a lady "you look like a young justin beiber" 💀😂
I think Justin Beiber is wearing Chef Curry 2s
Justin beiber is in Nashville tonight, are you sad you aren't here to sing along again?
Preparing myself for these 30 minute snapchat stories of all the girls at the Justin Beiber concert
My entire snapchat is just videos and pictures from Justin beiber
I think you have to change your name from Justin Bieber to Justin Beiber because they're all writing it in this way!
No *** ready for another Justin beiber album
In every single snap story from the justin beiber concert all you can hear is a constant screech in the background
Justin beiber would be fun to hangout with
You're real if you're not at Justin Beiber right now
it's 2016 and people still spell Justin Bieber's last name "Beiber" 🙄
See y'all want dese wanna be gansta Justin beiber *** *** y'all so suburban
Perhaps, but Canada is responsible for creating Justin Beiber.
Kirk is a big brand and he's good. He's been associated with Justin Beiber and Kanye West. -
My musical taste is so diverse you can hear Travis Porter, Justin Beiber, Rick Ross, Beyonce and The Clark Sisters all in one mix 😂😂
*me, crying, listening to Purple Rain*. 17, "I wonder if I'll cry when I'm old and Justin Beiber dies.". I've musically f…
I still like justin beiber with long hair.
Me : Bhai cut your hair. Bhai : No thanks lol I'm Justin Beiber. . What just actually happened here pls
Yes, America, it's true. PETA is worse than Justin Beiber.
Back at discussing creative content. Like having a little fun at Justin Bieber's expense on pandora.
Why does Justin Beiber look like Brittany Spears when she shaved her head...?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sorry by Justin Beiber on replay, so Noah will let me sit down 🙃
Even though the kindergarteners came in singing Justin Beiber and now the song is stuck in my head.
Selling 2 JUSTIN BEIBER PLATINUM TICKETS in Manchester get in touch if your interested 👍
whoop.. Ill happily take that, over half my age... I dont have to feel guilty about Justin beiber . We've...
Daehyun singing Justin Beiber' Sorry . "Is it too late body your story~~ Cause I'm. your body~ Oooh~" Wut? 😂 https:/…
Will be working at Justin Beiber concert at Consol July 13.My daughter and Grandbabys Birthday.what to do?what to do.
My shuffle can go from Marvin sapp, to justin beiber to gotti lol. I love it
Shawn mendes is so much better then Justin beiber
Change that hip hop to "The Music Industry" drake is not hip hop that dude is pop like Justin Beiber
Beijing rock dies before it gets old with latest club closure: BEIJING (Reuters) - Mao Live *** ..
Justin Beiber looks like such a daddy with his lil fade 😋
This Justin beiber song is the truth 😫
The awkward moment when you're debating with a near 3 year old, "it's Justin beiber", "no it's not beiber, it's ed sheeran" 🙄
The song Baby by Justin Beiber just went 12 times platinum making it the most bought single in the history of music
Love yourself by Justin Beiber is like a song for self reflection
I claim I hate Justin beiber then I dance around my room belting out his songs
Save Me has similarities with Justin Beiber's What do you mean 😂
like Justin beiber unfortunately lol
Justin beiber shaved his hair. I dont feel regret for cutting my dreads off anymore.
Jaden pulled a Justin Beiber in 2015 yesterday
Justin beiber is everywhere rn just cause he shave his head. It was already half shaved
Cassie's version of what do you mean of Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber kind of looks like an Orange Is The New Black character with his new hair cut. But I likeit.
We don't need a justin beiber 2.0 kid.. Kindly stop and wait until you finish high school and be more mature. Thank you.
Justin beiber now finna cut his hair
Mercedes boss blasts 'conspiracy theories': Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has hit out at the "bunch...
just had to unfollow someone who kept twotting about Justin Beiber and trying to get ME to help start it trending! Me?! Un-beliebable.
you watch one Justin beiber video on youtube out of curiosity, next hing you know your youtubes covered in it!
should I bring my Justin beiber head on a stick? Lmk.
Everybody know Justin beiber is my cousin
Justin beiber looks like mr. Foreso with his new hair cut
Fela is in the class of MJ,Bob Marley,Jimmy Hendricks,Prince,James Brown. Wizkid,as BBC once described,is the Justin Beiber of Africa
I kind of like the Justin Beiber hair on truble.
In case anyone is wondering, Justin Beiber is currently still alive. 2016 has rotten taste.
Justin Beiber pumping loud at the Olive Branch this am!
always thought would be more of a Zach Mettenberger swoop kinda girl than a Justin Beiber type
Justin Beiber is the illegitimate son of Debbie Harry and Lawrence Welk
a large majority of 16 year olds believe Justin Beiber is* the PM.
Wait, they went to a Justin Beiber concert? Together? On purpose?
Remember when Selena Gomez had sex with Justin Beiber, then Radric Davis, then Keef Cozart?
Still can't understand why Martha Stewart was at the roast of Justin Beiber 😂😂
Kind of like when Rafael Palmeiro got the Gold Glove or Justin Beiber winning a Grammy.
If you've never seen Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Fern interview with Justin Beiber then wyd
Justin Beiber,Alessia Cara,Sam Hunt, Bryson Tiller, Kirk Franklin have albums are dope.
white people allowed to say *** freely: Eminem, Riff Raff 😂, Justin Beiber, Post Malone, Willie Nelson, and Mac Miller. Forgot some ppl?
The radio is playing Love Yourself by Justin Beiber over Biggie's Juicy beat like that's okay
Nancy Pelosi says that instead of in Senate Ted Cruz might feel more at home at Justin Beiber concert or Toronto Blue Ja…
Justin Beiber is gonna be Link Larkin in Hairspray Live?
Dude just drove past me on Wisconsin Ave. blasting Justin Beiber and chuffing on a blunt. 4 yrs in Milwaukee and never a dull moment.
Uber driver just turned the radio up when Justin Beiber came on. You just earned yourself an extra star pal
Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, Tiger Woods & John Travolta all have a runway for their... via
What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning? — My alarm clock Which is A Justin Beiber song😂
The description of this vine describes Dean as the asian Justin Beiber?! 😳😳 TRY AGAIN! 🙄😒
You in the closet with Justin Beiber or something? Lol
Ring tones in the last 5months. Wale ft Usher's The Matrimony. Chris Brown's Zero. Current one : Justin Beiber's sorry
For Valentine's I just want Chris Brown , Future , and Justin Beiber new album 💘
Kirk, this is the Celebration of Gospel, not a Justin Beiber impersonation 😐
Best thing from 2016 is that Will Farrel kill Justin Beiber in
I would rather step on legos while listening to the 2010 version of Justin Beiber than try to find a parking spot at Clark
Man behind the songs of Justin Beiber and Chris Brown.. Salute!
Paul Wesley looks like an older Justin Beiber
Always breaking the rules. Badass,fearless &made Bode Miller look like Justin Beiber. He was Bill Johnson to the very end and had no regrets
Kaye Cal❤️ she really sounds like Justin Beiber @ GMA News and Public Affairs
Comparing Tuku with Jah Prayzah is like comparing Michael Jackson with Justin Beiber
Why in the world does Adam Schein use Justin Beiber bumper music on his Sirius XM Radio show? Loses all credibility. LOL
Yeah, bring out Ryan Gosling, Pam Anderson, Justin Beiber and the rest. Cruz would know them all.
Gary Radnich or the next Justin to go with Radnich...
to be alone in the room with Justin Beiber... he would be tied and gagged and shipped back to Canada
Gold chain white like Justin Beiber bihh
Justin Beiber is the coolest white boy in the game rn don't @
Would I kiss Justin Beiber, no. Johnny Depp, no. Mike Jacobs, oh god yes
It's time a serious message is sent out to ISIS. Justin Beiber has a gig on Thursday, November 19 at the Toyota Center, ***
Just watching the Roast of Justin Beiber, would've loved to hear Dave Chappell's jokes on this
"Baby, baby, baby thought you always be mine" Justin Beiber fever Havin ***
I walk In the house and my grandma is listening to Justin Beiber even she has Beiber fever.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
It still is coming to an end! Khloe now looks like Anna Nicole Smith. Kourtney is making up storylines with Justin Beiber.
Omg I just saw the Justin Beiber video and I was like “I want to just call John Darnielle & be like YES THIS IS INCREDIBLEl
guys say bye to Eleena she's traveling to Israel to devour her dreams and join Justin Beiber on the last day of hanukkah
Tony Hinchcliffe of all the Comedy Central Roasts including Justin Beiber and 'Kill Tony' w/ Joe Rogan Wed-sat. Stanfords.
Got the Justin Beiber album based off Sorry and What do you Mean? Imagine my surprise when I find even bigger bangers on it!
We are truly in a new era convocation speeches include Lebron's lifetime Nike deal and Justin Beiber refer…
Can we just replace people like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber & Kanye West to bring back Mitch Lucker, Dimebag Darrel and Chuck Schuldiner ...
Relationship Status:. Taylor Swift, Adele, Ke$ha, and Megan Trainor are The Four Horseman and Justin Beiber is Apocalypse.
My Managing Director is dj-img at the Christmas party and is playing "No Scrubs" and Justin Beiber
Hayy God, see small Justin Beiber that my kid sis use to shout baby, baby with, making out for all the world to see.. Young Shall Grow..
Christian Slater is on no fly list, is he a terrorist? How about Justin Beiber? Celebrity Chef? so nefarious dems
Dear God, Please give us Scott Weiland back. We'll give you Justin Beiber & Selena Gomez..
Justin Beiber wants to "live like Jesus" and every woman falls at his feet .. -.-
Clark: Tenement uno, look Im Sorry.. Biglang kumanta si Justin Beiber "is it too late now to say sorry?.." Lol
Now Rewatching the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Beiber, I needed a good laugh
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I'm happy that Justin Beiber gave up the whole Usher R&B sound because his music right now is his best work. imo
Tiron: But the world needs people like Justin Beiber and Michael Jackson to balance it out!. Professor Meyer: ...nahhh.
Justin Beiber the blackest performer the AMAs had all night.
Carrington Morris likes Justin Beiber, especially his new album
Guarantee you Cottos listening to some Justin Beiber right now !!!
like Justin Beiber throwing out the bangers
If Drake, Kanye, Kendrick, Eminem, Future, Asap Rocky, Chris Brown, J cole, or Justin Beiber died the world would stand still
NME now say Justin Beiber is kind of cool, the same way James Corden is kind of funny and Piers Morgan is kind of nice.
6 Justin Beiber songs in a row at Mia Za's. Booth full of sorority girls are going wild. Turner is going wild too.
Barber: What you want?. Justin Beiber: I just wanna make America great again. Barber: Say no more
About to tuck and roll out of car on the interstate if she keeps playing Justin Beiber's Christmas album
Yes Shaka Zulu was White, Wesley Snipes is White, Justin Beiber is Black. Makes sense. TK
There was some Roast in one of those Comedy Central shows. It was funny. Ask your movie guy for the 'Roast of Justin Beiber'
Billy Joel doing the national anthem is like Justin Beiber singing Die Walkure
White people taking an L for pissing off Justin Beiber y'all literally created this *** and he don't like y'all
Nah allow Justin Beiber, he's come out with some bangers recently
View of my way to work, Sorry - Justin Beiber, Fresh Air , Korean BBQ and Taking a shower.
David Frum or Chad Kruger. Maybe Justin Beiber, but they welcomed that *** with open arms.
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