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Justice Scalia

Antonin Gregory Scalia (born March 11, 1936) is an American jurist who serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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If you take look into the the Death of Justice Scalia you find: "Chaos, Confusion and Conflicting Reports" https:/…
PT 1: Scalia Found Dead at his Texas Ranch on February 13th, Remember that Date.
Obama didn't go to Justice Scalia's or First Lady Nancy Reagan's funeral but he's sorry about Castro dying and…
Wonderful for Justice Ginsburg. Too bad Justice Scalia couldn't have joined her.
Little talked about fact, Justice Scalia once said all 6 of those officers in Eric Garner case should be indicted. No probable cause.
John Podesta implicates Congressman James Clyburn & himself in the murder of Justice Scalia
he's also praised Justice Scalia and wants to appoint a similar judge - Scalia was an ardent opponent of rights.
Donald Trump answers like he’s in the spelling bee. “Justice Scalia, he died recently.” “The EPA, Environmental Protection Agen…
."I am looking to appoint justices very much in the mold of Justice Scalia."
Trump wants to appoint judges in the mold of Justice Scalia, he notes -- that is frightening for black and brown folks.
Justice Scalia said his large family influenced his legal philosophy
6 Reasons to 1 Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. 2 Ginsberg is 82 years old. 3 Kennedy is 79. 4 Breyer is 77. 5 Thomas is 67. 6
craziest recent one: Leonard Nimoy (who was dead *wink *wink) killed Justice Scalia.
Victor Thorn just added to list; Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, John Ashe, Justice Scalia, JFK, Jr. How many more??
Where Clinton regards Ruth Bader Ginsburg as her model Supreme Court justice, Trump’s nominees will be in the tradition of Justice Scalia.
Just a quick reminder of Justice Scalia's pubic commentary about President Obama
Judge Posner, harsh critic of late Justice Scalia: 'No value' in studying Constitution.
Justice Scalia's former law clerks line up as his casket is carried into the Supreme Court to lay in State. ht…
NO! Justice Scalia being a great example of one...Roberts being example of the other, a man who simply made up law!
Trump "Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice, one of the best of all time," Italian, no issue wth hm.
Here's how former Justice Scalia's empty seat is impacting major decisions:
honor Justice Scalia's legacy. Block Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court.
Trump released list of people he considers potential replacements for Justice Scalia at the US Supreme Court. .
I want Hillary to select President Obama to the Supreme Court in place of Justice Scalia. Let's see how the repubs like that.
My prayers are with Justice Scalia's family and Fox he wouldn't have nominated John Roberts.
Reminds me of the fact that Obama did not attend funeral services for either Justice Scalia or Nancy Reagan.
Eid "she" has clerked for Justice Thomas. Larsen "she" has clerked for the late Justice Scalia. Lee "he" is brother of Senator Mike Lee.
Sad to hear of Justice Scalia death. A great man. I hosted him on a duck hunt. One of the great joys of my life htt…
+ Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. Ginsberg is 82 years old, Kennedy is 79, Breyer is 77, and Thomas is 67. Nowadays, the data shows +
George Mason law school faces backlash from faculty over name change in honor of Justice Scalia
With all of the references about Justice Scalia in class, I thought this was interesting.
Call for papers: Justice Scalia on Criminal Law & Procedure: Friend or Foe? in
Justice Scalia's death has created more hardships than just grieving
George Mason U. Law School named after Justice Scalia will rearrange name to avoid "ASSlaw" acronym via
Justice Kagan discusses SCOTUS consensus, Justice Scalia & her duties as the junior justice
[The Observer] Notre Dame law professor reflects on legacy of Justice Scalia
The passing of Justice Scalia leaves a now evenly divided SCOTUS to decide yet another case involving abortion.
Rev Paul Scalia celebrates his 1st Easter w/o his father Justice Scalia;
What inspired Father Paul to eulogize his father, Justice Antonin Scalia? The Holy Spirit!
Who should get to name Justice Scalia's replacement?. Tell your Senators how YOU feel at .
This morning at 10AM ET: The life, legacy, and lasting impact of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Hosted by
So Mother Angelica of EWTN dies EXACTLY 6 weeks after Justice Scalia and we're supposed to believe this is COINCIDENCE
Do you suppose Justice Scalia was a fan of Lord Peter Wimsey?
Father Paul Scalia, the son of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia: via
Scalia said this, he was Silenced: ‘Kidding yourself’ if you think internment camps won’t return via
Justice Scalia had a pretty weird relationship with TV
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The Nigeria's retired justice ukeje. Unlike the archaic old fashioned late Antonin scalia of US Supreme Court.
A few words from Justice Scalia. RIP!! Read the truth & then enlist in our patriot army at http…
Great piece about Justice Scalia's legacy, why the Constitution is unchanging legal document, and more. Good read.
The is reportedly opposing plan to retroactively void all of Justice Scalia’s votes from his final lame duck year on Supreme Court.
Skips the funeral of Justice Scalia, but find the time to attend the opening of a $100M Mosque. Not surprised at all
Jesse Ventura on keeping religion out of the Supreme Court Separation of church and state
A picture worth a thousand words..moment of silence for justice Scalia
Obama killed Justice Scalia to make America a Muslim Nation!
Craft your media message like a Supreme Court justice: 6 tips on how to be quotable like Scalia via
Didn't The Enquirer recently report that Justice Scalia was assassinated by a Mexican hooker via CIA?
.recalls a surprising request from Justice Scalia via
Honor Justice by NOT allowing 0bama 2 choose his successor!. .
10 days before Scalia died, John Roberts criticized the Supreme Court confirmation process.
History of getting it laughably wrong. Justice Scalia — Murdered By A Hooker
I liked a video from The Murder of Justice Antonin Scalia: The Number 44, Quail Hunting
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ten days before Justice Antonin Scalia died, Chief Justice Roberts said that the Senate should ensure that nominees are…
I didn't know Justice Scalia's son was a priest...
If you mean the constitutional scholars that work for org started by Justice Scalia... I 1/
according to beck:God killed Justice Antonin Scalia in an effort to guide Cruz to the presidency.talking about nut cases.
Maybe that's because Scalia said that it is a serious future possibility? –Pay attention to news..!
When Justice Scalia passed ,America lost the pillar of. Conservative jurisprudence in the Supreme Court. hope the Senate …
Scalia part of secret hunter group with moto "Honoring God by honoring His creatures." Evidently, by killing them. https…
Of those left standing, only would appoint a Supreme Court justice similar to Antonin Scalia.
If Anthony Scalia didn't want Obama to appoint the next Supreme Court justice he would've waited until after January 20, 2017 to die.
Watch John Kasich get testy with Stephen Colbert over filling Justice Scalia'
The Federalist Society will honor the legacy of Justice Scalia on 3/31. will give the intro.
Meet the 2 people Donald Trump has name-dropped as possible replacements for Justice Scalia
"The American people should decide who fills Justice Scalia's seat." -
Justice Scalia was a defender of the constitution, an important conservative voice in the court. He will be missed.
would Justice Scalia' put an arrest warrant out for Hillary Clinton before his untimely death?
Honor the piping hot legacy of Justice Scalia!
Prof. David Rudenstine wrote in the Nation about why Justice Scalia's influence won't last.
I'll never "get over it", which was Justice Scalia's famous defense of his indefensible ruling. Judicial activism.
Whistle-blowers reported "Justice Scalia met w officers in the Pentagon to discuss the Arrest of Obama!" Also Jeh Johnso…
Uh, you might want to pull the Nina Totenberg "if I could ask Justice Scalia..." spot currently running on KWMU-2.
"Tribute: Justice Scalia's hapless law clerk." Today at "SCOTUSblog," law professor John F. Duffy has this guest…
ICYMI at 4, prof weighs in on appeal ahead of hearing. Will death of Justice Scalia be factor? Tune in at 530!
.professor Brian Fitzpatrick shares his memories of his former boss, Justice Scalia
Nina Totenberg, NPR's legal affairs correspondent, says Justice Scalia's death "came at an extremely inopportune time" bu…
They're getting rid of the right to choose to get an abortion 🙏🏽 but Justice Scalia was the deciding factor...
Justice Thomas, after 10 years of silence, is now the voice from the grave of Justice Scalia
Is this an Alfred Hitchcock adaption of a Stephen King novel, where Justice Scalia's ghost is inhabiting Justice...
"It was hard to escape the conclusion that the absence of the voluble Justice Scalia, who had dominated Supreme Court arguments…
My Con Law I Professor wrote an article on Justice Scalia's passing:
How we got to this year's abortion showdown—and how Justice Scalia's views could help shape the outcome.
President Obama's standoff with the Senate over replacing Justice Scalia is a struggle over power and his own legacy
The Supreme Court will announce today which appeals it will hear without Justice Scalia
Paul Clement and students remember the life and legacy of Justice Scalia.
"Justice Scalia was a warrior. A happy warrior." Follow his model for benevolence. - Paul Clement
"Justice Scalia was clear about his professed methodology. At least he had one..." Paul Clement
Mass in remembrance of Justice Scalia at Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
My reaction when told not to dis Justice Scalia via
Interesting that Justice Scalia spent last hours at secretive occult society linked to all-male Bohemian Grove
LOL! Justice Scalia spent his last hours with secret society offshoot of the Bohemian Grove
Very troubling to know that Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of the secretive Bohemian Grove society https…
Justice Scalia spent his final days with a mysterious, ancient society of elite hunters
Another nice tribute by a former clerk: Justice Scalia and his impact on the Supreme Court via
I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad th…
GULC issued a statement on Justice Scalia, sparking backlash from professors and the Black Law Student Association.
This Saturday, will talk with Tara Smith about Justice Scalia:
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
'Get Over It' - Justice Scalia's legacy is pervasive originalism in 2010
Mark Evanier (led me to Jeffrey Toobin's thoughts on the late Justice Scalia:
Justice Scalia wrote the letter in 1998, sharing his thoughts on the funeral of Justice Lewis Powell
If not for that golf permission slip from Valerie Jarret, I'm sure Obama would attend Justice Scalia's funeral.
As I travel throughout our great state the American flags fly at half staff in honor of Justice Scalia.
Justice Scalia eulogized at funeral Mass as man of faith and man of law - Religion News…
The Supreme Court of the United States — minus the late Justice Scalia — is set to take up the hot-button issue...
At funeral Mass, Justice Scalia eulogized as a man of faith as well as law via
Prayer of St. Ignatious on Justice Scalia's prayer card: Take, O Lord and receive all my liberty, my memory...
The sudden death of Justice Scalia creates an... - US Senator Elizabeth Warren
Wonderful to hear mass In Latin again. Not since I was altar boy. Magnificent Latin mass for US Justice Scalia at Washington Basilica
Closed casket for Justice Scalia? Bet he was shot or somehow disfigured. let the conspiracy theories run wild.
Beautiful Catholic Mass for Justice Scalia on TV now. I love when they sing in Latin.When I was a kid the whole Mass was in Latin.
Beautiful Latin Mass for Justice Scalia, a Religious freedom enjoyed as a benefit of strong national security. Don't take it for granted.
I attended High Mass in Latin in Washington D.C. with my Italian piano teacher,when I was a child.Justice Scalia.
I hope you're remembering Justice Scalia today. Preferably the Jamie Lee Curtis kicks his *** scene from Scream Queens.
Obama is skipping Justice Scalia's funeral, but he will attend Fidel Castro's funeral when that day comes. Remember this p…
. explains how SC Justice Scalia's death will affect pending cases
President Obama pays his respects to Justice Scalia: President Obama and first lady Michelle…
Justice Scalia's death changes everything about the Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado case! Learn more!
The President said he can't make Justice Scalia's funeral because he has to make his March Madness predictions with ESPN.
Impact of Death of Justice Scalia: SCOTUS to Hear Texas HB 2 Abortion Case March 2nd
Regarding Obama, if a meeting on Global Warming were to take place, he would attend, but the death of Justice Scalia, why bother?
Who will replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court?
When news broke of Justice Scalia's death, happened to be at the Supreme Court building
Sounds like the Building 7 fools have a new conspiracy, Justice Scalia's death. Let the fleecing begin.
From President Obama to Senator Mitch McConnell I will be selecting a new Judge to replace "Justice Scalia," and u can do nothing about it.
Obama is showing his disdain for Justice Scalia by skipping his funeral. our President is such ***
Frankly it doesn't offend me that the President isn't attending Justice Scalia's funeral. Justice Thomas, Justice Alito, Ed Meese, etc. wi…
President & Mrs. Obama will not attend Justice Scalia's funeral on Saturday. News at the top & bottom of each hour.
domain names
Obama will not attend Justice Scalia's funeral, White House says
Stephen Henderson on Alexander Hamilton and the fight to replace Justice Scalia.
Justice Scalia's dissent is "both a fiery dissent, and the world's longest Lockhorn's comic." - Steve Colbert
Amazing discussion of Justice Scalia with Richard Epstein, Larry and JB! Waiting for podcast to listen again!
Without Ted Cruz in our White House, the legacy of Justice Scalia .will go down in the la…
“Why has the discussion about Justice Scalia's replacement forgotten about Robert Bork?.
The Motive Behind the Murder of Justice Scalia | Conspiracy Theories - As Dave Hodges reports aptly about...
Who do you think should choose the replacement for Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court? Senator Chuck Shumer...
Justice Scalia's bench chair is draped in black at the Supreme Court
on the future of the 2nd Amendment after the death of Justice Scalia
these views represent Justice Scalia's sentiments the Fourteenth Amendment does not apply to women
Justice Scalia and I disagreed about the death penalty, but we were both Christians and were united on the essentials.
Dean Kevin Johnson on how Justice Scalia allowed racial profiling
Nice discussion of Justice Scalia's attitude toward foreign Law, on Chicago Public Radio, with
Justice Scalia was a legal giant & will leave lasting imprint on American history. We mourn w/his family and friends https:/…
John Yoo adds an adult perspective on whether and when and how to replace Justice Scalia
Justice Scalia died in his sleep after telling friends he wasn't feeling well, source says.
Justice Scalia was a 16-year-old debate participant in his first mention in the NYT
DU Mourns the Death of Justice Scalia - Dale Hall Paul Bonderson and George Dunklin CEO President and Chairman ...
THIS is hilarious!! "Cass Sunstein: Devastated by Justice Scalia's death. One of the most important justices (cont)
If conservative Justice Kennedy upsets a 4-4 balance and declares independence, the Senate will confirm a moderate to replace Justice Scalia
Justice Scalia and I were both born Catholic on March 11 in a Presidential election year. Only one of us was in Opus Dei.
Praise from Justice Ginsberg, Axelrod, CASS SUNSTEIN!. TRUTH of Justice Scalia hidden by media! .
I am sure Justice Scalia would like veryone to listen:. via Requiescat in Pace.
Justice Scalia commented to David Axelrod upon the retirement of Justice Souter 7 years ago: "I have no illusions...
DU Mourns the Death of Justice Scalia “The hunting and sportsmen communities lost an advocate...” DU CEO Dale Hall
Justice Scalia will be greatly missed and leaves a huge void on our Supreme Court.
No autopsy will be done on Justice Scalia.
Justice Scalia died of "natural causes," no signs of foul play or need for autopsy: judge.
Jet Fuel Melts Steel. in other news Justice Scalia died of natural causes.
Judge releases cause of death for Justice Scalia.
Senator Hatch will be joining momentarily to discuss the Supreme Court and Justice Scalia with
Justice Scalia will have to go home and bite his pillow. -Corky St. Clair [Waiting for Guffman]
Thanking the Washington Study Group for giving me the opportunity to meet Justice Scalia. Great program and bri…
Justice Scalia's choice for Obama's prior Supreme Court nomination - on
A beautiful tribute to Justice Scalia from President Obama’s senior advisor, David Axelrod.
oh man I can't believe Vince Foster killed Justice Scalia
Unlike most Republican appointees to the Supreme Court, Justice Scalia didn't "grow" once he put on his black robe. Thank God.
Man at end of my street flying flag in his yard at half staff for Justice Scalia. That gets to me.
what a great situation for the Dems, but Justice Scalia should be replaced by the new president, not the narcissist in cheif
Justice Scalia was an American hero who loved the Constitution, liberty, & this great nation. Our nation mourns the los…
On I recall my conversation with Justice Scalia and his dissent in Casey Martin case: h…
Justice Scalia ascends to the highest Supreme Court...may his Spirit continue to influence Justice for mankind. Thank you Your Honor!
📷 thefullerview: “Uncle Dave, who is Justice Scalia?”  Don’t get me started Lola. David Fuller Photo
'I did get a text a few minutes ago that Justice Scalia is still dead' - Matt Weiner accepts "Mad Men" trophy for drama series
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Watch live: President Obama will speak shortly about Justice Scalia
The passing of Justice Scalia just gave Valerie Jarret a hammer and nail to put into America's coffin that last nail. G…
Justice Scalia was a champion of the Supreme Court. May he rest in peace
CO Dem. US Sen. Michael Bennet asks for a moment of silence for Justice Scalia and his family before a speech at Dem fundrasier in Denver
President "Justice Scalia dedicated his life to the cornerstone of our democracy—the rule of law."
Justice Scalia in an interview with Chris Wallace July 29, 2012.
We lost a great man today. A distinguished Justice. Champion of our Supreme Court. A tall defender of our Constitution. R.I.P.Justice Scalia
My condolences go out to Justice Scalia and his family. A true champion of the Supreme Court and the conservative movement.
John & I send prayers to Justice Scalia's family. Though we didn't always agree, he was a patriot & public servant
WATCH NOW: Online and on KWCH President Obama's remarks about Justice Scalia
Today the Supreme Court and the American people lost a champion of the Constitution. Justice Scalia will be...
Grassley Statement on Justice Scalia. . Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, made...
Justice Scalia saying black folk need to go to slower schools:.
Bernie Sanders, John Roberts, George W. Bush and more react to Justice Scalia's death
What's more likely? Cruz tears up like William Hurt in Broadcast News or Trump claims Justice Scalia was a very close friend?.
"Archie Bunker in a high-backed chair." -Maureen Dowd, on the late Justice Scalia
We mourn the loss of Justice Scalia: we may not share his vision but no one did more to shape
The sarcastic lines that made Justice Scalia the king of Supreme Court sarcasm My court opinion spirit animal.
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to Justice Scalia's family, friends and colleagues." - RI Gov. Gina Raimondo
Justice Scalia, RIP. You were an interesting and vocal addition to our court. Your dissenting opinions will be...
Texas Senator John Cornyn Releases Statement on the Passing of Justice Scalia. Read More -
America is defined by its fringe. RIP Justice Scalia
Justice Scalia just passed awaw. On 4 occasions he met with my intern group from The University of Alabama. It was alway…
Statement from Chief Justice Roberts on the passing of Justice Scalia; President, in California, has yet to comment htt…
New post: First reactions on the passing of Justice Scalia
We mourn the loss of a great champion, Justice Scalia, but must quickly prepare for battle over his replacement. Libs already politicking.
Justice Scalia was found dead this morning. The cause of death was not immediately released.
Governor Bryant: "Justice Scalia was the greatest legal mind of our time and will be missed"...
"Rest in peace, Justice Scalia." - George Zimmer, who moved on "not wanting to speak ill of the dead"
Crazy idea: should nominate Judge Richard Posner to fill Justice Scalia's seat.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Obama must be salivating at the thought of replacing Justice Scalia with a far-left liberal progressive Supreme Court judge.
Justice Scalia was an American hero. We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the Senate to ensure that the next President names hi…
Two sources are reporting that Justice Scalia has died.
mind the Supreme Court (fed) has the likes of Justice Scalia on it so...
Justice Scalia said some crazy racist shtoday in the Supreme Court He should wear a robe already. Th…
. I agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling (written by Justice Scalia) on the Second Amendment. Sounds like you don’t.
I liked a video Thomas Sowell on Black Students and Affirmative Action nearly echoes Justice Scalia
"I don't like what he said" -- on Justice Scalia's controversial comments
Racists on Parade! ~ Justice Scalia thinks black students belong in "slower-track" schools
Justice Scalia may be stuck in the but the truth is students of color CAN succeed:
Justice Scalia: minority students may be better off going to 'lesser schools'
to:Justice Scalia's grand children,yo pappy said some crazy racist shtoday in My Supreme Court of America:
I just feel that Ari Melber was downplaying Justice Scalia's remarks and dismissing them as if it meant nothing
Although I have the highest respect for Ari Melber, he really can't speak to what Justice Scalia meant because he's not black
Justice Scalia draws fire for question about whether blacks benefit from 'slower-track' colleges: Supreme Cour...
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Italian/American & Roman Catholic myself, educated by the church as you were,Justice Scalia unlike you,I recognized my privileged background
I say again: if Justice Scalia and Justice Ginsberg are best friends on the court, mere mortals like us have NO excuse for being uncivil.
Could be a real publicity moment for all of Justice Scalia's black former law clerks. If they exist.
Justice Scalia equates homosexuals with pederasts and rapists.
SCOTUS Justice Scalia says *** rights could lead to child molestation rights: Lies from the high court.
Speaking to Georgetown Law's 1L class, Justice Scalia shared his views on legal education, originalism and more.
Justice Scalia warns: US Supreme Court is causing the ‘destruction of our democratic system’
Here is Justice Scalia looking like an East Coast Elitist trying to fit into his new home in Wyoming.
Justice Scalia would be a great Supreme Court justice — if he lived in 1791 or 1868.
Well you know you've made it when Justice Scalia & Thomas quotes your lyrics in a Supreme Court decision
This picture of and Justice Scalia on an elephant is EVERYTHING.
Justice Scalia warns the the Supreme Court is not interpreting the Constitution, but rewriting it.
Justice Scalia says it 'wouldn't surprise me' if Supreme Court strikes down death penalty
From Grant Devereaux: . Justice Scalia will be 80 in January 2017, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be 83, Anthony Kennedy...
Justice Scalia turns 80 in 2017. Ruth Bader Ginsberg 83. Anthony Kennedy 80. Steven Breyer 78. Next POTUS likely will replace all.
Jeb why is it that no one is surprised that the philosophy of your intern mirrors Ruth Bader Ginsburg- not Justice Scalia?
The Times, They Are A Changin: That's the Bob Dylan song that Justice Scalia sang to Justice Ginsburg after th...
After a casual conversation with Justice Scalia, I ran into Congressman Paul Ryan.
Also, we've contacted Rhodes College to see if it can share a recording/transcript of Justice Scalia's full remarks
An attorney for Univ of Mich who once clerked for Justice Scalia picked by to be on Mich Supreme Court
Justice Scalia still criticizing *** marriage ruling: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is still sore over ...
were like 5 books n d Harold Washington library on Justice Scalia's "Textualism" judicial ideology & after I
Justice Scalia explained why Kim Davis should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples or find a new job
An essay by Justice Scalia explains why Kim Clark should issue marriage licenses or quit her job as county clerk
and Mike attack on Pat Robertson EMPTY, Roberts was saying the exact same as Justice Scalia statement that Supreme Court
Sorry, Justice Scalia. SCOTUS dissent is not the place for a temper tantrum.
The best US Supreme Court Justice ever ? It's a tie between Justice Scalia & Justice Kennedy, both have been great & awesome
DNA collection ruling: a thundering dissent from Justice Scalia joined by Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan" (!)
This is me agreeing with Justice Scalia, I just need someone to witness this. .
Now is about when Justice Kennedy starts brewing his pumpkin lager & Justice Scalia excoriates him for violating the orig…
Justice Antonin Scalia used some colorful language in the dissent in today's Obamacare ruling.
no, I leave that to Justice Scalia.
Sometimes devolve into talking to each other using only Justice Scalia talk
Scalia insult generator shows how the justice would burn you. See how he burned me
is arguably the most influential Supreme Court justice in a generation. Guess who's not honoring him.
Justice Scalia: Why he's a bad influence on law students and new lawyers - Chemerinsky
Justice? I’ve Got Your Justice Right Here - By Antonin Scalia Just to be clear, when I said “right here” I...
.creates a perfume line dedicated to the colorfully vitriolic superlatives of Justice Antonin Scalia ||
because contrary to what Justice Scalia says, fair access to the ballot box isn't a "racial entitlement".
Jon Stewart skewers Scalia after justice's string of Supreme Court outbursts - Yahoo Finance
Great piece by Chemerinsky in - Justice Scalia: Why he's a bad influence
RBG is 82; Scalia 79; Kennedy 78; Breyer 76. The likelihood that our next president will put a justice or two on that bench is H…
Indie perfumer Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's new scents inspired by "beat poet of right-wing rage," Justice Scalia:
there's a series of scents inspired by quotes from Justice Scalia, and... most of the descriptions actually look pretty good.
Apparently Justice Scalia is so incredible with his combinations of words, there are now scents named after him.
Little Giant Ladders
Supreme Court unfair to Harper government, new Justice wrote Cdn Scalia? Harper's damage is long-lasti…
I missed that one, but I remember the night Justice Scalia was shaking his head at the President - Not true. Not true.
Hunting endangered African game. Wonder if this is the kind of thing that Justice Scalia and Vice President Cheney are into.
It occurs to me that is the America that Justice Scalia thinks he lives in.
Con law prof Seidman of Georgetown Law says what needed to be said about Justice Scalia.
and of course you realize that Justice Thomas had his *** handed to him by Scalia in the Heller case regarding this, right?
As Justice Scalia says, no rights are absolute. There are plenty of limits to 1A.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told law students at the Univ of Hawaii that internment camps to detain Americans would soon return.
Who Said It: Justice Scalia or a right-wing extremist? Take our new quiz! (
If you own the pipes, you're a common carrier. Justice Antonin Scalia said so.
Justice Scalia, the real “threat to American democracy” is money in politics, not marriage equality
Justice Scalia's dissent to the US same-sex marriage decision:
Justice Scalia Warns that SCOTUS Majority Worse than the 1776 Brits - Breitbart via
Because it's not always reported on the news. Part of what Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had to say
Thank you Justice you are right on.
Update your maps at Navteq
ask your buddy, Justice Scalia, I'm sure he will have an opinion on the topic.
because you happen to be Justice Scalia? :)
Watch us lay down the law with Justice Scalia and Clarence Thomas in our first installment of 'Shame Puppy'
Stephen Colbert Roasts Justice Scalia – Then Dares Him to Be a Guest on the 'Late Show'
Much as I dislike Justice Scalia, I've seen what a stroke does to a person and I don't wish it on anyone. Get some help, man!
Justice Scalia: "Worst of all for the repute of today’s decision, the. Court’s reasoning is largely self-defeating."
Justice Scalia: "this Court “has no license to disregard clear language simply bc Congress ‘must have intended’ something b…
Justice Scalia: making a choice that should be made by Congress boosts judicial. power and encourages congressional …
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