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Justice Party

The Justice Party , officially known as South Indian Liberal Federation, was a political party in the Madras Presidency of British India.

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Q:Given the assaults on press freedom by the ruling party in 🇵🇱, the Law and Justice Party...😳. Zapis konferencji:
The Republican Party is threatening human existence to get tax breaks for rich people who've never been richer.
I support for DNC Vice Chair.We need someone who sees the importance of Grassroots methods to advance the…
Okay your search party is on the way. We will find those kidnappers and give the justice
Hamburgs Senator of Justice (Green Party) hampered manhunt on internet of Anis Amri because it can stir up hatred. This i…
Poland's populist government is experiencing increasing discontent by
MT Do remind me which party is 'fear-mongering'...
Neoliberalist Centrism for Dems is over. New Dem Party will center around social justice. Why Ellison as Chair is good start.
Poland's populist government is experiencing increasing discontent by via
When did the party platform begin to overreach & become self serving instead of for true justice?
TheEconomist: Poland's populist government is experiencing increasing discontent
Poland's populist government is experiencing increasing discontent
Far left? Good grief.. He's a Justice minister and member of the Green party. What were you saying about partisanship?
I'm reading Winter of discontent via the Economist app
Ths isn't about Party Politcs & to do so would be wrong. It's about justice & peace.Go look what Reagan said
Justice & friends are taking over New York City for the best pre-NYE party around!. Tickets here:…
I knew social justice warrior Neems would show up to the party
Nigerian Chief Justice of Gambia supporting Jammeh political party.. conflict of i…
Those who genuinely stand for justice, fair play, sovereignty, freedom & democracy, support reguardless of t…
A key plank of our Justice Party platform was a demand for a national public register of convicted sex offenders. ht…
Justice Party may be only 1 willing to change child protection & family law?
thank you, and who's the poster? The Freedom and Justice Party, right?
Ted Cruz stood alone & against the top party brass for victims that could not defend themselves. Justice was served!
is APRIL 5th. You can vote for Bernie regardless of your registered party. More info below https:…
My brother and I also always acknowledge the presence of a 3rd party listening to our convos. Cuz, telecom engineer and tech justice person.
Bernie Sanders left off D.C. primary ballot after Democratic Party error: via
Will & accept the nomination of the party of or disassociate themselves from it & him?
If a Democratic president appoints a center-right justice, be a good little party loyalist and approve!
relegated to third party status for eternity. What a shame you are either with justice or not
Hi FYI no matter what horse sport there will always be opposition, Animal Justice Party are opposed to ALL horse sports.
Woman on radio: 'I joined the Conservative Party because I believed in social justice'.
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Except that is not how the justice system works. The party making a claim has the burden of proving it. In this case [1/2]
Btw the FBI takes orders from China's Communist party, NOT the dept of Justice nor USA gov.
c'mon Anna, for Dems 'The Party' is first..."Justice" is hatred meted out to us 'deniers'...Sanity is their enemy.
JUST IN: Bernie Sanders not on D.C. ballot after Dem. party error, sources say
Even though I'm no longer in the Labour Party, I will continue defending Jeremy Corbyn and fighting for social justice…
To make justice vs corrupt and insane helping them, we have to take Democrat party out of the oval office & WH. -.
watching 2nd vegas vlog and realized tht it looked like he had lipstick on after the huge party they went too. Simon's a playa 😂
MWVN - Is it legal? Hong Kong justice department questions status of new pro-independence party  - Rejecting…
The Punisher no send you...Baba just dey dish out his own brand of Justice like party packs
The you know what may hit the fan FBI has enough evidence to nail Hillary but Democratic party may put pressure on Justice to drop it.
Ky citizens whom he is obliged to represent.Patronage Party over gen welfare&dir obst Justice Exec
very displeased when will the other Kenyans get justice jubilee is a tribal party .
Join this Southern Fried Trans Justice Supporter for a GREAT CAUSE, trans legal cover in GA - TLCGarden Party
No comments yet from the justice minister or his party on the out of control policing of juvenile parade yesterday.
Same party dude not partisan. It's about justice. Dont hate me cuz I called u out on Hillary and her destructive policies.
Out of my respect for Justice Wajih, I made all party office bearers digest Justice Wajih's decision.
Justice Wajih analyzed few case studies & dissolved the whole party. Undisputedly elected reps objected on that.
This is ... Trump's 'common sense conservative' branch of the republican party!
if Queen Latifah can rob a bank and a house party at the same time in the wood, then ill buy you a poetic justice vinyl
New post: Egypt’s Press statement from the Freedom and Justice Party condemning Brussel’s cowardly bombing
1/2 Some of the parties that have recently applied for party registration with the Derryn Hinch's Justice Party.
An application for party registration for Derryn Hinch's Justice Party has been advertised
Three new political parties have applied for registration: CountryMinded, Mature Australia Party, Derryn Hinch's Justice Party
Torch-bearer of reform - In the centennial year of the Justice Party, its service to the downtrodden and its ob...
Mark Pearson (Animal Justice Party) says he will oppose rail cut Bill, because just replacing heavy rail with a tramline doesn't make sense.
>> 't/coalition partner of Freedom & Justice Party (RIP) in t/new [Note: autocorrect transformed FJP into RIP]
Iftikhar Chaudhry set to launch 'Justice Party' on Dec 25, involving some PTI rebels. My exclusive story
Ridiculous, says daughter of claims Anwar was involved with report on 1MDB: People's Justice Party vice-presid...
The paper, "A Legal Framework for Just Military Action", is on the Justice Party of New York's Issues/Events web...
Chief justice of india. Even after jeya party terror in TN for one week,he awarded speedy bail to her.
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Well!! Not supporting this party!! My vote is still going to the Animal Justice Party, and the Greens!
Seemingly Willie Rennie is asking a justice Q at maybe his party pays their police bill 1st, before anymore Qs can be asked.
Rapist behind bars for ten years after our members put him before justice:
.. the suo moto party is waiting for what ? What justice is done in M/Town killings
North-east SNP MSP Christian Allard has urged Justice Secretary MacAskill to lead a cross-party bid to urge the UK…
Green Party leader spends £350 on trains across Europe because she was opposed to a £90 flight htt…
The Animal Justice Party is an Australian political party that represents the rights of animals across the country.
Labour need to stop opposing policy on the "Bain principle" because it makes their party immature & an obstacle to social justice
Govt won’t prosecute human rights abusers. In fact it promotes them, be it in the party or in security forces. Where'll victims get justice?
Bands I love:. Death from above 1979. Metronomy. Tobacco. BMSR. Beck. Gorillaz. Justice. Leftover Crack. Bloc Party. Late of the Pier
Does justice really exist?? Coz its seems to me like it the intrest of the strong party.
I was *this* close to voting for the Animal Justice Party today
Dissapointing coalition didn't attend justice forum. Some issues transpose party politics. and get it
we advise all to continue to organize for justice & peace in the black community; the New Black Panther Party does not…
is doing and justice. amazing party and the screen with the…
I'll be voting for a party, whose core value is social justice, for the whole of the UK, and not division.
Hey tweeps, skip after-party & put your new skills to use; come to our campaign meeting this evening in Syd
Laos Party leader referred to Justice -
Let justice be done.whichever party is involved.
I feel like that goes both ways. One of my roommates only watches "mature anime" and he's one weekly party away from a bro
Makes me wanna watch the other classics: Juice, Higher Learning, South Central, Friday, House Party, Poetic Justice, etc.
PSUPT UMAYAM, COP of this station assisting PSUPT LAOYAN and party at Justice Hall.
Theory: Anyone voting for an "Animal Justice Party" cares more about animals than people.
Tomorrow's annct on will be about higher call for justice and dignity. Beyond political party. Let's stay classy U.S.
The Duchess of Cambridge hosts awards party for mental health charity at her Kensington Palace home
Adam: "What did the superhero say to the villain at the dinner party" . Idk. "Justice is served"
3 months pregnant with justice club Lyons den for lanta party
And with this statement the Conservative Party spits on democracy, on our justice system and on Canadians. When is it enough?
You have to understand you are choosing the side of oppression when you claim to be for justice but party & mingle with the oppressors.
Either way.hopefully justice is fully served for either party
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"We in India are currently ruled by what might with justice be renamed the Raving Loony Hindutva History Party"
All the movies on soul plane , poetic justice ,Next Friday House Party.
House Party 2, Poetic Justice, Friday, Next Friday.. All the black movies on tonight 😫
Oh well, since its out there now. Still so much for "One Law for All" right?!?
A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party
Bruh Friday, Poetic Justice, ANDDD House Party are all on right now.
This party might just do me justice 😊😊
Party Alert ❗️The birthday continues DC huxleydc I will be coming to bring some Justice to the DMV…
WE SHOULD DO IT. We need to get a hotel for C2E2 with a pool, we're doing Justice League Pool Party.
We should do Justice League pool party. I call Mera.
3 parties this Vic election stating goals that could save the planet: Save the Planet, Animal Justice and Sex Party
Department of Tea Party? Department of Fox News? Department of Justice? That's just straight fear mongering and nonsense.
Don't waste your vote next week, vote for the Animal Justice Party Seriously
I’ll also point out that, separatism aside, the Bloc is also a progressive, social justice party.
has been let down by politicians playing party political games. I hope she finds justice and peace.
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Or you know...people figure out the share the values held by the party (NDP = community, cooperation, social justice, equality)
I agree but I don't think Kenny's too fussed about equitable punishment, justice or the egalitarian principles of his party.
Lithuania’s political and economic diary. Ruling Order and Justice Party busted by Lithuania’s Special Investi...
The Vision of the Justice Party is:. A peaceful nation and world where social, economic, and environmental...
A London-based Muslim Brotherhood leader on Wednesday denied reports that his group had received a donation from the British government. Mohamed Soudan, foreign relations chief for the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, said his movement did not
Egypt's High Court has ordered the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.
An Egyptian court dissolves the Freedom & Justice Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egypt court dissolves Freedom and Justice Party, political wing of the banned Muslim Brotherhood
BREAKING:. High Administrative Court in sentences the dismantling of MB's Freedom & Justice Party.forever.
Egyptian court to rule on Freedom and Justice Party dissolution Via
(Courtesy: Ali Javed Bajwa) . The true test starts now for Pakistan's Movement for Justice Party (PTI)... A. On...
If El-Sisi cannot beat Dr. Morsi's numbers the world, not just will see El-Sisi's regime as phoney and corrupt. Here are the results for Dr. Morsi's winning runoff election held June 16 & 17, 2012. Mohamed Morsi - Freedom and Justice Party = 13,230,131 = 51.73% Ahmed Shafik - Independent = 12,347,380 = 48.27% El-Sisi has to show at least 16,000,000.
ICC rejects Muslim Brotherhood call to probe Egypt The Hague (AFP) - The International Criminal Court (ICC) said on Thursday 1.5.14 it had rejected a bid by the Muslim Brotherhood of deposed President Mohamed Morsi to probe the military's alleged crimes against humanity in Egypt. "A communication seeking to accept the jurisdiction of the ICC over Egypt has been dismissed as not presented on behalf of the concerned State," the ICC said in a statement. The request had been made on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party of former Islamist president Morsi, ousted by Egypt's powerful military in July in what his supporters say was a coup. The complaint named individual suspects in the Egyptian military but the lawyers did not wish to divulge them publicly. Egypt has not ratified the ICC's founding Rome Statute so the court's prosecutor can only investigate the country in response to a request from the UN Security Council calls or the Egyptian government. "The Registry verified with the Egyptian authorities wh ...
You Moron, BJP party leaders are raising voice for justice and No one is defending Modi ji. India will win over Bangladesh
"The Dem Party is the graveyard of social justice" - Arun Gupta.
These people are crazy. I wonder which political party they identify with??>
Police: Bride killed niece during wedding party so now her new husband will be living single.
Hands on: The Lumen smart LED bulb knows how to party (but you wouldn’t take it home to Mom)
No one in the tea party cares about bringing dignity or justice to the lives of poor people.
The Policies that the GOP+TEA Party Conservative follow and support are as harmful to Equality and Justice (cont)
the videos never do justice. Lol. It's so much fun, she was right when she said it would be a party.
Varanasi RO being a relative of a ruling party of UP and working in his favour but EC could not see's against natural justice.
PTI Chairman accompanied by thousands of blind followers, attacked LHC building and started chanting slogans outside courtroom. Mob forced their way into court room causing damage to court property. LHC CJ, in utter disgust, left court room. Police were summoned to control the mob led by Head of 'JUSTICE PARTY'
Heading to my Uncle's 80th birthday party. What do you give a man at his Is there anything that can do that grand age justice?
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"...outside IN a bar..."...? Another wonderful example of the grammatical prowess of online news stories today!
the ANC is not a justice system. a ruling political party in a constitutional democracy: Yes-->Lets count on and see the faith
Monarchical Party territorial branch registered in Tatarstan: The Russian Ministry of Justice branch in Tatarsta... ht…
For Justice Malala tao suggest that Limpopo is the stronghold of the is to want to reduce them into a regional party. and your party have continued to obstruct justice...electeonic papertrail not hard to produce. Doesn't take over year
Justice to investigate IRS targeting of tea party - - Help End this Corruption for good.
LOL because we believe in social justice? So come on transparency who are party funders!
Truth, Justice, & American Way has become Lies, Screw the Constitution, and the Democratic Party Way
Troll harder. Your party of soulless freaks aren't escaping sweet justice for your criminality this time. :)
Being a member or worker in a political party is FINE. What is NOT fine is abandoning truth & justice in the pursuit.
Children's Justice Campaign launch party 4-1-14! Please share and like our page! Thank you! . Patrice & Kelly...
How did the launch of the Cross Party Justice Group meeting go yesterday?
What happened to the Party of Social Justice? Why don't your ask Tony-Good-Legs-Blair!!
Corrupt Fascist Democrats are out to Delay & Deny JUSTICE and Obstruct; They vote party line Pro targeting above country!
Are there any slots in the Social Justice party for a wizard? I can be a Social Justice Wizard. It's even the same acronym!
He couldn't even do justice with his so-called nurtured party AAP. Deserted
Remember when you go to polls, Protestant or Catholic, do those who hold letters and their party deny you justice.
FG is 'law & order' party but what about Eamon Gilmore for Justice & Equality - bring in some progressive legislation for a Labour win?
I'd put my money on Charlie Flanagan, former party spokesperson on equality, justice and law reform.
it's matter of justice, EC should arrange equal arrangements for all w/o seeing name of party.
If Eamon Gilmore seriously wants the Labour Party to rise again, he should demand the Justice Portfolio & bring true reform to it
“Justice party should've been this week 😑” why?👀
Justice party should've been this week 😑
Former FG Spokesperson on Justice, Chairperson of the Party, solicitor... good bet I guess.
Restricting justice was a social and economic choice your party made No point denying it. CAB closure was a Lib Dem choice.
Labour Party Minister for Justice to keep them happy?
Yup unfortunately. The "party of law & order" must have the Justice portfolio ...
Enda has now fired a Garda Commissioner and lost a Justice Minister. All this from the Leader of the Party of Law and Order.
Your Jiyalas in Naseerabad has occupied an Ahmadiyya Mosque. Any justice for Community? You are t…
At this time of national crisis, cross party unity needed. Willie O'Dea is obvious choice for Justice now
Lib Dems are finished.Continually siding with Tories to keep BT,but still the party for social justice?Who are they kidding!
Illinois Has A Plan To Fix Partisan Gerrymandering /ALL states should address this. Regardless of party
Check out the Justice Party. I just joined.
Read The Tea Party Conservative Daily Go get em Bring justice to those murdered in
Green Party platform on basic income:
The is nothing like the PC Party it absorbed. what has gone wrong with you? Smearing the Chief Justice?
The racist ukip just dropped a leaflet with a sensationalist slogan through my door. If they knew the kind of person who lives behind that door, they wouldn't waste their leaflets! Uf! I am one of the 4,000 immigrants taking jobs from the 'British' you are demonising mate and we are going no where! Lol! I will be voting for the Greens. I despise the conservatives. We need to see the back of them and prevent ukip from gaining more council seats. Sadly we haven't got much choice in this 'democracy'! Any independent candidates we could vote for? Sorry family but apathy and protest vote landed us the condemn coalition so we have to do something. Will there ever be a pro-poor, anti-war, anti big Banks and corporations, pro-equality and social justice party in this country? Wishful thinking Z!
The toppling of Egypt's former president Mohammed Morsi in July 2003 and the concomitant purge of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party officials represents a severe blow for political Islam in the Middle East. The Islamist al-Nahda Party in Tunisia, the Islamic Action Front in Jordan and Libya's Welfare and Construction Party are all on the back foot. Although the circumstances of each country differ, the overall trajectory for political Islam is negative. Polarisation between secularisw and political Islam is likely to worsen in many MENA countries and this will perpetuate political instability. In such countries as Syria and Egypt, political polirisation is likely to sustain or exacerbate violence.
Muslim Brotherhood sets up shop in London Egypt's largest opposition movement has placed its media headquarters in one of London's suburbs. The Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and oldest religious organisation in Egypt, has survived multiple periods of repression. But according to recent reports, it has now regrouped at an unlikely location: An office above the Flame Kebab takeaway shop on Cricklewood Broadway, a high street in an unfashionable north-west London suburb. This is the headquarters of World Media Services, a company that publishes (Brotherhood Press) - an Arabic language website sympathetic to the Brotherhood. Mohamed Soudan is one of the senior members of the Brotherhood that fled to Britain after its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, was ousted in July. "There is no stability now in Egypt," says Soudan, who served as foreign relations secretary under deposed President Mohamed Morsi. "The authorities have accused all members of the Muslim Brotherhood - and anyon ...
Head of legal team says prosecuting Egypt's coup leaders at final stages The head of the international legal team commissioned by Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood to investigate the crimes following the Egyptian coup d'état in July 2013, advocate Tayab Ali, announced that preparations to prosecute the coup's leaders, along with all those responsible for violating human rights in Egypt, before the international courts has reached its final stages. Ali told Al-Jazeera Live Egypt that: "His legal team will prosecute the military coup perpetrators before the International Criminal Court in countries whose judicial system allows trying war criminals and those who commit crimes against humanity."
akin to this party type, United Poland, is an offshoot of the conservative Law and Justice party, and won't return to>
People of country wants to know 50 y ruling party. Why did not still empliment justice suchar committee report
Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do."
Also in 2007: Abdullah Gul, of the Justice and Development Party, is elected president of Turkey in the third round of voting by the coun...
Student says she was raped at 'out-of-control' party, sues frat: A Wesleyan University student who says she wa...
Girls w/ Poetic Justice braids in like my party this Saturday night @ 556 Tift St SW ATL!
Justice Party gang shld hv moved to AP after division...Tamils love Brahmin Jaya lot:-)
Fact is Justice party is a result of Brahimin domination in govt & politics in both Tamil & Telugu lands, don't make it a Tamil-Telugu issue
Student house across the road from work having a big party & I'm stuck at work. Where's the justice.
Justice party was started by Telugu's to fool and divide Tamils and usurp power. They did succeed. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Justice party was started by some Tamil chetty guy, not a Telugu
Captain Zaharie's friend Peter Chong tells me pilot was "is a silent member of People's Justice Party
if Jana Sena is serious at fighting for social justice and help country and state there by people. Support
Telugu Desam cadres protest infront of party urban prez house demanding justice to BCs in civic polls tickets
COMING UP: 13:00 Vitaly Klitschko, member of parliament, leader of the party UDAR. 14:00 Pavlo Petrenko, Minister of Justice of
covered in dye and water by our Gurkhas – highly disciplined on duty, but off duty they love to party. 
Presidential Elections 2014: Mohamed Said calls for a "white voting". Freedom and Justice Party called for...
Minister of Justice supports the President’s decision to discuss security matters without Labour Party leader
Alagiri says DMK is his party and he won't quit, will fight for justice.
My good friend from Alexis is now a fugitive from justice & his political party, banned for 4 months. From
Not a person from any party but a person of any pressure must be the P M Join a party 4
Justice Scalia: 'Constitution is not a living organism' - Tea Party
Justice for seema andhra can be done only by - DL Ravindra reddy. In duvvuru party meeting!.
The Tea Party is the wave of patriots taking back freedom and justice from the *** commie cabal & *** stream media. Fight
don't worry even i'll vote for BJP cause there is no RW party. But i wont campaign for BJP. till they do justice to Swamy :)
Thanks for the great Tri club party and for the awesome swimsuit! Now I just have to swim faster to do it justice
Riah and Justice having they graduation party together
I'm a party animal , don't let my hippy demeanor fool you 😌.
Course 6. Section of the King Salmon. These pics do ZERO justice to the flavor party that's happening…
One day when I have my own place first thing Imma do is throw a Justice League party
I assume you meant Batman as the Justice Bro. You met him yet? A real party pooper.
Gardy only you can truly do the GQ look justice my friend👌😏 the rest of us just tryin'😁
I actually just taught myself to play the pokemon theme song by ear on guitar while slowly writing that *** thing...
No reconciliation so far with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood "There is no longer a basis for reconciliation," said Hisham Dessouki, a leader in the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Ammar Ali Hassan, a political scientist specializing in the affairs of political Islam, said, "The word 'reconciliation' is deceptive and does not reflect reality." And Mukhtar Nouh, a former leader in the Brotherhood who has defected, said, "There have not been any reconciliation initiatives since June 30, and there won't be any [in the future]." This is what Dessouki, Hassan and Nouh said to Al-Monitor on the idea of reconciliation, thus confirming that — despite their different ties to the Muslim Brotherhood — they each believe that reconciliation is not the proper way to reintegrate the Muslim Brotherhood into political life. "No reconciliation initiative has been carried out since June 30, 2013, until today. Most [efforts in this regard] were characterized by ...
This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s Web page. In early December of last year, Lebanese Shiite leader Hassan Nasrallah of Hizbullah accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut, i.e. charged Riyadh with terrorism. Then in the middle of December, a small terrorist group that calls itself “Helpers of Holy Jerusalem” blew up the headquarters of the State Security police in the provincial Egyptian city of Mansoura. The response of the interim appointed government of Hazem al-Biblawi was to declare the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. This decree was issued despite the lack of any evidence that the MB was behind the explosion (its key leaders are behind bars so how are they coordinating such things?), and despite the obvious fact that the Brotherhood is a large longstanding group whose political party (the Freedom and Justice Party) won the parliamentary elections in late fall of 2011 and the presidency in June of 2012. I.e., the Brotherhood is .. ...
The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Ismailia, Egypt by Hassan al-Banna in March 1928 as an Islamist religious, political, and social movement.[1][2] The group spread to other Muslim countries but has its largest, or one of its largest, organizations in Egypt, where for many years it has been the largest, best-organized, and most disciplined political opposition force,[3][4][5] despite a succession of government crackdowns in 1948, 1954, 1965 after plots, or alleged plots, of assassination and overthrow were uncovered. Following the 2011 Revolution the group was legalized,[5] and in April 2011 it launched a civic political party called the Freedom and Justice Party (Egypt) to contest elections Are you watching this developments closely..i mean with a keen interest either way, you are involved.. wake up from deep slumber.. oil and gas wake up..this world is not forever... wake up..
AAOnline Medrek temporarily cancels membership of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party:   Addis Ababa: Februa...
Egyptian judge on coup Egyptian judge Hossam El-Gheriany has defended the stances adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood before the 3 July coup, pointing out that although the Brotherhood and other political forces made a mistake by leaving Tahrir Square and the country's other protest squares on 11 February 2011, "the coup d'état against [President Mohamed] Morsi was inevitable and unrelated to the Brotherhood's mistakes." The website of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party quoted El-Gheriany as saying: "Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood has committed mistakes, but even if they had not committed mistakes, no other scenario would have led to different results. Only the time of confrontation would have come sooner. Consider this scenario: 'The Brotherhood will not nominate a presidential candidate. The result would be [Ahmed] Shafiq's victory and a crackdown on all those who took part in the revolution.'" He continued: "Imagine if Morsi had not issued the constitutional declaration: the Shura Council and the ...
Simple numbers owned by the Muslim Brotherhood: - - 40 A university professor ... 70 thousand engineers in Egypt ... 650 thousand young people took part in a campaign d. Berth ... 1.5 million households guaranteed by socially and economically ... 300 A. Keep the book of God ... 40 thousand Egyptian doctor ... 365 martyrs in the January 25 revolution ... Shahid in 2000 after the military coup ... 10 thousand warrior in Palestine in 1948 ... 450 A member of the Freedom and Justice Party in one year ... There are 84 countries by the organizing group, the Muslim Brotherhood and 85 year old ... Brotherhood is the organization and the entity motor Ahly number one in the world is the group, which has imposed Mohamed Morsy submerged and the candidate reserves (and made him the president of Egypt and won the first place in four competitions) the first round and the second outside and inside Egypt (to manipulate and haters Liars and the Brotherhood, who are you?
Right and Justice Party swings behind Ashraf Ghani Party leader and former interior minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar told reports in Kabul that they had taken a unanimous decision to support presidential runner Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. “We are committed to supporting Dr. Ghani in the interest of the party and the country,” Atmar said, adding that his party’s strategy and the Ghani’s manifesto were similar to a large extent. He said the party would strive to encourage workers to vote for Ghani in the April elections. Several members of the party, launched in 2011, have worked in government positions.
Statement to the European ambassadors serving in Egypt By: Yehia Hamed Ex minister of investment Since the military coup that forcibly removed President Muhammad Morsy, the question that has been leveled most often at those of us that were part of his team, the cabinet, or even the Freedom and Justice Party has been, “What were you thinking? What was he thinking?” The answer, unfortunately, is shockingly simple. President Morsy understood, and we along with him, that there was a single mission: to establish stable sustainable mechanisms for the peaceful democratic exchange of power. Everything else, he strongly believed, could follow from that. To be sure, we also understood that the vast majority of Egyptians had suffered enough. First under an autocratic, narrowly constituted regime that cared nothing for them and worked to extract Egypt’s wealth to the benefit of some thirty families. And then, during a transitional period marred by instability, mistrust, violence, and a polarized elite that was ...
"is the Arab & the Freedom and Justice Party is playing the role of the African National Congress." -
Because of the greedy and hateful nature and the fact the the Gop has only done a handful of good things for the people. THEY ARE GOING DOWN ! Don't you worry about a one party system. There are plenty of good productive parties to take the place of the Republican party. If the "Progressive Party" would re emerge I would back them in one second. There is the "Justice Party" and the Green. There is also La Raza. Republicans are most likely to join the "Independent Party" or maybe the Koch brothers "Libertarian Party" They are not going away but they need too. We often take a handful of issues and judge a party or a president. It is wrong to judge Obama's entire term on drones or the NDAA. As it was wrong to judge Johnson's and Nixon's term on Vietnam. That was unfortunate that we did. There are many great thing that Obama and the Democrats have done. Here, take a look. Here are the latest Democratic Accomplishments Signed Into Law... Health Insurance Reform, to recognize health care as a right, not a privi ...
I voted Justice Party for president. Rocky Anderson is wonderful. Don't know what's going on with them now. Tried to go back to D
PROFILE: Essam El Erian - a life behind bars Essam Mohammed Hussein El Erian (1954) is an Egyptian physician and a political activist. He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Council; and serves as vice chair of the Freedom and Justice Party. El Erian graduated from the School of Medicine, Cairo University, in 1977 and received a Bachelors of Law from the same university 1992. He obtained a Master's degree in Pathology in 1986 from Cairo University. He also obtained a BA in Islamic Studies and History from Al Azhar University in 1999. El Erian has written extensively on Egyptian politics as well as Islamic and Arab affairs. He is a founding member of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and an associate member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights. El Erian was arrested the first time for a period of one year, just before the assassination of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat from September of 1981 until August 1982 In 1995, El Erian was sentenced to five years with hard labour ...
Freedom and Justice Party - Official Bleeding foreign investments in Egypt and the collapse of the economy .. # Coup _ is _ ruin 1 - " Yahoo " left for Egypt .. The following are giant companies have taken the same decision over the # 100 Days _ ruin ( Source : Al-Ahram ) : 2 - Factories , General Motors, Toyota and Suzuki stopped assembling structures 3 - the German company Thomas Cook Travel and Tourism , one of the largest tourism companies that were operating in Egypt 4 - Royal Dutch Shell oil giant 5 - German BASF Chemicals 6 - Turkish Yildiz Company for Food Industries to its huge investments in Egypt 7 - Swedish Electrolux factories for household appliances .. And it has more than 7 thousand Egyptians and their jobs were working in factories
Questions 7) Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of independence? a) Muslim League b) Congress c) Justice Party d) Communist Civil engineering
court confirms asset freeze against Islamist leaders A Cairo court on Tuesday confirmed orders from the Prosecutor General freezing the assets of 14 Islamist leaders who have been referred to trial since the July 3 ouster of former President Mohamed Morsy. The 14 include Muslim Brotherhood head Mohammed Badie, his deputy Khairat al-Shater and the head of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, Saad al-Katatni. Also covered by the decision of the North Cairo Criminal Court are hardline preachers Safwat Hegazy and Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. The Islamist leaders face trial on a variety of charges, including resisting the authorities and incitement to murder in several clashes between Brotherhood supporters and opponents.
Dr. Dardaery of Freedom and Justice Party of Egypt is the guest of Mr. Adnan Oktar explaining the incidents in Egypt.
The Generals Are Back It would be criminally unfair to judge Mohamed Morsi as a dictator or a right wing fundamentalist without analysing the political processes and the role played by the coalition of opposition parties during the last one year, says Shaheen KM By Shaheen KM in Commentary In Robert Ludlum’s The Aquitaine Progression, the story begins with protagonist Joel Converse meeting a man he has not seen in 20 years, dying violently at his feet whispering his final words “The generals…they are back”. These dying words seem to be a fitting tagline to the tumultuous events that have dominated the most populous Arab nation over the last couple of days. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president was unceremoniously removed in a military coup and detained by the all powerful Egyptian military. Arrest warrants were issued for leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood(MB). All media outlets supportive of the MB were shut down and journalists cov ...
Egypt | Cairo. Egypt ordered closure of the Cairo headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party .
International: CAIRO:Fifty-one loyalists of Egypt's ousted president were killed Monday while demonstrating against last week's military coup, triggering an Islamist uprising call and dashing the army's hopes for an interim civilian administration. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has led demonstrations against Wednesday's overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, said its supporters were “massacred” by troops and police during dawn prayers in Cairo. Witnesses, including Brotherhood supporters at the scene, said the army fired only tear gas and warning shots and that “thugs” in civilian clothes had carried out the deadly shooting. The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, called for “an uprising by the great people of Egypt against those trying to steal their revolution with tanks.” It urged “the international community and international groups and all the free people of the world to intervene to stop further massacres ... and prevent a new Syria in the Arab wo ...
Egypt: The struggle against the coup d'etat and its collaborators The struggle against the military junta and its collaborators both at home and abroad continues, as the supporters of ousted President Morsi remain resolute in their opposition to the General Al Sisi led coup. I have no doubt that neither the military nor their civilian collaborators in the tamarrod movement ever anticipated such a strong reaction from the followers of Morsi's Freedom and Justice Party. For now the military has appointed a clown that spent his life serving Mubarak as interim-president and contemplating appointing the Western stooge El-Baradei to occupy the post of a premier , but the Brotherhood supporters of Morsi are unequivocal in their rejection of the coup and its shenanigans like the touted appointment of El-Baradei. And as the clock ticks, its becoming more apparent that Egypt's army has landed itself in a terribly awkward position; in fact, if there is a loser for now, its the army and the longer it goes the worse . ...
Muslim Brotherhood is said to be the largest political organisation in Egypt& formed a political party,the Freedom&Justice Party
Egypt back to square one! Saeed Qureshi Egyptian army has removed Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and has taken over power for the interim period. President Morsi assumed office on June 30, 2012 and has been deposed from his office today (July 3, 2013). The decision to depose Morsi is taken by a council consisting of the defense minister Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, the political figure Mohamed ElBaradei, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, and the Coptic Pope. The army’s action to depose president Morsi is being termed as a military coup against the ousted president. The interim period during which the council would replace Morsi means until holding of next elections for a newly elected government to step in. Following massive protests calling for his resignation, Morsi claims that his presidency is still valid and refuses to leave office. Following the pitched protests at the famous Tehrir Square, the Egyptian Armed forces, on July 1, issued a 48-hour ultimatum which gave t ...
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which governed the country through the Freedom and Justice Party until a coup July 3, called for nationwide protests and a "Friday of Resistance" following weekly prayers at the country's mosques. In 2011, similar protests, then called "Day of Rage" demonstrations, helped...
Egypt 2013 or Revolution part2: Very brief as I have much to say & know full well some disagree As the street (Tahrir Square) succeeded in ousting, with involvement of the Army, President Morsi & his Muslim Brotherhood (Freedom & Justice Party - Ikhwan), I fear dark days ahead for Egypt, worse than Mubarak & Morsi's. Yes I still call it a coup, as it's called when the military (with or without approval of the ppl) oust a democratically elected government (consensus was accepted by all last year even after as Morsi in November took full powers as president). & no secular democratic government can exist if the Army can oust it... Even Bush at his worse time didn't fear that. A divided nation in dire socio-economics (production halted, tourism, the main source of living for the population, has plummeted, the price of pasta has increased & revenues are collapsing, even gas & oil... Ethiopia is challenging Egypt's main weakness: access & control to the Nile water. Copts & Shiites are attacked due to their iden ...
Al-Nour (Salafists) has agreed to take part in the army's "roadmap" process - an act which the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party has branded as trecherous.---Al Jazeera.
Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Egypt Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau says, "God be my witness, history will record that we never attacked anyone, but were attacked in every possible way... our leaders and youths were killed, our offices – and even our homes – stormed, ransacked, burned and totally destroyed – not to mention the insults and obscenities we had to suffer." "We never did any injustice, but have been injusticed… as the results of Egypt’s first credible elections and repeated referenda were rejected. We never mounted no coup, but a coup against us is mounted, as electoral and constitutional legitimacy is rejected, a certain viewpoint is imposed on all, and guardianship is enforced over the people against their clearly expressed will." "We were never tenacious or inflexible; but were treated with irrational intransigence. we invited them for dialogue repeatedly, but they refused stubbornly; we offered solutions to the crisis, but they insisted on early presiden ...
Egypt’s President Morsi in power: A timeline (Part I) Key events in the Egyptian president's first year in office: Morsi wins support as he wrestles power from the military but ends 2012 ratifying a controversial constitution 2012 The honeymoon (June - October 2012) June 24- Supreme Presidential Elections Commission announces Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party candidate Mohamed Morsi the winner by a narrow margin over his opponent in the second and final round, Mubarak-era minister Ahmed Shafiq. June 29- President Morsi takes informal oath of office in Tahrir Square in the presence of his supporters, opening his jacket to display the absence of a bullet-proof vest. The informal oath was regarded by various commentators as a stunt defying the Supreme Council for Armed Forces, which had reserved wide powers for itself via a constitutional declaration it issued in March 2011 and an addendum it added in June 2012 during the presidential elections. June 30- Morsi takes the oath of office. The p ...
Egypt: Dozens injured in clashes between Morsi backers, foes CAIRO — Thousands of backers and opponents of Egypt’s Islamist president held competing rallies in the capital Friday and new clashes erupted between the two sides in the country’s second largest city, Alexandria, in a prelude to massive nationwide protests planned by the opposition this weekend demanding Mohammed Morsi’s removal. The Muslim Brotherhood’s offices in three Egyptian governorates were stormed by opposition protesters and the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in Alexandria were torched, Ahram Online reported Friday.
The basic rule of any transition is that electoral victors must provide clear guarantees of others’ basic rights. In short, consensus is the basis for any transition. But in contrast to Tunisia’s Ennahda movement, Brotherhood leaders did not signal a desire to ensure secular groups an equal and effective voice in the constitution writing process. Indeed, the subsequent quasi-election of the upper house, or Shura Council, allowed the Freedom and Justice Party to propose new autocratic laws, not least of which was a nongovernmental-organization law far more draconian than its predecessor. - See more at:
An Egyptian lawmaker was expelled from a lower house of parliament session for wearing a blue sash labeled “a new president is needed.” The call for change by Abdulrahman Huraidi, who is part of the secularist leftist party, the Egyptian Popular Current, irked members of the Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). As a result, FJP members approached him trying to strip the sash off him. Following a parliament vote against his behavior, Huraidi was asked to leave the council session. However, heremoved his sash and insisted he wanted to stay. Despite his change of act he was escorted out the Shura Council.
News: Politicians Express Divergent Views On President Jonathan’s Preference For Two- party System. Some politicians in Lagos on Saturday reacted differently to President Goodluck Jonathan’s preference for two-party system in the country. While some politicians supported the President, others said that the system would not pave way for true democracy in the country. The President Jonathan, had at the Peoples Democratic Party National Executive Committee meeting in Abuja on Thursday, advocated for a two-party system. He said that two-party system would be in the best interest of the nation. The Lagos State Chairmanof the de-registered Justice Party, Mr Ayo Akintayo, said that the two-party system would evolve naturally. “I totally agreewith Mr President. The two- party system must emerge naturally like in U.S. where over 100 political partiesexist, but only two parties arerelevant,’’ Akintayo said. Bishop Gabriel Omoruyi, the Spokesperson for Lagos Chapter of the All Nigeria Peoples Party, said t ...
It is sad but true. PTI does not seem to be the same party that Imran Khan started and we supported. FAUZIA KASURI did the right thing by leaving PTI. I wish her all the best. She should start her own party and we are with her. She can name it People's Justice Party (PJP)
Turkey's deputy prime minister apologizes for crackdown Top news: Turkey's main public sector trade union threw its weight behind the ongoing anti-government demonstrations on Tuesday, announcing a two-day strike to protest the "fascism" of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Freedom and Justice Party (AKP), CNN reports. The protests, which began last week in opposition to government plans to raze a public park, have since morphed into a widespread rebuke of Erdogan's government. Also on Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc -- acting on behalf of Erdogan, who left Monday for a tour of North Africa -- apologized for the heavy-handedness of the police and appealed for calm. "The excessive violence that was used in the first instance against those who were behaving with respect for the environment is wrong and unfair. I apologize to those citizens," he said, adding that the government "won't bow to pressure that is coming from the streets." Arinc's conciliatory tone contrasts sharply with that of Er ...
The undersigned associations and organizations are deeply concerned by attempts to suppress civil society institutions, especially human rights organizations. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), are currently seeking to curb the right to freedom of...
Chris Okotie-Apostolic Incursion Into Nigerian Politics Posted by: Information Nigeria on May 30, 2013 By Obinna Akukwe Chris Okotie is the first cerebral pastor in Nigeria to make an apostolic incursion into Nigeria’s dirty presidential politics . In 2003 he contested under Justice Party, placing 8th out of 29 candidates with 119,547 votes. Okotie formed FRESH Democratic Party and used the FRESH platform to vie for the presidency of Nigeria in 2007 , netting in 74049 votes, coming 8th among 20 candidates. Security report and some independent electoral observers believed that the actual figures of the elections shows that Okotie actually got up to a million votes in each occasion but the trio of Olusegun Obasanjo ( former president), Tony Anenih( political henchman) and Maurice Iwu ( electoral umpire) and their agents of votes manipulations were magnanimous enough to allow a percentage of his votes to count , in the infamous electoral system where votes are written in the houses of party chieftains w .. ...
Mic Check Trending In Our News Feeds – Murder of Pakistani politician intimidates voters. Gunmen killed the senior vice-president of Imran Khan’s Movement for Justice Party (PTI), Zahra Shahid Hussain, outside of her home in Karachi on Saturday. While a police superintendent says the men killed Hussain because she refused to hand over her purse, Khan blamed the leader of a rival political party. Few voters turned out for a repeat of parliamentary voting in Karachi on Sunday. Syria clashes over strategic stronghold. Government fighters gained the upper hand in the fight for the rebel stronghold of Qusayr today, according to the SANA news agency. The New York Times claims Qusayr holds strategic importance; its loss would be a major setback for rebel forces. The fight for Qusayr comes after a rare interview by President Bashar al-Assad in which he denied reports he is using outside fighters. However, an Al Jazeera correspondent says there are many regional fighters in the battle. North Korea launches 5th ...
Ceritalah (English) The Star, Tuesday May 21, 2013 A tale of two Islamist parties Karim Raslan PAS and Indonesia’s PKS ponder their political future in the wake of new challenges ahead. In the case of PAS, will it make up for its failure in Kedah and Kelantan? PAS is at a crossroads. The loss of Kedah as well as the fact that it has two seats less in the Dewan Rakyat weighs heavily on its leaders. It must surely now be pondering the party’s direction as well as its place in the Opposition i.e. Pakatan Rakyat. But PAS is not the only South-East Asian Islamist party pondering its future. Look at the challenges facing Indonesia’s Prosperous Justice Party (PKS). First founded in 1998 as the Justice Party (PK), it made a splash in 2004 when it won 45 seats in the House of Representatives and then 57 seats in 2009. Like PAS, PKS is an ideologically-driven and disciplined party. I can still remember the ease with which PKS could call its supporters out onto the streets and the extraordinary order with whic ...
Everybody please copy paste and send on the emails given below,, Dear Sir/Madam I would like to bring your attention towards speech of British Subject and mafia leader Altaf Hussain on 12th May 2013 he delivered from London via telephone. He said in his speech "If I order my workers now, they will slash every protester with swords, who are protesting at the Three Swords Square of Karachi". The civil society and Pakistan Movement for Justice Party (PTI) members were protesting against alleged rigging by Mr. Altaf Hussain's party in the recent elections. The British Anti Terrorist Act 2006 states: "(2) A person commits an offence if— (a) he publishes a statement to which this section applies or causes another to publish such a statement; and (b) at the time he publishes it or causes it to be published, he— (i)intends members of the public to be directly or indirectly encouraged or otherwise induced by the statement to commit, prepare or instigate acts of terrorism or Convention offences" Mr. Altaf Hussa ...
London's Metropolitan Police has arrested MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The development came moments after Movement for Justice Party (PTI) leader Zahra Shahid was shot in Karachi. PTI chief former international cricketer Imran Khan have condemned the brutal killing of their party leader and demanded swift arrest of the culprits. Khan has declared the incident as terrorism and failure on part of the provincial government. Imran Khan had requested the government to take action against Altaf Hussain for issuing threatening and provoking statements to incite violence in the country. Altaf Hussain, leader of the MQM party that controls Karachi, addressed supporters from London last Sunday after Pakistan's general elections. In response to accusations of electoral fraud, he is alleged to have threatened his accusers with violence, and suggesting that if his party's mandate was tampered with, Karachi would have no choice but to separate from Pakistan. During his speech he referred to protests taking place near the T ...
Rafizi Ramli, strategic director of the People's Justice Party, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's party, talks about this weekend's election and the coalition's future. He speaks with Haslinda Amin on Bloomberg Television's "First Up." (Source: Bloomberg)
Anwar Ibrahim: former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and is currently the de facto leader of Keadilan, the People's Justice Party
Masress: Al-Erian demands ElBaradei be tried for Iraq War: Deputy Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (F...
Erian accuses ElBaradei of treason: Deputy Freedom and Justice Party chairman Essam al-Erian has accused lea...
Very proud to have been elected Vice Chair/Fundraising for Next up, future leader of the Green & Justice Party
February 24, 2013/ Middle East Briefing - Brotherhood's FJP expects to win a parliamentary majority: Party official The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) will win a majority of seats in upcoming parliamentary elections, the party's media advisor predicts. In an interview with the pan-Arab Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper on Sunday, Mourad Ali turned the tables on opposition groups calling for an election boycott, stating: "If the opposition won a majority and formed a government, would [the FJP] demand a new cabinet be put in place two months prior to parliamentary elections?" Commenting on recent outrage that parliamentary elections would begin on 27 April during a Coptic Christian religious festival, Ali said: "We [the FJP] support changing the start date of elections so it does not interfere with [the religious festival of] our Coptic brothers." The start of the election has since been rescheduled earlier to 22 April. Ali said all national factions could still reach a consensus with the gov ...
Anwar said the election will be close and will be won in the rural battleground states of Sabah and Sarawak. He said the ideological differences in his alliance won’t derail the success of the coalition in an hour-long interview at his People’s Justice Party headquarters in Petaling Jaya, outside Kuala Lumpur. Prime Minister Najib Razak must dissolve parliament by April 28 and hold elections within 60 days
Nader Bakkar, the assistant to the Nour Party chief for media affairs, criticized Freedom and Justice Party head Mohamed Saad al-Katatny Sunday for not discussing a Nour Party initiative to resolve Egypt's ongoing political stalemate during a meeting with National Salvation Front leaders Mohamed ElB...
Reminder: Conference Call with Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party, in less than 30 minutes! :)
Egyptian Shift on Hezbollah Reflects New Geopolitical Realities in the Middle East The course of Egyptian politics and society in the post-revolution era hangs in the balance between stability and chaos. With a democratic transition process mired in turbulence and violence, observers of Egyptian affairs remain fixated on the internecine competition between rival and overlapping factions – liberal, secular, leftist and Islamist – angling to challenge the fledgling Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)-led government of President Muhammad Mursi and its Muslim Brotherhood progenitor. Lost amid the caustic rhetoric and heated street battles are indications that a significant shift is afoot related to Egypt’s foreign policy toward Hezbollah in Lebanon. The fall of Hosni Mubarak has raised a number of questions regarding the future of Egyptian foreign policy. An avowed strategic ally of the United States and a quiet friend of Israel, the Mubarak regime had served as a mainstay of a regional alliance system shep ...
I was: 32 I lived in: Salt Lake City I was married to: Jean Arment I drove a: Toyota van I feared: the U.S. continuing its terrorism in Central America and the possibility of an invasion of Nicaragua I worked at: Berman & Anderson (law office) I wanted to be: The best dad and a great lawyer who challenged abuses of power and helped victims of those abuses I am: 61 I live in: Salt Lake City I am married to: No one. I drive a: 1999 Honda Civic CNG I fear: The U.S. continuing on a path toward totalitarianism, engaging in wars of aggression, and abusing human rights I work at: Reorganizing my life after a year campaigning as Justice Party (and Oregon Progressive Party, New Mexico Independent Party, Michigan Natural Law Party, and Connecticut Independent Party) candidate for President I want to be: Effective at organizing to end our nation's plutocracy and achieve government that represents the public interest (perhaps through teaching, writing, speaking, and organizing)
Mursi splashes the cash as many Egyptians can’t afford to eat Reports that Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi recently sent his family and friends on an expensive vacation that consisted of a private jet ride to the Red Sea resort town of Taba and the booking of 12 rooms at the Hilton has caused outrage in country, battered by an ongoing political and economic crisis. Earlier this week, an official at the Taba resort told the Egyptian newspaper, Almasry Alyoum, that Mursi’s family arrived on Wednesday. The official also said Mursi’s family reserved 12 rooms at the Hilton Hotel, which overlooks the Red Sea, and in addition to the Mursi clan wives of officials from the Freedom and Justice Party came to stay. Egyptian screenwriter Wahed Hamed on Sunday spoke out against the alleged luxurious vacation.. Hamed, in remarks published in the Egyptian daily Al-Shrouq, asked who was paying the bill for the 12 reserved rooms. “The country is poor, and the [rate of hunger] increases every day. Mursi’s [finan ...
"On Jan. 26, after a court verdict in Port Said that sentenced 21 residents to death, a rebellion erupted. Police opened fire on the crowds, killing at least 30 people that day and injuring many others. The court case involved the infamous Port Said massacre of Feb. 1, 2012, where clashes between soccer fans at a game ended with the deaths of more than 70 people. Progressive and revolutionary forces inside this North African state say that the aims of the mass movement have been betrayed by the current Freedom and Justice Party government of President Mohamed Morsi. While the leadership of the massive rebellion is unclear, millions of people have shown their anger against the current regime. Their disappointment stems from the Morsi government’s failure to counter the horrible poverty that continues to grip the lives of tens of millions of the poorest Egyptians. In addition, the Morsi government has failed to break with the U.S. and maintained all its treaties with the state of Israel."
The three main Christian denominations in Egypt (Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical) are having a meeting today (January 21, 2013) to discuss boycotting the national dialogue at the Presidential Palace due to the Freedom and Justice Party's practices with the national powers (‘Abd al-Wahāb Sha’bān,...
Zorro will probably team up with the green robe guy and that lady once they get to the Justice Party prison and break out.
Imran Khan led Pakistan to the world cricket championship in 1992. Now he’s a leading candidate for prime minister. On Thursday he received a warm welcome at a luncheon in Davos, Switzerland, hosted by a major Pakistani company, Pathfinder Group. “Imran represents the hope for the future of Pakistan,” Pathfinder Group Chairman Ikram Sehgal told an audience of about 200 at a luncheon that was held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum but was not part of the forum’s agenda. “This is a make-or-break year for Pakistan,” he added. Pathfinder has 15,000 employees and provides security services. Khan reiterated his promise that his Movement for Justice Party would “sweep” the elections, which are scheduled for February. A Pew Research Center survey in June found that Khan was Pakistan’s most popular leader, with seven of 10 respondents in the country expressing a favorable opinion of him. Khan claims strong support among youths, women, and urban dwellers. His platform includes fighting ...
January 21, 2013/ Middle East Briefing - FJP in Egypt: New evidence could mean death penalty for Mubarak The Freedom and Justice Party's legal committee claims that new evidence that will be presented in the retrial of former President Hosni Mubarak may lead to him being sentenced to death. The party's legal committee chairman Mokhtar al-Ashry said that new evidence has been presented to the fact-finding committee formed by President Mohamed Morsy to investigate the killing of protesters during the revolution. However, Ashray refused to disclose what the new evidence was, saying he was not authorized to reveal it. Mubarak, 84, was jailed for life last year after being found guilty of failing to prevent the killing of protesters by security forces trying to quell mass demonstrations. But this month, a higher court accepted an appeal from him and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and ordered a retrial. No date has been set yet for the new trial of the former president. - French troops inch north in Mal ...
  , January 2, 2013   Paris Conference: We Will Neither Forgive nor Forget! Our people do not want the US bases, or a single government composed of Jehadi, Talib and Gulbuddini murderers, and their Parchami and Khalqi cowards   What insulting painful games are not played with our suffering nation. This time, it is the performance of the agonizing drama of the Paris Conference, with the endorsement and support of the US, which has gathered the enemies from the Northern Alliance, Taliban, Gulbuddin’s party, Al-Qaeda, the United Front, the Afghan High Peace Council, the National Coalition, the Truth and Justice Party, and others, to bring ‘peace’ for our people.   Basically, it is not painful why these gangs of professional killers, with their mouths filled with blood, are sitting around a table and talking about ‘peace’; nor is it the fact that suppose these treacherous murderers reach an ‘agreement’ for ...
Despite previous announcements to the contrary, the Freedom and Justice Party has decided to join a coalition with Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s Umma Party and Emad Abdel Ghafour’s Al-Watan Party for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Following are excerpts from an interview with Issam Al-'Aryan, deputy chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, which aired on Dream 2 TV on December 27, 2012: Issam Al-'Aryan: Most of the Egyptian people...
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