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Justice League

The Justice League, also called the Justice League of America or JLA, is a fictional superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

Wonder Woman Zack Snyder Suicide Squad Ben Affleck Two Earths Flashpoint Paradox Chris Terrio Warner Bros Barry Allen Ray Fisher John Constantine Geoff Johns Doctor Strange Jason Momoa Commissioner Gordon Amber Heard Bruce Wayne

Ur wrong,The JLA has had different members. Its not known as the 'Justice Superman League'.
the link to my video the Justice League trailer review
An obscure app has become the go-to spot for exclusive Justice League footage
The new trailer introduces the age of heroes...and Aquaman versus a parademon!…
Have I missed anything while I was gone? Besides that magnificent JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer...
-Alfred, get the Batwing ready. Justice League is under attack. +By whom?. -By me!.
Justice League looks dope. Wait, ppl mean this JL, right?.
can they please make an Avengers vs. Justice League because that would actually be AMAZING.
No one can convince me that the justice league trailer is a reason to be hopeful for that movie
"I love bringing people together!" - Lex Luthor. Thank you, Lex for the Justice League.
I saw the Justice League trailer and I'm excited for this scene
Hey! I'm selling a huge set of one of the greatest/funniest runs in comics, the 1980s/1990s Justice League:
Man, no one does fighting game story like NRS still. Im legit getting confused about Justice League movie and the Injustice 2 s…
Justice League 2017 trailer EXCLUSIVE INITIAL THOUGHTS. Was it good or bad?. Check out my new blog post -
I cannot express in words how angry I am today... and the Justice League trailer did not help
Hey - I made you a Justice League teaser.
The Justice League trailer with the animated theme. Hope you guys like it!
I would like to thank Justice League for bringing our beloved Khal Drogo back to life looking *** better than ever.
A Justice League trailer was released yesterday and nobody cared
Justice League gets teasers for its new trailer (yup, you read that right) and some stylish posters:
ICYMI: A fantastic interview with Zack Snyder from yesterday about Batman's evolution, and more! https:/…
I want to know if that is supposed to be Giganta in the Justice League trailer...
I liked a video The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer
"Come Together" is stuck in my head after watching the trailer 100 times. I know I'm not alone!
(Justice League trailer). Barry Allen: what are your super powers again?. Bruce Wayne:
The action in the 'Justice League' trailer is the only thing that makes me wanna see it. Still withholding any positive thoughts on it tho.
"Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me, dog" - Me impersonating Randy Jackson watching the Justice League trailer.
Just saw the Justice League yeah🔥
the DCEU doesn't seem to get its characters. Wonder Woman and Justice League have to do well, or I can't see them recovering.
Literally the only thing in Justice League that looks real is Wonder Woman.when she isn't moving. Have they learned nothing?
I'm in on Wonder Woman, Justice League, and whatever Harley Quinn thing in theaters. That is 3x the commitment I will give Marvel
Batman, Wonder Woman and more come together in the epic new 'Justice League' trailer
Justice League trailer has me more interested in seeing Wonder Woman than Justice League.
The Wonder Woman standalone movie looks more promising than Justice League tbh
Justice League: first full trailer released online
Justice League looks fine. Wonder Woman looks better. Let work his magic and we will right this DC movie ship.
love how the Justice League trailer made sure 2 show Wonder Woman 4 as the power house she is &not sideline her like most movies do to women
What I REALLY REALLY hope happens:. Superman returns at the end of Justice League to save everyone. . . . played by BRUCE CAMPBELL
Can't believe Zack Snyder is making a Justice League movie that looks like a mix between SEVEN SAMURAI & FELLOWSHIP OF THE…
Aquaman is lit. Cyborg is lit. Batman is lit. Zack Snyder is lit. In conclusion, Justice League is lit. 😎
Me after waking up for 5 mins watching the first Justice League trailer. Thanks Zack Synder!. league…
Watch the new trailer for Justice League
Zack Snyder is trending. Justice League is trending. Aquaman is trending. BOY WE ARE DC FOR LIFE SLAY
The official 'Justice League' trailer is here.
These Justice League teasers are flippin great. November can't come soon enough.
The has arrived! See a new photo of the team from the movie: 🙌
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Refs are actually watching trailer for Justice League
^^^ I am looking forward to the trailer for Justice League!
Unite the League with a Aquaman and Batman Justice League Teasers
I liked a video from The Flash Justice League Trailer Spot Breakdown
Justice league is gonna be so badass
So what, a new trailer for Justice League coming out this Saturday?
There’s like 2 seconds of Batman in the new Justice League trailer tease
Not really into superhero movies but I really wanna watch Logan and Justice League when it comes out
New Justice League Movie trailer will drop soon!
My precious league of justice doers. Can't wait to see them in press tour.
How about a little tease? The Justice League teaser trailer preview is right this way:
I added a video to a playlist Justice League Kinder Eggs part 2!
📷 New Justice League Poster! Bonus: Wonder Woman getting the respect she deserves!
I can't even bring myself to pretend to be excited for the Justice League movie, a sentence I can't believe is true
Aquaman, Batman, and now The Flash has a Justice League trailer teaser video
First JUSTICE LEAGUE Posters Feature Logo, Aquaman, and Calls for the Heroes to Unite
I liked a video from New Batman Suit Revealed for Justice League
⚡️ “The Justice League teasers are rolling in 🙌”.
Batman tossing Aquaman his trident is so smooth! .
The Justice League movie is going to be flames!! They better have learned from the mistakes they made with BvS
The Flash gets his own teaser video and poster!
A great enemy forces Batman to unite the World's Greatest Super Heroes in New 52's JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN!
Justice League keeps looking better and better . So did BvS. I don't know anymore
With justice league trending rn i still wonder if they take that 'easter egg' from BvsS seriously and make an injustice movie one day.
I hope for the first half of JUSTICE LEAGUE, Superman's still dead, but Batman "weekend at Bernie's" him to convince peopl…
Justice League is coming... led by a half-Native American, half-Hawaiian Aquaman. What a time to be alive.
Here's the official Justice League poster... let the countdown begin.
Getting excited for the Justice League movie is like being a Browns fan thinking the next season is going to be "the one".
Initially doubted Ezra as the Flash but Justice League (teaser has me doubting my doubts.
Check out the brand new BATMAN poster from -
Little Giant Ladders
There’s a new look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League and we have the scene’s details.
I liked a video from Justice League Teaser Trailer - Batman and The Flash
Me because the Justice League trailer is coming soon
I'm loving these new General Mills Cereal boxes with the Justice League! Got issue in my Wonder Woman Cheerios!…
Justice League. Super team, super dream, fight evil too big for one, the good fight is never done. Space station, battle evil in evry nation
Wonder Woman and Justice League star Gal Gadot gives birth to second child
After Logan I've forgotten all about Guardians 2, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Justice League, & Thor 3, idk how they're…
What an amazing year. We’ve already got Logan and Iron Fist. Still getting Spider man, GoTG2, Wonder Woman, Thor, Inhumans & Justice League
I forgot what a boss Supergirl is on the Justice League cartoon. They basically gave her Conner Kent's personalty minus the brooding
Really hoping the Justice League movie is really a Crisis On Infinite Earths movie so they can reboot the whole thing sans blue lighting.
Have an action-packed playtime experience with new DC Girls & Justice League toys on the blog:
Before the Justice League is formed, Bruce Wayne buys up the Daily Planet and hires Diana Prince as a reporter to spy on Clark Kent.
Julian Lewis Jones' Wikipedia page says he's been cast as Jay Garrick in Justice League. This is most likely BS.
Great year for movies. I think Justice League is out this year too.could be wrong tho.
Justice League toys may be revealed on Saturday at Toy Fair New York. Some reveals maybe 👀.
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I liked a video from Lego Batman TOP 50 Easter Eggs - Justice League and Suicide
Please get Michael Ironside or Steve Blum to voice Darkseid for Justice League
George and Amal Clooney are also expecting twins, we're gonna have a baby Justice League on our hands
My Dad believes WB's biggest DC mistake is not making Justice League when they had Christopher Reeve and Michael Ke…
The Best Justice League of America Team Lineups - a new Justice League debuting this week, we look back at the si...
Am I the only one who thinks Jesse Eisenberg is gonna be jacked in the Justice League movie?
Finished Justice League & Justice League unlimited and both were amazing shows. I see that pulled a lot from these episodes
Justice League unlimited or Young Justice — how about justice league s1 & s2 instead
Justice League unlimited helped me appreciate this show even more
This is in Justice League: Unlimited (2005). Sounds like a reference to 🤔…
I'm watchin d Justice League/unlimited animatd series of d 00's.I don't know if it's just me but d more I c WW d mor I realise Gal isn't d 1
A new Justice League animated movie featuring John Constantine is out. Its called Justice League Dark (2017)
Justice League: Dark is really a Constantine and Zaytana movie
Justice League of America, Volume 1 is kind of boring and bad. Maybe because it's only the filler issues for trinity war?
Got my new comics love the Harley Quinn, Justice League v Suicide Squad, Green Arrow, Trinity & Aquaman covers. DC…
True...I saw Civil War once in the cinema. MoS 3 times. BvS 7 times. SS 3 times. Wonder Woman likely 3 or 4. Justice League wil…
Celebrate by watching the Caped Crusader battle his evil counterpart in Justice League: Crisis ...
True heroes every day Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Justice League.
VIDEO: Ben Affleck comments on the new 'Justice League' photo and 'The Batman' on Jimmy Kimmel Live
'Justice League' news: Amber Heard's Mera to have a big role in the upcoming DC movie (
Justice League star Ben Affleck isn't sure he'll direct The Batman after
Zack/WB = Patrick. Chances of the Justice League trailer being released = dollar bill
Geoff Johns had done PHENOMENAL work with Lex during his Justice League run. Especially FOREVER EVIL.
If the flash not from the same Earth as Supergirl, Superman, and Martian Manhunter. How does the Justice League come about?
Forgot to post this earlier. Here is my opinion on Geoff John's run on Justice League.
I got this copy of "Justice League" # 11 from in Houston with a Carmine Fernando Pasarin, Matt Rya…
Justice League. Young Justice. iZombie. Jessica Jones. and Smallville (for nostalgic purposes)
Our new Legacy Edition variant exclusive for Justice League vs Suicide Squad by on sale at
In an effort to turn a profit, Warner Brother renames the Justice League film 'Marvel's Justice League'
I liked a video from Justice League vs Meow Mix - All-CAW Wrestling King of Trios 2K16
The art of Alex Ross is just so beautiful and I really hope Justice League posters and movie shots have similar poses to…
Though Batman Beyond came to an end 15 years ago today, we'd see Terry McGinnis again in the Justice League finale.
📷 Justice League of America v4 - “Power and Glory VIII” (2016) pencil by Bryan Hitch ink by Daniel...
In the *movie,* they force a tie-in to the Justice League by claiming that only supervillains can help fight super-hero size threats.
📷 Justice League - “State of Fear” (2016) written by Bryan Hitch art by Matthew Clark, Tom Derenick,...
"Not to give anything away from Justice League, but Cyborg is a big part of the heart of the movie of Justice League.". -…
DC's Justice League in Argentina. Iranian Vampires in California. What's going on? Genre sampling:
Justice League of America cover by John Romita, Jr. & Danny Miki
So far spent my night reading D.C. Comics. I'm so thirsty for the Justice League to come out 😩😩
honestly the Justice League Darkseid plot feels like an attempt to reverse engineer Avengers without actually thinking about it
So you want Clark to aid a murderer and selfishly divide the Justice League because ego and arrogance lmao
Beautiful film. And now I wait for Justice League.
I really wished they would have used the guy who plays Barry Allen on the flash for justice league
Looking forward to Wonder Woman & Justice League in 2017 .What about a Superman movie w/ Cavil?
I can't wait for the justice league movie to come out
Members of the Justice League (so far):. Superman (duh). The Flash. Aquaman. Cyborg. Green Arrow
It's as if Filthy Frank got a hold of the Justice League script:
oooh. So it's gonna be like a Justice League Multiverse crossover?
Just got around to watching Superman V. Batman... Justice League movie where are you?!? 👀👀
just wondering.u guys left out Shazam from justice league...he's also a crucial member
the Doomsday Saga should have been a separate story line with the justice league complete.
About a year and half until we get Justice League: The Extended Edition.
Before Justice League comes out, we can have a 10-hour DCEU marathon. Thinking about that alone makes me happy 😊
I've heard the Justice League rumor, I hope it's true.
Hi Mr. Snyder, I'm a huge fan of your work. I was just wondering when the new Justice League trailer will come out ?
ICYMI: There's new evidence that JOHN CLEESE is joining the DCEU - possibly in JUSTICE LEAGUE! ht…
and they let Lex Luther pick the names and symbols for the Justice League.
is it true that is Justice League fail the DCEU is over?
Yor-El training with J'on J'ones is just the start of our Justice League
Why was the Justice League introduced as a power point presentation?
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BREAKING : Could actor be a part of ? via .
the epic music playing, the Justice League coming through like the badasses they are, I'm shook!
Young Justice calls the Justice League "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" in one episode. That's not their tag line, you t'ieves!
watch justice league war on Netflix and you'll like it even more.
It looks like Monty Python star John Cleese might have landed himself a role in Justice League Movie!. -Alfred
Frodo and his sword of light did more damage than half the justice league
✍ & 🎨 discuss JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. Suicide Squad and preview art from
you finally hit the big time. Congrats! :)
There's new evidence that is joining the - possibly in
'Monty Python' star John Cleese might have a role in
Darwyn Cooke's Justice League is the film universe we really want. Smiles, hope and saturated colors
MY opinion: the first DCEU movie should have been 'Justice League'. Then make solo movies.
and if Green Lantern gets a game his voice should be Phil Lamarr from Justice League as Jon Stewart https:/…
DC should never stop releasing Justice League movies. . Doom. Crisis on Two Earths. Flashpoint Paradox . Dark. Etc. . I live for them.
There is Justice League: Doom & then Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.
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Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010) - This has a better Batman ... and an alternative one!
Justice League : crisis on Two Earths 🎥 & a bag of beef jerky🌊🌊
The Man of Steel has more than one world to save in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths: bit ...
Apparently Green Lantern Corps are confirmed for "Justice League". Let's hope this is not like the "news" of Poison Ivy in "Suicide Squad".
"Do not judge them too harshly, they act out of fear.". — J'onn. -. [Justice League - "Secret Origins, Part III]
"We Amazons are warriors born. Want to test me?". -. [Justice League - "Secret Origins"]
Malfoy Manor.. they make GW Bush's cabinet look like the Justice League
"Because, apparently, Justice League looks dynamite. Totally different from anything Snyder has done before."
I loved Amanda Waller in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. She wasn't intimidated by Batman at all. Took zero crap.
Not sure which of the following is my favorite PAC name: 'New Mexicans for New Mexico' or 'Justice League.' Any other nominations?
Film News:. Images show "Cyborg" and "Flash" in the much anticipated Justice League movie (2017)
So pretty much tonight's episode of Supergirl was a live action version of the Metabrawl epsisode of Justice League
Justice League hit the streets tonight. Happy Halloween!
So the director of "dope" gets the boot off The Flash yet Zach Snyder is happily making Justice League after BvS failure 🤔🤔
Justice League of America will be Batman,Black Canary,Atom,Killer Frost,Ray and Lobo yeah I am at least getting the first issue
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Its day. Here's a few shots I've drawn of her on Justice inspiration? My wife! She's my Wonder Wo…
Check out this classic re-imagined timeline! One of the oddest members of the Justice League: Red Tornado!…
"Power Rangers"/"Justice League" Crossover Coming in 2017: 2017 will see the release of big blockbuster films...
Waiting for them to announce that Perry White will be in Justice League
really weird that John Constantine is part of Justice League
Check out the Justice League trailer and set visit!!!. Presented by Kinocheck International
I remember when I was little and I first saw Darkseid in Justice League, I was so fascinated.
Shift into Turbo! The Power Rangers to meet the Justice League in new crossover series
Justice League: Check out Amber Heard as Mera in brand new image
Movie Talk: First Look at Mera in 'Justice League;' Benecio Del Toro Drops Out of 'The Predator' - Collide…
I'm surprised 'Justice League' has been filming all year & we haven't had any leaked set photos. Security must be real tig…
The Week in Spandex – Logan, The Punisher, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Batman and more https…
new behind-the-scenes footage of 'Justice League' reveals Batman, Wonder Woman, & co. in action:
Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash assemble in new glimpse of Justice League with Ben Affleck... - -
Between the Streams: Logan’s last stand, ‘Iron Fist’ teaser, Justice League sizzler: Today we'...
All purpose parts banner
We've got talking about Justice League vs. Suicide Squad!. BONUS he's learned to love writing for Harley! 🎉 h…
If Deathstroke breaks Luthor out of Arkham and Lex pays him to take out the Justice League? I. WILL. FREAK. .
Aquaman is always so angry. Kinda get why Jason Momoa gets to play him in Justice League.
Hang on they still have Membership cards for the Justice League that's awesome & Scott Eaton
I liked a video Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths (Fan) Promo "This Sunday"
Possibly Amber Heard as Mera in this screenshot from the Justice League official trailer {credit: https…
Justice League star shows off ripped 'half-man, half-machine' body
Ray Fisher, the actor who is playing CYBORG in the Justice League movies, and then his own film, works out to...
DC's new Justice League hero Ray Fisher is getting FRIGHTENINGLY ripped to play Cyborg
Ray Fisher Gets Ripped For Cyborg Role: The "Justice League" actor has bulked up significantly to play the role,... ht…
Check out the first picture of JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in 'Justice League'
Here's a first look at Commissioner Gordon in Justice League
The visuals will be there in a Justice League movie
OMG its just so good I hope warners listen if Zack's Justice League is a 3 hour cut release the 3 hour cut
batman is the best Justice League member lol if he has kryptonite anyway.
Six Flags Magic Mountain takes on Disney and Universal with Justice League ride
won't be the same with Jim Reid-Anderson! But I'll save you sleep- 4Dx4, Justice League x2, and Larson Loop for good measure.
I keep forgetting Joe Morton is Silas Stone in the DCEU and is in Justice League.
Finished season 1 of on Unfortunately SE2 isn't on there yet. In the meantime,Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is such a dope !
Batman smiled in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox when Flash propose they go to London to fight aquaman & Wonder Woman
chances of seeing Flashpoint Paradox on the big screen, perhaps as the 3rd or 4th Justice League movie?
Apparently, Colin Farrell is rumored to be John Constantine (?) in Justice League.
Why nobody told me Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox is 🔥🔥🔥?
Ya'll can have Ezra Miller & Grant Gustin, I'll take Usain Bolt for my Justice League
Expecting "Justice League" to really lift our midterm grades, Dean Wormer.
MoS, BVS and Squad all had good/great trailers and bad/messy movies. It's why I can't trust the trailers for Justice League or Wonder Woman
Only superhero movies I'm looking forward to are Aquaman and Justice League, Jason Momoa looks too badass
Someone recut that Justice League teaser with Katie Ledecky in place of Jason Momoa.
Zack Snyder...what will he destroy next? Oh yeah, "Justice League." Sigh.
A little Howard Shore with DC goes a long way... Here's a fan-made Justice League trailer made in the style of...
Win! Today's your last chance to win one of 3 copies of 'LEGO DC Justice League: Gotham City Breakout' on Blu-ray https…
Just for clarification, David Goyer is NOT writing Justice League, it's just Chris Terrio.(And maybe Geoff Johns)
"Did you spot that amazing Bruce Wayne Easter egg in the Justice League trailer? He's actually Batman!"
Suicide Squad, Justice League and 6 movie trailers we're excited about - GQ India
Need to school some people here. " 'Justice League' won't be as dark as says writer Chris Terrio".
The Trailer for "Justice League", which unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, the Flash, Cyborg, and Superman
I'm not really a big fan of the Justice League movie's Flash suit, but it's not something that'll stop me from watching/enjoying the movie.
A comment on FB: Why is Cyborg in the movie. He's not even part of the Justice League in the comic. This is the kind of 'fan…
I'd love to see the MCU and DCCU end together, in an Avengers/Justice League movie that closes both franchises. Thoughts ?
Y'all don't know how bad I wanna watch the Justice League movie!
The Wonder Woman trailer is amazing! I think I'm kinda more excited to see her movie than Justice League right now??
When the Lego Batman movie assembles a Justice League faster than the live action movie.
I really hope they don't make Barry Allen look like a weakling in the Justice League movie
Secretly hoping they have someone to play Hal Jordan in the Justice League movie and they wont tell us until its released 😁
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Doctor Strange trailer, Wonder Woman/Justice League stuff was great, I LOVE Marvels new movie logos
your name is grant but you can't even grant yourself a role in the Justice League movie
DC better not smoke this Justice League movie
that movie was all over the place. Sloppy and a rushed Justice League teaser
Watch the first teaser trailer for DC's new 'Justice League' movie via
The new Justice League movie looks so good
Good news, there's an Aquaman "talks to fish" joke in the new Justice League movie!!!
Khal Drogo is the new Aquaman which makes me so much more excited for the new Justice League movie! 😍
I'm pretty sure they said last month that it is its own movie no part 1 or part 2 just Justice League
probably true but still looking forward to Justice League. Gal Gadot is a babe
Justice League trailer looks amazing, wish they showed the scene with Jim Gordon but regardless it looks so fun & Barry is so cute
Chris Terrio 3 months before BvS release: "Justice League is way lighter". Press: "they changed JL to be lighter cuz BvS w…
Chris Terrio always intended for Justice League to have a lighter tone. Why are people acting like this is new?
I can't wait for Kong: skull island and Justice League!!! :)
Justice League, Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, Kong: Skull Island trailers, Spiderman art. Goodness ComicCon there's only so muc…
All i want is Maltina, milk, Rice and sweet stew with lungs and chicken, sitting on the floor watching Justice League.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Warner Bros is being sued for killing millions across the globe with their Justice League trailer
Idk if y'all saw the new Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad trailer but Warner Bros please take my money.
That being said Snyder is still directing Justice League and all fans getting hyped again. The only hope left is Chris Terrio as writer.
Ben Affleck basically playing Danny Ocean in that new Justice League trailer
Ben Affleck's Justice League trailer looks pretty good
Judging by everyone's reactions, apparently the Justice League sizzle reel is the best movie Zack Snyder has ever made. 🤔
First look at Henry Cavill and the rest of the Justice League cast at 💪🏻
Tons of movienews from Justice League, Kong: skull island and Brie Larson is Captain Marvel 😀😀
Zack Snyder just confirmed that Superman didn't die in BvS. I mean DUH. A Justice League movie without Supes. Come on
📷 beyonces: Justice League (2017) dir. Zack Snyder Can we stop with Zach Snyder? I’m still upset about...
Justice League looks okay... still don't Zack Snyder's script and dialogue writing skills but... okay.
Justice League, Wonder Woman and all the trailers from Warn... |
Justice League trailer looks kinda dope, but I've lost trust in Zack Snyder, so I refuse to get excited
Okay,we've got more stuff of Suicide Squad and Justice league, plus Doctor Strange. But-but,WE NEED OUR SPIDEY❤️
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Justice League, Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange, Walking Dead, Game of thrones.. All these trailers... There's only so much a man can take...
I can't believe it, but Aquaman was the best feature in the Justice League teaser.
⚡️ “The Justice League comes together in their first trailer”.
Watch first Justice League movie trailer, see Batman recruit Flash.
We got Justice League and Black Panther's logo looking 🔥🔥 Then Marvel used WordDocument for 2 minutes for Thor's 😩
What's that? Justice League trailer at SDCC you say?
to take down who? The Batman? It ain't gonna take down justice league
Just watched Justice League trailer. I like it. Almost purposefully apes Avengers, which I think everybody understands…
After Wonder Woman comes… Justice League. Bruce is going to need some help…
Judging from the first justice league trailer it feels like they've made it a bit more "marvely".
Justice League and Doctor Strange new trailer is out. Help! 😲
does the Wonder Woman trailer or the Justice League trailer change your mind even a little bit about DC movies? Lol
The new justice league trailer is better than both avengers films. GG.
Anyone tryna let me borrow or lemme come watch batman vs superman so I know what's going on when justice league comes out?
Justice League trailer is like the Melania Trump to Marvel's Civil War.
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Justice League looks like it's gonna be such a disappointment I am not impressed
Good stuff from Marvel, but as a fan sitting at home, I feel like Warner Bros. won with Justice League, Wonder Woman, etc.
My body is so ready for Justice League and Barry Allen. This lighter take on a DC movie was the right move.
I love how Zack Snyder didn't make Justice League suddenly more colourful. The colour scheme was similar to the DCEU.
do the justice league also. i want Diana
How we don't see superman in the justice League trailer?
I have t seen it or Justice League. I've worked all day so I'm just now catching up.
movie was straight *** except for the end fight. But i think justice league will do better
I gotta find panels& all the new trailers still. Only seen justice league, Wonder Woman& the flash s3 trailers
Shout out to the new trailers of Wonder Woman and Justice League. 😍😍😍
I'm comparing it to the first avenger...justice League rushing it they missing characters
Humans have existed for 20 years & we live in the era where we get to see a Justice League movie. We are truly blessed.
I liked a video from Justice League Trailer Breakdown
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