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Justice League

The Justice League, also called the Justice League of America or JLA, is a fictional superhero team that appears in comic books published by DC Comics.

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The torturous Comic-Con wait for a glimpse at 'Justice League'(-
'Justice League' trailer brings back Wonder Woman and delivers a mighty Aquaman hair flip
Joss Whedon will be getting a director credit on Justice League after taking control of the film…
Justice League's Ezra Miller is having way more fun than everyone else at Comic-Con
Ezra Miller (Play Flash in Justice League) cosplayed Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Cool weeb. :P (Credits to whoe…
Ezra Miller went to all his 'Justice League' Comic-Con obligations dressed as anime character Edward Elric https:…
Wants to watch Justice League all of bcos Ezra Miller!! ❤️ hot niya besh! 😍
Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok trailers. And still waiting for Avengers: Inifinity War. "The hype is on" in Sherlock's voice.
The Thor Ragnarok stuff has blown any thoughts of Justice League right away into obscurity. Now, Infinity War please!…
Saw a glimpse of Justice League new trailer. What's wrong DC? Why?
Not trying to be a total "fanboy" for Marvel. Loved Wonder Woman and Justice League looks ok.…
No Lanterns. No Kryptonians. This statement probably means that the Lanterns were involved in the prologue battle in Justice…
The CGI in justice league already looks terrible
Justice League trailer: No Lanterns. Me: but thats what I want 😭
DC fans after seeing the new Justice League trailer:
Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League trailers are so hyped!!
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- Stranger Things trailer. - Thor trailer. - Justice League trailer. Today got better :)
Stranger Things. Thor. Justice League. All this greatness in these comic-con trailers
The new Justice League trailer! I'm guessing whoever Alfred was talking to at the end was either Green Lantern or Mart…
We really in an age where we getting a whole DC comics Justice League movie, and an Avengers movie with like 20 ppl. . That is mind blowing.
I must say the justice league comic con trailer got me! And also seeing that Wonder Woman was done well I'm excited…
both the justice league and the infinity war cast will be at the panel today how am I supposed to survive
ugh I'm so conflicted cause I love wonder women and the justice league but I hate Gal Gadot
should wait for justice league, DC makes good movie too
Justice League, Ready Player One, Stranger Things and Avengers Infinity War trailers all released today. And I want to see each one day one.
It's going to be one of the biggest movies of the year, check out this extended trailer for Justice League.
So much revealed at comic con so far. Defenders, Flash S4, Justice League, Stranger Things S2. All I can say is yes please, all of it.
The new Justice League trailer is here, and it features an appearance from DC Comics supervillain Steppenwolf.
Check out the new trailer for the 'Justice League'
Our justice League and Defenders trailer reactions are on Patreon now! Will post tonight! 😀
Batman praising Superman in that new Justice League trailer like he wasn't trying to stab him with a kryptonite spear 🤣🤣🤣
I hope so! We got one from Thor and Justice League
Marvel still walks away with more buzz. Between Thor and Black Panther. Leaves us wanting mor…
Justice League is gonna be the coldest movie in 2017
At the end of the justice league trailer there's a green light on alfreds glasses.maybe it's a Green Lantern and not Super…
Justice league AND Thor spitting pure gold in form of trailers why would you be a dc only or marvel only fan when you can ju…
So I watched the Justice League trailer. meh. Then I watched the Thor trailer. MCU beats DCU every time.
"We can't say much," says Gadot, "but if you're a big fan of Superman, you're going to be very, very happy with Justice…
Are the Justice League makers trying to make the trailers so bad that we just want to see the film out of curiosity?
How Marvel feels with new footage on deck after seeing the new Justice League trailer
.shared a moment with a young Wonder Woman cosplayer while signing autographs with the Justice League at San Diego
Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher just gave us the best Justice League selfie: https:/…
If Dodge can have a car called Avenger, can Ford have a car called Justice League?
Youngblood just won most confusing title to catalog. Runner up is Justice League followed by the Legion of Superheroes and Fantastic Four.
Oh, you haven't seen the Batmobilie from "Justice League" yet?
Someone needs to make a flowchart showing how all possibilities end at Justice League being Zack Snyder's film.
Im really excited to hear that Joss Whedon is directing Justice League now...much better than Zack Snyder
At this point is Justice League still even a Zack Snyder movie? Well, sort of yes and sort of no. Check it out here: https:…
Saw & over the weekend. Both were great, but Wonder Woman was fantastic. . 🤞for Justice League. Plz be good
I hate the fact that I'm not reading Justice League, but its reasons like Bryan Hit…
The subcommittee it's been referred to is like the Justice League for hardcore far-right identity republicans.
We stand neutral for neither the Avengers nor Justice League. Indeed, Indonesian Embassy building is a Marve…
We see Superman! buzz for Justice League building, as promo tie-ins begin popping up
We are up and playing at the "B" Nationals. Justice League vs West Care and Little Village vs Here 4 Beer now.
And get Bryan Hitch off the book and get a new artist for Justice League too for soon ASAP
Why is taking off Justice League and Young Justice? 😢. Now I gotta hardcore binge to watch them all 😧
3 of 5 stars to Justice League, Volume 2 by Bryan Hitch
They can't even get Batman right and they want to do Batgirl. Get the Justice League right, then t…
📷 batmannotes: If you think Green Lantern is going to be in the new Justice League movie, you’re not...
We've got Han Solo, Justice League and Infinity War updates in the Daily News Roundup... https:…
Justice League, Avengers Infinity War and Star Wars trailers are likely going to drop on that day
I like the Justice League trailer. Peter Parker to Bruce Wayne: "What's your super power?" Bruce: "I'm rich."
Fight the Justice League. Live to tell about it. Second part, optional. Get the collected tomorrow!
lowkey the only reason I'm excited for Justice League is because of Ezra Miller. like, I'm here for that
BvS should have introduced the new Batman and Wonder Woman and set up Justice League but kept it as man of steel 2
I'm just glad Greg Capullo is drawing Batman and the rest of the Justice League.
How cool would it have been, if Michael Clarke Duncan was casted to voice Darkseid in Justice League?
Totally love all these articles, Aaron! Hope there'll be one about George Miller's Justice League befor…
The Cavs are currently trying to acquire Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and the Justice League.
We're back to talk Wonder Woman, Justice League, Adam West, and more on today's podcast
Justice League at Six Flags Great Adventure. Such an awesome ride!!!
Stephen Colbert taunts Donald Trump over Robert Mueller and the "Obstruction of Justice League." http…
Stephen Colbert calls for Trump-inspired 'Obstruction of Justice League' movie
Man, Dwayne McDuffie was one, great writer. Shows like Justice League and Ben 10: Alien Force. He really did show multicultural sensibility.
Woah Chyler Leigh looks great in the new Justice League trailer
ATTN: Warner Bros. Please delete every pixel of "Justice League," give it to Patty Jenkins, with WW/Gadot as the anchor. It's not too late.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
'Wonder Woman' scene-stealer Antiope is returning for 'Justice League'.
I'm thinking about locking myself into a cabin in the north Georgia mountains with no Internet before "Justice League" comes out.
What if the opening battle of Justice League features Humans, Amazonians, Atlanteans, Thanagarians & Green Lanterns vs Apoko…
I thought those were only actionable with a 2/3 vote of the Federation Council and approval from the Justice League?
Flying to Texas just to see Justice League with 🌚
Bruh, where can I find the Come Together song used in the Justice League trailer by Gary Clark Jr.? When is the release?
So much more hyped about Justice League now because of Gal Gadot. I talked about the movie last night, but she did kill it
When a *** says the Justice League movie is only happening because of the Avengers movie show them this
I added a video to a playlist Alex Reviews | Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - James Woods Rules
His daughter committed suicide. So he dropped out of Justice League. Gave the helm to Joss Wheadon to finish.
Joss Wheadon handed the reigns to the Justice League film. Not sure how to feel, honestly.
did you hear Joss Wheadon is taking over Justice League from Zack Snyder??
Zack Snyder lost his daughter, that is why Joss Whedon will now take the lead of Justice League. stay strong Zack
Zack Snyder steps back from Justice League following family tragedy.
Joss Whedon steps in as Zack Snyder exits Justice League due to family tragedy
Hamilton Collection
Zack Snyder steps away from the Justice League film following a family tragedy. Joss Whedon will finish the movie. http…
Zack Snyder steps down from Justice League after family tragedy, Joss Whedon to finish the film
Zack Snyder steps down from 'Justice League' after family tragedy - Batman-News
Avengers director Joss Whedon takes over Justice League film
After a family tragedy, Zack Snyder stepping down from finishing 'JUSTICE LEAGUE' . Prayers go out to Zack & Deb ❤️ htt…
Zack Snyder steps away after family tragedy, Joss Whedon to take over
Joss Whedon is taking over 'Justice League' as Zack Snyder steps down due to a personal tragedy.
I liked a video Zack Snyder Steps Away from Justice League...
director Zack Snyder drops out after family tragedy, Joss Whedon to finish movie https…
Zack Snyder takes a break from Justice League to deal with daughter’s death
Snyder is leaving the Justice League movie due to the suicide of his daughter. Whedon is taking over as director.
[Ukiya] The 5th issue of the Justice League/Power Rangers crossover comic gets a new release date.
Gal Gadot and Zack Snyder’s DC family offer condolences for his tragic loss
Geeks: Snyder leaving Justice League because his daughter committed suicide is NOT a prompt for you to give your opinion of h…
Our sincerest condolences to Zack Snyder and his family. Deeply saddened for their loss. We're always with you.
Guys, we can talk about JUSTICE LEAGUE later. Today, just think of Zack and his family. As he himself so well put it: https:…
Joss Whedon was brought in for additional photography & post-production. Justice League is already 95% conplete in terms of s…
There some tragically news for this event first stepping away from Justice League due family tragedy and now *** ..
BREAKING: Zack Snyder is stepping away from directing 'JUSTICE LEAGUE' due to a family tragedy. (Source:
Joss Whedon will be finishing Justice League, after Snyder steps down to deal with a family tragedy.
This just breaks my heart, to hold this in for 2 months is crazy! Praying for you and your family, Zach Snyder 😢
Entire Warner Brothers team here are all devastated for Zack but hyped up Justice League as they mention Zack would hav…
You must be really looking forward to all the water scenes in the Justice League movie. =]
Zack Snyder exits 'Justice League' after daughter's death
As horrendous as the loss is for Zack Snyder, there's no way to have fun with the horrendous nature of Justice League anymore.
I liked a video The Flash 3x23 Promo and Justice League News Explained
My issue of Justice League is out June 7. If you like Wonder Woman, Jessica Cruz and Lois Lane, I think this will. E the i…
Zack Snyder steps down from Justice League after daughter's death, Joss Whedon takes helm DC with Ma…
After avengers now directing justice league , you are rock ! Can you make some jokes? Like before?
'Justice League' director Zack Snyder steps down from film after daughter's suicide
Little Giant Ladders
Our hearts are with director Zack Snyder, as he steps away from Justice League to allow his family time to heal.
Joss Whedon takes command of Justice League post-production after tragedy strikes family of Zack Snyder
Anyone who attacks Zack Snyder and his wife for leaving Justice League needs their *** kicked.
I really hope that if Justice League is an amazing movie, people give the credit to Zack Snyder.
Joss Whedon is an accomplished director and since Zack Snyder trusts him enough to hand Justice League to him, we should supp…
Zach Snyder has stepped down from directing the upcoming Justice League film after his daughter's tragic death.
After a family tragedy, Zack Snyder is handing the remaining work on Justice League over to Joss Whedon:
Zack Snyder exits 'Justice League' after daughter's death -
Zack Snyder drops out of Justice League movie after daughter’s suicide, Joss Whedon taking over
Wow. You have to feel for Zack Snyder. Man has so much passion and he’s walking away from Justice League for something…
Tragic news: Zack Snyder steps down from 'Justice League' due to daughter's suicide. Joss Whedon will take over.
Move over Justice League - there's a new group of superheroes in town! Superheroes with band together…
We've got Wonder Woman 2, The Flash and Justice League updates in your Daily News Roundup...htt…
Justice League variant cover inspired by Magic Mike, with cover art by Emanuela Lupacchino.
Is Green Lantern in the Justice League movie? Details on Nerdist News!
I want Justice League so dark, Batman goes "These are my old friends, darkness and the night."
Watch some of the Justice League ones they're really good too especially Justice League Dark
ICYMI: Dark Nights: Metal features a different look for the Justice League.
People: Asking for a 'dark' Justice League film. Me: Ummm u do realize that a film called Justice League Dark is bei…
Yeah I want a new Constantine film after watching Justice League: Dark
My disappointment is at least hedged by the fact that Ridley Scott gets to make more Alien films, and Zack Snyder made Justice League.
So, Justice League: Dark is how Etrigan gained his independence once again?
Greg Capullo teases new Justice League costumes for DARK NIGHTS: METAL!
ICYMI: Check out Greg Capullo’s new Justice League costume designs for DARK NIGHTS: METAL!.
2 of 5 stars to Justice League, Volume 1 by Bryan Hitch
Justice League premiere tickets, top prize in raffle via Martin de la Haye (
MARVEL made me love a talking raccoon and tree in space. The snyderverse made me hate "Superman" and the "Justice League".
Danny Trejo is replacing Ben Affleck as the Bat in Justice League?!
Justice League musical score composer, Junkie XL, on the advice he took from Zack Snyder for his approach. source: http…
Meanwhile, DC got a live action titans on the way, more Justice League and Teen Titans movies, and young justice se…
Shout out to the Justice League of America, the Federal West Coast chapter, in particular.
The Daily Planet in 'Justice League: Action' is one of the newest renditions. As usual, it's in the center of the a…
You'd think Justice League was coming out this summer instead of Wonder Woman
Please come to Denver Comicon so the West coast can have a Justice League reunion. You're the only one missing!
Coming soon from Warner Bros. Pictures... when the Justice League isn't enough... you can count on Zack…
Justice League is in third . There is a little more than 3,000 points between them and Kelsey Grammar.
off human rights. Justice League has weighed in
|| I swear to the old gods, Justice League. Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, Amber Heard, who else?
Christian Dyer from Super Acquaintances shoots Lynn Sterwerf from Justice League of LE, here's the video
Jason Momoa calls the Justice League his 'brothers and sister'. Zack Snyder calls the Justice League 'my boys'... Loving the…
Justice League teaser 2: Ben Affleck’s Batman is gonna be the scene stealer, trailer drops in two days
*happily puts Justice League: The New Frontier on for my son without realising how dark it is*
"Have you finished your homework yet?". -. [ Justice League: The New Frontier ]
which hopefully makes me rewatch the Justice League trailer, which hopefully convinces me to watch Frontier Season 1.
I liked a video The Nerd Crew Episode 3: Justice League and Star Wars news!
New episode of Desi Geek Girls is up! Star Wars, Mass Effect, and the Spidey/Valerian/Justice League trailers:
DC: New Frontier is my favourite Justice League story. Perfect blend of Golden Age and Dawn of Silver Age...
.It should be Christian Bale as the Batman with Christopher Nolan directing in the new Justice League movie.
Greg and Uncle Nick talk about the Justice League movie and how Superman will return.
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Justice League!
Justice League better be good or I'll burn Warner Bros. down for doing all these amazing dc character so dirty 😑
Seeing backstabbing bloggers get exclusive Justice League footage.
"Hey! I know! Let's hire a trailer editing company to recut the whole movie! That plan can't fail twice!".
When you watch the justice league movie trailer and you think:. "How'd Cyborg become part of the Justice League he never EVER WAS?!".
Am I madly in love with the justice league cast or what
There’s a chance if you watch the 'Justice League' trailer wearing sunglasses you might not actually see anything
Justice League looks so good with Superman
I wanna see the new justice league movie but can't go without my love
ICYMI: Here's our description of the footage shown at
Here's my write up on all the DC footage that just screened at
Avengers react to 'Justice League' trailer in snarky mashup video.
Justice League On Set Preview - What Was That?subscribe to he gives you information about the dceu
Justice League is the culmination of a journey that’s been 7 years… - Snyder on Justice League
Justice League Trailer (I am looking forward to watch this along w/ the upcoming other DC movies.
WB previews and footage and gives more details about at
I can honestly say that I have ZERO interest in the justice league 🎥. Will wait to👂 my peeps' review before I spend 💰 on it.
Justice League's Runtime will be 2 hours & 50 minutes
Kendrick vs Drake "beef" is like the Justice League trailer. Neat in theory but when it's over y'all are gonna say "we got h…
Still cannot get over how stunning the Justice League trailer was. I loved every shot and dialogue. Thank you for everything…
Do I have to have seen Batman V. Superman to understand why I don't want to see Justice League
BREAKING: New trailer unites the team! -
New and footage, plus concept art screened at CinemaCon!
More new pics of Henry Cavill in Las Vegas coming in. Our wrap 📷 via…
Get ready everyone! Justice League preview on the way at
I liked a video from Justice League and Spider-man Full Trailers Have Arrived! -
"I’m here for JUSTICE LEAGUE, which is the greatest movie in the world. You haven’t seen it, but I have." - Jason Momoa. htt…
Catch up on everything from where Henry Cavill and the Justice League cast promoted the film
The way movies offer 3D or 2D... I think I could make it thru 3 hrs of Justice League. IF they offered a NON-desaturated versi…
A few new bits from Justice League. The Flash tapping a falling sword to Wonder Woman and then Flash geeking out over t…
just saw Justice League trailer... seriously... was the our friend Micheal Bay?
Ur wrong,The JLA has had different members. Its not known as the 'Justice Superman League'.
the link to my video the Justice League trailer review
An obscure app has become the go-to spot for exclusive Justice League footage
The new trailer introduces the age of heroes...and Aquaman versus a parademon!…
Have I missed anything while I was gone? Besides that magnificent JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer...
-Alfred, get the Batwing ready. Justice League is under attack. +By whom?. -By me!.
Justice League looks dope. Wait, ppl mean this JL, right?.
can they please make an Avengers vs. Justice League because that would actually be AMAZING.
No one can convince me that the justice league trailer is a reason to be hopeful for that movie
"I love bringing people together!" - Lex Luthor. Thank you, Lex for the Justice League.
I saw the Justice League trailer and I'm excited for this scene
Hey! I'm selling a huge set of one of the greatest/funniest runs in comics, the 1980s/1990s Justice League:
Man, no one does fighting game story like NRS still. Im legit getting confused about Justice League movie and the Injustice 2 s…
Justice League 2017 trailer EXCLUSIVE INITIAL THOUGHTS. Was it good or bad?. Check out my new blog post -
I cannot express in words how angry I am today... and the Justice League trailer did not help
Hey - I made you a Justice League teaser.
The Justice League trailer with the animated theme. Hope you guys like it!
I would like to thank Justice League for bringing our beloved Khal Drogo back to life looking *** better than ever.
A Justice League trailer was released yesterday and nobody cared
Justice League gets teasers for its new trailer (yup, you read that right) and some stylish posters:
ICYMI: A fantastic interview with Zack Snyder from yesterday about Batman's evolution, and more! https:/…
I want to know if that is supposed to be Giganta in the Justice League trailer...
I liked a video The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer
"Come Together" is stuck in my head after watching the trailer 100 times. I know I'm not alone!
(Justice League trailer). Barry Allen: what are your super powers again?. Bruce Wayne:
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The action in the 'Justice League' trailer is the only thing that makes me wanna see it. Still withholding any positive thoughts on it tho.
"Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me, dog" - Me impersonating Randy Jackson watching the Justice League trailer.
Just saw the Justice League yeah🔥
the DCEU doesn't seem to get its characters. Wonder Woman and Justice League have to do well, or I can't see them recovering.
Literally the only thing in Justice League that looks real is Wonder Woman.when she isn't moving. Have they learned nothing?
I'm in on Wonder Woman, Justice League, and whatever Harley Quinn thing in theaters. That is 3x the commitment I will give Marvel
Batman, Wonder Woman and more come together in the epic new 'Justice League' trailer
Justice League trailer has me more interested in seeing Wonder Woman than Justice League.
The Wonder Woman standalone movie looks more promising than Justice League tbh
Justice League: first full trailer released online
Justice League looks fine. Wonder Woman looks better. Let work his magic and we will right this DC movie ship.
love how the Justice League trailer made sure 2 show Wonder Woman 4 as the power house she is &not sideline her like most movies do to women
What I REALLY REALLY hope happens:. Superman returns at the end of Justice League to save everyone. . . . played by BRUCE CAMPBELL
Can't believe Zack Snyder is making a Justice League movie that looks like a mix between SEVEN SAMURAI & FELLOWSHIP OF THE…
Aquaman is lit. Cyborg is lit. Batman is lit. Zack Snyder is lit. In conclusion, Justice League is lit. 😎
Website Builder 728x90
Me after waking up for 5 mins watching the first Justice League trailer. Thanks Zack Synder!. league…
Watch the new trailer for Justice League
Zack Snyder is trending. Justice League is trending. Aquaman is trending. BOY WE ARE DC FOR LIFE SLAY
The official 'Justice League' trailer is here.
These Justice League teasers are flippin great. November can't come soon enough.
The has arrived! See a new photo of the team from the movie: 🙌
Refs are actually watching trailer for Justice League
^^^ I am looking forward to the trailer for Justice League!
Unite the League with a Aquaman and Batman Justice League Teasers
I liked a video from The Flash Justice League Trailer Spot Breakdown
Justice league is gonna be so badass
So what, a new trailer for Justice League coming out this Saturday?
There’s like 2 seconds of Batman in the new Justice League trailer tease
Not really into superhero movies but I really wanna watch Logan and Justice League when it comes out
New Justice League Movie trailer will drop soon!
My precious league of justice doers. Can't wait to see them in press tour.
How about a little tease? The Justice League teaser trailer preview is right this way:
I added a video to a playlist Justice League Kinder Eggs part 2!
📷 New Justice League Poster! Bonus: Wonder Woman getting the respect she deserves!
I can't even bring myself to pretend to be excited for the Justice League movie, a sentence I can't believe is true
Aquaman, Batman, and now The Flash has a Justice League trailer teaser video
First JUSTICE LEAGUE Posters Feature Logo, Aquaman, and Calls for the Heroes to Unite
I liked a video from New Batman Suit Revealed for Justice League
⚡️ “The Justice League teasers are rolling in 🙌”.
Batman tossing Aquaman his trident is so smooth! .
The Justice League movie is going to be flames!! They better have learned from the mistakes they made with BvS
The Flash gets his own teaser video and poster!
A great enemy forces Batman to unite the World's Greatest Super Heroes in New 52's JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN!
Justice League keeps looking better and better . So did BvS. I don't know anymore
With justice league trending rn i still wonder if they take that 'easter egg' from BvsS seriously and make an injustice movie one day.
I hope for the first half of JUSTICE LEAGUE, Superman's still dead, but Batman "weekend at Bernie's" him to convince peopl…
Justice League is coming... led by a half-Native American, half-Hawaiian Aquaman. What a time to be alive.
Here's the official Justice League poster... let the countdown begin.
Getting excited for the Justice League movie is like being a Browns fan thinking the next season is going to be "the one".
Initially doubted Ezra as the Flash but Justice League (teaser has me doubting my doubts.
Check out the brand new BATMAN poster from -
There’s a new look at J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in Justice League and we have the scene’s details.
I liked a video from Justice League Teaser Trailer - Batman and The Flash
Me because the Justice League trailer is coming soon
I'm loving these new General Mills Cereal boxes with the Justice League! Got issue in my Wonder Woman Cheerios!…
Justice League. Super team, super dream, fight evil too big for one, the good fight is never done. Space station, battle evil in evry nation
Wonder Woman and Justice League star Gal Gadot gives birth to second child
After Logan I've forgotten all about Guardians 2, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Justice League, & Thor 3, idk how they're…
What an amazing year. We’ve already got Logan and Iron Fist. Still getting Spider man, GoTG2, Wonder Woman, Thor, Inhumans & Justice League
I forgot what a boss Supergirl is on the Justice League cartoon. They basically gave her Conner Kent's personalty minus the brooding
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Really hoping the Justice League movie is really a Crisis On Infinite Earths movie so they can reboot the whole thing sans blue lighting.
Have an action-packed playtime experience with new DC Girls & Justice League toys on the blog:
Before the Justice League is formed, Bruce Wayne buys up the Daily Planet and hires Diana Prince as a reporter to spy on Clark Kent.
Julian Lewis Jones' Wikipedia page says he's been cast as Jay Garrick in Justice League. This is most likely BS.
Great year for movies. I think Justice League is out this year too.could be wrong tho.
Justice League toys may be revealed on Saturday at Toy Fair New York. Some reveals maybe 👀.
I liked a video from Lego Batman TOP 50 Easter Eggs - Justice League and Suicide
Please get Michael Ironside or Steve Blum to voice Darkseid for Justice League
George and Amal Clooney are also expecting twins, we're gonna have a baby Justice League on our hands
My Dad believes WB's biggest DC mistake is not making Justice League when they had Christopher Reeve and Michael Ke…
The Best Justice League of America Team Lineups - a new Justice League debuting this week, we look back at the si...
Am I the only one who thinks Jesse Eisenberg is gonna be jacked in the Justice League movie?
Finished Justice League & Justice League unlimited and both were amazing shows. I see that pulled a lot from these episodes
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