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Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark is an ongoing DC Comics series, announced as part of the universe wide overhaul, announced on May 31, 2011. The title follows the adventures of a more supernatural team than traditional Justice League titles, and is written by Peter Milligan, with art by Mikel Janin.

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John Constantine exposes David Copperfield in new Justice League Dark clip
Check out the first trailer for DC's R-rated Justice League Dark film from Warner Bros. Animation via CBR…
In a perfect world, Doug Liman would abandon that 'Justice League Dark' project & ultimately direct 'The Flash' instead.
Justice League Dark live-action movie director Doug Liman vows to "turn the comic book genre on its head"
discusses his approach to 'Justice League Dark' and 'women in jeopardy'
Doug Liman ditched to do Justice League Dark... Kinberg said script isn't complete. Probably get scrapped 🙁
Liman should seriously think about putting The Phantom Stranger in Justice League Dark, maybe The Spectre too
HeatVisionBlog: What you need to know about
BREAKING! Warner Bros. hires director for Justice League Dark movie
What are your dream casting choices for Justice League Dark?
Director will take on Justice League Dark in "Dark Universe"
I just found out that Justice League Dark is actually, finally happening. And Doug Liman is directing it. *** yeah.
The director of Gambit has left to direct DC's Dark movie!
Justice League Dark movie sounds great.but give me a John Constantine movie based in DCEU first
Del Toro isn't directing Justice League Dark Anymore it's Doug Liman now (Bourne Identity, Edge of Tomorrow )
LOL Justice League Dark can be fun & dark at the same time.people, critics and fans (don't think your innocent) think its 1 or the other.
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The Justice League movie Guillermo Del Toro almost made is back in the running
I liked a video from Doug Liman Exits Gambit for Justice League Dark | Collider News
I'd love to see as Constantine in Justice League Dark.
Warner Bros. and DC's has found its director.
Justice League Dark sounds a nice change of pace for WB after all their fun, light-hearted fare from the last few years :)
Doug Liman leaving to direct This is both good news and bad news and we're torn!
I liked a video from Justice League Dark Breakdown and Animated Trailer
Doug Liman skips out on to direct instead. Was it a smart move?
Doug Liman to direct Justice League Dark movie, exits Gambit...
Warner Bros. hires director for 'Justice League Dark' movie!
"dc is too dark". dc: ... dc: here's a movie about VILLAINS, here's supes' new suit, it's BLACK, here's our director for justice league DARK,
Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Lima will direct Justice League Dark.
Justice league dark, Shazam, booster gold. I have faith
.returns as John Constantine in upcoming animated movie Justice League Dark!
Kind of disappointed in DC's upcoming animated movie slate. Only thing I really want to see is Justice League Dark
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DC may finally make a Justice League Dark movie, but it'll be animated...
Mavel: Cap is HYDRA, Bucky should be in BP movie! Civil War II! . DC: Justice League Dark animated movie! Rebirth! https:…
Fingers crossed they showcase Constantine's sexuality in Justice League Dark as they did with Batwoman in Bad Blood.
Congratulations to Enrico Colantoni for his work on Justice League Dark! :)
How about the darkside of DC getting movies. Animal Man. Swamp Thing. Some characters from Justice League Dark. Any of it.
I really hope that report late last year that wb/dc were actively developing jl dark was true. I LOVE justice League Dark...
Yes I'm still butthurt that Constantine got cancelled, but hopefully Justice League Dark will make up for all of it.
Finished reading justice league dark it is a good comic book
Who would you prefer as Constantine in 'JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK'?
Justice League: Flashpoint is dark asf bro
Do you think a successful Suicide Squad could mean a S.H.A.D.E. Or Justice League Dark movie? Why/why not?
📷 why-i-love-comics:  Justice League Dark variant cover by Kyle Baker
good stuff !! Now bring back JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK,Animal Man,and the real Constantine!
Justice League : The Flashpoint Paradox; went to a dark place. I loved it.
ahh. same here. im trying to find time to finish the last volume of Justice League DARK. & what shows? I…
Trying to read Uncanny X-Force(2010) and Justice League Dark in the same day.
I'm worried if they can't figure out how to turn them not huge openings they might never do justice league dark
i'd like Eiza Gonzalez in the in Justice League Dark movie maybe
Hopefully Justice League Dark is with Warner Bros. and not New Line, because New Line is totally screwing over their creative talent.
Begins is done. Time for The Dark Knight. Maybe I'll watch Justice League: Doom and Superman/Shazam: Return of Black Adamn after that.
let's just cancel this Sandman movie and make a Justice League Dark movie instead. New Line are incompetent. that scare me for Shazam film
I guess before watching i'll watch. Man of Steel. The Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman Public Enemies. Justice League DCAU. Watchmen
Ohhh the Justice League Dark thing. Constantine punching dudes is really missing the point entirely on John Constantine.
I want her Justice League Dark but I have a feeling she won't survive SS, unless JLD takes place before.
I hope we hear something about Justice League Dark and possibly something about Enchantress being the villain?
I desperately want justice league dark to be announced and cast.
As a lifelong DC fan; may I ask if you know the DC brand Justice League Dark? ;). thanks for your time
Here's this weekend's edition of The Week in Spandex
Justice League Dark should be my absolute jam—it started off with Zatanna and Shade, cripes!—only everything was misjudged about it.
And then he had his stint on Justice League Dark with Shade coming back, endlessly reanimating Kathy into gross puppet monsters.
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3 of 5 stars to Justice League Dark by Peter Milligan
3 of 5 stars to Justice League Dark (2011- ) by Peter Milligan
or a Justice League Dark solo movie: Swamp Thing or Constantine
Aquaman can't get here soon enough! Very excited for that, Justice League Dark, and Booster Gold.
{Sneak Peek at Justice League Dark Art by the amazing:
Guessing the ride will be a laser gun dark ride like their Justice League Battle 4 Metropolis
:-) Hi! Who's producing "Justice League Dark?" In my opinion, should have given more time.
Yes Someone stole my plans to destroy the Justice league if we ever gone to the dark side
I bet the Justice League Dark members have the best orgies ever
I wish Hellboy 3(now that Justice League Dark is no longer happening) was a priority over PR2
Marvel has movies in theaters did that stop dc ? So why not make a Netflix project I bet justice league dark would do well on Netflix
Justice League Dark. A solo Constantine show feels like a knock off Doctor Who.
If Legends works, I'd kill to see Justice League Dark or Shadowpact get the TV treatment with him.
This week's recommended reading from Michael Flores.
Eh, I *like* More would be great, but I'd also be up for something like Justice League Dark.
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Selling my complete runs of Constantine and Justice League Dark on ebay!.
I was hoping Justice League: Dark would take off. Love him and Zatana and Deadman together.
apparently Guillermo Del Toro left the production of dark universe. meh. buT WHY. NO MORE JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK
- Justice League vs The Avengers. But without any superpowers or the Dark Knight.
Justice League Dark is real good so far. I'm only on Peter Milligan's run and not Jeff Lemire who ruins everything that is good and pure
yea I'm aware of Justice League Dark and it does seem like it would have a similar feel to ss, I feel like they might have
I want it to happen because justice league dark is a really cool series. It's a magic/supernatural side of the DC world and I
well there are plans to do a justice league dark movie where it's got John Constantine, zatana, xandau and the enchantress as
And Sarah Silverman is still my fancast for Zatanna in a Justice League Dark movie
Yes! And if they make a Justice League Dark movie we want Matt Ryan to reprise his role again as
It was nice seeing Constantine again. Hopefully he returns with a Justice League Dark teammate we all love.
Same problem as dark haired blue eyed Bruce & Clark practically looked the same in Justice league animated series,
*** just give us another spin-off based on Justice League Dark. I NEED MORE CONSTANTINE.
Next year for Ssn 2 of Legends of Tomorrow: Justice League Dark series starring Constantine!
The show had so much potential... they could've built towards a proper Justice League Dark! ARGH! NBC was the wrong network.
or at least create a Justice League Dark show with him in it!!
Awesome to see in Seriously hope we get to see more. Legends of Tomorrow: Justice League Dark please!!
Can we please get that Justice League Dark series made for TV instead of as a film? We've got to be an amazing Constantine
Justice League Dark is rumored to begin production in 2016, with Scott Rudin directing and Del Toro producing.
Justice League Dark. A team of occult detectives, renegade sorcerers, demons, and the strange take o
guys a star man! Lid honestly shove him in the Justice League Dark movie
I thought Justice League Dark would be cool.
Justice League Dark is coming folks!!! wouldnt be surprised if Del Toro jumps back on & just produces Pacific Rim 2
the Dark God fought with two blown out eyes. He fought the entire Justice League by--
The batsuit in Justice League will be dark. . Superman will have a red cape. . Wonder Woman will have long hair. . SCOOP.
I think a Guy Richie Justice league Dark would be interesting, he knows how to build tension,
I haven't been watching, but no one stops talking about it. They'd do really well in Justice League Dark
Paul Dano would fit really well in the DCEU. Justice League Dark would be appropriate. I just love Paul Dano
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Yall ready for some justice league dark highlights??
Justice League Doom, Under the red hood, son of batman(lame), batman beyond, Flashpoint, dark knight returns, mask of the phantasm.
I liked a video Justice League Dark - Fan Film
I'm selling 'Legends of the Dark Knight League America D.C. COMICS MIX' Click to see
Wow! I just won this for free, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 2014
is love to see cyborg turn up too, I'm gutted they aren't adapting justice league dark anymore though :(
he would be a cool villain in, like, Justice League Dark or something. I can see him as a character in that
For those who love spirits Gotham by midnight is per--fection for your taste and Justice league dark>
Deadpool, Sandman, Black Panther, Suicide Squad, and Justice League Dark are all getting movies, what a time to be alive
Wasn't going to do another magic users series to replace Justice League Dark? Dark Universe or something? That still happening?
Is this justice league dark movie happening or not?
I added a video to a playlist Justice League Dark - Fan Film
I hate DC for cancelling the justice league dark movie. smh, I needed my Zatanna fix
Justice League "gods and monsters" was pretty dark despite its bright colores.
Tom Hardy as John Constantine is actually perfect. I really just want Justice League:Dark to be announced.
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What ever happened to Dark Universe? J Reid discusses the status of Justice League Dark's successor:
Yeah man, I like Swamp Thing as he is in Justice League Dark. I'd like to see it.
Justice League Dark has a good story line with some of the B-listers as well
Dx-Xtreme Little Boys' Justice League Glow in the Dark Tee in Black (c) 4
What if the embraced their dark side? Find out when you pick up today.
Also ending today is a big bunch of Lemire-written Justice League Dark, featuring John Constantine heavily.
I think you should play Deadman in the Justice League Dark movie. What do you think? (photo is not mine)
Also Higgins/Barrows Nightwing and Lemire/Janin Justice League Dark, at fairly low prices still!
I hope justice league Dark still happens
DC gets dark in my take on their latest animated feature, "Justice League: Gods and Monsters." --
"From dark roads he rose, to become a hero. Facin' the league of justice, his power was the people"
I like Dark Knight Returns but that Batman does not belong in a Justice League centered universe. I hope for the best
justice league dark yes you finally heard people like me much love :D
For those of you asking us to help you experience other DC Superheros Grayson, Lobo, Justice League Dark, Constantine are all being explored
I NEED A JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK MOVIE. or just a series. Please. DC. Please.
Justice League:Gods and Monsters was a very dark and entertaining movie. I don't know anything about the AU and it was very refreshing!
Justice League Dark needs to hurry up and be announced so I can see Etrigan in live action for the first time.
My favorite as of right now is either The Dark Knight Returns or Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
Justice League Dark still in development, but apparently without Guillermo Del Toro
Guillermo Del Toro is not developing Justice League Dark. Has the world ended. 💀😱😡
Guillermo Del Toro exits Justice League Dark. Hopefully because he started working with
A new Robot Pool Party with GI Joe 3 rumors, Teen Titans, Justice League Dark, Ghostbusters 3 and more!.
Photo: (via 'Justice League Dark' Script and Fate are in Warner Bros Hands)
The new Justice League Dark, featuring Burt Macklin and a pumpkin.
I noticed there was no Justice League Dark on the WB schedule for film releases.
well Aquaman ties into Justice League which is really good. Also, try Justice League Dark. It's so boss, funny too.
now I have no desire to read it. On the subject of Lemire how is his justice league dark?
I'm assuming they won't still use the boat from the old Scooby Doo ride at Six Flags St. Louis.
It has the same rule as the rumored justice league dark film, if it is successful-
For sure. But i think he connects with Justice League Dark, not necessary the Justice League.
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Except for, of course, Cos that might be connected to Guillermo Del Toro's Dark Universe (Justice League Dark).
I think he is part of DCU, but his connections are more with Justice League Dark than Justice League.
Yeah I was reading some Justice League Dark before I watched I'm a big fan of Constantine now.
Got back my room was dark and my roommate was watching justice league on his laptop
Related note: Swamp Thing is going to be in the Justice League Dark movie so that's rad.
I would say Over Texas fans & St Louis fans are pretty happy with the justice league shooter dar…
We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Now, back to business. Have you heard what all the hype is about?
Get ready for the official Return of the JUSTICE LEAGUE to Stella's Bar with "STELLA'S AFTER DARK:THE RETURN OF...
Hellboy + Pan's labyrinth = Justice League Dark. Del toro is perfect to make this movie.
Have you read any Justice League Dark yet? If not I'd be more than happy to lend you my copies. Great stuff!
I liked a video from Arrow Season 3 and Justice League Dark Explained
Oooh and I still need to read Justice League Dark from last week. New comic book day tomorrow :)
I have class in 5 hours but this justice league dark book is gud
have you read justice league dark? Just picked up vol 1 today and I'm wondering if it's any good before I start
My teeny tiny dark knight lol this is how he dresses to watch justice league 👓
Cory Mallett, Keyrah Kilgore, Kenneth Simpson, Will Peters, Dustin Pendergrass, Zachary Mott, Rosa Mallett, Russell Reid, what about this. Looks like DC, is finally ready to take on Marval. First step, no more going head to head with Captain America 3. I am looking for The Rock as Shazam, ( I hope and thought he was playing Black Adam), and Justice League Dark. Along with Wonder Woman and Constantine
Guillermo Del Toro scorecard: Justice League Dark is still happening, Hulk is not.
TIRADE MOMENT: DC owns so many great team concepts. Doom Patrol, Legion, JSA, The Authority. What do we get? Justice League Dark!??
So while we can’t put Eve Coffin into the game (Coffin Hill), we could put John Constantine in (Justice League Dark).
I'm still holding out for Paul Bettany as Constantine in the Justice League Dark film...
Has John Constantine really turned his back on everything that’s he’s been fighting for as the leader of Justice League Dark?
According to Deadline, Criminal Minds and Layer Cake player Matt Ryan has been cast as John Constantine in the NBC pilot directed by The Descent helmer Neil Marshall. Ryan is Welsh, so he comes from the right side of the Atlantic. We'll have to wait to see if he looks sharp in a trench coat. The news of Ryan's casting also came with an apparent hook for the pilot, which finds the working-class a-hole stepping to play the hero "when the daughter of a late friend is targeted by demons." The pilot is written by The Mentalist executive producer Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer, the writer who is basically Warner Bros.' go-to guy on comic book properties. Blade writer Goyer co-wrote Batman Begins and received story credits on its two sequels before moving on Man of Steel and the 2016 sequel Batman vs. Superman, as well as the Sandman adaptation he's developing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. John Constantine is also reportedly a part of Justice League Dark, the all-star Vertigo team-up feature being developed by .. ...
So, Mikel Janin is apparently leaving Justice League Dark. A true shame, the title won't be the same without him.
Yeah, if you're looking for "fun", Justice League Dark would be an odd choice.
Justice League Dark is all the DC elements I love somehow blended to be dull as dishwater. With trade I bid the book adieu.
I'm assuming most of you at least read some comics. What are your favorite current comics? Mine are Wolverine & and the X-Men (or anything written by Jason Aaron), Jonathan Hickman's New Avengers and Avengers (and again his Image stuff like Manhattan Projects), Saga, Revival, Pretty Deadly, Captain America, Uncanny Avengers (Rick Remender's is fast becoming one of my favorite writers), Batman, Batman & Robin, Justice League Dark, Constantine and that's about it from DC. I also read a lot of horror comics from Avatar and Dark Horse comics like Crossed, Ferals, Extinction Parade (all are adults only!), anything B.P.R.D and Hellboy related, anything by Steve Niles. Garth Ennis is by far my favorite writer and I'll check out whatever he writes. As you can see, I read less superhero comics but I still enjoy a few and always check them out. What are some of your favorites? Surprised this question hasn't been brought up before.
You know who I'd like to see in Guillermo Del Toro's "Justice League Dark" movie? Phantom Stranger. Played by Kevin Conroy.
Animal Man & Justice League Dark, from the mind of are incredible reads month in and out. Love these titles!
We go 1 on 1 with the writer behind Animal Man, Justice League Dark and Green Arrow, Comics
i swear, if Del Toro's plans for a 'Justice League Dark' movie really does come to fruition, i will be so *** ecstatic
Thank goodness he's working on Justice League Dark then!
Spending my weekend reading Justice League Dark and I, Vampire. First time trying out the magical corner of the DCU, great stuff!
That Guillermo Del Toro is going to direct Justice League Dark.
I hope these Justice League Dark rumors are true. That would be so EPIC!
rakes in the Green Machine. Now, about that little Justice League Dark Movie, Del Toro.
...but I am definitely not behind on Justice League Dark and JLA.
not regular Justice League, but Justice League Dark. They take care of the mystic/magical side of the DC Universe.
after hellboy, now pasific Rim… hoping next..urusawa monster series and Justice league dark….
they are giving him time. He is a cool character. Pick up some Justice League Dark since he is in that and see how u like
I mostly want Pacific Rim to succeed so Guillermo Del Toro can make his Justice League Dark movie. And also because it's ROBOTS VS MONSTERS.
I need to catch up on Justice League Dark, Wonder Woman, and Attack on Titan before I pick up anything else.
I never read Justice League Dark However I did read the last Issue and now I will be reading (
In regards to Del know DC have him working on a Justice League Dark film, huh?
I wanna read the prequel comic now. Plus I want Pacific Rim sequel instead of Justice League Dark movie please.
Just saw Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro, if you get the green light to do a Justice League Dark movie, I will without a doubt watch it! Wow
I need to read Justice League Dark. John Constantine is the only DC character I love to see in anything.
My new article: Guillermo Del Toro talks Haunted Mansion and Justice League Dark
If the Justice League Dark film gets the green light, that would the best news all year.
Time to get caught up on Justice League Dark!
so DC before making the long-awaited, much-discussed Justice League movie are rather making first a Justice League Dark film.
Justice League Dark will be directed by Guillermo Del Toro, director of Pacific Rim
One of the best movie of the year, please GdT, Justice League Dark, please make it happe...
Jeff Lemire's leaving Justice League Dark after Trinity War. I may not even last THAT long.
Gulliermo Del Torro talks about Justice League Dark and his reboot of Disney's Haunted Mansion
Best of the Week: Justice League Dark Vol 02 TP from & Peter Milligan ON SALE NOW 50% OFF -
Trinity War will by my final 2 issues of Justice League Dark
Ok, so now I will be patiently waiting for GDT's Justice League Dark movie and Crimson Peak.okay not-so-patiently. Give it, Guillermo!
Del Toro runs down his list of plans with MTV News, including "Justice League Dark."
In some cases, like Peter Milligan's Justice League Dark, I have prior experience of his work, Red Lanterns, and it was different
The secret origin of Justice League 1985?!?
Once I'm done that, I'm moving on to other good stuff: Mind MGMT, Justice League Dark, L'il Gotham, Superior Spider-Man and Young Avengers.
Topics: The highest rated shows, and why the Nielson Rating System is awful. Guillermo Del Torro wrote a script for Justice League Dark. Iron Man 3 with no spoilers. Older Star Trek movies and Next Generation. Superhero television shows. And we make the hard sale to Adrian to watch Battlestar Galactica. And is Mad Men pulling a Game of Thrones?
Justice League Dark is an ongoing DC Comicsseries, announced as part of the universe wide overhaul, announced on May 31, 2011.[1] The title follows the adventures of a more supernatural team than traditional Justice League titles, and is written by Peter Milligan, with art by Mikel Janin. The title…
Jeff Lemire has been doing great Constantine stuff recently in Justice League Dark...check it if you haven't already
The other heroes in Justice League Dark are The Phantom Stranger, The Spectre, and Etrigan. The villain in the movie is Floronic Man.
The heroes in Justice League Dark are Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Sargon The Sorcerer, Zatanna, and Zatara.
You ever feel like he'd be more at home with Justice League Dark? lol
Well Justice League has the Dark Knight so it wins
now so it's not too much of a shocker. But yeah Dark Universe, or "JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK" and regular JL are 2 totally diff.
Del Toro's movie is the Dark justice league of Constantine, Swamp Thing, the Demon, Deadman, the Spectre etc
Hmmm..I have it as official he's the director of "Dark Universe" - a Justice League movie.
Are you excited for Justice League Dark film? Can you tell us anything about it?
THAT is the absolute truth! I'm not sure about this movie at all. I heard they're doing Justice League Dark sooo IDK
No Justice League Dark? They're sorta kinda a Justice League too! :-(
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And they're making a justice league dark movie
Tempted to start a petition to have Alley-Kat-Abra added to Justice League Dark. Should I attempt this, please someone tase me.
Photoset: dudetube: Trinity War kicks off in Justice League, JLA & Justice League Dark
Batman & Wonder Woman had a thing in Justice League. What about the Cat Burglar in The Dark Knight Rises?
I buy one Justice League Dark comic and it ends on a cliffhanger so I guess I have to buy them all now
4-1 Leafs!! The Leaf players must be Justice League Dark fans. Trying to impress and I
So in Justice League, Batman is dark, brooding, and hard. In Unlimited he's... an officer that socializes?
WOAH! Is WARNER BROTHERS thinking about DARK KNIGHT 4?! Find out here ->
How many Justice League super heroes does it take to change a light bulb? Super heroes don't exist and Batman likes it dark. *** off.
Going back to my self-assigned Comics homework. Added "Hellblazer" to the list, b/c I've been enjoying Constantine in Justice League Dark.
Will you guys be talking about Justice League Dark or about how hot the Habs are right now?
Him directing the sci-fi flick Interstellar so soon after The Dark Knight Rises is a good…
The Wednesday after I'll be getting these books: Batman INC, Justice League Dark, East of West, Jupiters Legacy, and Guardians of the Galaxy
Been watching old justice league episodes an no wonder it didn't last long on CN, some dark plot lines here an I loved this as a kid...
After weeks of speculation about the fate of the Justice League movie and whether The Dark…
The director of the hit Batman movie trilogy which concluded last year with The Dark Knight…
Man I can't wait to see how DC makes Wonder Woman and The Flash "dark" and "gritty" for the Justice League movie.
Charlie Hunnam for Flash in Justice League and John Constantine in Justice League Dark ?!?!
Christopher Nolan will not produce 'Justice League', Warner confirms: It was rumored last month that the Dark ...
I don't know if this would happen before or after Guillermo's "Justice League Dark" movie, but I just wanna see it!
Picked up Justice League Dark along with my usual books. Interested in this team.
Justigue league heroes tshirt on eBay:
I thought he was dope in Justice League Dark, but Hellblazer is probably way grittier
can't see them letting a dark Justice League movie happen...although Watchmen came close!
With Christopher Nolan having completed his groundbreaking Batman trilogy with 'The Dark…
Tonight's films were The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Batman - The Mystery of the Batwoman and Justice League -...
some of it, but I’m into some of DC’s comics. Justice League Dark movie could be good
No me gusta David Finch como ilustrados de the Dark Knight y Justice League of America.
Charlie Hunnam rumoured to be John Constantine in Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark? YES PLEASE!
Spending my night watching The Justice League and editing The Dark World.
Alright, try to stick Justice League Dark on that list.
I'm not saying that, but what I am saying is not all superheroes have to be "dark". Least of all Superman and the Justice League
the new 52 Constantine, it's shaping good, also Justice League Dark on which the character figures prominently
Milligan wrote the 1st 9 issues of Justice League Dark. It's quite good too.
I am going to miss the League of justice. I hope you'll miss me too good bye from CB.DarkTooth and OD.Dark
I liked a video Christopher Nolan to produce Justice League? Will his Dark Knight tone work??
Can we get another Dark Knight movie please. If Man Of Steel kicks *** then Justice League might take off but we need batman
same id only watch it when i would wait for Justice league or the other good CartoonNetwork shows :)
Deadman n Constantine on the same team? Justice League Dark
With all the buzz about justice league dark I think im gonna give the comic a shot . I like the character constantine so should be fun :)
Just finished issue 18 of Justice League Dark. Nice way to finish up the third story arc of the series. Now I can't wait for May!
Trinity War will play out in 3 issues each of Justice League, Justice League Dark & JLA. No Lois cuz he's off planet
dude if Nolan actually direct The Justice League it will be legit...and the Superman movie cant be dark like batman if it is...
Things I need to get my hands on: Justice League: Earth's Last Defense and Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Strikes Again.
as did I.. She may be joining Justice League Dark tho
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Guillermo Del Toro gives an update on his Justice League Dark movie - "Constantine is our lead":
And they said epilogues are unnecessary filler. "ROBIN R.I.P." BEGINS!! "DEATH OF THE FAMILY" epilogues!! 'THRONE OF ATLANTIS" epilogues!! "WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN" continues!! "GORILLA WARFARE" concludes!! In perhaps one of the most talked about weeks in years, get to your local comic shops today for Batman Incorporated and have your brainmeats explode! And while you're there, check out the all-new issues of Batman: The Dark Knight, Aquaman, The Flash, Red Lanterns, Teen Titans, Justice League Dark, All-Star Western, I Vampire, The Savage Hawkman, The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, and Talon! A legendary journey's end...begins.
Guillermo Del Toro has dropped some tantalising hints of where he sees his Justice League Dark story developing. Fans of DC Comics' darker take on its Avengers-style superteam are in for a treat.   In a recent interview to talk all things Mama, del Toro revealed that pre-production is moving along smoothly, and detailed which character arcs he'd love to address from the comics.   "I am going to be presenting my storyline to DC and Warners of where I want to take this universe. We do have a writer, but until that is firmed up, I have to keep it a secret. I hope it happens," he said. "It's going really really well. It's like meeting old friends. I grew up with Demon Etrigan, with Swamp Thing, with Deadman, so these are characters that are near and dear to my heart."   "I'd love to use the origins that are proper to each character. I love the idea of Jason Blood as a paladin and a knight…. I love the entire Constantine mythology, the Dead Man mythology, the Alex Holland Swamp Thing mythology. ...
Look! NEW Comics! All-New X-Men - Young Cyclops tries to make sense of what he has seen of his future, but everything may just be all the more confusing when Mystique gets involved! Avengers - The tale of the all-new Smasher! Fearless Defenders - NEW Misty Knight is tracking down some old relics, but these "trinkets" may be more exciting than just some ancient statues...when they may be of Asgardian origin! And definitely more exciting when Valkyrie get involved! Green Arrow - NEW CREATIVE TEAM! Acclaimed writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Frankenstein, Justice League Dark) and up-and-coming superstar artist Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire) take the series in a new direction as Ollie loses his company and fortune! Hit-Girl - FINAL ISSUE! Crimeboss Ralphie Genovese sends a team of goons to crash this good cop Marcus's house, little do they know...Hit-Girl lives there! Iron Man - The Extremis threat has been eliminated! Seeing the potential that manking can hold, his sense of accomplishment has been challen ...
I have read most of the New 52 issues. Some surprising good ones were Aquaman, Batwing, I,Vampire, Demon Knight and Voodoo. I kind of really want to read I,Vampire now and maybe Demon Knight too. The other three series I listed off I'll keep in mind. Other good issues were Wonder Woman, Superboy, Supergirl, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Justice League Dark. What are other people's thoughts?
People keep misunderstanding me on my views on the New 52. I hate it as a whole. HOWEVER! There are things I like. Scott Snyder's Batman, Geoff Johns' Aquaman, All-Star Western, Justice League Dark, and when it starts in March I will start to read Constantine. -McManus
Welcome to the birth of a new year for the Pick of the Brown Bag. This week it's All-Star Western, Batman Beyond Unlimited, Batman: Dark Knight, The Flash, Hellboy, Justice League Dark, Superman, The Teen Titans and Vampirella Strikes.
I'm closing down a delinquent file -- which is sad -- but it does mean we now have several long runs on popular titles. If you are looking for semi-recent issues of Amazing, Avengers, Batgirl, Batman Inc., Batwoman, Captain America, Flash, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Uncanny X-Force, Venom, Justice League Dark, or Venom then we have supply!
ACQUISITION DAY: oof, what a day! "All-New X-Men", "I, Vampire", "Justice League Dark", "Talon", "Teen Titans"... Catching up with "Wolverine & the X-Men", finally picking up October's Vertigo anthology "Ghosts", investing in Scott Snyder's "American Vampire"... I'm broke, but wow was it worth it! Let's start with the good: "All-New X-Men" opens with psychic surgery, and it's a rockstar run from there! At only 5 issues in, this comic was named one of the top series for 2012, and with good reason! As someone who has followed Bendis from New Avengers right after the Avengers: Disassembled event, through "House of M" and beyond, I have never seen him looking so good! This book is a must! The original X-Men (Jean Grey included) coming forward in time to confront distorted versions of themselves? It may be a tough idea to sell, but Bendis does it incredibly well, with the help of Stuart Immonen, providing the perfectly suited artwork. If you're not reading this book, you should check it out! Next, we'v ...
I've been reading Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Superman, Smallville and Arrow. I'll try Justice League Dark and Birds of Prey.
Justice League Dark is a lot more fun if you imagine Keanu Reeves reading John Constantine's dialogue.
DC Cancels Hellblazer, Announces New 52-Based Constantine Ongoing - As of February's Hellblazer John Constantine will no longer walk the London streets of Vertigo. Instead, Robert Venditti will tell the solo adventures of his New 52 Justice League Dark counterpart in Constantine.
Some encouraging out of Hollywood. The first is Guillermo Del Toro *** Boy, *** Boy 2, Blade 2) is in talks to direct a movie based on the DC Comic Book "Justice League Dark" (my preferred title) or "Heaven Sent" (kinda of a lame title if you ask me). This movie would feature Deadman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, Constantine Hellblazer, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, Sargon, & Etrigan the Demon. A great idea if it can be made w/del Toro. Also Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, X-Men:First Class) is in talks to direct new Star Wars movie. Again an idea I can support. Let's hope (through I doubt they will) happen.
The wild conclusion to the Books of Magic arc. It’s awesome! 9.5 out of 10! And in case that team wasn't random enough, they threw in Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.
Guillermo Del Toro has responded to rumours that he was offered the chance to make a Warner Bros movie bringing together many of DC Comics' supernatural heroes.
Little Giant Ladders
Justice League Dark would be a Heaven Sent movie for Guillermo Del Toro: Guillermo Del Toro has responded to rum...
Guillermo Del Torois occasionally accused by fans of committing to way too many projects, more than he can ever possibly make. It helps if you understand that he knows full well that not all of those projects will ever happen. One of the things you have to do if you're a working director is develo...
We are on the in-waves with reviews of Aquaman, Joe Kubert Presents, Phantom Lady and Dollman, the annuals of Avenging Spider-Man, Batgirl, Justice League Dark and Swamp Thing. I also cover Critter, Doctor Who and Legend of the Wicked West.
Thanks for all the kind words about Green Arrow. Still writing Animal Man and Justice League Dark for a long haul too!
DC's greatest supernatural superheroes to unite.
next up I read"justice league dark annual number 1" at Tytan Comics
the possibility of Guillermo Del Toro doing his own version of 'Justice League Dark' with; Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Deadman, Constantine, Etrigan, Spectre, and a few others is just too awesome. glad to hear he would love to do it.
The cover:Nick Necro has powered up in a major way! White energy is exploding from him as the League lies at this feet. Only Zatanna is still fighting on. This is a good image, but it was the copy that convinced me to pick this up: “The Books of Magic…In the hands of Nick Necro!” I was/am a huge fan...
We have half our comic shipment for last week. Including A+X, Wolverine and X-Men, Avenging Spider-Man Annual, X-Men Legacy, Action Comics Annual, Batgirl Annual, Justice League Dark Annual, Lot 13 and more. Comic Fusion has heat and light and we are playing games, so come on down to warm up.
Check out what we think of the wild conclusion to the Books of Magic arc. Okay we’ll tell you now: it’s awesome!
Whether he is doing a Justice League Dark or an Alan Moore adaption, Del Toro's DC Comics movie has to happen.
Ain't It Cool News recently intervciewed Jeff Lemire about his current work. You can find the interview here. Lots of good stuff. One reader asked...
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