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Justice Ganguly

Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly is the Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission and an Honorary Professor at the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences.

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Look at the new narrative concerning Justice A.K. Ganguly and the Delicate Words of - (1/2)
I think 2G license cancellation last day of Justice Ganguly.
We can understand position of women from the eyes of Justice Ganguly(Retd).
Is law equals? Y hasn’t police arrested Justice Ganguly so long? Y keep Bapuji in jail for no evidence?
The Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad is inviting applications for its Young Professionals Programme for Legal...
I will bribe justice Arnab to haunt them after retirement like he haunted Jus. Ganguly? Only fearless man next to Dr. Swamy? Lol?
We don't want our schools to produce what Justice A.K. Ganguly called "Patriotic Morons"!
Anupam kher humbled justice ganguly&likes.there is an army of idiotic intellectuals who conspire to negate india's rise. hate communists
It's a lot easier to protest about criminal justice reform by marching in the street with a sign than fork over your own money for PDs.
If liberals participated in state/local elections with the same zeal they have for national politics, we'd impact criminal ju…
There r some stupid ministers sitting in council of ministers,who don't really know the meaning of anti-national n sedi…
My open letter to Anupam Kher sahab on why his attack on Justice Ganguly was not fair.
The police refused to file even an FIR against Asaram. What kind of justice do you expect?: Utsav Bains, Lawyer
these SP fellow Wassi says everyone gets justice.Why Akhilesh does not dare to order impartial inquiry by CBI?
should show spine and act against TERI chief and professor valson thampu remember how justice AS Ganguly
The more the witnesses are killed, the easier it is for this 'godman' to be free from the shackles of justice.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Exclusive-former CJI Justice Lodha toverdict on Cricket Reforms later.we have met Bcci officials and players like sourav ganguly
Heard 'D' Company instructions adhered to. Scared rats. Cowards. Not everybody can be Hon. Justice Ganguly, who slippered sonia
Respect for Justice Singhvi and Justice Ganguly increases each time we see judges succumb to media n political pressure.
Cabinet clears proposal for Presidential reference for removal of Justice Ganguly: Sources: A law intern allegedly…
I think Justice Ganguly set up by Sonia Gang
Maam then u must also in matter of Asaram bapu n justice Ganguly..
. Similar embarrassing situation was also made and forced Justice ASHOKE GANGULY to relinquish State Human Right COMMISSION
Prof. Upendra Baxi writes that the Supreme Court repeated the famous observation made by Justice Brandeis, that...
Timesnow is making ABP news and Aaj Tak shameful..Itna licking math karo ji!! I still remember ur reaction to Justice Ganguly
Justice Ganguly confirms: My resignation has been accepted: The ex-Supreme Court judge was accused of sexual…
Kudos, It was only Dr who defended Justice Ganguly when even was going for him from BJP4
Check this Cabinet discusses Justice Ganguly issue: The Union Cabinet on Thursday...
Fascist Bengal Govt was instrumental in the removal of Justice Ganguly,but cant handle crimes.
Justice Ganguly is like total *** at all the restraints ordered by Courts for Swatanter Kumar. Saala main bhi SC judge tha. in 2G. Oh? I see
Justice Ganguly had to resign bcos of complain from Stella James who works for NGO Natural Justice funded by Ford Foundation, sponsors
Disgraced Justice A.K. Ganguly’s resignation as Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission is too little too late. His sordid saga has sadly irreparably stained and blemished the entire Indian Judiciary. That such a person rose to be a Judge of the country’s highest temple of Justice leaves many questions unanswered. It only demonstrates how flawed the selection process of judges is. With no checks and balances to filter and weed out such undesirable elements. This alleged gross sexual misconduct by A.K.Ganguly cannot be shelved and put to rest by his mere resignation. The wheels of justice should move speedily a la Tarun Tejpal.Infact he should be dealt more sternly and unsparingly because he was a Judge of the Supreme Court when he did something nobody should ever venture at. And that law intern may not have been his only victim. By now crying sour grapes in claiming that the Supreme Court panel had acted without jurisdiction in hearing the complaint against him, Justice Ganguly has only st ...
Justice Ganguly quits as WB rights chief India Blooms News Service Though the news was not officially confirmed since Monday night, sources confirmed now that his resignation has been accepted by the West Bengal governor and forwarded to the Chief Secretary, said sources. "He should have resigned much earlier. This is a delayed decision," Trinamool Congress lawmaker Kalyan Bandopadhyay said. On Monday Justice Ganguly met West Bengal governor M K Narayanan at Raj Bhawan here and following the meeting media reports said that he has tendered his resignation as the West Bengal Human Rights Commission chairperson. Last week Justice Ganguly had resigned from his position as a guest faculty in the National University of Judicial Sciences (NUJS) in Kolkata. "I voluntarily opt out, don't want to continue as a member of the guest facility and be a burden on NUJS," wrote Justice Ganguly in his letter though NUJS said since the charges of harassing the law intern came up he had ceased to be a part of the university f ...
PRESS RELEASE BY NALSAR STUDENT BAR COUNCIL (SBC): (REPORTED BY B. VARUN REDDY) Amid the speculations of resignation of Justice Ganguly from the WBHRC, the students of NALSAR, Hyderabad voice their support for the Law Intern : "We have watched, with a growing sense of alarm, the developments following Stella James’ blog post on the range of emotions she felt having been sexually harassed by an eminent retired Supreme Court judge. We stand behind Ms James and admire the dignity and fortitude she has displayed in the face of attacks from all quarters. While we fully respect the presumption of innocence that every accused person is entitled to in a criminal trial and recognise Justice Ganguly’s right to seek apposite legal remedies and defend himself, the finding—by a three-member Committee of Supreme Court judges—that there is prima facie evidence of an unwelcome sexual act having been committed, compounded by the reprehensible allegation by Justice Ganguly that Ms James is a political pawn, compels ...
(HUMAN RIGHTS/ RIGHTS GROUP/ NHRC) Cabinet to decide on presidential reference today... New Delhi: The Cabinet is likely to take a decision on sending a presidential reference to remove former Supreme Court judge A K Ganguly from the post of West Bengal Human Rights Commission chairman on Thursday. The Cabinet note prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs is learnt to have cited three instances, including the allegation of sexual harassment by a law intern, which warrants his removal. The ministry has also included Attorney General G E Vahanvati’s opinion that a case is made out against the former judge, said officials. Besides the allegation of sexual misconduct, it is learnt that the Cabinet note also details a foreign trip and arbitration assignment undertaken by Ganguly without approval. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in her letter has also raised these issues. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said, “The Home Ministry will place a note before the Cabinet tomorrow on Justice Ganguly. T ...
Justice Ganguly was a thorn in the side of Mamata Banerjee. Its a great loss for people of W Bengal.
Resignation of the WB HRC Justice Ganguly is as timely as Gopal Kanda's surrender was.
Well, that takes Justice Ganguly to Human Rights Minister (if there something like that) with Virbhadra as Vigilance Min
Will b able to back Tutu, Sanjay Bose of Mohun Bagan FC in tainting Justice Ganguly? Remember, he failed in KD Singh+Tehelka case
Supreme Court Panel s report on Justice Ganguly s case on complaint by an Intern of harassment
Devyani Khobragade is suddenly more in news than NaMo-RaGa/Tarun Tejpal/Justice Ganguly. Infact the lady has pushed these men to inside pages. Something fishy.
Sexual harassment: Law intern slams AK Ganguly for claiming innocence The law intern who has accused retired Supreme Court judge AK Ganguly of sexual harassment has issued a fresh statement slamming his letter to the Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam claiming innocence. The intern said that in order to preserve her dignity and that of the Supreme Court, she authorised Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising to make her statement public. "As the University did not have a policy against sexual harassment of women students during internship, it was indicated to me that any action would be ineffective. I was also informed that the only route for me was to file a complaint with the police, which I was reluctant to do. ALSO SEE Justice Ganguly complains to CJI, says his version not taken into account "Even after the operative portion of the report of the Committee, was made public, many eminent citizens and legal luminaries continued to deride the Committee's findings, and malign me. To preserve my own di ...
It is heartening to see that Justice Ganguly did not quit the battle. His strong letter to CJI.
Justice Ganguly still in denial, refuses to quit as WBHRC chief | Firstpost via
At Nine : The : • Maharashtra government rejects inquiry commission's report on Adarsh Housing Society scam which indicts former State Chief Ministers. • External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid expresses hope that the issue of Diplomat Devyani will be resolved through dialogue. • Centre moves Supreme Court for re-examination of verdict on Section 377 of IPC that Criminalises *** sex. • Attorney General sends his opinion on Justice Ganguly to Law Ministry says prima facie case against him. • Petrol prices hiked by 41 paise per liter with effect from midnight tonight. • Sensex gains over 371 points to close at 21,080. • In Cricket, India is leading South Africa in the opening test match by 301 runs on third day at Johannesburg.
Justice Ganguly's unique defence of sexual harassment charges...
Justice (retd) AK Ganguly said on Thursday that he was denied a copy of the law intern`s affidavit on grounds of...
Agar Rajat sharma ko host banana *** to har didn aap ki adalat dekh lena.or we can recruit justice ganguly soon as inmate or judge.
Justice AK Ganguly, accused of sexually harassing a law intern in December last year, told a panel ...
The Times of India - India - Govt seeks attorney general's opinion on Ganguly -
Dear Justice Ganguly, in Martin Luther King, Jr's words, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
Delhi Gossip Mills refuse to spare Niira Radia, fuel rumors of her hand behind Justice Ganguly expose
Meanwhile, Justice Ganguly is happy now nobody cares about his (mis)adventures with the female intern, everyone is after
Justice Ganguly's unique defence of sexual harassment charges against him
Govt seeks attorney general's opinion on removing Justice AK Ganguly - Times of India
wat abt nirbhaya...have u also seen her. Or the girl associated with justice ganguly case?
Justice Ganguly should take decision on moral grounds: Manish Tewari
Rtd Justice Ganguly is Orange aunty's enemy no.1 and is 'respectful' friend no.1...
Heard one man calling 2 arrest Justice Ganguly. Lacks every thing & in D team of making laws for most educated ppl
Justice Ganguly should step down, SC ask cops to file FIR, say lawyers.
I, with the help of and Vivek Reddy attempt decoding retd justice AK Ganguly's options
from judges chair to an accused of moral crime, justice ganguly does a Tarun Tejpal after the affidavit did Tehelka
Sharad Yadav wants Justice Ganguly to be arrested immediately - Yahoo News India via
Justice Ganguly is likely to have punishment..n he should be..
The speed with which Justice Ganguly is taking decision about himself speaks volumes as to why our entire judicial system is so slow!
Hounded like a criminal by the media: Justice AK Ganguly: "Why have I been denied...
Justice Ganguly and K G Balakrishnan, stickers to their Jobs. They are after all heading Human RIGHTS commissions !
Breaking Now: Justice AK Ganguly plays the victim card, says he was denied his due rights
Centre to make Presidential reference to force Justice A K Ganguly to relinquish post
Justice Ganguly enjoys an overwhelming support from several human rights groups, which will influence his case !
A complaint has been registered in a local police station in Kolkata of a sexual harassment case against Justice Ganguly, but no arrest yet!
Justice Ganguly could be a victim of a political conspiracy considering his much public feud with TMC, but the evidence says otherwise !
Home Ministry sends presidential reference on Justice AK Ganguly's removal to Attorney General...
Kolkata, Dec. 19 (ANI): Former Supreme Court Justice A.K Ganguly who has been accused of sexually harassing a ... -
Justice Ganguly breaks his silence, says he was denied a copy of law intern's affidavit...
Sexual harassment case: Justice Ganguly once again says he won't quit
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kapil Sibal was speaking about laws and provisions at length which have to be used to make Justice Ganguly resign/suspended, who is just accused. Where was he when Tarun Tejpal was sued for the same offense? BY THE WAY, HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHO Tarun Tejpal IS?
Excerpts of the Law intern affidavit have been made publicly by Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising. In his columns written in Indian Express he ask Justice Ganguly how he would like his child to be treated? In his columns he write Justice Ganguly try to hide behind the presumption of innoce...
Justice Ganguly can say he was enacting a script and escape prosecution. Amrish Puri & Gabbar never lost jobs..!
Justice Ganguly's conduct amounts to a case of moral turpitude for which he is disqualified to continue in the office as the Chairman of the State Human Rights Commission of West Bengal. Now, on recommendation of the Cabinet, the President has to make a reference for an inquiry to the Supreme Court for the procedural part so far as his removal from office is concerned. But pending all these, the criminal prosecution could start at the behest of the Delhi Police.
Its more powerful than presidential Award "Arnab calls Justice Ganguly sexual predator :P"
Ex-Justice Ganguly seems to be inspired by Cheeni kum, the 2007 movie of Amitabh Bachchan saab. now he is getting angry on Addl Solicitor General for disclosing the details sworn by the lady in her affidavit. what is evident to me is simple, he is an MCP. instead of being ashamed, he is brazen enough to be angry. God, it your own country!
In this whole Justice Ganguly saga, I am relieved that Abhishek Manu Singhvi hasn't appeared on any of the debate panels ! …
On one chnnl Swamy is defending Justice Ganguly nd on other channel Smriti Irani is against him. Whn will BJP be one on issues like Congis?
Reading Indira Jaising's revelation of the intern's testimony in Justice Ganguly's matter, it's clear that the judge drank far too much and made unwelcome advances. However, it was not appropriate for the Additional Solicitor General to reveal the intern's testimony, as it is a grave breach of her privacy. The ASG was well aware that the intern in question made an earnest request to the media to respect her privacy, and in her eagerness to scalp Justice Ganguly, the ASG has disrespected the concerns of the intern. It is unbecoming of a legal officer of the state to behave in this fashion.
Abhishek Manu Singhvi must have inspired Justice Ganguly in the Sexual harassment of interns. Congress again leads by example. Please observe Congress party will never talk on this matter.
BJP, Trinamool raise Justice Ganguly issue in Lok Sabha: The BJP and the Trinamool Congress on Friday...
Mamata demands Justice Ganguly's sacking over his trip to Pakistan
"Mamata won't attend rights day event of Justice Ganguly - Indian Express"
Mamata Banerjee opts out of Justice Ganguly event, Somnath to attend - Indian Express
In light of Justice Ganguly, Tejpal and Farooq Abdullah's respective actions, the issue of protection for women came to focus once more after the Delhi Bus Rape Tragedy Case, and has recieved quite a bit of Screen Space or Paper Space and FB Space whatsoever... People are asking all over when are we going to stand up for our women... I ask the question, when are the women going to stand up for women... I do not understand the one sided opinion of the majority of Indians that "women" are still "weak, underprivileged and unable to fend for themselves". Today's women are quite strong enough to fend for themselves, given the fact that most non-vegetarian outlets see more women customers rather than men to be frank.  Indian Schools and Colleges are promising to make self-defence to be a mandatory requirement for their children. However, a Major Political Party is promising to open karate and judo classes to all school and college students. It is however an election promise and cannot be relied upon until and ...
Electronic Device Insurance
Ex-Justice Ganguly should resign if he has any morals left: Jagdambika Pal: Congress Party leader Jagdambika Pal said the Supreme Court's decision on the sexual assault case against ex-Justice Ganguly is wrong and he should resign immediately if he has still some morals left in him. "An enquiry should be set up against Justice Ganguly. The decision of the Supreme Court for not carrying on with the case further is extremely wrong. This is against justice. If Justice Ganguly has some morals, he should resign immediately," said Pal. Advocate Abha Singh said on Saturday that because Justice Ganguly, who has been accused for sexually assaulting a law intern, had already retired when the offence took place, did not mean that he should not be governed by the laws of the land. "The three member panel has said that prima facie, former Justice Ganguly is found to have committed verbal and non verbal misconduct, and he should be charged for it. It is a cognizable, but a bailable offence," Singh said. "The Delhi Poli ...
4 U) Justice Ganguly case: Police should reach out to harassed intern, says Kiran Bedi - Newsroom Post
Our media is becoming junk day by day - They have nothing to cover apart from useless sex scandals of the country. First it was Asha Ram Bapu and his disgusting story of lust and womanizing habits. Then it was the Tehelka guy Tarun Tejpal and his useless story. Further the old Justice Ganguly,another shame. Now the whole attention shifted to the worthless Narayan Sai. The media really have nothing constructive to cover apart from these worthless episodes of unending perversion. I agree these things should be brought to light but certainly not something worthwhile to be discusses whenever you flip the news channels. I think they are more interested in increasing the TRP of their channels rather than thinking of showing something essential to the masses. Hopeless and irresponsible journalism.
3 facts for Arnab Goswami 1. When Aarushi murder was discovered the SHO of police station said evidence point to her parents. Arnab just tore him apart, now after court verdict no word from Goswami 2. Tejpal case, same day a slum dweller in Mumbai was raped...Arnab had nothing to say 3. Justice Ganguly already branded as rapist, at the same time a nurse in Mumbai was molested by a doc, her friends took it to media despite her stern refusal.result she committed suicide. Arnab you listening?
WB govt explores options as justice Ganguly named in sexual harassment case: Justice Ganguly had been...
Justice Ganguly named by law intern in sexual harassment case
Why judiciary is adopting an inhouse procedure for Justice Ganguly's victim when Tejpal is subjected to criminal law?
The ‘rarest of rare' doctrine is a grey area: Justice Ganguly
Indian I-League football Club Mohun Bagan banned for Two Years I-League football club Mohun Bagan on 29 December 2012 slapped with a two-year suspension by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) for abandoning their violence-marred I-League match against East Bengal on 9 December 2012. As per the AIFF’s Statement Mohun bagan had breached Regulation 22, the 123-year-old club, had been withdrawn from the current I-League season, with all its past and future matches in the 2012/13 null and void. In effect, this season will have 13 teams now. The I-League Core Committee of All India Football Federation (AIFF) received the detailed Report dated 26th December 2012 of the Justice A K Ganguly relating to I-League Match No. 68 between Kingfisher East Bengal (KEB) and Mcdowell Mohun Bagan (MMB) played at Yuba Bharati Stadium, Salt Lake City Kolkata on 9 December 2012. Justice Ganguly in his report has concluded that the decision of MMB for not playing the match after the interval cannot be supported on the grou ...
Justice Ganguly " given recent actions in Parliament, the politicians could well have competed in the London Olympics "
Mamtha's Indirect attack on Justice GUNGULY:- Ms Banerjee said about Justice Ganguly, without naming him, "We got a very good person... He is not associated with my party or any party... but what happened ? Oh my god! He has no idea! He is writing (orders) as if he is the Supreme Court Chief Justice! Or the President of India. He doesn't know what is his jurisdiction, his authority."
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