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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also referred to as the Justice Department, is the United States federal executive department responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice, equivalent to the justice or interior ministries of other countries. Johnny Reid John Edwards (born June 10, 1953) is an American politician, who served as a U.S. 5.0/5

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CREW:In June 2011, CREW criticized the Justice Department's prosecution of Democratic politician John Edwards for allegedly receiving and hiding illegal campaign contributions. Executive director Melanie Sloan said that the prosecutor's case was "remarkably weak," and that "no court has ever interpreted the definition of campaign contribution this broadly."[33] The Washington Post has variously described CREW as a "liberal watchdog group",[34] "nonprofit watchdog group",[35] "advocacy group",[36] and "nonpartisan watchdog group".[37] The New York Times, USA TODAY, and Roll Call have also referred to CREW as "liberal," with Roll Call also describing CREW as "controversial." The journal Broadcasting & Cable described CREW's chief legal counsel as "a Democrat-recommended witness and so the closest to an [Obama] administration defender".[38] As recently as April 2011, CREW was described as "left-leaning" by both the Chicago Tribune and Lexington Herald-Leader,[39][40] and The Daily Caller columnists called CR ...
The Justice Department has indicated that they don't expect to bring criminal charges against Big time Democrat Jon Corzine ("I have no idea where the money went") or any of the other executives of MF Global. Previously the decided that no charges would be brought against Goldman-Sachs (no connections between DOJ and G-S.) Just maybe, if you believe the Justice Department, there was either no wrong doing and only bad decisions or some other reason not to prosecute. These were those "Wall Street Fat Cats" (also big time contributors to both Parties, although G-S seems to have switched to Romney recently- maybe they're tired getting demonized or they see a winner) that the President has blamed for the last few years. DOJ couldn't get John Edwards or Roger Clemens- They're better at going after States that try to enforce the laws.
Legal News- Roger Clemens The most decorated pitcher in baseball history, whose legacy and Hall of Fame aspirations were seemingly derailed by the accusations of steroid use, wiped away a tear after U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton accepted the jury’s unanimous verdict. Clemens, 49, then hugged his four sons and kissed his wife, Debbie, before hustling from the courtroom to make a brief statement to a battalion of reporters on the steps of the District’s federal courthouse. “It has been a hard five years. ... All of you who know me in the media and followed my career, I put a lot of hard work into that career,” he said, sighing and choking back tears. The verdict was a huge loss for the Justice Department, which was already reeling from the recent acquittal and mistrial of former presidential candidate John Edwards. Last week, the department announced that it would not retry Edwards on the campaign finance charges on which jurors deadlocked. The Clemens verdict is also the department’s secon ...
Our Justice Department has prosecuted two high profile cases this year and lost both of them. Roger Clemens for lying to Congress and John Edwards for spending campaign money on his mistress. I wonder how many millions this cost us taxpayers. Who cares if Roger Clemens took "Performance Enhancing Drugs"? Hail, Bob Dole advertised them for years. And lying to Congress? Congress wouldn't know the truth if it bit 'em in the butt. John Edwards should have been made to walk the plank just for being a sleazeball. I hope the IRS goes after him to get some unpaid taxes on all those "personal gifts". Now the IRS knows how to bring citizens to their knees. I think they are the only agency still doing water boarding.
John Edwards, Roger Clemens. Innocent of all charges that matter. Barry Bonds, as well. While the population who follows such matters know of their guilt, the Feds have failed to produce guilty verdicts many times. Okay, what has that cost the American people? Should not the voice of the people be enough condemnation for cheaters? Doesn't the government have better reasons to emply and deploy its resources? I, or all, can probably think of thousands. The Justice Department tends to spend millions in attempts to save face. Egg on face is the result. To no avail. That's a very expensive omelet. And we're paying!
Eric Holder will be the downfall of Obama in the 2012 election. Fast & Furious has his fingerprints all over it, losses in John Edwards and Roger Clemens, the Justice Department looked like fools arguing obamacare before the supreme court, his refusal to look into the black panthers intimidation, white hoouse security leaks and on and on and on. He shouold come clean on Fast & Furious, but then if he does, i think the road will lead directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
John Edwards trial update: Justice Department drops all charges
John Edwards will not face a New Trial after the Justice Department said it dismissed the remaining charges against him. Federal jurors in last month's corruption trial cleared the former presidential candidate on one of six counts and deadlocked on the rest. That came after the North Carolina jury deliberated for more than 50 hours over nine days.
John Edwards will not be retried, Justice Department announces
Louisville, KY- Today the Justice Department announced there would be no retrial for former Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards. After a jury acquitted Edwards on 1 count against him for illegal campaign finance donations, and then deadlocked on the other five charges, the Justice Depart...
FROM THE FILE OF "Really?" The dopes at the Anti-Doping Agency (is that really the name?) are re-igniting an investigation into Lance Armstrong's success as a bike racer while the Justice Department is closing its investigation of John Edwards failure as being even a pathetic politician.
Looks like John Edwards is off the hook. I'm guessing that Edwards lawyers are not happy about this. After all, they are the only ones who made money out of this. I'm sure they were hoping for another trial. Justice Department loses a case, the taxpayers lose. And now back to the Roger Clemens case, just what the *** does Congress and the Justice Department have to do with policing professional sports anyway? Eliminating the IRS and the Justice Department = deficite reduction!
Another Politician gets by with blantant crime! BREAKING NEWS: No New Trial for John Edwards Justice Department announces it will not re-try John Edwards after a mistrial on five of six counts of corruption.
BREAKING: Justice Department is done with John Edwards. God still reviewing His options.
Justice Department drops John Edwards case He's officially off the hook
The banks get off scot-free, while the small fry go to prison. That’s how this Justice Department gets tough on mortgage fraud. It’s shameful.
The mistrial in the John Edwards case was the second time this year that a highly visible prosecution by the public integrity section of the Justice Department has collapsed.
The partial acquittal and mistrial of John Edwards was a major defeat for the Justice Department and the beleaguered Public Integrity Section — the same section involving in the Stevens trial...
GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A jury's refusal to convict John Edwards was less a redemption of the former White House hopeful than a rejection of the Justice Department's boldest attempt to make an example of someone in the name of enforcing campaign finance laws. Thursday's verdict of not guilty on one coun...
A knowledgeable law enforcement official said Thursday it is unlikely that the Justice Department will retry John Edwards.
GREENSBORO, N.C. — John Edwards was publicly exposed at his trial as a staggeringly selfish politician and shameless liar who cheated on his wife as she suffered from incurable cancer. Yet it was the Justice Department that wound up publicly embarrassed on Thursday as federal prosecutors’ attempt to...
According to today's New York Post, Edward Klein's new book reveals that Jeremiah Wright was offered $150k by Obama allies in 2008 if he would keep his mouth shut until after election day, and Obama was aware of this effort, which was, of course, election-oriented. At present, Obama's Justice Department is prosecuting John Edwards because a friend's money was funneled to Reille Hunter to keep her quiet, for, the DOJ says, election reasons. Question: Did Wright accept the money? If so, was this properly recorded as a campaign expenditure?
John Edwards is not a nice man..in fact he is despicable..but the Obama Justice department is wasting a lot of money on a trial for something that is wrong but not a crime
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