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Justice Department

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also referred to as the Justice Department, is the United States federal executive department responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice, equivalent to the justice or interior ministries of other countries.

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23 people want the Justice Department to investigate Jeff Sessions for perjury
- "23 people ask the Justice Department to launch a criminal inquiry into its chief, Jeff Sessions"
The Latest: Minneapolis NAACP president reacts to DOJ report: The Latest on a Justice Department review of how…
How to elude Russian hackers with decent password security: NEW YORK — Details from the Department of Justice…
Senate Intelligence Committee announces it will hold a hearing March 30 on Russia's meddling into the US election.
Sessions’ Department of Justice admits wiretap claim is nonsense. Sad. via
Justice Dept. tells court that Trump should be able to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Department of Justice asks Hawaii judge who stopped travel ban to limit his ruling - Los Angeles Times
. Shot: Chaser: The Conways used to own an apart…
Little by Little everything that has been set up to protect everyday people is going away. So sad
IIMPEACHIM before he gets America into a WAR!
This needs to apply to states as well. Incarceration should not have a profit motive. Ever.
Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice admits Donald Trump’s wiretap claim is nonsense
The US Justice Department may be close to throwing cold water on Trump's wiretapping claims https:…
Husband of Kellyanne Conway to run the Justice Department’s civil division
fled from police and led them on a chase. For a 3rd, the Obama Justice Department cleared the cops o…
Justice Department asks Hawaii judge to clarify ruling on Trump travel ban
Justice Department says Trump has power to fire bank regulator
Classified DOJ report to House and Senate investigators does not confirm Trump's wiretapping claims, sources say.
Justice Department provides no evidence to support President Trump's wiretap claims
Trump has just announced his next door neighbour's cat, Spot, will head the Treasury Department! .
Report: George Conway, husband of White House counselor, chosen for key Justice Department post.
Trump’s Department of Justice looks ready to loosen the nation’s gun laws:
WSJ reporting exclusively that Trump has chosen Kellyanne Conway's husband to run the Justice Department's civil division.
Who is Sally Yates? Meet the acting attorney general Trump fired for ‘betraying’ the Justice Department.
"Justice Department asks for more time to provide wiretap evidence
In USA Janet Reno, Marie Jean a.k.a.Madeleine Albright and Hillary Rodham Clinton has been secured completely by US Justice Department.
1973: . POW John McCain released from captivity. Landlord Trump sued by Justice Department for racial discrimination .
JUST IN: Justice Department has asked House Intelligence Committee for more time
You need police, law department, investigation, forensics and prisons for justice. Delhi Govt only has Tihar Jail. Rest wit…
The Justice Department has asked for more time to respond to lawmakers' questions about President Trump's wiretapping allegations.
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U.S. government scientist wants her job back after Justice Department dropped charges alleging she was spy for Chin…
Justice Department seeks more time on Trump wiretap evidence by via
Veterans of Obama's Justice Department have joined the frontlines in the Trump resistance movement
same department against which I sought justice in my case. My letters of grievance registered vide
How about the Justice Department investigates too to figure out where all these illeg…
TRUMP: The Justice Department is saying that I have learned much this year is one of them?
Justice Department asks for more time to back up Trump's wiretapping allegations
Please sign Petition asks DOJ to Arrest Madonna for Making Threats Against the White House ·
Dem senator introduces bill to investigate Russia-backed news outlet RT
The House intelligence committee said it would give the Justice Department until March 20 to comply with the evidenc…
Justice Department asks Congress for more time to provide wiretapping evidence,. by and .
Justice Department asks for more time to address Congress requests for proof of Trump wiretap claims
Latest: White House defers questions to Justice Department on congressional request for…
Justice Department declined to confirm the WH's claim that is not under investigation…
In paperwork filed with the Justice Department, Flynn and his firm acknowledged that his lobbying "could be cons...
Sessions open to using outside counsel to investigate DOJ under Holder, Lynch
Our justice department is corrupt..our judges are politically and financially motivated..they are crooked.. can be…
threw cold water on a long-standing efforts by DOJ to clean up a blatantly discriminatory Texas law. https:…
Trump's AG Sessions invokes "state secrets" to block testimony in civil suit about Bush CIA's involvement in torture
concealed foreign lobbying work from Justice Department # via
Thank the Lord, doors finally begin to open & exposing the corrupt that's been going on & then some:.
- concealed foreign lobbying work from Justice Department via
Obama Justice Department did not approve the proposed merger between Aetna and Humana. There are a lot of details...
Michael Flynn registers with Justice Department as a foreign agent over Turkey lobbying
Trump administration sends judges to immigration detention centers - sources The Department of Justice is deployin…
Department of Justice in published draft legislation to give effect to the Fourth Read it here:…
I just wish Trump's Justice Department would charge him with sedition since that's what he does in country after co…
We are back where white, racist men think they can manipulate the law to do whatever they want to attack a Black man
Donald Trump has got to be mental Keep your swarmy, little racist hands off my President Obama
Nearly every major Muslim org in the United States is a branch, or ally, of the
We Americans have been saying that for months we saw it our justice department is corrupt some already knew don't w…
To "I lied under oath" Sessions, do NOT touch my President. The wrath of "We the People" will come down on you.
Flynn's Turkish client told the AP the amended filings were made in response to pressure from Justice Department officials in r…
Jeff Sessions may order independent investigation of Barack Obama’s Department of Justice
RW: Immigration courts have a backlog of more than 550,000 cases, according to the Justice Department.
The Justice Department declined to confirm the White House's claim that President Trump is not under investigation
Our statement in response to today's news about MPD and the U.S. Department of Justice's COPS program.
Nominee to be No. 2 at Justice Department says he sees no reason to recuse himself from Russia probe
Trump adm invokes state secrets in clients' torture case No matter. We think case can proceed…
Michael Flynn registered with the Justice Department that he acted as a foreign agent during the campaign. Everyone…
BREAKING: Justice Department deploying 50 judges to immigration detention facilities across US, in effort to adjudicate mo…
Justice department asked if Trump is under investigation. . Answer:. "No comment.".
Whitehouse, Graham urge FBI, Justice Department to release evidence of Trump wiretapping
Michael Flynn retroactively registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent
Bipartisan group of senators ask Justice Department for warrant on Trump Tower wiretapping
I went to the Justice Department and the Chicago police department and I went to the lieutenant general and the governor on them
"No White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by Department of Justice.” .
*Comey wants justice department to refute lies.
Did the Obama Administration Try Stacking the Deck Against Trump at the Justice Department? via
FBI director James Comey has reportedly asked the Justice Department to publicly reject Trump's allegations.
Evidence of more Might be why the Media is Obama bias! .
But the Obama Justice Department got a wiretap warrant anyway.
FBI Director Comey asked Justice officials to refute Trump’s wiretap claim, but the department has not done so
While Comey Asks Justice Department not to Investigate the FBI, FISA courts confirm it received Two FISA requests to wiretap…
FBI asked Justice Department to reject Trump claim...
~ If we didn't understand completely before - the power that Trump, Bannon and Sessions now hold over civil...
Panic is spreading through many different agencies like wildfire as Comey and company scramble for damage control. https…
FBI asks Justice Department to rebut wiretap claim.
If Obama told the Justice Department, that he suspected Russian hacking from Trump campaign, can he tell Lynch to wire…
FBI asked Justice Department to refute Trump's wiretapping claim Huckabee is a LIAR
Obama Justice Department has been diverting literally more than $650 million to left-wing groups.
: FBI asks Justice Department to refute Trump wiretapping claim FBI Director James Comey has asked the U…
The FBI asks the Justice Department to refute President Trump's wiretapping claim
FBI Director Comey urges Justice Department to publicly deny Trump allegation that Obama ordered a wire tap of Trump
Justice Department needs to tell Americans this is just another one of Trump's hallucinations.
James Comey asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject Trump’s claim that Obama tapped his phones https:…
FBI director James B. Comey has asked the Justice Department for a refutation of Trump's wiretapping claim…
Justice Department: Federal review of MPD back in the works
We need a Justice Department that will give us the facts about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions should…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledges the Justice Department will crack down on violent... by via
Come on ... "Justice department softens on Texas voter ID law"
Justice Department shifts course in closely watched Texas voter ID case
I get leaks from Justice Department etc, but aren't White House staffers die-hard fans of whomever they work for?
26 Justice Department employees suspended from duty with full pay
If the Justice Department will not protect voting rights, Congress must act. I will do all I can to ensure Americans can…
Justice Department rescinds opposition to key part of Texas voter ID law
So it's confirmed. We now have a Department of "Justice"... smh... There is even "a provision in the law that...
Conservative Blog & Conservative News Source for Right of Center Activists | RedState
Justice Dept changes its position in Texas voter-ID case ⬆️under
Will the DOJ bring hate crime charges in the Kansas shooting?
Bosox003: The Justice Department will try to adopt “responsible
The lifelong champion of now has the power of the "Justice" department behind him.
This story of ignorance and bigotry in the American heartland is tarnishing America's image in India
9. It's a good thing we have something called the Department of Justice to investigate all this . Oh wait…
Therefore the Justice Department must uphold immigration and marijuana laws - Congress must change them.
Sessions questions Justice Department reports on Ferguson and Chicago policing - ABC News
It wasnt Sessions agency that created this unfair report It was the Obama administration.
While admitting that he had not read the reports, but instead viewed summaries, Sessions questioned the...
Lawyer: Justice Department to no longer contest Texas’ voter ID law
Justice Department changes its position in high-profile Texas voter-ID case
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Texas voter ID law struck down 3x by federal courts. Now Trump DOJ arguing it's not intentionally discriminatory
Justice Department drops its long-standing position that a Texas voter-ID law was intentionally discriminatory
BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Justice Department has decided to return to using private prisons. .
They'd also have $10b in AML fines from the Department of Justice
Justice department softens on Texas voter ID law
A 2004 report funded by the Justice Department identifies Falls Church as having an Islamic training compound.h…
Department of Justice withdraws from part of voter ID lawsuit in Texas.
79-year-old black woman born in Jim Crow South was disenfranchised by Texas voter ID law
This is why we people were concerned about Sessions as AG 👀☕
Criminal-Justice Reform -- Justice Department & Supreme Court Should Prevent Conviction of the Innocent
This should make the owners of private prisons very happy.
Where is the Justice department on this? Beginning to have some similarities to Watergate activities…
So rights are for each state to decide but legalized marijuana is up to ?This Admin makes no sense.
Justice Department will again use private prisons Shame on you,
Oh and those heavily armed militarized police who shut down the peaceful today? That's Jeff Sessions' Justice Depa…
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“The Trump administration has scrapped Barack Obama’s program of ending the justice department’s use of private pr…”
Sessions knows what he's doing. He knows how the Justice Department is supposed to work so he knows how to make it work th…
.says Justice Department will increase enforcement of federal marijuana laws
These Trump executive orders have gotten less attention—and may also target immigrants via
Grassroots Leadership: BREAKING: [45]’s Department of Justice reverses order to phase out federal private prisons
The Department of Justice is cracking down on the recreational use of marijuana: by
AG Sessions rescinds Obama-era memo aimed at reducing and ultimately ending the DOJ's use of private prisons.
THIS is the President’s jobs program. THIS is the President “bringing businesses back.” THIS is shameful.
Entangling for-profit companies and imprisonment leads to civil rights violations and the deterioration of justice. https:…
DOJ walks back guidance discouraging use of private prisons: The Department of Justice has rescinded guidance from…
Trump’s Department of Justice just reopened business for private prisons
“We’ve made requests to the White House and the Justice Department for them to support our work" Chicago P.S. Johnson
The Justice Department will once again use private prisons to house federal inmates, reversing an Obama-era directive to ...
The Department of Justice has walked back guidance from August that discouraged the use of private prisons
It's now ironic it's called the Justice Department
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Jeff Sessions: even worse than we thought. Despicable!
Justice Department reverses directive to phase out private prisons via for iOS
OF COURSE Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Thursday the Justice Department would “rescind” the...
Aug. 2016 -- Privately run prisons "do not maintain the same level of safety and security," Justice Dept. wrote. https:…
Justice Department will again use private prisons - The Washington Post
Justice Department will again use private prisons
White House request was a "violation of [Justice Department] procedures that limit communications with the FBI on pending…
Justice Department will again use private prisons.
1st article of Nixon's impeachment charges were "endeavoring to interfere with investigations of the Department of Justic…
The Department may step up enforcement of marijuana laws in that have voted to legalize...
If the Justice Department ever probes Trump's alleged ties to Russia, Jeff Sessions needs to stay away
WH press secretary says he expects a Justice Department crackdown on legalized marijuana.
TRAVEL BAN IS DEAD. Trump admits defeat and rescinds the illegal executive order.
Schumer: Justice Department rules require Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from Flynn investigation | DailyKos
Why is it taking so *** long to remove Obama people from FBI, CIA, State Dept, and Justice Department? Fire them imme…
Doesn't seem ideal for a National Security Adviser
Turns out Sally Q. Yates "informed the Trump White House late last month" that Flynn lied about his call with Russia
Sally Yates warned them. She gave them an explanation. Nevertheless, she was resisted.
This is turning in to the nightmare many of us expected. And less than a month in.
Who does the Justice Department warn when the President is vulnerable to Russian blackmail?
Did fall on his sword like a good soldier for Just how many leaders knew of Russian ties all along?. https:…
This entire White House, including Pence, Spicer and McGahn, implicated in Flynn lies and connections to Russia.
Have confirmed, as WashPost first reported, that the White House has been aware of Justice Department warnings on Flynn for "w…
White House was warned Flynn could be blackmailed by Russia -
Sally Yates informed Trump Admin that Flynn likely violated the Logan Act and was vulnerable to blackmail by Russia. h…
AG Sally Yates, fired by Trump, was 100% right about Flynn:
Sally Yates WARNED a month ago Flynn owned by Russia. She was fired.
Sally Yates from DOJ knew Flynn was dirty. Told the White House. Naturally, they didn’t care. They already knew.
Oh Dear, Sally Yates. Oh wait, she got fired ...
Sally Yates (!) blew the whistle on Flynn last month, per WaPo.
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Sally Yates threw the first punch at the travel ban AND alerted Trump's WH counsel about Flynn's Russia calls
Seems has now confirmed the President was lying here:
Sure glad we didn't elect a nasty, terribly qualified, email user of a woman. What a disaster that would have been.
Federal judge rejects Justice Department's bid to stop court proceedings on travel ban
Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say.
This new reporting abt Sally Yates's warnings of Flynn raise interesting questions about exactly why she was fired https:…
Read and then re-read this. Do you realize what mirror people who are supporting this regime are having America...
Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser via
WaPo bombshell: Sally Yates warned Trump that Flynn was likely compromised by Russia. She was fired days later.
Justice Department warned that Michael Flynn could be blackmailed: official
The Voting Rights Act doesn't enforce itself. With Jeff Sessions in charge of the Justice Department it will be open season…
BREAKING Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser - Here comes the Dems BS via…
Siren—WaPo: DOJ warned the Trump WH last month that Flynn wasn't truthful & could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail https:…
U.S. intelligence reports during the presidential campaign showed that Kislyak was in touch w/Flynn, officials said. http…
Democrats used the Justice Department as a pet project for "social justice warriors." That's over.
Trump immediately should clean house of Obama loyalists in State, FBI, CIA, and Justice Department! Big leaks happenin…
Julian Assange's lawyer to the Justice Department: Your move More:
Obama had his Justice Department spy on James Rosen. What's worse?.
The Latest on U.S. immigration: Justice Department asks appeals court to stay order blocking Trump's travel ban.
Justice Department officials that those beliefs, from department guidelines and again to solve them, and unnecessary.” Wisconsin:
Justice Department to challenge judge’s halt of travel ban – CNN
A US Justice Department lawyer told a courtroom the figure was as high as 100,000 revoked visas.
Too bad the Justice Department didn't prosecute these people when they had the chance. Now they're getting promotions. http…
“Trump cannot silence the growing voices of an American people wide awake to his tyrannical presidency”
More than 100,000 visas have been revoked due to President Trump’s travel ban, Justice Department attorney says https:/…
Breaking -- The White House said the Department of Justice will challenge a judge's nationwide halt of President Trump imm…
Ferguson officials miss crucial deadlines in Department of Justice deal
Kim leaving an office near the Department of Justice United States Attorney's Office in New York yesterday
Justice Department official State Department Tradition: “Coming less than others and experience to an election,’ said Comey
The Department of Justice revealed that over 100,000 visas were revoked by Trump's Muslim ban
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White House says US Justice Department to file emergency stay of court ruling on President immigration order.
BREAKING: Justice Department to challenge judge's order to halt Trump's travel ban! What happened to our Democracy? http…
The deadline is 2/10! We need justice for & more!! It only takes 2 mins to sign this petition:
Justice Department to challenge judge's halt of travel ban
So, Trumpy is going to fight the Seattle court order, presumably using the Justice Department whose boss he just fired? That should go well.
an eradicated tube of lipstick is confirmed for secretary of Department of Justice. Ugly!
Justice Department will not file immediate stay against Seattle immigration ruling | Article [AMP] | Reuters
Statement on WA court ruling: "At the earliest possible time, the Department of Justice intends to file an emergency stay of…
Meet Sally Yates, the acting attorney general fired by Trump and accused of "betraying" the Justice Department
You mean like when Eric Holder was running the Justice Department?
So far, Trump has battled with the CIA, the National Park Service, the State Department and the Justice Department. Did I…
Trump fires acting AG after Justice Department staff told not to defend refugee order
Acting AG Yates has instructed the Department of Justice not to defend refugee ban. Absurd. The Senate needs to confirm…
BREAKING: Acting attorney general says Justice Department, under her watch, will not defend refugee executive order in court.
Monday Night Massacre . Department of Justice supposed to be independent. . USA supposed to be a democracy. .
Donald Trump has fired Sally Yates, the acting U.S. attorney general, for refusing to defend his refugee ban
Pres. Trump replaces heads of Justice Department, Customs Enforcement in wake of controversy over immigration order.
Acting attorney general has told the DOJ not to defend Trump's executive order on travel restrictions, sources say
Trump fires Acting Attorney General for doing her job. Heads should roll, but in the White House not the Department of J…
She’ll be remembered for this (cf A Cox, E Richardson). People choosing sides in real time. Going out the right way. http…
Obama barnacles in State Department & Justice Department are going rogue & wreaking havoc. . Scrape them off.
BREAKING: Trump Administration's new acting attorney general has directed the Justice Department to defend executive or…
Breaking: Acting AG Boente rescinds Yates' memo, directs staff "to defend the lawful orders of our President."
Message from Sally Yates to Justice Department lawyers before she was fired
Schumer praises DOJ decision to not defend Trump immigration order, saying Sally Yates is a "person of integrity"
Anobody who says "We endured 8 years of this.." No. No, you didn't. . Sally Yates. NDAs. Autocracy. Department of Justice. .…
Dana Boente was sworn in as acting attorney general at 9pm, the White House says
Trump fires acting AG after she declines to defend travel ban
Acting AG Sally Yates knew refusal to defend EO on immigration might cost her job. She did it anyway.
Trump fires acting AG Sally Yates after she declines to defend travel ban -
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This is disturbing -- and shows the Justice Department was absolutely ruined by Obama.
"Betray the Department of Justice" means "didn't kiss the ring." As a public servant Sally Yates serves the public, not poli…
Justice Department refuses to defend Trump's Muslim ban
BREAKING: New acting attorney general directs Justice Department to defend Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees.
Stephen Miller is 31 and not a lawyer. Acting AG Yates is an attorney who worked at DOJ for 27 years.
UPDATE: Acting AG Boente instructs Justice Department to defend Trump's refugee, immigration order in court
The acting attorney general has ordered the Justice Department not to defend President Trump's immigration order
Acting Attorney General orders Justice Department not to defend Donald Trump's refugee ban in court: via
Read the message Sally Yates left for Justice Department lawyers before she was fired:
BREAKING: Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she orders Justice Department lawyers to stop defending refugee ban.
Thank you, Sally Yates, for working to uphold the rule of law & the integrity of the Justice Department.
Trump fires Sally Yates, the Justice Department's top official, after she refuses to defend his travel ban
Sally Yates did not betray the Justice Department, she honored its greatest traditions by defending our Constitution. http…
Conservatives, do you think it's ok to politicize the Justice Department (remember the nasty things you said about Eric Holder?)
Julian Assange wants President Trump’s Justice Department to cut him a deal before being extradited
domain names
With Jeff Sessions in the Justice Department and Trump in the White, I still don't think the Alabama Legislature...
Trump's Justice Department is already moving to delay and attack VOTING RIGHTS in Texas. . WAKE UP! WAKE UP!.
President Trump’s appointment of his son-in-law does not violate anti-nepotism laws, the Justice Department said
Bring back the REAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT- without it we cant be 100%. Prosecution for Holder, obama, hillary, tranny…
Trump Justice Department moves to delay voting rights case
Jeff Sessions will restore justice to the Justice Department - Washington Times.
agrees settlement with US Department of Justice, three execs charged. Read more:
DEPARTMENT of JUSTICE and TRUTH ( D .J .T ). Its a new day today in the USA. Justice and truth for all Jan.20.2017
1,385 commutations barely put a dent on the overall prison population—the decline was a result of his Department of Justice.
.just appointed the man who defended NC's to run the Department of Justice's Civil Rights division.
1ST order of business 4 POTUS Trump's justice department should be arrest the POS George Soros &this cronies 4 funding rio…
The Justice Department closed this troubled private prison. Immigration authorities are reopening it.…
Can't make this stuff up. Not just the Department of Justice...but to the Civil Rights Division. To a man who defended HB2.…
Motion for adjournment filed by Justice Department in Texas Voting Rights case
Chief Justice of Shade. Secretary of the Shade Department (no Senate confirmation needed)
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Justice Department asks for delay in case hours after becomes president via Sad Day!
Justice Department asks for delay in voter ID case hours after Trump becomes president via
Valerie Jarrett’s daughter will cover Justice Department for CNN via
Trump Department of Justice Seeks and is Granted Postponement of Hearing on Texas Photo ID Case | Brennan Center...
Welcome to Trump's new justice department.
What's one of the first things the Trump admin did?
to eliminate the Department of Justice's violence against women grant programs. .
MISS U! Justice Holmes is rotating in his GRAVE:
Justice Department sues Georgia over segregation of students with disabilities
On Day one, Trump's Justice Department very very quietly and discreetly asks for a one-month delay of a hearing...
BREAKING: Trump's justice department asks court for 1 month delay on voter ID case likely due to change in position.
BREAKING: Justice Department delaying consent decree, voting rights cases and more.
And Justice Department business writing to handle sensitive cases as Election Day and North Carolina: In a new evidence of
Trump picks anti-LGBT lawyer who defended for a key role in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division! http…
The Trump Justice Department asks for a delay in a Texas voter ID case due to the "change in administration"
if the Justice Department starts doing things that are problematic, there are ways to handle that /3
What are the chances the Trump Justice Department will make a priority of defending voting rights?
Trump Justice Department moves to delay Texas voting rights case via
BREAKING: Justice Department says Chicago Police Department engages in pattern of using force in violation of the Constitution
complete panic mode we will have an honest Department of Justice now the FBI can recommend indictment
We will have a Justice Department that is for the people not political shills
Hoping that GOP and Justice Department will prosecute, too quiet for me
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