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Justice Department

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also referred to as the Justice Department, is the United States federal executive department responsible for the enforcement of the law and administration of justice, equivalent to the justice or interior ministries of other countries.

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Justice Department completing formalities to serve warrants in the Trump-Russia inquiry via
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department, in the face of rising pressure from Capitol Hill, named forme…
Click here to read James Mackler's statement on the Justice Department's appointment of a
Yates: Our loyalty at the Department of Justice should be to the people of the US, and the law and the Constitution
You mean like Obama sicking the Department of Jus…
Department of Justice gives lawyers an opportunity to provide legal aid & help the poor. Have a look & register.
It's true; the Justice Department needs to get a special prosecutor — for Hillary Clinton.
💥Be careful what you wish for DemRats & Presstitutes ~ this may just end up surprising everyone ~ will win💥. https:…
Mueller has authority to examine ALL "vast Russian conspiracy" including Susan Rice "unmasking" & LEAKING to Hill https:/…
Justice Department Announces Investigation of Possible Acquisition of Chicago Sun-Times by Owner of Chicago Tribune htt…
On this in 1998, the US Justice Department & District of Columbia filed an antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.
Former FBI chief Mueller appointed to probe Trump-Russia ties: The US Justice Department, in the face of……
You mean like Obama sicking the Departme…
Justice administration warns department heads to prepare for government shutdown.
The American people have a right to the truth, free from the Trump Justice Department’s efforts to silence it.
Breaking: Justice Department to appoint special counsel to oversee probe of Russian meddling in 2016 election
Majority Leader to colleagues last June: 'Putin is paying Trump.' Paul Ryan: 'Shut up! Shut up!'
Obama’s Justice Department refused to hire military veterans for jobs: probe Shocker... 😒
Justice Department apts Robert Mueller to Putin case as Special Counsel. Did have the guy on the ladder install mics…
.re: Mueller: "I welcome his role at the Department of Justice."
This is what happens when you try and toss a DAG under the bus,
In firing Comey, Trump grossly abused his power. On Wednesday, the Justice Department struck back: h…
US Department of Justice name Robert Mueller as special counsel to probe Trump-Russia links
Thanks for getting Justice Department to appoint special prosecutor. Oh wait, you objected. It was the Dems &
The Department of Justice appoints Robert Mueller as special counsel to look into Trump's ties to Russia:
Justice Department taps former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel for Russia investigation
Justice Department will appoint a special counsel to oversee Trump-Russia investigation.
SEATTLE (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Monday questioned Justice Department attorneys over President Donald …
Warren: "We need a Justice Department, not an obstruction of justice department.”
Justice Department intends to publish new rules on and after reviewing Obama-era comments
An EPA that flaunts environmental rules, a Justice Department that suppresses criminal investigations an…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had recused himself from Justice Department investigations into Russian...
Senate Republicans, stand and be counted. Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions & the Justice Department are trying to kill the Russia in…
"The Department of Justice has a duty to enforce the law." - Jeff Sessions
And with firing of Comey, Department of Justice can convene another…
I know what that means, Sessions weighs return to harsher punishments for low-level drug crimes.
Says the senator from the party that appointed the most politicized justice department in US history extremely ne…
Group sues for Sally Yates' Justice Department emails - via
Now that James Comey has been fired should the Justice department reconsider charging Hillary Clinton?. .
Hillary did it to herself. Not convening a Grand Jury was disgraceful, but that was the responsibilit…
It's shocking how partisan Sally Yates is. And she was running the Justice Department. Very scary.
Be heard, one way or the other: Let the DOJ know how you feel about the firing of Director Comey.
"There is now a crisis of confidence at the Justice Department and President Trump is not being held accountable."
Read the Deputy AG letter about Comey. . 🇺🇸Letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
The great American *** covering: With James Comey's firing, the entire Justice Department is hopelessly compromised
How a Justice Department memo made the case for firing James Comey
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Justice Department was told to come up with reasons to fire Comey, reports say
Reminder, the DOJ IG had launched an independent investigation into Comey's decision on the emails in January. 1/
This is also a message to Comey's successor and to everyone else at the Justice Department.
Just an aside: Can we now dispense with the notion that the Department of Justice is "above politics"?. The Ruling Class ALWAYS charges.
Contact your Congressman, Senators and the US Department​ of Justice.
What's remarkable is that the Justice Department couched the Comey firing entirely in his conduct regarding Hillary Clinton
They showed how flawed decision making was in Vietnam. They were so huge that a paper…
Trump to Comey~ "I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively…
This is what happened when Pres. Nixon attacked his Justice Department and fired the man who was investigating him.
and Justice Department. This new information should spur new federal . criminal investigations.”
Spending bill protects states with legal marijuana from Justice Department crackdown .
FBI Director James B. Comey on nude pageant contestants, who is ready to follow Justice Department, including opportunities
Justice Department officials to meet with Alton Sterling's family later today: sources
BREAKING: Justice Dept. won't bring charges against officers for shooting Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge last year
The big picture: The Trump administration is literally prosecuting someone for laughing at its head prosecutor. https:/…
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- Officers in Baton Rouge will not be charged by the Department of Justice for the death of
Attorney General prosecuting person who laughed at him. In solidarity, let's all laugh at this racist white cartoon.
*cop kills unarmed black person*. Black People: Please ensure justice is served. Department of Justice:
Department of Justice won't file charges against Baton Rouge police officers in Alton…
Alton Sterling shooting death not expected to lead to federal charges
No accountability is why they keep killing us: Officers Won’t Be Charged in Black Man’s Shooting Death in Louisiana
Justice Department will not charge the Louisiana officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling http…
Justice Dept. not expected to charge police officers in death of Alton Sterling, source tells USA TODAY
The Justice Department will not charge police in Alton Sterling case.
Top story: Justice Department will not charge Baton Rouge officers in fatal sho… see more
No federal civil rights charges for the cops who killed Alton Sterling. Second verse, same as the first.
It is hard to believe this is happening, but it’s real:
Breaking: Department of Justice declines to charge LA police officers involved in July 2016 shooting death of Alton Sterl…
Sessions putting his mark on DOJ. No surprise if, one day, he's known as the man that lit the fuse...on purpose.
Jeff Sessions's Justice Department is prosecuting a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions
BREAKING: AP Source: Justice Department won't charge officers in killing of black man by Baton Rouge police in videotaped struggle.
Justice department won't charge white officers in killing of Alton Sterling.
Justice Dept. will not prosecute Baton Rouge officers in shooting death of black man: report
BREAKING: The police officers who shot and killed Alton Sterling will not be charged by the Justice Department.
Baton Rouge braces for the U.S. Justice Department's decision on Alton Sterling’s death. 7AM ET on
The Trump State Department filing has details of agency refusal to refer Clinton email issues to Justice Department
Correction: U.S. threatens to withhold grants from 9 jurisdictions in sanctuary-city crackdown
Judge William Orrick III was formerly a top immigration lawyer in Obama's Justice Department
A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, Justice Department has no U.S. attorneys in place
An estimated 3 in 100 rapists ever serves jail time. "Justice Department data by the Rape, Abuse & Incest...
The president doesn't tell the Justice Department who to prosecute. Fact that Trump has thre…
A month after dismissing all US attorneys, team has not put any new ones in place.
General Sally Yates objected to solve them, not only violated Justice Department officials familiar with all heard the election
Can we really call the Department of Justice headed by Jeff Sessions the Dept of Justice? What kind of justice is he doing? For whom?
Not with the All White Republican Freemason members running t…
August 2016 - This is the real reason private prisons should be outlawed
The justice department is interfering too much with realDonaldTrump 's campaign promises
The justice department is interfering too much with 's campaign promises
PROJECT VERITAS: The Wisconsin Department of Justice has concluded that secretly recorded videos of a Democ…
Can't have honest people in the Justice Department. Violates the rules of the White House.
Hey if you think you can pull it off try siccing your phony justice department on US citizens who defend
The Department of Justice is not worried about a federal court decision Tuesday that temporarily blocks...
BREAKING: White House says it expects Justice Department to appeal court ruling Tuesday on sanctuary cities
William Horsley Orrick, the judge who just blocked cutting off funds to sanctuary cities, was an Obama official in the De…
No faith in the justice department in CA/Ninth Circuit.they are not judges.
IT'S BEEN TEN DAYS. Can you please give the Justice Department a chance to make a case?
The President should order the Justice Department and U.S. Marshalls to take that Judge into custody.
I think the department of justice can fire these judges so I think you're right-and remov…
Partial court victory for President Trump lets Justice Department withhold grants for sanctuary cities.
Escalation of migrant violence at German justice department after man dies during escape attempt.
Dem lawmaker demands Justice Department investigate Trump firings of Bharara and Yates
6) What are the chances that the Justice Department inquiry into Comey and his letter will answer all my questions? https:/…
Sen. Durbin, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” said Chicago should remain a sanctuary city despite the Justice Department crackdown.
Justice Department reprimands 'sanctuary' jurisdictions on illegal immigration via
The woman leading the DOJ's probe of Russian interference & possible ties to Trump campaign is leaving next month. 👀.
A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, DOJ does not have any U.S. attorneys in place - Total incompetence https:/…
Holy cow, I cannot believe the Justice Department is doing this. I thought Trump admin claimed to be pro-police?
'This is an insult': NYC mayor fires back at Justice Department
Justice Department warns sanctuary cities in CA, 8 other jurisdictions to cooperate with immigration enforcement
Trump’s Justice Department: New York City is “soft on crime.” Reality: Its crime is at record lows.
The Justice Department sent a letter threatening to pull funding from “sanctuary cities”.
Top national security official to leave Justice Department
Justice Department lawyer leading an investigation into Russian meddling is on the way out via
Is Anything that Muslims do called "hate" crime according to the No JUSTICE Department? What…
'Willful disregard for the facts': New York torches the Justice Department's crime-rate claims
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I took a look at the Justice Department's focus on "soft on crime" New York City.
This combination of ignorance and gratuitous insult sounds like some guy ranting over his 4th beer -- not the U.S. Departm…
This is awesome on two levels. First, DOJ insulting a major-city police department by calling it "soft on crime"
The largest, best-known police force in the US says the Justice Department is not telling the truth
Justice Department threatens to withhold grant money from 8 sanctuary cities
De Blasio administration dismisses sanctuary city warning from Department of Justice via
The Department of Justice is lying about crime rates in New York. This is disgraceful
Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than citizens, but why let FACTS get in the way of a good scare!.
No matter what, the Justice Department is a joke. Hawaii, re-instituting the drug wars, NYC crime stats. Oh, the At…
Right, disgraces the Justice Department when he disses Hawaii. And when he does pretty much anyth…
Justice Department is debating criminal charges against WikiLeaks members
JUST IN: Justice Department tells 9 including Philly, that grant money is at risk:…
Justice Department tells 9 sanctuary cities to prove cooperation with immigration law to get grant money
Justice Department defends Sessions's remark: "Hawaii is in fact an island in the Pacific"
A month after dismissing federal prosecutors, US Justice Department have no attorneys in place | Via https…
Baltimore, Justice Department put out request for applications from prospective consent decree monitors with June 8…
The Berkeley city council, mayor, and police chief never figured on the Justice Department sending in former…
Wasn't there a law passed around 1967, prohibiting nepotistic hiring by the Is the Justice Department on th…
hmm yea, that investors blog is so off the mark.. How about the USJD?.
Committing the crimes Americans aren't interested in participating in... The Department of Justice announced...
California Department of Justice study reported that 60% of the 20,000-strong 18th Street Gang in southern California are…
Department of Justice drops lawsuit against North Carolina over 'bathroom bill'
Justice Department withdraws lawsuit over HB2 "bathroom bill" via
South Carolina bathroom bill: A waste of time and money that hurt people and tourism.
Administrative district of magistrate drops case against northwest geographical area concluded 'bathroom bill'
The United States Department of Justice actively supports bigotry against American citizens who are not straight white males.…
Peter Neufeld speaks out on A.G. Jeff Sessions' decision to end the national commission on forensic science:
Congratulations to our new class of Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Trainees on their graduation today.
The Department of Justice indicted a doctor today for performing genital... by via
Robert Reich: Trump is fleecing America, and the Department of Justice is letting it happen
Attorney General Sessions Announces the Justice Department’s Renewed... by via
Justice Department withdraws from HB2 litigation, citing fake repeal:
The Justice Department drops its suit against North Carolina over the state's “bathroom bill”
"We expect the Justice Department to set the gold standard for ethics and professionalism...but here it lags behind"
Attorney General Jeff Sessions ushers in the "Trump era" at the Justice Department
Repeal of House Bill 2 has led the U.S. Justice Department to drop a lawsuit accusing the state of discrimination.
Here's some news: Justice Department to drop federal lawsuit against NC after state's move to undo House Bill 2…
Finally a Democratic leader steps up it's about time what about the Justice Department
Axact executive to get 20 years in prison over fake degrees scandal. In Pakistan, prosecutors bombed/threatened. https:/…
Marijuana enforcement policy to be reviewed by Justice Department
The Department of Justice under Sessions may be worse than worthless.
The Justice Department is considering reopening Emmett Till murder case, family says
The U.S. Justice Department may again reopen its investigation into the 1955 killing of Emmett Till.
Petition to launch investigation into death of Plz Sign & S…
Here's some older info. Will still search but this is a start: .
In Jeff Sessions' Justice Department, a retro feel to the war on drugs
Axact executive pleads guilty in 'diploma mill' scam: US Department of Justice.
We request our SFG to give training and induction for Somaliland justice department. Aqoon la'an in aad wax xukunto…
"The most dangerous Department of Justice in decades." via
CIA knew mass mail opening was illegal. Was instructed to stop. Continued anyway. DoJ then covered it up.
Justice Department probe into Fort Myers Police misconduct now in doubt
Civil rights groups alarmed at Justice Department's review of local police settlements
So he can enlist racist policies, Sessions orders Justice Department to review all police reform agreements
Worth remembering: Sessions has admitted he hasn't read policing probes (Chi/Ferguson) he's now ordered reviewed
Statement from Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division under Obama, on Sessions' Baltimore move:
Sessions orders Justice Department to cyberreview all cyberpolice reform agreements
My, my, my. Being forced not to violently abuse minorities might undermine police "morale." Can't have that, can we?
Folks who work on police reform in Baltimore & Chicago - where federal agreements pending - very concerned tonight https:…
Baltimore is one of nearly two dozen cities — including Ferguson, Mo.; Cleveland; and Seattle — that were the...
Sessions wants to undo decades of progress. He just ordered the DOJ to review all police reform agreements.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sessions: Justice Department to review Obama police "reforms" for officer safety
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ordering the Justice Department to review police department reform agreements
I mean he is who we thought he was. *** !
Jeff Sessions orders Justice Department review of all police reform agreements
Black voters too woke to vote for Hillary are really gonna get a real wake-up call from a Confederate Nazi-run DOJ.
Clinton had promised more policing probes. Trump's AG now moving to undo previous ones. "What do you have to lose?". https…
This is major: The Justice Dept. has been ordered to review all police reform agreements w/ forces nationwide
Anyone surprised? When you put a racist in charge of the justice department, who answers to another racist…
::Real Tears::. The Department of Justice, charged w/ protecting Civil Rights, is now run by a Confederate/KKK sympathizer. Go…
Read the status of my lawsuit against the govt. for improper computer surveillance and intrusion.
Justice Department seeks pause on process that could lead to overhaul in policies and practices of Baltimore PD
Jeff Sessions orders a review of all of Obama's Police reform agreements. Good. Those reforms were anti-Police.
Sessions orders review of police reforms - Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to...
I want the Justice Department to take Obama and his criminal administration to the mat-they are dirty,they broke the law..JUSTICE
Obama's Justice Department & Director of the FBI allowed her to get away with scores of federa…
Immunity protects you from array Obama forces still in Justice Department acting as surrogates for…
The US Justice Department, which has been preparing a case against Obama for abuse of power and illegal...
The REAL Justice Department to step forward and charge - Obama cronies with Felony charges. Start squeezing them a…
- if I can get Justice Department to investigate used against me by Obama =
“For decades the Justice Department held 'yes' the nepotism statue applies to the White House." And?
The Justice Department is joining a lawsuit accusing insurance giant UnitedHealth Group of fraud.
"Hundreds" of vets have been put up at Trump Hotel by Saudis to lobby to weaken JASTA since Trump's election
Department and the same for the Justice Department. Claiming he would drain the swamp, yet hiring a White House Staff...
KSA has "targeted U.S. veterans through a campaign of deception," says letter to DOJ from 9/11 families.
who will Comey submit his info to? Congress, the American people? Certainly not the Justice department
Love these tshirts for the Department of Justice! Thank you and coworkers!
US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. 202.353.1555. -Sessions threatened to withhold federal funding for law enforcement to Sanctuary Cities. -Tell him NO
23 people ask the Justice Department to launch a criminal inquiry into its chief, Jeff Sessions
Despite Justice Department pledges to revoke funding for "sanctuary cities," Cambridge is standing by the label.
Jeff Sessions threatened to cut funds from sanctuary cities, but Evanston, Chicago leaders vow to fight back…
are not sanctuary cities to receive money.The Justice Department may not allow sanctuary cities to use grants from its Office of Justice
"We've had more than 40 percent fewer referrals to the Department of Correction"
Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week announced state and local governments seeking Justice Department grants must certify they
Don't worry, the Department of Justice will handle Just a there's no here…
“This is a very unsavory combination of foreign government cash in a Trump business," says
Breaking news vibe: "9/11 families seek Justice Department probe of Saudi lobbying that enlisted U.S. veterans"
“Justice Department asks court not to rule in Clean Power Plan case” by
The Justice Dept. has joined a CA lawsuit that accuses United HealthCare of massive fraud:
In which weaves a web of Saudi lobbying, the Trump Hotel in DC, and the fight over the 9/11 lawsuit bill
The Justice Department’s National Security Division declined to comment on whether it took action on the complaint.
April 6th at Join us for the Department of Social Justice Education's Annual Colloquium! h…
Comey told Justice Department business writing to brief you will be clear, the rules on what this election is an assistant
US Department of Justice takes an interest in GSK Vs Dolin trial.
The Justice Department is investigating Rep. Duncan Hunter, an early backer... by…
23 people want the Justice Department to investigate Jeff Sessions for perjury
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The Latest: Minneapolis NAACP president reacts to DOJ report: The Latest on a Justice Department review of how…
How to elude Russian hackers with decent password security: NEW YORK — Details from the Department of Justice…
Senate Intelligence Committee announces it will hold a hearing March 30 on Russia's meddling into the US election.
Sessions’ Department of Justice admits wiretap claim is nonsense. Sad. via
Justice Dept. tells court that Trump should be able to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Department of Justice asks Hawaii judge who stopped travel ban to limit his ruling - Los Angeles Times
. Shot: Chaser: The Conways used to own an apart…
Little by Little everything that has been set up to protect everyday people is going away. So sad
IIMPEACHIM before he gets America into a WAR!
This needs to apply to states as well. Incarceration should not have a profit motive. Ever.
Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice admits Donald Trump’s wiretap claim is nonsense
The US Justice Department may be close to throwing cold water on Trump's wiretapping claims https:…
Husband of Kellyanne Conway to run the Justice Department’s civil division
fled from police and led them on a chase. For a 3rd, the Obama Justice Department cleared the cops o…
Justice Department asks Hawaii judge to clarify ruling on Trump travel ban
Justice Department says Trump has power to fire bank regulator
Classified DOJ report to House and Senate investigators does not confirm Trump's wiretapping claims, sources say.
Justice Department provides no evidence to support President Trump's wiretap claims
Trump has just announced his next door neighbour's cat, Spot, will head the Treasury Department! .
Report: George Conway, husband of White House counselor, chosen for key Justice Department post.
Trump’s Department of Justice looks ready to loosen the nation’s gun laws:
WSJ reporting exclusively that Trump has chosen Kellyanne Conway's husband to run the Justice Department's civil division.
Who is Sally Yates? Meet the acting attorney general Trump fired for ‘betraying’ the Justice Department.
"Justice Department asks for more time to provide wiretap evidence
In USA Janet Reno, Marie Jean a.k.a.Madeleine Albright and Hillary Rodham Clinton has been secured completely by US Justice Department.
1973: . POW John McCain released from captivity. Landlord Trump sued by Justice Department for racial discrimination .
JUST IN: Justice Department has asked House Intelligence Committee for more time
You need police, law department, investigation, forensics and prisons for justice. Delhi Govt only has Tihar Jail. Rest wit…
The Justice Department has asked for more time to respond to lawmakers' questions about President Trump's wiretapping allegations.
U.S. government scientist wants her job back after Justice Department dropped charges alleging she was spy for Chin…
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Justice Department seeks more time on Trump wiretap evidence by via
Veterans of Obama's Justice Department have joined the frontlines in the Trump resistance movement
same department against which I sought justice in my case. My letters of grievance registered vide
How about the Justice Department investigates too to figure out where all these illeg…
TRUMP: The Justice Department is saying that I have learned much this year is one of them?
Justice Department asks for more time to back up Trump's wiretapping allegations
Please sign Petition asks DOJ to Arrest Madonna for Making Threats Against the White House ·
Dem senator introduces bill to investigate Russia-backed news outlet RT
The House intelligence committee said it would give the Justice Department until March 20 to comply with the evidenc…
Justice Department asks Congress for more time to provide wiretapping evidence,. by and .
Justice Department asks for more time to address Congress requests for proof of Trump wiretap claims
Latest: White House defers questions to Justice Department on congressional request for…
Justice Department declined to confirm the WH's claim that is not under investigation…
In paperwork filed with the Justice Department, Flynn and his firm acknowledged that his lobbying "could be cons...
Sessions open to using outside counsel to investigate DOJ under Holder, Lynch
Our justice department is corrupt..our judges are politically and financially motivated..they are crooked.. can be…
threw cold water on a long-standing efforts by DOJ to clean up a blatantly discriminatory Texas law. https:…
Trump's AG Sessions invokes "state secrets" to block testimony in civil suit about Bush CIA's involvement in torture
concealed foreign lobbying work from Justice Department # via
Thank the Lord, doors finally begin to open & exposing the corrupt that's been going on & then some:.
- concealed foreign lobbying work from Justice Department via
Obama Justice Department did not approve the proposed merger between Aetna and Humana. There are a lot of details...
Michael Flynn registers with Justice Department as a foreign agent over Turkey lobbying
Trump administration sends judges to immigration detention centers - sources The Department of Justice is deployin…
Department of Justice in published draft legislation to give effect to the Fourth Read it here:…
I just wish Trump's Justice Department would charge him with sedition since that's what he does in country after co…
We are back where white, racist men think they can manipulate the law to do whatever they want to attack a Black man
Donald Trump has got to be mental Keep your swarmy, little racist hands off my President Obama
Nearly every major Muslim org in the United States is a branch, or ally, of the
We Americans have been saying that for months we saw it our justice department is corrupt some already knew don't w…
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To "I lied under oath" Sessions, do NOT touch my President. The wrath of "We the People" will come down on you.
Flynn's Turkish client told the AP the amended filings were made in response to pressure from Justice Department officials in r…
Jeff Sessions may order independent investigation of Barack Obama’s Department of Justice
RW: Immigration courts have a backlog of more than 550,000 cases, according to the Justice Department.
The Justice Department declined to confirm the White House's claim that President Trump is not under investigation
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