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Justice Breyer

Stephen Gerald Breyer (born August 15, 1938) is an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1994, and known for his pragmatic approach to constitutional law, Breyer is generally associated with the more liberal side of the Court.

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I also read an article last week where someone who was in the Supreme Court (I can’t r…
That is certainly one *** of a spin on Justice Breyer (and the other conservative court members), es…
Justice Breyer: "If we were to write an opinion for you, what would we have done to that principle?". Yeah all your…
Justice Breyer was there but not Justice Ginsberg. It's enough to make you choke on your latkes.
Justice Breyer is a true gentleman and scholar.
Breyer is an incredible justice and has the same diversity stats as Sotomayor
Oral argument is over I highly recommend listening. The point you make is on…
Justice Breyer is spot-on about Tocqueville. Democracy in America is the best and most continuingly relevant book e…
US Supreme Court Justice, Stephen Breyer, on his influences incl. a book "every American should read"…
(Breyer , Ginsberg appointed by Kagan & Sotomayor by OBA…
“This court,” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote, joined by three other justices, is “poorly positioned…
Justice Breyer, in opposition to disastrous 2014 decision, wrote: “Where enough money calls the tune, the g…
I'm impressed by Justice Breyer's Dissent. This is such horrible situation, at least a reprieve of decision helps.…
The majesty of the law: "JUSTICE BREYER: "So in other words . . . Michelangelo is not protected . . . , but this ca…
If I were a lawyer being hammered by the Supreme Court my nightmare scenario would be saying something stupid in fr…
The lawyer for Jack Phillips was terrible at explaining their argument, terrible! Justice Breyer dragged her with his attitude alone.
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And a 5-4 lets the administration block release of documents relating to the cancellation of DACA. Justice…
Key portion from Justice Breyer's dissent: Government did not establish why documents must be privilege…
Don't like Breyer at all on criminal justice cases, but he knows his stuff like nobody else on admin law.
Justice Breyer attended a Chanukah celebration last night, even though the holiday doesn't start for se…
Just got out of the oral argument. Justice Breyer looks like a solid for NJ. May be the difference for New Jersey.
Trump left all Democratic lawmakers off the list of 300 guests; the only visible Democrat was Supreme Court Justice
Justice Breyer at the Trump White House is a Rock for the Ages. (RBG and Kagan were…
Unpopular opinion: I do NOT want Trump replacing him with a crazier more radical justice. Keep his uncle Ben looki…
Maybe this is the mole Justice Breyer was talking about.
Interesting attendee at this year’s Party: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
PIO confirms to me that Justice Breyer planned to attend today's White House Hannukah party. Justice Ginsburg and…
Poignant moment from Supreme Court today re sports betting case: Justice Breyer framed the NJ argument, to which Ch…
Pray with your feet (and she's Justice Breyer's daughter!) - Who decides when we as a country pray and when we act?
Did you miss our Global Settlement Architecture Conference with Kenneth Feinberg as Chair & Justice Steph…
"JUSTICE BREYER: Okay. That's your best argument?" (p. 25)
Please don't put Justice Breyer and Trump in the same twit. It makes my eyes bleed.
Justice Breyer on Trump's claim that the court system is a "laughingstock": "Obviously, I have a self-interest … I think we do pretty well."
I wouldn't consider Breyer to be a liberal justice as such. Centrist at best.
Justice Stephen Breyer, a death penalty critic “the unconscionably long periods of ti…
Biased Justice Breyer is channeling how he will vote to banish death penalty. Shame! Resign and let pick a BETTER Justice!
Shame on you, Justice Breyer.Your opinion urging the Court 2 reconsider death penalty shows how u will vote even BEFORE hearing case. Shame!
Who knew Souter, J could be so funny??!! via Breyer Responds to Trump
Pls, Bryer!You know *** well,Trump is referring primarily 2 lib lower courts&quite pleased w/ at least 5 of SCOTUS
Justices Allow Execution of Inmate Who Cannot Recall His Crime Justice Breyer's 2nd point is the crux of the matter.
I think of Breyer as being the liberal whose the worst on criminal justice stuff.
Would somebody like to remind Justice Breyer that the death penalty is explicitly acknowledged as a valid punishmen…
Rejecting "laughingstock" for real laughs: Breyer's joke at the end here is comedy gold. Is "adorable" an inappropr…
The 2nd amendment does not give everyone the right to own a gun. It gives the right to have a militia. # justice Breyer.
Justice Breyer assesses the legacy of former Transportation Secretary William Coleman via
Curious what jokes Justice Stephen Breyer finds funny?. Look to the end of this article. via
In US law, is the EU Comm a ‘tribunal’? Justice S. Breyer, dissenter in Intel v Advanced Micro, has thoughts on tri…
When a Supreme Court Justice comes to town, you go! Thanks Justice Breyer and for a great evening!
Lisa & I got our copies of The Court & the World signed by Justice Breyer - great talk!
Justice Stephen Breyer at the JCC opening night book festival. "What is your favorite word in the Constitution?" St…
Listening to Justice Breyer tonight with One step closer to bingo.
Bill Coleman left an indelible mark on LDF & the US. Justice Stephen Breyer shares a remembrance of the legal giant…
Let us contemplate the life of Bill Coleman, a true patriot, a good citizen, a great American, writes Justice Breyer https:…
A warm tribute to Bill Coleman, civil rights advocate and 2d African-American cabinet official, by Justice Breyer.
"Don't be so worried about getting credit for something." A lesson Justice Breyer learned from Senator Kennedy.
Justice Breyer describing working for Senator Kennedy. [Wow - DC was definitely different back then. More civil.]
Justice Breyer talking about his days clerking for J.Goldberg on the Warren Court, at
Once again, Justice Breyer presses case against the
Justice Breyer urges the to reconsider the use of the
Suffering on death row for 40 years may be cruel and unusual, Justice Breyer says # via
Justice Breyer on his quest to abolish the death penalty:
Kennedy and Kagan agreed 95% of time in 2015-16 cases; Justice Breyer most in majority, Justice Thomas least
Go & Do: Justice Breyer at The Music Hall, Rochester prom and more
6 Reasons to Vote Trump. Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. Ginsberg is 82 years old. Kennedy is 79. Breyer is 77. Thomas is 67. MAGA. SCOTUS
In a few, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, first in this season’s Baltimore Speaker series, shares his thoughts on compromise
Perhaps Justice Breyer will cast the decisive vote as courtesy to his colleagues? via
The last thing I wanted to do on a Sunday night was listen to an hour and a half interview with Justice Breyer, but here I am.
whatever that is. There's no integrity in advocating for another Justice Breyer.
6 Reasons to 1 Justice Scalia's seat is vacant. 2 Ginsberg is 82 years old. 3 Kennedy is 79. 4 Breyer is 77. 5 Thomas is 67. 6
We were honored to have Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Breyer and Alito visit yesterday!
get ready to play name your favorite justice: Breyer, Kagan or Ginsburg because you'll enjoy a couple more.
True. But we know w/ 100% certainty what HRC will do. See and
Justice Breyer was nominated by This is a "liberal" justice. Goodbye 4th ammendment
Profound Sonia Sotomayor dissent in Utah v. Strieff. Shame on Justice Breyer.
Justice Breyer not bothered by an eight-person Supreme Court.
Ever wanted to know the connxn between Justice Breyer, & Bishop David Listen to this
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Justice Breyer says not diminished by having only eight members after Scalia's death
Justice Breyer issues scathing dissent in cert denial for petition
Justice Breyer: It is highly likely that the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment
Justice Breyer insists death penalty is cruel, even when Supreme Court won't
Writing for the majority in Luis v. United States, 578 U.S. ___ (2016), Justice Breyer, joined by Justice Roberts, Ginsburg and Sotomayor,
Breyer on Scalia: 'He was a good friend': Justice Stephen Breyer said Thursday the Supreme Court will be a…
Justice Alito (Bush 43 pick) & Justice Breyer (Clinton pick) are both on record downplaying the negative consequences of an 8-member SCOTUS.
Justice Stephen Breyer speaks with NBC about the eight member panel to correspondent Pete Williams. . Breyer...
Awesome to watch Justice Breyer talk about his recent book: The Court and the World. Even if I disagree with Kiobel!
Justice Breyer is right.Only 20% of SCOTUS decisions are 5-4.But race & civil rights cases fall squarely in that 20%.https:…
Narrative: will be stymied with a 4-4 court!. Justice Breyer: won't. h/t:
Justice Stephen Breyer says the Supreme Court will be a "grayer place" without Scalia
Justice Stephen Breyer on 8-member "We’ll do our work ... For the most part, it will not change."
Justice Breyer on SCOTUS work with an 8-member court: “For the most part, it will not change.”
Justice Breyer: Scalia's Death Won't Impact Most Votes: "We'll miss him, but we'll do our work," Supreme Court...
Order Miche Bag Online!
The answer to non-question about eligibility is at end of transcript of my intv from '11 w/Justice Breyer: https:/…
Our students had the opportunity to meet Justice Breyer hosted by the Sorensen Ctr
Surprisingly, Justice Breyer wouldn't normally listen to two hours of rap music. But he did enjoy Hamilton:
Justice Breyer's grandchildren don't like his jokes. But he keeps trying. He chats with us on podcast! https:/…
Justice Breyer on what the Court does behind closed doors, and Hamilton:
Listening to Justice Breyer on US and international law, on my way to a fee arbitration. Busy Tuesday.
Justice Breyer of the US Supreme Court and Guy Canivet of the French Constitutional Court and most brilliant lawyers
I'm at France's Constitutional Court waiting to hear Justice Breyer discuss his new book. It should be a good one!
Justice Breyer tells me what's wrong with the death penalty and segregated schools. From today:
Justice Breyer: The constitution is not a blank check (Getty)
Justice Breyer is on a roll on the death penalty.
Colbert presses Justice Breyer to allow cameras in Supreme Court
Justice Breyer explains to Stephen Colbert why cameras are banned in the Supreme Court
review: Justice Breyer's perspective on and the world.
Justice Breyer using TLF terms on "our increasingly interconnected world" in ‘The Court and the World’
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Colbert asks SCOTUS Justice Breyer why cameras are allowed nearly everywhere else besides his and fed court
Justice Breyer on a mission with intersection of US, international law.. Great interview by via
Round-up: Justice Breyer in the news, Republican candidates criticize & more
is Justice Breyer of Colbert; because nobody has bright comic time as GBS.
Justice Breyer (?!?) will be on Late Night with Colbert on September 14:
Justice Breyer appearing on the Colbert late show?? Is there real life!? YES!!
Justice Breyer will be on Colbert; because no one has brilliant comic timing like SGB.
9/14 Justice Breyer to appear as guest on Stephen Colbert's Late Show
Justice Breyer's roadmap for banning the death penalty (and the road not taken):
...Emilio Estevez's Breakfast Club character grew up to become Justice Breyer?
This past week Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman spoke with Justice Breyer at the 92nd Street Y in NYC.
Justice Breyer got good seat at Bradlee funeral. Don Graham told him BCB hired reporters who wouldn't believe a justice…
SCOTUS' " raging pragmatist" Justice Breyer completes 2 decades on the Bench -
Happy anniversary, Justice Breyer: After 20 years, Breyer is high court's raging pragmatist
I explain constitutional law to a Supreme Court Justice:
"THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE GRIND SLOWLY: An 89-year-old retiree is held in deaths at Auschwitz -
Soo I ran into Justice Breyer today while working. It reminded me of meeting Scalia at Ignore my shirt
where refers to Justice Breyer as the "fourth woman" on SCOTUS -->
Ron Klain memo to Clinton before meeting with soon-to-be Justice Breyer on what not to ask
Justice Breyer will discuss Montaigne, Proust & Willa Cather this Sunday at the Sun Valley Writers' Conference:
Yes, an interesting approach similar to a concern that Justice Breyer has expressed about the time spent on death row.
Ruling on Calif death penalty echoes Breyer's view on delays, from dissents (1999, 2011): noted here
I got : Justice Stephen Breyer! Which Supreme Court Justice are you? via
Symposium: Justice Breyer's dowsing rod finds a limit to the Recess ... - SCOTUSblog (blog)
attends 25th Anniversary Gala for Bill Clinton with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
more homework! In Aug., Breyer will be 5th justice w/20+ years of service on the bench. Last time 5 justices >20 years?
Holy crap, Bush kissed Justice Breyer too.Why the *** would he kiss Breyer?
“When enough money calls the tune, the general public will not be heard.”. - Justice Stephen Breyer
Justice Breyer’s theory of constitutional interpretation finally gets its star turn. (via
Your majority opinion opened Pandora's box. Thank you to the dissent: Justice Breyer
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Such oral dissents are rare, and they signal deep disagreements. But Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Breyer noted from the bench.
That Time Justice Breyer Certified A Question to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and then Reversed Circuit Jud... http:/…
With McCutcheon decision before the Supreme Court, the Left signals fascist, collectivist and utilitarian standards for evaluating First Amendment freedoms, completely abandoning libertarian liberty standards. Josh Blackman, for instance, notices Justice Breyer's "reasoning" which included a citation of Rousseau, the French thinker barely registering upon the Constitution's framers: "I wonder, and fear, that Breyer’s opinion may signal a shifting trend in broader thought on free speech on the left. With respect to speech, modern-day liberalism seems to be drifting away from protecting free speech, and more towards state-imposed equality" in speech.
Justice Breyer always cracks me up.
Justice Breyer is on fire with his dissent in McCutcheon, and surprise, superb, utterly readable prose!.
Credit to Justice Breyer for pointing out the effect this will have on democratic legitimacy.
Monday, April 7, 2014 US Supreme Court PRECEDENT STATES THAT OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT You may forward this to any one you wish. This has been verified by Drake and whoever he gave it to. I think the people have suffered enough over this mess. No more waiting on announcements that the CEO CLOWN hasn't made yet. Obama has put and has helped to put enough people in jeopardy and people have died. I should say enough of the people have died because of these actors who have no clue. For all the treason, and espionage that has been done by all and the most that can be done is talk to them ? Well, while you people are talking and having meetings, etc. people are still starving to death all over the world. They all are guilty of stealing the peoples money and it's time to pay it back. Since they can't do this, they need to be in jail now, TODAY !!! The people need their money TODAY !!! STOP THE MURDERS, TREASON, ESPIONAGE, THEFT, SHUT DOWN THE FRAUDULENT BANKS, CORPORATIONS AND ALL INVOLVED IN THIS IL ...
A very candid, albeit long, presentation from Justice Breyer on the relevancy of international law to US courts
Thanks to his fellow Justices, this is about to become nightmarishly true. Thank you, Justice Breyer...for your dissenting opinion to your partners' insanity and your attempt to stop it.
I feel ya, man. Last week, I misread "Justice Breyer" as "Justin Bieber."
If collective speech matters to Justice Breyer, why does he vote against laws and constitutional amendments passed by voters in the states?
Thank you, Justice Breyer, for speaking the truth.
Floyd Abrams on and Justice Breyer's "disturbing" dissent.
After the U.S. Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision Wednesday that threw out a cap on the total amount wealthy donors can give to federal candidates in an election season, Democrats and self-proclaimed do-gooders cried foul at the prospect of more big money's tainting Washington politics. Federal law continues to cap individual contributions to congressional candidates at $5,200, but the McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission decision eliminated the $48,600 cap on the total individuals can contribute to candidates and the $74,600 cap on donations to political committees. An online New York Times story announced, "The ruling, issued near the start of a campaign season, will change and very likely increase the already large role money plays in American politics." Stop, please. I beg you. The hypocrisy is appalling. The Center for Responsive Politics' estimates that GOP biggie Sheldon Adelson and his wife 'bulldozed' (owww...powerword) $93 million into conservative super PACs in 2012. Does ...
Is that your gavel, Justice Breyer, or are you just happy to see me?
Hamilton Collection
Justice Breyer is disappointed that he wore his robe backwards for April Fool's Day, and no one noticed.
Thanks for the shortened video--I transcribed Breyer's full answer on live audio here: http:/…
If you're having trouble viewing this email, you may see it online. Share: Tracking Liberal Media Bias Since 1996 Thursday April 03, 2014 @ 09:55 AM ET 1. Networks Promote President's ObamaCare Trash Talk, Leave Out Republican Soundbites While ABC, NBC, and CBS all hyped President Obama slamming Republican opposition to ObamaCare during his Tuesday "victory lap" in the White House Rose Garden, the network coverage that evening and Wednesday morning did not include a single GOP soundbite on the topic. On Tuesday's ABC World News, White House correspondent Jon Karl proclaimed: "It looked like a victory celebration, and the beginning of a new campaign." A clip ran of Obama asserting: "The debate over repealing this law is over. The Affordable Care Act is here to stay." 2. Bob Schieffer and Brian Williams Push Liberal Reaction to SCOTUS Campaign Finance Decision Both CBS's Bob Schieffer and NBC's Brian Williams cried foul on Wednesday evening at the Supreme Court striking down the cap on overall political don ...
“If the court in Citizens United opened a door,” he said, “today’s decision may well open a floodgate.” Justice
Justice Breyer has a narrow vision of freedom of speech. He inherited it from early twentieth century Progressives who thought that freedom of speech is neither a natural right nor a restraint on government power, but a way of encouraging a robust marketplace of ideas.
Justice Breyer revealed the stupid and cravenness of progressives. *** you to ***
Tightly reasoned takedown of Justice Breyer's dissent in this week's campaign finance case.
The system is rigged Don Hazen replies3 (2 days ago) "You may have heard about the new book, "Flash Boys" by Michael Lewis, about how the stock market is rigged by super-fast computer trading; or perhaps you saw Lewis tell the story on 60 Minutes Sunday night. But it's not just the stock market that is rigged. The whole system is rigged. With Wednesday’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court has doubled down on Citizen's United crushing the last aspect of campaign finance reform. It is now official, or perhaps more "official." Plutocracy = The United States of America. The rich will rule at levels beyond our imagination even just a few years ago. Justice Breyer writing for the four Justices who don't represent the billionaire class said the decision undermines the political integrity of our governmental institutions: "It creates a loophole that will allow a single individual to contribute millions of dollars to a political party or to a candidate’s campaign. …What has this to do with corr ...
Dkos: Excerpts from Justice Stephen Breyer's dissent in McCutcheon v FEC
"If You Want to Preserve American Values, Learn Something from Abroad" | Commentary by ht…
We specifically rejected efforts to define “corruption” in ways similar to those the plurality today accepts. We added: “Just as troubling to a functioning democracy as classic quid pro quo corruption is the danger that office­holders will decide issues not on the merits or the desires of their constituencies, but according to the wishes of those who have made large financial contributions valued by the officeholder.” Justice Breyer
A very few tickets left for rare opportunity to hear Justice Breyer of United States Supreme Court talk on Judicial Independ…
“If I get very angry at something, one of my children will say, ‘God, he’s mentally unstable,’” [Justice] Breyer said.
Justice Breyer released from Washington hospital following surgery
fans: Justice Breyer was at Kerry's speech to US-Israel forum today
Justice Breyer has shoulder surgery after bike accident ye sher he sala pyar k chakkr me pad shakal kutte Jaisi *** Gai
I am on HuffPost Live with Mike Sacks Talking About Justices Who Google: I’m looking at you Justice Breyer. Yo...
for students on ALP see the informative interview with Justice Breyer,
"To me, Proust is the Shakespeare of the inner world." Justice Stephen Breyer
Rule of Law: Justice Breyer recalls commitment to judicial review.
at 3:30pm ET on people. Chimp habeas, 23andMeandFDA, & Justice Breyer's Google Habits!
I will be on with at 3:45 ET to talk about Justice Breyer’s Outrageous Googling!
Justice Breyer released from Washington hospital following surgeryI am so sorry to hear this, Please follow an
From the Heller excerpt in my conlaw text: "[JUSTICE BREYER’S dissenting opinion is omitted.]"
Had lunch with a campaign supporter today and ran into Justice Stephen Breyer!
Why it's a problem Justice Breyer is Looking stuff up on Google DONT GOOGLE IT SCOTUS !
Associate Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the Supreme Court of the United States Makes 2014 Clifford Symposium Ke...
Justice Breyer has shoulder surgery after bike accidentas Fernando Torres has scored Premier League goals for Chelsea,
How many articles did Justice Stephen Breyer publish between 1964-1965 when he was at harvard?
Is Justice Breyer an atheist? Nonbelievers are buoyed by remark at oral arguments…
Justice Thomas is not a Europhile, but Justice Breyer is: (impressive French!)
Rarely do I agree with Justice Scalia, but he was absolutely right in his dissenting opinion on the DNA case. Justice Breyer wrongly compared it to fingerprints and photos, which are routinely taken when you get arrested. The difference is that there is no large-scale database/computer program that can search blocks of photos and fingerprints wholesale. The taking of DNA from people simply arrested (not charged) is a violation of the fourth amendment.
Justice Breyer recovering from shoulder surgery after bicycling accident yesterday
My paper on Justice Breyer is finished. Now all I need to do is some studying and note taking before tomorrow. :>
These guys have a great sense of humor- "Justice Breyer & Scalia Debate" via
I am just writing a paper on Justice Breyer. :P
"If you do your homework well, you can get a good job where you do homework for the rest of your life." - Justice Stephen Breyer
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, misrepresents the Father of our Constitution
During the recess, Justice Breyer will try to convince a high school civics class that he really is a Supreme Court Justice.
"He [Justice Breyer] started referring to her, and her case, as 'the stripper.' This was not precisely accurate..."
Looks like Monsanto will win again... Justice Stephen Breyer said federal law prevents people from making copies of patented inventions. "And that is what he did," Justice Breyer said of Mr. Bowman. Chief Justice John Roberts suggested companies wouldn't spend money to develop such technologies if others could just copy the inventions without paying for them. Justice Elena Kagan voiced similar concerns. A decision is expected by the end of June.
Today the brother of a CAL member bought his Christmas Tree right next to a Supreme Court Justice buying his. Yes, we are power players.
Yes I am spending my Friday night watching Justice Breyer and Justice Scalia debate.
I hate case briefs. Justice Breyer is boring. I just want to watch a Christmas movie. This research paper needs to be over.
"An automobile is expensive. You have to find a place to park and it's not fun. So why not ride a bicycle?" Supreme Court Justice Breyer
is delighted to host the inaugural Esdaile Lecture featuring Justice Stephen Breyer
One of the most important and substantial things a President does is appoint Supreme Court Justices to their lifetime seats/terms. Peruse this info below and think about that when you vote. (Thanks Lisa Ferrell) Lisa Ferrell If you have hesitation on voting for Mitt Romney, keep these things in mind: 1. Justice Scalia just turned 78 2. Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year 3. Justice Breyer was 76 in August 4. Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago - and is reportedly quite ill. 5. Justice Stephens has already said he would retire and is just waiting for Obama to be re-elected. The next president could appoint as many as 5 new Justices over the next four years. This election is about much more than the ObamaCare Tax. Whomever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come. If you don't think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mit ...
This just in: Justice Breyer is a San Francisco Giants fan. A big one.
Whether you vote for Obama or Romney... your vote is important.
Sweet. Just got an email from BU saying that Associate Justice Breyer will be the keynote speaker in January at BU for Esdaile. That will be awesome, hopefully.
To: Young Democrats (18 - 29) 10/20/12 We have recently seen on TV that young voters (18-29 years old) prefer President Obama by a wide margin (70% support in Florida). However we also learn that motivation to get out and vote is much lower than in 2008. Your organization needs to push strongly on getting out the vote by providing young people reasons to vote. For those who think that President Obama has not done a good enough job, ask them to follow the presentation at: . Click on Download and then open. Several slides have voice narrative. You may have to wait 3 or 4 seconds for the voice to start. (FYI the material for this presentation was put together by an old white male, the PP presentation and voice was done by a bright young Hispanic.) For those who need additional incentive to get out and vote, please remind them of the Supreme Court which is probably the most important issue of this election for young Americans. The direction of social justice and equality for our country for the next 30 or s ...
Listened to SC justice Breyer talk about the 2nd amendment and that he was unsure if it applied to the individual. *Ahem*..."Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." (James Madison, The Federalist Papers
Join us at the First Annual Blue Dress Fundraiser to talk about the important fight for women’s rights in the state of Idaho and to support the efforts of the Idaho Young Democrats.
Four reasons why the coming election is crucial: Supreme Court Justice Scalia is 76, Justice Kennedy is 75, Justice Breyer is 75, and Justice Ginsberg is 80.
4 good reasons to vote for : Justice Breyer is 74, Kennedy is 76, Scalia is 76 and Ginsburg is 80.
Supreme Court Justice's son, Michael Breyer, is running for CA state assembly. Justice Breyer is keeping his distance
Today was the opening day of the U.S. Supreme Court, and there was some awkward settling-in, as Justice Breyer could not find his new locker number and Chief Justice Roberts had left his lunch money at home.
Justice Breyer & Scalia discuss some of their differences.
Four Things to Keep in Mind When Voting: 1. Justice Scalia is 762. Justice Kennedy is 763. Justice Breyer is 744...
Stephen Breyer is officially my favorite justice on the Court...such an intellectual badass
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“Justice Breyer even defended the benefits of lying"
$16 Trillion send the bill to Justice Steven Breyer.
Legal News: Justice Breyer accidentally returned on first Monday in September to empty S.Ct. building.
Rebecca Stone (Articles Editor '09) recently finished her term as clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer during the 2011-2012
You kids should all be jealous that you don't get to read from the works of Supreme Court Justice Breyer
Justice Kagan, Justice Breyer and Carnegie folks in the Peace Palace Rose Garden. Nice night!
Great Shot from the Justice Breyer at the Peace Palace.
Justice Breyer is this really you? I know your middle name is Gerald but is this really you?
"You explain to people first, why is it that I think what I think? You're not trying to prove a point. Law is not mathematics. If I am a mathematician, I am trying to prove why 'A' follows from 'B.' But this is not the nature of this discipline. The best I can do is explain to a reader what my reasons are for adopting this particular conclusion." ~Justice Breyer on expressing opinions in writing.
Cycling ethics from former NYT's Ethicist Randy Cohen -> Guess what? Justice Breyer sometimes rides his bike to work!
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