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Los Angeles Jennifer Lawrence

.makes it a girls' night out at Just Jared & dinner:
The original Ulyana Sergeenko dress of is defintely the best of L'Oréal Blue Obsession. Photo: Just Jared
📷 meninvogue: Happy 24th birthday, Alexander Ludwig! by Justin Campbell for Just Jared
Sometimes I just need Guru Jared to inspire my day. ✨✨
Please check out the latest from Just Jared Jr on Nintendo's Holiday Party 🎮☃🎅🏻 .
just found your rust series and it has made my night! You sir are a magnificent ***
Just making herself comfortable on my clean clothes
Bella Thorne Makes Out with Nash Grier for New Movie - Just Jared: Just JaredBella Thorne Makes Out with Nash ...
Jared offered to be excessively tempestuous all the time just so I could use the word tempestuous more often.
Idk why I'm just attacking her rn lmao
Y'all I think they took Jared Leto, skipped the Joker, and just went full on psychopathic meth head.
oh thats such great news well done you two!! So pleased for you both!!
I just sent jared a picture of my boobs looking out my glasses
Morning, sunshine! ☉ Can I just say I ❤ that your gorgeous Jared posts are usually the last thing I see before bed 😍
if it was Jared, I could have just punched him
I thought I was just getting a casual snapchat from Jared but?!:!/$$,
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I just finished watching Sunday's episode. Jared's too much of a baby that he needs Tim to be his sitter? HA!
ha didn't help yourself there but what that says to me is you just "blog" what ever hear. That's how professionals do it.
Somebody told me Jared didn't play for the Celtics or in the Nba anymore . Again ...ppl talking just bc they have lips ...🙄
People think I'm looking for attention n the truth is I'm just livin and happen to be talented. When I tell y'all jealousy is a disease 😷😷
Jared isn't a bad driver, he just does stupid things. Love him
I dont even speak Spanish but these *** just snapped
Not just any prince; Jared Matthews discusses the characterization of this vital role in 'The Sleeping Beauty':
By the way, we know WarCry is already used and that's ok because we are just using that as the name until "the 7" trailer comes out
So amazing what God can accomplish in your life if you just get out of the way. I do know this: it's always different & its always better.
Jared just knocked over my neighbor's trashcans with his car
Don't be childish. *** & boobs are too great to choose just one. I want both.
Tim to Cass/Jared/Kelsey- I just want to make sure I'm proud of how I leave the game. That might not be winning at all costs…
The truth is out there, you just have to be willing to get your hands dirty tearing through lies.
Fam I would let Jared from subway babysit my kids while letting Michael Vick watch my dog just to see left elbow
Deandre just licked his bowl clean for 2 minutes after eating ramen???
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Does it ever hit you how much you love Jared Padalecki and then you're just a pile of Jared emotions for the rest of th…
Just hanging out with Merlin. Great job Jared!!
Did Jared and Phil just call Joel emotional? Like look in the mirror you little beetches
Jared/Phil wonder who Joel's closer to, them or Tim. Jared says Joel won't show his cards, "just means he's easily persuaded". Wut?
Jared just said Fuller House is complete😒
Kelsey's explaining the plan to Jared: put up Tim/Nikki, tell them the plan is to b/d the bros, but then just vote Tim out.…
Just having fun coach you know me and Jared always joking around lol
Jared Goff is straight nasty. This isn't even a debate. His USC tape is just filthy and half of their defense is NFL bound.
I have it on mute. But just looked and Jared sure is shoveling in those chips
Gabe & Jared sick. Owen locked his door from inside then fell asleep. I just accidentally turned on music. LOUDLY. Good night, cruel world.
Jensen probably was all awkward and gruff asking Jared to take a pic of him and the Impala like "hey can u just yeah ju…
yeah I'm alright. Just a little stressed and in need of sleep. Thanks Jared
Hey, i recently bought an r9 390, can i get like a game like hmm.. DS3 as a bonus? just saying ;) really want to play DS3
I'm giving up I'm not trying anymore I'll just wait my turn for something serious
same. But let's just see what happen next term 😌😌.. Right now I don't wanna talk about school
Jared Fogle: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse come these...
Someone just posted this on Jared's fb page & now I'm a sobbing mess in the corner.
Jared just ruined my night, we were both craving this today
I just wanna learn more music and eat takeout until I die
The saddest thing about all these Jared Leto method acting Joker stories is that he could've just read a few comic boo…
Chris Evans Takes a Trip to China with Team Cap! - Just Jared
just remember your amazing! You met Jared! You may not know it but your are special in other people's heart…
Scott Eastwood Presents an Award to Chloe Moretz at Teen Choice Awards 2015 - Just Jared
Supermodel River Viiperi on Just Jared for his inspiring shoot to support equality and the LGBT community.
Justin Bieber Has a New Song at Number 1 on the 'Billboard' Charts! - Just Jared
Katharine McPhee at Just Jared event in Malibu - July 2015
Never loved a ginger more than just now 😂
Just had a discussion with my entire family & jared about how to shave your legs
Jared Uthoff might just be the most Iowa player that ever Iowa-ed.
J2 just played rock, paper, scissors and Jensen lost to Jared twice.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
I wish I could feel good whenever my DCcon Misha/Jared starts circulating again but at this point I just assume folks are trying to counter
Cassie just cried over the walking dead😂
My timeline is nothing but walking dead and photo ops/stage photos of jared, jensen and mish (not complaining, just making a statement)
that moment when you realise Jensen asked for a spoon just so he can prank Jared the same way Dean pranked Sam
TWD probably just broke the internet😂😂
If Jared Leto was *really* such a great method actor, he'd jump into a vat of chemicals, but I guess he's just not very co…
A tiny Australian mining company just found a massive diamond in Africa — via BIAUS
I just tried to tell my husband this and he doesn't know who Jared Leto is. 😳😬
Jared just did a high kick. (in reference to one of the things he learned from ballet) lol
Jared just said his ringtone was kiss me through the phone at one point
Jared isn't even just tall he's just like. long. his legs are long and his arms are long and his hair is long and he is just so *** LONG
;-) IMY2 (but I'm just now starting so don't say anything)
I absolutely love this pic of Jared and our donkey *** He just wanted Jareds jacket! 😍
Jared just asked me if Valentine's Day was always on the 14th🙄
Fr though just seeing Jared while I'm sick on Valentines day was enough to make my day. The gifts were just a plus❤☺
Jared's "Drink Until Your Dreams Come True" giant wine glass just fell onto the floor & shattered so we're all a little concerned
Jared's joke just backfired. Implied Jensen is twelve inches. Yelled "get a grip" to crowd. It got worse.
Ashley I and Jared would make a great couple. He just doesn't know it.
I'm getting a fake id just so I can get into rated r movies
Jared Padalecki Daily has just been printed! gratitudes to
The Walking Dead and the NBA All star game in one night at the same time. Just cruel
Did you hear about the Italian chef with a terminal illness? . He pastaway. . Cannoli do so much. . Now hes just a pizza hi…
My future's been on my mind heavy lately from my career all the way down to my family. I just want to be great.
Here come the Illini - Jared Hiltzik just closed out Spencer Papa 7-6, 7-6 so it's now 3-2 OU but Aron Hiltzik is up a break in the 3rd on 3
I just want Jared to look at me the way he looks at drake
Just started screaming untill Jared kissed me 😂😂
stop texting your ex jared I mean that's just so inappropriate
No big deal..just two grown men (Jared and Rock 92's Biggie) in the same bed watching the season premiere of The...
Just so you know I don't care what you're doing ... I'm doing me 😂😎
Jared just told us today's J2 panel was one of his favorite panels EVER. So told him we've dubbed it
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watching the Good dinosaur with for our Valentine date. Don't worry it's the "good" Dino...not the "mean" one
The cast of the hit up the Just Jared screening over the weekend! See the pics https:/…
Thank you Just Jared for the shout out!...
Tj always uses the excuse "I bought Jared a pizza" just to bring pizza home. Jared's not here so his new excuse is "Im taking a pizza for u"
"He's better than any receiver in football..."
Hey we just passed the "Hump Day" of season 11! That's right. We're now past halfway :)
Jared was just taking a nap and I thought he was awake Bc his one eye was half open and moving but he was sleeping and it was so creepy 😂
"Just go long and I'll throw it to you"
Just wanna curl up w Jared and cry about my kitten
Can I get free PSN? I've been playing on Playstations since I was three, and i turn 18 tomorrow. Just wonder if i could :)ty
It's all over! See which celebrity just finalized their divorce! -
There needs to be atleast 3 more Creed's, just like the Rocky's
Every time you guys "like" this its just a painful reminder of what I've lost
exactly! Don't even buy anything just knock out the over the top shoppers
we should've all gone Black Friday shopping together just to be non official security
The Pigskin Prophet: A state title just feels...right.
Next Call of Duty should be: Year 2035, Nuclear EMP hits Earth & destroys all electronics. No robots, No tech, no jet p…
beats being more and In a unhappy relationship lol. He's got a plan bro! Just stick with it
Could just as easily been targeting for Jared Fogle being a kiddy diddler.
Jared just posted this on Instagram
Just found out that Jared played Jasper in Twilight!!!
I gotta say I am just really not happy with this whole breakfast fiasco Jared is causing today.
just laid eyes upon the biggest fatty I have ever seen
yeah just like Jared the subway guy with no criminal record turned out to be a (cont)
Forever just asking myself 'is it worth it?'
Every time I see a picture of Jared Padalecki, it's from Supernatural. I just saw a picture of him from the Gilmore Girls. I am now happy.
I've just entered a giveaway to win Flashback Michael Vick from and !!!
Just incase you're having a bad day, watch this. ☺️☺️
So many good people confirmed now we just need misha and Jared pls
Just boarded flight to Orlando 4 all expenses paid trip from TY 4 ur mentorship htt…
Jared and miley, all just marketing game, wake up people
Jared and I just did the whip to an Arcade Fire song, so there's suburban millennials for you. Welcome to our ***
I think Jared carried it and they just whipped it around each other. They threw the hats at each other tho 😊
Is everyone having serious Jared Taylor withdrawals or is it just me?!
Just when you think some celebrity marriages might work, you read that Jared Fogle's wife filed for divorce.
While in the strip district, Jared and I just smashed a 2lb pepperoni roll.. we are headed to Permantis for lunch. . Two man wrecking crew.
Drake Responds to Adele's Request for a 'Hotline Bling' Duet - Just Jared
Sia: 'One Million Bullets' Lyrics & Full Song - LISTEN NOW!: Sia has just released a brand new son...
I just got stung by a bee in planet fitness that Jared brought in with him. *** So now I'm eating their purple tootsie rol…
New Did Jared McCann just become the Canucks’ second-line centre?
I don't want to joke about Trump I just want him to go away
house of wax with Jared Padalecki was just on and right after it is Friday the 13th with Jared Padalecki and it's so cute I just squealed.
Jared and brother Shannon Leto of. 30 Seconds to Mars. Just being adorable.
lol just seeing this why did you say that Jared ?! Love you KJ
I'm guessing y'all woke each other up early just to put the tree up... 😂
Did Jared McCann just become the second-line centre? | Pass it to Bulis
It just got to me that they're all probably tiptoeing and then there is Jared bending down
Helps me and gives me make up but then I remove it leaving just a lil bit and then jared says to me something about me getting pregnant
Denise and others emailed and texted on Just Jared over 3000 times on Jennifer Lawrence articles about fake dating Chris m…
Give the driver a break. He's just trying to enjoy some shoe rubber bread and contribute to defense fund.
lol some forge underclassman was standing in my way so I said excuse me and he literally just stood there so I had to push through him
Rogers just ran it 6 times in a row. On the 7th time they decided to pass and it was a 22 yard TD from to
Going to subway. I just hope the meat hasn't been stuffed anywhere inappropriate Jared.
Jared just kills me with his cheeky grin at the end there. GUH! 😍 Makes my heart leap with joy.
no promise of an easy road. just a destination. rest in peace Jared. 💕
Just watching season 2 again . is so cute xx
Evil Jared just found his new favorite shot👊
Just because you're not speaking doesn't mean I'm not listening
On the anniversary of 9/11, looks back on the night when a first pitch meant more than just "play ball."
Have to be up at half 7 and I just proper can't sleep. Could be to do with Jared snoring right down my ear
Oh my god, now I'm just imagining Jared/Sam shirtless, wet, spraying Jensen/Dean with the hose...
“jared and gen are wedding goals just seeing Jensen there too makes me want to cry I LOVE
im just gonna go to New York and have Jared reserve my pair again 😂. You know we gonna cook on
wade Miley is the guy I would trade. Just an average pitcher.
Thanks for the order, Jared! We just got HAMMER in stock this week. Yours ships today!
I love to have a car like that just blasting music and imagine Jensen and Jared with me cruising down the open road with beer
it was shot by the photographer for the yearbook! I just went through all the Blue and Gold pictures today!
Just keep doing that, Papi. Keep hitting doubles until you get back to Fenway.
I love how jared and misha are just being nerds then there's jensen just like "stop them" ... "please thanks"
just had a conversation w Siri because none of my friends talk to me
Jared Boll just smiled at me and I got pregnant. Sorry
I could have one if I wanted one but I feel like it's disrespectful to real journalists. Plus I just want to have a good time.
Come on Subway, first Jared and now this? Just ridiculous.
I love Jensen AND Jared AND Misha. If anyone on my timeline has hate for ANY of them, you can just unfollow me right now.
idk man just tryin to support my school cause SOMEONE keeps callin it TRASH😒🙊
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I didn't say you were supposed to know that, I just said don't assume .
Hey now Mr! “They just wanted to do their time and maybe play some Dungeons and Dragons”
UPDATED w/ Just Jared Pics! Bindi Irwin, Derek Hough & DWTS Cast at the Hollywood Boulevard for the Flash Mob opening h…
Jared from Subway started his career just like he ended it, trying to get into smaller pants.
Is this just coincidence? Or do Jared and Jensen share their underwear?
I'm not at the moment but Jared is meeting me here so we can just go from here
Jared just posted this pic on instagram!!. *DYING WITH SO *** MANY MARY FEELS*
He's over there like, "No guns." And she's over here like, "No alcohol." And I'm just over here drunk, shootin' the shi…
Jared's last post on Instagram is just too cute 😊
the moment when your fighting with julia and then stop and realize your just like Jared and Kristin...
I like her more when she just woke up in the morning..a real beauty indeed
the amount of snapchats I just sent Molly and Jared... just wow.. they are lucky people
I'm over reading and hearing about UT vs. OK. I just want to see the game and I just want to demolish them.
Actress Jacqueline MacInnes Wood attends Just Jared's Way to Wonderland presented by Ever After High at Greystone...
Vanessa & Laura Marano Make It to 'Wonderland' at Just Jared's Party Presented by Ever After...
My sister is watching TV and just sent me these without any comment. How rude!!
I've been trying to break free for years I just cant drives me insane
Everything I do is wrong, just can't win with some people😔
and he's got going on and he's just such a good person i just everyone appreciate jared padalecki PLEASE
We can respect the man even better by respecting his wishes & feelings! Couldn't agree more with you! 😊
I want you. Nothing else... Just you.
I know there are pictures circulating of Matt out and about in LA with his kids, I've also seen them, but I won't...
It's 4:30 a.m. and I'm just getting dinner from Burger King 😂
I just keep watching Jared's try over and over.
I'm just gonna watch one more episode. Oh, it's 5:00 AM
What the *** You are just catering to the masses. When all is said and done, Aspartame is it! You should have just held out.
I think I just got motion sickness watching snap story
I just hate how Gen is making Jared look bad! If she is homophobic, she doesn't need to make Jared look like a homophobic too
Jared gets a ticket for going 91 in a 75. Jared: I can't believe I just got a ticket for going 21 over!. Me: 😑
Just found a Jared Leto's *** tumblr. I'm so turned on right now.
Jared just told me he can't wait to have a lot of money so he can get me a ring and marry me. Oh heck 😍
*Jared trying to get me to go out . "Baby lets go!". . "Wait I didn't mean to call you that I just got off the phone with Kailey I swear"
No just a really great memory for you. Just proves again what a nice guy Jared is to his fans. Thanks for sharing. good night
Just tried the new diet pepsi with sucralose instead of aspartame. I am not impressed! I will not buy more of this.
When you're friends are just that cool 😏🔥
the fact that jared thanked "miss tessa" in can't stop won't stop makes me want to cry please just get married and have cuTE BABIES ALREADY
Is that jared kissing his girlf? . Oh wait no, that's just him greeting Olivier Zahm. Common mistake. My bad.
Jared just intentionally burned me with a lighter
Just gotta say I agree with ALL of this. It hurts my heart to see Jared supporting someone like this.
Just Jared: starts her day off right...with a bowl of coffee!
Dely b n Jared r laying on an inflatable swan rn just floating around together
and Jared gave some of us these badges that he said had just arrived 😍
.& flaunted fab looks at the Just Jared & dinner!
Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer at the Just Jared & JustFab Summer Dinner Party on Wednesday (July 8)
hit up the Coach party at See pics: via Just Jared
Jamie featured on the Just Jared website for his interview with Variety Studio Actors on Actors.
“They are just the best. I had not come across two like that before.” . ~ Timothy Omundson about Jared and Jensen http:/…
Jared just ate my lunch I literally hate my family
I've got a Jared one I'm just waiting to hear about Jensen wby?
I think it's really good until season 5 After that I think story *** I watch it just to see Jesen and Jared lol
cause they are freaking awesome. Your mom just texted me lol
watching professional soccer on tv and I just know that Jared would've been on the USA team in about 5 years
Just jumped in the hot tub only to find out my parents had shut it off for the year. The water was about 45 degrees. Fml
more like I was just cold and hungry
Omg the lady at Roche Brothers just told Jared he looks like Ben Affleck and I'm embarrassed at how excited he is
I just wanna get a few friends, pack up our bags, and just drive down to the beach
Nicki Minaj is Bringing Her Pinkprint Tour to the US & Canada - See the Dates Here!
I despize Both of the players in the mvp Race, but I will Just go with Curry
*** just as the Celtics get Jared Sullinger back, the Pacers get Paul George. This battle for the 8 seed is going to be intense.
I just found another niece that I haven't talk to
I can do whatever I want. I just time it to where I get carts and just walk with them
I just wanna smoke weed and grill burgers
it's just hand movements. If he didn't have the light gloves, he'd just look like a crazy person.
I just had a dream that I was texting you "hey jared, I'm free to babysit jax anytime" "Heyy Amanda, come tonight" 😂 love you❤️
I messed my foot up somehow..and it hurts.. and..I'm just really upset about it!
I love the way Jared looks at Jensen and waits for him to realise what he said and then they both just laugh together http:/…
Ariana was struggling picking the little girl up, but then the little girl just picked Ariana up with no trouble 😂 http:/…
Did they just accept it and run with it?
I know I'm so bad at texting but for people to just straight up ignore you blows my mind.
who are the real OF contenders and who is just there as trade bait?
Monte Carlo, I think it was just my phone. Looks like we might have it.
"Jared Dudley determined to play through pain to help Bucks reach playoffs. just retire already
Nick just cracked a beer, it's 9:50 in the morning.
Jared, any chance of replying to the message I sent over an hour ago. Just want to know whether delivery coming or not.
Congratulations Jared Connor! Just heard the're going to States!!! All you have to do is Believe!...
Just ignore it it must be one of Jared's alts
Aidan just came off ice from practice to a great uprise!!!
when i told jared my mouth hurts bc of him and i realize how that sounds and hes just laughing like nAH
Just look at this guy, yep, this is Jared Leto
Jared Just checked out the details. The Chicago Podcast Movement Conference looks awesome!
Hey Jared can I speak with you via email? My father just passed away, looking to speak with someone about some things.
pietromaximoffs: Dear people at Disney and people voting on the Just Jared poll, Arden Cho is Korean. Jamie...
This "never knowingly took a banned substance" excuse in sports is embarrassingly comedic. Just admit it and move on.We're …
Kendall Jenner Gets Tangled in Wires for \'Garage\' Magazine - Just Jared
I just really really really really really really REALLY REALLY *REALLY* adore Jared Padalecki. Like really. 😍
Hey, just to keep you updated, I've emailed through to the depot to rearrange the delivery for Saturday, is this okay? Jared.
"You know they have such a special relationship, You know, they're just so close" - Lauren Cohan about Jensen & Jared http…
*lets out a laugh and shakes my head a little as I look at Jared before turning back to Liam* He just wants people to
And after crying when I have to tell jared bye, now I can't breathe out of my nose. Just awesome. 😖
Wow, just thinking about that is like opening an onion made of self loathing. "Will even lie to myself about how we met"
Olivia Holt Is An Animal Fairy In \'Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never ... - Just Jared Jr.
Gas is under $2, Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliot playing the super bowl half time show and Suge Nite just killed somebody...…
just. the sweetest in the world. thank u!! “ITS TRENDING http…
I just got a whole new sound, thanks so much Marty, you will go to heaven . one day...
I want to cuddle. Not just a sleepover I wanna cuddle
Oh just being sent a number of J's pics! LOL Jared's new car girl is kinda shy isn't she? Poor creature...
Im so bored im boutta just go to sleep
She'd be like to Jared "she bloody loves you and never shuts up about you so can you just like take her now"
Just finished watching the interview. Decent
thank u so much honestly I take things like that to heart people dont really get how hard it is so to hear that is just good
11 tracks on the Drake mixtape. Frank Ocean and PND just a couple of features. officially will drop the 6th. im out for now.
its a Nissan, not sure of the year :/ its just weird cuz I was driving it only a few hours before it did that
Jared is so rude i don't verbally abuse him i just keep him in line ok
good for you yo.some people really just sitting around eating cupcakes everyday and getting fatter..I respect that
he looked like he just opened the Ark of the Covenant
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I’m just upset that Brady didn’t ride out of the stadium in Katy Perry’s robot lion.
[Jared]: Want to join Just simply ask me or Tyminster if you want to join. (
I try telling people this but they just don't listen. I don't remember a time where I didn't root for them.
just hoping the ice isn't terrible by 730am commute home to flemington. Thanks for your dedication to your craft btw
Just throwing this out there. If everyone knew that Seattle would run, don't you think that's why they chose to pass?
When ur at your friends house and you wake up before them and ur just like
it is. Just do go crazy with all that power and make me feel like:
Ian Somerhalder is looking so steamy as he leaves his girlfriend Nikki Reed‘s house on Monday morning (December 29) in Los Angeles. The 36-year-old The Vampire Diaries actor walked outside to an awaiting driver who greeted him at his car. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder Ian and Nikki packed on the PDA the evening before as they watched the Los Angeles Lakers lose to the Phoenix Suns while sitting court side. 30+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder looking perfect as he leaves his girlfriend's house… Source: Just Jared
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart Will Ring in the New Year in Wyoming: Source: Just Jared:– Harrison Ford is all smiles while catching a flight out of the airport on Friday (December 26) in Santa Monica, Calif. The 72-year-old actor was joined by his wife while flying out to his ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo. to celebrate the new year. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Harrison Ford After the new year, it was confirmed that Harrison will be working on the Blade Runner sequel, which will be directed by Ridley Scott. “Harrison is very much part of this one, but really it’s about finding him; he comes in in the third act,” Ridley recently shared to Variety. 10+ pictures inside of Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart flying out of Santa Monica… Continue Reading…..
‘Unbroken’ Officially Tops Christmas Day Box Office! : Source: Just Jared:– Angelina Jolie is officially on top for the Christmas Day box office – her new directorial feature Unbroken has hit number one with $15.592 million! The film beat out fellow newcomer Into the Woods, which was in a very close second place with $15.084 million. The other big newcomers of the holiday were Mark Wahlberg‘s The Gambler, which debuted at number five with $5 million, and Amy Adams‘ Big Eyes, which came in at number twelve with $1.415 million. Rounding out the top five were holdovers The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at number three with $13.14 million and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb at number four with $7.35 million. One of the big questions this week was how The Interview would fare in limited release and it ended up grossing $1 million in 331 theaters for a per theater average of $3,142. survey software Continue Reading…..
‘Today’ Show Releases Statement After Cancelling Amy Adams Interview: Source: Just Jared:– The Today show has released a statement detailing their side of the story after it was reported that Amy Adams‘ interview on the morning show was cancelled on Monday (December 22). “As a news program, the Today show doesn’t allow guests to put restrictions on interviews,” a rep for the Today said (via Us Weekly). “In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made, and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.” Another Today show insider added, “As a professional courtesy, Amy and her team were told well in advance that she might get asked about Sony, and that it was entirely up to her whether she wanted to answer.” The Weinstein Company released a statement adding their support to Amy and her decision. Continue Reading…..
Kim Kardashian Watches Mason & Penelope While Kourtney Gives Birth!: Source: Just Jared:– Kim Kardashian‘s adorable 17-month-old daughter North West holds hands with her 2-year-old cousin Penelope while attending the Disney on Ice – Let’s Celebrate show at the Staples Center on Sunday (December 14) in Los Angeles. The young kids were also joined by Kourtney Kardashian‘s eldest child Mason (who was celebrating his 5th birthday that day) and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli‘s son Zeplin. Kim watched all of the kids while Kourtney was in the hospital giving birth to her third child that day. We can’t wait to find out the name of her baby boy! Continue Reading…..
Kanye West Set to Make Christmas Movie with Seth Rogen & Joseph Gordon Levitt, According to Leaked Sony Emails : Source: Just Jared:–Kane West keeps it low key under a hoodie while walking out and about on Saturday (December 13) in New York City. According to The Daily Beast, the 37-year-old rapper is set to appear in an upcoming Christmas Eve movie due next year, starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. “We’ll have an XMAS tease for 2015. We have a specific idea to attach to THE INTERVIEW that will crush. Seth, Joe, and [Anthony] Mackie reenacting the scene from BIG on the floor piano at FAO Schwartz with KANYE WEST. It’s f-cking awesome,” reads an August email from producer James Weaver to Seth, his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg, and Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amy Pascal. Meanwhile, that same day, Kanye‘s sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner were spotted leaving Craig’s restaurant after dinner in West Hollywood, Calif. Continue Reading…..
Jimmy Fallon shared the first pictures of his adorable newborn daughter Frances Cole Fallon and she is so adorable! The 40-year-old late night host talked about his family on The Tonight Show last night for the first time since welcoming the baby. “Welcome to The Tonight Show, I'm your host, Completely Exhausted!,” Jimmy joked during his monologue. “I just welcomed my second daughter and now live with three females. Or as Obama put it, ‘Who's laughing now, funny man?'” Jimmy and his wife Nancy also have another daughter named Winnie, 1. Check out the pics he shared below! Source: Just Jared
‘Peter Pan Live’ Ratings Strong, But Fall from ‘Sound of Music’: Source: Just Jared:– The new NBC tradition of airing a live musical continued for the second year with Peter Pan Live and while the ratings were strong, they fall sharply from last year’s The Sound of Music Live. The three-hour production pulled in a 5.9 rating, down from The Sound of Music‘s 10.9 rating. That means that 5.9% of all television equipped households in the country were tuned in during the show. “We’re very pleased with the Peter Pan ratings and it was a great night for NBC. We won every hour, which hasn’t happened on Thursday with entertainment programming since a year ago,” NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said in a statement (via THR). “I’m proud to be part of a company that takes chances and creates big events, and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to do. We didn’t expect to reach the same rating as The Sound of Music since that was the first live movie event of its kind in ...
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can we all just go over to Ariana's gigantic house in boca and celebrate halloween
just got my Legend Blue 11 ATC. Such a steal 🙌🙏
yeah I put Jared up to say it lol we just playing but the cowboys still lost today !! Go eagles !!!
I always say "what the hecky padalecki" like it's just a habit and your username is perfect bless
Jared's slap was so cute that Jensen didn't even flinch he just smiled
If anyone wants to watch 22 jump street just add on snapchat 😂
Kendall with Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson at Just Jared’s Homecoming Dance at the El Ray Theatre in LA (Nov 20)
I took advantage of a few good moments in my life just because I assumed their would be plenty more..
grabbing ya *** is just something I'd do even if we aren't dating like *** that's just life 😂
I like talking to a few of my friends enough that I'd pull all nighters just to txt them
no. The other 33 are never open. They're just for decoration
I just wanna start seeing beautiful things like watching sunsets and the full moon. I wanna camp out with people I love a…
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