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Just Dance

Just Dance is the debut single by American recording artist Lady Gaga.

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My friend Judith and I played Just Dance the other day and up until that point I didn't know how physically exhaust…
Does anyone buy Just Dance. 4 of an entire PS4?
Check out 4 Wii GAMES Just Dance.jest dance1 and 2 dancing with the stars and sing it via
I've listened to Just Dance by Lady Gaga about 57 times in the last 4 days...proof that it's never too late to rediscover a banger 🤙😅
Want active games? Our outside TVs provide a stand up area for 4 more gamers! Just Dance, Bowling & Baseball!
Dancing with the kids on Just Dance. . 4: Ummi can I tell you something. . Me: What? (While dancing). 4: You are fat. . ...burn,kid. Burn..
Is Yo-Kai Watch 3, Busters, or the Just Dance game coming to the West?!
enjoying some 'Just Dance' activity after working hard this morning in Primary 3.
I got the "Forever Alone" achievement in Just Dance on the Xbox because I danced alone in songs with couples in them lol
9 years ago, first came onto the Pop scene with "Just Dance" which reached on the Hot 100 & started her epic…
Just Dance! Music courtesy of Dina Blade & Swingin' in the Rain. Thank you Skagit County Historical Museum;...
I can and will beat you in a Just Dance triathlon of "California Gurls" "Toxic" and "Pump It"
This place done just played a remix of Sean Paul's Temperature and Bowie's Just Dance
Summary of this event? . - Just Dance. - Server Issues on the Grand Finals. - Eiffel Tower. - Overpriced food. - Kivi's a *** pass it on. 👌🏼
Imagine Lady Gaga falling down from the roof top of SBHS singing Just Dance or Poker Face ✍🏻
WATCH: New video of Lady Gaga Rehearsing for Just Dance at the Super Bowl
Rock Calendar 2-3-09: Eric Holder is sworn in as the first African-American to serve as Attorney General. No.1 Song: Just Dance- Lady Gaga
This week in Billboard chart history: In 2009, led the Hot 100 for the first time with "Just Dance"
Just Dance fitness today at club! Fantastic turn out and lots of fab moves!
I liked a video from Just Dance 3 The Master Blaster Green Screen Extraction
Sometimes your day starts off bad and just keeps on being bad, and then you play Just Dance and it's all good.
I'm screaming our class is staying behind to workout at the fitness center and a dude fell off the platform playing Just Dance 4 I'm crying
We open with Just Dance with s disco ball segment, you're making face and body expressions as back then. A 2009…
I finally watched Ed Balls' dance on from last night and, let me just say, I think we've found our winner
I just wanna turn the music up full blast and dance in the cool fall weather with you. .
Yeah, just gonna go blast death grips in my room and dance. That sounds more productive than whatever else is happening rn
🎤Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance. I just wanna praise you. You broke the chains now I can lift my hands. And I'm…
I just added “Veils and sails are wind loving catchers” to Dance on
5. The Eye - Infinite. Dance seems to be real good and I love that fact of them!. The song t's a little bit slow but good. I just need to
crazy for you- Madonna (I just wanna slow dance or makeout with someone to this song /: )
But I did dance with him... I danced with Tom 😂 he was just like "dancing at my book signing" and I was just like "why not" 😂
If I dance wearing this costume, I feel like I might just melt into the frothy ocean zura~♡
I just imagined what the dance practice/mv performance version would look like. I'm crying.
I just do my dance and cuff my pants. and twist my fingaz with my hands
IIM at a point when i dont even wanna uderstand anymore and just appreciate art vocals dance mv
The Republicans brought Trump to the dance, they can't just wipe their hands of him now that he's crashed the party.
These girls don't give a *** about the rest of the dance they just tryin to juju on the beat,gnight😂
7. You Got Served . If you wasn't in front of your tv trying to dance then you just lived a boring life
Go to a dance shop just for Pointe Shoes and come out with ballet shoes, Pointe shoes, turning shoes, knee pads and a cow as white as milk
We have just won the award for achievement in dance for
I just uploaded "MIX ON 8 Dance Session by Fabry Deejay- 29.09.01- Reteotto Network" to Listen at
Just pointing out: Vic,Jam & Nat spent their time at a charity while Paulie made people pay $60 to see him dance like a…
Just Dance will never be boring if you're playing with me and my cousin
Can I just say that I'm still very impressed by RV's live vocals, they can sing live, very well I might add, & dance at the same time
Last night the man were just Frass up after Eskimo Dance in Glasgow... Lol. Big up.
So let's just ignore the sexually focused outfits worn by cheerleaders doing choreographed dance routines.
I really think will like get many dance cover. I MEAN JUST LOOK AT THAT CHOREO IM SHOOK FAM
A majestic view of Haurnach or literally translated as dance of the rain. This beautiful town is just at the outskirts…
Just finished our dance prac and it's 12am BSJAHWSHS WHATS GOOD
When girls just stand and pull muckies all night, cheer up you wet wipe and dance🙃
My son just invited me to his 16th birthday dance - gee, thanks!! 🤓😙💜
Your mv was amazing! The dance, singing, rapping, just the song itself. I hope this album will do great. Fighting! 👍
I just woke up from a dream where I was able to dance as well as Bruno mars... I was, oh so happy, until I woke up 😭 I wan…
kind of can't wait for homecoming, I just wanna dance man
Sabayan ko na.. I'm just gonna dance all night. I'm all messed up, I'm so outta line...
Just wanna dance to reggaeton on someone lap but yall stupid
"I was in Just Dance of Great Britain 2013". "woopy!"
The people who don't like Perfect Illusion are the people who wanted another Just Dance or Bad Romance but how boring w…
Ashley Marie dancing solo on a couple songs on Just Dance one the XboxOne! She is so going to hate me for posting...
I play 'Just Dance' all the time - actually my girlfriends and I have slumber parties where w
Me and Rin beat Just Dance new record!! BROMANCE FOREVER XD
Will we ever see the pop slayage of 2008 with Just Dance, Hot N Cold, Single Ladies, Womanzier, She Wolf, Keeps Gettin' Better, 4 Minutes?
7 games that need Donald Trump DLC, from Fallout 4 to Just Dance
6 hours out of my 16 hour Just Dance marathon completed! Yesterday I did 12 hours!
6 hours into my 24 hour Just Dance practice marathon for my upcoming world record for
Bash CoD all you want but guess what's going to be on the top of NPD again, that's right Just Dance
Just Dance played at the end of senior showcase and it was pretty great
Harmonizers help us get Worth It and Work From Home in Just Dance! (US IP)
I added a video to a playlist Just Dance - Material Girl
Just Dance 3 Crazy Little thing called Love Wii via Does any of you all remember this
I broke my toe playing Just Dance once. I don't even remember what dance it was, but at the end of the day War Never Changes
Lady Gaga released her debut single, Just Dance, 8 years ago today! The song changed her life/Pop music forever! https…
Sesame Street Live's "Just Dance" is coming to the Liacouras Center next week, April 14-17!! I have ticket...
I still can't get over that I danced to Robin Sparkles last night on Just Dance. 😂😂😂
Road to Rio, Climb Mount Everest, Cycle the UK, Row the Nile & Just Dance-athon - choices!
The kids are demonstrating Just Dance on the Wii U to my parents, preparatory to challenging us all to a dance tournament. :)
Join our new Just Dance series in the Great Hall for Salsa and square dancing lessons
Now playing: Just Dance by Lady Gaga at - Buy it
You've ALMOST made it to Friday! Don't be moody! Come shake that booty!. 9:30a Just Dance with Liza. 4:30p Just...
At 4 pm I will do Just Dance from ps4 because that is working with connection
The games will be random until 4 , at 4pm cst I will be playing Just Dance on PS4 for the rest of the time. Followers choose my songs :) :D
I wrote her a letter and threw it in the ocean. I hope it floats to her. With the words. . Just Dance once.
Time to get my Just Dance on live on !
Just Dance - 16.1 - Equitation,: Amazing show horse will keep you in the ribbons and make showing a breeze. J...
Aiden Gillen hams it up like a mofo in "Just Dance" streams
Leaving the warmth of the hot tub to play Just Dance in the freezing cold! It's a Winter Games Gamebang!
Can't believe i just had a seminar on dance
Am i just getting old or are these new rap songs just awful? If you can do the same dance to 20 different songs somethings wrong.
To stand out during a choir concert, choreograph a dance just for yourself
WOW! you just can't miss 's sexy dance for . Watch Video:
Just booked onto a taster class. Hyped to dance with some friendly babes to find my long lost vibe.
When my dads out of town I just blast music and dance around to old rock music all night
-. Is this the coldest day of the season? I am shivering so much that I could win a break dance competition, just by walking.. - 󾠘󾆺󾓑😇
I didn't just come here to dance, if you know what I mean. do you know what I mean?
This trip is just getting started. You just relax,take a breath. Enter the life of the party. We’re gonna dance to the death. I’m c…
I'll go down just to dance on the rain
I just want to make a dance to . freedom - pharrell williams
took over iTunes main and dance character after just few hours of release in Sweden! 🔥🇸🇪
I remember that feeling. Just glad that I only have 1 job!
Sorry Kyrgios, just wanted to ask Berdych's wife for a dance.
"To be alive: not just the carcass. But the spark. That's crudely put, but ... If we're not supposed to dance, Why all this music?" G. Orr
What was the online theatre archive you mentioned just before showing the dance video?
It just hit me that even though I don't run, I dance 🙃 so i still need stamina
When a simple wedding dance just won't do.. love it.
Baby, I just wanna get you out them clothes I just wanna see you dance in. Slow motion
Good Morning Beth and Happy Friday to you!! Jumping up and down doing my happy dance. Another week is just about done. We have
couple refusing to grow old & proving age is just a number. Dance at least once a day. 🙌🙏💃🎶
'I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird' .
The darkness will promise you all kinds of things . But the truth is that puppets just dance on its strings
With just a donation of one dollar a day you can help this poor girl and her dance moves😹
Ugh so traffic I just wanna drink and dance to the Biebs
BBC News - E.On cuts gas prices by 5.1% Yawn! What would my society b like if policymakers were able 2call the tunes not just dance 2them?
just booked tickets for tonight's show. Can't wait to see you dance again x
Bowie's Lets Dance, you are just awesome!
Shut Up and Dance by is on Just Dance Unlimited! Watch Now:
I need a new algorithm just to dance to the rhythm of your awesomeness.
its easy - just say Modi cannot act like Akshay Kumar or dance like Prabhu Deva - matter closed!
Don't miss this.any sexy ladies who would like a dance with me, better come before 11 or pay just GHC 20 ATG
When a song comes on the radio. I just turn it up sing and dance along
*** is just dance by Lady Gaga stuck in my head, I haven't heard that song in like 3 years
Okay but this is my favourite speech I still haven't stopped laughing ohmyguxkx Louis just let Ur heart dance.
We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by...
Finally going after that 5 star rating on Just Dance hey...
I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though its easy to pretend, I know YOU'RE just a FOOL!😂
If you are ready for the best night in town just come down for some dance and drinks . 🔉
I'm in such a good mood today that I just want to dance around my room xD
Omg seeing Peggy dance with that dude just breaks my Steggy heart
Dance movies just stress me out chale.. All that talent
Someone once told me I was "Psychotic" and I took it as a compliment because of my Mother Monster singing that line in Just Dance 🤗
7 years ago today Lady Gaga scored her first US with "Just Dance" - one of the best selling singles of all time. h…
Today in 2009, Lady Gaga topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with her debut single 'Just Dance'
I really hope at my funeral, people have a lot of fun. It better be a party, with beer and karaoke and Just Dance. (morbid?)
""Just Dance and chill" with Dan, there will be no chill, I'm in it to win it"-Lizzie. "I dance like Louis Walsh.I mean Spence"-Dan 😂
They should make a Beyonce dancing game like it would be her dance moves for each song! Like the game "Just Dance" but itd be all Yonce!!!❤️
This is my jam: Just Dance by Lady Gaga on Madonna Radio ♫
I did 3 songs on the wii Just Dance and I'm tired lol. My arm is sore & my stomach is all tight now 😁
Who knew watching people play Just Dance for 3 hours could get boring?
I played Just Dance for like almost 3 hours. My night was rad.
My night consisted of fire works, sparkling grape juice, and 3 intense hours of Just Dance. I loved it!
buy now $14.99 Dance to the greatest hits of Just Dance and exclusive new content with Just Dance Unlimited!...
Will be streaming Just Dance tonight at 10 pm central be there or be square :3
Kids got energy? Dancing is the best medicine and Just Dance: Disney Dance Party 2 can help!...
So Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner were at Komedia last night while we were eating Chinese and playing Just Dance 😅
becomes the 1st artist in digital history to have 3 songs top the 4 million mark. Bad Romance follows Just Dance a…
10 minutes into Just Dance and he gives you this look
OMG so "Hey Mama" is playing on Just Dance is the Staten Island Mall and I'm gonna cry bc what a full circle this is omg
Guess who just downloaded the Just Dance 2016 Demo 😂 Debating if I should stream it one day. Working on my Donation Dance boys 😂
Cameron Monaghan playing Just Dance! with and friends (January 2014)
Awesome day on set with Meghan Trainor and French Press Films for Just Dance! @ The Microsoft Lounge
Here most people associate rhythm game genre with TV games like Guitar Hero, Just Dance, and so on
The creative directors of the video game 'Just Dance' talk about the importance of Katy's music to their games. 👑 http:…
Sunday Funday, under the disco ball!. 9:30a Just Dance with Lindsey. 3:30p Just Dance with Tara
what if the reason why ARTPOP floped is bc Gaga didnt say ha name in any of the songs, like she did w/ Just Dance, Bad Romance & Bloody Mary
Remember before the show, the Just Dance game preview came on and it played No Control & everyone sang .
If I'm welcomed to Badlands I'll bring cookies and then me and Ashley can have a Just Dance marathon hbi
Lady Gaga has been a style icon since she Just Dance'd her way into the public eye in 2...
NEW || No Control will be on Just Dance newest version! It's the first time a non single is there!!-M
Just Dance = fun moves, positive vibes, cool music and a killer workout. Try today
I just want everyone to know that last night at kareokee I was able to break out my Just Dance "Crazy in Love" choreo n the crowd went wild
I'm "feeling" Miss Jill Scott for the 2017 Art, Dance and House Music Festival. "Just Dance"...
Taylor dancing to Just Dance by Gaga when she was 18 with Miley Cyrus, this is my new favorite thing ever
Mikes hard lemonade and Just Dance. Someone plz come take my man card
I got my 2 new Just Dance games! 4 & 2015, we're dancing w/ my sis and making fools out of ourselves XD
Throwback when Just Dance by Lady Gaga became the first song by a female artist to have sold 6 mil. digital downloads http:…
I just found out Jason Derulo lives in the next town over. I'll ask him about Just Dance
Chilled day today including wine{lots!},organic chicken cooked by me,chocolate Just Dance with the Teen, and binge watching project runway.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus dancing to Lady Gaga's single Just Dance backstage at the CMAs, back in 2009!
I added a video to a playlist Let's Just Dance - Jessica Lee Morgan
for playing Just Dance with my friend at 3 AM when we were supposedly "sleeping"
Acupuncture at 1pm and then streaming immediately after :3 see you guys a bit later! New daily sub goal for Just Dance woo
Ubisoft pushes gamers towards the Xbox One and PS4... well, except for Just Dance fans:
Ubisoft ditches PS3 games to focus on PS4, unless you want to Just Dance
Mid day stream break for foods and to do a couple things :3 I'll be back on later for more CSGO and maybe Just Dance!
can I just do 3 hours of Just Dance on cardio mode and count it?
Contents of version - A white Wii U console with 8 GB of memory - The Wii U GamePad - One Nunchuk - Just Dance...
I have an urge to play Michael Jackson:the Experience or Rock Band, or Just Dance, or Guitar Hero
Song of the day 5: Just Dance by Lady Gaga from The Fame
Lol at & her mate doing Cotton Eye Joe on Just Dance. Reminds me of New Girl Season 2 finale
It was a really great day spent with my 3 best friends. Went to a park, then played Just Dance and Dance Central. 💕
if you follow me from your Telephone ill Just Dance around your room and be your Government Hooker ;)
What is the best party video game? — Smash Bros, Just Dance, Mario Kart, pick your favourite.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
'Just Dance' with daughter to Flo Rida. Hate to think what I looked like!
I wanna say Kinect Star Wars but the Just Dance stuff in that game was comedy gold.
Crafternoon plans have turned into plans for an all girl sleepover! Yay wine, Just Dance, and drunk Mario Party! Er...I mean pillow fights?
I remember thinking to myself in 2008 when I first heard Just Dance and going... Wow the name Lady Gaga is genius. This g…
Lady Gaga's Poker Face jumped to on the Billboard Hot 100 6 years ago, following her debut single Just Dance! http…
idk I mean after seeing our Just Dance session I think we could pull off some Americas best dance crew type stuff :)
Want to win a Keep Calm and Just Dance shirt at the upcoming National Dance Day Celebration? Then get your booty...
Kurt Hugo Schneider plays Just Dance with fans!: I think can dance well!! ♥
idk about you but I still love Just Dance!
6 years ago today, Lady Gaga was intervied & performed Just Dance on The View from the Walt Disney Studios …
Tickets now on sale for Keep Calm and Just Dance 11th July at Hull City Hall. Get yours now at Butterfly Dance Studios xxx
OK, I'm ready for another Just Dance night with I'll make knishes & banana split pudding brownies!
Listening to Lady Gaga's Just Dance for the 1st time in a long time. This song is seriously such the jam. I'm dancing in my seat like WOAH.
got MOVES on that young Just Dance 😂😂
Just Dance! Cutting a rug on Sunday afternoon.
We have spent thousands on dance classes for Alexis yet she still looks like Monica Geller when she plays Just Dance.
Lady Gaga is the only female act to have 3 songs that sold 10+M copies WW with Poker Face, Just Dance & Bad Romance. ht…
The AMGA Children's Mardi Gras Parade is tomorrow morning! If you're participating with Just Dance,…
As Donovan and I were playing Just Dance there was a sequence of moves done that reminded me of the Power Rangers.. so I shouted out "Power Rangers!!" while dancing and then the dance characters turned into the Power Rangers! Coolest moment of my life!
Some might say that Just Dance was Colby's finest moment. I'd argue it's actually Hey Yo with Brooke Hogan that he should be remembered for.
JUST DANCE 2015 WII U BRAND NEW SEALED OFFICIAL PAL bargain 15.00 each , collect wakefield rd in barnsley Since its launch in 2009, the Just Dance franchise has become the world's top selling dance video game and a mainstay of popular culture. And the game is back again this year with Just Dance 2015, bringing hot moves and new features to 40+ current hit songs and throwback favorite tunes. New dances and songs means there's something for everyone! Just Dance 2015 is the perfect way to let loose with friends and family by dancing to hit songs like "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and "Problem" by Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea. Staying true to the Just Dance personality, there are also legendary favorites like "Walk This Way" by Run DMC & Aerosmith and a chance to dance to Tetris moves! Get ready for this year's fun and quirky dance moves that have something for everyone in your family or group of friends. More power to the community! With more than 50MM units of Just Dance sold to date, and 100 million fans w ...
Price drop: $10.00 off Just Dance 2015 Xbox 360 Game, now only $35.99: Save $10.00 on Just Dance 2015 Xbox 360...
*talking about New Years Eve plans*. Rachel- "I can bring over my Xbox so we can play Just Dance."
Just Dance by Lady Gaga was a song my mom used to sing all the time
my mom doing Just Dance leaves me speechless. oh well, she's really good :)
Street dance is a great way to keep kids active despite the dark evenings - we love Just Dance, find out more at
I had great time over Thanksgiving break. Two Thanksgiving Amazing Foods, Gun Shooting, Christmas Parade, Ice Skating, Black Friday Shopping, Vietnam and Japanese Foods, Asian Markets, Ping-Pong, Just Dance etc…Lots of New Experiences !!! Thank you very much spending your time and showed us around. I cannot appreciate more to Megan Trantham and her family: Mike, Kathy and Ian. You are wonderful family; your kindness really touched my heart. I am also glad to be with Thanh Su and Clémy Bruant. Both of them are a good friend of mine :) I will never forget these wonderful days. (Though I don't have much photos, I will update them soon).
Can't be on 34th Stree? Join us Thanksgiving Day for Cardio Sculpt & Just Dance! 8:30-10 am, 2 for 1 price!
Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' & 'Poker Face' have been named 2 of the catchiest songs of all time! htt…
Another 'Just Dance' Mash-up? Shoot me now! Uh-huh, so this time Lady Gaga's 2008 smash is put with the classic House hit from '99, 'Free' by Bacon Popper. A...
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If you want to see raw talent just watch me and court dance while making cheese cake bites 💰
I think dance proposals are kinda dumb. Maybe I'm just boring but I'd much rather ask in private so it can be intimate
The instructors at training just made me and Jeff dance to Bye Bye Bye in front of about 40 strangers. Safe to say I'm prett…
I just wana say you're welcome to everyone in dead stopped traffic on the 210 who is being entertained by this dance party of 2
O MY GOD! you just made me do a happy dance cuz of those messages.
I just left dance wearing a leotard, tights, and my love the boots
Homecoming is just a dance guys.. why you treating it like prom?
This is such a surreal moment rn because I basically just got to watch girls sing Don't Wanna Dance Alone for the 1st time live 😭😭😭
At the dance studio we were talking about who doesn't have game & who does I said I didn't Nate said you can just bang it out with any girl😂
My dad just said "about a week ago" Shmoney dance bout happened in the car
Just watch the final season of dance moms
I just know I'm gonna ache like mad tomorrow from stretching at dance
Slow dance in the moonlight. I'm just tryna set the mood right.
How do you know if your dance or other event went well. Just ask! - Sometimes, the numbers alone don’t tell...
My 3 y/o to me just now. . "Can we go upstairs and listen to music? I want to dance".
Get your iPhone insurance today!
can't concentrate tonight! I just wanna dance to old school RnB!
I just wanna meet Montell Jordan 1 time and sing and dance to This Is How We Do It w. him 💃🎶
They just dance really, but their costumes are spot on tbh
Legit just did a praise dance and yelled Hallelujah in the parking lot. I. Don't. Care. God is good. - Just Dance, nel 2015 diventa social
Just listening to and having a dance party by myself 👌
Love nights that consist of Just Dance. Come to the HoCro Parlors 4 the MocktailParty
Your goal should be just out of reach, but not out of sight. When you can dance directing a dance video isn't far.
I'm gonna solo dance. Just as soon as the DJ stops playing the disco music he's suddenly started playing.
Wow! Dance just KILLED it. Nice work, ladies! Love the attitude! . 🙌❤️👏
Check out just some of the giveaways for next Fridays decades of dance party at…
Just got asked to a high school dance, by my brother... 😬
Lmao *** just did the Yung Gleesh dance on 2k
i'll just show up to the dance in a flannel and maybe with Jamba Juice and laugh because i'M SO
I really wanna dance so I just might
Walk The Moon is just one of those bands that make you wanna dance. Or fall in love. Or both. I dunno. They're super groovy.
Two kids just danced down our street singing "I wanna dance with somebody" .
Nothing more tragic than a middle aged wedding dj playing dj caspar to a dance floor of just four tipsy bridesmaids
Raging throat infection and a cold. Just what I want 2 days before a dance competition 😷
When you bored in class and just decide to dance.
It's funny how whenever TOP forgets his dance move, he'll just stop and stone there LOL
[Stalks all your faces. Doesn't care you know. Would dance around just so you knew I was around.]
Many dance moves I can do, just afraid to show them
We all use to just chill at Justise's and smoke all the time and crack jokes and dance I miss those times😩
Part 1 of Last night...I just wanted to DANCE FULL OUT and picture myself on tour! We was in there…
When you too turnt so you just dance
“I just need a dance studio in my room for days like these” amen chubs
aww well I'm sure it will be just as good💕 hope you do well at your dance rehearse x
Can I just start choreographing my second dance now 😩
Sometimes, you just have to dances for Contest
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
The cutest little girl at my dance studio just ran up to me and told me I was pretty. She just made my awful day ten times better.
Just smiled so big as I watched this girl joyously dance-bomb a Whole Foods like a champion.
Discover the gameplay for the song "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Campfire Dance" by Ylvis in Just Dance 2015! Get excited! Just Dance 2015, the sequel ...
Just Dance Now is now available on smartphones! Just connect to the web and start dancing!
Full choreography of "Limbo" by Daddy Yankee in Just Dance 2014, the successor of Ubisoft's Just Dance 4 game. Mode: CLASSIC | Duet (2 player) | Difficulty: ...
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Jake never knew he could dance til Carlee Schultz bought just dance!! lol!!
Lady Gaga is once again in Just Dance! Get ready to dance on Bad Romance!
I´M THE FOLLOWER OF Lady Gaga Lady Gaga came to prominence following the release of her debut studio album The Fame (2008), which included the hits "Just Dance," "Poker Face," and "Bad Romance" and sold over 15 million copies worldwide. She is well recognized for her outré sense of style as a recording artist, in fashion, in performance and in her music videos. Her contributions to the music industry have garnered her numerous achievements including five Grammy Awards amongst fifteen nominations, two Guinness World Records, a record setting thirteen MTV Video Music Award nominations and the estimated sale of 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide. Billboard named her both the "2010 Artist of the Year" and the top selling artist of 2010 ranking her as the 73rd Artist of the 2000s decade. Her third studio album, Born This Way, broke the iTunes record for the fastest rise to the # 1 on release day. The singles from the album, including “Born This Way,” “Judas,” “The Edge of Glory,” ...
Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz from the album Just Dance, Vol. 3 - iTunes:
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS. Monday, September 15th: Just Dance hosted by the Hall Council in the Kenna basement at 8:30pm...
We are a proud partner of SFU's 2014. Drop by our lounge in the at Metropolis & play Just Dance.
Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) announced the next phases of the Just Dance competition…
It's 2014. . I've heard Just Dance on the radio twice today. . I still haven't heard G.U.Y. get it together gurl
I know right!!! I love Just Dance :D I have Just Dance 1,2,3,4 and 2014 now I need Just Dance 2015 :D
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how bout me and my franns just got rank 1 in the world on Just Dance 2014🙊😂💃
CONTEMPORARY WORKSHOP!! Come join me for a contemporary class at Just Dance, in Warren, RI this…
For sale: Nintendo Wii in black, all leads and manuals, 2 motion plus controllers, 2 nunchucks, 2 protective remote cases, double charging dock. Wii sports resort, Mario kart wii, Just Dance games 1,3 and 4. Console also has mario kart 64 and super mario 64 games downloaded to console. £60 for the lot. Ono. Collect inn Olney.
Reagan House, Seonaid Stark, Marisa Roberts show off some moves they learned in Grenfell's "Just Dance" summer camp!
I'm gonna have a Just Dance and Zumba Party when everyone gets back from Tennessee
Isn’t my new Bow Valentines Heels, DE Just Dance 2014 Yellow Dress adorable? Check out my Suite!
Exactly 6 years ago today, Lady Gaga performed "Just Dance" on her first televised performance at Miss Universe 2008. http:/…
Just Dance & Bad Romance (Singles) by have sold over 10 Million copies worldwide.
I had several people from different groups ask me which games I had. All Wii games $2.00 except for Tony Hawk Game $5.00 because it comes with the board controller. All are in cases. Most of them have the instructions unless it says just the disc. Located in Joppatowne. MarioKart - (just the disc) Super Paper Mario Super Mario Bros. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Lego Disney Pirates of the Caribbean SpongeBob Squigglepants UDRAW UDRAW Studio UDRAW Pictionary Wii Sports - (just the disc) Are you Smareter than a 5th Grader? Make the Grade Wii Fit The Smurfs Dance Party Outdoor Challenge Actice Life (needs the mat controller) Bratz the Movie Redken Busy Scissors (learn 30 hairstyles and 6 different cutting techniques) Nancy Drew The White Wolf of Icicle Creek (just the disc) Boogie Superstar (just the disc) Just Dance 2 We Ski Michael Jackson The Experience OffRoad Extreme Sims 3 (just the disc) ABC Wipeout the Game Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension Call of Duty 3 SpongeBov Truth or Square Wi ...
My biggest fear is that there is a hidden camera watching me rock out to Just Dance when I'm home alone.
Limited time offer... Here are the USA WEAR songs...if you see one you want your daughter to walk to CLAIM IT! First come, first serve!! No repeats! American woman- Lenny Kravitz Applause- Lady Gaga The Best of Both Worlds- Hannah Montana Bouncing off the ceiling-A*Teens California Gurls-Katy Perry Cruise-Florida Georgia Line Firework-Katy Perry Girls just wanna have Fun-Ingrid DuMosch Hoedown Throwdown- Miley Cyrus I like to move it, move it-The party cats Just Dance- Lady Gaga Love Shack- The B-52s Once upon a dream-Emily Osment Party in the USA-Miley Cyrus Poker Face- Lady Gaga Popular Song- Arianna Grande Soda Pop- Britney Spears Summer love song- Brooke Hyland U can't touch this- Mc Hammer We are never getting back together- Taylor Swift
“FACT: *** didn't exist until Lady Gaga came out with Just Dance in 2008” what about Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland?
The best documentary in Jessica Soho :D watch later the Just Dance documentary :) Go Pinoy Dance Central and Kapampangan Dance Central!
Ms11 & Ms5 are playing Just Dance on the wii... Both are going off to Rock Lobster! Hilarious to watch
Anyone hear of Lady Gaga? They played her song Just Dance on the radio. Sounds like another drugged out pop star *** a…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Packing for an interview with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho today... of course with my C-360 Elite family. We'll be talking about XBOX Kinect's Just Dance and how my group won CHAMPION in the very first AVATAR competition. Still content. ❤
Interview shooting later about my "Just Dance" gaming experience for GMA's Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho show. :)
Lady Gaga sings her debut single Just Dance
Referring to playing Just Dance last week I said "I may have danced to Blurred Lines but THAT line has not blurred... yet." She lolololol'ed
Peanut and Taven dancing to blurred lines on Just Dance
Lady, hear me tonight. Cos my feeling, is just so right. As we dance, by the moonlight. Can't you see, you're my delight.
I just beat adjoa in just dance at maneater
I had a dream that I was on a dance show with justin and he was partnered with ariana and he fell on stage and it was so funny I just
Love my outfit for the dance show, all black just like my soul 💜💜💜
no.148 Just Dance principal before the last "Around The World" show at the EM Forster theatre in…
Sometimes you just need a little dance party to the spongebob station
Everytime "Fancy" comes on, I turn into Iggy Azalea. Deep voice and everything. I just stopped my workout to dance around my garage and rap
that now playing tune w/ pharrel it just a nice elements of well put together... Can we dance ballet over this on Steph? Lol ;)
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