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Jurgen Klinsmann

Jürgen Klinsmann (born 30 July 1964 in Göppingen) is a German football manager and former player who is currently the coach of the United States men's National team.

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The American soccer team just got humbled by the Costa Rican team. Is it time for Jurgen Klinsmann to hit the...
Jurgen Klinsmann faces the sack after Costa Rica mauling hands United States worst qualifying defeat in 36 years...
What must DeAndre Yedlin think as Jurgen Klinsmann fights for job after humiliation
It's time for Jurgen Klinsmann to go. by via
USA's play to start the Hex shows it's time for Jurgen Klinsmann to go
It's time for Jurgen Klinsmann to go.
Christian Pulisic can't save U.S. Soccer from Jurgen Klinsmann: American socce.. via
Congrats to Jurgen Klinsmann, who has received a rare German honor with a speech from Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Jurgen Klinsmann criticises pitch after United States win in Cuba
Fabian Johnson repeated two-handed shoves must be Jurgen Klinsmann's "toughen up" instruction
Jurgen Klinsmann realizing he is going to start getting Landon Donovan questions again:
Sizing up the U.S. World Cup qualifying roster: Jurgen Klinsmann won't have a...
In July 2011, U.S. Soccer announced that they'd fired Bob Bradley and hired Jurgen Klinsmann as
Jurgen Klinsmann, Miroslav Klose and Oliver Kahn, sometime after 1753, that's all I got tbh
The case for Jurgen Klinsmann: why a radical move is just what England need – Steve Davis…
Sam Allardyce or Jurgen Klinsmann to be Next England manager? It has to be the son of Dudley every time
Report: England set to interview Sam Allardyce; no official Jurgen Klinsmann approach.
Oliver Bierhoff reveals, English FA is having a talk with Jurgen Klinsmann for the post of Manager post Roy Hodgson
Daily Mirror's main head journalist wants Klinsmann, and Jurgen has huge respect in England.
The FA in talks with Klinsmann over England job. Negotiations confirmed by Klinsmann's closest confidant
Man.. Jurgen Klinsmann might actually go to England. Also, Brooklyn Nets make me feel like Bulls know what they doin
Euro 2016 Daily: Jurgen Klinsmann's talks with England revealed: Euro 2016 Daily: This is not a drill. Repeat. This is not a drill. J...
Say no to England Jurgen Klinsmann. You're smarter than this.
3) Jurgen Klinsmann moves ahead in race for England job after holding talks with the FA. https:/…
Report: Jurgen Klinsmann holds talks over vacant England job
If Klinsmann goes to England, Sunil should go hard after Jurgen Klopp, just so he doesn’t have to buy new monogrammed co…
The Jurgen Klinsmann to England rumors wont go away
If Jurgen Klinsmann really is linking himself to the England job, I’m concerned that he thinks Friday is a good day to…
.did you talk to about how to choose a coach/manager who can make a team great again. Clearly not...Jurgen Klinsmann?
Jurgen Klinsmann is pushing for the manager job.
'Sam Allardyce, is NOT under serious consideration' to be England manager.
England is talking with Jurgen Klinsmann? The Brits can have him!
Jurgen Klinsmann as next manager? Here's view of who has written a book about the coach https…
Klinsmann 'in England talks': Jurgen Klinsmann is in discussions with England to become their new manager, ac...
FA hold talks with leading candidate over England job
Jurgen Klinsmann's ex-boss reveals the USA chief is in talks to manage England
Just heard Jurgen Klinsmann is in talks to be England's next manager. Not sure for us 🤔 but to be fair has done brilliant…
Jurgen Klinsmann is in talk to become England manager, his former team-mate has revealed
Rumor or more? coach Jurgen in talks to become MNT coach What do you think?
Jurgen Klinsmann reportedly in discussions to become England national football coach
Fwiw, England FA still has not asked US Soccer for permission to speak to under-contract Jurgen Klinsmann.
Brendan Rodgers turns down job. Looks like Jurgen Klinsmann will be the man.. uninspiring choice by the FA
Jurgen Klinsmann is in talks with the FA about becoming England's next manager. Gossip:
The Jurgen Klinsmann to England rumors won't go away.
Wire: The Jurgen Klinsmann to England rumors won’t go away
Jurgen Klinsmann is favourite to be Next England boss after reports that he's in talks >
Next England manager: Jurgen Klinsmann in talks with FA to replace Roy Hodgson, says former Germany team-mate...
Next England manager latest betting – Jurgen Klinsmann in contention to be next boss?.
Jurgen Klinsmann for England? It'd have its risks, but England need to try something new via
Can we take Jurgen Klinsmann? Please? I don't want Glenn Hoddle. He's just going to pick Spurs players again.
Roberto Martinez, Eddie Howe, Laurent Blanc, Jurgen Klinsmann are all good shouts
Well... Jurgen Klinsmann's suddenly the betting favorite to be Southampton's new boss. 1/3 odds.
Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't coach the Olympic team. Everyone's love Caleb Porter coached it though.
Jurgen Klinsmann ain't great, but at least it makes more sense than John Tortorella still being the coach the US Men's Hockey Team.
I don't always trust Jurgen Klinsmann, but when I do, it is re: Brek Shea.
Story time with Sigi Schmid: The time Jurgen Klinsmann bought him new crutches -
Jurgen Klinsmann: Video technology to help referees is long overdue: Head of MLS referees Peter Walton has his...
Let's not forget that snake oil distributor Jurgen Klinsmann was paid more than $3.2 million by in 2014:
Jurgen Klinsmann has no idea what he wants from U.S. Soccer's fanbase: Back in 2014, Klinsman...
Calls for Jurgen Klinsmann's job will be put off for now - to Landon Donavan's chagrin
U.S. soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann lists his charming Craftsman-style home in Newport Beach:
There’s no other way to put it: the and Jurgen Klinsmann are an unmitigated disaster htt…
Jurgen Klinsmann apparently wants Christian Pulisic with the as soon as he's healthy |
Jurgen Klinsmann picks best USMNT roster for World Cup qualifiers, but plenty of questions - Fox Sports
Jurgen Klinsmann, during his days as a member of the German National Team.
Jurgen answers questions like Trump! But I'm glad to hear him mention , Gatt, Gyau and Aron!
U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann admits Altidore is not 100 percent just yet, but hopes he will be before the two games vs. Guatemala.
The entire commentariat is going to feel a little silly when Jurgen Klinsmann wins every World Cup Qualifier.
The downside of directing soccer talent away from high school. "The slow death of high school soccer..."
I am grateful for the willingness of both Jurgen Klinsmann and Everton mana...
"- Who do Arsenal fans want to replace Wenger? " Joachim Loew or Jurgen Klinsmann
Klinsmann's anti-MLS thing is killing US soccer. Kitchen in some lower tier Euro league doesn't help him or USMNT:
No problem! Nicely done. Thanks for including my own piece! 👍🏽
USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann supportive of move to
players and while jurgen klinsmann will SWEAR UP & DOWN it is the style of play, Mix & Aaron & Graham & DeAndre have yet to
...never forget the great Jurgen Klinsmann who came to Tottenham Hotspur. He was a legend.
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Does anyone else think John Gielgud as Cassius resembles Jurgen Klinsmann?
"We can only win by giving everything and being ready to defeat the adversary with fiery aggression." - Jurgen Klinsmann
You have to work more than your adversary.
I think when there's enough will and aggression, there's no shortage of tal...
Meet the new Hearts signing whose transfer has been praised by Jurgen Klinsmann
Canes might be in the bracket of death, but to paraphrase Jurgen Klinsmann, "It's the bracket of death because we're in it too"
Today's teaser... Jurgen Klinsmann became the second German player to win the Football Writers' Association Footballer of...
In 16, 17 years as a pro I was used to the head coach doing it alone. He mi...
now I see where Jurgen Klinsmann got his coaching philosophy from. He always says it's a players game
Sunil Gulati made it clear Jurgen Klinsmann will be around fo...
Then seeing Oliver Kahn retire then Jurgen Klinsmann sinking the club faster than the Titanic and watching Van Gaal being a complete ***
They have youth academies and to quote Jurgen Klinsmann, they still need to reach out to Hispanic and other communities.
It didn't get much better than Jurgen Klinsmann and Teddy Sheringham as a strike duo
Perry Kitchen headline in Chat on Klinsmann, Edinburgh Castle, MLS: htt…
Perry Kitchen hopes Jurgen Klinsmann will watch him at Hearts...
Jurgen Klinsmann sets knockout stage as goal for USMNT at Copa America
how come Jurgen Klinsmann the coach of the USMNT can fly his anywhere?? But puig can't?
MLS will invite Jurgen Klinsmann to hand out the Landon Donovan MVP award this year to Steven Gerrard.
I love that Jurgen Klinsmann is mentioned in the Tulsa Roughnecks press release for signing a goalkeeper. What.
Jurgen Klinsmann just got his commercial rating so he can fly helicopters lol👌🏻
$14 says Jurgen Klinsmann had the logo sent to Europe to improve.
The 20 best Premier League kits of all time: From Jurgen Klinsmann in Tottenham shirt to Eric Cantona at Manchester United
.bumped into coach Jurgen Klinsmann in the summer. The story:
if you had to pick Jurgen klinsmann or teddy sheringham who would it be ???
The United States’ coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, acknowledged that his team faced difficult matchups.
US coach Jurgen Klinsmann excited about Matt Miazga's future at Chelsea via
Klinsmann: Sunderland loan good for DeAndre Yedlin's international development via cartilagefree
Jurgen Klinsmann calls up Earthquakes Wondolowski for Mexico game
yuu not even real, I have a theory u a Mexican Jurgen Klinsmann from universe x, who can hate mls usa out loud.
If Jurgen Klinsmann thinks that the best way for his team to be successful ...
Tough draw for the USMNT. Read more:
A coach cannot be “the decision maker on the field,” but should be a guide. The decision is made by the kid on the field.” Jurgen Klinsmann
I train for one-and-a-half hours every day in order to keep my energy level...
The young generation has a different curiosity that is more visual.
I spoke with Sigi Schmid + Peter Vermes about Jurgen Klinsmann and
My debut for Four Four Two: What's on the line for Jurgen Klinsmann at Copa America? Read:
Here's what USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann had to say following the Copa Draw
Klinsmann aims to keep USMNT starlet Pulisic's expectations 'grounded' in wake of Borussia Dortmund success.
A day that lives in infamy. . And didn’t even mention part. https:…
It’s exciting to see Matt Miazga at such a big club like Chelsea – Jurgen Klinsmann via
"You have to work more than your adversary." ~ Jurgen Klinsmann
Klinsmann pleased with Yedlin's progress at Sunderland - HITC
Klinsmann undecided on handing Christian Pulisic senior team call-up
WATCH: See what head coach Jurgen Klinsmann had to say about yesterday's
Jurgen Klinsmann preaches patience for starlet Christian Pulisic.
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Once the World Cup preparations begin there will hardly be an opportunity t...
U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann discusses Omar Gonzalez's case to return to the USMNT following a strong star...
Jurgen Klinsmann: Omar Gonzalez making case for national team return - via App
Jurgen Klinsmann and the U.S. squad will face Guatemala twice in World Cup qualifiers next month. (Mark...
During my career I was a team mate of Vincent Kompany, Brad Friedel, Duncan Ferguson, Jurgen Klinsmann & Louis Saha. Who am I?
conflicts w/ USA soccer are great insight into US v German communication differences
Dear Jurgen Klinsmann's hair: it's not the 1990s anymore.
.responds to Feilhaber's pointed comments ≫
Jurgen Klinsmann: MLS owners have 'misconception' about 'global picture': U.S. head coach…
Should Jurgen Klinsmann be responding to his critics in Call us @ (877) 629-4614 to have your say!!
Klinsmann: MLS should see 'global picture'
ESPNFC | U.S.' Jurgen Klinsmann would welcome chance to talk to irritated MLS owners
Abby Wambach says she would fix USMNT by firing Jurgen Klinsmann...
Why does Jurgen Klinsmann support Jordan Morris going to . explains
It's the remix to ignition . Jurgen Klinsmann edition. Start four center backs . And play two out of position.
Jurgen Klinsmann claims to be an MLS fan.. Related Articles:
is well compensated as Problem is that he hasn't done good job yet
stay strong man because their campaign to out you is huge. Hope our nation wakes up .
According to this piece U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann had a productive conversation with Portland Timbers owner...
In baseball, chemistry barely ever matters in the run of play. Just in the locker room. Soccer is completely...
gofootyourself Jurgen Klinsmann responds to Benny Feilhaber's rant in interviews with and ESPN FC …
| How much does U.S. soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann make? New records offer details
We want to start them thinking that they're responsible for their own caree...
Random thought: if Jurgen Klinsmann has to publicly state he's a fan of MLS, he's probably not a fan of MLS.
WATCH: on Morris to Seattle, FIFA election and more
Jurgen Klinsmann weighs in on Jordan Morris, potential future with Seattle ...
April 14 to March 15 Klinsmann earned $3.2 mil for mediocrity; Jill Ellis not in the top of USSF, but est @ 200k!.
Want to learn more of how practitioners actually work? Jurgen is giving it to you. Gold! Good work
EXCLUSIVE: Jurgen Klinsmann insists he is a big fan of not an enemy (
The latest from my interview w/Jurgen Klinsmann. He shoots down his anti- rep, talks Paulson, Morris & : http…
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Why the relationship between Jurgen Klinsmann and MLS needs to improve
Jordan Morris praises USMNT boss Jurgen Klinsmann for "open and honest" conversations: Read More
Also - friendly reminder that Jurgen Klinsmann tried to get rid of Thomas Mueller at Bayern Munich. Didn't see a future for him. Smart dude.
Jurgen Klinsmann names US national soccer team squad for winter camp - Washington Post
Jurgen Klinsmann in hot water over American presence on USMNT
Looks, I'm not a huge fan of Jurgen Klinsmann but as long as he's the US manager, I'll try to be respectful in my criticism of him.
Jurgen Klinsmann: “Messi is very much the team player, while Cristiano is very ego-driven..."
Jurgen Klinsmann is a qualified baker. He won the World Cup too
Go ahead and criticize Jurgen Klinsmann, but not because of dual-nationals:
"We're gonna have a little play fight and then Jurgen Klinsmann is gonna throw you into that reactor there, k?"
And like that, w/ a move out of MLS, Omar Gonzalez will now be an automatic Starting XI for Jurgen Klinsmann. No ifs. Ands. Or. Buts.
There's no need for RESPONSES"...Results speak for themselves...Fire Jurgen Klinsmann and Sunil Gulati..both
..There is no discussion..RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES..Fire Jurgen Klinsmann and Sunil Gulati both
On this day in 1994 Jurgen Klinsmann scored on his Spurs debut at Sheffield Wednesday and celebrated in style.
Jurgen Klinsmann to summon senior team players and U-23's to January camp ... - LA Galaxy
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Jurgen Klinsmann has plenty of issues, but recruiting dual-nationals isn't one of them: https:…
Jurgen Klinsmann publicly pressuring Jordan Morris to turn pro
USMNT's Mix Diskerud responds to Abby Wambach's criticism of Jurgen Klinsmann for bringing in foreign players.
Why the *** are we talking about Jurgen Klinsmann on a night your are celebrating your career with loyal fans?
On the day of her final game, Abby Wambach weighs in on the "I would definitely fire Jurgen [Klinsmann]." https:/…
Klinsmann: Brooks performing 'on a very high level' with Hertha Berlin -
With Christmas coming up, we take a look at Jurgen Klinsmann's wish list
Wait, did you just say Jurgen Klinsmann is a US Soccer legend?
Klinsmann: brooks performing 'on a very high level' with hertha berlin
One of "foreign guys" addresses Abby Wambach's criticism of Jurgen Klinsmann, Sunil Gulati and
Jurgen Klinsmann content with draw in Trinidad and Tobago | -
Landon Donovan wants Jurgen Klinsmann fired if U.S. loses to Mexico in CONCACAF Cup
Jurgen Klinsmann content with United States draw -
A Letter to USMNT Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann asking him for answers
Klinsmann content with USA draw: United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann was satisfied with Tuesday’s…
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US hits crossbar twice and gets held to a scoreless draw by Trinidad in World Cup qualifier via
will qualify for Russia. But if Klinsmann thinks the YNTs are making “big strides,” the revolution is over:
Jurgen Klinsmann: YNT criticisms are "immature" and "wrong:"
Jurgen Klinsmann, Fabian Johnson find rhythm, "good communication" following ... -
Jurgen Klinsmann and the United States face Trinidad and Tobago ...
I hate to say it but Jurgen Klinsmann needs to get fired
Jurgen Klinsmann’s post game press conference is getting under way…
"I thought everyone played well tonight. The boys managed to tie their laces and stay in their positions, more or less…
Jurgen Klinsmann not worried about job security if U.S. loses in Trinidad - via App
USMNT manager Jurgen Klinsmann discusses the situation with Fabian Johnson. Video - via App
I. I believe. I believe that. I believe that Jurgen Klinsmann has made the US worse than we were when he was handed the k…
Jurgen Klinsmann was brought on to create an aesthetically pleasing play style, not grind draws against CONCACAF teams.
U.S. national team newcomer Darlington Nagbe is all smiles — and so is Jurgen Klinsmann
USA fb fans calling for the head of coach Jurgen Klinsmann after goalless match away to Trinidad and Tobago in WC qualifier
Can't help but wonder if it would have been 3 points without Jurgen Klinsmann
Jurgen Klinsmann is out of touch and lowering the expectations he originally set:
USA leave Trinidad and Tobago with vital point in World Cup qualifying: Jurgen Klinsmann and Co. take a valuab...
"Geoff Cameron is 100% definitely the best player on earth. Well, except for Joe Corona." - Jurgen Klinsmann
Bruce Arena and Jurgen Klinsmann have plenty of differences, but when they're facing elimination, they both turn to ALAN GORDON
CominWithMoore Dear Sunil Gulati, what movie has Jurgen Klinsmann been in?
Sunil Gulati and Jurgen Klinsmann still humiliating us...Good for MLS but what about USA?
Jurgen Klinsmann promises to give Tottenham Hotspur's DeAndre Yedlin chances for the USA
Bob Stoops, Scott Brooks, and Jurgen Klinsmann all share one very common trait.. Not knowing how to adjust on the fly.
Fabian Johnson sent home from USMNT camp after receiving a "severe word" from Jurgen Klinsmann | -
We Went There: Another loss for Jurgen Klinsmann as the U.S. and Mexico meet at the Rose Bowl, by
Looking for your opinions on Jurgen Klinsmann & Jason Kreis - will choose a select few to be published in my column
Landon Donovan says a loss to Mexico should cost Jurgen Klinsmann his job:
Landon Donovan was right Jurgen Klinsmann needs to be fired after that loss
Jurgen Klinsmann's response to calls of ex players (Landon Donovan) saying he needs to go if he loses to Mexico.
USA legend Landon Donovan tells that Jurgen Klinsmann better beat Mexico -- or else:
Landon Donovan thinks Jurgen Klinsmann should be fired if the lose to Mexico on Saturday.
Even though I love me some Jurgen Klinsmann
Jurgen Klinsmann Q&A: Read thoughts on the crucial clash
Let's predict Jurgen Klinsmann's starting XI for the U.S. against Mexico: The news here is good. The dearth of...
If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the link:
Bingo. So, as Jurgen Klinsmann pointed out about how the US runs sports, do what's rational and reward the past-prime guys. Smh
It's a good week when you can get off a Jurgen Klinsmann / Martin Luther joke. Makes it all worthwhile, you know?
well. It was around the time Jurgen Klinsmann was doing likewise for Spurs
For some reason my streams got a Jurgen Klinsmann wankfest for half time
we end up with Jurgen Klinsmann or big Sam
What a ridiculous article. The poll should include an option, "was overrated to begin with" via
Did Jurgen Klinsmann break Omar Gonzalez?: The Galaxy center back has been off his game lately. Has his...
Did Jurgen Break Omar? Has his time on the USMNT done more harm than good?
I think Don Garber should hold a press conference, blame it all on Jurgen Klinsmann and then name 10 more expansion cities as a protest.
Jurgen Klinsmann must be really flattered
Did you know that Benny Feilhaber is very good? And that Jurgen Klinsmann hasn't called him in?. Well if you didn't, no…
Dom Dwyer hasn't been called up by Jurgen Klinsmann either
Why are people talking about Jurgen Klinsmann?
Jurgen Klinsmann the coach of the USA emerges as a candidate for job. FSG realise the potential image of a diver associated with a club
Cannot see us going for Ancelotti or Klopp. More like Eddie Howe, Jurgen Klinsmann or Garry Monk.
Manneh says he's 13 months away from U.S. citizenship. Robbo has talked to Jurgen Klinsmann about him several times.
Who remembers us being linked with Jurgen Klinsmann during the end months of rafa Benitez?
I met her. Jurgen Klinsmann, Kobe Bryant and Will Ferrell live in my neighborhood and they had an event.
That moment when instead we hire Jurgen Klinsmann
Jurgen Klinsmann when they can't quite agree personal terms with either Klopp or Carlo😂
What will it take for Sunil Gulati to consider firing Jurgen Klinsmann?
We need to fire Sunil Gulati and Jurgen Klinsmann...No questions
.Jurgen Klinsmann is not the problem anymore...Our problem is Sunil Gulati...Fire Both
...Our problem is not Jurgen Klinsmann anymore people.Our problem is Sunil Gulati
Jurgen Klinsmann essentially said Sean Johnson>Bill Hamid earlier this week. Johnson talented, but he makes some really mindless errors.
Howard Decision Delights Jurgen United States coach Jurgen Klinsmann is delighted that Tim Howard has made himself…
Howard, Beasley Return for Sept USA Friendlies : USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann on Thursday announced...
If Mix Diskerud can attack like this, why is Jurgen Klinsmann playing him as a No. 6?
U.S. looking for positives after stunning loss: ATLANTA — Jurgen Klinsmann strolled into the room in the basement…
Why wasn't Bobby Wood or Jordan Morris on the roster? Terrible choice of Alan Gordon by Jurgen Klinsmann.
Jurgen Klinsmann elected not to put Matt Besler on his roster, and it's hurting them now. Dreadful defense on a long throw-in.
US coach Jurgen Klinsmann on Clint Dempsey: "He's hungry for goals & has 2 more meals" via
Gyasi Zardes was quite a find by Jurgen Klinsmann!! He has the chance to be great!!!
I'm surprised that the USA dives so rarely, because back in the day Jurgen Klinsmann was absolutely the best at it. Vlade Divac of soccer.
Jurgen Klinsmann changes tack, opts for experience over development with roster
Jurgen Klinsmann has confirmed that Julian Green will not be on the Gold Cup roster (via
coach Jurgen Klinsmann confirms Julian Green will not be on CONCACAF Gold Cup roster.
Julian Green will not feature on Gold Cup roster, according to U.S. boss Jurgen Klinsmann:
coach Jurgen Klinsmann believes the MLS should implement relegation to increase the competitiveness of league. htt…
Jurgen Klinsmann low key trying to get Harry Kane to become an American
Hamilton Collection
Technical director Jurgen Klinsmann wants to implement a cohesive top to bottom style of play.
Bolton Wanderers CB Tim Ream deserves more respect from Jurgen Klinsmann via - this true ?
DTN World Cup 2014 Bolton Wanderers center-back Tim Ream deserves more respect from Jurgen Klinsmann: . Tim Rea...
Juan Agudelo: "To be honest, I appreciate the amount of time that (Jurgen Klinsmann) gave me to prove myself."
Berti Vogts has teamed up with his former player Jurgen Klinsmann after taking up a role to work behind the scenes with the…
2014 World Cup Day 05 ]Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and his coaching staff line up - Hi_story
Deano was a class act,remember him marking Jurgen Klinsmann out the game at meadow lane,won easy that night
Jurgen Klinsmann still favors Michael Bradley in advanced position for despite holding role v Chile
Hislop: Be honest with the team: ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop sounds off on Jurgen Klinsmann's excuses for the Unite...
I heard Jurgen Klinsmann is gonna give you the call up.
Jurgen Klinsmann looks ready to give the 3-5-2 a ...
Do you want to see the Yanks in a 3-5-2 tomorrow vs. Chile? Interesting read.
Here’s my piece on potential debut of the 3-5-2 formation for the vs. Chile:
Des being brilliant every week for years & years, making the likes of Jurgen Klinsmann look like Jason Lee.
Robinson says he's spoken with Jurgen Klinsmann about Christian Dean's work with And what to work on
Two good pieces on possible shift to a 3-5-2:.
From Jurgen Klinsmann seems ready to give the 3-5-2 a serious look
coach Jurgen Klinsmann said team did a lot of tactical work over past couple of weeks, noted possibility of trying new things.
Jurgen Klinsmann selects 20 MLS players to USMNT roster for ...
2015 is a big year for Jurgen Klinsmann as he continues to shape “his” United States national team, writes
Warning: your account has been hacked by Jurgen Klinsmann.
How the should lineup tomorrow against Chile
United States national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has called in 28 players for the team's first training camp of 2015 in Carson, California.
...The results speak for themself. Jurgen Klinsmann is falling short on promises and the Guilty is Sunil Gulati
Jurgen Klinsmann need to be replace in order to regain order and offense on the field..Even Bob Bradley is looking better
"Jurgen Klinsmann, Back in London, Sees Exhibition as Important Test for U.S. Men’s National Team" by JOHN F. BU...
Jurgen Klinsmann urges Tottenham to give Mauricio Pochettino time via
Former Tottenham forward Jurgen Klinsmann has called for Mauricio Pochettino to be given time.
Paolo Maldini, George Weah, and Jurgen Klinsmann at The FIFA World Player of the Year Awards in Milan in 1995.
Eric Wynalda thinks I'm an *** for agreeing with Jurgen Klinsmann not taking LD to the WC? Let's look at JK's resumè vs. Wynalda's..
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There are circles to say this, not to mediaJurgen Klinsmann: “Landon Donovan could have done more” via
It's good to see Landon Donovan and Jurgen Klinsmann are trying their best to hide their dislike for each other.
Could Jurgen Klinsman be more of a *** Who trashes a country's leading goal scorer right before his last game?
I'm Team Klinnsman on this - (why everyone always paints his career in rose-colored glasses is beyond me).
Landon Donovan on Jurgen Klinsmann: 'We haven't spoken': Landon Donovan joins SportsCenter to discuss his fare...
Man I'm sick of Jurgen Klinsmann bring back Bob Bradley.
EAST HARTFORD, Conn. – Jurgen Klinsmann may vacillate between formations. He may raise eyebrows with his roster choices. But Klinsmann’s nothing if not consistent when it comes to his eval
Jurgen Klinsmann spoke to reporters on Thursday and offered both praise and criticism of Landon Donovan, who is playing his U.S. national team farewell on Friday.
Jurgen Klinsmann thinks Landon Donovan ‘could have done a bit more’ for the U.S. men’s soccer team
I agree with Donovan should have pushed himself to play in Europe but I still respect LD
Jurgen Klinsmann says Landon Donovan "could have done a bit more"
Jurgen Klinsmann is now an definite foe of
Man, Klinsmann really goes out of his way to crap on Landon Donovan.
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