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Jurassic World

Jurassic World is an upcoming American science fiction adventure film that will be the fourth entry in the Jurassic Park film series.

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Has he seen Jurassic World? You don't get to be confident because you signed Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard
Jurassic World was my favorite movie of 2015. I was excited to see what Colin was going to do with Star Wars.
Sorry to hear that Colin Trevorrow won't be directing the next "Star Wars", after "Jurassic World" I was really looking forward to it
I played through that with the Fourth Doctor. I'll do Jurassic World with the Third.
Went to see the Jurassic World exhibit at the Field Museum in the Chi and saw training the raptors 😍
CG has gotten a bad rep within the Jurassic community, post Jurassic World. It's important to remember it can look ab…
Let's all take a moment to cringe at Jimmy Fallon in 'Jurassic World'
OH! I can watch Jurassic world. I kind of didn't watch it fully months back but now I really should.
Jurassic World 2's title and first poster revealed
Megyn Kelly is like the opposite of Jurassic World except instead of being good and nobody watches her she's bad an…
*Jurassic World 2*. MONEY-HUNGRY MANAGER: We gave guns to the dinosaurs. HERO, ONLY ONE WITH COMMON SENSE: [to camera] Here we go again!
Jurassic World 2:. "Park revenue is down. We gotta give the people something new!". "John Hammond never intended the dinosaurs…
🚨 The sequel to Jurassic World will officially be called 'Fallen Kingdom' 🚨
Listen. If for any ungodly reason Jurassic World becomes a reality, you better guarantee my black *** is running like Allyson Felix 🏃🏾
Completely shattered but finally watching Jurassic World
Spotted this in a parking lot going to the set for jurassic world here in Oahu
Jurassic World 2 is officially titled Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as revealed in the first teaser poster:
A trailer for is rumored to debut at next month.
There is no greater series in the world than Jurassic Park. End of.
im so jealous of my cousin she's right next to the set of jurassic world II aaaAAAH
What the infamous 4 script can tell us about Fallen Kingdom:
First teaser for Fallen Kingdom rumored to debut at next month!
shots of kraken, trampoline buildin' and Jurassic World watchin' = fun-filled Saturday night! — watching Jurassic World
Life aesthetic: the guy in Jurassic World who grabs his two margaritas when running from a dinosaur attack 🍹🐉🍹
I greatly enjoyed Jurassic World: The Exhibition at My only complaint - no animatronic…
Weirdest peeve of mine but I hate inconsistency in movie series.. Example:. Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Jura…
Played LEGO Jurassic World (PC) and 2 other games in the last 24 hours.
Don't judge high heels in the jungle. . That girl out ran a dinosaur in heels in Jurassic World.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom filming in Hakipu'u (Kualoa) near the location where the ACU was attacked & by the I-Rex…
From the set of Jurassic World 2 which is being filmed right now. Touring Kualoa Ranch.
Words have meaning. Jurassic World isn't a reboot, they prominently mention the previous movies.
domain names
Wasn't too hyped about Jurassic World but I still enjoyed it. Hoping the sequel is on par with the prequel ❤️🤞
Cave Hill Belfast... ...or Middle Earth... ...or Jurassic World...who knows!.
my dad thought Chris Pratt was the star in Jurassic World, he was co star to Bryce Dallas Howard
Unless you're Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World, then they make TOTAL sense.
Jurassic Park was renamed Jurassic World to avoid association with the 1st disaster, does that mean someone thought 'park' was the problem?
The new Jurassic World is going to have Ian Malcolm in it... All I want is Alan Grant added in and I will be so happy.
Jurassic World, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Elijah Wood. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Sammy Hagar. Budget: $100m
Chris Pratt up during the Jurassic World sequel shooting just after the start of Guardians of the Galaxy showing O_O
What if that kid that Alan Grant scares at the start of Jurassic Park grows up to become Chris Pratt in Jurassic World?
98 Rock Fest today in Tampa, FL and Jeff Goldblum joins the Jurassic World sequel. Life is good.
I just had an argument with my boyfriend because he thinks that the Jurassic Park soundtrack is the same as the Jurassic World soundtrack 😂😅
Yes, Jeff Goldblum will appear in the sequel to Jurassic World: via
Jeff Goldblum joining cast of Jurassic World sequel
Jeff Goldblum will join Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the sequel to Jurassic World, slated for June 2018. http…
Hearing Jeff Goldblum will be in the next Jurassic World movie is a great excuse to bring back this gem.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jeff Goldblum cast in 'Jurassic World' sequel - CNET: Goldblum joins Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for the…
look. Jeff Goldblum signing up for a new Jurassic World movie is the most arousing set of words i've seen on my screen for some time.
ppl who got royally shafted in Jurassic World: Judy Greer, Omar Sy, Katie McGrath
Just how well does Chris Pratt know his tasty treats? We put the Jurassic World star to the (snack) test:
Desperately want to go to the Franklin Institute's Jurassic World exhibit
Jurassic World: the Exhibition at the Franklin Institute today was AMAZING! My boys had SO MUCH fun! Dinosaurs...
Finally home was at Franklin Institute in Philly to see Jurassic World exhibit with FAM watching supercross then long beach then maybe F1
Someone go to the Jurassic World exhibit with me at the Franklin Institute before they close it down
Forever jealous that my parents got to tour Kualoa Ranch where movies like Jurassic World and Park were filmed 😱😍
Chicago Tribune: Blockbuster 'Jurassic World' exhibition will bring dinosaur park to Field Museum.
My sister really kicked me out of my own room & now i can't watch Jurassic World smh
The writer of JURASSIC WORLD, MONSTER TRUCKS and SKULL ISLAND is writing Star Wars EPISODE IX. . . yeah.
&& here we are... watching Jurassic World AGAIN
'Jurassic World' Exhibit is coming to the Field Museum, bringing friends for SUE:
Drinking wine, eating ice cream, and watching Jurassic World..when I say "it's lit" I'm being dead serious
I know what im doing this weekend. Plus jurassic world too
Watching Jurassic World for the umpteenth time. Can't wait for 2
Sue, the world’s most intact T. rex skeleton, now has some prehistoric company at the
the hot older brother in Jurassic world
A "Jurassic World" exhibit is coming to the Field Museum
speaking it right now... i would love to star in a Jurassic Park/world film ESPECIALLY alongside 🙌🏼
sneak peek of the the 2018 Jurassic World filming! 9/10
"Jurassic World" exhibition at Field Museum "a blend of real science and great entertainment.”
Looks like you can add "Aquaman" to Saturdays casting call along with "Jurassic World 2" & "Triple Frontier"!!!…
I feel. I still can't get over Pratt as the dude from Everwood! XD Though I love Jurassic World and Guardians!
*** I watched Jurassic world before but that's it 😂
if u play Jurassic World: the Game, I can have it cracked for u to give u resources
The park is open. Visit at The Franklin Institute now through April 23, 2017. ht…
Thank you Bryce for blessing us with these BTS photos from Jurassic World! Who else is super excited to see Claire Deari…
Watching jurassic world...first time since me and him watched it together in the times have changed lol 😂😏
It just occurred to me - character concept are never surfaced for Jurassic World. How weird. Nor any non-indominus dino-centric art.
My dream come true I love dinosaurs .
I'd just like someone to cuddle up and watch Jurassic World with me. You know what, screw it, let's marathon. COOOL.
Watched Jurassic Park 3 for the first time since it came out & here's my opinion: it's actually better than The Lost World or Jurassic World
Is is just me or is this Jimmy Buffet escaping dinosaurs in Jurassic World?! With margaritas!…
We’re excited to share that Jurassic World: The Exhibition will open at The Field Museum on May 26, 2017
The Exhibition will roar into Chicago's this May!
Field Museum of host massive 'Jurassic World' exhibition
They really have Jurassic Park 1-3 on Netflix and not Jurassic World 😭
Hawaii casting call set for this Saturday for Jurassic World Sequel! Details at link:
Jurassic World: The Exhibition is set to open its gates at the Field Museum on May 26th!
Jurassic World exhibition will bring interactive dinosaur park to
I was so taken by your excellent portrayal of Wilson Fisk I didn't even recognise u in Jurassic World 1st time! Big hug 2 u
- with a chuckle. "But yes. I play the legendary Star Lord. And Owen Grady in Jurassic World. You know me.".
My fan-made opening credits for Jurassic World sequel. (Guess the composer)
All purpose parts banner
"10 times as good as Jurassic World." Catch this MONSTER movie under the Jozi sky this Thursday!…
James Cromwell (AHS: Asylum) has teamed up with the cast of Jurassic World sequel with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. ht…
Bryce Dallas Howard on 'Jurassic World' sequel, Beyoncé and buying off-the-rack
Jurassic World, The Jungle Book, and, of course, Born Free... What are some other wildlife films that kids love?
if you think Ross Gellar should have had a role in Jurassic World.
a3. I would choose the locations from Jurassic World of Oahu, Maui + Kauai, especially in Kualoa Ranch.
It always makes me sad in Jurassic World when the Allosaurus dies in Chris Pratt's arms. :(
he thinks he's agreeable like Chris Pratt in "Jurassic World" but he's actually smoking hot grumpy Han Solo ~ only 48 or so years younger
I'm watching Jurassic World and it's about Big Bro, Little Bro, Redhead and Andy Dwyer.
OK keeps mixing up Jurassic Park 3 with Jurassic World. Stop it. Chris Pratt and the trained raptors are in Jurassic World
who would you cast as leads in Planet of the Apes VA Jurassic World, and why Nicolas Cage and Brendan Fraser?
'Jurassic World' takes place in a fully functional park on Isla Nubl...
Jurassic World, The Force Awakens, The Avengers, Avatar, and The Dark Knight are the only films to go past 500 mil. domestically this decade
Let's be real... this is the same person. IMO. Jurassic Park (1993) / Jurassic World (2015)
Travel to Isla Nublar, right here in Philadelphia! Jurassic World: The Exhibition is making its North American debu…
Jurassic Park was (mostly) wrong and Jurassic World isn't even trying - The…
Two Bill Murray movies and the epic as *** Jurassic World have made for a great Saturday movie night! I feel quite satisfied right now.
Star Wars, Jurassic World and light-up fireplaces, we review this year's Christmas jumpers
Finally figured out what Bryce Dallas Howard was SUPPOSED to look like at the end of Jurassic World. Thanks Black Mirror…
Jurassic World, my new BTB map is now out! Very Authentic!.
Ex Machina 2: Caleb takes over and starts making cyborg dinosaurs and it's actually Jurassic Park 4 and Jurassic World never happened
I liked a video Jurassic World Toy Haul and Review!
Jurassic World 2 is going to take on animal abuse!
Just watched Jurassic World, so intense!!! Chris Pratt, u da man, da macho man 😛
If Jurassic World was made in 2008 Shia LaBeouf would definitely have been in it.
a little late but here was my 6 year old brother who is OBSESSED with Jurassic World!
I will be finding lawyers to share the fact that the originating idea for Jurassic World was stolen from me, and sold by a third party.
I say Jurassic Park or Jurassic world guys haven't done that not that I know of
That time I dressed up like in Jurassic World 😂
Just watched Jurassic World for the first time and loved it! Dinosaurs are so awesome
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Imagine being the Disaster Response Comms Director for Jurassic World? I guess, they had a male CEO so the vitriol would have been lighter.
This was last minute. Draw on a beard, tie on some dinos - BOOM - Owen from Jurassic World.
Vita game of the night: lego jurassic world
I won 3 achievements in LEGO Jurassic World for 70 pts
Nero is Hunting and Stalking... Watching & Waiting... This is his Jurassic World. Keep looking, you will see him. 9:32pm 11.01.16
I'd just like to ask a question about Jurassic World: Did they not feed any of these dinosaurs? Seems like they are starving!
Can you make it faster to gather food in Jurassic world by adding a boost because I have like max amount of coins but no food :(
my fiancé should be the next attraction at Jurassic World...
So is Westworld just, like, Jurassic World but with cowboy replicants instead of dinosaurs?
I should get paid from the amount of times I watch Jurassic world in a week
What were top artistic talents from films like 'Titanic,' 'Jurassic World' and 'Avatar' looking for in a new job? https:/…
Watching Jurassic World and I just realised how appropriate my jumper is
Jurassic World soundtrack in the car Es lo mejor
The reason Jurassic Park 4 was called Jurassic World is because they couldn't afford to buy the name Jurassic 5 for the sequel
My dog is legitimately one of the velociraptors from Jurassic World.
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Impress your date during Jurassic World by leaning in and whispering "Former MLB player Carl Everett doesn't think dinosaurs…
The way Danielle Marie K looked in 'Sore Loser 2,' reminds me of how looked in 'Jurassic World.'…
Jurassic World numero dos is gonna be epic. I hope they bring back some of the originals...Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill and/or Laura Dern.
Juan Antonio Bayona is directing the next Jurassic World film and my dryer let me do two loads of laundry on the same dollar.
the next time I will be in the Franklin Institute will be for Jurassic World
We now know Jurassic World will be a trilogy in the spirit of the Steven Spielberg originals.
INGEN's pioneering evolution of human dinosaur genetics has reached the only logical conclusion since Jurassic World
are you doing you're best Jimmy Buffett circa Jurassic World impression?
Jurassic BACK!! Fourth Jurassic Park movie gets an official title... Jurassic World
I hate being sick but at least i got to spend my day watching Jurassic World, a Gene Kelly marathon & Captain America 💘
Kualoa Ranch was absolutely fantastic! The mountain jeep tour to the Jurassic World set was…
I'm a lil nervous about Colin Trevorrow directing episode 9 bc Jurassic World was kind of a mess
Colin Trevorrow did a good job on Jurassic World
Look at 'The Book of Henry', the new film from 'Jurassic World' helmer Colin Trevorrow.
Last night I dreamt I bought Lego Dimensions so I could play the Jurassic World levels. Tweeps, is this a dream I need to…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
LEGO Jurassic World, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and LEGO The Hobbit are my favorite LEGO games of all time.
Had a talk w/Leanna and we're officially DONE with LEGO games. I guess Jurassic World was a fluke bc both Batman 3 and TFA are buggy crap.
On Air : Welcome to Jurassic World - Jurassic World - Michael Giacchino - on
Jurassic World was pretty good. Some bad cgi and the super dinosaur was real stupid but it was still fun overall. B-
Jeff Goldblum reveals he was available and wanted to star in Jurassic World
Next Wednesday, June 15, Jurassic World at Flagstaff Hill, who wants to join me! I have blankets, and it's free!
This Thursday night Mid-America Science Museum is proud to be sponsoring Movies at the Market - Jurassic World...
Rumor has it they wanted Chris Pratt for the Indiana Jones reboot. Well, he already played Indy in Jurassic World.
"From the director of Jurassic World comes the inevitably disappointing conclusion to the Star Wars Saga."
Sequels to great movies are a pox upon us all. Worse than the Kardashians. Lookin at you Jurassic World and you too Star Wars: Episode STFU
2 for £10 or 5 for £20 DVD just got better! Jurassic World, Straight Outta Compton, Rogue Nation & Minions now added
I found JP29. John Hammond's Jeep used in both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World!
Jurassic World, Despicable Me 2, Man of Steel, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, every Twilight film, and many more...
Jurassic World was more Dino Crisis than Jurassic Park but seriously, super entertaining.
Finally getting around to watching Jurassic World so I can recognize the parts filmed at Kualoa Ranch
man this whole time I thought it was Jessica Chastain in Jurassic World and not Bryce Dallas Howard. literal exact same face
No offense Jurassic World, but when a freaking Michael Bay Transformers film has feathered dinosaurs & you ...
I get so upset during Jurassic World when the poor baby dinosaurs are attacked :( They don't deserve that abuse :(
This is a fascinating deconstruction of why Park holds up, and why Jurassic World fell flat.
Shout out to Bryce Dallas Howard for trekking all over Jurassic World in high heels.
Hoskins plan in Jurassic World to use raptors to hunt Indominus Rex is right out of The Simpsons
Now that Jurassic World is on the HBO channels I'm ALWAYS watching it and I love it bc Nick Robinson and Chris Pratt😍
NEWS JUST IN !!! The film for next Wednesday's (11th) Pizza & Film night is.. Jurassic World! Put your name on the foyer poster to book.
strong feelings against Jurassic World still enjoy the podcast by the way 😊
Jurassic World: Imagine Matthew Modine as the gung *** mercenary? Now there's an awesome movie.
In no particular order: Jurassic World, Kill Bill Vol 2, Finding Dory (just assuming), Return of the Jedi, Aliens
I'm 3 minutes into Jurassic World and just do not buy all these tourists going to Isla Nublar like it's not a major death trap.
So I'm not the only one who thought Jurassic World should have had the Universal 'globe' logo somehow end on Isla Nublar, right?
This is how I breakfast. Jurassic World - Ezekiel Bread - cottage cheese - chobani 100.
I wish Wilson Fisk would've gone after that thing in Jurassic World.."the raptors have proven to be...quite difficult.."
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Well, I thought Bryce Dallas Howard was the best thing about Jurassic World and can't remember why everyone was so cross with her?
Chris Pratt & Jake Johnson play essentially the same type of character in Jurassic World except one joined the navy.
I watched Jurassic World today because I hate myself BUT I wish there was after credits where Jake Johnson gives the park 1 star Yelp review
Bryce Dallas Howard's haircut in Jurassic World makes me scream at the top of my lungs every time.
Every single moment of Jurassic World that involved the *** teenager should have gone to Jake Johnson
Bryce Dallas Howard character in Jurassic World looks and sounds like hostess at Terminator 3D at Universal.
Ok but the Jake Johnson & Laura Lapkus scenes of Jurassic World were easily the best bits and I wish the film had just been about them
Bryce Dallas Howard's pumps in Jurassic World belong in my shoe wardrobe pronto. They must be comfy
Can Jake Johnson only play one character type? Or did they intend for a nerdier Nick Miller to have a role in Jurassic World?
Jurassic World is on right now, and after watching this again, I don't understand how Bryce Dallas Howard can run in those heels.
And speaking of Irwin Allen - the boy at the start of Jurassic World is looking at the Animal World viewmaster!
I think the most unrealistic part of Jurassic World is Bryce Dallas Howard sprinting in heels.
Bryce Dallas Howard is terrible in Jurassic World and marvelous in The Village. I don't get it.
Honestly don't know why, but I'm watching Jurassic World. Maybe Bryce Dallas Howard will get eaten this time around
Bryce Dallas Howard has spent the entirety of Jurassic World running around in heels. Really an impressive feat
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Whoever picked Bryce Dallas Howard’s shoes in Jurassic World is a monster
- 93) Jurassic World. Should be called "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Bryce Dallas Howard" in
Jake Johnson going for the kiss in Jurassic World is the better than the raptor riding the T. Rex.
After the failures of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the management of the Jurassic Conglomerate decides to open... Juras…
Juan Antonio Bayona is directing the Jurassic World sequel.
Juan Antonio Bayona to direct the next Jurassic World, you say?
It’s official: will direct the Jurassic World sequel…
J.A. Bayona is directing the Jurassic World sequel
Juan Antonio Bayona is to direct the sequel to Jurassic World, film company Universal announces.
It's official! Juan Antonio Bayona will direct the Jurassic World sequel!
Looks like Kualoa Ranch has added another Jurassic World feature to their Bunker film museum. Gallimimus Valley ride
Jurassic World: when the two sons of David Wallace and Kitty Sanchez chase dinosaurs with Andy Dwyer.
2 yrs ago today Jurassic fans rejoiced as a dream became reality. Cameras roll on Jurassic World at Honolulu Zoo.
😱😱 Baby Leah & Baby Max get attacked by a T REX at Jurassic World!!!
Wo we my morning just got sweeter, my baby Omar Sy is in this movie 󾌧 , never knew . — watching Jurassic World
Bryce Dallas Howard's outfit in Jurassic World is hilarious
So I just watched Jurassic World and I may be a bit late on this one but we need to talk about Bryce Dallas Howard's shoes.
We become obsessed & always go for 100%! It sometimes seems we play nothing but LEGO games! Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic World
I’m guessing the Jurassic World sequel is going to be shot at Pinewood. Essentially Kathleen Kennedy’s HQ these days; Frank Marshall’s wife.
No plan to bring Jurassic World to Te Papa. Our recent exhibition Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family was very popular, though!
do you guys plan to bring the Jurassic World exhibition to NZ, that's currently being shown in Melbourne?
Movie Mondays with friends. We're wrapping up the Jurassic Park series with Jurassic World.
Quick question: Jurassic Park is 14.99 and Jurassic World is 19.99. They also have and Jurrasic Park bundle for...
Highly recommend the Jurassic World exhibition at Melbourne Museum
WOW! travel was lucky enough to be invited to the WORLD prermire of Jurassic World at Melbourne Museum.
Jurassic World exhibit with our animatronic dinos is officially open at Melbourne Museum. *sips Chardonnay*
There's a huge T-Rex at Melbourne Museum - full preview to the Jurassic World exhibit tonight on
When you find out that a Jurassic World exhibition is coming to Melbourne Museum
Jurassic World: The Exhibition opens at Melbourne Museum on Saturday. My big kid and I are going…
Jurassic World: The Exhibition starts this Saturday at the Melbourne Museum. Visit
Jurassic Park Collection...Jurassic World [Blu-ray] is now on sale for $22.18 at Amazon. Product page:
Great day, installation at the Melbourne Museum to compliment the upcoming Jurassic World exhibition . Hello Jurassic…
My dad and I going to Jurassic World the Exhibition at Melbourne Museum in July. That is going to be good.
Can confirm dinosaur sightings at Swayze Field. It's like Jurassic World out here except Star Lord is missing.
petition to add Jake Johnson and Lauren Lapkus’s Jurassic World characters to every single movie being made.
Just realized the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World looks EXACTLY like Rudy from Ice Age 3 and I'm not sure what to do with this information
As much as I loved Jurassic World, I think this is the best Honest Trailer I've ever seen.
Paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner talks Jurassic World: The Exhibition and working with Steven Spielberg
Lifelike velociraptor invades Australia in hunt for Jurassic World via Johnny Lieu
Ted Danson, Steve Guttenburg and Tom Selleck lend their voices for the crossover sequel to Jurassic World:. Three Raptors and A Baby
I'm watching Jurassic World and my nephew is yelling "Da Da" when Chris Pratt is on the screen. Same Cooper same.
Teen Jurassic Park marathon culminates this Wednesday with Jurassic World -
I started stanning Nick Robinson before he got the role in Jurassic World and The 5th Wave, but I don't stan him that much anymore
my prediction for it. "Jurassic World War" . Secret military base with dinos gets attacked dinos run lose.
we should be more worried about Jurassic World 2
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...Which is exactly how I felt before Jurassic World came out...
if Colin can go from Safety Not Guaranteed to Jurassic World, I have faith in People
I think so too. Though the guy who directed Jurassic World is directing Episode 9, so that has me a tad worried.
Everything you want to know: Jurassic World (Movie Review)
3) irl friends: Cameron, Katie, Julia & Haley 8) TØP lyrics? 12) guardians of the galaxy or Jurassic world 15) drawing skills
I liked a video from Jurassic World: Operation Genesis || Episode 1!!
I liked a video from Jurassic World ♫ Lullaby for Babies
I'm literally addicted to Jurassic World the game. I don't know why
It's funny that Lego Movie is named because Village Roadshow delayed releasing it in Australia by 54 days.
is kicking off in just one month with Jurassic World!
Jurassic world is actually a pretty good movie.
At the end of Jurassic World when the T-Rex walks out, my wife started singing the intro to "Circle of Life" and I about died laughing.
I still haven't seen Jurassic world
Courtney didn't even like that movie pls. We were talking about Jurassic World
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Just realized my lipstick shade today is very 'Nick Robinson in Jurassic World'. No wonder I liked it so much
Feeling accomplished to walk into Walmart, biggest retailer in the world, & see your movie for sale-next to Jurassic
I liked a video from Jurassic World Indominus Rex Baby Hatching Drawing
Jurassic World is still a bomb movie🙌🏼
I wanna feel the way I did when I watched Jurassic World for the first time
I'm about to just watch jurassic world
Jurassic World is a good movie and I see why it was successful, but if u think about it, there r so many dumb actions and plot holes in it
I swear my TL looks like the Library, Godzilla 2014, and Jurassic World mashing into one,
That was a fun game of "Guess what song this" on our TS. . Jurassic World. Careless Whisper.
Aj just beat Lego Jurassic World...I still remember when 6 months ago he couldn't even get the controller to stop spinning
Gostei de um vídeo the Magic: The Visual Effects of Jurassic World
I swear I'm obsessed with jurassic world
Anyone super excited about the current glut of nostalgia projects should be forced to watch Jurassic World over and over
I liked a video from Jurassic World OST - Open The Gate (Piano Main Theme)
I liked a video from Tutorial - How to Draw Blue the Velociraptor Running - Jurassic World
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I just had a dream I was on the Titanic, and the Titanic was bringing me to Jurassic World. Kind of a lose/lose there, huh?
I liked a video Jurassic World hide and seek
I liked a video Jurassic World Original Soundtrack 03 - Welcome to Jurassic World
My brother just asked me who Nick Robinson was & if he was the older brother on Jurassic world
Graham Burke says the piracy negotiations are over, but didn't inform either the ISPs or... the government.
.Sprinter Extreme Concept looks like a Jurassic World refugee:
Julia Roberts is playing Bryce Dallas Howard as seen in "Jurassic World" for
Jurassic World was actually like a wild animal.
Clinton ' s campaign is Jurassic World. Bill, Steinham, Albright and Hillary. All need to retire.
Check out "Jurassic::a Power Rangers Dino Thunder/Jurassic World soundtrack" at ♫
Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World: bangs so sharp you could cut your cheek on em
Jurassic World made my *** shoot *** when Bryce Dallas Howard got all sweaty!
This is exciting- free teacher preview of the Jurassic World exhibition for all
Saw both Star Wars and Jurassic World in the same day yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and enthralled by both! I love blockbusters!!
'Jurassic World' No. 1 as Japan's box-office revenue for 2015 is 2nd highest on record
Jurassic World, Mad Max: Fury Road, Pitch Perfect 2 and more are now available for you to check out! Come down and get your favorite!
Jurassic World was pretty good, could have used some Dr. Ian Malcolm though.
The movie Jurassic World in 6 seconds 😂 | more vids on our IG (Vine by World Star Funny)
I really really really like the movie Jurassic World
She's not even a year older than me but thanks to Jurassic World and Ant-Man I want Judy Greer to be my mom.
From inside the paddock that doesn't exist. Kualoa Ranch is still so cryptic about the Jurassic World sets. Why?
My supervisor just came over and showed me his dinosaur park on his Jurassic World game... I promise we are adults... Maybe...
Dude who plays Nick Miller in New Girl is in Jurassic World.
I've Netflixed into season 4 of Parks & Rec and I don't know how I took Chris Pratt seriously in Jurassic World.
Unsure if I like Chris Pratt more in Parks and Rec roles or Jurassic World cause he is so perfect in both but in totally different ways
'Star Wars' surpasses 'Titanic' and 'Jurassic World,' breaking more box office records https:/…
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