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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science fiction adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg, and is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton.

Jurassic World Michael Crichton Chris Pratt Secret Cinema John Williams Jurassic Park 3 Alan Grant Star Wars Laura Dern Jeff Goldblum Steven Spielberg Harry Potter Isla Nublar Kualoa Ranch Lost Ark Indiana Jones Stan Winston

Meet the man who inspired the science in Jurassic Park
Tom and Jerry and Citizen Kane. Tom and Jerry and Jurassic Park. Tom and Jerry and Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Also no movies will appear twice. Top 5 adventure. Jurassic Park. Raiders . Back to the future. Lord of the rings. Master and Commander
Loved the John Williams But was so devastated they didn't play Jurassic Park, I went online & listened to it 4 times!
People ignoring Fallen Kingdom. Just a reminder that 3 of 4 Jurassic Park films have opening weekend record.
there's me, who had his golden birthday when he was 4, at Chuck E. Cheese's, surrounded by Jurassic Park toys. Pretty sure I won this one.
I love that my 3 year old nieces fave film is ET & my 4 year old nephew's is Jurassic Park. I have trained them well 🙌🏼
Give it a try with Of Mice & Men, Jurassic Park or even Spot the Dog (2/4)
This year for the 1st time I watched the Alien movies, Jurassic Park movies, now Superman (1-4+returns) & then Indian Jones
Nothing like staying up until 4 am watching Jurassic Park movies
[Watching "Jurassic Park"]. 4-year-old: Can the dinosaurs get out?. Me: Of course not, dear. Of course not.
2 bloody Harry Potter tracks but no Jurassic Park!?
Great John Williams Prom and great to hear some of his less well known music but no Jurassic Park piece when Star Wars gets 4!
John Williams movie themes on the on BBC 4. Movie fans go watch! Just had Harry Potter. I'm waiting for Jurassic Park and Indy.
Velociraptors were 4 feet tall & covered in feathers. Jurassic Park isn't where you want to gather your pal…
I've spent a lot of time this week humming the Jurassic Park theme (the 4-H version). @ Chasm Lake
domain names
Jurassic Park plays lakeside at tonight: .
Jurassic Park is probably like the Django for lizards
Reminds me of the time Joyce Carol Oates thought a Jurassic Park movie still was a photo of a safar…
The Indy Jones films are fine, and Jurassic Park is great
Jurassic Park matinee at New Bev in 35mm. Can't wait to see that jello wiggle!!…
Matthew Perry looks unrecognisable from his Friends hey-day at Jurassic Park screening
Every time I see a mob of kangaroos on a misty field I am reminded of the hadrosaurs from Jurassic Park.
I only wish we got to see the Jurassic Park visitor's centre like this instead of just an overgrown door in some jungle.
: Fine something that will last me just as long as the cigarette Sam L Jackson smokesthru the entirety of Jurassic Park.
As much as I like Star Wars, Jurassic Park is John Williams' best work.
I sure hope this Jurassic Park exhibit didn't actually get built at the San Dieg... (Flume)
On par with that Jurassic Park scene
There is no greater series in the world than Jurassic Park. End of.
Weirdest peeve of mine but I hate inconsistency in movie series.. Example:. Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Jura…
Jurassic Park was reliant on The Lost World in order to work in canon and complete the narrative, but ok...
Is that Ford Explorer from the Jurassic Park movie? :D
had to laugh at the old classic "Jurassic Park should really be Cretaceous Park" line!! 😂
the Star Wars theme and the Jurassic Park theme are two of the most iconic music scores ever done. Thank you @ John Williams
Next Secret Cinema is Jurassic Park. Sure it'll be great, but can I be first to make the "preoccupied about whether you could/should" joke?
Next Secret Cinema is set to be Jurassic Park! Never been before as it's a bit expensive but that is so so tempting!
If the next Secret Cinema is really Jurassic Park, I'll cry, then fight people for tickets.
The next Secret Cinema will be Jurassic Park and OMG I've never been this eager to go to something I know I'll neve…
Sh. might be welcoming us to Jurassic Park for their next event:.
Jurassic Park to be next Secret Cinema event?
*interrupts Elizabeth Banks*. Well technically the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were trans. *stuffed in duffle bag, thrown in trash compactor*
SERIOUS QUESTION I'VE BEEN WONDERING FOR OVER 20 YEARS: are Sam Neill and Laura Dern supposed to be a couple in Jurassic Park or what?
Slander. Everyone knows ALL the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are women.
24 years ago today a film changed my life. The original Jurassic Park. Thank you Steven Spielberg. I hope to meet you one da…
In West Philly I was born and raised playing B'Ball next to T-Rex Tuesdays in Jurassic Park. You Are The Meats! Hey…
Update on Dragons Teeth more in line with Great Train Robbery than with Jurassic Park but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Jurassic Park wants their dinosaur DNA back.
98% people who believe in Dinosaurs. Actually first saw them in Jurassic Park. Hollywood is not Science. Fossils are Fake. 17:17
When Sonja began shrieking like a Jurassic Park raptor about Tinsley & the intern
41. Ian Malcolm. - only one at Jurassic Park with common sense(kind of). - has the best laugh ever. - talks a lot of s…
I will always remember him at his best, as Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park.
hmm why does this make me want to re-watch Jurassic Park? Even the name of Isla Sorna seems aptly chosen :-)
Jurassic Park was renamed Jurassic World to avoid association with the 1st disaster, does that mean someone thought 'park' was the problem?
I wanted Jurassic Park and I don't think it released physical in NA on 360. I own Gears 3 but have…
More games popping up for the BC Super Sale. Dunno if I can continue to hold out. Jurassic Park for $5 and Gears 3 Season Pass for $7.50...
Jurassic Park 3 Director being interviewed by Jurassic Park 3 Producer. Only person excited by this interview is…
The Na Pali coast on has been a backdrop for many movies, including famous scene from Jurassic Park.
we need to become a verb. ie: "did you see the new Jurassic Park movie? it Amy Schumer'd.". "Dion Jordan was an Amy Schumer."
... ... ... Author and screen writer who wrote Jurassic Park and The Lost Worl…
We may as well re name Villa park, Jurassic Park. 😃
What if that kid that Alan Grant scares at the start of Jurassic Park grows up to become Chris Pratt in Jurassic World?
Jurassic Park is a 1993 American science-fiction adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by Kathle…
It happens in Jurassic Park and also in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I just had an argument with my boyfriend because he thinks that the Jurassic Park soundtrack is the same as the Jurassic World soundtrack 😂😅
I had an amazing interview with the son of Stan Winston who made creatures for Jurassic Park & Terminator! Will be up on my podcast soon.
Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum has dished out free snags at his pop-up food truck in Sydney’s CBD. 9News
Before I was 8yrs old, I had seen Jurassic Park, Star Wars Ep4-6+TPM, and had read&seen Harry Potter. No chance of me not becoming a nerd.
Jurassic Park is THE place to watch the game! It's one behemoth party to celebrate the best team in the NBA!
It's Jurassic Park night at the Kannapolis Intimidators game and look who's throwing out the first pitch.…
Next month we have the lovely joining us to lead the group through a root cause analysis of Jurassic Park!
Jurassic Park lookin like WIld Water Kingdom on a rainy day
I had a dream there was a new Jurassic Park movie but it was just Danny Devito fighting a shark for an hour.
And by "accidentally" you mean "while excitedly humming the theme song to Jurassic Park"
Special make-up effects icon Stan Winston (Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Jurassic Park) was born on this day in 1946. He pass…
Garner looks at the repetition of the gate sequence across Jurassic Park's transmedia universe
2. DAD: You know the one, really attractive, he was in that new Jurassic Park movie?. ME: Chris Pratt. DAD: Not Ryan?. ME:
"Australia's Jurassic Park" is home to a seriously massive new discovery
This New Amber Discovery Is Like the Start of Jurassic Park but With Ancient M.. via
This new amber discovery is like the start of Jurassic Park but with ancient monkeys [Updated]
But it's like a mix between, Halo, Call of Duty, the Sims, Jurassic Park, and Grand Theft auto lol
Jurassic Park: World’s largest ever dinosaur footprint found in western Australia -. More👉
Jurassic Park was shot in Kauai, in Monterey County, and Read on to find out:
.returns to Opera Holland Park this summer - book now for shows inc. Casablanca & Jurassic Park!…
Laura Dern has a piece of 'Jurassic Park' history in her home
The brand new Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary logo has been revealed!
Just 3 days until our concert. Sunday 2nd April. 3pm. Tickets on the door. The Beatles, Jurassic Park, The…
The best version of Jurassic Park ever 😂🌴
shooting for the next Jurassic Park sequel! 😂😂 @ River Safari Singapore
Jurassic Park comes to Comic Con Leicester . Get your ticket now at:.
Australia has found its own Jurassic Park. A collection of 21 different dinosaur footprints was discovered along the Kimberle…
Video: Kimberley having Collection of Dinosaur Tracks is Australia’s Jurassic Park
Largest-ever dinosaur footprint found in Australia's "Jurassic Park"
I'm actually surprised there weren't more dinosaurs at your wedding. I'm assuming your honeymoon will be at Jurassic Park?
Literally listening to the Jurassic Park soundtrack 👌🏻😎
It still bothers me there wasn't a shot in Jurassic Park of a parking lot w/ valets dressed as dinosaurs & a sign saying…
The world's biggest dinosaur footprint has been discovered in 'Australia's own Jurassic Park': https:…
World's biggest dinosaur footprints found in 'Australia's Jurassic Park… UK News Science
Yechury saab should rather focus on Jurassic Park. Just like dinosaurs, the commies are now extinct
World's biggest dinosaur footprint found in 'Australia's Jurassic Park' -
Jurassic Park interactive/Video Game with instructions complete Panasonic
Kimberley fossil tracks are Australia's 'Jurassic Park' -
The tracks "form part of a songline... tracing the journey of a Dreamtime creator being called Marala, the Emu man" ht…
World's largest dinosaur footprint discovered in Australia - and it's as big as a man
'Unprecedented' dinosaur tracks found in Australia's Jurassic Park
Theme from Jurassic Park by John Williams & Boston Pops Orchestra is number 3 in Mauritius top 100 songs
Sean Connery turned down roles in The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones 4 and Blade Runner
A Jurassic Park exhibition is coming to the field museum!
I haven't been to the Field Museum in ages and now they're bringing a Jurassic Park exhibit so who's going with me?
today my youtube line up consisted of Muppet Treasure Island, Aliens, Jurassic Park, and Naruto Shippuden
Well looks like Jurassic Park is coming to fort riley
TIL: Cameron Thor, the actor who played Dodgson in Jurassic Park, and gave Dennis Nedry the fake Barbasol can to smuggle dinosaur embryos, …
Remember it's a low rent Soap Opera not Jurassic Park..
'Welcome to Jurassic Park' Epic 3D printed skull brought in by the tutor 😊 @ Macquarie University
National and State Parks should just have one day out of the year dedicated to blaring the Jurassic Park theme as you hike around.
Pretty shocking that neither Jurassic Park nor Indiana Jones made this list.
I found it sloppy mashup of original King Kong, Jurassic Park, Pacific Rim, & Apocalypse Now (?!!) Not a fan of this outing.
So it reminded me of: Vietnam War Movies, Black Hawk Down, Jurassic Park & Anaconda. Hiddleston's arms are LIFE!
I'm reminded of how Dr. Ian Malcolm mocked those in Jurassic Park who "ooh-ahhed" dinosaurs returning
there are no good guys in Jurassic Park except maybe Samuel L Jackson but even then his excessive secondhand smoke is wor…
This mountain at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii has appeared in "Lost," "Jurassic Park," "The Hunger Games," and dozens ...
We will show Jurassic Park tonite at 10:00, Monday 3/6. There will also be $2 pizza slices & $2 tullamore dew shots…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
MU is hosting a "Dinosaurs and Cavemen Science Expo" with 'Jurassic Park' Adviser Jack Horner.
The Kirby's from Jurassic Park 3 are from Enid. How did I miss that?
Jurassic Park I, II and III on TONIGHT gonna be fantastic
I'm watching Jurassic Park 3 for th first time in years and I'm kind of enjoying it?
Watch play some with the Jurassic Park theme song in the background
Genuinely never thought Jurassic Park Thatcher would walk into the dissolution of the UK but whaddyagonnado
You want Jurassic Park. cause that's how you get Jurassic Park. Allow them to do this, they'll start splicing together DNA
[Jurassic Park]. kid: What do you call a blind dinosaur?. me: What?. kid: Do-you-think-he-saurus. me *pushes him out of the t…
Movie night! Jurassic Park. Can't beat the original! ?
Trump loves going to Florida because they make him Dinosaur nuggets and he gets to play Jurassic Park with them.
Just saw Jurassic Park in the theatre, and how they look at the dinosaurs for the first time is how I watched Laura Dern
Watching any of the Jurassic park movies makes me think of my brother
Watching Jurassic Park is amazing. Too bad it reminds me of the trash heap that is the other three movies.
all of the Jurassic park movies are on Netflix to tide you over
thank you for the heads up!. :Crosses fingers that Jurassic Park becomes a reality:
Is it me or is the OG Jurassic Park really terrifying
Unpopular opinion: Everyone should have died in Jurassic Park. Except Jeff Goldblum.
Jurassic park is completely why I bought a wrangler.
Unpopular opinion: Timmy in Jurassic Park should've died.
Anyone else hate Timmy from Jurassic Park like alot?
The Jurassic Park soundtrack is so good tho
also has the first 3 Jurassic Park movies, but only the first one is worth a *** Not saying I won't watch the other two.
Jurassic Park might be one of the best movies ever made
Jurassic Park is on Netflix, so I know what I'm doing tonight
Jurassic Park movie marathon and homemade pizza night 😌
When Jurassic Park meets the amusement park 😂
I added a video to a playlist Jurassic Park Soundtrack- Welcome To Jurassic Park
I'll never forget the awe of seeing the big beasts in Jurassic Park in 1993. Hadn't felt that same thrill until
My only goal in life is to one day make out in the back of one of those Jurassic Park tour vehicles just so I can call…
Jurassic Park is hands down my favorite movie of all time!! i still get goosebumps when john hammond says "welcome to jurassic park"
*watching Jurassic Park*. Me: Wow, that guy looks like a young Vince Vaughn. *consults google*. Me: Oh, that guy is young Vince Vaughn
2 things I wish were real: . 1. Jurassic Park. 2. A public library reference job that pays over 50K. Jurassic park is more possible.
How does one get a Jurassic Park Jeep?
Watching snap of him doing Jurassic Park theme had me thinking I was watching the movie with those dinosaurs everywhere
Two nights ago Koby told me he had never watched Jurassic Park.. I reevaluated our whole relationship at that exact moment.
I have STEAK and soon maybe SWITCH and then imma watch jurassic park with my dad. A good night
The first three 'Jurassic Park' films, 'Blazing Saddles,' 'Midnight in Paris' & more are now streaming on Netflix: https:…
jurassic park for sure Indiana Jones and superman themes are really interchangeable
Anyone that actually knows me knows I'm in love with the Jurassic park series. So I'm pretty sure I just died insid…
It really is Robot Jurassic Park. This game is magical. Thanks
An adventure 65 million years in the making. Jurassic Park (1993) . PanaloMOTO Nadine
Alternate ending for original Jurassic Park surfaces online
...Speaking of tech awards, why aren't more ppl stoked for Kong: Skull Island? Peter Jackson's remake was the best Jurassic Park movie ever!
Jonathan, some of the original Jurassic Park was filmed at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. Have you been there yet?
Not a *** thing this is that cage those big *** dinosaur birds live in from Jurassic Park fym
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Q: What is the difference between Jurassic Park and Microsoft?A: One is an over-rated high tech theme park based on preh
My favorite books ever that I read 1.Journey to the Center of the Earth. 2. Robinson Crusoe. 3. Jurassic Park. 4. Lord of t…
I really liked Saving Private Ryan, but the Jurassic Park movies give me all the feels from childhood
you are almost quoting the fictional character Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park.
The best part of the Jurassic Park trailer is when Chris Pratt trains the Wrapters.
currently watching Jurassic Park whilst wearing my dinosaur onesie and if this isn't living the life then idk what the frick IS.
So we gonna pretend that Chris Pratt taught us nothing in Jurassic Park ?
Chris Pratt was the worst Jurassic Park protag and he's returning so sad
"Ooooh Daddy Pratt, get you all up in my Jurassic Park."
Hiked and explored El Yunque National Forest today! Felt like I was in Jurassic Park minus the whole dinosaur thing…
Lex. duncan chombo wood and puts on the fall graphic design klf chombo bill drummond Jurassic Park is positively wounded.
My favourite rapture was that really clever one that helped Chris Pratt in the last Jurassic Park.
Tonight, FREE outdoor showing of "Jurassic Park" in Downtown Garland, Heritage Crossing at sundown.
Love how the WH talks about Chicago like it's Jurassic Park.
I think instead of just a wall. They should just build a bunch of jurassic Park gates with some beware of potential…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
New on Netflix for June: Jurassic Park, Pretty Little Liars and More -
Ned Ryerson, Newman, Nedry (Jurassic park) and the reporter from Any Given Sunday, just the worst.
Rostagno calls out, just about to Jurassic Park.
He looks like the guy from Jurassic park. Or Bob Saget.
"Our agenda was a success! Welcome... to the *** DVD Empire!" *Eurodance Jurassic Park remix starts playing*
NO! I've seen all the Jurassic Park movies. NONE end well.
Jurassic Park, Theatre One in Cov, '94. Posh man sat behind us saying "I must phone Mother" over and over again. Film ruined
Based off of the dinosaurs they had, shouldn't Jurassic Park have been named Cretaceous Park? I guess that doesn't sound as cool though..
A 30 min video on Spielberg's genius in Jurassic Park being about parenthood Phenomenal.
Things that make my jaw drop: seeing a Jurassic Park Jeep on my way to work.
Jurassic park's theme song is one of the best don't @ me
Re-enacting the cup of water scene from Jurassic Park
Some people get off their train at Penn like they just walked into Jurassic Park. Get outta the way bro.
"Good tagline for the poster, though."" on pig/human hybrids, integrating a 'Jurassic Park' quote.
Here’s the Jurassic Park alternative ending you need in your life
Thanks for the Jurassic Park subtext recommendation, was really fascinating. Glad to have you both back :)
Jurassic Park is my all time favorite movie followed closely by Shrek 2
Sick Dinosaur Fact Thursday!. Velociraptors were much smaller than Jurassic Park suggests. But there was a species of JP sizes: Utahraptor.
more importantly, is that Jurassic Park on Megadrive!?
Since the pod is now Jurassic Park focused I thought I'd show you this: I hope you find it
I once received a marriage proposal in a Brooklyn bar from a man wearing a Jurassic Park t-shirt, so anything can happen.
it's like the mini version of Jurassic Park!
little guy probably just watched Jurassic Park for the first time! 😂
Not to intrude, BUT OMG, Jurassic Park, the novel, is AMAZING! I highly recommend EVERYTHING from Michael Crichton.
I may or or may not be typing this right now in front of Jurassic Park III.
Uploading this again because I love Jurassic Park and Kuramochi & Ryousuke. The crossover no one asked for but I drew anyway…
There's work being done across the road from my house and I swear i feel like I'm in Jurassic park with the noises
Looking forward to the day when Jurassic Park is banned for its "dangerous" ideas.
It's alright. Corny and hasn't aged well, but so's Jurassic Park and everyone still seems to love that.
H17BD to my bestie! thx for the jurassic park marathons an for singing w me in the car w the windows down, lo…
All purpose parts banner
Meet these 21 rad paleontologists who defy the Jurassic Park stereotype:.
Yo mama so old she new what look bad on the Jurassic Park movies
I will repeat once again that a crossover universe with Jurassic Park and Fast & Furious resulting in F&F Fossil Fu…
special thanks for taking off Titanic, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and the Jurassic park trilogy off your service:)
Posted by: Gizmodo New storyboards appear to reveal the original ending of Jurassic Park …
That's why Hillary has been in the woods... She had the sense before Red Dawn hit. Clever girl... said like Jurassic Park.
Adam Pally's right: Zoe Lister-Jones should direct the next Jurassic Park
someone scrunched together Isla Mist, the setting for the new Jurassic Park movie (brought to you by Sierra Mist and Pepsi)
Can't make Jurassic Park without Alan Grant (even if he did become an accountant) 😂
Jurassic Park by HudsonFilm (2002) have you seen this? The kid does a pretty good Bob Peck impression.
My son loves shows that has animals with big teeth. Jaws, Jurassic Park, River Monsters and others are his favorite.
Jurassic Park coming to Netflix is the best thing to happen to Netflix.
I've said it before, but I'm so down with technology becoming so cool that it kills me. I would happily go to a real Jurassic Park and die
With chain-link fence and barbed wire lining every mile of Alligator Alley, this has a bit of a Jurassic Park feel…
Syrian 'Red Crescent' volunteers 1945. Muslims are regressing, one day they will wake in Jurassic Park transformed…
The Oscar for best special effects goes to . Jurassic Park..
... I just realized that all of my feel-good movies are creature features. Jurassic Park, Jaws, The Blob, Little Shop of Horrors...
Gone a bit overboard with Jurassic Park today, watching all four films. Might become a dinosaur man aka a palaeontologist.
I confused with Richard Attenborough's Jon Hammond from Jurassic Park and couldn't understand what…
I don't know why, this place reminds me of Jurassic Park. @ Snake River Canyon
The complete John Williams scores of 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Lost World' are available on CD with tons of unreleased/unheard music. Limite…
Anytime they say "the park" on Westworld, I automatically think of Jurassic Park. When is Dolores gonna runaway frm a dino 🐊 ??
Caught up on celebrity mastermind and you're a low-key brain you know, you killed Jurassic Park 😋
"It's just not fair to them. Sending a dude like me into a bar like that is like watching that T Rex goat scene in the first Jurassic Park."
Let's be real... this is the same person. IMO. Jurassic Park (1993) / Jurassic World (2015)
I wold love to make a Jurassic Park my way on your map, But i am an MCPE user! can you make a Isla Nublar for mcpe?
Omg it's 5.30am, I'm in my bed and I hear huge sounds of a wild animal outside. It really looks like I'm in the Jurassic Park world!
Jordan and Stef playing Telltale's Jurassic Park with face cam tho
Smithy has been doing an amazing job recreating Jurassic Park on my Isla Nublar map!
Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic is a gorgeous port. Scenes from the first Jurassic Park were filmed close by.…
A picture of my Jurassic Park jeep on my new Isla Nublar map! :)
"Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions." Dr. Grant, Jurassic Park. Also I paraphrased :p
shout out to Dr Grant from Jurassic Park
Minimalist Movie Poster Idea 2. Jurassic Park: the whole poster is the pattern on the shirt of that fat kid Dr. Grant scares
He is actually dressed like Alan Grant from Jurassic Park
Arran & Tony take Dr Alan Grant on a cruise like no other in part 3 of Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition!
A weird variant of Jurassic Park's Alan Grant figure by Kenner. -JD
Jurassic Park just got a little more real today!
“Computer language design is just like a stroll in the park. Jurassic Park, that is.”. (Larry Wall)
Watching Jurassic Park movie with my boys. Miss my chibb..
Jurassic Park was (mostly) wrong and Jurassic World isn't even trying - The…
Alright everyone, who's ready for Jurassic Park?. Scientists discovered a Dinosaur tail trapped in amber.
When humans go extinct on Earth, will aliens find our DNA and create a human version of Jurassic Park?
This'll be the best Jurassic Park yet
The end of Westworld is a great time to revisit Michael Crichton's 1973 film via
My stomach sounds like Jurassic Park, so I think it's time for food
"If this is like two days before Christmas, those raptors are not getting any presents." - - Olivia's Jurassic Park commentary
I think Ellie from jurassic park needs a lot more attention.
Everything you thought you knew about dinosaurs is probably wrong |
The size of the gates in Jurassic Park suggests they were always planning on letting the dinosaurs out.
after GoT you should keep doing telltale games they got that Jurassic Park and MineCraft joint Gurdians of the Galaxy coming too
Sixty year phobia! In Hindi it is called 'sathiya jana' ! Life in a museum must be fun! Or is it Jurassic…
Right then. When does Jurassic Park open, (Sips his 2014 Pinot Noir)
Dinosaur tail found preserved in amber 'Jurassic Park'-style
With the discovery of an amber-covered dino tail, it leads me to today's question of the day: if Jurassic Park was real, would you go? -Cole
just need a girl that will rub my back while I watch Jurassic Park man is that too much to ask for
Marc Zyla from the QC Symphony demonstrating the French Horn to TJ students. Star Wars and Jurassic Park!
Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark will be screened with live symphony at on April 19 and 20, 2017.…
Michael Crichton stole the idea for Jurassic Park from him: his concept was cats riding dinosaurs. I wish I'd kept that one...
Michael Crichton, who wrote Jurassic Park and Westworld, was a climate change denier.
Michael Crichton is a profoundly good writer. Been reading Jurassic Park the last couple of days and it is so much better than the movies.
7% done with Jurassic Park and Congo, by Michael Crichton
Although we've all seen the movies, if there was a real Jurassic Park, would you go?
That was Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park with David's brother Richard. Different Attenborough.
Give the next generation's Jurassic Park (FRAGMENT) and the sequel (PANDEMONIUM) for Xmas!
...borrowed, Crichton used some ideas for Jurassic Park, & new Westworld deepened thematically. Richard Benjamin is also very good...2/3
looks like the IT guy from Jurassic Park..I hope he stays away from the velociraptors in the Moody a…
Thesis: Jurassic Park is Steven Spielberg’s attempt to atone for the mistakes he made in-- and is practically a feminist remake of-- Jaws.
Joe: He uses coordinated attack patterns & he's out in force today. Obama: That's Jurassic Park, Joe. Joe: And he sla…
Our box office is open for the day! You can now drop by to get tickets to Jurassic Park in Concert, December 29, 20…
is like The Truman Show, Jurassic Park & The Bicentennial Man all rolled into one & I love it. Officially obsessed 😁🌵😍
BMS fall concert with a Jurassic Park feel to it
When this guy blows his nose, he sounds like a velociraptor in Jurassic Park
Na Pali Coast, Kauai - Part of Jurassic Park movie scenes was filmed here. Looking at shar…
Gorgeous day explored the Jurassic Park island ⛵️ @ Na'pali Coast
Breast Cancer Awareness
For starters, is an ode to Michael Crighton. Great Train Robbery, Andromeda Strain, Coma, Sphere, Jurassic Park is ALL in here
4 medals (incl. gold) & story gets better: Just told me this is her 1st ever gm. Usually watched in Jurassic Park
it's under water Andromeda Strain in many ways. Also, Jurassic Park is just Westworld with dinos. Crichton liked recycling.
I have 4 tix for face value re-sale, tomorrow, 7.30pm. Jurassic Park in Concert, Albert Hall Please RT.
I liked a video Prayers, Jurassic Park, Carlos Day 4 of 96, How to Bicycle tour 4k HD
"—All the animals in Jurassic Park are female —Wu said, with a pleased smile.". Michael Crichton. (23/10/1942 - 4/11/…
Can't wait to watch Jurassic Park in Concert at the RAH tonight, with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra!
"Jurassic Park" starts in ten minutes on 7mate Sydney.
"Jurassic Park" starts in an hour on 7mate Sydney.
Watching all 4 Jurassic Park movies while putting everything back on to my computer after it was wiped.
So yeah, looks like I'll be hitting up Royal Albert Hall this Saturday for Jurassic Park live with the Royal Philha…
"Jurassic Park" starts early evening at 7:00 PM on 7mate Sydney.
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