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Jupp Heynckes

Josef Jupp Heynckes (born 9 May 1945 in Mönchengladbach) is a German football coach and former player.

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Jupp Heynckes: My Bayern Munich team won't underestimate Celtic - they can pip us to Champions League la...
Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes is taking nothing for granted after Celtic's big Euro results last season…
Jupp Heynckes wary of Celtic as he insists Bayern Munich will respect the Scots
Jupp Heynckes: Bayern Munich won't underestimate Celtic - they can beat us to a Champions League last ...…
Jupp Heynckes back as Bayern Munich regroup for Celtic via
Sport 1: Jupp Heynckes is the right coach for James Rodriguez after the departure of Carlo Ancelotti.
Jupp Heynckes: "Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng are the leaders.". Good night ❤️
After four years in retirement, Jupp Heynckes returned to Bayern Munich for a fourth stint as head coach.
Willy Sagnol does not belong to Jupp Heynckes' coaching staff. There will be timely talks with the French. [Sk…
BREAKING: Jupp Heynckes will take over as head coach until the end of the season.
Peter Herman: "I think we'll see Jupp at Bayern very soon. I am very owed to Jupp Heynckes and I want to repay for it." […
Bayern Munich will appoint Jupp Heynckes until the season ends as interim manager. Celtic play them twice this month in the…
FourFourTwo gave me Arsene Wenger 😂😂😂.I'm more like Ottmar Hitzfeld or Jupp Heynckes.
Jupp Heynckes signing Javi Martinez, the most German of Spanish CMs and Pep Guardiola signing Sebastian Rode, the most Sp…
Jupp Heynckes Bayern Munich is the only side I've seen dismantling Barcelona
Wow he compares Di Matteo to Jupp Heynckes, what a melt. Heynckes was a fantastic manager
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Jupp Heynckes won the CL without the likes of Lewandowski/Vidal in his squad.
Jupp Heynckes is one of the most revered figures in German soccer history, a Gladbach and legend. . https…
why didn't Jupp heynckes and LVG win back to back league with them, why's Ancelloti currently struggling ?
Pep was a failure at Bayern if we go by Jupp Heynckes standard.
they should have stuck with Jupp Heynckes
Am saying your guy has been having ready made teams: he inherited Rijkaard's Barca & Jupp Heynckes's Bayern champio…
That was at Bayern, and LvG didn't transform him into a 'world class' mid. That was Jupp Heynckes.
Compare the Bayern of jupp Heynckes and pep you'll understand
I think Jupp Heynckes should be the new England manager
Jupp Heynckes, Jurgen Klinnsmann, tempt Joachim Loew after the tournament? Or! How much a cheeky ask to Sir Alex?
I think Jupp Heynckes is a very good manager and maybe can be considered for England.
I hear names thrown out there, but if you want a good National Team.. Jupp Heynckes .. If he can get a work permit
Jupp Heynckes ... Can't think of an Englishman who can turn that side around!!
I'd have Jupp Heynckes as next ENG manager! The transformation in ENG rugby team since Eddie Jones has gone in! It's a mental thing!
How much boateng improved under Guardiola ? Jupp Heynckes is the reason look
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So will there be video clip of Heynckes laughing re Klopp losing? Like Klopp did after Bayern losing recently? Prob not as Jupp has class!
Happy birthday to 1974 winner Jupp Heynckes! The 39-time capped star turns 71 today
Jupp Heynckes is better that Pep Guardiola. Go argue with your ancestors.
On this day in 2013, with Jupp Heynckes won the Bundesliga title with 91 points (record)! ❤
yeah I heard he was credited with starting there charge with youth a lot like jupp heynckes at Bayern before pep came
Yes, they've replaced him with Jupp Heynckes
Yes, i agree with you if we look at the rates, but the our playing style with Jupp was better than Heynckes!We
He didn't match Heynckes in Europe but in Bundesliga he was better than Jupp by far unless you just hate him
Best wishes to a great coach and a true gentleman, Mr. Jupp Heynckes! Happy birthday! 🎉🎊 https:…
'For Jupp Heynckes'. doffs hat to predecessor after title triumph. https:…
Jupp Heynckes says Pep Guardiola is the man responsible for Bayern Munich's Bundesliga dominance in recent years
. He's a one trick pony who has taken Bayern backwards in comparison to Jupp Heynckes. Fraud of a manager.
Wait a sec, where is mighty Jupp Heynckes?
What a team Bayern have become over the last 5 years.Initially nurtured by Jupp Heynckes and then by Pep.
Wishing our former coach a very happy birthday! All the best, Jupp 🎉🎁
Happy birthday to Jupp Heynckes. The treble-winning Former Bayern Munich coach turns 71 today.
Happy birthday and best wishes to you, Jupp Enjoy your day 🎊
One of 5 coaches to lift the trophy with different clubs... . Happy birthday, two-time winner Jupp Heynckes! htt…
Pep couldn't win with those set of great players. Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jupp Heynckes both won titles with small squad.
Why not go for someone like Joachim Löw, Jupp Heynckes, Roberto Mancini or even Manuel Pellegrini? All would probably do well.
When Bayern knew Pep was on the way in & Jupp Heynckes was on the way out, they went and won a treble. What's your excuse, Man City?
Is peps bayern team better to watch than jupp heynckes bayern?
Diego Forlan captures the mood: "Pellegrini could do a Jupp Heynckes & win the CL knowing he'll be replaced by Pep."
How you link City's slump to Pellegrini being a lame duck I do not know...How do you then explain Jupp Heynckes please Michael!?
Hire Jupp Heynckes again. Bayern must sell 70% of the current squad. Give Jupp 200 million to r…
Jupp Heynckes is the best Bayern coach all the time.
Man City owners realising the "Jupp Heynckes effect" isn't actually a thing. Or, if it is, it only works for Jupp Heynckes
United will do well to get Jupp Heynckes... Bayern Munchens coach before Pep.
if you remember Jupp Heynckes,you'll notice what i mean
Bayern is gonna win the final. Pep is leaving Bayern just how Jupp Heynckes left
Jupp Heynckes, another experienced coach, went trohpyless with this Bayern in season 2011-2012
and Jupp Heynckes didn't have world class team with no weakness? You are contradicting your own statement.
Jupp heynckes but what happened to the mighty Barcelona with world class players all over the park? Not a single goal they scored
Quick question: Do you think Olivier Giroud's career stagnated when he chose Wenger over Jupp Heynckes?
And then there's the theory that Heynckes is better because he led Bayern to a treble. But remember the team failed in Jupp'…
all time leading scorer is Jupp Heynckes with 195 goals. Crest pic
ain't no bad indeed. But I really feel him. He's not at Bayern, and he's not Jupp Heynckes. Why announced it early?
Just wanted to clarify what I said with a source. Jupp didn't plan on retiring.
Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jupp Heynckes are both much bigger Bayern legends than Guardiola will ever be. Even if he wins us the UCL.
Aubameyang scored in the 11th home match in a row in Bundesliga, previously only managed by Gerd Müller twice and Jupp Heynckes [uefa]
Pellegrini to win the Champions League and be replaced by Pep Guardiola just like Jupp Heynckes at Bayern
Jupp Heynckes but that's not possible as he's 70 now so I'll go with Diego Simeone.
2012-13 those year. :) Bayern showed the world what they can do. There's just a need of a good coach like jupp heynckes
I've seen one from Verratti & one from Pogba that were very interesting. One from Jupp Heynckes you'll like.
I still hope Real Madrid will get Jupp Heynckes next season
and anyway there wasn't anyone else of stature available to manage Bayern after jupp heynckes n guardiola
Bayern please go back to counter attacking soccer that Jupp Heynckes perfected. 70% possession is a drag and this game is 2-1.
Bayern Munich's away record in the Champions League knock-out rounds. Jupp Heynckes vs Pep Guardiola:
: Bayern Muenchen, when jupp heynckes still in charge there
Guardiola: "No matter how the season ends, Jupp Heynckes and Ottmar Hitzfeld will always be more important for the clu…
Tactical Periodization: A Practical Application for the Game Model of the FC Bayern Munich of Jupp Heynckes (2…
Barcelona (Frank Rijkaard), Bayern (Jupp Heynckes) all made the best teams and he simply fed off from it.
Given the option, i would have taken Carlo Ancelotti. Since we were slow... I'd love to tempt Jupp Heynckes out of retirement 😁
besides, would you say Jupp Heynckes and Enrique are superstar managers? They won CLs in recent memory G
I hope RM call Jupp Heynckes watch his Retired *** get tired of real football
Jupp Heynckes or Joachim Low or Zinedine Zidane! Only these men can save Real Madrid.
I want Zidane or Joachim Low or Jupp Heynckes! These three are best fit.
Get some sense and bring Jupp Heynckes!
With all the rumors going around, I'm Jupp Heynckes isn't coming up?
why is no one mentioning Jupp Heynckes as a possible replacement for Van Gaal?
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Guardiola is a 'tactics freak' - Hitzfeld: Guardiola took the Bayern job after Jupp Heynckes had led the team ...
Jupp Heynckes professionalism & vast experience had nowt 2 do with Bayerns treble o no not according 2 it was all that fella who
Jupp will finish his successful career by the end of this season. Pep will take over as FC Bayern head c…
Jupp Heynckes: "The best word to describe Messi is 'phenomenon'."
Give it Jupp Heynckes till the end of the season.
./Jupp Heynckes and manuel sanchis 1998. Back to Real Madrid Jupp Heynckes .
Jupp Heynckes would be a perfect fit to replace LVG and has money and history to lure him back to team management.
Jupp Heynckes bro. He already has experience of clearing Van Gaal's mess.
Allegri: "Guardiola's departure won't change anything in They won the with Jupp Heynckes before Pep arrived." [Cds]
Ottmar Hitzfeld: "Pep Guardiola can still be equivalent to Jupp Heynckes by winning the treble at the end of this season. [Blick]
From Luis Van Gaal to Jupp Heynckes to Pep Guardiola and now Carlo Ancelotti..Bayern have a very good management..Great sea…
They get to play the Jupp Heynckes style of 2012-13 again... Only on steroids...
time to bring Jupp heynckes out of retirement
Heynckes can be considered as short term option, it was rumored before carlo was appointed that Jupp is willing to come out of
If only Jupp Heynckes will accept to come out of retirement to take chelsea,Roman can let Mou go.But untill then there is no better option!
took years to build that style for Bayern though, Louis Van Gaal and jupp heynckes laid the work, Pep perfected it.
One major thing Jupp heynckes did better than pep was his ability to keep players motivated through games and seasons.
Only one manager in Jupp Heynckes (67.6%) has a better Champions League record than LvG. Heynckes has played 50 less more games though.
I had the feeling it was Jupp Heynckes' achievement, his mentality. Our style of playing was not good. But now, it's much better."
no, he got a well oiled machine from Jupp Heynckes and gave them more possession. muller, lahm, douglas, robben, lewa..Too good
Say what you want. But I watched them play. You certainly did not.
This Bayern team and that Barça team played the same type of football and Jupp Heynckes knew exactly what to do
Jupp Heynckes team would still murder this side
I won't want Guardiola at once he retires. I want someone in the mould of Jupp Heynckes
Finally Pep has got Bayern playing like Jupp Heynckes did.
Can Jupp Heynckes come out of retirement just for us so we can reach our imperfect/perfect Cell form after LVG? 😂
Don't care how good Bayern are, they still played better when Jupp Heynckes was manager
To be honest, I liked Jupp Heynckes's Bayern better.
Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich side are pretty *** good. However, Jupp Heynckes' Bayern Munich side would murder this one, and bury it too.
I loved Bayern when Jupp Heynckes was the boss. Now, with Pep, I hate them. Not the players, but the way they play now.
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Dare I say it, I reckon this current Bayern München team are not far short of Jupp Heynckes' treble winning team
i still feel Jupp Heynckes' Bayern was much better than Guardiola's
Schmeichel: Guardiola has changed Bayern from what I thought was a fantastic treble-winning team under Jupp Heynckes https:…
It was nice to see You again after a lot of great time that we spent together. Thank You Jupp Heynckes
Pep ruining Heynckes' "unbeatable side" is one of the biggest myths. Jupp lost league to BVB twice with a much more formid…
We could just sell off Hampden and use the money to sign Giovanni Trapattoni, Fabio Capello or Jupp Heynckes.
Jupp Heynckes: "It's incredible what Messi has achieved -- four Ballon d'Or awards and 50 league goals in a season is out of this world."
the best? Jupp Heynckes, Pep Guardiola and Sir Alex Ferguson beg the differ
Looks like Jupp Heynckes' head during interviews.
Jupp "The current squad is the best squad in history."
You've gone from having Jupp Heynckes as your manager to Roberto Mancini to... Mark Hughes. Well played Shaqiri, well played
Shaqiri is not the player he used to be under Jupp Heynckes a few seasons back. A good signing for Stoke but he's no world beater.
Jupp Heynckes: " This squad is the best Bayern Munich team in club's history. "
Jupp Heynckes: "This is the best Bayern squad in the history of the club"
According to Eurosport, Uli Hoeness would try to convince Jupp Heynckes to go back to Bayern if Pep decides to leave http:/…
Today in 1975 - Jupp Heynckes scored the only goal as West Germany beat Bulgaria 1-0 in Hannover
To be more eco-friendly, FCB decided to focus on renewable energy so they signed Jupp. Now, only Heynckes' head makes the a…
Greece should chase Jupp Heynckes as manager.
Thomas Tuchel, but will he agree? Jupp Heynckes was available at some-point an he refused.
as jupp heynckes said. Realmadrid with kroos and without xabi is better and bayern with xabi and without kroos is better
Jupp Heynckes: "It's kind of funny but are better with Kroos & without Xabi while are better with Xabi …
so you will be the successor of Jupp Heynckes!
Analyzing time at with special emphasis on what he has done different from
Jupp Heynckes: "Kroos is destined to play for Real Madrid."
Former Real boss Jupp Heynckes not surprised by Toni Kroos success
Cool video from summer in Miami via
Jupp Heynckes: "Toni Kroos has a leading role as a playmaker in Real Madrid's midfield and that's a huge achievement."
That is a managerial factor, meaning I'll have no choice but to call him one of the best in the world. Alongside Jupp Heynckes. (2/2)
Analyzing Pep Guardiola’s time at Bayern with emphasis on what he has done different to Heynckes
Jupp Heynckes Bayern played really well in his final year. They were good at possession & counter and won treble too
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“Jupp Heynckes: "Bayern don't need Marco Reus."”. Please say that to Bayern officials Jupp.
it remains to be seen against great opposition Jupp Heynckes was better
Jupp Heynckes:" Real Madrid are better with Kroos and without Alonso while Bayern are better with Alonso and without Kroos"
Kroos was born to play at Real Madrid,says Former Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes:
Jupp Heynckes: "I called Toni Kroos and sent him messages to congratulate him on his move to Real Madrid."
Jupp Heynckes: "You cannot play the position Toni Kroos plays better than he does next to Luka Modric."
Jupp Heynckes: "Only world class footballers are playing at Real Madrid."
Jupp Heynckes should be the next manager of after
2016? Too far away. Bring Jupp Heynckes out of retirement NOW
my argument is simply bout de Jupp Heynckes Bayern 12-13 that won the treble and not the team that was defending it.
One does get the feeling that Pep Guardiola does not appreciate the unique talent of Thomas Müller as Jupp Heynckes and Louis Van Gaal did.
let me help you you mr Jupp Heynckes who be a great manager whenever time you are ready to make the swtich :)
Jupp Heynckes won the CL with Real and got sacked...
"People are unsure whether or not Pep has taken the club forward since taking over for Jupp -
. Moyes is not good enough either. Jupp Heynckes, Thorsten Fink, Lothar Matthaus, Frank Rijkaard, Michael Laudrup. Guus Hiddink.
Wherever Jupp Heynckes is, just want to say he did be welcome here!
Absolutely horrible. As I said bring in the German.. Jupp Heynckes and better players
Bless up Rogers but... Time for Jupp Heynckes. Snap him up Liverpool
The former FC Barcelona ace succeeded Jupp Heynckes at Bayern, but Rummenigge says it was van Gaal before...
Pep Guardiola from Barcelona, Jupp Heynckes from Bayern Munich & that just off the top of my head
Pep disappointed me. He didn't treat me with respect. Everything was twice as good under Jupp
Mandzukic: “Guardiola disappointed me because he didn’t treat me with respect and it was twice as good when Jupp Heynckes …
wish Bayern had signed Isco instead of Thiago. Bayern should have listened to Jupp Heynckes. Isco>Thiago
i think we need to let brendan rodgers go and get Jupp Heynckes thats the manager who has the appetite and know-how for titles.
Mr Jupp Heynckes? "Wenger is 65 today? He might be the oldest Manager to win the
All good for BATE Borisov when they're upsetting Jupp Heynckes's Bayern 3-1. But wait till they lose to Shaktar 7-0. 'Shouldn't be in UCL'
Unsurprisingly, Bayern Munich are playing more attractive football than they did under Jupp Heynckes. The results aren't bad either...
Today in 1975 - B M'gladbach won 2-0 at home to Juventus. Jupp Heynckes and Allan Simosen scored
Gives some title winning managers age and averages it to 48.But,very cleverly leaves Jupp Heynckes's age when he won treble
I still so much prefer Jupp Heynckes' Bayern over Pep's
I think Pep has finally got Jupp Heynckes magic
this game reminded me of Jupp Heynckes,. thats how Bayern played under him !!
It was a truly phenomenal performance from Bayern Munich against AS Roma - Doubtlessly the best since the Jupp Heynckes era.
This is Jupp Heynckes' work's fruits, he made this Bayern amazing..
Jupp Heynckes is 5 years older than AW and won the treble.
Bayern playing more like the Bayern of jupp heynckes than that of last year
Q. how old was Jupp Heynckes when he won the treble w Bayern with the best team on the planet ending Barca's era? A. 68
looking like the Jupp Heynckes side from 2 seasons ago mate.
Jupp Heynckes heading to an off license as we speak
Guardiola's done fantastic with Bayern but credit aswell to Jupp Heynckes, he set up a perfect side for Guardiola.
Just a reminder..this is not Jupp Heynckes' Bayern, just a shadow of that team.
This bayern is developing that ruthless aggression that we had under jupp heynckes.
Remind me again how old Jupp Heynckes was when he won the treble with Bayern in 12/13? Pellegrini last season. SAF this century.
Jupp Heynckes was let go for a younger manager. Manuel Pellegrini is better than Arsene, but with that squad, not proving much to me.
Jupp Heynckes, won cl with Real Madrid, reached final two times in a row with and eventually won🎉
Di Matteo returns to Champions League: Following the retirements of Sir Alex Ferguson and Jupp Heynckes, there...
Pep, Ancelotti, Simeone, Klupp, Jupp managers. All active on the touchline. Mr LVG will just sit looking
Pep Guardiola, Jupp Heynckes, Walter Mazzarri, Laurent Blanc, Roberto Mancini can't beat bus-parking tactics, but we expect AW to solve it.
Wenger Out but there aren't enough top gaffers out there unattached to clubs available. Or they want the retired Jupp Heynckes?
aggressive passing reminds me of the Bayern Munich under Jupp Heynckes. Top quality football in India. Thank you
re well past his best: I remember this was said re Jupp Heynckes for years!
Just incase of the future whoever has contact with jupp heynckes please send the contact card to the Emirates. Might be of use in the future
Heynckes, yes. the others, no "phatboislym I didn;t see Cruyff, Menotti, Bianchi, Hiddink, Jupp, Aragones"
i can expect you to change your Jupp Heynckes' bayern > pep's bayern from now on?...
Jupp Heynckes was my pick for managing United. That guy is an underrated genius
Why is Jupp Heynckes a forgotten gaffer in football right now? Didn't he end his sabbatical?
Keshi ought to have left voluntarily when the ovation was loudest. he would have remained the Nigerian Jupp Heynckes!
jupp heynckes bayern was great to watch. I hope he returns to management. Perhaps psg. Lucus the new robben?
true. pep spanish play can only be played by spaniards. Jupp Heynckes german play was only for germans. they didnt get that.
Jupp Heynckes Bayern > "Bayern Munich are such an awful side to watch under Pep Guardiola"
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Our club's main objective was to dominate European football for 5 years just like Barcelona. Jupp Heynckes built...
yeah. And Dortmund are representing that better than Bayern. Bayern was a lot entertaining under Jupp Heynckes.
4-2-3-1 once Vidal became a key player I think. Jupp Heynckes was the manager during his final two years there.
that's like saying Tony Pulis is a better manager than Jupp Heynckes.
Jupp heynckes a Pep Guardiola: me cagaste al Bayern.
yes. Dutch equivalent for Joe. Pronounced as Jupp in Jupp Heynckes.
I'll never forget that interview before we won the UCL when Jupp Heynckes bursted into tears of proudness 😔
Attending my pre-match press conference for the Copa Del Rey final on Football Manager. Don’t call me the Jarrow Jupp Heynckes for nowt.
Pep Guardiola has done more harm than good in Bavaria, with the invincibility of the Jupp Heynckes era all but eradica…
I think I'll never be able to defend Pep Guardiola or Jupp Heynckes as much as I defended Louis Van Gaal when he was coaching Bayern.
I understand that Louis Van Gaal is a wonderful manager, but let's not boost him guys. Jupp Heynckes retired as the best tbh.
Roberto Di Matteo, Jupp heynckes and Jose Mourinho are the managers to completely destroy Guardiola's Tiki Taka...
Jupp Heynckes & Berti Vogts celebrate success with Gladbach at the end of the 1973/74 season
Jupp Heynckes after Borussia Monchengladbach have lost 3-1 to Liverpool in the 1977 European Cup Final in Rome
jupp heynckes is 70 years old that's why. Stick to mls and enjoy their *** players thinking they nice
Best thing Bayern Munich did for rest of Europe was not convince Jupp Heynckes to stay, his team much better than Pep's version.
I liked Jupp Heynckes more anyway. Lost a lot of for Pep tonight.
There are times I miss Jupp Heynckes. Today is one of them.
Guardiola brings such a bad image to Bayern.Bring back Jupp Heynckes
In the Van Gaal and Jupp Heynckes days that would never happen at Bayern
Has Jupp Heynckes gotten a call from the Bayern Munich evil fortress of doom and headquarters yet?
Jupp Heynckes would have won the champion's league last year. Just sayin.
Pep Guardiola you're a *** calm down. Jupp Heynckes is a better coach than you
Jupp Heynckes wouldn't have done that crap. He built your squad Pep, don't have such a big ego lmao
Still say that Bayern was so much better with Jupp Heynckes as coach
hehe yes, Javi was signed by Jupp Heynckes 😍
Hold up, brain fart. Jupp Heynckes signed Javi Martínez. Reina is the third Spaniard Guardiola has signed, not fourth.
I think it's worth to read piece about Jupp Heynckes. I can suggest it to all the fans
It was really interesting to write about Jupp Heynckes and the great job he has done with Bayern back in 2012/13.
Here's my material about the system Jupp Heynckes in 2012/13
I agree, much preferred the football under jupp heynckes, under pep they seem to have meaningless possession
Germany are playing jupp heynckes style, schweinsteiger is gonna mark messi out of the game again. They'll win comfortably
Germany vs. Argentina better be like Jupp Heynckes' Bayern vs. Barcelona.
Here is what Jupp Heynckes had to say about Mario Gomez not playing in the World Cup!
Jupp Heynckes:Who have now only has a goal in mind: be world champion! I hope a final against Holland, then the Germans always win
Jupp Heynckes:We have the best team in the tournament so far. And I know exactly my boys from Bavaria.
They played with Guardiola's flair and Jupp Heynckes' intensity
by statistics, YES they are. Rememer Jupp Heynckes' era
I got more annoyed than I should have at Oscar's goal. I guess two years of Jupp Heynckes and Matthias Sammer does that.
The style of football produced by Germany tonight was the style Jupp Heynckes encouraged at Bayern when they went on to demolish Barcelona.
Jupp Heynckes u mean "Lothar Matthaus : "There is a touch of Pep Guardiola on the German National Team."""
This is Jupp Heynckes' Bayern Munich before Pep Guardiola ruined them with his 'tiki-taka'.
meant the season before last, during Jupp Heynckes time.
I don't support Germany, but they did remind me of Jupp Heynckes' Bayern Munich. Incredible stuff. I'm flabergasted.
This is all credit to Jupp Heynckes. Ruthless. Like Bayern 2012/2013.
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behave. If anyone deserves the credit, it's Jupp Heynckes.
Imagine if Germany were coached by Jupp Heynckes or Jorgen Klopp... 😳
looks like back when Jupp Heynckes was still manager. Attack after attack
Remember what Jupp Heynckes said before the 7-0 thrashing? ;-)
:( Jupp Heynckes cries in his final press conference: via
I'm guessing that coaches matter, and I'm guessing Jupp Heynckes probably merits praise for his kicking on
Jupp Heynckes (ex-coach Bayern): "Messi is a genius and is certainly on a par with Maradona and Pele." [fifa]
Bundesliga gonna dominate in July edition of michel. working on the article about Bayern & Jupp Heynckes. Should be interesting.
Jupp Heynckes : " Arjen Robben has always proved that he is one of the top top players in the world, 1/2" best player .
Jupp Heynckes: " My advice to Toni Kroos is to stay at and not leave , even if Barcelona or Real Madrid want you "
Right Hodgson needs to go, we need a German to manage us, Jurgen Klopp or Jupp heynckes two football masterminds in my eyes!
pep still uses it tho "It's era is over"Jupp Heynckes. Carlo Ancelotti. Louis Van Gaal. What *** is tiki …
You know who would make a great England manager? Jupp Heynckes. Just in case they're wondering.
Think needs to be older guy looking for final challenge of successful career. Jupp Heynckes?
2012 2013 Bayern Munich under Jupp Heynckes was brilliant Real Madrid of course
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England need a German manager they should try get Jupp Heynckes out of retirement
Real Madrid sacked Jupp Heynckes eight days after he won the Champions League, beat that...
Xherdan Shaqiri Xherdan ShaqiriReuters Liverpool are reportedly leading the race ahead of Manchester United to sign Xherdan Shaqiri - after Merseyside officials opened talks with Bayern Munich over a £16m summer deal. Brendan Rodgers was reportedly keen on signing the 22-year-old winger during the January transfer window after failing to bring Mohamed Salah to the club, but German newspaper BILD claim that a move to Merseyside is now likely to happen this summer. BILD claims Liverpool officials recently opened preliminary talks with Bayern regarding a summer move – and the Reds are prepared to launch a £16m to complete the deal. The Switzerland international joined the Bundesliga giants from Basel in 2012 for around £10m but has since struggled for regular football both under Jupp Heynckes and Pep Guardiola. After making just 10 Bundesliga starts last season - despite scoring six goals - Shaqiri himself recently suggested a summer move to the Premier League was possible– hinting Liverpool could be ...
Bayern Munich(Jupp heynckes) should be held responsible for d demise of tiki taka style. He plotted d downfalll in UCL semis 2012-2013 season. Since then other clubs and countries took over d demolishing theory. Shikena
Jupp Heynckes is the Anti Christ of tiki taka ans one of the best managers to ever coach alongside Hitzfield IMO
Things fall apart. The champions of world football have fallen and have been literally kicked out of the World Cup. It is fitting then that this happened at the hands of a Chile led by the disciple of Marcielo "El Loco" Bielsa, the mad scientist of world football, a proponent of tiki-taka, who found a way to lead tiki-taka on to the next stage of evolution. He took tiki-taka a bit further. Bielsa who could be said to have invented, single-handedly, the concept of Gegenpressen - employed successfully by the likes of Jupp Heynckes and Jurgen Klopp - in Chile and perfected in the Basque heartland of Bilbao. It would be easy to consign this Spanish defeat to the inexplicable phenomena of footballing cycles where all the stars align for a team that rise to the top, stay there for a while and then, like everything else, they fall apart. It would be easy to say that Xavi, the metronome in the heart of the Spanish (and Barcelona) midfield that made the tiki-taka possible, is past his prime and that without him ti ...
Any good coach would have seen it coming. Tiki taka died when Jupp Heynckes figured it out.
But seriously, Jupp Heynckes wouldn't be a bad choice. If he wants to.
Mandzukic must thank Jupp Heynckes for giving him a chance
Jupp Heynckes, Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Van Gaal & Diego Simeone have ended Tiki-Taka. This is proof that Barcelona are in trouble.
Robbie Di Matteo laid tiki taka at the abattoir. Jupp Heynckes then slaughtered it!
Gerd Muller and Franz beckenbeuer's Bayern Munich/Germany team , ferenc puskas's Real Madrid/hungary team , allesandro nesta paolo maldini's ac milan/italy team and now xavi iniesta's spain/barcelona every great era comes to an end .. nothing lasts forever .. just when we thought spanish or rather catelonians perfected the game d likes of jupp heynckes and mourinho appeared as the slayers and managed to do their job successfully.. We are lucky to witness one of the greatest revolution is football and probably also its end.. Chile and congratultions
Jupp Heynckes should be in jail. He murdered tika teka
2 years ago. Jupp Heynckes showed the world how to smash the tiki-taka. This season...Atletico Madrid has also shown that too.
Tiki-Taka was dead the moment Jupp Heynckes' Bayern beat Barca 7-0.
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That's y Bayern Munich were better under Jupp Heynckes & not Guardiola in the bcoz Robbery aren't that type
Jupp Heynckes got the best out of him next to Schweini at Bayern.
My man... The great Jupp Heynckes showed us this.. "High tempo is the new Tika Taka"
The tactics then Bayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes applied in 2013 Uefa Champions League semi final to ensure the Bavarians beat the then seemingly invicible Barcelona 7-0 aggregate laid the foundation of how team can beat tik-taka types. Fastforward Real Madrid thrashed B. Munich 5-0, Holland beat Spain 5-1 & now Chile may do it
We all have jupp heynckes to thank for the death of tiki taka.
For me These are the coaches that played part in cracking Tiki Taka Jupp Heynckes, Diego Simeone
I think Mourinho against Barca was the first to do it. Then Jupp Heynckes for Bayern against Barca.
Busquets isn't good at marking. Don't know why he'd start at DM when Jupp Heynckes showed us how good Martinez is 2 years ago at Bayern
Methinks LvG to could be what Jupp Heynckes was to Bayern Munich
And Madrid copy the style of Jupp heynckes Bayern +6
Robben is unselfish these days,everyone credits wasn't Pep but rather Jupp Heynckes.
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