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Junior Seau

Tiaina Baul Junior Seau, Jr., (January 19, 1969 – May 2, 2012) was an American football linebacker.

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Perspective: the days Tony Gwynn and Junior Seau died were truly sad days in San Diego. Losing the Chargers is bad,…
an video of Sam.Ewing takes too many of our Help us
My friend Sam Day will forever be remembered as the inspiration behind the Junior Seau…
Ryan Leaf is doing great now. If he progresses the way he is now, we'...
Clearly players like Junior Seau were just being over dramatic
When I first started playing a headache was called a 'headache.' And now it's called 'a concussion.' Junior Seau
People don't wear football player shoes like they used to. These Junior Seau shoes were too dope when I was a kid.
I'm not retiring. I am graduating. Today is my graduation day. Retire...
Dad taught us about morals, values and goals. Having a tight-knit fam...
I don't want to die as long as I can work the minute I can not, I want to tell Mom and Dad. -Junior Seau
Apparently I look like Junior Seau to the Wedding Party, I'll take that.
.Sadly, until a more recent death occurs due to out of play circumstances, like Junior Seau, WWE has nothing to fear.
No excuses and no sob stories. Life is full of excuses if you're loo...
Being a reporter and chasing down an assignment isn't an easy thing t...
hoping mike pence is more Stan humphries than junior seau?
(2/2) alcohol or drug addicted; divorced; or financially distressed/bankrupt. Junior Seau was all three.
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(1/2) Junior Seau: Within 2 years of retiring, 3 out of 4 players will be one or more of the following:
End of first half here at Junior Seau Park. 24-6 home team Foothills Christian up on St Joseph's Academy 🏈🏈🏈
Junior Seau talks on-field mentality in NFL Films special
Come out tonight to Junior Seau Field @ 7pm to support your seed Knights football team in their playoff game!🏈
Junior Seau's daughter honors her dad on 4th anniversary of his death.
Ha ha! easier to honor the QBs with their lower numbers. But we can rename all the US freeways after Junior Seau!
Last Wed, Nov 8th, the OPD Color Guard was happy to participate during the US Navy Band performance at the Junior S…
Watching the Rodney Harrison story on A Football Life. Pic W/Junior Seau, together on the sideline during the SB that still burns me. Sad.
"I get paid to practice...I play the games for free."-Junior Seau
Watching an episode of on Eugene Monroe and it reminded me of Junior Seau. So so sad. More funds for research please!
Even Junior Seau, who killed himself likely because of injuries suffered playing in the NFL. The people who made th…
This is the same stance the HOF folks took with Junior Seau's family. They need to compromise.
Live in Oceanside & need to relax tonight? Free Jazz concert at Junior Seau Pier from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Zach Thomas never got much love due to playing w/ Jason Taylor, and in the same era as Ray Lewis and Junior Seau.
D coordinator Dean Pees compared S Eric Weddle to Junior Seau in terms of natural leadership ability.
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Blast from the past. Junior Seau's Pirates vs Patrick Rowe's Lincoln Hornets article from 1986 D-II CIF at Jack Murphy Stadium.
At Oceanside High School, Jim Harbaugh fittingly goes with the Junior Seau jersey at today's satellite camp.
Rams sign Ian Seau, Junior Seau's nephew, as undrafted free agent
Junior Seau's death: Dr. David Chao vows to fight claim he over-prescribed sleeping pills - 10News
Ex-NFL doctor accused of gross negligence in treatment of Junior Seau: California state board file...
Junior Seau shot himself in the heart 2 years after retiring from NFL. Donated brain to be studied and confirmed CTE
So many players hanging it up before 25 or 30. The stories of Dave Duerson, Junior Seau (RIP both) and Darryl Talley are too real.
keep doing Gods work, we have lost atleast 2 lives due to suicide, Dave Duerson and Junior Seau & others with issues. GB jo
a lot of people get CTE. I don't think that makes them murderers. Junior Seau, Andre Waters, others turned the gun on selves
Junior Seau, Walter Jones, Bruce Smith, Bruce Matthews, Warren Moon in the last 10 years.
NFL says football and CTE are linked: Junior Seau, who played for the New England Patriots, is one of the Hall...
Lawrence Jackson is listing all our favorite people to make punchlines of... Robin Williams, Curt Cobain, Junior Seau. Run him Rome
I swear, Stephen Ross be overrating that guy thinking that he's Junior Seau or something, he's not even Matt Roth!!!
Junior Seau should have shot his FAMILY FIRST
29 months after he’d officially retired from his spectacular NFL career Junior Seau ended his life
I think OJ Simpson probably has brain damage from football. Junior Seau committed suicide
CTE is not something to be overlooked. Look at Junior Seau and countless others that have played pro ball & college ball. That's sad.
junior seau used to say the same thing. Mentioned it in the book by
Tough for high-profile people, but your career should not define you... Why athletes contemplate suicide
after he got away with two murders, most would hope that he went the route of junior seau. Never thought about this with oj.
4 of 5 stars to Junior Seau by Jim Trotter
Junior Seau: Life and Death of a Football Icon, by Jim Trotter. People gotta know what's happening.
Sport psychologist says "athletic identity" helps to partly explain suicides by athletes
Easy on the JPP Hall talk. Junior Seau played games without the use of both arms. Just body tackled dudes.
Why athletes like Ronda Rousey contemplate suicide: Ronda Rousey recently admitted that she considered suicide...
Why athletes like Ronda Rousey contemplate suicide via
KB Update: Be sure to read KB's Sporting News article on the very serious issue of suicidal thoughts among...
In the last 5 top 5 draft picks by the bolts we picked up Junior Seau, Ryan Leaf, Rivers(after trade), Quentin Jammer, and LT.
Moody mornings at the home of the late great Junior Seau...
As a diehard Charger fan, I miss LT, Junior Seau, and ALL former players that played hard, gotta get that back!!❤️🏈
Players the NFL is lucky never won a Super Bowl MVP include Junior Seau, O.J. Simpson, Lawrence Taylor, and Ray Rice.
On page 67 of 240 of Junior Seau, by Jim Trotter
Randy Moss, T.O., Urlacher, Junior Seau, and Morten Anderson belong on the no ring team as well
On page 31 of 240 of Junior Seau, by Jim Trotter
Chargers great Junior Seau would have turned 47 today.
Nah, Dan Fouts and Junior Seau did that before LT showed up. Still remember my first jersey of any kind was a Chargers one.
Moe we need our old defense, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, Patrick Surtain, Sammy Knight, Junior Seau, and the rest of them Lls
This movie Concussion has an elephant in the room and its name is steroids. I believe Mike Webster and Junior Seau were both users.
Junior Seau has some questions about "the safety issues" related to a spot of slick turf, and why you can't play football until it's fixed.
I still love football season but Junior Seau's death made the game difficult to watch and impossible to enjoy & now the bolts probably leave
Junior Seau's death raises questions about brain trauma: .
Junior seau's final act educated us about cte – tps: I once shared your shock and sadness over Junior Seau’s s...
Junior Seau's nephew Ian gets sack on Licata
Wonderful island hospitality at the Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach. Honored to meet Junior Seau's parents.
I agree. But not sure the families of Junior Seau and Dave Duerson would concur
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September clouds 2:54 just American no Accords red white and blue 5.0 classic World Series 55 Junior Seau Home Run way out
Off the top of my head/checking the HOF: Troy Polamalu, Ray Nitschke, Junior Seau and Jack Lambert
NFL gonna be trying to block Will from getting an Oscar for this Concussion movie. RIP Andre Waters and Junior Seau
Emotional moment for mother of the late Junior Seau as her son is inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.
SanDiego stand up!! Your favorite son Junior Seau is going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Jesse Sapolu talks about Junior Seau's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame...
NFL agonizes over what Junior Seau's daughter might say, allows Cris Carter open mike, stage, air time.
We applaud Sydney Seau for speaking honestly about her dad, NFL Hall of Famer, Junior Seau, who died by suicide...
It is absolutely mind-boggling to me that the NFL didn't allow Junior Seau's daughter deliver this speech.
It's head trauma, the NFL has the same problem. Junior Seau, OJ Simpson was a RB so he took a lot of head shots. No coincidence.
Why wasn't Junior Seau at the HOF ceremony? Did he not have a map? /s/ Miss Teen South Carolina
What a speech for Junior Seau. The man with the heart of a Viking, honored by the love of a child:
Sydney Seau, daughter of the late Junior Seau, gave moving speech as her father was inducted into Hall of Fame.
I'll never forget growing up watching guys like Junior Seau, Derrick Brooks, Zach Thomas and Ray Lewis play linebacker. Beasts.
I will always remember Junior Seau and Steve McNair on Backyard Football   10% Off
Junior Seau fondly recalled as he goes into Hall of Fame: Junior Seau was o...
Hall of Fame gonna be ham this year. Tim Brown x Jerome Bettis x Junior Seau
The NFL refusing to let Junior Seau's family speak at his HoF induction is another bad move http…
Great story about Doug Miller a former great and Junior Seau. .
Charlie Pierce on Junior Seau: "the NFL would screw up a two-car funeral if you spotted them the hearse..."
David Baker, president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, on Junior Seau's family not being able to sp...
There's a one million percent chance I will buy Jim Trotter's book about Junior Seau when it comes out. Can't wait.
Rodney Harrison asked Junior Seau, "Why do you practice so hard?" He said, "I get paid to practice. I play the game for free."
To do what LT, Lawrence Phillips, Jim Brown, OJ, Junior Seau, Ray Rice, and Aaron Hernandez did on an NFL level, you might be a little off.
Good for Herm Edwards for calling people concerned about brain damage cowards. Junior Seau, Dave Duerson, Mike Webster wld surely agree.
RIP Ann Mara, our dude Junior Seau, and Ralph Wilson. Cornerstones of the game and management of it. Soul rest in peace. Amen.
Very happy to see Junior Seau inducted into the NFL Hall of Famer. He was a class act and a helluva player.
Junior Seau was the man growing go. Glad he's now a Hall of Famer
Junior Seau leads Hall of Fame class via
The late Junior Seau headlines the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame class --> featured in NBC s Science of Love
Junior Seau, LaDianian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, & Antonio Gates are my all time favorite Chargers.
I cringe when I see Junior Seau in a Patriots jersey. They should never show him like that. He was too nice of a guy for that.
Junior Seau gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. Gone too soon :(
is in Canton... The Hoodman said "You can't have a Hall of Fame without Junior Seau".Props to you Bill
Congrats to the late great Junior Seau on making the Pro Football HOF
The time the late Junior Seau pit crewed for the No. 9 at for his reality show, 2009. http:…
Love seeing Junior Seau get into Canton this year. *** of a player and even greater man.
Much love to the family of Junior Seau. Not many people were loved in San Diego at the level that he was. Congrats on the Hall of Fame. 👍
Video- Son Tyler Seau reflects on the emotions of Junior Seau being announced to the HOF
Congrats to family on his posthumous nomination to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Junior Seau.. deserve to be a
Junior Seau elected into the 2015 Hall of Fame Class
Still having a hard time accepting that Junior Seau isn't here to experience this moment.
Congrats to Junior Seau on being inducted into the One of the greatest to ever do it.
HONORING A LEGEND: Former Charger Junior Seau was voted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Story tonight at 10&11. http:/…
No. 55 will hang in Canton! Junior Seau is the 12th USC alum in the Pro Football Hall of Fame (tied for most ever). http…
Junior missed on bittersweet occasion: Junior Seau's son, Tyler, does late father proud on night of ...
I know I didn't say it earlier, but congratulations to Junior Seau for making the Hall of Fame!
This Hall of Fame night should have been happier. “He should be here,” Tyler Seau said.
Junior Seau was is an icon & inspiration. A tremendous player & person. Wish he could be here to enjoy his HOF honor.
Sons represent late Junior Seau at Hall of Fame announcement
Junior Seau has been named to the 2015 class. .
Anyone else find it sort of depressing that Junior Seau is being inducted into the NFL HOF? I just wish he was still alive to see it R.I.P.
Seau among inductees for Hall of Fame's Class of '15: Junior Seau and Jerome Bettis are am...
Congrats to Junior Seau on the induction to the Well-deserved and sorely missed.
Congrats to entire Seau family on Junior making HOF class '15. Junior's sons did a great job on stage at htt…
Congratulations to Junior Seau on his induction to the HOF... Truly a great Trojan!!! Forever missed.
Sons represent late Junior Seau at Pro Football Hall of Fame ...
The Late Junior Seau and Coach Don Coryell among finalists for ...
So moved by Junior Seau's family & so happy he got in as first ballot. I was lucky enough to work with him and he was a light. True blue.
Junior Seau, Hall of Famer. Always close to our Hearts -Brie & Katie
Somewhere in the great beyond, Junior Seau just got a congratulatory call on his Hall of Fame selection from Dan Pires.
MASSLIVE: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick think Junior Seau is a lock for Pro Football Hall of Fame -
By the way: my guesses for the 2015 Pro Football HOF class are Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Junior Seau, Charles Haley & Playoff Joe
Junior Seau, Kurt Warner headline the final candidates for the class of 2015 via
Junior Seau (Oceanside HS), John Lynch (Torrey Pines HS), and Terrell Davis (Lincoln HS) are finalists for the Pro Football Ha…
Mike Singletary, *** Butkus, Junior Seau, and Ray Lewis... Prolly the best MLB's of all time..
Throwback Thursday - A first-ballot Hall of Famer today, Junior Seau was Ray Lewis before Ray Lewis came to...
Junior Seau, Kurt Warner & Orlando Pace headline finalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2015.
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