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Junior High

Middle School and Junior High School are levels of schooling between elementary and High Schools. Most school systems use one term or the other, not both.

High School Main Street Student Council

Yes. And all lives do matter. Libs should go back to Junior High and read John Donne.
My favourite is when Junior High ends on a burning school, people wondering if everyone got out, and happy credits music.
Only your best friend from Elementary and Junior High would show up on a work night with chocolate and soda , and then help you pack up your moms 51 years of memories. Thanks Cindy Rust.
Registration for Menno Haven Winter Retreats (both Junior High and High School) is LIVE! Tell your youth pastors!! Come enjoy Menno Haven and meeting and worshiping with other IMC youth groups and enjoy the facilities at Menno Haven! This year we'll be hearing from Tim Peebles for the High School retreat (Friday, January 16 - Sunday, January 18) and he will be speaking on "Making Peace with Interpersonal Violence" Kim Litwiller will be the speaker for the Junior High retreat (Friday, January 23 - Sunday, January 25) and she will be speaking on being "UNBOUND: Confident and Free." We're very excited about both speakers and the many activities that we have planned! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks! *Deadline for the Early Bird Registration Discount is Friday, December 19th.
It's time for a new season! Junior High tryouts today! Can't wait to see the young talent in the area! Remember 11-1 at Saratoga!
I have to share this letter that Chris Biggar wrote to the Seattle Seahawks about me. I did not know she did this until last week and I would not have believed it if she wouldn't have told me. I did not know there was a Pete Carroll "Make Difference Program" I am feeling pretty happy that I even know who Pete Carroll is. At this time, I don't know any details except that I won two tickets to the November 9th game against the Giants. I don't know if I get to meet people, (I wouldn't know any of the Seahawks if they were standing in my living room) And I kind of forgot all about the Junior High uniforms we did a few years back. But Chris won me a big fat award. THANK YOU CHRIS! Whose autograph do you want me to get for you ?:) Tell us how your nominee is going above and beyond to make a positive impact in the lives of those around him or her. (250 word maximum) * Kimberly has been a “mover and a shaker” in our small community for several years, painting store fronts that needed to be spruced u ...
For those of you who were at the reunion, and especially for those of you who weren't able to be there, (and even those of you seeing this who weren't a part of our great Class of 64) following is a speech written by Dale Morris and given by him the night of our reunion. He only used this written speech as notes for the condensed version we heard that night, but it is so well worth your time to set aside a bit of it and read these wonderful memories.. Hermitage 1964 50th Reunion - Remembrances While I was considering some Remembrances from Back-In-The-Day, two thoughts kept coming to me: 1) We were a very unique Class and 2) How Lucky we are. First of all, we are the first Baby Boomers. We were born in 1946 and we graduated in 1964, the exact years of the Baby Boomer generation. We were the first class to spend our entire Junior High and High School years in the 60’s. Sociologists, historians and people who are experts in such things tell us that the decade of the 1960’s brought more social and cul .. ...
Junior High clc_studentlife team getting ready for tonight!
Mustangs tame Lake Highlands Wildcats 25-17,25-11,25-14 move to 6-0 in district! Great to see all Junior High vballers tonight!
"Dear freshmen at Clarkston, please stop saying how you are already done with High School... You are still in Junior High.…
And the band played on. That is the Blue Devil Band on Main Street at the Blue Devil Festival. It was a great event with football players from the youngsters and the Junior High through High School, Volley Ball girls and of course wonderful cheers from all of the cheerleaders! How great it was standing on Main looking toward the big flag at Floyds while the band played Star Spangled Banner.
Junior High and High School Students! Check out the new fall ministry event listings.
Parents - the Junior High game tonight has been moved to our stadium, no driving to Forrest City! We hope to see everyone at Patriot stadium tonight at 7 pm to support our jr high patriots! Also, if you ordered a football shirt, I will be on the track by the concession stand and you can pick up and pay for your shirt.
Warning.Parent Rant: In our house, the three most important things are faith, family and education. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. J and I have always been extremely strict when it comes to our children's schooling. Academics will always come before athletics. With that being said, they have always proven to us, that they can take part in athletics and other extra curricular activities and maintain good grades. This is Makiah's first year in Junior High, so she is in a whole new world academically, athletically and socially. Since mid August she has had practices every morning before school starting as early as 6:15, then goes to school all day and then has practice everyday after school til 5:30 They just started actual games this week, meaning that some nights we are not home til well after 9pm. On top of that, she still has responsibilities at home. It REALLY made me mad when she came home from school last night upset because a friend/teammate was mad at her for not letting her copy the answ ...
LF Junior High and Bteam football tomorrow at Susan Moore. Games start at 5:00 & 7:00. Come out and show your support! Good luck Hornets!
The Hershey Halloween Parade was special. Always a lot of girl scout and boy scout troops and bands. One year it rained so hard they had to cancel the parade and our girl scout troop went into one of the school buildings (I think the Junior High at that point) and paraded onstage covered in "corn stalks" ... which, as you can imagine, was messy. NO we didn't win. That said, our leaders -- My mother Doris Young, and assistant leaders Vi Sholley and Marianne Bailey, among others -- persevered. One year we went as Hershey Kisses with laundry baskets on our heads covered with alumnimum foil and a tassle. Another year we were the ABCs of Hershey i.e. C is for the Community Center. I recall we won both those years.
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You know summer is almost over when you get the homeroom/teacher schedule for your son's new Junior High School.yikes!
After i completed Junior High Friends use to mock at me,simply because i had wanted to go learn "Hair Dressing" in Ghana it sounds funny
Letterman to Jay Carney: "When I first saw you on TV, I thought it was Junior High day at the White House."
Valley Christian ordered spinny chairs for the Junior High class rooms... Bad idea
Do u have a separate Junior High and High School ministry at yr church? Or do you have a Student Ministries? There's a difference
At New life Church this morning, I haven't come here in quite a while. It's in my old school from Junior High, it...
Teaching Eph. 2:10 in our Junior High service at 11am, but first hearing teach it in big church at 9am- so it'll all change!
GFYouth Junior High! Come out to a service at the gallery this weekend, it's church just for you guys!.
Don't forget to check out Nevaeh's Lemonade Stand today from 11-2 in front of St. Kevin's Junior High in the Goulds!
As I type this, I'm watching the classic...Night of the Creeps. Which also describes most Junior High dances.
The 4th of July holidays are something I will always remember. However there is one day that stands out in my mind. July 5 1985-I was 14 and on summer vacation. I was glad to be done with Junior High and excited about going to High School. It was an ordinary day. My sister was out of town and would not return until Tuesday. Summer camp was a few weeks away. That afternoon, dad and I go to Lake Cornelia in Edina and we take a walk. Then I watch tv in my room for a while. Later in the evening I go out with my friend Lisa. We plan on picking up her younger sister at Lunds on 62nd & Penn. I decide to meet Dawn at Lunds and I figure the quickest way to get there is by bike. I think oh I can take a shortcut and beat the traffic. Biggest and dumbest mistake I ever made in my life! As soon as I cut across, a car comes and hits my bike (well my sister's bike). I hear the brakes squeal and I fall on the street. The bike is bent up and somehow I end up with scrapes and scratches. I still go to the *** ...
Hey Youth Parents! Summer Camp at Hume Lake is right around the corner!. Junior High / Middle School Camp is July...
Its Friday and thoughts go toward doing some 2 minute drills. This morning a memory from my past nagged at me. It was more than a two minute memory. I probably will make this a longer story, but the memory was here this morning. Its not a cheery one, but it needed to be written. ~~~ Home room. First period. Its late fall and the weather is still pleasant. The leaves have only recently turned and soon the cold east winds would strip the trees of their yellow, orange, and red adornment. I was only a Sophomore at a new school. Calling it a new school seemed ironic to me; it was actually quite an old structure. I was the new one here. My first period teacher was Mrs. Unruh. She was not what one would call an attractive woman. She grew on you though, despite her remarkable resemblance to Benjamin Franklin. She was a dedicated and skilled educator. At my age, I found her less distracting than my young hot eight grade teacher from Junior High. This made rising at the bell less problematic and there was a decent ...
Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day at WFA as we say "see you later" to Pastor Nick and Deb. I am really excited to see what God has in store for them in this next season of their lives. Please greet them in the Cafe' following each service, where there will be cake and punch. There will also be a box for cards. Please make sure and express your appreciation for all their hard work and the dedication they have shown to all of our students, especially the Junior High.
Im so excited for Gabriela! She started a reading class that will give her a head start in Junior High. She is in several advanced Placement classes for 6th grade so it should help a lot. ❤️ i remember in highschool as a junior when people around made us think about college ... Here in our community i feel the excitement and prep for highschool and she starts juniorhigh after this summer. In our intro to juniorhigh orientation highschool was highlighted quite a bit... Steps ahead
Quilter Artist Spotlight: Ward Williams Band: Randy Houser Quilter gear: Steelaire, ToneBlock 200 Quilter quote: "I LOVE the Steelaire Pro. I'm able to shape my tone exactly how I've always wanted to, but had never been able to until now! I finally have my sound. Thank you Quilter for making this amp! " Biography: Ward Williams, Pedal/Lap Steel and Guitar player with Randy Houser is also a Cellist, Vocalist, and Composer, grew up in Winston Salem, NC. At the age of 11, he discovered MTV, and consequently the love of Rock and Roll music. His love of MTV faded (due in part to such betrayals as The Jersey Shore), but his love of Rock and Roll continued (in spite of such betrayals as Staind). After becoming an accomplished Heavy Metal guitar player through Middle School and Junior High, he joined the R.J. Reynolds High School Orchestra on a whim and discovered a love of the Cello and Classical music. This obsession led him to a course of study at the North Carolina School of the Arts and a Bachelors degree .. ...
Proud of The Legends PGA Junior League. Last year we scraped up 8'kids and never won a match. This year, we have 24 players and we went to 2-0 with wins on Saturday and Sunday against the Indiana Golf Academy and Dye's Walk CC. Thanks to Harry Short at Advantage Engineering for being our sponsor and reducing the entry fee for the kids by 1/2. As one who coached Junior High and High School golf in my previous life- this is truly a blast from the past,
Today - Has been A Transformative Day in my Life.Any of My family or Close friends.Will tell you I have One Main Phobia "Bats" --I'm just like Ace Ventura -They creep Me out So Bad.Since I was playing Pop Warner Football .During the Season - we would practice at Knicks.At the time Seperating the Junior High & High School (Around where the Library is now.Was a Huge Smokestack.Probably 70 Ft High.Well every night in the Fall at Dusk.Thousands of these (MICE WITH WINGS) would Come Blazing out to do their Nitetime Antics.Scare the living crap out of me.Now - 2 times since I have been in my House (17) years - Bats have Gotten in.Both Times my hero - Young Stevie Jo Corey has got them.While I Locked myself in my Bedroom - Sucking my Thumb in the Fetal position.THIS Morning after coming back from Shopping with my wife/daughter / Jackie walks upstair to her Apt... and Screams...BAT. I run up the stairs and she says ,Dad it's Huge (Thanks for the Highlight Reel) .I Then Think this Bat can't bite m ...
Can't believe that tomorrow I am graduating from the 8th grade. If it wasn't for Sabrina Fazendin and Jennifer Jones for nagging me to get good grades all year. Without them I wouldn't of been able to graduate. Ok I know that im not the best kid but I am who I am. Thanks for always supporting me no matter what. And I wanna thank Johnnie Faith Holland for being my shoulders to cry on when I need u. I'm glad we will be closer next year. So thank all of u for the crazy years of Junior High.
Very proud of Cameron Karnik for his outstanding work during his school years at the Junior High (all Advanced Classes). Keep up the GREAT work on your next adventure at Marion L Steele High School!
Good luck to our 5 Junior High athletes who are competing at the Provincial Track Meet today at the University of Manitoba.
I just returned from voting at my local polling place, Community Presbyterian Church, the oldest church in West Covina! It stands across the street from the school where I went to Kindergarten and Junior High, (Coronado, now Walnut Grove). For years, my Mom would take a day off from work to volunteer on the election board. She said it was a good way to stay in touch with our neighbors :) For that reason, and memories of days gone by, I still enjoy voting in person! Hoping you'll ALL get out and vote today!!
As the 2013/2014 school year at DCHS has officially come to a close with the completion of State Track, we want to thank all of those who have supported our DCJ/SHS students in all their extras. Booster Club has come a long way in these past two years and with your help we have supported many extras for both Junior High and High School including band, vocal, scholar bowl, FFA, NHS, speech, volleyball, football, cross country, basketball, wrestling, track, golf, math relay team, Safe Team, and art. It is the goal of Booster Club to support the students of DCJ/SHS in all they do both inside the classroom and out. We thank you for helping us to do that. We will not meet again until August so please feel free to message one of the current co-chairs or this page if you would like to help or have ideas you would like to help with. Thank you and as always...Go Big Red!!
Hey, JimandRenata Keats, spending the day at Terra Nova Fields for Josh's Junior High baseball tournament. They won yesterday and he had a great game. Pitched a shut out and had 2 hits and a walk.
Alia reppin Western Springs and McClure Junior High in the spelling bee! Ya girl
HILL KIDS-COME BE IN OUR VIDEO THIS SATURDAY AT TO HIGH TRACK FIELD AT 3PM-4:30PM. Hey guys, Youth Sunday is coming up June 8th and I will be teaching for both services-yikes-please pray for me. Want to do this youth style and have an intro video with all of you in it played before I teach. I am teaching on 2 Timothy 2:1-7 (text below). Dress athletic and wear or bring active clothes that are red or blue. Shorts, tank tops, headbands, sweat bands, of you have a stop watch or whistle-bring them. This will be a lot of fun and I think the video is going to be very cool and funny and you will be glad you were part of it. It is for High School and Junior High. Nick will be there as well so get the word out.Hope to see you there. 1 You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, 2 and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 3 Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No soldier gets ...
Fifth-grade students, from Evergreen, Walnut, and West End, visited the Junior High today for orientation as they prepare to enter sixth grade in the fall. The day included icebreaker games, lunch, school tours, outdoor activities, and talks from Junior High Assistant Principal Mr. Braddock, current Junior-Senior High School Principal Mrs. Dunham, and new Junior-Senior High School Principal Mr. Joseph.
Voting for the Athletic Boosters election will start around 8PM tonight in the Junior High. Those of you that COULD show up at 7PM and vote, IN PERSON, it will not count!!! Sorry for the confusion. Go Eagles!!!
Reading Oliver Twist for class. It's been so long since I read (most) of it...way back in Junior High...
Mr. John Hansen, representing the NDP, shares his thoughts with our Junior High students.
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Katy- Very reflective Friday evening! Thinking about preschool, kindergarten, 1st days of school, Brownies, Girl Scouts, daddy/daughter dance, rushing home on Halloween to go trick or treating, Junior High basketball, volleyball, band, NHS, softball, oh the softball. In house, travel, and High School! Early morning practices, early morning trips to Kankakee, KC Missouri World Series. I think she is more competitive than me, one of the hardest workers, intense, and fiercest competitor I have ever met!! She was only one that would go to Memphis with me to visit Graceland, just daddy and Katy! Sox games, Bears games, Hawks games, Bulls games!! 2005 WS, 2010/2013 SC, watchn SBXLI and the Bears lose and consoling each other! It was so busy, so stressful, so fun, but went by so fast! Now she walks across the stage tomorrow to get that High School diploma ready to conquer the world!! Where did the time go? I am so happy and so proud, but part of me wants to go back in time just once, time flies, I can't ...
picstiches at Junior High sports awards... what are we doing sycamore?
Jon and Stormi singing at their spring concert. Jon's last concert in grade school. Off to Junior High next year.
Go out and support the High School Track team as we wish them good luck as they leave on their trip to state today - May 7th. at 10:00 a.m. They will leave from the High School, pass by the Junior High, the Elementary and Intermediate School, then Main Street. GOOD LUCK.
Global Virtual Classroom Merit Award to Junior High students for exceptional multimedia: A Universe of Food
Akashi's eyes were both red. They changed in Junior High School when the initial conflict between the Generation of Miracles occurs
My Dad Always told me this. Then one day I had to call him When I was in Junior High School. Only Dad always said it different. He said If you ever pick a fight I hope they kick your a$$, But if they start it and You DON'T defend yourself then I hope they Kick YOUR A$$. So I had to call and tell him, I had been kicked out of school. His first words were- Did You start it? I said no and then he asked did you fight back and I said Yes, so all was well.
Junior High track meet at LB tomorrow night. Here's hoping my workers show up for the concession stand! We have a good time! I promise! After losing the High School meet concession money this week, we could really use a good turn out. Come on out and support young tracksters and the yearbook at the concession stand!!
I think I'm going to start losing some intellectual credentials. Every time I hear the name "Donald Sterling" I just think of Mad Men and every time I hear "Neil deGrasse Tyson" I think of DeGrassi Junior High. Every time.
. 8th grade to senior year ugh.. Junior high .. Those…
Imagine how I feel. Some of my friends have kids in junior high already!
Working with ink, charcoal, pastels today @ Thornton Junior High School
Make sure you come to the Junior NHS Square dance this Saturday! 8-11 pm at old meigs High School. If you don't know how, we'll teach ya! 😬
I was such a little feg my junior year of High School lol xD
Did you enter the drawing benefiting one of our junior high X-Games teams? The prize was a pair of Disneyland park-hopper tickets and winner was chosen! Congratulations to Elia from Readyland!
Delving into depth and complexity with WISD junior high GT/Honors teachers.
Katy ISD teacher charged with improper relationship, out on $50K bond: A Katy Junior High Teacher was...
Is it a half day tomorrow or is that just for the junior high kids??
"Where a freshman girl is using her junior boyfriend just for prom." - Troy High School
Attack on Titan junior high is a thing.
I'm not a fan of being forced to do things. Especially not when it's attending a junior high band concert.
i've seen every episode of Degrassi ever starting with junior high
My sister is going into junior high this coming school year. 😩 NOOO. Stay a baby😞
Check out Finley Junior High's presentation of "The Little Mermaid Jr." this weekend! See details attached!
I'm a Junior in High School...not gonna be treated like a 2nd grader.
Neale aiming high after junior career capped by golden surge - The Queensland Times: Neale aiming high after j...
Butterfly opera junior iceland high-strung hurricane reflects the poke in of globalization.: ivZtniYB
Tested out my junior high Spanish classes by sitting with a nice gentlemen in Popeye's in the mission and hashed out some kind of convo.
Wouldn't you hate to be one of those pre pubescent sweat sacks at the junior high -emily
The last day we study at Junior High School ( T.T)/
Seeing a bunch of kids in school uniform still gives me the creeps. Reminds me of junior high!
The son recovered left wrist fracture completely. A son is resumption of basketball club activities of a junior High School. I washed basketball shoes last night. Shoes are dried in the laundromat now (^o^;
that's ma junior High School song xD
Junior high, High School students aspiring to have careers in film invited to 'Capture the Action' -
I rebelled, so what? Is college not the time to make mistakes? Last time I checked, junior high is not adulthood. Try again!
From junior year in High School to 2 years out of school.I don't even look the same lol
Can these junior high kids stop requesting to follow me on Instagram, I don't even know you
Going back to your Junior high feels like going back to elementary school ..😅
I'm about to get back on my junior high shettt. hangin w. all white ppl👌
Excited for the game against junior high next Wednesday 😁⚽
Looked at MyDegrees today and saw that I'll be a junior after this term in college. Crazy how time flies. 2 years ago I was in High School.
High School junior Tanee Natividad was shot and killed by an illegal alien in Tucson on Nov. 18, 2001.
white kid:"Mexicans are lucky if they make it out of junior high" . dang then I guess I'm going be extra lucky making it out of High School
Construction is underway at Moore's newest junior high:
It's okay im a junior in High School and run a one direction account too :)
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Junior school . Middle school. High School. Collage/Uni for like a few years after that WORK WORK,retire and chill sleep/bored a…
Seeing people become bffs solely based on the common hatred of one person is the most junior high move I can think of.
Quiet drive fuels MUS' Harrison Williams, the nation's top prep decathlete: Just a few years ago when he was a budding junior-high ba...
I charge junior high kids for a contact high.
True pain is looking at junior high photos
As a junior in High School my life ***
Any one else ready for national junior high honor society tomorrow?
“True pain is looking at junior high photos”
is a High School junior who found a way to make her visible beautiful Tomorrow on
ATTENTION: the softball team plays under the lights tomorrow in a big conference game. Jv starts @ 5 and varsity @ 7 a…
“Kids starting High School next year will have been born in 2000 or 2001” I just cried a little.
Anyone know anything about this lonely whale? calls out, never gets a response? So sad. Reminds me of junior high. http:…
I would make fun of junior high kids for being small, but most of them are as tall or taller than ,me so I can't :(
Looking at pics from junior year of High School makes me want to go hit the gym...for 5 hours
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Freshman year of college when I was at Behrend at a frat high lighter party, to junior year of college…
A reception will be held Thursday, May 8 from 3:45-5 p.m. in the CHS commons area for Terry Techau, who is retiring after 40 years as Coweta’s technology education instructor and school bus driver. Mr. Techau’s former co-workers and students are encouraged to write messages of congratulations to include in a memory book for the retiring educator. Messages can be dropped off at the Coweta Junior High office.
Benton Junior High is hosting a campus clean up today! Thanks to the students for helping to keep Saline Clean!
After a successful first year, IKEA West Chester is hosting “Dress Me Up,” a community art fundraiser where IKEA provides an unfinished dresser to Lakota Junior High and High School student art classes, art groups, businesses and organizations. This year, West Chester Township praticipated in "Dress Me Up" by submitting a township decorated dresser for the silent auction. On Tuesday, May 6th at 6 p.m. a silent auction and reception will be held at IKEA West Chester where decorated dressers will be sold to the highest bidder. All proceeds benefit the Lakota's arts programs with more than $2,200 raised during last year’s fundraiser.
Rescheduled events from Clinton Public Schools: Several events were rescheduled due to severe weather on Monday. A list of updates for athletic and school activities: - The CHS Senior Mother-Daughter banquet will be held on Monday, May 5 at CHS. - The fast pitch softball game scheduled for tonight at NWR has been canceled. We will play there tomorrow at 6 p.m. and home on Thursday starting at 5 p.m. - Junior High volleyball tryouts will be held from 4:15-6:45 p.m. Thursday, May 1. - Lovett: Open house for incoming sixth-graders is 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, April 29 (featuring Kona Ice). Parents of current fifth-graders are invited to tour the school and meet sixth-grade teachers.
Tonight is Cody's last school baseball game in Junior high. He still has summer ball to play, but next year starts a whole new era. Have fun in your last game tonight, Cody Rutledge! Play hard and enjoy the ride! Love you lots! ♡
Attention Parents of 6th Graders: Please join us for the Step Up to Junior High Night!! This is an important informational session that will help your student transition smoothly into our junior high program. We will have PRIZES and light refreshments. Hope to see you here 6pm in the LTSA Gym!!
Today is a very sad day for me personally and for our community. Our beloved Miss Carolyn Mawby has been lifted beyond us to peace and rest. She has been my mentor all of my career, beginning with the first time I saw her conducting the Grand Blanc HS Acapella Choir at Perry Junior High in 1970. It was 8th grade. She gave us all her gift of music. I shall miss her dearly. 🌹
Those four little words in the shape of a question mean so much. It's all you dream about as a little girl. It's what you scribble about in the margins of notebooks throughout junior high and into college. You wonder what you will wear and what the toast will be. You want to share the joy with everyone you love. That girl grows into a woman waiting for the right place and the right time and BAM! it just HAPPENS! And who cares if it's a man or woman asking?! It's so magical to hear, "Do you want oysters?"
Are you interested in seeing the construction progress of the new junior high building? Check out this great aerial video of the construction as of April 201...
For all of our friends--please vote on this link!!! Harper Junior High in Davis is competing for a grant to become a hands-on farm and living STEM laboratory for the entire community. Teach Brian Donnelly also teaches robotics at Harper. Please follow this link to vote:
HOUSTON, TX (Covering Katy) – Katy Junior High School Teacher Heather Miller was in Harris County Criminal Court briefly Tuesday morning. She is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student and was greeted by a hallway heckler as she left court.
As a Korean American (KA) who grew up in LA County during the 4/29 LA riots, my life is two folds... I was in junior high.. rather than dwelling on the violence and terror, the one so called vague memory is stl painful. it's not to say that we live in a harmonious society (who are we really trying to fool?), especially by how the misconceptions are created by one's society, but to relive the shattering experience like no other, 21 years later (not in the mood to go on and on). I'll always remember.. I didn't live in Ktown, per se, but as a KA and to support the local businesses, we were and we are one big family... "you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it"
Below is a Letter to the Editor in support of the school bond written by former WFISD Teacher of the Year and current Zundy Junior High teacher, Bethlyn Eby. Thank you Mrs. Eby for your great insight from an educator's perspective! I love teaching eighth graders math at Zundy. I am privileged to work with amazing students and teach beside some of WFISD's best teachers. Every day I get to be part of something big! I am concerned for the future education of these amazing kids. As a member of CFAT, I listened to presentations, debates, advice and honest discussion. I tried keeping in mind the variety of kids that I teach, what would be best for their educational growth, what can WFISD afford and what would pass a vote. I realized no amount of time or debate would produce a perfect solution. The only thing I became sure of is that we cannot put this off any longer. Other districts talk of their technology, class sizes, support staff, training opportunities, variety of AP classes, vocational classes and colleg ...
Special Olympics track and field practice on May 3 will be held at Wilson Junior High not Coe College. The remaining practices (after May 3) will be held at Coe College.
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Buena Park School District 2014 Teachers of the Year were recognized by the Governing Board at their April 28, 2014 Board meeting. The audience was packed with family, friends and colleagues listening to each Principal share accolades regarding their school's Teacher of the Year. Teachers' of the Year include: Roxann Bogart-Beatty School, Andrew Osborn-Corey School, Jean Gerard-Emery School, Felicia Clark-Gilbert School, Amie Maya-Pendleton School, Julie Blodgett-Whitaker School (absent from the evening's event), and Vanessa Gomez-Buena Park Junior High. Roxann Bogart was chosen by her peers to represent the District in the Orange County Department of Education's Teacher of the Year Program. Congratulations to all these exceptional teachers.
Parent Information Meeting for the parents of incoming 7th graders is scheduled for Thursday, May 1, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm at the Ennis Junior High Cafeteria. Parents please bring the Course Description Booklet that was issued to your child. Course Selection sheets will be due on Monday, May 5, so that will give you and your children time to discuss class choices for next year. See you then!
I just got a reminder email that tonight is Junior High orientation for Alex! How can this be? blows my mind!
Baseball Practice for today and tomorrow (Tuesday and Wednesday) April 29, 30, 2014 will be moved to the South Campus Gym (Middle School) due to the weather. The time for practice will remain the same as always (3:00 – 4:30). Reminder that tomorrow, April 30th, is picture day. All players need to bring uniform and picture form if ordering pictures. The Game scheduled for Thursday, May 1st versus North at North Junior High @ 4pm is still on. I will email and let you know if the game becomes canceled. Nathan Schwieters
I'm glad I been having a support staff around my son from Junior High and High School. So big shoutout to Angelo Sykes, Eric W. Rogers, Coach Tony Newbold, Coach Brown, David Lee aka Magic, Willie Hinton III, Darius Theus these fellows always had the best interest in my babyboy. They always give postive feed back on what need to be done on his skill level. Just wanted to say thank you. So please not if you don't see me you will see his GOD FATHER Angelo Sykes. His worst than me. True Story!
Today’s, 4-29-14, softball game against Central is postponed. It will be made up on May 7th at 4:00. The JV team will play after the varsity game because there is a junior high game on the 7th
FLORA — More junior high students are beginning to use tobacco, and school administrators want to do something about it.Carroll School Corp. is likely
Tahlequah is hosting a Metro Lakes Conference Junior High Meet today. Good luck TMS track & field kids. Safe and injury free day! Get up Meg!
Congratulations to those students who were inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society at The Donoho School. The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for middle/junior high and High School students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. Pictured from L to R: Wilnadia Murrell, Elizabeth Friar, Molly Jones, Kayla Wallace, Mark Simmons, Kelly Nelson and Jake Kaplan Not Pictured: Brooke Brascho, Max Garrett, Elijah Whyte
Believes or not, since I was in junior high scholl, senior High School, even in college, my mark for English subject always less than 70.. :3
Great Job last night by the Junior High and High School Choirs at the Spring Music concert. Congrats to the solo artists also, as well as the group numbers. Thanks Ms. Firm for putting this together and working with these talented students.
The world as we know it seems to be getting more violent everyday day. Some children/ teens are committing violent crimes/ cruelty to pets or each other. Its scary to think we are sending our children off to school with children who are about to snap. They look normal but in actuality some of today's youth is emotionally numb and lack the empathy to realize what they are doing is wrong or hurtful. They are pre-programmed to recognize violence as normal. From stories in the news of Junior high students killing animals for fun at a local High School. To a boy killing a girl because she said no to going with him to the prom. and that's just with in the last few days. I am grateful that my son is a adult now because I don't have to fear for him but I do think about my nieces and nephews who are in school. SO with that I want you to know if you have children I am sending you Peace Love and happiness and prayers of protection and theta healing to aide in protecting your children from those lost souls or dysfun ...
For the 13th year in a row, the St. Peter’s Elementary/Junior High Student Council took three awards at the State Conference this past weekend. Those awards include the “5 Star Award”, the Honor Book With Merit and the Army of Volunteers. Also, three of the St. Peter’s students were recognized as All Ohio Representatives. They […] The post State Conference Awards for Elementary/Junior High Student Council appeared first on St. Peter's School.
I made a short video of my Junior High Boys Bible study that meets on Thursdays!
A Katy Junior High School teacher has been removed from the classroom and is facing serious charges after she was allegedly involved with one of her students.
This Sunday @ 6:00 @ the Junior High Gym is the Youth vs Staff game entry fee is $5 or under it's a fundraiser for our Mission trip to Nashville this summer come watch the Youth Beat the Staff!!
BOISE -- We often have students visit the KTVB studio and ask our meteorologists how they track the weather. It is one of the most fun and interesting parts of the job. We understand that students at East Junior High School in Boise are taking learning about weather to another level.
I would like to ask my friends and my friends of friends for a favor... I am looking for someone very near and dear to me... Her name is Charlotte L Walls(maiden) Selby( married) she went to Village Meadows Elementary Deer Valley Junior High and Barry Goldwater High School and grew up in the Deer Valley area around 24th Dr... We met in elementary school and stayed best friends through High School... We lost contact in 1990. I know that she may be in Texas( Floydada area) and I have tried to contact all I know of . PLEASE SHARE AND REPOST FOR ME !! It would mean the world to me to be able to reconnect with her!! Thank you
We've been a little quiet lately, trying to get some work. We have video work coming up for Zachary Methodist church, a new sound system for Plymouth Rock Baptist Church in Plaquemine. Also a new system in the gym at Juban Parc Junior High is in final negotiation. A good start to the summer.
Junior High students, invite your friends to join you at our FREE Party in the Park this Saturday! Meet us at Stovall Park in Arlington for food, music & fun from 4-6 pm! Contact: studentsext. 142
Suhas Gummadi, 6th grade, won 3rd place in the National Junior High Chess Championship last week! He played in 7 rounds.he won 5 and had two draws. Over 800 students were in the competition. Congratulations Suhas - we are so proud of you!!
Don't forget that 6th grade Parent Meetings are tonight at our junior High Schools. They start at 6:30 PM and lots of great information about 7th grade will be shared with you!
Congratulations to the Temple Junior High soccer team on getting the win over King's Academy 5-0! GO TEMPLE!
The principle at Waterford Junior High needs to know this!
JH Night @ Skateland 6-8:30PM ($7.00 for skating and any extra cash for concessions) Junior High Spirit Day for Junior High Track –Junior high students can participate in “Ugly Sweater” Day on Tuesday, April 29th. Prizes will be given to the best dressed!
Some junior high girls getting hyped for the
Reviewing junior high-level basic civics definitions wasn’t high on my priority list, but that’s how I spent part of last week.
George Junior High "beats" the competition en route to top honors.
Good luck to Riley & the junior high Carey baseball team
The junior high boys/girls track meet at EBF has been cancelled for today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Junior High track meet for WW is cancelled! Golf is too!
Junior High feat. Kamelia - Inima ta (Official Single) by Cat Music Subscribe to CatMusic:
Just signed Willow up for Junior High summer camp. How did she get old enough for such things?
Special thank to the following for participating in our Child Abuse Awareness Blue Jeans for Prevention campaign. Dunn Hospitality Group , North Posey Junior High, Salon Professionals Academy, and the Evansville Police Department We are truly grateful for your support
In This Week's Issue: Eight pages of news and events from, and important to, the local community including the School Board discussion of the upcoming COOP. On the front page – Prom King and Queen and some action from the Junior High musical. In other news – Second Grade trip and the Prom Court are highlighted, the Regional Library celebrates the spring season, Seniors of the Week, and an upcoming concert at Parkland. Regular columns include Tim Hendershot putting the spotlight on girl's softball boy's track with a word on the boy's baseball season so far, Sally Foote talks about the funny things a dog might eat, and Health Points covers the 40th Anniversary of WIC and safe drinking water..
The McCormick Junior High track meet scheduled for April 28th at Port Clinton has been canceled.
The Junior High Track meet for tonight at Pekin is Cancelled for this evening. 4/28/14
Don't forget to join us Wednesday night: 5:30pm supper followed by special performance by John Connel's performing arts group from GACS at 6:20 in the auditorium. It should be great as these junior high students present skits about the Bible. Everyone welcome!
maaan i saw an old classmates from junior high yesterday Arielle Pruitt ... shes gorgeous!
This evening is the Spring Program @ Christ The King School. I am happy school is coming to a close for the 2013-2014 school year. Having said this, I want you to know, it scares the living day lights out of me knowing my grandson will now be entering Junior High School. I am proud of him, happy for him and concerned about the unknown, I trust his every move, knowing he makes good choices. Why is it so hard to let go? He still has 6 years of schooling plus another how many for college? Please Lord, grant me the opportunity to see him doing wonderfully in his chosen profession. It is a long ways off but so was Junior High!
BASKETBALL GAME! The junior high teams will play at Alamo Boys’ and Girls’ Club against VGAA! The girls will play at 4:00 P.M., and the boys will play at 5:00 P.M.
REMINDER - STAGGERED START TIMES ON SATURDAY: Metric Century - 8:00 32 Mile Route - 9:00 25 Mile Route - 9:30 17 Mile Route - 10:00 Family Fun Ride 10:30 If you have not preregistered on line, be at Ruston Junior High School at very least 1/2 an hour before your start time to register! A great sunny day is forecast - come ride Tour of Piney Hills!!
Due to the weather forecast, tomorrow's junior high track meet at Fullerton (St. Ed invite) has been postponed to Thursday.
MCW Junior high track and field meet at Blue Earth today is cancelled.
MCW Junior High golf at Madelia today is cancelled.
A bubbly shout-out to Mason Music students Rachel Rysedorph and Anna Tucker on their performance in Mountain Brook Junior High School's "The Little Mermaid" tonight and tomorrow. Break fins!
BEGINNING BAND - 5th GRADE STUDENTS Tuesday, April 29th 4PM-7PM Last names A-L Wednesday, April 30th 4PM-7PM Last names M-Z @ Rockdale Junior High Band Hall ~for all students interested in joining the band next year~ In the meantime, think about what instruments you would like to try when we meet. We are looking forward to meeting each of you!
The junior high track meet at minneola today (Monday April 28th) has been cancelled.
Feeling very proud of Amanda, so she was the winner of the writing essay for the state and will be recognize at the Kravis center performing arts this coming may 12th it will be a special luncheon and due to her excellent behavior and grade average she was selected to be in the honor junior high society , my smarty pants! We love you so much!
The Southmont junior high softball team went 2-2 in a busy week. The A-Team defeated a good Riverton Parke team 3-2 Monday. Maggie Taylor pitched a 1-hitter, and Bella McIntyre drove in Avery Hess for the winning run in a thriller on the road. The Mounties beat Fountain Central Tuesday night 11-6, and Avery Hess had 3 hits. The Mounties lost to North Putnam on Wednesday to a very good pitcher, and then lost again Friday at North Vermillion. The B-Team had a good week as well. Hailey France, Karlie Burnside, Cami Williams, Logan Berrisford and Tori Gardner were hot at the plate this week.
A free worksheet resource suitable for junior High School music students - helping them learn and understand intervals
I met a boy in seventh grade, Mike Tramel, and he became my very best friend. He was warm, funny, and kind and I adored him. I remember how special I would feel carrying his letter sweater through the halls of Colonial Junior High. In ninth grade we were separated when integration had Mike bussed to a school across town; however, we were able to finish High School together. We would drive around in his silver mustang and sing John Denver songs and talk that perhaps one day we would live in Colorado. We went off to Ole Miss together, hardly knowing anyone else but each other. We then became cheerleaders together. During our college years, Mike fell in love with a precious girl,Ginger. I loved her also, and knew she was perfect for my friend. They married just after college, and have raised two lovely children, Veazey and Robert. They have continued to be two of my dearest friends. Our faith has been what has woven us together, and Mike and Ginger are examples of authentic followers of Christ. Last summer . ...
Community Safe Room will be open tonight at Jonesboro MacArthur Junior High School 615 Wilkins Avenue.
Hopkins Junior High School's Yvette Lin, Ashish Ramesh, Allen Mao and Sulaiman Ahmed from Fremont, California, prepare to compete during the academic tournament at the 2014 National Science Bowl competition, Saturday, April 26, 2014, in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jack Dempsey, U.S. Department of Ener…
There’s nothing quite like performing to a big crowd, if you ask Ector Junior High ninth-grader Kevin Quintana.
Throughout Junior High and High School I was bullied quite often, but learned how to defend myself at least. I incorporated the small life events that had happened into stories for Dusk to face. My imaginative story side added to it as I brought Dusk into my online roleplaying hobby. It helped me flesh out the character and other elements in my current universe. While I went through High School caring little about what happened next, I often fantasized about being a superhero myself, and how would that exactly work out...
North Hills Youth is a connection point for Junior High and High School students that gather throughout the week. We are passionate about seeing students come to the full realization that they have...
Congratulations to the High School Varsity team winning against CyFair last night. The team heads to San Antonio this weekend to play in the super regionals. Congratulations to the Junior High 7th and 8th grade teams making the playoffs. The playoff games will be this weekend at the South Campus fields in Houston. Good Luck to all of the Friendswood teams this upcoming weekend.
Junior High track; bus will leave today at 2:15 pm with a 4:00 pm start time in Mound City! Go Cardinals!!
So blessed to worship in the McNeil Junior High satellite service this lovely Easter morning! Excited to see God use a school as a church!
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Shameless Plug: MY FELLOW SAANEN BREEDERS: I am not certain when the official announcement will be made, but Candidates have thrown their hats into the ring in preparation for the National Saanen Breeders Association elections, to be held in July. I was given the green light to begin campaigning, so here goes! I am running for the Office of Vice President, as well as Director for District 6. I haven't run for anything since Junior High when I made a bid for Student Council. Since I have no recollection of actually serving on the Scottsdale Elementary and Junior High Student Council, I am going to have to assume the campaign did not end successfully. Having said that, I do feel a bit of an itch to head to Hobby Lobby for colorful Poster Board and Tempera Paints, and lots of tape for hanging catchy slogans in the halls and the school cafeteria. Lucky for all of you, you will not have to dodge me in Home Room as I try to make you wear my campaign ribbons. Unfortunately for you, I am sneaking up behind you th ...
High School juniors: Join us April 30 for Junior Day! Register here:
My High School junior intend to do law, why? Wanna torture themselves lol
The Cotaco Junior High Archery Team competed in the 2014 Alabama Archery in the Schools State Championship in Montgomery on April 11th. The team scored a combined score of 3.059 points. Student leader Mr. Jacob McMinemon placed 10th overall, and student leader Mr. John Moore placed 13th out of a field of 282 shooters. Morgan County Schools is proud to announce that the Cotaco Junior High Archery Team qualified for the National Championship Tournament which will be held in Louisville, KY on May 8th and 9th. Congratulations to the team and best of luck to the team at the National Competition!
I have a bunch of junior High School students getting ready to perform an excerpt from my play
Happy Birthday to my best friend since junior high !! Love you so much 💕💕
There's 10 more weeks left of my junior year in High School
Seeing all the High Schoolers in New York makes me remember that trip my junior year when I fell in love with Memphis the Musical ❤️
next time you need help-is a whiz. Seriously. Embed video, pics, graphics. They learn it in junior high!
Congratulations to our Noble Knight winners for this week!. Junior High- Turner Parke nominated by Mrs. Grossman...
Girls junior high 4 x 400 relay team of A. Thieman, L. Hirschfeld, R. Kremer, & P. Jones sets school record with time …
I know! from our awkward junior high days to our slightly less awkward days now.. 😬
When i'm still in junior High School until now my school was over. Already 4years i'm stay with you 💞
Pure class: Lincoln Junior High School celebrates its 50th anniversary: Catering was provided by Domino’s Pizz...
Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture is seeking a talented Junior Architect with 1-3 years of experience and a high...
So this is neat, I've lost 80lbs over the last year. Haven't been this light since junior high
Bison Wrestling Page. During the season you will get updates about the High School, junior high, and youth...
she is my middle child of 8. She is a junior in High School. If you wish to interview please let me know. Thanks.
You're an adult, act like it. This isn't junior high
I have no clothes here and have to wear a Hollister shirt from junior high now irreplaceable came on the radio the flashbacks are so real rn
caught wind of the junior high wanting to get in on this. Will the junior high teams be allowed to join or is it HS only?
I won my junior high softball game 20-2
Wish I could go back to my junior year in High School 🏈
This 7-foot-5 High School junior towers over his teammates -- and active NBA players
Had a dream last night that all the guys the Junior High were tall boys…then I woke up 😍😩
Junior Katie Kingwell is a top ten finalists in the South Central Region of the Great American Songbook High...
When Luhan in Junior High School. He Usually sit in the last two rows.
-why didnt liam shave. -why didnt they give zayn a close up on his high note. -why didnt harry wash his hair. -why. -wHY. -WHY
Junior year is easily the most annoying High School year
Legis: jasonbarickman: PBL Junior High students kept me busy asking about everything from major issues to wha...
School year is almost over time to got to junior high
A kinda song that sorta remind me of junior High School :B ♫ She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer —
Finish Junior High School with perfect scores
*** it's a knee smh it was barely a torn meniscus lol Jerome played w/two torn meniscus his junior yr of High School
no lie, a couple years back I heard a guy pick up a girl by talking about his junior high science fair project. It was incredible.
I'm going to be a junior in college. *** where'd the time go man. Feels like yesterday I graduated High School
Soon my face shall be on every junior student at Fairborn High School
State Senator Jason Barickman visited PBL Junior and Senior High Schools Thursday, to hear from the students and...
Reminder: There will be no Junior High Life Group this Sunday (Easter). Junior High Life Group will start back up next Sunday. :)
I teach junior high and hs around here are still grammar heavy in terms of expectations.
I'm not sure if what I'm doing is called High School or junior college in the us
I think my junior high was like. 8.30-3.40 D: I'd love to have a 7-2 day tbh
to junior year of High School after I got my drivers license. Joan and I have been…
Take me back to junior high when everything was so simple.
ok so my junior High School class teacher was taught by the Zimbabwean president H.E Robert Mugabe while he was in indirectly i am a student of his greatness Robert Mugabe. thank God at the teen age we were told wonderful stories about him and other comrades of Africa.yea that is why am always proud of being an
My junior year in High School was the best way I ever got asked to prom. Why didn't anyone take pictures?
Love playing at Curtis junior high . Tomorrow's going to be great
I haven't taken a history class since my junior year of High School... So next semester should be interesting! 📚
So I was looking something up in a junior high yearbook and noticed myself in a Student Council picture. No...
LT: good times in SAT prep junior year of High School
Our long established, high quality junior section is tonight transforming into becoming the new Skipton Scorpions
Part of me wishes I was in Junior High again, it was simpler then.
Did you know Dave Cowens didn't play basketball until his junior year in High School, but still earned a scholarship to Florida State?
Woaa, been a long time since I did some maths. Forgot I was such a math nerd back then in junior high :D *feels kinda great somehow*
"Hooked on a feeling" takes me right back to my junior high volleyball locker room every time!!!
Bring me back to junior high where everyone was chill with everyone
something I'm going to miss way too much from junior year of High School.
Those songs you loved in Junior High that you listen to today and think "I was such a little girl!"
Does anyone else think the GOp might have slipped back into the Junior High School mode of thinking? "Juvenile Spoiled Brats"
“Spring Camp: Junior DL Teddy Corwin has high expectations in 2014.
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omg so this was the High School junior who rescued kwon ji-young the 5 yr old girl GOD BLESS UR SOUL CHILD
Clarkson-Leigh Junior High Girls - 1st Place Madison Track Meet The girls taking their victory lap. Kaegan in Long Jump and 100m Hurdles. Check out the sea of blue in the final flight of the 100m dash - Kaegan's in lane 4. 400m Relay - Halee & Beth in exchange zone 1, Paige & Kaegan in exchange zone 3 - Kaegan anchored the team to a 1st place finish. Keep up the good work CL Patriots Junior High Track!
I hate junior High School enkais! I'm sick of forcing a smile for two hours while clapping blindly in unison with everyone, as yet another person makes a speech. Elementary wins in all aspects of life.
If you've got something to say about me, you've got something to say to me. We aren't in junior high.
Anyone know what happened to Mrs. Fields, the junior high/middle school counselor?
R.I.P. Coach Cox he was very influential in my junior high years..(Rothschild) Maeletha Dupas Scherry Blakely
Feeling like a junior high girl today in anticipation of going fishing tomorrow with the inlaws!! After 18+ years, I am finally going to get to go fish for something besides perch and see how the real fishermen do it!!! I might even bait my own hook! LOL! Are you ready for this Lisa Goin?
That moment when you see one of your old junior high teachers. god i miss Pineville Junior High. Good times!
Gonna spend the day at the shooting range . State finals for the Arizona Junior High Rodeo Shooting event due to no range in Soniata where the rodeo finals will be held next month. 3 rounds of 3P . nothing but 10's!!! Good luck Tatton Allsup!!!
I had to get gas this morning and as I was waiting in line to pay the guy behind me tap me on the shoulder and asked me if my name is Keri Ballinger...I said yes why? He said in junior high he left me a note on my locker the last week of school and that said that soccer wasn't a real sport and guys named Kevin are stupid and that girls like me should get over themselves! But he didn't sign the note! He said that the next day I left a note on my locker and it said to whoever left the note yesterday soccer is a real sport you should try it sometime you might like it and guys name Kevin would never be so rude and leave a girl a note like that so that is why girls like me have a boyfriend like Kevin!! You should get over yourself and grow some balls and say it to my face next time! Lol he said he moved away the next week but still has my note in his Junior high yearbook! He went on to tell me how Awsome he thought my response was and he hoped his daughter would have the same attitude that I did to something l ...
My English teacher wanted to flunk me in Junior High , thanks a lot , next semester I'll be 35 😂😂
I really fell in love with you since I know when junior High School. But now I really do not dare say it to you. Moreover, I know you've got a boyfriend now. But even as I still love you.
Registering my mancub for junior High School today!!! Yikes!!!
The Sweetwater County Junior High School State Qualifier Rodeo kicks off today at Noon in the Indoor Arena. High School events follow on Saturday and Sunday.
At a new junior High School, there are exactly 1000 students and 1000 lockers. The lockers are numbered in order from 1 to 1000. On April Fool's Day the students played the following prank. The first student to enter the building opened every locker. The second student closed every locker that had an even number. The third student changed every third locker, closing those that were open and opening those that were closed. The fourth student changed every fourth locker, and so on. Saya ganti ya pertanyaannya... BERAPA KALIKAH LOKER DENGAN NOMOR 432 DIUBAH?
--One of my favorite awkward adolescent stories that I can laugh about now and is seasonally relevant-- I have always loved caring for children and babysat half the kids in Heather Highlands during my junior high and senior high years. Additionally, I liked to do community events in my town that often involved me dressing as the Easter Bunny or Santa’s Elf for the children. I even would hide eggs and make appearances at local daycares. I believe I was 14 the year I was scheduled to make an appearance at an event and since I was too young to drive, I needed a ride there. So, I got all geared up in my bunny suit, face painted, ears on, basket in hand and waited in my house to hear the car horn honk signaling my ride had arrived and I can come out (discreetly, of course, because while I LOVED doing these events, I was a little shy about them… everyone felt pressures to fit in during middle school years and I sure wasn’t going to gain “cool points” with this little side gig I had). I was a good ...
Okay so I admit I am a terrible singer (not for lack of practice.). But as I am serenading my children a fabulous Bon Jovi song as I am dropping them off at their junior High School they literally jumped from our moving car. Come on guys really, I killed at the skating rink!
Flashback to 8th grade. My best friend from junior high went to wdw with my parents and i, we had a great time and we've been working in the same office this week and have talked about wdw several times:)
Hey does anyone recall Mr.Evans the music teacher from the old Junior High School where Feiffer's is now ? Well just to let ya know I saw him at the modern maturity center for the Easter lunch ,he's still Geting around just a bit slower.I enjoyed his class ,he had us try to play almost every music instrument there was I do believe
Thank you for accepting me as a member. I have lived in Lansing my entire life. I attended elementary school at Holmes Street School, Pattengill Junior High School and graduated from Lansing Eastern High School in June 1952. I attended Potter Park Methodist Church located on the corner of Dakin Street & Gray. I was married in that church also. Many fond memories of the old neighborhood. Shopping at Lindermans Foods Market, Quality Dairy Store that was located on the corner of Main Street and S. Pennsylvania Ave. Presently, I love in Delta Township.
Lol i was throw these while in class in my junior
More than $50,000 came to Mountain Home Public Schools on Thursday in recognition of academic achievement by students and staffs of Pinkston Middle School and Mountain Home Junior High School.
So excited that Fisher Brooks is inducted again this year into the OGHS national junior high honor society!! Also now on Math Team too! He is growing up to be an awesome young man! We are so proud!
"it must have been love but its over must have been good but i lost this somehow"its a lyric of song from the old band from Swedish Roxxete.i love this band very much.when i was in junior High School,i used to listen their every songs.the famous song from Roxxete is"it must have been love".its also to be the original soundtrack of the famous movie Preety guys,do you have your own favorite songs?
Junior High orientation for Cassidy tonight.yikes! I can't believe she is going to be in 7th grade! Seems like just yesterday she was starting kindergarten!
I can't get over the amount of young girls (junior high-High School) who think it's okay to go out in public with their *** cheeks and stomachs hanging out. No self respect anymore!
Yes I remember I still have all my junior high n High School notes lol
How about Playland Central??? Friday and Saturday nights through Junior High … had so much fun there. Michael Anthony England
These photos are for all my friends in junior High School that I proudly showed these pics of Loverboy. I was very "proud" to say that my sister dated the lead singer of Loverboy. Oh Mike Reno, how you wore those bandanas 😜😜
Sunrise yesterday morning, as seen from Karam Govt. Junior High School...a posting, in the footsteps of James & other MPC members! Good Friday greetings to all MPC members!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Wow, I haven't done ANY art in a long time. Too long. Teaching junior high art has been really challenging, but I think things are getting better. Yeah, I know, it's already April, but I'll take it where I can get it. Anyway, we're doing scratch board at the moment, and one of my students went down the old "This is too hard, Mr. Adams, I can't draw" road. He was attempting a tree, but started the trunk too high in the working area for his own comfort and quickly became discouraged. Several heavy white lines into things, he abandoned the project, tossing his scratch board aside. I decided I had seen enough materials go to waste that day, and told him and his table that I would sit and work with them for a bit. And I told him I would use his discarded project for my own. So we sat, talked, and made art. They seemed to get a real kick out my salvaging this rudimentary, discarded, oddly placed tree trunk. It seemed to inspire a student or two to press on, and my frustrated student even asked for some scratc . ...
Gilbert Junior High 8th grade girls basketball wins again!!
Congratulations to Lourdes Junior High softball team on their win against Kasson-Mantorville. 7th grade game 8-4. Sonya your home run rocked!! And 8th grade game 8-3. Proud if all your hard work today and your positive attitude in the cold 34 degree weather. It was worth being out in the cold to watch you!!
Gabby has informed me that although she was very nervous about going to junior high, she could not wait to see the library...glad it's books not boys!
Murphy Junior High - District 308 Mathematical Competition 2nd Place winner... To my son, James, and to the rest of the students who fought for the school... Congratulations!
We are sad to announce that Rosalie Davis, a long time friend and volunteer for camp, has passed away at the age of 87. As a Registered Nurse she has shared her skills for over a decade as a camp nurse both at Sound View and on our off-site trip to the Columbia River Gorge. Her joy of adventure as she canoed and went whitewater rafting alongside the junior high and senior high campers showed us all what it means to live life to the fullest. She was a true treasure and we will greatly miss her presence around the campfire.
All right ladies and gentlemen, it is official as official gets...the Prattville Junior High School Archery Team is going to Louisville, Kentucky for the national competition! But, we have three weeks to raise the money to get there. You can help! We have a few options. -Yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be delivered Friday, April 25th, ($7.00 a box) -Delicious Boston butts-pick up on May 2nd ($25.00 a butt...hehe) -Spirit Night at Cici's Pizza in Prattville on April 24th from 5p.m. to 9 p.m. (Just show up and eat!) -Or if you'd rather just write a big ol' fat check, sponsorships and donations are fabulous. Everything raised will help decrease the cost to our students. We are grateful for every dollar. Hit me up if you would like to participate in any of the above. Thanks in advance for being all kinds of awesome! GO CATS!
Every monday n friday is free hugs day at mabank junior high
Zackery Bangs being inducted to the National Junior High Honor Society
All Junior High kids pray for Jarod Naylor he goes to North Central!
Saint Ambrose School Students Qualify for State Power of the Pen Competition! Congratulations to eight grader Ashley Scheutzow and seventh graders Lia Holley and Haley Morgan who have qualified to compete at the state Power of the Pen creative writing competition at the College of Wooster on Friday, May 23. All three scored within the top 20% of writers at the Regional tournament at St. Joseph Academy on March 15. They will now have a chance to compete with over 300 of Ohio’s best junior high writers.
Congratulations to the junior high girls (and boys) track team! Great win tonight!!! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who helped out!!!
Congrats Jennifer on makin the 2014-2015 junior high cheerleading squad!! We are so proud of you!!
Very proud of all the hard work the Henrietta junior high band has done this semester. We didn't get the rating we wanted but that just means we need to look at our process differently and work to make it better. Thanks to all the directors, clinicians, parents and admin for all their support.
How are the junior high boys doing in their game?
Congrats to my son Austin Blackwood on making the Junior High Basketball team. So proud of you!!!
You know you're from Commack if your first concert was Black Sabbath at the Long Island Arena...and you were in Junior High at JFK (Jail For Kids) :)
Coahoma's Athletic Booster Club is selling tickets now for the annual banquet! Coahoma Athletic Booster Club (CABC) will host the annual All Sports Banquet for Coahoma High School (CHS) athletes on Monday, May 19, 2014 at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria. Activities will include a BBQ dinner, athlete recognition, guest speaker Putt Choate, and recognition of the CABC Fan of the Year. CHS High School athletes and High School coaches will be the guests of honor. All other attendees will be required to purchase a ticket in order to attend. Tickets must be purchased by May 9, 2014. Ticket prices are $12 for adults and $6 for children ages 10 and under. Ticket purchase locations are: Coahoma Elementary, Junior High and High School offices, The Cottage in Coahoma , and Bulldog Laundry in Sand Springs. CABC contact: Cindy Smith at (432) 517-0073 or coahomaboosters
Parents - This afternoon it came to the attention of WUSD administration that there is allegation that yesterday a stranger offered a ride to a junior high student in the vicinity of Winslow Junior High School. The man was described as a middle aged Hispanic male with a shaved head and a beard driving a late model black truck. The man indicated to the student that he knew the student and that she should know who he was. The student took appropriate action and refused to get into the vehicle. The Winslow Police Department has been informed of this and is increasing patrols around the schools during the times students are coming to and leaving schools. This information is provided not to alarm you but to encourage you to have appropriate discussions with your children regarding “stranger-danger” and to never get into a vehicle with a stranger even if the person indicates that they know you or you should know them. You school and the WUSD office will provide you with further information if and when it be ...
Getting lunch, a group of junior High Schoolers is here decked out in skateboards scooters and what not. Enter an older gentleman mid thirties with a skateboard with his headphones on, his son closer behind sporting the same equipment, promptly greets the younger kids flashes a hang loose sign (something I'm certain they're not familiar with) and says "never get old" while the adult woman chaperoning the school kids laughs at the gentleman and at what he said as though it wasn't good advice. Screw you old lady! Just because you've accepted "acting" mature and " acting " like an adult. That doesn't make it OK to mock someone for the things that make them happy, kids or adults. Go get more plastic surgery
Hailey spent the 20 minute car ride on the way to Parent/Teacher conference coaching me on how to behave with helpful hints like, "be yourself, but a better version of yourself, mom." Junior high girls are the best.
Karsyn made the Pond Creek Hunter Junior High Cheer Team!! She's so excited and proud! Happy dance for her!!
The Junior High Music Contest was held last night at Byron Middle School. A big congratulations to the 6th and 7th grade choirs for earning an Excellent Rating from the judges! The 6th and 7th grade bands also performed. They also earned an Excellent rating from the judges! MJHS is proud of you!
We can't forget the Electra Junior High Band 59-60
Today's track practice will be at 5:40pm at Walnut Grove Middle School in Midlothian & Saturday's 9am practice will be behind Howard Junior High in Waxahachie. We would like everyone to try their best to be there for Saturday's practice because we will be setting next week's practices & giving assignments. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or comment. Today's walk/jog group will be at 5:30 behind Howard Junior High.
Out of HUNDREDS of entries to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights Annual Holocaust Remembrance Essay contest, every single one of the selected winners was an Anser student! Congratulations to Anser student Emily for being the Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations to Anser students Sofia and Laura for tying for First Place. And congratulations to Anser Students Lili and Frances for their Runner Up awards. This incredible feat is a powerful example of the amazing writers our students become. And it is with great appreciation that we recognize Anser Junior High Teachers Diane Williams and Shannon Twenter and all of the many teachers that helped these students to grow and develop their writing skills during their time at Anser.
Does anyone remember the Starsky and Hutch look-a-like Torino over near Spring Branch Junior high? It was off of Hammerly, before Bingle Rd? I used to see it everyti Ewe drove by there in the late 70's, 1980.
Does anybody remember the Parr's drug store in Gulfway Shopping Center? Back when it was on Lexington Drive and opposite Sundeen Junior High School. I would go there to play pinball and have cherry colas or banana splits
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