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Junior High

Middle School and Junior High School are levels of schooling between elementary and High Schools. Most school systems use one term or the other, not both.

High School Junior High School North Central Senior High School

Lol i was throw these while in class in my junior
More than $50,000 came to Mountain Home Public Schools on Thursday in recognition of academic achievement by students and staffs of Pinkston Middle School and Mountain Home Junior High School.
So excited that Fisher Brooks is inducted again this year into the OGHS national junior high honor society!! Also now on Math Team too! He is growing up to be an awesome young man! We are so proud!
"it must have been love but its over must have been good but i lost this somehow"its a lyric of song from the old band from Swedish Roxxete.i love this band very much.when i was in Junior High School,i used to listen their every songs.the famous song from Roxxete is"it must have been love".its also to be the original soundtrack of the famous movie Preety guys,do you have your own favorite songs?
Junior High orientation for Cassidy tonight.yikes! I can't believe she is going to be in 7th grade! Seems like just yesterday she was starting kindergarten!
I can't get over the amount of young girls (junior high-High School) who think it's okay to go out in public with their *** cheeks and stomachs hanging out. No self respect anymore!
Yes I remember I still have all my junior high n High School notes lol
How about Playland Central??? Friday and Saturday nights through Junior High … had so much fun there. Michael Anthony England
These photos are for all my friends in Junior High School that I proudly showed these pics of Loverboy. I was very "proud" to say that my sister dated the lead singer of Loverboy. Oh Mike Reno, how you wore those bandanas 😜😜
Sunrise yesterday morning, as seen from Karam Govt. Junior High School...a posting, in the footsteps of James & other MPC members! Good Friday greetings to all MPC members!
Wow, I haven't done ANY art in a long time. Too long. Teaching junior high art has been really challenging, but I think things are getting better. Yeah, I know, it's already April, but I'll take it where I can get it. Anyway, we're doing scratch board at the moment, and one of my students went down the old "This is too hard, Mr. Adams, I can't draw" road. He was attempting a tree, but started the trunk too high in the working area for his own comfort and quickly became discouraged. Several heavy white lines into things, he abandoned the project, tossing his scratch board aside. I decided I had seen enough materials go to waste that day, and told him and his table that I would sit and work with them for a bit. And I told him I would use his discarded project for my own. So we sat, talked, and made art. They seemed to get a real kick out my salvaging this rudimentary, discarded, oddly placed tree trunk. It seemed to inspire a student or two to press on, and my frustrated student even asked for some scratc . ...
Gilbert Junior High 8th grade girls basketball wins again!!
Congratulations to Lourdes Junior High softball team on their win against Kasson-Mantorville. 7th grade game 8-4. Sonya your home run rocked!! And 8th grade game 8-3. Proud if all your hard work today and your positive attitude in the cold 34 degree weather. It was worth being out in the cold to watch you!!
Gabby has informed me that although she was very nervous about going to junior high, she could not wait to see the library...glad it's books not boys!
Murphy Junior High - District 308 Mathematical Competition 2nd Place winner... To my son, James, and to the rest of the students who fought for the school... Congratulations!
We are sad to announce that Rosalie Davis, a long time friend and volunteer for camp, has passed away at the age of 87. As a Registered Nurse she has shared her skills for over a decade as a camp nurse both at Sound View and on our off-site trip to the Columbia River Gorge. Her joy of adventure as she canoed and went whitewater rafting alongside the junior high and senior high campers showed us all what it means to live life to the fullest. She was a true treasure and we will greatly miss her presence around the campfire.
All right ladies and gentlemen, it is official as official gets...the Prattville Junior High School Archery Team is going to Louisville, Kentucky for the national competition! But, we have three weeks to raise the money to get there. You can help! We have a few options. -Yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts to be delivered Friday, April 25th, ($7.00 a box) -Delicious Boston butts-pick up on May 2nd ($25.00 a butt...hehe) -Spirit Night at Cici's Pizza in Prattville on April 24th from 5p.m. to 9 p.m. (Just show up and eat!) -Or if you'd rather just write a big ol' fat check, sponsorships and donations are fabulous. Everything raised will help decrease the cost to our students. We are grateful for every dollar. Hit me up if you would like to participate in any of the above. Thanks in advance for being all kinds of awesome! GO CATS!
Every monday n friday is free hugs day at mabank junior high
Zackery Bangs being inducted to the National Junior High Honor Society
All Junior High kids pray for Jarod Naylor he goes to North Central!
Saint Ambrose School Students Qualify for State Power of the Pen Competition! Congratulations to eight grader Ashley Scheutzow and seventh graders Lia Holley and Haley Morgan who have qualified to compete at the state Power of the Pen creative writing competition at the College of Wooster on Friday, May 23. All three scored within the top 20% of writers at the Regional tournament at St. Joseph Academy on March 15. They will now have a chance to compete with over 300 of Ohio’s best junior high writers.
Congratulations to the junior high girls (and boys) track team! Great win tonight!!! Also, a huge thanks to everyone who helped out!!!
Congrats Jennifer on makin the 2014-2015 junior high cheerleading squad!! We are so proud of you!!
Very proud of all the hard work the Henrietta junior high band has done this semester. We didn't get the rating we wanted but that just means we need to look at our process differently and work to make it better. Thanks to all the directors, clinicians, parents and admin for all their support.
How are the junior high boys doing in their game?
Congrats to my son Austin Blackwood on making the Junior High Basketball team. So proud of you!!!
You know you're from Commack if your first concert was Black Sabbath at the Long Island Arena...and you were in Junior High at JFK (Jail For Kids) :)
Coahoma's Athletic Booster Club is selling tickets now for the annual banquet! Coahoma Athletic Booster Club (CABC) will host the annual All Sports Banquet for Coahoma High School (CHS) athletes on Monday, May 19, 2014 at 6:30pm in the school cafeteria. Activities will include a BBQ dinner, athlete recognition, guest speaker Putt Choate, and recognition of the CABC Fan of the Year. CHS High School athletes and High School coaches will be the guests of honor. All other attendees will be required to purchase a ticket in order to attend. Tickets must be purchased by May 9, 2014. Ticket prices are $12 for adults and $6 for children ages 10 and under. Ticket purchase locations are: Coahoma Elementary, Junior High and High School offices, The Cottage in Coahoma , and Bulldog Laundry in Sand Springs. CABC contact: Cindy Smith at (432) 517-0073 or coahomaboosters
Parents - This afternoon it came to the attention of WUSD administration that there is allegation that yesterday a stranger offered a ride to a junior high student in the vicinity of Winslow Junior High School. The man was described as a middle aged Hispanic male with a shaved head and a beard driving a late model black truck. The man indicated to the student that he knew the student and that she should know who he was. The student took appropriate action and refused to get into the vehicle. The Winslow Police Department has been informed of this and is increasing patrols around the schools during the times students are coming to and leaving schools. This information is provided not to alarm you but to encourage you to have appropriate discussions with your children regarding “stranger-danger” and to never get into a vehicle with a stranger even if the person indicates that they know you or you should know them. You school and the WUSD office will provide you with further information if and when it be ...
Getting lunch, a group of Junior High Schoolers is here decked out in skateboards scooters and what not. Enter an older gentleman mid thirties with a skateboard with his headphones on, his son closer behind sporting the same equipment, promptly greets the younger kids flashes a hang loose sign (something I'm certain they're not familiar with) and says "never get old" while the adult woman chaperoning the school kids laughs at the gentleman and at what he said as though it wasn't good advice. Screw you old lady! Just because you've accepted "acting" mature and " acting " like an adult. That doesn't make it OK to mock someone for the things that make them happy, kids or adults. Go get more plastic surgery
Hailey spent the 20 minute car ride on the way to Parent/Teacher conference coaching me on how to behave with helpful hints like, "be yourself, but a better version of yourself, mom." Junior high girls are the best.
Karsyn made the Pond Creek Hunter Junior High Cheer Team!! She's so excited and proud! Happy dance for her!!
The Junior High Music Contest was held last night at Byron Middle School. A big congratulations to the 6th and 7th grade choirs for earning an Excellent Rating from the judges! The 6th and 7th grade bands also performed. They also earned an Excellent rating from the judges! MJHS is proud of you!
We can't forget the Electra Junior High Band 59-60
Today's track practice will be at 5:40pm at Walnut Grove Middle School in Midlothian & Saturday's 9am practice will be behind Howard Junior High in Waxahachie. We would like everyone to try their best to be there for Saturday's practice because we will be setting next week's practices & giving assignments. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or comment. Today's walk/jog group will be at 5:30 behind Howard Junior High.
Out of HUNDREDS of entries to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights Annual Holocaust Remembrance Essay contest, every single one of the selected winners was an Anser student! Congratulations to Anser student Emily for being the Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations to Anser students Sofia and Laura for tying for First Place. And congratulations to Anser Students Lili and Frances for their Runner Up awards. This incredible feat is a powerful example of the amazing writers our students become. And it is with great appreciation that we recognize Anser Junior High Teachers Diane Williams and Shannon Twenter and all of the many teachers that helped these students to grow and develop their writing skills during their time at Anser.
Does anyone remember the Starsky and Hutch look-a-like Torino over near Spring Branch Junior high? It was off of Hammerly, before Bingle Rd? I used to see it everyti Ewe drove by there in the late 70's, 1980.
Does anybody remember the Parr's drug store in Gulfway Shopping Center? Back when it was on Lexington Drive and opposite Sundeen Junior High School. I would go there to play pinball and have cherry colas or banana splits
Evansville government is getting involved in the controversy over the Sparta school board's action to replace Ryan McClellan as the grade school principal. The board passed a proclamation Monday in support of retaining consistency in staffing of the Evansville school, in particular by keeping both McClellan and the junior high-level math teacher at the school. So far, at least 140 signatures from village residents are on a petition voicing disapproval of removing McClellan and the math teacher. Resident Angie Cissell encouraged the board and residents to attend the next Sparta school board meeting scheduled for April 21 at the Lincoln Middle School library. To read more about the board's proclamation or to hear what some Evansville people have to say about the issue, pick up a copy of the County Journal.
BASKETBALL GAME! The junior high teams will play at Alamo Boys’ and Girls’ Club against Harvest Christian Academy! The girls will play at 4:30 P.M., and the boys will play at 5:30 P.M.
The Ramay Junior High School will host a VEX robotics competition on Saturday, April 19, in the Ramay gym, according to a news release from Public Information Officer Alan T. Wilbourn with the Faye...
Good luck to the junior high track team today at their meet in Streator at 4:15.
K12 Alert - Junior High Campus - This is a reminder that STAAR testing will take place next week on Tuesday, April 22nd and Wednesday April 23rd for all 7th and 8th grade students. 7th grade students will take math on Tuesday and reading on Wednesday. 8th grade students will take social studies on Tuesday and science on Wednesday. Please make sure that your student is in attendance on these two very important days.
Good morning fb!! Ya'll do me a big big baby girl Tytiana Desiree Williams has been trying out for junior high cheerleading all week and today they find out if they make it.she is so worried and I told her to pray about it and she has so plz if you don't mind send your prayers up for her!! She wants this so bad and I told her where gonna claim it!!! Thanks in advance everybody!!!
Another update from Japan Day Seven After breakfast this morning the group started the day with another visit to the gym. The main trip today was to Tsukuba Junior High School. The school was founded in 1872 and has a proud long historic and academic history. The founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano was also the school headmaster at one point in its history. The visit involved being welcomed during the school assembly and having a TV camera crew and lots of local media interviewing the team. We then had a introduction to Japanese Manners and Culture, this included learning how to us chop sticks and the correct way to eat Japanese food. After a very special lunch we visited the gym to try Kendo with the school team. The lesson included dressing in the correct Kendo kit and learning some basic steps and striking pattens, before being allowed to practise against some of the Japanese Students, this created a wonderful atmosphere which was helped by a very enthusiastic Kendo Coach. We then walked a short distance to t ...
I went to Calapooya junior high when I moved back to Albany from Seattle for ninth grade. Who were your favorite teachers there? Mine was Miss Elerath. Any memories? I loved the hamburgers, sock hops at lunch and seeing "Playboy Buddy Rose" wrestle in the gym. Jog any memories?
Rip Coach Cox!!! One of the best coaches out of Rothschild Junior High School. Prayers are up for your family. God bless
Does anyone remember the china men's tunnels by the junior high, I just now thought of that, random
Don't miss out NFCYouth junior high lifegroup tonight at 6 PM at the new NFC ministry center! We will be hanging out and making some cards and videos for Pastor George and Amiee, and all the mountain dew you can handle! See you tonight.
Spanish Teacher: Eskridge, KS - Job description: Information for Job: Spanish Teacher Job Title: Spanish Teacher Job Description: Spanish (Foreign Language) teacher. Position begins August 12, 2014. Mission Valley USD 330 is located approx. 30-50 minutes from Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, and Emporia (all with 4-year universities). We are a 2-3A school with our Elementary, Junior High and High School all centrally located at the same site between the towns of Eskridge, Dover, and Harveyville. All application materials...
Junior Model United Nations 2014 SEV-USKUDAR - INSTABUL Junior High School students were invited to take part in the JMUN Student Conference which took place from 28-30 of March in Instabul. Our students as hounorable delegates acting like young diplomats debate on international affair issues proposing their own resolutions in the English language. They represented Jordan and Egypt successfully. We are very proud of them as far as their preparation and presence are concerned.
New basketball job: Junior High and Varsity Girls and Boys Coaches (football, basketball, varsity) at Wichita Chri...
Local event for the day related to the Grand Cross would be a bomb threat at the local Junior High. I'm talking about a little town with around 5000 people. Astrologers have been saying for months that this would be a time filled with surprises. And it's just getting started.
Ok friends and family, long story short and a few recent posts I'm going to share some things/songs/videos from my Junior High and High School days. Don't judge just enjoy Annette Chavez Atchison, Lorilee Brabson, Kelly Houser Davis, Chris Fornander, Karen Gault Skelly, Dede Lea Schallert, Dawn R. Laura Williams, Frank Samora, Daniel Farris, Richard Shaw, and I'm certain I'm missing a few so relax and enjoy! We had fun back I'm the day!
What's up Switch! Tonight is a special night at Owasso Switch as we learn to "Finish Strong" this semester. Also, don't forget that Junior High students will enter through the side doors for your very own pre-Switch experience! High School students will enter through the main entrance and have the lobby all to themselves! Can't wait to see you tonight at 6:30pm!
Good luck to the BEA Junior High girls softball today as they venture to Holidaysburg for their first game of the season on this gorgeous beautiful day! Remember: relax, breathe, and most importantly, have FUN doing what you love to do! Zoey Blaze, Tobi Yarrison, Melody Soster, Madison Watkins, Cirstynn Comly, Kiersten Walker, Mackenzie Mccloskey, Miranda Ballock, Caitlynn Close, Sarah Gates , Brooke Woodward, Megan Kresovich, Alexis Bucha (sorry if I missed anyone!)
Junior High girls softball practice on Sunday at 3pm
Took in our Junior High district meet. Magnolia JH has an INCREDIBLE group of athletes! Lots of school & personal records!
Welcome Home Party for Junior High national champs, around 8 p.m. tomorrow, April 8, at the school. Be there!
BREAKING: Junior High's "We the People" team has won it's second straight national championship this eveni…
The Junior Varsity and Junior High will be practicing after school in the gym.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Well, I'm back from Phoenix AZ where I attended a brother in law's funeral (a celebration of his life). He had been a fighter pilot and also a pilot in the AZ Air National Guard, so it was a military funeral, with a fly-by of orange vintage bi-planes, one of which (I think they call it the Lost Man, or Last Man) broke from the others, spiraled downward, flew over very low, and then hurried to catch up with the others. There was not a dry eye in the group. So good to be with my sister-in-law Janice, a Junior High and part of High School dear friend and classmate, and her daughters Cari and Jacque. Flew home on Monday. Yesterday, on my way home from feeding the horses, a nice lady, going at a fair clip, ran a stop sign. There was no time for either of us to apply brakes, but I managed to whip my wheel to the right so that I didn't hit her fully frontally, but at an angle. No one hurt, but my dear Jeep Liberty that I use as a truck is sorely bent up. Fortunately, my sister is staying with me, having sold her ...
Thank You Linda. I was born and raised in Scottsbluff. Attended St. Agnes Catholic Grade School, then on to the Junior High and Senior High School graduating with the Bicentennial class of 1976! And finally on to Western Nebraska Community College. Moved to Alliance in 1980, then in 1987 I moved to Reno, Nevada where I currently reside. Can't believe I've been here 27 years! I have such incredible memories of growing up in Scottsbluff. My Parents and sister still live there. I don't really get back there as much as i would like to, but luckily it doesn't seem to change all that much.
I have a 12U pitcher who is currently pitching for a Junior High team in eastern KY that is looking for a team. Please PM me with availabilities/possibilities.
Love our worship team at Christian Life Center Northwest Indiana. We had 3 Junior High students, 3 High School...
Have any old shoes that just won't sell or just want to clean out your closet? Don't throw them out & fill up the dump, donate them! The Max Cure Foundation gives $1 to pediatric cancer research & helps the families fighting this battle with their wee ones! Another perk, they repurpose the shoes & give them to people who wouldn't have any otherwise! Any size, mens, womens, boys & girls, just no cleats please. I am collecting for this awesome organization & need 300 pair before I can make the donation. I have filled 2 boxes so far & have 8 more to go! I have a drop off at Dollar General, The Schuneman Agency, & the Junior High all in Prohetstown, but also have a box at Z & She's Academy of Performing Arts in Rock Falls! If you can't drop them off, get a hold of me, I will pick them up, just let me know! You can help save a child's life today, isn't it worth it?!
High School baseball headed to Rush Springs today to play at 3:00 and Junior High is in the Championship game of the Washington Tournament at 6:00!! Great accomplishment - that is a big tourney with 10 teams! Go Big Blue!!
ATTENTION Junior High and Senior High School Students: Come on out to THE DEGREE YOUTH GROUP TONIGHT at 7pm.
The Celebration in April has a number of events and this is just the beginning! There will be a poster contest for the Elementary Schools and an Essay Contest for the Junior High!! We are sure there will be some wonderful work by the students!! Good Friday Supper - Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 008, Sydney Mines from 3-7 pm. $10.00 per person (dessert extra) Eat in or take out with walk in service. Saturday, April 19th - Easter Dinner and Dance - Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 008, Sydney Mines. Supper 7:30 - 8:30 pm with a dance to follow from 9 pm - 1am. Music by First Choice. Tickets $12.00 each. Please call 736-3206 for tickets. Saturday, April 26th - The Official Anniversary Celebration - Hold Family Hall, Main Street, Sydney Mines. This event will take place from 2-4 pm to celebrate the Incorporation of Sydney Mines which took place on April 24th, 1889. There will be historical displays, a cake cutting and more. Hope you are able to join us!!! Do not forget there will be events each month until Dec . ...
Let me share Alex’s story with you, On May 15, 2013 this bright young lady’s life was turned upside. As Alex rode her bike home from work when she was struck by a SUV and critically injured. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that has left her profoundly incapacitated. She lost the ability to speak, recognize, eat, breath, and the simple things most of us take for granted each day. The passion for life was stripped away from this once caring, fun loving, and motivated young lady. Our Precious Alex is now fighting for her life. If you knew Alex you would say that most definitely she is one of the sweetest people anyone could ever know. She graduated from Central High School in Springfield, MA. After graduating High School she began her journey as a college student at Springfield Technical Community College studying Criminal Justice. Never giving up her struggles to be independent, she began working in Junior High and worked straight through High School and was working her way through College. ...
Neihardt Young Poet's Contest Winners Announced. The annual poetry contest for Junior and Senior High School students across Nebraska for 2013-14 ended with 41 entries. The winning submissions will be published in the June newsletter and in the next volume of the Neihardt Journal. Winners include High School first to Haley Cury and second to Hanna Christenson, both of Burwell H.S. and third to Genevieve Broom of Papillion. Junior High first Carmen Blum, second Mae Stokes, and third Ruby Hoffman, are all three from Irving Middle School in Lincoln. Submissions were judged with no identification included. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who submitted their work.
World Poetry Cafe Radio Show, March 25, 9:10 Pm PST. We would like to welcome World Poetry Canada International Empowered Poet Award Winner Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei to the radio. Source: He is another talented youth with a mission to make the world a better place. It is wonderful to have such youth leaders with a mandate for peace and respect! Well done Oswald. Oswald George Nii Okai Koi Okaitei, ( Oswald d’Atl Entertainer) is a new graduate of the University of Cape Coast. He had his senior High and Junior High education at Presbyterian Boys’ SHS and Seven Great Princes Academy respectively. Oswald read science in school but has shown great interest in theatre arts by featuring in a lot of stage and screen plays. Phenomenal of these include playing “Boy” in “ANOWA” to honour Prof. Ama Atta Aidoo during the National Theatre of Ghana’s Living Legends’ Series in 2003, winning the Accra-East Best Poet during the 2003 Greater Accra Cultural Festival, directing th . ...
Just in a couple of months, schools going to be out and I will no longer be in junior high... time goes by so fast...
Turning in my rehire paper for lifeguarding made me realize that my Junior year of High School is almost over.
but I hope neither of you turn into my junior high crush and chase me through my childhood home. 😔
Junior Seth O'Leary pumped in a game-high 27 points and had nine rebounds to help guide the Seldovia boys to a...
A news conference update on Hood Junior High and the mercury quarantine from Tuesday is planned for 5:15 today at...
jeans was so big in junior high I could slide em right off over the shoes 😭
“Delhi High School : A junior sucked up a freshmen and claims she never did anything with him .I wonder who
People weren't lying when they said junior year is the hardest year in High School 😅
Happy anniversary for Junior High School 3 purwodadi, be better yess☺♥ mumu
So my next door neighbors kid smokes cigarettes...she's in junior high.
In order to discover the said secrets, Tsubasa pretended to be Arisa and attended Arisa's school, Himetsubaki Junior High.
Several organizations from the community and professionals from different fields participated in today's Career Fair at the La Vega Junior High School. Students learned about different career options -- nursing, military, law, law enforcement, social media, dentistry, and more. The event provided students with insight, giving them an idea on what opportunities are available and what they need to do to prepare for their future.
Students, MERGE is back tonight after Spring Break! See you at 6:15 tonight at the Student Building (Junior High)...
Go to knights of Columbus today for a pasta dinner! 5-7 support junior class and Auburn High School! Tickets can be bou…
I can't watch junior high games anymore.
GWC is raising a for Stillwater Junior High for raising $50,000 for
I think I'll finally do the sit ups I've been putting off since junior high.
going to Shelby Junior High!! Hopefully some of the cool teachers are still there
Only team Alaska alive in the junior girls high kick
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I remember when the Junior High got trashed EVERY BOY claimed they were a memeber of Sur13
I'm the new junior high baseball manager
"Do they make diapers for junior high girls?"😂😂
When the college kids leave ,junior high hooligans raid Lawrence and I don't go outside.
Monday afternoon was a special for me! Two of my daughters who coach junior high volleyball were squaring off against each other again! Liz coaches at Wesclin JHS and Bobbe at Lebanon JHS. Liz had been 3-0 against Lebanon's 7th graders over the last 2 years going into today's match BUT ... LJHS beat Wesclin in the 3rd game! Wesclin's 8th grades then went on to defeated LJHS in the 3rd game of their match! There could not be a prouder dad in that gym! What a blessing!
Anyone else remember Mr. Macwhinney at Celina Junior High playing the song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" in 7th grade geography class and then making us all write a report on it? In those pre-internet days, we had to go to the library to research it, but it was such an annual project the librarian would just hand over a file that had everything you needed.
Just got Madi's booster shot which is the last thibg we needed to register her for Junior High
So many rap songs make me want to hug these boys and say "its ok hunny i know you got laughed at by the pretty girls in junior high"
Next to gas station bathrooms and junior high boys' locker rooms, Urgent Care waiting rooms must be the grossest places on Earth.
Madison Elementary and North Junior High have been given the all clear after undergoing a precautionary lockdown...
Teaching kids how to tip should be a class in junior high.
UPDATE from Ector County ISD regarding Tuesday's Mercury Incident at John B. Hood Junior High: . "We’ve just...
“How cute!!! Black Metal-ling in my High School junior year yearboo…
Regular service times tonight. Senior High in the Gym and Junior High in the Youth Building at 6:30p for service. Hangout before & after!
Just finished our last junior high practice of the season, time flies! 2 more matches and tourney! Now off to take a run in the rain ☔️😁   10% Off
I feel like I'm the only one who loves going to see my old elementary/junior high teachers
Pants was so tight girl how you get them on? if this was junior high they'd prolly send her home.
Interviewer's son and I went to the same High School. It's interesting how my High School still has some influence.
I thought with age comes knowledge. Acting like you in junior high lmao
Woke up with the Degrassi Junior High theme in my head.
It makes my heart so happy to hear about and see junior high students share the gospel.
I'm only a junior and I'm just begging to get the *** out of High School
Thank you to my 22nd friend, Tori Venturo Havins! From junior high and High School we were always pretty close because we sat close to each other in class. Varga & Venturo! I'm so grateful for friendships that last and so thankful for your support!
Does anyone know what this "Disston Junior High '69 friends thing is? I've never seen it before and I clicked it, for some reason it is under Friends?
It was wacky tacky day at junior high today with Angelo Nicholas
If u guys are trying to make my junior year of High School the worst, whatever u are doing, it's working. hope you're happy ☺️💜💜
This is just a taste of what it looks like to take 10 junior high girls up north for our weekend getaway! So...
TONIGHT! We have Freedom Groups for Adults, Victory Students for Junior High and High School, and Victory kids and kiddos. It all happens at 6:30! We'll see you there!
I was kidding. I never had used spray starch before and my junior high dress shirt was so stiff it felt like a paper bag
My favorite pair of jeans I've had since my junior yr of High School have a hole in the crotch but I still wear them
I hope to see you guys there this Friday. Tickets can be purchased at the door, Junior High and Younger are FREE!
Elementary & Junior High Campus Rezoning Forums begin next week. Find out where your child will attend next year.
Did the math ha. When this baby starts kindergarten . I will have the following Mackenzie will be starting her freshmen year in college Danny will be a senior in highschool Aspen will be starting her first year of junior high (7th) And tenley will be in 5th grade. And my youngest in kindergarten. I will have one starting elementary school... One finishing High School and one starting college. Seriously talk about opposite ends of the spectrum of life lol. I'm excited that this baby will miss the cut off for school by a week. So the baby will be almost 6 and gets to stay home for an extra year lol especially since it's my last lol... (Unless born early... Which has never happened for me... Always scheduled csection at 39 weeks with no signs of labor. Ha) Wow. Time flies so fast and even though this baby starting school seems so far away. I swear I just brought home aspen and she is almost finished with kindergarten. It will happen before I know it. Lol.
In junior/Senior High School in I had aspirations of being a cartoonist.I didn't draw this:
Announcing the Junior High Mission's Team tonight. Be there if you want to fin out who's going!!!
I learned today that I’m better at 4 square than junior high students. . I’m 25.
'A spin-off series to the number one bestseller in Japan. Eren and Mikasa enter a new school-- Titan Junior High! >
I feel like junior year is the midlife crisis of High School.
"Attack on Titan: Junior High" so this is basically a highschool AU what
HS player hits winner 9 days after being shot: Tyquone Greer hit the biggest shot of the season Tuesday night ...
I like how people from highland JUNIOR high are following me on Instagram, like how do you even know me?...
"Resume tip: only include High School information until your junior year"
Port Antonio High School is thrilled to be the most recent group to join the Junior Club. Since June 2013 JN...
Get your 2014-2015 Junior High School Interest List sheet turned in! Page 10 in the March newsletter!
If you're in Junior High you should definitely be at Chaos tonight!! It's going to be awesome:)
Crazy thing about it is I still have the same boys I had back in elementary ,junior high , hs, and college . We never dropped off , we just all went separate ways ! Real Ninjas since day 1 - Cameren Strickler Aundre Dean Trent Hunter Terrence Dawayne Frederick Raymond Demetrius Johnson Patrick Benson
I wish thibodaux high had junior senior prom
In Junior High School, someone in my class always brought tuna for lunch. To this day, the smell of tuna makes me feel sick.
I've been planning on moving in with tayler since junior high basically
umm.. I'm pretty sure you're a junior in High School lol not college 😂
Tell us your favorite... Reasons People are Auditioning for Wild Card: 1. I have always impressed everyone with my general trivia knowledge, and I want to test those skills against other trivia guru 2. I am a junior high teacher and would love to show my students that I can compete in an awesome game show! 3. My family keeps bugging me because i know "every answer". 4. Love the show, so down to earth and it is so unique (I am from a Dallas and we have nothing like this, love the show). 5. Mostly just want to meet Ed!! lol! 6. To be able to cross it off my bucket list 7. For one, Ed Murray is the man. It'd be pretty awesome to meet him and compete with my fellow Oklahomans. Also, my brother just purchased a house. He's a Veteran and has worked super hard to get where he is. A house warming gift is in order! I can win!
You might be from De Leon if. More wisdom from Kent and Cecelia Boswell The thoughts this time for us “Baby Boomers” who had the privilege of growing up in De Leon in the sixties. Many of these “might bes” are not particular to this age, but they are our experiences. The old junior high building (North Ward) with one light hanging from the center of its cavernous ceiling brings some thoughts that tell people you might be a boomer from De leon if... You though Mr. Grant and President Grant were brothers. You were the third generation taught by Alda Daniel. And the third generation to remember “The man shot the bear. The bear shot by man.”You still check you fingernails before going to work every morning. You thought the Cubcat Camera went out for national publication. You thought all principals were shorter than the students. You though all naked women would look like Tina at the festival. (Ed note: Tina appeared at a late 1950s P&M Festival. The carnival barker claimed she was “hotter tha .. ...
Currently listening to two junior high girls discussing their romantic relationships.
Thanks to the 400+ Junior High School mathletes and their coaches for coming to our campus today and participating in the annual Junior High Math Contest! Also a big thank you to the IMSA students who gave tours, wrote all the questions, proctored and graded the exams, and to Dr. Condie, who supervised them!
I haven't played this much" I'll show you mine if you show me yours" since junior high
Ah the smell of Axe Phoenix fills the gym air, let's take a second and remember junior high P.E. and all that B.O.!
Found this photo of the pizza place on Normal St. that was near Ophelia Parrish. I have vague memories of it when I was a kid but I don't remember it being there when I was going to junior high, which would have been 1972-75. Does anyone know the name of the place?
So what is this that I'm hearing about a couple St Cloud schools being on lockdown due to a possible threat? They are saying it is Madison elementary and North junior high...?
Is anyone trying to play soccer tomorrow at the junior high?
I remember reading how crows could count in Junior High---weekly reader magazine!
LMS if you attend a Junior High School .
My fourth wcw is my Junior High School teacher Mrs Suzanne Wilson
Twenty some year old Jeremy who teaches the junior high SS class at our church is getting married to Lindsey the second Saturday of April. He has a well trained dog. They would like to rent an apartment in Whitney Point.Super nice couple. They'd be great tenants. Anybody know of an apartment there that they could have Jeremy's dog? Thought I'd ask!
Lexi has discount cards to sell to support Cade junior high athletics. $20 each & worth the savings! .99 sonic drinks, free pizza/ burgers, etc with equal or lesser purchase, Mumphords yummy bbq & more... Please LMK if interested! Thanks for your support!!
This Friday Night, JUNIOR High has a Game Night here at church from 7pm to 9pm! Invite a friend!
Junior Highers! Though we won't see you tonight, plan on being here this Sunday from 6-8 with Thirst for our Night of Worship with City On A Hill!!!
I don't know what to say about a beyond grown person who still types and write like they are in junior high. Leave the slang languages for them youngins. Th most y'all can do is to atleast look educated. people are watching, stop using poverty line languages, get you some business. Cousin is not spelled kuzin nor can't is "Kant!" I hate it when folks do that. Y'all mad?
Here at Warren Junior High, we will be collecting items in an effort to help support Hamshire-Fannett Elementary, the school that was impacted by the fire. Please send any items collected to the school and we will make sure it gets to H-F Elementary. Thank you for any support in this effort during this tough transition period for this school in need. These are the items that the school will need: OFFICE: Copy Paper (white and color), Pens (Red and Blue or Black), Scissors (regular), Staplers and Staples, Paper Clips, Tape and Dispensers, Sticky Notes, Large Dry Erase Boards. STUDENTS: Pencils, Spiral Notebooks, Crayons, Markers, Paint (Watercolor), Pencil Boxes, Glue (Elmers), Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Notebooks, Glue Sticks, Scissors (child), Pink Erasers, Construction Paper, Dry Erase Markers, Rulers. NURSE: Band Aids, Neosporin, Gauge, Alcohol Pads, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ice Packs.
Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday from 3:30-7:30 PM! Elementary conferences are scheduled with classroom teachers. Junior High and High School teachers will be in the elementary gym. A light supper will be served. School dismisses at the elementary at 3:10 and at the High School at 3:15 (it is the last school day of the week). A call will come to parents this evening as a reminder. See you tomorrow!
Had a meeting with the junior high and Pacheco high staff and it went exceptionally well we all decided including Ivan that he is going to take summer school so he can get his freshman history class out of the way so he can take an extra elective next year. I'm extremely happy to say that Ivan is doing awesome yet again he had another great report card he went from being on the high honors list to the highest honors list. I'm so very proud of you Ivan!!! I am one happy mother.
Wow you're really gonna get mad over that? Lmao seriously grow up were not in junior high
Volleyball Tryouts & Spring Season Attention 7th grade girls interested in playing volleyball next year: Tryouts will be held on May 13 at Washington Junior High School from 4-6. Please come to room 207 to pick up an informational packet about off season. If you have any question please see Coach Tabor in room 207.
Question on a topic I was reading about this morning--primary education. I should start with a disclaimer: I have no kids and I don't have (as Texans like to say) "a dog in this hunt" (or something like that). But I'm curious as to competing opinions about how kids are educated these days in the public school system. There is a great deal of press at the moment about something called "common core," a topic about which I know pretty much nothing, but am very curious about. What I do know is that my own personal experience (admittedly a long time ago) was that junior high and High School were almost exclusively about fact memorization and regurgitation. Did it, in fact, help me later in life to know long division, how to balance a chemical equation, or who the principal players were in the Missouri Compromise? Not a whole lot, truth be told. With the benefit of hindsight, two key things strike me as having been blatantly missing from my own education at that time: a) critical thinking, and b) how to work in ...
Junior High-PULSE is back on tonight. What does food coloring and a bottle of water have to do with sin? Come find out!
4 years ago today a friend of mine, Nicole King, was taken from life due to a drunk driver. I'm not going to lie and say we were best friends...we weren't; however, we were friends and that in itself is a jewel. To each other we were kindred spirits.sharing a love of dancing and a love of Mrs. Tillery and her junior high theater class. She was a bubbly young lady who truly lived the ideal of living life to its fullest! And no matter the time nor place, she could always make you smile! To all of us on earth, her death was a shock that tested our faith. Many have questioned God and even hated him for what he did; however, I would like to convey the idea that she is now happy, painless, and watching over us. Whether or not she is living is a mute point...she is in a better place that may cause many to grieve. I believe that she would want us to celebrate her past existence and her new existence in heaven. I believe this is not a time for mourning.instead, this is a time to be joyful for her impact on all our ...
We will miss you this Sunday night, but we hope that you have a great spring break! NO junior high gathering this Sunday night.
March 19th - Back in the Day 83 years ago . . . In 1931, Nevada LEGALIZED GAMBLING. 61 years ago . . . In 1953, the ACADEMY AWARDS bored television audiences for the first time. BOB HOPE was the host. 48 years ago . . . In 1966, TEXAS WESTERN became the first NCAA basketball team to startFIVE BLACK PLAYERS and win the National Championship. They upset the all-white favorites from the University of Kentucky, including a young and slick PAT RILEY. 33 years ago . . . In 1981, the first "Porky's" movie was released! "Sex and the City" star KIM CATTRALL played Miss Honeywell . . . a.k.a. Lassie, the randy gym teacher, and "Webster's" mom (SUSAN CLARK) played a stripper named Cherry Forever! ("Porky's" director Bob Clark and his son were killed in a collision with a drunk driver in April of 2007. Clark also directed "A Christmas Story", the original "Black Christmas" AND "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"!) 32 years ago . . . In 1982, RANDY RHOADS, the lead guitar player for OZZY OSBOURNE, was kille ...
ELEVATERS! Tonight - Worship, Rahab, Ruth, and Esther week 2, and a Junior High announcement! See you at 6:30!
Even though we fight like a bunch of junior high kids sometimes, I love my work family. Yes, I said "family". You people make working for IHOP one of my favorite jobs of all time. It may not be the most prestigious job, but I love it and will miss you all dearly.
Any Elementary or Junior High coaches out there interested in a Level 1 coaching designation? Basketball Nova Scotia is hosting a clinic at Memorial High School March 21 - 23/2014. This certification is the minimum requirement to coach at provincial competitions. Darren Gerrior from BNS puts on a great clinic. Message or text 578-6680 or email if you are interested slangley - Gerry Evans
And I thought an elongated second toe meant you were a lol... Oh junior high
Orlando public schools need to provide school buses for these junior high/ High School.cause this lynx bus just ain't working. See the way this set up.I need my car asap.this to much *** students on this bus.this generation so rude n disrespectful.
One of life's true downers is when you are down to the very last frozen dinner at the office. Gone are all the tasty meals - Salisbury steak, sweet and sour chicken, mac & cheese and you are left with some unknown chicken, or worse yet fish dish. I wish I had paid more attention in home economics class in junior high, those C (or worse) grades are really coming back to haunt me.
Going to the Dunmore School Board meeting tonight to try to get a Junior High Soccer Team. Any DGR Parents (and players) who want to come to show support, feel free to stop by. The meeting is at the DHS Cafeteria starting at 6:00PM sharp!
Here Come da Judge - March 19, 2014 "You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you pass judgment you do the same things. Now we know that God's judgment against those who do such things is based on truth So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God's judgment? Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you towards repentance?" - Romans 2:1-4 The title of this blog sounds familiar to those of us who grew up in the 50's and 60's. The saying "Here Come da Judge!" was actually coined by a black comedian, Pigmeat (Dewey) Markham. He first used the phrase on the Ed Sullivan show in the late 60's. The same phrase was made even more famous by Sammy Davis Jr. on Rowan and Martin's "Laugh In", and was also used by Flip Wilson on his show. Always got a laugh! We could all use that phrase, because we all make ourselves jud ...
Central Junior High School theater students are currently selling program ads for Annie, Jr, to be performed April 25th, 26th, and 27th. The deadline to buy an ad is April 1st. Full Page Ad $50, Half Page Ad $25, 1/4 Page Ad $12 and 1/8 Page Ad $8. If you're interested in purchasing an Ad contact a theater student, Mrs. Pietrantoni, or Mrs. Levanti. All proceeds go towards the cost of the production. These students are amazingly talented and would appreciate your support of the Arts in our school. Tickets for the production will go on sale April 1st in the CJHS office.
Busy busy busy.getting ready for Kennedy's birthday party on Saturday and then the junior high kids coming over after church on Sunday. Hoping for no rain this weekend!
I am thinking about getting a team together to walk in the relay for life out at waller Junior High School on May 2, 2014 starting at 6:00 pm. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. If you are interested in walking with us please let me know so I can see if we get enough interest for a team or if we should just join another team. This will be our first walk for Kailynn as she is a survivor!!!
Recently VFW Post Altoona was involved in a National Voice of Democracy Contest. VFW Post sponsored Maura Skelley, 8th Grade Student Altoona Area Junior High School, in the Patriots Pen Contest for Junior High School Students. The contest involved 8,881 students writing on the theme "What Does Patriotism Mean to Mem.". VFW Post is proud to announce Maura Skelley finished first in the State. Maura and her parents have been invited to attend the next monthly meeting of VFW Post on 03/24/14 1900hrs at the Catholic War Vets Building.
Regular services tonight at 6:30p. Junior High 6-8th in the Youth Building Senior High 9-12th in the Gym. Hangout before and after starting at 5:30p Hope to see you there!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
So glad the pool can host the Junior High PE class during our water aerobics class, so us fatties trying to get in shape can be mocked by tweens. Yay :|
The North Central Blood Drive will be held Friday, April 4th from 1:00-6:00 p.m. in the junior high gym. There is a sign-up sheet in the High School office. 16 year old students are only permitted to donate if they have completed a parent consent form. These forms may also be picked up in the office and returned to Mrs. Moore or Mr. Parrott. You will need to bring a form of ID the day of the blood drive. If you do not have ID and would like to give blood, please contact Mr. Parrott before April 4th. Please consider donating blood. The bad winter weather has cancelled many drives, and there is currently a shortage of blood. Help save a life!
To mount angus primary an junior high sch i'm praying for the best especially for my daughter julia for GSAT tomorrow and friday
Today's junior high track practice has been cancelled due to weather.
WARNING SOAPBOX TIME: Parents please stop allowing your children and teens to consume energy ( Red bull, Monster, 5 hour energy, etc.) drinks before they play a game or participate in a sport. Really they should not be drinking them period sport or no sport. If a player feels the need to have these drinks to find the energy to play then there is 1 of 2 problems. 1. They need to be better conditioned for the sport because no artificial stimulant should replace physical conditioning. 2. There is something wrong and they need to see a dr because a normal healthy child does not require these drinks to participate. It amazes me how many junior high and High School kids I see drinking these drinks and then go play a game. It can be a recipe for disaster. Water, water,water is the way to go. And if it is going to be very rigorous participation you can supplement one bottle water for a Gatorade/Powerade. I spoke to a couple this week that lost their 17 year old son last year during a baseball tournament after ...
My baby made history at (paw) her school , with the highest average in junior high n high
Just heard Ironic by Alanis Morrisette. Now THAT takes be back!! Junior high anyone???
Junior high tonight come watch the movie Frozen at Maddie (Jennie West) house 6 pm. Pizza and popcorn.
If you're looking for something to do Saturday, come to the winter guard show at CNS Junior high on Taft Road North Syracuse this Saturday at 4:00pm. Guard is definitely different from back in the day for us old dinosaurs but very impressive and enjoyable.
where having a paintball game this Sunday at tl in Florence we have lots of paint we sell on site and if you have hpa tanks we fill them at the course for free.give me a msg if you want more info thx. bags of paint are 15$ and we have winter paint we sell for 18.00 comment or msg if you wanna come Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High School 256 Park Road Florence Nova Scotia Canada B1Y 1N2 be hind there in the wood is were we play any new player that showed up last Sunday inbox me and ill invite you to our private page thx. the weather is starting to get better so we are going to be using different courses i will post locations to them soon.. and as of now were playing at tl.Sullivan if we change we will let you know players are looking good last two games in a row 25+ people showed up
Des Moines IA, here I come! Looking forward to working with North Central division ACDA junior high boychoir. Fun Vic fact - I was actually born in Waterloo IA, so this will be a bit of a homecoming for me!
By popular demand, Muskoka Woods is launching an ESL (English as a Second Language) program this summer! Junior High (ages 12-13) and Senior High (ages 14-17) guests can improve their conversational English in a camp setting through two hours of valuable English instruction each day. Register for the Fanatic ESL program today by contacting our Guest Relations Team at (416) 495-6960. Learn more:
Amazing!!! Brenda shared... I'm legally disabled with Fibromyalgia, Lupus, stenosis -for which I've had two huge recent surgeries- bursitis in my hips, Rheynaud's phenomenon and signed up for Plexus JUST to kill a Diet Coke habit, NOT to lose weight and having NO clue about others with pain issues that this helped. It was JUST to get off of Diet Coke. Within a week, I was off my 60mg a DAY of codeine, all muscle relaxers and Xanax. I started Plexus in the first week of January. My life was SAVED!!! ~ *Tuesday: 2.5 hours in the Mini Cooper, 4.5 hours walking around a PACKED Ft Worth Zoo and talking to the kids about the times my father had to push me around Sea World in a WHEELCHAIR, and here I was, hiking it through the day PAIN FREE No wheelchair. No walker. NO CANE! Then 2.5 hours back home, the same day, in the Mini. *Wednesday: My daughter is home from college and says, "Mom, you're freaking me out! Sit down! I'm not used to seeing you walking so much and not hobbling around the house!" *Friday: Three ...
Help needed this Friday evening at the junior high track meet . If you will be there and can spare some time between events or you just would like to help out, please come by to help! Field events start at 4:15 .
Ben Enriquez, Tommy Chavez, Randy Fritchie, and Eddie Saldana. Breakfast with some of my junior high and High School buddies fom Sierra Vista class of '72. Sorry Gary Repp and Randy Lorainne could not make it.
Community Impact at Pizza Ranch Pizza Ranch, 5011 E. 2nd St., hosts Community Impact nights from 5 to 9 p.m., on Mondays and Wednesdays. Members of nonprofit groups bus tables for tips, and 20 percent of meal tickets from diners who mention the group are donated as well. Dine in, delivery or pickup orders qualify. Here is the schedule: March 24, Set Free Church of Casper; March 26, UW/CC Round Table Honors Society; March 31, Centennial Junior High School Band.
I buy your newspaper each week and enjoy it, however I do wish you would publish something about the Nashville Junior High Track Meets. Thanks.
The first of our junior high open houses starts tonight! Join the staff of William D. Cuts at 7 pm (149 Larose Drive) to learn more about this great school. Cuts features our district's Hockey and Recreation Academy.
Nothing like going to work to make you feel like you are back in junior high. Blah
Code name Wendy, I used to wrestle my friends since Junior High just for the fun of it, we'd wrestle for hours every weekend and the whole summers. I could take on my friend who wrestled 3 years at the University of Wisconsin and hold on for a while, I couldn't overpower him, but he could work moves to kind of get an advantage, but he couldn't just whip me for anything. I whipped my cousin who wrestled 4 years in High School pretty easily, I should just learn jui jitsu and then I could just add the moves to the wrestling where appropriate. I could easily beat the guys at a amature club with just regular wrestling against their novice jui jitsu. I also throw 95 miles an hour, so if I could hit someone, it might knock their head off. How far along are you at your one part time?
JUNIOR HIGH YOUTH GROUP TONIGHT!! 6:30 - 8:00 @ The Shift Campus Don't miss out!!! Come join us for a night full of fun, friendships and Jesus!
The Central Arkansas Christian Schools Junior High Choir came to perform for us this morning. All 101 of them! They did a fantastic job. They are very talented. Thank you to their choir director, Janice Northern.
A busy Lenten Weekend ahead at Good Shepherd! We're praying for our 9th and 10th graders who will be going on Retreat this weekend; our 7th graders who are participating in Junior High Youth Day on Sunday; Our Elementary Students who will meet on Sunday afternoon and Adult groups who will be meeting for book club and to hear Dr Michael McKale speak at Damon's on College Avenue on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. God bless us all!
Thank you to East Coast Credit Union for volunteering today at Ellenvale Junior High School with the Economics for Success program! Today we worked with over 160 students in the HRM discussing budgets, taking opportunities and workplace readiness!
So, favourite voice actors thread! I don't nearly have enough experience with Japanese voice actors to know enough of them or about them to talk about my favourites, but I know English voice actors. Let's not make this into subs vs dubs, just talk about your favourite voice actors, whether they are Japanese or western. Wendee Lee - "I'm Haruhi Suzumiya, from East Junior High. First off, I'm not interested in ordinary people. But, if any of you are aliens, time-travelers, or espers, please come see me. That is all!" The queen of English dubbing, as of April 2009(most recent I could find proper statistics), with 223 credits to her name, she has more credits in this medium than any other English voice-over actor. Major roles include Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, Takeru "T.K." Takaishi from Digimon Adventures and Haruhi Suzumiya rom the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the specific role I chose to highlight in the quickly put together image accompanying this post. She is also an experienced ADR director ...
OK Everyone, I need your help! If you have a child in junior high or High School at Carbon Hill will you please ask them to be on the lookout for someone with a white IPhone 4. When it was stolen Monday night it had a black and blue survivor case on it. I have the serial number for the phone, it is my sons and I want it back! It was taken from the blue gym in Carbon Hill. There were only 10-15 people there so it shouldn't be hard to figure out who got it. Thank you for your help! :-)
LEI Feng: A Legend of a Chinese Soldier by The SCOLA Symposium Recently, a SCOLA provider from China shared the following with us about LEI Feng, a Chinese soldier that is famous in his country: “Someone who is alive has been dead; someone who is dead has been alive” these two lines are from the well-known poem “Someone” written by Zang Kejia, a famous modern Chinese poet. LEI Feng , a simple Chinese soldier belongs to the latter, he passed away 52 years ago, but he is still alive in the Chinese people’s mind. During his 22 years’ short life, LEI Feng created a legend of a Chinese soldier. He did not perform a world-shaking deed, all he had done were simple things which reflected his selfless and noble personality. He considered himself a son of the Chinese people, and served the country and its people wholeheartedly. He loved all jobs that were assigned to him. “Be a useful person to the society” is what he wrote in his diary. Born into a poor peasant family on December 18, 1940, LEI Feng ...
VIDEO UPDATE: Here's the latest information about the HAZMAT Situation at Hood Junior High.
Omg I'm in junior high... how did that happen... :-P :-)
Okay friends I need your help. Men and women please! On Saturday I am addressing Junior High girls about clothing and self esteem. Our program is set BUT if you could tell them one thing about this topic what would it be? I don't want to miss an opportunity so I thank you in advance!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
We are looking for Mansfield area people who went to school in Mansfield (elementary, junior high, High School who graduated between 1965 and 1969 to add to the group. The group is called: Mansfield Area High Schools from 1965 to 1969. If you see someone in the group with whom you are friends; they can add you to the group. You may also be able to go to the group and request to be added.
Junior High Sweethearts, are now officially engaged! Can't express how proud I am of these 2! Love you both so very much!
Today's Outreach: Teen 411 at Arroyo Seco Junior High School. We'll be educating teens about healthy living. Lunchtime Madness at Rancho Pico Junior High School. We'll be bringing together teens from different peer groups for pizza and a game to help them learn how to communicate and interact with others.
Junior high LiveWire tonight! Spring break fun! Bring a friend and see who wins an AMC movie ticket ( Hint: it will be the person with the strongest stomach) 6:30-8:30
Mark your calendars now for Sunday April 13 and the senior steak dinner from 11 - 1:30 at the junior high cafeteria. Tickets are $12/$10 in advance or a dollar more at the door. See any senior or Allison Johnston or Kim Kimbrough.
First Junior High Boys & Girls Track practice today after school. 2:45-4:15pm.
My dads 1960 Impala and 1946 Harley, *** hes had these since i was in junior high.
APRIL HAPPENINGS EARLY DISMISSAL AT 1PM ~ THURSDAY, APRIL 3 Please make a note that on Thursday, April 3 students will be dismissed at 1:00 pm to provide teachers with professional learning time. Extended Day will be available. PASSION PLAY ~ FRIDAY, APRIL 4 Please plan on attending our Annual Passion Play on Friday, April 4 at either 1:00 or 7:00 pm in church. Our Junior High students have worked very hard in preparing for this beautiful presentation of Jesus’ last days. A Fish Fry is also set for Friday, April 4. Stop by for dinner before the Passion Play. EASTER BREAK • EARLY DISMISSAL ~ HOLY THURSDAY, APRIL 17 There will be an early dismissal at 11:30 am on Thursday, April 17. The afternoon session of Extended Day will not be available for students. Easter Break begins. • NO SCHOOL ~ FRI, APRIL 18 THROUGH FRI, APRIL 25 • CLASSES RESUME ~ MONDAY, APRIL 28
I met this kid in junior high, started dating him in High School and in three days I will marry him!
NO 180 (Junior High Youth Group) tonight. But don't forget the 180 - Thirst Worship Night this Sunday at 6pm in the Sanctuary!
First Junior High track meet today at Cascade. Go Tigers! :)
Wall Junior High Cotton Patch Relays Event Schedule March 20, 2014 2:30 Scratch Meeting – Fill in entries Participants will get three attempts; Finals only. 3:30 Field Events Pole Vault – We are going to start the pole vault at 5’ and your vaulter can come in at any...
Good to be part of this group! When I went to this school it was named Northwest Junior High! Favorite teacher was Sr. Maria, Texas history!
The junior high winter sports assembly will be in the big gym on Friday, March 21, at 2:15 p.m. Sports recognized will be boys and girls basketball and wrestling.
Just had a dream that I was back in junior high. I was talking to my Counselor about my future. Then woke up with my face on my daughters Doc Mcstuffins pillow and one of her dolls jabbing into my stomach. Pretty sure I just traveled through time.. Not sure so I'll be going back now goodnight!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wow..what a super day this is going to be..and the weather is even making a beautiful start..the sun is shining, the birds are singing and chirping..and Juvanne..Claudia and LT..are on their way..we are going to make Rice Tortilla Shells...then we will eat our self made lunch. .What a way to catch up with classmates from Junior High!!!
Congratulations to Johnathan Keeler on being an outstanding student at Centralia Junior High School. He was recognized this morning at the Illinois Principals Association-Kaskaskia College Region -Student Recognition Breakfast
ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! I'm finding it hard to believe that there isn't one person out there that doesn't have a room that can take Lohen and I in for a while. We really need your help! Please consider this and spread the word. We would be so grateful. Please help me to let Lohen finish his last year in junior high. We are desperate.
Metal Music Can Be Good For You Wander the grounds of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, currently zig-zagging the country, and you see metal fans in the parking lot bare-chested, sunburned and passed out drunk in the middle of the afternoon. Once inside, there are hordes of kids sporting black t-shirts adorned with macabre and occult imagery. And on three different stages, a variety of musicians in bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Machine Head and Amon Amarth, play buzzing, snarling guitars and machine-gun beats while their singers scream and roar with the intensity of bound, beaten captives shouting for rescue. To those on the outside, the metal world is an ugly scene inhabited by misanthropes, misfits and non-conformists that bucks authority at every turn. Yet for all of its hostility and blatant nonconformity, metal is a panacea for its followers, the only way to make sense of a chaotic, callous society in which they don’t fit. “I get kids come up to me all the time who tell me t ...
My son Ken Donovan Landis is graduating Junior High School tomorrow but it feels like i'm more excited than😛
Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of junior high students getting in front of me in the Starbucks line. I need it more and faster.
B-PC Braves Junior High Track shirts are available. Order yours today:
Oh how I miss Junior High School.the days when our major decisions of the day were just this. 1. Which Umbro shorts and which Umbro shirt would I be wearing today.??? 2. Asics or Adidas?? 3. Salad bar or hot plate? .but definitely chocolate milk. 4. Who is selling those & cream suckers for $1.and what flavor should I get? Peaches and cream? Blueberries and cream? Or strawberries and cream? Today's problem.where can I get those *** suckers? I miss them! Oh yeah.and that adult daycare that I signed up for called work!
(NEW CASTLE) - The Mitchell Junior High dance team placed first in the Indiana High School Dance Team Association's state finals Saturday.
Old Orchard, Wiley Canyon, and Peachland School 5th and 6th grade student council members shadowed Placerita Junior High ASB members for a whole school day last week. Students got to see what Junior High School is really like - through brunch, an academic class, ASB, and lunch together. The smiling faces and active participation tell it all.
Our twinkies welcome you to the jungle we call junior high!!!
This past weekend, junior high youth participated in a sabbath retreat where they learned to slow down and to honor themselves in body, mind, and soul. The youth dedicated intentional time to silence, prayer, worship, and play in order to experience rest.
Both of the junior high volleyball teams improved their records to 6-0 on the season with wins over Hayti last night. Their next contest will be Thursday at Campbell. Game time is 6:00 p.m.
The Nixa Fire District was dispatched to a fire in the area east of the Nixa Junior High at 2:33 am. Calls to 911 were unsure of the exact location, but believed it was a house fire. Nixa crews arrived within 4 minutes to find one home in the 500 blk of North Hillcrest on fire and spreading quickly to the neighboring home. Nixa firefighters quickly evacuated the family of 4 with no injuries reported. It was discovered the occupant of the original house fire was not home at the time. Both families are getting assistance from the Red Cross. Due to the high winds and two homes involved, the fire was escalated to a 3rd alarm. Eight fire departments from Christian and Greene County assisted with over 35 firefighters on the scene. No firefighters were injured and the fire was under control at 3:45 am. All of the occupants, including their pets are safe. Both homes are a total loss, however some personal items in the second home are salvageable.
On Sunday, March 30th, Jack and Willow return for another crazed episode of "Do You Know Jack?" Radio Show. Jack takes things back to his 80's roots to chat with Carlos Cavazo (formerly of Quiet Riot and currently of RATT). Carlos chats about his experiences in both bands and gives us an update on RATT in the studio as well as their up and coming appearance on the Monsters Of Rock CRUISE. Later on, Jack complains about being in the local "gaming shop" where there was a girl blatantly bragging about not understanding Star Wars. There's also plenty of other 80's talk as Jack discusses his memories of *GASP* Junior High! Sunday 7pm CDT
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Working with Junior High students in detention almost makes you wish corporal punishment was still allowed in school.
I went to National City Junior High for most of my Junior High years. Places like Roberto's and Tina's Delicious Lumpia were must go to places in Jr. High and High School. This was true of us that were into cruising. Those of us that frequented places like Stratus or The Zodiac would often be found at Roberto's at 2:30 getting our grub on. As I entered my 20s and went to places like Diego's in PB or Confetti's in the valley, we'd hit Roberto's just off the Boardwalk in Mission Beach. We'd grab a bite and sit on the boardwalk wall or on a blanket on the sand. What were your favorite post-club eateries or hang outs?
Good luck Junior High today in baseball against Oak Grove-Drumright
Today is the Ground Breaking Ceremony of The Checago Bright Foundation, Inc. Water and Sanitation project in Gbatala, Bong County ( David Fejue Elementary and Junior High School). We are scheduled to begin the construction of a four (4) room modern latrine and a hand pump on Saturday, March 15, 2014...This project will benefit approximately 5, 631 residents but most importantly the 1, 202 students and 27 instructors who have to use the surrounding bushes to defecate and seek water at an alarming distance. The Black Mamba or Black Cobra is very common in this area to an extent that former President Charles Taylor's elite security forces " Anti Terrorist Unit ( ATU) was commonly called "Cobra Base." It is reported that many people using the bushes to defecate have been bitten by cobras. This threatens the daily survival of the people. Thanks for your continuous support and I will keep you updated on our upcoming projects and 2nd Annual Charity Gala ( April 12, 2014).
Junior High practice will be cancelled today. Plan on practice being the gym tomorrow after school.
Rocky River, Ohio, USA: Rocky River is on Lake Erie just west of the Rocky River. I grew up in this western suburb of Cleveland in the 1960's and 1970's. From 1960-1973 our family lived at 20689 Beachcliff Blvd. which is near Rocky River Park. From 1973 on we lived at 21508 Avalon Drive, right on the lake. Rocky River was a great place to be a kid. I walked to school. First to Kensington Elementary School, then the Junior High and the High School. My early friends were Stevie Strawbridge, Eric Olson, Phillip Flanagan, Scott Rudge, Curt McKnight, Buddy McKenna and Rick Donaldson. Later on I became pals with Joe Shaffer, Joe Novak, Marko Bodor and Keith Eucker. We played a lot of baseball at Rocky River Park in the summer. Guys like Doug Kurkul, John "Meat-horse" Carrochia, John Corpus, Scott Haven and Robert "Wobbit" Van Niel among others. Those were good times and a lot of fun. We also played football at Elmwood Park and basketball at the High School. We used to go ice skating and snow sledding ...
WRESTLING NEWS On March 22nd we will be hosting a Youth/Old Timers wrestling tournament in Tarkio at the Heartland Rec Center at the old college It will be open to all wrestlers from pre-school to 99+ years of age with the exception of current college participants. Walk-ins the day of the tournament will be accepted as long as you weigh in on time so that we can build a bracket. Trophies and medals will be awarded to all participants. We hope that this will be the start of an annual event. If you know of any wrestlers, parents or coaches that might be interested, please pass this along. If you need an entry form to copy just send me a message me here with your E-mail address and I will send you one.Thank You I have included the basic information below. _ HEARTLAND REC WRESTLING TOURNAMENT Youth--Junior High--High School--Old Timers DATE: Saturday March 22, 2014 @ Heartland Recreation Center, 300 N 13th St, Tarkio, MO ENTRY FEE: $15.00 Pre-registered. Mail or E-mail LATE ENTRIES & WALK- INS $20.00 Make che ...
You guys are in High School and throwing up this *** *** immature drama, like even I grew out of drama and I'm in Junior High still.
After three days I've finally figured out what connectors I need to hook up my solar gear and its peripherial devices. This was really the hardest part because there is such a variety of connectors, its difficult to know where to look, for what is appropriate to your application. My project and all of its ramifications is a done deal. Three Cheers for Joe's Junior High...
Announcements for February 26th: Basketball Tournament - March 8th @ UCI The ARC - 8 a.m. - 9p.m. ALL DAY EVENT - If you haven't made your t-shirts yet, better make it soon! - Don't forget to turn in your team money either! Talk to your team captain about how much it costs. AACF T-Shirt Orders - T-Shirt: $8 - Baseball Tee: $10 - Tank: $10 - Crewneck Sweatshirt: $12.50 - Hoodie Sweatshirt: $18 - Sign up on the google docs!! Mt. Hermon Cabin Leading - If you're interested in being a cabin leader for Junior High at Mt. Hermon, talk to Traci Matsushima or Matt Asami - Information meeting this Sunday from 1-3 p.m. at Wintersburg Presbyterian Church! Spring Retreat - Location: Tahquitz Pines - Thursday-Saturday, April 3rd - April 5th - Cost: $140 (early bird by Wednesday March 12th) - Late bird cost: $150 (Last day, March 19th) - Scholarships are available and are due on the early bird registration. - Turn in your forms AND money to retreat team. Bethany Shimoda, Edith Jou, Chrisaput Sean, Claire Hirano, Chris ...
Attention Limelighters that are currently attending a District 308 Junior High: Oswego East Drama is looking for junior high actors/singers to perform in the orphanage/food glorious food scene. If you are interested please contact the choir/ drama teacher at your school. If you are going to the Jr High Fine Arts Festival on Saturday, there will be an opportunity to sign up there too!
While teaching at youth group tonight, this VERY shocking reality was brought to my attention: Many of today's Junior High & High School students haven't seen Space Jam.
Wrestling starts Friday at 6pm at the Florence High School Gym for Beginners and Novice. Saturday at 9am for Novice, Middles and Junior High. See you there!!
Excited to have 15 Junior High youth visiting First Unitarian Church of St. Louis this Sunday as part of Neighboring Faiths. Thanks to Kim, Curtis, and Denise for leading this outing.
I was in Junior High and my brother Jose Olivas came home from college (UofA) and he was driving his boss’s green VW bug with bright flowers painted all over. We found out later he painted it without his bosses permission but that is, Jose, that is a different story (no, he wasn’t arrested his boss thought it was cool). He was listening to some very strange music. The songs I recall the most awesome were: No Woman No Cry, Redemption song, and Buffalo Soldier. Yes it was Bob Marley. My brother Alex and I laughed so hard. Little did we know these were song that had meaning far beyond our comprehension- Simple things like Peace, Civil rights, War, Equality, Strength, Humility. During one of his visits back home he gave me this book. He told me it was about someone that was mutated because of Growth Hormones. Ok, I was a Jock, I barely knew how to read and trust me, if it didn’t have to do with pumping iron I wanted nothing to do with it. I read the book (I bet you want to know the title, sorry, that is ...
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Congratulations to B-PC Junior High 8th Grader Brynna Keithley for winning the McDonough County Spelling Bee for the second year in a row! Brynna will represent McDonough County at the 54th Grand Spelling Bee, hosted by the Peoria Journal Star, on March 21, 2014 in Peoria, Illinois. The winner of the Grand Spelling Bee will earn a trip to the Scripps National Bee in Washington D.C.
I just want to announce we had two awesome youth groups yesterday. Junior High had a great discussion concerning social outreach, our own lives, and what local and global hunger look like (especially as it relates to the Crop Walk in a couple weeks) and how they relate to Christian mission, followed by some fun games. Senior High didn't have any games, but we had an incredible conversation about who and what God means to us, how do our opinions relate to our culture, our friends who might have different opinions, and what does the relationship between science and faith mean for us. Really good conversation (plus full of many jokes and good laughs). Anyway, both EYGs looked exactly like what youth group ought to look like. Affirming of the need to have youth groups, and fulfilling of the work done in youth group.
Anthony Jones, I heard about a rolling shutter when I was doing Yearbok in Junior High. Didn't realize something like this could actually happen.
The Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball games are on for this evening. There will be no JV or Junior High games tonight.
I knew I should checked the Junior High band calendar! I have a set of tickets to see the great John Hiatt perform on Wednesday, Feb. 26th at the Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove. If interested, let me know. Could be a great Valentine's Day gift!
Duck Dynasty Club TONIGHT!. Junior High students come dressed in your best duck dynasty gear, to win…
Do you remember how big of a leap it was from Elementary to Junior High? The moment it really hit home was probably in the first semester of grade eight, when we were assembled in the gym, and Mr Carlin introduced the student council president (or something or other), Wyckham Porteous, who got up and took over the microphone. I don't know if it hurts the story to say that I have no memory whatsoever of what he was actually talking about – Amchitka? Pollution? The whales? I don't know - no idea. But he gets all pumped up and starts yelling for a student walk-out and THEN - on the mic at a very good volume - he let's fly with the F-word!!! In Junior High! I remember sitting on a bench thinking that I'd just walked across the street from Beaver Cleaver's primary school to the campus riots at Berkeley, with Wyck Porteous as Abbie Hoffman. In the words of Buffalo Springfield, “There's somethin' happening here – what it is ain't exactly clear...” with Dale Millward Picketts
Congratulations to all the Junior High and High School students who participated in the Broward County Science Fair. Here are pictures of a few of our great students! Best of luck to you all!
Mohawk Warrior Wrestlers Vs. Allen East Friday February 7TH Junior High 6pm High School will follow In the MCI Gym (former High School gym) Admission price- $5 The special night includes: *Fan Appreciation Dinner Mohawk wrestling fans are invited to a FREE spaghetti dinner open from 5-5:45pm in the bingo hall Drinks available at concession stand table service will be provided Biddy Night: All Mohawk Biddy wrestlers get into the match free. Spotlight Match When wrestling starts, the lights go out. A single spot light will illuminate the mat. FREE neon necklace 1st 200 Fans Post-Match Adult Social at the American Legion in Sycamore
The Original Masterpiece! Exclusive content only available at Movies & Music You Seek ''If you love The Hunger Games, Battle Royale sets the Original stage. One of the best - and most violent - genre films ever made. It's also a *** of a lot of fun.'' - Entertainment Weekly A 4 Disc Collector's Edition ! One Of The Most Controversial Film Series Of All Time In 2000, director Kinji Fukasaku unleashed BATTLE ROYALE, his violently poetic epic about an innocent group of Junior High students forced by the government to hunt and kill their classmates for sport. It was nominated for 10 Japanese Academy Awards, launched a global phenomenon, and banned from screens by frightened civic groups and distributors across America. Three years later, the equally disturbing sequel -- featuring a new class, new rules, and a brutal terrorist plot by the first film's young survivors -- triggered its own tragic firestorm around the world. Now for the first time ever, you can see it all: Experience the entire BATTLE ROYALE sag ...
Junior High...these are Junior High band students playing Dies Irae by Verdi and Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles... I'm duly impressed
There was a Best of Show winner and a Gold Medal winner for High School, Junior High, and Elementary, respectively. Each piece moves on to compete against pieces from other schools at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Each of these students will receive tickets to attend the awards ceremony at HLSR on March 8, where they will receive a trophy (BOS) or medal (Gold Medal) and find out if their pieces won any other awards while in Houston. The winners were: Kyle Chumchal,grade 11, High School Best of show. Title "Overgrown". Ramzie Samhouri, grade 12, High School Gold Medal. Title "The Riverwalk". Gabrielle Garcia, grade 8, Junior High Best of Show. Title "Ready, Set, Go!" Azucena Villafuerte, grade 8, Junior High Gold Medal. Title "Happiness." Sadie Bell, Kindergarten, Elementary Best of Show. Title "Riding Double." Alexia Ramirez, grade 4, Elementary Gold Medal. Title "Sunset at the Indian Village." The other pieces from our district (the ones that did not move on to Houston) are on display at ...
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Jenna Bush Hager on The Today Show. But sometimes I think she talks like a Junior High girl who has a retainer in her mouth. Does anybody else notice this?
Weekend Update! We leave EAHS at 7 am sharp! On Sunday morning. We will travel to Rancho Cordova High School. 1st Game vs. Sacramento Eagles on Field 6 at 10:00 am 2nd Game vs Mother Lode (long rivalry with them) at 12:00 also on field 6. 3rd game will start at 12:40 if we are playing for 5th/6th 1:20 if we are playing for 3rd/4th 2:00 if playing for the Championship. Games are 30 minutes long, we will head home directly. Junior High team will play on Field 5 with a 9:20 Start.
Now watching, Gifted Hands A Ben Carson Story, I remember Mrs. Smith made us watch this in Junior High! Best movie ever
Back at it tonight. CK vs Bellarmine Prep. C team plays at 5:15 at CK Junior High. JV plays at 5:15 at CK High School and Varsity plays at 7:00 at CK High School. Come support the Cougs.
Junior High girls BB game vs. North Central has been cancelled for Jan 7
The Mile High Challenge has begun at Tim's Toyota Center where wrestling fans will have the chance to see athletes from around the state compete in two full days of matches. 33 varsity squads, more than 20 JV teams, and several Junior High teams will be showcased, along with an Embry Riddle VS Simon Fraser match today at 4 pm See for all the info
Welcome, Manuel J. Lucero a sports official for 23 years, owner of, announcer for Pro-View Networks (sports). He's worked in education for 18 years, 14 of which were in administration. Lucero is originally form San Jose, NM and a graduate of Valley Elementary and Junior High there. San Jose is a rural community along the Pecos in the Villanueva Valley which has produced many great prep players, although he denies being one of them. He went to West Las Vegas High (1982-85), served in both the Navy and Army, is a Desert Storm veteran (spooky). He's a graduate of New Mexico Highlands (BA, MA) and currently worked on a doctorate from Grand Canyon University. And he says he's retired, if you can call working on a doctorate retired, and doing hoops play by play. Amazing, Manuel. A doctorate? Arriba y adelante! Viva Vaqueros de NMHU. Viva San Jo. Viva WLV Dons. Did I mention that Manuel was principal at Armijo Elementary in the Albuquerque South Valley, about two miles from my old house on misnamed .. ...
Well... this year was far cooler than I could have ever guessed! Not only, after years of prayer, we welcomed my precious Savanna Rayne into the world... but we close out 2013 expecting lil' Madison Ryleigh in late spring! In 2013, I saw several dreams become reality when the Alpha Chapter of Kappa Sigma Chi Fraternity initiated our first Pledge Class (Go Knights!), the OKC Flotilla of the Coast Guard Auxiliary elected me to serve as Commander and I moved another step closer to completing my College degree. Looking ahead, 2014 marks my fifth wedding anniversary to my best friend, Crystal, my oldest kiddo... Ms. Taylor Ford completes her High School education and my boy Nickolas enters the real Junior High ranks! I can't wait to see the surprises that the new year holds and I hope you all have an amazing & blessed 2014!
Events: 12/19/13 - Meet & Greet-Dinner Dance 12/20/13- Class Cook-out Happy Hour - Dinner @ Vince Carter Restaurant Campbell Street Holiday Dance @ Dickerson Center 12/21/13 - Sunday Church Service @ Allen Chapel AME, Dinner at Piccadilly Some of us met at Kindergarten, some of us met at Elementary School, most of us met at Junior High and we remained "Classmates True & United".
And, we all need to remember. THE RESULTS ARE NOT IN YET... For all the mothers in the world who have been here, or close to here The Results are Not All In Yet By Janet Thompson Stepping out the door with my dinner date, I almost didn't lift the upstairs phone. On the downstairs extension, I overheard my 16-year-old son making a deal for my 13-year-old daughter to take drugs to sell at her Junior High. Shaken, I silently hung up, speechless at what I had just heard. “I'll have to deal with this in the morning when I can think straight.” In denial, I evaded. About a month before, my dad, forever an alcoholic, was dumped bag and baggage on my front porch by his exhausted third wife. He was found collapsed in the gutter, midday on a busy street. I had just gone to court to have him legally committed to an institution for his safety. The rest of my family hadn't supported me with it, not wanting “to get involved.” * * * I was taught, and always believed, that we are responsible for more than just ou ...
Bowlegged Lou >My boy for life since Junior High School>Sir Neil Grant !! Love this brother !!
Birthdate 18 September 1990   Birthplace Bangkok, THA   Origin Bangkok, THA   Languages THA & ENG, all other Europeans are only a little   Why McPie It's a parody word of "Magpies", the word that represent Newcastle United   Why Red? Because I felt that the Reds are the one who always suffered, and I never saw the Democrat Party done any good thing since I was child   Gender I counted myself as "tomboyish female who born as a male"   Sexual Orientation Female, both naturally and transgendered, just nice enough   Prefer to be male or female Obviously female, male just for live in each day, but I enjoyed it sometimes   Unbelieveable Truth I have one friend when I was in Junior High, now she is the TV Drama Actress   Favourite Actor If you mean actress, you have to give me A4 paper to listed   Favourite Sportsperson If you mean female sportsperson, you have to give me another A4 paper   Favourite Artist Mostly 1960s Songs, Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, and some young ladies of this century   Idol ...
Remember, you went from Junior High into High School and you heard Chris Collinsworth's voice trying to be manly. Never changed :)
Junior High parents we need donations and concession stand workers for Saturday's wrestling event. Both Amy White- Sarge and I have our children wrestling at the South Side tournament so we are asking that the junior high parents help work. Please let one us know if you are able. Thank you.
Greetings all! Several key points of important information leading into Thanksgiving Break. High School and Junior High Band: 1) This week students received information on both Pep Band and our King's Island trip. Please make sure you look over things and return the items as necessary. 2)Pep Band is currently not required for either High School or Junior High. HOWEVER, if we do not have enough students it will become a requirement. Please make sure you sign up! 3) Tomorrow students will be receiving information regarding report time(6:00 JH students and 6:15 HS students) and dress code for our Dec. 10th concert. Please make sure you know your times! 4) Congratulations to Halley Diehl, Stefanie Jacobs, and Kendyl Peverly who will be participating in the Capital University Honor Band tomorrow. Stefanie and Kendyl have also been accepted into the OMEA District X Honor Band on December, 7. Congrats ladies! 5th and 6th Grade Band: I have been sending out weekly practice assignments via email. If you have not b ...
I've been challenged by Rick Womble to play the "x"# of things you don't know about me game… he gave me the number 8: 1. I am a lifelong Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan - Books, TV and Movies. I read Tolkien in Junior High and have a 1st edition, 1st Printing of the Silmarillion. Still watch all the new shows...Heinlein has never been topped... 2. Woodworking is my hobby and I have an extensive shop and all my fingers (so far). I make all kinds of things from bowls to furniture 3. I qualified expert with a wide variety of weapons from pistol to M-1 Tank. 4. I am prepared for the zombie apocalypse. I have a weapons collection + ammo. See 3. 5. I collect any and all kinds of St George paraphernalia. Posters, prints, statues, Russian boxes, etc. Recently picked up a hand-carved wooden statue in the Black Forest region of Germany. 6. My family (Wells, Bond, Kilgores) came to America in the 1600s. They fought in the Revolutionary War starting with Kings Mountain. The Kilgore/Wells clans settled the area near Cumb ...
These girls are awesome! Come see them live this Thursday at 6:00 pm at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Rolla. They are worth it alone, but you can hear OneVoice from Millikin and the RCAS Jazz Choir, RHS Chamber Choir and the Junior High School kids as well!
So here is 15 things you didn't know about me, thank you to my dear friend, Jane M Haugen for the wow it's alot. 1) I was born breach, yes of course I came out feet first, no surprise right! 2) My mom named me after a regular dancer on American Bandstand. 3) I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian. 4) I love to fish, as a child I always liked bating everyone's hook with the worm. 5) I was a baton twirler in elementary school and marched in many parades. 6) My nickname was Chester, in Junior High, because I had NO boobs. 7) I played Clarinet and was in the marching band in 7th grade. 8) My first kiss was at a Holloween party and I was dressed as a Martian, green face and all. (Very traumatic to this day when I think of it) 9) I use to own a horse and rode daily. 10) I am obsessed with Little People and can't help myself!!! aka dwarfs or midgets. 11) In my early 20's I was a breeder and showed American Staffordshire Terriers. Had 2 male champions and 1 female champion. 12) I am a great baker OK cook and complet ...
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I got the number 6. (I rambled, didn't spell check or worry about punctuation. If that bothers you please don't read.) Ha 1) my dad has 1 brother and 3 sisters. He is the second youngest and his little sister is 2.5 years younger than him. I have the exact same scenario with my siblings ! 2) I have learned that nothing really matters if you can't be there for your family. Usually that requires having to swallow your pride, be forgiving and looking at the big picture. An example would be that you are upset at someone and want to make them suffer a bit (whatever that may be) but if you think about who else will be hurt in the process then you will realize that it is never worth it. Think...will this hurt my kids? 3) I once was afraid I would be jumped by a gang in Junior High until I told my dad. He said," nobody messes with my family.". (Long story short, I was never afraid again.) 4) I'm a momma's boy. I always have been and I always will be. 5) I am very protective of my family. It started with whooping ...
Okay. I've been given the number four by a friend, so here goes four more things you might not know about me. 1) I was student council president of my Elementary school.My ONLY dabble in politics. 2) I had a HUGE crush on Ali McGraw (Love Story) in Junior High. 3) I worked in a cigarette factory the summers during my undergraduate college years. Don't miss that. 4) I fainted during a driver's ed film in High School. Nothing like looking at accident victims to get the blood flowing.right out of the brain!
OK Gina Rambo Neuendorff 1. I was named after Stephanie Lynn “Stevie” Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. 2. My middle name is from my paternal grandmother Katherine Mae Hornby. 3. I've lived in 3 states. All before the age of 10. 4. Since I lived in 3 states I have lived on the east and west coast and in the central US. 5. I’ve been to Canada but I was young so I don’t remember it. 6. Always wanted a horse but when it came time to decide what to do with the money I had saved up I was responsible and used it for college expenses. 7. I've been to almost half the states in the US and I would love to visit them all. 8. I flew for the first time by myself this year and it was fun! 9. I used to want a Volkswagen bug. This was an obsession for years. 10. I had a hamster named Legolas when I was around Junior High age. 11. Most spiders don’t freak me out but I absolutely hate daddy long legs. They are way too creepy! 12. I can sleep anywhere; train, planes, bus, etc.
Janet Long Smithee gave me 1. My family is my life. I just love and cherish all my family get togethers and reunions. 2. I married the love of my life Dennis, a wonderful, caring hard working guy. He will do anything for anyone. 3. I lived in San Jose California for 22 years. 4. I love the new Castle Red Hurricanes. My family and me are big part of the Red Hurricanes. I was a majorette in Junior High for Ben Franklin Patriots, and a color guard for the Red Hurricane Band. My father held the chains at taggert stadium. My brother announces all the football games and basketball games at all home games. My other brother works in the press box with him. Both of my brothers played for the Red Hurricane football team. My sister was a majorette. 5 There is a hand drawn picture of my mother on every jar of Mama Pia's Sauce. (The best sauce in a jar on the market. 6. In 2010 I had the lapband surgery and lost 74lbs. 7. I miss my Aunt, cousins and all my friends in California. 8. I have 2 Chihuahua' ...
I have not done anything like this in a while. Joleene Naylor gave me the number 11 even though she knows good and well how I tend to be a little to wordy with these things. Anyway it was fun to share a little about myself. 1. I prefer fruit flavored desserts to chocolate ones. For example I would rather have a cherry cheese pastry. Keep those chocolate frosted donuts to yourself. 2. I can play the Fluxx card games for hours. Fun stuff. 3. I’m a big fan of gravy. I think it’s ready to make a comeback. 4. Put that gravy on real mashed potatoes. I thumb my nose at the instant stuff. Thumbing ones nose is not a pleasant experience. You should never make anyone do that. 5. I sang in chorus in my Junior High, but my Senior High Drama teacher requested that I lip-synch during a High School musical production of Oliver. 6. I can not run long distances because my flat feet give me shin splints. When I was in the military I would lap swim for my physical readiness test. Now I lap swim to relax. 7. ...
Praise the Lord, it's SUNDAY! We look forward to worshiping with you this morning Faith Chapel Wesleyan Church. 9 am - The Gathering, Hymns and Prayer 9:15 am - The Gathering Small Group Bible Study for Children, Junior High, High School, Women & Coed Adult 10:30 am - Worship & The Word of God with Pastor Josh as he continues his series on the book of Acts 11 am - Children's Church
Yesterday, the Junior High won ALL basketball games!! C,B, and A team boys won! B and A team girls won!! Good job, Buffaloes! 🏀
I KNO *** remember days like dese lol Junior High and High School was fulla crazy times
Rivers state is where ull find a Junior High student tht already hs beards n serious bumps. When he get 2 college wat will he hv? Goitre???☹
Oh no! Junior High must go Muslim. Write Governor Pat Quinn! Stop the insanity! No child of mine, etc.
RV Homecoming week. Get it started right here at the Java Hub tomorrow morning. We want to see your school spirit! Junior High show us your Nerd outfits and High School your best Grease outfit. We will be giving away a FREE drink to one JR High and one High School student we vote best dressed for the theme! Spread the word!
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