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June Cleaver

June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver is a principal character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

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I sometimes long for the clean kitchen days of June Cleaver, who surely kept it on point.
they can try... and wake up in jail next to big butch women that make Rosie & Whoopi like like June Cleaver
It makes me snicker every time June Cleaver says, "hope you weren't to *** the beaver" 😂😂😂
I wasted 5 years in an abusive marriage where I was expected to be June Cleaver all the time, where my ex tried to sabotage my MA work.
Liz bday and Madonna gives award 2 her w/ MJ there, kisses both? He She in disguise. June Cleaver
Parenthood has taught me that Ward and June Cleaver were heroin addicts.
we worked to improve our lot and they want to go back and be June Cleaver. not happening.
The Woman's March is proof we are not going back to June Cleaver days just because GOP men are afraid of women.
Third wave feminists have more in common with Nazis than with June Cleaver.
At the risk of morphing into June Cleaver, huge kudos to for and in my new…
Make America great again means white & recreate june cleaver home waiting for her man in pearls and heels to be bos…
I wonder if I would’ve been able to be a SAHM if some of the things we deal with now could’ve been avoided. Was June Cleaver the way to go?
This...And they continue to bury their heads in the sand. Wake up June Cleaver and Carol Brady. Archie Bunker is ar…
Ward and June Cleaver, a nation turns its rheumy eyes on you.
It's like Eddie Haskell has stolen June Cleaver from Ward.
My parents were like June and Ward Cleaver; there was nothing dysfunction...
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Jesus! Who is designer she trying to June Cleaver?
-- 😄! You should have been wearing June Cleaver pearls!
Or those clueless white girls who think everything was better in the 50s and are willing to play June Cleaver. They'll be fine.
Calling June Cleaver...adorable Edmond home hitting the market this week!
I wonder if I could have been June Cleaver in the 50's. Home, cooking, crafting, wear FAB dresses, etc But the whol…
makes Nurse Ratchett look like June Cleaver on shrooms! 🍄
Leave it to Mindy to come up with The June Cleaver!!!
in my mind I'm raging against the machine but in practice I'm June Cleaver
Ran out of frozen pizza, so I had to cook a pork tenderloin and mashed potatoes like I'm June Cleaver or something.
I'd have casserole recipes that'd make June Cleaver hang herself by her pearls. That's how good I'd be.
Mrs. Chef is kickin it old school. Call me June Cleaver. It feels like a 1950's dinner party. Just in time for Seah…
you look like a young June Cleaver. 👍👍👍
I have to tell you that June Cleaver had a job in 'The New L...
wait forgetting when we were forced out into June Cleaver... highest drug abuse rate in women? Yup...
Okay. No. What we should ignore is this article. Written by June Cleaver.
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Saw an episode of "Leave It to Beaver" which spoke volumes. Subtly, June Cleaver grieving over leaving to be a mother.
I just laughed so hard at this out loud in public. I just imagined you as June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver
You guys are probably too young to remember the mother of TV June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver
Fun Fact: The actress who said that line also played June Cleaver in the TV show "Leave it to Beaver". 🤓
*Gently clasping pearls* June Cleaver: "Ward, I don't think Wally and the Beaver should play at Black China's house anymore."
Yes, labour and a scar says, those chocolates are mine! *smiles all June Cleaver like*😂
no Ward and June Cleaver Award for those two ***
He & Pence are not fit to be POTUS. I'm 2 head strong 2B June Cleaver. They degrade women & anyone who isn't a white male.
I *thought* I was going to get a "June Cleaver". I didn't believe that and now you are gone. It's all your fault!
Didn't dems/press also accuse Romney of killing a woman? June Cleaver would have been press assassinated.
Chopped steak & green beans for dinner. Feelin' all June Cleaver suddenly
Mine is very inexpensive. June Cleaver straight from my wardrobe :)
Bernard stuck a pistol in his mouth and shot himself in our grandson's tree house while having a tea party and dressed as June Cleaver
Trust me, you'll like my version of June Cleaver ;)
I'm covered in flour and tattoos. I'm the drunken June Cleaver.
Cookie cutter moms went out with June Cleaver! is the new standard
Come check out June's Cleaver this Sunday, October, 16th 8pm. We all need a laugh right now.
I have to make dinner, going full June Cleaver here! 💃
reprising the June Cleaver in Airplane! bit
I still often think about the fact that the old white lady who played June Cleaver wrote her own "jive" dialog for that scene in "Airplane!"
Oh please. You act like your marriage is akin to June & Ward Cleaver. Look, we get it. . Got Cigar?
Hillary Clinton and the art of the dirty mouth - - More June Cleaver less Rosanne Barr. She hates ev'bdy.
I think America OK with a Mom with Kids as President. But the Right One - Like June Cleaver. Not a Lying Crook like
How about June Cleaver with just an apron on and holding the 'beave?
My wife and I sometimes feel like the Ward and June Cleaver of kink, our monogamy is such an outlier
Believe me, my version of June Cleaver is.unexpected ;)
Those are all good! But a suggestion:. If you dress as June Cleaver, you need the cleaver.
Betsy McCaughey is a moron. A moron in June Cleaver drag, beads and all.
Reminds me of a June Cleaver quote.
So Naive, Even Aunt Bee and June Cleaver have heard this kind of talk !! Come and work Construction with Me for 1 day in RealWrld
TV has caused our discourse to erode ever since June Cleaver said, "Ward, don't you think you're being too *** the Beaver?"
I'm willing to bet June Cleaver speaks better jive than
you are BAD for all women, even the ones who support you and the days of June cleaver
to be fair Bret, Dems wouldn't pull endorsements if they were running Jefferey Dahmer against June Cleaver.
.(why do I imagine her mama going straight from June Cleaver to Sheneneh every second Sunday night or thereabouts?)
no doubt HRC is the incarnated June Cleaver re: Bill's issues. secret service says she is a soft spoken angel
June Cleaver ain't so popular these days.
And that's exactly why The Don wants 2 take us back 2 the days of June Cleaver & Donna Reed; THEY never complained!
Channeling June Cleaver today, cleaning, cooking, shopping, ironing, everything but the outfit and apron.
"Ward, don't you think you were a little *** the Beaver last night?". - June Cleaver
if you're offended by what said; I mean like June Cleaver're a hypocrite because you hear worse than…
rather reminds me of Eddie Haskell...lying schemer when Ward & June Cleaver have left the room.
Kaine was much more annoying than Eddie Haskell. I think he would provoke even June Cleaver to slap him..
Let's note that Bill and Hillary are not Ward and June Cleaver. The Clintons are closer to Bonnie and Clyde.
June Cleaver just connected West Virginia coal to Hillary's email server. Amazing.
Fine. But June Cleaver was actually the mother on the hit show Leave It To Beaver that was prolly off the air b4 u were born.
June Cleaver it is. Like June (Jordan) and (Kathleen) Cleaver. But mixed. No one will know the secondary meaning.
why would you have to? I can cook for myself. This isn't the 1950's and you aren't June Cleaver.
I was surprised she made a speech. She can't support alot of the claims made in the speech. She's not June Cleaver
Maybe on of the hidden ISIS members spoke about will toss a bomb at her June Cleaver hairdo.
do I f'ing look like June Cleaver? I'll bet you're a horrible physician.
making America great know...when women were like June cleaver...
Ward and June Cleaver among neatly dressed Americans expected to skip Republican convention in Cleveland.
I'm feeling a bit like June Cleaver with my pearls on...
Puffy Puff, DeAngelo and I will toast w/vanilla Ciroc Tue night. I have not had a drink in 2 yrs. I am June Cleaver when kids arnd
Feminists lost me a long time ago, but esp. when they mocked June Cleaver.
"Well . I do have an outfit that is similar to June Cleaver's iffen that's what you mean, Giggles.
1950s Hair: Hairstyles From the Atomic Age of Cool Vintage Living From June Cleaver, Doris Day, Poodle Skirts, and
Who knew Wally Cleaver was such a xenophobe? Ward and June would be so disappointed
the entire GOP agenda screams June Cleaver
Hamilton Collection
Eddie Haskell irritates June Cleaver so much she says things she wouldn't otherwise say.
oh June cleaver is a good one, just seeing the replies on this
I hear there are arrest warrants out for June and Ward Cleaver.
Trying times: June Cleaver finally loses patience with Eddie Haskell, calls him a "faker."
swear I did not Google any of these. 1 Marion Cunningham. 2 June Cleaver. 3 Peg Bundy. 4 dammit
well you can stay... get that June Cleaver broad outta here tho
I might be dressed like June Cleaver but that doesn't mean I don't have Dr. Dre and Snoop on a…
Cooking a ham in the electric roaster oven like some kind of June Cleaver or something. Brb. Gotta get my pearls.
“So today ... I'm playing a naughty version of June Cleaver ...
Do you ever feel that you are not enough? That you need to be June Cleaver, Kelly Rippa and Martha Stewart all...
Sounds like GOP platform wants every child raised together by Ward and June Cleaver.
and would make a perfect modern day Ward and June Cleaver
And certainly not by his parents, Ward and June Cleaver.
If you can’t join us June 8th, spread kindness and post on social media using Join the movement
i'm in an 80's music kinda way today so its blasting in my ears as the banana muffins are cooking. So June cleaver of me
My neighbor is dropping by after kids go to school & we'll go to the salon. I need to find my June Cleaver Manners book & pearls, STAT!
TBT: Did your Mom serve you breakfast in a housedress with apron and pearls like June Cleaver?
.on what a GOP president means for women: “June Cleaver? Would people get that?” htt…
What year is it that a woman needs to be in pearls and a dress June Cleaver style to use the ladies' room?!
you've come a long way June cleaver!
I'm with you. Where's June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson when u need them
The limited word space is antagonizing. I wonder if there are other woman stuck in a Betty Crocker / June Cleaver nightmare?
Hey Marketers, June Cleaver Days are Over!: Summary: Men are stepping up and are increasingly more ope...
I'm really dressed like June Cleaver today
Ranch turkey burgers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, & Brussels sprouts for dinner, all courtesy of yours truly. June Cleaver would be so proud.
you'd think references to "June Cleaver" would be over? totally obscure to anyone under 40
Moral Decline: She longed for the days when. June Cleaver delivered moral lessons. to Beaver. when she wasn’t do...
Hillary will be in the kitchen, baking cookies and pies a la June Cleaver.
I think this has to be one of my fave eps where u turn into June cleaver lol...oh phoebe
Has had a June Cleaver thing going today
"Ward, I think you were a little *** the beaver...". - June Cleaver, telling Ward that he's a beast in the sheets
Ana Navarro No one in America thinks is Mr. Rogers, or that Bill & are Ward & June Cleaver.
Americans have been conditioned see June Cleaver as perfect women by maj right-wing owned media, movies & broadcast
you pick and choose what they need to know I shared some things I'm not June cleaver nor did I pretend to be
"Most important parts of a house to me...the kitchen backyard nd laundry room" omg I sound like June cleaver 😒😒😫😱
Why would you wear heels in any kitchen when you know you need to hurry? Come on Penny, your not June Cleaver.
that's interesting, June Cleaver is coming back
June Cleaver called. She wants her skirt back. Haaa.
Cathy is June Cleaver with a cleaver.
who what when where why HOW DOES NOT KNOW JUNE CLEAVER?
My vote is for chaos. Niki Ashton hasn't struck me as a June Cleaver ever before.
yeah, but that disqualifies everyone except June Cleaver.
'Motherhood 1970' 'she never got to be June Cleaver...' poetry by Kathleen Shaw
Hillary makes the Wicked Witch look like June Cleaver in comparison! 🚬
That too. They think because she cooks and takes care of her babies, she's the black June Cleaver. All fantasy tho. featured in NBC s Science of Love
A little bit of Roseanne, a bit of Kitty Foreman & a dash of June Cleaver. . ~ Me, as a mom
You'd have thot June Cleaver just told Beaver & Wally she was divorcing Ward for Eddie Haskell
You can be a homemaking with these tips! Move over June Cleaver!
"[Women are] expected to look like Miss USA, have sex like Samantha on Sex & the City, and think like June Cleaver."
might be jive, bob. Where is June cleaver when you need her?
I was sewing yesterday. Off to see my kid play in the orchestra tonight. I'm wearing a turtleneck sweater. June Cleaver cosplay on point.
We are sponsoring Kayli Cleaver of Stanfield, NC to attend the 2016 Wolfpack Women's Basketball Camp in June.
Cleaver's free submissions portals will close from May 1 to June 1 while we catch up on submissions. Two days...
June Cleaver would have been proud of you
You could do it where your an SJW who gets boned and turns into June Cleaver (cuz head go boom!)
Man, that June Cleaver needs a poundin'!
I am broken. I'm not perfect. I screw up daily, have a sordid past, I'm not June Cleaver, nor a Pinterest perfect...
I can't promise you'll be a Martha Stewart or a June Cleaver but these tips will help you ROCK at
"June Cleaver, Betty Draper, Carol Brady's the 21st century!"
*** spirit"? From Kathleen CLEAVER? Are you related to June, Beaver's mom? This is humorous.
Not usually. I was moved by the spirit of June Cleaver this morning.
Pssh, I'd be June Cleaver in leggings and chucks instead of heels and pearls in a heartbeat.
179) Airplane!- June cleaver talking jive was funny and Leslie Nielsen was already in lt. frank drebin mode.
That is so cool! It always made me think of June Cleaver but I never associated the address. Nice one!
Don't you love how they dressed her up with a strand of (fake) pearls to evoke June Cleaver?
Nope! My mom would have thrown it at him! She is no June Cleaver!
Her husband just got killed by a giant spider---and she's walking around the house like June Cleaver, apron & pearls intact.
I just read don't know how 2 make coffee so how do you do it every morning, so I don't believe you're June Cleaver HW
The religious feminists have reached peak lunacy. I'm calling a new application of Godwin's law with June Cleaver replacing Mr. Shicklgruber
how is forcing every woman to be June cleaver freeing?
Summer Block Party in downtown on June 11. 2 venues, 4 stages, free admission.
I think my next character may be a graduate from the June Cleaver Institue for Neurotic Young Girls.
Mother's Day is coming up and The Anti-June Cleaver and Our Piece of Earth have teamed up with an amazing group...
Hey gets really really mad when you state that the June Cleaver routine his wife has worked really *** is faked.
I swear transphobes have some kind of selective inattention and just imagine that all trans women are dressed like June Cleaver at all times
I'm tired of morning *** pandering to Trump. And Meek-a needs a backbone she comes across like June Cleaver
I don't buy her June Cleaver facade. Better looking than Lyin'Ted though.
Spring Cleaning Hacks: I admit it, okay?! I’m neither June Cleaver nor Martha Stewart when it comes to ke...
Of course the obvious thing here is June Cleaver is not @ home with the kids instead she drags them across the country!
. Lucy. June Cleaver . Carol Brady. It all went to *** after that.
what next?be wearing an apron & presenting Bosse a pie at the weigh-ins like June Cleaver. That'd be hilarious.
June Cleaver would be so proud of me. Vacuuming and doing laundry in my new dress with my new necklace on my birthday. I feel the 50s.
Why is Dee dressed like '90s June Cleaver?
Can you imagine June Cleaver from "Leave it to Beaver" in her famed pearls giving these gifts? via
I'm all for that, but there are those among us who believe that anything beyond Ward and June Cleaver is the devil's work.
yeah I know you are June Cleaver. At least I got a halo and wings.
These are the celebs who push gender/sexuality confusion on your kids... but in their own lives? June Cleaver. Of course!
That terrible flirt/fight scene in Daredevil probably set women in action movies back to the June Cleaver era.
my uncle calls me June Cleaver. LoL
yas honey. You better be June Cleaver over there.
Today I was gifted a 1960s Betty Crocker cookbook and I am about to do my best June Cleaver impression in the kitchen thanks to it. 💖
I'll say this - compared to the field, Bill and look like Ward & June Cleaver.
June Cleaver:"Ward,have you seen the Beaver?". Ward Cleaver:"Don't be silly June,I know right where it is."
June Cleaver: "Ward, you were a little rough on the Beaver last night!"
too cool for school however the women in the video? June Cleaver looked more modern than her.
I prefer a First Lady that looks like June Cleaver not a playboy centerfold.
14 Serving dinner to him wearing nice dress & pearls, like perfect wife & mother June "Leave it to Beaver" Cleaver, or NOT.
Cherry pie in the oven, bacon on the stove, pork chops in the fridge. I'm a regular June Cleaver around here.
Words that annoy June Cleaver so much she's scolded Wally: Kook, Flake, Flip and Ape. I wonder how she'd feel about "Bae."
Bruce Wayne apparently live next door to Ward and June Cleaver
"If parents don't make their children go to dancing school, they'll grow up to be crude, rough teenagers." -- June Cleaver
What are you wearing?!. A dress?. Yesterday I was dressed all Kneel You Pathetic Worm and today it's June Cleaver. I get the confusion.
A guy randomly asked me if I wanted to make him food and I almost blocked him. Do I look like June Cleaver?
Watching *** VanDyke, folding laundry, with chicken frying. If I could vacuum with my foot and had on pearls I'd be June Cleaver...
Channeling my inner June Cleaver tonight. Pearls and an apron all the way.
with a nation more aware of Kim K's rear-end...what more do you expect? June Cleaver is dead!
Cruz makes me feel like I need to be June Cleaver tomorrow and sit down.
I still want to live with Ward and June Cleaver. Way before your time .lol😇
LMFAO..June Cleaver she Ain't!! Wine screen licker yes, unless shes tried to sip the wine thru a straw on the screen!!
Saturday, March 5th, I'll be playing Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver) in the "Living History…
Families are no longer like June, Ward, Wally & the Beav Cleaver. Tax laws 4 modern families r complex.
For the "June Cleaver" in you Retro Gals. Our Kitchen dress is such a classic style and the print is to dye for!...
sounds like you could be in the presence of the next June and Ward Cleaver😂
Instead of it should be So many murdering criminals getting Ward and June Cleaver makeovers.
It's so obvious the issue between & is that their mom wasn't June Cleaver as Kyle believes she was.
"Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, them boys up to something." —June Cleaver
The phrase "antithesis of June Cleaver" is in my paper and I can't stop laughing about it
The docs: What's behind the cluttered kitchen syndrome?: When June Cleaver dished up dinner in her 19...
He needs June Cleaver to interpret Jive for him...
you forgot the June Cleaver wannabes getting it on with the landscaping crew.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
now they're writing SPAM from bad *** ride or die chick 2 the revamped June cleaver 9-5 chick
Mrs Baskets is the best mother on TV. She's like a modern day June Cleaver, only one who shops at Costco. ❤️
It is so June Cleaver backing everything Ward says about the Beaver, ankles crossed. Do you know that reference?
June Cleaver exemplified fulfillment in domesticity. Wearing elegant dress and pearls while you dust or vacuum just makes it all the better!
Watching Linda Dano on an episode of The Rockford Files with a June Cleaver hair cut. Even bk then she was
Early on, Mel tried drawing who we thought might win...June Cleaver 10th in the '12 Edgewood
She-it! Even June Cleaver would know that's all jive.
Clearly Annalise is not a fan of June Cleaver & Donna Reed.
+adjustment unless you're a delusional June Cleaver, but I guess that's what you're looking for in a mom
So on one end you have June Cleaver, and on the other end you have Anna Nicole Smith.
Meanwhile in the Cleaver household; June just rolled out a homemade crust for a sausage Swiss cheese quiche. Time to bake ;)💨
On a scale from June Cleaver to Betty Draper shooting pigeons out of the sky, Where is your level of happy housewife today?
You don't have to be June Cleaver to master these simple wardrobe care tips
Hillary Clinton - more like Attila the Hun than June Cleaver of “Leave It to Beaver ” You asked for it
June Cleaver said to her husband Ward Cleaver. "Ward weren't you a little *** the beaver last night?"
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Your character on Baskets reminds me of so many classic tv moms like Carol Brady, June Cleaver, Mrs.Cunningham &…
I hate when the kids make friends. I'm pretending to be June Cleaver when we all know I am more of a Peg Bundy.
Move aside, June Cleaver. is revolutionizing the TV portrayal of the
Wasn't I suppose to have a house in the 'burbs with a white picket fence like June Cleaver or Wilma Flintstone???.
Hillary Clinton's response to a heckling GOP representative is very.. June Cleaver to a naughty Beaver Cleaver.
I had to leave Blackbird last time with literally ten minutes to spare. ...listen. Marshall closed that door & Mo' lookin like June Cleaver?
relegated to home and hearth. Unrealistic expectations of June Cleaver and Loretta Young perfection hovered like dark clouds over
As if I'm going to follow Justin Trudeau's corrupt Indian Act or non-Indigenous version of incompetent/submissive/silent June Cleaver.
June Cleaver to the rescue. I would love nothing more.
ending the year on a June Cleaver note
Captain , Hillary acts of June Cleaver she is scripted so her lies are believable . Bill is her security sn…
That June Cleaver was a real helium-heels.
"Skippy?" Are you really June Cleaver? Anyway, thanks for your loyalty. You show impeccable taste.
you'll either be Frances farmer or you'll be June cleaver...# bleach..
I haven't liked her since SJB in the 90s. June Cleaver is now friends with everyone b/c she's the centric heroine.
Would you please put this June Cleaver apron and string of pearls on while I finish mixing this 5gal bucket of hooch up?. Thanks.
Vacuumed the house today. I am June Cleaver.
I am closer to her in age, a self made professional and she has ALWAYS claimed to be feminist while living life of June Cleaver.
Me and the Eagles are a dysfunctional relationship that makes Ike and Tina look like Ward and June Cleaver.
Yup, happy June Cleaver that is. We all know she knows how to handle a knife. Tires/TA. Sad
Im like June Cleaver 100% ladylike. I don't want to hear about ANYONE'S sex life.
Family 50's theme Christmas party. My wife June Cleaver, me just an SU BMOC! Tom collins cocktail. Orange
Walking the dogs on trash pickup AM, evidently vacuum cleaners were a big gift item. June Cleaver lives on!
I wonder what kind of secrets Ward and June Cleaver had...
Why does Hilary Clinton wear a big pearl necklace? Trying to imitate June Cleaver? The perfect housewife???
Women have guns too. They won't abrogate my rights w/out losing some of their lives. June Cleaver is over.Annie Get Ur Gun is back
Meanwhile in the cleaver household: June serves Ward leftovers as she sips an appletini. . Someone has to do it. ;)
I ain't got no shame eating a June Cleaver *** casserole. They lit.
Dog versions of Ward and June Cleaver are brutal.
1. Been continually getting hate for debating w/ re: PC. Was called self-righteous, controlling today. And June Cleaver (?)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
~June Cleaver. "To me? Oh, well, I can't imagine why but of course." Smile, Carol. That's a girl. ~
Needed to get out of town bc I hadn't in awhile, for more than a weekend. She's like June Cleaver. Cooking my favs & all!
~ best June Cleaver waves back to them. She was growing attached to the overgrown babies that of Alexandria. God help her. ~
Meanwhile in the Cleaver house: June has the casserole cooking and a cocktail to relax with.
Not since Eddie Haskell's ingratiating to June Cleaver, Obama reprises the role @ G20 leading U.S. into retreat with a smile on his face.
Time to become June Cleaver in the hood(ie)
Good lord... I'm like June Cleaver in stilettos..
.acts like a fossilized women that belongs in a museum dressed as June Cleaver. She has no concept of a modern woman
How many times you mentioned to any partner, oral sex, unprotected sex or abortions? Let's not play June Cleaver.
I saw a guy in a Cardinals jersey and thought of June Cleaver. On the back it said "Hey, Ward!"
Meanwhile in the Cleaver house: June did all the laundry, scrubbed the floors and has meatballs simmering in sauce...time for wine June.
but! France is nothing but some sexy, breathy New Wave film, just like America is embodied in Ward and June Cleaver.
Queen Hillary wants you to forget her past and see how June Cleaver she looks.
Hillary is rockin' the June Cleaver pearls. She could be your neighbor or mine!
I'm not a follower of June Cleaver women. I can't even kickbox with women. I have been partnering with the guys at kickboxing.
"It was enough to make June Cleaver gasp"
Weak, submissive, plain Jane, June Cleaver-type Indigenous woman are not my thang either.
Plain Jane, weak, submissive, June Cleaver-type women is not my thang.
Old lady, plain Jane, "June Cleaver" Carolyn Bennett is not even close to being my role model. Not by a long shot! As if!
June Cleaver: Do you think all parents have this much trouble?. Ward Cleaver: No, just parents with children. . LITB, Mistaken Identity, s4
In GOP land it's 1956.. June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Doris Day are they way women are supposed to be *** it!
folks out here having sex with the lights off like June and Ward Cleaver.
They're turning Carly into June Cleaver and it's just not working.
This must be the 21st Century version of 'Ozzie and Harriett' or 'Ward and June Cleaver'. Shows how our culture has gone to ***
Lawyer: Oh wait Let me guess. You Prosecuted June Cleaver-- Wealthy, Educated, Husband still in the Picture?
While he is biased with the less June Cleaver cut out.
You are the June Cleaver of Twitch ma'am.
censorship today makes Tipper Gore look like June Cleaver. It's unreal. The worst part is most just freely accept it.
Not June Cleaver: Women and Gender in Postwar America, 1945-1960 (Critical Perspectives on the Past) -
as the second coming of June Cleaver, or some crap. Why do I still fall for it myself even when I know what she is?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Redbook art. where she talked about cooking for her hubs every night and serving/taking care of him. Very June Cleaver.
What cracks me up is every woman dressed like June Cleaver :)
Love that you used "June Cleaver" as an example...hope youngsters google who she is.
Yesterday someone told me I look like June Cleaver
Laurence Fishburne Aah! Stop it! I can't! Why you told Jr. he smells like wide-open *** Who says that? not June Cleaver
ROFLMAO. What did June Cleaver know, Dave? LOL good one.
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