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June Cleaver

June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver is a principal character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Ward Cleaver Donna Reed Barbara Billingsley Joni Ernst Carol Brady Norma Bates Eddie Haskell

I had to leave Blackbird last time with literally ten minutes to spare. ...listen. Marshall closed that door & Mo' lookin like June Cleaver?
relegated to home and hearth. Unrealistic expectations of June Cleaver and Loretta Young perfection hovered like dark clouds over
As if I'm going to follow Justin Trudeau's corrupt Indian Act or non-Indigenous version of incompetent/submissive/silent June Cleaver.
June Cleaver to the rescue. I would love nothing more.
ending the year on a June Cleaver note
That June Cleaver was a real helium-heels.
"Skippy?" Are you really June Cleaver? Anyway, thanks for your loyalty. You show impeccable taste.
you'll either be Frances farmer or you'll be June cleaver...# bleach..
Captain , Hillary acts of June Cleaver she is scripted so her lies are believable . Bill is her security sniffin out beaver
in the famous rods of June Cleaver "Ward, don't you think you were a little *** the beaver last night?"
I haven't liked her since SJB in the 90s. June Cleaver is now friends with everyone b/c she's the centric heroine.
Would you please put this June Cleaver apron and string of pearls on while I finish mixing this 5gal bucket of hooch up?. Thanks.
Vacuumed the house today. I am June Cleaver.
I am closer to her in age, a self made professional and she has ALWAYS claimed to be feminist while living life of June Cleaver.
Me and the Eagles are a dysfunctional relationship that makes Ike and Tina look like Ward and June Cleaver.
Yup, happy June Cleaver that is. We all know she knows how to handle a knife. Tires/TA. Sad
Breast Cancer Awareness
Im like June Cleaver 100% ladylike. I don't want to hear about ANYONE'S sex life.
Family 50's theme Christmas party. My wife June Cleaver, me just an SU BMOC! Tom collins cocktail. Orange
Walking the dogs on trash pickup AM, evidently vacuum cleaners were a big gift item. June Cleaver lives on!
I wonder what kind of secrets Ward and June Cleaver had...
Why does Hilary Clinton wear a big pearl necklace? Trying to imitate June Cleaver? The perfect housewife???
Women have guns too. They won't abrogate my rights w/out losing some of their lives. June Cleaver is over.Annie Get Ur Gun is back
Meanwhile in the cleaver household: June serves Ward leftovers as she sips an appletini. . Someone has to do it. ;)
I ain't got no shame eating a June Cleaver *** casserole. They lit.
Dog versions of Ward and June Cleaver are brutal.
1. Been continually getting hate for debating w/ re: PC. Was called self-righteous, controlling today. And June Cleaver (?)
~June Cleaver. "To me? Oh, well, I can't imagine why but of course." Smile, Carol. That's a girl. ~
Needed to get out of town bc I hadn't in awhile, for more than a weekend. She's like June Cleaver. Cooking my favs & all!
~ best June Cleaver waves back to them. She was growing attached to the overgrown babies that of Alexandria. God help her. ~
Meanwhile in the Cleaver house: June has the casserole cooking and a cocktail to relax with.
Not since Eddie Haskell's ingratiating to June Cleaver, Obama reprises the role @ G20 leading U.S. into retreat with a smile on his face.
Time to become June Cleaver in the hood(ie)
Good lord... I'm like June Cleaver in stilettos..
.acts like a fossilized women that belongs in a museum dressed as June Cleaver. She has no concept of a modern woman
How many times you mentioned to any partner, oral sex, unprotected sex or abortions? Let's not play June Cleaver.
I saw a guy in a Cardinals jersey and thought of June Cleaver. On the back it said "Hey, Ward!"
Meanwhile in the Cleaver house: June did all the laundry, scrubbed the floors and has meatballs simmering in sauce...time for wine June.
but! France is nothing but some sexy, breathy New Wave film, just like America is embodied in Ward and June Cleaver.
Queen Hillary wants you to forget her past and see how June Cleaver she looks.
Hillary is rockin' the June Cleaver pearls. She could be your neighbor or mine!
I'm not a follower of June Cleaver women. I can't even kickbox with women. I have been partnering with the guys at kickboxing.
"It was enough to make June Cleaver gasp"
Weak, submissive, plain Jane, June Cleaver-type Indigenous woman are not my thang either.
Plain Jane, weak, submissive, June Cleaver-type women is not my thang.
Old lady, plain Jane, "June Cleaver" Carolyn Bennett is not even close to being my role model. Not by a long shot! As if!
June Cleaver: Do you think all parents have this much trouble?. Ward Cleaver: No, just parents with children. . LITB, Mistaken Identity, s4
In GOP land it's 1956.. June Cleaver, Donna Reed and Doris Day are they way women are supposed to be *** it!
folks out here having sex with the lights off like June and Ward Cleaver.
They're turning Carly into June Cleaver and it's just not working.
This must be the 21st Century version of 'Ozzie and Harriett' or 'Ward and June Cleaver'. Shows how our culture has gone to ***
Lawyer: Oh wait Let me guess. You Prosecuted June Cleaver-- Wealthy, Educated, Husband still in the Picture?
While he is biased with the less June Cleaver cut out.
You are the June Cleaver of Twitch ma'am.
censorship today makes Tipper Gore look like June Cleaver. It's unreal. The worst part is most just freely accept it.
Not June Cleaver: Women and Gender in Postwar America, 1945-1960 (Critical Perspectives on the Past) -
as the second coming of June Cleaver, or some crap. Why do I still fall for it myself even when I know what she is?
Redbook art. where she talked about cooking for her hubs every night and serving/taking care of him. Very June Cleaver.
Women are expected to look like Miss. USA, have sex like Samantha on Sex and The City and think like June Cleaver
What cracks me up is every woman dressed like June Cleaver :)
Love that you used "June Cleaver" as an example...hope youngsters google who she is.
Yesterday someone told me I look like June Cleaver
Laurence Fishburne Aah! Stop it! I can't! Why you told Jr. he smells like wide-open *** Who says that? not June Cleaver
ROFLMAO. What did June Cleaver know, Dave? LOL good one.
Finally, someone has blown the lid off the dark secrets of "Leave it to Beaver." Why did June Cleaver always wear...
I am looking like a housewife today, specifically June Cleaver.
"Ward, weren't you a little rough on The Beaver?" ~ June Cleaver
June Cleaver Status: my 3yo picked up a toy broom at a play date and asked what kind of sword it was.
Donna Reed’s probably pushing it for the age range, but June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Mrs. Cunningham…
Shannon sure gets dressed up to make muffins. All she needs is a string of pearls and she's June Cleaver.
How I bonded with my kids today: bingellsblog: Trying To Be June Cleaver - Just Snorting Laughter...
June Cleaver has nothing on this Mom/Wife! Worked two jobs, did laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned…
Niqua is afar. YOU always got June Cleaver duties.
No Mom I will never fit into your June Cleaver ideal because this is 2015 and that's not how i roll
Saw these cute dresses on sale here on FB. What do you think? Too June Cleaver-ish?
also to blame & many others for CIA's role in the Kennedy Assassination. The Bushes aren't Ward & June Cleaver America
"Women loose in this model where they r expected to look like Ms USA, have sex like Samantha on sex in the city, + think like June cleaver."
idk what's going on with the game but when my dad says "June frickin Cleaver could catch that" it's probably not good
media (TV) did its share of pushing the June Cleaver White(ness) model as "The Perfect White Life" which left PoC to the side.
nothing wrong with June Cleaver as that was the era but you need to get to the 21st century
June Cleaver was an intelligent woman. You and are spoiled little girls demanding sugardaddy govt pay your bills
obviously explains why men just don't get it and we don't live in the June Cleaver 1950's world anymore
i think you need to change yoyur name to June Cleaver
Levels of anxiety are exceeded by unrealistic expectations on workers at every level. June Cleaver vs. Peg Bundy!
Your mom is June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, yeah right
Working with modern families isn't like advising Ward and June Cleaver. explains htt…
modern day June Cleaver. Just call me Ward.
Barbara Billingsley, June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver," has died at 94
Mr McKay wanted us be June Cleaver, so we allow Ward to go out and make the world a better place!!!
. June Cleaver was a freak... how many times she tell Ward he was too *** the beaver?
no Ward and June Cleaver award for her parents
Between you and me-. Your avi's expression looks. just like June Cleaver's . when Ward is punishing the Beaver.
Which bed did Ward and June Cleaver make love on? His or hers?
The days of June Cleaver-esque perfect meals have gone the way of the doh-doh bird. That's not to say u shouldn’t expect manners.
why June Cleaver? about Eustacia Vye...something more former student likes you...d
I guess that fits with their idealizing the 50s. Think of every woman as June Cleaver.
June Cleaver would not be caught dead in those. Ward maybe, but not June.
Suicidal Saucies fan favorite award presented by Mama and Papa Huntress to...JUNE CLEAVER!
Lead jam and power jam to June Cleaver as Toots gets sent to the box.
Brandi's just a regular June Cleaver.said no one in the world, ever.
June Cleaver: Smart, funny, and kept her house clean and her two boys in line.
Even June Cleaver forgets the juicebox -...
Feeling the love. A friend called me June Cleaver with an edge!
June Cleaver is rolling over in her grave.
'On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being June Cleaver and 10 being Diamanda Galás, you're a 5.7!'
How to start your morning off right - The Anti June Cleaver: Make a cup of tea – I admit that I'm not much of a tea…
[June Cleaver voice] "Why, next they'll be politicizing the very rocks and trees!"
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Paula brought us in a Kahlua Cake🍰! Our June Cleaver homemade baking contest is all month long,…
A feminized brain does not equal June Cleaver any more than a feminized body equals Marilyn Monroe. Stop stereotyping.
He looking for pics of June cleaver or old *** ladies lol I know it
it is always hilarious when white people try to talk "ghetto". It reminds me of June Cleaver's segment in Airplane
Competing in the 125cc Final on the 28th June will be Niall Cleaver, Jay Farish, Bailey Fellows, Leon Flint, James Hitchen, Harry McGurk...
Great piece in WaPo. After the *** wedding, the June and Ward Cleaver of a *** marriage:
the actress who played June Cleaver talking jive in the movie Airplane.
While "American women were encouraged to be more like June Cleaver" Valentina Tereshkova was going to space:
Feeling like June Cleaver this past week
"You packed six dresses and they're all floral or lace. Who are you, June Cleaver?" No mom, I'm a classy lady...
just one fave?! of all moments, I will go with June Cleaver speaking jive & all quotes.
She makes Hillary look like June Cleaver. She'd cut our balls off with a smile.
Headline in paper:. Wet June Expected to Continue. Well done Ward Cleaver. Well done.
Food train coming to town, and Ward Cleaver's the engineer! Come sit á table with us! Great…
The suggestion that a feminized brain implies June Cleaver's brain is just as ludicrous as suggesting
"You'll either be France's Farmer, or you'll be June Cleaver"
Getting ready to chop up a bunch of fruit and Freeze it!!! I'm becoming June Cleaver but without kids.
Tips on how to publish your own book at Whitehaven Library this Friday 19 June, 2-3pm - book for free talk by Alan Cleaver on 01946 506402
Beware the Ides of June. If you see Barbara Billingsley with a knife... a cleaver, if you will, run.
At first, from a pure economic perspective, thought legalizing all drugs would be a good thing. June Cleaver stoned on reefer?
I'm no June Cleaver. Today I admit failing at hospitality & what motivated me to change that
Just watched last episode. Carol is the modern day June Cleaver. Tandy is a lucky, dirty, creepy, selfish man.
You're the greatest to give Tandy 2nd chance. Just watched last episode. You're the modern day June Cleaver!!!
Are you more of a June Cleaver or a Charlotte York? Take our quiz to see when you…
Barbara Billingsley was Mrs. Cleaver. June Lockhart was in "Lost in Space".
"I feel like June Cleaver, fishing in these diamond earrings." -My Aunt ❤️
I am SO comfy in the kitchen. I LOVE cooking and serving. Getting my June Cleaver on. I'm SO traditional AND Honey loves that! 💗💖💗💖
Not June Cleaver : Women and Gender in the Postwar America, 1945-1960 (1994,...
heh. Wheres June Cleaver when we need her to translate chaos on crazy Airlines.
also, side note: June Cleaver wakes up at 5AM in full makeup in "Beaver and Henry" original air date 6/18/58
. June Cleaver was a nympho who turned tricks after Wally and the Beaver went to bed.
We despise June Cleaver and demand independence, while also demanding men still be Ward Cleaver and support us
Been working on the website some, as well as making headway on the 1950s "Ward and June Cleaver meets the X-Files" story. Having some fun!
leave it to beaver should have been X rated, when June Cleaver told ward you sure were rough on the beaver last night
Women learn from June Cleaver: She was always in a dress & full makeup with a homemade dinner waiting for Ward when he got home.
. Stepford Wives = June Cleaver who let Ward know he crossed lines vs boundaryless doormats
I'm attracted to June Cleaver. Not in any specific order. Wally, Ward Beaver.
June Cleaver quote of the day "We all can't be A students Ward, maybe the boys are more like me."
TG quote:"The [viewers] you speak of have always wanted Luke and Laura happy and growing old together like Ward and June Cleaver"
how about June Cleaver...especially when Ward was *** the Beaver.
She hates June Cleaver but wants men to provide for her just like Ward Cleaver.
Ward and June Cleaver would have loved him.
Food superstar plans eatery Ward+June Cleaver would be comfortable at.
Ward and June Cleaver. They’re like a child who never got over his parents’ divorce and lives in perennial hope that mommy and
Does anyone even know who Ward and June Cleaver are?
Such a great piece. I love how she reminded women that there are miles of space between June Cleaver and Barbara Walters.
Or maybe that the passage is about becoming Donna Reed or June Cleaver, lovingly delivering me sammiches.
I must be channelling June Cleaver today. I have vaccummed and mopped and polished everything I can get my hands on. Oooo, my Spring cleaning came early, so I won't have to do it later. Bring on the early RVing.
June Cleaver might have something to say about that.
God said me and June Cleaver will never become "one" so get over it. Je suis Charlene! Je ne suis pas June Cleaver, not even at Church.
Don't expect me 2 behave like June Cleaver & prophesy God's word beside a Pastor & say what the pastor wants me to say. It's not happening!
I didn't have an answer prepared... June & Ward Cleaver? I know. It's two
It doesn't mean that I am of the world just cuz I don't act like June Cleaver, who smiles, curtesys, and says nothing.
As we often discuss on DESPISES Ward and June Cleaver. Serial sperm donors & baby mamas are his faves
Meet June Cleaver. This precious lady got her name after finding herself at the shelter with her kittens. She...
Not easy to do when a big part of the base fetishizes Ward & June Cleaver...
Thoughts on Senator June Cleaver's GOP response to the by >> via +
Just cause I feel like p*ssing off some feminists this morning... he he!
Just to p*ss off some feminists this morning.
Hmmm, just to p*ss off some feminists this morning.
I would agree with you. I loathe feminists.enjoy!
Can't wait to meet June Cleaver and Nutty Aunt Hazel this afternoon!
Joni Ernst plays it safe and vague in Republican SOTU response The June Cleaver revival
I always wondered what happened to June Cleaver. She's a US senator now. Huh, how about that.
Joni Ernst looks like a cross between Norman Bates and June Cleaver.
embarrassing. The GOP followed that rabid, defiant, Marxist ideologue with June Cleaver? GOP has no fight in them.
But, but she's so wholesome looking, like, June Cleaver!
Why did June Cleaver give the Republican response to TSOTU?
Joni Ernst was June Cleaver reincarnated. This was the most out of touch rhetoric. She makes look like Shakira. Awful!
Possible things you may hear at local salons tomorrow: "Give me the Ernst!" Otherwise known as the June Cleaver hair mold.
Can you believe SHE was chosen to give GOP . Is that the best we can do? June Cleaver! Omg
So the GOP followed the rabid, defiant, Marxist ideologue with June Cleaver?
I had no idea June Cleaver was delivering the GOP response tonight.
I should bake a cake to calm me. Listening to Joni Ernst is like watching June Cleaver. And her policies are from the 50's too
Republican Response: June Cleaver or Mrs Brady:. Her Grandparents sweated for this country, she said
Update your maps at Navteq
and now the GOP response from June Cleaver! ;0)
she truly has June Cleaver hair! And that Stepford wife smile is FREAKING ME OUT!! I'm a republican, and she is scaring even me
Who is this Carol Brady, June Cleaver looking woman on my TV. Blah Blah Blah...
. ~lights candle~. ~recites secular Novena to June Cleaver~
Here I thought I was going to get June Cleaver.
Me: Heber, do you need to do some wash?. Apparently you only talk that way if your name is June Cleaver because...
😂😂 June Cleaver . Does that make you the Beave?
Am I the only person who desperately wants to watch a sex video of Ward and June Cleaver?
oh gees June Cleaver wants in now. LOL
My Crock-Pot makes me feel like June Cleaver. Finishing touches... Pearl strand. Love it! By the way, I feel that way too.
Today’s parents are not Wally and June Cleaver, they want a say in their child's
I'm sure it'll be more entertaining than last years "June Cleaver".
We call him June and he uses a cleaver. Figure it out.
Ward and June Cleaver, like you've never seen them before.
does anyone notice how everyone back then talked like Ward and June Cleaver or is it just me
June Cleaver limping down the stairs: "Ward, I think you will a little *** the beaver last night".
Today in history: 1135 - Norman nobles recognize Stefanus van Blois as English king. 1775 - The Continental Congress creates a Continental Navy, naming Esek Hopkins, Esq., as commander in chief of the fleet. 1829 The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opens the first passenger railway line. 1882 - 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison. 1900 - The first car to be produced under the "Mercedes" name is delivered to its buyer: Emil Jellinek, the Austrian car racer. 1937 - Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) opens to traffic. 1944 - Germans demand surrender of American troops at Bastogne, Belgium. General Anthony McAuliffe responds with a one word answer: "Nuts!" 1972 - Washington announces that the bombing of North Vietnam will continue until Hanoi agrees to negotiate "in a spirit of good will and in a constructive attitude.". Born today: 1922 - Barbara Lillian Billingsley. American film, television, voice, stage actress and no-nonsense mom June Cleaver on TV's "Leave it to Beaver".
Here’s a true Southern Christmas tale from this Strange Southern Lady. Published by Deep South Magazine’s “Southern Voice” December 6, 2010. My Christmas offering to you. Enjoy! A NY Yankee in Downhome Christmas I met my husband, Will, in the late ‘60s while living in New York. A year after we were married, he suggested we take a trip down to Alabama for Christmas and a chance to meet his new, extended family. As much as I missed my home in Alabama, as soon as this suggestion left his lips, I was filled with terror. My husband had never been south of Manhattan. I knew what he was in for. I had spent time with his family. They were sophisticated and proper. As an American family, they were right up there on the same page with Ward and June Cleaver and Ozzie and Harriet. On the other hand, if you researched my family history, you would find us on the page titled “Outlaws, Moonshiners and Wild Indians.” So you can see what I was up against, but the visit was inevitable. We rented a car, trekked ...
When you can't decide whether to go as June Cleaver or June Carter to a costume party as you could be both in the exact same outfit.
Wendy Davis as June Cleaver: [entering Ward's den] Did you balance out the checkbook, yet? Greg Abbott as (cont)
Currently watching Leave it to Beaver and living vicariously through June Cleaver
Ward and June Cleaver are very pleased with the new family tax breaks. Families living in 2014, not so much.
proposes family tax cuts. Ward and June Cleaver are reportedly very pleased.
The CONs would like every women to be June Cleaver remember Leave it to Beaver get hubbies drink and slippers
Media reinvented the domesticated family of Ward and June Cleaver in the form of the Simpsons and Family Guy.
I think I'll spend the afternoon cooking spaghettie sauce to can, in my cute apron. Just call me June Cleaver. ;)...
June Cleaver was too busy in the home to do this foolishness
"...if he weren’t, you know, more polite than June Cleaver’s navel lint."
Black Dog Awareness Pet of the Day: Beaver Cleaver. In early 2011, three little pups and their mother, June...
I know there's tons of cleaver things out there but honestly I have loved you since JUNE 2013 all I got to say
Oh fudge! Thanks for the follow! Loved you in the upcoming No Solicitors! You're June Cleaver meets Hellraiser.
“No one cooks dinner with pearls around their neck except maybe June Cleaver?
My whole aesthetic is June Cleaver, but she has a dungeon in the basement. Or nerd girl...
Not exactly Ward and June Cleaver. Or Cliff and Claire Huxtable. Or.well, you get it.
I just think she was trying so hard to be June Cleaver,it got old. Like,seriously? You can't tell Bill is
Hah! I've been watching a ton of Leave it to Beaver for some reason. So I naturally read that in the June Cleaver voice.
Feel like June Cleaver making supper in my heels and 1950ish style dress tonight
OO7 British Secret Service and we have June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver
Oh boy. June Cleaver most of us are not.
Facts of Life talk with the 3rd grader: "Have you had sex?" Cue my June Cleaver costume."Yes, nine months before you were born."
Kiki, your parents aren't exaclty Ward and June Cleaver, either, you judgmental twit!
trying on editrix costumes yes, that June Cleaver full skirt is Ashley is…
your husband goes for the June Cleaver type.
I made chocolate chip cookies for the kidlets when they got off the bus and now they are playing TOGETHER outside.feel like June Cleaver
because I think more women should be like June Cleaver, but forget she was really a working mom named Barbara Billingsley.
DIY Fall Scented Soy Candles: Can we address the elephant in the room? October is 2 days away – 2! To be real,...
A woman MP should stand in the House and call all the men sexist & to get over their "June Cleaver" idea of how female MPs should behave!
See what I mean about NDP, CPC & Libs being sexist & only wanting women MPs who act like June Cleaver? Not even allowed to heckle like boys!
I've been cleaning like a crazy person since Kraig went on his business trip. I'm the June effing Cleaver of Somerville right now.
did you put peas with it? or green beans? either of those complete the June Cleaver motif.
Am I the only one who has noticed that resembles June Cleaver??.
Pet of the Day: Wally! . Ms. Wally came to us in early 2011 with her two siblings and mother, June Cleaver. If...
LOL thanks to a screwup me and the mrs will be Ward and June Cleaver in San Fran this week DOTE!! to rooms with two twin beds! ;)
One thing about June Cleaver, she always looked nice whatever she wore. ☺
If I could skate my roller derby name would be June Cleaver or Marlene Beatrich
Making chicken tortilla soup and quesadillas for the hub for when he comes home from Guatemala! Just call me June Cleaver.
Ward & June Cleaver let the school decide where to place Wally & the Beaver, today’s parents want a say.
Oak Brook: Leave it to June Cleaver: How not to sweat a weeknight pot roast
I know, right? Who’s making the call, Ward and June Cleaver?
"I don't mind him being polite, but he's polite in such a sneaky way."--Mrs. June Cleaver, on Eddie Haskell. (1957)
really?! I see her as much more approachable than that. More Mary Tyler Moore meets June Cleaver.
Thank you everyone, For the well wishes and prayers. My Mom Frances. Wow any other time I could talk about her for 1000 years and never run out of things to say. Today I can't put my thoughts together and seem to be at a loss for words. My Mother was a little like Annie Oakley a little like Katharine Hepburn a little like June Cleaver and 100% amazing!! She had a silver tongue a quick wit and never shy to voice her opinion on all matters both big and small in her quest for everyone to understand the world according to Fran. She was a Great Hang!! A good travel buddy. I took her on vacation with me all over the world. She loved to parasail. We snorkeled in Hawaii , Hiked in the Swiss Alps, Explored Europe and Debated over our favorite City's and Restaurants. If there was a Submarine , Helicopter , Parasail ,Jet ski , or any other crazy adventure my mom was there. When I was a wee lad we came home late one night to find a strange car in our driveway. Following our father we left my mother in the car and d . ...
These two make Casey Anthony look like June Cleaver. . "Hey honey, we could solve our money issues by killing Jr.". "Sounds good to me."
no,,we dont put on the Ward & June Cleaver act,dont like my disfuctional family,,leave ;)
Remember the good old days of Ward and June Cleaver? This isn't it.
The first X rated line ever spoken on television was on this show. Barbara Billingsley ( June Cleaver) said to the boy's father,"Ward . . . weren't you a little rough on the Beaver last night?" . . . Giggity giggity giggity ;-)
"Happy Mother's Day!" to all the mothers out there! . Pictured below: Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver from...
My Favorite TV Mom Ever!. ' My favorite TV Mom was Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver in the hit TV show "Leave...
I so know that feeling. wish I didn't. wish I was June Cleaver.
friday roundup with Kim Addonizio, June Cleaver, and the Beverly Hillbillies (I don't know how this happens)
I've always wanted to be a june cleaver type but alas, I think I'm always gonna be more of a ramona ricketts
Sherry Kincaid...I am doing something today that I have not done in a very long time. June Cleaver come knocking on my door this morning and I am having to wear her hat & apron all day. One thing is for sure, when Brian comes home this afternoon, the house will be nice and clean and if I have time, I plan to make that man a mulberry pie ;)
My Stay at Home life (Honestly) I am a mother first and a maid second. I make sure the kids are fed, bathed, and have quality time with them daily. I do my chores around the house if they are playing with each other or by themselves. I do laundry, dishes, some yard work, bathrooms, and clean rooms but in no way is my house spotless 24/7. I am by no mean June Cleaver!! I don’t clean in a dress; my hair and make-up are not perfect let alone done daily. I am a normal mom who cares more about playing and having fun with the kids instead of being the “Perfect” housewife. It’s just all a balancing act whether you work or stay at home. But don’t feel guilty if you work outside the home and feel like you can’t do it all. Honestly as a mom I know I stay at home but I can’t do it all either! By the end of the day my house is a wreck again and I would drive myself crazy picking up the house every spare minute of my life. That’s not living that being a slave to housework. So my point is its ok to not ...
The big new role for Moms in 1964: Carting their kids around. But it still reads like June Cleaver.
June Cleaver Days means fun "Leave it to Beaver" lines!!. Love Beaver's line at the end. June Cleaver: Dear,...
We're Katie (Amelia Jetson) + Amanda (Modern June Cleaver), a couple of quirky, southern, big dress wearin' bottle redheads who are an amalgam of retro + modern style. Amelia lives in Augusta, Georgia and June lives in Nashville, Tennessee. We stay in touch with frequent visits, constant texting and…
Hello friends,. I'm thrilled to announce that i'll be playing the London Folk Fest next month on June 8th. More...
What kind of a store accepts cheques? Is this 1955? If so where is June Cleaver?
when I was a kid watching family tv shows parents had separate beds. June & Ward Cleaver.
Marge Simpson, June Cleaver, Beverly Goldberg—who is your favorite TV mom?.
Today I wore one of my maxi skirts to clean the house. All I need is some pearls and I can be June Cleaver. Come to my Spring Cleaning Sale on Saturday from 12-3 to get your new "cleaning skirt."
June Cleaver to Ward Cleaver.Don't you think you were a little *** the Beaver last night?
NOW IN PRINT through Amazon! from Barbara Raffin: TAMING TESS, book 1 in the St. John sibling Series When architect Tess Abbot's house catches on fire during renovation, she blames building contractor Roman St. John for the blaze. A man of his word, Roman honors a boast Tess has goaded him into making, that if the job wasn't done on time she could move into his house. As bad an idea as moving in with a hot man who has marriage material written all over him, the stubborn Tess is *** bent on holding him to his word. But escalating sexual tension and close quarters confound her determination to keep her hands off the one man who could reduce her to the "June Cleaver" status her father has planned for her. But Tess adds spark to Roman's life and he likes it. Now all he has to do to win Tess' love is to tame her…but not too much…in this modern day Taming of the Shrew story.
It's a done deal!! I have 4 tickets to the last concert that will ever be held at Candlestick Park!!! Kind of a big deal for me. When The Beatles made their 1st US Tour my Dad was a radio disc jockey at KILT-AM in Houston, Texas and his station sponsored that leg of the Beatles tour. Knowing it was history, he took my sister and I out to the airport for their arrival and his pics of them stowing the boys in a van to get them away from the crowds are priceless! The radio station had a party for them that night, which my parents attended. My mother, God rest her soul, was not a fan and all she ever said about them was that they seemed to be illiterate to her, She was more the June Cleaver type, not the Yoko Ono type.
Cleaver Magazine is excited to announce that the Guest Poetry Editor for Issue No. 6 (June) will be Teresa Leo,...
I can't wait until less than a month from now when I can post a picture of June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver with "It's gonna be June!"
June Cleaver's take on women's roles changing in the 1960s In creating SuperMom Unleashed, I worked with a career coach for about 6 weeks. We reviewed my past and documented all I had accomplished.
June Cleaver Days start today!! Stop in for special sales.a free shopping tote with a $60 purchase and don't...
Or maybe if you're married and live a Leave it to Beaver, Ward/June Cleaver type of modest life...
June Cleaver in the streets. Drooling on the sheets.
Thankful for my "mommy" friends, who reassure me that it's ok if you're not June Cleaver, as long as at the end of the day, the kids are fed, bathed (well sometimes) and loved.
So my Stability Ball pursuit has come to an end... The politics of fairness... In the beginning I told you a senior manager used the same ball as an office chair. We will get to that in a minute... Well, I got another call yesterday from the safety office... They told me there was no waivers, no reasonable accommodation, no recourse, because back pain is not a disability... And rightfully so it's just back pain... So again I asked, are we going to remove all the stability balls at work? She said, when we are made aware of them we will send a note to their management and their management is responsible for removing the ball... She said this two times... Trust me I got it... What she really meant is you actually "can have a stability ball" if your management doesn't say anything. So the Senior guy gets to keep his kid, but you get the shaft... Face it, it all goes back to still being like the Fat Unpopular Kid in school, we get older, we get jobs, but the jocks and six chicks still bully like they always di ...
I WANT THIS DRESS! I love this old school look, June Cleaver can eat it!
My dad always says to my mother, "I would eat bees for you." Some call it Slaying Dragons. Others claim they would swim across shark infested waters for us. Some women want a man who is willing to just simply kill her spiders. I am not a raging feminist. I can kill my own spiders and can fix my own plumbing or build what I want built. It isn't that we NEED a man to do these things, it's that we want to have someone who is willing to do it. I also feel that we should never be so proud to say thank you when they do...even if we are capable. They do it because they care, not because we are weak. Why the soapboxish diatribe? Because, upon the loss of my hens, my husband got into bad A mode and went coyote hunting. It made me want to twirl my parasol and pack him a picnic. Perhaps I am a cross between Gloria Steinem and Rosie the Riveter and June Cleaver
Ok June Cleaver, no one wants to hear what a great mom you are, just shut your trap and drink
Update: trip from *** over 6 hours in and we are still in NJ!! It has been raining in biblical proportions since we left home!! Pita has asked about 30 times how many more hours!! 15...15 more hours. why you ask will we be in a mini van for a total of 21 hours because RCF doesn't like to fly if he doesn't have to. This morning before we left I was complaining and he said it's not like we are going to Russia and I'm asking you to swim so why are you complaining!! Needless to say I've been a regular June Cleaver all day!
. June: Wally, you're a dear, sweet boy. 'Wally' Cleaver: Ah, gee Mom, don't say that. It kind of makes me feel creepy.
I think I'll dust off Mr. Gomp Gonzalento and write "The Secret Life of June Cleaver".
Tips To Avoid House Cleaning Guilt - via Down with Donna Reed and June Cleaver.
So many photos & videos of food writers wearing aprons in home kitchens. Don’t think I’ve worn an apron since my days of June Cleaver drag.
Donna Reed and June Cleaver are unrealistic role models. Here are some tips to avoid
Donna Reed and June Cleaver can jump in a lake. Avoiding Housecleaning Guilt Trips.
I'm gonna be at the midnight showing of Star Wards dressed like June Cleaver
June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Donna Reed. Maybe house slippers were not around in the 50s.
It's not the prettiest outside today, but these cupcakes sure are! This week, we have: June Cleaver...
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I'm a modern day June Cleaver. I made some cherry pie, c'mon over. Bring Eddie.
June Cleaver Status: Laying on the kitchen floor because I pulled a neck muscle reaching in the back of the cabinet for the Pop Tarts.
Thank you! But there's no June Cleaver bobble head😥
My mom, makes Norma Bates, look like June Cleaver.
Those Old Spice moms make Norma Bates look like June Cleaver.
My son's writing a paper on TV families in the 50s vs. now, and I'm nervous. I'm pretty sure June Cleaver never made her kids reuse a towel.
Who me?. Whacking off to June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver on Netflix.
I will not sit "nice" with my knees crossed, smile & say, "yes sir". Don't even try to turn me into a malicious "June Cleaver" of 2014.
you're the 21st century June Cleaver!
yesss I think the last movie June Cleaver was in too
Bitcoin June Cleaver by day, Zeta One Barberella by night lol
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