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June Cleaver

June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver is a principal character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

Ward Cleaver Barbara Billingsley Joni Ernst Donna Reed Eddie Haskell Aunt Bea Norma Bates New York Harriet Nelson Martha Stewart Johnny Carson Wendy Davis

As we often discuss on DESPISES Ward and June Cleaver. Serial sperm donors & baby mamas are his faves
Meet June Cleaver. This precious lady got her name after finding herself at the shelter with her kittens. She...
Not easy to do when a big part of the base fetishizes Ward & June Cleaver...
Thoughts on Senator June Cleaver's GOP response to the by >> via +
Just cause I feel like p*ssing off some feminists this morning... he he!
Just to p*ss off some feminists this morning.
Hmmm, just to p*ss off some feminists this morning.
I would agree with you. I loathe feminists.enjoy!
Can't wait to meet June Cleaver and Nutty Aunt Hazel this afternoon!
Joni Ernst plays it safe and vague in Republican SOTU response The June Cleaver revival
I always wondered what happened to June Cleaver. She's a US senator now. Huh, how about that.
Joni Ernst looks like a cross between Norman Bates and June Cleaver.
embarrassing. The GOP followed that rabid, defiant, Marxist ideologue with June Cleaver? GOP has no fight in them.
But, but she's so wholesome looking, like, June Cleaver!
Why did June Cleaver give the Republican response to TSOTU?
Joni Ernst was June Cleaver reincarnated. This was the most out of touch rhetoric. She makes look like Shakira. Awful!
All purpose parts banner
Possible things you may hear at local salons tomorrow: "Give me the Ernst!" Otherwise known as the June Cleaver hair mold.
Can you believe SHE was chosen to give GOP . Is that the best we can do? June Cleaver! Omg
So the GOP followed the rabid, defiant, Marxist ideologue with June Cleaver?
I had no idea June Cleaver was delivering the GOP response tonight.
I should bake a cake to calm me. Listening to Joni Ernst is like watching June Cleaver. And her policies are from the 50's too
Republican Response: June Cleaver or Mrs Brady:. Her Grandparents sweated for this country, she said
and now the GOP response from June Cleaver! ;0)
she truly has June Cleaver hair! And that Stepford wife smile is FREAKING ME OUT!! I'm a republican, and she is scaring even me
Who is this Carol Brady, June Cleaver looking woman on my TV. Blah Blah Blah...
. ~lights candle~. ~recites secular Novena to June Cleaver~
Here I thought I was going to get June Cleaver.
Me: Heber, do you need to do some wash?. Apparently you only talk that way if your name is June Cleaver because...
😂😂 June Cleaver . Does that make you the Beave?
Am I the only person who desperately wants to watch a sex video of Ward and June Cleaver?
oh gees June Cleaver wants in now. LOL
My Crock-Pot makes me feel like June Cleaver. Finishing touches... Pearl strand. Love it! By the way, I feel that way too.
Today’s parents are not Wally and June Cleaver, they want a say in their child's
I'm sure it'll be more entertaining than last years "June Cleaver".
We call him June and he uses a cleaver. Figure it out.
Ward and June Cleaver, like you've never seen them before.
does anyone notice how everyone back then talked like Ward and June Cleaver or is it just me
June Cleaver limping down the stairs: "Ward, I think you will a little *** the beaver last night".
Today in history: 1135 - Norman nobles recognize Stefanus van Blois as English king. 1775 - The Continental Congress creates a Continental Navy, naming Esek Hopkins, Esq., as commander in chief of the fleet. 1829 The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad opens the first passenger railway line. 1882 - 1st string of Christmas tree lights created by Thomas Edison. 1900 - The first car to be produced under the "Mercedes" name is delivered to its buyer: Emil Jellinek, the Austrian car racer. 1937 - Lincoln Tunnel (NYC) opens to traffic. 1944 - Germans demand surrender of American troops at Bastogne, Belgium. General Anthony McAuliffe responds with a one word answer: "Nuts!" 1972 - Washington announces that the bombing of North Vietnam will continue until Hanoi agrees to negotiate "in a spirit of good will and in a constructive attitude.". Born today: 1922 - Barbara Lillian Billingsley. American film, television, voice, stage actress and no-nonsense mom June Cleaver on TV's "Leave it to Beaver".
Here’s a true Southern Christmas tale from this Strange Southern Lady. Published by Deep South Magazine’s “Southern Voice” December 6, 2010. My Christmas offering to you. Enjoy! A NY Yankee in Downhome Christmas I met my husband, Will, in the late ‘60s while living in New York. A year after we were married, he suggested we take a trip down to Alabama for Christmas and a chance to meet his new, extended family. As much as I missed my home in Alabama, as soon as this suggestion left his lips, I was filled with terror. My husband had never been south of Manhattan. I knew what he was in for. I had spent time with his family. They were sophisticated and proper. As an American family, they were right up there on the same page with Ward and June Cleaver and Ozzie and Harriet. On the other hand, if you researched my family history, you would find us on the page titled “Outlaws, Moonshiners and Wild Indians.” So you can see what I was up against, but the visit was inevitable. We rented a car, trekked ...
When you can't decide whether to go as June Cleaver or June Carter to a costume party as you could be both in the exact same outfit.
Wendy Davis as June Cleaver: [entering Ward's den] Did you balance out the checkbook, yet? Greg Abbott as (cont)
Currently watching Leave it to Beaver and living vicariously through June Cleaver
Ward and June Cleaver are very pleased with the new family tax breaks. Families living in 2014, not so much.
proposes family tax cuts. Ward and June Cleaver are reportedly very pleased.
The CONs would like every women to be June Cleaver remember Leave it to Beaver get hubbies drink and slippers
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Media reinvented the domesticated family of Ward and June Cleaver in the form of the Simpsons and Family Guy.
I think I'll spend the afternoon cooking spaghettie sauce to can, in my cute apron. Just call me June Cleaver. ;)...
June Cleaver was too busy in the home to do this foolishness
"...if he weren’t, you know, more polite than June Cleaver’s navel lint."
Black Dog Awareness Pet of the Day: Beaver Cleaver. In early 2011, three little pups and their mother, June...
I know there's tons of cleaver things out there but honestly I have loved you since JUNE 2013 all I got to say
Oh fudge! Thanks for the follow! Loved you in the upcoming No Solicitors! You're June Cleaver meets Hellraiser.
“No one cooks dinner with pearls around their neck except maybe June Cleaver?
My whole aesthetic is June Cleaver, but she has a dungeon in the basement. Or nerd girl...
Not exactly Ward and June Cleaver. Or Cliff and Claire Huxtable. Or.well, you get it.
I just think she was trying so hard to be June Cleaver,it got old. Like,seriously? You can't tell Bill is
Hah! I've been watching a ton of Leave it to Beaver for some reason. So I naturally read that in the June Cleaver voice.
Feel like June Cleaver making supper in my heels and 1950ish style dress tonight
OO7 British Secret Service and we have June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver
Oh boy. June Cleaver most of us are not.
Facts of Life talk with the 3rd grader: "Have you had sex?" Cue my June Cleaver costume."Yes, nine months before you were born."
Kiki, your parents aren't exaclty Ward and June Cleaver, either, you judgmental twit!
trying on editrix costumes yes, that June Cleaver full skirt is Ashley is…
your husband goes for the June Cleaver type.
I made chocolate chip cookies for the kidlets when they got off the bus and now they are playing TOGETHER outside.feel like June Cleaver
because I think more women should be like June Cleaver, but forget she was really a working mom named Barbara Billingsley.
DIY Fall Scented Soy Candles: Can we address the elephant in the room? October is 2 days away – 2! To be real,...
A woman MP should stand in the House and call all the men sexist & to get over their "June Cleaver" idea of how female MPs should behave!
See what I mean about NDP, CPC & Libs being sexist & only wanting women MPs who act like June Cleaver? Not even allowed to heckle like boys!
I've been cleaning like a crazy person since Kraig went on his business trip. I'm the June effing Cleaver of Somerville right now.
did you put peas with it? or green beans? either of those complete the June Cleaver motif.
Am I the only one who has noticed that resembles June Cleaver??.
Pet of the Day: Wally! . Ms. Wally came to us in early 2011 with her two siblings and mother, June Cleaver. If...
LOL thanks to a screwup me and the mrs will be Ward and June Cleaver in San Fran this week DOTE!! to rooms with two twin beds! ;)
One thing about June Cleaver, she always looked nice whatever she wore. ☺
If I could skate my roller derby name would be June Cleaver or Marlene Beatrich
Making chicken tortilla soup and quesadillas for the hub for when he comes home from Guatemala! Just call me June Cleaver.
Ward & June Cleaver let the school decide where to place Wally & the Beaver, today’s parents want a say.
Oak Brook: Leave it to June Cleaver: How not to sweat a weeknight pot roast
I know, right? Who’s making the call, Ward and June Cleaver?
"I don't mind him being polite, but he's polite in such a sneaky way."--Mrs. June Cleaver, on Eddie Haskell. (1957)
really?! I see her as much more approachable than that. More Mary Tyler Moore meets June Cleaver.
Thank you everyone, For the well wishes and prayers. My Mom Frances. Wow any other time I could talk about her for 1000 years and never run out of things to say. Today I can't put my thoughts together and seem to be at a loss for words. My Mother was a little like Annie Oakley a little like Katharine Hepburn a little like June Cleaver and 100% amazing!! She had a silver tongue a quick wit and never shy to voice her opinion on all matters both big and small in her quest for everyone to understand the world according to Fran. She was a Great Hang!! A good travel buddy. I took her on vacation with me all over the world. She loved to parasail. We snorkeled in Hawaii , Hiked in the Swiss Alps, Explored Europe and Debated over our favorite City's and Restaurants. If there was a Submarine , Helicopter , Parasail ,Jet ski , or any other crazy adventure my mom was there. When I was a wee lad we came home late one night to find a strange car in our driveway. Following our father we left my mother in the car and d . ...
These two make Casey Anthony look like June Cleaver. . "Hey honey, we could solve our money issues by killing Jr.". "Sounds good to me."
no,,we dont put on the Ward & June Cleaver act,dont like my disfuctional family,,leave ;)
Remember the good old days of Ward and June Cleaver? This isn't it.
The first X rated line ever spoken on television was on this show. Barbara Billingsley ( June Cleaver) said to the boy's father,"Ward . . . weren't you a little rough on the Beaver last night?" . . . Giggity giggity giggity ;-)
"Happy Mother's Day!" to all the mothers out there! . Pictured below: Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver from...
My Favorite TV Mom Ever!. ' My favorite TV Mom was Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver in the hit TV show "Leave...
I so know that feeling. wish I didn't. wish I was June Cleaver.
friday roundup with Kim Addonizio, June Cleaver, and the Beverly Hillbillies (I don't know how this happens)
I've always wanted to be a june cleaver type but alas, I think I'm always gonna be more of a ramona ricketts
Sherry Kincaid...I am doing something today that I have not done in a very long time. June Cleaver come knocking on my door this morning and I am having to wear her hat & apron all day. One thing is for sure, when Brian comes home this afternoon, the house will be nice and clean and if I have time, I plan to make that man a mulberry pie ;)
My Stay at Home life (Honestly) I am a mother first and a maid second. I make sure the kids are fed, bathed, and have quality time with them daily. I do my chores around the house if they are playing with each other or by themselves. I do laundry, dishes, some yard work, bathrooms, and clean rooms but in no way is my house spotless 24/7. I am by no mean June Cleaver!! I don’t clean in a dress; my hair and make-up are not perfect let alone done daily. I am a normal mom who cares more about playing and having fun with the kids instead of being the “Perfect” housewife. It’s just all a balancing act whether you work or stay at home. But don’t feel guilty if you work outside the home and feel like you can’t do it all. Honestly as a mom I know I stay at home but I can’t do it all either! By the end of the day my house is a wreck again and I would drive myself crazy picking up the house every spare minute of my life. That’s not living that being a slave to housework. So my point is its ok to not ...
The big new role for Moms in 1964: Carting their kids around. But it still reads like June Cleaver.
June Cleaver Days means fun "Leave it to Beaver" lines!!. Love Beaver's line at the end. June Cleaver: Dear,...
We're Katie (Amelia Jetson) + Amanda (Modern June Cleaver), a couple of quirky, southern, big dress wearin' bottle redheads who are an amalgam of retro + modern style. Amelia lives in Augusta, Georgia and June lives in Nashville, Tennessee. We stay in touch with frequent visits, constant texting and…
Hello friends,. I'm thrilled to announce that i'll be playing the London Folk Fest next month on June 8th. More...
What kind of a store accepts cheques? Is this 1955? If so where is June Cleaver?
when I was a kid watching family tv shows parents had separate beds. June & Ward Cleaver.
Marge Simpson, June Cleaver, Beverly Goldberg—who is your favorite TV mom?.
Today I wore one of my maxi skirts to clean the house. All I need is some pearls and I can be June Cleaver. Come to my Spring Cleaning Sale on Saturday from 12-3 to get your new "cleaning skirt."
June Cleaver to Ward Cleaver.Don't you think you were a little *** the Beaver last night?
NOW IN PRINT through Amazon! from Barbara Raffin: TAMING TESS, book 1 in the St. John sibling Series When architect Tess Abbot's house catches on fire during renovation, she blames building contractor Roman St. John for the blaze. A man of his word, Roman honors a boast Tess has goaded him into making, that if the job wasn't done on time she could move into his house. As bad an idea as moving in with a hot man who has marriage material written all over him, the stubborn Tess is *** bent on holding him to his word. But escalating sexual tension and close quarters confound her determination to keep her hands off the one man who could reduce her to the "June Cleaver" status her father has planned for her. But Tess adds spark to Roman's life and he likes it. Now all he has to do to win Tess' love is to tame her…but not too much…in this modern day Taming of the Shrew story.
It's a done deal!! I have 4 tickets to the last concert that will ever be held at Candlestick Park!!! Kind of a big deal for me. When The Beatles made their 1st US Tour my Dad was a radio disc jockey at KILT-AM in Houston, Texas and his station sponsored that leg of the Beatles tour. Knowing it was history, he took my sister and I out to the airport for their arrival and his pics of them stowing the boys in a van to get them away from the crowds are priceless! The radio station had a party for them that night, which my parents attended. My mother, God rest her soul, was not a fan and all she ever said about them was that they seemed to be illiterate to her, She was more the June Cleaver type, not the Yoko Ono type.
Cleaver Magazine is excited to announce that the Guest Poetry Editor for Issue No. 6 (June) will be Teresa Leo,...
I can't wait until less than a month from now when I can post a picture of June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver with "It's gonna be June!"
June Cleaver's take on women's roles changing in the 1960s In creating SuperMom Unleashed, I worked with a career coach for about 6 weeks. We reviewed my past and documented all I had accomplished.
June Cleaver Days start today!! Stop in for special sales.a free shopping tote with a $60 purchase and don't...
Or maybe if you're married and live a Leave it to Beaver, Ward/June Cleaver type of modest life...
June Cleaver in the streets. Drooling on the sheets.
Thankful for my "mommy" friends, who reassure me that it's ok if you're not June Cleaver, as long as at the end of the day, the kids are fed, bathed (well sometimes) and loved.
So my Stability Ball pursuit has come to an end... The politics of fairness... In the beginning I told you a senior manager used the same ball as an office chair. We will get to that in a minute... Well, I got another call yesterday from the safety office... They told me there was no waivers, no reasonable accommodation, no recourse, because back pain is not a disability... And rightfully so it's just back pain... So again I asked, are we going to remove all the stability balls at work? She said, when we are made aware of them we will send a note to their management and their management is responsible for removing the ball... She said this two times... Trust me I got it... What she really meant is you actually "can have a stability ball" if your management doesn't say anything. So the Senior guy gets to keep his kid, but you get the shaft... Face it, it all goes back to still being like the Fat Unpopular Kid in school, we get older, we get jobs, but the jocks and six chicks still bully like they always di ...
I WANT THIS DRESS! I love this old school look, June Cleaver can eat it!
My dad always says to my mother, "I would eat bees for you." Some call it Slaying Dragons. Others claim they would swim across shark infested waters for us. Some women want a man who is willing to just simply kill her spiders. I am not a raging feminist. I can kill my own spiders and can fix my own plumbing or build what I want built. It isn't that we NEED a man to do these things, it's that we want to have someone who is willing to do it. I also feel that we should never be so proud to say thank you when they do...even if we are capable. They do it because they care, not because we are weak. Why the soapboxish diatribe? Because, upon the loss of my hens, my husband got into bad A mode and went coyote hunting. It made me want to twirl my parasol and pack him a picnic. Perhaps I am a cross between Gloria Steinem and Rosie the Riveter and June Cleaver
Ok June Cleaver, no one wants to hear what a great mom you are, just shut your trap and drink
Update: trip from *** over 6 hours in and we are still in NJ!! It has been raining in biblical proportions since we left home!! Pita has asked about 30 times how many more hours!! 15...15 more hours. why you ask will we be in a mini van for a total of 21 hours because RCF doesn't like to fly if he doesn't have to. This morning before we left I was complaining and he said it's not like we are going to Russia and I'm asking you to swim so why are you complaining!! Needless to say I've been a regular June Cleaver all day!
. June: Wally, you're a dear, sweet boy. 'Wally' Cleaver: Ah, gee Mom, don't say that. It kind of makes me feel creepy.
I think I'll dust off Mr. Gomp Gonzalento and write "The Secret Life of June Cleaver".
Tips To Avoid House Cleaning Guilt - via Down with Donna Reed and June Cleaver.
So many photos & videos of food writers wearing aprons in home kitchens. Don’t think I’ve worn an apron since my days of June Cleaver drag.
Donna Reed and June Cleaver are unrealistic role models. Here are some tips to avoid
Donna Reed and June Cleaver can jump in a lake. Avoiding Housecleaning Guilt Trips.
I'm gonna be at the midnight showing of Star Wards dressed like June Cleaver
June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, Donna Reed. Maybe house slippers were not around in the 50s.
It's not the prettiest outside today, but these cupcakes sure are! This week, we have: June Cleaver...
I'm a modern day June Cleaver. I made some cherry pie, c'mon over. Bring Eddie.
June Cleaver Status: Laying on the kitchen floor because I pulled a neck muscle reaching in the back of the cabinet for the Pop Tarts.
Thank you! But there's no June Cleaver bobble head😥
My mom, makes Norma Bates, look like June Cleaver.
Those Old Spice moms make Norma Bates look like June Cleaver.
My son's writing a paper on TV families in the 50s vs. now, and I'm nervous. I'm pretty sure June Cleaver never made her kids reuse a towel.
Who me?. Whacking off to June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver on Netflix.
I will not sit "nice" with my knees crossed, smile & say, "yes sir". Don't even try to turn me into a malicious "June Cleaver" of 2014.
you're the 21st century June Cleaver!
yesss I think the last movie June Cleaver was in too
Bitcoin June Cleaver by day, Zeta One Barberella by night lol
. I see you in's sorta June Cleaver :p
If you don't have Alice or June Cleaver in your kitchen, you can still have great homemaking skills!
We're all expected to look like Miss America, have sex like Samantha from Sex & The City and think like June Cleaver. Mmmkay. Sure.
Alison looks like June Cleaver with those pearls.
Wouldn't you love to have the homemaking skills of June Cleaver, Alice, and Aunt Bea, all with the g
Well, the worlds largest radio station trivia contest starts in less than 8 hours, so in honor of that, I thought I'd post some trivia questions of my own for you, my friends, to have a go at. To borrow from baseball, some will be "softballs", some "hard balls", and some will be "curveballs". No prizes, sorry, this is just for the fun of it! (Well, and maybe knowing that you got more points than anyone else, too. ;) ). If you know the answers to any of them, message me with them. You have two hours, and multiple guesses are permitted PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS TO THE REPLY SECTION OF THIS POST! So ready? Let's go then? Five points each: Question block 1: Who played June Cleaver on "Leave it to Beaver? What was Magnum PI's first name? In what city were the 2008 Summer Olympics held? What does the "T" in starship captain James T Kirk's name stand for? In what state was president Obama born in? (Hint: it wasn't Kenya. :P) 10 points each: Who was the third party "spoiler" who ran for president of ...
i couldn't figure out if she was going for June Cleaver thing or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
Sneak Peek, Wednesday's Syndicated Column -- "RUBEN NAVARRETTE COLUMN (Advance for Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, and thereafter. Web release Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, at 8 p.m. EST) (For Navarrette clients only) Wendy Davis' choices By RUBEN NAVARRETTE JR. SAN DIEGO -- Being a liberal means never having to be consistent. Take the idea that women should make their own choices about family and career and it is no one else's business what they choose to do. That sounds good. I just can't believe it's coming from liberals who have never been particularly skilled at resisting the urge to criticize women over the choices they make -- if those women are conservative Republicans. In the 1992 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton defended her choice to pursue a high-powered legal career by taking a swipe at the June Cleaver crowd. 'I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas,' she said. 'But what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.' I ... is featuring a new book written by Candice Cameron Bure titled Balancing it All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose. What caught my eye was the cover. It pictures a lady in a knee-length red dress with white apron balancing a bunch of towels and bowls in one hand, an Apple IPad in the other with rubber gloves in the crook of one elbow standing on one leg with the other leg bent back with a leash wrapped around her ankle tethering two dogs. Reminded me of June Cleaver only June was not in vibrant color. I did not know the name Candice Cameron Bure but reading the blurb I learned she is a very famous actress in both TV (Full House, Growing Pains, St. Elsewhere) and Film and married to National Hockey League Star Val Bure who once played for the Dallas Stars and 5 other NHL teams. A quick BING search explained why her book is so hot. She approaches her marriage of 17 years with a Biblical perspective on submission. She elaborated on HuffPost Live: "The definition I'm using with ...
"Leave It to Beaver: Mistaken Identity ((1961) June Cleaver: Do you think all parents have this much trouble? Ward Cleaver: No - just parents with children.
ATTENTION: Ladies, Here Are The Things You Should Do Before Marriage Below are the 20 things every woman should do before she gets married... 1. Travel with your sister(s) and/or closest female friends. Not saying you can’t do this after you get married, but lots of ladies agree there’s something especially liberating, eye-opening, and bond-bolstering about doing it beforehand. 2. Travel with your future spouse. “Everyone can get along for a weekend, but see if you can stand each other for a whole week, dealing with travel dilemmas, etc.!” my wise fellow newlywed friend noted, and I couldn’t agree more. 3. Suffer major heartbreak. As one woman put it, “It not only made me a stronger individual coming out of it, but it also showed me never to take love for granted.” 4. Dump someone. Pleasant experience or not, it’s empowering to be the one who called the final shot in a relationship at one time or another. 5. Get your finances in order. One of my close friends made it a point to clean up he ...
This morning... Aristana (in her very whiny voice):Mom, they need to cancel school again, it's too cold today. Me (in my June cleaver voice): Oh, but Dear, I assured Mr Jones that you would be there today,no matter what. Aristana: Well, what ifmy coat and stuff don't keep me warm enough. Me (overly sarcastic June Cleaver voice): Then Dear, I will grab a comforter, roll you up, duct tape it closed and carry you in to your class. Aristana: (rolling eyes) whatever Mom... followed by preteen noises that have no spelling. Yup, it was definitely time.
Gross. Recipes from the June Cleaver era looked disgusting.
I started homeschooling this year I found that I don't fit in that crowd either. :/ I am over protective but, not THAT over protective. I try to be good but, I am not THAT good. I don't have a hobby like knitting or scrap booking. (or whatever it is called) But, I do feel more normal or not extreme I guess after being around these nice women. (Well parents because I have seen a few men) I am guessing most homeschoolers are the June Cleavers of the 2000 era. lol I unfortunately am not one of them. But, they are great and it is going really good for my family. :)
- Christie's Press Conference like watching Eddie Haskell talk to Ward & June Cleaver - he really thinks he's getting 1 over!
I've worked out, done dishes, paid bills, gotten an oil change, did laundry, and ate breakfast all before 7:30. Who am I June Cleaver?
"Ward, I'd like to see you smack the beaver around a little tonight..." ~June Cleaver (c. 1960)...
Today is my moms birthday! To the best mom a guy could have, who on her worst could put June Cleaver to shame, Happy birthday Momma!
I'm so over tired. Almost fell asleep and suddenly awoke with the realization that I'm the hippy version of June Cleaver. ***
ive often wondered, why, when june cleaver said, ward weren't you a little rough on the beaver iast night, she didn't refer to him as Theodore?
Is real life?!? It's like he's son of June Cleaver and Jesus.
I liked June Cleaver. She RULED that house. He wants to take us back much further!
Well after two weeks of vacation and a couple of snow days I went back to the office today, which means I had to remember how to fix my hair, wear 'public-worthy' clothes and resume my morning weigh-ins. June Cleaver I am not!!
The whole bunch of AZZRAT wants the 1950's & June Cleaver ( no offense June). Heels & Pearls!
Nothing, absolutely nothing says redneck like camouflage. If your cup is not always half full, and I mean always, visit your local homeless shelter. No matter how new your pajama bottoms are I will still make fun of you for wearing them in public. No one could or ever will wear a strand of pearls better than June Cleaver.
I don't know why but I always feel like Super Wife when I make a great dinner. Lol! June Cleaver Complex!
When I was growing up, I wanted to live in the town of Mayberry with Ward & June Cleaver as my parents. Lassie would be my dog. Aunt Bea would be my favorite aunt. Of course, Hazel would be our maid, and Dr. Ben Casey would have been my handsome doctor who made house calls. Ricky Nelson would be my boyfriend & Gidget, my BFF, would live next door to me. I would hang out with Jerry Lewis for plenty of laughs. Johnny Carson would have me on The Tonight Show to sing for the world to hear. Naturally he would fall madly in love with me, but my heart would belong to Dean Martin who would become my husband & we'd live happily ever after. The End.
5 months till my dream of being June Cleaver is fulfilled! Staying at home baking pies & cookies for Ward, vacuuming with pearls on, and rocking the little baby to sleep. Can't wait!!!
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She looks like a tough cookie, but trust really can't walk over her. She makes Eleanor Roosevelt look like June Cleaver.
Ward and June Cleaver are just the greatest t.v. couple ever.❤️
I was watching the news this morning and was very surprised at the backlash at Candace Cameron's claims that she enjoys a very happy marriage by having taken on a submissive and meek role as a wife and allowing her husband to be the head of household. All the "libbers" are up in arms and taking up strike postures because they have no real understanding of what she is talking about. Their feeble, closed up little minds have locked on the words "meek" and "submissive" and seem to be choking on them, thereby depriving their gray matter of much needed oxygen and intelligent comprehension. What they don't understand is the biblical reference to the way marriage was meant to work. It DOES NOT MEAN SHE IS NOT AN EQUAL PARTNER IN THE MARRIAGE! In the biblical sense it means she ABSOLUTELY IS AN EQUAL PARTNER. "EQUALLY YOKED" It means she allows her husband to be the man of the house, to wear the pants with her full support. It means she shows him love and appreciation and respect for his abilities and capabiliti ...
They have no idea about you guys. FB is my June Cleaver wife; . you are my hot *** piece of *** . on the side. I love you.
umm.June Cleaver I am NOT, but a positive attitude is always best ;)
Got a lot accomplished today. Got in touch with my inner June Cleaver and got my little butt in gear I'm almost completely caught up on laundry and I wouldn't be embarrassed at the shape my house is in if company dropped by :) All in all a decent day of work. (In passing I gotta ask though- is it just my Aspie child or do all children with spectrum enhanced personalities have a love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner? ) I may even do some baking ! Depends on where the mood takes me :)
Feeling Brady Bunch Alice or June Cleaver with my clothesline and all
nothing like June Cleaver becoming one with her room
Ward and June Cleaver have Alzheimer’s, Wally has prostate cancer…Lumpy is dead…Beaver is an obese diabetic…. and Eddie Haskell is in Congress... ah the American dream!
I've ironed clothes twice in one week.that honestly is more times than I've ironed in the last five years. Hold tight to that apron, June Cleaver. I might be baking cookies later.
Good morning on this chilly day.did I mention I grew up in one of the coldest cities in America? School called off? Ha! A typically winter day was -20.seriously. Ah, good times...but I digress :0) BBB is set in 1958. Here is one link for costume ideas. Anything from 1950 to 1958 is acceptable. If a character had an older sibling then here would be hand me downs so a teen could have older fashions. Also, watching leave it to beaver, father knows best, Ozzie and Harriet, any of those types of shows will give you a good fashion overview. As well, as how they acted. No slouching, crossing legs at knees, they were more innocent and wide eyed, and everything was "swell" and "golly gee...shucks". Getting "pinned" was HUGE! HUUUGE! Brighter colors would be better. Girls - some poodle skirts are ok. But mostly dresses. High waisted jeans ok. Flats for shoes or wedge heel. Check out pics. Adults characters - start hunting down dresses as you wouldn't be in anything else - think June cleaver Boys - this applies to . ...
"I'd make out with a chick if I was making that kinda dough" -June Cleaver
Okay, people. Stop posting pictures of old Tupperware and Corning Ware stuff as historical "remember when" artifacts - that I still use! You make me feel like June Cleaver (okay... she was probably a little before Tupperware). Roger was harassing me about my 30 year old cake pans today. Apparently I need to modernize.
I'm thinking June Cleaver and her contemporaries must have knocked back a few of those 'welcome home martinis' themselves before Ward and the his buds arrived home. That is the only way I can see that they could manage to maintain those ridiculously happy smiles all the time.
I just heard myself saying, "Please eat so maybe you'll keep your mouth shut for a little while" to my 15-yr-old. Yes. I'm June Cleaver.
Kids are home and I've got my June Cleaver hat back on. Just made these ...super yummy for breakfast!
Homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee for dessert. . June Cleaver can't too me.
After my June cleaver comment you hit us with an Old School reference. Mind blown
Ok I'm bored and I'm hoping all my "stuck at home" friends can entertain me. What is on your menu for dinner tonight??? Or are you tired of cooking, baking, and being "June Cleaver" and you are calling for a fend for yourself night??
nothing makes me feel more like june cleaver then a marathon of Hoarders!
The side of June Cleaver we never saw on TV...
Clearly, AJ's mom needs to visit with June Cleaver to get up to date with the current lingo.
Lucille Ball Stone Pillow Original 8x10" Photo few more helpful pictures and details: products: Icon stainless-resin pet bowl small; Perfectly imperfect; Leadsinger ls-3c12 variety show tunes cartridge for ls-3000 series karaoke system (200 songs); Stone pillow; Stone pillow; Some girls; Lucille ball stone pillow original 8x10" photo Lucille ball photo print 14 x 11"; I love lucy lucille ball headrest pillow car accessory for seat suv car or truck; June cleaver was a feminist! reconsidering the female characters of early television; Ms. and the material girls: perceptions of women from the 1970s through the 1990s (images and issues of women in the twentieth century); The classic television reference: a mirror of societal changes, via the tube.
It is. My mom is June Cleaver w/ a PhD. :) She still says, "I can't believe my baby is 41 years old." Heh.
about that (talked about seriously wanting to be June Cleaver), and then did the whole Way of the Master spiel.
Homemade cinnamon waffles, homemade fudge, homemade whole wheat molasses bread, and homemade spaghetti noodles and my kitchen is still clean!! Apparently being snowed in turned me into June Cleaver (only I'm in my jammies and slippers and I don't have lipstick on).
I may actually be raising June Cleaver. Heels, faux pearl-like necklace, and sweeping.
Oy Vey! 29 years!! I must say, I've learned quite a bit thus far.. 29 things, at least! Browse if you desire... Cheers and thank you ALL for the birthday wishes 󾌸 1. Every time I step out of my comfort zone and share my soul with another person I discover that they can relate and we are all pretty much silently struggling with the same stuff. Every.Single.Time. 2. Dark coffee actually has LESS caffeine. I feel gypped 󾰴 3. When we apologize with a simple "I'm sorry" without any excuses, we give the other person a chance to truly, freely, unconditionally forgive us. 4. Telling people "I'm wrong" has a way of really shutting down discussion. *Must work on that. 5. Feelings are real, but they aren't always true. Accept your feelings, but don't let them lie to you. 6. Children's birthday parties don't need to be big and fancy and themed. A good ol' pin the tail on the donkey never hurt anyone! It's all about the memories you create :) 7. I will never ever be the June Cleaver mom I thought I would be.. R ...
Feminism and Tyranny 101: Explain the dangerous ideas in June Cleaver's kitchen, real or imagined.
...Been pretending to be June Cleaver today. And I've got my Frank Sinatra station playing on Pandora. Pretty sure sweet Mrs. Cleaver didn't exactly jive to the Contours and Roy Orbison in her kitchen, though. This is what I call a good day.
gah I envision June Cleaver looking down on me - seeing ds glued to tablet screen while I work - and shaking her head.
I think tonight will have to be a June Cleaver night. I need to do laundry, but I feel the need to bake. I'm not back in my regular heels yet, but these kitten heels will do nicely. And I have a cute apron.
A TV Mom I'd like to Mucho Burrito with is June Cleaver, to tell her to stop setting the bar so darn high!
I just cleaned my kitchen with vinegar. June Cleaver would be so proud.
June Cleaver didn't keep her house in perfect order. The prop man did it. - Barbara Billingsley
Just sewed Amelia's pants.just call me June cleaver. She was VERY impressed that I could sew a seam back together! Ha ha
63 years ago my moms friend gave birth to a baby girl and they called her Rose. Little did they know we would be best friends from the cradle that has span over 60 years and I call her my bff. She means the world to me. They often say we are hooked at the hip. We have went our own way at times be never far from our thoughts. We have withered many storms, loss, hard times and heart break. Now we are true sisters.. in Christ. We might not have been June Cleaver but we have had a zest for life and a great love for family and friends. Now we start a new chapter as senior citizens the day has come my dear friend look out world here we come, Golden Girls step a side. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE!!!
I was a cleaning madwoman today. I have no idea what got into me but I organized my closet, did the wash, made chicken soup, emptied boxes, cleaned the jacuzzi and started working in the office. I think I was possessed by June cleaver.
Here I am trying to be the black June Cleaver and brew tea.One it looks like motor oil and 2.The Beave ain't home.
I have to get out of here!! All these days off are giving this family the wrong idea. they think I'm like June Cleaver or somebody now. Every time one of 'em walks in the house, they're sitting at the table with forks in their hands. Drew Ballenger actually said if I retire and cook everyday like this, he'll never move out.
I have Bad Grandpa, therefore you must come over and watch it with me June Cleaver
I am loving these 50 Apple Recipes: Savory & Sweet gathered together by Remaking June Cleaver! :) You will want to...
Just saw a pound of bacon at the store for 7.19 a lb. So on that note I have some hogs left to sell. I believe I have 1 and a half left. Perhaps two. The hogs have NOT yet been cut up. They are hanging currently. Price is 3.50 a lb. We can do quarter, half, or whole. As well as smaller packages. Those of you that have already ordered, I'll be in touch soon. If you want to know what different types of cuts you can do then just a basic package contact June Cleaver. She is my partner in this and she knows her stuff. Free range, all natural pork raised outdoors or indoors. Whatever they choose.
Dear Lord: you blessed me with a job & a wonderful vacation (12/23/13 to 1/5/14); & if You see fit to bless us financially so I can be a house wife, I promise to cook, clean, & take care of my family better than June Cleaver ever took care of hers. Amen
Okay. I know I am going to get grief from this but I, after 21 days away from my job, have to go back to work tomorrow. I am truly blessed to have a job, I know. But this career woman stuff ain't all it is cracked up to be. I have loved every minute of the baking, cooking, hanging curtains, cat naps, grocery shopping, having dinner ready for my husband, coking breakfast, play with my kitties, spending time with family, doing housework (thoroughly)...all of the June Cleaver stuff. But alas it is back to 60 hour weeks, being too pooped to cook ( or do anything else for that matter) no time for breakfast, no time for lunch, try to get everything done on the weekends, take work home, fast paced, under appreciated, stressed out career woman life. Sigh.
woke up this morning feeling like June Cleaver. Laundry going, bathroom cleaned, chicken soaking in buttermilk for fried chicken tonight, homemade mac and cheese, apple pie in the works, sorting out junk in the cellar and it isn't even noon. image what i can accomplish this afternoon.But as they say. "this too shall pass" (I hope)
I'm thinking my parenting skills are running on a steady course between June Cleaver & Sharon Osbourne!!!
Fan fiction about June Cleaver going to Whole Foods.
Somethings GOTTA GIVE! I was alone this evening because Ronda Smalling and Wendy Rutherford suk and dogs got bathed ( that's a given ) but the house got cleaned too. I can't have ANYONE thinking I'm a June Cleaver wanna be. This CANT Happen again ladies! Im APPALLED! !
Saturday night spent baking Oreo stuffed cupcakes in my pie-print, June Cleaver apron, while rapping as loud as possible.
I feel like June cleaver meets modern technology!
thats a dream world. June Cleaver would do ALL of that ,,EXCEPT the BJ. Ward got all his action at the office.
in the NFL cheerleaders r basically only there to be gawked at and do ''sideline support'' to the guys aka June Cleaver aka middle ages
June Cleaver is in this Kirk Douglas mention of The Beaver yet...
I'm putting on my June Cleaver dress & some make bread
Always once during the sojourn to Biskit Mountain, it falls to me to fix a Bigass Holiday Meal for the combined BM families. Today is that day. Roast Turkey, crockpot dressing, cranberry salad, and Arkansas Green Beans. Sheila's sister Millie is my sous chef. I will have nappy hair and stay in my sleep shirt and gym shorts all day. Unless, of course, I decide to change into my June Cleaver embroidered apron and pearls.
I gotta be able to go at a moments notice & do what's required of me. Not live in the 1950s like June Cleaver.
Looking at the pictures I have taken, reading the stuff I have written, listening to the stuff I say, and merging those together with how I feel about and practice loyalty to my boyfriend. I described myself to somebody tonight as "June Cleaver Gone Wild" -- LMAO. I may be FAR ahead of a lot of people in some aspects of my life - but my loyalty to my significant other goes back to the *** caveman days. I am his and that's all there is to it. Simple. Look at me all you want. Try to touch me or attempt to "take" me from him, try to disregard him in any way, and you will be met by a brick wall. Any further attempts to advance towards me and you will meet all my caveman friends face to face. I know when to say NO - and when I SAY IT - I MEAN IT.
Its FRIDAY !! Cruisin the streets of Lovell, listening to Jay-Z "Empire State of Mind", Eminem "Slim Shady", and some old school Keith Sweat on Pandora. Please lock your cars and homes. Burglary is up as unemployment increases. We no longer live in the safe little "Ward and June Cleaver" or the "Andy Griffith Mayberry" world anymore. Be wise, and vigilante, or become a victim of criminal activity.
When we were in Rochester the first time we or rather Willy and the kids got to know another family from North Dakota and we kept up with each others caringbridge page. I just read where Larry is back in Rochester MN and his pancreatic cancer has come back and is growing around an artery. We had different types of pancreatic cancer and he's like 30+ years older than me. but still. That was only 2 years ago. *** *** Double *** cancer. Their whole family was so nice. Larry's wife should have been named June Cleaver (wasn't that her name?). We were there so long with the kids they even went out and bought the kids a new game and offered them cookies and all kinds of sweets they made and brought from home.
To June Cleaver. This made me think of you!
Sun is setting on my last vacation day - been two weeks away from the office. I thought time would hang heavy on my hands but quite the opposite. I've been busy with a number of cleaning, decluttering, and organizing projects. As I look around my home it strikes me that I accomplished quite a lot! It also strikes me that I know more about myself now. I am really a '50s housewife with a rock 'n' roll soul. I am June Cleaver in blue jeans.
You can (and should) decry without dissing June Cleaver:
Made scones. Watch out: this is making me into June Cleaver.
Yes, I'm totally a June Cleaver housewife if you mean that's what I chase people around with.
Just told my daughter prostitutes make a killing,I should win a June cleaver award for parenting..;)
Russell Klosk Jim Wahl yesterday we discussed discrimination in job orders with regards to Degree Only.. It reminded me of a conversation I had a while back a friend of mine at the EEOC along the lines of adverse impact, not only on Race,but also on Age. When - only about 25 - 30% of Baby boomers initually got a degree (not including those who have gone back to school in recent years).. and about Half of them were in school to get their MRS. Degree.. never utilizing their education, but instead staying home and being June Cleaver.. which left of course even less in the work place. In our conversation, I utilized the Age issue using this example.. Let's say Google was looking for a New CEO to revamp it's company - Bill Gates decided to get out of retirement. 1 - Google then says to Bill Gates, No way, we can't hire you for this position, because we need a degree. Bill Gates obviously has experience, he also has proven ability. He is also over 40. So now, he can reach out to the EEOC and say, wait a minu .. ...
Friday Quiz Question the movie “Airplane!”, Barbara “June Cleaver” Billingsley proves to be fluent in what language?
I apologize for my drunken rants last night. As you get older you realize that most people are *** and when you're me you finder it harder and harder to put on the June Cleaver face about it all the time. That said, we are on the New Mojo Magazine CD. Lessons From Lorena. Pick one up!
Cleaning house like June Cleaver on acid!! Bailey sleeping with his papa.all is well in the Thurman household!!
Today would have been my Moms 82nd birthday. She really was a cross between June Cleaver and Marion Cunningham! She died of cancer way to young. Mom never got to meet our 2 great kids, and that always makes us sad ! Happy Birthday, Mom.I still miss you
Maybe living the joy of the Lord in front of my boys is less about looking like June Cleaver, and more about living the truth. Maybe it’s less about having a smile on my face and a song in my heart all the time, and more about showing my boys where the true source of joy is…at the feet of Jesus.
Quote of the day. " Happiness is, June Cleaver on Red Bull and crystal meth."
The episode of "Leave it To Beaver" that was censored had an innocent sentence by June Cleaver: "Ward, you were really hard with the Beaver last night".
(Thinking about changing my profile pic tomorrow. When I post something meaningful, even I can't take myself seriously!) Can't wait to see my tomboy Jayla and my boy Channer tomorrow... these past few "girly girl" days with Kelby have been a challenge. I'm ready for my fishing fix or hockey games or monster trucks or something! :) Although if any of you Mommas of boys have been praying for God to provide your son with a "June Cleaver" wife, I promise you she exists and is training herself in high gear!! :D
In food stores there are often the most interesting foods hiding in the margins. Tucked away on the bottom "Smithsonian" section in the Specialty Jams aisle I rediscovered lost star in a jar: Melba Sauce. This baby has been so out of style that it deserves a come back but for much more than a simple bow of aknowledgement. When I was a wide-eyed and wider mouthed kid, I was introduced to this simple dessert sauce by my mother, who had just enough exposure to the bright lights of NYC dining to know this sauce, before becoming a June Cleaver-style suburban-supermarket-menu-ed mom. Melba Sauce was a rare occasion treat, drizzled over Del Monte canned Cling Peaches and a scoop of Friendly's vanilla ice cream. (Obviously, there was no super premium Hagen-Daz). Cloyingly sweet and tart at the same time, I can forgive this, in favor of savoring the throat warming Black raspberry/red raspberry essence that takes over and volatizes like an unctuously jammy California merlot with an outrageously long finish. I have ...
I never looked at June Cleaver the same after that...
Ok so I am so ready to go retro and start wearing dresses like the ones from way back. Now I just have to find some! Look out June Cleaver!!! Ive got my tattoos and red lipstick in my holster!!! Im bringin sexy back in 2014!! xoxoxo
Its more like living with your mother...the Leave it to Beaver / June Cleaver days are looong gone!
Thank you June Cleaver!!! Now have my dinner ready I am hungry...
Embracing my inner June Cleaver lol house clean, kid's fed and napping, homemade Mexican wedding cookies in the oven have the house smelling amazing! Just like grandma used to make 󾌵
It must be so nice to be freakin' June Cleaver where the children are perfect & wonderful all the time.
Lifestyle Changes are for Families I may have made an underset jar of jam or two in the past, and partially baked a mediocre banana loaf, but I am by no means 'Martha Stewart'. I'll never own my kitchen with her vast array of compotes, biscuits and little meat pies with the fancy lattice atop, and my family will never know the perfectly basted and browned chicken with legs sporting little chef hats. The greatest title I can aspire to is 'June Cleaver' – I pack a mean pudding cup! Although I recognize that I may never have the tenacity to tackle such daunting domestic culinary art, I now realize the importance of at least trying to be active in your own kitchen. More importantly, introducing my kids to the behind the scenes preparation that creates those healthy and satiating family meals. On a national level, we rely far too heavily on convenience snacks and fast food loaded with all the wrong ingredients. I know I'm guilty of it myself. Chemical and trans fat laden fast food for dinner has become ...
I love Martha Stewart. June Cleaver reincarnated minus the hubby and family.
I feel like I've been going going going with kids, and holidays, and working! Today, the kids and I are home, I have a roast in the crock pot, and I'm cleaning my house! This is the day I've been longing for! I can't wait for my Guy to come home to a mopped floor, vacuum lines, and a legit home cooked meal! Have a great day! Love, June Cleaver ;)
MUAH, This total June Cleaver facade has to go!! Good Girls have it so BORING! XXXOOO
I feel like June Cleaver today. Off from work and I have dinner in the crockpot and chocolate chip cookies in the oven for dessert.
Yup, got it. Maybe let your bosses know that those of us who are not married to June Cleaver find this deeply ins…
I got off to a good start with my organizational efforts on the house. Spent some time last week in the kitchen. About half done there. Yesterday I did Garrett's room. This weekend we are putting in new flooring starting in Garrett's room. I'm hoping to get Journey's room organized and maybe flooring done this weekend too. Hopefully the inner June Cleaver will continue to hang around until I get the whole house done...
It was never my intention to become domestic. Whatever. Just call me June Cleaver.
Well, 2013 was a  rollercoaster ride I must say. I'm glad to have it in my rearview frankly. Going back to work was the hardest thing I've ever done. No, really. Up until then my life revolved around my kids, their friends, their activities and my hubby and his job. I was June Cleaver and I loved my life.  I spent months applying everywhere then one day I struck up a conversation with a friend of a friend and within 48 hours I had a job. My first day, I cried all the way to work. And if you know me at all you know I don't cry, well not very often anyway. I am my father's daughter. It's been a huge adjustment in our lives. We're all struggling to find our new normal. We will get there eventually. And I will never stop praying for the day that I can once again be home with my children where I belong. I miss being Red. I miss the crew and my boys. I miss hearing about their children, their wives, their lives. I miss seeing them every week and hanging out with them. They were my friends, the only people who ...
So for the new year I have made my family breakfast, and not anything microwave, put on a fresh pot of green beans to go with Matt Ray smoked pork, and I just kicked butt in 3 games of clue. I think my new name this year is June Cleaver! Yep that will do!!!
I wish there was a show I could watch where Ward and June Cleaver were the parents of three girls.
Honestly, I like to clean. I wish I coulld turn it iinto money. Its weird but Its saatisfying. It has a beginning and end and is orrganiized. I even like to iron. June Cleaver that's me.
Well coffee is on the brew and then it's operations de-Christmas and get my June Cleaver on to get the house clean so I can enjoy the next few days of vacation. Looking forward to some hockey, family time and relaxing.
Sunday about 3am, my dad had a seizure in his sleep. Thanks to my stepmother Cynthia Johnson and her quick actions, he is alive today!! In 2014, I challenge us all to two things: 1) Do the things that are truly important, things that build up heavenly treasures. Spend time with family, give, and serve someone. Tomorrow is not promised. 2) Forgive quickly, especially if your parents weren't Ward and June Cleaver, they probably did the best they could with what they knew at the time. Besides bitterness and unforgiveness only hurts YOU. Happy New Year!
making cookies and watching the ranger game. I'm like a badass june cleaver.
Hmmm New Years Eve ... Goals for New Year? Well first goal taking care of myself leading a healthy lifestyle eating clean and working my *** out! Serious focus on school and becoming a great Piloxing instructor! Second family I won't ever be June Cleaver but I want to be my own rocked out hippie version of one. Also spending more time with the nieces and nephews and my sister who I have learned to adore! Third travel small trips here and there visiting family teaching classes and going and seeing my best friend she is getting ready to have baby two and I can't wait to meet him! Well there it is take that 2013 bring it on 2014 :)
So it's June Cleaver's fault I have a peanut butter pound cake in the oven right now!!!
Listening to an indie band, wearing an apron, making my own laundry detergent while my muffins bake. If June Cleaver were a hipster, she'd be me.
LIE WOMEN SHOULDN'T WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME Many evangelical churches have preached that women who work outside the home are breaking a scriptural commandment, but this conclusion can be reached only by distorting the biblical record. The woman described in Proverbs 31 is often used to bolster a traditional view of the June Cleaver-style matron who spends her day baking casseroles while her husband is at the office. But a careful reading reveals that the Proverbs 31 woman, in her ancient Middle Eastern context, functioned as a real estate agent and ran a textile business. Titus 2:5 instructs women to "take care of their homes" (New Living Translation). But most scholars would agree that this passage simply exhorts married women not to forsake their children. It is true that, because of ambition or materialism, some Christian women neglect their children even though the Holy Spirit has urged them to put their career objectives on hold. But rather than placing a legalistic burden on women by telling them ...
I've been doing the June Cleaver thing a bit today. I hope it lasts until tomorrow! MEOW 󾆸󾆸󾆸󾆸
Auditions OPPORTUNITY FOR ETHNIC ACTOR at LTM AUDITIONS!! Seeking to cast ethnic actor and 6 others in WHY TORTURE IS WRONG... at Little Theatre Little Theater of Mechanicsburg Sunday January 5th and Monday January 6th at 7 pm All roles are available, and interested actors/actresses should be prepared to perform cold readings from the script. Character Descriptions: Felicity ( Female Age range 25-35)- young sensible woman in a world populated with insane people. She is the protagonist who awakes next to Zamir, whom she apparently met while drinking the night before and some how married during the night. Having no memory of the past evening, its possible she was drugged. She is the daughter of Luella and Leonard. She is honest and compassionate, but grows increasingly confused and disapproving of the behaviors of the other characters in the show. Zamir- (Male age range 25-35) charming,but with a volatile temper, he is a "mysterious young man of indeterminate ethnicity" ; we are seeking to cast an actor tha ...
I really need these next 2 days to slow down. I have gotten really used to doing my laundry, grocery shopping and errands during the day and not on Saturday. Love being June Cleaver.
From the Pastor's Desk December 29, 2013 “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Ozzie and Harriet Show” were weekly shows in the early days of television that depicted family life in a more or less idyllic way. June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson were stay at home moms who always looked as if they had just come from the beauty parlor. Ward Cleaver would come home from work every day, exchange his suit jacket for a comfortable sweater, sit down to a nicely prepared supper and impart some fatherly wisdom to his two sons Beaver and Wally. Ozzie Nelson had much the same routine with his sons David and Ricky. To say the least, these were very entertaining shows that unrealistically presented family life as a bowl of cherries. An occasional ethical challenge would teach the four boys some important lessons about life but for the most part they were just human interest stories devoid of the real pressures and tensions of the families in which most of us came of age. This weekend, dedicated to the Holy Family, invit . ...
Good Morning, I am angry at mental illness. It took another friend's life. I shared that with someone who said “Mental illness didn't kill her, using did.” This person knows that the mentally ill die, on average, 30 years before those without mental illness, but they must have thought it ate our brains! “How else could it kills us but by suffering some side effect?” is what I thought. What I said was, “That's one way mental illness kills us.” “All we have to do is “act out” one too many times.” Then I was angry at how flippant their attitude was toward a “user” dying. We eat wrong for years and 90% of people who suffer with Schizophrenia smoke. Medications, legal or not, destroy our liver's. Risky sex leads to Hep B.C.D, and AIDS. Grandiose thinking can make us risk takers. Our exaggerated emotional responses lead to several acting out's like drunk driving, self-harm, and even suicide. I had a friend text me early yesterday morning and I thought to check in with me. But ...
As an experiment this year, I made a list of every book I read. Don't think I'll finish another by tomorrow night. The low month was this month, December, with 6; others had 20-22. The count came to 202. The first book of 2013 was Will Schwalbe's The End of Your Life Book Club (I highly recommend it) and the last was Henry Bushkin's Johnny Carson (interesting, but got kinda tedious towards the end). In 2014, I should probably spend more time playing June Cleaver and cleaning.
Had a June Cleaver moment today when my neighbor asked to borrow an egg and I handed it to her kids over the fence. Except she called me on my iPhone to ask. That last part is very much modern-day. :)
Why nice women don't like their SK(s) Pt 5 STEP-KIDS DO NOT SHARE YOUR DNA No matter how much you love your own children, they can still drive you bananas. However, when they display their quirky side, you recognize traits from your own family and can easily overlook them. The unconditional love you feel for the fruit of your own body covers a multitude of sins. Not so of step-kids. Never will you see them mimic anyone from your family tree. In fact, you probably find yourself zeroing in on all the behaviors that mirror your spouse’s ex, which seem intolerable. Maybe it’s an attitude, a mannerism, a physical attribute, an ailment, an opinion—it doesn’t matter. When you see the ex shining through your step-children, you can’t help but turn a cold shoulder. For example, if you ever dreamed of dressing up a little girl with sparkling shirts, fru-fru bottoms, hair bows, and lacy socks only to find your step-daughter prefers to look like a ragamuffin street urchin with no class like her mother, it’ ...
Happy 51st Birthday to my sister Jackie Browning! The June Cleaver of the Family! Love you bunches sis!
What shows up in our relationships is a mirror to our hearts. "The greatest gift we can give ourselves as women is the beauty of our own wholeness. The best insurance policy we have against Mr. Wrong is accepting, embracing and healing our hearts. What you believe about God and yourself will show up in your most intimate relationships. We teach people who we are by what we allow in our lives. When your self-esteem expands, your relationships will reflect positive change. A woman who values herself will not remain in a relationship that continually assaults her dignity and worth. We invite relationships into our lives that reinforce our view of self. One of my private coaching clients said it so profoundly when she stated: “Shannon, I say I want June Cleaver, but I keep settling for Good Times.” If you are familiar with the TV show Good Times, you know that bad times were always coming. These painful patterns in relationships may stem from our own fears. We expect doom, pain and hurt, so we keep choos ...
Today, I am thankful and want to honor my mother who gave birth to me 61 years ago! I can't give her a gift because she has gone on to heaven many years ago as she passed when she was only 58. My mother is with Jesus and I hope that she knows I will be there too when my time comes. My mom was a single mother, raising my brother and me by working hard in a factory where she retired after 25 years. She was often tired or sick but she went to work. I remember her putting on those old big ol' ugly boots in the winter, scraping off her car, or walking through the snow to the bus stop if her car wouldn't start. We didn't have much but there was always plenty to eat and we never went on welfare or food stamps or received government "help" of any kind that I know of. My mom wasn't June Cleaver, she couldn't be, she was too busy trying to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. She wasn't a bread baker she was the breadwinner, best she knew how. I don't really understand some mothers today because ev .. ...
People be so depressed on fb wanted a góod man and woman...or a warm body next to em at l2fh...i aint ready to be suzie homemaker or june cleaver...i take care of my kids but i turn the fuk up cant turn up wit no jelous azz boy or girlfriend its always some b.s. And a million questions
How cute is this apron?! All I would need next is some pearls.look out June Cleaver!
White Freshwater Pearl Heart Charm June Cleaver Inspired Necklace, 17.50" This necklace was crafted after one of my favorite ladies of Class and Grace, both on and off the Screen, Barbara Billingsley (12/22/1915-10/16/2010) known as June Cleaver the mom on the hit tv show, Leave it to Beaver. Hand knotted necklace with high luster round 9-10mm white freshwater pearls. The charm is a dangling silver heart about 20mm with tiny sparkly crystals on one side and tiny white pearls on the flip side. I used a sterling plated nautical spring clasp, 20mm.
Wow i am old i just had to explain to my kid who June Cleaver was off leave it to bever
I'm cooking dinner, but I am not June Cleaver!
I went to pay respects to one of my peeps yesterday any he turns to to me and says: Lisa I love you but you'll never be a June Cleaver type and I never would want you to be.Hm I'm wondering if thats a compliment or not.Gez Who the *** is she anyways!
Omg .i am loving my new steam mop .it will knock the black off a skunk! Chris BirkhoffChris do not steam the floors or you will be sucking my highlights of the week away that is my June Cleaver toy! Got a nice comfy couch to sit on now and a new bathroom cabinet and room to organize I am a happier soul right now!
THIS IS MY COMMENT ON WEATHER YOU SHOULD LET YOUR CHILD SLEEP IN YOUR BED: In 1982 when my first child was born, a son named T.J. I was the "June Cleaver" mom about my kids sleeping with me. All the books said it was a bad habit to start. I'd let him make a pallet next to me on the floor but never in my bed. But, when he was 7 years old he was killed and I thought to myself, and still do, would that have really mattered? Would letting him sleep in my bed and cuddle with his mommy really have hurt anything? No, I think not. That night, I went into his sister's room (she had turned 2 years old just 4 days before), I woke her up and brought her into my bed and never let her go until she was ready. I did the same with my other 2 as well. No lasting, horrible side effects. They are all 3 just fine. But, as for me, I live with the guilt of not letting him sleep in my bed when for whatever reason he needed to. So, if you are not sure what to do, I suggest.Let them sleep with you. You never know how long you're . ...
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OK my beauties. does anyone know of a place I can find deliciously vintagey clothing (i.e. June Cleaver/ Audrey / Marilyn) either local or online that doesn't require me to take a loan out for a new wardrobe???
Today would have been my Mother's 89th birthday. I can't believe she's been gone for 10 years. It's strange how I STILL reach for the phone to call her and how, in that nanosecond of time it takes to realize the impossible, the pain hurts my heart and lingers. My mother was no June Cleaver as a few of my friends might remember. Eccentric definitely and now that I've grown up and older I can see that she suffered with what is today known as bi-polar affective disorder. Which means I didn't have many friends over. (Elizabeth, Gail and Val I don't know what I would have done without you as a child and in hs, you know what I'm talking about especially Val ) But she was an enormously gifted artist. A painter, a fabulous cook, and she became a nurse in her 50's. Mental illness is so *** children. I had my older brother who shouldered most of it for me. He could charm her into if not a good mood, then a neutral mood. He did it for me time and again. Which is one of the reasons I always wanted to be there fo ...
A question sent by one of our members...lets see if we can help her out!!! ~Cilla Does anyone else feel like this? It's funny how people think you want to be like this. Every morning dreading to stretch you legs and feel that intense pain. Or maybe you've woken up because you realized you were in so much pain that you were rocking in pain. Then the rocking woke you up. Likely though it was just the intense stabbing pain in different spots of your body pulsating in sync. Now to start rolling out of bed. Oh wait, don't move till you take your temperature so we can gain some insight into whether or not the meds are improving your thyroid. Find the water. Take the Armour. Take the Nystatin. Take the Prozac. Wait what are you forgetting? Ahh..the probiotics because we gotta kill that candida. You, wait, did you take your hormones last night. Wait, oh yeah, You did. Probably takes at least twenty minutes to get the courage to just sit up and go. Because once you get up that intense pain rips through your body a ...
I am so appalled... got a work email at noon yesterday with just 3 words - "is this done?" Replied when I saw it at 4:30 and the message still hasn't been opened. I don't think a quick response was actually expected but still... seriously? And I'm overhearing this morning that lots of people worked in some capacity yesterday. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Am I really so June Cleaver for thinking Christmas Day should be reserved for family, friends and food? Even the world's most popular deity rested for ONE day, geez...
Christmas at June cleavers. Aka Kathy Stroud. Good food. Good visit however hard not to nap now! Thanks Kathy and rob. We love you
In keeping with my firm resolution, June Cleaver stayed at "rest" this year. NO pictures. Hardly any wrapping. Very informal. Maybe I should have sent them to McD's! They had a lovely time, especially the one we are sending to fly a helicopter!
I'm making Christmas dinner with my new pearls on. June Cleaver definitely knew what she was doing!
I got the best gift from my son today,as well as everyday,,forgiveness and love!! He knows how badly I wanted to raise him in June Cleaver style,but accepts and loves me in my Edith Bunker/Desperate housewives style,,how cool n priceless is that!!!
Okay, I am putting in my Christmas list to Santa. I want a "WIFE." A really good one, not like me. A cross between June Cleaver and Aunt Bee. (I do not want a maid, they cost money.) One who loves to cook and clean and do laundry. They have to do all the things that I hate to do. I want my dinner on the table when I get home from work and never have to clean a toilet again. Dear Santa, I also want a pool boy named Estevan. FYI: I need a pool for Estevan to clean. Merry Christmas.
Good Morning, December 2nd is National Haiku Poetry Day, National Date and Nut Bread Day, 1937 – The Lincoln Tunnel opens to traffic in New York, New York. Born on this day, Steve Carlton~1944, Diane Sawyer~1945, Barbara (June Cleaver) Billingsley 1915~2010, and a young lady I remember from my "Y" days, watched her grow in the Y child care, Meg Leach, now she has children of her own.time sure flies ! Hope you have a great day Megan ! Enjoy this day everyone ! and if you are wearing flip flops, don't get too comfortable ! LOL
Today is the birthday of Barbara Billingsley, Steve Carlton, Diane Sawyer, Ray Guy, Bernadette Stanis, and Jordin Sparks. Barbara would be 98 today. She was known for her role as June Cleaver on "Leave It To Beaver." Steve is 69 today. He pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals (1965-1971), Philadelphia Phillies (1972-1986), San Francisco Giants and Chicago White Sox (1986), Cleveland Indians (1987), and Minnesota Twins (1988). He helped the Cardinals win the 1967 World Series, and the Phillies win the 1980 World Series. Steve is a member of the Baseball Hall Of Fame. Diane is 68 today. She has anchored the "CBS Morning News" "60 Minutes" "20/20" "Good Morning America" and now anchors "ABC World News." Ray is 64 today. He was the punter for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (1973-1986). He helped them win Super Bowls XI, XV, and XVIII. Ray is the only punter to be drafted in the 1st Round. The Ray Guy Award is awarded to the best collegiate punter. Bernadette is 60 today. She is known for her role as Thelma Eva ...
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