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Jummah Mubarak

May Allah Eid Mubarak May Almighty Allah Prophet Muhammad Imam Ali Happy New Year Surah Al Kahf

Jummah Mubarak Good people 😊❤.. May Allah bless dan protect you and family.. 🙏🙏
Jummah Mubarak Habibi❣ hope you have so much fun in Dubai X dad's
Whoever read Surah Al Kahf on the day of Jummah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the Nex…
Friday things. . Jummah Mubarak to you all. . May Allah accept our Ibaada and forgive us our sins known and unknown. . Aameen.
Jummah Mubarak to all, may the almighty Allah accept our prayers today.
Jummah Mubarak everyone 🌸. hope your day is as beautiful as you
Good morning,. May Allah accept our prayers today. Jummah Mubarak to all.
Jummah Mubarak to all.May Almighty Allah accept our prayers.
Jummah Mubarak to all Muslim ummah...GOD bless u. Keep me remembered in ur Prayers.
Jummah Mubarak to Pakistan. The land of the pure.
Ya Rabi, bless our Master Muhammad & His Family &. Grant us Barakah during Rajab and Sha’ban, and allow us to reach Ramadan. Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak to all muslim ummah. May Allah guide us to the right path and bless us with his forgiveness...Ameen.. http…
ALLAH says:. "if you give thanks, I will give you more (of my blessings)... . Al Qur'an 14:7. Jummah Mubarak to all.
It is allowed to say jummah mubarak? Plz sir i need
Assalam o Alaikum all. Have a Blissful and cheering day. Stay Blessed☺. ❤JUMMAH MUBARAK❤
Good morning and jummah Mubarak everybody
Oh Allah . Make me focused on u & not . On your creation.As they break. My heart, & you fix it. Assalamualaikum dosto . Ju…
Good morning and Jummah Mubarak loves. I'll be opening my snaps later on. Can't wait to speak to you all💕
~Jummah Mubarak~. ~..If your thought is a Rose. You are a rose Garden..~. ...~Man is Dust. Dust as his Passion. as the Beloved...…
ALLAH knows what your silent heart wants, even if you don't include it in your prayers. ALLAH hears what your heart whispe…
And when u place trust in him . Miracles happens. . Assalamualaikum frnds . Jummah mubarak. . The brightest and blessed . Da…
'& surely what comes after is better for you, than that which has gone before' - Al Quran [93:4]. Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah mubarak to everyone have a blessed day
Jummah Mubarak and all JJ's hope you have a nice day ❤
Jummah Mubarak. Hope you all have an amazing weekend❤️
Jummah Mubarak. May the Light of Almighty Allah shine on us all.
Never stop praying; no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem. Keep your faith. Jummah Mubarak
Your deity is One Allah. There is no God but He, the Beneficent and Merciful. Jummah Mubarak!
Let go of anything that brings you stress and sorrow. Imam Ali. Jummah Mubarak.
O Allah! Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the Fire!" Jummah Mubarak!
".. And He is with you wherever you are.". (Quran 57:4). Jummah Mubarak :)
Jummah mubarak makes friday so special
Jummah Mubarak guys.. . May Allah bless your day and bring peace and unity in our Ummah.. Ameen
JUMMAH MUBARAK 💜. Have a blessed and wonderful day ahead !
jummah Mubarak to you as well.stay happy always.May Allah pak bless Lodhis with his countless blessings
O Allah, forgive me all my sins. great and small, The First and The Last. Those that are apparent and. Those that are…
Thank gosh is 6am. Just want to get on with the day already🤓. Jummah Mubarak☺️ May Allah bless you all with good health and success I'A.
Jummah Mubarak everyone, Remember me in your dua's 💕
Whasupp guys hope u all have an amazing day and JUMMAH MUBARAK
To walk to the Masjid For Jummah if possible, for every step is a reward of a years Nafal Fast. Jummah Mubarak to all Musli…
Today is Friday & also holy jummah. All of us jumma mubarak..
May Allah bless you all with his countless blessings aameen jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak to all 😊. May the blessings of the Almighty be with us all Aameen n_n . [Edit: 😜].
Try not to leave your Salaah the way you try not to leave Jummah Salaah . Jumma Mubarak 😇
jummah Mubarak to all of my friends remember me in uva dua.
Sallaam Alaikom, Jummah Mubarak Muslimin . Greetings Friends, . Salute Fighters... and a basic hello to the others
~Jummah Mubarak~ "Don't hold to Anger, Hurt, Hate OR Pain" ..Life is not about Holding On Life is about Moving through…
May Allah remove all the pain, worries & sufferings from your life. Ameen!!. Jummah' mubarak
Assalam O Aalaikum !. Please remember me and my family in your dua's. Jummah Mubarak to all!
Jummah Mubarak to all my brothers and sisters ! Wishing you a beautiful and joyful day ❤ .
Salam lala, gud morning and Jummah Mubarak🌸 Have a blessed day :)
May Allah shower his countless blessings on you and your family on this holy day. Jummah Mubarak.
Jummah Mubarak .. May Allah bless u all wid full of Happiness... ❤
Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims around the world.. May you all be blessed with the best of health inshAllah.. Keep me…
Jummah Mubarak to you all. May Allah SWT grant all our prayers and efforts - may the needy be blessed, may the ill be healthy again. Ameen
Let us pursue good and nice things that will help us get close to Him not negative things that will drag us away 4rm d Lord. Jummah Mubarak!
Beautiful mornings friends. Have a beautiful day. Jummah Mubarak. 5th day of muharram. My all cutes friend.
Jummah Mubarak have a blessed day! keep all those who are struggling around the world in your duas. May Allah give them all S…
"Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.". Imam Ali (as). Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak everyone lol Had that real breakfast with Mustafa today chocolate chip pancakes…
Jummah Mubarak to the entire Ummah of Aqaa SAW. ( Beautiful ). He who speaks gently is loved…. Hazrat Ali (A.S)
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Alhamdulillah... another Jumuah (Friday) - The weekly blessing from ALLAH TA'ALA - has come again!. Jummah Mubarak! :-)
Salam. Ya Ali as madad. Good morning . Jummah Mubarak . Remember me in yourZzz prayers
Jummah Mubarak to everyone. Please remembers those who had passed away until now in your dua. May Allah SWT gives them…
Jummah mubarak to you all :) have a truly blessed day and May Allah grant you all goodness in both worlds.
Jummah mubarak to all..Stay blessed😊
Jummah Mubarak to all,have a blessed day !!
Jummah Mubarak.Shalwar Qameez is my mostly dress for Jummah prayer & Roshaan is following it as in many other things https:/…
Dua is the weapon of the believer. Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak😇. It's the sheer blessing of the Almighty tht keeps Us alive & attain all our dreams. Let's thank Him🙏 https:…
Hadees of the day. Jummah Mubarak to All Muslims.
Jummah Mubarak to all my friends,stay SAFE,look after each other. As 4my beloved Pakistan, I'm still missing you :-( http…
Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala doesn't give us problems without solutions. Stay firm, stay on the righteous track
The early generations did not congratulate each other on Fridays saying "Jummah Mubarak" so we should not introduce/continue that custom.
If you want to talk to Allah, perform salat. If you want Allah to talk to you, then read the Quran. Jummah Mubarak https:/…
Need to pray jummah at masjid Salahuddin next week so I can hug my brothers Mahrez & Kante and say mubarak
not really, and jummah Mubarak really?
Jummah Mubarak. Peace to the purple ones.
Offered Jummah today at Masjid Mubarak on Ahmadiyya Ave. For the record, our mosques welcome Muslims of *all* sects
Allah will make everything beautiful at right place, at right time, for the best reason... .
Jummah Mubarak ♥. Note for the day : Keep ur faith in Allah, always :)
Jummah Mubarak Everyone 😊🙏. May the blessings of the Almighty guide Us & give Us strength to fight all odds in life
Jummah Mubarak! Off for a quick spot of shopping with Adam, wearing my new dress. I'm…
We are Cut from a different cloth󾍛 Jummah Mubarak everyone. . Like and share❤️
Jummah Mubarak all muslim sisters n brothers. May Allah bless u n ur family on this blessing day Ameen!. Pray 4my Ammi ht…
Assalam-o-Alaikum! . Jummah Mubarak to all . Plz forgive ayeshi api and pray for her soul 😭😭🙏. Rt
Jummah Mubarak! Hope all of you are having a great day :D 💖
The poor next to the rich, old next to the young, black next to white, the healthy next to the ill, all with one purpose.…
We have so many blessings that we take for granted. Be thankful to the almighty for everything. Jummah Mubarak.
"To overcome evil with good is good. To resist evil by evil is evil." - Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Jummah Mubarak! 😊
The solution to every problem is in SABR (Patience) and ISTIGFAAR (Seeking Forgiveness). Jummah Mubarak..☺
~ Ya Allah , . don't let my soul get attached to anything that isn't meant to be mine. .
Jummah Mubarak! Keep the resilient people of a Palestine & Syria in your duas❤️ via Peter Boullata
Jummah mubarak.. May Allah give you all good health. pls keep me & my family in your prayers so that we can get throug…
jummah Mubarak *** or very best of luck for fan movie :)) vohi tu connection bhi na bari hi kamal ki cheez…
Jummah Mubarak to everyone, please don't forget to make dua for those who had passed away. May Allah SWT has mercy on…
Jummah Mubarak to all of you...May Almighty Allah answer your prayers (Ameen )
Jummah Mubarak! . Allah (swt) is most forgiving. . Narrated on the Authority of Abu Dhar (May Allah be pleased...
Jummah Mubarak. Now I know you're one of us. Why does it have to be like this? You're so beautiful my sister. this is sad.
JUMMAH MUBARAK! Make an extra special Dua for all the mothers! Without you mom, we are nothing! Love you mommy! ❤️
Beautiful khutbah by as always... Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak to all remember me in ur prayers...
Jummah mubarak May Allah's Peace,Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you!.
Alarm clocks are only a means, what really wakes us up for Fajr is our Iman. Don't let anything come in its place. Jumma…
'You chase the dunya when it was meant as a punishment for Adam (AS)' . Jummah Mubarak! x
Jummah Mubarak to everyone across the world on this blessed day✌️
I was a seeker of the world, . And the world kept dissolving me,. Then I became seeker of The Lord,. And world dissolved for me…
Jummah Mubarak! Bare in mind, Allah will coming running to you if you walk to him. Don't expect everything if you give A…
Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims across the world. Let the strength of the Palestinians imaan be your inspiration
180 food packs loaded up in true style. Jummah Mubarak.
Jummah Mubarak! May Allah forgive all our sins whether they are old or new and make our life better than before. Ameen.
Jummah Mubarak!! Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! 💕
Jummah Mubarak, thank god for another day.
Happy New Year & Jummah Mubarak! Find out why Cambridge needs a new mosque feat. & …
Happy New Year & Jummah mubarak to all!. May this year brings lot of happiness in our lives!. Ameen❤
The first day of the year is also Jummah... So Jummah Mubarak! Sending prayers and blessings to all my people around t…
How blessed are we to be alive and able to start a new year on the most blessed day of the week! Jummah Mubarak friends!
Jummah mubarak! Try to read/listen to surat al-Kahf instead of listening to music today.
Jummah Mubarak everyone ✨ May this be a blessed year. Hopefully we can overcome the hard obstacles of life and look forward …
The number of times I almost said Eid Mubarak at Jumaah today, and last Jummah. 🙈
Jummah Mubarak! Start your first Friday of the year at the first of the year. Could be your last so spend it working on your iman.
The first of the New Year lands on a Friday. Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak! 1st Jummah of 2016! Make a resolution to attend all 52 this year!
the first friday of 2016 Jummah Mubarak!! love you
Every Jummah the khutba is so relevant to my life in that specific moment SubhanAllah... Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak to all of you May Allah SWT opens the doors of His mercy on all of you. AMEN 😊
No better way to start this year then a sincere prayer. Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak! Start your year off right and read Surat al Kahf and attend Salat al Jummah. Have a blessed day y'all 💕
JUMMAH MUBARAK! On this holy day let's welcome a beautiful year filled with happiness, health and success to all. https:…
Islamic Relief Canada wishes you Jummah Mubarak and Happy New Year! IA you have a blessed and bright year to come!
1st day of 2016 is a Friday, Jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak ❤️, Beautiful reminder by Sheikh Muhammad Metwaly Esha'rawy from Hadith Qudsi about sustenance
Jummah Mubarak, my dear friend... Have a blessed day for you.☆☆☆
Jummah Mubarak Guys!! Alhamdulillah for everything in this Life! Stay Blessed! ❤️✨
. “Allah is not kind to him who is not kind to people.” (Bukhari and M…
TB. Jummah Mubarak- wishing you all a blessed day, and especially keeping Syria, Lebanon and Palestine in my prayers
May Allah SWT bless everyone with great success today! Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak from of America. In this time of hate, let us spread love and hope.
Ameen wish u all a blessed Jummah Mubarak May Allah swt bless us all n protect us from evil Ameen 🕋❤️ https…
2 conversions and praying next to my best friend. Such a beautiful day today. Jummah Mubarak ☺️
God does not ask about our ability or our inability, but our availability! Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak! 2nd month and still going strong with something I started to help my…
Alhamdulilaah for today,jummah mubarak to all creation.aameen
Mubarak. on "Whatever ur seeking, seek within yourself".
Jummah Mubarak everyone, remember me & whole Muslim Ummah in your dua's ☺️
Jummah Mubarak to Muslims n too all fans
Jummah Mubarak to all of the Muslim people around the globe
Jummah Mubarak to all my family & friends. May Allah SWT bless us all, forgive our sins & guide us on the...
Alhamdulillah.. Jummah Mubarak to you & your family bro..💗 Try to recite Surah Al Kahf today & every Jummah..😊💕💕
Jummah Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!
Assalam'ualaikum bro JUMMAH MUBARAK HAV A BLESSED DAY.:) wanna meet u n my life is big dream.. I am ur big fan.plz follow m…
Praise is due to the most high Allah Jummah Mubarak 🙏🙏
Happy''Jummah Mubarak' U Salman,Good Night sweetDREAMS and God bless You and your all family SalmanTHEprose U MotherSalman:
Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be among the richest of people. Jummah Mubarak (:
Thoughts for all oppressed & who are dying in a complete silence. May Allah protect them. Ameen. htt…
Getting my hair done rushing off to Jummah! Jummah Mubarak to all my Muslims.
Jummah Mubarak. Hope everyone has a blessed day,
thanks Nandos jummah Mubarak to you to :)
Wishing you all a big Jummah Mubarak from Nandos!!!
Jummah Mubarak...May Almighty Allah grant us d privilege to witness and…
Jummah Mubarak 2 Everyone. May we come closer to our Deen & be blessed by the Almighty.May Allah solve all r problems
Jummah Mubarak!. Remember to recite. Surah Al Kahf and. make abundant. salutations upon our. beloved Rāsul'Allah
Ali Adnan wishes his followers a Jummah Mubarak on IG this morning.
and Jummah Mubarak to everyone celebrating today! May Allah bless us all, grant us His Nearness and the nearness of His Habib x
Everyone's caught up with saying Eid Mubarak, what about Jummah Mubarak yo ☺️
Last Jummah of May Allah (swt) accept our fasts and ibadat, Ameen☝🏼️. Jummah Mubarak everyone 😊
Jummah Mubarak everyone. Please remember me and my family and friends in your duas (prayers)
Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating Eid today. &. Jummah Mubarak to everyone :-).
Jummah Mubarak and a very Happy Eid to everyone celebrating.
Jummah Mubarak everyone. I hope and pray that this month of Ramadan brought you all the happiness and peace you wanted.
Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating today and Jummah Mubarak..lets pray for peace and Health.. Please keep us in your Duas 😊
Jummah Mubarak everyone! Mahmudullah Riyad before prayer today!!
Jummah Mubarak everyone have amazing day. Eid Mubarak for today and 2m peace and unity
Jummah Mubarak to Everyone, Remember me in your prayers.
Good morning and bless everyone who fasted 30 days during Ramadan and today is a blessed Friday don't miss Jummah Mubarak !!!
Jummah Mubarak to everyone hope you have a blessed day
Waking up to an amazing weather on this beautiful day of Friday. Jummah Mubarak everyone. :)
that awkward moment when you suggest that says "Jummah Mubarak" instead of "Shabat Shalom"
Oh let my every step lead me ultimately closer to You.
Sad is the person who thinks he has a mountain of deeds only to find out on Judgement Day that they've all been destroyed by…
Jummah Mubarak!. You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Praying five times a day doesn't make you pious, it makes you a If you don't pray then ask yourself, what are you?
What is the matter with you that you deny the greatness of Surat Nuh, verse13
Jummah mubarak, and it's a wonderful friday 💕
Jummah Mubarak -The beauty of sujood, you whisper to the earth and is heard in the heavens. SubhanAllah
"Its here .the change we have all been waiting for.May Allah make it a good one amin...jummah Mubarak" …
“The best of you is he who has learnt the Qur’an and then taught it.” (Bukhari) . Jummah Mubarak❤
Jummah Mubarak, keep your fellow muslims in your prayers especially those with less and those who remember u.😊
السلام Jummah Mubarak to you my friend Sadia :) be blessed tc keep me in ur duas jazakallah 🌘⭐️
Jummah Mubarak - You KNOW & We KNOW that anything but would be a
Jummah Mubarak and have a great day 💚
When you make it to Friday, you know it's a 🙌🏻 Jummah Mubarak 💖 Have a great weekend. :)
And in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised. (51:22), Jummah Mubarak Everyone Have A Blessed One Ya'll.
Salam and Jummah Mubarak. Remember everyone in your duas.
Jummah Mubarak, keep us in your prayers tonight iA.
Jummah Mubarak everyone.. Keep us in your Prayers.. May Allah bless all of us.. Ameen
Jummah Mubarak world u a blessed day
Jummah Mubarak - Increase Darood Shareef recitation on our beloved Prophet.
Ramadan is coming . Shaytaan is running . Muslims are preparing . *** fire is closing . Paradise is opening
Salam. Tomorrow Jummah Quathba will be Delivered by Moulavi. Zafarullah. Please be on time. Jummah Mubarak To all
Jummah Mubarak db nation..I have exams this week, so plzz pray for me :)
Be with and you will find Allah with you.
a moment after JUmmah Prayers. May Allah be with us on this journey. Join us Africa eats now! the journey has began.
Verily, Allah does not look towards. your bodies nor towards your appearances. But, he looks towards your hearts. - Jumm…
do preferred for prayer of Friday jummah mubarak and also pray for me
Jummah Mubarak to my brothers and sisters in Islam. Stay strong and work for the revival of the Deen. .
Jummah Mubarak!. Remember Pakistan in Your Special Prayers!. Recite Darood Sharif As more as u can💞
ISIS bombed a mosque on Friday during jummah prayer yet people still continue to think they represent Islam.
Ameen! Jummah Mubarak..remember all of humanity in ur prayers..
Your kind words have touched my heart & soul. For that I thank you. Jummah mubarak.
Morning world. Jummah Mubarak and a happy Friday. Have a blessed day.
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Jummah Mubarak :) May Allah give you Bohat happiness and success ameen :)
Happie Friday to everybody .. Jummah Mubarak Doston .. . Keep ur loved ones in :)
Jummah Mubarak. May Allah help all in need ♥
Jummah Mubarak... May Allah Bless us all... Remember whole humanity in your today's special prayers!!!
Goodnight all and, a very belated Jummah Mubarak! ☺🙏 Alhamdulillah. 💕
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants". Jummah Mubarak.
Jummah Mubarak! May Allah bless us on this beloved Friday inshAllah.
I know it's late but Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak, may you have a blessed day. And Shabbat Shalom
Just wanna show u guys some love for always showing me so much love & support. Thank you all Jummah Mubarak &...
Jummah Mubarak to the entire Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'at, increase your salutations upon The Master of All creation ﷺ 💚 htt…
Jummah Mubarak! Inshallah you all have a blessed day and don't forget to attend Salat al Jummah and read Surat Al Kahf! 🙌🏼💕
Jummah Mubarak! Happy sight to come out the masjid to :) # blackonblack
Jummah Mubarak don't forget to recite Surat Al Kahf and make Dua, May Allah swt accept them all
Jummah Mubarak to & family. And all the Muslims out their. May Allah accept our dua's and forgiveness. !!
Alhamdullilah 💙💙 so true and yet we always want more 😌 but Jummah Mubarak 😊😊
"Verily after every difficulty there is relief". -Quran. Jummah Mubarak! ❤
Jummah Mubarak my brothers and sisters 👌🙏🏼😊
lol amine way mdrr... Namess grand ! jummah Mubarak
Jummah Mubarak! May you all have a blessed day Insha'Allah 🙏 don't forget to read surah al-Kahf 💕
JUMMAH MUBARAK... We also just prayed Jummah in Johannesburg, South Africa
W. Salam & Good after noon. Jummah mubarak to u.
Jummah Mubarak everyone, remember lots of Durood and remember the entire Ummah in your Duaa's .
Jummah Mubarak and Many Congratulations to the Shia on this blessed weekend on the Birth of our Masters💖
Jumma Mubarak remember me in your prayers.
Jummah Mubarak brothers and sisters please keep me in your duas
Be careful not to forget Allah when things are great. Be faithful n know that Allah can take back just as fast as he gives. . Jummah Mubarak✨
jummah Mubarak hope you have a great day 💙❤️
Jummah Mubarak...special day as cricket returns to pakistan. Can't wait to watch it with Nasir on 😀
Wohi Khuda Hai Nasheed Album | Full Audio Tracks Jummah Mubarak to you & your family :)
Jummah Mubarak ... May Allah shower his blessings upon us. Ameen!
Jummah Mubarak, have a nice day inshallah.
Jummah Mubarak everyone ❤️ May Allah bless each and everyone of you guys with lots of happiness Ameen 😊
Hot Hot Hot! Jummah Mubarak is Trending Hot in UK.See all favorite images
Jummah Mubarak . Lots of duas of peace, happiness and love going out to all of our amazing supporters, followers...
Jummah Mubarak to all Remember me in your prayers
Jummah Mubarak everyone May Allah SWT accept all your Duas, please remember to keep who are suffering in your Duas💕❤️
Oh Allah protect us from the fitna in this life and grant us protection from the punishment of the grave.. Ameen. . Jummah Mubarak! ✨💚
Funny how I came across this today, so cute. Jummah Mubarak-have a blessed Friday! 💚
Jummah Mubarak everyone, have a blessed day :)
Salamun aleikum.jummah Mubarak to all my loves ones .may de peace and blessings of diz day be upon us all.
It is better for a man. to give one dirham as Sadqa during his lifetime,. than to give a hundred at the time of his death... Mubarak
JUMMAH MUBARAK . If u are young remember death will come to you. If you are healthy remember death will come to...
Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it…
Jummah Mubarak to you too ... thank you
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Bonjour, Salam, Good Morning ! Thoughts about who need today. Jummah Mubarak ☝️❤️
Allah plz forgive us jummah mubarak stay bless
Jummah mubarak everybody...!!! . do remember everyone in your prayers.
Jummah Mubarak. Remember to pray for the Ummah, give back to the people, and pray for me.
Jummah Mubarak everyone! Hope you all have a lovely blessed day!
Jummah Mubarak to everyone... May Allah accept all our prayers this Friday and forgive all of us...
Jummah Mubarak, have a blessed day in sha Allah. To those taking exams, May Allah grant you success and the grades you need. Ameen 😊
Jummah Kareem Mubarak to all Muslims:-). Remember me in your precious prayers:-)
Jummah Mubarak. Stay Blessed . Remember me in your prayers :')
Jummah Mubarak everyone... May Allah protect our Pakistan Ameen. Don't forget to pray for your country.
Jummah Mubarak. Happy Friday. I hope you all have an amazing day!
Jummah Mubarak.. Don't forget to take ghusal xdd
Jummah mubarak. Remember me in your prayers
Jummah Mubarak - “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing...
Jummah Mubarak. May Allah save our country and Muslim Ummah from Munafiqeen.
Jummah Mubarak... God bless you and your family
Jummah Mubarak. 'The believer is to the believer like parts of a building, each one of them supporting the other..' . - Prophet Muhammad
Salaams. Jummah Mubarak. May this benefit you and I 😊 insha'Allah
Jummah Mubarak have a wonderful day.
Good morning...! Jummah mubarak and stay blessed...!!
Smile cox its Jummah today, Jummah Mubarak everyone 😊
In a world of never ending expectations the only acceptance you need, the only one that matters, is the acceptance of Allah. Jummah Mubarak!
Jummah Mubarak Everyone and remember me in your dua
Jummah Mubarak! May Allah swt bless you this week and the next!
mubarak May the almighty keep you all happy
Jummah Mubarak to all of you beautiful people😊🙏
Jummah Mubarak to All. Remember us in your prayers.
I wish you all a beautiful day.. And a beautiful Jummah Mubarak.. May Allah fulfill our desires.. Ameen!!
Jummah Mubarak Alhumdulillah :) Another day another reward. Alhumdulillah with Ramadan around the corner a team...
Jummah Mubarak! Please pray for the oppressed across the globe including Sheikh Nimr + his nephew who await execution
Jummah mubarak remember me in your prayers :')
Jummah Mubarak everyone! Hope everyone has a blessed day today 🙏🏽
jummàh Mubarak Mam Allah bless u always.. remember me in ur prayers
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Happy Friday Prophet Muhammad May Allah Surah Kahf Ya Allah Insha Allah May Almighty Allah