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Julius Malema

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981, in Seshego) is a South African politician, and the president of the African National Congress Youth League.

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The EFF has deployed Julius Malema to the parliamentary disciplinary committee that will be dealing with Floyd Shivambu's…
The ANC is also under pressure from the radical Economic Freedom Fighters, led by Julius Malema. Malema has been...
JULIUS MALEMA CONDEMNS LUNGU FOR PERSECUTING HH . Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters has condemned in the...
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema may have more files on Minister in the Presidency Jeff...
Marius Fransman claims ANC disciplinary structures trying to sideline him – 'as it happened with Julius Malema' |
Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng looking at Julius Malema walk in with those Zuma impeachment documents like "S…
Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema they now serve under one MASTER same people he called them tea lady and garden boy.
Bonginkosi Khanyile's mother with the CIC Julius Malema and the legal team with Adv Dali Mpofu. Justice Shall Prevail!…
Calls for Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema to return to the African National Congress are...
Ricky Rick should have known that Julius Malema is a reliable source of all news in South Africa before defending Mabala No…
Julius Malema will humble your *** if you don't believe me ask Baleka Mbete.
This is what my president Julius Malema said about Mabala Noise. Riky Rick has saved his own career cz Noize issa sinking…
Julius Malema says Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is likely to be announced Minister of Fnance. Tonight.😔. I believe him.
Ricky Rick is the Julius Malema of Hip hop exposing them
According to Julius Malema, former Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates right back and captain, Jimmy Tau, was "empowered by Nomvula Mokonyane"
Julius Malema said it all in 6 words, "fight crime and not fellow Africans."
I wonder what Julius Malema did with his old clothes.
😂😂 We found her and she is a member of & her name is https:/…
University students being tortured for protesting in Cameroon. Add your voice
And he won the elections. if you don't like it go back home!
Let us mobilise and literaly bulldoze the Guptas out of SA!! too much talk
Is this child and baby mama who was his former maid?
We should have occupied but then again, all changed for no apparent reason. Look now!
Natasha Marrian's interview with Julius Malema, 'EFF to enter fully fledged coalitions for increased power'
CIC told you RSA. 'Suitcase full of diamonds' led to Oppenheimer fall outwith Guptas via
Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve…
seriously its a race thing? The Banks manipulating the markets??? Its called GREED which is inheritant of the HUMAN SPECIES
can u believe this!Officials at Sekhukhune TVET college are selling NSFAS forms to students at…
W/A REPARATIONS for trafficked Black Men on coerced by British regime that didn't recognize them as HUMANS
Banks should be Nationalized, land ownwership, means of production, wealth 4 d ppl
they're channels to follow than to go on cyber space to expose someone. Two wrongs don't make a right.
HSBC involved Hong Kong bank are they white ?
Pre Malema youth league days WMC was not in ANC vocabulary.
what's greedy selfish people got to do with race ? Banker could be black or white? Or are bankers only white ?
Please, when you are a member of the ANC, all the policies are for the ANC
Yes when was still in its ranks now they have stolen his policies as well
show us the rule that says gov comm cant talk about a chapter 9 Mr Einstein
and they also seem to be forgetting that it is CIC dat told em Absa has looted when they didn't hve a clue
Corruption is corruption. Qha. Let's not blame it on white masculinity.
all over the world neh..wht a point,so who owns those banks? Whites or black's?it is about about the race yes
That boy if he is not a photo shoot then should run and grab his son
: Honestly why should CIC comment on a government bailout?Afterall ABSA didn't still money!
Haven't heard u speaking sense in a while , well done!!!
Hey do you remember Grace Nyoka from Zimbabwe, your former maid? This is the result...
Why is the destructive cyclone battering Mozambique called Dineo (Sotho for Gifts). Why is it not called Julius Malema or Floyd Shivambu??
thinks back to media presenting David Mabilu as Julius Malema's "daddy" long before EFF was a sperm. It's clearer now
Julius Malema atleast you now know how to protect yourself from those hands after your balls!
kudo's to Julius Malema & Mmusi Maimane for standing up for the people of South Africa. real embarrassment were Baleka Mbete
Julius Malema to Baleka Mbete: You are irrational, you are impatient and you are partisan! 😂
Like it or not,John Steinheisen and Julius Malema are a force to be reckoned with in parliament,they hit the most sensitive nerve.
Julius Malema's response to Baleka Mbete when she asked him to leave parliament. "Kill Me"
Julius Malema to Baleka Mbete: "You can kill me.Its fine. Just kill me." https:…
Julius Malema's voice in Baleka Mbete's head "You went home slaughtered a cow, thinking you be president & then they dumped…
South Africa should be considering a Julius Malema's day, a Julius Malema's statue & a street named after Malema in every P…
Musi Maimane,you make a lot of sense,so does Julius Malema and Nkwakwa.
56 minutes . Julius Malema has effectively delivered the state of the nation address - longest times on the floor.
EFF leader Julius Malema has been slated by the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) in a…
They have Floyd Shivambu in there and left out Julius Malema? Or I missed his name? Okay where's Fikile Mbalula and…
Floyd Shivambu together with our CIC Julius Malema, are 2 us what Robert Sobukwe and Potlako Leballo were 2 the 1…
Everything in KZN smells of Zuma and corruption - Malema . Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says...
Johannesburg - Economic Freedom Fighters commander-in-chief Julius Malema has labelled the ANC's 105th birthday...
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Julius Malema will finally appear on Herbex advert
Attention ! Hugo Chavez, Julius Malema, Donald Trump … it always starting with a 🍄 and
lol for a second I thought was hehehe team of champion s looking to rock Polokwane
we are at a wedding in Seshego. And everyone says we should pass ha bo Malema. The people love Malema stru.😊💓💓
what is this from the little aka It's time makes him kiss Hlaudi's feet!?
he went to a museum not funeral. What a waste of time and Eff's credit card limit
supported the government's stance. Go back to the records & read as Malema commended the governmen…
. Sadly, we know and are completely 'woke' to
Genuine People can speak all the time.their story always the same. UNLIKE THE SELLOUTS , WHO CHANGE TUNE ALL THE TIME.
Sis thuli uliqhawe lama qhawe noba bangkuthuka u are hero thanx for the wonderful job u did for us thank u
hlaudi must tell us who gave him powerful authority to be SABC DICTATOR
What Msunery is this now Pres Zuma fix this already
I need to join EFF I stay in Durban where can I get your offices?
So Sharpeville residents why did u give him the platform to speak in the 1st…
viva our leader Mr malema fighting white monopoly capital
Hlaudi has been double captured thats why he is so arrogant
If you want to disrupt Do it properly.
had a great night at saxonwold SHEBEEN
So then protect us against the hatespeech of Julius Malema and other black racists as eqaully as u do whites.
Hlaudi Motsoeneng is employee of SABC with all rights guaranteed by RSA constitution but he ignored such rights for others?
Julius Malema blocked me , now how am I meant to tell him that he's misleading one million black people☹️
Thank you for that very novel, insightful, thought provoking info. Wow
“Let us make it clear now: we are prepared to die for Zuma. Not only that, we are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zum…
I see why said Hlaudi must not speak.
why are they doing this to us mara, Hlaudi on the podium.
eish why did they Hlaudi to speak, eish mara
CIC doing an interview with SABC in Havana, Cuba on the passing of Commandante Fidel Castro
lol Zuma was messenger 2day, he will reply by saying dnt shot messenger ...
In case you missed it! Video: My chat with Julius Malema in Cuba after Castro's funeral
I'm sure eNCA will censure him, break in transmittion 😆
Did you know: The main violation of the Constitution has been abuse or selfish use of state power and public resources…
Sharpeville resident says it's hypocritical for President Jacob Zuma to lead celebrations, as he violated…
Malume you see Juju is a trend setter not only in politics
ok so chief who wants peace? Anc tht allows people tht stayed in a farm for 68 yrs to be chased o…
You really don't want peace in SA Julius.
Leader of urges people to 'attack' in order to grab whatever land they desire
The solemn occasion will go haywire if that happens. .
I agree Hlaudi & Mzwakhe Mbuli shouldn't speak at anyone's funeral as they tend to say offside things
He'll be talking about himself going nowhere
I have HUGE RESPECT for Hon. Malema true African leader..bound to revolutionise Africa forever
uzothini vele. The are lot of people abasathanda iinysomi neh?
Jacob has many disciples. Hlaudi is one of them.
just found out that he's one of Guptas puppet.used to support him only to find there's lot of dirty secrets 😳
Are these people in Limpopo not your people. You must educate them!
he speaks like those boys of Youth league no sense at all...
Julius Malema (right) with President Robert Mugabe during a visit to Harare - New
Julius Malema and Mcebo Dlamini: Young people prone to foolishness and fads
EFF FORCEFULLY removed from Parliament - Questions to the President, Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, EFF: via
If I were president, apartheid South Africa leader FW de Klerk would be in jail , says Julius Malema:
The next President will be Julius Malema come 2019.Mark my words
The extreme rules fight during the , The president finally paying back the money, Julius Malema & Cassper Nyovest on diet...
President Zuma is the Michael Jordan of? What about Julius Malema, Bhuti Mzwanele Manyi, or Hellen Zille? Thandiswa…
EFF leader Julius Malema says he is echoing what former President Mandela called for on the land issue
COSAS: that boy Julius Malema must know we are coming for him, he thinks his beret is a crown.
Julius Malema wants the former President of South Africa, FW De Klerk, in jail:
black-nazi leader Julius Malema wants to lock up the country's last president.
Now that the President of KIN has spoken..we will now await the people's president Julius Malema to answer him
Racist actions. of any kind, are totally unacceptable! Be they from Julius Malema, President Zuma, or Donald...
The Simpsons predicted Trump as USA President, Poplak predicts Julius Malema as soon to be South African President
These are the people who are putting the crown on Julius Malema to be president
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ANC youth league leader Julius Malema chases a BCC journalist out of a press conference
Who are you to the Lion of the North The one and only
On any given Sunday...with d state of affairs...I would believe over yep uyena onamaspho bayamusaba uZuma!
Night vigil ahead of Julius Malema's court appearance, in Bloemfontein tomorrow
On Julius Malema, Rabinowitz says the EFF leader is like a political comedian.
'blacks were robbed of their land' does not mean that you were. Even if you are black
if you have a legitimate land claim, you can fill out a form. Be my guest!
if you want land, earn it. Buy it. Pay for it. Like everyone else
it seems far fetched however give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar.
Will you also supply them with water and electricity?
Dear a favour please. Give us a week's notice before the Great White Slaughter? We need to prepare for Th…
EFF members have begun warming up for their night vigil ahead of Julius Malema's Bloemfontein court appearance tomo…
finally we know what caused that hole on our Hon min's head poor Rhi…
EFF's political school exam:. How often should you fight white monopoly capital? . Julius Malema's answer:
"We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least not for now." Julius Malema - Nov 2016
& are captured by yours truly Lord Robin Renwick ? ht…
If ever there was someone spewing nonsense, lies & contradictions it's in this interview.
Sir, much respect for defying the pres about nuclear deal. record's impeccable, 100% right about all claims
rhino poaching,state captured saxonwold ,sheeben its all ANC work in this new South Africa proud of the ANC eish
Asinavalo when we do looting that's ANC slogan
Leaders please come together and form a formidable alternative to the dying ANC, we don't want DA
Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has left some of his followers wondering...
blessings??? Definately not from same God of mine
😠 its a lie spread by to destabilise ... He doesnt have proof
The only time when the ANCYL was effective, was when led by
Anything happens to Julius Malema. We must revenge on this attention seeking old *dumb-dumb* if he won'…
The act that is said julius cic malema violated is an act of apartheid we need land.
becos Juju never lies, and u do.All the time
Gwede Mantashe allegedly “pleaded” with Julius Malema to help him scupper Zuma’s Gupta-linked nuclear plans
Dont want to be rude but what are the kneepads for?
Screw Julius Malema. Aids has already gotten to him. Vermin ***
All political lines must be crossed to ensure that land must be returned to blacks. Sofasonke Mpanza did it, Julius Malema…
While the UK banned Geert Wilders and debated banning Trump from their soil, they welcome extremist Julius Malema
It is also nb to clarify allegations that has taken funding from Johann Rupert?
Now I understand why says South Africa is on autopilot
We'll be discussing recent racially inflammatory remarks by Julius Malema on Radio 702 @ 21h30, this evening. https:/…
What a time to be alive: ANC out to support CIC Julius Malema
I feel like South Africa doesn't appreciate Julius Malema and the enough. The DA only joined what the EFF started
The trigger to Julius Malema summons - the fight of our land that we need to eat, work and live in
EFF leader Julius Malema is in court. EFF Advocate Dali Mpofu is representing the party. BB
Would i be wrong to say Julius Malema is the Chris Hani of our time? And Mbuyiseni Ndlozi the Steve Biko?
Where is President Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Mmusi Maimane. Where are the leaders in SA to intervene on why no coalition ?
Jacob Zuma built a 2 million rand swimming pool, but no one in the family knows how to swim - Julius Malema
So Dali Mpofu will be sharing a table with Julius Malema at Mam winnie's 80th dinner celebration 󾌴󾌴󾌴 I wonder how True is this!
"Awuthule wena slender for nonsense" - Min Bathabile Dlamini to Julius Malema earlier this week. Parliament is Comedy Ce…
Jacob Zuma once called Julius Malema, the future leader of South Africa.
South Africa EFF Julius Malema appraise party's performance after last local council election
Has Jimmy Tau explained his relationship with Nomvula Mokonyane yet? Julius Malema told us things.
Julius Malema says Nomvula Mokonyane likes them young,even Jimmy Tau,he can give us the list
Julius Malema is a fearless Politician I really respect him. When we talk about wanting young leaders who understand we…
When u in the ballot box about to make a cross next to EFF then u remember Julius Malema saying "I will kill & die for the A…
Julius Malema addressed masses at North of Pretoria, during their campaign of "Re Tshela Thupa"
"Julius Malema is to this generation what Anton Lembede was to his ANC YL generation" Ndlozi.. Awunyi' perhaps? 😤
A president who suppose to unite is dividing us he must learn from a young man called Julius Malema.
Malema: Stop blaming apartheid for failing in service delivery Julius Malema blasted President Jacob Zuma and the …
EFF leader Julius Malema has undertaken to immediately arrest President Jacob Zuma if his party is ever voted into power.
Mogalakwena people and their CiC Julius Malema , it start here before the 31st July 2016 Peter Mokaba Stadium
Its a pity for Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma she will be leader of the opposition in 2019 as Julius Malema becomes State President of EFF led Gov.
Julius Malema: "Even Fikile Mbalula called me the other day"
Julius Malema expects his MPs to cough up for party coffers - BDlive
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We'll take back the land where we govern – Julius Malema - Politicsweb
S.A. should just let Julius Malema be the president...I swear black people will benefit more than white people some will even…
Julius Malema was corrupt to the core when ANCYL President. Being corrupt is character flaw..smarter now but doubt he has changed
ON Sunday, before Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) president Julius Malema arrived to deliver his speech at the...
Just cant imagine Julius Malema as a President. This guy need some soul searching
Julius Malema and Collen Maine are quite similar, they both have flashy mansions, a history of misogyny, etc.
even If they come to me with Julius Malema and the pope, it's all over.
Julius Malema says he's received phone calls from disgruntled ANC members who didn't make it onto candidate lists and now wan…
president Julius Malema has arrived at the Umlazi Comtech grounds.
Reggae tunes, some musical relief before the arrival of president Julius Malema
Guard of Honour as the masses await the arrival of president Julius Malema in Umlazi at the Comtech.
Donald Trump is like Julius Malema in SA who will bring the country into turmoil should he become the president.
Eff will form the next gvt under what comes?
He make all those he serves believe him. That time his a chameleon... always blends in just like Julius Malema
my president I wish u can come and hold a community meeting at Emakhazeni.
I would feel that way too if I was dealing with bunch of retards
Julius is a size 30 now.are we okay???
CIC at now addressing at Mbombela Enkomeni Pienar in presence of people who blocked roads https…
Are they not going to fight for White people, I don't see any in that crowd.
party of the people in South Africa .
I wonder how many Red work-suits does Julius Malema have in his house? I can imagine a red washing line xayenzelwe iwashing.
Mzansi, this is not a of a political meeting in the 1990s. Just an EFF community meeting in today 😉 h…
Thank you CiC for the visit. Indeed Mpumalanga is a home of
To achieve victory we must mass our forces at the hub of all power and movement. The enemy’s "center of gravity"...
here is a cure. If combine with membership it works every time
It's pretty hard for such people to keep believing that I hate myself when I am laughing in 27 language…
We are a defeated Nation our mindset is enslaved we need a decolonization Programme to help free our minds
He will be at Umlazi Comtech H. School sport ground on the 29th of May 2016, at 15H00
EFF spokesman and in Emalahleni today. 5k crowd
Dear MrEinstein. Never give up due to hurdles along the way.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
don't worry CiC will make it happen.
According to you Black People leave every place dirty neh. Time for that thought is over.
The black life is cheap according to the DA - Julius Malema
"Julius Malema’s Tailored Revolution" . seen this? Reminds me of what you said jana, re: a Sonko backstory.
Thank you for coming,I believe now when we do door to doors they will listen.
Hello my president iwant to take dis opportunity to thank u for Hardworking udidnt around all over the province Godbless uu
It's very sad to see ANC care little about youth unemployment & education in
While they sit in their air conditioned offices discussing "How SA will be under " is on t…
Tomorrow we welcome the President & Commander in Chief His 1st program in the Province is at Settlers Park, L…
Before addressing the community, CIC met the family of King Fene to salute & greet https:/…
wondering y don't the EFF get enough media coverage, multitudes daily attending rallies all…
CIC now addressing the community meeting at
A resident says all we want is EFF, and Julius Malema
"Buildings of parliament paid for and maintained by tax payers, they must not be made to pay for Julius Malema" - ANC, Moloto Mothapo
EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed to fight back, saying they have tried everything peaceful to oppose President Jacob Zuma i…
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EFF leader Julius Malema has vowed President Jacob Zuma will not have peace in the remainder of his term:
"On the Point of Tenders" Thuli Madonsela report on Julius Malema & On Point Engineering. Good read
Dear Comrade!Please don't talk about Julius Malema's return to the ANC.Re a o kgopela papa.
Julius Malema. “Comrade Blade Nzimande is complaining. that EFF stole the ‘red colour’, he does not. have a...
Malema warned of Boeremag fate: ANC chief whip Jackson Mthembu on Wednesday warned EFF leader Julius Malema and his…
CASAC has called on EFF leader Julius Malema to retract his condemnation of the Electoral Commission:
There's only 2 teams in PSL, OrlandoPiratesFC and Mamelodi Sundowns - Julius Malema
Julius Malema says it's not his ambition to be President. Is this the same way Zuma said he's not interested in a second term?
Where can we find a liquid to wash loudmouth ;-)
Exclusively on SA politician Julius warns of consequences:
So you also support the violent inciting remarks?
That was irresponsible utterance by Julius Sello Malema once again ;-)
Stop selective hearing, said IF THE Government resort to violence they will respond.
In case you missed it: WATCH FULL CIC interview with
Ghost of Juju looms large in metro fight: Julius Malema’s EFF is threatening the ANC’s dominance in Tshwane.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He was Good . I just hate when journalist keep on asking old stories which he's been answering 100
Shem & confused. They want election pact with to crush white capital & wage war on
:This time Malema is spot on. He forgot to add Tony Leon, late Helen Suzman's financial conduit.
Malema announced that he will overthrow the ANC government by force and to declare war. It was the same Julius...
This character, those who are following and promoting him must open their eyes..
EFF leader known for shooting from the hip says Mmusi Maimane wasn't in charge of DA but a front to appeal to black voters
said on Sunday Hellen Zille was still in charge of DA!. "The real leader is Hellen Zille who is the white leader of DA."
Watch: Julius Malema sits down to speak to Al Jazeera [video] |
Saw Interview on Aje. Fighters are Tired Of The Government, you wait and see when EFF dethrones Our President
is it me or is our president having a weakness for all things Indian?
We cannot have a President who thinks like .using guns? Why cant they use the ballot to remove Presidents?
As usual our white media is only reporting about "taking arms" statement in interview and not the reason of doing so.
Is annoyed that actually have more struggle credentials than him? 😎😎😎.
Julius Malema says that he is not looking to become the president of SA but wants to see his party in power by 2019:
says EFF will choose who must lead, thats not my ambition, my ambition is to put a responsible party…
CIC on says white monopoly capital is their enemy, is blocking the way.
The community of Slovo Park in Soweto love their son, CIC
I think U are a dictator but I could b wrong, just not sure if I'm willing to risk finding out by voting you in, good luck.
Didn't watch but everywhere he speaks he don't make any sense
if we had to use the same logic, does mean we have to discredit the DA cause of its history with Tony Leon
CIC addressing the community of Diepsloot.
we don't care who's in charge we want results and DA delivers
EFF leader, Julius Malema has told residents in Ebony Park that he plans to get rid of tenders when he comes into power
Never underestimate the words of the departed
You don't have to be an Investigating Officer to see that Julius Malema is a crook and a thief...
Ready to remove government by force
"In the process of crushing the white monopoly capital, there will be these irritations along the way" - We agree!
"ANC is not the enemy. The enemy is White monopoly capital" - We agree!
So CIC just confirmed my long held view has wooden steering wheel is stil…
Julius Malema: Ready to remove Zuma government by force - Talk to Al Jaz... via
Julius The ANC is not our enemy, just an irritation along the way.
You speak of "clean governance" but we all know your history and your actual agenda moving forward. Sad.
Julius Sello Malema the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters!
CIC now addressing the final community meeting of the day in towards ht…
Julius Malema no longer a lone nut. EFF has real traction and strategy.
CIC in community meeting towards Rally - 30 April, 2016
EFF leader Julius Malema says he is not aiming to be president of South Africa, but is focusing on his party becoming the go…
Watch: "The real Julius Malema is exposed for all to see in an interview with global news channel Al Jazeera."
South Africa's Julius Malema warns of severe consequences if Zuma government continues to... via
WATCH> Julius Malema: I have no ambition of becoming SA president.
More controversial statements from Julius Malema: He says the EFF is prepared to take up arms and fight if provoke…
The manifesto venue wer suppose to be fnb stadium,not orlando,orlando will b overflowing,power to eff
Julius Malema should b charged with sedition by inciting violence. Indeed this is an act of treachery by . EFF and it's delinquents.
WE WILL TAKE UP GUNS, SAYS MALEMA: Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema has warned that the organisa...
"Julius Malema has an obsession with money and the good life"- Says Kenny Kunene -> ... htt…
deputy president Floyd Shivambu stands up to introduce Julius Malema. He gets wild appl…
Decision not to remove Mr Jacob Zuma is due to lessons learnt from CIC Julius Malema & President Thabo Mbeki's removal.
EFF's Dali Mpofu, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Julius Malema are amongst the dignitaries attending church at St Engenas ZCC in Moria.…
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