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Julio Franco

Julio César Robles Franco (born August 23, 1958) is a former Major League Baseball infielder and designated hitter.

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At this point Kershaw is even striking out old Rangers players, just sat down Pudge, Oddibie McDowell, and Julio Franco
Jack & I had a fun talk years ago out there when we had Julio Franco on Talked Force games on 43 too
I tried Julio Franco. Kept hitting myself with the bat. Went w/Griffey. Probably hit like .210, tho.
Julio Franco cotdamn. The guy played for like 40 years!
Back in the day, kids always tried to copy Julio Franco. Failed horribly at the plate lol
is older than Juan Uribe. Let that sink in. Give it up for the Julio Franco of
Yulieski Gurriel's swing looks like Juan Gonzalez and Julio Franco put together.
Yes, unless you can trade him for Julio Franco.
I really want a Julio Franco bat. Someone make this happen for me. I'll love you forever
Obvious answer for any Southern boy in the 90s - Chipper . Next would be Javy or Julio Franco
that's disappointing. I was hoping for a dance off to the Julio Franco CD LeBatard gave you...
Julio Franco at 45 yo one of the best I've seen. Former speedster/SS. Super acute on the bases.
Julio Franco is a player/coach in the Korean minor leagues RIGHT NOW at age 58.
That's nothing. You have several years to go before you're the age Julio Franco was when HE was still a professiona…
I think he can outlast Julio Franco.
Lonzo Ball's shot reminds me of Julio Franco's stance.
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Maybe he'll pitch to Julio Franco and Lenny Harris.
or the wave which is more of a San Diego thing or Julio Franco's batting stance
in '09, my friend did some work with Reyes while he was down here rehabbing. He had a connection through Julio Franco...
oh I think he's got some MLB knocks left. He's gotta at least be better than Julio Franco right?
loved that guy. I remember Julio Franco hit before him and it was a scary lineup for pitching starved late 80's Yankees.
The only thing that rivaled Pena in the backyard was trying to hit balls out of Julio Franco's stance
dude was hilarious. I remember him calling Julio Franco the old man of the sea after he hit a home run 😂
Good for Manny. Julio Franco and Gordie Howe played into their 50's. I appreciate Manny's passion to play.
"Garfield would sneak out to watch⚾️games. This was the 1870's, you know, when Julio Franco was playing" . 3/15/17
Fuente: United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States : diplomatic papers : the Confe…
The jerseys these guys in this pizza place are wearing: Hank Aaron, Hakeem, Sean Taylor Miami, Julio Franco and Neymar
Julio Franco and Thomas were a dynamic combo in the middle of the '94 lineup. John Kruk was a poor replacement for Franco.
"Julio Franco to for independent league team in at age 55"
Marquis Grissom CF, Kevin Seitzer 1B, Julio Franco 2B and David Justice RF were in the Indians lineup when Colon made his ML…
Hayes acquired by Phillies in "5-for-1" trade w Indians for Manny Trillo, George Vukovich, Jay Baller, Jerry Willard,Julio Franco
Heh. I think I attempted Ruben Sierra or Julio Franco at one point. I remember angling the bat weirdly.
IMO if this team is gonna win anything anytime soon, they're gonna need leadership from either Moyer or Julio Franco
*** did TDA do with his batting stance looks more like Julio Franco than his last year and how has long done 0 about it
and the Julio Franco batting stance is absurd
maybe he should try not to do the Julio Franco batting stance
Did he really think the Julio Franco approach was gonna work for a sub. .200 hitter?
RB_314 the award for best stance ever goes to Julio Franco
I won't be satisfied until he goes full Julio Franco
Julio Franco was absolutely ripped. Dude could've probably made an NFL roster in his day
Still astounding: Julio Franco slashed .285/.358/.412 with a 100 OPS+ and 21 steals in 27 attempts from ages 42-48.
Maybe we can finally talk Julio Franco into retirement
Fun fact, Julio Franco is a player/manager for an Indy league pro team in Japan at 57. He just pinch hits/DHs
Julio Franco is probably still getting hits somewhere, so he's gotta be over 3,000 by now
Yes a least reddick is playing good defense nailing Franco at 2nd, nice 13 pitch inning for Julio
ichiro is the next Julio franco lol
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He'll wind up like Julio Franco, competing at 50.
he's got 6 more years if he's on the Julio Franco plan
really disappointed bc I thought this was Julio Franco with a walk lord
let's do it . Il see tomorrow if I have the day off . But if I do it's Franco Daniel and I .
somewhere, Julio Franco is still playing
Julio Franco isn't still kicking around somewhere?
I'm referring to Jamie Moyer and Julio Franco being good big league players in their mid 40s. Apply your logic universally.
I'm expecting Julio Franco to be playing when baseball gets back in the Olympics.
I'll actually believe this when Julio Franco and Rickey Henderson hang up their cleats for sure...I know they're not MLB but still
dude runs like he's 20 ! Could play til he's 50 like Otis Nixon or julio Franco
he'll be approaching 44 by that time right? Who does he think he is, Julio Franco???
He's gonna play in Korea until he's 50 like Julio Franco
he'll take the,place of Julio Franco
All the Fijian players look like Julio Franco, that's got to kill their confidence.
Love while crushing bugs for release. 'Where did they find Julio Franco in NYC? Ask the Rockettes'
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"Sat night in NYC. Once was a problem for the tribe. Who was it, Julio Franco, who we lost for 3-4 days?" - Hammy ?
I love RBI and being able to bat as Julio Franco but as a game Baseballs Stars was amazing and waaay ahead of its time!
You look a little like Yaz or a left handed Julio Franco.
wasn't that Julio Franco's 5th season?
Yep! And then Julio Franco was replaced by the husks of John Kruk and Chris Sabo.
Tim Raines and Julio Franco are on line 1, Rob:
yeah, I guess the fake visa thing isn't. Nor is the fake age (Hi, Julio Franco!).
Random jersey sighting of the day: Julio Franco. Nice throwback.
Julio Franco in his 20's, 30's or 40's???
- my fav impersonation was Julio Franco
There's only one acceptable answer: Julio Franco
Derek Fisher wants to be basketball's version of Julio Franco
Or more accurately stop holding the bat like Julio Franco. New stance the past couple of days looks better, quicker to the…
you can argue that the Mets Overpaid a 48 year old (Julio Franco)
That is one of the worst batting stances I've ever seen... You trying to be Julio Franco?   10% Off
A Satchel Paige vs Julio Franco matchup would have been one for the aged.
Julio Urias' ERA after first two AAA starts: 18.69; after first two MLB starts: 9.39.
Michael Bourn is only 33. It only feels like he's Julio Franco making a comeback.
I just gave a write in vote to Julio Franco, because why not?
anyone that can run and make solid contact with a baseball. Is Julio Franco still playing?
is Julio Franco still playing and available somewhere?
No wonder he has been playing so long. He is the modern day Julio Franco.
If Julio Franco can hit .309 at age 45 then Markakis can do it at age 32..
hey, where is Julio Franco playing these days?
If you count indy ball and winter leagues, it's gotta be Julio Franco.
Bartolo Colon 43 that's so crucial don't remember a player that old since Julio Franco
Jim Palmer called Juan Uribe an "ageless wonder". Yo Julio Franco hit .322 for Cleveland at his age and played another DECADE
Personally, my favorite hitter stance of all time was hands down Julio Franco. Never be another like it. :)
Today, the selected the contract of RHP Casey Fien and optioned LHP Julio Urias to Triple-A
Julio Urias starts his career the right way, with a K.
In case you were wondering, Ross is not even close to being oldest to hit HR in MLB. Julio Franco, 47, homered in April 2006.
all eyes on citi field tonite: julio urias, 19, is youngest dodger LHP to debut since fernando in 1980
Bartolo Colon (42) is 2nd-oldest player in history to hit a home run, trailing Julio Franco (48, 2007).
3 Mets have homered at age 42 or later. Julio Franco. Willie Mays. Bartolo Colon
I never changed my stance. I came out of my mother womb hitting like this. -Julio Franco
Those are both first basemen, but we got the right answer: Julio Franco, Rafael Palmeiro, Michael Young
Do former such as Ian Kinsler, Kevin Brown and Julio Franco deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?
Go find the audio clip where they play the Julio Franco story to Tim Kurkjian and she'll understand.
Julio Franco...batted like him as a kid. I also would have accepted Craig Counsell.
My buddy just showed me the Julio Franco story clip and it is absolutely hilarious. You guys are the best!
My current boss has worked with my 59yo father and my 93yo grandmother. In other words, he is Julio Franco.
what about your boy Julio Franco? 57 and still playing ball in Japan...
Julio Fito Franco cuts sick on the Canary Islands. See the full clip on our website. Link in bio.…
Julio Cesar Chavez: "I thought the fight was very close. Had they given it to Miguel Cotto, no one would have said anyth…
Julio Franco is a high percentile for just about every player. If Lindor resembles him, I'll take it.
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Castillo was Julio Franco's body guard when Julio was a rookie. If you wrote something bad about Julio, you had to answer to Castillo.
I'm sure, somehow, it'll be Julio Franco.
Who could go yard right now: you, Aubrey Huff, or Julio Franco?
No reason you can't be the next Julio Franco, . Don't be scared of it. We need you.
He's 57 years old now and can't stop playing You have to read his story
Fury in Spain over tributes on anniversary of Franco’s death. Cc
BBC News - Spain feels Franco's legacy 40 years after his death
Enjoying Johnny Mathis - Misty on Sinatra Style channel. Tto start the holiday!
Julio Franco had one of my favorite MLB careers
Julio Franco owns the MLB record for the oldest player to hit a HR as he did so at nearly 49 YO. Franco also ranks 2-19 on that list.
Julio Franco grew up a Kansas fan because of Perry Ellis.
Yeah same but then I thought nobody on the Colts can stop Julio Jones
Any truth to the rumor that the Braves are interested in having Julio Franco as their starting 1B next year?
Eri Yoshida is on Ishikawa Million Stars roster. Julio Franco was her skipper this past summer.
Julio Franco played in MLB until he was 49
what you're saying is you don't believe Julio Franco can still play and that the Cuban National team isn't good enough
Julio Franco's still playing and he's 57. (Although it is kinda the Long Island Ducks of the Japanese league.)
you ever hear the dan lebatard Tim kurkjian interview about Julio Franco? Hilarious
Hawk we won without a big lefthanded hitter I remember George Bell and Julio Franco what about trading Adam Laroach
Let's go get Julio Franco too. He's still playing somewhere.
Throw in a Julio Franco and you've got a deal
it's gotta be Julio Franco... He would have been your 1B/ OF gpp play every night for 25 years.
Julio Franco would be a better option.
Can the mets sign Julio Franco again? He can hit at least .260 right?
Is it just me or does Perez look like a smaller, younger Julio Franco?
Always going to fav for Julio Franco
if you hope Freeman heals soon, Fav if you hope Braves sign Julio Franco
can we use Julio Franco as a pinch hitter?
Justin Germano signs with KT Wiz of KBO. Returns to Asia for 3rd time, believed to be 1st player to do so since Julio Franco 2000
he is going to be the Julio Franco of pitching
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Delino Deshields playing for the Rangers!!?? How old is that dude? Julio Franco is still playing in Japan. Should...
Julio Cesar Franco .. and I made a purchase from Holland and the seller told me that It was sent by regular mail without tracking,
don't let google lie to you. He still playing. Him and Julio Franco never gon retire. It's in their contracts.
Here's another one. Jim Kaat pitched to Ted Williams and Julio Franco.
so you're saying we can't express an opinion on anything, no matter how long the odds? Ok. Maybe Kirk is Julio Franco
Julio Franco! (who apparently is still playing in Japan - which is incomprehensible...)
like Julio Franco, could probably go to Mexico and play until he's like 60
Julio Franco facts know no bounds...
Could we please sign Julio Franco again
If you get another AB this season, try emulating Jim Thome or Julio Franco.
Only thing that would make this better would be to add vintage Julio Franco. Well done !
Julio Franco is great baseball player.
56 year old Julio Franco would be huge right now.
Not just the Julio Franco and the Jim Thome point, TB's gotta mix in a Brantley shoulder bounce!
McGwire is 51. *** that's five years younger than Julio Franco and he still insists on playing.
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aggravating that you can't vote for both Buddy Bell and Julio Franco
Julio Franco's Million Stars fall in their first game with him in charge, 7-1... But he rode the new Shinkansen Lone to join them👍👍
Cool stunt by Will Ferrell today. He had a blast, entertained the fans & players alike, and did well. Impressed. Julio Franco was impressed
Same thing goes for the indians I'll get it covered with a Julio Franco tatt
At first I thought, "Isn't Ferrell too old for this?" and then I remembered he is 9 years younger than Julio Franco.
Julio Franco took one of his first ABs in e big leagues off Jim Kaat, who pitched in the 50s..
Julio Franco was older in his final season (48) than Will Ferrell is now (47).
Will Ferrell needs to come out in Julio Franco batting stance
Reading up on Julio Franco cause that's more important than this orgo class. Dude is 56 and a player/manager for the Ishikawa Million Stars
If John Franco was W. COUNTY, does that make Julio Franco J. COUNTY
Cory Redding is the Julio Franco of the NFL. He is between 34 and 47 years old...nobody really knows
Saw that 56-year-old Julio Franco signed to play baseball in Japan. Here's a great Tom House story about him:
I am now hearing that the threw Julio Franco in to the Sam Bradford trade.
Dad: What's the first name of that Franco actor? Julio? . Me: James Franco. .
Julio Franco is 82 Okay, shows Mason's birthday today ('89) while Wikipedia has him at May 29 ('89).
Wish I knew he was taking the video as I was swinging. Might have done something besides the Julio Franco
Julio Franco, Opening Day left fielder. Make it happen, Rizzo.
give me one reason the Nats shouldn't sign Julio Franco until Werth or Span returns to the lineup
"I would never change me stance. I was hitting like this in my mothers womb. -Julio Franco"
yep. Major league hitters can time any FB. Read this story about Julio Franco (scroll down for it):
Julio Franco needs to play one game in the majors this year! He's still playing, he can do it
didn't Julio Franco play in at least 4?
Jaromir Jagr is the version of Julio Franco. This guy will never stop playing.
Julio Franco was the last player allowed w no ear flaps, but chose not to
Jaromir Jagr is like the Julio Franco of hockey
the obsession w/ started when I went w/ and his bro's glove was stolen by Julio Franco's kid.
I take it there's a lot of folks rooting for Julio Franco to make it back to the big leagues!
I would still pay big money to watch Julio Franco, Randy Johnson, Rickey Henderson Andre Dawson and Bob Gibson TODAY
Julio Franco is still playing professional baseball for a team in Japan. He's 56 years old.
A player from my youth now joins me in my non-youth. Julio Franco, 56 Years Old, Joins Japan Team as Player-Manager.
Former MLB player Julio Franco is 56 years old... and still playing professional baseball.
Julio Franco broke into the bigs before the last Orioles World Series.
Julio Franco faced Jim Kaat in 1982, who pitched in the 50s...
Julio Franco's baseball journey is not over - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Better hitter: Julio Franco or John Olerud? — Want to say Franco bc I absolutely loved him. But it's SUPER close...
Julio Franco is still playing first base in the Tromsø Chess Olympiad today.
I'm a big Don Baylor fan! Kevin Long would be a sexy choice. Reggie Smith is very good. Couple of Julio Franco requests.excellent.
Rap game Julio Franco, Chuck Norris, Texas Ranger. Ice on my fingas look like I slap-boxed a penguin.
I remember Julio Franco at age 45 with the body of very fit 30 yr old, and playing as if he wasn't a day older than 30 also💪
the one I went to Julio Franco broke up in the bottom of the 9th with 2 out. Liner over Tony Fernandez
Ah yes,Day 7 of insomnia. At least Scotty seems to have it too cause hes also awake. Gotta get some sleep. Heading to LaGrave Field in Downtown Fort Worth this afternoon to watch my nephew Phillip take the field with the Fort Worth Cats and then watch some minor league baseball. Went there once before several years ago and had a blast. Beautiful ballpark with a great view of Downtown in Right and the Trinity River levee in Left. Indy ball with guys trying to catch on with a big league team or former big leaguers finishing up their careers while still loving the game. Added bonus,23yr MLB vet,55yr old Julio Franco is a player/coach. Oldest player to hit a HR at age 49 for the Braves in 2008. Saw him homer off Jeff Ballard at Memorial Stadium in 1990. 24 yrs later Im gonna see him play again. Crazy!
Julio Franco, Jesse Orosco, John Franco, and Rusty Staub were kind enough to participate as models.
� Julio Franco and the Fort Worth Cats take the field at 6:05 for some Saturday night baseball, followed by postgame fireworks!
So Richard Dent, Jim McMahon, and Julio Franco are in the news? Did we go back in time to the 80's?
Julio Franco at 55 has decided to make a comeback.
Franco, 55, hopes playing stint opens door: Julio Franco is honest about why, at age 55, he's d...
Julio Franco, 55, hopes to catch on during player-coach stint with independent Fort Worth Cats
55 years young Julio Franco of the '95 & '98 Chiba Lotte Marines is joining the Fort Worth Cats as a player/coach:
Julio Franco cant hang up the spikes. mad respect for that guy. one of my favorite players. definitely a freak. hope he puts up good numbers
55-year-old former MLB AllStar Julio Franco to play ball again in United Baseball League 1 of my fave player
My fav. player growing up "Julio Franco will play again, this time in the United Baseball League
Somehow, Francoeur needs to pitch to Julio Franco to achieve the thing 2005 fans would've thought most unlikely to happen in 2014.
Baseball players I liked: Paul Blair - Orioles outfielder with 1,513 hits, 171 SB and a .250 batting average. Great defense with 8 Gold Gloves. Recently passed away at the age of 69. Julio Franco - Played an incredible 23 years as a middle infielder, des. hitter and pinch hitter extraordinaire late in his career collecting 2,586 hits, 407 doubles, 1,285 runs and 1,194 RBI's. He finished his career off with a .298 BA. Chet Lemon - A 3 time all-star with 1,875 hits, 396 doubles, 215 HR and a .273 BA. He split his entire 16 yr. career between the White Sox and Tigers. Batted .318 in 1979. PLAY BALL!
I don't think I've ever see anything this crazy. And I grew up in the era of Ruben Sierra, Gary Sheffield, Jeff Bagwell, Carney Lansford and Julio Franco.
Adriana Lima is like the Julio Franco of the VS Fashion Show. She'll be doing this until she's 50.
I thought it was Julio Franco. Had me fooled
Just joking because we never knew the age of Julio Franco n Uribe is longer n da tooth than his birth certificate. LOL IJS
On this date in 1982, the traded Von "5-for-1" Hayes to the for Julio Franco, Manny Trillo, George Vukovich, et al.
This day in history (1982): CLE sends Von Hayes to the Philadelphia Phillies for 5 players, including IF Julio Franco.
Winter meetings start, Braves have interest in Freddy Garcia ? Who's next Julio Franco and Ozzie Guillen?
and can still stroke and isnt a liability in left.there are always a couple, remember Julio Franco and Sierra
Has there been any word on anyone offering Julio Franco a contract? He's got a few good years left in him
The Yankees are trying to build the oldest team in history they should probably sign corky to a 5 year deal and sign Julio Franco
he also didn't wave to the fans...or at least didn't want to wave to the fans until Julio Franco made him.
Only if Julio Franco urges him into the room
In other news julio franco is still playinv baseball in the d.r he just turned 76
On this day in history (1988): CLE sends 2B Julio Franco to Texas for 1B Pete O'Brien, 2B Jerry Browne, OF Oddibe McDowell
Cano just ahead of Julio Franco in career hitting via At 38, Franco: .730 OPS, 7 HR, left for Japan & Mexico.
Cano's the next Julio Franco he's ballin till he's 50
will regret 10 years and $240 million for Cano, guaranteed. Anyone really expect Cano to play until 41? He's not Julio Franco.
you mean Juan Gonzalez? Should of accepted Hall of Fame. Julio Franco.
whose baseball stance is way better than Julio Franco's.
Granderson will be apart of this elete group, Vaughn, alomar, bay, franco(Julio), glavine, marcum, zambrano,etc
Julio Franco was an above avg. hitter (albeit as a bench bat), per OPS+ at age 46. FOURTY FRIGGIN SIX. Dude was awesome
Most imitated batting stance at my elementary school. Julio Franco was a close 2nd
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Julio Sergio leaving AS Roma: “It had to go this way,” says agent: Franco Zavaglia says: "It was a relationshi...
Julio Franco seems like a reasonable target as well.
I have traded to the mets for Julio Franco who just came out of retirement
rumors have it Julio Franco coming out of retirement for the Mets
Julio Franco and endy Chavez off the bench
Lots of Big Names Moving Around in the MLB..No Worries I'm sure the will make a Splash Resigning Julio Franco
If the mets sign Lil Wayne, Lenny Harris, Julio Franco, Jose Offerman, Pete Rose and Pete the pirate: this will be a successful offseason
I heard they are sending scouts the DR to look at the ageless wonder Julio Franco
Lots of MLB Trades Going on but don't Worry Braves Fans I'm Sure we have enough to Atleast Sign Julio Franco
According to Siri, Julio Franco is a current first baseman for the Braves.
Julio Franco was teammates with Sparky Lyle and Pete Rose on the 1982
Is it too late to get Rico Carty and Julio Franco for the stretch drive? Those guys could fall out of bed and get a hit.
"I wouldn't do Julio Franco with Marge Schott's *** ..but SHE did!" --Jeffrey Ross, probably
Legit lol. Would watch! "How old is Julio Franco? Well, he babysat Mariano Rivera...s grandfather."
I hope the James Franco roast doesn't keep people away from the Roast of Julio Franco on Fox Sports 1 tomorrow. I worked really *** it.
I heard there were Jews roasting a Franco tonight so naturally I assumed the were roasting Julio Franco
The reminds me of the story on about Julio Franco's ginormous bat
You ladies are saying James Franco, but who you REALLY mean is Julio Franco.
When's the Julio Franco roast? "You're so old, your major league debut came at the Polo Grounds!"
Maybe Julio Franco. He's still playing somewhere right? Respect for the high socks though
Sad that I'm missing out on watching the Julio Franco roast tonight.
What I wouldn't give to have a Julio Franco type of hitter on the Rangers now
Watching the game last night and Chris at bat is the modern Julio Franco!
Yeah, he/she has soiled the good name of Julio Franco.
He's actually 83. "On Julio Franco's 55th birthday, we remember his PH grand slam at the age of 46
I miss the days of Julio Franco and Mickey Tettleton.
Today in Baseball History-August 31,2001-The Braves acquire vet Julio Franco from the Mexico City Tigers.
I'm giving away: 432 Julio Franco 1992 Score Baseball card. Check it out -
I was at the Julio Franco Stieb game but didn't make the no-no
Juan Pierre has gotta be approaching Julio Franco territory
I'm giving away: 108 Julio Franco 1992 Score Baseball Card. Check it out -
Remember Ruben Sierra and Julio Franco batting stance? Prob most unique stances of all time.
Speaking of Ichiro's 4000 professional hits, shout out to Julio Franco today who finished his career with 4,229 hits
The non–Hall of Famers in the top 10 in career GIDP are Pudge Rodriguez (2nd), Julio Franco (8th), and Harold Baines (9th).
Hey all of those old hairdos are back in style now - Julio Franco
wow didn't know he played baseball too. Guy is Julio Franco old whoa.
Julio Franco was still playing when we got a hit with RISP
SOTD 4072 number of hits Julio Franco had in professional baseball
Giambi might play as long as Julio Franco did
Giambi gon' mess around and be like Julio Franco.
And who the *** is Elliott Johnson?!?!? Was Ozzie Smith not available? Julio Franco didn't want any of this?
everyday player? Him and Buddy Bell come to mind. Julio Franco was pretty good.
The last time the National League had 2 hits in the All Star Game, Julio Franco won the MVP.
Baerga, Alomar, Julio Franco, Bob Avila, Joe Gordan and no sure on last one, maybe Duane Kuiper, but that's a guess
Yes, but have the B team be old-timers. Pat Tabler, Ron Kittle, Julio Franco, etc.
he's 3 years older than KG. This is like when Julio Franco was older than Manny Acta.
This reminds me of the Ranger teams when I was a kid. Have to score 10 runs to win. Where's Pete Incaviglia and Julio Franco when you need them.
Might pull up may 5th in a candy goldfish , bipolar paint,feet look like tiger paws, eating lots of shark screens fall watching jaws , rap game Julio Franco Chuck Norris Texas Ranger,ice on my wrist look like I slap boxed a penguin
Julio Franco was discoverd by baseball scout Teddy Roosevelt while in Cuba during the Spanish-American War in 1898
Well, I'm back in the Bay Area, but I would nascent if I did not thank a great bunch of people for doing a wonderful job at Sunday's benefit: Devo Carrillo and Boomer were wonderful hosts and just smoked on a couple of Steely Dan tunes.and Miss Kathie, nice job! Jimmy Henderson and Gail Phoenix on sax, just blowing out the house. All the cats from Tom Foolery. a great set. Mr. Tracy Lee Mortimer, fabulous as always. Julio Franco and his band.OMG, what talent! Lucius Parr. talented and gracious. Gregg Myers. what will you do next??? Nice set man Lewis Ray Cammarata and the New Brother - I'm still singing The Weight And the big list: Michael Fadyk, Jimmy Henderson, Larry Knuth,Josh Brantley, Miss Kathie, Charlie Dickens, Michael Marriott, Kevin Artz, Thomas Oliver, Al Ortiz, Ed Cini, Phil Monahan, Dave Thompson, Cliff Cordes, Pete and Barb Lopez, Tom Sayers, Hoppy, Dok Washington, Chris Cooke and her daughter. And finally thanks to Burt Lewin "the Big Banana" I love you man!
Ok, I’ll cut you a deal. You rescue me & I’ll bring you the head of Josh Hamilton & get Julio Franco to come out of retirement
Sorry his stance isnt the strangest. It is basically a copy of Julio Franco and Jeff Bagwell.
White Sox-Giants Swap Confirmed: You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you find a deal anyway. The Baseball News Network is reporting that Chicago and San Francisco have made a swap with 35-year-old first baseman Julio Franco being shipped to the Giants and in return the White Sox would get 31-year-old right fielder Darryl Strawberry. The San Francisco general manager said the two sides were close to a blockbuster trade before agreeing upon a smaller scale transaction. "This is just a bit of housekeeping compared to what we wanted to do," he said. "I won't name names, but the potential deal we were close to making would have certainly grabbed some headlines." A source inside the Chicago organization said the two sides might not be done dealing, and another transaction could be in the works. In his 1546-game career Franco is batting .300 with 1784 hits, 100 home runs, 892 runs scored and 763 RBIs. Lifetime in 1323 games Strawberry is batting .259 with 290 home runs and 869 RBIs.
14 days to go...famous 14's: "Commander" Cody Carlson, Dan Fouts, and Julio Franco.
Yan Gomes' batting stance is shades of Julio Franco so basically he is my favorite player
Albert Pujols looks more similarly aged to Julio Franco than he does Justin Morneau. I think he might be 50.
Todd Helton is still playing. Julio Franco thinks he has hung on too long.
Berkman might be the first great grand father to bat third on opening day. He looks older than Julio Franco.
I grew up in Arlington watching the Rangers play ball. Nolyn Ryan, Julio Franco, Will Clark, even that nutcase for a while.
I've made some important decisions on best athletes of all time per category: -Frank Ribery(Ronaldo and Messi excluded) -Allen Iverson(you wanna talk about practice?) -Barry Sanders(thought a lot about Prime Time as a close 2nd) -Tiger Woods(given) -K.Griffen jr or Julio Franco(can't decide) -Patrick Roy(Gretzky excluded) -Andre Agassi(admitted to doing blow throughout his career, not easy) -Jennie Novak (push-up champion 2008-2013) -Ricky Bobby -Mike Tyson(I've been a member of the National Ear biting should be legal in boxing association for 6 years) -Lance(clean lance, not steroid lance) -Phelps(by appearance) -Michelle Akers(hair) -Williams(either) -Diana Taurasi(nose) -Freddy Mercury(teeth and short-pants) -Dave Mayer(most shots and beers in a single sitting) -Andre 3000 -G.W. Childs IV(Borderlands) -Michael Buffer -Woodrow Wilson(best president of course) -Viktor Petrenko(:( sorry Scott Hamilton) -Shannon Miller(USA!) -Sofia Grace and the other girl -that's enough
I hear the Tribe is looking at signing Cory Snyder and Julio Franco to minor league contracts. The pieces are coming together.
Jam Update for the week, part 1: Another killer night at Padre Murphys with the Tuesday Bluesday crowd! The players: Lovely and talented Crystal Benson Perry , sharp dressed man Blair Robertson , young guitar phenoms Armand Sanchez , Zack Winter and Conner, drummers John F and the amazing Charge Michael , rockin Matt Marn , Singer/songwriters Jessica Kronteres and Geoff , super singer Race, my friends the great Rob Wren and swingin Mike Rebb , sax men Jair Gallardo and Bob Iriana, smokin Mark Witt on trombone and harmonica and the fantastic Felipe Cortez aka Julio Franco on guitar! An awesome night as usual! Stay tuned for next week when Julio HOSTS Tuesday Bluesday as I will be away on rockabilly-related business. Weee!
Shawn Green, Aaron Sele, Kenny Lofton, Julio Franco, David Wells, Steve Finley, Sandy Alomar Jr.All received votes for the hall of fame this year..This is embarrassing and the people who casted the votes for these players should no longer be allwoed to vote, as they clearly are not taking it seriously in any respect. Baseball is a game prided on his history, stats, and representation in its blessed hall of fame. The fact that someone is allowed to vote and casts votes for players of this calibur is a slap in the face to all of us baseball fans.
Let me get this straight...there were people who voted for Shawn Green, Julio Franco and Aaron Sele, but Biggio and Morris couldn't get 75%?
It's too bad the BBWAA couldn't figure out that Biggio was a Worthy HOF candidate in 2013. But what I want to know is Who and why some of them voted for Aaron Sele, Shawn Greene, Steve Finley, David Wells, Julio Franco, Sandy Alomar and Bernie Williams. All solid MLB players who earned their salaries,but not HOF material.
Baseball writers should not be anywhere close to involved with the voting of the Hall of Fame, Aaron Sele got a vote, Sandy Alomar Jr got 18 Julio Franco got 6 votes. *** Piazza did not get in? Im just saying that if Greg Maddax does not get 100% of the vote next year something is seriously wrong. Also Frank Thomas, Biggio and Piazza better get in next year also. No reason why they got snubbed. Paul Parsons
With Part 3 (his 14 best candidates) yet to come. If I had a vote, I could see myself marking down Julio Franco and Lee Smith's names.
In 06 with Julio Franco. This picture means alot to me actually.
Can't believe Julio Cesar must be one big time draw for the guy! he'll make friends with Franco DiSanto!
Julio Franco, on the ballot for the first time, faced all but one p on the -2004- ballot.
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