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Julie Roginsky

Julia Julie Roginsky (born April 25, 1973) is a Democratic Party strategist and television personality.

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Where is Julie Roginsky? Show has lost some dimension without her Show just not same Harris can't do it all, needs some help
Hannity, & his team obviously do extensive research. Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky do theirs by rea…
there are at least 7 liberal fake news networks already. Can you please remove Shep Smith, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Bob slob.
Don't know why they have him, Juan Williams or the other extremely annoying Julie Roginsky.
I DVR Fox News and fast forward through Juan Williams...ain't nobody got time for that!!. Julie Roginsky too.
So happy to see Bob Beckel back on the Five. Can't stand Juan Williams,Geraldo, or Julie Roginsky.
oh no; the only thing worse than Juan Williams is Julie Roginsky
Bob`s a lot better than Juan Williams or Julie Roginsky
Juan Williams is the Pete Best of the Five He is a drag. He needs to be replaced with Julie Roginsky a pretty version of Ringo!
Megyn Kelly is gone, Hooray! Juan Williams, Shepherd Smith, and Julie Roginsky next! Housecleaning time, FNC!
.Juan Williams is tolerated by Bolling & others bc his JOB is The Devil's Advocate. Just like Julie Roginsky, and m…
John Lewis you are an *** Same as Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Julie Roginsky, all the other nut job, brainwashe…
Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shepard Smith, two more after Fox and Friends
If I were to take a wild guess Fan its Sandra Smith, Julie Roginsky and Dagen McDowell.
Things learned during this election: Never want to see Megan Kelly, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, Shep Smith, Stirewalt..…
is paid dissent "talent" like Julie Roginsky & Leslie Marshall. is run by Murdoch's sons now:Libs
But if they do replace her, I could go with Dave Smith, Rob Long, Kat, or Julie Roginsky. Okay, kidding about the last one.
They must be annoyed FNC has two liberals on the panel to defend Clinton. Julie Roginsky and Lanny Davis.
Possibly the right behavior on Ginsburg's part given this. cc
It is great to see someone such as Crystal Wright stick up for what is right and speak the truth. Especially...
Soros, Julie Roginsky, now add Ruth Ginsburg to the list of Jay Oh Ohs that America don't need
Whenever you put that stupid Julie Roginsky on your show, I tune out immediately. She's got to kill your ratings. Strange!
SO THERE JULIE ROGINSKY... BOY I WISH THEY WOULD KEEP HER OFF Fox News...liberals...just don't get it!
THAT BLACK GAL MY NEW HERO! i'll text her accilades in a min when i look her up! shut down julie roginsky!! CLASSIC!
I would love to see Juan Williams and Julie Roginsky both leave 5 at 5 and Outnumbered .They truly ruin what could b at least 2 decent shows
Julie Roginsky is a DEVIL.. She scares me. I would love to sit down debate you and hammer your words.
dumps Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros, and we're stuck with Julie Roginsky!
Hard to determine who is more disgusting Hillary or Julie Roginsky. Automatic reflex is to turn off the TV as soon as I see them.
Oh yeah, Julie Roginsky gets on my nerves! Ugh! She is another closed minded minion!
Julie Roginsky: What happened Stop all your whining crying pitching a fit everything is not about you
Hannity too as well ! hate when Coco ! Geritoldo Juan Williams & Julie Roginsky r guest Then I turn off ! Pissants
: What happened to me after I disc... :Julie, I hope U R NOT hypocrite; ask racist Obama to apologize
The behavior Trump is stoking is anti-Semitic, it is disgusting, it is vile. Trump is anti-Semetic. https…
. But, Julie Roginsky swears it is the Star of David?
Trumpkins have called me a *** & a *** this isnt the man its many of his supporters unfortunately
Wiesel: “Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
Feel bad she's subjected 2 hate speech but find myself wondering if she lives under a rock save 4 working
Trump has unleashed an unacceptable strain of hate speech in our political discourse, argues op-ed on Fox News:
Julie Roginsky and Michelle Fields are 2 of the most discredited journalists of this election cycle.
Who are "the who are deliberately killing White Here's one. Julie Roginsky. Political "strategist." https:…
Harris is there today. So is liberal Julie Roginsky to combat the blame coming to Obama and Clinton.
love the show can't stand Juan Williams or Julie Roginsky need Katie Pavlich or Ebony K Williams on your show full time
Julie Roginsky just told Bill Hemmer "even Cruz is an immigrant from Canada" I thought he was "natural born"!
Julie Roginsky, Frank Lautenberg was dribbling Oatmeal out of his mouth and didn't know what year it was!
Russian commie Julie Roginsky lying her *** off. She denigrated war, troops during GOP admin. . Skimmed thru book to make comments
Julie Roginsky is the DNC parrot & tiresome. Of course, HRC & BO put politics ahead of four American lives-facts prove it!
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Julie Roginsky needs a friend right about now. She just got embarrassed
Good for FOX contributor Julie Roginsky she needs to vote for
Watch Julie Roginsky tell a Fox anchor why he's wrong on paid family leave: "We talk about family values all the...
Julie Roginsky: Debbie Wasserman Schults' bosom buddy and joined at the hip with Joe Trippi! What a stupid hack.
Julie Roginsky makes me miss Bob Beckel. She came loaded for bear today: armed w every talking point & agitation she could stir up
Tamara Holder, Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Julie Roginsky plus a host of other flaming libs on Might as well watch MSNBC. Done.
RE: THE FIVE: REPLACE Bob Beckel W Julie Roginsky or Juan Williams. They are RAZOR SHARP, but more pleasant for the viewers. Pls.
my hat is off to her. She is obviously channeling Julie Roginsky circa 1995.
Julie roginsky filled in on Thursday.
Julie Roginsky greatly contributed to the debate. Consider adding her to the show to have a more balanced 3 vs 2 rather than 4 vs 1
Julie Roginsky has been on and this week. Not a fan. 😕
DP DONT like Julie Roginsky. I don't think she likes the 3 women panels
Gotta say - Julie Roginsky rocks on Fox Five today... no Bob B to beat on...
finally, the producer found a person (Julie Roginsky) that makes Beckel appear rational.
I'm having trouble with the chemistry on The Five today with Julie Roginsky as a member of the table. Shrill,she's no Bob Beckel.
Julie Roginsky doesn't look like beckel on the 5, but she is more understandable despite the fact that she eschews the same liberal crap.
- exactly why do you have Julie Roginsky on? She contributes nothing. Actually all Democrats contribute nothing.
how in f*** did Julie roginsky that has no objective views and is clearly nieve to the world get on television?
Julie Roginsky should replace Beckel.can't answer questions just like Bob.but better on the eyes
it's clear that liberals and the nieve Julie roginsky believes we should just let isis keep killing! Unbelievable!
Julie Roginsky once again shows what a moron she is on the five to bad we cant ship her to syria
Can’t believe and panel let . Julie Roginsky get away with blaming Bush for present Mid East mess
Even Julie Roginsky the liberal sub on The Five says we need boots on the ground.
Julie Roginsky and Judy Miller on Lou Dobbs two dolts in about the Constitution don't you get that.
Outnumbered finally has a liberal back on. Julie Roginsky is on today.
Andrea is great if for no other reason than that she speaks, on occasion, to ugly stupid talentless Julie Roginsky. Julie's 'claim to fame' is that she worked on Lautenberg's campaign, what, 50 years ago? And who's HE, anyway? Julie's a lying piece of uselessness. Fox shouldn't get rid of her tho'; she shows the asininity of Leftist 'thought'.
How Hillary Clinton is covered, especially when she makes a blunder, Andrea Tantaros, Julie Roginsky and Amy C
Could Christie's tough-talking style hurt 2016 chances?: Julie Roginsky and Thomas Basile on the NJ governor's...
On Fox News The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson and Julie Roginsky at 2.15pm today. SiriusXM Radio
On Fox News Channel's "The Real Story," contributor Julie Roginsky shocked host Gretchen Carlson by casually suggesting Obama had no commitment to the Afghanistan war...
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Julie Roginsky's intellectual ascension of Arnie Duncan's racist statements on white suburban women shows the elitism of the left.
Former Secret Service Agent and conservative candidate for U.S. Congress Dan Bongino of Maryland fended off a fierce personal attack from liberal commentator Julie Roginsky on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday. “Cut the crap,” Bongino interjected at one point, explaining that he doesn’t want poor people to go without insurance. He himself was poor and is now middle class, Bongino replies, and actually just had his insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare; despite his wife having a pre-existing condition, and will have to pay $200/mo. more. Dan Bongino goes on a tear, thoroughly eviscerating the gist of Roginsky’s factually challenged arguments, setting up one of the finer interviews you’ll ever hear. He nails why intentions-oriented liberals will never understand reality-based, results-oriented conservatives on why the facts matter.
Today on Sean Sean Hannity 4:05 Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the house joins Sean today to talk about Obamacare and the NSA scandal. 5:05 Former Secret Service Agent and Maryland Congressional Candidate Dan Bongino …and Julie Roginsky, Democratic Strategist and Fox News Contributor. The big question: At what point do we say enough is enough and admit that this plan is not working? 5:35 Jeff Goldman, attorney (and partner with Belkin, Burden, Wenig, and Goldman) representing Donald Trump in the suit being waged by AG Eric Schneiderman.
well sure, like and squishes like Mitt Romney. yeah let's do that again eh Julie Roginsky?
she's bad, but there are worse on Fox like Sally Kohn, Tamara Holder, Julie Roginsky and Jehmu Greene.
i will be on "FoxNewsLive," Fox streaming show, with Julie Roginsky and host Jonathan Hunt, at noon ET today. The show streams at
Have a great day yourself. Joey, you and Julie Roginsky are my favorite Money "Spare Change" guests!
Fast-forward on DVR is the Juan Williams, Tamara Holder, Bob Beckel, Julie Roginsky button in our house.
Julie Roginsky the Dem on Fox is pretty but not very bright. John Rowley equally inept.
Julie Roginsky is nearly as bad as Tamara Holder... Ugh.
Julie Roginsky and Tamara Holder---twin brain deadheads separated at birth?
I even mute Fox when *** like jehmu greene, Julie Roginsky, Sally Kohn or Mark Hannah are on.
Julie Roginsky is a Democrat Talking Head and another disgusting LIBERAL LIAR. She like Alan Colmes and other Dem liars just told the lie about the Tea Party hurling racial slurs. Juan Williams is still telling the lie about Tea Party spitting on congressmen. Hope there are even 1 or 2 Liberals in America who hate lying and will vote against it.
Megyn Kelly, Julie Roginsky, and Monica Crowley all telling me that the Dems can't possibly hold the DNC convention in Charlotte now.
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