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Julie Andrews

Dame Julia Elizabeth Andrews, DBE (née Wells; born 1 October 1935) is an English film and stage actress, singer, and author.

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Now watching: Torn Curtain (1966) directed by Alfred Hitchcock - Starring Paul Newman, Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews and Rachel York win awards for Victor/Victoria which opened at the Marquis Theatre.
U missed the time i mistook pretty woman for my fair lady & mixed up Julia Roberts & Julie Andrews so…
Julie Andrews records the Broadway cast album for the musical My Fair Lady, New York, 1956
Mary Poppins and me - by Julie Andrews from the January 1965 issue of Showtime magazine.
Julie Andrews has the most amazing voice. Enjoying YouTube clips of her singing all the iconic songs from Mary Poppins and Sound of Music.
In honor of Julie Andrews's birthday, The O'Connell Players are thrilled to announce 'Mary Poppins' will be flying to our sta…
Mary Poppins is my favorite. I love Julie Andrews!!❤️
the hit new Broadway musical, with Julie Andrews as Sister Mary TEK-9
Happy birthday 82nd Julie Andrews, your only true Mary Poppins.
Happy birthday to Julie Andrews who has entertained us for so many years! The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins star turns 82…
Julie Andrews, star of classics like Mary Poppins, celebrates her 82nd Birthday today!
Hi Is it Julie Andrews and the cast of The Sound Of Music on your T-shirt tonight? Regards, Bill Lytham St Annes
I just want a new movie with Julie Andrews and Meryl Streep together to come out.
Evacuating because of was one of the scariest things I've done. Here's how Julie Andrews helped:
The world in which Mary Poppins was produced and released in doesn't exist anymore. Maybe it never existed. Julie Andrews e…
I swear to God Julie Andrews stopped aging after like 50 because she's looked the same literally my WHOLE LIFE.
Ya I'm not ok with ppl not liking Julie Andrews... and 16 going on 17 is the best song ever
I want Julie Andrews to take over the world or something
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be sad when listening to Julie Andrews. Fact.
There is nothing more hot than watching Julie Andrews pretending to be a man and James Garner make out in
All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time. ~Julie Andrews
The UK launch of the 1992 Studio Cast Recording of "The King and I", with Julie Andrews.
I need some Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella time. I watch the Julie Andrews, Leslie Ann Warren, and Brandy versions one after the other
Julie Andrews in her prime watching me work out with a 5lb weight?
"I want to be Julie Andrews because I want to be on the top of the mountain and 🎶 sing"
Oh my goodness! is basically Julie Andrews. I just have so much love for him!!! 😍
"Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.". — Julie Andrews
My dad just said the movies "Nanny McPhee" and "Marry Poppins" are the same and I am offended. Do not disrespect Julie Andrews like that.
Where is the list. Want to check Emily Blunt and Julie Andrews!!
Julie Andrews is an angel sent from above and this world does not deserve her
All purpose parts banner
me too but can't we also blame Julie Andrews?
Never be discouraged! "Perseverance is failing 19 time and succeeding the 20th." Julie Andrews
Millie bobby brown is basically a tiny Julie Andrews and we should keep her safe forever
I hope Julie Andrews lives to be 500
I hope there's a story about Missy posing as an actor called Julie Andrews and being cast in Mary Poppins:
I'd take Julie Andrews over Bruno Mars, every single time.
Sadly...Maria is not the problem, as we all know. It's people like his type...we don't have…
Ok, maybe not the best example. Julie Andrews then, who is two years older than Jane but looking grea…
Progressives would not allow this movie to be made today,
Julie Andrews, cast mates share 'Sound of Music' facts from behind the scenes: 'The town didn't want us there'.
Time to call in Julie Andrews. She's the only one that can solve a problem like Maria.
Can we just take a little bit of time out of our day to appreciate Julie Andrews (and not just this era) 👑
Read my intro to the tune of My Favourite Things by Julie Andrews tbh. I'm so sorry.
Andrews at the premiere of The Sound of Music in Hollywood, posing alongside the cast, 1965. Photo……
I added a video to a playlist Muppet Songs: Julie Andrews - Song for Kermit
Some people regard discipline as a chore. For me, it is a kind of order that sets me free to fly. - Julie Andrews
Did I ever tell you - Julie Andrews is KG's cousin. It's almost like having a celebrity at home ;)
So what is a plane from Joint Base Andrews doing in White Horse Yukon Territory? Anyone know if this is real?
There's also loads of family ancestor rumours like we're related to Julie Andrews and someone pulled a cheetah insi…
Can't get over 's tribute to the Sound of Music and her sweet moment with Julie Andrews afterwards
August 23, 1965 - The Sound of Music was released, starring Julie Andrews
God Hillary you Can't be Julie Andrews this week & Bill, shut that mouth
- Actually did do Julie Andrews 'All About That Bass' first. About 5 months before Jess did it at Fringe!...
The day Julie Andrews dies will be a sad day indeed for me
I know it's the wrong movie but.Julie Andrews.😆🖖
Great news though for Julie Andrews. Surely they haven't put her on Kyle & Jackie O? Groan if they have.
Mine, too. I'll be blasting some Julie Andrews for both of us.
See Julie Andrews, snack on a nice bratwurst? I'm so in
The Sound of Music was released 52 years ago today with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker.…
Thanks for memories of the beautiful film"The sound of music". If authority is so willing, they can name…
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Screen and stage legend sees her career come full circle in Australia.
I'm imagining Julie Andrews singing the new lyrics ;))
so which Dame IS on your show tomorrow? Judi Dench, Julie Andrews or Julie Anthony?
Sorry about the Dame Julie Andrews/Dame Judi Dench mix up before. But we can definitely guarantee Bill Shorten is o…
In my head I read the hashtag with Julie Andrews singing it 😍🙈
Oops Kyle and Jackie O mix up Judi Dench and Julie Andrews
I was about to say that looks like Julie Andrews 😂
On this day in 1959 after more than 1000 performances Julie Andrews retired from My Fair Lady Anne Rogers took up Eliza Doolittle
My goodness Julie Andrews is breathtakingly beautiful in Torn Curtain. Reminds me of Princess Diana.
.. Hall and Oates, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, *** Van *** and Julie Andrews, Wham, Air Supply, Luther Vandross and Gregory Hines...
"Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I remember that Julie Andrews and Raven symone did a song together and just feel better about life"
Just watched Julie Andrews on Jimmy Kimmel and her presence alone brought me to literal tears. She is so lovely and graceful and perfect!!!
The August issue is here! This month’s issue includes interviews with Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton,...
Christopher Plummer as General Chang is setting Julie Andrews on fire.
Julie Andrews is my one and only Mary Poppins
"Working with Julie Andrews is like getting hit over the head with a valentine.". ~ Christopher Plummer
I'm just wondering how we rank Mary Poppins performers after the sequel. Julie Andrews, then Michael Rooker, then Emily Blunt? Not sure.
Julie Andrews tells that iconic mountain scene in wasn't easy to make h…
50 years ago this week - 3 Legends (Julie Andrews, Carol Channing and Mary Tyler Moore) came together to create...
Things that make me irrevocably happy:. 1. Nicole Kidman and Winona Ryder's career resurgences in 2016. 2. Legally Blonde. 3. Julie Andrews
Oh, hi Austria 👋 This picture is just missing Julie Andrews... 😅. Let's kick off this week, shall we. Circui…
I got the movie for mothers day based on the cast being Julie Andrews and Mary Tyl…
Here's a Julie Andrews appreciation post bc she is the epitome of purity & grace. I hope to be half as good this wo…
seriously Julie Andrews is so perfect and beautiful and how does she do it
listen y'all, id take a bullet for Julie Andrews in a heartbeat
Having Alec Baldwin out as first guest and not Julie Andrews
I don't think the world will ever have enough of Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews is truly a gift to mankind
Julie Andrews is the best thing to happen to this world since Jesus
G'day people, hi Narelle, are you out of your igloo yet? What's going o…
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my first time seeing your Helen tonight and I loved it! Your voice is beautiful! I swear you sound like Julie Andrews! X
Julie Andrews – We may know her best as practically perfect in
Yall know my blk *** s top 5 movies include 3 that are stone cold lily white! This is one of them. Gene Wilder & Ju…
Anyone else feel like Julie Andrews is their grandma
Julie Andrews reveals on-set challenges while filming 'Sound of Music'
If I could just do one more thing in life it would be to meet Julie Andrews.
Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II and Julie Andrews on the set of the CBS TV's musical Cinderella...
I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do if Julie Andrews dies
Alert! 🚨 Starting NOW on E! Julie Andrews and Alec Baldwin join Jimmy Fallon on ⚡️🚨🔥
Think about it, Julie Andrews is such an icon WOW
JULIE ANDREWS was on JIMMY FALLON last night and no one TOLD ME?!?!
I really want Julie Andrews as the next M if they're going to make another James Bond movie. Somebody in Hollywood make that happen, please!
Julie Andrews explains how they filmed that famous meadow scene in “The Sound of Music” | Julie Andrews…
Julie Andrews recalls wiping out while filming The Sound of Music
Julie Andrews questioned her vocal abilities for Despicable Me role
And our Lord and Saviour Julie Andrews' response to the Oscars performance-
Can we make Julie Andrews an official member of the royal family
Julie Andrews practically perfect in every way
After our matinee a lady told me I sounded like Julie Andrews and I died.
People I'm head over heels in love with: Oprah, Martha Stewart, Julie Andrews, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Jason Momoa, Chance the Rapper
who would you rather star in a movie with Angela Lansbury, Cloris Leachman, or Julie Andrews?
I liked a video Maria von Trapp with Julie Andrews
I don’t mean to add to the busy *** Agenda (TM) but Cynthia Nixon, Helen Mirren, Julie Andrews, and Cher are one award away from an EGOT.
Question: I know Julie Andrews is not appearing in Mary Poppins Returns, but is *** Van *** I'll be quite sad if he doesn't.
So I've read all about the new Mary Poppins movie and I am still a little iffy on Emily Blunt playing Mary. To me, it's only Julie Andrews.
these kids in Philly jumped a mentally disabled person for no reason. if you recognize them contact Gerald here:
"All careers go up and down, like friendships, like marriages, like anything else. You can't bat a thousand all the time…
Julie Andrews is getting older and it's making me sad.
Watching a Julie Andrews documentary because I love her and she's queen👑
Here's doting on leading lady, Anna O’Byrne 😍😍, and who can blame her! >…   10% Off
One of my fav from Julie Andrews💜Even the smallest acts of kindness can change someone's world, & in time,…
Honestly didn't think I could love Julie Andrews more. Apparently I can.
I really need that gif of julie andrews going "i'm furious" right now
5. The Sound of Music (1965). -i remember the very first time i saw this. -julie andrews = perfect. -seen it probs 1000 t…
you truly gave Julie Andrews a run for her money 👏🏻 I think you & should do Street "Wicked" next time
*** Julie Andrews and Emily Blunt have some serious competition.
James, you really are better than Julie Andrews
Calm. Anytime Julie Andrews is involved it requires calm and happy.
💙When Mary Poppins has to give you a smackdown, it should be a clue you might wanna change direct…
my aesthetic is Julie Andrews saying "Goodbye trolley people" after Mia hits the trolley with her car in The Princess Diaries
Julie Andrews, and everyone who has worked with him. Geniuses!
I can always depend on for my daily fix of Barbara Streisand/Julie Andrews
I think of Julie Andrews as my third Grandma and second favorite
Julie Andrews has been a household name for 5 decades. She's not out of the spotlight
"Perseverance is not being able to even 19 times and literally even the 20th." -- Julie Andrews 😁
Actress Julie Andrews slams Trump's Paris agreement decision: "No one place or person comes 'first'" h…
Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine are all underrated I guess
Remember when nobody knew who Chris Pine was except Julie Andrews fans because his first big thing was Princess Diaries 2?
I truly deeply love Julie Andrews her blessing allowed me my first actor crush on Chris Pine when I was like 8 or whatever.
Burton was stage Arthur I think (with Julie Andrews?). Love Burton, but glad Harris did the film, he was perfect
"Camelot" = Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet and Planet of the Apes star Roddy F'n McDowall at the heig…
Good choice! Julie Andrews and Richard Burton for the win!
feeling like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music today @ Roan Mountain State Park
I'll miss not being in Buffalo and my FB bestie Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews playing with her daughter Emma at the beach, 1965. Photo by Philippe Halsman
Julie Andrews & *** Van *** in Mary Poppins are simply perfect
Check out what I found. Shrek 2 DVD Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Julie Andrews, Antonio Band via
Still. Protect Betty White, *** Van *** Richard Simmons, Julie Andrews, and Carol Burnett at all costs!
The things I'd do to have Julie Andrews be my voice teacher.
daily reminder that I love Julie Andrews. good night.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Do not knock The Sound of Music. It’s got nuns and Nazis. And Julie Andrews is hot.
Me-"We need to protect Julie Andrews at all costs.". Roommate-"...Who?". Me-
That time when Julie Andrews, Michael Jackson, and Bernadette Peters where jamming out to Kool & the Gang's
Kristin Chenoweth, Ginny Mancini and Julie Andrews at the Mancini Delive... via
Julie Andrews might be the most beautiful women I've laid eyes on.
ugh thank you wife cannot wait to watch Julie Andrews together soon ❤️
"Julie's Greenroom," a new Netflix series for children, couldn't be more timely. Starring Julie Andrews and...
Disney releases first photo of Emily Blunt as ‘Mary Poppins
Honestly at this point in my life I'm just waiting for Julie Andrews to come and tell me I'm a princess
Forever waiting for Julie Andrews to show up at my door informing me that she is in fact my Grandmother and that I'm the Princess of Genovia
Congrats to Wisconsin's Julie Andrews, second in desserts category of Take Avocado to Heart contest. Her recipe:…
Wow. Julie Andrews sang the first note and already I'm crying
Julie Andrews: Rescue the arts from the budget chopping block
I'm looking forward to Mary Poppins! We'll be an even greater duo than Julie Andrews & *** Van *** CC:
Julie Andrews wins Best Actress in 1964 for her role as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins.
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Earlier today somebody asked me what my favorite female part was, and I said, "Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music."
Julie Andrews and daughter Emma Walton Hamilton write in support of the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)
Save the arts from Call your congressmen
Yes, I'm watching Julie's Greenroom. Yes, I'm 20. But it's Julie Andrews. So, I'm watching it.
Julie Andrews: Rescue arts from the budget chopping block -
Julie Andrews defends the arts amid Trump's plans to end NEA, NEH
I liked a video Julie Andrews Tribute/Medley - (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music & More) by Jamie Grace
State of the world: Julie Andrews forced to make a plea to save the arts.
Are your kids ready for Julie's Greenroom? I'm sharing all about the show + why Julie Andrews is mom goals…
“The arts are fundamental to our common humanity." Tell him, Dame Julie. (via https:/…
this is so amazing and really beautiful and a very cute episode. I love Chris and Julie Andrews on this s…
5 famous faces you’ll see in Julie Andrews’ ‘Greenroom’: The Oscar-winner plays herself in the educational kids'……
Julie Andrews pleads with Donald Trump not to cut arts funding
If you have kids, and , check out "Julie's Green Room", starring Julie Andrews. Heard review on NPR. About the arts. Sounds v good.
I just thought about what would happen if I ever met Julie Andrews & immediately started crying if you've ever wondered what PMS is like
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
ICYMI: read our Artists Committee member & daughter impassioned plea to https:…
Celebrities react to Trump's proposed budget cuts for the arts: President Donald Trump unveiled proposed budget……
Rescue the from the budget chopping block🎭
Julie Andrews urges Trump not to cut arts funding -
In a moving op ed piece urges Americans to fight back against Trump's proposed cuts to the arts.
"The arts are fundamental to our common humanity." -
Beautiful & adorable clip of Julie Andrews speaking about
singing on our TVs again! Clip from w/ Julie Andrews now playing on episode ***
Julie Andrews: Trump's proposed budget cuts to the arts "mind-boggling"
Y'all. Julie Andrews' new show on Netflix is freaking delightful. Yes, it's for children, but it has Julie and theatre and John Tartaglia.
Gandhi, starring Julie Andrews and Jamie Hyneman. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, music by Disturbed. Budget: $50,000
Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews want to honor Garry Marshall's memory:
And in general, voices we'd like to hear in Meryl Streep. Bernadette Peters. Julie Andrews. Barbara Streisand. Sarah Brightman
ICYMI, here's the first look of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, a role originated by the legendary Julie Andrews.
This isn't true. Julie Andrews and Héctor Elizondo in Princess Diaries 2, Troy and Gabriella in HSM3, etc.
WATCH: Allison Williams channels her inner Julie Andrews and sings 'My Favorite Things'
Julie Andrews wins the academy award for best actress for her performance in Mary Poppins, 1965,
Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews at the 37th Academy Awards, 1965.
Nobody swears like Jonathan Pryce, no one, well maybe DDR, Dame Judy and of course Julie Andrews
As much as I lv Emily Blunt there's only 1 Mary Poppins Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews reveals what she REALLY thinks about Emily Blunt replacing her as Mary Poppin…
watching the new Julie Andrews interview on Colbert has honestly added 10 years to my life
Julie Andrews winning her Oscar in 1965, wearing a diamond fringe necklace that would be perfectly stylish today!
Dame Julie Andrews may be our first guest who also appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in this very theater. https:…
gurl i'm like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music wit it. i love laundry 😍
Julie Andrews Andrews explained that to pull off that flying sequence, she actually .
"Anglo Saxon four letter words" is my new favourite euphemism for swear words, thanks to Julie Andrews and to for the heads up
Julie Andrews: "...and I did let fly with a few anglo-saxon four-letter words, I have to admit.". My new epigram. 😂
Julie Andrews recalls an “amazing” true story about what Richard Rodgers told her.
Julie Andrews will save the arts with her new Netflix kids show—and she'll have help:
"Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.". Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, 1964.
22/02/15 - Lady Gaga cries after performing her Sound Of Music tribute and meeting Julie Andrews at the Oscars
Julie Andrews had the most beautiful singing voice. It's a shame what happened to it.
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Roddy McDowall attend the premiere of Sound of Music in LA, California.…
I hope they sneak Julie Andrews in for a cameo, even if she's in disguise as the new Bird Woman at St. Paul's Cathe…
Christopher Plummer & Julie Andrews checking out postcards while doing publicity for The Sound of Music.
Julie Andrews! Muppets! How can this be anything but awesome?
No. This is a HW film starring Julie Andrews directed by Blake Edwards on early 29th century transgender pe…
I just ❤️ this song "The Rain in Spain" by Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Robert Coote, Rose…
Rex Harrison won the Oscar for the film version of "My Fair Lady," 1964, and Julie Andrews won that
Get your facts straight - Mary Martin, not Julie Andrews in "Sound" Ryan Gosling is no Gene Kelly via
I've never seen Julie Andrews' Eliza Doolittle but I think I'd much prefer that version of her than that of Audrey Hepburn's.
"Julie Andrews and the real Maria von Trapp yodeling :) .
Sorry, that was Julie Andrews & Carol Burnette and it was Lady Bird Johnson who walked by.
Sing this out loud with a big Julie Andrews smile. I promise It'll make you feel better. Briefly.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Julie Andrews calls the late Mary Tyler Moore a "joy to work with."
Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet, Joel Grey present a Salute to Lerner and L... via
If I were to have a dinner with 5 celebrities.Barack Obama, Julie Andrews, MLK, Dr. Seuss, and Robin Williams.
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair in honor of the 50th anniversary of The So…
When I find myself in times of trouble,. Julie Andrews comes to me,. Speaking words of wisdom,. Do-Re-Mi.
Meryl Streep? What are they going to try and come for Julie Andrews or Angela Lansbury next? Oh please. Stay in your lan…
Someone literally has to hide Julie Andrews and David Attenborough for the next few days bc that really will be the cherry on top of 2016
what even is 2016; someone put Julie Andrews and David Attenborough in a box. Protect them. ✨
2016 isn't over yet, so I want Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith and David Attenborough to join The Queen in the anti-death bun…
While other girls looked up to Disney princesses I had Julie Andrews, Vivian Leigh, Jane Powell, and just such a loss
A protective bubble needs to be placed around *** Van *** Betty White, and Julie Andrews
If anything happens to Julie Andrews or Anjelica Huston, I'm calling it quits.
Can you believe Julie Andrews invented talent?
If 2016 lays a finger on Julie Andrews I will riot
Someone protect Julie Andrews from 2016 because I swear if anything happens to her I'm done
Not being funny lock Maggie Smith up in a room w Julie Walters, Julie Andrews, and Judy Parfitt
2016 I know you're taking all the best celebs, but please don't take Julie Andrews
Dear 2016:. Don't touch Julie Andrews if you know what's good for you
Can we please put David Attenborough, Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith, Betty White and the Queen into a nuclear bunker for the remainder of 2016
Can someone please wrap Julie Andrews up in cotton wool?💛👑
You know it's Jan. 1 when she's back in Austria: Magnificent tells me about concert.
2016 better keep its grubby hands off of Julie Andrews
2016 you better be gone already and leave Julie Andrews alone!
someone put Julie Andrews in a safe location please and thank u
I wanted to be Julie Andrews in the sound of music 😂
is almost over. Hide the Queen. Hide Betty White. Hide Julie Andrews. Hide Clint Eastwood.
We have 4 more days to protect Julie Andrews from 2016
I swear to god, you have four days left, 2016. If you take Betty White, Julie Andrews, or Meryl Streep, no one will forgi…
What y'all talking about, hide Julie Andrews from 2016..she's the true queen❤
Just watched Saving Mr Banks again and bawled my way through it, why does anything that remotely involves Julie Andrews ma…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Please RT? Julie Andrews set to star in new Netflix series for kids…
Ring in the new year with Julie Andrews and PBS 🎉
I wonder what julie andrews smells like
Someone find Julie Andrews . (queen of America) and put her in quarantine! Ain't nothing wrong with her but it's 2016 and…
Why is it that brown paper packages can make Julie Andrews famous, but when I do that it's "cheap" and "lazy" and "sme…
Protect Julie Andrews from 2016 at all costs
I feel the need to go find Betty White, Julie Andrews, and Maggie Smith and surround them with some kind of protective…
2017 better stay away from Betty White, Barbra Streisand, and Julie Andrews
I think we need to put Betty White, Julie Andrews and Sean Connery in protective custody at least until 2016 is over!! .
Jealous of the person who has Julie Andrews as a grandmother.
.. Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, Betty White or really any old woman remotely related to the screen and/or stage
Shannon Doherty, Joanna Lumley, Julie Andrews, Angela Landsbury, the Queen and Betty White are my absolute limits. I'll be completely done.
Let's go ahead and bundle up Oprah, Jane Goodall, Ellen, Alice Walker, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews and Robin Roberts while we're at.
Has anyone checked on Julie Andrews lately, what about Carol Burnett or Betty White? 2016 is not taking them too.
all I want for Christmas is Julie Andrews, Doris Day, Vera Lynn and Betty White to survive until New Year's. and all of next year.
Julie Andrews just called into the final Diane Rehm show, and now I'm crying in my kitchen at the classy dame-ness of it all.
Between Mary Berry, Julie Andrews and Dame Judi Dench, I just wanna be an old British lady.
Dammit! Dame Julie Andrews is my favorite actress. Ok. Ok. TSOM isn't my favorite Julie Andrews movie. Sue me…
he deserves Rachel she's a babe. Tbh both Eloise movies are SO slept on there's Julie Andrews! Jeffrey Tambor! A pug! Couture!
hi it's me again. I think Dame Julie Andrews should reprise her role and have Bert and Mary Poppins marry each other.
I love this photo of Julie Andrews with the real Maria von Trapp on set of The Sound of Music.
if you're just tuning in, I'm reminiscing on Julie Andrews because The Sound of Music is on. Dame Julie is still with us; breathe easy.
love that song. Julie Andrews kills it!! Charmian Carr is really good too!
In Oct 1963, Julie Andrews was cast in after Robert Wise viewed three minutes of "That's our…
*** Van *** and Julie Andrews are national treasures and will always be Disney's best live-action movie.
Julie Andrews in Hawaii directed by George Roy Hill, photos by David Hurn 1966
Nuthin' like a little James Garner and Julie Andrews to get prepped for the holidays. 'love this movie. — watching One Special Night
James had never seen The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins so we're basically having a Julie Andrews marathon.
Julie Andrews narrating. Patrick Dempsey singing. James Marsden and Idina Menzel together. Amy Adams. This movie is pe…
But my grandma was the sweetest so it was more like Julie Andrews & Anne Hathaway in princess diaries. Minus the Hermes scarves.
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Now nathan is going on about how Julie Andrews needs to play a villain in an upcoming movie because he got her mixed up with julienne Moore
Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, and Bo Derek are all perfect '10's
Anyone else in favor of moving to Genovia where Julie Andrews can be our queen
That movie stars Dudley Moore and was directed by Julie Andrews' husband Blake Edwards. So cut the crap, Hillary you hypocrite.
Children of Men, starring Julie Andrews and Demi Moore. Directed by David Cronenberg, music by The Cranberries. Budget: $75m
Ken Berry (3 Nov 1933) dances with Julie Andrews in 1972 in Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers medley
Today, the HFPA will announce the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award. I hope it's Julie Andrews or Jessica Lange.
I think Julie Andrews is one of the most beautiful women on this earth 🔥😍
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