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Julian McMahon

Julian Dana William McMahon (born 27 July 1968) is an Australian actor and former fashion model. He is best known for his portrayals of Cole Turner in The WB hit series Charmed, womanizing plastic surgeon Christian Troy on the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning TV show Nip/Tuck, and Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Bruce Willis Fantastic Four Andrew Chan Richard Dreyfuss Myuran Sukumaran Josh Holloway Matthew Rhys Helen Mirren Karl Urban Daniel Craig Billy McMahon Michael Chiklis Dannii Minogue Hugh Jackman Dylan Walsh Liam Hemsworth Josh Duhamel

The ABA congratulates the very deserving Julian McMahon on being awarded the 2016 LCA President's medal.
Others, (Peter Sarsgaard's Hector Hammond, Julian McMahon's Dr. Doom, Liev Schreiber's Sabertooth) that are more bad writing than acting
I always thought Australian actor Julian McMahon wld make a good for Clive Ow…
1994, Dannii Minogue married Julian McMahon, (the son of Billy McMahon, Australia's Prime Minister during the 1970s)
10 Years ago we had Ed Asner, Scott Bakula, and Julian McMahon. Now we have no Ed Asner, no Scott Bakula, and no Alcohol.
Congratulations to Julian McMahon. Vic's worthy rep for Australian of the year
and we'll have 2 after a long time. and . I'm happy that Julian McMahon will be back soon
[My Role As] by mcmahon.julian is rated for mature audiences
Julian McMahon needs another great tv show
Congratulations - Julian McMahon named Victorian Australian of the Year. So well deserved -…
Can't watch on TNT anymore...they're getting to the eps where Cole is evil again & it makes me sad. Julian McMahon deserved better
I forgot how hot Julian McMahon used to be during 2000-2007..
I would vote for Cole, I mean Julian McMahon.
For some reason dad reminds me of Billy McMahon. So yes what I am saying is that Julian McMahon should be our new PM
Congrats Victorians Aus of the Year incl barrister Julian McMahon
Julian McMahon named Australian of the year. I could not be more happier. A human being well deserving of this award. ❤
Congratulations to Bali nine barrister Julian McMahon for winning Victorian Australian of the Year, Well Deserved!
Unrelated: clearly I'm two wives behind on Julian McMahon watch.
I'm so glad to see new pictures of my favorite couple Julian McMahon and Kelly !
Julian McMahon and wife Kelly Paniagua sport bizarre Melbourne Cup look on the ... - Daily Mail
Julian McMahon and wife Kelly Paniagua amongst the most memorable at Melbourne Cup
Billy Zane and Julian McMahon sharing the same screen. Hello!
Celebs will flock to Cup’s Birdcage: DAVID Guetta, Megan Gale, Julian McMahon and Louise Roe will be among the…
David Guetta star attraction at Cup: DJ David Guetta, actor Julian McMahon and the niece of Princess Diana wil...
Happy birthday to the lovely Julian McMahon!!! Our Cole!
with Julian McMahon with thanks and congratulations to https:…
with Julian McMahon with thanks and congratulations to
I think y'all forgot that the other ones starred Julian McMahon's eyebrow game
Australia makes handsome man like Julian McMahon, Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker. ♥
Charmed actually had a really great cast too. Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Julian McMahon.
Happy birthday, Julian McMahon, from from 47 years today! ♥ ;)
Happy birthday to my Julian McMahon 😍😍😍 I love this actor! Cole Turner ♥ & Christian Troy ♥ 😘💕 ht…
shared your birthday with, Christopher Dean, Jerry Van *** Alyvia Alyn, Julian McMahon, Charlotte Arnold and Seamus Dever.
I want a boyfriend like Stephen Moyer or ljke Julian McMahon so badly
Happy St Patrick's Day to my favorite actor Julian McMahon !
‘Funny Boys’ Movie in the Works with Julian McMahon /via
I fancy Julian McMahon so bloody much 😻
Julian McMahon's home is the highest house in Hollywood Hills and the closest to the Hollywood sign.
has been presented by Julian McMahon and Razan at World Music Awards 2007 ceremony in
Tony, Joe, Christopher, Barneby-I admit it does look bad. Not compensated nearly enough by Bill. I focus on Julian McMahon 😊
Families of Chan & Sukumaran arrive for 3rd visit to Lawyer Julian McMahon joins.
I don't know how Julian McMahon could have got that so wrong :)
words cannot describe how much I love Julian McMahon.
Australian lawyer, Julian McMahon, has arrived at court for appeal.
You can tell Julian McMahon was sexy and he knew it! ♥.
When I was young I loved Julian McMahon! ♥. I did not care he was a demon and I shipped he + Phoebe!.
In the video for this is the way it was her husband Julian McMahon from Home & Away
And that Julian Mcmahon was in charmed to! Omfg 🙌
May the force be with you, Julian McMahon and Julie Bishop MP !
Spare a thought for families of Chan & Sukamaren. Also to Julian Mcmahon & Ben Quilty. Many others as well. Thoughts esp for our guys.
Celebrity sighting of the day: Julian McMahon. ! :)
"People can change, If you don't recognise, people can change & encourage it, what's the incentive to change" l…
Interesting to see the critical response to Patrick's Day after the savaging McMahon got for Charlie Casanova
at least Billy gave us Julian McMahon.
Did you hear the stress & emotion in Julian McMahon's voice when i'viewed about the JJJ poll y'day? Poor buggers, everyone involved
found it. As interviews by on RN. From Tuesday. Well worth the listen.
lawyer Julian Mcmahon says anti-drugs political agenda in Indonesia obscuring the merits of his clients' cases
Julian McMahon and Kerry Washington have starred in 2 movies together
Last ditch plea for judicial review for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran fails in Bali - AM speaks to barrister Julian McMahon
Producers. Awful tonight except Julian McMahon. Rabble nothing insightful at all
Matthew Rhys always makes me think of Julian McMahon and his weird eyebrows in Charmed.
Ugh! Australians could be executed in Indonesia by the weekend,
Julian McMahon on ABC RN noting Indonesia's aggressive intervention has saved around 300 of its own citizens on death row abroad
Rule of law vs Politics. Also, that's not Burnside's voice. Commentator said, "Julian McMahon."
Julian McMahon: Bali Nine executions imminent: The families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are this morni...
Lawyer Julian McMahon: Chan and Sukumaran's appeal process is ongoing. What politics is AG Prasetyo playing at by declaring they're to die?
thank goodness for the strength of our legal system - and international law human rights justice Julian McMahon great eg.
I'm impressed as ever by the integrity of lawyer Julian McMahon and his work defending death-row inmates:
See Julian McMahon interview re political haste and interference in judicial process … via
See Julian McMahon interview on ABC commenting on political haste in relation to planned executions via
Oh dear. I just had to explain to my mother that awesome is not son of Billy & Sonia but actor Julian McMahon is.
It must be hard for Julian McMahon to not scream. What an incredible human rights defender.
Julian Edelman giving off a Sami Zayn vibe, yup, wrestling parallels can be found any time... Rodger Goodell = Vince McMahon, obviously.
The part of Jim McMahon will be played by understudy Julian Edelman.
it's pretty powerful considering you've dragged me away from Julian McMahon in Nip Tuck.
Can you get Julian McMahon to be there too?
Julian Mcmahon. I loved him as Dr Christian Troy - women love a ***
Julian and Kelly McMahon on Parenting and Their App for Kids Encouraging Positive Visualization
Nip/tuck had Julian McMahon and my obsession with him is ridiculous
hey Coop was okay lol I'm more bitter that Julian McMahon left the show xD
ll cool j , David beck, JULIAN McMahon , Auden HuQ & Jake from scandal lol
I miss Julian McMahon. Has he dropped off the face of the earth?
I'm glad other people know who Julian McMahon is! Yay. And it's a problem because they're too attractive
my aunt actually once got me a huge Julian McMahon poster and calendar so she may be able to find one of DD. :D
Sandra bullock and Julian McMahon in Premonition but 💑👏❤️
Julian McMahon was the reason i watched charmed.
Darrin, I'm just reading Divine Fury, and I'm wondering if you're read Julian Jaynes's book on the bicameral mind 1/2
Julian McMahon gives fans an inside look on his character Stanley. Full season now on on Demand …
Standing almost at the spot where I spotted Julian McMahon last year, and just saw Ralf Little
If there were opening credits, we'd see Julian McMahon brooding his way into our hearts.
Julian McMahon has finally been nominated!!!
Watching for the first time and I literally yelled out "THEY SHOT JULIAN MCMAHON! THOSE *** !"
Julian Assange may be leaving the Ecuadorian embassy to return to his day job hosting Deal or No Deal.
Oh I used to love Charmed but mostly because I loved Julian McMahon *swoon*
Out of the ring for 10 years, and Stephanie McMahon puts on a performance better than most of the divas on the WWE roster today.
An ivillage article about a book project of mine, Kelly Paniagua and her partner, Australian actor Julian McMahon:
watching Summerslam 2000. Just got the Shane McMahon/Julian Speroni match
bring people from charmed like Julian mcmahon
Now watching nip/tuck and I realize that I still like julian mcmahon as much as I did before lol
New images of Julian McMahon with his family, from an article about the author Kelly Paniagua. …
Julian McMahon. Had me going crazy when he played Cole on Charmed but then he really gave me life…
my profile? Or the guy behind my pic its julian mcmahon
My crush would b, finn from glee, julian mcmahon in charmed, marshall from himym.
When I was like 11, I was in love with Julian McMahon. I loved Charmed.. And Alyssa Milano. He's still fine as ***
But Julian McMahon is better looking obviously.
Fantastic Four is so bad, but Julian McMahon is so fine. I don't think some of these actors understand the pains we go through for them. LOL
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“Somehow Julian McMahon seems fitting to be Vince. 😉 every time I saw Vince I saw Julian lol
A fake Julian McMahon followed me. :( I've had a fake AM, HMC & Shando. Never the real people, though.
Somehow Julian McMahon seems fitting to be Vince. 😉
Julian McMahon's appearance makes me so happy
Actually going to watch Nip/Tuck all day and drool over Julian McMahon's body.
The story behind the movie "Bait" is as corny as you can imagine. Julian McMahon has been at reduced to this crap?
I'm fangirling over how attractive Julian McMahon was in Fantastic Four.
i love Julian McMahon yes it was better before they went to LA
Boy am I so relieved I didn't know what Tulpas were when I was obsessed with Julian McMahon. He would be a cruel one.
EV 3.0 versus TNECW versus ROH. That is the feud we are getting at Invasion. Julian McMahon buys TNA
I'm so jealous Diana met Julian McMahon 😭😭 he's so hawwwt
Julian McMahon and Kelly Paniagua glow at LA premiere via
Have you ever felt the need to slap Julian McMahon across the face for losing his Aussie accent? 😃
David Duchovny and Julian McMahon are definitely tied for my favorite tv womanizers. They play the rolls perfectly.
Point? Jus teasin' :-) Julian McMahon is a beyooriful creature. Even suffered thru Nip/Tuck cuz of him
Breast Cancer Awareness
Not gonna mince words, the character that Julian McMahon plays in the film is NOT Dr. Doom. End of discussion.
Oh Julian McMahon, you are the smarmiest smarm that ever smarmed, you're trying so hard, bless you.
I think Julian McMahon wanted to leave the show.
Julian McMahon really could get it tho
Julian McMahon is such a stud my good god😍
Fotoserie: izkim: David Boreanaz or Julian McMahon asked by anon
Happy Easter to Julian McMahon and his fiancée Kelly Paniagua !
Since Robert D.J doesn't want to do 'Iron Man 4' but Marvel does, I fan cast Julian Mcmahon (Nip/Tuck) as Iron Man! ht…
(re: Julian McMahon) "He's Dr. Doom like that cloud was Galactus."
For reasons I don't fully understand, I actually really like Julian McMahon's Dr. Doom.
The guy playing Roy has the most hilariously overplucked eyebrows I've seen on a dude since Julian McMahon.
Hey Daniel, Julian McMahon would be amazing on Dracula. Ever thought about it?
Fantastic Four (2005) or Enjoy Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis but Cringe as Julian McMahon Butchers One of the Greatest Villains in History
I think u look like Julian Mcmahon .. dont u think ?
I would introduce Julian McMahon to my parents
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Based on a research I did on, and an active interest in entertainment, I wrote this little document. I continually updated as more matches come to mind, but wanted to share it with this page in particular: Celebs Who Could Be Related In A Movie/TV Show In The Humble Opinion Of Ty Lamar Wallace Brothers -Matthew MConaughey, Josh Lucas, and James Van Der Beek -Jeffrey Nordling and Alan Tudyk -Adam Sandler and Jason Biggs -Gerard Butler and George Clooney and Marton Csokas -Omar Benson Miller, Forest Whitaker, and Scott Lawrence -David James Elliot and Billy Campbell -Rutger Hauer and Richard Lynch -David Keith and Robert Wuhl -Jeff Bridges and Matthew Modine -Clark Gregg and Bryan F. O’Byrne -Seth Rogen, Dustin Diamond, TJ Miller -Mark Strong and Stanley Tucci -Sean Penn and Josh Stewart -Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth -Brad Pitt and Karl Urban -Roger Howarth and Thomas Jane -Esai Morales and Antonio Banderas -Christian Bale and Miles Fisher -Dan Akroyd and Alex Kendrick -Wm. Lucking and Wm. Fors ...
mine too, along with Julian McMahon
I love to look at some pictures of Julian McMahon when he was little. He was so cute.
|| Am I the only one who thinks that Julian McMahon would make the perfect father for Jessie St James?
I have a fantasy of seeing Tom and Julian McMahon in a movie together . do not know why..
Karl Urban and Julian McMahon would make an adorable couple.
Don't kill Julian McMahon either! I know he can play a *** sometimes but he is super handsome
"If you wanted to be on top you could have just asked" Charmed-Alyssa Milano and Julian McMahon fighting:
who could not fall in love with this guy! I hope he plays with Julian mcmahon one day!
Julian McMahon edges out Bragg? What a crazy mixed up world this is.
as menacing as Julian McMahon from Nip/Tuck, which wasn't
Like when Julian McMahon was in Charmed.. Hee hee
Julian McMahon looks really hot even with long hair.
So sad!! :'( why do y'all directors & writers always kill Julian McMahon!?. Thought i've never seen this movie...
I've never heard of any myself but they can only go up from Julian McMahon, right?
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can we bring back Julian McMahon instead?
Tch, Jack Huston would have been better than those four combined. Still, an improvement on Julian McMahon...
The last of the big ‘men on a mission’ movies that came out in 2010 was Red, an all-star action picture with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, Karl Urban, Brian Cox, Julian McMahon, Ernest… [ 482 more words. ]
"You’re Not You" (movie with Julian McMahon) will be introduced in February at The European Film Market in Berlin. ht…
Mike Williams Football player Michael Troy Williams is an American football wide receiver who last played for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. Williams played college football for the University of Southern California, and received All-American recognition. - Dr. Christian Troy is a character played by Julian McMahon on the FX Networks series Nip/Tuck. The show revolves around McNamara/Troy, the plastic surgery practice he runs with his business partner and best friend, Sean McNamara. - Julian McMahon Actor Julian Dana William McMahon is an Australian actor and former fashion model. He is best known for his portrayal of a womanizing plastic surgeon Christian Troy on the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning TV show Nip/Tuck. Born: July 27, 1968 (age 45), Sydney, Australia Height: 6' 2" (1.88 m) Spouse: Brooke Burns (m. 1999–2001), Dannii Minogue (m. 1994–1995) Children: Madison Elizabeth McMahon Siblings: Deborah McMahon, Melinda McMahon
My grade for Paranoia is a C+, let's say this movie isn't bad but it wasn't quite good either. An ok thriller set in the cutthroat world of technology and business (who knew!), the movie is lazy at times to the boredom stage and isn't very engaging to watch. The real treat is watching Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss; all 3 legendary actors play secondary roles but make the movie watchable especially Oldman. The other cast members includes Liam Hemsworth (lead role but awfully boring to watch), Amber Heard, Lucas Till, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon and Josh Holloway. Very clichéd movie at best...or worst but all in all does capture your attention if you're interested in the technology jargon. Kind of a waste of talent but Oldman, Ford and Dreyfuss are still a treat to watch.
The cool thing about working in an airport is that sometimes you see d-list celebrities. Kristin Stewart, Julian McMahon and now Jeremy Sisto. I watch too much TV I think. I shouldn't know who all of these people are. Especially Kristin Stewart.
: It's billed as a slick espionage thriller but "Paranoia" is anything but. In fact, it's boring and silly. The leading man, Liam Hemsworth, lacks the charisma of his older brother Chris and is completely devoid of any real acting skills. It also has some huge plot flaws; (A "new" idea involving a smart phone with access to social media? Erm, hasn't that already been invented?) There is a certain joy in watching Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman square off against each other again since "Air Force One "in one whole pivotal scene but it comes far too late. They're both great actors who put in good performances, but the cast, including Richard Dreyfuss and Amber Heard who are completely wasted, are largely let down by a sub-standard script. This is a film that thinks the audience are *** and apart from the eye-candy there is very little to recommend it. 5/10 PS: Yes, that is Julian McMahon playing a heavy and Josh Holloway as the token FBI agent.
I already love because it's so terrible and shiny and Julian McMahon's in it.
Julian McMahon was interviewed by Access Hollywood on the red carpet at the 2006 Golden Globes Awards. If you like this clip there are many more at www.mcmah...
Interview with Julian Mcmahon who plays the character of Vice President Robert Stanton in the 2010 movie Red, which is set to be released on October 15, 2010...
Bait - Time for another shark attack creature feature. You know the story: "Jaws", worldwide success, copied formula for the next four decades. There have been a lot of shark attack movies with only a few standing out as good entertainment. This one here is certainly not one of those gems, but it is far from feces (pardon my French). A tsunami hits off the coast of Australia and inadvertently trap a bunch of people inside a super market. The market is filled up to the waist and all exits are blocked by debris. Bad luck doesn't stop there when it turns out there is a pair of great white sharks trapped in the main building and parking garage that want the flesh off their bones. The remaining survivors now must deal with their sharp-toothed enemies while trying to secure a way to safety. Aside from the fact there are sharks in the movie, its far from a "Jaws" ripoff. The plot more resembles the Sly Stallone disaster movie "Daylight" if you just added said creatures. Its a paper-thin plot but one that's consi ...
I think Julian McMahon is the reason I am the way I am today. He was the first man I ever had a crush on.
Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon, one of our producers, will host the talkback Q&A after Friday's show!
Rose McGowan and Julian McMahon in. Nip/Tuck . Dr. Theodora 'Teddy' Rowe. she played 5 Episodes
I was lucky and found a channell that was really good i even found Julian McMahon stuff this chanell load the eps currently air
Started watching Nip/Tuck again hence why I'm still up. *** you Netflix. On a side note I forgot how good looking Julian McMahon is. Meow!
Julian McMahon is doing SO well for 44
Ong just catching up on the witches of east end! Its not quite Charmed and no Julian mcmahon! But it is entertaining
I want to see a comic book based movie, or a sci fi move where Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays a hero type role against Julian McMahon as the villain and both of the are on the grey line where their roles as Good Guy vs. Bad Guy are questionable.
I'm also thankful for Nip/Tuck. Julian McMahon could get all this here
page three of my final paper Who holds that kind of power? Who can stop the clock of aging and poor diet choices with no exercise? Who can mold and sculpt your body, your image, into someone that truly looks like the stars we all watch on television. Why plastic surgeons of course. These medical doctors hold the fountain of youth in their very steady hands. That’s where the story behind Nip Tuck begins. It portrays the lives or two very young powerful male plastic surgeons that have life by the throat with the scalpel on the ready. These two young doctors, Sean McNamara and Christian Troy are portrayed by Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. Both of whom you could guess are the kind of men that have the power to make most women melt. The plot, along with sexual tension between characters, thickens with every passing episode that involves the plastic surgeries of one or more patients. Most of which appear for more popular procedures such as breast lift and nose jobs. The blood and guts don’t stop with just ...
JULIAN MCMAHON. No. I can't. I can't start something new. No. NO.
Hayden from Murder House has just shown up in the second episode of Get Julian McMahon on S4 of
So there is no more Charmed, and no more Nip Tuck. Can someone PLEASE put Julian McMahon back on TV?!?!?!
Julian McMahon aka Cole Turner is so sexy
Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh playing *** lovers, how sexy. Divine and Delicious:
receives the World's Best Middle Eastern Artist Award from Actor Julian McMahon of Nip Tuck & Razan at the 2007 World Music Awards in Monaco
Someone has a Julian Mcmahon site dont they
Literally just squealed and grabby handed my tv screen when I saw Julian McMahon in the opening credits :DDD
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Julian McMahon was my first love! I loved him just as much as Rafa! I cried for days when he left the series
OIM STARTING TO FIND OUT HOW NICE AND POLITE TOM HIDDLESTON IS AND I'M NOW HAVE MY FIRST EVER CRUSH ON A CELEBRITY FOR THEIR PERSONALTY im so sorry julian mcmahon... your are still uber hot and hard to look at omg but ... omg TOM IS... SO NICE... no one touch him leave him alone the dude is like perf gentleman HOW IS THIS?@
Sandy Hayes leaves for Chicago, so, of course, I really let loose... and finish up a custom Mego or two, lol. We have The Fantastic Four's seminal villain, Dr. Doom, here. He is made from a vintage Type 1 Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz) body and grey body suit. The leg and arm armor also belonged to the Tin Man, but the boots and reversed collar (to give the shoulders more mass) are from a Mego Lancelot figure. The tunic is a doctored Cher dress (pun intended) and the belt is a modern CTVT green belt. I took the cloak from a Dr. Doom famous covers figure and the head is a custom sculpt from Matt Mejia with a quick paint from me. There have only been two live-action Dr. Dooms: Julian McMahon and Joseph Culp. Neither of them ever appeared on Murder, She Wrote (not even the superior Culp, whose Doom in the un-released Corman picture absolutely rocked.
Meet the Agents of NCIS: New Orleans — Plus a Few Off-the-Cuff Casting Suggestions NCIS New Orleans Casting NCIS: New Orleans is one step closer to reality, with the release of the casting breakdowns for the four series leads. To be executive-produced by NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg and series star Mark Harmon, the CBS pilot — to be introduced as a spring 2014 episode of NCIS proper — will follow the New Orleans office as it handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle. Per ShowBiz411, the four lead characters shake out as follows; each is open to “any ethnicity.” Give each role a once-over, then see if you’re on board with any of our knee-jerk casting suggestions. AGENT PRIDE | A male in his 50s, Pride is described as “charismatic and full of life” yet “stubborn, direct” and “no-nonsense.” TVLINE SUGGESTS | Jason Isaacs (Awake), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), Frederick Weller (In Plain Sight) AGENT LASALLE | This “muscular,” “devilish” ...
You are missing the point, Julian McMahon killed it as Doom, so Suave.
I forgot how hot Julian McMahon was.
Josh and I met Julian McMahon today! He's one handsome guy!
Just watched RED and RED 2, in a row :) Loved them both! awesome cast... Though Julian McMahon and Anthony Hopkins kinda got shafted on screen time. Helen Mirren was spectacular spectacular! Bruce Willis was adorable, Mary-Louise Parker was so much fun, and John Malchovich was not as funny in the sequel? But still awesome.
Alexa Fogel Casting's Christine Kromer CURRENTLY CASTING: THE SITTER - starring Jonah Hill LIGHTS OUT - a new hour-long series for FX! TREME - just picked up and Christine is casting the whole series for HBO! RECENT FILM: THE A TEAM w/ Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson ALEXA FOGEL CASTING Projects Include: RUN, FATBOY, RUN Directed by David Schwimmer w/ Simon Pegg & Hank Azaria STAY w/ Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosseling About Christine Kromer Christine Kromer Christine Kromer of Alexa Fogel Casting, where she cast NBC Primetime and HBO, as well as pilots. Christine is currently casting the HBO series TREME and the new BBC series COPPER. Shows she cast include: LIGHTS OUT (FX), FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC), HEROES (NBC), BONES (FOX) and many more. Christine has also cast for USA, Bravo, Sci-Fi, FOX studio and Disney Touchstone TV as well as at Marcia DeBonis Casting ( BRIDE WARS, WHAT LIES BENEATH, and ALL MAJOR TV NETWORKS)! Christine loves to work with One on One actors and has called in and booke . ...
Huh. Full Circle may just be a good show. David Boreanaz, Julian McMahon, and Tom Felton? Yeah, this is going to be good. And attractive.
I would kill to be in the same room as Julian McMahon, and Brian Krause.
Off to the Full Circle press junket. Hit me up with questions for Julian McMahon, David Boreanz, Kate Walsh, KeKe Palmer and Ally Sheedy.
Also in Paranoia: Odd sight of 5-year-ago hyped TV gods Josh Holloway and Julian McMahon in roles JK Simmons and Oleg Taktarov would play
Weird... This movie has both Shannen Doherty & Julian McMahon htt…
So I'm watching a movie with Shannon Doherty (Prue) and Julian McMahon (Cole) and they are best friends. It's weird.
I think Julian McMahon has the Victor Von Doom look. He should stay as well as Michael Chiklis as The Thing.
the cast member u had the most chemistry with?should i state the obvious..?Julian McMahon?(phoebe-cole fans will be thrilled)
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times! can bring Julian McMahon too..he's an Aussie so shouldn't be too hard to twist his arm!
//Ha ha...Well I can watch things with Julian McMahon
But now if JULIAN MCMAHON AKA "Jules" called & asked 4 a reading live vs over cell, would be in NYC in a NY minute-ha! He was wasted
Making my way through my charmed dvds :) julian mcmahon and brian krause are beautiful! Ooaft!
agree.. I love nip tuck because I love to watch julian McMahon thrust his pelvic area in every episode
Remember when Julian McMahon was starring in Nip/Tuck & the Fantastic Four? Now watching him in Bait. About great whites in a supermarket 😨
Congrats to Genevieve for winning game! CHARMED CHARMED FOREVER
how in *** would u turn Julian McMahon down, srsly
THIS is Doctor Doom. Not Julian McMahon - an otherwise wonderful actor.
Julian McMahon is best actor in world and sexy also
Here is a list of some celebrities and famous people who have played rugby at some point. Can you add to this? 1. Bill Clinton (Prop at Oxford) 2. Jaques Chirac (former French President played as a junior) 3. Che Guevara (revolutionary Outside Centre Argentinian) 4. Daniel Craig (not just a Flanker at Holyoake RFC) 5. Idi Amin (played Lock at Sandhurst Military Academy) 6. Andre the Giant (who would have thought) 7. Gordon Brown (former British PM) 8. George W Bush (fullback at Yale Uni) - must have copped a high tackle or 20 9. Mark Harmon (fullback at UCLA and Harvard School) 10. Julian McMahon (yes another pretty boy actor) 11. Gerard Butler (good practice for Spartan battles) 12. Johnny Lee Miller (Sherlock played for Santa Monica RFC) 13. Matt Preston (played Hooker) 14. Richard Burton (what didn't he do) 15. Richard Todd (another British Acting icon) There are heaps - Surely there are some other unusual one. Put your additions in the comments below!
I shouldn't find Julian Mcmahon sexy in Charmed but I do
Online show guide for Warehouse 13: watch full-episodes, get show updates and episode/character guides (1,614 fans)
dang, forgot how long the new world is, will have to finish it tomorrow. I got called in to work at 5:30 am instead of 8. so off to bed I go, even though i'm not tired in the slightest. I rather watch colin ferrel!
::stands up:: my name is Marti Paschall and I am a "NIP N TUCK" ADDICT ! I had never seen this show and accidentally started watching the season episodes on NetFlix . Now, i have also turned Glenda Pederson Coffman & Sheila Fowler on to this drug . In case you dont recognize us ... we will be the 3 girls, drooling in the corner with eyes fixated and tiny pupils.
stole my rancor scene. . however.. i did... upon your likeness..i choose no exterior weapon. there will only be one dragon.. screen leaves... zoom out flies up like a star into cloud...shocks all down...grabbs the one he wanted and begins flying with him. Dragon.apprentice on ground realizing that he will learn alot with his new bounty master/negotiater/trader/no hunter.. we make cash in the middle of film... we got kicked out of the temple. until sector armies approached us with bargain deal... grand admiral for lord ferrari. and cadet commander for apprentice(he will lead his own trooper army... he is trustworthy of all class trainings.. i have watched over him since his first blast out.) -tatooine
Ok i was triying to get julian mcmahon number do u got his .number or information or when he is coming back to hollywood
Leon Rosby Describes his dog max being killed by hawthorne police
"Bruce Cullen entered the In Trance We Trust stage last year with his debut single “Princess Bay” and immediately caught the attention of the ...
Who are your top celebrity crushes right now? Male or female.
Watching Nip/Tuck on . Julian McMahon is gorgeous!!! . Tho his Cole Turner character on Charmed is sexier
Julian McMahon: stick ur hand in my panteez
Actor given to me by Christopher Donaldson - Reese Witherspoon. Movie that I loved: Walk the Line Liked: Election Hated: ... can't think of any Meant to see: Monsters vs. Aliens
So i've been watching the show Charmed again on We TV anyway i forgot how pathletic Cole look later when he was going. Through his phase of i'm not evil yes iam evil blah blah. Cause i knew after this show that he was gonna go to my favorite show Nip Tuck.
Ive been watching Nip Tuck for the last week or so on Netflix. OMG I'm addicted. How did I not watch this when it was on?
I think i'm the only person in the world that thinks the Fantastic Four movies are fun.
Last random barrel movie for the day. Fire with Fire. Josh Duhamel (reminds me of Timothy Olyphant), Julian McMahon, Vinnie Jones, cameos from 50 Cent & Rampage Jackson, but most importantly is there a bad Bruce Willis movie? Solid watch - 7/10 rubber chickens. Till next time.
On my 3rd hour straight of Nip Tuck. I cannot believe Ive never watched this show. Fine fine fine!!!
This day couldn't have gone any better! Thank you to all whom attended Tara Moiren- Levick's birthday party and witnessed our wedding vow renewal ceremony. I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful family, but we have some truly wonderful friends in our lives as well. Special thanks to my sister-n-law Melissa Levick for all of your help. Thank you to my brother Gary Levick, number one nephew Matt Tlf and de facto brother in law Eddie Knox for being here. Thank you to Donna Berry, Patrick Stutzenstein Ryan Clifford Wendi Widmann Christie Stanton-Nickel for all sharing in this day with us. I will thank the rest of you in the comments!
Netflix really should consider renaming their "Dark Psychological Thriller" section to "Here's a Bunch of Movies About Necrophiliacs...Enjoy!"
When I started this story I was thinking to do it at the beginning of the fifth, who to choose a fifth sister. At first I thought Jennifer Love Hewitt apart she did not have sex with multiple photos and then I started thinking about Nina Dobrev apart but it was not a good idea, and then suddenly I saw Shiri Appleby pictures, and it was quite something when I started to put her role because she suited Julian McMahon together and Shiri works well with Holly, Alyssa and Rose together images apart... Currently, I've done about 12 season, soon to be the last season 13!!! If someone wants to write an opinion here on I will not ban. These stories, I did it for the Charmed fans not to forget this series never!!! I happy that my storys like peoples ...
George Lazenby to join John Jarratt and Julian McMahon in Aus 1868 gold rush revenge drama?
Ok, so i just went and saw "Man Of Steel" so i thought i would give a review and my thoughts on it with out going into to much detail of the scenes ect..If you haven't seen it yet and don't want to know anything about it DO NOT KEEP READING!!! Would love to hear opinions from people who have seen aswell... This will be all pretty meaningless to non superman fans unless you have seen the movie and probably wont make much sense. Ok so anyone who knows me well knows im a massive Superman fan and was pretty much raised on the Christopher Reeves movies (not really into comics), also was a massive fan of "Smallville", Lois and Clarke, Superboy, get the idea., it means a a lot to me. Anyway "Man of Steel" MAJOR disappointment!! As far as action, fx, big fights scenes went it was great but completely lacked any real story line or feeling you could grab onto. .. For such a long movie nothing really happened?? There was no getting to know the characters to form any feeling about them weather it be . ...
Anyone else think Julian McMahon and Matthew Rhys look very similar
Watching an older movie staring Shannen Doherty. As an avid "Charmed" watcher fan/ it is quite strange watching her in a role with supporting actor Julian McMahon (i.e. Cole Turner in Charmed) in which they are friendly to each other instead of antagonistic. Very strange in deed.
DirecTV has been cooking up a unique recipe for a TV series. Full Circle, from playwright Neil LaBute, is a fascinating experiment in storytelling. It features 11 people whose lives intertwine through out the show’s 10 episodes. The cast includes some pretty big names – I guarantee you’ll recognize more than a few. Boreanaz (Bones), Kate Walsh (Private Practice) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) are among the recently announced all-star ensemble cast. I was iffy on the concept behind Full Circle when I first heard about it, but now that I’ve seen the kind of talent the project has attractive, I feel like I have no choice but to check this out when it premieres. The remaining cast members include Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Billy Campbell (The Killing), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee), Devon Gearhart (The Wait), Noah Silver (The Borgias), Ally Sheedy (Welcome to the Rileys) Cheyenne Jackson (Behind the Candelabra) and Robin Weigert (Sons of Anarchy). That’s quite t ...
Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain... To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. morning and have a nice day guys!;)
and Julian McMahon in the magazine "In touch".
“if ask ABU is still around what is your perfect guy form?? :3”Julian Mcmahon!!! xo
- Have you been told you look like a young Julian McMahon?
They're such stupid fun! Also adore Julian McMahon's overacting as Doom.
Julian to star in an upcoming DirecTV series, said to premiere this fall! >>...
Hamilton Collection
I love how you can hear Julian McMahon's Australian accent whenever he gets into a loud argument on charmed
Full Circle: new serie tv for Julian McMahon! English:
Julian appeared in several of Dannii Minogue's music vidoes.
I wish Julian McMahon was MY plastic surgeon.
Interesting to see the Russians had Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) spying on during the '80's.
You get to work with the incredibly sexy Aussie, Julian McMahon! So jealous.
If Olake is gonna be shoved down our throats can we at least get a hot actor to play Jake. Like Julian McMahon. 👍
The truth is, every relationship is a journey. And no journey is safe. The best you can do is find a companion you care to make the trip with...
DirecTV announced today, and we now have confirmation from Tom himself that he will be starring in the upcoming Neil LaBute drama “Full Circle. The 10 Episode arc will be featured on the Audience Channel this fall, exclusive to DirecTV. Here’s what the LA Times had to say about the upcoming series.
OMG and Julian McMahon in "Full Circle" my dream, comes true, my two favorite actors together :) congratulations guys! ♥
Julian McMahon's got a new show premiering this fall!
Julian McMahon is coming back to tv
DirecTV is rounding up an impressive cast for its upcoming Neil LaBute drama Full Circle.
Did people like the Fantastic 4 movies when they came out? Rewatching them tonight. I like Doom, Surfer, Thing, Torch, but found Reed Richards annoying. I do think Galactus and Surfer were great to actually include.
When someone knocks on the door and you're not expecting them, it's not normal to think "is this the day I'm going to die," right? I don't know if it's television and movies or just old-fashioned paranoia, but if I don't know who's there my mind just assumes it must be an assassin.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I have been dreaming about Julian McMahon and he play in Charmed and Nip/Tuck and Fantastic Four
Still catching up on Charmed. Trying to figure out if I hate Prue because of Shannen Doherty, the writing, or that weird combination of surly-seriousness with a no-bra midriff top.
INDONESIA: Bali 9 smuggler Myuran Sukumaran 'nervous, worried' after executions 1 of the Bali 9 drug smugglers facing execution has been left "very worried and nervous" after 3 prisoners in Indonesia were put to death by firing squad on Friday. Myuran Sukumaran and fellow smuggler Andrew Chan remain on death row in Kerobokan Prison as Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono weighs up their bids for clemency. The pair's lawyer Julian McMahon told News Limited yesterday that Sukumaran had heard of the executions of 3 Indonesian nationals convicted of murder. "Myuran's response had been reliably confirmed to me, he said it made him feel 'very worried and nervous'," the Melbourne-based barrister said. Mr McMahon said it was imperative the Australian government displayed "clear expressions of solidarity with my clients." "The government either publicly or privately in meetings with Indonesia should speak strongly against the quota that is now being filled, and against the recent executions." In March, In ...
Y is it that everything I watch with Julian McMahon in, he plays a bad guy? Apart from Premonition where he gets decapitated by a lorry
I've got two snowboarding edits to finish/post. Anyone have any good song ideas?
"I have heard a lot of people do 'Nip/Tuck' weekend marathons where they'll watch the whole season in one weekend, ... Personally, I find that very depressing." - Julian McMahon
If you could have a one night stand with any celebrity, who would it be?
Admin talking time ^_^ For each like, I will answer one question! 1. What I love about this page? 2. Damon or Stefan? 3. Ian or Paul? 4. Secret celebraty crush? 5. Addiction? 6. *** or Heaven? 7. Favorite color? 8. Favorite song? 9. Last time I cried? 10. Who I miss? 11. Do I hate someone? 12. Am I in love? 13. Am I jealous type? 14. Ex with who I would go back again? 15. Best friend(s)?
I'm probably gonna get crap for this, but I think Vin Diesel could make (at least) and interesting Lex Luthor. Just sayin'.
Gosh it's *** the eyes in the office this week ;) LOTUS POST is doing ADR for the film "You're Not You" and 9 of the actors - some of which include Josh Duhamel, Julian McMahon, Emmy Rossum and Ali Larter.
Just bumped into xfiance after six years. *** he looks good. But a path NOT to be taken again!
+ QUESTION TIME + Do you have a specific question or topic you need more information on? It can be on anything on the spiritual; the paranormal; the occult; personal encounters and personal experiences; dreams; phobias or fears …etc…??? Please send us your question via a private PM and we will publish your question over the next few days ... Any requests for free personal readings will be ignored, sorry. If you wish your answer not to be made a public reply please let us know. We may also publish specific questions to let some others of our members help you with your query .
OK. Does anybody else go through the "This is absolute cringe-making cobblers. Why the *** can't I be a decent writer?" stage?
charmed is the best programme ever holly Marie combs Shannen Doherty Alyssa milano and Rose McGowan Brian krause Julian McMahon drew fuller
Bruce Willis, Vincent D'Onofrio, Julian McMahon, Josh Duhamel AND Vinnie Jones in one movie together? OMFG! I might collapse now 😍😍😍!
Love child of young Donny Osmond and our own Julian McMahon. event is woeful so far though
Paul's in Toulouse so I've got Julian McMahon dusting, Michael Fassbender hoovering, Ben Afleck cleaning the kitchen, Daniel Craig gardening, Bradley Cooper ironing and Hugh Jackman making me a coffee. Lol. Only joking Paul, or am I.
Just finished the pilot of The Americans. Loving it...BUT, I spent the ENTIRE episode thinking Matthew Rhys was Julian McMahon. They could be twins! Matthew is great, but I kind of wish Julian was back on TV. Anyone else nostalgic for Nip/Tuck?
Lots of Dana Delany/Melinda Clarke/Nathan Fillion/Julian McMahon videos on one account. Enough to cheer me up.
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