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Julian Fellowes

Julian Alexander Kitchener-Fellowes, Baron Fellowes of West Stafford, DL (born 17 August 1949), known professionally as Julian Fellowes, is an English actor, novelist, film director and screenwriter, as well as a Conservative peer.

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How about Belgravia by Julian Fellowes? For fans of Regency trads w/ the tightness of Gosford Park.
Mark your calendars! The JH is performing Mary Poppins, created by P.L. Travers and Julian Fellowes, on Thurs, Jan…
Emma Kitchener-Fellowes( Lady-in-waitng to Princess Michael of Kent), Prince Michael of Kent, Princess Michael of K…
30 yrs ago Julian Fellowes starred in dystopian series Knights of God about England in 2020 run by campy cult…
One of the gravest mistakes the human heart can make, and one of the most common.
2 of 5 stars to Snobs by Julian Fellowes
no its not spooky it's Belgravia by Julian Fellowes maybe a bit girly for you x
Put your hands together for our wonderful creator, Julian Fellowes who tells us how it all began.
on the Paradox of Infatuation and... via
This is the best pic I could get, but hearing Julian Fellowes speak was a "jolly good" experience. Thanks to…
I have derived enormous confidence from being a husband and fathe...
Writer Julian Fellowes is appearing in Charleston today at the Dock Street! It's very true how much the low...
"Our minds are like squirrel pouches" Julian Fellowes
. Julian Fellowes: what if we made a British show that wasn't a mystery . but just realistic period drama? Me: yeah but get
On assignment following Julian Fellowes for the next couple of days as he makes his Charleston tour.
Q&A with creator Julian Fellowes and former pres. Ervin Duggan
Picked up this signed Julian Fellowes card. He created
Julian Fellowes on the paradox of infatuation and how the delicious delusion of lust hijacks our experience of love…
the Paradox of Infatuation and How the Delicious Delusion of Lust Hijacks Our Experience of Love –
Overheard at a party... Gatiss: We're thinking of killing off a main character. Julian Fellowes: Do it. Sally Wainwright: Do it. .
Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes on sex, drugs and Theresa May
Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes takes on Prince Charles over Hardy housing plans: Lord…
Julian Fellowes & Andrew Lloyd Webber are on the red carpet!
TV writer Julian Fellowes claims EU is like Austro-Hungarian empire via
.creator Julian Fellowes confirms movie plans: "I think it will be fun to get everyone together"
adapted by Julian Fellowes starts at the Noel Coward Theatre next week! Watch the trailer!
Dorothy L Sayers detective Lord Peter Wimsey deserves the Julian Fellowes treatment. What a delight that would be!
Julian Fellowes: Looking forward to his new production The Gilded Age
Don't miss Julian Fellowes on his new show The Gilded Age!.
Michael J. Sullivan, Julian Fellowes, Emily Giffin, Liane Moriarty, and tons of new books!. View this email in your browser. Hi David,. E…
Er, why has been 'sticking it to the man' with Julian Fellowes?
Downton Abbey's Elizabeth McGovern to reunite with Julian Fellowes on new project
is back at 8:30am in the morning with Guests include Julian Fellowes, Warren Brown, Denise Black, & Newton Faulkener.
Julian Fellowes. Typical Tory ‘artist’. Milking a cash cow rather than moving on to create new ‘art’
The modern day Dickens - we love how is serialising his new done differently
"A 19th century release with a 21st century app," Julian Fellowes on digitally serialising his new book
Julian Fellowes introduces BELGRAVIA, which will be published serially via an app.
Really interested in Julian Fellowes publishing his new book on an app with a chapter a week. Kinda like Dickens.
Do you plan to put the Julian Fellowes's BELGRAVIA piece on your website at all so that we can link to it (pg 15 today)
'It seemed an exciting and innovative way of releasing something' - told at
The fascinating Julian Fellowes at talking about his new app Belgravia, which will release chapters weekly.
I was there yesterday with Julian Fellowes! Sorry not to have made it to your hug list x
VIDEO: Behind the scenes with Julian Fellowes at
braved .yest w Julian Fellowes hours before prostitute/press cover-up scandal broke
The Man in the Highclere Castle, new period science fiction from the compound AI of Julian Fellowes and Philip K. ***
I think America has dealt with - I mean, this is simplistic, and of course ...
I met Julian Fellowes, the genius behind http…
Dickens changed plot of his books based on readers' feedback. Is that a pro or con of episodic releases?
It's interesting that they credit Julian Fellowes with the book to School of Rock when at least 80% of it is Mike White's screenplay.
I know. I'd do it myself, but people would only say I was copying Julian Fellowes...
Met Julian Fellowes tonight,front row tix to see with tomorrow! A very week.
People tend to view history as if it were another planet and think the mode...
I met Julian Fellowes, the genius behind
'Downton Abbey' movie is a possibility, says creator Julian Fellowes via
Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes tells us about new app Belgravia & opens The Club at the Ivy
Yes, please! 'Downton Abbey' movie likely, Julian Fellowes says
enjoyed the science chitchat, between inflatable dinosaur and Julian Fellowes! That was just a safe for work parenting fail
Julian Fellowes is a man after heart - encouraging groups of people to read…
Such an interesting evening Julian Fellowes on fact in fiction, tales from his aunts & digital storytelling
That's it from Q&A wt Julian Fellowes. Thank you for joining us. Register at for updates on
Julian Fellowes follows Charles Dickens by publishing new novel in instalments
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We're nearly ready for an evening with Julian Fellowes
Julian Fellowes' is EVERYWHERE at Only 2 days to go until the story begins
Tune into a new series of starting this Saturday on ITV at 8:30am with Aled Jones and Julian Fellowes.
Downton creator Julian Fellowes joins Duran Duran at Buckingham Palace for charity gala
I also thought Timothy West was Julian Fellowes, whoops!
Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael will do a movie if Julian Fellowes writes it
'Downton Abbey's' Julian Fellowes balanced resolution and change in final season
Philip Hensher looks forward to Julian Fellowes' adaptation of Trollope's
Julian Fellowes, chinless Tory-faced mutant with his three Adams apples, 2 inch deep gene pool & family tree of just one branch
Julian Fellowes is awfully posh. No wonder he decided to create Downton Abbey. I wish he'd write Coronation Street & Eastenders. I really do
There is a WEALTH of Asian Black & LGBT talent to call up for YET AGAIN, overwhelmingly white. Julian Fellowes??…
Thomas' story line is ripping my heart out and stomping on it. Thanks a lot, Julian Fellowes. (Just Kidding I still love you.)
The sorcery is good writing and good acting. 😊 Kudos to Julian Fellowes and the actor who plays Thomas.
Ugh, Julian Fellowes is going to have Thomas time travel to the future and get AIDS isn't he
Something wonderful better happen for Thomas by the end of this season. Are you listening, Julian Fellowes? I mean it, mate.
Julian Fellowes lifted this plot from that episode where Rory and Logan get out the Yale Daily News on a tight deadline.
Julian Fellowes has today used a fiercely critical interview in The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine to say that he would not have wanted
Make Julian Fellowes write an episode of Sherlock and see what happens
Recently watched the Burghley House ep of "Great Houses with Julian Fellowes" and I think maybe Downton isn't that unrealistic after all
Downton Abbey made entirely of flowers may be the closest we'll get to Julian Fellowes's Platonic Ideal
The sixth and final season of Julian Fellowes’s wildly popular drama about the British aristocracy and their employees begins this weekend
congrats to Julian Fellowes on his remarkable achievement in Downton Abbey, beginning last season in US this weekend
Directed by Robert Altman, grossed $88 million at the box office & won best original screenplay Oscar (Julian Fellowes)...
Julian Fellowes has hinted that a job offer from Coronation Street might lure him back to acting
Downton Abbey's head honcho Julian Fellowes would be tempted by a role in Coronation Street
Julian Fellowes bowed out swathing every scene with even more cascading violins than usual and enough sentimentality to make the most
The Julian Fellowes-created show boasted an audience of 7.1 million at its peak while the ballroom dancing competition drew an average of
Watching the Julian Fellowes' complete with a great modernized dialogue, yet the acting is the real tragedy.
Toff, Julian Fellowes never did let authenticity get in the way of a lucrative story :-/
Watching Xmas episode of Love that Patricia Hodge got to say 'what I would call'. Did Julian Fellowes write that on purpose?😂
On the one hand, I don't want to give Lloyd-Webber & Julian Fellowes more money. On the other, I *really* want to see School of Rock...
Set in Kenya an epic tale of real people...attention Julian Fellowes book
Explore great British houses with Julian Fellowes, the writer and creator of https…
Julian Fellowes, I salute you sir, for allowing us, the audience to realise that created Master Bates. Childish? Me? Yup
Julian Fellowes named his son Peregrine. I have never respected a person more.
1/2 Writer, Julian Fellowes, along with 6 million people in Britain, suffers from the same tremor condition that afflicts…
creator Julian Fellowes on social codes & appeal of his hit TV series via https:…
'Downton Abbey' creator on Clinton: “To see a woman president, it’s about time” | Getty
The point is, that both Lady Cora and Julian Fellowes are obsessed with that hospital.
Tonight is the final episode of Downton Abbey. Now Julian Fellowes heads to Toad Hall.
Julian Fellowes and Andrew Lloyd Webber are not the people I'dve hired to write the School of Rock musical. How utterly bizarre.
In lighter news—the NYT says Andrew Lloyd Webber & Julian Fellowes's School of Rock musical is actually really good:
NPR: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes adapted movie into a show.
Just read that the School of Rock stage musical was written by Julian Fellowes & Lloyd Webber. I find that slightly baffling.
School of Rock - the Musical. . Music by Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Book by Julian Fellowes. Discuss.
Broadway musical School of Rock, written by Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber,…
Who thought Julian Fellowes and Andrew Lloyd Webber OF ALL PEOPLE would make this work?
'School of Rock': Theater ReviewAndrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes team up ...
Julian Fellowes on winning Oscar for Gosford Park: acceptance speech (watch Maggie Smith):
If Julian Fellowes created a drama set in a country house directly affected by a recession, it would be called Economic Downturn Abbey.
Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes was the toast of the International Emmys when he was presented with the honorary Founders Award. He
This ghost movie was directed by Julian Fellowes and features several of the cast from Downton Abbey
if the CS special has mary leave downton for that side table she married i will burn julian fellowes to the ground.
please god not with a book rewritten by Julian Fellowes.
Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes honoured with International Emmy -
Congratulations are in order for Julian Fellowes...
Julian Fellowes, the creator of hit drama Downton Abbey is presented with an International Emmy award at an event in New York.
New York (AP) — The timing couldn't be better for the International Emmys to honor "Downton Abbey" writer and creator Julian Fellowes as
School of Rock: music by Andrew Lloyd Weber, book by Julian Fellowes. Can u imagine two people who are LESS rock n' roll?
Tues, Julian Fellowes joins us live to talk + John Hockenberry hosts:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Julian Fellowes was called everything but a child of God when he killed off Matthew...
Snobs, Downton Abbey's creator Julian Fellowes’ 2005 debut novel, is at last to be turned into a television series and could be good news
I was unlikely to watch Julian Fellowes' adaptation of Doctor Thorne, but turning Miss Dunstable into an American has guaranteed I won't.
Julian Fellowes really wants the movie to happen:
Creator Wants to See the Crawleys in a Movie
Downton Abbey Series Finale Julian Fellowes Spills The Latest On Movie Hopes: Downton At the end of the...
Great news fans! Julian Fellowes is working on a movie script:
Just realised I have been mistakenly thinking that Julian Barnes and Julian Fellowes are one and the same person this whole time. Whoops.
Gareth Neame & Present the 2015 Intl Emmy Founders Award to Julian Fellowes, creator of
Surrounded by top TV stars at the . Just seen smash hit makers Simon Cowell and Julian Fellowes
Get up close and personal with Julian Fellowes,creator and director of
Just a few spaces left for Backstage stories with Julian Fellowes,creator & director of more info,
We've got a few spaces left for fans who want to meet its creator and director, Julian Fellowes.
Found out that it wasn't just Lloyd Webber voting for cuts to tax credits in the Lords! Coe, Karen Brady, & Julian Fellowes! Ghastly people!
Julian Fellowes claims only people with an expensive Uni education can fully comprehend Shakespeare's plays.   10% Off
Dorchester literary festival kicks off with appearances by Dom Joly and Julian Fellowes
A new stage musical version of The Wind in the Willows, written by Julian Fellowes, is to have its world premiere in October 2016.
Can't watch yet, but hoping Julian Fellowes's next project is as well written and that the production is as high a quality.
Stiles & Drewe to make West End Willows: Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes and acclaimed musical duo Stiles...
Western Daily Press published Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes' adaptation of The Wind in the...
.creator Julian Fellowes is on tomorrow's show to discuss new series Doctor Thorne and
Julian Fellowes' Wind in the Willows musical tour announced
Julian Fellowes' The Wind in the Willows to premiere in Devon via
Plymouth Herald published Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes brings world premiere of...
creator Julian Fellowes says 'It would be fun' to do a movie! Is he teasing us?.
'It would be fun' creator Julian Fellowes continues to tease movie
Julian Fellowes & Wind in the Willows has world prem Oct 2016.
Julian Fellowes doing Wind in the Willows. Adaptation may be renamed 'Parp' (snigger)
New Wind in the Willows musical from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes set for the West End:
World premiere of The Wind in the Willows by creator Julian Fellowes coming to next year!
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Julian Fellowes' Wind in the Willows musical premiere announced
Julian Fellowes to Premiere The Wind in the Willows in Plymouth
Julian Fellowes' The Wind in the Willows musical to open in October next year
.creator to stage world premiere of Wind In The Willows at
Julian Fellowes to premiere The Wind in the Willows in Plymouth: Julian Fellowes' musical adaptation of The Wind In…
Wind in the Willows by Julian Fellowes & is coming in 2016!!
Julian Fellowes' Wind in the Willows to open in October 2016 -
Julian Fellowes’ The Wind in the Willows to receive world premiere in Plymouth
Julian Fellowes, new production of The Wind in the Willows musical
Julian Fellowes to premiere The Wind In The Willows musical: Based on Kenneth Grahame’s beloved tale of Toad, ...
by the finale I'll be stood outside Julian Fellowes house with a "JUSTICE FOR THOMAS" banner
@ Julian Fellowes let Thomas have a love life please
I'm also convinced Thomas will die before the end, because Julian Fellowes hates me.
Spotted having lunch in the Churchill Room today: Downton's Julian Fellowes with Michael Gove MP; and Pippa Middleton with Richard Benyon MP
Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes denies creating Cora to win over American audien
When young and clever men are angry, they either explode or achieve great things - Julian Fellowes
Did you know that writer and creator of Abbey, Julian Fellowes is also The Lord Fellowes of West Stafford?
Writer: Julian Fellowes or Steven Knight. Director: Anthony Minghella (but he died) or Jim Sheridan.
It was a thoughtless age, perhaps, & even a selfish one, but without our moral smuggery.--Julian Fellowes, on Nancy Mitford's Highland Fling
Julian Fellowes and Esther Rantzen enjoy a chat in the garden
Will Downton's Dowager appear in Julian Fellowes' new American TV show?
Writer Julian Fellowes won't rule out spin-off for well-loved character
. Julian Fellowes is stopping after this one, apparently!
Julian Fellowes' great-grandfather was President of Agricultural College, hence the name of the show!
I had broken my own rule, viz. that if one is bought, let it be for a high price. . - Julian Fellowes
Watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey and I'm in tears. Curse you Julian Fellowes. Why did it have to be Lady Sybil?!?! 😩😭😤
could only have been written by Julian Fellowes says Hugh Bonneville
Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes to receive 2015 Emmy Founders Award at Emmy GALA in New York, on November 23
Watching Never Mind the Full Stops with Julian Fellowes. Makes me so sad. So so sad.
Julian Fellowes, "Downton Abbey" - “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes will be feted with the International Ac...
Electronic Device Insurance
Members of the Downton Abbey cast, Executive Producer, Gareth Neame and writer and creator, Julian Fellowes...
UK: Downton Abbey bosses tried to convince Julian Fellowes to hand over the reins /via
Julian Fellowes to Receive International Emmy Founders Award: “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes will be ...
This interview with Julian Fellowes took place at the Berkeley Hotel in London. Did you think "Downton Abbey" would be suc…
Downton Abbey end is not my decision, says Julian Fellowes - Digital Spy
Downton Abbey romance plagued by Catholic/Jewish prejudice inspired by creator Julian Fellowes' own love life
Julian Fellowes on ‘Downton Abbey’ finale: Happiness is quite a difficult concept when you have an ongoing drama.
Pitch: time jump - Led Zeppelin buys Downton Abbey to perform sex magik rituals. Show runs 3 more years. You are welcome Julian Fellowes
A few words from creator Jullian Fellowes on that Downton Abbey finale last night.
How will Julian Fellowes kill her off? A deathbed scene, with great last words, would get massive ratings!.
Fingers crossed! Submitting future recap wish list: Sherlock, Game of Thrones...and whatever Julian Fellowes does next. TIA.
Julian Fellowes admires the resilience past generations showed and hints at future spin-off series
GoT and Downton Abbey kill off great characters. I have never seen George R R Martin and Julian Fellowes together.
Series creator/writer Julian Fellowes talks about S5, the season finale, and the future of Downton Abbey
Series 6 of Downton Abbey will be filmed this year
No Closure for Lords or Servants - Interview with Julian Fellowes, writer of Masterpiece Theater's "Downton Abbey" -
Julian Fellowes discusses the Season 5 finale and the show’s future.
Such a great ending to - Julian Fellowes is a great writer. Anyone remember him in Monarch of the Glen?
"I’m going to do the pilot this year." ^^ MT Julian Fellowes on Downton's future.
fun interview with Julian . Fellowes on Downton past & future
- Me too, PConte! I loved all the humorous bits, and the tender ones. Julian Fellowes is the best writer, isn't he? xx
Julian Fellowes on Twists in the 'Downton Abbey' Season Finale - New… |
Downton Abbey writer condemns modern Britain's 'Excuse Generation' But I don't think it would be continuous, with …
The finale was such a tearjerker...what's next? Julian Fellowes on Twists in the ‘Downton Abbey’ Season Finale
Straight from the writer/creator's mouth. (If you haven't seen the Season 5 finale, this article contains spoilers.) http…
Julian Fellowes on what the future might hold for “Downton Abbey.” Spoilers ahead:
No closure for lords of servants. creator Julian Fellowes discusses the past, future at Downton.
Bravo to Julian Fellowes for giving Dame Maggie Smith a romantic storyline in No age limit for
"I think in life there are people who are unlucky — the bread always falls with the butter side down."
Oh my GOD Julian Fellowes, exactly how many years do you expect us to care who really murdered the valet? THE ANSWER IS NOT "THREE."
I would like to thank Julian Fellowes for writing a Downton Abbey season finale that did NOT rip my heart apart.
And even though Julian Fellowes said he would never kill her off, just send her to the beach or something, I dont trust him...
Julian Fellowes: "The Daily Mail kept writing about how the audience was going down when in fact it was going up."
Yes, we HAVE earned it! Nice not to feel like Julian Fellowes' punching bag!
'Downton Abbey' Creator Julian Fellowes Talks Stretching Out Stories in Season 5 Lots of stretching this season.
Julian Fellowes only knows three storylines, and we just get them over and over
In my Q&A with Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, we talk Season 5, the finale & the future. (contains spoilers!)
Downton Abbey next season will truly be anticipated, love Lord Julian Fellowes screen writing style, an amazing series.
Oh Julian Fellowes, just when my apathy is about to turn to dislike, you pull that out of the bag
I want Julian Fellowes to take a page from and write a Downton musical episode.
Jullian Fellowes has some commentary on this. Middle of the article:
we curated your story Julian Fellowes says not to expect that "wi...
Next season on Julian Fellowes will have Anna and Bates listen to Helter Skelter and go on a crime spree.
I believe Fellowes wrote Isis out of the show because of the unfortunate same name of a certain terrorist army. Our dear doggie Isis was around first. I'm certain Robert will get a new puppy and name him/her something quite British like Queen Victoria or Duke of Edinburgh.
Curve announce Mary Poppins this Oct - Julian Fellowes writes and Cameron Mackintosh produces.. practically perfect in every way!
Is it SO MUCH to ask that Julian Fellowes just let Anna and Bates be happy?
Is a major actor leaving Read my inside interviews with Julian Fellowes and Allen Leech
Julian Fellowes, creator Downton Abbey added as keynote speaker:
creator Julian Fellowes, Sir Tom Stoppard to headline in Berlin next month.
.fan? Then head to to hear creator Julian Fellowes & producer Garath Neame talk about the series great success
Julian Fellowes, creator of Downton Abbey added as keynote speaker:
m...maybe later... just started reading Snobs (Julian Fellowes)
Just watched Why did Julian Fellowes have to drag Anna into the ordeal along with Mr. Bates? Hasn't she suffered enough?
Just watched the latest This show really should be called "Making Anna and Bates Suffer by Julian Fellowes".
I think we should advise Julian Fellowes, don't you? No more misery for the Bates. Stop killing off dogs bc of their names, etc.
"There wouldn't be 5 seasons of this show if it was just 'Anna & Bates have a Cottage.'" *** you, Julian Fellowes.
Re watching last night's -- how long do you think Julian Fellowes waited to use the word shiksa in dialogue?
Julian Fellowes is trying to break my heart.
I'm not much into celebreties, but if I got 2 choose 1 actor/writer/director person that I'd like 2 meet, it would be Julian Fellowes 4 sure
Julian Fellowes, the writer of dowton abbey, wrote the script for merry poppins.that's so weird
Are Spratt and Denker about to become an item? All that passion! What's that about, Julian Fellowes?.
"What would I do without you?" Bates asks Anna. . Don't be tempting Julian Fellowes like that!.
they really telegraphed that for a while, but still I was like SO HELP ME JULIAN FELLOWES NOT ISIS!
Julian Fellowes, I have been thinking of Thackeray all along.
Julian Fellowes' references to Thackeray's Vanity Fair are delicious little morsels.
For killing off Isis, Julian Fellowes himself has edged out Lady Mary & Larry Merton as Downton *** of the Week!
I can forgive Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes for a lot things but giving the dog cancer isn't one of them.
Did you hear Cora say she hates the word 'cancer'? Bet she's dying of it right now. Cuz that's just how Julian Fellowes rolls.
Mary was an absolute favourite for 4yrs. Julian Fellowes: Why did you have to make her so rude and dislikable this season?!
Julian Fellowes is ruining the show! Not that it was good! He's taking out the best character in the show! Isis doesn't deserve to die!
Julian Fellowes, you relentless *** This was completely unnecessary. I hate you.
Julian Fellowes is a *** for killing Isis. You're dead to me sir.
Julian Fellowes and George RR Martin walk into a bar. Nobody walks out.
this is Julian Fellowes. Everything will work out nicely in the end.
I think he was just a proxy for Julian Fellowes having a poke at his own show!
I swear Julian Fellowes is tweaking his own show this series--Atticus pointing out the obvious and Rose saying "oh how clever!"
Julian Fellowes' bleeding Labour heart is all over this season.
Tell Julian Fellowes he's gotten all he can out of the Mary/Blake/Gillingham storyline. MOVE ON.
Gregson was killed by hitler himself. In an alternative universe called Julian Fellowes mind
Downton Abbey: series 5 immediately reminds viewers why they love it. Julian Fellowes is an incredibly gifted writer.
which is the setting for the highly successful UK television series Downton Abbey created by Julian Fellowes.
"History with the pace of a thriller and I learned much I never knew" -- Julian Fellowes
Julian Fellowes wrote both... but one has Altman and that CAST
On Julian Fellowes again, do you think he adopted feminist stance when his wife missed out on earldom coz of her gender?
Great! Interesting point: in Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes always gives the women the answers to life’s problems. Feminist?
Brian Cox in Sharpe is a glorious thing. Julian Fellowes getting killed by French in his first few moments nearly as good
Have you joined our page? OutlandDish coming after DowntonDish ends. It's the Julian Fellowes approach.
Pretty cheeky of Julian Fellowes to think he is the man to rewrite Romeo and Juliet via
re yr rev of RhysJones on Wind/Willows: Downton's Edith as Mr. Toad & Charles II
Gosford Park is infinitely better than IMHO, both written by Julian Fellowes. Was it Robert Altman that made the difference?
Gosford Park on ITV. Julian Fellowes' unsustainably brilliant gifts at their most fruitful.
“Harsh reality is always better than false hope! (Romans 8:28) . ~ Julian Fellowes, UK writer of “Downton… [pic] —
Bob Greenblatt says Julian Fellowes is at a point where he can now write his next show,
Dear Julian Fellowes, all I want for the sixth series is to see Edith happy, and Daisy to end up with Andy. It's weird but I see potential!
oh dang. Julian Fellowes wants to kill us all via emotions I swear!! But I really enjoyed S5 tbh. Lots going on
Snobs, a great book by Julian Fellowes, creat of via
Snobs, great book by Julian Fellowes, creator of
Snobs, wonderful book by Julian Fellowes creator of via
b) When has Julian Fellowes cared about what anyone else thought about anything? He tortured us with terrible Sarah Bunting for TOO LONG.
***BREAKING NEWS*** Julian Fellowes to screen write 'Muffy Abbey', a period drama set in the early 2010s at Turnberry
Hmmm lord Grantham's dog on is named a hidden jamb at islamists by julian Fellowes? Lmao
If you want to be happily married, marry a happy person' - Julian Fellowes' mother
You're absolutely right, and Julian Fellowes agrees. Downton Abbey is surprisingly Shakespearean:
Celebrity doodlers like Bill Nighy, Julian Fellowes and Penny Lancaster have donated their revealing sketches ...
What a treat to meet "Mr Downton"...“Julian Fellowes on stage at awards http:…
We interview Julian Fellowes on this week's episode of Don't miss it! Working on another exciting guest for future episode!
Perfect way to end weekend with a dose of Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes true genius at play here.
Agreed. Julian Fellowes is my hero. Have a great night.
I think Julian Fellowes had a girl named Edith ice him out high school & his revenge is to make this one SUFFER!
Is coming to an end? may not have to leave the room much longer.
I added a video to a playlist Julian Fellowes: Screenwriters Lecture
Julian Fellowes on stage at awards in Via
We had a great time at the Awards last night. Julian Fellowes should present more awards ceremonies.
Looks like run is coming to a close next year... via
Downton's future unclear with Julian Fellowes to begin new project -
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