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Julian Barratt

Julian Barratt (born Julian Barratt Pettifer on 4 May 1968 in Leeds) is an English comedian, musician, music producer and actor.

Noel Fielding Mighty Boosh Olivia Colman Julia Davis Nathan Barley Richard Ayoade Olivia Coleman Harry Hill Mark Heap Derek Jacobi Richard Wilson Steve Oram

The writers & stars of wildly funny movie Julian Barratt & Simon Farnaby in conversation on my this Sa…
Just back frm preview at + Q&A with and Excellent fun, really enjoyed it! 😂
this was the solo gig I was thinking of
Tickets for Brakes at released! Its incredible cast incl. Julia Davis &
was in absolute stitches at this preview screening and Q&A with julian barratt and…
Someone tell this literally their original idea for Mindhorn!
The first preview clip from new Julian Barratt film 'Mindhorn', featuring Kenneth Branagh. It's looking good:
Thanks to for dealing with an awkward rambling Manx oddball like me. Dug the film + chatting to you…
Comic/Musical genius from 80s legend aka via
Reminder that I have a shirt with me and Julian Barratt on it that I pestered my sister to get me for my 18th birthday.
Ready to hear the truth about Julian Barratt's Listen to our review before the film hits screens on Fri…
If I'd thrown something just now it might have hit how cool is that
Try podcast with Julian Barratt & Garth Jennings might give you a bit of a…
Watched & getting interviewed about yesterday for they wer…
Trust Julian Barratt with my life tbh can't wait to see it x
to win the awesome set of British comedy DVD's pictured below, + lots of Mindhorn goodies! Book:
✮✮✮✮ from the Guardian for Sean Foley's Mindhorn - screening from Friday
I liked a video Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn'
At the Curzon Soho for another Q&A with Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby. It's truth…
Julian Barratt gives the finest comedy performance of his career in this hilarious caper.
is beside himself with excitement about release date this Friday
Day-brightening interview with star of the very funny Mindhorn, which I saw at LFF…
Let into your ears! The stupendous HANDCUFF THE WIND is out now!
if you like Howard Moon you'll love Mindhorn. Prepare to LOL 😂
Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby's Mindhorn is like a Wicker (Isle of) Man
Julian Barratt delivers a comedy performance for the ages in Mindhorn. Our ★★★★ review:
‘We realised we had a comedy thriller’ - and talk Mindhorn
Hi Julian . What did you go to watch @ Picture house central on Sunday? Thought I saw you there?
A real pleasure chatting to & about and more today. Look out for our interview,…
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn' - ,
Friday can't come soon enough, so ready for the new Julian Barratt Film 🙌.
We sat down with and to talk pizzas and puma-like physiques!
Mindhorn review: Julian Barratt stars in a very British spin on the TV cop (Yahoo!)
Review: Julian Barratt takes a very British spin on TV cops in Mindhorn
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn' - Reuters
Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby reveal the genesis of their new detective film Mindhorn via
'He's a bionic Bergerac': Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby on Mindhorn Look out or it at IFT soon.
★★★★ "Barratt’s excellent central performance is almost Partridge-esque in its clueless pomposity." Out Friday!
ICYMI: Watch our live interview with writers and stars and right here:…
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn' Julian Barratt says new detective comedy 'Mindhorn' is 'silly' …
The Mindhorn commeth... he can see the truth! Crackin trailer for and s new film
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn' via
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn'
Julian Barratt talks 'silly' new comedy 'Mindhorn' -
Happy birthday to you mad, creative, gifted, wonderful you.
Julian Barratt stars in a new Mindhorn music video
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I hear Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding are writing together again. Please God, I know I act up... but please, let this be real. Amen. 👽💀
Julian Barratt is excellent as well. But Olivia Colman is operating on so many levels all at the same time.
There is a British show on called Flowers. It stars Julian Barratt, Olivia Colman & was created by It's…
Flowers is incredibly well acted, silly, sad, heartfelt, macabre, but most importantly: simultaneously dreamlike and real.
Ive been lucky enough to see 4 of my 6 fav comedians, now if only & will do a US tour!
so flight of the conchords reunited and I'm seeing them soon. you should take notes
was in my office yesterday and I didn't get to fan all over him !!! :(
That line of thought was why I didn't go to Noel Fielding's gig. Knew I'd just end up resenting him for not being Julian Barratt.
Starring David Mitchell, Julian Barratt, Steve McDonald off Corrie, Penelope Keith & the ghost of John Le Mesurier.
Fundraising exhibition for DHHC 8-10 July & others have drawn tulip for us: http…
Wow when I first saw Nathan Barley I did not understand it now it's like watching a documentary
Excited about 2 exhibitions of art drawn for us by & others: .
Three episodes into The Mighty Boosh and my 5 yo son says "I have no idea what's going on here but I like."
Think we saw in Camden's wagamamas today, however just in case it wasn't we didn't want to fan girl a ruin a strangers ramen
RIP to Robin Hardy. The Wicker Man was one of my earliest introductions to horror film. horror
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now that you mention it, you do look like a spectacular mix of Julian Barratt and James Martin
Dreamed that I was trying to explain to why comedy show about a team of dry-wall insulation fitters was funny.
Flowers is really quite good, and I hadn't realized how much I'd missed seeing Julian Barratt on tv.
Just see Julian Barratt on the tube 🌝
Honestly, I pity the people who don't watch The Boosh. Almost 10 years on & nothing makes me laugh more 😂😂😂
Max&paddy,limmy show, Mighty Boosh hardy bucks best comedys of my generation
might just be the most beautifully sad thing I've ever seen. Amazing.
is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Well done Julian. Well done.
Hello "young dude" . Do you happen to know why cats paint? . From Sammy
I'm VERY delayed, but I've been watching The Boosh on repeat for what must 6 weeks. It is AMAZING! Sorry it took me so long!
Nerding out on effin love this show!
Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding looking really pleased there. Is a new series of Boosh on the cards?
I have 1, 2 & 3 but not a fan of many silly bits. Ideally for me Julian Barratt would just prattle on for 30mins.
You sure The Hitcher isn't related to my missus? Oh the sweet irony...
I've written a review of Flowers, I would appreciate it HUGELY if you were to read it
domain names
Because is finally taking your fashion advice
sitting on a hill in Alabama crying over Flowers. It is beautiful
still in tears. amazing series. Excellently written. Superb cast you were fantastic
and Thanks for Flowers. It was beautiful.
Conversely Julian Barratt, who STARRED in Nathan Barley, dropped it from his bio before ever hitting the stage.
If that was Friday only Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, Chris Morris, Julian Barratt & Adam Buxton were there too!
Born 1968 – Julian Barratt, English comedian, actor, musician, and producer, one half of The Mighty Boosh
Just realised that Maurice Flowers is Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh! Loving this series!
. how many glasses of red wine were involved, Louise?
my my Julian, how you've changed since last time I saw u lol.
I've put shower gel in my hair so the struggle is real.
Watching the abc's of death 2 and expecting just to stab a crack fox with a biro when u saw the hole 😂
- the conditioner will be great for the 'tache! :) Agree about
Your face will have no split ends. LOL! ;) 💗
Presumably to ease the cheese burn.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
going to start again on one of my fave comedy series ever THE Mighty Boosh with
Staying at my buddy's house in the country. 1) Flowers is brilliant. I ❤️ 2) I just put hair conditioner on my face.
Yeah, need to catch up on that, saw bits and it looked very good. Also, just happy to see Julian Barratt doing something..!
loved Maurice flowers. You illustrated perfectly the struggle of people like me with depression. Cheers. X
I'm assuming he meant "know" in the Biblical sense, but that precarious pose isn't encouraging. Prince did it better.
Have you tried watching Flowers? It's on 4od. It's got in it. I really liked it.
Absolutely love hilarious and original.
People do all sorts of things to get better reception!
He spelled "plow" wrong. . Srsly, one of the great artists of his generation.
Loved Flowers! Will The Grubs be available as an actual book? If you need an illustrator my rates are v reasonable :)
8 part (I think) series with Julian Barratt and Olivia Coleman!
Is having your head float in space better?
I've got such a raging horn for Julian Barratt 👀
has bootsy Collins been notified about this?
I wouldn't be letting Stanley know me if I saw him like that
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And is that a chipolata in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me
'one of the biggest faces in jazz' xD
I use the term love loosely but I do love you
he wants to know me. What does he want to know?! HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT MY SKULL LOOKS LIKE?!?!
So, that's what missing the mark looks like.
Flowers was truly one of the best things I have seen. The way in which such sensitive issues were portrayed was so warming
I was disappointed when the image loaded and I realised you had assumed the role of first person narrator for another person
Yep, I'm Just casually leaning on a pink glass skull on a plinth
Just watched final episode of on - I've not been moved by TV like this b4. immense.
Flowers is such a good show. Julian Barratt, too! I've missed that big dog.
really enjoyed Flowers. A powerful drama not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. Would love to see more on tv like this!
Flowers is the best thing I've ever watched in my life. I love you
I quite liked the first one. I'm watching weird C4 comedy Flowers with Olivia Colman & Julian Barratt
Olivia Coleman & Julian Barratt are so awesome in Absolutely LOVING it
I'm not that big fan of her,but I do like Julian Barratt. He wasn't enough to hook me though. A
I actually can't wait to watch the last episode of Flowers oh my lorddd
Watched the whole series of in 1 go. Incredible TV. Olivia Coleman & are 2 of the finest actors of our generation
Okay so I just watched all of Flowers and I'm drowning in a pool of my own tears.
Go and watch Flowers on 4OD now. Brilliant though provoking stuff. is brilliant.
on channel4 is so floating my boat. Julian Barratt with uber hair is so hot 😊
and a learned a fancy Julian Barratt
If you've not seen on 4oD you really should! Dark humour with the awesome Julian Barratt
is the greatest piece of TV that I've binge-watched in a while! Olivia Coleman & Julian Barratt are just fantastic!
was one of the best shows I've seen on Channel 4 in a long time. Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt were amazing
I have a serious crush on Julian Barratt
I've always said it, is the Kafka of our time. Flowers was so incredibly beautiful.
The new show Flowers starring ma fave Julian Barratt is the funniest show I've seen in ages
about to binge watch Flowers, with a KFC bargain bucket to myself. I like my chicken greasy and my comedy dark.
ok I'm in a puddle of tears. Pls send someone with chocolate & that will hold me. Oooft 😓
Can't stop crying at listening to tapes in 😢 that hospital scene too, ouch ma heartstrings!
"I'm just saying it might be less stressful not to invite some racists and a postman to our house." Julian Barratt's back!
Flowers is the best comedy I've seen in years. Better than the Mighty Boosh.
More of you on TV please. You're brilliant.
Wow, So good. I just watched the whole thing,
Olivia Colman and give deeply moving performances. One of the most original shows I've ever seen & I'm glad I did.
Really enjoyed this week, sad it's over. Julian Barratt and Olivia Colman are the dream
2 minutes into the Flowers finale and I'm near tears. Thank you,
Olivia and are amazing in tonight's - as are tenderest buffoon and
Congratulations on a truly stunning performance in Flowers!
Julian Barratt has the face of a sexy wise owl.
I didn't realise he's written it, top marks.
HBO rejected Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding's 'ludicrous idea' for a TV show
Flowers is already magnificent because of Olivia Coleman - can't help thinking Julian Barratt looks like Colin Firth as Robinson Crusoe
The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt reunite for new project | via
Also very pleased with new Mid Morning Matters- Fab cameo from Julian Barratt
This week's Mid Morning Matters with Julian Barratt is a work of genius
The Mighty Boosh Sitcom set in the unique comedy world of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt...
Still quite annoyed at myself that I didn't say hi to in Soho yesterday
Please can you remake all the Harry Potter films, only good and not like the books? and
Bring your sexy jazzercised *** back to Noel one last time for a Boosh film please! Are you trapped in cabinets?
For me nothing will ever beat Noel Fielding with the surprise Julian Barratt cameo at the end.
lol Julian Barratt total legend.. love him in Nathan Barley too
I can also watch the O2 ad with the cat because Julian Barratt does the voice. I love that man
This week may have been 'interesting' at best but I did see Julian Barratt lovingly caressing a battenberg, which will never leave me.
When I get sad, I just think of that one photo of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt embracing with a Joan Jett DVD and it improves my life.
It's been great getting to remember how effortlessly cool Julian Barratt is. Shame there's not enough of him on our screens.
Julian Barratt and AH! have forever altered my perception of Battenberg.
Still a small number of beautiful screenprints left for Aah! feat.
So it's and all I can think of is and
And Noel's wingman - and I would love to meet you and Noel someday! Such great episodes! 👏🏻
looked deep into the parka and lookie what I found ! xxx
It's important the audience know our acts have feet.
This is an unusual way to promote a show.
Important life lesson from Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding:Don't forget Tony and his paper castle!
Was Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt just constantly high whilst creating The Mighty Boosh??
Just pretended I was Julian Barratt to someone
Those days where you have a nice chat with Julian Barratt on the overground.
to begin filming on my homeland July 27th! do you need a dorky average looking gal who can do a Harley Quinn impression?? ^^
Exactly this time on Friday I was talking to Julian Barratt and that's really not okay. NOT OKAY.
Rewatching future sailors tour wishing i could have gone Please come back !
So Julian Barratt came in to work and apparently i was so amazed i didn't actually even realise he was there
if Matt Berry, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt could all just love me, that'd be perfect 😍😍
Photo: meeplegirl: spooky-mormon-helldream: I MET JULIAN BARRATT YESTERDAY Where is his beard?! I miss it.
Scott Free, team up for by Julian Barratt & via
my only real crushes are Dane Dehaan and james Blake and Evan peters and Nathan Williams and Richard Ayoade and Julian Barratt and
Nathan Barley is one of those old shows which has every British comic actor ever in it. Julian Barratt, Richard Ayoade, Ben Whishaw...
Hallo Julian, do you know where I could find 'Curtains' online to rent/buy? Still haven't seen it.
Wicked night at DJing deep, sexy house for The Electric Cult. Bit odd to look up and see dancing, tho
keeper of all radio business. Never been disappointed yet. Thanks x
In case you haven't seen this brilliant boosh mix already:
Adam the guard on this train is very sweet, in a sort of Julian Barratt if he was *** sort of way.
Met Julian Barratt three years ago today what did you do
Nothing makes me happier then listening to a cat with the voice of
My dad looks like you. He lives in Yorkshire and wears corduroy jackets. Hasn't lit a fire with his elbows though .. yet.
So basically, if he were a woman he'd be a Stepford wife!!
Tim Hope. Wonder if it's the same one who used to make fireworks in his cellar and made me try American Weed.
that is disturbing on so many levels yet I cannot stop laughing! Brilliant x
I am watching a show that I shouldn't be able to watch and there is cat talking in Julian Barratt's voice?
And this follow-up, where a thoughtless scientist played by Julian Barratt says how unnerving it is to drink
Photoset: agedbeaster: julian barratt as the crack fox
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Is Julian Barratt the voice of the cat on the O2 advert?
- see! The Mighty Boosh - Julian Barratt as Jurgen Haabermaaster - BBC comedy via
I love this advert!! Makes me laugh every time and it has Julian Barratt as the cat's voice I think?!?!
That Crackfox scared the life of of me
Paddington temporarily voiceless. Get Julian Barratt or Eddie Izzard on the case.
artcandystudio is on instagram as well so I hear ;)
My Mighty Boosh tribute artwork. Do you love me? Make an assessment
that is brilliant!!! Love it and it's got my fav, tony Harrison on it ❤️❤️
Was just in a lift with Julian Barratt and Julia Davis, she laughed at pudding😂
So, Julia Davis last week and now I see her hubby Julian Barratt at the station. K-Town, I will miss you.
Just spotted Julian Barratt and Julia Davis. I wish I was part of that marriage.
Steve Oram to direct his first feature Steve Oram, the co-writer and star of Ben Wheatley's Sightseers, is to direct his first feature, a comedy called Aah! The film, produced through Lincoln Film Studios. will star Julian Barratt (The Mighty Boosh), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing, Rush), Tom Meeten and Hannah Hoekstra. Producer is Andy Starke. Oram describes the world of Aah! as "barbaric but recognisable." Set in South London and with dialogue joined by animal noises, the characters express themselves in a very physical way. The off-the-wall comedy is self-financed and is scheduled to start filming April.
Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are the best comedy duos of all time.
Steve Oram directs his first movie - No words, but cast - including Julian Barratt – will 'talk like monkeys'
Oi Did you see that has been moonlighting in Nordic detective programmes!
have announced plans for a tour and movie. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt reunited after 4 years.
Mighty Boosh film rumours are just rumours :(
The Mighty Boosh are set to return with a tour & film! Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt re-formed their surrealist act last Nov after 4 years
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have discussed their plans for a 'psychedelic' Mighty Boosh movie and a 2014 tour.
Did you know that has been moonlighting in Swedish noir detective programmes
"I break through all boundaries. I see a boundary, I eat a boundary. Then I wash it down with a cup of hot steaming rules." -Julian Barratt
I can only hope! The Mighty Boosh to re-form for new tour and 'psychedelic' movie Matt Trueman | The Guardian | The Guardian - Mon Jan 6 12:45:00 UTC 2014 Surreal comedy duo Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt plan a new tour and an 'epic' feature film, after four-year hiatus, writes Matt Trueman.
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt aim to go on tour in early 2014.
To fly to England and stalk and woo the crap out of Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding and one day marry them.
are re-forming thank you and Julian Barratt. Let the shiny tears of happiness commence.
Forgot how good The Mighty Boosh is, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are to funny
Watching the boosh, wish I could see and live would be a dream ngl
I wish it were so, but it has been denied by Noel and :(
Mighty Boosh set for reunionCult comedy duo set for a tour of the UK and subsequent Boosh moviePosted on January 7, 2014 by Chris Philpott in TV News // 0 CommentsThe Mighty Boosh, the cult comedy duo comprised of Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, have told the UK’s Mail On Sunday that they are head...
The Mighty Boosh are reuniting for a tour and movie in 2014, according to Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt:
Ah that's a shame, the Mighty Boosh film was just a rumour 😡😩
Julian Barratt to stop narrating documentaries about various aspects of our public transport systems and reform Boosh
Might Boosh movie and new tour confirmed. Exciting times!
Mighty Boosh are touring again and there is going to be a film!
- my year is made and it only just began!! get on this. X
.please don't be Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy guest starring Julian Barratt
julian barratt is the most handsome old man ok DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT HE IS
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are working on a Mighty Boosh film, & will tour next year:
Has anyone commented on why Ray Purchase is made up to look exactly like Julian Barratt?
A Mighty Boosh movie is on the way, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt confirm
- really??!! . The Mighty Boosh to reform WAHOO!
saw the Harry Hill movie today, it was really funny, and there was the extra bonus of Julian Barratt appearing as the shell king :)
Anyone else dreamt Noël fielding and Julian Barratt were giving a conference talk on global warming to the UN on the main stage at Bestival?? No just me, thought so..
OK, so yesterday's matinee of Corialanus at the Donmar not only had Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss being amazing in it, but also Derek Jacobi, Francis Barber, Richard Wilson, Julian Barratt and Julia Davis in the tiny audience, satisfying pretty much every aspect of my geekdom.
So many familiar names have already been in to see Coriolanus... Joss Wheaton, Frances Barber, Richard Wilson, Derek Jacobi, Peter Capaldi, David Schwimmer, and -of course- Julian Barratt today! You just never know who could be seated next to you if you are lucky enough to hold a ticket to this amazing production... -- HQ featured in NBC s Science of Love
One of my all-time heroes in to the show this afternoon. Julian Barratt, apologies for the accent and for being star-struck... x
Had a dream the other night I met Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt; they were doing a Mighty Boosh sketch in a local pub I visited on holiday. The crowd was tiny and unappreciative, so they just basically acted for me. ..Then I woke up and realized it wasn't real. :( Sad times!
standard day in lapland... coach guide Donna has only gone and got Dawn from Gavin and Stacey and Julian Barratt from the Mighy Boosh on her coach!! osssh!!
Here's what crimping is Crimping Crimping is a genre created by Julian Barratt while he was working in the Stand Up section of comedy. A crimp is a quick succession of spontaneous thoughts that jump from subject to subject randomly and usually without any real and particular meaning. Crimps usually rhyme but they don't have to, it is totally up to the person who is crimping. It doesn't matter if they do not make a great deal of sense to you (as the most often don't). If you listen to a crimp several times then you should slowly understand what is happening and you will then appreciate the personality and wisdom involved in crimping. Most people who haven't really watched The Boosh before see crimping and just think that it's rubbish, well these simple minds do understand the true meaning of Crimp! These Crimp's are usually performed as duets that include harmonics. Many episodes of the Boosh have crimps in them, all composed by Julian Barratt and Dave Brown. The most well known crimp is the the episode " ...
I had a dream I wrote a movie starring Richard Ayoade, Noel Fielding, Russell Brand, Kristen Schaal, and Julian Barratt. It was like heaven.
Loving tonight's NTSF:SD:SUV was hilarious. It had Anthony Head, Julian Barratt (playing what seems to be , Peter Wickramasinghe, and Karen Gillan (with her doing her best overthetop American accent). Wow.
is awesome! Would be 10X better with Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt ;D
My choices for the next Doctor: Edward Hogg, Julian Barratt, , Mark Heap and Noah Taylor.
Just spent an hour watching a documentary about tattoos and it says the narrator was Julian Barratt like what how did I not realise this
Just watched an entire documentary without realising was the narrator. For shame.
Of course! And Julian Barratt did Tanlines' "All of Me" video and Peter Serafinowicz has done loads of clips for Hot Chip.
Apparently I went to the same university as Julian Barratt. I feel a tiny bit more cool lol.
My library celebrity watch has taken a turn for the worst. Yesterday the genius that is Julian Barratt. Today Ryan Tubridy.
Julian Barratt has a lovely voice so all the voice over stuff he is doing is great. But he needs to be back on TV more!
did you know "Julian Barratt from the Mighty Boosh" got a shout out on University Challenge this evening?
The only well known person I've shaken hands with is Harry Hill. When do I get to shake hands with Noel Fielding or Julian Barratt?
"Trent and Lockheed - one gun / one brain : two police forces : : makes me so happy i
Forgot Julian Barratt is going to be in this season, the final season, of Being Human. He's in next week's episode. :)
Hi please could you vote for my (very) short film? It's not as bad as you're thinking. Thankyou! x
FINALLY making it out to the UK and my two favorites are coming to California!
The tv was on in the background and out of the blue I heard Julian Barratt's voice randomly voicing an advertisement featuring hedgehogs
julian barratt on the O2 advert does make me happy. im not going to lie.
I'm not good with famous people eg when I ran away from julian barratt when he was walking towards me
did you ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?
Who's happy? I never knew I had this many teeth. WIth &
Although, if you want to come over, my cat and I are watching A Field in England starring Julian Barratt and many swears.
just seen Julian Barratt in Hampstead. No sign of the Crack Fox.
Julian Barratt does nothing but voice overs atm, hes everywhere!
Love the 'be more dog' ad but think its Julian Barratt's voiceover that adds the extra touch of magic :)
I am! It's so frustrating! I can't believe Julian Barratt only got 1 point!!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Comedians all have dark, twisted pasts. People use humour as a way to cope." - Julian Barratt
can there be like a british netflix so i can watch all of Noel Fielding, Julian Barratt, and Richard Ayoade's stuff?
why would you want to waste your time worshipping Satan, when you're mates with GOD (aka Julian Barratt)!?!?!?!?
Please, please please, come to London and do another boosh! I missed my chance to see you:(
Took the tube from Kentish Town today, got on with Julian Barratt! All dressed in white, like a northern line Jesus. What a guy.
Question; Comedians and their Partners. Noel Fielding and Who? Answer; Julian Barratt. 1 point, best answer of the round x
u knowwhen you first get into the boosh you're like yeah Noel Fielding wow he's so frikcin hot but then you're likE JULIAN BARRATT PETTIFER
I know! I went for and Julian Barratt. Grand total of 3 points. Screwed on the Streisand round though...
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt was an amazing Pointless answer! 1 point!
HOW did only 1 person know that Julian Barratt is Noel Fielding's comedy partner WHAT
Julian barratt scored one point on pointless :)
Julian Barratt probably the best answer on this board.
Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt need to write another series of The Mighty Boosh..
It's the wonderful and talented Mr. Julian Barratt!
Filming tomorrow at Longcross Studios in Chertsey, Surrey for The Harry Hill Movie. Great cast on this one - Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Matt Lucas, Sheridan Smith (Gavin and Stacey, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps), Simon Bird (The Inbetweeners), Marc Wooton, Julian Barratt and yes, Jim Broadbent, again! (worked with Jim on 2 previous occasions, the last time only a few weeks ago...we'll have to stop meeting like this!). The director is Steve Bendelack (Mr Bean's Holiday, The League of Gentlemen, Little Britain, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The Royle Family etc...). It'll be my first time at Longcross Studios, where Skyfall was filmed in part, to name a few...200 acres of stages and backlots etc...I'm looking forward to it very much! The film will be released later this year, I'll let you know. M x
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Winning performance of the 1995 Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award - the 27 year old Julian Barratt. Recorded in Pleasance One during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
If I loved Noel Fielding any more I'd be Julian Barratt
The Mighty Boosh are reuniting for the first time in four years. Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt will be back on stage together in October for an American comedy music festival hosted by Tenacious D. Fielding and Barratt will join Eric Idle, Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman at the first Festival Supreme, a one-day event on Santa Monica pier.
Hang on, Mark Heap's character in Spaced was originally written for Julian Barratt? it was better w/ Heap.
some great stuff thanks, Brandon Generator is my fav, Julian Barratt & Edgar Wright!
Just found out that Julian Barratt is Married to Julia Davis... I'm really out if touch! Two of my favourite comedians together, happyJim
Watching the bear program on bbc1. The bear guide is so like I kept expecting him to say, "zips down to trunks"
The main guide reminded me of Julian Barratt. I wanted Noel to turn up and interrupt him.
Pretty sure Julian Barratt is now a keen bear watcher.
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